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100,000 For Ringo- Ringo (Richard Harrison) is whipped by the outlaws. Unfortunately, he has his shirt on during the whipping. (Thanks Nat!)

1,001 Nights - aka "Sharaz" Jeff Cooper is spread-eagled shirtless on some sort of St. Andrew's cross and chest-whipped.

Adam's Woman - takes place in a 19th century Australian penal colony. As the movie opens, a shirtless (and younger and trimmer) Beau Bridges is tied to a whipping triangle. Two trustees (also shirtless) are giving him 200 lashes for attempted escape. The other prisoners look on and we can see that his back is covered with bloody welts. A number of lashes are on film. Afterwards he is tended to by a sympathetic guard as he moans in agony.(JackC)

Against All Flags - Errol Flynn is whipped. Unfortunately, he was far past his prime when he submitted to the lash in this one. Rumor has it that a body double was used for part of the scene.

Alerta! Alta Tension - Incredibly handsome Jorge Rivero, gets several torture sessions. Finally, they get back to basics and whip him. Hung shirtless by the wrists, facing the wall of his cell, he is subjected to a long whipping. Both long and closeup shots show his body and the locale to advantage.(Jeff)

Alone Against Rome - Lang Jeffries is whipped in public by his Roman captors then later enslaved and tortured again. (Thanks Nat!)

American Hunter - An American secret agent (Chris Mitchum, the son of Robert) is captured by a gang of American and Phillippino bad guys and bullwhipped on his bare back first by the American chief of the gang, then by a Phillippino acolyte, in order to get information from him about a microfilm. Only a few strokes by each one before he is briefly electrotortured. Only face reactions and whipping action from one side. Never see the whip on his back. Later, when he escapes, we see very briefly some faint marks on his back. Too bad. (Jolly Roger)

Amazons of Rome (aka Slaves of Carthage) - There are also some male whipping scenes in this one, but I don't remember what they were like.

American Ninja 4 - David Bradley and a young black actor take the whip, having infiltrated a sort of Arab-IndoChinese terrorist organisation. Bradley is stripped to the waist and stoic as he takes the whip; the black actor is in a tank top and much more demonstrative. Michael Dudikoff, by the way, appears later in the film to rescue them... I would like to have seen him take the lash!(Thanks KM) There is also a scene near the beginning where we see some dead soldiers with whipped backs on camera.

Amistad - The flashback scenes from the slaves' Atlantic crossing, shows a very brutal whipping onboard the ship. The shot begins with blood being washed away from the deck below the victim, followed by sounds of the whip and the agonized moans of the victim. The whip used was not a cat I think. The emphasis here is on the brutality of the whipping in the context of the overall inhumanities of the slave trade, rather than whipping as part of some masculine trial of endurance like so many other films. Later the main character (Cinque) is shown being 'lightly' whipped while watching other chained slaves being thrown overboard. He is being held up by a crew member while another whips him with what looks like a small, thin whip.(Anonymous)

Anna and the King of Siam - Has a scene in which we see a man's brutally flogged back.

Anne of the Indies - Louis Jourdan is whipped with a cat-o-nine-tails by pirates on a ship. (Thanks Nat!)

Atlantis, The Lost Continent - Has some clothed male slave whipping.

Avenger of the Seven Seas - Richard Harrison is imprisoned and tortured while his younger brother in this movie is whipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Bad Girls - Dermot Mulroney is whipped .. but offscreen and then is shown with his clothing torn and lash marks on his face, etc.

Badlands of Montana - A western starring Rex Reason. Some shady characters decide Rex needs to be taught a lesson. They take him into the barn and tie his wrists to a ladder. They proceed to horsewhip him. Unfortunately they leave his shirt on in the version I saw. Several years prior to actually seeing the movie on TV, I remember seeing a color poster for the movie with Rex stripped to the waist and being whipped. In the movie there is a scene later where we see his lacerated back as he is being tended to by some friends.(JackC)

Bandit Queen, The - was released around 1950 (USA) beginning with a bullwhipping of a young woman's father. She swears revenge and learns the art of the bullwhip and hunts down murderers with the whip.(Charles)

Barabbas - A man playing Jesus is flogged on his naked back near the beginning.

Baraka X77 - On my copy (probably a bootleg) the production info is too blurred to read. This is a spy story of sorts and is in letterbox format. The hero, a guy billed as Gerard Barray, is tortured for information. His shirt off, he is hung by the wrists inside an upright frame. When the stool he's standing on is kicked away, he is suspended. He gets several lashes with a long whip, the sound effects are wonderful and the camera angle varies, although it is shown entirely from the front. The guy is ruggedly good looking, nice but not beefy body. (Jeff)

Barry Lyndon - Ryan O' Neal is made to run the gauntlet. Brief scene.

Beau Geste - starring Telly Savales features a French Foreign Legion flogging. Actor Guy Stockwell is punished in front of the entire company. He's shirtless and tied to a flogging post. The camera looks down toward Stockwell and a plaited bullwhip can be seen wrapping around the post. Later, we see Stockwell's back attended to. (Anonymous)

Becket - Toward the end of this fim, Peter O'Toole is whipped on his bare back by several monks. Many faint whip lines appear.

Belle Star - Has a scene in which we see a man that has been strung up and whipped across his front and back. A villian then tortures him by rubbing spurs across his chest and back. (Thanks Jeff)

Ben-Hur (both versions) - In both versions there are galley slave floggings, though in the re-make they are in lovely Technicolor!

Big Fisherman - John Saxon is stripped to the waist and whipped.

Big Gundown, The - Thomas Milian is whipped by cowboys. (Thanks Nat!)

Big Sky, The - starring Kirk Douglas. Set in colonial America, a group of male adventurers and an Indian Princess are together on the pioneer trail. A burly Frenchmen is caught making passes at the princess. As punishment he is stripped to the waist, tied to a tree and horsewhipped. Later, Douglas' sidekick, a young very well built cowboy, is threatened with the same treatment for the same reason but is spared. Too bad. - (John)

Billy Budd - A couple of naval floggings.

Black Magic - Toward the beginning of this 1940s film with Orson Welles, a young gypsy boy is tied up and flogged for biting a public official after his parents have been sentenced to death. The camera mostly shows his upper body from the front, though there is one far shot of his back. His torturers are about to gouge out his eyes when he is rescued by his uncle.

Black Velvet Band - four convicts are being deported to Tasmania and one is whipped on the way for stealing an officer's watch (he's actually taking the blame to spare his friend). He pulls off his shirt (he's rather portly) and stands against the grating. We see him get one stroke from the front and then the camera focuses on his friends faces as he gets a few more. In the next scene, he's being tended to and the marks on his back look very realistic. (Matt)

Birth of a Nation - D.W. Griffith's controversial masterwork has a scene of a slave being flogged briefly.

Black Pirate, The - Italian actor Terence Hill, the pirate captured by the woman he first catched on sea and then released, is tied shirtless in a room of the forteress husband's woman, his hands together roped to a ring in wall, and bullwhip by a guard while the woman watches. We see only once the lash on his back. Fake black marks on his skin. Very short scene. (Jolly Roger)

Blackbeard - Otherwise lighthearted fare has an uncharacteristically nasty (but brief) flogging scene in which a male lead is flogged and has salt thrown upon his bare back. However, within a few scenes he seems just fine.

Blacksnake - In Russ Meyer's ode to racism, there are a couple of scenes of the female mistress of a plantation whipping the hell out of her male slaves' backs.

Blood and Guns - As a sadistic colonel in the Mexican Revolution, Orson Welles narrates a scene where a revolutionary is strung up and whipped while others watch and wait their turn.(Jeff)

Blood of the Vampire - There is a prison flogging scene in this horror film.

Bohemian Girl, The - Brief scene with a man tied to a post and having his bare back flogged. Don't really see anything. Later, Thelma Todd treats his wounds.

Botany Bay - Alan Ladd is tied to the yardarm, has the back of his shirt ripped open, and is lashed for quite a long time. Lashing is off-screen, though.

Bounty, The - Liam Neeson is among those that get bloody back-whippings in this excellent retelling of the Mutiny on the Bounty tale.

Brigand, The- Anthony Dexter is whipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Brothers in Arms - After taking the place of a female whip victim, a man has his shirt ripped open and is bullwhipped while on top of the female victim. A few shots of his whipped back later on.

