The Whipping Scenes in Movies Database
At last...fully restored!

When the Whipping Scenes In Movies Database (WSIMD) finally closed its doors, we here at the GIMP decided that this important site should somehow remain on the net for its legion of fans. For years, we were only able to preserve the actual data portion of the site, but we decided that while descriptions of the movies are useful, pictures (and even video clips now) do the job a whole lot better! So, using the original stills from the WSIMD site along with updated, improved vidcaps from other sources, we're proud to present the new, improved and fully restored version of Oslo Netfetter's original site, with some newer entries thrown in for good measure. And if any of our readers can contribute with any updates, we'll make sure they are added here.


Ralphus, Bring Out the GIMP moderator