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Name: Kingdiocletian
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Ralphus - Quoom has two Keira stories, both of them based on her Pirates of the Caribbean character. The earlier one, Pirate Party, has her hung up by her feet and whipped on her crotch, raped, then branded before - urgh - her ear is cut off; the one I was referring to, Mutiny, has her bound to a palm tree, whipped on the back, then turned round at which a stick is inserted where she really doesn't want it.

I'm also a Keira fan, and I'd even suggest there's a resemblance to her in the Last Queen of Troy character (who is referred to as Keirylia).

Sunday, July 1st 2012 - 02:09:38 AM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Quoom: Oh, this is a fantastic aftermath image. It really says "used up."

Also, notice the detail in the girl's hands and fingers. Helps give the picture another realistic touch. Very nice.

Quoom rules.


Rick: Thanks for the freebie. I really like the wet look.


Max Coxxx: Mmmmm...Rilynn looks very tasty. I dig the AOH.

Can you explain to dullards like myself what a HOM smother is?


Sunday, July 1st 2012 - 12:28:21 PM

Name: Rick
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Ralphus: I checked out the Corinna Laszlo interview, interesting stuff, thanks for sharing that. She sounds like a hardcore bohemian idealist. I call that a waste, but someone's got to be selfless;). Too bad about the directors cut...I have it as well, but it's been years since I looked at it, I can't remember what was on it exactly. I'm pretty sure it has a Warner Bro's label.

I saw NBK in the theater when it came out. As the movie progressed, more and more people walked out. An audience of 30 went to 15 by mid movie. It's a very raw movie, with a lot of racist comments and "humor" and incest that is disturbing and disconcerting. Of course, there are buckets of blood and sex and ultra violence. Watching it on the big screen, it was hypnotic and mesmerizing to me. When I walked out of the theater I felt drunk and disoriented.

It was a very powerful movie. The movie was almost non stop, relentless violence with a lot of very quick cuts. I got the idea for the headless man in Supermax from this movie.

The motel scene was so interesting because the chick is so hot and her appearance is kind of unexpected. The movie has already established that it was willing to do just about anything. So what would happen? Not as much as we'd like lol....

It's too bad it wasn't played out more, this movie had a lot of opportunities. Hell, I would love to have seen Juliet Lewis done wrong by a group of, guards, prisoners, Scagnetti....but it didn't happen. Scagnetti did have a good strangling scene with a pro, but it was pretty short. Still a great film, not as Gimpy as one would want.


Sunday, July 1st 2012 - 01:04:07 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
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YikYakker wrote:

Max Coxxx: Mmmmm...Rilynn looks very tasty. I dig the AOH.

Can you explain to dullards like myself what a HOM smother is?

Rilynn is very very tasty. 19, 5'9, great tits, lots of fun to work with & she does a great job!

HOM Smother, Hand Over Mouth Smother is a fantasy way to render your victim unconscious.

All my movies are searchable at the link above.


Sunday, July 1st 2012 - 01:29:16 PM

Name: brian
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Hi there, I'm hoping that someone can help me find the URL for House Of Milan (HOM classics) clips available through Clips4Sale. Anybody know the direct link?

Sunday, July 1st 2012 - 05:09:14 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Rick: The ZFX Clip of the Week, what a great idea! And with all the deviant scenes you've shot in your career, you should have no shortage of material to tease and tantalize us with. I hadn't seen the Kimberly Noble shock scene in years; even with such a short snippet, it definitely whets the appetite for more. That was one of my favorite scenes in the movie, too. We can write reviews and make vidcaps, but ultimately, nothing sells a movie like seeing actual video. Please keep us updated when there's a new one posted.

BTW, is there an easy way to download your teaser clips? I managed to save mine by snatching it from my Temporary Internet Files, but is there a more convenient way for it to be done?

Also, thanks for the compliment on the Corinna Laszlo interview. My guess was that no one would say anything about it, so getting any kind of feedback, especially from you, made it a worthwhile project for me.

I always like to find out about the behind the scenes experiences when there's bondage scenes, which is why I like to listen to DVD commentary tracks and see "making of" documentaries. And since I had a special affinity for this particular scene, it was nice to finally get to hear something about it from the actress herself. Even if it's 18 years after the movie was released. I still think it's one of the better mainstream scenes out there.


Hankster II and Kingdiocletian: Thanks for the additional info on Quoom's Kiera Knightly stories. The Pirates one sounds great except for the cutting off the ear part. Yeah, I know, we GIMPers are a strange lot, aren't we?

Suspended upside-down? Great!
Whipped? Oh yeah!
Branded? Outstanding!
Raped? Excellent!
Ear cut off? Uh, no...that's going too far.

Okay then...


Brian: See, this is why we save the old postings. Back in May, BlueDog posted the Clips4Sale page where you can download a whole bunch of those classic Blakemore HOM clips. Go here: VINTAGE PUNISHMENTS

Sunday, July 1st 2012 - 11:39:44 PM

Name: YikYakker
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Covers has been running a series from a Colombian mag called Aguila Solitaria, each featuring a captured babe in some variety of skimpy attire.

The best so far (IMO) are up today.

Going by the publication numbers, it appears that over time, the attire got skimpier.

Worth a look.

Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 07:28:38 AM

Name: Harry Tchinski
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I'm the Director/Writer and one of the producers for SPACESHIP TERROR. We would like to thank Sardu for his great write up of SPACESHIP TERROR that he put up here. So I thought I would give you a little more background info on the film. The sets were built from scratch. Yes, we did spend the money on this picture and the reason for that is to put as much realism into the picture as we possibly could with the budget restrictions we had in order to make the picture. When I wrote it I was told by the studios that it was way over the top and I felt that there was a audience for this type of picture so I got the money together and made it.

Annie, the girl on the table was played by Ronda Olshefski, a runway model in Seattle Washington. You can find her page at "Ronda Olshefski" on Facebook. It would be great if some of you could write her and say hi. This was Ronda's first film and I've started using her in some of our other productions, because she's a natural. And yes, the suits in the beginning were made to look unflattering because when the girls clothing comes off it makes it that much more revealing.

I have a question for all of you. This film was to see if there is a audience out there for this type of picture. The problem is getting the word out to all of you. If we can't get the word out, we can't continue to make these types of film. If you could, could you tell us where all of you are at. These films rely on finding their audience and it would be a great help in finding where you like to go to find out about these types of mainstream pictures. Could you tell us?

Please feel free to write us at If you leave your answer on this blog we probably will not see your response so please write us back at the email address listed. The film at this time is being sold at a reduced price but will be going up in the near future. Please don't be afraid to write us we DO NOT share email addresses with anyone, this is all in house communications.

Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 02:04:09 PM

Name: A Canadian

Harry Tchinski wrote:

If you leave your answer on this blog we probably will not see your response so please write us back at the email address listed.

I guess my reply won't get noticed. But the reality is Bring Out the GIMP is my source for tips on mainstream films with GIMP scenes in them. It is what it is.

Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 02:51:45 PM

Name: Scot
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Matt wrote:

Once the interrogations are completed, and she's either thrown into a cell or put in a forced labor situation with other prisoners, things are quite different. If in a cell, make sure she's in solitary, or has only one cellmate. If the intent is forced labor, that's a barracks situation, and the chances of any kind of defiance or rebelliousness increase considerably. But then, so do the opportunities for collective punishments...

Not to mention the opportunities to see skimpily clothed women doing hard physical work under the broiling sun, their firm young bodies getting covered in dirt and shining with sweat. Like the topless forced labor gang in Jess Franco's Sadomania. Man, I love that stuff.

Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 05:01:55 PM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: I emailed Harry Tchinski and told him to post here if he wants to reach us. Not sure if I need to be insulted that he posted on a forum filled with folks who might be interested in "that type of picture" to ask where ELSE we might read. Does he not want to lower himself to post on the GIMP forum, or what? Kind of a strange request. But oh well.

Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 07:14:00 PM

Name: Fritz

MaX CoXXX: I bought Last Jog and have to say it's pretty much a first rate production. Rilynn is indeed an impressive actress, especially given this is her first GIMP clip. And you certainly made sure the poor woman earned her keep. It seems the new girls usually are spared the full-service treatment, but Rilynn takes it like a champ... well, at least until she dies. Good job.

BUT - and I have to bring this up here because it keeps coming up over and over and needs to be addressed - is anyone else bothered when only GIMPs but not their tormentors are susceptible to electric shock? Among the highlights of Last Jog are a couple of extended Taser sequences - nasty, well-acted scenes, except that our snarly sadist grabs and paws his victim throughout them. Wanting to get one's mitts on Rilynn is perfectly understandable, but I'm not sure it's all that much fun when there are a couple hundred kilovolts running through her.

I may have this all wrong, but isn't the human body a good enough conductor to transmit electric shock? Isn't that why we are taught not to touch someone downed by live wires until the current is turned off? Yet I must have at least two dozen videos featuring a heroine enduring shock torture while some otherwise competent villain holds her down, has her in a bear hug, gropes her tits, even screws her(!) - all without getting so much as a tingle of juice.

Frankly, this spoils the scene for me. Some argue the same can be said for sparks and smoke, which also apparently are uncharacteristic of electrocution. Yet although I do enjoy those effects, seeing a girl being touched while she is shocked drives me nuts. I have several PKF videos in which the villains are careful to keep their distance while frying their prey, which makes it all the more baffling when some continue to practice unsafe GIMP-ocution in recent productions.

* * * * *

Harry Tchinsky: Thanks for the background info on Spaceship Terror and Ronda. I do hope you decide to check back here as there may be further discussion about your film, but in case you don't, I'll send this post to you by e-mail as well.

As for your question: like A Canadian, I get a lot of information about low-budget, hard-to-find GIMP vids like yours at this site. Thanks to Sardu, I found out about Spaceship Terror here and ordered a DVD as a result. If you peruse the review section, you will find one of the largest (and certainly best written) collections of GIMP film critiques online. If you will be focusing on women-in-peril videos, it wouldn't hurt to spend some time here to promote your work.

I'm sure others will suggest additional sites at which you can plug your wares, but aside from getting the word out, might I also suggest you work at improving your distribution? I had to jump through hoops to find a way to order your DVD. I could not find it for sale at any of the cult video vendors I frequent, nor at one of the better known outlets. The download version at Amazon is available only to folks in the US, and if it's on Netflix, that too is US only. I couldn't even navigate to your Harwen store from the Spaceship Terror web site because most of the links don't work. I finally slogged through six pages of Google hits before I found a direct connection to your order site.

So if you'd like to increase sales and expand your market, I think step 1 might be to make it easier for customers (especially those outside the US) to buy your product. Making the DVD (not just the download) available at Amazon would be a good start, and making the download (not just the DVD) available at your Harwen site would help too, as would a working link from the Spaceship Terror home page to your store.

* * * * *

Ralphus wrote:

Ear cut off? Uh, no...that's going too far.

You see, that's the difference between you and me, Shortstuff. I have that pirate story, and though I agree the branding, whipping, and raping were a nice warm-up, things were just hitting their stride when Kiera-copy's ear was cut off. And then... the story stops - just like that. Sure, I could see ending it before the ear-slice - maybe throw the girl overboard or let her go to please the moderates, but why suggest things are going to get really serious then drop the whole narrative? I have to say I love Quoom's art, but his stories are like never-ending cases of coitus interruptus for us heavy-weights.

Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 08:24:22 PM

Name: YikYakker

Harry Tchinski wrote:

If you leave your answer on this blog we probably will not see your response so please write us back at the email address listed.

Even though Harry probably won't read this, in case he does I will suggest this: Read the GIMP. There is a lot one could learn about movies from those who post here.

I was surprised that so little information is available on Harry's website. The only thing that functions on the site is the movie trailer. Not even the "Contact Us" button works.

But I did look into this movie's "internet existence", so not to be overly critical, I will note the following:

~ the movie has been reviewed here by Sardu, which is the first step toward achieving GIMP immortality for your film.

~ it is available for rent on Amazon

~ it does appear on IMDb, with a whimsical story line written by Harry himself

~ there are at least two versions of the trailer on YouTube the movie is available on Amazon; one is 1:30, the other is about one minute. The shorter one has more hits (about 20,000).

So Harry has made some appropriate marketing moves. Now, lets consider the following, which apply to anyone who wants to market a mainstream GIMP flick:

~ Spaceship Terror's IMDb listing lacks two things: 1) all the GIMP babes in the cast listing should have pictures. (I looked at the trailer and thought the girls look fine...not all of them stunning, but attractive in a sort of "yeah, right, female astronauts should look this good" kind of way.)