Brubaker - A black man is chosen at random, tied to the prison bars, so everyone can see. His pants are pulled down and he is hit with the biggest strap I ever saw. You see the bare ass, you see one or two lashes. You see lots of close-ups of his face, as he nearly goes intoepileptic fit. He does a great performance, drool - the whole bit. By the way, he is whipped as an example for the other cons to behave. (Thanks Zack)

C.A.T. Squad: Python Wolf - An american air force officier (Jack Youngblood, the ex-football player) and his crew are capture by white africaner terrorist in South Africa, and taken to a secret labor camp for interrogation. One white man of the crew have his feet beaten, an other one (the only black member of the team) is burn alive and the Youngblood is whip with a sambock on his back and front, but off screen. We only see the bloody welts covering his hairy muscular torso when he is rescue by american soldiers. Too bad they don't show the whipping of Youngblood. (Jolly Roger)

Caged Beauties - This Asian prison camp film supposedly has both male and female whippings in it.

Caged Heat 3000 - A man makes another woman whip his ass with a paddle while they are both naked in a shower.

Camp on Blood Island, The - A prisoner-of-war has the back of his shirt pulled up and is whipped by guards in order to extract information. Later, he is returned to his fellow prisoners, and we get a good look at the real-looking whip welts covering his back.

Cantubury Tales, The - Male whipping scene in a bordello.

Captain Blood - This classic tale of an innocent English doctor sent into tropical slavery for aiding a rebel has 3 floggings -- 1) a minor unnamed character is seen being whipped at a post; he still has a shirt on, and is not seen close-up; 2) Jeremy Pitt (played by Ross Alexander) is beaten by a pliable rod of some sort while tied to a post, with a torn shirt mostly off; later, Peter Blood (Errol Flynn) comes to his aid. These are two fairly detailed scenes (with closeups of Pitt's back & face). The actual flogging is only available in the restored version, made available only recently. 3) For his aid, Blood is tied to the same post, facing forward, and receives one hit of the rod before a "timely interruption" occurs. For such a classic movie, the violence is mild, probably because of the wave of self-censorship that hit Hollywood in the mid-30s. (Thanks Dragonard!) VIDEO LINK

Captain Sinbad - Guy Williams is whipped with his shirt on. (Thanks Nat!)

Carbine Williams - An old Jimmy Stewart movie. His character is sentenced to a chain gang. We see the prisoners gathered at the end of a work day to witness the punishment of one of their group. The victim (not Stewart) is stripped to the waist and tied to a wooden frame. He is flogged on his bare back with a strap. After he is taken down, we see his welt covered back as the guards drag him away. (Thanks Jack C)

Cardinal, The - Tom Tyron is abducted by Klansmen one night who tear off his shirt and try to make him spit on a crucifix. He refuses and so they bullwhip him while he stands there, unbound, holding the cross. We see the lash curl around his shoulder with each stroke. The next morning, he wakes up lying face down and we get a good view of his back which does look like it's been bullwhipped. He wanders around for a while, disorientated, with his shirt in tatters round his waist until a passer-by comes to his aid. (Matt)

Cervantes - 1968 with a very cute Horst Buchholtz strung up and whipped by the Moors in a dungeon midway through the movie, then placed on the rack later in the movie. Very nice and hot!(Anonymous)

Charge Of The Light Brigade - Authentically depicts savage British army flogging of 19th Century. Soldier is strapped to frame and flogged with cat o' nine tails. We mainly see faces of onlookers as 20 lashes are inflicted. Shot of his bloodied back. Brief scene later on showing back of another flogged man.

Chino - The scene starts with a shot of Bronson laying face down, shirtless in the dirt, both arms stretched in front of him. You can see a rope around each wrist. The punisher, who is an upper-class land-owning father of the woman Bronson, a half-breed, has secretly courted, nods his head and suddenly you see two men on horses begin a fast trot. Each holds an end of one of the ropes, which you now see have been strung over a gate post frame. The action drags Bronson across the dirt, then straight up, and then hanging by his hands off the ground - a great bondage punishment in itself. Another man behind Bronson starts to bullwhip him methodically and brutally. Much of what you see is from the front. Very realistic. Bronson's reactions are a little stoic, but you see him suffering. Very few, if any, shots from the back. The father finally gives the order to stop and tells Bronson that if he sees his daughter again, "Next time I won't tell them to stop." Bronson's ado! pted teenage son (the only onlooker other then the ranch hands of the landowner)looks on helplessly the entire time. After, the son takes his agonized father face down in a wagon to the camp of the Indians, who nurse Bronson back to health. There are shots of his torn back being treated. (anonymous)

Chuka - As some newcomers arrive in a military camp, they see a man tied to a triangle being whipped with a strap. We see a side veiw of the whipping, and their are several bloody looking whip lines on his bare back.

Circle of Deception - An agent Paul Raine (Bradford Dillman) is captured by the Germans and whipped during his torture sessions for information. (Thanks Nat!)

Clockwork Orange, A - Has a scene where Alex imagines that he is whipping Christ.

Code of the Devil - We briefly see a man being whipped on his bare back in one scene.

Conquerer, The - Temujin (John Wayne) is yoked and whipped by his captors during a trek across the desert. (Thanks Nat!)

Count of Monte Cristo, The - The 2002 version of this story has a couple of whipping scenes. Both are of the main character, played by Jim Caviezel, being whipped in prison. The first scene is his whipping as he enters prison, and the second scene is of one of his "anniversary" whippings. We also see scars on the back of Richard Harris' character and briefly see him whipped in a flashback, if my memory serves me correctly - which it usually doesn't.

Crimson Blade, The- The leader of the people's revolt is captured and whipped by his girlfriend's nasty father. (Thanks Nat!)

Crimson Pirate, The - this Burt Lancaster swashbuckler has a very brief scene where a rather old pirate is flogged in a dungeon hung up by his wrists. We only see one stroke of the whip hit his back so the scene is a bit disappointing. (Should have been Burt himself getting two dozen!)

Damn the Defiant -This British film (original title: H.M.S. Defiant) has two floggings. The first involves Johnny Briggs, a common seaman, getting two dozen of the cat from two bosuns while tied to the grating. All 24 strokes are heard, but the camera scans the whole boat, and most of the back shots are blocked by bodies & other objects. The second is to a more prominent actor, Tom Bell, who is a leader in the incipient mutiny. This time, most of the action is off the deck, but it is topped off, when the two dozen are completed, Bell turns to Dirk Bogarde, overseeing the punishment, and strains to shouts: "Enjoy yourself?" His cheek gets him two dozen more after the fade out.(Thanks Dragonard!)

Danger Zone - A member of a gang of bikers and drug dealers is stripped to the waist, tied up to a T post, and bullwhipped by the chief of the gang for stealing a small quantity of drugs for his own use. Mainly face reactions but few good shoots from the side and from far. (Jolly Roger)

Danger Zone 3 - A young man , ex-convict, is bullwhipped by the same chief of bikers (as in the previous) to make him or his girlfriend tell where a treasure of stolen gold is hidden. After many lashes the girl speaks and the guy is released and falls on the ground (for a good but brief view of his bleeding back). Mainly close ups on face reactions and some from far front shots. (Jolly Roger) VIDEO LINK

Dawn of Victory, The - A 1974 film set in Greece. A handsome young man who joined his brother as a revolutionary was captured. The next scene shows him being chained to a wall shirtless and whipped. The whipping is short, but the whip marks look good. (Toby) About the partisan guerrillas on Crete during WWII. A quite handsome partisan leader is whipped by the Nazis, tortured for information, no shirt, spread in chains against the wall of the prison.(Jeff)

De Sade (1969) - A young boy has his shirt pulled up and is whipped off-screen.

