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99 Women - A blonde prisoner (Maria Rohm) is whipped towards the end of this Jess Franco snoozefest. Unfortunately all of the lashes are off-screen. The victim has the back of her prison dress ripped off, but we don't see very much because it is very dark. VIDEO LINK

100,000 Dollars For Ringo - There is a quite minor scene towards the end of the film where the main female character is whipped mainly off screen by the villain and then shot. First he slaps her face a few times and shoots her boyfriend, then he starts to lay into her with a whip. This is only shown for a split second then while the camera is on the main character being rescued, she is given a lengthy whipping which is heard but not seen. We next see her squirming about on the floor and then he shoots her. The woman is fully clothed, we don't see any marks on her, you never actually see any whipping and as you probably guessed this scene is rubbish.

Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide - A close-to-porn David Freidman production. In one scene, Hyde whips a woman all over her body. Many marks appear in various places and it is a fairly long scene. VIDEO LINK

Adventures of Hajji Baba, The - Has a very brief foot-whipping scene.

Affair of the Necklace, The - 2001 film starring Hilary Swank as Jeanne St. Remy de Valois (whew!). Anyhoo, there's a scene towards the end of this snoozefest where Jeanne gets the back of her gown ripped off and is whipped. Of course, this being a big budget Hollywood production, the scene is very tame and we don't even get to see her back as she's being whipped...bummer. VIDEO LINK

Aftoi pou milisan me ton thanato - (1970) I haven't seen this Greek war drama except for the whipping scene. The very attractive Zoe Laskari (a former "Miss Greece" turned actress) is tied AOH while wearing a skimpy negligee and given several blows of the whip. The scene is shown only from the front, so there's no shots of any marks on her back. Zoe does some very impressive painful screaming before finally passing out. VIDEO LINK

Ai no borei - Japanese movie by Nagisa Oshima: a woman, with her lover, is suspended to a tree and beaten savagely by soldiers to reveal the killing of her husband, and where the body is; long and violent scene, but the woman is dressed.

Alla mia cara mamma nel giorno del suo compleanno - actress Eleonora Giorgi (same of Story of a Cloistered Nun) is spanked with a belt, and later we see good marks on her bare bottom, while treatened.

All Women Are Bad - Tied up naked woman is whipped by shirtless man.(Lescan)

Amazons of Rome (aka Slaves of Carthage) - A woman is tied to a post and lashed. Unfortunately, the whipping is stopped at one lash! She then has her top pulled down to expose her nude in public, but a bunch of guards surround her to protect her modesty. We get a couple of brief glimpses of her whip-marked back, though. This scene doesn't make sense unless you know the plot of the film, and I'm too lazy to put that here. VIDEO LINK

Angelique and the King - ANGELIQUE ET LE ROI (Fr/Ger/It 1965 by Bernard Borderie) A monarch from the far east visiting France shows Angelique (Michele Mercier) some of his "way of ruling": they watch a basement hall, where a woman is tied to a pillar and whipped savagely on her bare back. Intense screams (german dubbing), only few lashes onsreen (german version may be cut), and shot from about 10 meters away. The monarch says that the woman will receive at least 100 lashes. Well, maybe the uncut print has some more of them. But what I saw was too short to be a real "classic one". (Thanks USbaer)

Angelique 2, Teil - This has a scene in which some prostitutes are whipped, though Angelique (who was among them) is spared.

Angelique and the Sultan - (France 1968, I know only the German title) Original: ANGELIQUE ET LE SULTAN (?) Old-fashioned adventure movie. Michele Mercier in a sultans harem. She is whipped in public because she offended the sultan by spitting into his face: Her arms are tied up so the feet can just touch the ground. She is half topless so the strong whip marks on her back/side are visible. Pretty long scene. 13 lashes (6 on screen) with 2 camera positions (front/back). The impact of the long whip sends her swinging back an forth. Sharp cracks and loud moans/cries. Afterwards she hangs exhausted at the rope, her head fallen back. (Thanks to USbaer) VIDEO LINK

Anna and the King of Siam - Not to be confused with "The King and I", although they both tell the same story. Has a scene where a woman's lover has been whipped. She refuses to admit any wrongdoing, so she has her bra-like top removed and is given one stroke before Anna stops the whipping.

Antonia & Jane (1991) - Woman plays a sex game with her lover, answer the question right or be whipped, oops wrong answer.(Lescan)

Arena, The (aka Naked Warriors) - Just under an hour in to this film there is a scene where a woman is whipped by another woman but we can't really see it. The sound is really nice but the lights go out for some reason and the room becomes dark. The woman in charge of the slaves whips one of them because she starts mouthing-off in a drunken state, everybody stands up and the lights go out. You can just about see the woman swinging the whip in the darkness but that's it. This film is a brilliant idea for a sexploitation movie, it's about female gladiators in Rome. The main characters Pam Grier and Margaret Markov are really hot, too bad they don't get whipped!

Art of Dying, The - has a brief scene in which a prostitute is being whipped by a client. A 'hero' shows up to rescue her, and to tell her she shouldn't be involved in such things.

Autumn Born - Dorothy Stratten gets whipped several times in this film. 1. while handcuffed to a bed she is whacked with a stick on her back and bottom. 2. has the soles of her feet whipped. 3. whipped on her back while bent over on the ground topless. 4. Whipped on her ass while wearing a corset. Overall, the scenes are pretty good and this is definitely worth a look. VIDEO LINK

Ave Maria (1984) - This hard-to-find French film has an unique whipping scene in which 4 different elements (comprising 44 strokes) are used in the span of two minutes.  Teenage actress Isabelle Pasco defiantly denounces God among a group of parishioners, who fall all over themselves looking for ways to punish her for her blasphemy.  First she is beaten with a belt, then another man uses a tree branch, then a third man uses a wooden stick.  A fourth man takes a log from a fireplace and snaps it in two over her back, then follows up with the wooden stick.  At this point, she is stripped (showing off some lovely bloody marks on her mark) and a woman grabs what looks like a hickory cane and smacks away in ecstasy, delightedly foaming at the mouth while doing so.  Because, of course, nothing proves you love Jesus more than beating someone who doesn't within an inch of her life. VIDEO LINK

Bad Girls - Madelaine Stowe is whipped by the bad only see the lash curling around her neck, but later she has the wounds tended to.. pretty realistic. There is also a shot where the lovely Ms. Stowe is bathing with the other girls. She gets out of the water and we can see welts on her back from a previous (and supposedly recent) lashing.

Bad Girls - (1981) XXX Starring a very young Michelle Bauer in her X-rated days, under the name Pia Snow. Fake whipping scene, but what a body she has.(Lescan)

Bamboo House of Dolls - At the beginning of this Shaw brothers prison flick, all of the female concentration camp inmates are commanded to whip another Asian inmate to death. It doesn't take long, though, as she dies under the lashes of the second whipper, who then commits suicide. Unnecessarily gruesome (IMO), but the beginning of the scene where the victim is stripped is very nice.

Barbarians, The Virginia Bryant is tortured by Michael Berryman in order to find out where the "magic ruby" is. He whips her back with a fake looking cat o' nine tails. Her hair is covering most of her bare back for some strange reason, but her acting is rather realistic. Later, we see some other girls tending to the whip marks on her back. DOWNLOAD LINK

Barbed Wire Dolls - Jess Franco prison bore has a scene toward the end where a naked woman is tied face down and cropped lightly on her ass. It's supposed to be a torture scene, but it's totally unrealistic. This is off the topic of the list, but there are a few good scenes of Franco's wife, Lina Romay, tied face down to a metal wire frame and given electric shock treatment. I mention those because they are the only good scenes in the film.

Bare Behind Bars - aka Prison of the Dead.This prison flick lives up to its name,delivering a ton of naked chicks. However, the violence (including two whipping scenes) is really weak. Avoid it unless you're watching for the nudity.

Bastard Out Of Carolina - A Showtime original movie about the physical and sexual abuse of an 11 year old girl (Jena Malone). She's whipped with a belt several times in the course of the movie. You hear some of them and you see one of them. She's shown from the front and she stands holding onto the bathroom sink while she's whipped. Later, when she gets drunk at a party and a relative tries to help her use the bathroom, you see that the backs of her thighs are welted black and blue. A very good, but disturbing movie.(Anonymous)

Batal Khan - An attractive brunette is savagely whipped across her back in this rare Turkish period film. Unfortunately, she's not tied down, but there are lots of bloody whip marks shown on her back and shoulders. VIDEO LINK

Bathory - (2008) The whipping scene in this big budget piece of crap is, like all the other torture scenes in the movie, very brief. A woman is hung up by her wrists and whipped. Some nice marks are shown on her back, but the scene only lasts maybe 10 to 15 seconds.

Battle of the Amazons - The one directed by Al Bradley. Has a scene where a topless amazon is whipped by a man. She is given 7 lashes before the woman in charge puts a halt to the action. Good whipping sound effects and a few frontal angles where the whip is seen curling onto her chest. A worthwhile scene, unfortunately too short. VIDEO LINK

Beastmaster, The - - We do not see a whipping here, but Marc Singer pulls Tanya Roberts' blouse down by her shoulder, sees her whip marks and says "They whip you like a beast" (We really don't get to see anything in this scene, unfortunately. Check out "Purgatory" for another Tanya Roberts movie which should have had a whipping but didn't deliver. - Oslo)

Beatrice Cenci - (Ricardo Freda 1956) The title character (Mireille Granelli) is whipped by a bloke I think he is her farther about forty five minutes into the film. I can't understand exactly what is said because it's in Italian but the bloke is standing with the whip in his hands for some time shouting at her and after a while he looses his temper, pushes her to the ground and starts whipping her. She is fully clothed at all times and the scene is very brief.

Belle De Jour - In the opening scene of this film, Catherine Deneuve is taken out into the woods with her husband. He orders two other men to tie her to a tree, strip her to the waist, and whip her on the back with riding whips. A good, but very brief scene that turns out to be taking place in Deneuve's mind. VIDEO LINK

Beloved - a nude black slave is tied to ground and bullwhipped very savagely, we see only her face reactions for one lash but the scene is one of most "strong" we ever seen; later in two scenes we see her bare back covered with heavy scars.

Belt, The - James Russo beats his wife with a belt several times in this film. She's always clothed, and there is very little thrill value of the scenes in this courtroom drama.

Big Bust-Out, The (1972) - A topless (and later bottomless) young black woman is whipped on her back by a sadistic dwarf(?!) with what looks like a wet cloth. Must be some cloth, as she has big bloody red marks all over her back. This is a fairly long scene and the camera dwells on her body for quite some time. DOWNLOAD LINK

Big Doll House, The - Pat Woodell gets whipped with a wet towel by a prison guard while chained high up in the air. Ms. Woodell is topless, but her hair covers her breasts. Short scene but worth a look. VIDEO LINK

Big Snatch, The - Lame, cheap David Friedman production has a scene where a group of girls are forced to spank another girl's bare bottom with a small piece of garden hose. Poorly acted and a bad job all around. Who ever got off on these things?

Bitter Rice - The film is about "rice-girls" who work the rice fields in the Po valley in Northern Italy. Among them is sexpot Sylvanna Mangano (who in my opinion was the most natural beauty of the European exports outside of Ingrid Bergman) who constantly taunts and sexually teases the men in the valley. The women are all jealous of her and the men all want her. She finally goes too far with victoro Gasmann. After arranging a tryst with him, she just plays games and as he advances toward her she picks up a switch from a pile and pushes him away with the tip. Tiring of this he takes the switch away from her and begins to whip her with it. Unfortunately there is no baring of Miss Mangano's skin, and she is not tied as she is whipped nor is the swishing of the switch very audible. The redeemable aspect of this film is in the primal cries of pain and facial expressions of the victim as she backs away to escape the lashes. Likewise, the man's expressions become pure lust as he administers her comeupance. The scene fades and a rape is implied. The rest of the film is irrelevant except Miss Mangano straightens out and becomes his loyal mistress after the whipping. 14 or 15 lashes in all. (Anonymous)

Black Narcissus - A clothed Indian girl is whipped by an old toothless hag with a tree branch.

Black Pirates, The - (1954) Carlotta (Toni Gerry) is whipped in front of her boyfriend to get him to talk. She's tied with her arms outstretched to the whipping post, and the back of her dress is opened up by her female rival. She's then given 5 lashes to her back. No lashes are shown but the sound effects and screaming are quite impressive. VIDEO LINK

Blind Cat - Don't know what the real Japanese title of this movie is. It appears to be one of the many direct-to-video Japanese adult crime thrillers. Contains a scene where a woman is tied up and beaten with a stick, as well as a very nice scene where the title character (a blind swordswoman) has her top and bra ripped off and gets whipped across her bare back. If anyone has more info on this film I'd love to hear about it.

Blood Feast - A captured woman (Toni Calvert) has the back of her dress ripped off (off-screen) and is whipped to death (on screen) by Faud Ramses as part of a recipe to resurrect an Egyptian goddess. A fairly long and extremely bloody (but fake looking) scene.

Bloodsucking Freaks - (aka The Heritage of Caligula?!) A Girl is taken prisoner by a macabre acting troop. She is taken to the dungeon where she is placed in a guillotine, with a rope holding the blade up in her mouth. She is then caned, until she screams and is beheaded. (Thanks Barry) There's also a scene towards the beginning with a woman on all fours crawling and being whipped. - Oslo

Bloody Judge, The (aka Throne of Fire, Night of the Blood Monster) The Jess Franco witch-torture film with Christopher Lee has a scene where a woman (Diana Lorys) is whipped on her back. We only get to see this happen from the front, though. Later, we get a brief glimpse of her whip marks. There are a couple of other brief scenes, but it's nothing to whip home about. Not to be confused with the Sabrina Saini fantasy of the same name, which unfortunately has no whippings in it.

Bluebeard - It's been a while since I saw this movie, but if I remember correctly, one woman is quite rude to Bluebeard and he finally takes a whip to her. She likes it and kneels on the floor encouraging him to whip her harder. He doesn't like this and ends up killing her. (Thanks John)

Bohemian Girl, The - This Laurel and Hardy film (?!) has a near whipping scene towards the end in which the title character is tied to a whipping post and has her clothing pulled down to expose her upper back. The whipping gets stopped, but the scenes of her tied to the post looking back in fear are still quite nice. VIDEO LINK

Botany Bay - An old woman is whipped as punishment after having a bit of the top of her dress ripped off. We hardly see any whipping, and even if we did it wouldn't merit a look. I just mention this because the video box makes it look like the lovely Patricia Medina is going to get whipped. She doesn't, so don't waste your money. Nice box cover, though.

Bounty - (2009) In this Western, there's a short sequence where the lovely actress Michelle Acuna is bound AOH and given 3 lashes of the bullwhip. She's shown from the front so there are no visible marks on her back, but still very nice. There are whip marks seen very briefly in a subsequent scene when the protagonist finds her. He doesn't cut her down and she hangs there until the sheriff who whipped her fetches her and takes her back to her cell. VIDEO LINK

Brand of Shame - A woman is whipped across her chest. More crummy Dave Friedman sleaze.

Broken Blossoms - (1919) Lillian Gish is whipped by her abusive father in this sappy D.W. Griffith film. This is one of three Griffith films on the list. VIDEO LINK

Brothers in Arms - A heavily clothed girl (played by Dedee Pfeiffer, Michelle's sister!) is tied squatting on the ground and whipped by Roberts Blossom (the old man in Home Alone!). Her clothes tear open in a couple of places and we get to see the whip marks, but the whipping is stopped by another man, who ends up taking her place.

Burial of the Rats A young woman (Maria Ford) is tortured with whipping. Too bad she's clothed and we never get to see anything. Avoid it. VIDEO LINK

Cabaret - (Thanks JF)

Cabaret (1972) - Liza Minnelli entertains the Baron in a nightclub where one girl whips another girl tied to a bedpost behind a screen, while another girl pours him champagne. It gave period atmosphere to the decadence of l930's Germany. A blink-or-you miss it scene, only a few seconds long, but nice imagery. The sign on the stage features 3 languages. The 1st sign is in English. The 2nd sign, in German, reads: "Jedem sein Vergnügen" -- "To everyone their pleasure." And the 3rd sign, in French, reads: "Chacun à son goût" -- "Everyone has their taste." VIDEO LINK

Caged Beauties - This Asian prison camp film supposedly has both male and female whippings in it.

