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Name: Thomas Chaser
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The Dog Walker

A review by Thomas Chaser

Ok, GIMP fans. Back in the good ol' days of silent movies, there was the cliche of the beautiful woman tied to the train tracks by an evil do-er. The hero in the white hat always managed to save her just as the train was charging down the tracks, its whistle screaming with hysteria at the tragedy that was about to unfold. Whew!

So how well does that storyline stand up to today's audience? Teraz Films decided to make a 7-minute film to find out.

Nobody does rubber masks as well as Teraz Films, and this is no exception. In fact, I think a lot of the low-budget GIMP films would benefit from making slightly-abnormal rubber masks for its antagonists. It would certainly cut-down on casting issues for bit players whose main job is to torture the beautiful girl(s). And in this film, Teraz doesn't disappoint, because right off the bat we get this guy walking his down along the tracks:

Kind of creepy, right?

Anyway, he hears a noise; someone crying out for help. He looks down the tracks and sees a beautiful woman tied spread-eagle to the rails. Now, quick, you see this and what's the first thing you think of?

That's right. Your decision tree. Is she hot? Yes, proceed with Plan A. No, go to Plan B and call the cops. Next question: Will anybody see me? If "Yes", call the cops. If "No", proceed with Plan A. Final question: Can I get away with it? If "Yes", Plan A looks like a winner. And that's exactly what he thinks, too.

He decides to get a closer look at the attractive young woman, just to see if she's worth having a good time with.

Now, at this point, a thought popped into my head, which went something like, "Is bestiality illegal in all jurisdictions?" followed quickly by, "Just how far over the edge of sanity have I slipped?" But don't worry. The dog is just bi-species curious and decides to sit and watch this strange game the humans are playing.

What follows next is about five minutes of her begging as he cops a free feel of the merchandise.

Then, just when you wished he'd hurry up and get on with things, here comes the train! The victim, played by the lovely Kristina Chrystalis, begins to really beg and plead as the rubber-faced old man continues to cop a feel of some tender young female flesh.

Now comes the decision tree again, with a bit more complexity. "Do I have time to fuck the girl?" If "Yes", then proceed with Plan A. If "No", then "Do I have time to finger her off?" If "Yes", then proceed to do so. If "No", then get the fuck away, because that light you see is the train bearing down on the girl.

Ok, I won't give away the ending so let me get straight to the criticisms. First, the image clarity isn't exactly cutting edge. My guess is the camera operator didn't understand about focal length and shutter speed and ISO settings, because, while there's a tremendous depth-of-field, there's a consistent blur whenever anything moves, including the victim. Second, why is the girl on the tracks? Is she a mob doll for a rival gang and they're executing her to send a message to their enemies? Third, I'm pretty sure if the old man had cut her loose right off, she just might have given him some good lovin' just for his troubles. Then again, the old man probably figured she was a mob doll for a gangboss and didn't want to be hassled for not letting her get whacked by the train. Old people are wise that way.

Anyway, I give credit to Teraz for bringing some new life back into an old plot device, and Ms. Chrystalis does a lovely job of being lovely, as well as being scared, terrified, frightened, and pleading to be saved. Such range! She's surely destined for bigger things.

Overall, the short film is just that - a short film. I won't give away the ending because it really does have some surprise to it. As far as GIMP-ness goes, it delivers to a degree. I just wish it had a backstory to make the suspense that much more dramatic. Or better yet, have the victim's view of things the whole time. I imagine the story would be much better that way - "Oh, look! Here comes an older gentleman out walking his dog. Surely he'll save me! Wait, what? What are you doing? Won't you free me? Quit creeping me out by copping a feel! Oh shit! Here comes the train! Help me! Help me!" Or something like that.

Overall, I knock it mostly because it lacks a backstory and should've been told entirely from the perspective of the victim. The shoddy camera work doesn't help, either, particularly in such a visual medium. The CGI work is pretty good, and the victim is lovely, which counts for a lot.

Rating: C+

Monday, July 1st 2013 - 07:24:31 AM

Name: A Canadian

Thomas Chaser: I have to agree with Ralphus -- you're making quite a mark as a GIMP reviewer. Your two latest reviews were both very entertaining reads, and both of those short films seem to have their moments. It's too bad The Dog Walker isn't a better film because it had such potential and Kristina Chrystalis is a fetching victim.

Monday, July 1st 2013 - 10:22:04 AM

Name: Badger

Thomas Chaser

I want to add my thanks for your recent outstanding and sometimes hilarious reviews... such as of The Dog Walker

I was thinking more along the lines of a PERT chart (she is awfully cute). But not much time for long range planning here.

I will never think of a Decision Tree in the same light again... or of a CowCatcher.

Monday, July 1st 2013 - 11:19:42 AM

Name: gimpfan

I agree with Ralphus concerning the amazon-warriors site. I very much would like to watch NikkiRising but I am very hesitant when I have to upload a copy of my ID to do so.

Monday, July 1st 2013 - 12:45:09 PM

Name: Bill K.

Gimpers, I am sure everyone noticed the way the train damsel in "The Dog Walker" was bound to the track, the train would just harmlessly run over her and cut the ropes, setting her free. All she has to do is stay completely flat until the train passes over her and then sit up and walk away.

She still may be hit by a brake line or an other low hanging part of train but it would not likely kill her. Bill K.

Monday, July 1st 2013 - 02:29:12 PM

Name: Bunny Bound
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Hey guys, 'not sure if this will matter to most, but I thought I'd quickly mention it here anyway. Dick Napalm, who does all of the art and stories for the Bunny Bound site JUST got a call from Paypal telling him that we can no longer sell the digital download or hard copy of our graphic novel Bunny Bound : Love Really Hurts" through their payment service...They said that they don't want to touch ANY 'adult' material whether it's real life photos, or drawings, yadda yadda yadda....Anyway, if you use Paypal, and would like a hard copy of the book, or a digital download, you have until the 6th of July to 'stick it to the man' HA! Then we have to find another payment method to sell our filth! Any suggestions? LOVE!

Monday, July 1st 2013 - 02:36:34 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Quiet, Bill K. You'll give away the surprise ending. :) I had noticed that, too. Fortunately, the Teraz Studio people have a contingency plan to address her survival, and that scene is actually a pretty good example of creative CGI. It's good for what it is.

Others, thank you for the encouragement on my reviews. We've had seasonal rains here so I have found myself stuck indoors eating junk and watching trash. And writing about it.

Bunny, sorry to hear about PayPal. I have no solutions unfortunately. :/

Monday, July 1st 2013 - 03:15:20 PM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

I agree with 'gimpfan' about having to use your ID for a look-see.

I too would like to see Nikki get her due however, in this day-n-age you have got to be careful.

Monday, July 1st 2013 - 10:03:18 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

For those having issues with Olaf Winter's new page, try this:

1. Click on "New User".

2. Enter your email ID and a password, with your name.

3. Check the boxes that show you understand the terms of use and that you're over 18.

4. Click "Register" or "Login" or whatever.

You should be in. At least that worked for me.

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 01:02:32 AM

Name: LeftforDead

Thomas Chaser: I am both intrigued and utterly mystified by that Sexy-Amazons site.

I registered with an email address and password. Since I had a scan of my passport handy, I submitted that and got age-verified, so now I have access to the trailers. And apparently I've been given 4 credits to put towards a purchase.

But here's the weird thing. I do not see this "Nikki Rises" anywhere on the site. When I click on the "Movies" page (the sole category under Product Categories), it reveals 5 movies, but the one you reviewed is not among them. There is a search function on the site, but a search of this movie title reveals nothing. I even tried googling "Nikki Rises," still nothing.

Furthermore, on the "News" page, it says a new video "Harem Girl" is out, but it's not shown on the Movies page either. There is also a note that four older clips have been "added to the library." But of course there is no link to this library, nor any clues as to where it it can be found.

So I'm left sitting here wondering "what the fuck???" I hope you (or someone) can help me figure this out. Some of their models look stunning, and I'd really like to see more of them.

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 09:00:37 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Leftfordead- that is odd. When I open the site, I see a index on the left with several categories, one of which is "Gladiator Arena" and when I click on that I see several movies. The full name of the film is UG Nikki Rises, the UG being for Ultimate Gladiator. I'm using Windows Internet Explorer so maybe you are using a different browser and that is causing the problem?

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 10:58:39 AM

Name: gimpfan

Thomas Chaser - I did what you suggested when I opened my account. I still have to upload copies of my ID to purchase the videos.

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 11:02:59 AM

Name: LeftforDead

Thomas, I've tried using the latest versions of both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I have the same problem either way. I'll drop the guy a note and let him know. Thanks for your response.

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 11:26:05 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

That's very bizarre. I just logged on via my smartphone to Sexy Amazons for the first time and everything works just fine. Maybe something has to cycle on the server. What five movies are you seeing? Ralphus also had issues with the site.

I blame the conservatives.

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 03:34:18 PM

Name: Fritz

Sexy Amazons: Olaf recently rebuilt his site after a succession of problems with online payment processors. Since I've been buying his videos, he's gone through no less than three services, and has been repeatedly dumped due to restrictions on adult content. He now uses a system which requires customers to buy credits through ClickAndBuy.

The good news is everyone gets free credits at the outset, and a few more when they visit the site. The bad news is that new customers are required to provide ID (to ensure age compliance) before being granted access. I can understand why some might be reluctant to do so - but given how easily CC info can be abused, I don't think it's that different than providing much of the same data to make any online purchase.

By the way, existing Sexy Amazons customers - those who have shopped regularly at Olaf's previous sites - do not need to register for the new one. My old ID and password worked fine and I did not have to provide further identification.

* * * * *

Ralphus wrote:

When will everybody learn to quit wasting their money hoping for upgrades of that film?

I wasn't expecting a restored copy of Poor Cecily from Xtreme Theater. If such a thing existed, I'm sure we'd hear of it pdq. However, though this film is available only as a bootleg, the quality of the transfers does vary quite a bit. My first (VHS) copy was abysmal. My first CDR was about the same. My second CDR was a significant improvement and the third was even better. I further tweaked the best of the lot with TMPGEnc and ended up with a clip which I would generously rate C- for quality.

As it's conceivable that someone with superior video ripping and enhancement skills might have achieved a better result (if not necessarily a B+ as advertised), I was willing to risk eight bucks to find out. As CDRs rarely cost more than $10, I've spent less than $30 on this title and remain confident that what I have is the best I can get at the moment.

And yes, I frequently buy the same film more than once, sometimes to get a better quality release and sometimes to get a more complete or alternate version. It can be dicey, and sometimes I am very aware that my gamble is a long shot, as was the case with this purchase. At least half the time I am disappointed, but when I do succeed, it easily makes up for any failed attempts.

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 06:29:48 PM

Name: TGG

Bunny Bound, it's sad to hear about your troubles with paypal. The funny thing about paypal is that they can often be quite two-faced when it comes to adult content!

They claim that they don't allow adult content to be sold via their payment service, yet there are some adult vendors out there that I know of that do accept paypal payments. Paypal seems to play favorites when it comes to who they allow to sell adult content via their payment service and who they don't allow.


Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 10:57:35 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thomas Chaser: Great review of The Dog Walker. I've said it before; I would love to see a movie where the damsel tied to the tracks really gets run over by the train. I'm not a huge fan of Teraz's shooting style, but this looks like one to check out.

The direct link to your latest is in my Homepage URL above.


Sexy Amazons new website: I'm sorry Olaf has had a series of problems with his payment processors, but this new site is not acceptable. Having to consistently type in your e-mail and password, then send in a picture of your ID, then on top of that, not having a searchable way to access the I say, it's extremely user-unfriendly. I had to ask Thomas Chaser for links to his 3 reviews, because I couldn't even find them myself. Your average curious fan is likely to try and then give up when checking out their site. I don't care how good the movies might be, if you can't even look at stills or a description, it's not likely they'll be getting many sales.


Bunny Bound: My sympathies with the Paypal situation. I had the same problem with them on my site years ago when they suddenly dropped me without warning, announcing after 4 years that my DVDs were suddenly unacceptable. It all goes back to Bush's edict during his reign of terror that banks and credit card companies stop accepting payments from adult companies. I assume Thomas Chaser was somewhat joking when he said "I blame the conservatives", but that really is who is to blame. The change in office to a Democratic President didn't suddenly wipe away the restrictive laws the previous administration put in place.

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013 - 11:28:11 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:


Was wondering what people knew about Eradicate Productions, which is a small horror fetish production company featuring Slyyy as its main model. They have a nicheclips store "Born to Die" which piqued my interest enough to buy "Finishing Her", which is a basic clip of Slyyy getting bellypunched while spreadeagled and eventually choked out. I thought that was a low risk investment that paid off, and now I'm interested in "The Reporter" (sorry Rick) since it has AOH taser action.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 - 03:39:32 AM

Name: Gog

Mav * Concerning your inquiry of "Born to Die / Eradicate Productions. It's really very coincidental that my interests were peaked as well, and made my first purchase just 2 days ago.

One of the main reasons was that I saw that almost every new addition was a "custom" video, so thought I would check 'em out in hopes that their prices were reasonable (for the customs).

I fast-forwared ("Intense Payback") a bit so I'll give my thoughts after a more thorough viewing.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 - 08:13:31 AM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

Hi All.

As someone who is probably closer to being 87 than most of you, (although, I insist, some years yet short of that age!), I can but applaud both today's picture and R.'s expressed sentiment.

While blood still flows, cruelty still triumphs!

Have fun.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 - 12:58:04 PM

Name: Bunny Bound
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Homepage URL:

Hey guys, thanks for your sympathies regarding Paypal dropping us...We are scrambling to get a new payment provider right now...Dick is pissed as he usually is when stuff like this happens...his E-mail message to me about it was entitled "Fucking Cunts!" :). He told me that he even said to the guy on the phone that it was just art and comic book stuff, but the guy said 'absolutely NO adult material!' We should have it all fixed soon and I'll let you know how it turns out when it's all done. By the way, I LOVE today's pic! Is this that 'Alizar' guy? I'm starting to recognize some artist styles! LOVE!

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 - 04:40:53 PM

Name: TGG

Bunny Bound, the two websites below are an example of paypal's two-faced nature when it comes to adult content...

Peril Comics
A1 Adult E-Books

The first website, Peril Comics produces adult comics, comics that are of a different nature that what you and Dick produce, but adult comics nonetheless. If you check the accepted payment methods listed on the sites, you'll see that they accept paypal payments. Why don't you and Dick confront paypal about this discrepancy in their policies. Just don't mention the names of the sites so those two-faced bastards don't decide to go and drop them too.


Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 - 06:08:05 PM

Name: Greg Smith
E-mail address:

Hi Gimpers

For those half dozen of you that have not searched youtube for this little gobbler. Cop for this! It is, I suggest the best, if not the only slice of gimp fare on this film, The Nun of Verona and the babe on the wooden horse is sweating like a bitch, just the way I like 'em. Watch and enjoy. Hope this shit link works, If not seach nun of verona and go to the second page.


Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 - 07:32:17 PM

Name: Gog
Homepage URL:

My 2 cents on having to provide a photo ID.

Whenever I make an online purchase I always use a prepaid credit card. I'll gladly pay the extra $5.00 for peace of mind and not have to worry about the site getting hacked and have my real CC or Debit card info stolen. So......if I worry about hacking (and some of the most secure banks in the world have been hacked) would you think my feelings about providing a photo ID would be any different? That'd be all I need.....Gogs all over the world opening credit card accounts with my stolen identity.


Brief photo review and thoughts about "Born to Die/Eradicate Productions".

My first venture into this new company was a clip named Intense Payback (which was a custom video made to someone's script/specification).

The film stars Slyyy (who is all the BTD clips) and opens with her at home and on the phone talking with her friend about some loser she keeps running into at the nightclub.

Said loser now shows up at her door under the guise of her having lost her purse at the club and him sent to return it. Slyyy opens the door and she gets cloro'd for her trouble.

The unconscious Slyyy now gets spread tied to the bed. Upon waking she has her nightgown and panties cut and torn off.

Then the good stuff begins as she gets subsequently tied face down and later tied with her hands behind her back and ankle tied. The second and third positions are mostly for round 2 and 3 of oral.

Finishing off with the last bit of oral, she is laid back in bed before being strangled from behind. After her death, the killer takes a few pics of his handiwork on his cell phone (not represented in these pics).

My thoughts on the clip/new company.

The clip started with a fairly good set up. The opening w/phone conversation was about 6 or 7 minutes, giving the viewer a glimpse of the type of person Slyyy is portraying.

I really liked the camera work as well. The camera alternates between distant shots and POV's. And considering, it's only a 2 person show (I'm pretty sure), it wasn't bad at all. I especially liked the "real-life" lighting as opposed to the overly bright porno lighting that some other companies use. It give a feeling of realism, ambiance, as opposed to artificiality the later leaves you feeling. And I definitely want the fantasy I'm viewing to feel as real as possible.

The acting wasn't the greatest however. The cloro take-down in fact was the worst part of the movie. Slyyy was way too passive here. In fact her struggle was almost comical, looking somewhat reminiscent of a mime.

Once tied to the bed, it improved a bit.....but still too passive for my tastes.

The rope-work was really shoddy. Way too much leeway in the spread-eagle. I can overlook a bit of leeway for the legs, but if you look closely at one of the pictures, you can see that one of her hands are right at her face. With which of course she could have easily removed her gag and screamed if she wanted.

Too bad too since I've seen her in some tight bondage before:

All in all not bad and BTD definitely has potential. Especially if wanting a custom.....but I think you'd have to be very specific in explaining what you'd want.....and not leave a single thing for interpretation and take for granted that they'd know what you mean.

I give it a B- on strength of Slyyy's attractiveness, hardcore elements, lighting, and a NON-eye fixated in one position for several minutes on end (DURING the I said, I want the fantasy I'm viewing as real feeling as possible), snuff ending.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 - 09:56:31 PM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

So the risk of stepping on toes and saying what future posters (Margot and Jane) were probably going to say more elaborately, I noticed there is now an official trailer for Dead But Dreaming on Youtube. And it seems to have a release date of July 25th...possibly that applies only for the DVD release? Is the downloadable release going to be sooner? Was this not supposed to be revealed on this site just yet? Am I asking way too many questions and overstepping my bounds here something fierce?

LoL just's odd from my experience to not hear about the updates here FIRST from the creators of the Vermeer Works movies.

Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 12:28:30 AM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

Dear Dr. Yuya.

I have never valued the posts from Mss. Amy and Margot because they give us first knowledge of future activity, although that is often/usually the case.

It is for the insight into their plans and hopes, and the sharing of images that cannot go onto a 'public' forum. And also the 'gossip' about the making of their films; particularly if it involves Ms. Hesketh suffering cruelly!

You now know that 'D. but D.' will be available on the 25th. There is still plenty of time for Mss. H./M. to give us details. There must be any number of pressures that govern when decisions will be made and when information will be released.

Dear Mss. H. and M; I am still awaiting hungrily for you to reveal plans for tackling a truly (Greek) tragic theme that will challenge your imaginations and properly capitalise on your unique resources. As always, may boldness and success be with you.

Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 04:10:25 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
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Casey Calvert Suffering For Art

A review by Thomas Chaser

Casey Calvert is a hot young bondage star. Lew Rubens is a bondage producer that's been around awhile, staging scenes for other production studios as well as some of his own stuff. One day, Lew asks Ms. Calvert if she'd be interested in doing a photoshoot involving real whip marks, which means she'll really be whipped in order to keep things authentic. She agrees to give it a go. This clip is a video made from that shoot.

What qualifies this as a GIMP film is that there are several points during the shoot where Casey has to be "convinced" to keep going. The very first stroke tears a scream from her throat that makes you want to scream right along with her, which is why most of us watch these types of films in the first place. What you're watching is real, albeit consensual (to a degree), but nonetheless it is NOT a pleasant experience for the victim at all.

This is the last time her back is unmarked. From here on out, it's a matter of enduring the pain. Lew gives her a few light taps before the first real stroke lands.


That first pop rips a scream from somewhere deep in her soul. You can tell it really hurt. Lew even stops and checks on her, helping her to calm down and take the pain. The welt comes up almost immediately. But Casey is a trooper. Lew tells her to turn around and put whatever part of her body towards him that she wants him to strike next. Not much choice in that wording, is there? It reminds me of how my sister puts the bedtime question to her pre-school children - what pajamas do you want to wear to sleep? Not going to bed is not an option that's given, and so it is here. Quitting is not an option. You're going to get popped. Where do you want it? Casey decides to take it on her back.

Bang. Another strike. But Lew takes pity on her and it's not as hard as the first one.

Casey winces, "That was not my back!" to which Lew replies that he's in charge of this shoot and is mixing things up a bit. Moaning and groaning but standing in there like a pro, Casey turns a bit to take the whip where she wants it.

Lew is more than willing to oblige.

What makes this clip work for me is Casey's reaction to the whip. She has the best scream in the business, and I'm surprised she hasn't been hired to do voice-over work for some of the studios that do "fictional" storylines. Her shriek alone is golden. When you add to that the fact that she has such a sweet ass, it makes watching her backside get whipped that much better.

At several points, the video guy has to move around just to get the angles he wants, without interfering with the still photographers, who are the real reason this shoot has been set up. I really, really wish this had been a full-on video shoot with at least three (better) cameras and a higher resolution. There was so much potential in this set-up that was degraded by shoddy equipment.

Since this is about art, here's a little piece I call, "Anatomy of a Scream":

At 15:47, minus 13 seconds for an intro, you get about fifteen and a half minutes of a whipping good photo shoot. It's not HD, but it is very much real, and a pretty good value at $12 USD.

Plot? What plot? Sometimes you just have to let art flow over you. Just feel the raw emotion of the artist and how her pain affects your deepest reptilian brain cell. Even the crappy videography gives it a gritty realism that I haven't felt since "Hill Street Blues" first started using the technique way back in 1981, and which has been copied umpteen million times since then. Lew had to know he had a good thing going in this piece, because he didn't even bother to add mood music to convey the fear, pain, and dramatic denouement of the piece. As for Ms. Calvert, well, she has the best scream in the business, although Lana Clarkson did a credible job in the dungeon scene of Barbarian Queen. Jac Avila and Amy Hesketh of Pachamama Films could save this as a reference piece. I can hear his direction to Mila now: "No, no. Too much nasal. It must come from more the throat. Like Calvert. I need a Calvert scream."