Deathsport - David Carridine suffers under the lash. (Thanks Snidely)

Death at Owell Rock - A cowboy is bullwhipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Desert Legion - A dark and somewhat handsome legionnaire named Lopez is captured by the "enemy" after he has advanced ahead of his company. As the scene opens he is being whipped for information. We get to see front and side views only. The leader then comes in and when Lopez does not respond to his request for information the leader : "Aha, the brave and silent soldier; We'll see how long you can stay brave and silent". The whipping continues as the scene fades out. Later, we see a good shot of Lopez' striped back (look like lipstick marks) as Alan Ladd the leader look on after he has passed out. He is then cut down and dragged away by two guards. In a later scene his welts are being tended to in a dungeon of sorts and he seems just fine. Later on in the movie he is riding through the desert alongside Alan Ladd and he seems in excellent condition. I guess the whipping must have done him some good! (Anonymous)

Desert Renegades -Three men are captured in the desert. In the next scene we see them being tied shirtless to whipping posts and being whipped. The whipping is quite long as the three characters get whipped at the same time. The next scene shows one of the men, the hero of the film, lying down and getting his welted back treated by a sheik's daughter.(Toby)

Devil Ship Pirates - John Cairney gets a flogging while bound to a whipping post in the town square. (Thanks Nat!)

Diary of Forbidden Dreams - Marcello Mastroianni whipped (?)

Dog Day -- a very young boy is severely spanked with a belt on his bare butt. Much of it is on-screen. With Lee Marvin.(Anonymous)

Dracula Rising - Christopher Atkins and a good looking dark haired guy are monks a century or two back in time. The vampire bit comes sometime later in the film although we do learn early on that Chris is the son of Vlad the Impaler. He befriends a beautiful young girl but only to help her with her faith or something like that. However, his friend and fellow monk says that Chris must tame his flesh and he will be glad to help him. The friend points out that Chris must always do extra penance because of his evil father. The next scene opens with the crack of a whip on flesh. Several more cracks are heard before the camera pans in on Chris, stripped to the waist, kneeling before some wooden apparatus in the monastery courtyard. His friend is flogging him while the other monks watch. A number of lashes are on film and he lets out only a muffled cry each time the whip lands. We see several good shots of his back which is covered with bloody welts. Some days or weeks later we see him shirtless again but there are no signs of the whipping.(JackC) VIDEO LINK

Dragonard - At the beginning, a black slave is whipped for stealing a comb (?!) Whipping is long and bloody, and we get to see a lot of it. Later, a white servant has the back of his shirt ripped open and has his back ripped to shreds in one of the longest whipping scenes I've ever seen. He miraculously survives, and we later see him getting his whip marks treated in a house of ill repute.

Drum - Ken Norton and Yaphet Kotto are tied upside down and paddled on their bare butts.

Duel of the Titans - aka "Romulus and Remus" Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott are Romulus and Remus(!). Steve is spread-eagled on a rotating vertical StAndew's cross and whipped on the front of his body. The whipping is centered but the subsequent interrogation is poorly cropped CinemaScope that cuts off half his body.(Jeff)

Eerie Midnight Horror Show, The (aka The Sexorcist) - After being tempted by a possessed woman, a priest viciously (but briefly) flogs himself.

The Electronic Monster - a Nazi colonel, after the war is over, goes into the business of selling dream therapy to mental patients. Of course his aim is to plant subliminal ideas into the minds of the patients with himself as a Christ image--to save them, and therefore make them his willing slaves in order to take over the world, of course, and bring back the Third Riech. In one of these sequences, a man is whipped by a beautiful woman while everyone looks on. (Thanks JF)

Erotic Rites of Frankenstein- Jess Franco vehicle has a scene where a man and woman are tied back to back. They are whipped with a long whip until they fall on stakes. There is a similar scene in a Franco film called "Golden Temple Amazons", I think.

Fanny and Alexander-there is a caning scene of a boy in this movie/TV film by Bergman.(anonymous)

Farewell My Concubine -- young men/boys are whipped with the flat edge of sword throughout the movie. All are bare butt and one is very severe.(Anonymous)

Fargo - Steve Buscemi is 'whooped' by a BIG Native American. We can briefly see some bloody marks on Buscemi's back.

Fiercest Heart - Stuart Whitman is whipped in the beginning of the movie. We see his bleeding back then and in the next scene or so before he escapes the fort. (Thanks Nat!)

Forgotten, The - A group of ex-pow from Vietnam War, after being free, retell their captive experience and tortures in hands of Vietcongs , for their superiors. One remembers being tied up side down by feet , hands tied in his back and whip with a heavy belt front and back, before being tortured with a knife. Brief scene.(Jolly Roger)

Genghis Khan- During the beginning credits of this movie, a young and yoked Genghis is whipped. Later, Omar Shariff, who is playing the role of the older still yoked Genghis, has his legs very cruelly whipped with a stick by Jamuga played by Stephen Boyd. (Thanks Nat!)

Gentlemen of the Night - In Venice of old, a man is whipped front and back then branded with a hot iron. (Thanks Nat!)

Girl in the Kremlin - Lex Barker , an American agent, is whipped by Russian female agent. After the punishment, we can see blood through cuts in his shirt. (Gaucho)

Glory - Denzel Washington's already scarred back is whipped again in a brutal scene from what is, in my opinion, the only Civil War movie worth watching.

Golden Temple Amazons-Scene similar to "Erotic Rites of Frankenstein"

Golem (1936) - Harry Bauer has several priests whipped in his torture chamber in the hopes of finding where the Golem is hiding. It just didn't pay to go in to the priesthood in those days. (Thanks JF)

Gor - In the first of two movies inspired by the Gor Cycle of John Norman. An old white haired man is bullwhipped on his bare back in a dungeon for information. We see one lash landing on his back before the whipping is stopped. Very short scene. (Jolly Roger)

Gunga Din - Victor MacLaughlin and Cary Grant are whipped by Indians. Their faces suggest that they have smelled something bad rather than being in any real pain. (Thanks JF)

Gunfight At Abilene, A - The victim is young and slender and really good looking. He is stripped to the waist and tied to the back of a cart and bullwhipped long and hard, then tied to a horse which gets his flogged body home, where he dies from the whipping. (Thanks Robbie)

Gypsy Wildcat - An older male gypsy is whipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Harder They Come, The 1972 - In this film , with a famous reggae sountrack, set in 60s Jamacia a street punk (Jimmy Cliff) is sentenced to a judicial caning. He has to drop his pants and bend over a pole. At the first stroke from a very long bamboo cane across his butt, in the uncut version, he pisses himself. (Anonymous)

Haunted Strangler, The - Has a scene where a couple of male prisoners are tied to wooden crosses and whipped on their naked backs by a guard. There is a close up of the bloody marks on one man's back when he is taken down.

Head in the Clouds - (UK/Canada 2004) Stuart Townsend is whipped by Charlize Theron. In the same movie there's as well a scene of Penélope Cruz with a striped back. But I don't know if the whipping is shown in the movie.

Hellgate - (1952) This might be the best of all. Prisoner in military prison lies to one of the guards. He's taken outside the cell and sees another guard with a bullwhip. The head guard tells him, "Get it off, liar." The prisoner tears off his shirt. Next scene his wrists are tied to a hook high above his head. He receives several lashes onscreen before his buddies break out and rescue him. A true whipping classic.(Anonymous)

Hidden City- Bomba (Johnny Sheffield), who played Tarzan's son Boy in the Tarzan movies, is whipped by the evil sheik's men. (Thanks Nat!)

High Plains Drifter - Has a couple of very brutal, all-over-the-body, whip scenes of clothed men.

His Kind of Woman - (1951) Somewhere in Mexico, Robert Mitchum sneaks aboard the yacht of some bad guys but is caught. He's beaten up and then has his shirt buttons ripped off by one of the bad guys. The bad guy tells his two cronies to "Take off his shirt and stand him over there." They take off Mitchum's shirt and stand him against a pillar as the other guy takes off his thick belt. He gives Mitchum 3 lashes before Mitchum falls to the floor. Short whipping but a good scene. (Anoymous)

House of the Spirits - Antonio Banderas tries to incite his fellow workers to strike against patron Jeremy Irons; Irons comes along, sends the workers off, orders Antonio to take off his shirt, and personally whips him (arms outstretched and grasped by his father). The focus is on Antonio's face as he grimly Withstands his pain. This ranks high on the star flogging scale.(Thanks Dragonard!)

How Green Was My Valley - Roddy McDowell whipped off-screen by his teacher. Don't remember much about this one, except that it was grim.

Hunchback of Notre Dame - All versions, except the Disney one, have a scene where the title character is publicly flogged. The one with Charles Laughton is particularly brutal - and somewhat real from what I know of the history of the film.

Hurricane, The - 1933 Southern Seas epic with Dorothy Lamour has Jon Hall whipped very briefly by two prison guards. (Thanks Matt!)

