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Adventures of Sinbad/The Beast Within - The first season was pretty G-rated (previews indicated it will be spiced up this year); Zen Gesner as Sinbad never had his shirt off (as opposed to his shirtless display in the new Playgirl). In this episode, Sinbad is held prisoner by Remina, whose father he has slain. Not one to hold a grudge, she wants to marry him. He refuses, she uses her magical powers to prevent his escape; she sends him to her "hobby room." This is a torture chamber, where we see a silhouette of a burly man wielding a multi-lashed whip down on Sinbad. He stops, Remina goes over to Sinbad, who is bound to rack on his back, his shirt opened to reveal his chest, which shows a few bleeding welts. She passes her hand over them. Sinbad maintains a cocky, joking manner throughout.(Thanks Vertigo!)

Against the Wind - In the first scene a mentally unstable woman is caned for trying to jump overboard. It is not shown at all, but we see the captain asking for the cane and then it goes to another scene where one of the officers says that the captain in thrashing her with a cane. In the second scene no corporal punishment is mentioned but a woman is taken to the captain's cabin for attacking an officer and he says "she must be tamed". Then next time we see her she has had her hair cut off and she has some cuts on her face and shoulder. It could possibly be to imply that she was whipped but I doubt it!)

Alborada - Oh, this is a good one! This 2005 Telenova series features two attractive women who are led out of their prison cell to a public square in front of a huge number of spectators. The first is tied standing with her arms spread wide between 2 posts and and the back of her dress is ripped open. She is given several sharp lashes with a bullwhip. Nice painful crying. Then the second (and even cuter) woman is tied with her hands in front to a stump so she can watch her friend get tortured. After the first women is taken down with bloody marks on her back, the cute one replaces her in the same position. After ripping open the back of her dress, she is similarly given a few lashes before there's an unfortunate rescue. We still get several nice cutaways of her painful suffering before the ropes are untied. Thank God for YouTube! VIDEO LINK

The Avengers B/W filmed episode - In a Touch Of Brimstone episode Emma Peel ,dressed in fancy dress as Miss Sin, spiky leather suit with flesh showing, infiltrates revival of 18th Century Hell Fire club. She is attacked at climax by decadent Peter Wyngrade who hits her twice with a whip. This episode had more whipping but, sob, was cut before release . Missing whip scene now lost?(Anonymous)

Banished (Season 1, Episode 1) - (2015) In the inaugural episode of this British TV series, Elizabeth (played by MyAnna Buring) is a prisoner sent to Australia to serve in a penal colony. She is sentenced to receive 25 lashes for refusing to name the convict lover with whom she has spent the night. After refusing to remove her blouse, she is has her hands bolted to the sides of the whipping post and one of the officers flogs her...weakly at first, but when threatened, he strikes her much harder. There's a shot of bloody marks cutting through the back of her clothing, although the scene cuts away after only 10 strokes. We get a good look at the bloody would on her back in a subsequent, scene, however. Overall a worthwhile scene, although the beautiful Buring has her looks deliberately toned down for the scene.

Big Valley, The - As far as television goes, some of the best whippings were on the western "The Big Valley." I remember Lee Majors being whipped in three separate episodes (once with a shirt on and the other times shirtless). In my opinion, the best scene was in the episode "Legend of a General." Lee (Heath Barkley on the show) is stripped and whipped in a Mexican jail for throwing a bucket of slop on an Army captain after the captain demands Heath to eat it. Oddly enough, we never see the lash touch Heath's back, but we see the shadow of the thongs on his skin as the captain grips the cat tightly and bounces it into his palm (the camera cuts away just after that). It's the most erotically charged and symbolic whipping scene I have witnessed. (Anonymous)

The Big Valley - Just thought of another tv whipping. Everyone seems to know about Heath Barkley's three floggings but big brother Jared was also a victim once. He was the lawyer and was defending an unpopular client. In the middle of the night, he was dragged out of his hotel room to somewhere outside of town. There he was tied shirtless to a tree and bullwhipped. We see several of the lashes strike him. Like Heath, he was stoic and didn't utter a sound. I don't believe we got to see much of his back afterwards.(Thanks Jack C)

Big Valley, The: Journey Into Violence - Another of Lee Major's floggings (again shirtless) was in this story of his being held captive by a religious cult, who takes him prisoner to take the place (at least in terms of labor) of a member he killed in self-defense. When he tries to escape, he is punished with a flogging, tied to a post, while the whole cult watches, including the young widow who has eyes for him. Shot entirely from the front, the flogging is not long, but Lee does walk away painfully, where we see a brief glimpse of scars.(Thanks Vertigo!)

Blood and Orchids - In this made for TV miniseries, three Hawaiian men are tied up and whipped with belts by vigilantes after being accused of raping a woman. Lots of shots of their badly beaten backs throughout the rest of the film.

Bloody Mistress (Episode 7) (2017) - In this Russian TV series, a beautiful young blonde serf girl named Nastya (played by actress Anastasiya Zekovich) is birched by her own mother in a long and fairly brutal scene. After the back of her clothing is ripped open, her mother uses a long slender wooden rod to beat her, producing thick bloody stripes across her back. The wounds are still very visible when Nastya's mother comes to visit her as she's lying in her bed. VIDEO LINK

Bonanza - In one episode later in the series, Ben Cartwright is somehow caught in the middle of a prison riot and held hostage by the prisoners. The warden wants to get Ben out alive, of course, but needs to get someone to infiltrate the prisoners' group to help. David Canary plays Ben's right-hand-man, Canady or Candy and volunteers to be the one to infiltrate. They are concerned that the prisoners might not believe he is really a fellow prisoner. The warden explains that there is a way to convince the cons that Canady is for real "but you're not going to like it" as he holds up some kind of single tail whip. Candy looks grim but after all this is for Ben, so he says in typical 19th century slang, "Whatever." We don't get to see the actual flogging, but in the next scene we see him painfully putting on his prison shirt over his lacerated back. He is then thrown in with the cons who don't trust him until he grandly pulls off his shirt and shows them (and us again) his back. They believe him and Ben is later saved. As I recall Tim Matheson is one of the prisoners. He is shirtless in the first scene and we see his back covered with welts, presumably due to prison justice.(JackC)

Bonanza - In another episode, Trace Cordell (Tony Young) returns to Virginia City after five years in prison. The townspeople are less than happy to see him because he cripped some big wig. One man warns Trace to get out of town before someone whips him. Trace responds that he was whipped many times in prison and we see his lacerated back after he removes his shirt. (Thanks Nat!)