Caged Heat II - A bad women-in-prison movie with a great whipping. Jewel Shepard gets chained with her face to a wall, has the top of her prison dress ripped off, and is given over twenty lashes by a guard. Nicely acted, though the whipping and the whip are really fake looking. Later, we see a couple of girls treating the whip cuts - which now, of course, look completely different. VIDEO LINK

Caged Women in Purgatory - A great women-in-prison movie with, unfortunately, not much whip action. Lots of great looking Italian girls on display here. One scenes involve women strapped to a cross while being whipped across the front of her body.

Caligula - Has a brief scene in Caligula's fantasies where a woman is strung up in the air by her arms and legs and whipped all over as she rotates. There are some whip marks on her back and sides.

Caligula's Slaves Woman whips a nude slave. (Lescan)

Cargo of Love - Disobedient white slave girl is tied face down and naked to a bed and whipped by the Head Mistress , while two goons watch. Sexy girl and good scenario, however very fake whipping. You would think for a cheapo movie like this they could get a girl to take a real beating.(Lescan)

Caribbean - (1952) A black slave girl, wearing a sleeveless shirt, is tied to a wooden cross while on her knees, and flogged with at least 10 lashes.

Casanova - There is only a crap near whipping scene in this movie. A good looking woman asks Donald Sutherland to whip her ass with a small red whip. She lifts up her dress exposing her ass and gets very excited about it but he stops at the last minute. The scene is comedic and in a foreign language with subtitles.

Chain Gang Girls - There are three whipping scenes in this mean-spirited story about young girls in a detention facility. In the first scene, five girls are being punished because a sharp object was found in their cell (probably planted). They're chained to the ceiling AOH wearing only white panties. While the warden walks among them delivering a sermon about obedience, he randomly thwacks them, one at a time, with a cane. What helps this scene work well is that none of the girls can be sure that she won't be next. After the whipping, the girls are shocked with electric prods until they pass out. Then buckets of water are thrown in their faces to revive them. The whipping begins all over again. Nice long scene with five cute girls.

In the second scene, Nami (Yuka Kosaka) the heroine of the story, is being punished for her recalcitrance. She's seated with her wrists cuffed behind the back of the chair, wearing black shorts and a black sports bra. The warden delivers several blows with a cane to her back and upper shoulders, until she passes out and falls to the floor.

The final scene shows an inmate chained in a standing spreadeagle wearing black shorts and a black sports bra. She is caned on the back several times. The brief whipping is finished off with a branding torture, but that's for a different database.

Check to the Queen (Scacco alla regina) - There are 3 girl-girl whipping scenes in this 1969 kinky French film. In a dream sequence at the beginning of the film, beautiful Sylvia (Haydeé Politoff) is tied standing with her arms over her head. Her bra and garters are cut off, leaving her wearing only her panties. She's given a few blows of the bullwhip by Margaret, played Rosanna Schiaffino. The sequence is shot in slow motion to show off all the nice eye candy. There's another slo-mo whipping scene later with Sylvia made to pull a rickshaw while she's whipped again from behind by Margaret. The final sequence comes near the end of the film as Sylvia is laying on a bed. Margaret starts whipping her back, softly at first then increasingly harder until a tear appears in Sylvia's eye.

Chinese Ghost Story - Supposedly this has a brief whipping scene.

Chinese Torture Chamber Story - There are two scenes in this, the main one is the first. Towards the beginning a girl is taken to the ground and has her bare bottom spanked by large boards. In the second scene, the bloke ties her up in rope so she's kind of like in a bag and whips her frantically with a bullwhip. You can't really see what's going on, and most of the shots are of the bloke whipping away. The woman is really hot, though!

Cleopatra (l933) - there is a twenty minute orgy scene (pretty tame by today's standards) where a lion tamer pretends to whip a half dozen girls amusingly dressed as lions and makes them jump through flaming rings. Quite a scene, what with DeMille's production values. (Thanks JF)

Colorado Territory - (1949) You don't see any whipping. A bloke is trying to get a woman to call her boyfriend who is an outlaw and on the run, to surrender during a gun battle and she refuses. She is sitting on the floor and the sheriff or bloke in charge of catching the outlaws cracks a bullwhip near her to frighten her. I don't think it touches her. He then raises the whip to whip her again but is interrupted by his deputy and it's all really quick.

Commando Fury (aka Concentration Camp For Girls, Women's Prison 1991) - Has scene where a girl with the back of her dress ripped open has been whipped. She's released, and goes through the rest of the film with the same garb, so we get to see her whipped marked back several times.

Congress Dances -(1931) the little glove maker (Lillian Harvey, an English women who spoke perfect German) is sentenced to be whipped on her bare behind, but is saved at the last minute by no less a personage than the the king himself (Willy Fritsch). The young man who was to give the whipping almost breaks into tears. This was, after all, a musical comedy and scenes of torture would have been out of place. This is, by the way, a very charming film. (Anonymous)

Conquest of Constantinople, The - (1951) A rare little Turkish film, in black and white, no less, that features a surprisingly brutal whipping scene. An attractive woman (unfortunately fully clothed) is tied in a standing position with her arms tied wide apart and is given several lashes to her bare back. Lots of screaming and the whipping sounds like it's really painful to her. VIDEO LINK

Convent of Sinners - (The Nun of Sin, La Monaca del Peccato, Nunnery on Fire) - Has a good scene where two nuns are stripped topless and whipped by the mother superior. They are seated on the floor with their hands in front. Both are cute and one has quite Not tied at all, though.

Correctional Facility for Raped Girls (Escola Penal de Meninas Violentadas) (1977) - This Brazilian movie may be hard to find, but it's worth seeking out. There's just a ridiculous number of whipping scenes in this one. According to the IMDB, it's about young female delinquents who are sent to a correctional facility run by a lesbian, depraved nun. I should add there's also one burly bald man working there who dishes it out the whipping. In the first scene, a woman is tied to a bed and whipped on her back. Then nun watching it then straddles the door so she can be whipped, too. It seems to be a religious experience for them. Then a couple of women are caught fighting in the shower and are strung up AOH and punished. Although shot in low light, it's the best scene in the movie. Later another women is tied outside to a tree and flogged, although it's at night and partially filmed in long shot so it's harder to see. After she's taken inside, we get a good look at some bloody whip marks on her back. In a sadistic touch, a nun actually rubs salt into her wounds!

But that's not all. Another woman is made to kneel over a pig trough and given some lashes on her back with a bullwhip. Then about 10 or so women are lined up in a coffle with their ankles tied together and are taken out to the woods. They are forced to lean against a horizontal tree. Mr. Burly Man, who officially has The Best Job in the World, whips all of them. Unfortunately, it's another nighttime scene, but by morning, we get a look at multiple stripes across their backs. VIDEO LINK

Creatures the World Forgot, The - two pretty cavegirls are stripped to the waist, laid on their backs and flagellated on their bare breasts by an old crone in a sort of ritual. I don't recall that there was any dialog in the movie. I saw it on television so you can imagine how tame the photography was, still it's the thought that counts! (Thanks Chuck)(Sorry, this title was previously incorrectly identified as The People the World Forgot)

Criminal Women Report (aka Edo Inquisition Torture) - Has a couple of scenes where Asian women are bent over on the ground and spanked hard with a paddle by another woman. Good scenes, but what a brutal film this is.

Crucible, The - In one, or maybe both, versions of this film a slave girl is whipped. In the new one, I know, there isn't much to see.

Crucible of Horror (1971) - Cute girl, crummy scene. Jane (Sharon Gurney) is accused of stealing by her father (Michael Gough, who played Alfred in the Batman movies). He canes her several times with a switch, but it's rapidly edited and we mainly only see him during it. At the end, she is shown with a few red welts across her legs.

Cry of a Prostitute (1974) - This Italian gangster film features a scene where a tough mafioso (Henry Silva) beats up a beautiful American prostitute (Barbara Bouchet), starting with his fists, then removing his belt to give her a savage whipping. At the conclusion, he uses the belt buckle on her and finishes by raping her right there on the ground. It's a pretty violent scene, although totally simulated and you never see the belt actually strike her. I'm including a bonus cap of Bouchet's bloody and bruised face, which the film's advertising campaign used to promote the film. They know an intriguing image when they see it! DOWNLOAD LINK

Cry of the Banshee - This is probably the only film that features cart-tail whipping that was so commonplace in England at one time. A woman convicted of witchcraft is branded, whipped through the streets of an English village, and then set in the stocks. When she's whipped, her shift is merely pulled down at the back, but for a couple of frames, one can see the garment slip off her shoulders, leaving her briefly naked to the waist. This is shown at a distance, and if you blink, you'll miss it. I think this film was cut to give it a PG rating. I've seen some rather racy stills from this film that apparently never made it to the screen. (Thanks Lawrence)

Curse of Her Flesh, The - (1968) Uta Erickson is whipped as part of a stage show in this classic Michael Finday roughie.  She is tied standing with her arms spread wide, clothed only in a bra and panties and whipped by a beautiful dominatrix (Linda Boyce).  Halfway though the whipping, she slices off Uta's top with a knife before resuming. It's a nice long sequence, well lit and photographed, although the whip marks are clearly of the lipstick variety.  Uta makes some lovely noise reacting to each blow of the whip.  Unfortunately, the scene devolves into a consensual lesbian sequence at the conclusion. DOWNLOAD LINK

Curse of the Crimson Altar - aka The Crimson Cult. Barbara Steele presides over the whipping of a woman tied face up and whipped over the front of her body. This scene is severely edited in most prints.

Dangerous Beauty - Original Title: The Courtesan. In Venice of the 1600s, when the Holy Inquisition goes after the courtesan class that is prominent among the elite, we see three beautiful women bound to overhead beams in a public courtyard, their dresses ripped open in the back, showing bright red stripes from recent floggings (which are not shown).(Vertigo)

Dark Secrets - At the beginning of the film, an extremely large-chested women (were talkin' major silicone here) is lightly whipped by another woman. To much like a bondage porno whipping to be any good. If you must see this, though, make sure you get the unrated version. This scene isn't in the crummy R-rated version.

Daughters of Satan - Two scenes. In the opening scene, and woman is tied above some spikes and whipped by the female leader of a coven. In a couple of shots we can see the whip marks on her back. In a later scene, a different woman is tied up, naked to the waist, and given a few lashes across the front of her body by the leader.

Deadly Sanctuary (aka Justine) - Another Jess Franco bore-o-rama, wasting the talents of Jack Palance and Klaus Kinski. In a couple of scenes a girl is whipped, but we can't really see anything. There is a two hour version of this film called Justine. Can anyone verify if that version is any better?

Death and Diamonds - (1968) Haven't seen this one, but a reviewer wrote: To top things off there is a whipping scene in an industrial setting as Mabel (Marlies Drager) lets Lana (Silvie Solar) feel the lick of her lash. This actually sounds better than it turns out to be but it is another fun element in a film that doesn't intend to be an exploitation piece.

Death and Life of Bobby Z, The - (2007): This crime drama features an implied scene only, which makes it all the more frustrating because the victim is the stunningly gorgeous Olivia Wilde. She is tied kneeling at the foot of the bed, facing the headboard, with arms tied apart to the bed posts. She's also topless, but it's shot in such a way that you see no boobage. She is being interrogated by Tim who is looking for Bobby. He tells her that he must make his interrogation look real or the mafia boss will know he is friendly with her. She looks at him and accepts to be beaten with a belt, asking him only not to touch her face. And then the scene cuts away before we get to see anything. The next time we see her, she is forced to show the marks of the belt to the Mafioso. So what would have been so wrong with showing her actually being whipped? The director really dropped the ball big time on this one. VIDEO LINK

Death and the Maiden - Sigourney Weaver plays a woman who was tortured. In a nude scene early in the film, Sigourney is washing her face and we can see faint scars on her lower back. Not really a whipping scene, but interesting nonetheless.

Death Dancers - (1993) A lovely lass (Sunset Thomas) is chained in a seated spreadeagle while nude to a TV stand. The villain hits her with a belt several times across her front for a couple of minutes. This is only a very minor scene with mild strapping done in a playful manner.

Decline of the American Empire - Original in French , late 80's. One of the female leads is having an affair with a "rough" character who is into SM. Whip marks are shown while she is changing at the gym with her friend. Later we see her face at the window while she is being whipped by the boyfriend.

Defiance - xxx. Young girl (Jean Jennings) is wrongly sent to an institution where she is degraded, tortured and whipped. (Lescan)

Defilers, The - A sleazy nasty David Friedman production that is much better than you would expect. The closing scene has a kidnapped women being savagely beaten with a belt by one of the bad guys. Worth a look, though it is a bit disturbing (IMO). This is the only Dave Friedman production that I've been able to watch all the way through.

De Sade - Has a scene where the Marquis (played by 2001: A Space Odyssey's Keir Dullea!) whips a prostitutes ass with a sword. There are several versions of this film. In some versions we get to see bloody marks and in others we don't. Either way, it's not that great a scene. Stop, Dave!

Destroy My Soul - Japanese nun film has several whipping scenes. In one, a nun flogs her own naked back at night. In another, two nuns fight it out with whips until they are too weak to hit each other again. Finally, a woman is tied with rose thorns and then brutally whipped with more thorns.

Detention Girls - Yay! I finally got to see this so-so film with an excellent (and lengthy) whipping scene. Thanks J*** - you know who you are. Anyway, this thing is about a girl doing hard time for getting busted at a campus demonstration. At one point, another inmate splashes water on a guard and blames it on our poor heroine. She's taken to the basement, forced to strip, and tied with her arms spread wide. The warden comes down and whips her with a bullwhip for a very long time as she says things like "How do you like that?" and "I'll give you something to talk about!" Most of the whipping is shot from the front, which is actually good since the marks that we get to see on her back in one shot are completely unrealistic judging from the apparent severity of the lashing. The actresses reactions are among the best I've seen. While she's not a very good actress, she does a pretty good job during the whipping scene. After the whipping, she's taken down and is taken to the infirmary. The prison doctor rubs some salve on her welts, which by then have all but disappeared. Later in the movie, two other girls are paddled. And, towards the end, our heroine is beaten with a belt on her bottom by the prison doctor.

Diamond Ninja Force - Woman is whipped by a Ninja.(Lescan)

Django - (Western, Italy 1967 , by Sergio Corbucci): Loredana Nusciak is tied with spread arms to a wooden bridge, her dress is torn down from one shoulder, then she is whipped by the chief of a cowboy gang. German version: 4 lashes ( 3 on screen ) done very realistically including the sound. She squirms and cries under each lash. I also liked the tension slowly being built up: First you see her being dragged through the sand towards the bridge; when she is tied up, the chief tells her what is going to happen to her. The scene is at the beginning of the movie. The ORIGINAL ITALIAN version I found on video has 10 lashes on screen (!!!) (uncut?) showing Loredana from different camera angles. But in the German dubbed version her voice is more impressing. (Thanks to USbaer) DOWNLOAD LINK

Django 2 - a bad sequel of first one; in a scene we see a master giving only one lash, with a long bullwhip, to a beatiful creole slave while catfighing with another woman.

Django Unchained - (2012): This western by director Quentin Tarantino features a whipping scene where black slave Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) is tied standing with her arms outstretched and is given a few lashes to her back. Unfortunately, it's shot from the front so we don't see any marks being applied, only her facial expressions. Then over an hour later, her outfit is opened up in the back so they can show off her bare back with some nice whip marks on it. But only her back is shown so there is no nudity.

Another black girl (Sharon Pierre-Louis) is about to be whipped for breaking some eggs; she gets tied to a tree, but the guy is stopped before a blow is even delivered. No nudity there, either. At least Tarantino is consistent, as with every other movie he's ever done. Face it, the man's not one of us. VIDEO LINK

Dracula's Great Love - This Paul Naschy vehicle has several titles. Has a scene where a woman is being whipped by another woman. When Naschy comes in, they rip off the back of the womans shirt and he takes his turn whipping her. Then some women suck the blood from the wounds on the woman's back.

Dragonard - A black female servant is whipped. She has the back of her top torn open, but there is only one shot of her back from far away, making the whip marks hard to see. Still, this is a pretty good, well-acted scene. VIDEO LINK

Dragonard Rising - A black woman is whipped briefly toward the end of the film. Another long shot, nothing really to see.

Dressurakt fuer Wilde Maedchen - Know nothing about this one, but I saw it on another list. Help!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Both the 30's version with Frederich March and the 40's version with Spencer Tracy have similar scenes in which Ivy shows Jekyll the whip marks that Hyde has given her. The 30's version has an additional scene in which a woman is treating Ivy's beaten back. The 40's version has a scene in which Tracy dreams that Ivy and his fiance are horses and he is whipping them!

