Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Esso

The narrator is part of a resistance group that ambushes a German convoy but one of their number, Danielle, the beautiful younger sister of his lover Yvonne, is captured. Later the village is herded into the town square to watch...

My stomach churned as I saw them remove Danielle. They had bound her hands behind her back and had stripped her naked. It was hard to recognize the girl who had been a member of our party only hours before. Her body was a mass of cigarette burns and other scars but that wasn't the worst part of it. It was the wild insane expression in her eyes.

A Gestapo officer stepped forward. "Danielle Monteaux, you have been found guilty of treason against France and the Third Reich. You are hereby sentenced to receive 50 lashes on your naked back and then to be hanged by the neck until dead."

Even the stoic crowd could not hold back its muted gasp of horror. Danielle looked over their heads, a fixed smile on her lips.

"Vive La France!" she cried through cracked lips.

The Gestapo beasts grabbed her by both arms and hustled her up a temporary scaffold which had been set especially for the purpose of her public torture and execution. Her wrists were freed for a moment and then rebound in front of her and hitched to the whipping post high over her head so that she had to stretch her full length just to keep her toes on the floor. A huge non-com stepped forward, his filthy hands caressing a stiff black horsewhip, flecking off dried bits of blood and flesh.

He ran his hand down Danielle's back and over her buttocks. Unlike her breasts, belly and thighs, they were unmarked by torture. Danielle shuddered at his touch and pressed her nude body forward against the whipping post. He stepped back and looked at the helpless girl trembling from the strain of keeping her toes in contact with the ground. He said something to a Kraut soldier who scurried up the platform with a length of rope and knelt at Danielle's bare feet. He bound one end around her right ankle, then pulled the rope forward. Quickly he seized her other foot, crossed it over the first, and bound her slim ankles together. Danielle's feet were now lashed together on the far side of the whipping post and could no longer reach the platform. She groaned in pain as her straining arms now took the full weight of her body as she hung suspended by her wrists.

Danielle closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against the rough wood of the pillar, waiting for her final torture to begin. A single tear ran down her cheek as the whip swung back through the misty air, then cracked down across her hips with the sound of a pistol shot. Her body danced wildly against her bonds.

"Vive La France!" she shrieked with all her strength.

The Gestapo officer began his count. The brutish non-com took his time, pausing up to a minute between blows, letting the fettered beauty anticipate where on her naked body the whip would next land. Every time the whip crashed onto her back Danielle writhed in her bonds in unendurable agony.

She screamed with every lash, but there were no more shouts of patriotic defiance, simply wordless shrieks of pain. Soon even these had become nothing more than loud dissonant croaks as her throat became too raw to scream anymore.

They kept Danielle conscious through her entire ordeal with bucketsful of cold water every time she passed out. When it was over they untied her hands and feet and dropped a noose over her lovely young head.

"The lousy bastards!" I gargled when I understood their intent. They weren't going to bother with a hangman's knot. They wouldn't allow her to die mercifully with a broken neck. Instead she would strangle slowly, her breath being cut off inch by inch.

It was the most horrible sight I'd ever seen. At first Danielle's hands clutched at the rope, trying to ease its bite. Slowly she grew weaker. Her hands fell away. Her legs kicked out spasmodically. Still we were forced to stand and watch.


Yvonne is arrested and taken for interrogation. The narrator is hidden away at Gestapo headquarters in the basement torture chamber. He plans to free her when the U.S. Army Air Force starts a bombing raid at 10:00 PM, using that as a diversion...

Overhead I heard the floorboards creak under the weight of heavy boots. Something was about to break. Guttural voices came closer. Somebody was moving down the stairs. I saw their feet first. It told the story completely - the shining black boots of the Gestapo and Waffen SS, the bare feet and trim ankles and calves of their prisoner.

Yvonne stood straight and tall, her lovely figure still fully clothed but for her graceful feet. Slowly her head turned, taking in the diabolical instruments before her.

"Look! Look your fill, slut!" the Gestapo officer in charge shouted. "Soon you will be unable to look. You will feel them as your whore sister did. Only you will not die so mercifully."

Yvonne bit her lips nervously but showed no other sign of the fear that had to be tearing at her soul.

"Streicher, chill some champagne. It is going to be a long night," the Kraut butcher ordered. The flunky grabbed a couple of bottles and hurried toward a refrigerator in the corner of the room. He turned to his other henchmen, "Prepare the sow!"

Two non-coms stepped forward. Their faces were like huge apes except apes never showed such undisguised lust. Their muscular arms reached out for Yvonne; involuntarily she backed away from them.


