Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Esso

An American commando (Bill) is watching the disembarkation of a Japanese barge on Bougainville through binoculars. He is there as a scout to report back enemy movements in preparation for an invasion. His one unbreakable order is not under any conditions to make his presence known to the Japs.

I blinked my eyes stinging with sweat in disbelief and squinted through the binocs again. It couldn't be - not here on Bougainville, not in this pest ridden hell hole. Yet there it was. The lumbering barge wallowed in the slight swell. Little bandy legged Jap marines jumped over the barges side and began tugging on a heavy tow rope.

I'd grown used to the sight of Jap reinforcements moving into the Solomon's bastion. God knows I'd radioed back enough information about their operation. But these passengers were enough to stagger the imagination.

I gasped at the sound of rattling chains. I refocused the binocs for a better look. The voice of the Jap Lieutenant filtered up to me. "American women prepare to disembark. Lt. Toshido not have all day." It was a boatload of captured American nurses.

The little bastard raised his hand and the sound of his fist crunching into the face of a tall redhead cracked through the valley. The woman lost her balance briefly and staggered against the gunwale. Jap Marines smirked in silence hoping she would cry out. Although I could see the marks of his knuckles clearly imprinted on the girl's livid cheek, she sucked in her breath and stood rigid.

The little blonde who was chained to her murmured something and the character called Toshido cackled insanely.

"American woman would like water treatment? Or perhaps she'd enjoy being spread-eagled in sun for a week? Can arrange."

"Move!" Toshido screamed in his high pitched gibbering manner.

I could tell by the way the young women captives held their heads high and managed to take long strides despite the constriction of their cruel leg irons that these were women who were used to walking free. These were girls who valued life above most other things. These were kids from Kansas and Texas and California. They refused to be intimidated by their chains or the threats of their cruel captors. I thought how much higher on the evolutionary scale the monkeys in the jungle behind me were than the bastards who were prodding the fettered helpless girls onto the beach.

One of the girls stumbled on the sharp coral sand fell to her knees dragging her companion with her. Toshido nodded to a noncom and the slant-eye prodded her to her feet with the bite of his bayonet point.

Now as I watched Toshido in action I recalled the tale of the young woman prisoner he had stripped naked and left hogtied for three days in the burning heat of Soraken before he ended her ordeal by beheading her with his Samurai sword.

Even as I was remembering the horrors Toshido was capable of, the redhead let out a cry of anguish. Wild-eyed, she stared at the barbed wire fence which encircled the group of roughly hewn buildings. She probably understood the diabolical intent of the stakes which had been driven into the sun-baked ground.

Violently she tugged at her chains. With almost superhuman strength she skittered away from the Japs, dragging her confused companion with her.

Toshido's evil leer was clearly centered in my field glasses. He stood with his hands on his hips, his little bow legs spread wide beneath him. I could tell he was taking a fiendish delight in the poor girl's struggles.

The redhead had covered about 50 yards when Toshido signaled. Two Jap Marines moved swiftly. They seized the chained girl, and after unlocking the blonde from her chains, carried her squirming and kicking back to Toshido where they hurled her at his feet...

"So, American woman not think Toshido mean business," the buck tooth bastard grinned. "Think Toshido run picnic here. Toshido show you what kind of picnic."

The blonde moved up, trying to draw attention away from the other girl.

"Give her a break, Toshido," she said. The kid was scared - that's all. She'll be all right now."

"She be fine. Toshido see to that. You, golden one, you get back in line or you be fine too."

"You're a louse, Toshido," the blonde answered.

"Big joke. Like golden one's spirit. Toshido save her special for himself."

The grin never left Toshido's face. He barked an order in Japanese and the two noncoms dragged the redhead to her feet and carried her through the barbed wire gate. Other Jap Marines prodded the other girls into the compound behind them.

The redhead's chains rattled and fell to the ground. She stood now completely encircled by Japs, their probing hands pinching and bruising her tender white flesh.

"American women take good look. Toshido teach them real Japanese lesson," the fiend gloated. The girl whimpered in fear.

One of the Japs scampered into a hut and returned with a length of tough wire. The bastard twisted two loops of wire over the girl's thumbs while she struggled in vain in the bigger noncoms grip. My glasses picked up the angry red tones of her flesh under the wire.