Hey, it could happen.

Casting: A+ (Casey is cute and has that awesome scream)
Directing: A+ (Lew is not afraid to push his models)
Camerwork: C-
Overall Rating: B+

Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 07:22:15 AM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:

In case anyone's interested, the 1978 French film L'amour violé has a nicely humiliating rape scene that starts at 0:17:15. Not bad for a mainstream movie. Catch it before YouTube takes it down.

Oh, and the topless sweaty Fay Wray fake -- that's mine! Good to see it again.

Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 01:48:49 PM

Name: Bill K.

"Casey Calvert Suffering For Art" screaming in real pain is all good stuff but that dirty word consensual is my problem. No foreboding terror and despair in it. Was there any pleading "please don't hurt me" or "please let me go" or "please don't burn me at the stake" well that my thing but all too clean and nice. Dirty dungeon tortures with torches and rats and then bats I say. I greatly enjoy all your reviews Thomas Chaser but on this movie I don't agree on your rating for without merciless peril I give it a C+ based on your posted pictures of the sexy model's breasts only. Bill K.

Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 02:26:11 PM

Name: Amy Hesketh
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi All, sorry I haven't kept up with comments and responses from my last post. I've been chained to my desk. There's too much work to be done around here and too few people to do it. But I do read the posts, and the suggestions for a hillbilly movie, among other ideas, like the jungle movie, are right up my alley. Or would that be driveway? I am from rural America, after all! Very acquainted with hillbillies and their shenanigans.

Dr. Yuya - Thank you for sharing the trailer for Dead But Dreaming! That one is the theatrical trailer, more all-audiences, that is being shown in theaters in Bolivia right now. We'll have a racier trailer very soon.

The theatrical release date for Dead But Dreaming is set for the 25th of July. The DVD/Download release date is dependent on a few factors that are out of our hands. Namely, the translations for the subtitles, and the fulfillment company ingestion times. We have the subtitles translated by professionals, sent back to us, then they have to be timecoded and put into the DVD and Download. When the DVD and Download are ready, they're uploaded to their respective systems, and processed. All that takes a bit of time. So the closer we get to the actual date, the better we can make an estimate. :)

It will be around that date, barring any natural disasters, etc. Here's the trailer below.

In other news, I had an interview recently with a great blog from Sweden called Monterdiggare. You can click right here to give it a read. I reveal all kinds of insightful information, like my favorite foods and pastimes. Scintillating.

And that great review of Le Marquis de la Croix came out in The Beverly Hills Outlook. It's still up on their main page right here, but I think it'll be archived this weekend, so here's the direct link as well! It's a really fantastic critique, and I'm very proud of the movie.

We finally shot the footage for the pitch video for the IndieGoGo campaign for my next movie Olalla. I'm posting a little vidcap from it below. Among others things, I'm trying to get that edited so we can begin the campaign. No rest for the wicked! We had a lot of fun shooting this, just playing around.

Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 03:49:05 PM

Name: Gog

Hi Amy. So nice to see you posting again. :-) It's been a while, but since it's because of you being so busy.....that's good news for all.

The town I'm in was having a horror/paranormal convention a little while back. A bunch of famous actors/producers showcasing/promoting their stuff for the 3 day event. I was so hoping I'd see your name amongst the participants (thinking maybe you promoting "Dead but Dreaming").....especially with your recent interview in "Fangoria" (still waiting for that "All Amy" issue BTW ;-). But no such luck. Maybe next time around huh....when you've gotten rich & famous. :-)


Thomas Chaser * Thanks for the review on the Casey Calvert clip. Casey is indeed a cutie. But think I like her better (though not having seen this one....but because of my tastes.) in something a bit more non-consensual and violent.....kinda like "The Pleasure is Ours" ;-)


Scot * Nice find! Looks like a keeper. Thanks! :-)

Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 07:49:05 PM

Name: Gog
Homepage URL:

Hi again Amy. I just read your Swedish interview. I had no idea Olalla was also a vampire movie. Interesting.

And I also started getting into Agalloch not too long ago. I really like Metal....but intelligent Metal (so to speak). Agalloch is of interest to me since they kind of remind me of a cross between "Cradle of Filth" & "Mike Oldfield". If you have time, check out a excerpt of "Incantations" (on my URL / background music as you read :-)

And since you mentioned cats......I just had to share a picture of mine. Seems he likes your DVD's as well. He got all pissed off at me when I came home unexpected one day. Take a look: it's not really my cat.....but thought it was funny.

OK, before Ralphus gets all upset for being off topic (And I made no comment about "Cradle of Filth" being where he sleeps), better get back on.

With yourself & Co. expanding your portfolio into that of the supernatural w/"Dead but Dreaming", I had an idea for further exploration into the subject. This time however with ghosts/haunting....w/GIMP of course.

A good working title could be "The Plantation", or "The Naked Dead", or "Windows to Death".

In a nutshell, A paranormal research team, ala "Ghost Hunters" TV show, research an urban legend of a South American plantation that is said to be haunted. The legend goes, that nightly, those that were murdered there come back and relive their last hour on earth.

After diligent research, the paranormal research team of 4 members think they have located the plantation of this urban legend and head out to investigate. After several hours or driving, the road comes to a dead end and the team have to continue on foot. Concluding a lengthy trip on foot, they see a clearing though the trees and catch sight of what they think to be the haunted plantation.

The team enter the homestead of the plantation site and start to set up their equipment. The team gets startled as they suddenly hear a voice (from none other than our own lovely Amy) from the top of the stairs, "Who are you? How dare you enter my home....what do you want?" The team apologizes for the unannounced entry and go on to explain the reason for they're being there, telling tales of the legend. Amy goes on to verify the legend as fact, and becomes sort of a tour guide, so to speak.

The team had hoped to capture on video and audio noises or voices....and with any luck, maybe an orb or a shadow that is seen moving. Amy however tell the history of the house as being built by a man who worshipped Satan. And that what they hope to encounter that evening will be much more than just noises and shadows. Amy tells the tale on how the dead WILL return in full body to relive their deaths, explaining that there was practically a death/murder in almost every room of the plantation house.

Amy takes the crew up to the first room of the first murder (in order of time of the day that they happened). She tells them that they need to set up their equipment outside and not make a noise. As the crew look through the doorway into a darkened room, there suddenly appears the flickering of candlelight, illuminating the room. They then see the full bodied appearance of the first victim. As the crew witness, they verbalize that "it must be some sort of trick or something" as it looks all too real. But as they speak, the image they are watching disappears. Amy tells them, "This house is lies miles and miles and miles from anywhere. I never get any guests here. And as I'm sure you've already found out, the dirt road that leads here has long since been overrun by brush......what possible motive could I have to want to set some sort of illusion to fool anyone?" Amy reiterates that all need to be silent as she now leads them to the second room.

As all look in, they see the image of plantation owner's young wife as she slips into a bath. Soon to follow, an intruder wearing a black hood enters and forces the wife's head underwater, drowning her (some murder scenes need to be quickly done as not all can be done in drawn out detail for time restriction for the movie). As the crew witness, they keep quiet this time but try to enter the room. Something however keeps them from doing so.

Amy leads them from room to room to witness various scenes of rape, torture and death, as the astonished, but skeptical crew witness.

Amy now leads them to one last room. Again, as all look in, the room becomes aglow from candlelight. There they see Amy sleeping in her bed. The crew quickly turn around but Amy, who has been their tour guide up till now, is nowhere to be seen. As the focus returns to the room, they once again see the black hooded intruder, entering silently into Amy's bedroom this time. He then pulls the sleeping Amy to the side of the bed and immediately begins to choke her out from behind with his forearm across her throat. As she is pulled to the side before being choked, we see that Amy is sleeping naked (this is my dream.....could you expect anything less? ;-). Amy soon slips into unconsciousness as the intruder lets her body fall, as she slides off the side of the bed with her torso on the floor and her bottom half still on the bed. The intruder looks her over for several moments, then tosses her over his shoulder.

As the scene unfolds, the crew are a bit freaked out by it all as they try to break the spell (for lack of better way to describe it) by yelling for Amy and trying to enter the room to save her. All the noise they make, in doing so, has absolutely no effect this time, as they are forced to watch the scene unfold. They watch the hooded man with Amy over his shoulder walk right towards them and out the doorway. The same doorway that they had tried to enter just moments before. They follow the man and Amy as he carries her down to the basement to a makeshift torture chamber. They follow, but are not allowed to get close enough by some unseen force, to circumvent the situation as it's happening. They follow and are forced to watch Amy live her final hour as she gets tortured in various ways and finally killed.

The movie could actually lead its way to a sequel as well if so desired. The paranormal crew could consist of at least 3 females....all of which could lend their bodies, and lives, to the continuation of the legend of the house.

Again....just dreaming.....cause I'm STILL not dead. :-)

Thursday, July 4th 2013 - 08:57:31 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Gog: A big thank you for reviewing Intense Payback for the site. I'm a big fan of Slyyy; even though she's got a few tats, I think she's sexy as hell. I remember her from her Orgasmagoria days, plus she did other fetish work that would ring my bell big time. She used to be one of my favorite fetish models. I say "used to" because she disappeared some years ago and I figured, like most models, that she had retired from the scene while she was still young and wouldn't be back. That's why I was surprised when I saw her working for Badman Productions a while back, and they said this was her first bondage work in 8 years!

And now she's got her own company, or at least she's the main star on this Born To Die site. Very cool. She still looks good from those stills, especially with tape over her mouth. I would welcome any more reviews from her new site; a lot of it looks quite intriguing.

The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


Thomas Chaser: You know, I really like reading your reviews. While consensual videos usually don't interest me, you sold this one very well, and Casey Calvert is a real cutie. I'll have to take your word about her screaming ability, since I haven't seen her work, but a victim who can scream realistically is definitely more attractive to me. Good job.

And here's your link:

Friday, July 5th 2013 - 12:06:04 AM

Name: MAV

FYI Ralphus and GIMPers, I caved and bought Eradicate Productions/Born to Die's "The Reporter" and was pleased with Slyyy's performance, especially in the AOH scene where she's tasered and whipped. The movie content was what you would find in a lot of PKF clips, but lower video and effects quality of course. I can do a review if people want one.

Friday, July 5th 2013 - 03:38:18 AM

Name: Badger


In case anyone's interested, the 1978 French film "L'amour viola has a nicely humiliating rape scene"

There is actually a English subtitled version of this movie --- titled "Rape of Love"--- available as part of a double feature with "Trip With the Teacher" on The stripping, humiliation and rape scene lasts for nearly 15 minutes and should not be missed by anyone looking for solid mainstream GIMP action.

Friday, July 5th 2013 - 08:39:30 AM

Name: A Canadian

Gog and Thomas Chaser: You guys remind me of John Galt in his heyday in the way you keep churning out the reviews. Thanks for the great work and keep it up. As for the movies themselves, I'm thinking Intense Payback looks interesting although Slyyy's bolt-ons are a bit of a distraction.

Friday, July 5th 2013 - 05:38:42 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Did a short clip of superheroine in scifi bondage (I call them Scribbler cuffs) and fireworks for 4th of July, but couldn't get it launched in time for various reasons.

Click on image to go to page to see full 11 sec clip. For a couple more days anyway, after which I'll have to take it down for bandwidth reasons.

Friday, July 5th 2013 - 08:01:53 PM

Name: El Wananchi
Homepage URL:

Esteemed readership,
I am too pleased to announce that a second story of mine has been kindly uploaded to the site by Ralphus. It is a historical fiction set in Greek held Egypt during the reign of the Ptolemaic dynasty (you know, the one infamous Cleopatra belonged to) around the 3rd century BC. As such, it could probably be on par with anything Hollywood or even the European TV have produced! It has also a couple of tributes. I hope you are so kind as to take some minutes to read it and eventually like it.
El Wananchi

Saturday, July 6th 2013 - 05:10:02 AM

Name: Fogman
E-mail address:

I want to thank this wonderful page to bring out from the net all these wonderful GIMPs.

And today I want to say thanks in particular to Thomas Chaser for the review of "Casey Calvert Suffering for Art".

I found the video very good and maybe one of the most exciting whipping videos on the net, and all because of the victim. Casey's body is perfect and her screams and reactions very hot, the lashes and whipping were pretty short and not too intense but the result is superior to the 90% of videos of many sites.

One note ... he has to tie her ankles to the pavement too, she moves too much, but I understand, this was a shooting, not a punishment.

So thank you again, please continue to post these rare pearls from the web ;)

Saturday, July 6th 2013 - 10:03:10 AM

Name: Jon Smithie

Some great stuff on the forum in the last few days! Thanks Gog and Amy and Thomas Chaser. That "Casey Suffering for Art" is right up my alley. An attractive woman with natural breasts and no tats? How rare is that? And getting whipped? Absolutely awesome.

This makes me almost ashamed of my own poor offering.

Thought I'd provide some vidcaps from the TV show "Supernatural." I've always been a sucker for shows about paranormal/supernatural goings on from "Twilight Zone" to "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" to "X-Files." "Supernatural" is right at home in that genre, but is surprisingly graphic, and for lack of a better word, irreverent. The Judeo-Christian God is seen to be indifferent to the trials of the world. At one point Dean (Jensen Ackles), one of the main characters refers to him as a "Deadbeat Dad." Angels are most often malign or indifferent to humans. Demons are typically ruthless and evil, but that just makes them all the more charming.

At its best, "Supernatural" is inventive, suspenseful, smart and amusing. There are tons of pop culture references and inside jokes, as when Dean watches or comments on the soap opera that he (Jensen Ackles) was on. At its worst the drama between the two brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester can become wearisome and repetitive. For instance, one or the other has almost always got his soul in hock to a demon, and they have frequent shouting matches about it.

There are also tons of attractive women, usually at some point in merciless peril.

Which brings me to the vidcaps of my favorite scene in the series. This is from the episode "Heaven and Hell" the tenth show of the fourth season.

Ruby (Genevieve Cortese) is a demon who is ostensibly helping the Winchesters avert the freeing of Lucifer from hell. Alastair (Mark Rolston),another demon, wants Ruby to tell him where the Winchesters are. He has a special knife that can kill demons or cause them terrible suffering, and he knows how to use it.

Alastair's specialty is torturing souls in hell. He's good at it, and he loves his work.

Of course, it's difficult to speak when you have a leather gag

with mystical runes strapped over your face, but don't worry, Alastair takes it off Ruby eventually.

The following two vidcaps are from the seventh episode of the third season "Fresh Blood." Two young lovelies have been kidnapped by a vampire who wants to start a new family. He has let them taste his blood in order to turn them.

Until they can appreciate the eternal delights of blood sucking he has them chained arms over head. While the vamp is away a hunter vandalizes the vampire's property.

He leaves the ladies chained, I guess you would have to say, arms over shoulders.

Saturday, July 6th 2013 - 09:43:34 PM

Name: Matt

Re: today's pic: The interrogator always has a pot of hot coffee brewing. Not just to keep up during a long session, but hot coffee can be used to....perk up, shall we say, the subject under questioning. Though very hot water can also be used, if necessary.

Sunday, July 7th 2013 - 02:20:04 AM

Name: Gog

Jon Smithie * I used to watch "Supernatural" all the time (entire 1st season/part of 2nd). Don't really know why I stopped watching. But of course....I miss out on the cool GIMP episodes. lol Thanks for posting the vidcaps.


Ralphus wrote of Slyyy: "I remember her from her Orgasmagoria days, plus she did other fetish work that would ring my bell big time."

I happen to notice she's got a clip at the Orgasmagoria store @ Nicheclips. It's called "Shocked". She's probably got a few more clips there in addition....and you probably already seen it....but just in case.

Oh, and BTW, Orgasmagoria's clips are just $5.00 a pop (though short in duration).

Sunday, July 7th 2013 - 08:41:11 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Gog: Thanks for the tip on Shocked. I have about 6 or 7 of the Slyyy clips from Orgasmagoria and this is one of the better ones I've seen. I already own it, but it's worth a second look. And it's definitely a worthwhile buy for those who haven't seen it before. In fact, just to get back in the swing, here's a review for you all.


Let me begin with the star of the clip, the stunning brunette Slyyy. I'm a big fan of hers. Yes, her tits are man-made, and she has a couple of tattoos, one on her ankle and a small one in the front on her bikini line. I can overlook small imperfections when the rest of the package is as tantalizing as what she has to offer. Besides a slim figure and a beautiful face, she's also got this incredible long, wavy hair, which may be her best feature. She used to be known as Sexy Slyyy and if you take one look at her, it's easy to tell why. Simply put, this girl rings my bell.

This 7-minute clip doesn't waste any time getting into the good stuff. We first see Slyyy sitting in front of her computer as a man silently enters her home and sneaks up behind her. Before she knows what's happening, he is forcing a chloroform-soaked washcloth over her mouth. Slyyy struggles well but eventually passes out. The man takes a look at his newly-captured prey and announces, "You're gonna work out perfectly."

This is followed by a scene where the man takes Slyyy's limp body and arranges her on the bed so that her limbs are apart. After stripping her, he ties her arms to the sides of the bed with bare wire, which also happens to be connected to a handheld device where he can adjust the amount of current. After plugging it in, the man tells the barely-conscious Slyyy, "This should wake you up a little bit!"

He turns the dial and Slyyy does some convincing writhing, her body shaking as she struggles and grunts as the electricity pulsates through her. "And this is just on low, imagine that," he taunts her.

He briefly turns down the juice, enabling his victim to finally catch her breath and lash out at him. "Are you fucking crazy?" she shouts, which gives him the impetus to crank it up again even higher, causing Slyyy's mouth to start foaming up as she is shocked some more. Along the way, there are several angles of her quivering naked body reacting to the abuse.

After watching her suffer for another minute, he decides to see what will happen if he turns the control up to high. And Slyyy really cuts loose with vigor, doing some intense shaking and making painful guttural noises as she is violently tortured with the electricity. By the end you can even some wafts of smoke escaping from her head, a subtle but very impressive effect as we watch her expire.

The man turns off the current and checks Slyyy's pulse to confirm she's dead. "Wow, this thing really works," he says with an almost childlike sense of enthusiasm. "It's pretty fun!" We're then given a few more voyeuristic looks at Slyyy's lovely nude body before fading out. Ah, I love a happy ending.

This clip works from beginning to end, thanks to a very believable performance by Slyyy as the victim. One big debit to the scene, though: What was up with all that foam coming out her mouth? I know it's a cliche that you foam at the mouth when being electrocuted, but does that really happen? At any rate, I just don't like it. Slyyy has such a pretty face, and watching white foam bubble up from her mouth was distracting. Bad call by the director. I wish the bad guy would have taken a break, walked over and wiped her face, and then went back to shocking her some more. That's what I would have done, anyway.

At any rate, the only other drawback to the Orgasmagoria clips is they were made back before the advent of high-definition video. This clip was made in 2006 and the quality is lesser than what you would expect today. But for a mere 5 bucks, it's well worth it if you like to see electro-torture with a beautiful and convincing actress.

My grade: B+

Sunday, July 7th 2013 - 10:36:35 PM

Name: Chester
E-mail address:


Your review lead to my direct purchase of this clip! I have to say although this is a quite short clip, it is one of the best electric-shock scene I've ever watched. Excellent shaking by the cute Slyyy~!~!~!

Thanx for the review again.

Monday, July 8th 2013 - 12:45:27 AM

Name: Amy Hesketh
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I was completely remiss in my last post in not congratulating Eda Chang on her latest inspired story. I do very much like the offerings from other writers here as well, but Eda has a special place in my perversion heart.

Gog - Thanks for reading the interview! I'm listening to lots of intellectual Metal (or "fantasy metal" like Rhapsody), and some classical music (Schnittke, Satie), pretty much exclusively right now. I like some weirder music as well, like minimalist electronic, (don't get me started, I'll go completely off topic). Certain music inspires me to write. And I'm working on 2 more GIMP-y scripts right now that will come after Olalla.

Yes, Olalla is also a vampire story, but different than Dead But Dreaming. It was the first (genetic) vampire story to be written (by Robert Louis Stevenson). It's relatively obscure, but has some great inspiration in it. I'm taking more of the dark elements from the story and expanding on that, incest, corporeal punishment, the consequences for vampires living among normal people. Mobs, pitchforks, angry villagers. Good stuff. No sparkly faces and niceties. The traditional Gothic archetypes are there as well.

You keep churning out great ideas for horror films, Gog. FIY, anyone who posts ideas here for future movies, I copy and paste them into a file. Who knows what the future may hold!

I wish I could go to horror/film conventions, hopefully later this year I may be able to go to some film festivals with one, or more, of the movies. I'm an indie filmmaker, so the funds are normally not there for plane tickets, especially from Bolivia. Much of the time I end up throwing my savings into another film hoping it will make the big bucks. I'll keep trying until I'm dead (but dreaming?).

Jon Smithie - I watched a few episodes of Supernatural a while back, guess I'll have to get back into it.

In other news, a very positive review of Barbazul appeared yesterday in the latest edition of The Beverly Hills Outlook! Obviously, Charles is a fan of my work, and "gets it". Here's a quote from the review, "Most importantly, it (Barbazul) voices the central dialectic of Hesketh's creative self: as filmmaker, she is very much in control, yet the fiction she imagines, as in a dream, celebrates control being forcibly taken from her, here in the form of her own death, which she eroticizes, due to the manner in which it is realized.".

Very cool. You can read it here from the main page for the next two weeks, thereafter it'll be right here in the archives (direct link)!

Dead But Dreaming now has an IMDB page, the poster will be up there very soon! And here's another picture from Dead But Dreaming just to keep it real.

Monday, July 8th 2013 - 02:01:50 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus: As always, great work on the review and the caps for the review. I'm still thinking Slyyy's enhancements could be an issue for me -- along with her foamy mouth. Maybe I'm just picky.