Dr. Jekyll and the Wolfman - (1972 Spain) This has a scene in which a woman is first whipped across the front of her body by another woman. Then whipped from behind by an eerie looking man played by horror legend Paul Naschy. She is tied to an overhead beam near some stairs in a basement setting. There are actually two completely different edits of this scene, in one version the woman is topless in another she is wearing a black dress. VIDEO LINK

Dungeons of Horror - a LOW Budget Black & White film (might be British). Though it sounds medieval, it is set in some castle on an island circa 19th century. One quick scene of a serving girl being whipped. (Anonymous)

Eaten Alive! (Mangiati Vivi!) - Bad Italian adventure movie from 1980: a woman (Paola Senatore) is bullwhipped by her cult master for trying to save her sister. It happens about an hour into the film the main female character (Janet Agren) is naked and painted gold and the cult leader comes in wearing a red robe and carrying a whip. He is just about to whip her while she is staring into space for some reason and her sister runs in and stops him so he throws her to the floor and starts whipping her. She is wearing a shirt and short cut off shorts and squirming about on the floor as she is whipped. She receives quite a few lashes before another man enters the room and interrupts it.

Edge of Sanity - No whipping scene in this movie , just the results of one. Young woman mental patient is examined, when whip marks are discovered on her back. The look in her eyes indicates she enjoys a good beating.(Lescan)

Eerie Midnight Horror Show, The (aka The Sexorcist) - A woman's lover whips the front of her body with a rose thorn.

El Topo - Two women have a whip fight in Alejandro Jodorowsky's surreal masterpiece. One of them gets the upper hand, then lifts up the shirt of the other woman and licks her bloody wounds. Yecch!

Eleni - Kate Nelligan has the soles of her feet beaten near the end of this film. Not really a whipping scene...but it's my page and I like feet, so here it is. VIDEO LINK

Embodiment of Evil - There is short span more than halfway through the movie when the bad guy, (played by Brazilian horror legend "Coffin Joe") sends his minions out to kidnap hot babes and bring them to his dungeon for torture. Two women wearing bras and pants are tied AOH and whipped ferociously by Joe, who alternates his lashes between them. The scene is darkly lit and brief, and it would have been better had the girls been topless, but their reactions are very nice. The guys chuckling in the background is a nice touch.

Embryo - This black-and-white Japanese S/M film has lots of whipping. Unfortunately, my copy is extremely poor quality - and this is one case where the fact that it's letterboxed makes it even more difficult to view.

Emmanuelle on Taboo Island An attractive woman is punished by an older man with several lashes across her back. She's not tied though, she's sitting on her bed trying to shield herself from the blows of the whip. A man storms in and interrupts the fun.

English Education - an erotic movie, roomed in a college for bad girls in late 30's, there are several whippings, canings and beatings.

Erotic Journey - Honk Kong 'pink' film that is basically a weak rip-off of Escape From Hell minus all the good violence. Has one scene where a couple of clothed girls are tied to cross beams and whipped across their fronts.

Erotic Rites of Frankenstein- Jess Franco vehicle has a scene where a man and woman are tied back to back. They are whipped with a long whip until they fall on stakes. There is a similar scene in a Franco film called "Golden Temple Amazons", I think.

Escape From Blood Plantation - Udo Kier is made to whip his Filipino slave girlfriend. She is tied to a post and is topless for much of the scene. Most of the whipping is off-screen, and the few that are on are brief. We get to see a portion of her whip marked back during the scene and some scenes after. Still, this is a pretty lame scene, though there are lots of cute slave girls on display through the entire film. Almost forgot, has another scene where a girl gets a couple of whacks with a stick across her clothed behind.

Escape From Hell (aka Escape) The follow-up to Hotel Paradise has a scene where a woman (Adelaide Cendra) is accused of stealing. She is held down on a tree trunk and has the back of her dress torn off, after which she is brutally lashed by a guard as the camp commander keeps egging him on to hit her harder. A long and intense scene. VIDEO LINK

Escape From Hell Hole - There are some whippings in this, the only Hindu women-in-prison movie I know of. But they must not have been any good because I can't remember them. VIDEO LINK

Ever After: A Cinderella Story - This teeny-bop, mystic-chick-flick has a brief scene in which we see Drew Barrymore's whipped back after she has been beaten (off-screen) by Anjelica Houston. Always nice to see that this type of stuff can still make it to the big screen - and in a film marketed to young adults no less.

Excessive Torture in a Female Prison Camp - has a brief scene where a woman is whipped while pushing a mine cart.

Face of Fu Manchu - A pretty Chinese girl is tied to a wall, arms outstretched, and her back is bared. Unfortunately, Fu Manchu stops the whipping. VIDEO LINK

Fair Wind to Java - Captured female island girl refuses to reveal the location of pearls, is taken to dungeon, tied, shift ripped to waist and whipped with cat. (Thanks Larry) VIDEO LINK

Faust: Love of the Damned - Jade de Camp (Isabel Brook) is placed in stocks fully clothed and is whipped. When we see her in the next scene, her back is covered with red whip marks. VIDEO LINK

Fear Chamber - An attractive blonde (Eva Muller) is kidnapped and taken to the torture chamber. She is chained by her wrists and whipped by Helga, the sadistic assistant to Dr Mandel. The scene is shot mostly from the front, so you don't see any whip marks on her back, but she does a good job of emoting in pain. DOWNLOAD LINK

Female Market - This has to be one of the most misogynistic movies ever made! Only one whipping scene, though - and unfortunately it's poorly shot. The victim is a very beautiful asian women, and we do get to see the whip marks on her back several times throughout the remainder of the movie.

Female Prisoner: Caged! - (1983) This Japanese women-in-prison flick features a scene in which 2 naked prisoners (Masayo and Yoshie) and are tied together on the floor and savagely whipped by Kishito, the sexy lady warden. Naturally, she takes off her uniform and strips down to her underwear, stockings and high heels before wielding her whip at the girls. There are several strokes and both girls appear to suffer greatly. The Japanese always do things right.

Female Prohibition Center - A girl lifts the lower half of her shirt up to show some reporters the whip marks on her back. Unfortunately, that's all we get to see in this otherwise very tame Asian film.

Fiorina la vacca - in this italian beatiful comedy a woman is caned totally bared by her husband, that she thinks to be a new lover.

Flash Gordon - The one that started it all for me. Ornella Muti is strapped to a table in a backless lycra suit. She is tortured by a dominatrix villain Kala who whips her with a cat o' nine tails. The whipping is pretty fake looking, but the marks on Muti's back look pretty realistic. DOWNLOAD LINK

Flash of Green, A - A woman is taken into the woods, tied to a tree, and whipped with belts by "vigilantes." She is next seen walking along a road. She turns around and shows the blood on the back of her shirt. Later, she is in a hospital lying face down on a stretcher.

Flavia - (not Flavia, The Heretic) This Italian Roman Orgy film has lots of long scenes of female slaves being whipped across their asses and/or fronts. Unfortunately, no marks ever seem to appear on anyone, and the acting leaves quite a bit to be desired. Still, the subtitles (if they're correct) are very interesting.

Flavia, The Heretic - A rebel nun (played by Florinda Bolkan) is stripped and caned on her back. We only get to see her facial reactions, though. Plus that, she's not even tied to a whipping post, she's just kneeling against a pole. What's up with that? VIDEO LINK

Flowers in the Attic - In this terrible adaptation of a mediocre book, a mother (played by Victoria Tennant) is whipped after she and her children go back to live at her parents house. From afar we see her remove her top as her father watches. Then we see her mother pull the whip out of a medicine bag (?!) Later, her mother makes her show the whip marks (very fake looking, especially for a fair budgeted movie) to her kids.

For Love and Gold (1966) - (aka L'Armata Brancaleone) Barbara Steele starts whipping a man as she and him are undressing. He then starts whipping her, as a kinky game to turn each other on sexually. Unfortunately, she gets in many more strokes than he does. An unusual scene that is supposed to be funny. VIDEO LINK

Frank and I - A girl is caned by a man that thinks she is a boy (did you get that). He makes the 'boy' take down her trousers and soundly canes her bare behind. Vicious bloody marks appear, and by the end of the scene he realized that the 'boy' is actually a girl. Sound inane? It is, but what a great scene. Also has a scene where the movie's hero and a friend go to a house of ill repute where the madam presents a drama for them. The drama is an "anarchist" being punished in Csarist Russia. A nude woman is chained to a wall in some sort of dungeon, and another woman whips her with a flogger which draws "blood." That scene alone is worth watching the movie for. (Anonymous)

Fraulein Devil (1977) (aka Captive Women 4, Elsa: Fraulein SS and Fraulein Kitty) - This French Nazi exploitation film would be a complete snooze-fest if not for this minute-long segment featuring the flogging of German cutie Liselotte (Patrizia Gori, who later received the same treatment in Nathalie: Escape from Hell).  She is chained naked facing the wall and gets 3 well-placed whip strokes on her back by an SS officer.  Then evil Nazi madam Elsa threatens to torture her with a bottle of acid until she confesses.  A very good, albeit too brief scene.  DOWNLOAD LINK

From Beyond - (Thanks JS for reminding me of this one). Has a scene where the main characters watch Dr. Pretorius whipping a woman on a TV screen. It's shot from the front, and the woman is wearing a tight leather outfit. In the original cut of the film, which was never released, the woman was nude (according to an article in Rolling Stone). She had to be covered in order for the scum at the MPAA to give the film an R rating. I recently viewed a copy of the foreign version of the scene, and the woman is indeed topless in it (Thanks JCSF!).

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter - Esmeralda (played by gorgeous Ara Celi) disobeys her own father after he asks her to leave in the midst of a public whipping. She refuses so she's brought up the platform and has the back of her dress ripped down. She's not tied, however. Her dad delivers 3 or 4 lashes to her back. Not a whole lot is shown, but her pained reactions to the whipping are excellent. VIDEO LINK

Fury in the Tropics - (1986) There are 2 whipping scenes in this hard-to find Jess Franco women's prison movie. In the first, Lina Romay and another woman are stripped and whipped with a riding crop in the prison yard by a lady warden. No bondage, they just stand there and take their punishment. The way it's filmed, it's hard to tell if the actresses are really being whipped or whether it's a stunt double's ass that's being beaten.

The second scene is better, as Romay and the other women are tied naked AOH and the mean warden goes after Lina with several nasty blows to the front of her body, leaving her with nice bloody marks. The other woman isn't whipped, but has her private parts poked with a sword. VIDEO LINK

Gate of Flesh - Has two scenes where Japanese prostitutes are tied up and whipped with thin sticks by other members of their group. Machiko (Misako Tominaga) has fallen in love with Shintaro and she is caught making love to him. The women tied her up, standing up with her arms up and apart, held by ropes around her wrists to a wood beam. She is totally naked, but shadows and light hide her crotch. She is beaten with a bamboo cane. One of the prostitutes complains that the sound of the cane is better if they hit her buttocks, so they change her position, tying her arms together to the ceiling and her feet to the base of a pole and proceed with the beating.

The other scene occurs at minute 82: Maya (Yumiko Nogawa) has fallen in love with the same guy and she is also caught. Maya gets strung up naked and whipped. There are close ups of the leather belt striking her nude back and she twirls on her ropes while suspended. Her feet are unbound. Again shadows keep frontal nudity hidden. She is left dangling from her wrists while the other prostitutes eat lunch underneath her. VIDEO LINK

Gestapo's Last Orgy, The (aka Last Orgy of the Third Reich, Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler) - Nazi commandant is determined to break a beautiful blonde (played by 21-year old Daniela Poggi in her film debut). Various threats and tortures are tried but in one scene she is nude on the floor, wrists bound to her ankles. Standing over her he whips her with a cat and demands that she scream which she refuses to do. (Thanks Larry) VIDEO LINK

Ghost (2012) In this Bollywood horror film, there's a very intense and bloody scene where Mary (Julia Bliss) is tied to a tree and brutally whipped by a group of men and then nailed to a cross for crucifixion like Christ. A close up of one of the blows hitting her skin reveals jagged nails sewn into the tail of the whip. Suffice to say that by the end, she is a gory mess, which takes away a bit of the fun from the scene. I've seen a less explicit version of this scene online which eliminates a lot of the bloody strikes of the whip and completely censors the actual nailing to the cross. VIDEO LINK

Girl in Room 2A, The - In a flashback sequence, we see a dungeon torture scene that includes a nude woman being whipped. Fake looking, but the woman's writhing is kinda nice. VIDEO LINK

Glen or Glenda - Has a scene with a girl whipping another clothed girl on a couch. This is only in the rare re-release version of the film, and was added to please a wilder crowd. I think this scene was originally from Ed Wood's The Sinister Urge, but I could be entirely off base on this one.

Glitter Dome, The - In this lackluster cable movie, there is a scene in which James Garner and John Lithgow watch a porn film that they have confiscated. In the film, an "underaged" actress is tied naked to a frame and bullwhipped on her back by a man. The scene is very quick, but very nice.(Thanks for the tip Anthony!)

Golden Ninja Warrior - An unknown Asian woman, clad only in her underwear, is tied between two beds and whipped savagely by a man while his female cohort watches amused and encourages him. Eventually, he strips her completely and continues his onslaught. Mostly shot from the front. Very amusing scene, well worth checking out.

Golden Temple Amazons - Scene similar to "Erotic Rites of Frankenstein"

Goliath vs. The Vampires - has the raiders of the monster Cobrak whip a young village girl for not moving fast enough to the slave ship. This is an excellent film, by the way, and is like a pulp novel come to life. (Thanks JF)

Goya - in this spanish movie from 1973, Goya dreams a scene where a man whips his lover, the duchess of Alba, togheter another woman - the scene is taken in "slow-motion".

Gradiva - (2006) This kinky French film has lots of bondage imagery, and features a scene of a naked womam chained to a wall being whipped by a topless slave woman. By the end, there are some nice red slash marks on the victim's ass.

Hand of Pleasure, The - Man dressed in drag whips naked cute blonde chick on a bed. Extremely fake whipping scene , Thank goodness the victim is naked.(Lescan)

Handmaid's Tale, The - A girl has her feet whipped. We only see the aftermath, though. The camera shows the tops of her feet and we can see that the bottoms are bleeding, but that's it.

Hanzo the Razor's Torture From Hell - a woman gets a pretty nasty caning in this Japanese film. (Anonymous)

Harem Slave? -I found a tape made of some old Turkish movie about a slave girl becoming a harem woman. There's at least 3 whipping scenes: one dancer angers her master and gets whipped after lovemaking; the slave girl gets whipped by a slave auctioneer because she slapped a buyer; and the sultan's favorite whips the slave girl out of sheer jealousy. The title, as close as I can make out is "Harem Slave." Since the whole thing is in Turkish or Arabic, all you can do is sit back and enjoy - there's plenty of half-nude belly dancing as well. (Thanks Pathfinder!)

Häxan - very famous silent danish movie; during a "sabba" a devil whips briefly a nude witch.

Headmistress - Like all David Freidman productions, the whipping in this one is fake looking, but the girl sure is cute. Haven't really seen this one, but I've seen the trailer. For most Freidman productions, that's enough.

Head in the Clouds - (2004) Charlize Theron opens the door to find Penelope Cruz kneeling on the floor with her back covered in whip marks. I've heard supposedly there's a longer version of this film available, but I don't know if there's an actual whipping scene for Penelope. VIDEO LINK

Heads or Tails - A prostitute is held down on the ground by two women. Her back is bared and a woman wearing black beats her with a bullwhip. Some light marks appear on the woman's skin. Too bad the rest of this film is just another one of those typical Italian spaghetti westerns.

Hearts of the World (1917) - In this D.W. Griffith film, a German officer whips Lillian Gish for not working fast enough. (Thanks JF)

Hell Mountain This is a new film, so far unreleased on video in the US. It has been shown on pay-per-view a few times. A friend in Brazil sent this clip to me. The plot has something to do with a bleak (or not-so-bleak, depending on how you look at it) future in which women are captured and made to work in mines for some reason. A woman defies her mistress and is punished for it. She's stripped and suspended by other female prisoners, and the mistress gives her several lashes. The scene is mostly devoted to the preparation for the whipping. We never see her back, and we never see the whip make contact. Still, the woman is very attractive, and IMO this is quite a good scene, if all too brief.

Hercules and the Beast of Babylon - Three girls tied to crosses, facing their flogger and fully clothed (too bad) (Thanks Frank!)