One of the captors seized Yvonne's arms and held them high over her head so her delicate toes stretched uselessly for the floor. The other ripped away her blouse and skirt. Long scratches appeared on her white flesh.

"She dresses like a whore," one of the bastards grinned, running his hands up and down Yvonne's pink silk panties while she writhed in their grasp. "German women no longer have these luxuries."

"She will have no luxuries any longer. They don't wear these things at Ravensbruck," the Gestapo Major sneered.

This was part of their terror. Impress on the prisoner the hopelessness of her position. Strike terror into her very heart.

They dragged Yvonne to a wooden chair at the center of the room and roughly threw her into it. She was unable to resist. Swiftly they bound her arms behind the chair's back and then ran a rope over her breasts and hips and tied it tightly, holding her entire body fast to the chair. Only now did she seem to realize her ordeal of agony was but minutes away. Pinned in the torture chair all she could do was flail her feet, but in a moment her ankles were captured and bound together. Her magnificent young breasts rose and fell in mighty heaves under her bra, betraying her terror at her impending torture. Still she said nothing.

"Finish stripping the prisoner!"

Brutal hands tore away the last of her covering. She was now forced to sit before their depraved eyes completely nude. This too was an old trick of the Gestapo: strip a prisoner naked before you begin the interrogation - it destroys her sense of dignity as an individual.

The Gestapo Major stood behind Yvonne and grabbed a handful of her hair, forcing her head back against his ample belly, forcing her to look up into his beady pig eyes.

"You are a good looking slut. I can be kind to you. You don't have to suffer this way. I have influence."

Yvonne closed her eyes and moved her lips in prayer. I cursed the Eighth Air Force. Where the hell were they? Why hadn't they begun their strike? Every minute's delay meant another minute of mind destroying torture for my beautiful Yvonne. I glanced at my watch. It was only two minutes of ten.

"Names. Tell me the names of the filthy traitors and I will see you go free."

Yvonne shuddered. Her lips continued to move in silent prayer. I wondered how many young women could maintain their silence in the face of such imminent horror.

"Have it your way then!" the Gestapo beast ranted, I have forced information from much stronger swine than you."

He gave a signal and his flunkies rolled up the portable generator. Yvonne watched them with the fascination of a bird watching a snake.

"Electricity. We will pass currents through your body until your liver fries inside you. Your skin will blacken and smoke. I'll see you cooked alive."

The bastards busied themselves attaching diabolical electrodes to the naked girl's arms. One of them carried over a large wooden tub filled to the brim with water. Another grasped her bound ankles and forced them into the water. Finally a last rope was tied across her shins and around the chair's front legs, ensuring that she could not pull her feet free from the tub. The current would slam through her trim body aided by the conductive properties of the water.

The prospect of seeing such a beautiful French resistance fighter bound naked and tortured had drawn a crowd. I counted four Gestapo and SS men and two women whom I assumed to be secretaries. With such a crowd down there it would be impossible to rescue Yvonne without the diversion of the air raid.

The generator whirred noisily. The basement lights dimmed. Yvonne's back arched against the ropes which held her. I saw the cords cutting deeply into her flesh. She would have gone completely rigid if it hadn't been for her fetters. Some froth spilled out of her lips.

"There are other portions of your body which are far more tender. We will not forget them."

The generator hummed for another moment, then stopped. Yvonne slumped back in the chair. I smelled the mixture of ozone, sweat, and burning flesh.

"This was a mild jolt!" the Gestapo Major shouted. "This was cold supper! Now we will try warm supper!"

Again the infernal machine whirred. This time the chair creaked and the ropes that held Yvonne stretched and groaned. Her lips were pulled back baring her teeth in horrible grin as the muscles in her face contracted from the pulse of the current. Her nude body jerked and convulsed in its bonds and strange inhuman noises came from her throat. I knew she was trying to scream but the electric charge made that impossible.

She collapsed back in the chair. The male spectators stared at her in silence with undisguised lust. One of the women whispered to the other and pointed at Yvonne. They both started to giggle.

"Are you ready to talk, whore, or do I have to ratchet things up," growled the Gestapo interrogator. Yvonne shook her head slowly and sadly. I saw her lips form the word "No," but no sound came from her. The major snapped his fingers and once again Yvonne arched against the ropes in the throes of agony.

Twice more they used the electricity on my helpless beauty. Twice more she managed to shake her head "no" to the demand for names.