Bronco - Episode titled "The Last Resort." The lead character, Bronco, played by Ty Hardin, is whipped for "stealing another man's women" at an X-frame. It is a false charge as described. He is given 40 lashes, but we only see about 5 on camera. We do get a good back view, though the strokes are weak, and the tip of the whip does not strike his back. (Anonymous)

Cadfael: The Devil's Novice - this PBS mystery series (run this year), set in medieval Wales, included this episode in which Christien Anholt plays a hot-blooded (& hot-looking) noviciate priest who is flogged amid his colleagues, on an inclining wooden platform, shirtless, by a thick rope. Nicely shot in one circular shot, including views of the others' reactions, the whip striking, the victim's pain; followed by a lengthy scene of Cadfael (Derek Jacobi) cleansing a very striped muscular back. (Thanks Vertigo)

Captain Cook - This made-for-television movie aired on either TNT or WTBS around 1990. It features a marine who is flogged with a cat-o'-nine-tails because he refuses to eat vegetables. He's tied to a grating and there are mostly side views as the lash falls on his bare back. His high-pitched cries are heard, even though he bites down on a leather wedge. There's one closeup of wicked looking scratches on his lower back. In my opinion, the best part is the flogger. His eyes gleam with sadistic fury and the way he shakes the lashes out after each stroke is very deliberate. The cat looks extremely authentic -- has thin, knotted lashes and a sort of crude looking handle.(Mad About the Lash)

Cheyenne - This was an early western series in which the muscluar star, Clint Walker, bared his barrel-chest every week. An episode called "The Young Fugitives" was no exception. Cheyenne is ambushed by a group of disguntled ranchers who order him off his horse and to remove his shirt. One of the ranchers asks another to bring up a whip. Next scene Cheyenne is tied to a tree banch, his bare back waiting for the first lash. Unfortunately, he is rescued by friends and the ranchers reluctantly untie the big guy and return his shirt.

Dakotas, The - In one episode, an officer is whipped then another guy about to be at the end of that episode. In another episode of this series, a man is whipped, leading to a fort revolt by the soldiers who take regular Del Stark, played by a very young Chad Everett, prisoner then strip off his shirt and boots and stake him out under a blazing sun for hours in the middle of the fort. (Thanks Nat!)

Daniel Boone - Recall whippings from two separate episodes of this TV series. In one, Daniel is whipped by some men in a wagon train trail because they think he neglected some orphaned children who he actually helped (one is played by a young Kurt Russell). Kurt Russell's character interferes after Daniel, who's tied to a tree, receives two or three lashes w/a bullwhip. His shirt is never removed. In another Daniel Boone episode, Daniel is captured by the British and taken to a labor camp. He's flogged (again with a shirt on) before being put to work. The better flogging comes later when a young, hunky prisoner (blond, as I recall) refuses to work. He's tied to a triangle and severely lashed with a cat. There are nice shots of his grimacing face and sweaty muscular shoulders and torso. (mad about the lash)

Danielle Steele's "The Ring" - A clothed women is given a couple of lashes by a nazi in this TV-miniseries.

Days of Our Lives (Circa 1982?) - Anna Brady comes back to Salem and claims that she had been kidnapped by white slavers. She has the whip scars on her back to prove it. Not really a whipping scene, I know, but interesting nevertheless. I remember seeing this episode one day I stayed home from school. Wish someone had it on tape...

Dead Man's Walk - shows actor Jonny Lee Miller tied to a wagon wheel and whipped by the Mexican Army. He's shirtless, the punishment goes on for some time and his back (albeit from a distance) looks as though it really had received 100 lashes. (Anonymous)

Deputy, The - In one episode the deputy travelled out of town for some reason. He stayed with a nasty rancher who accused him of trying to make it with the rancher's wife. Accordingly he forced him outside at gunpoint, made him strip to the waist, and tied him to a tree. He proceeded to bullwhip him until he passed out. Got to see some bloody welts on his back and later quite a bit of blood on the back of his shirt. (Thanks Jack C)

'Desilu' Western production (title?) - an unattended, improperly secured horse is about to walk away from a hitching post, and a nearby Indian male reties it. Unfortunately, the cowboy owner comes on the scene and accuses the Indian of trying to steal the horse. He is subjected to a number of lashes at that same hitching post in a realistic scene. In the plot, the same Indian and cowboy are brought together in another situation, and the latter is made to feel bad for what he did. (Anonymous)

El secreto de Puente Viejo - In this 2011 Spanish TV series, beautiful Soledad (Alejandra Onieva) is punished by her mother, who makes her lean over a chair while she lashes her back with a belt. No bondage, but a few nice shots of her bloodied back. The actress cries silently as the punishment is inflicted. I can't tell what's being said since it's in Spanish, but I'm sure she deserved it. VIDEO LINK

Emmanuelle - The Series episode "Emmanuelle in Venice" (Shown on Showtime in the USA.) A nasty woman whips her maid for dropping her sewing basket on the floor. The Maid is told to get the whip from a hook on the wall and ordered to remove her underwear and bend over the bed. Very pretty woman and senual scene , even though you don't see much of the whipping.(Lescan)

Enslavement - this made-for-cable movie has three whipping scenes (with four total victims). The first whipping scene has a muscular black male slave whipped for sneaking off to have sex with his wife. The second whipping scene has a female slave being whipped for complaining about the unsanitary conditions of the slave infirmary. The last whipping scene has a black male slave whipped as punishment for another slave escaping. This scene also ends with the plantation owner's wife (the main character of the story) trying to protect the slave by getting behind him. The plantations owner whips her once across her clothed back. All three whipping scenes are very good - and the female slave whipping is the best I've seen in a mainstream production.

