Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Esso

The Japanese have attacked and taken an American hospital in the Philippines leaving only the nurses alive...

The hospital door swung open. Mary Anne saw the other girls stumble out. They held their elbows high, their fingers laced behind their slim necks. The action thrust their breasts out. That fact was not lost on their Jap captors.

Numb with terror, Mary Anne rose to her feet. She saw their evil, leering eyes as the breeze caught her skirt and swirled it around her thighs. The Jap below gestured with his rifle and Mary Anne placed her hands behind her neck as the others had done. A minute later she was in the clearing below with the other nurses as a group of jabbering, sake laden soldiers herded them into a ragged line.

When she didn't move quickly enough to suit her captors, Mary Anne felt the sharp tip of a bayonet digging into her spine. Rage at the indignity drove out her feeling of panic and pain.

"We are nurses and this is a United States Army Hospital. We surrender ourselves as prisoners of war and invoke the articles of the Geneva Convention," Mary Anne said, amazed that she could keep the tremor out of her voice.

Katayama moved slowly. His expression had not changed. He waddled towards Mary Anne on his bandy legs. As he closed the distance between them, she could see the crazed blood lust in his eyes.

"Ah so," he almost whispered. Like a snake striking, his hand shot backward. It was a vicious blur as it cracked into Mary Anne's face with the force of a whip. The young nurse felt the ground rushing up to meet her. She landed with a heavy thud. The pain exploded in her stomach as Katayama kicked her.

She knew that her skirt had ridden up around her waist to reveal her well-rounded young hips clad only in brief pink silk panties. She knew the sight of her semi-nakedness would only serve to inflame the Japs further. Yet she was too weak even to make the attempt to cover herself. She lay on the hot ground gasping and choking for breath.

Katayama marched up and down before his captives. He seemed to be conducting a war of terror and his silence was part of that war. Finally he turned to them. "Prisoners please to remove uniforms so you can be searched for weapons."

Lois Overton answered him in a firm voice. Even in her own pain and daze Mary Anne had to marvel at her friend's cool courage.

"We are nurses and non-combatants. We carry no weapons."

"Ah so, please to remove uniforms or Japanese soldiers do it."

Katayama moved with his snakelike speed again. He gripped Lois' wrist in his strong hands and twisted it behind her. Mary Anne heard the girl cry out in agony. She saw her body jackknife to relieve the strain on her shoulder. Lois' face turned white and her teeth bit into her lip. Katayama held her in his grasp, savoring the sensation of her soft body struggling against his. Suddenly he thrust her from him. The four girls who remained standing looked at each other in the torment of helplessness. Slowly they unbuttoned their uniforms and let them fall at their feet. The Japs gathered around them, poking at their nearly naked bodies with probing hands, running their fingers over the soft silk of their captives' bras and panties.

Katayama barked a string of Japanese at the men. Three of them disappeared into the undergrowth and returned quickly. They carried heavy coils of rope with them.

Sue Redmond twisted and squirmed in their grip but her struggles were meaningless against the Japs' strength. Quickly they roped her hands behind her back and dropped a heavy rope over her neck to fashion a cruel halter.

One by one, the other girls were treated in a similar manner. The sight of the atrocity was enough to lend new strength to Mary Anne. She willed herself to rise to her knees and almost made it to her feet when she caught Katayama's attention.

"Ah so, American woman speak Geneva Convention...Katayama show her Japanese convention," he grunted as he took a bayonet from an enlisted man and placed it at the hollow of her throat, inexorably forcing her backward with the point. Once again she lay on her back on the ground as Katayama stooped beside her. He gripped the bodice of her uniform in his sweating hands. The other Japs crowded around him. Inch by inch he tore the garment away from her. His cheeks puffed in and out with the effort and he breathed heavily as he saw her beauty helplessly displayed before him.

He looked down the length of her body, seeing the thrust of her breasts against her satin bra, surveying the flatness of her belly, the full swell of her hips in her delicately feminine panties. She felt her hands being lifted from the ground and held in the air. She watched cords descend around her wrists and felt their vicious bite into her soft flesh. Desperately she kicked out at her tormentors, but they had anticipated her. As she writhed on the ground, they seized her bare feet and tied her ankles together.

Now they added a new element of horror by shoving a heavy bamboo pole under her bound ankles and wrists. Four sweating, grunting Japs stepped forward and lifted the pole on their shoulders.