Hiding Place, The - Pat Robertson meets Ilsa. In this Christian film, a woman is whipped off-screen by nazis. Very realistic sounds and screaming, but that's all we get. In another scene, a clothed woman is whipped by a Nazi guard.

Hiroku Nagaski Onna-Ro - Very similar to the film "Criminal Report." Has a couple of whipping scenes, but nothing is really shown.

Hitler's Children (aka The Hitler Gang) - Cute Bonita Granville gets tied to a post, has the back of her dress ripped, and is whipped for betraying the Nazis. The whipping is stopped by the hero after only a few lashes, though.

Hitman The unrated DVD includes an extended scene of soon-to-be Bond girl Olga Kurylenko getting whipped while nude and tied AOH. Not very long but a quality scene nonetheless. VIDEO LINK

Hollywood Babylon - Soft-core production has a scene in which a naked woman is tied face down on a table and is weakly whipped on her back and buttocks by a woman as a film director looks on. A few faint marks appear.

Hot Spur A nude woman (Virgina Gordon) is whipped in a barn by a kidnapper. Lots of red slash marks adorn her backside.

Hotel Paradise In this classic WIP film (a prequel to Escape From Hell) among the many highlights is a great whipping scene. Two women are tied facing each other. They are stripped to the waist and a guard brutally lashes the tops of their bodies for a very long time. Another girl tries to stop it, and she ends up getting chased around the camp with a whip. Afterward, there's a nice scene of one of the women recovering on her bed and painfully reacting to ointment being dabbed on her wounds. Overall, a must-see. VIDEO LINK

House of 1,000 Dolls - A prostitute wearing only a bra and panties is whipped on her back to extract information. Another girl is there, and she quickly stops the whipping by offering the information for fear that she will be next. The whip marks are fake looking. Later, we see the whipped girl having her wounds treated in the background of a scene.

House of Whipcord - This is a pretty good film in its own right. The whipping scenes are pretty lackluster, though. In the first one, we see the victim from far away. The back of her prison uniform is untied and pushed off her shoulders, but the damn door closes before the whipping starts. In the second whipping, with a different victim, the girl's uniform is untied, but we only see her lower back briefly. The rest of the whipping scene shows her facial reactions, which are well acted. Later, we get to see the second victims whip marks as she is lying on a bunk bed; the old woman who whipped her gazes intently at her marked back in a creepy way. This is a great psychodrama that has been underappreciated due to its sleazy reputation. VIDEO LINK

House of Women- There is a whipping of an inmate in this women-in-prison movie. Haven't seen it so I can't be more descriptive. Any help?

House on Todville Road, The - A female cult member is whipped. Later, we see the marks on her back as she is laying on a shower floor. Even later we see another cult member treating the whip marks. Still later we see her in the shower again, with the marks still there. And lastly she shows the marks to the visiting doctor to show him how "legitimate" this cult really is. The marks are unrealistic looking, and the whipping scene is pretty lame. Still, this is one of the cutest girls I've seen getting whipped in a film (besides Ornella Muti, of course).

House That Screamed, The (Spain 1969 , by Nasco I. Serrador): Original: LA RESIDENCIA (aka The Finishing School) About an old-fashioned girls school: One beautiful girl breaks the rules again and again, until she is punished. The headmistress and some other women take her into a small sleeping room upstairs, tear her dress off while she squirms, spits and fights in order to escape. Then they lay her onto a bed, face down, and keep her in a tight grip. Her shirt is torn open leaving the back naked. One woman takes a whip (about 1 meter long, several straps) and beats her bare back sharply. Good sound. You see the red marks. Many lashes, but unfortunately the scene is intercut with another scene. If you have 2 VCRs, cut the good moments together to one scene! (Thanks to USbaer) VIDEO LINK

Husbands and Lovers - this movie contains an over the knee spanking to the star joanna pakula. also later we see a very realistic cane mark on her back, at which time she recounts the experience to her husband. we see her lover strip her and give her three very real and violent strokes with the cane. overall a pretty good movie.(Lefty)

I, Marquis de Sade - This nearly forgotten roughie from the 1960s features a man who is obsessed with the Marquis De Sade that begins to live out De Sade's violent sexual fantasies. One scene features him stripping a woman's top off, tying her hands and whipping her across the stomach with a tree branch. Not an especially realistic scene as the bloody marks look like paint, plus there's only music to accompany the visuals, but an interesting curio nonetheless. This film was long feared lost until a single print was found in Scandinavia. VIDEO LINK

I, The Worst of All - Has a brief scene with nuns flagellating themselves.

Idol of Paris - Period drama set in France. The two leading ladies fight a dual with whips, good fun scene. Later copied by Michael Winner for The Wicked Lady. Years ago Winner sued brit paper News Of the World after they claimed he caned his black girlfriend.

Il fiore delle mille e una notte - by Pasolini - a young black slave is whipped by master, but we only hear the whipping and screams.

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS - A woman is whipped alongside a man to show which of the sexes are stronger. This is a very bloody whipping scene, as the two are eventually whipped to death. Later, we see the dead victims hanging upside down. This is a real sick one. It's one of the few movies that's just made me feel all dirty inside. But, then again, who am I to judge?

Ilsa, the Wicked Warden - A female inmate is whipped in one of the few Jess Franco movies that are actually watchable. The whipping is extremely fake, and the victim has some ugly eye make-up on her fact to make it look like an eye was gouged out. Still, the eye thing is mostly out of sight and her writhing is pretty cool. VIDEO LINK

In Cold Blood - Original version. Has a scene in which one of the killers(played by Robert Blake)flashes back to a scene of his father whipping his mother with a belt.She's wearing a bra and half-slip crouching on a bed. (Thanks Tom)

Ines the Novice - Has a scene in which a fellow nun strips and asks Ines to whip her. During the whipping, the nun asks to be whipped harder and harder. Faint marks appear on the nun's naked back. Finally Ines can whip no harder and stops. Later, Ines has a brief bout of self-flagellation for penance.

Infidelity American Style - Woman is layed on a platform and whipped on her bare back by a man with a hat and cape.(Lescan)

Innocents From Hell - Has a scene where nuns are being whipped because they've witnessed a demonic possession and need to be cleansed. Quite bloody, though there are a couple of good shots.

Inquisitor, The - Argentino-Peruvian co-production has a whipping scene towards the end. A girl is stripped to the waist and tied to a post. We get to see just the ending of the whipping, but there are lots of shots of her marked back.

Intimate Moments - A businessman is surprised when the call girl he requested to join him on his plane turns out to be his own administrative assistant. She removes her dress, is thrown against the wall and given 8 or 9 strokes with a crop as she slowly sinks to her knees from the pain. (Thanks Larry)

Invitation to Ruin - There is a whipping in the "dungeon scene" that is edited out of some prints. A girl is chained high in the air, and her arms are far apart (this actually looks painful). A fat old hag whips her all over. At first we see the girls back, but eventually she turns around and we see her front as well. Her entire body is covered with fake looking marks. What happens to her after the whipping may make someone else's list someday, as it is more painful and degrading than anything on this one. It's a pretty good scene, if only because it looks like the actress had to suffer a bit to make the scene work.

Isabella, Duchess of the Devils (aka Ms. Stilleto) The title character (played by Brigitte Skay) is tied up and whipped by two men after trying to escape from a dungeon. She is tied facing the camera, and her reactions are fairly realistic. VIDEO LINK

Island Women - Female island prison movie contains a couple of whipping scenes. In the best one, a nude woman is face down on a wire bed frame being wacked with a stick. In another one, we see a chained up woman being whipped in a cell.

Issa Valley, The - Both the movie and the book contain a scene, where a female charactertries to seduce a man. She is very unpleasant for him and her annoying behaviour causes him some troubles. Finally he whips her with a leather whip. As Milosz wrote, "she bit the pillow to prevent screaming, but she felt happy, as she knew that by flogging her he takes her in possession". This extremely patriarchal sequence is recreated in the movie with some care. The whipping scene does not actually look 'realistic' (it is seen from sideview, with the woman lying on a bed and the man standing above her), but the extremely patriarchal mood is present in the movie. (Thanks Miklos)

Jaded - only one lash eared in this movie from late 90's: a nude girl is whipped by another one with a chain, on a beach, after a terrible raping, while a man takes a movie, we also see some light scars on back.

Jai Jagannath - In this 2007 Bollywood movie, a young Indian girl is accosted by a group of people. I can't quite make out what they're saying because of the language, but one of the men takes out a stick and starts beating her with it, while the others look on and smile. Would have been a whole lot better if they had tied her up first. VIDEO LINK

Jail: The Women's Hell, The - In this women's prison movie from the late director Bruno Mattei, an unknown woman is tied topless with her arms outstretched. She is given a savage lashing by one of the prison officials while her fellow prisoners are forced to watch. Several nasty welts appear on her back. Relatively short (around 30 seconds) but intense.

Jane Eyre (1996) - Supposed to have the whipping of a schoolgirl in it, probably with a switch. (John)

Jo Shuu:Sasori - All of the films in this Japanese prison series have female whippings in them, don't they?

Joseph Andrews - an English film that seems to have been made in the 1980's. This filmed version of a Henry Fielding novel features a scene in which the heroine, a young upper class woman, is jailed on trumped-up charges. Upon entering prison, she's stripped to the waist and chained to the wall to be whipped. Unfortunately, she's reprieved before she gets one lash. (Thanks Lawrence)

Justine - The version directed by Chris Boger with Koo Stark as Justine has two pathetic whipping scenes. In the first a woman is whipped tied on a bed by an idiot on cocaine. This is only a minor scene. In another very brief scene Juliet is whipped clothed while tied to a bed. Her friend bursts in and stops it and we only see two strokes. This whipping is rubbish not only is it really brief the sound and image sync go miles out.

Justine De Sade - Has a brief whip-orgy scene in which three women and one man take turns whipping each other. Also has a scene in which Justine is whipped on her buttocks by a man while she is working pushing one of those water wheel (?) type things.

Kentucky Fried Movie, The - At the beginning of this mostly lame John Landis comedy, there is a b-movie film spoof that has Felix Silla (who played Twikki on Buck Rodgers!) whipping three topless co-eds. Played for laughs, but a nice scene nevertheless.

Keys in Hand - (aka Chiavi in mano) -a woman whips biefly herself in this stupid Italian comedy from mid 1990s.

Killer Inside Me, The (2010) - Casey Affleck plays a sadistic sheriff, who early on in the film visits a prostitute (Jessica Alba) due to her having an affair with a prominent character. Alba objects to Affleck's treatment of her, and Affleck throws her on the bed, bares her bottom and hits it several times with the belt. Several shots of her face and bottom, screaming and sobbing. The original script for this movie called for Alba to be tied to the bed during her whipping, but was unfortunately changed before filming began.

Killers are Challenged (1966) - (aka Bob Fleming... Mission Casablanca, Our Man in Casablanca) This Italian Eurospy production features a brief whipping scene. Moira (played by actress Mitsouko) is strung up AOH and whipped by one of her fellow lady villainesses, Halima (Janine Reynaud). Mitsouko looks good but the whipping is only simulated and there are no shots of the whip striking her back. Could have been so much better if the scene had lasted longer. VIDEO LINK

King and I, The - A runaway slave is brought to the king and dragged to the floor face down, guards on each arm holding them straight out from her body. The king takes a bullwhip and is about to strike her across the back when he wimps out. Was a nice dramatic moment though. (Anonymous) In THE KING AND I, the beautiful slave-girl Tuptim (Rita Moreno in the film) is spread-eagled on the floor, her garment torn away from her back, awaiting the sting of the lash from the king himself (Yul Brynner). She has committed the "sin" of desiring to escape to happiness with her young lover (Kralahome is his name, I believe). Tuptim has been given this vision of freedom by Anna, who brought to Siam the American novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, for which Tuptim recently portrayed the escaping Southern black slave in a theatrical recreation of the drama for the King for his court's entertainment. The King is using Tuptim as an "example" for all - in his resistance and reluctance to change which Anna has brought to him. He ultimately drops the whip, softening before the pleas from Anna to resist beating the young girl. (Anonymous)

Kiss Me Kill Me (aka Baba Yaga) - Directed by Umberto (Cannibal Ferox) Lenzi, and (I believe) based on Guido Crepax's "Valantina" comic. Has a scene where a female is whipped by a woman as her mistress watches. Approximately 10 strokes, most close ups of whipper and victim's reactions. (Thanks Larry)

Kiss Me Monster - Another Jess Franco, and this one is actually good! Has a brief scene with a topless women being whipped in a dungeon. Believe it or not, Franco is also an accomplished jazz musician. I have one of his albums, and it's better than any of his films ever were! VIDEO LINK

Krik? Krak!, Tales of a Nightmare - Has a scene where a clothed black woman is whipped. Afterwards, we see close ups of two black women tied up. One has whip marks on her front, the other on her back. There's really not much to see here, though.

La Badessa Di Castro - about a bunch of nuns during 16th cent. Usual nun thing, they get in trouble and are questioned in torture chamber. There is a good whip scene where a nun gets flogged across her bare chest with a cat for a good while. There are lots of good bloody marks look a little phony though. (Anonymous)

La Vouivre - (1989) In this French film, a woman (Kathy Kriegel) submits to being caned by her father, while topless, in front of the rest of the family members sitting at the dinner table. Her brother tries to join in and she objects to that and pushes him out of the way, then goes back to letting Daddy get the last few smacks in. Not a real attractive victim, but an interesting scene nonetheless. VIDEO LINK

Lady Jane - Really sexy birching across a nice pert female bottom.16th Century England. Lady Jane Gray , played by English rose Helen Bonham Carter is refusing her mothers plan for her to enter into a political marriage. She is ordered to lay across a bench. The male servants are sent away . Two female servants remain to assist with her punishment people who get birched usually need to be held down or otherwise secured. A long birch switch of about five rods is held . We are close up on her face as we hear her breeches being removed, remember the birch needs to be across bare skin. Then we hear a swishing sound ,followed by a grimace of pain across her face. The birch goes on stinging after each stroke. A brief pause then another well measured stroke, then another. The scene fades from her face and squeals of pain to an exterior shot of the castle. Eight strokes having been heard on the sound track. We are not told how long the birching goes on for but later we see her in a crumpled heap, tears in her eyes, on the floor some at least of that defiance subdued . Her bottom which we know must be well marked is still smarting. (Anonymous) VIDEO LINK

Land of the Pharaohs - Joan Collins is whipped on her back. She's wearing a harem type outfit. Pretty good scene, but very brief. VIDEO LINK

Lash of the Penitentes (aka The Penitente Murder Case) - In the original Spanish version, a woman (Marie DeForrest) is hung high up in the air and whipped. I've only seen the shortened American version without this scene, but there is a part of this scene intact in the widely available trailer for the film. Unfortunately, according to Grindhouse Cinema Database, the film is generally considered lost and notes that, "heavy editing of the prints even resulted in a 35-minute version that has no scenes featuring DeForest. This version, featuring Joseph Swickard, is known to be the version that’s mainly available today." VIDEO LINK

Last Boy Scout, The - Bruce Willis' character is fired from his secret service job for stopping a senator (I think) from whipping a prostitute. In the pan-and-scan video we don't get to see much. Is there a letterboxed version, and do we see anything in it?

Last Sundown, The - A group of prostitutes are banished from a town and are to be escorted to jail in another town. One tries to escape and is whipped for her troubles. VIDEO LINK

Lautarii - Dir. Emil Lotianou, Soviet Union, 1971. Tells about gypsy life. In the w-scene a young man and a young woman are tied, their upper bodies naked, face to face to a boom and doomed to 20 lashes. Almost all of them are given before the woman faints and the whipmaster (or whoever he is) commands to stop. The scene is very realistic and great. (Anonymous) VIDEO LINK

La villa di Satana - (Satan's Mansion) a low-budget movie (maybe french or german) from sixties. A great and strong scene: during a storming night a man, with the car breakdown, takes shelter in a big, dark mansion, whose master is a diabolic noble man; toward the end of the movie, he enters in a big room, and sees a woman suspended by wrists to the high ceiling, she's totally nude and is longly and savagely bullwhipped all the entire body (fully covered of bloody welts) by an assistant of the master: this one says that the whipping is orderd by the master just for pleasure

Le Bordel, ou la maison des confidences - like others by the De Sade' novel, there's a scene toward the end, not much to see anyway.