Escape From Sobibor - A brief whipping of a clothed man in this Nazi escape movie.

Escrava Isaura - Brazilian TV series, with several scenes of whipping slaves, among them that with the white slave of the title. VIDEO LINK

Fallen Angels - The episode "The Quiet Room" starring Joe Mantenga and Bonnie Bedelia. Has a scene in which a female detective (Bedelia) interrogates a clothed woman and hits her a couple of times on the back with a rolled up wet towel.

Fantasy Island - One episode of the series had a woman becoming part of a white slavery/prostitution ring. She does something that displeases the woman in charge who decides to punish her. She's taken to a basement type room and told to place her hands through two hanging rings and hold on. Her back is bared and the woman prepares to beat her with what looks like either a thin wooden board or a very stiff leather strap. Nothing is shown, but I *THINK* (it's been a long time) that the beating actually occurs, rather than her being saved at the last minute, as is common in most shows. (John) (From what I have been told, we do get to see a part of the flogging. The woman doing the flogging is Yvonne DeCarlo. The name of this half of the episode is called "The Victim." Hey, anyone got this one on tape? - Oslo)

For the Term of His Natural Life - this mini-series from the 80s has Colin Friels flogged twice. The first time he's tied to the triangle and he get a side view as the cat is laid on. The second time he's made to flog his friend. When his friend faints he refuses to carry on and so must take his place. He defiantly pulls off his shirt and leans against the triangle. They tie him to it and we see him get a few strokes from the front - he's rather stoic during this. we see him later in the infirmary, but don't see his back.(Matt)

Força de Um Desejo - This Brazilian soap opera features an outstanding whipping scene. A gorgeous young woman is dragged into a barn and manacled with her arms over her head. A man gives her 8 lashes of the whip until another man tells him to stop. But that's only so that he can rip the back of her dress open and torture her himself! And the blows her gives her are even harder and more painful. Why can't they have scenes like this in US soap operas? VIDEO LINK

French revolution, The- It's a series produced by French TV to celebrate two hundred years (in 1989) from the revolution: in one episode a woman (French heroine ThŽroigne de MŽricourt) is taken by some women in a market, bounded, stripped to the bottom and birched, the episode is historical.

Friday The 13th, The Series - The last episode ("The Charnel Pit") concerned a teacher who had found a way to communicate with the Marquis DeSade. One woman is shown being whipped (only her face is shown and she seems to partly enjoying it) and it's implied that the woman tied up in the teacher's attic has been whipped and abused, but nothing is shown. Robey, one of the stars, goes back and meets DeSade and she even get chained up and has her dress ripped open in preparation for a whipping, but she's saved at the last minute. (John) (I should also mention that Robey unfortunately wears a slip under her dress, so we don't even get to see her bare back...what a shame. - Oslo)

Gimme A Break - In one episode, the father is mad at his oldest daughter, Kari Michaelson and he decides that she's long overdue for a whipping. He pulls off his belt and chases her, but she gets away from him and then Nell Carter intervenes and convinces him not to do it. It's noteworthy because it was played very realistically (up until the end when his pants fell down) and Kari looked absolutely terrified. She was also incredibly cute and worn jeans that looked like they were painted on. (John)

Girl, The - (UK tv 1996) A young girl is caught in her stepmother`s room with jewellery in her pocket, the stepmother is furious and tells one of her children to fetch the whip, she then gives her stepdaughter a severe whipping across the bed. later when the girl`s father finds out and sees the marks he is very angry indeed. he goes to see his wife who at this time is laying in bed, he asks her about the incident and she attempts to justify it by saying that it was deserved because the girl is a thief and was chastised for it, he then comments about the severity of the punishment, produces a whip and says: "perhaps you`d like to know how it feels." he then pulls back the covers and draws back the whip, his wife turns onto her side and he administers a severe whipping to her bottom/lower back, she screams loudly and looks in a lot of pain as each stroke of the whip is administered with some vigour by her angry husband. 4 strokes are shown on screen and 2 are heard before the scene changes. (Apollo)

Goodfellows - A British TV series starring Joanna Lumely. In one episode a female agent joins as escort agency to investigate its connection to arms to Iraq. The agency supplies girls who cane their clients. We see her select a cane a later order a man in a mock schoolroom to drop his pants and bend over. (Anonymous)

Granada - a TV series, during the arab-spanish war in 15 century, a captured spanish beautiful girl is stripped to the waist, tied up, and whipped with a long cat, in a dungeon, for insulting the arab general: twenty or more strong lashes; later we see her bare back covered with welts.

Greatest American Hero - In one episode of the show, there is a scene where a man has the back of his shirt ripped open and is almost whipped by bad guys, until William Katt saves the day.

Gunsmoke - (don't know the title, guest starring Tommy Rettig of Lassie) An adolescent boy is living with a mean guy - who also turns out to be a crook/bad guy, that week's villain - who pretended to be nice and fatherly to the kid in front of the Marshall, Matt Dillion (turns out the kid is secretly scared to death of the guy - too scared to tell the Marshall). (I think they had some kind of traveling show as a front, if I recall correctly, and were more or less staying outside Dodge for a short while.) So the Marshall, visiting them and asking a few questions (about the show's plot), gets an answer from the kid that I guess was something the kid wasn't supposed to say, as it would eventually lead to the discovery of this man's real doings. At the time, the marshall doesn't put it all together, gives his regular, friendly farewell to the smiling man and his"boy," but when the marshal leaves, the man looks down at the boy with the meanest expression and the boy kinda puts his head down, knowing he screwed up.