Monday, July 8th 2013 - 09:15:53 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Born to Die/Eradicate Productions' The Reporter

The first 8 or so minutes are setup of the villain capturing Slyyy in her hotel room by a long KO taser shot. He throws her on a bed, and binds each wrist to an ankle before waking her up. Slyyy is wearing a business blouse and a short skirt at this point. Eventually the villain strips her top to fondle her aggressively.

He then tasers her inner thighs which causes Slyyy to jiggle her nice tits. The villain then cuts her panties off and starts molesting her with a wine bottle to which Slyyy writhes beautifully again. The villain then tasers Slyyy in her stomach and on her tits.

Once she passes out, the villain strips Slyyy of everything but her pantyhose and takes her away... my favorite part of the movie, the AOH scene of course! Slyyy is now tied AOH to a door. The villain fondles her and tasers her in a bunch of different places before she's knocked out again, hanging by her wrists and slumped which I like. The villain wakes her up with a splash of water to her face.

We now get treated to a real (since we see her skin redden up) AOH whipping scene with a cat-o-nine to which Slyyy writhes beautifully too.

The villain then molests her with the whip handle which is hot. This is apparently not enough torture, so the villain tasers her while molesting her with the whip handle which elicits more hot reactions from Slyyy. This again knocks Slyyy out, which makes the villain splash water in her face again to wake her up.

The villain then takes Slyyy back to the bed and ties her spreadeagle face down before penetrating her anally with a metal vibrator. The villain keeps her in this position to get a BJ before taking her anally. The villain then frees her ankles and ties her arms behind her before getting more BJ, missionary, and anal action. After receiving a phone call, the villain ties Slyyy's wrists behind her, ties a belt around her neck, and alternates getting BJs and taking her from behind, choking her out all the while before he finishes and finishes her.

For those who care, Slyyy is gagged in most of the movie. Also, POV shots are thrown in every so often.

Overall, I thought Slyyy was a good actress, the GIMP action was good, and her body looks pretty good. I'll give this a B+, which would be an automatic A- if the video quality was higher than 720x480, 15fps.

Monday, July 8th 2013 - 09:38:57 PM

Name: Gog

A Slyyy double feature reviews from Ralphus & Mav. I enjoyed reading both. :-)

As far as the distraction of foaming at the mouth in Ralphus' review. I can totally relate. With Casey Calvert being a hot topic as well of late, thought I'd mention my case of distraction. Prior the getting "The Pleasure is Ours" from Pchyco-Thrillers, I got another one of her clips from them a/Casey. "Isolation" was totally ruined for me when they pulled her boots off and the soles of her feet were red with shoe dye. It looked like saddle leather with the red discoloration that caused such a distraction.....I couldn't enjoy watching it at all.


Amy - Olalla sounds interesting. Hope you have great success with it.

As far as your music.....I must admit I haven't heard of most of those.....but figures you'd be into Rhapsody.....especially since Christopher Lee, one of the few actors that could be called Mr. Dracula himself, does the opening for one of their videos. "Unholy Warcry" I think it is. Vampire movies in the works....Christopher Lee.....dismissed as coincidence?

Monday, July 8th 2013 - 11:40:35 PM

Name: Matt

Today's pic: given that many consider going to the dentist to be torture, that photo is very appropriate!

Tuesday, July 9th 2013 - 02:14:56 AM

Name: Hiccup
Homepage URL:

Hey gang, Hiccup here with another rare find.

This one is called Black Ribbon (2007). It's an amateur attempt to make a horror movie. Briefly, an accmplished author moves to an old house. He buys a 100 year old typewriter that was owned by some devil worshipper and so is haunted.

The evil spirit in the typewriter comes into the body of the writer and he starts doing evil things. One of them is kidnapping Debbie D with the help of a mentally retarded black man who becomes his sidekick.

They carry her down to the basement after knocking her out, place her on a table and proceed to strip her naked and put handcuffs on her. This Debbie has a smoking hot body but she's a little bit of a butterface. For the rest of the movie she's naked and when the main character isn't raping her, tying her up, forcing her to use an old pot for a toilet he keeps her in a large dog cage.

I've mentioned before in my previous posts I enjoy GIMP scenes in mainstream movies because the acting is better. That's not the case here. The movie has an amateur feel that doesn't even hit student film level. If a woman wakes up naked and handcuffed in some guy's basement wouldn't you think she'd be totally freaking out? The redeeming thing to this film is Debbie is pretty hot and she is naked for the second half of the film.

If you're interested there are a couple of downloadable clips on the internet which are pretty good and there's also a trailer on youtube. I just think this thing could have been much better made. As it is I will only give it a B.

Tuesday, July 9th 2013 - 03:06:34 AM

Name: A Canadian

MAV and Hiccup: Wow, the reviews just keep coming in (I feel a bit guilty, as I think I've only posted one review so far this year). Thanks for putting the reviews together.

Looking at the caps for The Reporter, I will admit that Slyyy looks pretty appealing. I may have to get on the bandwagon and check out some of her works.

As for Black Ribbon, I have some concerns about that one. Whenever I hear about people who make amateurish horror movies, it makes me think about Ralphus's long-lost friend with the Satanic stage name. I'm sure that's unfair to the filmmakers, but that mental association is hard to shake.

Tuesday, July 9th 2013 - 07:39:08 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

I've seen the "Black Ribbon" clips when they were posted on the late Hank's Vid Caps Yahoo Group. The impression I got was that someone in a community theatre group decided to try and make a movie, so he or she called some friends and family and shot it one weekend at someone's house. The actors all have a Philadelphia vibe to them and are all about the same age. Debbie D looks good on her back, but rest of the production is in various stages of terrible. Its neither scary nor shocking and not particularly erotic but worth a look if you can get it for cheap.

Tuesday, July 9th 2013 - 09:50:13 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Boy, the reviews keep on coming fast and furious. You guys are making me work. Keep it up!

MAV: Terrific review, a few more and we might even change Canadian's mind about Slyyy and make him a believer. Sounds like he's coming around. And I would say Slyyy is having a pretty good week around here. 3 positive reviews by 3 different reviewers.

BTW, I've done some research on this Born to Die company. Apparently the reason Slyyy is the star of all those videos is because it's her company, co-run by her husband, who also plays the bad guy in these videos. It sounds like they've got a winning combination, and hopefully more work to come.

The direct link to your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


Hiccup: Thanks for bringing Black Ribbon to our attention. I'm of the opinion anymore that low-budget horror films often don't get the GIMP right. And judging from the trailer and its star, this definitely falls into the low-budget category. Debbie D is the only member of the cast I've even heard of, and she's the epitome of the low-budget scream queen. She's been around a long, long time. She was even making movies for WAVE back in the early 1990s; in fact, she starred in a custom for them where I co-wrote the story with a friend. The film ends with her being burned at the stake, go figure :)

At any rate, she has her fans and detractors, but God bless her, she'll allow herself to get tied up and naked on film, and that makes her okay in my book.

Here's the direct link for your review:


A Canadian wrote:

Whenever I hear about people who make amateurish horror movies, it makes me think about Ralphus's long-lost friend with the Satanic stage name. I'm sure that's unfair to the filmmakers, but that mental association is hard to shake.

You know, it took me all day to figure out who you were talking about. Seriously. Then I thought about who Debbie D has worked with and it hit me. Bill Zebub, of course! She was in at least a couple of his movies, and got tied up and naked in both of them. In Kill The Scream Queen, she was memorably tied to an X-frame and simultaneously raped and shocked by our shaggy-haired auteur.

Face it, if she worked with Zebub, she'll work for anyone.

Wednesday, July 10th 2013 - 12:33:07 AM

Name: Bill K.

Out of curiosity Ralphus, is that the same Debbie D that is in a lot of Wave productions

or some other Debbie D? Bill K.

Wednesday, July 10th 2013 - 02:05:23 AM

Name: Bunny Bound
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hey everyone! First, I'd just like to say WOW, today's pic with the Cruella type character and her evil pals is AWESOME! What a great story this would be beyond the one drawing!

I know that it's not the same in comic book art as it is in video, but Dick and I were wondering if people would like to see more electroshock GIMP material on the Bunny Bound site. We have quite a bit of it coming up in future stories and there's TONS of it in the Graphic novel, in fact, I get electro shock tortured on three separate occasions in the graphic novel! I certainly love posing for electro shock scenarios and I know Dick is a HUGE fan because there are so many stories we've done involving me getting roasted with electricity.

This brings me to another question too...and that is, if anyone here has the time or inclination, we'd LOVE a review of the site. We basically do the whole thing just for you/us/other people in search of good GIMP material, so we'd like to know what you'd all love to see more/less can we make it better? Anyway, we hope that you all have some time to offer your invaluable help remembering that with art, the sky is the limit! If anyone would ever like to see Bunny/Me electrocuted until I'm nothing but a pile of Bunny dust, or burned at the stake because I've gone back in time and have been accused of witchcraft...let us know! LOVE!

Wednesday, July 10th 2013 - 11:06:40 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Bill K: That's the same Debbie D. "Cannibal Island: Jungle Girl Barbeque"? Sounds like fun, but I've seen how inept WAVE's stuff is so I just know I would be disappointed.


Bunny Bound wrote:

... we'd LOVE a review of the site.

I don't know if anyone else has this issue, but I have problems saving pictures from your site. If I go to the Archive section from the Alien Abduction storyline, I can't right-click on the pictures to save them. I thought it was intentional on your part, but I can't even do that in the "Freebies" section. It could be the version of Internet Explorer I'm using, I don't know. My computer is old and needs to be upgraded.

If anyone would ever like to see Bunny/Me electrocuted until I'm nothing but a pile of Bunny dust, or burned at the stake because I've gone back in time and have been accused of witchcraft...let us know!

Put me down as being in favor of more electro in your storylines. You can never have too much of that.

And of course, I like the going back in time scenario if you're ever going to do another graphic novel. Medieval punishment is rife with possibilities, and a Bunny BATS would be awesome, provided you play it serious and not for laughs.

Have you ever considered a cannibal themed story? That's another of my favorite storylines, one that is seldom ever covered in movies (at least not properly) but would work well in an artwork, because you don't have the limitations of filming a real-life story. You can do anything in art as long as you can draw it. How about Bunny boiled in huge cauldron? I'd pay to see that!

Wednesday, July 10th 2013 - 10:32:10 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
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Homepage URL:

I remember that Bill Zebub clip! It was terrible! I had no idea Debbie D was in it, tho. I will say one thing for her, she doesn't look like she's aged at all.

Thursday, July 11th 2013 - 10:48:17 PM

Name: Bill K.

This Wave production:

is the only Wave production I thought was somewhat good because of the hot literal steamy Debbie D steam cooking naked but the storyline was stupid and cooking props and bondage were bad. Bill K.

Friday, July 12th 2013 - 12:32:41 AM

Name: Brooklyn
E-mail address:

The taste of nude bondage pain in mainstream movies....

your comments...?

Friday, July 12th 2013 - 02:11:34 PM

Name: cmf

"Poor Cecily". I absolutely love the bondage/torture scenes in this movie, it's an all-time (old) favorite.
Sorry I don't know all of the actress' names, can anyone else help?
I do know that is the beautiful, busty Uschi Digard strung up aoh, and also in the too-short double rack scene with that beautiful blonde.

Friday, July 12th 2013 - 03:04:33 PM

Name: Fritz

cmf: Uschi's rack-mate in Poor Cecily in fact is credited as a redhead. Her name is Brigitte Maier, a busy and busty German actress (though less busy and busty than her Swedish pal) in 70's porn. In the film, we never discover the fate of either Brigitte or Uschi, though it's likely they both came to a rather bad end.

In an earlier scene, we do get to see a blonde (without a companion) tortured on the same rack. This character, who has a speaking role, is played by the incomparable Sandy Carey. Ms. Carey was in a boatload of exploitation films during the grindhouse era, and like Uschi, she frequently played the ill-fated GIMP. As readers of this forum know, she does not disappoint in Poor Cecily.

Friday, July 12th 2013 - 04:13:13 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

You know, it took me all day to figure out who you were talking about. Seriously.

That's funny.

(I was out of town for a few days, so I just saw Ralphus's reply today).

Friday, July 12th 2013 - 05:24:07 PM

Name: marathonmann
Homepage URL:

I think the German movie "Die Wahrheit der Luge" (The Truth of Lie) may be interesting for you. It's made by an small independent company. My English isn't very good. So for a synopsis of that film click on the Homepage URL. On that site you'll find a trailer and some pics as well.

There are no beatings, whippings or rape in the movie but a lot of nudity. The tortures are mostly more subtle. But most of them are only short shown. There is 1 really great scene with the hesitant one at the pillory.

I can make a video if you want. But at first I post some more pics (The size of the caps is not 100% correct):

Friday, July 12th 2013 - 07:43:09 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Years ago on this forum, we used to have a poster here named Hail. He would post here from time to time, but not that frequently. Anyway, something he wrote back then still resonates with me. I don't remember the exact quote, but basically he said that bondage movies were all about the sex to him. Sex was the whole reason to abduct and tie up a girl. And I think when you get down to it, for a large number of us, that's exactly correct. Some of us may be "torture guys", but ultimately, it's about dominance, it's about power, it's about forcing ourselves on her, and usually sexually.

How many times have you seen a movie, or an artwork, or read a story, where the victim, bound or otherwise, is forced to get down on her knees and service her male attacker? I don't know about you guys, but I've seen it a LOT. It's a staple in practically every Japanese bondage flick ever made, ZFX would do it frequently (simulated) and with the loosening up of restrictions over the past years, you're seeing it more and more in films from and their offshoot sites. Then there's PKF, Maxxx Coxxx's movies and many other companies, particularly those featured on NicheClips. Yes, forced oral is ubiquitous, but is it necessarily realistic and a better question, is it arousing?

My problem with "forced" or even "coerced" blow jobs is that too often, it looks like...simply a woman giving a man a blow job. Especially if she's not tied up. If she's down on her knees doing what women do best, who's to say if she's doing it voluntarily or not? And if you can't tell, it might as well be consensual. Oh no, the dreaded "C" word!

And then there's the whole danger aspect. Place yourself in the role of the villain. Even though it would appear you're in charge, are you that brave that you would intentionally stick your dick in a woman's mouth and expect her to comply willingly? Sure, she'd be in big, big trouble, maybe even get herself killed if she tried something, but all it would take would be one big CHOMP and...I don't even want to think about the rest.

Here's a poll to get the board talking.

What's your opinion about forced oral sex? Can it still be arousing even if the victim is not tied up? Or is bondage and/or some sort of mouth-opening gag necessary?

The good thing is we have some bondage producers, artists and writers who read this forum. Your answers can be beneficial to them and maybe even affect their future work.

So...tell us what you think. I know you have an opinion on this one! Do your duty as a GIMPer and take a few minutes to share with your fellow pervs and sick fucks. You'll be glad you did. This is the perfect time to break your silence and help make this a better forum. Come on, guys, make me proud.

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 01:30:50 AM

Name: Matt

Poll Q: Forced oral? Tie her up, absolutely. No ifs, ands, or buts. Doubly so if it's in an interrogation. The only reasonable forced oral where the subject is not tied up would be if a guard comes into the cell, and tells the prisoner to do exactly as she is told. If the guard wants it, he'll get it in that case.

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 02:04:20 AM

Name: Bill K.

If any male says he wouldn't enjoy oral sex performed on him forced or not forced he is lying. Here is the problem with this poll question, rapists for whatever reason in real life rape events always rape gimps bound or not bound in the pussy.

In adult gimp movies that's not true because many Gimpers including me get enjoyment in seeing force especially bound oral sex but which is more merciless peril to the women?

Can a women be too scared or petrified to perform forced oral sex?

Also I am sure a sex slave performs oral sex or any kind of sex act bound all the time does that count as forced?

My answer to the poll is any kind of forced gimp act, oral sex, pussy sex, anal sex or and any kind of sex or torture and torture to death, the gimp has to be bound. Bill K.

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 02:47:56 AM

Name: Sardu

POLL QUESTION: This one is right up my alley, and its one of my pet peeves. I HATE oral sex in a 'forced' scene, because, basically, it kills the fantasy. As you say Ralphus, it just looks like she's giving the guy a consensual BJ. Now... it's very nice if the guy has a knife, or gun for intimidation, but regardless, if the captive wanted to chop down, there's nothing stopping her.

The ideal forced oral scene for me would be a dental gag, and hands bound tightly behind. I am very fortunate in that my wife LOVES this scenario as much as I do... and we've had this discussion many times over the years. She's pretty adamant about it... she would bite the guy's cock off if he tried to force her to suck it. I concur... that just makes sense.

From a GIMPER's point of view, that visual... of your captive naked, bound tightly, her mouth held painfully wide open while the captor has his way with her mouth is simply about as hot as it gets. I do not think I've EVER seen this done correctly.

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 02:58:39 AM

Name: Bill K.

I must add that women that give oral sex in adult movies or at home to hubby take in consideration VD diseases and cancer to the mouth and throat that oral sex can produce. I wonder how oral sex porn stars protect themselves and if they do at all? Bill K.

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 03:13:37 AM

Name: Anders
E-mail address:

Poll: The victim absolutely has to be restrained - tied up, handcuffed or similar. A ring gag completes a situation where the victim can not fight it, but has to do what the perp wants including a blow job.

To me it's very erotic already to watch a tied up girl with a ring gag, and see her moving the tongue inside her mouth, trying to swallow or trying to avoid drooling.

The next step is to put the dick inside her mouth and feel her tongue, trying to avoid what is filling up her mouth. I have done this many time to my gf and it is a highly erotic feeling, not to mention when she starts to lick the dick because she realises that the only way to get rid of the dick, out of the mouth, is to make it come.

Finally it is arousing for me to watch her tongue move around in the mouth after it's filled with come, trying to get it out but eventually it ends with swallowing.

If we talk about movies, rather than gf, I want to add some tears during and after the act. Then it's complete - especially if the perp just walks away and we get to see the lonely victim for some additional time, gagging and crying with the only choice to wait for the next time the perp (or somebody else) returns and wants it again.

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 07:25:44 AM

Name: Badger

Poll Question

I have always considered the BJ to be the ultimate Service of a woman to a man. So logically I have seen the forced BJ to be the ultimate degradation of a woman in GIMP mode. Some women I have talked to, however, do not agree. They see a BJ to be preferable to penetration (if they had a choice) as they see penetration as being a much more serious violation of their body.

That said, a forced BJ depicted well is still pretty provocative. If the woman is unrestrained it would have to be really well done in order to be believable like, for example, if the victim's toddler is sleeping in the next room. Certainly, the fear of The Bite never really goes totally away, but -- really -- how many woman would trade the possible consequences for being forced to perform the act?

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 08:59:12 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
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Homepage URL:

Hola Gimpers:

I don't usually answer poll questions, but I will weigh in on this one. I am a huge fan of oral sex, both giving and receiving. So this would be a personal fantasy of mine. Everyone who weighed in on the danger of teeth. Obviously if a woman feels she is in a no win situation, doomed to die in any case, she might take some revenge while she can.

However I think that what is being underestimated is the will to live. If the woman is truly a GIMP, then she has no choice really. She can have a moment of satisfaction, but at the possible cost of her life? In addition, most women I know consider a blow job less invasive than vaginal penetration. Unless they have lived in a nunnery or under a rock, they have probably given many blow jobs in their life. And I bet the list they fucked is shorter than the list they blew.

So if the threat is big enough, I think the vast majority of women will suck away until they get their just dessert, so to speak.

A few years ago there was in trend in straight porn which featured rough blow jobs. Throat Gaggers was one great series, along with I wanna Get Throat Fucked and Throat Fuck Gang Bang. I found these very hot. Especially with addition of the hogtied blowjob position. Chick lays on her belly, preferably with her tits hanging over the edge of what she's laying on. Then she is told to grasp her feet with her hands. Even better when there is a line of men waiting their turn.

Now these are theoretically consensual scenes. We all know the girl was paid, quite a lot, relatively; for her service. However in many of these videos it is clear that the model gets more than she bargained for. Tears, gagging, snots and slaps are typical. I find the dominance in these scenes more erotic than many bound blow job scenes. Though the bound scenes have gotten much better in recent years.

I have had a discussion with GIMPers often in the past about fantasy vs. reality. It seems as if most GIMPers like fantasy/acting over reality. I like to see a little reality in the scene instead. This is why I was a bigger fan of Insex than ZFX. Yeah, the girl is there willingly, they have a pre-interview to prove it. But the intensity of what they are going through is pretty extreme. I look for a sign in their eyes that says "Oh my god, what have I gotten myself into?"

The very best mainstream scenes, like in Poor Cecily or 'Vice Squad' trump the best porn scenes. But truly good mainstream scenes that are well acted, well produced and erotic are rather rare. And there is very little sex in these films. The erotic part is missing. Kathryn Heigl, with a noose around her neck in 'Under Siege II' should be a 10 on the peter meter, but she is clothed, very clothed and the camera angles don't emphasis the erotic aspect of things.

So consensual/non-consensual is not a big deal for me. I want that look of momentary panic in the girl's eyes. Give me that and I will make up my own stories.

I would love to see a hogtied forced blow job with a line of guys waiting to user the girl's mouth, with all the tears, snot, crying and, dare I hope, a twinge of fear much more that I like a non-consensual, almost always badly acted storyline scene. My head supplies its own storyline.

I hope this topic stirs up some discussion, though past experience tells me where most here will come down on 'real vs. performed' porn. But my vote is always real.

By the way, I admire a well done storyline bondage flick. But honestly, how many of those do you see? And Ralphus, I know you collect GIMP clips for a best of reel. Do you include much of the lame acting in your archive? At that point, where does storyline enter into things? The very act of clipping out the good stuff argues my point more than yours...

~Dan PS: About 3/4 of the way through 'Funtime for Jody' there is a forced blowjob scene. I didn't want to gloss over the teeth issue in the tale. I think my threat for Jody would insure most women's compliance!

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 11:36:48 AM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

Why is it called a 'blow' job?

Anyway, ropes, cuffs, chains need to be present if it is going to 'interest' me.