Le calde notti di Poppea (Poppea's hot nights) - young Poppea (Nero's infamous wife) in a brothel is taken to see a prostitute whipped by a client.

Le piacevoli notti - it's an italian comedy with two scenes: in the first a woman fully dressed is birched for forfeit, in the second we don't see any whipping, but there is Lucretia Borgia (!), chained in a dungeon, with the bare back fully coated with bloody marks of a recent whipping ordered by her husband.

Libertine, The (La Matriarca) 2 brief scenes. A young and beautiful widow (Catherine Spaak) dreams of being bullwhipped totally naked by her tennis teacher. It's shown in slow motion. The other is in a black and white home movie with a naked blonde woman whipping another naked woman suspended by her wrists. Unfortunately, we only see a few scant seconds.

Licence to Kill - At the beginning of this James Bond film, Robert Davi places a naked girl over his lap and whips her lower back and ass with a short whip. The whipping is all off screen. Later Bond ends up in room with her naked, and we get to see the savage marks on her back. VIDEO LINK

L'ële du bout du monde - french movie; a woman is beated by a man on bare back with a strip, while catfighting with another girl, nothing really shown.

Lo sparviero del Nilo - a man is captured and taken in a dungeon: to know if he's really mad like he pretends, soldiers whip his wife to observe the reactions; we don't see the woman, but we hear her loud screams.

Love Camp - This is the one with Laura Gemser. It's a terrible movie, but it has a scene at the beginning where two lovers are tied to posts and whipped, since Gemser's cult forbids monogamy. Interestingly, the man is whipped by a woman, and the woman is whipped by a man.

Love Camp (Franco) - aka Frauen im Liebslager. Two women are whipped after fighting in the camp. Only their reactions are shown, but these are pretty realistic (except for some REALLY exaggerated expressions by the second girl) and this is a very long scene - one of the longest whipping scenes I've ever seen in a non-bondage film. Definitely worth a look.

Love Camp 7 - The infamous Dave Freidman/Bob Cresse Nazi low-budgeter. Has a scene where all of the women are made to hold up a bucket, and the one who drops it will get whipped. Unfortunately, this scene cuts away just as the commandant starts lashing his chosen victim. Has another scene where a woman is tied with her hands behind her back and then whipped with a belt. This scene is very realistic, and the marks look real. Later in the same scene we see the whip marks on another woman's back as she crawl on the floor to let the tied woman stand on her. Pretty good scenes considering the talent (or lack thereof) behind them. VIDEO LINK

Love Camp 27 - Same basic no plot Nazi schlock as LC-7. Has one fairly gruesome scene where one girl is called out by her number for punishment. She is stripped naked, bound face up on a bench, and then flogged by two stocky wardresses with bundled switches. They beat her from neck to knees and there is plenty (relatively) of agonized reaction and bloody welts. The "star" of the film is quite pretty and is called up next, but unfortunately the commandant stops it before anything happens. Bummer. Still, it's not bad, considering. (Ed)

Love Crimes - Patrick Bergan crops a topless girl who is acting like a horse. Nice scene, but very mild.

Love In Sampan - Asian woman is whipped by her domineering husband. Later we see her in a shower and we see the marks on her back (in addition to a really hot lesbian scene).

Lucrezia Borgia - French-Italian co-production of 1953 - Lucrezia Borgia is spanked with a belt by her brother, infamous duke Cesare Borgia, for avoiding her husband from being murdered.

Lucrezia Borgia (aka La Castellane, 1990 Italy) - This is a sort of soft core porn movie with one very brief and very crap whipping scene. Two women are tied to a tree in a forest and whipped by a group of men. This is very fake looking and very cheesy. It is first shown in long shot where you can't really tell what's happening then it just cuts to show the women's faces as the whip fakely hits there bodies out of shot. The women are quite attractive and naked but this scene is absolutely awful.

Lust For Freedom - A woman is stripped to the waist and whipped for trying to escape from prison. The shots of the whipping are all reaction shots or extreme close ups of a part of her back, and the marks are unnecessarily gruesome looking. If you look closely, though, you can tell that two different 'whips' were used in the scene.

Lust Weekend - There are various whippings of both sexes in this sixties sex film. None of them are really any good, but there is a good scene where a woman has the whip marks on her back treated by two other girls.

Lustful Turk, The - Cheesy David Freidman production has a few fake-looking whippings of cute girls. VIDEO LINK

Lycantropus & The Vampire, The - no whipping, but we see a brief scene where a girl is chained in a dungeon, and has the bare back covered with bloody marks, later another scene where three girls are tied to a triangular post, have dresses ripped off for torture, but no whipping again, later they are untied with the bloody back again.

Maciste nella terra dei Ciclopi - in this italian sword & sandal (1961) a group of captive women is lashed several times by the guards of an evil queen while pushed in the dungeons, forced to reveal who, among them, is the queen, and so on, not much to see anyway, since they're full clothed.

Magdalene Sisters, The - Nora-Jane Noone and Eileen Walsh play two young nuns who get caned by their Mother Superior. Later, Nora-Jane shows off her scars to a young man. Nothing special. VIDEO LINK

Magus, The - starring Anthony Quinn, Candice Bergen, and Michael Caine. It makes little sense, but it contains a scene in which Quinn invites Caine to administer a bullwhip to Candice's bare back. She is tied with her arms raised. He is tempted, but drops the whip and walks away. Hot scene, horrible movie.

Maid of Salem - Bonita Granville is up to spreading rumors and dad takes the belt to her - we hear her yelling offscreen. (Anonymous)

Maidens of Fetish Street - Wife catches husband in bed with another woman and whips her silly.(Lescan)

Maitress - Gerard Depardieu whips a woman who is tied to a chair. Yes, those welts on her ass are real, as is pretty much everything else in Barbet Schroeder's excellent look into the S/M scene.

Malenka (1969) - aka Fangs of the Living Dead. By the same guy that made Night of the Sorcerers. A female vampire (Adriana Ambesi) wearing a backless negligee is chained in a dungeon and whipped on her bare back. From what I've heard this is a brief scene. (Thanks Anthony) DOWNLOAD LINK

Man Called Intreped, A - Barbara Hershey is whipped by a nazi. You see it but she is in th dark, so just an outline. (Thanks CT)

A Man, Eight Girls - (1968) This rare and hard-to-find movie begins with four girls going on a boat cruise. They go skinny dipping and sunbathe topless before running aground on an uncharted desert isle (cue Gilligan's Island theme). On the island are four naked Amazon babes who capture and torture the naive girls on the boat. The whipped brunette gets the worst of it. The flogging in this film may not be all that realistic, but it is among the most erotic I've come across in a mainstream production. It goes on for about ten minutes, and both whipper and whippee are topless throughout. After the flogging, she is rather explicitly raped with a corn cob after she is cut down.

Man In The Moon - Young Reese Witherspoon's father is upset with her because she did something that accidentally caused her pregnant mother to end up in the hospital. When her father comes back into the house and sees her, he pulls off his belt and chases her. It's done off screen, but if I remember correctly, you can hear at least one crack of the belt. Nothing more is shown. (John)

Mandinga - Female slave whipped.

Mandingo - A female slave is whipped naked with a belt early on in this star-studded dud. Later another slave is whipped by her mistress. She's clothed, but later her master lifts her top halfway up to look at her whip marks.

Maniac Nurses - In this silly comedy from Troma, a woman (Mercedes Klein) clad only in bra and panties, is whipped across her tits for about a minute until she passes out. You don't see much in the way of marks, but still a fun, if brief scene. VIDEO LINK

Mannaja - italian spagetti-western: actress Martine Brochard is a prostitute whipped on bare back by order of the town-keeper; five lashes anyway.

Man With a Maid - Victorian soft-core has some weak whipping. Nothing too notable, this film is more for straight bondage fans.

Man With Two Heads, The - Has Dr. Jekyll (as Mr. Hyde) whipping a prostitute. She's clothed. Later she shows the marks to Jekyll. This film, directed by the late Andy Milligan, is easily one of the worst movies ever made. In fact, I do not think that a good Andy Milligan film exists.

Mark of the Devil - (1970) A woman is whipped with a mace while stretched on a rack, but it's only implied and nothing is shown. Also, another woman (Olivera Katarina) is whipped in a barn, but is fully clothed and not tied up. VIDEO LINK

Mark of the Devil II - A bald nun is made to get a cat o' nine tails, then strip as her Mother Superior beats her. The nun is the forced to beat the Mother Superior. Pretty lame scene, though, if you ask me.

Marrakesh Cult - (1979) (aka Brigade Mondaine) In this French film, a woman is whipped for defying a cult leader's wishes. She is tied standing between two posts and stripped to the waist. She is then whipped several times on her back with a long bullwhip while a crowd of people watches. Mostly shot from the front, but we do get to see the whip hitting her back in one shot. Afterwards, there is supposed to be a scene where she makes love to the cultleader and you can see the welts, but I've never seen that part. VIDEO LINK

Mary Bryant - A woman, played by Alice McConnell, smarts off to a commanding officer...and pays for it big time by getting tied with her wrists over her head and whipped until her back is severely beaten and bloodied. She is even gagged with a wad of cloth that she bites down on as each of the 25 lashes are delivered. Afterward, we get a good look at her bloodily lashed back while she tries to recover. VIDEO LINK

Massacre of Pleasure - (1967) There are two scenes in this hard-to-find French roughie. In the first and best, a fat man whips a woman on her couch several times across the chest. Bloody whip marks appear (and then disappear a minute later when she is seen wrestling on the ground with another woman). Toward the end of the film, a female is tied to a post and has a belt taken across her back with no marks shown. Very brief scene. DOWNLOAD LINK

Messalina vs. the Son of Hercules - Early in this 1964 Hercules movie, the evil queen Messilina asks for a lash and whips one of her female slaves for not holding a hand mirror to the queen's satisfaction. The slave receives 3 or 4 lashes before the queen is interrupted by a male vistor. Great scene - the queen, slave and whipping are all visible at the same time. (Steve)

Mia moglie ? una strega (My wife is a witch) - it's a comedy, with one scene: italian actress Eleonora Giorgi (same of Story of a Cloistered Nun) is a witch longly whipped to confess, but the scene is comic and unrealistic.

Mole People, The - Has a brief scene where a servant girl is whipped for spilling water. She is forced to kneel for her whipping, which is stopped by John Agar. (Thanks Anthony!)

Moll Flanders - Near the start, a priest tries to grab Moll (Robin Wright) in a confessional and she stabs him with a knitting needle. In the next scene, she's being held over a table and whipped with a large birch to get her to take back what she said about the priest. You only see one or two strokes and then it ends.

Mondo Bizarro - In a fake Nazi play, a 'Jewish' girl is whipped. Totally fake and really cheesy.

Mondo Freudo (aka The Sensual Taboo) - By the same lovely folks that brought you "Bizarro". This one purports to show a real Japanese night club act where a girl is whipped, then caned on her back, then whipped again. All pretty lame, the supposed victims are smiling. What the hell were these people thinking?

Monella - a woman is spanked with a white glove on bare bottom by her lover, in this italian erotic movie.

Mongols, The - A girl is tortured with the whip. She is topless, but her hair covers most of her back. Still it's a pretty good scene. Her reactions are very nice. Later, as some women are led out to be burned, you can see whip marks on their backs if you look closely. Also has a scene in whick Jack Palance flogs Anita Ekberg. In a later scene we can see the marks across Anita's back. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2

Monk and the Daughter of the Hangman - Don't know the plot of this one . Has a scene where the Hangman is reluctantly giving a woman (the daugher?) a public flogging. It's shot from the front. Later, the Hangman is rubbing a black substance on the woman's bloody back, as the Monk flagellates himself.

Mortal Transfer - French black comedy has a scene where the main character watches a video of a woman being whipped. My copy of this movie is in French with no subtitles...and unfortunately I don't speak French. Does anyone out there know where I might get an English subtitled or dubbed copy?

Mulher Objeto - (1981) Midway through this softcore Brazilian film is a fairly long dream sequence in which Regina (Helena Ramos) fantasizes about being taken to a dungeon by a man and a woman. She is stripped and tied with her arms are spead-eagled overhead as the man flogs her (no marks shown) and the woman taunts her with a strap-on. The scene climaxes as she is raped by both at the same time. VIDEO LINK

Musketeers of the Sea - This film may have a whipping scene with Anna Maria Pierangeli. (Thanks Anthony)

Naked Massacre - Foreign movie Psycho killer tells girl to strip, she panics and freezes, so he pulls down her pajama bottom and uses his belt on her bare bottom.(Lescan)

Nashville Girl - Father catches his daughter (Monica Gayle) listening to a radio in Church. Later we see him using his belt on her in a barn.(Lescan)

Nathalie: Escape From Hell - A lovely redhead (Patrizia Gori) is chained to a short whipping post as is whipped by two women. Lengthy scene, which is unfortunately shot entirely from the front.

New Eden - A sci-fi/sword-and-sandal film with Stephen Baldwin and Lisa Bonet. In one scene, lovely Lisa gets whipped by a dominatrix villianess. Brief scene, with only a few lashes given. Alas, Lisa is fully clothed in the scene. After the whipping, Bill Cosby has a brief cameo, in which he tells Lisa that that's what she gets for leaving The Cosby Show ;)

Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The - aka The Night She Came Out of the Tomb has a nice bullwhipping in a basement, although the victim is not tied. Saw only the German version, so this one could be better. (Thanks Usbaer) I've seen the supposed 'uncut' print, and it wasn't much better. That's probably why it was one of those that I couldn't initially remember for the list. - Oslo

The Night of the Following Day - At the end of the film, Marlon Brando returns to a house to find kidnap victim Pamela Franklin tied to a closet door. She's been stripped to the waist a whipped with a belt by the villian he has just killed. He unties her and lay her on a bed. At the end, it all turns out to be a dream (how lame)!

Night of the Sorcerers - Amando de Ossorio's politically incorrect horror number has several scenes where natives tie and whip clothed American women. We never get to see much, though.

Night of the Sorcerers - Uncut Version - Whoops! Guess I made a mistake with this one! The uncut versions of the whipping scenes have the women getting their clothes completely whipped off their bodies! Still, I would have preferred it if they were whipped from the back, but the uncut version is a definite improvement over the version I previously described.

Nightmare Castle (aka Night of the Doomed) - Barbara Steele and her lover get whipped in the uncut version of this film. Their both clothed and the scene is so brief that it is worthy of little merit.

Nightmare Circus - aka "Barnyard of the Naked Dead". Two whipping scenes. A woman, held captive, is whipped in a barn while laying on the ground. She gets about 12 lashes. Ok scene. Later, another captive girl gets whipped in the same barn. 9 lashes this time, but excellent screaming, face shots, and a good back shot with torn shirt. (Anonymous)

Nightmare in Badham County - Theatrical Version - In the theatrical version, which was shown overseas and on cable, a woman (Denise Dillaway) is stripped naked and whipped on her ass with a belt. It is a very gritty and realistic scene. Later, Deborah Raffin is whipped, but all we see is her face as her gown is torn down her back and the first lash hits her. She lets out an agonizing scream and the scene fades out. In the next scene a prison guard treats Deborah's wounds, but nothing is shown. VIDEO LINK

Notorius Concubines, The - Has two whipping scenes. In the first one, the master is whipping one of his slaves for spreading rumors. She is tied naked to a table and whipped across her lower back and bottom. Unfortunately, the scene is shot from afar at first, and after we are only shown her reactions. The second whipping has the master whipping another slave, this time clothed. She is on the ground and is whipped all over as she squirm all around. Later, we see the whip marks on her back and her master tells her that they will fade, but the memory of them will not.

Nude For Satan - There's a scene at the 44 minute mark (Chapter 7 of the DVD) involving the servant girl (Iolanda Mascitti) who is punished for pleasing her mistress (Rita Calderoni) with too much lesbian affection. The girl is seen tied with ropes by her wrists with her arms above the head, spread apart and hoisted up with a long lenght of rope to the ceiling. She is completely naked. The ugly butler severely lashes her body with a cat-o-nine whip. Lots of screaming and fake blood. The scene lasts almost one minute, showing multiple whip strokes in different camera angles.

Object of Desire - (1989) European xxx. 2 scenes. 1) Whore gets out of line and is whipped by the servant woman. 2) Woman is taken to a duneon setting chained and whipped by a muscular black man.(Lescan)

Office Girls (1972) aka: Eros in the office European movie. Man causes his maid to trip over his foot and drop her tray, this gives him an excuse to whip her. He ties her face down and naked and his wife whips her. Later in another scene we see the man of the house whipping the maid just before 2 guys come to her resue.(Lescan)

Olga's Girls - All of the Olga movies have whippings, but they are all pretty lackluster except for a pretty good scene where a girl is tortured in this one.