Fade in on the next scene: On white knuckles, sweated and gripping tightly around a wooden beam, the loud CRACK! of leather on flesh, then a steady, few more as the camera slowly pans along the hand and arm and then the shirtless, sweaty, welted back of the boy, who is facing a wooden bunk bed in an old log cabin type house, arms spread wide and muscles taunt as he grips two posts of the bunk (at first I though it was somebody older since the whole scene made the boy look older, more masculine with what he had to take so stoically). By the time the camera is full on the boy, the whipping stops. The mean man, belt longways in hand and breathing from the hard work he just put into the whipping asks the boy: "You had enough, boy!" The kid took a moment to catch his breath - AS IF HE HAD TO ANSWER WITH COMPLETE CONTROL, AS IF THIS HAD BEEN A ROUTINE DEMANDED OF EACH WHIPPING - stayed in position and answered something like, "Yes, Mr. Jenkins." "Okay, get your shirt on. And next time think before you open your mouth." (John R)

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones - Has a scene where Lavar Burton's dad lifts up his shirt to look at the whip marks some of Jones' guards have given him.

Happy Valley - UK TV movie - Set among British settlers in 1930s Kenya. A bit like that movie White Mischief. Has a scene in which an uncle and his mistress cane across her bottom a sexy and wilfully tempesteous teenage schoolgirl. We see her lay face down across a sofa as at least elenven hard stoke are given as the camera slowly pans away. Later in this film ,off screen she is savagaly attacked with a Sembock? think thats what it's called, the type of rhino hide whip used by Winnie Mandela on members of her football team.(Anonymous) VIDEO LINK

Harem - (1986) (TV) Jessica (Nancy Travis) is kidnapped and sent to harem of the Sultan (O. Shariff). Tarik Pasha (Art Malik)that took her captive is later hired to get her out. They fall in love. When discovered, they are taken to the Sultan and Tarik is flogged with long whip (not bound) to confess if he raped her as he insists or if they are true lovers. (Terry)

Hellfire - In this Showtime movie, Ben (Chariots of Fire) Cross is whipped in a jail early in the film. I'm sure this will please male whipping fans, but can't Cross find better projects to work on??

Hercules: The Legendary Heroes/ The Gladiator - Kevin Sorbo, as Hercules, is enslaved as a fight-to-the-death gladiator by the rulers of a cruel kingdom. He refuses to kill, however, and is taken to the bedroom of the queen. The dialogue is ripe but knowing: Queen: Take his clothes off. (Guards strip Hercules' shirt off; she fondles his sweaty, buff manly chest). You're a big man; nice muscle tone. (She offers, he refuses her offer to be her "personal slave.) Hercules: I'd rather sleep in a dungeon with rats than share satin pillows with a viper. Queen: Before you get your wish perhaps 40 lashes will bleed the insolence out of you. Hercules is then briefly seen tied to a rack being whipped, but the scene is played with a montage of happy memories (mostly involving women) as we hear whip cracks. We then see him walking in pain back to his cell, with about 6 or 7bloody stripes on his sweating back.(Thanks Vertigo)

High Chaparrel, The - Really vague, by I recall a ranch hand (possibly Mexican) given a flogging until Leif Ericson or one of the other leads intervenes. (Thanks Vertigo)

High Chaparral - There is another episode of High Chaparral that contains a whipping. Manolito Montoya (Henry Darrow) and Buck Cannon are captured by Indians and one of them must prove his bravery. It falls to Manolito who is told his test will probably include some kind of crucifixion since the Indians are fascinated with it. Next we see him stripped to the waist and tied upside to a cross. He is told that a brave man will not cry out. The Indians then come riding toward him on horses one at a time and bullwhip on his bare chest. Many bloody cuts appear but he doesn't cry out so he and Buck are released although he can hardly stay on his horse because he's so weak. (Thanks Jack C)

Hispania, la leyenda - In this Spanish TV series (Season 1, Episode 1), there's an outstanding whipping scene where Nerea (played by the beautiful Ana de Armas) is tied AOH and given several brutal lashes to her back. The scene is only shown from the front, so we don't get to see any whip marks. But halfway through her ordeal, Nerea passes out and is doused with a bucket of water, which allows us to see her bare nipples through her wet dress. VIDEO LINK

Hispania, la leyenda - (Season 2, Episode 3) This scene is relatively short, but it's nonetheless a very harsh and brutal segment as a topless slave (shown from the back only) is tied AOH and lashed on her back, with some nasty red stripes as evidence the whipper is doing a good job. Lots of anguished screaming from the victim. Look at the fun stuff we're missing if we don't get Spanish TV! VIDEO LINK

Hispania, la leyenda- From Season 2, Episode 4, an attractive blonde slavegirl is given a vicious lashing in front of a crowd. She is whipped by an order from the Praetor, as a prelude to her execution. The girl is pretty but doesn't scream, only reacts with pained expressions. The whipper is very enthusiastic and lets her have it several times, but unfortunately the whipping is aborted. The general who interrupts the scene threatens the whipper and orders to heal the girl. VIDEO LINK

Holocaust - James Woods gets caned by Nazis in this miniseries.

Hunger, The - "River of Night's Dreaming" episode. This episode of the Showtime series shows the aftermath of a whipping of a female servant.

I, Claudius - a banished Queen is whipped before she is sent off. The top of her tunic is removed, baring her back, and an old man whips her back with a large tree branch. The scene is very brief, and we only get to see the woman's shoulders flinching a couple of times.