I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang - Paul Muni and another man are lashed with the warden's strap. We get to see the other man's back as he runs to get out of the whipping room.

If... - Male British student caned on the buttocks, including Malcolm McDowall.

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS - A man is whipped to death alongside a woman. Later they are both seen hanging upside down.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Young boy slaves being goaded with a whip. Indiana and Short Round being whipped.

Innocents From Hell - A priest is flogged along with nuns in order to cleans him after he has witnessed two possessed girls.

Interzone - A guy (Bruce Abbott) after being captured by a gang headed by a muscular woman, suspended, half-naked to a chain and bullwhipped by a heavy guy until he falls, causing a devilish device to electrocute his girlfriend trapped in a steel cage. Good whipping action but mainly face reactions. (Jolly Roger)

Island of Doomed Men - 1940 B Warners movie, with Peter Lorre, who runs a tropical island slave-labor camp infiltrated by crusading young reporter Robert Wilcox, (a darkly handsome, muscular young actor) who in the second of the on-screen floggings is tied shirtless to a wooden post and whipped by a guard. Like other studio floggings, the focus is on the tightly bound torso straining against the beating; the nice touch here is that Wilcox struggles throughout to keep talking to the guard to get him to join his rebellion! Back in his shack, some medication is applied, but little is seen.

Jack Be Nimble - A boy's stern father whips him with a long stick, if I remember correctly. I think the boy was clothed, but later in the film we get to see the scars. This is a very well done, and very strange, Aussie horror film.

Jailhouse Rock - For hitting two guards, convict Elvis is tied to an overhead pipe, shirtless, and flogged by another guard with a strap. No shots of his back, but (when seen letterboxed in the original Cinemascope) we get to see his reaction to three of the lashes while they are laid on. Back in his cell, his back is covered by a jacket while cellmate Mickey Shaunnessy apologizes for not having the money to pay for grease for his welts. Surprisingly little sympathy is wasted on Elvis here, whose character is surly and selfish most of the movie before he redeems himself. Elvis was also flogged off-screen in one of his later, lesser movies, Harum Scarum, where he played a singer captured by an evil prince who wants Elvis to help him capture the throne by using his karate skills.(Thanks Dragonard!) Thank you, thank you very much. May I please have another? Oh, thank ya mamamama.

Jesus Christ Superstar - That masochistic messiah gets it again in this one, and to music at that!

Jesus of Montreal - In the flagellation scene, our man Lothaire is tied to a tree completely naked and severely whipped by two Roman guards. We see the first two lashes, and Lothaire's vivid reaction to them, close-up. Then we see a few more lashes land across his bare back from a more distant angle. There is quite a bit of "oohing" and "ahhing" on Lothaire's part as well, at least if you turn up the volume. (JM)

Johnny Firecloud - The title character gets tied to a fence in a barn, has his shirt ripped off, and is whipped by Ralph Meeker. Bloody, fake-looking marks appear on his back. He is in jail and a guard is treating his wounds in the next scene. He then gets up and walks around and there are lots of shots of his marked back. Later, he gets revenge by tying Meeker up, stripping him to the waist, and whipping him across both the back and front. Then there is a scene of Meeker having his wounds treated.

Joseph Andrews - Has a scene where we see a man who has been flogged being taken to the stocks. His back is realistically bloody.

Journey to the Lost City - has a nice long multi-angled scene, an outdoor whipping, the Emir (or something) being whipped on orders of his usurper brother.

Jungle Book, The - (English version, 1945) Sabu, the boy of jungle book is whipped by a bad man, accused being a witch 'cause he speaks to animals, but the real goal for the whipping is forcing Sabu tell where is a golden treasure, hidden in the jungle. The boy (almost an old well built teenager) is kneeling, hands tied to a ring in the stone wall of a kind of temple. We see some moving of the whipman, and fake marks on the shoulders and back of the boy. (Jolly Roger)

Kentuckian, The - Bullwhips open and close the flick. It takes place in a town in backwoods Kentucky, ca 1800. Burt Lancaster plays a backwoodsman, widowed, father of a 10-ish kid, both wearing buckskin. It opens in a tavern, where the local bully flicks his lash, shouting 'Who da'st to crack a whip with me?' He threatens to 'cut that buckskin right off' Burt. Burt settles down, working for his cousin, a storekeeper, and wears tight textiles. There's a woman, too. It evolves predictably. In the unpredictable conclusion, the bully's kid attacks Burt's kid with about a six-foot whip. Burt intervenes, taking the kid's lash away. The bully then lashes Burt all over the open space, driving him tantalizingly close to a boulder. Then the lady drives a wagonwheel over the lash, too soon. (anonymous)

Kilma, Queen of the Amazons - A man is tied down shirtless on a rock. His arms held tied in ropes by two men. Another man bullwhips his bare back. Most of the whipping shots are from afar, though there are a couple of close-ups. Quite a long scene, intercut with scenes of the Amazons watching the action.

Kindar the Invulnerable- Mark Forest engages in a whip duel with another rival. (Thanks Nat!)

Kings Pirate 1967 - Movie opens on board a Royal navy ship with Doug McClure receiving 20 lashes. Afterwards we see the marks on his back. He had volunteered to be whipped so that his back would be marked in order for him to pose as a deserter and infiltrate a pirate stronghold. This is a remake of "Against All Flags."(Anonymous)

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands - Burt Lancaster again - was he into it or something? In this one, he sentenced to be lashed with a cat o' nine tails. He's stripped to the waist and stretched. He's whipped but we only get to see reaction shots. In the next scene he is lying face down in an infirmary, but his back is covered.

Knightriders (1981) - Ed Harris is the 'king' of a roadside carnival that lives according to the ways of the middle ages. In the beginning of the movie, he can be seen lightly whipping himself on the back with a tree branch. (John)

Kull the Conquerer - starring Kevin Sorbo, has a pretty good male flogging in it near the beginning. It's not Sorbo, but an equally good looking guy. Sarbo appears with his shirt off through much of the movie and whip marks are evident on his back from a past flogging. (Thanks MJ)

Lady Godiva Rides - A sailor is caught having sex with a woman and is whipped at the mast. We only get to see the last couple of strokes. His back is covered with fairly realistic whip marks considering the cheapness of this production. Before he passes out (and maybe dies since we never see him again) he cries "It was worth it!"

Land of the Pharaohs - As Joan Collins is whipped, there is a male slave in the background with whip marks on his back.

Lash of the Penitentes - In one scene, a man has his back savagely whipped by several other men as he is tied down. Later, as the cult marches up a hill for a ritual, there are many shots of men being flogged and flogging each other.

Last Temptation of Christ, The - Willem Dafoe, as the Christ-man, gets his back severely beaten under the orders of Pontius Pilate, played by a menacing David Bowie (whom we'll see again later). Dafoe is completely nude in the scene, and the bloody whip marks on his back look very realistic. In an earlier crucifixion scene, we get to see the whip marks on another man's back as well. There is also a scene where a man is flogging himself.

Lawnmower Man, The - In a scene towards the beginning of the film, Jeff Fahey is told to take his shirt up by the cruel minister that takes care of him. The minister whips him with a leather belt. We only get to see reaction shots, if I remember correctly (which I usually don't).

Lawrence of Arabia - Peter O' Toole is stretched on a bench and has his lower back caned. Only his reactions are shown.

Legion of Iron - A football player is captured by a sadistic queen who wants to dominate the world. There are two whipping scenes. First, the football player tries to escape but is caught. He's stripped shirtless and punished by two lines of men. The men hold whips and rods which they flog him with as he is forced to walk past them. The next scene shows him being treated in bed by one of the prisoners. In the other scene, the hero opposes something, annoying the queen. She orders him to be strung up and whipped. Unfortunately, he has his shirt on, although it is only a t-shirt that covers half his body. There are only a few strokes on his back, after which he is taken down and sent to the queen's chamber. (Toby)

Les Miserables - 1935 Jean Valjean is whipped.