Olga's House of Shame - There are three whipping scenes in this movie. In the first, a woman is tied over a bench and paddled with a board by Olga. In the second, two women are tied to trees and whipped across their fronts. And in the third, a woman is made to walk around in a circle on a rope and whipped, firstly by Olga and then by another woman. These scenes are all shit, by the way!

One-Eyed Soldiers, The - Has a scene in which Luciana Paluzzi (Bond Girl in Thunderball) is tortured. The gangsters unbutton her shirt and remove it, chain her wrists above her head, spread her legs to chain her ankles, move her long hair to the front of her to expose her bare back, show her the whip and measure the distance of how far to stand. She then receives a total of 5 lashes before being rescued. Later, we get a pretty good shot of the marks as the hero unshackles her. Unfortunately, almost every online version of this scene is badly edited. Most copies trim all the foreplay and 3 of the 5 whip strokes. The version we have here is of lesser quality, but it is uncut.

One Russian Summer - aka Days of Fury. A female servant is whipped for supposedly stealing a mirror. This is one of the best whipping scenes ever (IMO). She is tied with her arms spread and is wearing a backless gown. There is a lot of tension built up in this scene, since there are pauses between the lashed and we wonder how long the whipping is going to continue. It only lasts for five lashes, but this is still a really good scene. The marks on her back are fairly realistic. Later, her whipped back is shown to a crowd to instill a riot, though the marks are not the same as they were before, which kinda takes away the believability of the whole thing. VIDEO LINK

Orgy of the Dead by A. C. Stephen, with the screenplay by none other than Ed Wood! Besides the fact that the movie is filled with poor acting, terrible editing and continuity, it seemed nothing more than an excuse to feature strippers in a horror setting. There are 2 whipping scenes: the first one features a woman in a cat costume with her breasts hanging out in front of her costume and her tush poking out of the back. She strips down to a bikini panty with some dude cracking a whip near her. The second scene (right after the first) features another muscular dude applying a cat o'nine tails to the back of a chained-up slave girl right across her back. He simply walks away and she begins to dance around the dungeon. Weird and wonderful?! (Thanks Pathfinder) How could I have forgotten this one? - Oslo

Other People's Secrets - (199?) A woman (Monique Parent) is chained and whipped by another woman.(Lescan)

Outcast, The - Joan Evens is held by her brothers and given 7 lashes by her father before she breaks free and as she turns we see the whip marks on the back of her dress. She verbally defies her her father and gets 2 more lashes before climbing a horse and escaping to town. There she is tended by an elderly woman and her upper back is bare but (in typical hollywood fashion) the marks had disappeared. The sounds of the horsewhip lashing her are as realistic as I've ever heard in any movie. (Anonymous)

Patriots - A woman is believed to have betrayed the IRA and is tortured. When we see her she's naked save for a cover on her head, and has several marks from the wire whip a female agent has used on her. She is questioned and the scene goes on for a while. The agent whips at her hands with the wire as she is forced to hold herself up by her fingertips. The tortured woman in this scene is likely not Linda Amendola, the actress playing the role. It's probably a body double since her face is covered and there's a body double listed in the credits.

Peking Opera Blues - Lengthy torture scene with Brigitte Lin. When we first see her she has already been treated to a session of the whip. She's fully clothed, but the back of her shirt has been ripped open in several places. A bucket of sand is then thrown on to her back. One of her torturers rubs his hand into to some of her wounds. Another set of lashes is applied, and a bucket of salt water is thrown on to her back, causing her to shriek loudly. Like the rest of the movie, this scene is artistic and well-done.

Penance - In this very disturbing movie, an innocent young woman (Marieh Delfino) is imprisoned and tortured by a depraved religious fanatic. In one scene, she's tied standing facing a wire frame. Her wrists are duct taped to the sides of the frame. Her top is ripped open from behind and (bonus!) pulled completely off, so we see her full breasts during her punishment. We see 5 lashes given to her back. Great crying. Then later, as she recooperates from the whipping, she pulls up her bloody top to reveal several nasty bloody welts on her back. Hot stuff. DOWNLOAD LINK

Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak, The - The only whippings in this film are those of some female chariot pullers, and we don't really get to see anything. Still, for bondage fantasy fans, the rest of the film more than makes up for this.

Pets - A woman (Candice Rialson) being kept as a man's pet recounts to another woman of the time that he whipped her. She's lying face down on the ground wearing only panties. He whips her bare back with a large bullwhip. Fake-looking bloody marks appear on her back. VIDEO LINK

Philosophie dans le Boudoir (aka Beyond Love and Evil) - Marquis DeSade adaptation has a female whipping scene.

Pick-Up, The - (1968) This classic 1960s roughie features not only an incredible electric shock scene, but a really nice whipping scene as well. Two girls (Tracy Saunders and Lynn Harris) who stole a large sum of money from a couple of men, refuse to tell them where it is, so they decide to beat the information out of them. Both are topless and bound and gagged face down on the floor, and each man takes their turn wailing away at them with a belt. Both girls look great, and while some of the shots are shown as only still pictures, there are still several shots of the girls being stuck with the belt. This film was considered lost for over 30 years before a subtitled print turned up in Denmark; that's the only known print available. VIDEO LINK

Pink Floyd - The Wall - Quick cuts of a clothed schoolgirl being caned by the headmaster.

Pirates of the Barbary Coast - (1960) All that happens is in a scene at a party the main villain calls a woman over and asks her to dance in front of him. I can't remember the reason but he whips her ass once with a sort of soft-looking cat o' nine tails.

Piscine, La - french movie - with Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and Jane Birkin - Alain Delon briefly whips Romy Schnieder with a stick. Delon really likes his stick-whipping, doesn't he (check out "Spirits of the Dead").(Anonymous)

Poor Cecily (1974) - Has a torture dungeon scene at the end of the film. Cecily is whipped on her back while in a cage. There are some other scenes of girl's getting their backs whipped, but we don't get to see much. The really cool scenes, though, have another girl, then Cecily, tied to a rack and whipped across the front of their bodies. Both of these are long scenes and many marks appear. Their screaming and cries are pretty realistic, too.

Possessed, The - Many movies by this name. This is the low budget one about an asylum. Has a screaming woman holding some prison bars on the box cover. Has a scene where a hunchback ties an insane woman with her face to the wall. He rips open the back of her shirt and lets about half a dozen good whiplashes fly into her bare back. Fake looking bloody lines appear, but overall this is a pretty good scene IMHO.

Pretty Baby - Brooke Shields is a child prostitute. When she tries to seduce the black son of one of the servants, the madame decides she needs a lesson and has one of them carry her out to the woodshed for a strapping. You hear the sound of 10 lashes and a couple small yelps, then Brooke comes stalking out and yells "It didn't even hurt!". When she turns to go, you can see that her nightgown is torn over her butt.(John)

Prison de Mujeres - Brief scene with a female inmate hanging and naked, as a female guard is whipping her.(Lescan)

Prison Heat - Toward the end of this Asian women-in-prison "pink" film, two women are tied in fairly elaborate bondage on the floor of a dungeon and bullwhipped by a dominatrix guard. Most of the whipping shots are from a long ways off, except for a couple of hits to the front of one of the women. Pretty good scene in an otherwise lackluster WIP flick.

Prisoner of Paradise (1978) XXX - On a dangerous mission, John stumbles upon a secret German prison camp. The Nazis have been kidnapping beautiful native girls and using them for their bizarre sexual desires. However the 2 women whipped in this film are captured army nurses. First whipping scene sounds nasty but you don't see much , the second is much better and you can actually see the force of the whip against her bottom. (Lescan)

Prisoners of the Lost Universe - (1983) Slave girl is whipped offscreen. She is later shackled up and left to die. About an hour into the film a main villain is strangling the main female character for some reason and a slave girl runs at him with a knife. He then knocks her onto a bed, picks up a whip and starts to whip her. The actual whipping is heard but not seen and we hear just a few strokes with pretty bad sound. The woman who is whipped is very attractive but this scene is so minor it shouldn't even be in the database really. When she is tied up after you can just about see some fake looking whip marks on her body.

Punishment of Anne, The - (aka The Image, The Mistress and the Slave) Contains 2 very long and powerful scenes. A man she has been ugly to is seated in an arm chair. Ann is told by her mistress to strip, select a whip, is chained kneeling at the chair and whipped extensively as the man watches her reactions. A later scene is in a dungeon where Ann strips completely, wrists are tied overhead is tortured with needles by mistress then thoroughly whipped with a cat by the same man. (Thanks Larry) This in another one of those great ones that had somehow slipped my mind when I was compiling the list. - Oslo

Punition - (Ausgepeitscht, Karin Schubert) What a great german title for a lousy film! Only one short whipping in the whole film! (Thanks Axel)

Quando i califfi avevano le corna - it's a comedy with three scenes: in first and second a Caliph whips the girls he married the day before, to kill them the day after (like in "One thousand and one night tales"), they are nude; in the third scene another Caliph orders two prostitute to be flogged with one hundred and ten lashes on bare bottom, while tied to a column: anyway we see only nine lashes, and the scenes are unrealistic.

Queen Kelly - Erich Von Stroheim's unfinished masterpiece has a scene where the title character, played by Gloria Swanson, is whipped out of a castle by an evil queen.

Queen of SM - also known as "Bondage Fantasia." This Japanese bondage anthology has a couple of whipping scenes. In one, we see a nude woman tied to a tree being whipped. The best one has a nude woman tied to a chair being whipped with a belt. This is one of the better Japanese SM movies, as it is basically a "greatest hits" of various tortures.

Queen's Necklace (L'affaire du collier de la reine) - 1946 French drama based on the same story as "Affair of the Necklace" (see above). It looks like the scene in this one is much better than the one in the 2001 version. The original New York Times review mentioned that, "Miss Romance does coquet very suavely and, when whipped, displays anguish vividly." I've never seen it, does anyone have it? VIDEO LINK

Quills - Madelaine (Kate Winslet) gets whipped for helping the Marquis DeSade smuggle out his writings. The whipping itself is poorly shot, but we get to see a long shot of her marked back afterwards. Later, there's a scene with her getting the marks on her back treated.

Quo Vadis? (an italian version from 1912) - like every movie version of this famous novel, there's a scene where a beautiful slave is whipped, but unfortunatly we see only the shadows on a wall.

Ramrodder, The - An Indian girl is stripped naked, tied to a tree, and whipped by her husband for sleeping with the title character. Decent whip marks cover her back and ass. VIDEO LINK

Rat Island - Typical women in prison sleaze also known as "Island Women." This has a couple of brief whipping scenes - though neither of them are anything special. I think that the "Island Women" prints are probably missing the scenes.

Rent-a-Girl - Near the end of a film, a dominatrix is blackmailed by two other girls. They first paddle her, then they unzip the back of her dress and whip her back. Many marks appear (probably chocolate since this is a black -and-white film). After the whipping, we see the woman painfully crawl to the bathroom.

Requiem for a Vampire - (1971) (aka Caged Virgins) Beginning 1 hour and 18 minutes into the movie, there is a two and a half minute whipping scene. Cute blond Marie-Pierre Castel is chained up AOH and naked in a dark dungeon setting while her companion whips her to extract information. It is a dark scene, with a bluish cast and lots of shadow. Marie-Pierre Castel is very expressive as she is being whipped, and the sounds of the whip are loud and satisfying, but if you crave whip marks or the image of the lash striking her body, you will be disappointed. At one point the camera pans outside the castle walls as you hear the whip crack and the girl scream. The end of the scene is a better lighted view of Marie-Pierre Castel's nude body hanging by her wrists from the chains. VIDEO LINK

Return of Martin Guerre, The - A topless woman is weakly whipped alongside her husband in a fertility ritual. This one almost shouldn't be up here, but here it is.

Return to Treasure Island - A clothed women is tortured by being beaten on her back with a belt. (Snidely)

Revenge for a Sister - is a french movie from 1968, where a girl wants to kill some men that raped and killed her young sister: one of these villains is a photographer rich and famous, that likes sadistic scenes; she offers herself like model, and is chained totally bared in a dungeon and whipped by two assistants; very long but fake and unrealistic whipping.

Rififi - Movie about a jewel heist gone awry (sound familiar?). Has a scene where a woman's dress is pulled down to expose her upper back and reveal the belt marks that her 'lover' gave her.

Robin Hood - Uncut 1922 version with Douglas Fairbanks. Has a whipping scene with one of the female citizens of Nottingham getting 4 or 5 lashes on her bare back after the new sheriff comes to town. Pretty bare & pretty graphic, especially considering the time. VIDEO LINK

Rollerblade 7 Has a scene where a girl is whipped on her bottom while being held against prison bars.

Roman Orgies A nude woman is bound to an X-frame and given several lashes by her inquisitor. Mostly shot from one angle, but looks real.

Roundup, The - Hungary 1965. A naked female prisoner is caned to death in a Hungarian prison. (anonymous)

Sacred Flesh - This artsy-fartsy 2000 production is a throwback to the lesbian nun movies of the seventies, with way too much pretension and not nearly enough sleaze. Still, there are a couple of decent (but brief) whipping scenes. In one, a nun flogs herself bloody. In a later scene, one nun whips another across her naked back.

Sahara - Brooke Shields gets a couple of lashes from John Rhys-Davies off-screen.

Sadistic Baron von Klaus, The - Near the end of this black and white Jess Franco film, a topless Gogó Rojo is whipped by the killer while on a bed. What might have been a decent scene is marred by loud piano music over top of the action, so you don't hear any whip noises or screaming. You do see a few marks on her back afterward, though. This was an early effort by Franco (1962) and of course, he went on to do much better.

Sal - the last movie by Pasolini: there are several scenes of whipping, both male and female. Very bief anyway.

Samson and the Seven Miracles - Good whipping scene. A beautiful young princes is tied to a whipping post, stripped to the waist and flogged across her bare back with at least 7 or 8 lashes (on camera) she then has salt water applied to her wounds with a feather. The entire scene is shot from the front. Great facial expressions and very believable screams.(Thanks Frank!)

Sankofa - This African film supposedly has whippings of both male and female slaves.

Sarah Balabagan Story, The - This true story concerns the Filipino maid sentenced to death in the United Arab Emirates circa 1993/4 and pardoned by President Sheikh Zayed Ibn Sultanal-Nahayan - but not before she had been given 100 strokes of the cane. The film was banned by President Ramos in the Filipines because the UAE protested that it showed their justice system in a bad light and it threatened diplomatic relations! A spokesman for Ramos at the time said that " the scene where Miss Balabagan was given 100 lashes was overdone because it showed a burly male guard flogging her with a large stick - ordinarily, if the inmate is female, then a female guard will perform the lashing" (Anonymous)

Satan's Slave - The main character has a flashback to a priest (played by the film's author David McGillvray) presiding over the whipping of a supposed witch. The whipping is brutal and the woman's breasts are shown in the whipping shots. Quite shocking and exploitative but great fun. (Thanks Mark) VIDEO LINK

Scacco alla regina - (?) female whipping scene(?)

Schoolgirl Hitchhikers - A young woman is whipped with a switch on her front, threatened with a hot iron, has her hair and clothes cut off then a pair of tongs is taken to her until she faints.(Tom) (Damn, those are some mean looking welts - they have to be real! - Oslo) VIDEO LINK

Scream in the Streets, A - (1973) A man in a massage parlor attacks the massage girl with a belt. He gets a few good whacks on her ass, then she starts running around and he ends up whipping her into a corner before the police arrive. Quite a well-done scene, with lots of screaming and crying by the pretty victim.

Secret Sex Lives of Romeo & Juliet - This ribald sex comedy has a nice whipping scene. A cute girl with short hair is shackled naked as a man bullwhips her. The man overseeing the whipping orders it to continue. However, when he leaves, the whipper whips a long board instead - though the girl continues screaming as if she is really being whipped. It's a ridiculous scene, but not without its charm. I just wish that the real whipping had continued on longer!

Secrets of Love -(segment titled The Spanking) Very attractive young woman is caned in this period piece, first by the male head of the household, then by her lover. 18 strokes are given to her bare bottom as she stands against the wall and are counted out by the woman of the house. Later the woman's bare bottom is caned by her husband. (Thanks Larry)

Seduction: The Cruel Woman - Woman briefly whipped in a bathtub by her female lover.