I Spy - (1960s) Two guys are stripped and tied to a whipping post and whipped in I think, separate scenes. One of them was actor Jack Krushen.(Anonymous)

Ivanhoe - miniseries starring Stephen Waddington in the lead who gets tortured by whipping at the beginning and later you see him still chained up with a bloody back.(Thanks Matt)

Jewel In The Crown - uk tv serial 1980s Set during the last years of British rule in India one episode had a detailed Singapore style caning as the method of interogating an Indian rebel. He is strapped across a caning horse and caned , marks shown on his butt, to get him to give information . The cane is of course an excellent instrument for measured pain. (Anonymous)

Joseph - TNT TV miniseries circa 1994. As Biblical Joseph, of the coat of many colors, Paul Mercurio endures a brief but furious lashing from a minor servant at the Egyptian Pharoah's Court. Mercurio is not bound (and he is fully clothed), but because of his slave-status, he is forced to cower and endure in silence. The act is prompted by the widespread rumor that Joseph has violated the wife of the Pharoah's right-hand man. Not true, as the well-known tale tells. The woman has made advances towards the comely Joseph, but he has spurned her. So she fabricates a tale of rape and Joseph is imprisoned for several years.

La Femme Nikita: The Series - "Open Heart" episode. Has a scene in which Nikita, who is in a women's prison, is taken to a punishment cell. She's cuffed to a wall and a guard roughly pulls her shirt over her head. The same guard then grabs a long stick and gives her several whacks with it. We only see her stoic facial reaction, though. Later, another prison inmate treats the wounds on her back. Good scene for TV. Hopefully this and "Soldier of Fortune" are harbingers of more such scenes to come. VIDEO LINK

Last Days of Pompei, The - In this short series for TV, we had 2 whipping scenes. First. a heavy built christian man is birch on his bareback by roman guards Some good shots of the bloody back during the whipping. Not a very long scene cut by views of roman governor and egyptian priest talking. Later a christian slave is whipped off screen by romans until he burns incense to pagan gods. We only see his wound bloody back treated by is girlfriend later.(Jolly Roger)

Le ali della Vita (The wings of Life) – italian tv fiction: in a school for girls a nun flogs a rebel girl on back, not much to see, anyway

Leaving of Liverpool - tvm 1996 British /Australian A fact based drama about the cruel treatment of children from kids homes shipped out to Oz in 1950s to keep up white stock.In liverpool we see an Irish priest cane a schoolboy very hard until the cane breaks. This is shown in some detail.Later in Oz a teenage schoolgirl is caned but camera stays above action point. Note the Irish Catholic Christian Brothers where notorious abusers of boys in Ireland/Oz and Canada.(Anonymous)

Little House On The Prairie - I don't remember anything actually being shown, but in at least one episode, Mr. Olson, the shop keeper, took a heavy strap down from the wall and marched up the stairs with the clear intention of giving both his kids a whipping. (John) (There is also an episode that begins with a young boy getting beaten with a strap by his drunken father. Later in the episode the town physician pulls the boy's shirt down and sees the strap marks on his back. - Oslo)

Luke's Kingdom - A 1976 British TV series containing three whipping scenes. The first one is brief and unimpressive. The second one has a young convict sentenced to 50 lashes for trying to escape from prison. He publicly stripped to the waist and tied with his hands above his head to a whipping post. The welts look realistic and we can see blood oozing out on each strike of the whip. The young man screams hysterically whenever the whip lands on his back. He gets only about six or seven strokes. In a later episode we see another whipping scene which is very brief. It shows a man tied shirtless and spread-eagle to a whipping post and getting about three lashes. We see his lacerated back when the camera zooms in on his body. (Toby)

Man From Uncle - One episode contained a man-to-man scene with the star of Man From Uncle (whose name I forget!) being bullwhipped by Robert Culp, who was a guest star on the show. My recollection (which is vague) is that the star of the show was stripped of his suitcoat and shirt, spread-eagled on the floor, with four guys holding him---and Robert Culp did the whipping! Again, these are vague memories---but memories imbedded in my mind!!!!!!(Mark) (I think the star of the show was Robert Vaughn - Oslo)

Marion du Faouet - In this French TV movie from 1997, Marion du Faouët (played by actress Carole Richert) is bound AOH and given 5 brutal lashes. Although she is topless, we only see her from the back and close ups of her face reacting to the torture. Following the whipping she is branded on her back with a hot iron before collapsing in pain. A very intense scene. VIDEO LINK

Marquis de Sade- There are several whippings of topless women in the movie. Originally an episode of "Roger Corman Presents" on Showtime (I think). The women are usually shot from the front, but in one scene we do get to see some savage looking whip marks on one woman's back.

Masterpiece Theatre (PBS) "By the Sword Divided" - aired in the 1980's Daughter (played by Lucy Aston) is whipped by her father for not following his orders. She bents over her bed in her night clothes . Note: Love the way she sticks her butt up in the air waiting for her punishment.(Lescan)

Michele Strogoff, The Courier of the Zar - Italian-German co-production of 1999: in a scene the villain (Colonel Ogareff) whips a gipsy girl, Sangarre, his lover, on bare back: several lashes mostly taken from the front, but we can see her back covered with bloody marks, actress (Esther Schweins) shows also good expressions of intense pain. VIDEO LINK

Mission Impossible - TV series of 1988, at beginning of one episode a fat old man whips a fugitive girl, we don't see anything, anyway.

Moses - a minseries starring Burt Lancaster, has two whippings. The first is rather artificial, a slave held by two guards as another flogs him (the usual lipstick marks for welts) but the later one is better, with one of Moses' comrades lashed while tied to a pillar (looks like it might be fatal).(Thanks Matt)

Nightmare in Badham County - TV Version - In this one, a different prisoner has the back of her work dress pulled up and gets the strap across her back. Unfortunately, though, we don't get to see much, and the scene is kept very brief. Later, in Deborah's scene, we see the dress torn down her back, and the scene fades before the whipping even begins. Interesting to note the differences in the two versions.