I looked down at my watch. The flyboys were late. I kept staring at my watch, watching the seconds and then minutes creep by. I couldn't look up and watch them preparing Yvonne for more exquisite torment. I listened desperately for the drone of bomber engines, but there was only silence. Even the basement room had become eerily silent but for the sound of the soldiers rebinding Yvonne for further torture and her pitiful groans of pain.

"Bring me the other generator," the Gestapo bully growled. I had to look up.

The first thing I registered was that the tub was gone. The next was that electric connections had been fastened to Yvonne's breasts, compressing her nipples between their jaws. The wires ran to the generator.

What I saw next was ten times more horrible. I almost gagged. They had untied Yvonne's ankles and rebound them to the rear of the chair, pulling her long legs painfully back. A noose was also fastened around each knee and tied to the front legs of the chair. The ropes spread her thighs wide apart leaving her completely open. They were going to torture her sex.

Yvonne's bared breasts heaved and the muscles in her stomach and thighs strained with her desperate struggle to close her legs. Her naked body was bathed in sweat. I couldn't stand watching it any longer. The hell with the fly boys. One pineapple and it would be all over. But I couldn't pull the pin on the grenade, I couldn't kill Yvonne, even to end her agony.

A second generator was wheeled over and one of the SS goons started to unwind the wires. But then a voice said, "Let me. I know how to hurt a woman."

It was one of the secretaries. She was staring intently between Yvonne's legs, then looked up when the Major laughed, "Yawohl, Fraulein Haupt, yawohl."

It took a few minutes to find the long dowel and tape the electric contact so it jutted past the end. Yvonne looked down in disgust at the woman who was now squatting between her spread thighs. "You sick German piece of shit," she said.

The girl looked up and smiled at her helpless victim and slowly pushed the dowel into her pussy until it struck the cervix. She pushed it harder. Yvonne threw her head back, grunting and panting with pain. The other girl taped the length of dowel that protruded from her vagina to her thigh so it was held fast deep inside her. The second generator cable ended in a spring loaded alligator clip with large serrated jaws. The woman opened and closed it twice with a sharp click in front of Yvonne's eyes before she once again knelt between the captive beauties thighs. Yvonne gasped in horror as the girl's fingers worked between her lips, pushing back the clitoral hood to expose the tender button of flesh.

", you can't. You can't do this."

The sharp metal teeth closed on Yvonne's clitoris. If there was an audible snap as the jaws sprung closed it was lost under her scream of pain. I could see a change in Yvonne's eyes - they were wide with fear. And I knew it was more than the fear of pain. It was the fear that she would break under the hideous torture of her sex.

The Major wasted no time. He turned the dials on the generator, slowly increasing the current to Yvonne's breasts. Her nude body went rigid as a board and she shuddered violently in her bonds. Her screams were continuous until the voltage was too much and she could only make strange whinnying sounds from deep in her throat. At that point the Kraut turned the flow of electricity down, only to turn it up again a moment later.

He played with her like this for a few more moments, then killed the current. Slowly he reached for the dial on the other generator. Yvonne shook her head violently from side to side, and as his hand closed on the knob she shrieked "NO! NO! DON'T!"

I never heard a sound like Yvonne's scream when the electricity hit her pussy. Her beautiful nudity convulsed and bucked against the ropes and her scream degenerated into tortured grunts and squeals. The Major turned the machine down to a "manageable" level but switched on the power to her breasts. He played with her like this for the next minute then cut off the power.

"Now Fraulein," he sneered down at her, "Give me the names."

"No more," she gasped, "Please, no more. I can't stand anymore."

The Major smiled. "Names."

"I can't! I can't!" His hand hovered above the generator, toying with his helpless victim. Yvonne was shrieking hysterically, "NONONONONO!" but I knew she wouldn't talk. I couldn't let her suffer anymore.

Everything happened at once. He reached for the dial and I reached for the grenade. We would both die but I would take as many with us as I could. And at that instant I felt the first impact of the bombs and heard the wail of the air raid sirens.

For a moment no one moved and then the Major shouted "Schnell! Schnell!" and ordered the soldiers up to their stations. The room emptied in nothing flat leaving only the Major and the two secretaries. And of course Yvonne, naked and straining at her ropes.

For a moment the Major seemed uncertain what to do with his prisoner. Then he said to the two women, "You can have her. You'll be as safe here as anywhere. Make her suffer but try not to kill her, just in case."

The two women's mouths opened wide with surprise and then broadened into smiles. I blew a hole in the Major's head before he could turn to leave, then gut shot the two dragon ladies. They were unarmed and unable to do much more than writhe around on the floor in pain so there seemed no reason to waste more ammo on them.

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