Other than some of the modern day 'throat' fucking scenes, 'blow' jobs are kind of low on the ole totem pole for me. The exception being 'Vanessa Del Rio'.......;)

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 01:49:47 PM

Name: tough93013
E-mail address:

Hi--thanks for asking about forced oral sex: is bondage necessary for the effect or not?

In my fantasies, the helplessness, humiliation and submission of the victim are essential. Being tied up means she can't hide her body, which is then available to the assailant for his pleasure at any time. When restrained, she can't protect herself from intimate probing or painful lashing. Of course, a gun pointed at her head might be effective in coercing her to do his bidding, but if she were restrained (hands behind her back) he could put away the gun and use both hands to grip and guide her head.

My vote: Yes, bondage greatly enhances the fantasy!


Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 05:34:07 PM

Name: Mistress H
E-mail address:

You asked for my opinion and here it is.

The directors, and writers of videos today, do not give incentive enough for someone to continue or save the video, maybe they should go back to the 60's and 70's and watch a few of them to get better ideas on how to hold an audience.

The photographers of today, need to really set their photos, with a subject of forced oral sex, they show only the close ups, not the peril the girl/guy is in. Maybe they could use a remedial course in setting the scene. Everything but what is shown is left to the imagination.

The writer of today, all fail in setting scenes and leading the reader down the path to the final goal. Few, and not many, lead with the words, making it so that you want to keep reading, to use as an example, Anne Grey is a great author who gives you a reason to want to read more.

Right, Wrong, or offending people, this is what I feel.


Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 05:35:33 PM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

WoW! This is a 'second' for the message Mistress H is trying to get thru!

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 07:08:36 PM

Name: Badger

Mistress H said:

Everything but what is shown is left to the imagination.

Wow. There it is. As a fan of plot-driven GIMP, I could not agree more. At the end of the day, close-up porn is close-up porn. The old "in and out" as the Droogs put it.... be it an oral cavity or something a bit farther south... all looks pretty much the same when shot from two inches away. Give me some visual context for whatever nastiness is going on and I am much more likely to come back and watch it again, and perhaps even remember it a bit later in the evening when my partner and I are watching Mad Men.

Saturday, July 13th 2013 - 09:29:45 PM

Name: vonbopp
E-mail address:

To me it's only arousing if the girl is tied up securely. I would rather not use a gag but I have had some very good times using one. Bottom line they have to be tied.

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 12:58:50 AM

Name: Bill K.

Today's picture is a good example of forced gimp oral sex because the very tight painful bondage doesn't scream consensual and the hair pulling helps to make you believe the gimp is not enjoying it one bit and is in much pain. Bill K.

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 12:59:21 AM

Name: Sardu

I just rewatched 'Exitus Interuptus', and the forced oral scene in that movie has to be one the hottest I've ever seen and the victim is not tied in any way... but the situation is insanely hot. Her girlfriend is tied, legs spread, a gun pointing to the girlfriend's sex... a weight on the trigger, and a timer. The guy gives our naked damsel 1 minute to satisfy him, or her girlfriend gets the bullet in a 'very uncomfortable place.'

This is further enhanced by the fact that her foot is chained to the wall, and she's not wearing a stitch. The nakedness only adds to the humiliation and eroticism of the scene.

This scene ends with the girlfriend taking a bullet to her sex, and the guy finishing off by simply cumming all over the girl's face. This is also pretty bloody, and the bullet to the pussy is fairly graphically shown.

The acting isn't horrid either, so I was sold enough on the scene to enjoy the fantasy of it. All in all, its one my all time favorite 'DID' scenes.

Today's pic... is hot. EXACTLY how a good forced BJ should look. Tight bondage, and both of his hands in her hair. The girl needs to be naked though... I mean... come on... you got this chick completely at your mercy and you DON'T strip her? That's total BS, and thus it kills the fantasy. Also... a strap around her head indicating she's wearing a dental or ring gag would also add to the hotness of the scene. Porn producers... are you fucking paying attention here? If you want people to buy your shit... do it right! If you need tips, please see my classic movie, "Blood Sucking Freaks."

Another nice thing about a forced BJ, especially in the porn industry, the model can't talk. This is a big plus, because 99% of the time, bondage model voices are like nails on a chalk board. Something needs to be in their mouth.... a gag or a cock, I don't care which, but for God's sake stop letting them speak.

Well.. THAT degraded into a rant. End rant. Take care all.

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 03:36:04 AM

Name: danny
E-mail address:

The electro torture scene in Barb Wire, although the movie was a complete nonsensical shambles and this scene was over acted to the extreme, did anybody else find this scene strangely arousing??

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 05:58:19 AM

Name: frog

It is definitively better if the woman is bound, preferably with hands behind her back, but it is not an absolute necessity. Also, there should be some forceful hair yanking or pulling together with vigorous face slapping. It's great to see the rivulets of blood from her nose or mouth mix with the drool and semen.

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 10:42:46 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Some very intelligent, well thought-out responses on the poll question so far. A real pleasure to read, keep 'em coming! Interesting that the majority of the opinions seem to feel that bondage is at least important to forced oral, if not totally necessary. I agree with you.


Dan Hawke wrote:

And Ralphus, I know you collect GIMP clips for a best of reel. Do you include much of the lame acting in your archive? At that point, where does storyline enter into things? The very act of clipping out the good stuff argues my point more than yours...

I'm not sure specifically what you're referring to when you say "lame acting". But to me, a credible storyline certainly enhances the fantasy. For my own personal highlights DVDs, yes, I'll include bits of dialogue to flesh out the motivation for the upcoming action. Sometimes I'll even preface the scene with an otherwise unrelated scene of the woman beforehand, so we can get to meet her and lust after her before the actual GIMP moment occurs. While some guys only want to see the "good stuff", I like the foreplay, too.


Sardu wrote:

I just rewatched 'Exitus Interuptus', and the forced oral scene in that movie has to be one the hottest I've ever seen and the victim is not tied in any way... but the situation is insanely hot.

It's an awesome scene, and yeah, the girl sucking the cock is not tied, but the reason the scene rocks is because of the suspense of her bound and gagged friend...will she get shot in the pussy before the chick makes the guy cum? And the scene punctuates with 2 orgasms, the most exciting of which is when the scene pays off with her unfortunate friend taking the gunshot to her most sensitive area.

YikYakker wrote an excellent review, complete with caps, right here.


Danny wrote:

The electro torture scene in Barb Wire, although the movie was a complete nonsensical shambles and this scene was over acted to the extreme, did anybody else find this scene strangely arousing??

"Strangely" arousing? Nothing strange about it, unless you doubt the appeal of seeing a bound woman being tortured with electricity as anything but a complete turn-on. We have that scene in the Electro-Shock Database, complete with the video clip. The girl is cute, and I love the way she's wired up in basically a metal bikini with electric cords plugged into both the upper and lower halves (betcha can't buy one of those at Wal-Mart).

BTW, speaking of the Electro-Shock Database, I want to apologize for an update I failed to finish back in March. There's a couple entries for the Brazilian TV show "Amore e Revolucau" that I added but forgot to insert the picture links, until now, 4 months later. Around that time, I was devoting most of my time to getting the Hot Iron Database completed on time and I simply forgot I hadn't finished it. If you haven't done it yet, check those two episodes out, both those scenes are exemplary.

And lastly, we have another Blast From the Past uploaded in the GIMP Fiction section. Continuing our series of restoring the actual stories from those great old men's magazines, this week we have "BURN, LOVELY WITCH, IN THE PIT OF THE DAMNED", from Men Today, dated September 1969. Thanks to Sloth for scanning and sending the story to me, and to Fritz for his incredible restoration work on the original artwork. As was typical for those magazines, the picture carried over both pages, which makes it difficult to get a clean scan without a crease in the middle. As you'll see when you click on my Homepage URL, he did a wonderful job. The story is pretty darn good, too.

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 11:57:08 AM

Name: John P Boogerd
E-mail address:

Danny - I think the Barb Wire electro torture scene is fabulous and arousing - the girl is pretty and the lab and equipment are sterile clean and ultramodern - I totally love that - I am sorry that the scene is so short, though, but it is excellent.

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 12:12:09 PM

Name: Bunny Bound
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hey everyone! I've been a bit busy as of late, but I would just like to respond to Ralphus' generous review of the goings on on the Bunny Bound site.

Yes, we are going to look into having all of the art downloadable! When our webmaster designed the site originally, he had the weekly update art non downloadable as he and Dick discussed compiling all of the updates in another book after a year or so, so he didn't want people downloading the art and posting it in other places...That will soon change.

Yes, MORE ELECTRO TORTURE! We have a story coming up called "Bright Lights, Big Titties" here I'm shocked repeatedly by my evil roommates because I keep leaving the lights on after I leave a room! First they shove a light bulb in my mouth, tie my thumbs in a light socket and switch me gets worse from there as more light bulbs are inserted in places and more current is run through me! There are way more electro torture stories coming up too, and as I've mentioned before, the graphic novel is packed with me getting fried with high voltage!

As far as BATS goes, we really haven't touched on that yet I don't think...I'm sure that I haven't posed for any, but if there's enough demand for it, we'll definitely do it in a 'Bunny's Time Machine' type story. I've been tortured by angry natives before,too but never been on the menu...that will change as well, if people want to see it! I personally like the idea!

As far as the forced oral goes in our own Bunny stories, it's something that I myself have asked Dick to add more of,(amongst other things), in the story lines. What he has a problem with is that those types of visuals are already available and he wants to get right into the torture and stuff...sites like Hogtied and I think, Hard Tied already do tons of forced oral and anal and pretty much everything else. Dick really likes to stick to the real hard outrageous punishments and not dwell on the sex type stuff, although in the next graphic novel, a demon fucks the shit out of me, and I think forces me to suck him off...I'm not sure about the blowjob as we haven't gotten that far yet...Oh and there will be TONS of medieval tortures for me in the next one too because the demon tortures me every night in a witches basement which is an old torture device museum! If anyone else ever has any input as to what they'd like to see me endure, please let me know! We do it all for you guys! :) Talk to you all again soon! LOVE!

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 01:49:08 PM

Name: A Canadian

The poll question: I have my issues with forced blow-job scenes but they have nothing to do with whether or not the woman is bound.

As a general rule, I'm not a big fan of the forced blow-job moments. Too often, I think they add a porn-look element to rape scenes. Many rape depictions would have been better if the woman had simply been held down (or tied down) and penetrated.

That said, I have seen some really hot forced blow-job scenes ... so I'm not militantly opposed to them.

Such scenes tend to work when it is clear the woman is being blackmailed or threatened with harm. Blow jobs given at gunpoint are ideal. Furthermore, the woman has to look upset at being forced to suck cock. I can't recall the exact title, but I remember John Galt and I both saw a Japanese porn film last year that had a woman spy being forced to suck cocks at gunpoint ... but she looked like she was totally into it. That didn't work, at all.

I also like it when the woman is forced to deep throat the guy. I think that adds something to the humiliation factor.

As to whether or not the woman is bound or tied up ... it makes no difference to me. As long as the scene looks non-consensual, that's sufficient for me.

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 02:14:52 PM

Name: Thos. Merchant
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

For me, it all ties in with my general bondage philosophy where there should be nothing she can do to stop me except appeal to me with how sexy she is in her helplessness. In a forced oral situation, she would HAVE to be bound and most definitely wearing some kind of ring or dental gag - there's no way I'm entrusting such a valuable and vulnerable piece of anatomy to a captive woman's mercies.

Given that I also have a jones for breath control and asphyxiation situations, a favored fantasy includes having her hogtied, ring-gagged and submerged in a tub when she has to get me off before she's allowed a breath. Now, considering how hot I think the sensation of her exhaling air out her mouth and all around my cock would be, it probably wouldn't take her long to earn that breath. But still...

Thos. Merchant

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 03:23:52 PM

Name: Gog

The Poll Question: Well I don't know.....I haven't seen our Amy do one or the other yet. But if I had to......what? In general......not just Amy huh? Then I don't think there's much point to answering the question then. What? What do you mean I have to!? WTF! I 'll get my GIMP card taken away? Alright then....

Then I'd have to say tied without a doubt. The problem is 95% or more are so poorly done or done totally wrong. I've seen way too many clips where the girl gets she can use her hands as well, making it look totally consensual. Blah!

I think it can still be pulled off if done right while not bound (though totally not my preference) but the girl can't sit there and stroke the guy off while blowing him. If anything, she's gotta give as little effort as possible.....basically just putting it in her mouth. Anything more would look consensual. Then it's up to the guy to face-fuck her......bound for that matter as well.

But to me, it's got to be tied and the use of a dental or spider gag used. She's totally helpless then. Helpless to bite or resist in anyway.....for anything that the guy wants to do.....including shoving it so far down her throat that she can suffocate on it if he wants.

I did a review a bit ago called "Taken II". Mae Myers plays a kidnap victim who get used and raped before getting strangled. In the video she threatens to "bite it off" if he tries to put it in her mouth. He gets his way though with the help of a gun pointed at her head.....then slaps her around, and chokes her for good measure. As I mentioned in the review, Mae delivers an excellent performance, and so was able to forgive the fact that she has a few of which is usually the kiss of death for me.

Slapped, choked, tossed around into position......and a gun as incentive not to chomp.

Not a loving BJ

But again, the use of a dental gag (or similar device) would put any forced oral over the top for me! Oral all the way, as I can really skip the vaginal or anal penetration parts to be honest. Then finish it off with a messy oral cum shot or messy facial and it's gold! And again, the use of the dental gag keeps ALL the options on the table, as she's helpless to keep a wad from her mouth, or forced to take cock all the way down to where her nose is against the perps belly (or balls)....and even suffocated as well.


Amy-I was just thinking about your comment about keeping suggestions in a folder. A little while ago I mentioned "Goya's Ghost" w/Natalie Portman & Javier Bardem (Strange but good movie....even without the GIMP scene). At the end of the movie Javier's character gets publicly executed but means of garroting. He's made to sit with his back against a wooden pole, then garroted to death. That would be a cool scene for you....except nude of course. :-) Doesn't even need to be to the death even. You could gets saved just fractions of a second from going to the great beyond (opening the door for other Amy appearances later on). Just thought I'd mention. :-)

Sunday, July 14th 2013 - 09:18:41 PM

Name: Bill K.

One thing that is a turn off to me about the forced oral sex pictures being posted is I would much more enjoy seeing a vulva and vagina being raped rather than a gimp's mouth. I know the current forum poll subject questions is about forced oral sex but I am a pussy, ass and big swollen breasts lover and dick in a mouth is well, not erotic to me at all.

Like today's picture I see no naked breasts or pussy or ass just a dick in a mouth. Boring to me for if I was that rapist I would be fucking that young sexy daughter in her tight virgin (It's a fantasy) pussy while her mother had a dildo up in her pussy attached to her daughter's gagged mouth.

Don't get me wrong I would greatly enjoy a blow job by a gimp but seeing pictures of blow jobs is not erotic to me.

Also I was hoping to see posts by lady gimpers on this forced oral bondage or no bondage sex debate poll but so far none. What say you ladies? Bill K.

Monday, July 15th 2013 - 01:57:13 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

On the subject of forced oral, I'm surprised nobody has pointed out the forced oral scene in "Marquis de la Croix". If you're into FO then you'll enjoy that part of the movie. If you're not, you won't. My personal opinion is, if I have a girl as my adversary, the last thing I want to do is shove a very important part of my anatomy in the most likely place for it to get injured.

Monday, July 15th 2013 - 08:46:37 AM

Name: SharedJoy
Homepage URL:


I love forced BJ scenes, whether bound & ring-gagged (more believable), "mind control", or just via fear/threat. As long as the actress sells the fact that she doesn't want to be doing it, it beautifully reinforces her total helplessness. :)


Anyone interested in the ULTIMATE FORCED BJ *SERIOUSLY* needs to obtain the latest Sexually Broken video (7/12/2013, with Allie James).

I'm not kidding. You've never seen this before. And it is AMAZING. It's one of their shortest videos ever -- take off the interviews at the end, and the 90-second setup, and the "good bit" is under five minutes -- but I mean it. You've never seen this before. And you'll never think of forced BJs the same way again...


And now a question from me.

I am looking for the name of a particular bondage position -- my absolute favorite.

The woman has both feet raised all the way up, behind her shoulders, and her arms are looped around her legs and bound behind her back.

One pair of handcuffs, and she's a human pretzel, with face, breasts and cunt all close together and nicely available.

Does anyone have a name for this position? Something in common usage, that could be searched for?

Thanks for any suggestions...

Monday, July 15th 2013 - 10:09:20 PM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

To the poll question. For me it's two issues.

1) If it's early in the assault, and the girl hasn't been really subdued (maybe slapped around or punched a few times) the rapist is putting himself at the mercy of the victim. The reality is, in a one man attack, her clamping down ends the attack. So it almost needs to be the last part of the assault, after a girl is broken to be effective in my book.

2) I watch mostly Japanese Gimp, and in Jap AV the pixilation is so bad many times it covers the girls face. And to me the reactions of the victim are what make or break a good Gimp scene.

I can honestly say that I haven't seen one oral sex scene that in and of itself has turned me on. Now the rape scene in Shark Special 35 when Ayume Kase is taking three holes at once is hot. But that's an exception with the added bonus of three attackers.

Tuesday, July 16th 2013 - 12:47:38 AM

Name: Obikenobi
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

First review of ISOYG 2. It doesn't really have much relevant details on the actual rape scenes though. I doubt any of the sequels will ever come close to the mean spiritedness and violence of the original, they all seem to focus on the revenge part and making it as prolonged and gory like most modern torture porn. This might be straight to DVD release though.

Tuesday, July 16th 2013 - 03:23:22 AM

Name: willowfall
E-mail address:

Just like a man, ask the question from a guy's perspective. How about from the victim's perspective?

As to the chomping part I have always thought that if I knew the guy was going to kill me anyway or torture me till I was permanently injured I was going to take my chances for revenge and have him called stumpy the rest of his life.

Having had both male and female lovers I can say it is more of turn on when the game is properly played out and I feel I am forced to service them with my mouth to avoid some horrible fate. For me oral sex is a turn on so I am going to suck my lovers cock anyway but when forces me to do it I get so much more turned on.

Just pushing me to my knees (bound or not) is not forcing me. Pushing me to my knees and ordering me to suck your cock after whipping my ass, breasts or pussy (usually until I am begging for mercy) with the implicit threat of further pain if I am not pleasing just gets me roaring hot and wet.

And the humiliation of coming on my face or breasts just is icing on the cake.

My roommate has made me suck her strap-on but it is not the same. A cock in your mouth is a living thing, you can feel it grow and harden and pulse and then explode.



Tuesday, July 16th 2013 - 08:04:25 PM

Name: Gog

SharedJoy-Intersting use of hydraulics. :-) Allie James has got a smokin' body too. All natural. She does a lot of stuff for John & Maxx (PKF & Dirty Deeds).

Thanks for sharing


A photo review of the mainstream movie I'll Never Die Alone

Touching only on the GIMP parts of the movie, 4 women on the road, stop at a filling station for gas and to freshen up. When leaving they notice an injured girl on the roadside. They help her into their car and head out to find the local Police.

The girl dies on the way however and she was never able to say what happened to her.....but the girls will soon find out for themselves. Hitting the road again, an SUV pulls along side with a rifle sticking out of the window. The girls are forced to pull over. A tow rope is attached to their car and they are towed deep into the woods. When the car comes to a stop, the girls make a run for it but are halted as one of them gets shot.

The girls are now led deeper into the woods on foot where they tie the wounded girl to a tree. Her clothes are torn off and she is subjected to a whipping with a branch from a tree. She soon passes out as she gets cut down.

The unconscious girl is now raped by one of the kidnappers. He slap her around a bit but is unresponsive so he burns her tit a couple of times with a cigarette, finally getting a reaction. Meanwhile a second girl get stripped and is about to be raped as well.

Three of the four girls are now in the process of being stripped naked and raped while the 4th girl tries to make a run for it. She however is forced to abandon her attempt with the aid of a gun pointed to her head. She too is now forced to strip and gets raped as well.

After all have been raped, the kidnappers take a break leaving the girls naked to ponder what will happen next. But what happens next is more rape.

After finishing, the men take off leaving the girls naked and battered. The one who was shot at the beginning dies, and the 3 survivors try and find their way out of the wood. They however end up at the kidnappers place where they end up taking revenge on all those who harmed them.

To sum up, it's pretty much like "I Spit on Your Grave".....except w/4 women.

Only commenting of the GIMP parts, this was really a pretty good little segment. But actually, "little" is kinda misleading as the segment goes on for around 20 minutes (didn't time it, but seemed in that range.). Tough only one girl was tied up, the forced rapes were pretty well done, and the acting not bad and pretty believable.....and all the girls ended up totally naked (though not all showed everything).

So anyway, letting have had the pictures do the talking, I'd give this one solid B+. Would have been nice to have them all tied...or at least a few, but still a very effective and long rape scene despite.

Tuesday, July 16th 2013 - 09:15:31 PM

Name: SharedJoy
Homepage URL:


Come on, guys... I told this lovely young woman (new to kink in general) that if ANYONE would know the name of this bondage position, you guys would... Don't let me down... :)

The position again: Woman's legs all the way up and behind shoulders, arms through and around legs, and bound behind her back. (See linked pic.)

Surely there's a name for this...? Do any of our resident film makers know? Or at least, any good ideas of where to go to find out?


Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 12:17:06 AM

Name: Bill K.

Great review of "I'll Never Die Alone", Gog. Four naked raped gimps sounds like Gimp winner to me. Bondage isn't always a necessity in a gang rape gimp movie if plot and location aren't required or logical but why did the bad guy rapists leave the gimps alive?

The fact none of the rapes were oral rapes which I believe is logically thinking of rapists that it never entered their pussy rape loving minds to do so.

Also I take it, Gog, there were no visuals of actual dick in pussy rape scenes in the movie from what you wrote or was there? Bill K.

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 12:25:01 AM

Name: MrAnthony
E-mail address:

@SharedJoy. Try yoganidrasana.

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 01:04:19 AM

Name: Gog

Bill K-You're right in your assumption.....but then, it's a mainstream movie. About as close to oral as you would get here would be the 1st picture in the last block. That picture represents an implied facial.