Seven Miles from Alcatraz - Another 40's anti-Nazi pic with Bonita Granville (from "Hitler's Children") in another whipping scene. This time she's pinned to a steel girder and lashed with a heavy electrical cable by a female spy. She's fully clothed and not a hair out of place, manages to look mildly distressed, but patriotic! I'd guess that this gal had a 3-lash-saved-by-the-hero clause in her studio contract, or mayby the same screen-writer. (Thanks Scotty!)

Sex and Fury - Ochô Inoshika (played by actress Reiko Ike) is chained on the floor (feet tied too) and savagely lashed with a bullwhip by the legendary cult actress Christina Lindberg (the only non-Asian in the film). You don't actually see the whip make direct contact too many times but the scene is still quite intense, and the highlight of the film.

Sex and Zen - There is a great whipping scene in this one. A Man whips his lover after she claims that she loves her husband as she gets whipped by him every day. The rest of the story is good too. There are plenty of sex scenes. Apparently there is Sex and Zen II and III !. (The English version has the Whipping scene shortened... See the Cantonese one to get the full uncut scene.) (Anonymous)

Sex Hunter (1980) - Miki Maekawa (Ayako Oota) is suspended and tied AOH while being whipped by Akiko Kaibara (Erina Miyai). She viciously whips Miki until some of her dress is torn off by the whip. She then partially rips the front of her dress to expose her breasts. She then whips Miki a little more. She then punches Miki hard in the face or chest as it is hard to tell from the angle it was filmed. She leaves Miki alone as she hangs from the ceiling. Miki is eventually released by our male villain. VIDEO LINK

Sexual Adventures of Cleopatra(?) - One of Cleopatras servants in accused of treason. She is made to walk on all fours between two rows of other beautiful servants yielding cat-o-nine-tail whips. She whipped all the way through and she reacts quite beautifully. Marks appear all over her back and buttocks until she reaches the other end where Cleopatra is sitting on her throne. Later we see her kneeling in front of Cleopatra begging for mercy and we can see her marked back. (Anonymous)

Sh'Chur - an Israeli film 1994/1995 - there is a strapping scene given on the bottom to a young girl(partially seen)

Shadow of the Eagle - Officials try to force a Noblewoman into signing a false confession that would eradicate her heritage. She refuses, and is whipped for he defiance. We see her tied with her arms in the air. The back of her dress is then ripped open. Unfortunately, it's all downhill from there. We never hear her scream, and we never see the lash hit. Oh, well - it's no surprise since the movie was made in 1950. VIDEO LINK

Shadow Killers - Horrible chop-socky number has some spliced in scenes from horrible Girls in Tiger Cage. Some very weak spanking and whipping, kept mostly off-screen.

She - The color piece of shit with Sandhal Bergman. Has a scene in which she and another girl (Quin Kessler) are chained with their backs to wooden crosses. They are then flogged with a cat o' nine tails across the front of their bodies. Their both wearing skimpy amazon garb, but no real nudity is on display. VIDEO LINK

She-Demons - A woman is whipped by a Nazi in this black-and-white bore. We don't get to really see any of the whipping, just the end of it. She dies, as does the rest of the film.

She-Wolf of Spillburg - A soldier holds a woman while a female commandant whips her back and buttocks with a short whip. No marks appear, but the whipped women does writhe quit a bit.

Ship of Lost Women aka Ship of Condemned Women or Ship of Lost Souls - An Italian film (originally: La Nave Delle Donne Maldette), that unfortunately does not live up to its title. Story about a ship transporting criminal women does contain a couple of whipping scenes, but they are both brief, and nothing like the poster for the film. Vidcaps of the scenes will be posted eventually, and can be seen on WSIM Volume 10.

Shooter, The - This Michael Dudikoff vehicle has a scene similar to "Django." A prostitute has the back of her blouse ripped off and is whipped by bad guys until Dudikoff comes along and spoiles their fun by blowing them all away. This is also probably the only film in the database starring country singer Randy Travis (just an interesting bit of trivia).

Shotgun - Two scenes , first a woman takes off ther blouse to show whip marks, second prostitute is whipped on bed , don't actually see the whipping.(Lescan)

Sidewalks of Bangkok - (Les Trottoirs De Bankok) Yoko (not Ono), a very small Asian woman, is chained with her hands abover her head nude in a dungeon. A woman whips her with a crop all over her back for a very long time. We get to see her reactions, and after the whipping we get to see her back. Since the film is in French, I don't know whether the scene is for torture or punishment. Either way, its a very good scene. VIDEO LINK

Sign of the Cross - Christians, including many women, are goaded with whips to the coliseum at the end of the film.

Sin City - The luscious Jessica Alba is tied kneeling with her arms over her head to the ceiling and gets whipped repeatedly on her back. You don't see the actual blows to her back but you do see some lovely pained reactions on her pretty face. The scene lasts about a minute. She is later dragged by the bad guy with her hands tied in front with several loops of white rope. VIDEO LINK

Sinful Dwarf, The - A kidnapped woman is whipped by a 'customer' of the title character. She is naked and writhes around quite a bit. A little blood appears on her, but it's very fake looking.

Sinful Nuns of St. Valentine, The - Recently re-released. This has a scene toward the beginning where a nun, kneeling on the ground, is whipped by her mother superior. The whipping is all shown from the front, and much of it is in long shot and hard to see.

Sister Streetfigher - a woman gets hung up by her heels and whipped. Unfortunately, she's fully clothed.

Slammer Girls - Bad WIP comedy has an off-screen whipping scene. About 25 minutes into it the main character of the film is whipped after a sort of musical riot in the canteen. She is chained fully clothed in her prison outfit and whipped by a fat executioner. To be fair this is a pretty significant scene, although acted comedically the sound is realistic and it's quite sexy in an odd way. All the lashes are off-screen with the camera showing the reactions of the other prisoners and female prison warden who are comedically enjoying the whipping.

Slave of the Sword - In this neat little Asian number, a woman is whipped after biting the ear off of a man she was forced to have sex with. Nothing is shown in this one except her reactions. Later, though, she takes revenge and gets to whip the woman that whipped her. This time the victim is tied with her hands above her head. She is naked to the waist and we do get to see the whip marks on her back briefly. Worth a look. VIDEO LINK

Slaves in Cages - This film is absolutely loaded with whipping scenes. For the most part, though, they're done in a rather fake slow motion. Furthermore, marks never appear on our poor victims. There's always got to be a catch, doesn't there? By the way, the film's about a rich playboy that kidnaps women to use in a show for his friends. At least this film is somewhat more entertaining than the similar "Bloodsucking Freaks." VIDEO LINK

Slave Girls Of Sheba - (1963) A young woman is tied face down on a rack with her bare feet in the air. A man then tortures her briefly by whipping the soles of her feet. This is in black-and-white, and cheap, but is a neat little scene. VIDEO LINK

Snake People, The - one of Boris Karloff's last films - Mexican I think. Again, low budget but nice scene of a young Mexican woman being whipped by a dwarf. (Seems this is all part of a Voodoo-like ritual, with lots of cult-followers looking on). (Anonymous)

Son of the Red Pirate, The - (Italy 1959, by Primo Zeglio) (Il figlio del corsaro rosso, Son of the Red Corsair) An old-fashioned pirate movie with Sylvia Lopez and Vira Silenti. In search of her brother's murderers, Lopez comes to the house of the evil governor of Panama. He tries to blackmail Silenti into marriage (in order to get an old treasure) by forcing her to watch Lopez being whipped in his dungeon. Tied with spread arms to a large wooden cross, she is heroic and implores Silenti not to give in (This is a pretty long scene showing beautiful Lopez most of the time, and giving a nice tension about what is in store for her). So her dress is ripped open at the back and her long red hair is placed in front of her shoulders. Then she gets about 10 lashes (half of which are onscreen, showing her from the back and side). In between, her dress is ripped apart a bit more, and the governor orders the torturer to continue harder. Eventually she faints. Some marks are visible, and her painful moans are pretty realistic (German version).(USBaer) VIDEO LINK

Snuff Trap - (2003) In this mostly crappy thriller about the underground porn film industry, director Bruno Mattei gives us a smattering of deviant sexual behavior, although none of it is especially appealing. There are a couple of brief whipping scenes that are being filmed that are observed by the film's heroine, played by Carla Solaro, who first watches in disgust as a naked blonde is whipped. There are some impressive red stripes on her back, although the whipmaster is hitting her with a flogger, which wouldn't likely produce marks like that. This is followed by a scene where a topless woman with her legs tied to a spreader bar is flogged by 2 women wearing S&M leather masks. Pretty tame stuff overall.

Space Thing - A female crew mate is unrealistically whipped by her female commander because "men are off limits". The girl is face down on a bed and is whipped on her back and ass. There is a bit of fake blood on her back , which makes the scene all the more ridiculous.

Spanking Love - This Japanese film features several brief and extended whipping scenes. Before the credits during a video tour of the S&M Club, there's a woman chained AOH to a wall being whipped and another woman suspended upside down on a stage being whipped. The longest extended whipping scene begins about 4:74 minutes into the movie. It features Yukie in a long red dress with wrists chained together and pulled tightly over her head, but not so tight that she can't keep her legs about shoulder width apart on the stage floor. She is whipped quite strenuously for just over three minutes, but she remains stoically impassive. There are brief flashbacks of this scene for the next 15 minutes or so. At 27:18 minutes a girl is shown suspended upside down on stage being whipped briefly, then at 28:25 she is shown again with three guys whaling away at her for about a minute and a half. At 1:23:45, two blindfolded girls dressed in long white robes and wearing feathered angel wings are lowered AOH onto a stage and whipped. Feathers fly everywhere. That lasts for about a minute and a half. And finally at 1:28:30 a guy and girl are tied AOH on stage and whipped in a scene that lasts over three and a half minutes.

Spara Joe... e cos“ sia! (Shoot Joe...and amen!) - italian spagetti-western. Actress Franca Polesello is a prostitute stripped naked and whipped by a gang, to not be payed for her "services".

Sparrow - A young girl whips herself in a convent in the very recent Franco Zefferelli film.

Spiando Marina - with Deborah Caprioglio, toward the end, during a sex party, she's stripped and chained by two girls to be whipped, but we don't see anything, next morning we see some welts on bare bottom while treatened.

Spirits of the Dead - (aka Histoiries Extraordinaires) Bridgit Bardot is whipped by Alain Delon after she loses a card game to him. He undoes the back of her dress and beats her bare back with a thin stick as another man holds her tightly. A few marks appear on her back, and her writhing is a joy to behold. A great scene that should be checked out by all, now that the thing is finally on video in a beautiful letterboxed print. VIDEO LINK

Spiteful Woman - Asian film has female flogging?

Split Second With Caged Women - Has a fairly lengthy scene in which a woman, tied face to the wall, is bullwhipped by a prison guard. The whipping is pretty fake, and the marks that appear are even faker.

Spymaker - This film is about Ian Fleming's real life adventures. In one scene, he discovers a woman who has been whipped on her back by the bad guy. Nothing special.

SS Extermination Camp (aka SS Campo de Extermino, Women's Camp 119) Two women are stripped, chained up, and whipped as punishment by a commandant. Neither of the women are very attractive, but the scene is rather realistic. The copy I have is terrible, so I can't really tell if the whip marks are any good or not.

SS Girls - (1978) Another Nazi sex camp, where women are trained to please the Nazis. 3 minor scenes in this one all in the same sequence.

Star Slammer - Two girls are put into a metal contraption and paddled on their bottoms. Only get to see their reactions, though.

Starlet - An actress is put in stocks and whipped on the set of a movie. Played for laughs, and pretty lame - though the girl is cute.

Stigmata - Patricia Arquette is phantom-whipped (you have to see it to understand) on a subway car. Afterwards we see her in a hospital getting the lash marks treated. VIDEO LINK

Stoning, The - I haven't seen this German TV movie, but judging from the description I've read and the stills, it looks pretty intense. Cheyenne Rushing plays the lead role of a young lady living in Iran who is sentenced to 25 whip blows and eventually, death by stoning. This is supposedly based on a true story. VIDEO LINK

Storm Warning - (US 1951, by Daniel Fuchs and Richard Brooks, b/w) Ginger Rogers accidentially witnesses a murder by Klansmen. When she intends to inform the police, she is kidnapped by Klan members and taken to one of their secret meetings in the woods. They threaten her with punishment, but she does not give in (thanks, screenwriter!). Surrounded by the white-hooded men and illuminated by a burning cross, she is held tight with spread arms, facing another man with a long horsewhip 2 meters in front of her. The chief announces the flogging with a megaphone. Then she is given 7 lashes (5 on screen, showing her front). The whip hits her shoulders, but is long enough to curl around her chest. She is fully clothed, but the cracks are so sharp that you could "feel" the welts beneath her clothes. Painful moaning (German dubbing). Of course, the hero (Ronald Reagan!) comes to rescue her much too early. - Nice threatening atmosphere, with the chief like a judge in an old-fashioned court. (Thanks USbaer)

Stormquest - At the beginning of the film, three beautiful warrior women are excommunicated from their group. They are tied to posts and have one shoulder of their dresses ripped off. Then they are briefly lashed. We only get to see the front of them, though. There is supposedly and uncut print of this movie, is the scene any different in that one? VIDEO LINK

Story of a Cloistered Nun- A young nun is tied topless with her arms spread out and is whipped on her back for leaving her room at night. Nice scene. Afterwards she is taken down and we get to see the whip marks. We also see another nun treating the whip marks on her back. VIDEO LINK

Story of O (France 1975, by Just Jaeckin): A classic one which you might know already. Beautiful young woman Corinne Clery agrees to do anything which her boyfriend demands from her. Several well-done whippings (NOT the boring consensual stuff). She is brought to a secret chateau where she is stripped completely, hands tied above her head, then receives several lashes with a riding crop. You see the pain + excitement in her face, and short shots of her back and butt when the crop comes down. You hear the sharp lashing sound and her moaning. Later in the film she is tied topless between 2 posts in a room and whipped by another woman whom she had cheated in a game. This time you see her front and face only, but it is also a long well-done scene with good sound. There is also another scene where a maid beats Corinne off-screen, and we later see her tied between two posts with several whip-marks across the front of her body. And there is yet another scene in which the woman that beats Corinne for cheating is beaten by her. As far as I know, the US version and the French version are the same except for a couple of talking scenes. - Oslo

Story of O (Cable Series) - I think just about every one of these has a flogging in it. I've seen Vol's 1,2,3,8, and 10 - and they all have at least one good whipping. The actress playing O is stunning, though the acting is quite atrocious. Well worth a look if this is your thing, and if it isn't why are you here?

Story of O Part II - In this stupid movie that has nothing to do with the original, 'O' has the back of her dress unzipped and allows a man to whip her back with a thin stick. Short scene and her back is never fully shown. Afterward, she utters the immortal line "I measure power not by the blows you can give, but by the blows you can take." This flick's one blow I could have done without.

Strangler in the Tower - We briefly see the aftermath of a whipping. A woman has been whipped for information by a secret cult. On of the cult members covers he whipped back with a cloak, and she winces in pain.

Strike Zone - (1999) This could have been great. An attractive blonde (Eileen Grubba) is tied standing AOH, wearing just a bra and panties, while a bad guy menaces her with a whip. Just as he's about to have some real fun, two soldiers charge in and shoot the guy before the first blow is struck. What a pisser.

Suburbia - Don't know if this one should count, but it does have a scene where a teenage girl shows a guy the scars on her back that her father gave her.

Summer Heat - European movie. Boy dreams about punishing his mother who is dressed up as a naughty school girl. Weird little flick, but great looking women.(Lescan)

Super Ball - Simular to the movie "Starlet" . Crew making a low budget sex film. whipping scene is pretty fake but the chick is good looking and totally nude.(Lescan)

Superchick - Big-breasted Ushi Digart is whipped naked on the set of a movie. Whip marks cover her back and buttocks. Nice scene, even though it is a film-within-a-film thing.

Susana - A young brat is thrashed with a whip in this Luis Bunuel film.

Sweet Sugar - Phylis Davis is tied spread-eagle to a couple of posts. A guard then takes a bullwhip and lashes at her back. Unfortunately he is stopped, and the whipping never continues. VIDEO LINK

Sword and the Cross, The (1956) - There are four minor scenes scattered throughout the film, firstly a random woman is whipped briefly by another woman eleven minutes into it, she is clothed and sitting at a sewing machine. Secondly At around the 23 minute mark we can see some faint whip marks on the upper arm of one of the main female characters when she is in a prison cell. It could be meant to look like she has been whipped but it's not clear.