~ I always check to see if there is a detailed parental advisory on IMDb for a movie I'm interested in. Often the advisory provides enough detail about the nudity, sex and violence to convince one to say yea or nay to a movie. It's a real gold mine.

~ Keywords on IMDb are another clue: for Spaceship Terror, one of the keywords is "Nudity". But it should be more specific and say "Female Nudity". (I hate watching a movie that is supposed to have nudity in it, and all I get to see is a dude's butt).

~ There is no listing for Spaceship Terror in the Celebrity Nudity Database ( I check that all the time for graphic descriptions of a movie's nude scenes. If a movie is not listed there, it's not on my "to view" list.

~ Then there is the plethora of movie review blogs out there. If you can get someone to review Spaceship Terror on a horror or science fiction blog that has a lot of readers, word will get out. A few bits of advice: make sure the blogs you target are updated daily, have lots of visitors, and have a lot of interaction (as evident from the number of comments). Don't waste your time with movie blogs that are unattractive, have critics with no sense of humor, have reviewers that cannot write coherently, or haven't been commented on in months.

So there you have it, Harry (and other movie-makers) - YikYakker's Abridged Guide to Marketing Your Mainstream GIMP Movies. I'm sure folks here can add to (or subtract from) what I've written. Heed them well, for their words are pregnant with wisdom.

And then go out there and make more GIMP movies for us, dammit!

Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 09:14:21 PM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt wrote:

A Canadian: I emailed Harry Tchinski and told him to post here if he wants to reach us. Not sure if I need to be insulted that he posted on a forum filled with folks who might be interested in "that type of picture" to ask where ELSE we might read. Does he not want to lower himself to post on the GIMP forum, or what? Kind of a strange request. But oh well.

That's an interesting question. I assumed he stumbled on this site through a Google search about his film, and I didn't read anything into the comment. But who knows?

Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 10:02:34 PM

Name: Bill K.

Harry Tchinski posted: "This film was to see if there is a audience out there for this type of picture."

If you meant sci fi space erotic gimp type movie I would only be interested in it if it as a specific type of gimp torture scene I like and the storyline either sci fi or spy torture or medieval torture doesn't matter to me.

I saw Prometheus last week and it had a scene that I thought was gimp worthy but not in an erotic nude way. She self cut out an alien out of her belly with automated surgery machine. How cool is that? :) Now if Harry Tchinski's sci fi space movie had those kind of peril scenes but in an erotic gimp way I would be interested in them.

Erotic gimp rape or erotic gimp torture if done in a space ship or a medieval dungeon...what is the difference? Bill K.

Monday, July 2nd 2012 - 11:12:12 PM

Name: Harry Tchinski
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Okay, okay okay I must clarify myself. I'm able to get on the computer about once a week for blogging, and I don't want to miss anything you say. I haven't been with your blog long enough to get to know you guys, so give me some time.

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 01:20:52 AM

Name: Matt

Scot: the old site had some of that; only they weren't scantily clad: they worked in the nude. And their hands and feet were chained. Didn't save any of that material: not my thing, but it was there.

If anyone here peruses usenet, the group has new material from moviefan: he's the guy who gave us the Movb series of pics. And he's adding to his portfolio: he has a new series devoted to X-rated bondage scenes. First up: Desire Cousteau and Jenna Jamison.

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 02:48:12 PM

Name: Matt

Scot: the old site had some of that; only they weren't scantily clad: they worked in the nude. And their hands and feet were chained. Didn't save any of that material: not my thing, but it was there.

If anyone here peruses usenet, the group has new material from MovieFan: he's the guy who gave us the Movb series of pics. And he's adding to his portfolio: he has a new series devoted to X-rated bondage scenes. First up: Desiree Cousteau and Jenna Jamison.

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 02:48:40 PM

Name: Amy Hesketh
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Ralphus - Thanks for taking the time transcribing the Corinna Laszlo interview. I enjoyed reading that quite a bit, given my career path and all. I find little gems like that interesting.

And here I am to show that that I haven't been sitting around doing nothing since my last post, I finally shot the answers to the Maleficarum questions. Hooray! Really, we've all been very busy bees around here, I had to take some down-time on Sunday to shoot this, in the middle of finishing up Le Marquis de la Croix which is slated for release this month. I hope you all enjoy my Sunday afternoon rambling. ;)

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 06:39:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Amy Hesketh: Wow, thanks so much for taking all the time to answer the site's questions about Maleficarum. I know it's been a while since we originally sent you the questions, so long that you were still going by Jane von Detlefson when we asked :) But I'll tell you, it was definitely worth the wait. I watched all 5 videos, and it was engrossing stuff just watching you personally explain each answer for us. A seriously great gift to the site, and never boring in the least.

For those of you who asked questions and can't wait to see yours answered, here's a breakdown of what's in each video:

Video #1 - Questions from JD (14:58)
Video #2 - Questions from Bill K (5:13)
Video #3 - Questions from Lynn (15:49)
Video #4 - Questions from Ralphus (7:28)
Video #5 - Questions from YikYakker, Eda Chang and Mstrerotic (8:51)


Harry Tchinski: Terrific of you to stop by and address the forum. I haven't seen your movie yet but I do have the DVD on order, thanks to Fritz finding the video link. The only reason I hesitated ordering it before is because I don't like the limitations of Amazon's Unbox Video Player, the biggest one being that you can't burn it to DVD.

BTW, Harry's appearance here keeps reminding me that we haven't had an update on our Notable Guests page for a long while. He certainly qualifies. And there's a number of past guests that belong there, as well. I'll see if I can get on it before long and we'll induct the next class of GIMP celebs.

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 08:51:15 PM

Name: mothbrad

Amy, It seems inadequate to just say 'thank you', but I really appreciate the time and thought you put into those Q&A's. They've given me a tremendous amount to think about. You're a true artist.

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 11:47:01 PM

Name: Bill K.

Thank you Amy for answering my questions about the fire editing and all the other questions about Maleficarum and posting them here.
Bill K.

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 01:52:58 AM

Name: Harry Tchinski
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I've been asked so I thought I would stop by and give the info. Here is the place where you can pick up SPACESHIP TERROR. Hope all have a great 4th

Harry T

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 03:03:46 AM

Name: Gog

I loved the Amy interview! Thank you.

One thing I really like but haven't seen utilized very much is "Medieval Water Tortures". A few examples:

Or something like this would be great:

Maybe consider for a future project?


Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 12:29:51 PM

Name: The Ancient One
E-mail address:

I really like the Chinese water torture where they would allow water to drip onto the forehead repeatedly causing great agony over time. My version, though, would see a naked young woman spreadeagled on her back with two drip taps over her breasts which would not only cause agony but also intense sexual arousal over a period of some hours.

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 03:00:35 PM

Name: Bill K.

Medieval Water Torture execution was also commonly used as was the fiery torture bats execution of witches, but to me, a bats fan, the water torture just doesn't hold the same erotic interest as the fiery hot bats and torture does. Like this picture:

and compare it to a water torture scene, You ask "which is hotter", I say literally speaking the fiery seat is. I'm not against Amy and JJ adding a water torture scenes in their next peril movie but speaking only for myself I'd rather see more fiery torture scenes in their next movie.

Waterboarding was used at Gitmo and was very successful but is it erotic when used in a witch torture movie? Bill K.

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 03:44:24 PM

Name: Bob
E-mail address:

I, at least, am a huge fan of water torture, especially ones where the victim is visibly wet/soaked (as opposed to forced drinking, which is less interesting).

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 04:01:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Chinese Water Torture: You know, maybe it's my age and my memory's failing me, but I can't think of too many times I've seen it depicted on film. The film Screaming Dead with Misty Mundae had a young woman subjected to the traditional "drip drip drip" on her forehead, but that's the only time I can ever recall seeing it. It was a good scene, but they didn't really dwell on it very long.

Probably the best example I've seen about how torturous the whole process is occurred on the TV show "Mythbusters" where they naturally tied down the one cute girl on the show, Kari Bryan, and recorded her reactions. A lot of you may have already seen it, but it's worth looking at again.

The forced drinking thing I've seen a few times; I like it, I'm just not sure how interesting it is cinematically. One movie that disappointed me big time was a film I bought called Satanico Pandemonium. It is the very definition of what Amy described in her video about "glossing over an idea of what is torture". In this one, they had a naked woman strapped down and they poured boiling water down her throat! But unfortunately, the scene was very brief, lasting just seconds. Just imagine how entertaining that might have been if that had done more than just tease us with these exciting images:

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 05:51:19 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: Yes! Two thumbs up!


Amy: Allow me to pile on with appreciation for your wonderful "Q & A" clips. I like learning about what goes on inside the mind of the Heskinator. It allows me to appreciate watching your films even more.


To all my U.S. comrades out there, I wish you a safe and celebratory Independence Day.

Don't worry, it's just a dummy...
a mannequin, that is.

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 06:32:02 PM

Name: YikYakker

Let's not forget the Chinese Pussy Water Torture in Exitus Interruptus.

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 07:48:29 PM

Name: Fritz

Though Harry Tchinsky seems a bit hesitant to post here, he and his sales manager are quite effusive in e-mail exchanges. I had a few questions about Spaceship Terror (which I have yet to see), and Harry was most forthcoming about the history and challenges of making his film. I was particularly curious why the video, which was completed a year ago, remains almost inaccessible on DVD. Apparently, Harry has a distributor who is calling the shots, and for various reasons, they have chosen to withhold the release.

Harry was kind enough to share details about the business end of making a film like this. Aside from the usual observation of studios being reluctant to support a production featuring GIMP content, I was impressed with the amount invested in this project. Granted, it's not mainstream Hollywood, but much more was put into Spaceship Terror than I would have guessed (again without seeing the film).

Although I would prefer Harry to post his reply here himself, he asked me to do so. For those who may be interested, here it is.

Harry Tchinsky wrote:

Well it's like this. Distribution companies wait until they have a opening to push there pictures. There are reasons like budget, other films that are coming out for a certain time of the year, Hard time in finding a place that will carry them ( as with this one, that is why I was asking the question about where you buy), a low budget film like this one must make SALES of over 250,000 units sold to make any type of profit.

Genres splinter off from genres. Horror splinters off into all sorts, as you said yourself. The problem when dealing with a splinter genre is that you must locate it. That is the problem with SPACESHIP TERROR, it's a splinter genre picture and it is not one that the studios like to deal with. But, as I put it if there is a audience out there for this type of picture and if it's profitable then away we go.

The typical type of GIMP film, as we are learning, is that those films are made for around 100 to $2000 dollars so there investment recoup is very small. sell 200 DVD's and your in the money. Not with ours there is crews to pay building of sets cost of the building your using to make the film in, You have to pay the actors some are SAG, which alone is $375 a day, you hire a B actor in some cases your looking at $10,000 per day. Along with accountants lawyers etc. Now the Distribution company gets between 50% to 75% of the gross leaving the producer with the bills and all the other stuff that goes with it out of he/she's percentage.

Now, lets talk advertising, $350,000 is just a drop in the bucket. Just to advertise in a single town like Seattle your looking at over a quarter of a million for a good advertising campaign. So, when a small film like this comes out you have to REALLY think about what your going to spend your money on. This type of film has NO advertising budget so it has to be done by all word of mouth and hoping you can get it to go viral on the internet, and try to find your genre audience and who will buy this type of film.

Are you starting to get the big picture yet. Distribution companies like to control the picture, but finding one to carry this type of film is damn near impossible. You almost have to give away the farm to get one to handle it, and in some cases you never make a return on your investment. You would be blown away by the number of film producers that never see a dime and lose their shirt. Making a film profitable is one of the hardest things to do. So, in some cases, like this one you are very slowwwwww in releasing a picture because you can not make a mistake. One mistake could cost you your profit margin. (hence the time from making SPACESHIP TERROR, to release), you have to find your audience when making indie pictures.

So why make a movie. Easy, ever go to Vegas and bet on Black or Red. It's the same thing here. Hit the right mark and you make a bundle. Miss, and you go home broke. That's why you use investment money and not your own. Now, I could go out a raise a half of a million bucks to advertise the film but that eats into my percentage and investors don't like you playing with their investment, because that means they would have to share their percentage with someone else and that brings on a whole new problem.

With this type of film you have to walk on egg shells. If we make a profit I'll be astounded. So again, why do it. Same reason a mountain climber climbs a mountain I guess, because you can.

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 11:08:24 PM

Name: A Canadian

YikYakker wrote:

Today's Pic: Yes! Two thumbs up!