North and South - A female slave is whipped, though nothing is shown. A white women is knocked unconscious and whipped on her naked back by her husband - a few decent whip marks appear. Later Patrick Swayze finds her unconscious body, and we get to see the whip marks again. Pretty good for being lame TV crud. Also has a fairly brutal male slave whipping scene. The man's back is saturated with bloody whip marks. After the whipping he is laid down on the ground and we get a good look at his bloodied back.

Pacific Blue - Episode called "Lost And Found." The cops find a runaway girl. When they try to return her to her father, they learn that she's been abused. One of the female cops makes her pull up her shirt and her back is covered with scars. Later her father makes a comment to the fact that he believes in the old adage of "spare the rod and spoil the child." (Anonymous)

Passions - In this crazy soap opera, Kay imagines her love, Miguel (Jesse Metcalfe) being whipped by his evil girlfriend. (Thanks Nat!)

Paul et Virginie - a french tv series produced in 1974. It's roomed in Mauritius Island, in middle 18 Century: in an episode, an escaped young black slave arrives in a plantation and is helped by the boy and the girl of the title; she only wears a dirty and torn loincloth and has the back and the legs covered with scars and bloody welts, after treatening the welts they (very na•ve) bring back the slave to her master with the promise not to flog her again. Later that night, they come back and find the slave tied to a pillory with many new welts of a recent hard flogging. Incredible scene for the period and the target (children), mostly for the nudity and the violence (like also other episodes).

The Peacock Spring - There is one Scene in this BBC miniseries where a Girl of about Fourteen Gets a short Whipping from her Cruel young Step-Mother. A Riding Crop is applied across her Shoulders whilst she wears a Blouse, And we later see Several Stripes being treated by her boyfriend's Friend, Who happens to be a Doctor. (Anonymous)

Perfect Prey - This Made-For-HBO schlock stars Kelly McGillis. She plays a cop out to get the man who assaulted her years earlier. He's still on the loose and tracking him down brings back old memories. At several points we see quick shot of her character being whipped on her (fully clothed) back. There is also one scene where Kelly is wearing a bra, and we can clearly see the scars on her back.

Peter and Paul - TV Miniseries (CBS?) circa 1978. The story of St Paul as he attempts to establish churches throughout Asia Minor, Greece, and Italy. In the Biblical Epistles, Paul chronicles the many beatings he received from unhappy city fathers who saw him as an insurrectionist and troublemaker. Anthony Hopkins, in the title role, suffers under the lash in two scenes. His bound arms encircle a whipping post in a courtyard and he is stripped to the waist. There are many happy onlookers. (Anonymous)

Peter the Great - At the end of this tv movie, the rebellous son of Peter the Great is whip on his back (with his clothes on) suspeded by his bound wrists fron a beam while his father watches. Very short scene. See no marks of any kind. (Jolly Roger)

Piratas - (2011) This Spanish TV series got things off to a great start with a nice whipping scene in their very first episode. The victim is told to be a member of the pirate's gang (actually a "whore", as her own friends say). She is tied to a pole (hands in front) and given multiple lashes to her bare back. Very nice crying. Afterward, she is shown with her back covered with several nasty red marks. Now this is one show that shows a LOT of promise! VIDEO LINK 1 and 2

Pirates, The - British TV series has a scene where the young hero is captured by pirates, tied up shirtless, and flogged with a cat-o-nine-tails. Later, his wounds are tended to by a cellmate. (Toby)

Poor Anastasia - (2003-2004) In this Russian TV series, a young blonde named Lisa is suspected of theft and brought out into the snow to be severely whipped. The man makes her kneel beside a whipping post in front of a crowd of people. Stupidly, he doesn't even tie her to the post and delivers only one blow of the whip (offscreen). She is rescued by the good guy before any more punishment can be meted out. But afterwards there's a nice scene where we see a nice red welt adorning her right shoulder, and she reacts in pain when she touches it. Very cute girl, had the potential for so much more, but worth seeing anyway. VIDEO LINK

Power of Desire - Brazilian serial has several whippings of both white and black slaves.

Prisionera - This Spanish soap opera features a hot scene in which Guadalupe (played by the beautiful Gabriela Spanic) is tied with her arms overhead with rope and meets up with a lady who's more than happy to punish her. Those of you who think women can't dish it out will be pleasantly surprised here. Guadalupe's top is ripped open to expose her back to a whipping. She receives several lashes, passing out before there's an intervention to stop the torture. VIDEO LINK

Rani "Episode 2: Brigande" (2011) - The second episode of this French TV miniseries features 2 whipping scenes, one much better than the other. The first occurs when series star Mylène Jampanoï is attacked with a bullwhip by another woman out by a lake. She gets in a few licks before the whip is pulled away and it turns into a catfight between the 2 women.

The second scene is the standout segment, as we see a woman tied standing between 2 posts, naked above the waist, and is given several lashes to her back. The other women are forced to watch while she is whipped. Impressive screaming and lots of red slash marks on shown on her skin. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2

Rawhide - a Mexican ranch hand is made to kneel and is whipped on the back. After a time, nearby trailboss Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) says, "He's had enough" to the bad guys, and this stops the beating. (Anonymous)

Rawhide - In another episode, trail boss Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) is whipped by a religious group. (Thanks Nat!)

Real Sex (HBO series) - Segment on S&M. 2 scenes of a man whipping women.(Lescan)

Red Shoe Diaries - "How I Met My Husband" Includes scene in which slinky beautiful masked Domintrix is hitting a good looking man across his back with a riding crop. Filmed from the front so we can't see it hitting his back.(Anonymous)

Réquiem por Granada - (1991) In this Spanish TV miniseries, there's a scene where a very attractive brunette (Gioia Scola) is strung up with her arms overhead and given several lashed to her back. What makes this scene especially worthwhile is that she is topless during the scene (a far cry from the TV we get in the states!). VIDEO LINK

Rifleman, The -Mark (the son) is riding through the countryside and comes upon a scene where a man is being whipped by the local wealthy big landowning ogre for stealing a bottle of wine. Watching from a distance, Mark sees the man being restrained by two other men, one on each side, while being beaten realistically with a longish bullwhip. There are some closer shots. (Anonymous)

Ripley's Believe-It-or-Not - One episode had a segment of female flagellants. Can someone catch this one on tape for me? It's repeated on the Sci-Fi channel, I think - one of the few cable channels I can't get :(

Roots - Has several whippings, the most brutal being the infamous one in which LeVar Burton is whipped bloody and being told to accept his new name.