Lion and the Wind, The - An old Sean Connery (yes Mr 007 himself) as a rebel arab chief in Morocco, in early 20 th century, after being captured by german soldiers, is whipped off-screen. Jolly Roger)

Lord of the Flies - This 1990 movie of the Golding novel has a brief whipping. There are two camps in this film, the feral hunters, led by Jack (Chris Furrh), and the hopeful fire watchers, led by Ralph (Balthazar Getty). One of the kids in the hunter camp is accused of stealing. Jack turns to three of his minions and says "Okay, give it to him." One boy says, "Yeah, whip him." Two boys grab his arms and legs and stretch him out, while the other one whips his back. The entire whipping is on camera, switching between the wild eyes of Jack's lieutenant as he administers the whip, and the boy receiving the whip, as the twists and cries in agony. He later runs off and faint marks can be seen on his back. (Charles)

Lorna Doone - (1951) which takes place in 1680's England. Richard Greene is a farmer who resists when the evil landlord announces that he is increasing the crop taxes. The landlord orders him stripped to the waist and tied to a tree branch. There he is bullwhipped while his family and other farmers are forced to watch. Lorna Doone (Barbara Hale) comes up in a carriage and eventually gets the landlord to stop.(Thanks Jack C) Note: there is also a more recently made Lorna Doone movie. Does it also have a whipping scene?

Los Hijos de Satanes - Jorge Rivero again, flaunting his beautiful body but his buddy Juan Miranda is the victim this time. First Juan is spread-eagled between two posts in an underground cavern. He only gets one lash across the bare chest with a riding crop but it is a long scene for those who like beef in bondage. Then he is taken outside and tied in front of a cannon muzzle, his wrists roped to the gun's wheels. The welt from the lash across the chest is prominently displayed. They are going to shoot the cannon at Jorge who is sneaking around (barechested of course) in a rescue attempt. But Jorge frees him with a bullet that cuts the ropes before the cannonball can go through him. [Jorge made at least one American movie as George Rivero, starring with John Wayne in Rio Lobo.](Jeff)

Love Camp - A man is whipped naked alongside a woman. They are then taken down and presented in front of their cult leader, with the marks on their backs prominently displayed.

Loves of Hercules, The - In this ridiculous film, a man is lashed on his bare back in order to get him to reveal information. He doesn't and is killed.

Maciste in King Solomon's Mines - Don Harrison is whipped in the dungeon. (Thanks Nat!)

Magic Christian, The - Raquel Welch lashes a tuxedoed man as he begs her to whip him again. Strictly for laughs.

Magnificent Trio, The - A 1960's Shaw Brothers film. A young swordsman volunteers to be punished by receiving one hundred lashes in return for the release of his comrades. The next scene shows him being chained up shirtless and receiving the seventieth strike of the whip. He faints and is revived with water. Later, a General's daugher rescues him from his cell and treats the realistic whip marks on his back. (Toby)

Maitress - Several real floggings of men, one a very long scene where a naked man is tied facing the wall and having his back and ass lashed.

Majin, Monster of Terror - An Asain man is tortured with the whip. I don't think we actually see any whipping, just his marked body.

Man Hunt - from the same director as Operation Nam, the object of the whip's attention is John Ethan Wayne (yes, the Duke's son) as a wrongly convicted prisoner who escapes an Arizona prison. While trying to clear himself, gets caught at Ernest Borgnine's ranch, where tied shirtless to a rafter in the barn, he is horsewhipped, with several lashes appearing as they are laid on his back.

Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains, The - Val Kilmer is whipped several times in this remake of I am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang. In one he is tied spread eagle, stripped to the waist, in between two trees. If you're a Kilmer fan, you will definitely want to give this made-for-cable movie a look. VIDEO LINK

Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, The - Lee Marvin whipped?

Mandingo - Ken Norton tied upside down and paddled. I think there might be other scenes, but I can't remember.

Mark of the Devil - A man has his feet whipped in one scene and his back whipped in another. In both cases, fake-looking red lines appear.

Mark of Zorro (l920) - Fairbanks whips the commandant because he had an elderly priest publicly whipped. (Thanks JF)

Mask of Fu Manchu - Charles Starrett (ex-college football star, a la John Wayne)is taken to a torture room where, bound to ceiling ropes raising him off the floor, has his shirt ripped off, after which two Asian men flog him rapidly, causing him to rotate wildly. The most memorable part of this scene (even more than Starrett's ruggedly athletic youthful body) is a young Myrna Loy (the daughter of Fu Manchu) looking on, aroused. The lash marks are barely visible, but Starrett clearly shows pain while being whipped.(Thanks Dragonard)

Master of Dragonard Hill - Has several male whippings. Main one is of a middle-aged black man. A long and bloody scene, with several close ups of the man's whipped back.

Masters of the Universe - Dolph Lundgren, as He-Man, gets his bare back laserwhipped. A nice scene with a good close up of Lundgren's muscular back.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence - At the beginning of the film, David Bowie shows a court the scars on his back that he received in a prison camp.

Midnight Express - Brad Davis is tied upside down, naked, and has his feet beaten with a club.

Million Eyes of Sue Maru, The - George Nader gets caught by a gang of beautiful girls who dominate men. The next scene shows George being chained up shirtless and whipped on his back while being watched by many of the beautiful ladies. I can't remember whether we saw any whip marks or not. (Toby)

Mongols, The - In the background of one scene, we can see a man tied to a pillar being whipped.

Morgan the Pirate - Steve Reeves is held ala Sean Flynn in Son of Captain Blood between two guys; front view of him getting flogged on the back.(Jeff)

Mutiny on the Bounty - All versions of this film have naval floggings in them.

Myra Breckenridge - I won't see this because I don't want to ruin my memories of Gore Vidal's hilarious novel. It supposedly has a scene where John Huston is whipped.

Naked in the Sun - A man is tied tightly to a tree and is whipped with a bullwhip on his bare back. Marks appear, but they are faint and nothing at all like what they would be in reality. Then again, movies aren't reality, are they?

The Name of the Rose - A Benedictine brother (rather corpulent and repulsive) flogs himself in the privacy of his room in penance for being attracted to a young monk (Christian Slater). Slater, apprentice to Sean Connery's Franciscan priest, accompanies Connery to a medieval monastery where a series of unsolved murders await investigation. (Anonymous)

Nevada Smith - A heavy male convict is stripped to the waist and whipped. Several faint marks appear on his back and sides.

Nightmare Castle (aka Night of the Doomed)- Barbara Steele's lover is whipped along with her in the uncut version.

Oblivion - A Native American is placed into stocks and whipped by a dominatrix.

One Man's Hero - Tom Berenger's Sergeant Riley, an exemplary career-soldier and loyal Irish-American, has evaded the Army's desire to hang him (in the climactic final scenes), and is instead sentenced to 50 lashes and branding as a deserter in this tale of the San Patricio batallion whose brave soldiers fought for freedom for Mexico in the Mexican-American war. The scene begins: "39!" sounded from the lips of the shirtless muscular flogger. Berenger kneels at the whipping post. His Irish patriots – helped by Riley in their escape from American Army persecution because they were "fresh off the boat, and Catholic," are forced to watch. Berenger had shepherded and stayed with them through their terrible predicament after rescuing them from discrimination and lashing suffered at the beginning of the film (an earlier flogging scene shows six men trussed to the wheels. Only one is being whipped – the youngest – and he is crying. His back shows the marks of some 15 lashes. Berenger's Riley, releasing them, rides into the night towards their terrible predicament and uncertain fate).

Back to the whipping scene: One of Riley's men collapses. Another vomits. By stroke number 45, Riley's back is a mass of blood and we wonder how he could still be conscious. It's pretty realistic. Berenger utters an oath before the last stroke of the whip (a multi-strap instrument) and with it his head falls upon his sweat-drenched chest. The branding is still to come… This film, despite its attempt to satisfy multi-demographics (there is a peripheral love interest for Berenger – wonderfully realized with great dignity by Spanish actress Daniela Romo - and a major supporting character, a thief and outlaw, played by Joaquim de Almeida), conveys the ideals of honor, loyalty, and bravery that satisfies in any good war film. Inherited by MGM from defunct Orion pictures, it was initially buried as "anti-American." Due to an Internet Berenger-fan-outcry – a minor war itself - MGM recanted to finally release it to a limited theatrical run. It enjoys better success on video. (Anonymous)

One Eyed Jacks - A bandit character played by Marlon Brando is tied, armed stretched out, to a hitching post by his former gang partner and now respectable sheriff, a character played by Karl Malden. Malden uses the pretext of Brando having just shot a guy in a saloon brawl to publicly punish him; the real reason is that Brando has seduced Malden's daughter. Malden walks up to Brando, rips open his shirt from the back, and whispers in his ear, "Let's see what you are made of." (Brando was already gaining weight when the film was made, so total shirt off probably would not have been pretty.) Malden proceeds to bullwhip Brando in some of the best shots of a whipper handling a bullwhip for actual punishment I have seen on film. Brando's cut back is only seen from afar and above in a few brief shots. Brando does his very best in some frontal shots to look like he is being whipped - a perfect example of method acting even though it is clear Brando has no real idea what a w! hip feels like. Brando starts the scene on his feet. By the end of the scene he has dropped to his knees in pain. The scene ends with Brando saying to Malden, "You better kill me." Malden looks at him, and says there is no need. He lifts a rifle by the barrel and then in a viscious move slams the wooden butt directly onto Brando's gun hand which is grasping the rail of the hitching post. You can almost hear the bones break. Again, Brando does his very best - which is very good - to look like his hand has just been smashed. A few scenes after of his traveling in pain to a village to recover and of his cut back.