Methinks you've been waiting for just the right moment to use that line.

Wednesday, July 4th 2012 - 11:41:21 PM

Name: GOG

That Carrie from Myth Busters is pretty fine!

That episode would make a really cool movie too. Strapped up for research..... But what she doesn't realize is, this closed-set has been paid for by a billionaire with unusual tastes who has made certain members of the research team an offer they can't refuse. So when she's ready to call it a day, there's no release.....and soon a knife comes out as her clothes get cut off.

From here, you can fill in your own fantasies. For me? She gets raped, her pussy eaten, a dental gag placed in her mouth, followed by forced deep throat and oral/facial climaxes.

She now gets relocated to the water dunking see-saw as per "Murdersville" (The Avengers), as she gets dunked and whipped/tortured (cigarette burns, pliers, pins, etc.) simultaneously. Then finishing in the ultimate "merciless peril" ending (as Max Coxx puts it.....paraphrasing, but something to the effect of "if she survives it's not "merciless" but "merciful") as she gets kept underwater.

Thursday, July 5th 2012 - 10:45:07 AM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian wrote:

Methinks you've been waiting for just the right moment to use that line.

*heh heh* Youthinks correctly, sir. Well y'know, somebody had to say it.

My grandfather owned a butcher shop and he had one of those hooks, as seen in the Quoom pics.

I always assumed he used it for meat. But I was young and innocent then.

Thursday, July 5th 2012 - 07:18:16 PM

Name: John Galt
Homepage URL:

It is not nearly as hot as Lisa's rape by teddy bear, but the latest update on Bound Gangbangs features Ashlii Orion being fucked by five panda bears. For those unaware, Kink's Bound Gangbangs site comes the closest to providing weekly instances of bondage rape. The updates are frequently role-playing scenarios that involve nonconsensual sex. Not always, and not always successfully, and invariably with an intro and outro interview, but still it comes close a lot of the time.

Thursday, July 5th 2012 - 09:34:36 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Let's hope Nell Fenwick doesn't visit British Columbia. It appears the Mounties in B.C. wouldn't be much help if Nell were to be tied up -- other than to offer some advice on improving the knots.

Thursday, July 5th 2012 - 11:05:00 PM

Name: DHT
Homepage URL:

It's a sad day for me and everyone else who really loved Hollie Stevens.

Friday, July 6th 2012 - 09:02:28 PM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian: LOL, I used to watch Dudley Doright religiously. For a long time, I thought Canadians had British accents.;)

This was certainly one of the early influences in my GIMP-ification process.

Friday, July 6th 2012 - 10:06:45 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

Hope everyone had a great 4th (for us USA types).

DHT wrote: It's a sad day for me and everyone else who really loved Hollie Stevens.

I was sorry to read of this online today. Condolences to her fans, friends and family.

Ralphus: I added a download link to the Clip of the Week so you don't have to fish it out of your temp bin.

The ZFX COW will update every Friday, probably in the wee hours.


This week Lisa gets a Satanic whipping!

Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 12:40:42 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

John Galt: It is not nearly as hot as Lisa's rape by teddy bear, but the latest update on Bound Gangbangs features Ashlii Orion being fucked by five panda bears.

That was silly and sexy in one. Did you read the comments? Not too much love for it, but a few thought it was fun.

Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 06:34:38 AM

Name: petelobo


I tried the link for the COW (big fan of Lisa's and of whipping, and I loved the image you posted) but in the box for the video I get the message No Plug-in available to display this content. I use my system for all kinds of video, and I can't find any indication what plug-in is required. Any suggestions? I'm using a Windows7 64-bit system.


Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 08:09:30 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Hollie Stevens passes away: So sorry to hear about that. I hate it when cute babes die, particularly when they made their livings getting tied up on camera. Age 30 is way too young for anyone to go. DHT sent me some stills of Hollie for the forum. As you can see, she was definitely a beautiful girl.

I first noticed her in a Fucked and Bound clip that was posted on YouTied. Here's a page from that shoot with some short clips. Pretty hot stuff.


Bound Gangbangs features Panda Rape: It may be stupid as hell, but give them credit for doing something different from the norm, which is okay once in a while. From reading the comments, it looks like an even split between those who loved it versus the ones who seem to hate it. I think it looks kinda funny, if only on a WTF scale.

Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 10:01:25 AM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

petelobo wrote: I use my system for all kinds of video, and I can't find any indication what plug-in is required. Any suggestions? I'm using a Windows7 64-bit system.

Sorry you're having problems. First thing you should do is make sure you have the latest and fully updated version of Windows Media Player and codecs. Also make sure you have your WMV plugin enabled in your browser. You could also download and play it, but maybe that's not working? These clips are just regular old .WMV file, nothing exotic in the least, but they are a newer codec. Anyone else having trouble?


Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 11:04:37 AM

Name: A Canadian

YikYakker wrote:

For a long time, I thought Canadians had British accents.;)

You don't say? Blimey.


Rick wrote:

First thing you should do is make sure you have the latest and fully updated version of Windows Media Player and codecs.

That may do the trick. I was having the same problem, so I installed a new version of Windows Media Player and the clips work fine.

By the way, some friends are talking about a new movie in the theatres about a living teddy bear. It can't be the movie I'm imagining.

Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 12:52:35 PM

Name: D. Santorum

For those who like the "drip drip drip" style of water torture and haven't discovered this one yet, a few years ago Water Bondage (found at made one with Amber Rayne. She is tied up tight with her face forced upward, and drops of water fall into her face for a good long while. From the way she cries out and sobs, it's quite convincing as a form of torture.

Capture water tort a

Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 02:48:51 PM

Name: Bill K.

At least the teddy bear does rip her breasts and body apart and starts eating her alive after he's through raping her in that scene, right?

A Utahraptor raping and eating her at same time, now that would be gimp erotic terror and not funny at all. Bill K.

Saturday, July 7th 2012 - 04:32:11 PM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

Apropos of Winona's fate.

I am whole-heartedly in favour of further tortures for her, as long as they are prolonged and viscious.

Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 05:35:53 AM

Name: Accountse
E-mail address:

About today's quiz "From Quoom: It's up to you we continue this series or leave her hanging?": Spontaneously I thought to myself "Of course, continue, it's awesome!" but then I remembered the thread earlier here about the previous lady that was left hanging in a shadowy room.

It's intriguing for the fantasy that we don't know what happened to her next, it's up to everyone's own thoughts what we wanted to happen.

Having considered the alternatives thoroughly (all the time while she is hanging and waiting in pain for the answer) I'll go for "Continue, please". Want more!

Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 06:10:58 AM

Name: Badger


This has been an outstanding series of pics. But I think this is a perfect place to leave Winona with her thoughts, and us to our imagination. She has been dun, undun, and redun. As for we (us?) GIMPERS, there is so much new turf to be plowed. There's Kate, Charlize... the list goes on.... the possibilities are infinite.

Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 07:51:36 AM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Winona: It's up to you we continue this series or leave her hanging?

Well, this is nice...but how about some whipping?

Or is that beating a dead horse?

Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 08:43:43 AM

Name: Covers

Regarding today's Winona, I'm not usually a fan of Poser artwork, but we've had so much fun with Winona, I think I'd like to keep going.

Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 08:55:39 AM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

Concerning my earlier post on Winona's fate.

I had intended, of course, to write 'vicious'. However, with also only one letter difference, it could have been 'viscous'! Can the imaginative GIMPers on this site think of some suitably nasty tortures with thick, sticky, noxious liquids?

Perhaps poor W. hung upside down, legs pulled wide apart, and something being poured into her widely stretched lower orifices?

Or, mouth sealed tight, being forced into her nostrils?

Or, in any number of positions, mouth forced open with a ring gag and that substance poured down her throat, perhaps using a funnel?

Happy musings!

Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 10:57:07 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

As an AOH fiend (althought I prefer live vs. animated) I've enjoyed Quoom's series and really like today's finale. I love it when the tortured GIMP dangles semi-conscious by the wrists. Thanks Quoom and Ralphus!

Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 11:46:23 AM

Name: Bill K.

Winona is a quirky good actress but isn't or wasn't known for her body which is below average sexy actress looking to me. So I'll have to say no more Winona, unless there's a hot erotic type torture scene in her Quoom future that we have not seen before. Bill K.

Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 03:17:46 PM

Name: Bill K.

I have to add it's about the type of Quoom's terrific erotic torture and not who the gimp is. Quoom's gimp artwork is always worthy of posting and I'll leave up to Ralphus if he thinks Winona's next Quoom series of tortures is worth seeing. Bill K.

Sunday, July 8th 2012 - 04:46:19 PM

Name: Bill K.

Winona is in the swing of things now. He is giving her the boot. More Punishment I am sure is coming to her. There is no Helen Ripley to her rescue this time. Bill K.

Monday, July 9th 2012 - 12:41:44 AM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

Thank you, Ralphus, for continuing with poor W.'s story. I am delighted, particularly now that she is completely naked; the only proper condition for a woman in her predicament! Her body is exquisitely drawn (e.g. note the double line of sheen on her left calf, the fold of flesh behind her left knee and, above all, her rigid hands; a most powerful effect). My own preferences would have given her larger, darker, more prominent nipples and areolae; which would, of course, have been the objects of much cruel attention.

If I was to be critical (and there are far too many 'pedants' on this site!), I would object to the 'goon's' action. He seems just to have used the sole of his boot to push W. sideways, so she swings like a pendulum; perhaps as a prelude to something more brutal. But if the idea is to hurt her badly (which I thought was the case) he would have kicked her in the stomach. In this case the toe or instep of his boot would be making contact with her belly. Perhaps this comes later?

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Monday, July 9th 2012 - 03:52:06 AM

Name: Griffin
E-mail address:

Some interesting fact about the sensational dungeon BDSM film 'Poor Cecily'.

An uncut version of this movie at the censor board is 106 mins length where as the current release (VHS/VCD/DVD) of uncut version is 86 mins. I am 100% sure the original version (106 mins) would definitely have plenty plenty of torture scenes in the dungeon. Below is the proof.

I hope this missing scene (below picture of Uschi Digard bound alone) would definitely there in original uncut version. Has anyone seen this scene in theater release or in net?

Monday, July 9th 2012 - 10:56:42 AM

Name: DHT
Homepage URL:

Anyone seen this movie? The bondage on the cover is obviously photomanipulation, and the youtube trailer doesn't give me anything to back it up.

Monday, July 9th 2012 - 10:29:16 PM

Name: mothbrad

Thanks for running this Quoom series, Ralphus. I definitely had seen a couple of them, but most of these are new to me. The 'fan fiction' idea is pretty cool in exploring the potential of scenes like this one, and doing it visually works even better.

Tuesday, July 10th 2012 - 02:45:39 AM

Name: Badger


I commented on "Resurrection County" a 2-3 months ago. The scene shown in the cover art does not exist in the movie. And the GIMP scenes are few and far between. That said, as a fan of Redneck Torture Porn, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and it did have a shocking scene that made it worth the rental fee.

Tuesday, July 10th 2012 - 08:11:53 AM

Name: YikYakker

Badger: I remember your post about Resurrection County - Search the GIMP reveals that it was March 25 - and it stirred me to check out the movie myself. Pretty much as you described it.

I made some notes and caps with the idea of doing a review...but I'm so far behind I may never get to it. If anyone else wants to take a shot, I won't mind.

Badger's post about the movie told of scene with a woman having a shotgun put to her mouth. I scrolled down a bit and saw that A Canadian had posted a pic of Rio with a gun being thrust into her mouth:

That made me wonder just how many scenes there are out there featuring women non-consensually chewing on a gun barrel. One that comes to mind occurs near the end of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Can anyone think of others?

Tuesday, July 10th 2012 - 08:15:41 PM

Name: A Canadian

YikYakker wrote:

Badger's post about the movie told of scene with a woman having a shotgun put to her mouth. I scrolled down a bit and saw that A Canadian had posted a pic of Rio with a gun being thrust into her mouth...

Yup, that scene with Rio is a classic.

A couple of others that come to mind would include, of course, Ballista 2: Ballista vs. the Evil Dr. Menace, and a film I saw recently, JUC-851, about a detective who is captured on a bus and molested. Here's a cap:

It's not uncommon to see this type of scene in the Japanese porn films with a spy/detective storyline. I'll try to remember some other examples.