But yes, one had already died (2 with the roadside victim the girls picked up), so why leave witnesses who could finger them? Or worse for the rapists in this case.

Simple logic....unless you're a filmmaker I guess. :-)

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 01:25:48 AM

Name: SharedJoy

MrAnthony: Wow. Thanks. I flat-out would never have thought of YOGA... :)

Anyone else with suggestions? Particularly the bound version of the form?

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 01:31:38 AM

Name: Bill K.

Gog, that was a mainstream movie in what countries? I understand mainstream is shown in regular theatres and not just adult theatres or adult stores in USA. But with the creation of adult web sites I have not been to an adult theatre or adult store for about 10 years now.

Sorry I missed the facial sex scene picture so there was implied oral sex, so never mind what I said about no oral sex in the movie. I was so blinded by all the breasts with swollen nipples and pussy hair pictures I missed it.

SharedJoy, women that double jointed can twist or be forced to twist their body limbs into positions that you would think is impossible to do. It's possible to force a women like that to give themselves oral sex. Bill K.

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 02:19:58 AM

Name: verMonster

SharedJoy, I've seen that position listed under viennese oyster or pretzel. I've never seen a different term when bondage is involved

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 06:30:25 AM

Name: Insomniac
Homepage URL:

Obikenobi: Thanks for the find on the I Spit On Your Grave 2 review. I disagree, though, that it doesn't give good details. It says she gets "bound, gagged, raped, made to witness murder, drugged, raped again and pissed on." It also seems she goes full frontal going by this line:

"...there is nothing titillating in the portrayal either of the rapes or of her nudity (in fact matched symmetrically by Ivan's full-frontal nudity in the climactic sequence)"

The review has me really excited for this one. I could do without the male nudity, but I usually never get to the revenge part in these kinds of movies anyway.

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 08:44:04 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Catching up on a few posts...

Obikenobi: I'm surprised not many others have commented on this yet, but based on the review you linked for I Spit On Your Grave 2, this is VERY exciting news for GIMPers. Seeing as I chose this last December as the Most Eagerly Awaited Film of Next Year, I have high hopes for this one, and the synopsis is pointing towards this one being a Can't Miss, IMO. Despite the less-than glowing opinion of the reviewer (and would you really expect anything else for a film of this type?) check out what he wrote:

"By this stage in I Spit On Your Grave 2, the remake sequel that nobody really wanted, American would-be fashion model Katie (Jenna Dallender) has been bound, gagged, raped, made to witness murder, drugged, raped again and pissed on..."

Okay, right there we're already ahead of the first 2 ISOYG films, neither of which featured bondage of any kind. To me, that's a big plus. And not just bound, gagged, too. Even better!

Then they mention she's packed up in a box, shipped to Bulgaria and put in the hands of "an electricity-obsessed sadist". And what do electricity-obsessed sadists do? That's right, they torture their victims by shocking them!

The lead actress is Jemma Dallender is quite attractive (in fact, she's actually a real-life model), and the review mentions full-frontal nudity. Sounds like this one is a cross between the first 2 ISOYGs and Hostel: Part 2. Of course, my expectations might be set a little high, and I've been disappointed before, but color me as really looking forward to seeing this one.


Willowfall: Welcome to the forum. We always appreciate hearing things from the female perspective on our little men's club. Kind of scary hearing that you would indeed put the bite on your attacker. Make a note of that, guys. Willowfall needs either a ring gag or a jaw spreader before we go to work on her.


Gog: Another great review; who does all those great caps for you? Or do you create them yourself? At any rate, they really add a lot to the presentation, keep it up.

I've sort of seen I'll Never Die Alone; I wanted to watch the whole movie, but the print I found online didn't have subtitles so I just fast-forwarded to the good scenes. Like you mentioned, the rape portion of the film was quite long for a mainstream film, which is probably the reason why it's so hard to procure a legitimate copy here in the US. It's frustrating that there's so much out there in the way of foreign films but are not readily available here.

The direct link to your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


Speaking of foreign films, I was surprised to discover our former friends turned enemies / turned friends again / turned (who knows)...The BASE has taken the block off their site and they're allowing people back inside again. I was just randomly checking their link and was surprised I got through. Anyway, looking at their past updates, they are highlighting a number of foreign titles and other films I've never heard of that look plenty GIMP-worthy. Time to start scouring the net for new material.

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 09:16:51 PM

Name: A Canadian

Gog: I'm late to respond but I really enjoyed your photo review of I'll Never Die Alone. That's my kind of film. It's too bad it appears to only be available on a Region 2 disc, which won't work for me. I would really like to see this one.

Wednesday, July 17th 2013 - 10:36:07 PM

Name: Rick
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

In response to the poll, I don't have a problem with a gal doing some cock sucking in a movie or scene if it's carried out right. To my tastes, the more tied up and broken the victim is the better. A solid threat can work too, knife, gun, more torture etc. If the victim isn't broke or controlled in some way, the suckee could have a very bad day lol.

As far as ring gags and various devices to prop open a mouth, that's certainly a good way to prevent damage. Not my favorite gags, but for the specific purpose of forced oral they can make it seem plausible.

ISOYG 2: I suspect we will all be disappointed but you never know. Judging from the press it sounds like they are going for "untitillating"? That's not a good sign...


Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 12:33:32 AM

Name: Obikenobi
E-mail address:

I think forced BJ's have gotten a bad rap in rape fantasy scenarios because they are rarely done well, and thus appear unrealistic. In RL, many girls would probably succumb to it, and without needing a ring gag, which IMO is very unsexy and diminishes the sensation.

All you need is to break her will and resistance, with the threat of violence or actual violence. If she's a fighter it's more fun to break them down. No woman is going to risk biting if it means more pain in store for her, and esp not in a gang scenario where the other men will punish her and she has no chance of escape anyway.

Which brings us to why the original ISOYG is such a classic - it shows rape to be the violent act it really can be and doesn't shy away from showing Jennifer suffering, in fact she spends most of the scene being beaten, screaming and covered in blood and dirt. The sequel has some more setup and playing around with her (the horse whinny scene). Ideally you'd combine the two and have a really hot girl like Sarah Butler as well.

When the hell are they going to release a trailer for ISOYG2? Or for that matter, even a leak on the web?

Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 04:48:12 AM

Name: Lynn

About the " forced" oral sex question. I suppose todays pic sums up my view - it it's truly forced, i.e. with the female tied into near immobility and a brank of some sort placed in her mouth first, so she cannot bite, it could be "interesting". Otherwise, I want to see her BITE!

Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 07:57:20 AM

Name: BP

Gimp Poll

Re: Forced Oral

If she decides to bite down you are going to lose your penis. If she don't have anything to lose you can smack or hit her all you want but she has nothing to lose just biting down and you're going to die even if you do her in.

The ring gag is good but what about the plug gag? I think the Asians use that quite a bit. You don't want her leaving drool all over so you put the plug in.

Still if we are talking fantasy pull the teeth out. Ask Ralphus about how he felt and he was just watching.

Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 08:18:09 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Re: Lynn's comments

I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise, but here's the cold, hard facts: Yet another female comes out in favor of biting. Guys, we just can't trust these chicks when we ram our dicks down their throats. Why would any villain take the chance? You just gotta use protection. I hope is being flooded with orders for ring gags and jaw spreaders.

Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 08:51:05 AM

Name: Insomniac
Homepage URL:

Well, I finally found a worthy movie to review, and jumping Jiminy Cricket is this one demented crock of sleaze! If you don't say "what the shit" at least once in this movie, you sir, are one wretched soul. If you like rape, nudity, and bloody torture of attractive women (with a plot) it's time to calibrate your GIMP radar to a little indie horror film called The Hospital.

Now I know what you're thinking. It's a feature-length non-pornographic film, how bad can it be? Well, pretty damn bad (as in good). Granted, while I'm sure most of you jaded folks won't exactly be falling out of your chairs, there really are some graphic and creative GIMP scenes in this, so it's well worth a look. I mean, this thing doesn't just cross the line. It pole vaults over. It really only stops short at penetration shots.


A group of young women are lured to a supposedly haunted hospital under the guise of going ghost hunting. But there's a tiny problem: the caretaker of the place, along with the two group guides, are all sexually perverted in the most extreme sense of the phrase. Their actual plan is to make an underground snuff film by methodically stripping, raping, and brutally killing nearly every flippin female on the cast list. I'm pretty sure only one gets to keep her clothes on.

Scene breakdown

*Obviously massive SPOILERS ahead. If you're willing to take my word and would rather be surprised as you watch, ignore this next segment. (I'm actually not including every little scene, just the big stuff)

- One of the blondes is chased out of a shower, knocked out, and awakens tied naked to a chair. One guy rapes her, after which the other guy pulls some of her teeth out to ensure she doesn't bite as he then forces her into a blow job before killing her. One of the other women is forced to watch. Screen below:

- That other woman (who wears a "purity" ring) is taken from behind by one guy while the other eventually forces her into oral at the same time. Then they flip her over and cut off a nipple before killing her.

- The other blonde is drugged and laid out on a table. A guy toys with her a little, cuts her shirt and bra off, gropes her breasts and rubs his face in them, and then slices one a little. Then he pulls her pants and underwear off and starts to rape her. She starts to pass out, he wakes her up with a drug, and she jolts and tries to fight, but they hold her down and continue the rape. Then the other guy goes all Da Vinci on her. He slices her leg and uses the blood to paint red trees on a canvas. He then jams the brush in her crotch and uses it to paint clouds (from her lubricant?), and then puts the brush back in her crotch and brings it out to paint a green sun on the picture (from her urine?), and he finishes by painting "fecal mountains", though it doesn't show him shove the brush up her ass. Then he also rapes her. Screen below:

- The brother of that last victim and his hot wife come driving to the hospital after she managed to get a distressed phone call to him. Bad move, buddy. They are quickly captured and he's forced to watch as they strip the wife naked (shown from an obstructed view unfortunately) and bend her over a table as all three guys take turns raping her. Then they throw her to the ground and brutally kill her and him. Screen below:


It's as good as you can expect from a low-budget indie film. Most of the main-character actors do a fine job. In the rape scenes you might scoff a little that the thrusting sometimes isn't super authentic looking, but it didn't detract much for me.


One of the women is pretty heavy, and she is not spared the treatment in any way (her scenes are not included above). That took a little away for me since I don't really enjoy seeing an overweight woman nude, even if it is a GIMP scene. And she has quite a few of them (mostly hanging arms over head), which made it worse since there are far more attractive women who didn't get that kind of screen time.

One very minor issue is it's not quite as exploitive as it could have been. In some of the rape scenes the women are bent over tables, so being face down you don't get as good of a view, though eventually they do get flipped.

Another thing (at least for me) is the biggest reason that I'm drawn to actual films over porn is I prefer context and story around the scenes. This movie certainly has some build up, but it's not as much as you'd normally get from a feature-length film, because, frankly, the GIMP scenes take up so much of the running time that there isn't room for much else.


I see no reason not to give it an A as far as exploitation movies go. You just don't see stuff like this anymore, either in mainstream or independent film.

For those interested, the movie hasn't had its official release date yet. They made a small number of DVDs available on their Facebook page (link in my URL), which is how I bought mine early. I'm not sure if they're out yet or not.

NOTE: The screenshots don't really do the movie justice, but I purposely didn't flood this with caps because I feel like a review should whet your appetite, not spoil your dinner. Also since the movie isn't widely available yet, the makers might appreciate fewer images.

Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 11:41:08 AM

Name: skullchaser
E-mail address:

Insomniac, nice review (or preview?) of the indie film "The Hospital". It sounds like one of those rare films that doesn't know what its supposed to be: mainstream horror, porn, or perhaps cult art. I'm thinking it might go the way of "Bloodsucking Freaks" and cross over lines to become a cult classic with a decent following. If only there was a survivor to exact revenge... "I am Inigo Montoya. You killed my sisters. Prepare to die!"

Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 01:13:34 PM

Name: YikYakker

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...

That's just some Latin I picked up during my Catholic schoolboy days.

Translated, it means, "Sorry folks, for having been a major lurker these past few weeks and not contributing to the forum." No excuses. It won't happen again.

Ralphus was at the point of threatening to come over to my hometown and kick my ass. Now, I know he's too short for his little legs to reach that high; but I've seen the kind of damage he can do to shins. Who needs that?

Anyway, I want to extend my profound thanks to everyone who has kept this board hopping during the month of July, with reviews, caps, links, etc. etc. etc. Too many to mention, but you know who you are, and you have my gratitude.


GIMP POLL: I get a queasy feeling every time I see a dude on screen slip his most valuable body part between the teeth of a hostile and unwilling participant.

Yes, I realize there are devices that facilitate having protected, non-consensual oral sex; but I don't like the way they make the girl look.

And yes, the guy can threaten her with a gun or knife, figuring that no girl is crazy enough to do something that will get her killed; but I'm not putting any money on that assumption, especially given the posts that we've had from some of the ladies.

Besides, how often have you seen this in a movie: Dude puts a gun/knife to the girl's head, then puts his weapon down so he can use one hand to grab her hair and the other hand to insert his dick. Bad idea.

No, the best scenario, IMHO, is the one used in Exitus Interruptus: threaten to kill her best friend if she doesn't get you off in a specified amount of time, and back it up by having the girl tied up and facing a (hands-free) mounted gun aimed at her pussy with a timing mechanism on it. A little thought and planning beforehand can prevent a painful experience.


I've been remiss in not mentioning another site that is celebrating 14 years of activity on the net, that of our friend Covers. There are two sites that I visit regularly, this one and The GIMP. Covers has completed his archive section, so this is a good time to pay him a visit and acknowledge his fine work.


Well, I'm sure many of you out there are, like myself, experiencing an extremely sultry heat wave. I was reflecting on this while down in my cool, dark dungeon the other day: Why do the captive girls get to hang in comfortable temperatures while the rest of us on the surface are sweating?

So I decided to take one of the girls and hang her from a tree limb, bound at the wrists and facing south so she's exposed to the sun all day. *heh-heh* With the temperature today going into the 90s and the humidity pushing the heat index up to 100+ degrees, it won't be long before she begs to be taken back down to the dungeon.

Which I might do...after the sun goes down.

Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 02:34:30 PM

Name: carnyx
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi everyone- I was glad to see "Bobby Z" made it to the whipping database. I still thought it was a hot scene even if you didn't see the beating. Also, I believe he used a chain, not a belt. I have no idea if there was a whipping in this other movie because I only saw coming attractions. Beau Bridges was in it and it was about greedy heirs in Texas gathered for the reading of the will. It was a black comedy and featured a scene I'll never forgot. An old lady threatens to whip her grown daughter. It would have been a great scene if it happened. Take care. Robert

Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 08:24:04 PM

Name: Badger

A Canadian

I'm late to respond but I really enjoyed your photo review of I'll Never Die Alone. That's my kind of film. It's too bad it appears to only be available on a Region 2 disc, which won't work for me. I would really like to see this one.

It is available in Region 1 format from in the U.S. Getting it across the border may be something else.

Thursday, July 18th 2013 - 09:22:53 PM

Name: Fritz

Insomniac: Thanks for your compelling review of The Hospital. Unlike its George C. Scott namesake from 1971, I'm guessing this film was not penned by Paddy Chayefsky. Still, it looks mighty interesting for a mainstream production, indie or otherwise - and apparently it features a lot of GIMP action. Like you, I too "prefer context and story around the (peril) scenes," so that, and the fact that it has received nine very positive reviews on IMDB, puts The Hospital high on my wanna-see list - even if the movie's premise is not one I usually enjoy.

Now all I have to do is find out how to get my hands on a DVD. I skimmed over that Facebook page you posted, but I can't see any mention of available copies (other than those being distributed at festivals and conventions). Looks like I'll just have to wait until The Hospital goes into distribution "later this year".

* * * * *

Poll: Forced oral sex, like any form of sexual assault, is more about humiliating and dominating the victim than it is about inflicting physical pain (though I'm sure there is some of that too). In any case, being more of a torture guy than a rape aficionado, I can take it or leave it. But if done well - and that means the scene focuses on the anguish of the victim rather than the gratification of her assailant - forced oral sex can certainly add some spice to the GIMP proceedings.

As for bondage, ring gags, oral spreaders, mouth speculums, etc. - that's a no-brainer... any man who would stick his johnson between a pissed woman's teeth without using the requisite safeguards is gunning to become a non-consensual blood donor. The consequences of trying FOS on volatile, unrestrained females is rarely shown on film, but I did find one cautionary sequence in a Zeus video called Splatter Heroine: Machine Gun Girl...

In this scene, our machine gun toting heroine is punished for trying (unsuccessfully) to exact revenge against some Yakuza types who have killed her boyfriend. Her gun jams, and moments later she is on her knees servicing the unlucky, gap-toothed gent in the grey pullover. As you can see, even with three mobsters holding her down, she manages to dispatch her tormentor by quickly chewing off his best friend. Naturally, she suffers some grave repercussions, including the loss of her right arm to a katana wielding assassin. Miraculously she survives, only to return for a do-over on the vengeance thing. If this were a US production, Machine Gun Girl would wipe the floor with her enemies, emerging triumphant after a climactic battle. But no... this is Japan, and our heroine learns the hard way that crossing the Yakuza twice leads to a long, painful road to GIMP oblivion. Gotta love those JAV producers.

A few posters have mentioned tooth extraction as another FOS precautionary measure. Though I like the fact that this adds an element of pain to the GIMP's ordeal, it's messy, time-consuming business, and not for everyone. I also wonder how effective it is - even without her chompers, I'm sure an ill-tempered victim could inflict serious damage by just clamping Mr. Happy in a vice grip between her bloody-gummed jaws. That hasn't stopped some guys from trying though. Filmed scenes of GIMP exodontia are almost as rare as penile amputations, but here are two famous examples...

Needing no introduction, and already alluded to by BP:

And of course, Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks:

Friday, July 19th 2013 - 01:22:52 AM

Name: Bill K

A final few notes from me about oral rape verse pussy rape is a vagina does not have teeth. Also you heard about the true story of the school bus driver losing their hand from being bitten by a child? A small cut on your dick in a toxic mouth and you may be called Stubby :-( or worse. Bill K.

Friday, July 19th 2013 - 02:04:35 AM

Name: Insomniac
Homepage URL:

Fritz: There's a post on The Hospital Facebook page on July 8 that mentions they have a limited number of DVDs available. If you just private message them and say you're interested they can give you all the details. Otherwise I think it doesn't come out until the end of the year.

Friday, July 19th 2013 - 04:49:08 AM

Name: Bunny Bound
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hey Everyone!Yikes! Some pretty crazy gore here! Missing cocks and missing teeth! EW! I think I've seen Machine Gun Girl, but I don't remember that scene for some reason...Of course who could forget that scene in Blood Sucking Freaks with 'The Doctor?' Lots of things severed, eaten, sucked out, cut off, and pulled out....'Ralphus...The eyeball' :). Of course using a dental appliance is probably cleaner and, well, sexier in my opinion. Even if the victim is ultimately going to be killed, she should still look good! And By the way, some vaginas DO have teeth! 'Ever heard of Vagina Dentata? :)

Some bad news in the world of Bunny Bound...We still do not have a payment provider for the graphic novel or digital download...This is a huge blow to us as we cannot sell the one thing on the website that keeps it going. We may have to shut it down and restart it some other time down the road when we have secured a provider...CC Bill wants $1,000 down to open an account and the other provider we were looking at is almost impossible to integrate into the site despite the 'word press' format...they also offer THE WORST technical support...I'm not sure what the other providers name is...Dick is pissed!

The good news is that we are still posting new, absurdly painful updates on the site for free every Friday, so you can still see me getting my ass handed to me in various horrific ways, but unfortunately, we cannot as of yet sell the graphic novel or digital download. Thanks Paypal! Anyway, sorry to vent and whatnot here, but I just thought I'd give you all an update if you're a fan of my misadventures...I guess all I can say is save your pennies when we finally do get a payment provider so that you can all bask in the glory of my super torture in the 'Love Really Hurts story! I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, as is Dick, and we're doing our best to get everything back in order...'Never expected things to be this difficult. I hope all you GIMPers are well. LOVE! :)

Friday, July 19th 2013 - 02:32:50 PM

Name: Brooklyn
E-mail address:

These two pics are similar to the mainstream movie Poor Cecily.

Two actress are nude and bound, helpless and their bodies are wet.

The difference is their pussies are neatly shaved.

Friday, July 19th 2013 - 03:17:30 PM

Name: Obikenobi

Teaser trailer is out for ISOYG2 -

What kind of PC world do we live in where its ok to focus on prolonged convoluted revenge which is basically torture porn, but not on the actual rape which is the cause of the revenge?

I mean which is more realistic -

scenario 1 - a bunch of lowlife sadistic men find a young gorgeous girl alone in a helpless situation and overpower and rape her

scenario 2 - the woman suddenly becomes a superhero, manages to subdue and kidnap adult men, procure all sorts of tools, devise complicated tortures that would make the Inquisition proud and then murders them one by one.

At least spend equal time on both.

Friday, July 19th 2013 - 04:52:42 PM

Name: A Canadian

Insomniac: I can't say I share your view on the value of caps (I like 'em big and I like plenty of 'em) but I do appreciate you taking the time to review The Hospital. Consider my appetite whetted.


Badger: Thanks for the tip on I'll Never Die Alone. I'll check it out.

Friday, July 19th 2013 - 06:52:09 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: Kielbasa was always a part of traditional holiday meals in my family. But we never had a spread like this.

Saturday, July 20th 2013 - 09:08:35 AM

Name: jessie
E-mail address:

Been away for some time wondered if anyone knows what happened to tributetotarl on yahoo

Saturday, July 20th 2013 - 10:02:07 AM

Name: Buckeye
Homepage URL:

Today's artwork looks like the work of an adult artist known as Coolcat. I have several of his bondage themed pieces saved on my computer. I'm always on the look-out for more of his work if anybody ever see's more of it please let me know.

Saturday, July 20th 2013 - 01:28:33 PM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

jessie: Tribute to Tarl is now TTT Reload (see my Homepage URL).