Operation Nam - In a brief scene, a naked, well-built man is tied to a triangle and whipped by his Viet Kong captor. His back an buttocks are loaded with bloody whip marks. A nice scene that should have been longer.

Opposing Force - In the background of one scene we can see a naked man getting a bamboo stick across his backside.

Outlaw of Gor - Tarl Cabot(Urbano Barberini)is teleported to slave planet Gor (based on John Norman's bondage fantasy world). He is captured by an evil Queen and while his girl is forced to fight some lady in leather, the Queen orders Tarl to be whipped in her bedroom until he almost passes out.(Terry)

Passion of the Christ, The - You might have heard of this one. James Caviezel as Jesus Christ is flogged excruciatingly long whipping sequence that's hard to watch. Directed by Mel Gibson. VIDEO LINK

Pelle, The Conqueror - A boy whips another boy's bare back with a tree branch in one scene. In another scene, a young boy has his pants pulled down by older boys in a barn. When he reaches to try to pull them up one boy starts laying a horsewhip across his buttocks. He tries to get away from the lashes but he cant move with his pants around his ankles. Much of the this is on-screen, bare buttocks included.(Anonymous)

Perceval le Gallois - (Perceval the Welch) In this strange franco-italian movie based on the medaeval text of Chrestien de Troye, Fabrice Luchini playing Perceval is whip as Christ by two men with cats on his bareback near the end. Only front shots and face reactions while the troubadour signers sing. Never see his back.(Jolly Roger)

Performance - James Fox has his shirt pulled up over his head, his briefs pulled down, and is whipped by a bad guy on his bare back and ass as another bad guy holds him down. Brief scene with a few good shots.

Perils of the Darkest Jungle (serial) - A man is tortured by being whipped and branded. I think it was all off screen and we only got to see the marks.

Phantom of Liberty, The - A priest in caned by a prostitute on his posterior in an early scene from Buneul's underappreciated masterpiece.

Pit and the Pendulum, The - The recent version that Stuart Gordon directed begins with a dead man's old bones being flogged! It also has a scene where a boy is held by two men and whipped. In another scene, Lance Henrickson strips and asks a subject to flog him.

Prince of Pirates- Don C. Harvey is whipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Prisoners of War - (aka "Secret of Blood Island") Has two whipping scenes of middle-aged men. In one, we get a really good look at the mans whip marks as he's passed out (but the guard lashes on).

Prodigal, The - This film has a scene where a man is hung stripped to the waist and whipped. He's freed, and as he fights his captors we can briefly see the whip marks.

Queen of Babylon- Ricardo Montalban is whipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Rebel In Town- Wesley Mason (John Smith of the 1959 series, Laramie fame) is cruelly whipped by order of his outlaw father. (Thanks Nat!)

Rebels of Alcantara, The - (les rŽvoltŽs d'Alcantara). In what looks like Spain in 17th or 18th century, a horse trader, after interfering with a noble spanish man who was to whip a woman in street of a town, is tied facing a tree. He is bullwhipped on his bare back (his shirt being ripped off of his back) by a servant. Mostly side views, but some shots of whip hitting the back, and body and face reaction. The bloody marks look unreal. The whipman seems enjoying his job. Brief scene. (Jolly Roger)

Reflections in a Golden Eye - Marlon Brando gets whipped with a riding crop by Elizabeth Taylor for running her favorite horse into the ground. He is dressed so you do not see any marks.

Revolt of the Slaves - (1961 Italy) Sadistic roman mistress (Ronda Fleming) orders a whipping of a slave( Lang Jefries ?) who refuses to fight against another slave He is suspended by his arms and stripped to the waist. Than he is whipped with a long bullwhip . The mistress enjoys the slave's punishment. Meanwile the whip strikes some times on his bare chest. Ater a pause for interrogation, she commands the whipping to continue. (Thanks Gaucho!)

Revolution - Al Pacino's son is tied to a cannon and has his bare feet whipped in this boring, horrid wasted of quite a few dollars.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, The - Richard O' Brian, as Riff-Raff, gets a couple of good lashes from Tim Curry, as Frankenfurter. How's your backhand, Frank?

Rogue Song (1930) - Metropolitan opera star Laurence Tibbits is publicly whipped but goes on singing merrily as if he can't feel a thing. (Thanks JF)

Rope of Sand, The - Burt Lancaster (again?!!!) is whipped at the beginning of this film.

Salo - Pier Paulo Pasolini's disgustfest has a couple of brief scenes with naked males being bullwhipped. A nasty little number. Read more about it elsewhere if you decide to watch it to know what you're getting into.

Samson and Delilah - Victor Mature is "put to the lash" while turning a big wheel after he is betrayed and blinded. (Thanks Chris)

Sankofa - This African film supposedly has whippings of both male and female slaves.

Saracen Blade, The - A very young and beefy Ricardo Montalban is whipped by the Saracens. We later see a girl tending his cut whipped back. (Thanks Nat!)

Savage Nights - contains a brief gay S/M scene in which a chained up man is whipped. Don't really get to see anything, though.

Scalawag Bunch, The - Mark Damon is imprisoned in a dungeon and whipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Scarecrow, The- Patrick MacGoohan, by day, is a mild-mannered 18th-century English clergyman. By night, he dons the garb of a ferocious-looking scarecrow to ride the countryside as a latter-day Robin Hood who steals from the rich (many of whom are his parishoners) to help the poor and devises elaborate schemes whereby his rich friends are thworted in their devious and unjust behavior. He also operates an underground escape-railroad for refugees from the King's injustice. One of these is a young man who has escaped the brutality of the British navy. He is an honorable nobleman who was conscripted (kidnapped) for duty. There is no on-screen flogging, but the fellow displays prominently the ugly stripes on his back of many beatings from his days aboard ship. (An interesting note here: Walt Disney himself mentioned once that whipping was one of the "acceptable" forms of volence/corporal punishment allowed by the TV censors in America in that period). (Anonymous)

Scarlet Letter, The (1995) -Arthur Dimmesdale (Gary Oldman) displays evidence of the lash on his back and buttocks in the swimming scene and in the love scene (visible only in the letterbox version) but we never know who whipped him or the reason for it. Deprivation through terrible editing!(Anonymous)

Scars of Dracula - I only know that there might be a male whipping scene in this.

Sea Hawk, The - Male galley slaves being whipped.

Sebastiane - This Derek Jarman classic contains a good whipping. After Sebastiane has been banished to a military camp, he refuses to fight with the others and so the camp commander orders him to clean some swords. Sebastiane throws the swords down in front of the commander and in the next scene he's tied naked to a beam and we see him from above as another naked man flogs him. There's also a shot of his bleeding back.(Matt)

Sex o' Clock News - Supposedly some sort of male whipping in what I am supposing is a lame comedy.

Sign of the Cross - A boy is whipped in a dungeon. We get to hear the loud whip cracking an cries. He is brought out of the dungeon and laid face down an a table, and we get a good look at his sweaty, lacerated back. Also, the ending has a scene where a bunch of Christians are driven out to the lions by being threatened with whips.