Mary Anne hung from her bindings like a hog tied and being carried to the slaughter. It is impossible to imagine the terror she felt at her absolute helplessness, hanging upside down and knowing in her heart she was being taken into the jungle to be raped and tortured. To add to her horror Katayama tore the last scant coverings from her breasts and hips leaving her nude for the trek through the jungle.

The march was a hideous agony for Mary Ann. Low hanging thorns and branches whipped at her naked flesh. The bouncing cadence of the Japs who carried her jarred her bound body mercilessly. The pain in her side where Katayama had kicked her became unbearable. Her head swam with the pain until at last she fainted.

When she came to, her first conscious sensation was the hideous pain emanating from her hands. The second was the revulsion she felt at the sound of a high pitched scream. She blinked her eyes open in disbelief. She looked up the length of her arms toward the source of her pain. She was hanging by her thumbs from a tree in some sort of a clearing.

The other nurses had also been suspended by their thumbs from tree limbs with thin cord. They hung in a small semi-circle. They too had been stripped naked and their nude bodies glistened with perspiration. Their eyes were wide and their faces were etched with pain. Their toes curled and then stretched in a vain effort to reach the ground.

Mary Anne's eyes moved down her own elongated body. Between her bared breasts her blonde pubic hair stood out against the white skin of her belly. It wasn't the shame of being totally exposed in front of her Jap captors that made her moan; it was the realization that she had been stripped so they could better torture her. Hanging there naked and helpless, they could easily reach the most sensitive parts of her defenseless body.

Only Katayama and one other guard were in the clearing. The Jap guard held a glowing cigarette in his hand. He moved towards Lois Overton. The tip of the cigarette ground against the flesh of her belly below her navel, cascading a shower of sparks to the ground below. Lois shrieked in unendurable pain. Her muscles constricted and her body swung backwards. The effort tore at her thumbs bringing a new wave of pain.

Katayama moved to Mary Anne. "Soon we see if American soldiers come. We trap them," he giggled.

Katayama's eyes rolled around in his head. He'd gotten himself filthy drunk on saki. He reached up and pinched Mary Anne.

The plan was diabolical. The heart rending screams of the tortured girls echoed through the hills.

"Katayama know many ways make women scream. He show them all to blonde American. She scream loudest, you bet," he gloated.

Mary Anne closed her eyes. She allowed her head to fall forward on her naked breast.

Katayama wouldn't let her remain in that position. He picked up a split bamboo rod from the ground. It whistled in its arc toward her breasts and cracked across her nipples. Pain all consuming and nauseating flooded through Mary Anne's body. Her scream answered Lois' gurgled moan.

"Japanese soldiers all around. You scream. Americans come. Honorable Japanese know what to do, you bet," the sadist gibbered.

Mary Anne groaned. Her screams would mean death for brave American boys. "Don't scream," she choked out to the other nurses between sobs, "It's a trap," and swore to suffer silently under her own torture.

In the next hour pain became a constant thing for Mary Anne. She knew that her mind must be snapped by it. Insanity and death were her entire world now.

The Jap guard moved from nurse to nurse, pressing lit cigarettes against their bellies, breasts and underarms and whipping their taut naked bodies with a bamboo rod. Katayama stayed with Mary Anne, torturing her unmercifully without respite.

For minutes that seemed like an eternity to the naked beauty, she managed to withhold her screams. She gasped and whimpered as Katayama worked on her with the bamboo rod, finally having to clamp her teeth around her arm to muffle the shrieks when her Jap torturer stuck thin needles into her waiting nipples.

Finally Katayama had his soldier drive stakes into the ground on either side of Mary Anne, four feet apart. She was only vaguely aware of the loops of cord that were passed over her bare feet and tightened around her slim ankles. She moaned in pain when her long legs were pulled apart and roped to the stakes, pulling her down and increasing the pressure on her throbbing thumbs. The continuous torture had made her oblivious to anything but her incessant pain.

The suffering beauty might have been unaware of the new outrages planned by the Japs for her naked body, but Sue Redmond gasped in horror as Mary Anne's long legs were stretched out and bound to the stakes. With her thighs spread wide there could be little doubt that the next target for torture would be her exposed sex.

Through a red haze of pain Mary Anne saw Katayama kneel before her, then felt his strong fingers pulling on her vagina. Her eyes opened wide with the shock of realization a moment before her ear piercing scream filled the jungle. Eight times Katayama punctured her stretched lips with the needle sharp bamboo slivers, driving the thin shafts through the tender flesh of her pussy and into her inner thighs.

After Katayama had pressed the last bamboo sliver into Mary Anne's soft flesh he went to work on Lois Overton. He bound her ankles together and the tied the other end of the cord to a heavy rock, stretching her slim body taut. Her screams soon drowned out Mary Anne's loud groans as Katayama pushed bamboo slivers under her toenails.

