Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Esso

The two Dutch girls clung trembling to each other as they heard the heavy boots crunching through the dense undergrowth, Instinctively they tried to gather their shredded dresses together. "The Beast!" they whispered in unison. "He knew it all the time."

Doris Van Cleef managed to still the twitching of her limbs and command her lovely young body to action. Blindly she plunged forward dragging Wilhelmina Staden with her. She had no plan except to run. But even as she took the second step, she knew the truth. She admitted to herself what she had refused to admit up until now. Here in this hell hole called Sumatra, there was no escape.

She realized it as she heard the bone chilling high pitched giggle. The sun glinting on the Nambu rifles told her with finality. The Beast had been toying with her. The Beast had allowed her to escape. He had drawn out her torture with exquisite finesse, permitting her to get almost to Medan and then pouncing upon her and her blonde companion.

"Raise you hands and please to march this way!" the Beast ordered.

In a daze the girls stumbled forward. The saw the Beast standing before them, twirling a length of coarse hemp in his hands. The evil purpose of the rope did not evade Doris' attention. She had seen other inmates of the Brastagi Internee Compound for Women tortured for days just by the way the Beast bound them.

The bandy-legged Jap stood waiting for his captives, urging them forward with the muzzle of his rifle. "Halt!" he ordered at last. "Turn with your backs to me."

Seconds later Doris Van Cleef and Wilhelmina Staden were cruelly bound together by a halter which had been dropped over their heads and tightly fastened around their throats. Their wrists had been tied behind their backs and their ankles hobbled so that they could scarcely walk. The Beast and his men jabbed at them with their bayonets, urging them back towards Brastagi back towards hell.

The Beast jogged alongside. From time to time he would the jab the stock of his rifle into their sides, grunting with satisfaction as he felt their soft flesh quiver under the blow.

"Ah so," he gloated. "The foolish ones will be a good object lesson to the others. Most honorable Kempei Tai man will show how cowardly are the leaders of the revolution. Others will hear you scream, they not try to escape. You will scream too. You will scream loud when my fires touch you. You feel bamboo shoots under your fingernails, you not so brave. You feel water cure in you belly, you not like it."

The Japs lips twisted. He wiped them with the back of his hand which now glistened with spittle. "You not call me Beast again. You not make jokes about Son of Divine Emperor."

His fist lashed out and smashed Doris in the face. She staggered backward. The noose around her throat tightened. Her breath was a gurgling sound. She felt the numbness at the tip of her tongue. Her lungs cried out for life-giving oxygen. Even through the mind-numbing fog of strangulation, Doris felt the agony of the Japs hands ravishing her body. His hand had disappeared under the bodice of her dress. She now felt it probing the confines of her bra. Death seemed very close. But although she prayed for it, it would not come.

Lieutenant Nimuru Matsui of the Kempei Tai, known as the Beast of Brastagi had no intention of allowing either Doris Van Cleef or Wilhelmina Staden to die so quickly. Fist he would allow them to taste the very special delights of his torture chambers in the Katon Djahl Penitentiary. Knowing this, he gripped Doris Van Cleef by her long dark hair and dragged her through the jungle back to Brastagi.

Nimuru Matsui's squad marched back into the compound, their green uniforms soaked with jungle sweat. The shoved the two recaptured girls before them and immediately bound them to two eight-foot high stakes which had been sunk into the barren mud of the internee parade ground. Even the way they had been tied to the stakes showed the Beast's peculiar genius for torture. The girls' arms had been doubled behind them and attached to the very tops of the poles which were some three feet above their heads. The strain on their backs and shoulders was intolerable. In addition, thick strands of rope had been tightly twisted around their breasts, abrading the tender flesh as it held them firmly to the stakes. Finally their ankles had been pulled behind the poles and bound together, then tied to the ropes that held their breasts, pulling down on them cruelly.

The Beast gave orders and a bugle call announced assembly for the other women of the camp who were forced to shuffle into the clearing to see the condition of the returning escapees.

The other prisoners were sickened by the torment of their fellow prisoners. As the afternoon wore on it became more and more obvious how badly the two bound girls were suffering. One woman who tried to approach Doris and Wilhelmina to give them a sip of tepid water from a tin cup was beaten savagely around the shoulders and head by a Jap wielding a curtain rod.