Sinbad - Sinbad (Guy Stockwell) is accused of stealing something (the only thing he thinks to be in the palace) and taken before the princess he loved and the tyran who rule the city. He's condemn to be whipped on the spot where he receive some lashes with a kind of cat, but keeps his shirt on. (Jolly Roger)

Skin Game - Adventures of white and a black conmen in 1850s South. Actor Lou Gossett is whipped by slaveowner "roots style". We see the bullwhip hit his back, and a close up of pain registering on his face. Later we see his whipped back. His friend played by James Garner is later tied to a whipping post and gets a couple of lashes. We see pain on his face as whip cuts around him. He is eventually rescued.

Slave Trade in the World Today - Has a scene where a tribe of men whack each other hard with bamboo sticks. This is the real thing, too. Large, ugly, bloody welts appear on their backs and sides. I think they're all too drugged up to be in any pain, though. The film claims that the men are showing their potential masters the amount of pain they can take. This is bullshit, though, and really just an excuse to fit this tribes painful ritual into the context of the film.

Son of Captain Blood - Starred Errol Flynn's 20-year old son Sean (who later was kidnapped & killed while covering the Cambodia invasion as a photographer). Sean physically made his dad look second-rate, and although his acting talents (particularly in this dubbed Spanish-Italian film) were unproven, the highlight for me isthe flogging scene, where the captain of a pirate ship, who for years has wanted revenge against the original Capt. Blood, has captured his son, sets him to work catching rats in the bilge. When he rebels, he's hauled up to deck (already shirt-less from working in the sweltering lower deck), and while being held by two shipmates (who steady him by placing a foot on each of his thighs, then spreadeagling him by stretching his arms) is whipped soundly on the back. The focus is on his face -- very intense grimacing, lip-biting -- until the flogging stops with the intervention of a young female captive who begs for mercy. We then see a full-body shot of Sean's chest (arguably the best in any movie)as he gasps for air and regains his composure. We see a few bruises, and a brief shot of some lash marks as he is taken below, as well as a few scars in a later shot of his bare back, but that level is disappointing. Also, the video version (on Paramount Home Video), is pan-and-scan, i.e., the film is in Cinemascope, and the video picture only presents half the shot, so there may be more information that is hidden. That not withstanding, this scene for me defines the power of male s/m as an erotism. (Thanks Dragonard)

Son of Cleopatra - Rather than kill another man in battle, a man submits to being flogged. He gets on his knees at a pillar and places his hands into metal rings. Several men on horseback then take turns running their horses up to him and slamming their long whips into his bare back. Great scene, many savage looking marks appear on his back. At the end of the scene he loses consciousness. Later, a we see a woman treating the marks.

Son of Fury - Tyrone does get horsewhipped in this after being knocked face down in a stable. Unfortunately, he keeps his shirt on but there's a brief scene where a woman tends his wounds and then later, when he's gone to the south seas, the chief of the local tribe shows him a boy's whipped back. His response is to tear off his shirt and show his own welts. For this part of the movie he's shirtless all the time so we get a few more glimpses of them. (Matt)

Son of the Sheik, The - Gordon Scott is interrogated by Moira Orfei , under the whip. Italian picture. (Thanks Gaucho)

Son of the Sheik - Rudolph Valentino whipped across his bare chest. (Different film from above.)

Sous le Soleil du Satan - Gerard Depardieu whipped?

Spanish Sword, The - This low-budget 1962 British B-movie has a great scene. A strong young blacksmith (Derrick Sherwin) attacks a cruel baron in a medieval village when his lover's father is wounded after defending his daughter's honor. Rejecting the baron's offer to join his army, the outraged youth spits on him. The baron orders him to the whipping post, to which he is bound, stripped to the waist. The baron personally lays on numerous strokes, while the blacksmith defiantly refuses to give in. This is a classic whipping scene, with passion, heroism, and a virile victim. In black & white, but with compensations including a couple of full-body shots of whip contact, facial close-ups, and a several-second shot of the young man's striped and sweaty back (up to 20 strokes, plus a pool of blood on one side of his torso) afterwards. Some of the shots are cropped on TV, unfortunately. Equally enjoyable is the knowing dialogue. Among the baron's lines to his victim: "A young man of spirit and well-muscled. I could use such a man." "Kill a man nd that's the end of it -- he suffers no more. Take him to the whipping post -- I'll apply the lash myself." "Now we'll see which is the strongest -- his back or my arm." "Am I hurting you? Cry out if I'm hurting you." (Thanks Dragonard)

Spanking Love - Spanking Love features a guy fantasizing about being whipped AOH in a scene that lasts about 40 seconds. At the 49:22 minute mark, three guys are randomly whipped by a dominatrix in a 50-second scene. At the 51:00 minute mark, a dominatrix randomly whips six men who are almost naked on their knees bowed over in front of her on a stage. That lasts almost 4 minutes. At 1:28:30 the guy who fantasized about getting whipped earlier actually gets whipped in a three and a half minute scene.

Spartacus - In the beginning of the movie we briefly see a slave getting whipped.

Spirit, The - Although shown in silhouette and only a couple of lashes, Sam J. Jones gets chest-whipped in (movie of comic book character). Tied rack-like in some sort of warehouse, his shirt ripped open, he displays the welts on his chest in a lengthy (comic-type) interrogation by a woman villian.(Jeff)

SS Hell Camp - Several graphic floggings of men.

Star Slammer - A man orders his subject to flog him. I think it's supposed to be comical.

Starship Troopers - In the next century, teenage Federated squadron leader Johnny Rico, training recruits for battle against giant insects, is involved in a fatal mishap. Rather than being dismissed, he is sentenced to "administrative punishment" -- 10 lashes of the whip. He is brought, stripped to the waist, to a large courtyard in front of hundreds of his fellow soldiers (male and female). Placed under an odd-shaped structure, his wrists are attached to side-restraints, which then rise so that he is fully spread-eagled, toes barely reaching the ground, otherwise fully exposed. His drill instructor places a rubber mouthpiece in Johnny's mouth, and the flogging proceeds. Most of the shots are of the whipping striking Johnny's back, leaving bloody stripes. The camera is on Johnny for seven strokes, including one from the front of him spitting out the mouthpiece, until the fade out. Johnny is played by Casper Van Diem, a blond, slender but well-muscled actor who plays the hero, a rich kid who rebels against his father when he enlists. Not since "Glory" has a leading man in a major Hollywood film endured such a flogging, and rarely has one been so carefully and knowingly staged. The young audience at the screening I saw whooped it up at all the other gore in this movie (which is considerable), but during this scene, there was total, rapt silence, as though the pain inflicted here was more real than in the battle scenes. The scene is in Robert Heilein's book, but director Paul Verhoeven enhances it, not only in terms of plot development (it takes on the air of a coming-of-age event) but also in making sure that he gets the most out of Van Dien's physical appeal (which is enhanced by the way he is stretched). I wonder how many future fans will discover their feelings from this movie. (Dragonard) VIDEO LINK

Street Asylum - Toward the end of this piece of trash, we see none other than G. Gordon Liddy asking to be whipped by a prostute. She obliges, and whips him as he holds on to a desk. Lines of blood appear through his shirt.

Street Fighter - The Jean Clod von Dumb one. A sumo wrestler is caned on his bare back.

Strike Commando- Michael Ramsom (Reb Brown) is captured and put through a series of tortures: Beaten on his back with sticks, branded on his back with a blow torch, given electro-shock treatment, and spread-eagle in the hot sun. (Thanks Nat!)

Strogoff - Early 1970s film starring a young and handsome John Philip Law. In one scene he is caught and tortured. The scene shows him tied topless sitting on a chair with his hands bound behind him and his feet bound to the front legs of the chair. The torturer chest flogs him until he faints. He is revived by having water thrown on him, and realistic whip marks cover the front of his body. (Toby)

Struggle Through Death - This Hong Kong chop-socky movie is basically just an excuse to show lots of male torture scenes. Contains several scenes of men being whipped on their backs and beaten on their bare feet.

Swamp Fox, The - Tim Considine is stripped to the waist and whipped by order of a regional English governor in this tale of the good deads of a militia leader whose first name is Marian (Leslie Nielsen) fighting against the unjust British in their occupation of Colonial America. Considine is a bright young protege of Nielsen's. He infiltrates the governor's operation as a spy. Unfortunately, his cover is blown, and he endures the humiliation of the beating tied to a post on the porch of the governor's lavish mansion. I believe there was also romantic involvement with the governor's daughter which was somewhat frowned upon. (Anonymous)

Sword and the Sorcerer - A man is chained in a dungeon with numerous bloody whip marks on his back. We never see any whipping, though. Still, there are a couple of good shots, especially when a girl takes him down.