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 12:01:23 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

YikYakker: If you can locate it on DVD, check out a movie called Concealed Weapon that has a great scene with Lisa Boyle, quite the hottie back then. The bad guy takes his loaded gun and makes her get down on her knees, then he presses it right against her forehead. He slowly lowers it down her body, opening up her top and molesting her breasts with it. He's about to go lower when she takes the gun and allows him to put it inside of her mouth, sort of implying that she'll suck his dick. And it has a happy ending (my version of one, anyway) when he pulls the trigger and blows her away, sort of the orgasm of the scene. It's one of the few mainstream scenes that has no bondage that I still thought was hot as hell. I'm pretty sure Hank Hobbs has the video link somewhere on his site.

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 12:33:03 AM

Name: Sardu

Ok, here is MY review of Resurrection County... first, my grade: Z-, its the last letter of the alphabet, so I can't give it a lower grade, I wish that I could. I HATED this flick with a passion, one of the reasons being the cover art... the girl bound on the cover is not in the movie in any way... so that's STRIKE ONE. Spoiler alert!! I'm going to reveal all in what follows, so if spoilers bother you, stop reading.

Ok... still with me? Let's continue, shall we?

I am so sick of retread, redneck, inbred torture porn. Its been done, and done and done, and this movie does it, and does it badly.

First, there is some GREAT bondage is this movie... bent over a sawhorse and threatened with rape, hung from hooks in a barn, oh, the list goes on... the problem is that it is all done to a putz. STRIKE TWO! If you've read my reviews before, you know my feelings on that.

Now, there are two women in this movie, one of them is moderately attractive... with SHORT red hair. I hate short hair on a woman... I need something to hold onto when I'm taking her from behind.

The other girl has long hair, a pretty face, and from the TEASE given us in this flick, a real kickin' body. Yes, she is made to strip to the waist at gun point, kneel, and put a shotgun in her mouth, while the redneck holds the butt of the gun at his crotch. She has tight abs, and what appears to be a nice rack, but we don't get to see, as her hands cover, or the camera angles change so that nothing is revealed.

I will say, that she kneels there, topless, with the gun in her mouth for a long, long time, and they really ramp up the tension. Now... I'm sitting there and thinking No! No don't do it. Why? because, to my absolute HORROR, I realize that if this damsel gets her head blown off, I'm stuck with the short haired, moderately attractive girl for the rest of the god damn movie. Now the guy does have two guns (he's a redneck, of course he has two guns), the shotgun and a pistol... so I'm just about to scream... shoot the redhead with the pistol... shoot the redhead with the pistol!

Finally, BANG! and you guessed it, He kills the hot chick.... very graphically. And folks, at that point that's STRIKE THREE, you pretty much can just shut off the movie, as there is NOTHING of interest, or originality from that point forward. If you want to see a putz tortured, the continue on... but the best I can say is to fast forward to the 36 min mark, watch the pretty girl forced to strip, and suck on a shotgun like it's a cock, and then, once she's killed, just turn it off.

That about sums it up, and at this point, I'm going to go rewatch 'Spaceship Horror'. Take care fellow GIMPers and deviants, I hope I've saved you some time.

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 01:31:08 AM

Name: Fritz

It's interesting how those gun-barrel-in-mouth scenes can be so stimulating, whether or not the trigger is pulled. Either way - climax or not - it's oral sex with a definite GIMP twist. It's also quite rare, but a definite favorite of mine. Of the three additional examples I could think of, two are from customs I commissioned from PKF (the Deadly Interrogation series) and one is from Kristi and the Time Machine, which I reviewed earlier this year. In two of these scenes, the trigger is pulled. In only one does the GIMP die. But all three victims are hot, and IMO so are the muzzle-sucking scenes.

First off, here's Kristi:

Paris Kennedy in DI-1:

Nicole Oring in DI-3:

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 02:10:38 AM

Name: Accountse
E-mail address:

Sardu, thanks for today's review of Resurrection County. It was very helpful, because the cover pic sure was a tease but now I don't have to buy a copy.

A humble question though, and be gentle with the ignorant: What is a putz?

As a non native English speaking dude I have checked all my available dictionaries but to no success...

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 02:38:04 AM

Name: kingdiocletian
E-mail address:

I watched Stalin and Stalin 2 from Lupus films this week - both pretty good in their own ways. What it really made clear to me was how important the build-up is. I don't speak Czech (I think they're in Czech) but it doesn't really matter - you can sense what the conversation is about.

In Stalin, the lovely Katerina Tetova (is she in anything else?) is made to strip and is given 50 strokes of the cane, then has to stand there and watch three of her friends take 50 strokes, knowing she's getting at the 50 at the end. Her humiliation and horror are brilliantly done.

In Stalin 2 she's stripped in a jail - again, her terror is superbly played. Later we see her and her friends interrogated, caned, bound in awkward positions, seated on the horse, and strapped. The problem is that by the end the scenes of torture are intercut too quickly.

I realized two things:

- caning when the legs are bound above the head doesn't do it for me as much as when the victim is strapped down to a bench etc even though less of the good stuff is visible.

- I need the build-up. I need to see the victim understand what's about to be done to her, to see her fear, to see her strip or be stripped, to see the guards preparing the equipment, forcing her on to it, taunting her, whatever. The peril, I guess, is as important as the infliction of pain. And, as I've said about Quoom, I love the moment when the exhausted victim realizes there's more coming.

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 03:33:30 AM

Name: Sardu

Definition of a putz: The guy in a movie who is basically useless. He frequently tries to rescue the girl and fails, is in the bondage scene WITH the girl, gets the brunt, if not ALL of the best tortures in the movie, and sometimes survives to the end with the girl, or is the only survivor in the movie (the absolute worst outcome).

Resurrection County is guilty of doing all of these things with it's putz, which is ONE of the many reasons that I hated it so badly.

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 09:55:34 AM

Name: Badger


At the risk of reigniting your flames of passion regarding Resurrection County , I would suggest that we not underestimate the importance of putzs in mainstream movies. Off the top of my head Dustin Hoffman and Nicolas Cage come to mind, not to mention all of the main male characters in Wolf Creek and the Wrong Turn movies.

I cannot disagree that Resurrection was disappointing for what it didn't show (more of the topless woman on her knees) and a later off-screen but audible rape of the other female camper than for any thing regarding the male characters.

My list of mainstream movies that could have been more far exceeds those that were top-notch. But when I think about it, how much more satisfying was the hostage scene in NBK - which lasted literally three frames -- than a scene in a lesser movie that is longer but then dies?

As for the fake cover art, it greatly adds to the frustration. I'm thinking that the producers would be better off designing the provocative cover art FIRST and then building the movie around it.

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 11:36:01 AM

Name: A Canadian

Sardu: No one can accuse you of being indecisive when it comes to grading movies. I do wonder if the GIMP moments in the film, however disappointing, would merit a slightly higher grade -- but I've never seen the film, so I'm just guessing. Your review of Resurrection County was certainly entertaining. Thanks for putting the review together.

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 08:13:52 PM

Name: YikYakker

Sardu: Muchas gracias for stepping up to do the review on Resurrection County. I feel your pain. I don't think I would've given it a Z-, if only because the one worthwhile scene you mentioned builds up very nicely... *spoiler* until it ends with a bang, not a whimper. Like you I kept thinking, "They wrote the wrong girl out of the movie!" *end of spoiler*

I guess they wanted to shock us. Pfft.


I'm remembering now that Erica Gavin was the actress who got to suck on a gun barrel in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. I have an eensy picture of it which I'd post but it's too small to do justice to the scene. At least that came near the end of the film.

Erica had a gun put to her mouth in another movie she made around the same time, Erika's Hot Summer. I have a small pic from that scene too, but I won't post it because it's too damned grotesque.


kingdiocletian: Stalin 1 and Stalin 2 sound interesting. Can you tell us where we can acquire these? Thanks.


I came across an interesting article that's worth a look. It's a peek behind the scenes at

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 08:53:50 PM

Name: Sardu

Glad that my review or Resurrection County was liked, but I can understand why the confusion over why I graded it so low when there is an almost decent scene in the movie. I rate GIMP Possible movies on several criteria. Let me go over it:

- Attractive girls
- bondage
- forced sex or sex acts
- originality
- entertainment value
- Putz factor
- wasted potential
- frustration level
- Poor/ deceptive advertising

Resurrection County hit all the low marks for Putz interference. Its like they had a check list of all the things you don't want to see in a putz, and did that... 1- he's useless. His pregnant fiance' is the one that's rescued, but he still can't save her in the end. 2- he gets the 'best' tortures in the movie. 3- HE is tied bent over a saw horse and taunted with rape. WTF???

Then, they showed that they knew how to make things interesting with the ONE good scene... and then just quit after that. It was painful and frustrating to watch. NOT entertaining... and completely unoriginal in any aspect... nothing is here that hasn't been done, and done better elsewhere. So why bother?

And let's not forget the deceptive cover. I could forgive MUCH if that scene or some facsimile of it was even in the movie... but it was not, so the evidence is clear that this was intentional. It's one thing to make a crap, frustrating movie because you are inept... but to do it on purpose? No, I stand by my rating. lol.

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 09:29:02 PM

Name: John Galt

Sardu: I am right there with you. My grades involve both positive and negative aspects. It seems to me way back when I was taking the ACT or SAT exams, I was warned that a correct answer counts as a +1 but a wrong answer counts as a -1/4, while a blank answer was just a zero score. So you were better off leaving a question blank than answering it wrong. Well, a GIMP flick that hits all the wrong things to do, even though it might have one decent scene, suffers according to my grading scale. Do it right or don't do it at all. Don't screw it up.

I think that is why the remakes of Last House on the Left and Straw Dogs got no love from me. The original movies showed you how it was done. If you can't do it better, then remake Philadelphia Story or something like that. Do it better or don't do it at all.

But wait. Let me tell you how I really feel.

Wednesday, July 11th 2012 - 10:36:34 PM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

Hi Folks!

Apropos Stalin I and II. If you go to and search for Stalin, you will find one entire film and a few minutes of another. The complete film lasts about 50 minutes and is free! 4 or 5 young women; slim, small and firm breasted; are caned moderately severely; 50 strokes. And some of the women, singly and together, are subject to a forced hosing down. No AOH though! For my tastes they have delightful bodies.

If you go to and search for 'Poor Cecily', there is a clip of about 10 minutes showing, I imagine, most of what has been edited out of the commercial release.

I hope that this is helpful.

Thursday, July 12th 2012 - 12:55:30 PM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

Hi, yet again, Folks.

Something went wrong with my previous post concerning what you should search for about Stalin I & II and Poor Cecily.

For Stalin I & II go to xHamster BDSM. For Poor Cecily go to YouTube. I hope that this works.

Thursday, July 12th 2012 - 02:15:51 PM

Name: Griffin


I have this picture but I couldn't find this scene any place. I did search to 'Poor Cecily' got plenty of clips but this scene is not anywhere. This could be in uncut version?

Thursday, July 12th 2012 - 02:17:11 PM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

Griffin. I think that my memory may have failed me apropos Poor Cecily. Try xHamster BDSM, Poor Cecily Part 3.

Thursday, July 12th 2012 - 02:36:32 PM

Name: Mr. 0
Homepage URL:

Hello, all. This is my first review ever for this site. Originally, I was going to send two longer reviews to Ralphus last month but things happened so that plan had to be scrapped and the rest is history.

I rarely post on the forum, but I read the reviews a lot. And thanks to the many good reviews, now my BDSM collections have gone up quite highly in number. And I also learned of the existence of Powershotz. I must admit I haven't watched much of Powershotz, and from what I have watched, this one is the very best. Not only from Powershotz, but this April & Shelby...Crotch Stance is pretty much one of the greatest bondage movies I have ever seen in my life. I was really impressed upon my initial viewing and ever since then, it became one of my most seen BDSM clips in my private collection. It opens my eyes to a lot of things, best of them is how simplicity can give birth to magnificent things.

The video opens with a very simple stance. We are looking at two deservingly naked young girls inside a darkly lit room. They are April & Shelby. Both wear nothing with the exception of a pair of high heels which is there to deliberately hurt their standing more than to give them a shred of dignity. Their hands are tightly tied behind their back with the rope also tightly clinching their crotch and ass crack, up to an overhead spreader bar.

April is a lovely young woman any normal man would adore. She has pale skin, green eyes, and brunette hair. Her partner, Shelby, is also a very cute young maiden. Her skin is slightly tanned with auburn hair. Her breasts are bigger than April's, but April definitely has the better ass (IMO). So, I guess they both kinda equal each other out, huh? They both have incredible looks, too! The masked man is lucky!!