Thirdly, At about 29 minutes into it, she is actually whipped on screen for dropping a vase of wine. She is clothed and running about being pursued by her female overseer and whipped frantically by her, a bloke enters the scene and stops it. And finally about 40 minutes into the film, there is a scene were many slaves are working a big wheel and the same woman is given one lash across the clothed ass by a male overseer. This scene is featured on the website “Punishmovies” (PM7-43) Set 7 Clip 43.

Sword of El Cid - (Spain/Italy 1965, by Miguel Iglesias) A typical "sword-and-knight" movie with a good scene in a forest. Chantal Deberg (beautiful, long black hair) and Iliana Grimaldi (blonde) are trapped by the 2 villains. Each of them is tied standing to a big tree by knotting leather straps around the wrists and than around the tree. Faces to the trees, arms slightly raised. The dresses are torn open leaving the backs naked. The men take long leather thongs from their riding equipment and fasten their spurs at the ends (to increase the weight and impact). Then they ride their horses in circles. Each time they pass the trees, the quickly weilded thongs hit the bare backs sharply. Some lashes onscreen, mostly showing Deberg's face and back, with bleeding weals. Her head moves back with each lash. (Thanks USbaer)

Sword of the Barbarians (aka Barbarian Master) - Yvonne is captured and held as a bait for the hero. She's tied to a post and whipped. Her top is ripped away and her arms are shackled above her head, after which the whipmeister duly performs his duty - about six lashes in all. Ah, but help is at hand and single-handedly the hero defeats the assembled horde and even does the goddess in. VIDEO LINK

Tai-Pan - An Asian girl is whipped off-screen. A door opens and we see her whipped back. A couple of girls take her down and immediately start treating the wounds. Nice whip marks, but the scene is very brief.

Tank - Jennilee Harrison gets a belt whipping from the sheriff. She's in bed in her trailer and after a short lecture, the sheriff orders her to pull up her shirt and pull down her panties. Five lashes are shown on camera, but the angle is from by her face, so you don't actually see her butt or any marks, but you do see the sheriff swing the belt.

Tarzan and The Slave Girl - A slave is sentenced to 20 lashes, of which none are seen and only 3 are heard. The couple of marks on her back go away quick. (Thanks Marijke)

Taur the Mighty - (1963) A group of women are practising sword fighting in a cave setting watched by two men from above. The women are then lined up in file and one woman is called out and whipped on the ass by a woman in a pointy white hat. She gets three stokes across her clothed backside while wearing a short skirt. This scene is absolute rubbish, only a minor incident really.

Terminal Island A girl is tied between two conveniently placed trees, has the back of her denim shirt ripped open, and is whipped on her back by a man as a bait to help him and his friends escape from the island. This is one of Tom Selleck's early films. Magnum P.I. fans take note. DOWNLOAD LINK

This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse (Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver) (1967) - Brazilian cheap movie of early 60's: in a dream a man sees himself to the Hell, while watching many men and women tortured and whipped by devils; anyway ALL the movies of this strange film-maker (José Mojica Marins, a.k.a. Coffin Joe, writer, producer, director and main role actor of all his movies) have fake whipping scenes.

Three Bad Sisters - Kathleen Hughs takes a riding crop to sister Marla English's face in. A scary scene. (Thanks JF)

Three Came Home - Brief scene where a middle-aged woman is beaten with a stick by a guard. Don't see anything, though.

Three Pirates, The - Starring Mai Britt from La Nave della donne Maldette and Yolanda. Like the other two, this film is also purported to have a flogging scene. (Thanks Anthony)

Thrill of the Vampires - Has a lengthy but extremely fake scene in which two naked women are chained up and whipped. The writhing and moans do not match the stroke of the whip at all. Terrible, terrible. Another Jean Rollin misfire.

Tom Thumb - Tom Thumb's mother has the back of her dress ripped off. She is about to be whipped, but she is save in the nick of time. (Anonymous). (Oslo: Does anyone know what version of "Tom Thumb" this is?)

Torture Me, Kiss Me - (1970) In this ultra-low budget Nazi sexploitation cheapie, a topless woman (Gerri Miller) is energetically whipped by a goon named "Erick", who laughs with mad glee while performing his deed. Halfway through, he brings in another topless woman, hands her the whip and she continues the whipping. Then he takes the first girl down and starts in on the other one. Nice nudity and pained performances by both victims, although neither girl is actually tied (they both simply hang onto the chains) and the whipping sounds aren't synched with the visuals, which makes the whole thing look a bit on the phony side. VIDEO LINK

Tortured Females - Cheap 60's grindhouse flick has some weak whippings of cute women that can't act. Similar to the Olga films, as the whips miss by a mile and the marks either don't appear or look way off. Watching this movie all the way through without hitting fast-forward will give you brain cancer.

Tower of London - The 60's version starring Vincent Price has a scene in which we see the side view of a girl's back that has been savagely lashed. The girl is later murdered, and revisits Price in spirit form. She shows him her back and asks him "Is it not attractive, as a woman's back should be?"

Travelers: Dimension Police (2013) - I haven't seen this big budget Japanese sci-fi adventure flick except for the whipping scene, where Nao Nagasawa, wearing a sexy black bustier and leather shorts, is chained AOH and beaten with a nightstick. Nao looks great, but the scene is edited in such a way that no impact is shown. She explains to the bad guy that her costume protects her from being hurt, and the guy dejectedly drops the nightstick and orders her to be let go. Wouldn't it have been better to cut her clothes off her? Oh well. VIDEO LINK

Triumph of the Spirit - Willem Dafoe's girlfriend is whipped after she tries to steal a piece of bread from a near dead inmate in a concentration camp. We only see her face, and the painful expressions on it. The other violence in this film is some of the most graphic ever shown in a mainstream film, so I don't know why they wimped out on the whipping scene.

Triumph of the Ten Gladiators - In this 1964 Italian gladiator flick, Myrta (Halina Zalewska) is tied to an X-frame with her arms spread apart and given several lashes to her tits (no nudity though). When she doesn't confess, she is burned with a hot iron.

Turkish predon and the Princess - There is a scene where a gang leader ties up the princess, tears off the dress from her back, and give five very strong lashes with a bullwhip - anyway the scene is shot from the front.

Uncle Tom's Cabin - A female slave is whipped because her brother has run away. I've got to say in the whipping footage the person being whipped looks like a white middle-aged bloke, probably a combination of the poor picture quality and lighting but when you see the character after and in later scenes you can see that she is in fact quite good looking black woman. A bit later she is ordered to remove her clothes by the slave owner in a scene on a boat and we see some whip marks on her back. This is only really brief and there are only a few marks just in shot as she stands with her back to the camera. This scene is illustrated on the film posters.

Unconquered - Don't know if this should count. Paulette Goddard is tied with her hands above her head, has the back of her shirt ripped off, and is almost whipped. Could have been a great scene. In the book this is based on the character really does get whipped (it still gets stopped, but after a few lashes). Cecil B. DeMille must have wimped out. Big disappointment, and the movie's terrible too.

Up From Slavery - A black slave girl is prepared for a whipping. Unfortunately, the whipping itself is off-screen. VIDEO LINK

Ursus nella terra di fuoco - the scene is fake but not bad (it'is about a queen, before a coup d'Žtat was a slave, that whips a prisoner, before princess and her master, chained by one ankle in a dungeon): long and a little violent with several lashes, but fake (we see a glass between the two girls!). After we have a brief view of the red-welted back.

Utamaro's World (1977) - Roomed in Japan middle 18 century, a girl is tortured by two police investigators to confess where is her boyfriend (a thief): in a dungeon she's suspendended totally nude, and longly and savagely beated, with a birch and a bamboo-stick, all over her body: very long and intense scene.

Vampire Circus - (1972) After the villagers storm the castle and kill The Count, they capture Anna (Domini Blythe) for consorting with the vampire. Although she's beautifully naked when taken into custody, they give her a shirt to wear (!). They take her outside and force her to walk, then crawl, between two rows of villagers who thrash her with whips, belts and tree branches. Unfortunately her husband takes pity on her and saves her. She spits in his face and runs back to the castle. As she flees, we see that there are no marks on her. But later, in the castle, she shows bloody marks on her face and the back of her shirt. The whipping itself is very brief and the angles are not ideal.

Vanessa - Olivia Pascal gets several strokes (Thanks Larry)

Velvet Edge - Two loving couples are herassed by a gang. One of the women upset the gang leader by spitting in his face and pays for it by getting whipped while totally nude by the gang leader, the rest of the gang looks on . Pretty good scene , however the camera angles could have been better. (Lescan)

Vendetta cieca (Bild revenge) - a spaghetti western from the 70's: we don't see any whipping, but while some captive girls are taking a bath, there is a woman, their master, watching with a riding crop, and we see one of these girls climbing some stairs having some welts on the bare bottom.

Vengeance Is a Dish Served Cold - ( Italy 1971, by William Redford ) Original Title: LA VENDETTA E UN PIATTO CHE SI SERVE FREDDO. Aka "Vengeance Trail" or "3 Amen Fuer Den Satan". A Spaghetti western. A beautiful Indian woman ( Elisabeth Eversfield ) is captured by an outlaw gang and kept on their ranch in a kind of "harem". One evening the chief commands her to sleep with one of his guests (Klaus Kinski). However, in the night she is recalcitrant. The gang wakes up to Kinski's cries and curses, and catches the fleeing girl in the yard. She has scratched Kinski's skin with her fingernails. The next day she gets her punishment, watched by Kinski and the others. With the arms widely spread, her wrists are tied to a wooden fence (front to fence), while she is told what awaits her. Her dress is torn open in the back so her back is naked. She is bull-whipped very hard from behind. Before each lash, the man swings the long, heavy whip like a lasso, giving the tail a high speed. You hear the hissing and the sharp cracks, and her moans become more and more intense. Some shots of her front, face and back at the right moments. After 8 lashes, the scene is interrupted by an arriving stranger. The Italian original might be even longer.(Thanks USbaer) VIDEO LINK

Venture into the Bizarre - (197X) xxx. Two girls are chained and whipped by two men while a couple looks on and gets turned on. You do see blood on their backs.(Lescan)

Vertical Smile, The - an erotic cheap french movie from late 60's; there's a very bief scene at the beginning.

Vice Squad (1982) - Wings Hauser plays a vicious pimp who ties a hooker (MTV VJ Nina Blackwood) face up to a bed and beats her to death with a "pimp stick", a folded up wire coat hanger. I believe at least one stroke is shown on camera. Near the end he captures the star hooker, played by Season Hubley and chains her spread-eagled on a mattress in preparation for the same treatment. He only gets to give her one stroke before the cops break in and rescue her.

Videodrome - In David Cronenberg's confusing masterwork there are several whipping scenes of women. Unfortunately, they all take place on a television screen with blurry reception. A couple of really good scenes, though. Supposedly one of the women got really into it, according to a Cronenberg interview.

Viking Queen, The - The title character (played by one-named actress Carita) is taken into the center of the village. The bad guy then tears off the top of her dress, grabs her hair and places it in front of her shoulders. He then orders another man to flog her with a heavy cat o' nine tails on her bare back. The whipping shots are from afar, but pretty realistic. Later in the scene, she is taken down. She falls to the ground and we get a good look at her bloody whipped back. VIDEO LINK

Viva Villa - Has a female whipping scene that is kept in shadows, I think.

Walking Tall - Buford is tipped off that some guys are holding a woman who they believe was his informant. When he finds her, she's being held down by two men and whipped with a razor strap by a third as several others watch. Her entire back is covered with bloody marks. Buford is enraged by this and starts kickin' ass as only he can. This could have made for a great scene, but we only catch the tail end of the whipping (no pun intended).

Warrior and the Slave Girl - Italian picture,1958, called originally "La rivolta dei gladiatori". Slave girl refuses to tell where a noble prisoner is and is flogged by order of her mistress. After the whipping, the mistress (Gianna Maria Canali) takes the whip and gives her some more lashes. (Thanks Gaucho)

Waxwork - Towards the end of this film there is a scene in which the Marquis DeSade has Deborah Forman chained up. The back of her dress is pulled open by two women, and she is heavily bullwhipped. Marks appear, but they are light compared to the actual punishment she is supposedly receiving. Still this is an intense scene. Deborah's squirming and begging the Marquis to beat her more are a joy to behold. The rest of the film isn't bad, either.

Westward the Women - trail boss Robert Taylor get in an argument with strong willed red head, cracks bullwhip twice near her face to get her attention, they argue, she turns to stomp off, he gives her one hard stroke on her back. (Thanks Larry)

What? - (1972) Sydne Rome is taken on a beach by Marcello Mastroianni, tied the wrists to the ankles, and is birched on bare bottom for a sex game. A rather silly comic scene, played for laughs. VIDEO LINK

Where the Hot Wind Blows - aka The Law Gina Lollobrigida is tied face up on a table and gets 3 or 4 strokes on her front (pretty well done actually). (Thanks Larry)

Whip and the Body, The - Christopher Lee (didn't we just see him a minute ago?) takes a whip to beautiful Daliah Lavi twice in this film. The first time he whips her on a beach. She is clothed at first but he ends up whipping part of the back of her dress off so we can see the marks. She kills him later in the film, but his spirit returns to flog her a second time. This time she's lying on a bed and wearing a bodice, but by the end of the scene it's completely whipped off her and Lee's spirit is lashing at her flinching bare back. Great scene in an excellent horror movie by Italian maestro Mario Bava (under the psuedonym "John M. Old"). VIDEO LINK 1 and 2

Wicked Lady, The - Faye Dunaway and Marina Sirtis (yep, Troi from Star Trek: The Next generation) go at each other with long bullwhips. Though she eventually wins the fight, Sirtis has her top whipped off and gets several whip marks all over her body before it's done. Later we see Dunaway getting her whip marks treated. A great scene in a lousy movie. DOWNLOAD LINK

White Slaves of Chinatown - See the Olga's Girls entry.

Wild and Willing - (1972) European movie Girl is caught having sex in the back of a van with her boyfriend by a nun. She is taken into the nun's office and whipped on her bare bottom. Later in the showers the other girls inspect her wounds.(Lescan)

Wishmaster - a girl in a frayed white bikini and dress is whipped by tentacles for a couple secs. not really much but it's there. (Thanks Chris)

Witchmaker, The - aka The Legend of Witch Hollow or Witchkill. After betraying her cult, a girl is held down by two men, has the back of her shirt opened, and is given a few hard lashes across her bare back with a short whip by the cult leader. She then gets off the table, and as she walks back to her place we get a good, long look at her whipped back.

Women Behind Bars - A naked women is tied arms over head facing a wall and given a thorough bullwhipping in this film by the legendary director Jess Franco. Lots of bloody whip marks by the end.

Women in Bondage - This Nazi b-movie hides under many names. Has a scene where a woman is whipped on the ground with her arms chained around a pillar. Has anyone seen it?

Women in Cages - Pam Greer uses a bullwhip on her female lover (brief and not realistic). Later, however, Pam is tied face up to a slanted tree, shirt ripped showing most of her breasts and given 5 hard strokes with a tree branch. (Thanks Larry)

Women of Devil's Island - Scene near the beginning where we briefly see a girl stripped to the waist and tied to a tree. The whip marks on her back are barely visible. Later, there are scenes of her lying on a bed, and we can see a couple of the whip marks.

Women of Hell's Island - A black woman is tied to a triangle, has the back of her shirt ripped off, and is publicly bullwhipped. Short, quickly cut scene. Unrealistic sound and screams, and we don't really get to see anything. Later, she is taken down and she painfully tries to crawl to her bed, which another girl helps her do. In this scene we get to see a few shot of her bloody back, but its not very real looking.

Yolanda, Daughter of the Black Pirate - I saw it a long time ago, so I don't remember much about it, except that Yolanda was a female pirate. Toward the end of the film, she is tied to the mast and flogged. Can't remember if the scene was realistic or not. I do remember enjoying the scene. (Thanks HJ)

Zenabel (1969) - It's an Italian comedy with a brief scene: a woman (a duchess) is tied totally bared to a column and bullwhipped to confess where the little sons are. Pretty much a nothing scene, don't waste your time. VIDEO LINK

Zeta One (1969) - (aka The Love Factor) By Michael Cort: I did not find a whipping. But there is a topless woman with marks on her back chained AOH to a wall. VIDEO LINK