Viciously she was dragged to two upright posts which supported a heavy crossbeam. The heavy wire hung from her hands.

One of the Japs shinnied up the post and hung suspended, apelike from the crossbeam. Toshido picked up the trailing wire and lobbed it to the creep.

The redhead gave a strident cry as her arms were hitched high over her head. She screamed in pain as the wire was pulled higher. I saw the muscles in her arms and legs cord out. Her toes wriggled pathetically as they desperately fought to touch the ground.

Toshido cackled insanely. His dirty hands caught in the collar of the girl's dress. The sound of ripping material filled the air. Slowly, inch by inch, the glimmering red silk was torn from her body while she sobbed and begged. Toshido giggled and fumbled with the clasps of her bra.

"American women like sun. Always sunbathe. Toshido give you good sunbath."

The girl's milk white breasts popped into view. Toshido fingered and pinched her deep red nipples. She threw her head from side to side, groaning "No, please no," over and over. Toshido slid his hand down over her belly. Brutally his fingers dug under the waist band of her delicate panties. The flimsy garment fell at her straining feet.

The girl moaned low in her throat. The moan gave way to an ear-piercing shriek as she saw Toshido uncoiling a vicious looking black whip.

The other girls tried to hide their faces from the deprave scene but Jap guards moved up and down the line, clubbing them into submission. Toshido pranced around the cowering group.

"When Toshido here, American women stand at attention. Hands at sides, eyes straight front."

Once again he gave his full attention to the naked girl who hung suspended from her tortured thumbs. His whip swirled around her unprotected hips. Her body jumped crazily and her scream pierced the morning stillness. The torment she suffered was unbelievable. Every move brought new pain to her thumbs. Yet that agony was almost forgotten as the searing sting of the lash sought out the most sensitive parts of her body.

For every lash that Toshido directed at the nude girl's back and buttocks, he sent two whistling into her breasts and belly. The tip of the whip found her armpits and the insides of her thighs. Finally her head slumped forward on her breast in merciful unconsciousness.

I moved quietly under the cover of dense growth. I wanted to blot out the image of the tortured redhead. But some force within me impelled me to look backwards. The Japs were busy forcing the other women into one of the huts. They had to endure the Japs' filthy paws traveling up and down the their bodies, afraid even to protest. Sadistically the Japs pointed at the captive who still hung by her thumbs, her body swaying in the humid breeze, her tortured groans audible throughout the camp. The other girls looked and shuddered and one of them got very sick.

Slowly I picked my way back to the shack and radioed a message to HQ: "American captives disembarked at 0900. Total compliment female. Repeat female. Women being held in compound. One already tortured. Will inform on situation when have more information."

A group of local guerillas try a foolhardy raid to rescue the girls but are cut down and only the blonde (Francine) is freed. She is brought to Bill by friendly natives.

The sounds of high pitched screams filtered up to us. We knew that the Japs were carrying out their reprisals on the women who had been left behind.

I held Francine's shuddering body close to mine, trying to give her strength to endure the torment of the pitiful screams from the village below.

"Oh God. Dear God in Heaven," she whispered.

She struggled against me, fighting to be free of my arms.

"I'm going back," she cried, "I have to, Bill. If I give myself up, he may leave the others alone."

"Don't be stupid. It won't work that way. He'll only add you to the list."

"Let me go!" she cried.

"Be quiet. Do you want to give us away?" I slapped her face sharply to bring her under control. Now she sat huddled against me, sobbing quietly.

"Look honey, Toshido's roughing up the other girls but he won't kill them. He needs them. He wants to keep them around as long as possible."

"Keep them around and string them up by their thumbs. Strip them naked and flog them until there's no flesh left on their backs. We'd rather die quickly and cleanly."

I moved my hand up and down the small of her back. She flinched as if I had hit her with a whip. The memories of the flogging were still very much in our minds.

We made love. It was strange and desperate and weird. The horrible screams of the women being tortured beat against our ears but Francine and I had been without love and tenderness for so long our passions swept us away.

The next morning they get word that an attack to free the women is planned for that evening at 1800 hours.

But almost immediately our hopes were shattered by new screams from the village. The Japs were torturing the girls again. And then we heard the sound of brush being beaten back in the distance.

Francine's fingernails raked my back. "It was too good to hope for," she cried.