All through the hot afternoon they hung from the torture poles. Try as she might Doris Van Cleef could not hold back her moans. Wilhelmina Staden begged the soldiers for water, just a sip, but she was laughed at. When she asked Doris in a whisper what the Beast was going to do to them, she was slapped across the face.

The Beast gloried in the scene. He swaggered before the bound women subjecting them to unspeakable indecencies with his hands that made the other women weep with shame and rage. Yet he did not order them stripped of their clothing. That would come later when he had them transported to Katon Djahl, his own private torture domain.

Nimuru Matsui had been hand picked for the Brastagi Internment Camp in Northern Sumatra. He had all the qualifications which made him the perfect choice. Like all sadists, Nimuru Matsui had strong homosexual leanings which made him despise women. His greatest barbarities were carried out at the expense of the youngest and most beautiful of the Dutch internees.

If the Beast despised any other woman in the camp, it was nothing compared to his malignant hatred for Doris Van Cleef. The girl represented everything that aroused his venom. She was strikingly beautiful. Her body was softly feminine in the way of beautiful Dutch women. Her breast were large and well formed without being pendulous. Her legs were strong and yet tapered sveltely. Her deep blue eyes held no fear and at times impudent sparks of ridicule shone from them. Try as he might, he had never been able to weaken her spirit.

The Beast had contrived to allow Doris to escape towards Medan. He recognized Doris' popularity with the other prisoners. He realized that she had a fierce courage which would make her final disintegration all the more dramatic. He also decided that if he had succeeded in recapturing a prisoner, it was written on the divine wind that he could do with her what he wanted. And if he allowed her to escape with another prisoner he could double her suffering by making her witness her friends torture as well. The Beast would use Doris' agonized shrieks to cow the others into submission.

He thought about those things as he strode back into the compound where Doris Van Cleef and Wilhelmina Staden still hung from their bonds. At a curt nod from him the girls were cut down. Unable to stand after their ordeal of the afternoon, they were picked up and carried across the parade ground. The other internees looked on in horror as the Japanese guards moved their hands under Doris' skirt. She tried not to scream but there was no defense against the pain they inflicted.

In a welter of agony Doris felt herself being lifted into a truck. She felt Wilhelmina's soft body thud down beside her. She heard the gnashing of gears. Some instinct told her to try to rise. She flexed her muscles, willing them to action. A booted heel ground into the small of her back, pinning her to the floor. She heard the Beast's maniacal laughter filtering through the curtains of pain which engulfed her.

Only Nimuru Matsui could have selected a place such as Katon Djahl to carry out his depravities. Before the Jap occupation, the prison had been used as a madhouse. Its unwashed walls still reeked of the bodily waste which splashed them with its stains.

Into this house of abominations the two Dutch girls were prodded. In mounting horror, Doris felt herself being seized and manacled spread-eagle to the chains which hung from the ceiling. The iron scraped her wrists and ankles raw. Yet she stood mutely, waiting, not knowing for what.

Nimuru Matsui was in no hurry. He drew out each moment to its malignant finality. With animalistic cunning he recognized that Doris was the stronger of his two victims. He would compound her torment by letting her view the treatment her companion was to receive.

In his sing song high pitched voice he barked orders to the guards. Quickly they dragged Wilhelmina Staden to a set of chains which hung over a stone pit. Nimuru Matsui's arms encircled the struggling girl's waist and lifted her high in the air while one of the assistant torturers attached her wrists to the chains. She screamed continuously as the Beast ripped and tore at what was left of her dress.

When he reached for the elastic waist band of Wilhelmina's pink panties, she lashed out with her bare foot. The blow caught the Beast on the side of the jaw. His expression did not change. "Ah, so!" he breathed.

He gripped the offending foot, twisting it up and behind Wilhelmina. A snicker of satisfaction escaped his drooling lips as he watched his assistant imprison first that ankle and then the other in the leg irons. At last the girl dangled helplessly over his head, staring down at him, her face showing the horror and strain of her position. Now there was no impediment to his actions. Nimuru Matsui slowly stripped the last silken garments from Wilhelmina Staden.

Moments later her naked sweat-bathed body danced hideously in the red glow of the fire which had been lit below her. Smoke from the wet logs choked her. At first the heat was not unendurable, but as the sparks caught and flared up to her, waves of red hot pain lanced through her. Sobbing and screaming she tugged at the chains which held her immobile.