When we're first presented with these 2 lovely soon to be slavegirls, they're looking away from the camera. A masked man soon orders them to look at him (the camera), and we have full view of their predicament. It is easy to tell the storyline of this movie is they are two newcomers to the slavery world and they still need to be trained to obey. They look obviously uncomfortable, Shelby more so than April. While April puts a strong face, Shelby does not shy away from showing the pain she has to endure.

The masked man enters the scene with a riding crop and soon greets April with some whipping into her inner thighs before ordering them to spread their legs, arch their backs, and up their head. Shelby needs to be ordered twice until she understands. This is a very good start, to be honest. I'm aware by having to stand with their arms behind them, backs arched, and heads up, it puts great pain on their waist, legs, necks, and backs. I tried it to myself (without being tied) for mere 5 seconds and it already ached, imagine what these girls will have to endure since they're going to be like that for minutes!

Shelby shows fear right on, making her the primary target of the masked man. The masked man caresses her before giving her breasts a taste of his crop. Fortunately for us, the masked man soon realizes both girls have gone back to their initial stance before he ordered them, so he orders them to spread their legs, arch their backs, and up their heads again, this time with the help of his crop. The two show the pain on their waist right away, visible from their difficulty on maintaining the merciless stance. Some light whipping follows, especially on Shelby, as the man asks their promise to obey him. Shelby answers almost instantly under duress, while it takes a longer time for April to say "Yes, master".

Still having to bear the stance, the masked man applies nipple clamps to both girls. April tries not to look while Shelby cannot help herself. She finds it incredibly painful when the clamps are being attached to her nipples; the man yells at her to take a deep breath to help easing up the pain. This is a very very well done scene! Of course the masked man does not forget to feel up their rack once he's done with the clamps. I mean, how could he forget, right?!

But the girls do something too, though. When the masked man is having fun rubbing his hands against their young forms, they release themselves from the hurtful stance. Not that it helps them from not having their privates violated. We get a nice close up view of their ass cracks as the master enjoys himself. Unsurprisingly, April is rather calm during the abuse while Shelby constantly shows disgust. The masked man reminds them of his authority over his two new slavegirls as he leaves them for a short amount of time.

Once he's gone for the time being, the two girls try to free themselves. Shelby bemoans the fact that this whole thing hurts so much when they try to reach each other's arms to no avail. April, in a rare moment, seemingly agrees her legs are killing her. After quickly finding out freeing each other of their restraint can't be done, they try to stand on their toes to reduce the pain. But they almost instantly realize it cannot be done because of three things:

i. Their legs are already hurting too much to even stand on their feet, let alone their toes.
ii. The high heels don't allow them to use their toes.
iii. When one of them does try to lift herself, the other has to bear the weight.

So, in short, their situation is inescapable. There's a pretty short but priceless moment where they both fall into silence. Their looks tell us they finally realize their fate indeed lies on the masked man. I think it's fair to say they give up fighting at this point. All of a sudden, the masked man yells and orders them to repeat the stance again. He's not present on screen, but his voice is enough to make the two slavegirls obey.

No one tries to look strong now. They both show the pain on their face upon carrying out his order. The camera moves closer to both their uncomfortable (yet beautiful) faces. They are quickly ordered to turn around so the camera can capture their asses. Both girls, especially April, struggles to even move their legs. We got a nice close up look on their asses and their tied hands. They are indeed tied very tightly, evident from the masked man's own comment and the fact their hands have turned purple. I bet good money they cannot feel their hands right now.

They are ordered to turn around again and move their bodies closer to each other. The masked man agrees to remove the nipple clamps and untie their hands if they agree to behave. Of course, since by now their backs, necks, nipples, legs, waist, and hands are killing them, they don't even try to say no. They are told to keep their legs straight, heads up, and eyes on their master. Of course, before freeing them, the masked man feels up their gorgeous bodies again. He releases Shelby first, although he keeps the ropes around their crotch. The are vicious rope marks around their wrists, so whoever is thinking to belittle the girls' efforts to shoulder the whole pain should shut their mouth.

When he is done freeing them, he orders them to be on their knees as he circles their ropes around their neck like dogs. The video ends when they are told to keep their head down and the masked man leaves the scene.

Now, what helps this production greatly is the infinitely genuine reaction from both girls. It's uncomfortable and they show every inch of it! I like how April tries to endure the pain by acting strong while Shelby is more blatant. I like how they have trouble standing. I like how they have trouble moving their legs! I just like every slight reaction they present, period!

The masked man should also be applauded for choosing a quite simple yet incredibly painful stance for the two girls. He does everything only to show their authority over the two girls. That's just greatness.

But the biggest point for this production, I guess, goes to the conversation between the two girls mid-way which I consider to be the turning point of the story. It is during that moment the girls 'accept' their helplessness. And after that, even without holding his crop and appearing on-screen, the girls do everything the masked man order them to do. Everything! And without this 'turning point moment', I wouldn't have praised this movie so highly. That short moment is exactly the moment where the master finally toppled both girls' hope to pieces. That, guys, is rarity. From what I can remember, in a storyline where girls are being trained to be submissive slavegirls, this is the only one with such moment. Others usually end up with the girl not completely submitting herself to the master, but not with this one.

The whole predicament from start to finish is sold perfectly. There wasn't a single second when I didn't believe the girls weren't in pain, and of course they didn't make any "Can we just get this over with?" face we can find in so many BDSM clips. For a 15 minute clip, I sure got a bargain. Easily an A+ from me.

Thursday, July 12th 2012 - 07:40:56 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Mr. O: Congratulations on your entry into the ranks of the official GIMP reviewers. Let me be the first (unless someone sneaks in while I'm typing this) to thank you for the well-written and informative review.

I can tell by the length of the review and the subject matter that you follow John Galt's reviews. Actually, there are a couple of us who are guilty in the length department, but the Powershotz selection was a giveaway.

While I agree that the women in the movie are attractive, April & Shelby...Crotch Stance probably wouldn't work for me. As much as I like slaves, I'm strictly into non-consensual slaves. Movies where women have consented to slave training don't do anything for me.

The women are bound, though, which will make Ralphus happy. I hope we get to read more reviews by you in the future. Welcome aboard.

Thursday, July 12th 2012 - 08:39:36 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Gosh, on the one day I got in too late to post, this place is suddenly hopping. Time to get caught up...

Sardu: My former master, you should really review more movies around here, because every time you do, they're always quite entertaining. I totally get your criteria for rating movies and agree with them. Another thing that annoys the hell out of me is when filmmakers save their best bondage and torture sequences for the males in the movie, like anybody cares about them. I'm not a big fan of the word "putz" (too Brian's Pagey for me) but the fact they deceptively stuck a picture of a bound woman on the box in a scene that doesn't even appear in the movie is inexcusable.

The link for your review is in my Homepage URL above.

BTW, in searching Amazon to find a link for your review I came across this review that could have easily been written by one of us. He's just as disgusted as I would have been.


YikYakker wrote:

I'm remembering now that Erica Gavin was the actress who got to suck on a gun barrel in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. I have an eensy picture of it which I'd post but it's too small to do justice to the scene. At least that came near the end of the film.

Ah, Erica Gavin, the busty star from the Russ Meyer movies (I know, that's redundant, isn't it?). Fondly remembered but sadly retired before she could indulge the screen with more GIMP-worthy moments. Here's the scene you're recalling:

BTW, we've also got a clip of her great electro-torture sequence in the Electro Database.


Griffin: Dude, enough already. Sorry to say you're becoming a one-trick pony on this supposed "uncut version" of Poor Cecily. That website link you provided doesn't prove a thing that there's another, longer cut of the movie. Even if it existed, nobody's going to have it online at this point, almost 40 years later. Until there's a DVD with extra footage restored, you'll just have to assume that the picture you're referring to is merely a production still. Every film shoots footage that doesn't make it into the final cut of the movie. That's the most logical explanation for your mystery photo.

That was a very informative website, though. When I have some time, I'm going to peruse it to see what scenes have been censored over the years in some of my favorite movies.


Mr. 0: Great first review, sir! And welcome to the Reviewer's Club. I agree, your review was very John Galt-like (obviously a compliment). As for the clip itself, it sounds very typical of Powershotz's stuff, most of which is not to my taste. "Yes, master?" Gimme a break. I do like Shelby, though. She was in a movie I reviewed a while back, and for the most part, Steve does a good job of finding fresh-faced models in his productions.

The direct link to your review is here:

Thursday, July 12th 2012 - 10:58:05 PM

Name: Accountse
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Sardu: Thank you for the informative and from my point of view humourus definition of a putz!

Ralphus: Thank you too for the tip about Insex Archives to find the CunTree movie that has been mentioned here earlier, with among other things bondage on an anthill.

OK, here comes some recent experiences of Insex Archives that might be of interest for those who haven't been there. We might call it a site review (and no, I haven't checked the archives to see if it's been done before).

First of all it's quite an expensive site, starting at EUR 60 (I guess it's equivalent to about USD 70) for one month, non recurring. That made me hesitate for some time, but in the end I gave in and joined.

Second: Was it worth it? I have to say YES, even if I don't know if I will take the cost to return again.

I couldn't find "my" movie CunTree at first, since the site doesn't contain a complete collection of movies. This is also explained on the site, so I didn't feel cheated. About 65 movies are published at the same time, but regularly one of the published movies (or "articles" as they call it) is replaced with another movie from the archives.

The movies are downloadable and often reaches one hour or more, together with a lot of stills.

Are the movies good? Technically I have to confirm Ralphus' worries that at least some of the movies are not exactly crisp, but they are viewable. The pics although are of good quality, even if I didn't get the zip downloads to function and had to download every pic I liked one by one!

The content then? Of course this is a matter of personal taste, but several of my criterias are fulfilled: Long scenes only showing the tied up and suffering victim, waiting for don't know how long, slaps, crying, believable electro scenes, AOH, believable real suffering, believable real fear of torturous annoying insects, believable psychological terror, outdoor scenes and so on.

OK then, what about CunTree? Well, I wrote to the support and asked them to publish the movie before my membership ends. No answer. I also wrote to them about a missing link in another movie. No answer. But two days later I saw that CunTree was in fact published and right now it's the first movie to be seen if you check the site! The missing link had also been restored.

Support review: I wrote to the support and thanked them, although I didn't receive any answers. Then I DID get an answer, telling me that they had indeed answered both the earlier times. They suggested that I check my spam box and sure enough, there their answers were.

To summon up: For my taste the site delivers and the support did a really nice work, adapting the publishing of next movie to only one customers whish. My grade (if that's OK for sites): A-

Friday, July 13th 2012 - 06:38:26 AM

Name: Griffin
E-mail address:


Thanks for considering my request and taking care of it. I have no clue how to get that uncensored version. I hope you would definitely find it soon. What I believe is the picture (production still) is just reference only. In the movie, the female characters in the dungeon scene appears nude on the torture rack with legs widespread and whipped except my favorite busty Uschi Digard and Brigette Maier. I assume there must be whip scene of Uschi Digard exists which was deleted from the extra footage (may be a serious and sensual whip scene...?) Very interestingly she (Uschi Digard) appears just 15 seconds in that dungeon and didn't speak anything where as every one appears and talks for few mins.

I would stop requesting/discussing in this board for missing footage scenes from 'Poor Cecily' unless if someone finds it.

BTB..any idea on who is distributor/production company for this movie? Will the censor board should have the uncut version of the footage? I am so crazy on this scene.

Friday, July 13th 2012 - 09:16:20 AM

Name: Mr. 0
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

@A Canadian: Thank you!! And I was busted, huh? Yes, I admit I did read several John Galt reviews as examples before I wrote my review, especially Exposed, Thriller, and his Jess Franco reviews. Your review, too, actually, the one you wrote about Girls Are For Loving. I searched for the movie and found it thanks to that! So, thank you again! To return the favor, I'll try to dig some of my old Paingate collections and see if there's anything with the girl(s) being unwilling. If there is, I'll make sure to review it and hopefully you'll like them. >_<

@Ralphus: Thanks a lot for posting the review! Glad I can finally get it done! I share your feeling about most of Powershotz productions, though, the Tatum & Aubry series had soooooo much potential if only they didn't put the "Can we just get this over with?" face all the time! April & Shelby were the most entertaining of their production from what I have seen at least. But I can understand if anyone else favors a different thing. It's different stroke for different people always. Thanks for posting the review Ralphus, hopefully I can contribute more reviews in the future.