The sound of the Jap patrol was getting closer. Toshido's voice called through the jungle, "American woman, we know you here. You come out now and nothing will happen. You not come out and every hour one of your companions will be executed."

Francine struggled to her feet. I held her with all my strength.

"Don't! Don't fall into that fiend's trap!"

Her hand touched my cheek tenderly. "It's only for a little while, my darling," she said. "I can take whatever he gives me. I'll be just fine."

"No! You mustn't!"

"I have to. If I stay here, Toshido loses face. He'll stop at nothing."

In horror I released my grip on Francine's shoulder. There was nothing else I could do. In a matter of minutes the patrol would overrun my hiding place anyway. I watched her disappear into the jungle.

I took a safe vantage point on the high ground where I could watch without fear of being spotted. Moments later the Japs broke out into the clearing. I saw Francine's red silken dress approaching them. Her beautiful blonde head was held high. "I surrender," she called out in a firm voice.

Francine reached the clearing. Her hands were held over her head in the universal sign of capitulation. Immediately she was surrounded by the baboon bastards. If she expected to be treated with any sort of dignity, that fantasy was immediately dispelled. Toshido jumped up and down with joy. His hands pinched and probed her body. "American woman must learn lesson once and for all. Will serve as example to others. Will teach women what it means to escape from the compound. No escape from Imperial Japanese," he lisped through his buck teeth.

The Japs grabbed Francine and cruelly began hustling her down the trail. I was sickened by the thoughts of what she was about to endure, but her bravery was enough to carry me along behind the group. She never cried out once.

They reached the compound in a matter of minutes. The other girls had been herded off to the sides. Although they had suffered during the night they still seemed in reasonably good shape. One of them called out encouragement to Francine. She was immediately slapped into silence.

Toshido pranced around barking orders to his inferiors. Every now and then he stepped up to Francine and punched her in the stomach or slapped her face hard. Twice the blows to her stomach doubled her up and knocked her to the ground. But she simply rose and stood with her hands by her side. I had never seen such courage. Several of the girls were moved to tears.

A Jap came out of the hut bringing with him a length of hose which he attached to a spigot in the center of the compound. Another stepped behind Francine and grasped her arms. Viciously her wrists were bound behind her back. Toshido kicked her legs out from under her and she fell heavily to the ground, unable to use her arms for balance or to break her fall. The Jap sucked in his breath at the sight of her beautiful white thighs exposed to his view all the way to the bottoms of her delicate white silk panties.

Systematically the little pervert went about stripping her clothes from her while she tried to twist away from his hands. First the dress. Then her skimpy bra. And last of all her panties.

Totally nude now and lying helplessly on the dry dusty earth with her wrists tightly bound behind her, Francine finally realized the extent of the horrors that awaited her - she was going to be relentlessly tortured by the Japs, tortured in ways inconceivable to a Western mind, tortured inexorably to a slow lingering death. In a mindless panic she tried frantically to wriggle away from her tormentors. She was seized and turned over onto her stomach.

The bastards were master sadists. Even the way they tied a woman was designed to bring her maximum pain. First her elbows were pulled together until they touched and then securely roped. Then they seized her flailing ankles and ran a rope around them and back up to her bound elbows.

Toshido sweated and strained as he drew the rope tight and tied it off. Francine's lithe body was forced into a cruel tight bow. But he wasn't done. Her long blonde hair was twisted into a braid, secured with a leather thong which was then tied to her ankles, arching her neck agonizingly backward.

He stood over his captive, enjoying her writhing and squirming.

"You thirsty after night in jungle. Toshido give you big drink of water," he smirked.

He picked up the hose and forced the nozzle into Francine's mouth. Her cheeks were swollen out over it. Toshido couldn't get his fill of her fettered dance of torture.

At his order the spigot was turned on full. At first the pain couldn't have been too bad. But as the water coursed into her stomach, Francine thrashed about wildly. Her whole abdomen became swollen. Toshido danced up and down in cadence to her struggles. It was only a matter of time before her stomach reached large enough proportions to squeeze the breath from her lungs.

Just short of asphyxiation, Toshido ripped the nozzle from her mouth. She was turned on her side gasping for breath. A Jap stood over her with a wooden club and beat her on the stomach, spewing water from her mouth.