The other nurses could do nothing but whimper in fear as they waited helplessly for the Japs to visit their tortures on their own naked bodies. The first two were treated to the torment of the bamboo slivers in their breasts, bellies and armpits. Sue Redmond was cut down, her arms rebound behind her back and ropes tied around her ankles. She was then hung by her heels with her legs spread.

"Run out of stakes," he giggled to the young girl twisting and writhing in her bondage as she hung helplessly before him. Then holding eight bamboo slivers before her he said, "These go into pussy, sure."

"No. No. Oh God please no," she begged, then screamed "Help! Help me! Somebody help me!"

It is hard to believe that the Japs were not satisfied with the agony they had inflicted on their prisoners. But his captives were all still conscious, naked and waiting for more torture. He started with Barbara Baker, a pretty redhead. He lit one of the bamboo splinters that had been thrust into her nipple. Barbara watched as it burned slowly toward her breast, sobbing piteously as she waited for the flame to eat into her flesh.

He didn't wait for the flame to do its work but turned to Lois and lit a splinter that protruded from under a toenail. He moved from girl to girl, lighting one bamboo sliver at a time, rejoicing in their screams and pleas for mercy.

Mary Anne watched as he stepped up to Sue Redmond and lit one of the slivers that pierced her labia. He stepped out of the way so Mary Anne could watch it slowly burn down to the delicate flesh, then listen to the shrieks of unimaginable agony, knowing she would feel the very same torture in a few moments.

"This only beginning," he hissed at Mary Anne, "after we kill Americans we rape you then slow torture you to death. I save special tortures for you. You last to die."

Katayama held up a long bamboo sliver for Mary Anne to see. "This go in special place. You say not scream, but you scream plenty. When I light this you scream like crazy woman." He slid the bamboo needle lightly between her breasts just skimming the skin as he slid it down over her taut stomach. At her navel he twirled it around the inside before continuing its journey over her belly and through the triangle of her pubic hair.

All this time Mary Anne was shaking her head slowly from side to side, whispering "No..." under her breath. Her brave defiance when Katayama had first taunted her had disappeared in a tide of pain and fear. The Japanese torturer had reached her sex, naked and spread open by the needles that pinned her lips back against her thighs. The bamboo slid over her clit and entered the dark tunnel of her pussy, then was slipped out and pressed against the small, nerve-rich node below the junction of her labia.

Mary Anne could take no more and broke into a paroxysm of sobbing. As the sharp point began to dig into her clit she began to beg, "No more. Not there. Please. I'll do anything. I'll scream for you. I'll scream until they come. Just no more torture. I beg you... don't."

Katayama simply smiled and slowly pushed the bamboo sliver into Mary Anne's clitoris, then deeper into the soft flesh beyond. He was also right; when he later set that last shaft of bamboo on fire she screamed like a crazy woman. But that was after two hours more of terrible torture for Mary Anne and the other nurses.

By then it was obvious the Americans were not coming. Katayama called his troops in from their ambush and had the girls taken down. The Japs spent the night drinking and raping the nurses. In the morning he had the all the nurses but Mary Anne staked out on their backs in the hot sun. They used wet rawhide, which would shrink in the broiling tropical sun and stretch the spread-eagled girls limbs.

Mary Anne he had tied kneeling with her bare back and buttocks pressed against a tree, her arms and legs pulled behind her around the trunk where her wrists and ankles were crossed and bound. There she would watch her friends die a slow and horrible death.

She listened to their moans and cries of pain as the rawhide slowly stretched them to the breaking point. She heard them beg for water to slake the thirst that tore at their throats, only to have their Japanese tormentors drip it on their cheeks just out of reach of their extended tongues. And finally came the flies and ants and other biting insects that swarmed over their naked bodies drawing the last screams from the tortured girls.

Mary Anne beseeched Katayama to have mercy on the suffering nurses, finally begging him to kill them as the ants began to grow in number and their screams reached an inhuman pitch as thousands of insects feasted on the soft flesh of the naked girls.

"They die slow, but you die more slow. Soon you beg me to kill you."

Katayama did not wait for all the nurses to die before he started torturing Mary Anne. As soon as their screams became the gurgling moans that announced the onset of the end, he had Mary Anne untied from the tree. Two soldiers held her by the arms in front of Katayama.

"Now Katayama show you how to scream. Not matter if no American hear. Katayama hear."