Saturday, July 20th 2013 - 03:35:08 PM

Name: YikYakker

Oops, my bad. I see that TTT Reload is not working either. That was the last Web address I had for Tarl's reconstituted site.

Well, maybe someone out there can help. I'm stumped.

Saturday, July 20th 2013 - 04:02:45 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Insomniac: I'm a few days late, but thanks for the wonderful review of The Hospital. You're really the master around here when it comes to giving us the scoop about otherwise obscure GIMP-worthy films. I'm going to see if I can get hold of one of those limited number of DVDs that are available. Looks like one to seek out for sure.

The direct link to your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


Comic Book Bondage Cover of the Day Celebrates 14 Years: Thanks for bringing that up, YikYakker. They started just a few months after we did back in 1999, and to keep going that long is a pretty amazing accomplishment. What's even more amazing is that fact that Covers has so many comic book and paperback scans that he can post a new one every single day for 14 years. That's over 5000 bondage covers! Like you, I try to visit his site on a daily basis and add to my own collection. It's always a worthwhile stop.


Fritz: Ugh. Was it really necessary to show us 12 vidcaps of a man getting his dick bitten off? I understand the context, but this site is still about girls in peril, not about guys getting their wangs bitten off. It was bad enough reading what some of the chicks on this forum would like to do to us without having to see it graphically represented every time I log on to the site. Geez, we don't need to give them any more ideas.


ISOYG2 trailer released: Well, that was rather...underwhelming. Like Obikenobi noted, they seem to be really pushing the female revenge thing instead of highlighting the real reason why anyone would want to see another "Spit on Your Grave" watch a woman get raped. I understand the whole PC angle, where it's now perfectly acceptable for women to go after men. You know, the victim now becomes the aggressor...what bullshit. It's a disturbing trend, and not only that, it's unnatural and unbelievable. Face it, it only happens in the movies.

Still, I have high hopes for this film. This was only a teaser trailer, and there's more trailers to come later. And the movie will be out on DVD in just a couple months.


Tarl's group: It's gone. Yahoo must have shitcanned it like they did his first one. If he wants to take a chance on rebuilding it a second time, he should try Google groups. Not that they're necessarily better, but Yahoo clearly has it out for him. That's a damn shame.

Saturday, July 20th 2013 - 11:30:12 PM

Name: Covers
Homepage URL:

Thanks for your kind words, Ralphus and YikYakker. And thank you to all of my friends who keep providing new covers. Without those contributions, the site would have turned into "Bondage Cover of the Month" years ago.

Sunday, July 21st 2013 - 09:32:11 AM

Name: Eda
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Ralphus has kindly posted another of my short stories, this one called "Turnabout," which is set in Indonesia. I hope that you will enjoy it.

Sunday, July 21st 2013 - 01:01:52 PM

Name: A Canadian

A quick note: One of the Cinemagic titles for sale at Video Mayhem this month is CMV-041, which I reviewed last year. The star of the film, Tsubasa Miyashita, got an honorable mention in my year in review assessment in December.

Sunday, July 21st 2013 - 06:33:55 PM

Name: Gog
Homepage URL:

A Canadian - Another thought in addition to your being supplied a source for a region 1 DVD of "I'll Never Die Alone", would be to invest in a "Multi-Regional" DVD player when it's time to get a new one. Mine was only around $29.00 at time of purchase. Don't know how that converts into Canadian currency, but I can't imagine it'd be all that much in Pesos, Yen, or Drachma.....or whatever the Canadian dollar is called. :-)


And yes......I could have done without seeing (even if pixilated) that poor oriental chap with the now missing penis. :-)


Ralphus - To answer your question of who does my Vid-caps? Me. Fortunate Mac users have not only a built in "screen shot", but also a built in "snap-shot", to where they can capture just a section of the screen wanted.

I then pop em' into a free program called "Portraits & Prints" (photo printing program), then hit print. But instead of allowing it to print, I just hit "preview" and do another "snap-shot". May sound tedious, but it's not at all. Most all of the photo reviews are done in a ˝ hour or so. The longest part in the uploading to a photo hosting site.


And speaking of "photo reviews" I wanted to do one with the topic of "forced orals" as the GIMP poll (with the consequences, or should I say, possible consequences). No penis getting bite off....but more than likely would have....if the filmmaker doesn't insult the viewers intelligence (see notes after review).

It would have been unfair just to do a review of the video in question, since it's not really a good representation of their normal work (and no one has done a review of this company prior). So....rather than just bashing this clip because of mis-handled portrayal of forced oral, I decided to do a second, "overly saturated", review as well (which is much more representative of their usual work.quality). :-)

Photo review of Taboo Cinema's Country Manners

"Country Manners" starts out with the arrival of a young woman (played by Belle) whose car has broken down, at the residence of a couple of country bumkins. She asks to use the phone, and Bubba hands her a cell phone (that doesn't work).

As the Belle tries to get a signal, the elder brother goes, "Looks like Bubba's takin' a liking to you". She ends up hitting him in the nose and calling him a moron after she gets grabbed. "Bubba doesn't like to be called names", as she gets a punch in the gut. "Get the rope Bubba." Belle now gets her hands tied behind her back and the molestation begins.

She gets slapped around and punched as she momentarily loses consciousness. Her top now gets ripped and when she comes to she's forced to suck off the elder brother.

She now gets raped from behind and once again, gets punched, knocking her out.

While out, Belle gets hogtied. Poor Bubba still doesn't get his turn however as the elder brother wants to take a nap. Bubba tries to shove a gag into her mouth but she resists only to get punched in the gut.

The brother comes back complaining about too much noise and waking him from his nap. "Hey Bubba, get me a beer." The beer however is not for drinking, but rather for the insertion of the bottle.

A return to oral now takes place for the elder brother, cumming in Belle's mouth.

Finally Bubba gets his turn, finishing all over the Belle's face.

"OK Bubba, do what you do"

There's a lot I liked about this video, though far from perfect. The main things I didn't like was the poor attempt at gagging Belle. At first the gag is roped, but the rope is around chin level....quickly taken off all together. Then Belle gets the gag shoved into her mouth and just keeps it there, which is something that really bugs me....although the gag in the case is only used to quiet Belle for themselves (The brothers, as there is an implied distance from any other residence).

The other thing is the oral. Not bad, but Belle accepts it way too easy at the start.

Other than that, I pretty much liked most of the rest. Belle remained a bit defiant, calling the brothers names until pretty much the end....where she began to plead for her life. I also really liked the bit of realism in (most) of the strangling. Though not 100% believable, it was still very well done. Not fixed stared for minutes on end. And a the bulging neck and bloodshot-eyes were a real nice touch.

The camera work is pretty much on par with PKF (which should be no surprise to most, as Bubba will look familiar to many who are into PKF).

My grade, a solid B


Photo review of Chris' Corner One Night Stand

A drug dealer hooks up with a young woman (played by Lexxi), and brings her back to his hotel room. At first Lexxi plays a bit coy.

She soon gives into her urges and the two end up having sex. Later, when the guy leaves the room, Lexxi looks for a cigarette and finds his stash instead.

The guy returns and thinks she has been sent to steal his drugs. He questions her, but she of course denies his accusations. He however doesn't believe her and gets roughed up and punched in the face.

As Lexxi lay unconscious on the floor he ties her hands behind her back and taken into the bedroom where she is again questioned. Unsatisfied with her answers he strangles her to unconsciousness.

She is later taken back to the drug dealers place. When she comes to, she finds herself tied spread-eagle on a bed. She is asked once again and decides to just get rid of her by strangling her to death.

During the course of the strangulation though, he decides to get a last bit of oral from the strangling Lexxi. After cumming on her face, he finishes her off.

This could have been a really great video. Could have been. Instead, it was such a mess. About the only thing that didn't go bad in this was the consensual sex part (which I chose not to represent in stills), but that's not why I bought this clip.

First off, when Lexxi gets spread eagle, it's with those gawdawful velcro straps. Amateur!!! At one point she pulls one of her wrists free. Then he just frees her from the rest.

Then there's the oral during strangling. Are you kidding me? Great way to end up like that poor oriental fellow I mentioned above. Actually he should have. Come on! Give me a break!...And don't insult my intelligence.

And finally, there's Lexxi's fixed stare for minutes on end....pretty much right from the start of the strangling. I HATE THAT!

The only saving grace here is Lexxi's attractiveness and her facial.

Can only give this a D+.

Sunday, July 21st 2013 - 09:53:03 PM

Name: Fritz

Ralphus wrote:

Was it really necessary to show us 12 vidcaps of a man getting his dick bitten off?

Apologies to you (as well as Gog and other squeamish readers) for that graphic demonstration of what can go wrong when careless FOS practitioners let down their guard. Though these images are not pretty, I felt compelled to share them as a public service announcement to help prevent such misfortune befalling others. Consider it the GIMP equivalent of Signal 30, but instead of seeing the consequences of not looking both ways at railway crossings, we witness first-hand the fate of the "poor oriental chap" - something which should scare reckless perverts into practicing safe forced oral sex. Let's be careful out there.

* * * * *

Gog: Thanks for your informative overview of two (!) Chris' Corner videos. I have seen both, and agree completely with your assessment of Country Manners. Though some have argued Belle is an acquired taste, I think she is attractive and a good actress to boot. As for One Night Stand, most of your comments are on the mark, but the D+ grade seems a bit harsh. It's not among Chris' best by any means, but I didn't mind the Velcro (TM) straps, nor did Lexxi's death stare bother me. The obvious bloopers might take it down a few notches, but despite my earlier PSA, few actors in these clips seem to follow correct protocol when forcibly Frenching their victim - especially while simultaneously strangling her.

* * * * *

Eda: Congratulations on another first-rate story. Once again, I think this one will appeal to a wide range of readers without disappointing your long-standing fans. Turnabout is your fifth new tale this year (including two longish ones), so of late you seem to be more prolific than ever. And it's only July. Well done. Now, get back to the keyboard (please).

* * * * *

Insomniac: Thanks for the pointer on how to purchase The Hospital. Don't know how I missed that post. I put in my PM request for order info on Friday but have not heard back yet.

Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 12:51:57 AM

Name: vintageaman
E-mail address:

The UK Government are going to enact a new law soon which will make it illegal for anyone in England & Wales to access sites such as this. And there was me thinking I lived in the Free World...

Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 02:49:54 AM

Name: Provost

The soles of a woman's feet are quite sensitive and occasionally imperiled in movies and pulp fiction. Esmeraldas from Gina Lollabrigida through Lesley-Ann Down to Salma Hayek all suffered the torture of the boot (per Victor Hugo's speciffications). Gaby Fuchs had the sole of her bare foot branded in Mark of the Devil, and Julie Harris endured cigarette burns on her bare feet in Harper.

Various men's magazines applied flames and whips, and our dear Amy puts her soles to the test by standing on spikes in Maleficarum ( and noted that no one else could endure that treatment). Bastinado and falaka are common tortures/punishments in middle eastern TV and movies, but not so common here. Are there other examples in film and stories that deserve to be mentioned? Others interested in this particularly potent peril?

Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 07:55:52 AM

Name: Gog

Fritz - Ahhh, so that was done as a PSA huh? Very commendable! Now we just need an official commercial warning of the dangers of non dental gaged (or similar) GIMPs. And ....a celebrity, like those other PSA's on TV. Maybe Malcolm McDowell as one that comes to mind right off the bat. :-)

Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 08:07:20 AM

Name: Dagon
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi All

Ralphus has been kind enough to put one of my stories on his site. You can find it in the others stories section or by following the above link.

In terms of content, it is a story about some witches having their souls saved by the catholic church in medieval Germany and details of the wonderful methods that they used to achieve this.

If you have comments, good or bad, they are most welcome. Please send to me or post.

Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 12:55:54 PM

Name: Obikenobi

vintageman, I heard about the proposed UK porn law.

They can't really do that, can they? What happened to freedom of speech and thought? I used to think we have it bad in the US with the weird hangups about sex while all kinds of violence are perfectly acceptable.

Do these politicians actually gain votes when they take away our freedoms like this? The cynic in me says most people simply don't care and are only too happy to go back to their drab lives livened up by reality TV and fabricated news.

Monday, July 22nd 2013 - 07:38:51 PM

Name: Bill K.

Terrific picture today :-) Ralphus, is that Photoshop or a real scene from what movie and who is that gimp? Bill K.

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 - 12:12:45 AM

Name: A Canadian

Gog: Thanks once again for the great photo reviews, as well as the tip on the region-free DVD player. Country Manners looks like fun, although I could do without the ending.

As for the region-free DVD player, I currently have a Blu-Ray player. I don't honestly know if region codes are an issue on the Blu-Ray or not.

Back in my standard DVD days, I did look into a region-free player at one point. At the time, cost wasn't the issue -- I couldn't find anywhere close to home where I could buy one, and I didn't feel like getting one shipped.


David Cameron's asshole-ishness: I feel bad for people in the U.K. And at the risk of sounding selfish, I hope we don't see something similar in my country.

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 - 06:23:51 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Catching up on a few posts...

Eda Chang: Terrific short story, and not a long read at all. If anybody has a few minutes to spare, check out her latest effort; it's up to her usual high standards.


Gog: Wow, 2 reviews in one post. I definitely don't think Belle is an acquired taste; I've never seen her perform, but she looks quite fine to me. And bound, gagged and fucked with a beer bottle? That sounds like a lot of fun. Do they show the bottle in much detail or is it a just a brief sequence?

BTW, when I was adding your review to the Reviews section, I had a hard time finding Country Manners; it turns out it's not by Chris' Corner at all but by Taboo Cinema. I've not seen movies from either company but it appears NicheClips has a lot of different producers that produce similar material. At any rate, I made the changes to your original review, and the direct link is in my Homepage URL above.

Regarding One Night Stand, I'm glad you wrote a review explaining what went wrong because based on the stills, I probably would have snatched it up. I'm a fan of the lovely Lexxi from seeing her perform with PKF, in fact, one of her electro scenes won a Ralphus Award a few years back. But using Velcro straps? You're right, that's amateur stuff. Velcro is for love bondage play; it's bondage-lite. No serious villain would ever use it. Still, I'm more than curious about this one. Despite your low grade, it doesn't look bad.

Here's the direct link for Review #2:


vintageaman: I've heard a sprinkling of talk about this new British law. Now, is this something different than the one they exacted a few years ago after that one woman got killed and everyone overreacted and made it illegal to possess bondage material on your computer? What exactly are they planning now? Will it be a case where explicit sites are blocked from computers?


Provost: I'm not so much into feet, but I know foot fetishists are out there and likely a number of them are also into foot torture. The movie Eleni has a bastinado scene with Kate Nelligan (clip in the Whipping Scenes Database) and then there's the 1970 Czech film Witchhammer where an attractive suspected witch is tortured with the boot (among other things).


Dagon: Speaking of witch torture, I really enjoyed your story. It was quite long but a lot of fun, and I love how everyone in the story performs all these terrible tortures to these women and yet they're totally unrepentant and justify their behavior by claiming, basically, she's a witch so she deserves it! I'll bet the Catholic church could use this story as a recruiting tool. Join us and torture attractive women, and you get to do it in the name of God so it's okay!


Bill K: Today's picture is real; I took it myself. It's from my Catholic church orientation last week. I was on the fence until they let me brand her; now I'm a full-fledged member. I think I'm really going to like this religion thing.

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 - 07:06:12 PM

Name: Gog

Ralphus wrote: ".....And bound, gagged and fucked with a beer bottle? That sounds like a lot of fun. Do they show the bottle in much detail or is it a just a brief sequence?

As far as the bottle rape scene? It lasts about 3 minutes I'd guess. Belle gets turned over on her stomach as well getting the bottle from behind. There are some close-ups in there as well if that's what you're referring to.

BTW, when I was adding your review to the Reviews section, I had a hard time finding Country Manners; it turns out it's not by Chris' Corner at all but by Taboo Cinema. I've not seen movies from either company but it appears NicheClips has a lot of different producers that produce similar material."

I didn't even think about either "Taboo Cinema" or "Chris' Corner" as both are run by Chris Brown (Bubba in "Country Manners"). When I think of videos by Chris Brown, in my mind the two companies are one and the same. Kinda the same way I think of John Marshall's "PKF" & "The Basement" over at Nicheclips.

I'm not totally sure, but I think that with "Chris' Corner" he stays behind the camera. And with "Taboo Cinema" he appears on screen at times with his girlfriend doing the filming (though could be wrong though).

So my mistake as far as locating the clip for anyone interested......but then, not really. :-)

As far as the low grade on "One Night Stand". Reviews are totally subjective by the reviewer. What sinks my boat may very well sail someone else's. :-)

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 - 08:02:35 PM

Name: Bill K.

"It's from my Catholic church orientation last week."

So you are a Catholic too. Me too and it explains our mutual interest in bats and dungeons. So I'm gullible, when I see a woman tied to a stake I lose my mind and I say dumb things. What I should of ask all Gimpers is where is the stake damsel from for surely she is real. Which whipped women sites or perhaps Insex or another bondage site? Bats nut Bill K.

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013 - 08:58:21 PM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

My Dear Ralphus.

I think that Anne is in the 'Gentlemans' Room'; not the 'Ladies' Room'!

Thursday, July 25th 2013 - 01:58:35 PM

Name: Fritz

Ralphus: Nicheclips has become a hodge-podge of producers who cater to a wide range of extreme fantasies. When it first opened, the place was pretty well split between death fetishists and the bug-crush crowd, with the latter apparently making up a much smaller contingent (few crush clips appear in the most-popular list). Since then, new vendors have joined, many specializing in sub-fetishes and arcane interests like chloro, vore, super-heroines, time-freeze etc., or just plain vanilla bondage and rape scenes.

Many Nicheclips producers have two or more stores, and the distinctions between them are not always clear - so even knowing both the title of a video and the producer's name may not be enough to find it. Further, many producers work or have worked together (JohnM has partnered with Max Coxxx, Chris Brown and Hank Samuels, all of whom have their own stores as well), and of course many share the same models to boot. So it's no wonder they produce "similar material".

Still, the best stuff invariably comes from a select few vendors - mostly those who have a personal affinity or at least empathy for the fetish in which they purportedly specialize. Unfortunately, too many are just out to make a quick buck, producing unbelievably poor quality and downright insulting shite that even the least discriminating GIMPer would shun.

Given that most of the better material on Niche does cater to death fetishists, I'm a bit surprised to see more reviews for it popping up here. Since Nicheclips is one of my own main sources for vids, I'm not complaining - I would love to see more reviews, and should probably post some myself. There certainly is no shortage of GIMP action available at Niche, but I always thought the videos were too extreme for most of the locals. It's probably too soon for another poll, but I'm curious how many folks browse and/or buy there regularly - and if not, what are your favorite online vendors for non-mainstream fare?

* * * * *

Velcro: Did I miss a GIMP memo? What makes Velcro any more amateur than zip ties or baling twine? I've used it. It works. Granted, it needs to be heavy-duty material and it may not have the authority of steel cuffs or duct tape, but it's functional enough to do the job. As for it not being used by "serious villains", how many serious villains use clothes pins or candle wax to torture their victims? And no one (well, except me) seems to complain about these household items showing up in GIMP videos.

Thursday, July 25th 2013 - 03:39:37 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hey, just wanted to pass the word that if you're into beautiful women wearing leather loincloths, the "other" Amazon women site,, is having an "Everything Ten Euro" sale this week. Some of the ones I've bought are:

"Executed" - Lakea is the captive of an orc warrior. She's bound AOH and has her loincloth stripped off in the only full-frontal video on the site. Tashia comes to rescue her and gets captured and stripped as well. The orc warrior then does some knife play on the two women, then shoots Lakea with an arrow and stabs Tashia. Lakea, who is still alive, gets stabbed as well. Not what I would've done with two beautiful naked captive women, but hey, I'm not an orc.

"The Ritual" - Lakea is a captive slated to be sacrificed to the Amazon gods. Tashia plays the priestess that will sacrifice her. Lakea is bound to the altar, stripped to the pubis (nearly naked), oiled up, then a fair amount of knife play before being bloodied, cleansed, and finished off. Very sensual stuff, other than the ending, of course. Why does the girl always have to die?

"Killing Glances" - A hot brunette with lovely natural breasts is locked in a barred cell. Outside her door, a hot blonde with cute perked nubs is strung up arms wide apart. Both are clad only in boots and loincloths. Lakea enters, tortures the blonde with a sword, then executes her. Lakea then pulls the brunette out of the cell, strings her up, and stabs her as well. The two girls' struggling makes the video worth a watch or two.

"Hunted Amazons V" - Lakea and the hot blonde from "Killing Glances" are relaxing after a hard day of Amazoning. As they bathe each other, an arrow suddenly pierces the blonde's ribs. Lakea comforts her as she lays dying. Lakea then tries to flee, but an arrow pierces her in the back and she dies, too. Such a waste of hot beauty, because the bathing part makes the movie worth a watch and I know where that sort of thing usually leads, and it usually doesn't involve arrows.

"The Huntsman 2" - This is a "near miss". It had such potential, but for some bad editing and other distractions it could've been so much more. In this segment, Lakea, her wrists bound to a pole across her shoulders, is led into a clearing by the Huntsman, who pushes her down to the ground and stakes her out spread-eagled. She's whipped briefly, then pulled up and led to a tree, where she's bound AOH and whipped some more. During the whipping, the scene flashes back to the clearing for no apparent reason, and the whole thing seems rushed. Lakea shivers continuously with either fright or cold (I'm guessing cold, because it looks like it was raining when this was shot, so if you're into temperature stuff, this is for you).

"Until They Die" - Lakea and a dark-skinned Amazon are bound wrists-in-front as torches flicker around them. A female warrior shows up and drags Lakea to a tree, where she's strung up AOH. The warrior then executes Lakea with a bow and arrow, then lets her down and just drops her body on the ground. The warrior then drags the dark-skinned warrior over to the Execution tree, strings her up AOH, and executes her as well. This could have been so much hotter if a) it had been longer and b) the camerawork had been better. The models are certainly lovely enough to make it worth a watch or two, and they struggle well.

You can pay via PayPal, and you shouldn't have any log-on issues like you do with Olaf Winter's site. The downside is the camerawork and production isn't as slick as Olaf's stuff. But hey, it works.