Sword Without A Country- A man is captured and whipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Tank - A male prisoner at a work farm is whipped with a belt by a guard as a demonstration to James Garner of what could happen to his son.

Tarzan & the She Devil - This has a scene in which Lex Barker is whipped by, I think, a woman.

Tarus Bulba - A young and handsome Tony Curtis always comes back late to the college where he is studying. One night he is caught coming back after the gates are closed and is brought to the administrator, who asks him to remove his shirt and lie over a table for a flogging. In a later scene some boys in a dormitory wake Tony up and tie him wearing his underwear. The boys whip him, but he is saved by his brother and they escape together. (Toby)

Ten Commandments, The - John Derek is tied between two columns and whipped by Vincent Price. He stripped to the waist and numerous bloody marks cover his chest and sides.

Terror of the Red Mask - Lex Barker gets whipped, wrist suspended shirtless in a medieval-type torture chamber in. Not a very long scene, three glimpses inter- edited with a dancing girl elsewhere in the palace. (as in White Warrior, q.v.)(Jeff)

Tharus, Son of Attila- Tharus is whipped. (Thanks Nat!) VIDEO LINK

There Was a Crooked Man - shows a male prisoner whipped by a guard because he rejected the guard's homosexual advances and told him to, "Go to hell!" I think the actor whipped is Michael Blodgett (you may want to double check this). The film (a western) also stars Kirk Douglas and is set in a territorial Arizona prison of the late 1800s. The shirtless prisoner is tied to a whipping post and flogged with a cat. The whipping is very brief, though, because the other prisoners interfere. (Anonymous)

Thief of Baghdad (1924) -Douglas Fairbanks is publicly whipped by four men for stealing in the silent version. (Thanks JF)

Thunder In the Valley - Lon McCallister is the star of this movie and Edmund Gwenn plays his father. At one point, Lon's character commits an act of defiance against his father who decides his son must be punished and instructs his son to take off his shirt and he begins removing his belt. His son starts removing his shirt but tries to reason with his father about being punished. After much dialogue his father puts his belt back on his pants. His son, relieved, asks if his father has changed his mind to which his father replies, "No, I have decided to use the switch instead." His father grabs the switch and flexes it in his hand while his son reluctantly assumes the position on all fours with his bare back exposed. UNFORTUNATELY, the scene fades (without any action--as I recall--I saw it a long time ago) and reopens with the son's girlfriend rubbing ointment on his badly scarred back. (RA)

Tom Brown's School Days - British film made in the 1980's including scenes of caning in a boys'school.(anonymous)

Top Secret - Val Kilmer is tied up and whipped by a couple of Nazis. Very fake, and we only see Kilmer from the front. Played for laughs. Isn't this the second movie we've seen with Kilmer, though (?!)

Tower of London - There is a brief male whipping scene in the 1930 version, though I can't remember much about it. Excellent film, though, so I'm sure I'll see it again someday.

Town Like Alice, A - BBC miniseries circa 1980. Bryan Brown, with his hands nailed to a door, is whipped by Japanese prison guards to within an inch of his life - for stealing chickens from the warden of the camp - to keep a group of female prisoners from starving. The beating is brutally graphic. All of the women are forced to watch. (Anonymous)

Toy Soldiers - stars Sean Astin as a senior at a military school that has been taken over by terrorists. He is a leader of a group of students trying to undermine the terrorists. Once he is late for dinner because of one of his plots. To try and fool the terrorist commander, he strips and puts a towel around his waist pretending that he lost track of time in the shower. The commander doesn't buy it and leads Sean into the headmaster's office. Suddenly he shoves Sean over the desk and holds him by the neck. He picks up what appears to be a telescoping metal pointer. He pulls it out to its full length and begins to whip the boy on his bare back. Don't get to see much of the whipping but later we see some of his cuts. (JackC)

Trial, The - A police officer is stripped to the waist and whipped by his boss. Brief scene, kept mostly in shadows.

Trial, The (remake) - Haven't seen this version with Kyle MacLachlan and Anthony Hopkins, but I assume it has a whipping in it. That is part of the story, after all.

Trigger Fast - direct to video western. Gerard Christopher, formerly young Superman in syndication, angers land baron Corbin Bernson. He is strung up in the barn, shirt ripped open at back, and takes a number of strokes of the bullwhip before a maiden intervenes 'lest he die'. Unfortunately co-star Chris Atkins, richly deserving of such treatment, would have been a fine substitute. (Anonymous)

True Story of Jesse James, The - (1957) has Robert Wagner with his hands tied behind him thrown to the ground. In order to extract information on the whereabouts of Confederate troops, the back of his shirt is torn open and he is whipped. Of course, he doesn't talk. Afterwards he tears off the remains of his shirt and rides off to join the rebels. I also remember an old one where MacDonald Carey (!!) played Jesse and was tied shirtless over a tree trunk and whipped. However, I can't find it in my movie book and I don't remember the specific title. (Thanks Jack C)

Two Years Before the Mast -- the original story is an epic of written flogging descriptions (non-fiction); the movie version is transformed into a story of a spoiled rich heir (Alan Ladd) who is shanghaied, and transforms into a hero when he takes an undeserved flogging at the grating. This is a classic golden age of Hollywood flogging -- the handsome hero is meant to be seen to his best advantage, which means lots of focus on bare chest and muscle, all heroically endured, but with little lasting damage. Ladd ranks with Burt Lancaster as the two stars most identified with physically masochistic roles; he certainly gave it his all here. (Thanks Dragonard!)

Uncle Tom's Cabin - In the 1980's TV version of the tale, there is a scene in which the title character is whipped on his chest. Grim scene, shot from a long ways off.

Unforgiven - Gene Hackman whips Morgan Freeman with a leather belt in an attempt to extract information from him. Brutal scene, with many bloody marks appearing on Freeman's bare back. VIDEO LINK

Ursus- In ancient times, Ursus (Ed Fury) is put to the wheel and whipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Ursus in the Land of Fire- Ursus (Ed Fury) is again whipped. (Thanks Nat!)

Viva Zapata! - Brando stops a man from whipping a young boy

Wagonmaster - (1950) Bad guy tries to rape young Indian girl. To appease the Indians, wagonmaster orders the guy stripped to the waist and tied to a wagon wheel. There he struggles as he receives several lashes on screen. Good scene.(Anonymous)\

Wake of the Red Witch, The - A young sailor is whipped on his bareback as a example for the crew. He receives few lashes of the cat before he faints , but the whipman receives the order to continue for the count. Mainly body reactions, the shots being from far front-side. (Jolly Roger)

Way West, The - Kirk Douglas whipped?

White Warrior - A very short three lashes on the back for Steve Reeves in an Imperial Russian torture chamber.(Jeff)

Wild Bunch, The - There is a brief flashback scene in which a man remembers being whipped in prison.

Willow - In this tale, Val Kilmer is whipped off screen to get him to tell wher a baby is. We only see red fake marks on his back and shoulders later.(Jolly Roger)

Winnetou and Shatterhand in the Valley of Death - An army officer is captured and then whipped by the bad guys. (Thanks Nat!) VIDEO LINK

Witchcraft Through the Ages (l920) - An older priest harshly whips a younger one for looking at girls. (Thanks JF)

Without Mercy - Frank Zagarino plays a US marine who falls afoul of a drugs baron in the Far East. At one point he is strung up naked by the wrists and gets whipped with an iron chain by a girl that he eventually gets in the end(?!)

Women's Prisoners of Devil's Island - A man is tied down to a cannon(I think) and severly lashed with a cat on his bare back. Shot from a long way off, so we don't get to see much.

Word, The - Man whipped while in prison. Later we see him lying down in bed with the marks on his back.

World in His Arms, The - Gregory Peck whipped (?)

Zarak - Victor Mature gets whipped twice in this. First he's sentenced to be flogged to death for dallying with his father's woman. We see him tied to a well, if memory serves, while two men flog him alternately. We see a few welts. Later, when he's captured by the rebels against colonial rule he offers to be flogged to death to give the good guys time to get to the rebels. This is a bit disappointing - he's clothed and the scene is shot from a long way off. (Matt)