The two soldiers dragged Mary Anne back to camp. When she saw what had been arranged for her she found the strength to struggle, but they had no trouble in pulling her to the primitive torture apparatus. Two thick tree limbs had been fashioned into a cross and fastened together with wire. The cross was short; it only reached down to her waist. It hung from two ropes that had been thrown over a tree limb and tied off around the trunk. They bound Mary Anne to the horizontal member. Her struggles took on a more desperate measure and it took four soldiers to rope her arms to the wood at four places: just below her underarms, at her elbows, around her wrists, and finally, with her fingers forced open, tied flat against the cross member.

Katayama's entire unit had formed a semi-circle around the captive beauty to watch her tortured. She looked around at their leering faces and even more than fear she felt humiliation at being naked and helpless in front of all these men. She was their prisoner, and no matter how stupid and uncouth they were, that made them her superiors. They had already raped her and now they had come to watch her suffer and listen to her scream and beg. And she knew she would plead with them for mercy no matter how she tried to resist. The pain would make her do that even though she knew they would laugh at her and her degradation would be complete.

Pressed up against Mary Anne's left hip was a rusty chain of the type that would be run from a gear from a utility motor. It was stretched taut and nailed to two poles through three links each. It was attached firmly and the poles had been set solidly in the earth. The ropes holding the cross with Mary Anne bound firmly to it was pulled up until the young nurse's straining toes were a foot off the ground.

While she hung there two of the soldiers looped cord around her ankles and then pulled them up until her heels were pressed against the back of her thighs. The rope was then wrapped around her thighs, fastening them to her calves. When they were done her legs were doubled up, bent at the knee with her bare feet thrust skyward.

One of the soldiers lifted her left leg and moved it over the chain so her thighs straddled it. Mary Anne was suspended with her groin five inches over the rusty iron. She shook her head from side to side, her eyes looking around desperately for help, gasping "No... No...No..." as they began to lower her onto the rusty iron chain.

The chain rubbed painfully against her labium, already brutalized by the torture with the burning bamboo, before it skidded into her pussy. Mary Anne screamed, and then screamed again as her full weight pressed against her clitoris and the bamboo spike still imbedded in the sensitive core of her sex.

For a few minutes Katayama occupied himself grasping Mary Anne's and hips pressing them down while he pushed her back and forth on the rough chain, giggling at her screams and frantic pleas to "Take me off! Take me off!"

After a few minutes he tired of his sport and stepped back from his prisoner. His eyes feasted on the way Mary Anne's torso was held by the cross with her arms spread wide and her beautiful breasts exposed over her taut flat stomach. He smiled inscrutably and barked something at two of his soldiers who scurried off to do his bidding. Mary Anne looked back at Katayama, overcome by a complete feeling of hopelessness. "Please," she moaned, knowing there was nothing she could do or say to stop him from torturing her, and that he had just ordered the next act in her ordeal.

The soldiers brought back two thin, three foot bamboo poles and three long strips of wet rawhide. Katayama took Mary Anne's nipples and pulled her breasts out while the soldiers placed the bamboo at the top and bottom of her breasts at the base.

Mary Anne began to sob. "No more. Please. Not my breasts. Don't torture my breasts." While the poles were held in place, the wet rawhide was made into loops that fit over both poles just to the outside of her breasts by two other Japs. With her breasts now trapped inside of the bamboo, Katayama released her nipples and looped the third strip at her cleavage. The all three japs then pulled on the leather together, tightening the bamboo rods and squeezing Mary Anne's breasts while she howled out her agony.

The leather thongs were tied around the poles several times to insure they were secure. Katayama stood before Mary Anne and spoke to her in an almost fatherly tone. "Leather is wet, when dries shrinks, squeeze soft pillows even more."

"Why? Why are you torturing me?" she sobbed.

Katayama ignored her question. "Not in sun, leather take too long to dry in forest. I help." He was handed a torch made from rags soaked in kerosene. Mary Anne's eyes opened wide and she shook her head from side to side, unable to fully comprehend what her Japanese torturer was going to do to her. The heat from the torch bathed her breasts and belly. She tried to pull herself away from the flame and shrieked in pain as the iron chain savaged her pussy. Still as Katayama moved the torch closer, she could not help herself and pulled away, subjecting herself to the torture of the chain, until the ropes that held the cross would allow her to go no further.

Her torturer played the flame over Mary Anne's breasts moving it constantly from side to side, holding it close to her nipples then a little further away when it dipped below, knowing the heat would be more intense as it rose to the tender underside. Her breasts turned an angry red but other than a few small blisters, her flesh remained undamaged. But the pain was so excruciating she was unaware of the iron chain cutting into her pussy, and if the leather was shrinking and the bamboo crushing her breasts, she didn't know it.