Thursday, July 25th 2013 - 07:59:48 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Fritz asked "It's probably too soon for another poll, but I'm curious how many folks browse and/or buy there regularly - and if not, what are your favorite online vendors for non-mainstream fare?"

I've bought stuff from Clips4Sale (aka NicheClips) from time to time. I can't say it's one of my primary sources, but it's worth a look after I've combed over my usual sites.

Since you asked, I usually go to Niche for crucifixion and whipping videos, since those usually involve some form of peril for the person being cruxed and/or whipped. Another good source for that is "Corporal Punishment in Mainstream Movies" on by Disenio Media, which also produces original material in the form of spanking, whipping, caning, etc. but rarely do they bother with a plot, it seems. I also hit and sexy-amazons for my Amazon fix at least once a week, sometimes more. I'll also hit the Mood Pictures website if they have a new release that holds promise. Teraz Films gets a look bi-annually, since they haven't really put out much new content lately.

I used to visit PainGate and WhippedWomen.Com, but I've found that they tend to rehash material too much. I used to hit the Kink.Com sites, too, but they tended to be more about the same-ol', same-ol' with nothing different and no real story to keep my mind engaged. At least the other sites attempted to have a plot. Waterbondage, when Chandra ran it, was interesting because she always had such diabolical devices, but since she left the place has been left to the jungle.

I'd say right now, the sites I hit the most are,,, and this web site. is worth a look once a month, as is

Thursday, July 25th 2013 - 08:12:38 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Sir Galahad wrote:

I think that Anne is in the 'Gentlemans' Room'; not the 'Ladies' Room'!

D'oh! You mean ladies rooms don't have urinals? Give yourself kudos for catching my mistake. That's what happens when I make up the caption for the daily pic late at night when I should be in bed.


Fritz wrote:

Did I miss a GIMP memo? What makes Velcro any more amateur than zip ties or baling twine? I've used it. It works.

Let me guess. You've used Velcro with your partner in consensual bondage play, right? Nothing wrong with that, along with fur-lined love-cuffs. But would a real villain use Velcro? Hell, no! That's a big time amateur move and he should be ashamed of himself.

Granted, it needs to be heavy-duty material and it may not have the authority of steel cuffs or duct tape, but it's functional enough to do the job.

Bondage should not be easily escapable. You want to make sure your victim can't get loose with a hard tug. Which is why Velcro shouldn't be used if you mean business. Only an amateur would use it. Someone who doesn't know what he's doing.

BTW, I've never seen twine used, but those zip ties are pretty damn effective. No amount of pulling or tugging will work, you have to cut through them to get loose.

As for it not being used by "serious villains", how many serious villains use clothes pins or candle wax to torture their victims? And no one (well, except me) seems to complain about these household items showing up in GIMP videos.

We've been through this before. Candle wax and clothespins are both effective torture devices. Not everything has to be a red hot iron. At least not at first :)

Regarding your poll question, it's a good one, so let's make it official with the colored font and get some responses.

What are your favorite online vendors for non-mainstream fare? Which bondage producer comes the closest to the type of entertainment you like to watch?

For me, it's an easy choice. They're in semi-retirement now, or producing very slowly, but ZFX has always rung my bell. Attackers from Japan, based on their past track record with Randa Mai as their main villain, has done some amazing stuff, although most of their later stuff doesn't interest me. PKF, when they focus more on torture themes, has done some fine work. Dan Hawke, also in the retirement mode, put out some good stuff when he was around. There are others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Guys, I don't care if you buy movies online or get them any other way. We've all watched videos and have our preferences. So name your favorite producers; no excuses for not voting in this poll. Let's hear from you. We need your help to get this place talking again.

Thursday, July 25th 2013 - 09:10:22 PM

Name: YikYakker

Death Fetish: I can't say I'm against viewing GIMPage that ends with the death of the victim, as long as it doesn't get gory or involve the removal/mutilation of body parts.

One death scenario I prefer is strangulation. As Amy demonstrated in Barbazul, strangulation can be very sexy.

Another is death by crucifixion. Is it just a coincidence that Amy and her pals specialize in that one?


Beat Feet: Another instance of foot punishment occurs in Le Marquis de la Croix. The Marquis takes advantage of Zynga's exposed feet and pummels them with a cane while she's stretched on a rack.

I can't say that I have a foot fetish, but I almost always find a GIMP scene improved by the removal of the victim's shoes. Maybe it stems from continually experiencing parental chastisement about putting shoes on the furniture, but I really have an aversion to the sight of a babe tied up on a bed with her shoes on.


Today's Pic: Anne is getting a "swirlie."


How many dig seeing women tied to chairs?

Much of this seems to be vanilla bondage stuff, but I haven't looked through all of it so my conclusion could be wrong.


Bill K.: As a "fallen" Catholic, I likewise dig dungeons. But I don't get very excited about BATS scenes unless the victim is naked, or at least topless.

Topless victim in Devonsville Terror

Lovely and naked Jacqueline Lovell in Head of the Family

Thursday, July 25th 2013 - 09:54:56 PM

Name: Bill K.

The movie "Head of the Family" is a very funny monster satire movie and I recommend renting it for only the LOL enjoyment of it. Also YikYakker, the only bats movie that had full frontal nudity in the bats scene other than Maleficarum was "Head of the Family". Ralphus, am I right about that?

The good news Red Feline and Amy will be producing more nude bats movies in the near future.

That being said my answer to the new poll question is of course going to be Red Feline as my favorite vendor because not only for bats but whipping and dungeon torture and the crucifixion torture and most important no consensual torture.

The gimp bound in chair doesn't do anything for me unless it's this type of chair:

Also I recall Wave Productions did produce one or two full nudity bats scene movie but they were awful so they don't count. Bill K.

Thursday, July 25th 2013 - 11:31:41 PM

Name: Matt

Poll Q: ZFX has been a favorite, but I have checked out's sites on more than one occasion. The shoots where the Sgt. Major is in charge are more than acceptable!

Re: today's pic: One should always offer a lady a seat...after all, the subject can't always be standing throughout the interrogation.

Friday, July 26th 2013 - 02:12:50 AM

Name: Fritz

Ralphus wrote:

You've used Velcro with your partner in consensual bondage play, right? Nothing wrong with that, along with fur-lined love-cuffs. But would a real villain use Velcro? Hell, no!

"Mommy? Trigger's dead, but Fritz keeps hitting him with a stick..." Yes, I have used Velcro for amusement, and after wrapping a one inch wide strip several times around the wrists and ankles of my (willing) captive, there was absolutely no possibility of escape. Trust me on this. Unlike those fur-lined love cuffs, which are designed to be comfortable and non-threatening, there's nothing pink, fuzzy or half-assed about a rough Velcro strap tightly ensnaring a victim. And unlike zip ties, Velcro is reusable and can be wrapped around the GIMP's entire body (with less hassle than rope, leather belts and duct tape). But like I said, you gotta get the good stuff.

I'm sure some real villains have used Velcro to restrain their victims, though this is admittedly hard to verify. Perhaps any real villains who are reading this will post to help settle the debate.

Ralphus also wrote:

Candle wax and clothespins are both effective torture devices.

Maybe if the woman has a very low pain threshold, but really, how effective can these methods be if bondage models willingly subject themselves to the real thing? Sure, both hot wax and clothespins turn up as "tortures" in BDSM videos, even in some of the heavier output by ZFX and JAV producers, but how often are they used in real life interrogations or films depicting them?

There are over 120 entries in the RHI database. How many do you think there would be in a clothespins-in-movies database? I can't think of a single example, but if there is one, it's probably a comedy. Talk about your fur-lined love cuffs.

* * * * *

Poll: Thanks for making it official, but it's not exactly the question I had in mind. I was curious about where folks purchase their fetish videos online, not necessarily which producers they prefer - though that's an interesting question as well. As many producers distribute their own work, I suppose there is a lot of overlap.

One of the reasons I patronize Nicheclips is that several of my favorite producers have stores there, including PKF, Max, Chris, Psychothrillers, and a few others. I do like the convenience of one-stop shopping, and the site is updated constantly. Other sources from which I purchase non-mainstream material include Teraz, Red Feline and on occasion, Eyewitness. Although I'm not really into the Amazon thing, I do buy quite a lot of stuff from Olaf Winter, especially now that he is branching into other genres. For JAV videos, I mostly purchase direct from GIGA. There are many more, but these are the vendors I visit most frequently.

* * * * *

Thomas Chaser: Clips4Sale and Nicheclips are, to the best of my knowledge, separate entities and not connected in any way. The latter focuses more on heavyweight GIMP material including the torture and/or death of female humans and invertebrate victims of both sexes, (though as I mentioned in a previous post, more light BDSM stores are opening there of late).

Clips4Sale is a seemingly boundless download site hosting thousands of vendors distributing videos depicting virtually every sexual fetish imaginable (and some that defy the imagination) - except the ones available on Nicheclips. Apparently, Clips4Sale forbids content featuring erotic horror, extreme torture, blood, death and creature-crushing, though God only knows how they can enforce the rules with so many stores. I have come across exceptions there, but for the most part, heavyweight GIMPers will be disappointed.

Friday, July 26th 2013 - 03:26:55 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Anyone know anything about what's up with the release of Dead but Dreaming? Still nothing on Vermeer works site. Odd because it had a July 25 release date

Friday, July 26th 2013 - 03:46:45 PM

Name: Bill K.

Women on fire.

and this is hottest music video I've ever seen:

If any GIMP movie vendors come out with a movie incorporating these fiery peril affects please like me know. Bill K.

Friday, July 26th 2013 - 06:25:43 PM

Name: D. Santorum

Anyone know anything about what's up with the release of Dead but Dreaming?

I've been expecting Margot to update us for a while now, but I'm told she's swamped with various matters surrounding the film's release. Hopefully she will pop in soon. But here is what I know....

The movie had its theater premiere in La Paz a couple of nights ago. It was quite a success and Jac and Amy were feeling quite proud of their new baby. I asked Amy about reactions to the public flogging scene, and she said that one guy told her it is "one of those iconic scenes that last forever."

That sounds promising, doesn't it?

They are currently very busy getting the DVD ready (subtitles, etc.), but I don't think they know quite when it will be ready.

Supposedly another trailer for the movie is on its way as well - one that is more specifically aimed at us gimpers!

Friday, July 26th 2013 - 07:21:52 PM

Name: Bunny Bound
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi all. Bunny here. Feeling a little blue instead of my usual black and blue today...not much to say other than I hope you are all well. I'm very happy to see much more interaction here than usual. That is very nice to see and encouraging! Those of you into SEVERE tit torture art might want to check out today's new post on because it's a continuing segment of my 'Bunny's Boob Job' story. 'Sorry 'm not more lively today...had a long hard week. I hope to be back and more fun next week. Have a great weekend GIMPers! LOVE! :)

Friday, July 26th 2013 - 07:30:17 PM

Name: A Canadian

The poll question: In terms of the MVPs, I agree with Ralphus. I would go with the ZFX films (particularly the ones starring Lisa Kinkaid) and a number of the Attackers' films made in the period from 2004 to 2008.

Beyond that, there are companies that have produced works that I like, but the situation is really hit and miss. As well, I'm one of the forum's lightweights, so what appeals to me may not appeal to others.

I like Japanese porn. In addition to Attackers, some of the companies that have produced stuff I like include Hibino, I-Energy and Giga.

As for the Americans, Natasha Flade has produced some scenes I enjoyed. I also liked some of Sgt. Major's stuff and some B&D Productions films (although most of the B&D works that I liked were before I discovered ZFX and Attackers -- I'm not sure how well it would stand up now).


Regarding the British crackdown on porn, I thought this column by commentator John Moore was quite good. It's flippant but I agree with his overall point, particularly this sentence: "The problem with censorship is that its advocates always presume that whoever becomes gate keeper will be as sensible and worldly as they are."


I'm pretty hawkish on free speech as a matter of principle. I disagree with all attempts to censor consenting adults, even when it comes to "hateful" language and vile commentary.

Principles aside, however, my other real objection with state censorship is that it's impractical.

The people who support censorship suffer from the foolish idea that we'll get some kind of consensus on what is offensive. In reality, we'll never get a consensus on what is or isn't offensive, so censorship really becomes nothing more than a tool that some people (anti-porn Christians, bleeding heart liberals, etc.) use to silence their opponents. It never achieves a nobler purpose. And the people who support the censorship of others never feel the same way when speech and expression that they agree with is being censored.

Friday, July 26th 2013 - 08:11:29 PM

Name: Bill K.

Clothespins are too small for those huge nipples on today's picture gimp. Better get the heavy duty battery alligator jumper cable clips out of your trunk Ralphus. Battery hooked up to cables optional. Bill K.

Saturday, July 27th 2013 - 12:59:32 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

YikYakker asked:

How many dig seeing women tied to chairs?

I definitely do; in fact, chair ties and spread-eagle bed-ties are my 2 favorite bondage positions. The reason for the latter is the obvious sexual availability, but having her tied to a chair can be quite painful after a while, particularly if you tie her with her wrists and elbows together behind her. Keep her there for hours and she'll be very uncomfortable; meanwhile you can play with her and torture her tits, which are usually sticking out more because of the position she's tied.

Thanks for the link; I'll check it out further later.


Bill K wrote:

...the only bats movie that had full frontal nudity in the bats scene other than Maleficarum was "Head of the Family". Ralphus, am I right about that?

Yeah, pretty much. The very pretty Pamela Franklin had a blink-and-you-missed it scene in The Witching where you can see some bush, but you'd have to hit your freeze-frame to catch it (like I did!).

Overall though, it's not much of a BATS scene, just a few lovely shots of Franklin suffering in the flames as part of a montage.


Fritz wrote:

There are over 120 entries in the RHI database. How many do you think there would be in a clothespins-in-movies database?

Kind of a silly example, since clothespins and nipple clamps are used more for sexual torture to the breasts and how many mainstream movies go so far that they explore kinky adult sexual practices, really? Breast bondage, for example, you never see in mainstream films. We're finally seeing ballgags used here and there, but it's taken a while. Mainstream films have a long way to go to catch up to the type of activity routinely shown in bondage films. It doesn't mean that burning wax applied to the skin and clamps applied to the nipples are any less torturous just because you can't go to a theater and see a big-name actress getting the treatment up on the big screen.

And if we're going to use that line of reasoning, how many bad guys tie up their victims in movies using Velcro? Probably very few. I'll take your word that if you're going to use Velcro, you should use the industrial strength stuff. Me, I'll stick with handcuffs and rope. I'm a traditionalist.

Saturday, July 27th 2013 - 02:24:05 AM

Name: YikYakker

GIMP Poll: For me, non-mainstream is the operative word here. Mainstream describes about 80% of the perversion I wallow in.

As for the rest of it, I guess my main interest right now is in the RF/Pachamama oeuvre. Hot babes getting tortured, and giving fine performances, wrapped inside a story...that's my cup of tea. Of course, one might argue that their most recent, big-budget stuff is quasi-mainstream in that it plays theatrically - much in the same way that Jess Franco movies did. But I tend to see these products as being in a class by themselves, and since they are still categorized as such in the Review Database, I'm going to run with that.

ZFX is another producer of interest to me...I've invested in two Ms. Ballista flicks and SOB4, will probably get into more ZFX once I've replenished my GIMPage fund.

I've dabbled a little in Powershotz, mainly due to the appeal of Layne. But she's out of the biz, so once I've completed my collection of her works, future Powershotz purchases will depend on finding a babe who gives me the same kind of jolt.

Fritz has written about the number and variety of products available from Nicheclips, so there's probably something available there that I would like.

But honestly, my financial situation is such that right now I've got to be pretty selective about where I put my GIMP dollars.

Hoping for better GIMP days ahead...

Saturday, July 27th 2013 - 01:53:19 PM

Name: El Wananchi

Hi Bill K,

The girl in "Head of the Family" is not naked. She has a kind of translucent body stocking. Good scene, I think it is a theatrical one.

El Wananchi

Saturday, July 27th 2013 - 05:56:18 PM

Name: YikYakker

El Wananchi: Did you mean to say translucent, or transparent?

Either way, I'm having difficulty imagining that Jacqueline Lovell is wearing anything other than her lovely birthday suit in this BATS scene. I'm wondering why she would appear naked several times in this movie (and all the other movies she's ever done) and then suddenly do something different. Can you tell us where you got this information?


Ralphus: Thanks for the info about Pamela Franklin in The Witching. I've never been able to find this, probably because, as I've recently learned, it also goes by the name Necromancy.

Pamela was a cutie who rarely did nude scenes, so this is an exception. She did a lot of horror stuff back in the day. Even though this is a brief scene, I'm going to look for it.


Here's another classic BATS scene, not naked but topless: Beautiful Rita Calderoni and her lovely breasts in Reincarnation of Isabel aka Delirium.

Saturday, July 27th 2013 - 09:29:22 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

That information regarding Head of the Family is most assuredly NOT true. As YikYakker already noted, Jacqueline Lovell gets naked several times in the film. Lovell had no problems exposing her body onscreen; she was a nude model who did work for Playboy and even did adult films under the name Sara St. James. The idea that she would suddenly fake it for the BATS scene makes no sense. Does she look sufficiently bare in these stills?

Saturday, July 27th 2013 - 11:19:42 PM

Name: Bill K.

I agree with Ralphus and YikYakker that she is nude and that is her body. I got that "Head of the Family" movie about 4 years ago from Amazon and have watched that bats scene on my 65 inch big screen TV many times and it is not fake.

My understanding from a conversation with Lily Haze, supposedly a friend of Jacqueline Lovell, that was her last nude movie or shortly after that movie she retired to be a wife and mother. Bill K.

Sunday, July 28th 2013 - 12:38:53 AM

Name: TRG
Homepage URL:

How many dig seeing women tied to chairs?

Tying a woman to a chair is taking an inherently non-sexual posture and turning it into a charged sexual one. There are many ways you can fasten a woman to a chair, and many ways you can take advantage of her, expose her, and humiliate her. See Sign!, for example, but she can even be fully clothed and still mistreated to your heart's content.

Sunday, July 28th 2013 - 12:39:55 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Today's picture looks like something out of "The Walking Dead"!

Sunday, July 28th 2013 - 08:34:00 AM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: Must have caught her teaching evolution in science class.

Sunday, July 28th 2013 - 09:36:57 AM

Name: El Wananchi

Ralphus, YikYakker and Bill K,

I remember having seen the stills in the old WSIMD (?) database, in a bigger format, and the girl was definitely using a transparent (that's what I meant) body stocking. Look, even in the caps seen below, you can see a black line across the girl's neck (where the stocking is fastened; apparently, it goes straight to her toes) and diagonal lines going from the neck to the lower armpit. Those are the borders of the stocking.

If you look closer, the color of the skin in the arms is lighter than the rest of the body. I do not think she didn't shoot the sequence nude out of modesty, but because the scenes come from a theatrical play (look at the spots at the base of the scenario), which takes place within the movie as part of the plot, if I can make myself understood; where nudity is not allowed. I am guessing the plot of the movie here, I have not seen it, I must confess.

Sounds too weird and/or conjectural?

El Wananchi

Sunday, July 28th 2013 - 04:36:20 PM

Name: YikYakker

El Wananchi: I think the black line around Ms. Lovell's neck that you are referring to is the electric collar which is used by the villain to shock her into compliance. The rest, I believe, is probably just an illusion created by shadows and skin folds.

Unless there is some contrary indication from an independent, reliable source, I am at least 99% certain that when her blue dress is yanked off, she is as nekkid as the day she was born.

Sunday, July 28th 2013 - 07:56:58 PM

Name: Gog
Homepage URL:

Next to hanging upside down by the ankles, I think a good chair tie is my favorite.

I wanted to share my favorite picture as an example.....but seem to have lost it. Maybe someone here knows where I can retrieve a copy. It's of a totally naked, hot blonde. Her ankles are tied to the back legs of the chair, and the chair has been tipped over, so she's facedown. The picture looks really hot as her legs are up behind her (with being facedown), and the seat of the chair is missing. If she were upright, she'd be straddling the frame of the chair (with her ankles tied to the back legs). Any idea's anyone? I think it might be one of the Hardtied, or Hogtied, or similar sites.

But since I can't show you my favorite chair tie picture....thought I'd provide a chair tie photo review instead.

Photo review of Psycho-Thrillers' Spy Games Carnal Knowledge

The video stars Brynn Tyler playing a Secret Agent, and begins with Brynn getting a package with taped information about an international terrorist who is reported to have a chemical compound that he plans to use. Brynn will be posing as a Call Girl as she is instructed to find the compound and retrieve it.

Later on she arrives at where the terrorist is staying. As she goes through the motions of playing a call girl, the terrorist gets a phone call and leaves the room. While gone, Brynn searches for the vial of the chemical compound, finds it, then slips it up her pussy. The call however tips off the terrorist to the Brynn's true occupation.

The terrorist comes back as both he and Brynn continue to play the part. He soon becomes a little rough and ends up punching Brynn in the stomach as he checks his stash, only to discover that the vial is now missing. Brynn's hands are now zip-tied as she receives several kicks to the stomach. She is questioned about the whereabouts of the vial but she claims to know nothing of what he's talking about.

In his search, Brynn's clothes are ripped off but the vial is nowhere to be found. He then strangles her to unconsciousness.

While unconscious, Brynn is taken to the terrorist's hideout and tied to a chair. The terrorist now injects Brynn's breasts with a substance as she regains consciousness. She is again asked where she hid the vial but continues to play the part of a Call Girl, not knowing anything he's talking about. With her non-cooperation he uses a heat lamp or heater as torture and burns her leg in efforts to get her to open up.

Brynn's torment continues has she's punched in the face and stomach several times. Still no change in Brynn's answers, so the mini drill comes out.

Out of frustration he once again strangles Brynn into unconsciousness. Brynn is again injected in the other breast to regain consciousness. The torture continues but now Brynn cops to her true identity, but is defiant in vowing never to let him know what she did with the vial. He soon finds it anyway after cutting away Brynn's panties. Buy instead of extracting it, he uses something to shove it deeper into her pussy.