The Beast's full intentions became quickly apparent as he worked the series of winches which had been attached to the chains. The diabolical harness in which Wilhelmina had been placed could be raised or lowered. First her feet and legs were dragged close to the smoldering smoky flames, then the top of her body was dangled into the heat. Her head extended over the edge of the pit so her breasts could be lowered to where they could feel the full intensity of the fire.

The Beast of Brastagi mumbled obscenities, most of which were lost in the strident shrieks of his victim as he continued to manipulate her fettered body up and down over the fire pit.

When at last he felt Wilhelmina Staden could stand the pain no longer, she was lifted high to the ceiling. Although the heat continued to torment her, for the moment at least the showering sparks and the licking flames did not caress her hips and breasts directly.

The beast turned his attention to Doris Van Cleef. She stood upright and motionless in her chains as Nimuru Matsui stripped her of everything but her panties and bra. This was no comfort to her, for having watched the denuding of her companion, she knew that she too would be totally naked when her torture called for it.

He released her and ordered her retied, face upward to a thick table top. One cannot ever fully describe the rigors of the water cure which was so favored by the Kempei Tai. One cannot capture the sounds of strangulation which come from the victim's tortured throat. One cannot find words which truly portray the swelling of the belly or the agonized paroxysms of the limbs as they fight against their bonds. One cannot appreciate the sight of a Japanese soldier climbing onto the table to stomp on Doris Van Cleef's stomach to force the water up our of her throat so they can start her torture all over again.

After an eternity on the table, Doris Van Cleef was again returned to her chains so she could watch the further torture of Wilhelmina Staden. As Doris watched her friend slowly lowered toward the fire pit, screaming and begging for mercy, she felt the Beast tearing at her panties and bra. Suffice it to say that once he had completed stripping her completely nude, the Beast was able to prolong her torment for eons.

As the night wore on she replaced Wilhelmina Staden over the fire. Despite her resolve and bravery she struggled frantically against the ropes and screamed her heart out. Finally, as the Beast lowered the top of her body to let the flames lick at her breasts for the fourth or fifth time, she gave a last shriek of pain and fainted.

When she awoke she was bound to a heavy chair. Ropes circled her waist and breasts holding her to the back and her wrists and ankles were tied tightly to the arms and legs. Barely six feet in front of her Wilhelmina Staden sat naked and weeping, similarly bound.

This was the start of the Beasts final plan for the two young girls. He would torture them together. He started by inserting bamboo splinters under their nails, first Wilhelmina and then Doris, alternating between them until each toenail and each fingernail had up to four vicious spikes imbedded. Wilhelmina shrieked and begged him to stop, finally calling out insanely for Doris to help her as he tore the nails from their beds with the utmost care. Doris merely screamed in pain.

Throughout the night the rest of the women of Brastagi huddled in their miserable hovels and prayed for their stricken companions. They did not pray for salvation, but for a speedy and merciful death.

As the first rays of dawn broke over the steaming Sumatra jungle, a detachment of Kempei Tai guards arrived a Katon Djahl. They waited at the main gate of the lunatic asylum/prison. Moments later the huge doors swung open and the two women who were scarcely recognizable as such were dragged into the glaring sunlight. Every inch of their naked flesh seemed to be covered by the wounds of whips and fire. Their breasts had been shredded and their pubic hair burned off their bellies. Their nails had been torn from their toes and fingers. Their was no skin left on the soles of their feet.

Thus were Wilhelmina Staden and Doris Van Cleef brought back to the parade ground at Brastagi. They were forced to crawl the last 20 yards to their place of execution on their bellies with the threat that two more women would be executed if they didn't.

Without exception the gathered prisoners wept piteously to see the two girls, final degradation and what the night of torture had done to their once beautiful bodies. They were forced to kneel and then bound with their backs to the stakes, their arms tied cruelly behind them and ropes under their breasts and around their waists holding them upright. Finally their long hair was pulled taut and tied to the pole, stretching their throats and holding their heads up.

Nimuru Matsui left them like this for two hours in the sun so the other prisoners could watch them suffer and hear their moans of pain, before he ended their ordeal with two strokes of his sword.

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