Katayama toyed with his beautiful victim, relishing the way she writhed under his torture. When he held the torch close to her left breast she would try and twist her body as far to the right as she could to escape the pain. Then he would quickly move the torch to her other side and watch her jerk her body desperately to the left. He let the flame find other parts of her naked body. It licked at her underarms, the soles of her feet and the small of her back. He moved it down from her belly until it singed off her pubic hair. Mary Anne screamed and begged and struggled against her bonds, but there was no escaping the ravenous fire until she finally fainted.

He let her hang there while he and his men ate and drank their fill. Totally exhausted, her nude body was held upright by the cross, but her head slumped on her chest. Katayama splashed water on her face to revive her for more torture, being careful not to wet the rawhide that bound the bamboo to her breasts. She moaned and stirred but did not fully come to. He grasped her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed, at the same time twisting them cruelly. Mary Anne's groan became a gasp of pain and her eyes flew open.

"Time to scream again, yes."

Mary Anne held his gaze. "Can't scream... anymore... you monster. Just... let me... die."

Katayama called out in Japanese and one of his men brought over a canteen. "Here. Drink. You feel better." Despite her burning thirst Mary Anne managed to turn her head from the proffered water, knowing it might strengthen her and only wanting her life, and her torture, to end. Katayama grabbed her by the jaw, forced the neck of the canteen into her mouth and slowly tilted it so the water poured down her throat. She had to drink or drown. She tried to twist her head away but Katayama held her steady by the hair.

When Katayama was satisfied she had drunk enough he pulled the canteen away. As Mary Anne coughed up water that had gone down her windpipe, she coughed at him, "You... bastard."

"Now I show you again how to scream."

It wouldn't take much. The agony of her tortured breasts and pussy had returned and whatever it was that he planned to do to her would put her over the edge. All she could hope for was for her heart to give out.

The mob had gathered around her again to leer at her nude body and watch her torture. He called to two of his soldiers who grabbed the cross to hold it steady. Mary Anne looked anxiously back and forth between the men holding the cross and Katayama.

It quickly became apparent why the cross had to be held. Katayama seized the ring finger of her left hand with pliers, and held it fast. In his other hand was a small knife with a half-inch wide blade that tapered at the end to an almost needle sharp point. This he inserted under Mary Anne's nail, only a few millimeters, just enough so it barely pierced the connecting flesh that held it to the finger.

The pain made Mary Anne suck in her breath. Worse, she knew what was coming. He was going to pry out her nail with the knife. She started to weep. "Please," she whimpered, "please."

"Now we see how you scream."

She fought with all remaining strength when he started to dig out her nail. It was all the two soldiers could do to hold the cross steady so Katayama could finish the grisly job. The pain was horrific, and when the nail finally came loose she collapsed sobbing, held up only by the ropes that bound her to the cross. It came as a shock to her when she felt the pliers grasp her middle finger. Her torture wasn't over, it had barely begun.

Katayama pried out three of her fingernails and two of her toenails before she finally fainted. She screamed herself hoarse, mostly wordless howls of pain, but also shrieked words, "No more! No more!" and "Stop!" and especially when she felt the nail come free with that last surge of blinding pain and he moved on to the next, "Not again! You can't! I beg you, not again!"

The worst was when he moved to her left foot. It was as though he had opened up a whole new universe of pain for Mary Anne. Now there were twenty agonizing tortures she would have to survive rather than ten. Added to that, her feet held special erotic meaning for her, and just the thought of someone torturing her bare feet was more than the helpless girl could bear. By the time she fainted her mind was no longer part of the crucified beauty but was off somewhere by itself.

When Katayama revived her he could see this in her eyes, and her croaks of pain were totally unsatisfying. He had her taken off the iron chain and dragged to the clearing. There she was dropped, still roped to the cross, amongst the remains of the other nurses staked out in the dirt.

What he didn't know was that although the tortured screams of the nurses had not been heard by any American troops, they had been heard by a band of Huk guerillas. That night they fell on the Japs who slept unguarded by a sentry and slaughtered them in their sleep; all except Katayama and the noncoms for whom an easy death was not in their plans.

They left the dead nurses where they lay. They did not examine the bodies and assumed the blonde bound to the cross was also dead. They didn't really care and it didn't really matter. Mary Anne was dead within a few hours and there was nothing anyone could have done for her in any case.

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