When she saw Toshido approaching her again with the hose she cried out for the first time, "No! No! Please God no!" Once again her belly was filled with water to the bursting point and Toshido pulled out the nozzle just short of killing her. Mercifully, Francine had fainted.

But her torment had only begun. They untied the ropes that had hogtied her and strung her up by her ankles, her blonde hair hanging an inch above the ground. She hung there, her wrists and elbows still tightly bound behind her back, her body a beautiful alabaster column. Water ran from her mouth.

The Japs sat around on their haunches waiting for their victim to regain consciousness. They had planned other diabolical sport. When Francine came to, a thick rope was tied around her stomach. One of the little bastard tightened it by turning a stick, forcing the rest of the water out, then twisting it further until she was gasping and grunting in pain.

They kept her hanging upside down for further torture. Toshido took off his broad belt and whipped her unmercifully on her chest, belly and hips, concentrating on her breasts until they were red and bleeding. She twisted and writhed at the end of her tether, struggling to avoid the lashes. But hanging from her heels with her arms bound behind her, it was useless. Each blow brought cries of pain but still she didn't scream.

The Japs went to eat, leaving Francine hanging by her ankles. Even without the whipping the bondage was torture, and Francine couldn't still her moans or stop her weeping. Two remained to guard the other captives and make sure they watched her suffer. Every few minutes one of the guards would punch Francine in the belly, making her retch up clear liquid from her empty stomach.

When Toshido returned he had Francine lowered and untied. The look of relief on her face told me she thought her ordeal had finally ended. That look turned to horror when he immediately had her wrists rebound to the rope that had just held her suspended by the ankles.

They completed her bondage quickly. Her ankles were bound together and tied to her wrists, bending her body into a tight bow. Once again she was hogtied, but this time even more cruelly. A rope was forced between her lips and pulled tight back to where it was tied to her fettered hands and feet. The rope arched her neck painfully and sawed at the corners of her mouth drawing blood. And of course Francine was not lying on the ground, but suspended from a tether, putting unbearable strain on her slender limbs. A human being can stand just so much suffering, even a woman as brave as Francine. As she hung there in the compound, her body shrieking in agony, watching the Japs preparing her for more torture, she broke.

The rope gag did little to muffle her frantic pleading. "No more...please God no more...have mercy...stop...please more torture...I beg you no more..."

Francine felt their filthy hands spreading lard on her nude body, from her breasts to her thighs. "Protect delicate white skin from heat. Make pain last longer," Toshido lisped in her ear.

Bound as she was with her head stretched upward, she could not see what the Japs were doing. But she could hear the other nurses gasp in horror and feel the heat on her bare skin as they piled the red hot coals beneath her.

Francine screamed "Nooooo!" when she realized what her next torture was to be. She screamed "Nooooo!" once again as they began to lower her slowly toward the fire. She was lowered slowly until her belly was six inches above the coals. Her cries of "Nooooo!" had become mindless screams of pain. Ropes had been snaked around her arms and legs, and with these the Japs could tilt her body, so first her breasts and then her hips were moved closer to the heat.

They continued the torture for what seemed like forever. Lifting her to give her a rest from the agony, then slowly lowering her until it seem as though her breasts or belly would touch the coals. Periodically, new grease was spread on her naked flesh. Finally Francine was taken away from the fire.

As I waited helplessly and the slow hours ticked by, I learned how much agony a human being can take and still live on. Toshido raced up and down giving his fiendish orders. Each order brought new pain, new indignities. All the while he kept the other captives watching - amusing himself with long tirades about what they might expect if they ever tried to escape themselves.

By mid-afternoon the heat had reached a crescendo. Tired of their sport, the Japs had spread-eagled Francine to stakes in the ground. In this area, the sun itself was an instrument of torture. She lay naked under its blinding rays, her skin blotching into an angry red.

At first her head rolled slowly from side to side and she groaned continually. The Japs had used wet rawhide to bind her to the stakes. Six inch lengths ran from her wrists and ankles to the thick wooden pegs. They had been pulled as tight as possible, stretching Francine's naked body painfully taught.

The rawhide dried quickly and shrank, spreading Francine further. I saw her slim arms and legs twitch, heard her cry out her pain as her nudity was stretched on the improvised rack. Then she seemed to faint. I couldn't be sure whether she was alive or dead.

Still I forced myself to remain hidden for another hour.