And since there are mentions of preferences by both Ralphus & A Canadian, I'm going to mention mine too:

1. For me complete nudity is a must! If it's just in mainstream movies, I don't mind topless nudities, but in bondage clips I would have none of it. The girl(s) can endure the harshest whipping of all time but if there's a shred of clothing on her, I won't even bother giving the clip/movie higher than a C. The only two clothings I'd give an "okay to wear" would be stockings and footwear, because footwear don't cover anything private and stockings hardly conceal the shape of the thighs.

2. I love both willing and unwilling girls. I love unwilling girls obviously because it's fun seeing them having to endure the torture they don't wish for. But I also adore willing girls because I believe there's beauty in being submissive to their master. The fact that they are willing to bear pain for the sake of their master's pleasure alone is already a huge turn on for me. And it's nice to know they can have fun while being hurt. So, willing or unwilling, I'm game.

3. I adore a great deal of good performance & reaction. I don't care if the girl tries to smile or curse at the torturer, I WANT REACTION! They can laugh, cry, scream, pass out, look confident, play though, anything as long as it's a reaction! I hate it when the torture does his best to hurt the girls but they give "Can this be done quickly?" face because it ruins the whole mood! I once saw a movie by torturegalaxy in which a busty girl endured perhaps the most needles ever inserted to breasts, but what killed the whole thing for me is she looked drugged or out of place. She didn't even flinch, nothing, as if the master was extrapolating on a statue. I don't remember the detail or the title of the movie, but if I ever review it, it won't receive anything higher than a C. And like I mentioned to Ralphus in the above, this reaction thing is what went wrong with Aubry & Tatum series in Powershotz.

And that's from me, thank you all for welcoming me! Hope I can give more reviews in the future!

Friday, July 13th 2012 - 11:17:17 AM

Name: marathonmann


I'm new here. I already have read in the forum and databases and now I wanna write something. Yesterday I found a short video from a 41 years old film with a red haired hottie.

Now I searched for more from the hottie and found a picture where she gets whipped. It's from a 1974 issue of Cine Revue. A comment says "It seems an image from "Dany la ravageuse" (Dany the ravager) a very rare film". Here's the pic from Sandra Julien:

Friday, July 13th 2012 - 03:40:59 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Mr. O wrote:

Your review, too, actually, the one you wrote about Girls Are For Loving.

I hope this also means you've checked out The Abductors, which is the best film in the Ginger series. It's one of those mainstream titles that is pretty much required viewing.

Friday, July 13th 2012 - 09:18:55 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Quoom: You know, after all she's been through, she really doesn't look much like Winona anymore, does she?


marathonmann: Glad you posted, and what a dandy debut! European cinema from the 1970s - you can't get much sleazier than that in the mainstream movie biz.

Your post stirred me to look up a little info about Sandra Julien. It turns out that she was also in Shiver of the Vampires, a movie I've always been curious about but found myself reluctant to pull the trigger on because Jean Rollins is the director.

Perhaps you or someone else out there can tell us what to expect from that movie.


Mr. O: I am the latest, but hopefully not the last, to welcome you to the Reviewers' Circle. That write-up was nicely detailed and richly illustrated. I would definitely say that April is my type.

We here do not always agree on matters of taste and preference. But I concur with one of your criteria: the importance of the performance. If the babe ain't selling it, I ain't buying it.

And it's a Powershotz flick. Well, that puts you in very exclusive company. Aside from the production of the very prolific John Galt, there have not been very many reviewers of Steve's stuff.


Speaking of Powershotz: Just by coincidence, I'm wrapping up a long-promised review of Layne...Overhead Extension. Hope to have it up sometime this weekend.


Ralphus: Dude, you are like a wizard...just mention a movie and you come up with pics for it, just like that.

Yeah, that's the Erica Gavin scene that I remember from Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. It was the very first theatrical movie I saw that was advertised with an X rating.

Funny though, I didn't remember that last image from the film. In fact, that's the very one that I referred to as "grotesque" the other day, thinking it came from one of her other movies. I think my brain must've blocked that one out because it was too traumatic. What a waste of a fine babe. The build-up was nice though.


Sardu and John Galt: Your approaches to reviewing flicks are interesting...subtracting as well as adding points.

Sardu's list of criteria are certainly sound. I don't think I would take points off for the lack of forced sex, although it's a nice bonus. And "Attractive girls" can be a somewhat subjective standard: some, like Mr. O, look for complete nudity; I like to see at least some skin to go a long with a pretty face, the more exposed flesh the better.

Sardu, given your review of Spaceship Terror, I'm guessing that for you, "Entertainment value" refers to the quality of acting, dialogue, story line, etc. If so, I would also rate these things highly, especially in a mainstream movie. One cannot expect a lot of hard GIMPage from mainstreamers, but a few good GIMP scenes surrounded by well-executed and energetic storytelling is enough to sell me on a movie.

Friday, July 13th 2012 - 09:44:36 PM

Name: John Galt

Mr O: Nice review of April and Shelby...Crotch Stance. I have my favorites when it comes to Powershotz models, as is obvious from my reviews. Consequently, there are a lot of Powershotz clips that I have never seen simply because the model(s) did not do it for me. Plus, I like a little bit more than just good bondage.

This looks and sounds like a well-done Powershotz production based on your review. I don't think April was ever in any more... um, extreme situations in any of her clips. That is to say, she was never fucked or otherwise violated. Shelby, on the other hand, was, which is why I reviewed one of her clips. I can be so predictable.

Thanks for the great review. I thought you did a superb job all the way around, from good illustrations to a deft, well-thought-out narrative. And, you know, I liked your style. I hope you do some more Powershotz reviews soon.

* * * * *

Marathonmann: Wow, what a terrific intro. That was quite a tantalizing picture you posted of Sandra Julien. It is always a treat (for me, anyway) when someone posts a completely unknown flick with GIMP potential. This one, I think, is going to be a challenge to track down.

* * * * *

Ralphus: Ah, Russ Meyer and Erica Gavin. A pairing made in heaven. Thanks for the pictorial reminder of just how sensational they both were.

Saturday, July 14th 2012 - 12:46:47 AM

Name: YikYakker

Layne...Overhead Extension
Format: Downloadable Clip
Running Time: 14:21
Available from: Powershotz

Layne's clip series has a back story - presented in earlier episodes that I haven't seen - about Layne having run away from home. She now finds herself in the clutches of the Masked Man, and for reasons unknown to me, she is under some duress and compelled to obey him.

In the previous episode, Layne was topless in blue jeans (a look I really like), hogtied tightly, wearing a duct tape gag, and taking a lot of abuse. At the end of the clip, she was thoroughly dispirited and sat pouting in the corner.

This follow-up episode addresses the question: Is she going to lose those jeans?

As the clip opens, the Masked Man (MM) holds Layne by the arms and pulls her into a room with a vertical wooden frame situated in the center. Layne offers some token resistance, although not enough for my liking. At this point, she is still topless in blue jeans.

MM cuffs her, hands in front, and loops a ball gag around her neck. He gives her a "strangling" with the strap.

He then ties her ankles and knees together with electrical wire. Groping ensues.

He then orders Layne to remove her blue jeans. She discards the white belt on the floor below her and kicks the jeans off to the side. But the white sneakers stay on.

Then he pulls her arms up over her head and attaches her cuffed wrists to a chain, suspended from the top beam of the wooden structure and secured by an eyebolt.

Next, he affixes the ball gag to her mouth. The ball is a large, rubbery type and initially Layne has difficulty fitting it in her mouth; but MM makes sure it's in there.

He then inflicts a number of abuses on Layne: more groping, some hand-over-mouth suffocating, slipping his hand inside her panties, and smacking her ass.

The Masked Man "leaves the room" for a brief spell. Layne seizes the opportunity, trying to wiggle and twist her chains loose from the bolt holding them to the overhead beam. *hee-hee* The little babe really puts a lot of effort into this, but to no avail, because eventually her tormenter returns.

He decides to whip her with her own belt. He doubles it over to deliver short range thwacks.

To avoid the swinging belt, Layne arches her body as far away as possible while still keeping her tied feet touching the floor.

But eventually she loses her balance and ends up spinning toward her tormenter like a top that is losing momentum. He does get in some good whacks, as evident by the red welts she wears on her ass and thighs

At one point he smacks her ass hard and unexpectedly - I assume - because Layne fires one of her trademark glares at him.

He pulls her panties down, slips one hand behind her ass and up against her pussy, then lifts her off her feet by her crotch.

After pulling her panties back up, he commands her to get down on the floor. "Uh-UH!" she says, although with the ballgag it comes out more like "Muh-UM!" This reaction by Layne is actually quite amusing, she delivers the line much like one would say, "No way!" But MM threatens to whip her, so she complies.

The clip ends with Layne uncomfortably awaiting her fate.

Movie pluses: Layne is a pretty little thing with a sweet bod - slender, natural, very flexible. She is often quite expressive with her eyes and sells her predicament well, although not uniformly so in this clip. The merits of this clip lie in certain interesting spots here and there where Layne is particularly animated. She bears whip marks that prove she took some punishment. Layne also looks great in the AOH position

Movie minuses: I did not find this as entertaining as the Hogtied Ductette episode that preceded it. Maybe it's because Layne's hair was pulled back in an unflattering pony tail (her hair is not that long), or that her shoes and socks stayed on, or because Layne spent a lot of time standing flatfooted, just one sign that the chain was too loose. (By contrast, Kylie Jo was completely naked throughout her overhead clip and was up on her toes the entire time). The Masked Man was less taunting and threatening here than in Hogtied Ductette. In short, the frustration level and attractiveness of the victim were less than I expected. One might question whether this scenario really falls under the category of "merciless peril." Personally, I don't care for the ballgag, but others may feel it adds value.

Then there are the usual drawbacks to Powershotz clips: the use of tilting camera angles and split screens; and the substantial amount of time spent setting up the bondage.

It's probably best to think of this clip as a satisfactory transition to what are, hopefully, better things to come. As they used to say on the kids' show Electric Company, "What will happen next?"

My Grade: C+

Saturday, July 14th 2012 - 04:39:31 PM

Name: YikYakker

By now most of you are probably aware that Sylvester Stallone's 36-year-old son, Sage Stallone, was found dead of yet-to-be-determined causes. The relevance to GIMP may lie in this passage from an article about him:

... in 1996, Sage Stallone and veteran film editor Bob Murawski co-founded Grindhouse Releasing, a company dedicated to preserving and promoting the B-movies and exploitation films of the 1970s and 80s.

Before reading this article, I was not aware of Grindhouse Releasing. Those movies are dear to my heart and I'm grateful that someone has been out there doing this. It's not clear what affect his death will have on this initiative. Thanks, Sage...RIP.

Saturday, July 14th 2012 - 04:44:35 PM

Name: Mr. 0
E-mail address:

@ A Canadian: I'll try finding The Abductors, thanks for the advice! And it kinda baffles me that Cheri Caffaro only had a short-lived career in the sexploitation cinema. I watched the movie she wrote and produced, H.O.T.S, and it's actually a very good sexploitation movie filled with bare lovely girls, though I was surprised to see she wasn't featured in the movie.

And since you've mentioned Cheri Caffaro's work a lot, do you if a video or a clip of her interview with entertainment columnist Earl Wilson actually exist anywhere in the net? She underwent the interview in the nude as part of a dare by her manager in an attempt to promote her Ginger series, I wouldn't mind seeing that. And I do actually hope a clip exists somewhere, because if Linnea Quigley's nude photoshoot lives on the internet, Cheri Caffaro should too! >_<

Oh, and BTW, the "unwilling" review I promised you is coming along nicely. I'm hoping I can get it done by the next week, and I hope you'll like it.


@YikYakker: Thank you for welcoming me! ^_^

And yep, performance & reaction are a must. After all, we're here to see girls not statues. If they don't react, they shouldn't have done it in the first place.

And about the girls...well, Shelby is cute & April is beautiful, wouldn't say no to any or both of them #drools!#.


@John Galt: Much gratitude for the compliment. ^_^

I share your opinion about most Powershotz productions. Many models of theirs are actually pretty good looking, but they seemed to do the films because they wanted to make some quick buck instead of enjoying themselves. Granted, I did not know whether or not most of them are professional fetish or porn stars, but I think since they were paid for the deed anyway so why not entertain themselves and their viewers instead of looking like being pissed off all the time. I recently watched another Powershotz movie, "Jessy, Alex, Katherine - Setting the Table", and was going to review it if I find it entertaining, but not only the three girls weren't violated (or even tied) properly, they looked constipated all the time! I found it to be a huge turn off and kinda canceled the idea of reviewing it since it's lame anyway.