Santa Barbara - (2012) At the conclusion of this Italian TV movie, Barbara (played by the beautiful Vanessa Hessler) is taken out into a public square with her wrists loosely tied in front of her. She has the back of her robe torn away and is forced to kneel in front of a short pillar. She is tied to it and then given over a dozen lashes to her back. Some better bondage would have been an improvement, and the red marks appear a bit too easily, indicating they were obviously faked. But the woman's crying and pained reactions make this one worthwhile. VIDEO LINK

Sharp - British tv movies 11 x 100m Episodes - set during Napoleonic wars. Episodes Sharps Eagle/ Sharps Standard show military 100 lashes .of soldiers at whipping post. No scenes of cat hitting bare back but afterwards we see bloodied backs.

Sin Pecado Concebido - There's a whipping in this recent Latin novella (kinda like a soap opera except that it has an ending). A model is kidnapped by a bad guy. She is chained topless and on her knees. The bad guy whips her as another woman films the savage beating. Several bloody marks appear on the woman's bare back, and there is one great shot of her cringing after one of the whiplashes. The whip hits and sounds are incredibly fake, but this is still a great scene, especially for one that was made for television.

Slave of Dreams - the much stronger of the two recent Joseph in Egypt cable movies stars Adrian Pasdar, a muscular Joseph enduring very hard labor in slavery. After rejecting Potiphar's wife, he is imprisoned, and Potiphar (Edward James Olmos) personally flogs him (stripped to a loincloth, leaning against a pillar, spreadeagled arms held by two men), with a heavy focus on the scars on his back. Olmos plays Potiphar as a man obsessed by Joseph; he also was the Mexican general who oversaw Jonny Lee Miller's brutal flogging in Dead Man's Walk, another case where his character's apparent distaste for what he was doing didn't keep him from vigorously doing it. (Thanks Vertigo)

Soldier of Fortune, Inc. - "Hired Guns" episode. Great whipping scene for TV! The entire team is captured by a corrupt African dictator. Margo, the female member of the team, is singled out for interrogation. She's cuffed to a whipping post in a private cell. The back of her shirt and the back of her bra are removed to expose her bare back. The dictator does a short "flogging" speech and the whipping begins. Only one stroke on screen. In a couple of shots we can see some welts on her upper back, but there are no good close-ups of her whole back. Also, the scene is very dark. She refuses to speak, so the whipper ends up trying to rape her, at which time she is, of course, rescued. Also of note is the fact that the episode ends with the dictator tied to the post and stripped to the waist as his oppressed people storm the compound. VIDEO LINK

Star Trek: Gamesters of Triskelion - Kirk is bullwhipped by one of the gamesters (taking Uhura's place, dammit). In a later scene there are some marks on his back that look like red lipstick.

Star Trek: Patterns of Force - about a planet where modern day Nazi's rule. When Kirk and Spock are captured they are whipped for information and Spock's stripes are green (Vulcans have green blood) while Kirk's are red. An interesting detail that the director did not fail to note. (Thanks JF)

Swamp Fox - Disney TV series starring Leslie Nielson. In one episode, the nephew of the Fox takes a fancy to some local girl (he wants to show her his new custom frock coat -- part of his uniform) and somehow tangles with the British and the evil General Tarleton. Well, he's captured, taken to some mansion and is interrogated with the help of a bullwhip. The scenes are pretty extended. The lad has his new coat ruined by the whip for starters and then is made to remove his shirt. He stands face to the wall and is given what fer, with lashes and a pained face. (Thanks Ken!)

Tarzan: The Epic Adventures - Episode Unknown. Joe Lara as Tarzan is the prisoner of a beautiful evil queen who craves his powers. He is chained (while standing) hand and foot to the floor of temple chamber. When he refuses to submit to her, two guards wearing head masks enter and proceed to flog him vigorously with leather whips; we see him from the front, and then focus on his face as he grimaces in pain. Later, Tarzan, back in his cell, has several ugly bleeding welts on his back, which a woman treats with some sort of salve.(Thanks Vertigo!)

Terror on Track Nine - This is a made-for-TV movie starring Joan Van Ark as a TV News commentator who is following recent murders of old, homeless women throughout the City. Near the end of the movie she is providing an update of the murders when she "spaces" back to her homelife when she is 17 or 18, I think. Her parents are Menanites and very strict. She has been out with a guy, defied her father's orders, etc. Joan Van Ark's flashback shows her tied to a post in the stable with the back of blouse torn off and we see her bare back exposed to her father. The camera switches from her bare back to his upper torso where we see the bullwhip in his hand. The camera than switches to her mother who has walked in and does not defend her daughter or try and stop the flogging. The next scene shows a shadow of the father applying the whip, then the girl's scream, which turns out to be Joan screaming and clutching her back while on camera. At that point, everyone realizes that Joan is the killer of these woman who reminded her of her mother, who did nothing to stop the flogging. (Thanks David!)

Three Sovereigns For Sarah - This exquisite retelling of the Salem witch trials has an early scene in which a slave is whipped with a tree branch by her master. Later, the same slave has been arrested for witchcraft. She has been whipped off-screen and shows the marks to Vanessa Redgrave.