At 1700, two Japs moved out of the shadows of the hut. Quickly they cut Francine's bonds and carried her inside. I wondered if this meant the end of her torment.

The minutes continued to grind away. I had no idea of what to expect next. Francine had nodded her head slightly as she'd been carried inside. At least she was alive. At 1730 the other women were shoved into the center of the compound again. Jap sentries made a big deal of checking their chains. They were lined up at attention facing into the lowering sun.

Toshido appeared from one of the buildings dressed in immaculate white, the little beast strutting around like an ape in clothes.

Every eye focused on the hut where Francine had been taken. The door inched open. Francine stepped through it. Her face was ashen and blood seeped from the corners of her mouth. They had redressed her completely. I couldn't help but think of her humiliation as those Japs mauled her pulling the clothes onto her naked body. It had to be as bad as stripping her.

Two of the bastards held her by the biceps. I doubt if she could have stood by herself. But with them holding her upright she managed to stagger forward.

The bastards had kept her arms bound behind her. Now they led her to one of the posts directly in the center of the yard. Two lengths of rope were passed around her throat and tied around the thick pole. Francine squirmed in her bonds, but with her wrists bound behind her back and her neck roped to the post, she was powerless.

Toshido stepped before Francine and saluted smartly with his Samurai sword.

"Woman tried to escape," he announced to the assembled nurses standing in their chains. "Imperial Japanese officer finds her guilty. Sentence is death by burning."

One of the nurses fainted and several others cried out in horror.

Ceremoniously Toshido went about stripping Francine again. The bastard would never get his fill of removing clothes from helplessly bound women. Francine could do no more than writhe helplessly and moan as she tried to twist away from his grasp.

When Toshido had finished denuding her, other Japs stepped in and lashed her naked body to the splintery wood by heavy ropes which they passed around her breasts, hips and thighs. Her wrists were untied for a moment and then retied behind the pole. For good measure her ankles and calves were roped tightly to the stake as well.

Toshido looked with deep satisfaction from one to the other of his stooges. He pointed with the sword at the great heaps of straw which had been tied together. The Japs began piling them against Francine's bare legs.

Toshido stopped them before the straw reached her knees. "Too much straw, death too quick. You die slowly. Scream for long time."

I smelled the odor of burning wood. One of the Japs held a torch aloft. I heard a nurse scream, another collapsed in a dead faint. As the Jap approached Francine began to fight wildly against her bonds, then sagged in the ropes begging for mercy.

"You can't," she sobbed. "You can't. Please. Please don't...don't do this. I beg"

The bastards lit the straw at the fringes of the pile so the fire would burn slowly in toward her. She saw the flames and began to feel the heat. She started screaming, and her shrieks of pain were answered by the other nurses' screams of horror.

The flames started licking at Francine's feet and ankles, reaching up to stab at her calves and shins. She went wild with the pain, her body bucking and twisting in the ropes that held her to the stake. Her screams reached a crescendo but then grew even louder. She threw back her head and shrieked to the sky. Then, "Save me Bob! For the love of God save me!"

There was nothing I could do but watch her suffer the death of the damned. I was too far away to have any hope of a shot with my Tommy that would end her torture. All I could do was weep.

The straw had mostly burned away. The fire must have burned through the lowest ropes because Francine was flailing her feet trying to kick the remaining burning straw away. But the rope around her shins and calves made the effort almost useless.

The Japs hurried to bring more straw to add to the pyre. This time they piled it higher, reaching above her knees. I could see bottommost stalks begin to smolder, the last embers of the burning straw beginning to ignite the new stack. They were drawing out Francine's torture to the utmost before she died. The flames reached up to her thighs. She was screaming like a mad woman, frantically throwing her roped body from side to side, screaming for me to save her, and then just shrieking "No! No! No!" and finally keening wordlessly as the flames rose to envelope her hips and belly.

The raid hit the Jap compound right on time, but minutes too late to save Francine. She was still writhing and screaming as I charged from my position to join the Ausie commandos, alive and suffering but beyond saving. The flames had risen just short of her throat when I put a burst of slugs into her and ended her torment. I saw Toshido trying to sneak off into the jungle and went after him, catching him just before he reached the undergrowth. I put my knife in his belly and disemboweled him, leaving him to die a lingering death while the commandos mopped up and released the girls.

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