About April...yes, it's a pity she was never more properly done than in this clip. I tracked down her work after seeing this clip and found only a clip named "Private Interview" (if I'm not mistaken), another Powershotz production starring April & Shelby. But only Shelby was tortured in the clip while April was only forced to watch, such a shame.

I'll make sure to review another Powershotz production once I find another clip I like. I'm having a Powershotz marathon right now. So far, the Aubry & Tatum series haven't lived up to my expectation, but I'm still holding out hope.

Saturday, July 14th 2012 - 09:20:15 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

Just thought I would toss my "gun in the mouth" hat in the ring. These are a couple pictures from Dance Macabre, which is now renamed Dance Bizarre. This is for the download only. The movie itself is unchanged.

Girls, guns and peril combined are a combo I really like. There is a element of danger more acute than most, and complete control. It's not hard to see the sexual analogies. Obviously, this is not proper gun handling.

I initially considered doing a gun in the mouth scene in Suffer For Your Art. I did a mini movie with the gun, but I ultimately decided to not use it in the final movie. The mini movie is included in the out takes of the DVD. Here's a couple picts.

The ZFX COW this week is from As Darkness Falls, a movie in which I nearly (probably) had a heat stroke. 100+ degrees wearing a rubber raincoat and mask. But if you're going to die, I say, die abusing (at least) two babes...

A Canadian: I hope this also means you've checked out The Abductors, which is the best film in the Ginger series. It's one of those mainstream titles that is pretty much required viewing.

The Abducters was a great movie, but I think Girls are for Loving has Ms. Caffaro's best personal performances. Makes me want to dig it out and look at it. You can't go wrong with either one though.

That's it for now. Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Saturday, July 14th 2012 - 11:20:34 PM

Name: Badger


Thanks for the review and caps for Lynn-Overhead Extension. In most cases I'm not big on the clips that are dungeon-based. I need my plot set-up and more non-consensuality. But "Lynn" has positives that offset those drawbacks: a woman tied and topless in jeans that are ultimately removed, and an air of resignation on the face of the victim that counters any feelings that she might be enjoying her ordeal. I would of course also look forward to the sequel, in which the ordeal becomes a bit more "personal".


Thanks also for the great ZFX caps. Never thought way back when that I would be talking to the guy whose movies are in a class by themselves. And yes The Abductors is truly one of the finest mainstream GIMP movies of all time. But let's not forget the motel-room scene at the end of Ginger where Cheri meets her match while the New Jersey cops are waiting outside.

Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 09:45:55 AM

Name: Eda

If you search "great forced strip scenes from girls are for loving", you will find a site with about six pics from the Cheri Caffaro nude interview with Earl Wilson from the 1970s. I would post the pics here, but I don't know how, so I leave that to someone else.

Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 10:31:54 AM

Name: Roman Nowicki
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Just thought I'd add to the Gun in Mouth thread by including 2 grabs from the Teraz Release. Bad Day for Veronika starring Veronik Vee (The Human Shoe Shine)

The only thing worse than a gun in the mouth would be a gun in the mouth and pussy I guess - Lena and the Time Machine starring Lena Cova.

Quick note to all - the 10% GIMP discount voucher is ending at the end if this July. So if you do feel like purchasing some downloads (or DVDs) just tap in the coupon code GIMP when checking out and get 10% off your order....

Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 10:45:05 AM

Name: Griffin
E-mail address:

So hot So Painful... So sexy..

Would like to see in mainstream movies with cute celebs...

Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 11:50:06 AM

Name: John Galt

YikYakker: That was a terrific review of Layne...Overhead Extension. Layne was also one of my favorites because not only was she very pretty with a great slender body, but she was also violated in a memorably uncomfortable manner. I really need to go back and add some vidcaps to my review of that scene. But that bound topless in blue jeans look just never gets old, does it? I wish Steve would find some more young hotties in the Layne and Candy mold. Anyway, thanks for the review and the nice caps.

* * * * *

Mr O: The great majority of the Powershotz models are amateurs, although there are a few notable exceptions. Lexis Lane went on to do more on-line pictorials before dropping off the radar screen. And Delila Darling was wonderfully prolific for a year or two before (sadly) retiring. There are a few more that had shoots outside of Powershotz, but those are the two I know of right off hand.

One of the aspects of Powershotz shoots that I personally enjoy is that the models are, or purposely act like, they are not all that comfortable doing the scene. The role-playing always sets them up as being kidnapped or attacked, but the models' abilities to act the part vary widely. So the line is blurred between whether they are acting or actually experiencing. But they always have safe words and have used them on more than one occasion, so I never worry that they are being victimized any more than the standard feminist viewpoint that any sex and nudity for money victimizes all women by reinforcing their demeaning role as playthings in an uncaring paternalistic society.

* * * * *

Rick and Roman Nowicki: Thanks for the pics to illustrate your posts. I always like illustrated posts, especially when they show hot naked bound women being violated.

Eda: A special thanks for that link suggestion. I didn't even know there was a book with those pictures in it. I might go so far as to say that I didn't even know anyone published a mainstream book with those kinds of pictures in it. Pretty cool.

Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 12:06:59 PM

Name: A Canadian

YikYakker: Let me also thank you for the great job on the review of Layne...Overhead Extension. I've never seen her movies but the caps alone confirm that Layne knows how to express herself through her eyes and deliver a convincing performance.

Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 01:04:25 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Here is one of the Cheri Caffaro interview pics that Mr. O. and Eda mentioned.

The other pics can be found in the weg page in my url, in post number eight.

Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 05:04:49 PM

Name: Roman Nowicki
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Just found another gun in mouth scene - starring top Czech Porn star Stacy Silver this time - soon to be released by ... Teraz Films (aug)... would you believe

This should see a DL release mid Aug

Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 05:11:07 PM

Name: Theodore
E-mail address:

Great Pics - Cheri Caffaro is/was so hot - do you have any of the guy in the nude? Seems a bit one sided.

Sunday, July 15th 2012 - 05:54:18 PM

Name: Bill K.

Go for the feet??? I am thinking Winona rump tenderizer myself. What is the ball and pan thingy under the bed for? Bill K.

Monday, July 16th 2012 - 12:37:24 AM

Name: Mr.0
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

@Eda & A Canadian: Ah, thanks a lot! Glad to finally see that! Is it just me or does anyone find it funny that Earl was kinda nervous (instead of being happy & enjoying himself) when he met Cherri? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

It kinda reminds me of the shooting of A Scandal in Belgravia in BBC Sherlock, really. Lara Pulver was nervous cause she had to take her clothes off for real to do the first meeting between Irene Adler & Sherlock Holmes, but when she saw Benedict Cumberbatch looking even more nervous having to see her like that, she took it a chance to "turn the table" and refused to recite her lines unless Ben agreed to look at her breasts during the filming because Ben has been avoiding to see "those 2 jugs". The great detective finally agreed. Who knows Lara is such a dominatrix in real life, huh? >__<

But yeah, it's interesting how both Cheri & Lara brought down 2 men to their knees without wearing anything. I always thought men would find the view of nude women to be enjoyable, not unnerving. Obviously it wasn't the first and the last time both Earl & Ben looked at a nude woman up close, but we all know what happened by now. I guess that's just another wonder of life.


@Theodore: Well, that's the point of CMNF (Clothed Male, Nude Female), one sided female nudity. The quintessence of this scenario is that the woman's one-sided nudity portrays the woman's sense of vulnerability and humiliation in relation to the clothed man. Because, see, in many sense, nudity is equal to vulnerability.

And I personally hold the CMNF value very dear. I ditched every BDSM clip (non-mainstream movies) that didn't feature complete nudity because to me it's absurd if it's called BDSM but the women are given the opportunity to protect their honor when the essence of submitting themselves is to lose their dignity. I don't mind seeing rape scenes in both mainstream & BDSM clips, but my personal almost all of the best BDSM videos I've seen always feature CMNF situation.

Of course there are exceptions like Cheri Caffaro & Lara Pulver, but I'm sure they are one in a million anyway. I mean, how many women we know are comfortable of taking their clothes off in front of onlookers, really? Clothes, to the professional fetish models whom I consider to be devoted slavegirls on their trade (like Krissy Kage, an all time personal favorite), are a pile of insults.


@John Galt: I don't actually mind them being amateurs and act uncomfortably, but it's like u said, their range of performances vary greatly. Aubry & Tatum gave me the impression of two girls bored with the treatment while April & Shelby were very convincing, so your opinion is definitely reasonable and understandable.

But in the end, amateurs or not, I think it's fair to say whether or not they act uncomfortably, in the end it's their ability to sell the performance is what matters. YikYakker said it best, if the girls ain't selling it, we ain't buying it. ^^

But of course, there is one way to avoid this lack of believability, which is hitting the girls for real as hard as possible like they did in Elite Pain, Paingate, and PainToy.

Monday, July 16th 2012 - 02:21:54 AM

Name: charles
E-mail address:

Yeeeah! ... poor Winona, the endless bastinado can be one of the worst and unbearable ordeal: and pleasurable for the sadistic fetish pretty feet of defenseless women ....

Come on, always more and more, with different tools !

When? Now deeply embedded metal needles under the nails of the toes, then red-hot? Or small roll of oiled cardstock and placed between the toes, burning slowly, and yet the large screws turned gradually in the heels or in the plant before and just below the toes, mallet tapotées regularly, before force walking for a good walk in strappado ... of course you can also hit the top of the feet and toes very fragile, especially after before those tight fitting and crushed it with the screw clamp pointed, and nails gently pulled off ... scene may end with a tightly controlled cooking soles on the barbecue, although there are still many opportunities to make mad with grief alone time dealing with her pretty bare feet defenseless: it must be sure she did something shameful and too difficult to confess that this is really nice ...!

And the advantage is that the rest of the body is perfect for any other use .... or any other punishment and torture long and terrible but finely executed: Take a good time!

Monday, July 16th 2012 - 03:25:09 AM

Name: Flintstone

To Griffin: Love the Lou Kagan artwork! I used to have a good deal of his stuff but lost it over the years. I always thought he was one of the best bondage artists along with Bishop, and he had some good stories also.

Monday, July 16th 2012 - 10:44:08 AM

Name: marathonmann
Homepage URL:


Yesterday I watched "Scacco alla regina". In the whipped women database is only the entry "Scacco alla regina - (?) female whipping scene(?)". Now I can answer it: "Yes, but very brief."

The film is from 1969 and also known as "Check to the Queen". Haydee Politoff plays Silvia, a bored woman who becomes the slave of Margaret, an actress (Rosanna Schiaffino). I have made 7 videos, packed them into a .rar file and uploaded it to depositfiles (Link above). The language is Italian but I watched it with english subtitles. But I don't know how to include the subtitles into my videos. :-( Here are some short descriptions for my videos:

1. A whipping with 3 lashes in slow-motion in a dream sequence. Both and some more are topless.

2. Another dream sequence. This time she's bound in a spreadeagled positition.

3. and 5. Margaret needs a double for a slapping scene in a movie. Her slave does it.

4. At first Margaret plays a little bit. Then Silvia dreams she gets treated like a horse by Margaret. Whiplashes included.

6. Silvia lies spreadeagled bound on a bed. Margaret tells she whipped her before but that wasn't shown.

7. Margaret whips and tickles her slave.

I hope, I could help a bit.

Monday, July 16th 2012 - 12:29:50 PM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian wrote:

...the caps alone confirm that Layne knows how to express herself through her eyes and deliver a convincing performance.

It's true what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. It's hard to convey Layne's performances in writing.

John Galt wrote:

...that bound topless in blue jeans look just never gets old, does it?

Lord help me, I love it. But it's hard to find images of girls who are topless in blue jeans and in bondage. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

If anyone out there knows where I can find some, you'll have my eternal gratitude for the information.


Today's Quoom: Look on the bright side, Winona - it's better than being on your knees for hours.

Or maybe not...


Roman Nowicki: Those are great caps from your movies. Lord, you certainly know how to find babes who are in splendid shape - just look at the calf muscles on Veronika.

A gun barrel in both mouth and pussy? Man, I have to take you up on your GIMP offer real soon.


Griffin: It might be a long wait to see any of those fantastic illustrations you posted take form in a mainstream movie. But I'd like to see the Red Feline folks take one of those pics and build a scene into a future production:

I like this "tripod" bondage. Trying to assemble an entire Mongol army might be a bit tricky, though. How about substituting a group of fun-loving Spanish conquistadors?