Timeless Land, The - An early eighties Australian TV mini-series. The ad for it features a picture of a topless women being lashed at a cart tail. Does the series actually deliver on that picture? This was supposedely shown on The History Channel in 1997. Keep checking your TV listings for this one. If anyone out there has it on tape, let me know and I'll give you a great trade for it. Note: I've recently heard that the scene doesn't deliver. I'd like to see it anyway if any of you get it.

Tom Browns Schooldays - late 1970 or early 80s BBC serial made on video. Unlike two b/w movie adaptions of Thomas Hughes semi-biographical 19thc novel of life at Rugby public school this features some good on screen canings. Historically it was a birch. We dont actually see the cane hit the victims bottom but we do see it swish down as they lay face down across a bench. Major caning action. Due to its content this daytime serial was never repeated but caning extracts have been used on two BBC documentarys on caning. One of which was made by us reporter Micheal Moore who interviews several educational enthusiasts and had a scene at Schooldinners.The other docu had a fairly attractive blonde consenting to a bare arse real caning by her man ,shown in long shot with sound softened. (Anonymous) (Hey, I met Michael Moore once, being very close to his hometown of Flint, Michigan. Nice to see his name on the page! - Oslo)

Two for Texas - A made for television TNT orginal that premiered Jan. 18 opens with a whipping in an 1830s Louisiana prison camp. A white convict (laying on the ground at gunpoint) is approached by a burly African American who holds a curled bullwhip. He unfurls it upon the man's bare back two or three times before the scene cuts away to something else. The convict wears a shirt that has been ripped away to expose his back. (mad about the lash)

Virginian, The - (I think -- at least it was from the late 60s) -- Michael Burns (a youth- ful blond actor) is flogged shirtless at an army post, rather brutally as I recall. My memory is that this is the opening scene, which is followed by the revelation that the punishment was ordered by his father, the commander.(Thanks Vertigo!)

Wagon Train - In one episode, dashing scout Flint McCollough (Robert Horton) lands in hot water. He is whipped and then thrown off the wagon train. In a later episode, Duke Shannon (Denny Miller) is whipped off screen but later we do get to see a little of his back and hear him suffering. (Thanks Nat!)

Warrior Queen - This British Masterpiece Theatre production features a scene where Boudica (Alex Kingston) is tied down, gagged, and flogged while watching her two attractive daughters being gang raped by Roman soldiers. As a whipping scene, there's not much to see as the camera only stays focused on Boudica's face and we see her pained facial reactions. Of more interest is the nasty treatment her daughters get while their mother is being whipped, which are highlighted in the Mainstream Rape database.

What's Happening!! - Ernest Thomas does something wrong and gets a belt whipping from his mother, Mabel King. Nothing shown, but later he's lying on his stomach on the bed, rubbing his butt and looking like he's in real pain. (John) (Nothing like a network sitcom to bring out the humor in child abuse. - Oslo)

Whore, The (aka Die Wanderhure) - In this expensive 2010 German TV production, Alexandra Neldel is tied kneeling to a whipping post in the town square. She is then given a harsh, brutal whipping before a mostly delighted crowd of onlookers. You can hear the loud crack of the whip and her screams with every lash. Her reactions are excellent. By the time he's finished with her, her entire black is sliced up and and bloody. There's also a nice scene afterward where they tend to the wounds on her back and they have to gag her because she's screaming too loudly. VIDEO LINK

Wild Wild West - (TV series), James West was captured and tortured at least once an episode, usually shirtless with his tight pants pulled up to cover his navel. Once he was tied to a T-shaped whipping post along with another man to provide amusement for his captor. His friend was whipped, but West escaped before any whipping. (anonymous)

The Witches of Salem - (l971) TV movie opens with a young man in the stocks being whipped and then cast out of the villiage. The film's only about 35 minutes long, but has tremendous performances by the young actresses playing the parts of the "afflicted" children. What could have been done with this kind of talent and a decent budget! It beats the recent version of The Crucible for my money. (Anonymous)

Women of Valor - The first shot of this made-for-TV movie shows a woman getting out of a shower with scars on her back. Supposed to be Susan Sarandon, but I doubt it's her in this scene. Later, though, we get to see how she got the scars. Susan is tied to a post in the middle of the camp for sneaking off to see her dying husband. She has the lower half of her shirt ripped open and is whipped with a bamboo stick by a guard. The whipping is stopped after ten or so strokes, and there is one side view shot where she limply hangs from the post and we can see a couple of the whip marks. Very brutal and realistic scene. There are also many various scenes of women getting briefly hit with sticks by guards.

Xena (Remember Nothing) - A tall, muscular man, half-kneeling with wrists bound to a long table, is flogged on his bare back by a soldier. This is a vigorous whipping, with face, chest and back views (including a closeup of contact leaving bleeding welts), as well as a flogger who is really into it.(Thanks Vertigo). There is also a scene in this one where Gabrielle is a slave. She shows Xena some whip marks on her shoulder. The picture is from this second scene. Sorry, lovers of male flogging - but someone could always send me a video or vidcaps of the male scene and I would include those as well.

Xena (The Reckoning) - Xena is chained up in a dungeon. She is whipped with a riding crop once by a man, who spend the rest of the scene punching her instead of whipping her. She finally breaks her bonds, of course, and starts kicking some ass.

Young And The Restless, The - In the popular soap opera, handsome Matt Miller (Robert Parucha) recalls a time that he was captured by guerillas and whipped. Unfortunately, We don't see the whipping but we do get to see his face as we hear the whip cracks and him crying out. (Thanks Nat!)

Young Catherine - (1991) TV-Movie (TNT) A young Julia Ormond plays Catherine. She poses as a Royal Guard in an attempt to arouse her frigit husband. It works , but he turns out to be a little kinky and wants to whip her with her own sword. He applies to smacks to her bottom. Minor scene.(Lescan)

Thanks for the help. The TV section has gotten bigger than I ever though it would. Most of this stuff is probably pretty hard to come by on videotape. In anyone gets any of this stuff, just let me know and I'll give you a more than fair trade for it.