Having found the vial, the terrorist now strangles Brynn to death.

Although lacking in sex....and not really being all that much into bloody torture, this wasn't bad. Brynn Tyler is attractive enough, though not coming fully naked until towards the end. Still though, if you've got a hot female tied up, you'd think that the guy would be able to control his rage to get in a good fucking first.....especially since he was all gropes of her breasts when she was unconscious. Oh well.

Other than a grainy intro (when Brynn received her info package....and purposely done), the filming was very, very good. If you didn't know what you were watching, you might even think it was a mainstream movie if coming in mid point.

The glazed eyes were a nice touch....though maybe a bit excessive in terms of time frame....but still nice. And the fact that the actor playing the terrorist had a heavy accent was a nice touch as well.

So, would have like to see some sexual misbehaving here from the villain, but not bad for torture, filming and acting. My grade, a B-

Sunday, July 28th 2013 - 09:34:37 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Ok, boys. I'm about to end the discussion on Jacqueline Lovell in "Head of the Family", because I've actually seen the best parts of the movie (I couldn't sit through the dialogue parts).

In a nutshell, Ms. Lovell is indeed nude in the BATS scene. The line you note across her neck is a dog shock collar, to which the big-headed bad guy has the controller. If Ms. Lovell misbehaves, she gets shocked. Big-headed bad guy controls the others either through telepathy or by shock collar, whichever works.

Lovell's character and her boyfriend are being held by the Big Head guy. In order to convince the Big Head that she'll obey, she lets him lick her breast (which is a pretty cool scene and further proves that she is, indeed, naked). Later, she's allowed to put her blue top on, which simply ends up getting ripped off as part of Big Head's stage production of Joan of Arc, which is what the vidcaps are about. She's forced to recite some lines, then the fire is lit, and then all hell breaks loose. But for the BATS scene, she is most certainly naked.

As for the movie itself, it shows that she really can act. Too bad she never got a fair chance to show what she could do with a good script.

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 12:13:32 AM

Name: TRG

A question for Mr. Blakemore, if you're watching: did the models you worked with collaborate with you to create the positions they were fastened into? Did they help devise their torment? If so, what suggestions would they make? Did any of them ever ask for something more stringent than you had in mind?

Well, that was more than one question, but they're all under the same heading. Thank you for your response.

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 01:13:14 AM

Name: Bill K.

Ralphus, the music video I posted Friday, July 26th 2013 - 06:25:43 PM, have you ever seen any girl in a fiery peril scenes in a Gimp movie like that? I know there are no bats like that but how about just fiery peril in general like a gimp is tied to a chair and the room she in is set on fire like in that video but she alive and awake? It's sort of staying with the current discussion of gimp bound to chair but adding a fiery hot element. Bill K.

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 01:18:12 AM

Name: Bman
E-mail address:

Gimp Joke Alert. Wife whispers in husband's ear that today is your birthday. How bout you tie me up and do whatever you want? He eagerly agrees, ties her to the bed proceeds to the phone to make a tee time and leaves. :)

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 04:47:23 AM

Name: El Wananchi
Homepage URL:

Esteemed readership,

Ralphus has honored me by uploading another short story of mine on the site.

I have always thought that spy movies offer great potential for GIMP and torture scenes. In fact, in many of them they are implied; in some others, they are simply skipped or truncated by the infamous "rescued too soon" plot.

I have taken the plot in the classic 007's "Thunderball", a movie from 1965, with Sean Connery. In the movie, 007 local assistant (the very pretty Martine Beswick, later of "One Million Years BC" fame) is seized by the villain's thugs in order to extract information from her, but the scene comes to an early conclusion. The story expands the sequence, as you can imagine. I have tried to make it as "down to earth" as possible, without losing completely that naivety so characteristic of Bond's movies.

I hope you take the time to read it and of course that you like it in the end.

El Wananchi

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 05:49:26 AM

Name: El Wananchi

Thomas Chaser, sir, I guess that concludes the argument indeed.

El Wananchi

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 05:50:49 AM

Name: El Wananchi

"Tied sitting to a chair", as an interrogation posture, is quite useful. Depending on the ties, a moderate leg spread can be achieved; and if arms are tied behind the backrest at the level of the elbows, shoulders are pulled back giving a nice area in the chest and even armpits where to work. And that without considering any tailor-made chair, just a standard, if stout, one.

The restraints in the "Spy Game" short movie depicted below look a bit insufficient; the arms should be behind the backrest, not forward; secondly, you must not underestimate the efforts made by someone in pain to release her/himself from it. The bonds should be quite substantial. But the scene as a whole looks good (a heater or heating lamp as an instrument of torture? Ingenious... but the drill is a bit too harsh)

El Wananchi

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 03:47:38 PM

Name: A Canadian

Gog: Thanks for the photo review of Spy Games Carnal Knowledge. It's too bad the film didn't get a higher grade as Brynn looks great in that outfit.

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 05:38:59 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: I bet this gave her a whole new perspective on things.


Gog: Thanks for another fine photo-review. Your pics are worth 1,000 words.

Monday, July 29th 2013 - 10:00:33 PM

Name: Fritz

Gog: Thanks for your excellent assessment of Spy Games Carnal Knowledge. It's interesting that, of the hundreds of Psycho-Thrillers titles, you should choose this production as the subject of your third PT review. Spy Games Carnal Knowledge - PT's (meaningless) title, not mine - just happens to be a video I commissioned from them in 2010 - in fact, it's my only custom from this producer. It's a rare treat when someone else comments on a video I scripted, so although you likely had no idea a fellow GIMP resident was behind it, I'm very glad you selected this title.

As for your evaluation, I have to say I agree with all you wrote. I think the B- rating is more than fair, and I cannot take any criticisms personally, as the producer took considerable liberties with my original script. The opening sequence was close to what I wanted, but the washed out look was their idea - and not a good one IMO. The middle section stays close to what I wrote, and like you, I think this is the best part of the film.

The interrogation sequence was mainly PTs doing. They had a heat lamp (to keep Brynn warm), so they used it as a torture device. Not bad - but not something I can take credit for. The electric drill was also their idea - nice try, but if poor Brynn had the right side of her head perforated by this device she would 1) most likely bleed profusely and 2) die immediately. She does neither.

The ending is a mess. As PT explained to me later, they ran out of time and could not get the footage they needed to have it make sense. In the original script, the plot (what there is of it) does resolve, and there is an ironic twist at the climax. In the video, there is a bit of babbling by the villain and Brynn gets strangled after having a glass dildo forced into her for no apparent reason (it's actually meant to shatter the vial of toxin inside her, though this will be lost on everyone but me). At least the MacGuffin (the vial) provides a modicum of context. There should have been a lot more though.

On the plus side, Brynn is gorgeous, and not a bad actress either. The terrorist is suitably menacing (the accent helps, as you noted), but his vocabulary is somewhat limited. The effects, including the glazed eyes and blood-work (which PT rarely uses) were better than I expected. And did I mention Brynn is gorgeous? All in all, not bad, but I've been reluctant to go back to Psycho-Thrillers for another commission. They are good at what they do (mainly asphyxiation scenes), but as PKF and Teraz offer comparable quality with more diversity, they've been getting most of my business of late.

* * * * *

A Canadian wrote:

It's too bad the film didn't get a higher grade as Brynn looks great in that outfit.

Thanks. I selected that dress. In fact, I had used it a few years earlier to garb Paris Kennedy in The Serum, commissioned from the now defunct Casualties of Horror. If you want to see your own GIMP attired in this outfit, you can buy it here.

* * * * *

Dagon: Sorry for the late reply, but it took me a while to get through that story of yours. After reading A.L. Fielden's Bella, The Devil Is In Her, I didn't think it was possible that anyone could write a more detailed, comprehensive, blow-by-blow account of a witch interrogation. But with The Witch Trial, you may have done just that. Still, to be fair, your story covers the fate of three different victims, while Mr. Fielden dispenses all the abuse on one unfortunate suspect. So let's call it a tie. I enjoyed both stories, and am becoming more of a fan of this genre with each one I read.

* * * * *

El Wananchi: Thanks for your latest story. This seems to be a great week for fiction devotees at the GIMP. As someone who believes the fate of the imperilled females in Bond films (and books) leaves too much to the imagination, I enjoyed your supplement to the original a great deal. It's a terrific idea - describing what happens to the secondary female characters when they suddenly disappear from the narrative. It's kind of like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead for GIMP enthusiasts.

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 03:31:54 AM

Name: Renzo Novatore

"Chair bondage" may be my favorite form of bondage of all (even though it commonly eliminates sexual opportunities). I esp like it's use in storyline and abduction-type scenarios...which I guess a lot of people probably do, as it seems to be quite common in them.

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 04:47:11 AM

Name: petelobo

Regarding chair ties, here are a few of my favorites.

From the erotic perversions series (though I've never been able to find this part of the scene on video) the great scene with the sweating woman sitting on a dildo, arms pulled AOH and ankles tied back to the rear of the chair while she is tortured.

A couple nice electro scenes.

And an image that answers the question without bondage (yet) whether the chair tie could offer multiple options for rape and torture.

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 05:05:57 AM

Name: A Canadian

Fritz wrote:

Thanks. I selected that dress.

You have excellent taste, in my biased opinion.

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 07:45:05 AM

Name: TRG

I would like to recommend to you a book titled, Kama Houri, by Ataullah Mardaan, a Pakistani woman who made a living as a pornographer in Paris in the 1960s. An oft-quoted passage might explain why we are all are on this forum.

In the story, set in Afghanistan in the 1880s, a young British woman has given herself over to the Afghani culture. Her new master takes her for the first time, but when she responds too eagerly, he withdraws from her body.

"Slowly. I see that it will take quite some time for you to understand. There are subtler ways than brutality, and there is too little pleasure for a man when a woman is too eager and hot. Force is the man's role--acceptance the woman's."

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 10:38:23 AM

Name: Gog

Fritz - So you're responsible for Spy Games huh. Interesting. Like I mentioned, I like chair ties so thought I'd take a lookie of this one. Not bad though lacking in the sex and total nudity (until the final stages) as mentioned. And the B- isn't a bad grade as A Canadian makes it sound to be.

A grade in the B range (unless extremely exceptional in other areas) is as high as a video can go in the non-mainstream/fetish category when lacking in the above mentioned (in my grading scale that is).

I was interested in reading your experience in the commission w/PT. I had them commission one of my own a few years back. It fell through when the actress I wanted bailed mid-filming. And for something totally innocuous. They sent me a few pics for substitute actresses........but, I don't know about you, but with me, when I script something, it's with a certain actress in mind. So when the actress of choice bailed, I just pulled the plug and it never got made (Though I did share the intro part w/Amy in an E-mail once. If you happen to read this Amy, it's the one set in the Halloween time of year, but really has nothing to do w/ the movie of the same name....or really anything to do with Halloween in general, except for the conversation that leads up to what happens next.).

I was also interested in reading about your other commissions, including Casualties of Horror. As things turned out, I submitted my script to them originally, but didn't hear back for the longest time, so contacted PT as the actresses I wanted with either ran a very close 1st & 2nd. By the time I finally heard from COH, I had to decline since I already set things up with PT.

I'm not really familiar w/Teraz films that you also mentioned. How are they with prices? Not really a rich fellow, so most quotes are beyond my budget. That's why I had high hopes w/PT. They quoted me only $300.00 (at the time) for everything I wanted in the script, though the sexual parts would end up to be simulated (penetration would have pushed it beyond my budget). I think COH quoted me the same if I remember right.


Ralphus - I enjoyed yesterday's inversion classic pic. Though those old pics have some downside as well. The upside, and HUGE upside might I add, is that the inversions were always done with rope. No straps or cuffs (for the model's comfort as are so often used these days. Blah!). Rope makes things just so much more real, not to mention visually appealing. Visually appealing in the fact that the ropes keep the feet in a more natural angle. As opposed to cuffs tending to flatten the feet. Something that Blakemore alluded to (though not in context of inversions), about never having the girl flat-footed in his pictures.

The downside is that many pics were with panties (I guess something that had to be done in the day). But then again, if panty-less, the girls of the day would all appear with small, furry, woodland creatures between their legs.....something I can do without, much preferring bald beavers. :-)

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 02:12:57 PM

Name: El Wananchi

Hi Fritz,

I'm glad you liked the idea. I shall try to explore more stories in the same line. Amazing you mentioned "Rosencranz and..."! One of the most ingenious movies ever!

El Wananchi

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 05:36:36 PM

Name: cmf

Catching up to the list. I haven't seen it mentioned, so I'll throw in there.

I believe they're German, and they have some nice models. I saw them first on Clips4Sale, then they started their own website?

"Sunny", a naturally full breasted, nice looking young woman, stands out for me. She has tattoos, but they're not obvious and in your face.

And then there's "Maria", a blonde milf/cougar type. She's attractive, to me, anyway.

They have a lot of aoh type bondage, which obviously appeals to me. They also have crucifixion style scenes, where the women are bound to crosses, and even a couple of femdom videos.

Anyway, you can check them out if you're interested. Some of the videos are pretty pricey, unfortunately, but they're nice and long.

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 06:03:13 PM

Name: Flintstone

Photo of the Day: Doesn't hurt (no pun) that Rene Baker is the lovely getting abused either. I always liked seeing her in films and mags back in the day; she was one of the best looking models in the business. Blakemore had some interesting things to say about working with her in his interview with Ralphus, but I was always looking for anything she was featured in.

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 07:10:15 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:
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Hey, PeteLobo, what video is that from? I remember seeing stills of that scene a long time ago in a galaxy far away and thinking "damn that'd make a great video". I kept imagining the GIMP as an Israeli spy being tortured by Palestinian terrorists and such, because the implied torture methods are just so realistic and evil. In fact, that might make a good commission job. Can anybody recommend a studio and actress? Brunettes preferred.

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 08:04:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Gog: Thanks for a great review of Spy Games Carnal Knowledge. Quite a piece of irony that it was a custom made by one of our more prominent posters to the forum. disembowelments, Fritz must have been in a good mood when he wrote the script.

Looks like one to check out; a very attractive actress, and I like the heat lamp used as torture device as well as the beating and subsequent bruising of the victim. I agree the electric drill is a bit extreme. Seeing as the drill part was not part of the original script, I'm curious, Fritz, if they told you they were going to use the drill or just went ahead and did it and you found about it when you saw the movie?

The direct link to your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


Bill K asked:

...have you ever seen any girl in a fiery peril scenes a gimp is tied to a chair and the room she in is set on fire like in that video but she alive and awake?

Oh yeah, fire used as a dramatic device and the girl can't get untied? It's been done many times. Those kind of scenes usually ring my bell, although they're seldom as exciting as a traditional BATS since you rarely ever see the fire get close enough to get her really scared and squirming.

However, here's a scene I particularly liked, from the old soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful". The quality isn't great since it's from a second or third (or worse) generation VHS print that I got from someone else, back before the modern joys of HD TV and DVDs. But it's a such a campy piece of fun with cliched dialogue and bad overacting that it's hard to resist.

One of the nice things about soap operas is they have an hour to fill every day, 5 days a week, so when they do a bondage-type storyline, they don't have to rush though things and can milk the suspense even longer. My edit of this piece was 8 minutes long but the original segment was even longer; in fact, it ran for 3 days back in 1996. I hope you all enjoy.

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 10:30:57 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Hey, Ralphus, in your "Bold and the Beautiful" clip, who's the brunette? She's kind of hot and looks a little familiar. Has she done other stuff?

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 11:17:27 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Thomas Chaser: The actress' name is Lark Voorheis; her IMDB page is in my Homepage URL. You must be a "Saved by the Bell" fan :)

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 11:23:08 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

LOL! No, but it may have been "Deep Space Nine", which she guested on once.

Tuesday, July 30th 2013 - 11:45:21 PM

Name: Bill K.

Thank you Ralphus for the "The Bold and the Beautiful" post but I take it by what you said, "since you seldom see the fire get close enough to get her really scared and squirming", there has not been a chair or any other kind of bound Gimp where you actually see the flames burning their clothes or them. No stinking rescue or escape.

I've seen many gimp set on fire movie and TV scenes. The movie "Bug" with the burning woman and better yet the Hannibal TV burning comes to mind as an example of that, but non bats type bound gimps I don't remember any and especially the way the music video showed. Bill K.

Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 12:41:36 AM

Name: petelobo

Thomas Chaser--As I wrote in my post, the two images of the girl on the dildo being tortured in the chair are from a set of videos currently called (when you can find them) Erotic Perversions. They are from Blakemore's (I've heard) videos that were released for sale in Europe. I've found several of them (poor quality VHS transfers) on the web from time to time, including one with this model, but I've never actually seen the scene. The image quality suggests those were stills shot during the filming.

Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 04:46:20 AM

Name: TRG

Today's picture: That's Lonnie Andrews, being bent in a way that bodies are not designed to be bent, by being lifted from a body part that is not designed to be from where bodies are lifted. I just love it.

Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 02:30:50 PM

Name: El Wanachi

Esteemed readership,

A question... why is it that "interrogation videos" are definitely not popular?

I can see that technically interrogation scenes might be more difficult than other snuff-like scenes (the easy nature of shooting "strangling scenes" may explain its popularity -offer driven); wounds and blood are difficult to reproduce, and an interrogation scene requires some script and a modicum of good acting.

However, if they WERE popular, they would be shot (demand driven)! Most snuff-like video producer have a huge number of "rape/assassination" videos but only a couple of "interrogation" ones. Having Fritz here I guess we could get some experience (I guess he is the one behind the PKF's "Deadly Interrogation" videos...)


El Wananchi

Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 02:41:46 PM

Name: A Canadian

Wow. Lisa Turtle in a GIMP scene. I say the producers owe the civilized world a better-quality clip.

Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 06:03:48 PM

Name: Blakemore

TRG asked:

A question for Mr. Blakemore, if you're watching: did the models you worked with collaborate with you to create the positions they were fastened into? Did they help devise their torment? If so, what suggestions would they make? Did any of them ever ask for something more stringent than you had in mind?

To TRG: Yes and yes. As I've mentioned either here on during the interview with Ralphus, many of the young women who were in front of my cameras had personal "needs" that were frustrated because we could not do certain things...(like have them tied to a chair with a nice big dildo buried in their hot cunt 10 inches or more so it hurt). We could go so far and no farther, so it was common that my "model" was left in such a state of frustration I had to give her a "fix" of real pain to get her off.

"Georgia Van Helsing" was of these girls and she made the suggestion that I tie wire or rope around the heel of her spike heel and pull it up and back to FORCE her to keep her instep curved and her toes gracefully "pointed", which is of course a rule that in my opinion CAN NOT BE VIOLATED because nothing kills the visual excitement of seeing a girl bound...(in ANY position)...with her feet flat on the floor or at some God-awful awkward position. *(A sketch is included of a way to hang a girl to torment the hell out of her that shows what I'm talking about.)

To Flintstone: Your favorite girl was Rene Baker? Great! She was an arrogant, conceited and self centered bitch with an ego so big she often submitted to some really agonizing torment or even potentially dangerous torture just to prove she was "better" than anyone else. When we were planning a shoot of a film for European distribution...(which "they" now call "The Violence" films)...I intentionally had one of the other girls there as an "assistant" when we were deciding what to do to Rene. Peggy suggested that at some point I crush her clit with pliers so hard she would go crazy from the pain...but quickly added, "No...she couldn't really DO that..." which was all it took to have Rene daring me to do I did and the blood and saliva you see running from her clamped tongue and mouth is the result of her biting her tongue while in the throes of real fuckin' agony.

Ralphus had a shot of Rene tied to a chair with her breasts bound and rope between her legs, from one of the Tourist Trap films. During the shoot of that film she was such an insulting bitch she actually was making fun of how small the drop-dead-gorgeous Karen Arthur's breasts were...which was not only uncalled for but a slap-in-the-face for no damn reason. So when Karen suggested that we re-shoot the scene with Rene's pussy-splitting rope replaced with several strands of barbed wire tied together so there was no more than a 1/8th inch gap between "barbs", I acted like I was thinking out loud about a way to make the scene hotter and mentioned barbed wire. Well Karen and my sound-woman both immediately said, "You can't do THAT...she couldn't stand the pain"...and that was all it took. I shot it that way and it was FANTASTIC to see that bitch's ass hoisted off the chair with barbed wire cutting the hell out of the inside of her haughty cunt.

The problem was bloody and all I got for my pleasure was an ass chewing about how I couldn't do that sort of thing...not even for a European film...but hey...the idea came from that pretty little head of Karen.

Karen? Ralphus included a photo of her in the pages of the interview we did...she has on white spike heels and panties...standing astride of a saw horse made of steel...standing on her tiptoes to try to relieve the serious pain the rope slicing up into her pussy is giving her. It's a hot photo...but what nobody can see is that it was HER SUGGESTION that I shove that spiked dildo...(yes the same one you see in the "Violence" film where I ream it around up inside the pussy of the chick in the red dress, and yes the blood WAS real)....up her cunt so she wouldn't have to fake looking like she was in pain.

I sent a shot of "Karen" the folks might like to see.

The nice one of Sherry's horrified expression as her breasts are bleeding goes along with the two you posted a day ago. And speaking of those shots...everyone should be familiar with the term "plausible deniability" which is a LACK of information that if available, would prove something WAS done, but without it there is "plausible deniability". If you take a good look at the film those shots were taken from you will see "jump-cuts" where I'm "supposedly" burning her breasts...which to any real cinematographer are a huge "no-no"! You NEVER get yourself into a position where you have to make jump-cuts because they lose the continuity. I'm telling all of you this because the fact was...I WAS BURNING HER breasts...(I loved doing it because of how she reacted and couldn't wait to be fucked when I really tortured her). However...I had to re-edit the film and cut the continuous shot from heating the nail to pressing it into her breast so there would be "plausible deniability" to keep Barb out of court.

There's a scene in the silent film of Anne Bruno...(the cute little bitch with those gorgeous big breasts I tied with wire until they were about to split open)...where she's sitting on the chair with her legs extended and held up because the strings tied to her ankles ran up through a pulley and down to her nipples. THAT...was HER idea.

Wednesday, July 31st 2013 - 09:35:35 PM

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