Monday, July 16th 2012 - 08:25:11 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

YikYakker: Apologies for the delay in thanking you for your latest review. Personal issues in my life have prevented me from keeping up with the site as much as I would like. I don't anticipate things getting better any time soon. I still read the site when I can and I'll still post from time to time.

You did a great job in the review; the vidcaps are also appreciated. The direct link for your latest is in my Homepage URL above.


You mentioned the death of Sage Stallone. Besides being involved in the preservation of B-movies and exploitation films of the 1970s and 80s (a very worthy endeavor, IMO), don't forget Sage also had a sizable role in the trash classic Chaos, which was a remake of The Last House on the Left.


Cheri Caffaro interviewed in the nude: Well, this is quite a revelation. I never knew about that promotion, but what a terrific idea to promote a movie. Cheri looked great in those pictures, too.

I still haven't given up on my dream to someday do my own interview with Cheri for this site, like I did a few years back with John Blakemore. I notice she has her own website now. There's not much there; just a short bio and a few pictures and buy links for her movies. But the fact that she has a presence on the web may mean that she's approachable. At least I have a better way to contact her now than having to resort to buying one of those Internet people search locators.

At any rate, it's worth a try. According to the IMDB, Cheri Caffaro is now 67 years old, but she's always be young and hot (and frequently tied up) in the hearts of her fans of those great exploitation films of the 1970s.


Theodore wrote:

Great Pics - Cheri Caffaro is/was so hot - do you have any of the guy in the nude? Seems a bit one sided.

Dude, if you're wanting to see nude guys, you're looking on the wrong site.

Tuesday, July 17th 2012 - 12:39:33 AM

Name: Accountse
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

YikYakker wrote: "It's hard to find images of girls who are topless in blue jeans and in bondage. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places".

In the URL above you can find some of the photosets or movies to be about tied up girls in jeans. Sometimes the bondage is not so good, but sometimes the ladies are very nice which compensates a lot!

Another paysite with tied up topless girls in jeans is

For free pics you can look into the Yahoo Groups:

boundinjeansgroup - boundinjeans2004 (albums "blue jeans girls" 4-8 for instance)

girlsboundinjeans - Girls Bound in Jeans

Tuesday, July 17th 2012 - 12:58:51 AM

Name: GOG

Anyone have any feedback on this?

Tuesday, July 17th 2012 - 02:00:17 PM

Name: YikYakker

GOG: Wow, thanks for bringing Emanuelle in America to our attention. I always thought this was just another softcore film. Funny, it doesn't appear in our review database. Hopefully, someone out there will rectify that.


Accountse: Good lord, that was quick. I appreciate the information about babes in blue jeans sites.

I tried out a few. I'll report back what I've found, probably tomorrow.


Ralphus: Sorry to hear about your troubles, man. Sometimes life can be a real bitch. Even more so when it's serious enough to pull you away from GIMPage.

All you can do is try your best to make it through.

Anything we can do to help, let us know.

Tuesday, July 17th 2012 - 09:03:01 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus: I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Even without knowing the details, I know it's a difficult time. We'll be thinking of you.

Tuesday, July 17th 2012 - 10:36:27 PM

Name: Bman287
E-mail address:

Nice daily pics with Winona. Just thought I'd stop lurking and say that today's pic is getting down to the good stuff. Now if we could just get those legs apart a little..... Oh well dream on.

Wednesday, July 18th 2012 - 11:27:54 AM

Name: Baron von Folter
E-mail address:

Ralphus: Life is a Bitch....then she has puppies.

Yik Yakker: I have 'Emanuelle In America' It is not softcore but I didn't think it was all that great. I am not so much into snuff so that small part of the movie was not a 'deal' maker for me.


Wednesday, July 18th 2012 - 01:58:32 PM

Name: sardu

Ralphus, my dear friend so sorry to hear about the troubles. How about I come over for a game of darts? That always seemed to put a smile on your face.

A little help fellow Gimpers. I am getting older now and my memory seems to be failing me. There was a preview of a movie here a while back about some youngin's getting captured and tortured on a fishing vessel by some evil sailors? Does anyone remember the name of said movie? I think it came out last year.


Wednesday, July 18th 2012 - 04:15:55 PM

Name: carnyx
E-mail address:

Hi everyone- Last night on Rizzoli and Illes there was Angie Harmon in a lengthy bondage segment. But it was TV so she was fully clothed and she didn't get hurt. Take care. Robert

Wednesday, July 18th 2012 - 08:11:48 PM

Name: YikYakker

Sardu: I could be way off here, but your description of the movie reminds me of Dark Tide, which was reviewed here by our own John Galt.

Thing is, the movie came out in 1994; but it was discussed here in July 2011, so maybe that's what you were thinking of.

I sympathize about the memory thing...some days, I can't remember my own name. Something like Yik...Yok...Yuk...I don't know...

Wednesday, July 18th 2012 - 09:16:36 PM

Name: Sardu
Homepage URL:

YikYakker, the name of the movie I was thinking of was The Watermen. I discovered it on a horror review site, and will give my own review now, but before I do, I'd like to appeal to the budding horror film makers out there who I know regularly view this site.

Guys... please, your low budget films are lame at best, overdone, lack originality, the acting is poor, the effects quite horrid at times... but do not despair. You have a chance at legendary, cult status greatness if you will just include ONE well done GIMP scene. Not to say you can't include more, and if you're feeling daring, then by all means.

Think of all those horrid movies that include the characteristics mentioned about that we still talk about today because of the GIMP? Would we still talk about 'Galaxy of Terror' if it were not for Tawny O'Connell's slimy nude romp to the death with a slug monster? What about 'Barbarian Queen'? Would we care about this movie if it were not for the lovely Lana Clarkson bound, naked, spread eagled torture and ravaged by a dweeb torturer? I will quote Wikipedia here to illustrate my point:

"Barbarian Queen was panned by the audience for its poor dialogue, bad scripting, and cheesy special effects. However, Lana Clarkson drew praise for her acting and her stunning beauty. Her performance as a strong-willed woman subjected to torture and rape by a smaller, weaker man became the film's signature scene with the followers of the genre, such that the movie is now considered a cult classic as a result."

There you have it... point proven. GIMP will make your film live on, long after its lame acting, poor dialogue and story should have condemned it to the scrap heap of obscurity. That bit gotten off my chest, let's get on to my review of 'The Watermen', shall we?

The movie starts off with promise. A young lass, running through an island wilderness, scantily clad, part of her shirt ripped open to reveal a perky right breast. Lovely. Of course the 'Watermen' are pursing her. We know they are watermen because they are wearing the rubber rain suits that watermen wear and have a large gaff hook with a rope attacked to it. Needless to say, the chase does not last long, and our poor damsel is 'caught' and dragged off screaming and struggling, never to be seen again... roll opening credits.

At this point I'm thinking... "ok, I know I won't be seeing that chick again in this movie, but there was nudity, and a bit of peril. It has possibilities."

Cut to our cast of six vict... er... I mean overly healthy young people who are getting ready for a boat trip. Three men (Putzes) and three lovely, nubile young lasses.

So, they set off, and the things you would expect to see in a movie like this you see. Lovely girls in small bikinis laying out on the deck.... One girl getting lotion teasingly applied to her bare back as another straddles her... taunting the poor old captain of the boat as they do so. A nude shower scene, with gratuitous nudity. Meh.

So, anyway, the power on the boat goes dead, the boat is stranded in the middle of the ocean. Then, what should show up to the 'rescue' but a fishing vessel, crewed by who? 'The Watermen' of course. The young group has been adrift for days, and are parched, so what do our helpful sailors do? Give them water, of course.... laced with a potent knock out drug. Clever!

Now, the crew descends upon the unconscious youngins and takes them aboard their vessel... one of the girls is taken aside and raped... of course she's unconscious for this... no nudity is shown, it's filmed with 'shaky cam' - and it's out of focus. Ugh!

Ok... ok, Sardu, calm down... it could get better. I mean, they have THREE lovely lasses, unconscious, tied up and completely at their mercy. How could this go wrong?

Let me tell you how.

The situation... Three putzes tied up, separated from the girls in the lower levels of the 'Watermens' lair, whilst two of our babes are tied full spreadeagle to tables, the third chair tied. Wow... such potential for GIMPY goodness! They approach one babe, still unconscious from the sedative, and begin to undress her.. now I should mention that this is the same babe that did the nude shower scene... so this should be good. Right? Right?

No... no, it's not good. They unbutton (not cut off) her top to reveal the red bra beneath, and pull down her shorts to reveal her panties... and - stop.. leave her there like that. Now, at this point, I'm banging my head, but I'm holding out hope... Are you paying attention film makers? This could have been a classic GIMP moment that would have made put 'The Watermen' right up there with those rare movies that we still cherish today, long after their expiration date. CUT OFF ALL HER CLOTHES. Do a little fondling, have her wake up... struggle in horror... its okay if they leave after that... really. I would have been quite happy with that scene... but no. For some STUPID reason, these killers are suddenly nice enough to leave her clothes intact and do nothing.

Not long after, one of the other girls wakes up, manages to escape her bonds, revive the other two girls and try to escape. WTF??? Now, if it had been done my way, we would have had some babe running around the rest of the movie in some makeshift, barely there clothing. However... given what I'd seen to this point, this was entirely predictable.

Of course, we are only halfway through the movie at this point, and this is only the FIRST escape attempt so of course, there is more GIMP potential, right? The answer is yes, of course, but what we get falls somewhat short.

Of course, our trio of babes is trying to make their way to freedom when one of the 'Watermen' happens upon them. A fight ensues, and he does a pretty good job of holding his own against three GIMPettes with their fury unleashed. At one point, he grabs a trident and IMPALES the shapely leg of the buxom brunette. Very convincingly done, but at this point one of the surviving putzes shows up to tip the scale in their favor. Exit one 'Waterman'.

By the way... why do the 'Watermen' go after healthy young people anyway? Is it cannibalism? No.. it's chum. Yes... chum. Apparently the desperate Watermen find that the fishes prefer human meat. Ugh.

So, continuing this tired retread of the thing the filmmakers loosely refer to as a plot, they make their way out of the island lair, and of course get separated during another chase. (yawn, never seen this before!)... Two girls are recaptured (yay) and find themselves at the mercy of two of the 'Watermen'. One is the poor lass with the impaled leg, who, due to blood loss is not faring so well. The girls are pinned side by side on a table, and as one watches in horror, the brunette's arm is cut lengthwise, very graphically, along the vein... so she will bleed to death. Of course, the torture doesn't stop there. The 'waterman' rip open her shirt to expose a rather lovely pair of perky, big nippled breasts... he brings the knife to the poor girl's right boob and performs impromptu breast reduction surgery by removing one of her implants. At this point, our poor lass expires from blood loss.

I'm rather torn about this scene... for some reason... it should be good, but it's not. The special effects are well done, and the girls scream convincingly... but it just misses the mark. No bondage... and if you have a lovely babe at your mercy... stripping her, all you do is bleed her to death and cut out her implant?? Why?

Later on, a putz arrives to save the other girl. She ends up on a conveyor belt, unconscious, bound, slowly moving towards two revolving steal grinding cylinders. Certainly if she reaches the end a horrid, bone crushing death awaits. There is a fight... shot in slow motion... with flaming weapons! (yawn). This was the filmmakers attempt at tension. The problem here, is that this plot has been paint-by-numbers so far, and so already we know the girl isn't going to die... yet... and the guy is going to win the fight.

As far as GIMP goes, that's all there is in this movie, so my review ends here... I won't spoil the 'surprise' ending, which is, if you have ever seen a horror movie in your life, no surprise at all. The acting is bad, the dialogue atrocious, the plot predictable. There is some bondage, some nudity, and one scene that almost makes the movie worth a rental. I think that this movie frustrates in the lost potential... it could have been a classic. I can't find myself hating this movie as much as say... Resurrection County, because of a few things. There is bondage, there is nudity, there is a rape... somewhat shown.... but I still hate it. I will rate this a D+. Some might find the bondage/ strip scene passable, and the "implant removal" scene might tickle someone's fancy... and the breasts shown are all lovely, perky breasts.

Move this flick to the bottom of forgotten, low budget films pronto.

Thursday, July 19th 2012 - 10:46:15 AM

Name: Griffin
E-mail address:

Naked & Fear in Bondage

Thursday, July 19th 2012 - 01:27:06 PM

Name: johnsmart

I'd like to have a brief discussion about mainstream scenes. We don't have to talk about it for long, and I know the subject comes up quite often. What I'd like to discuss is prolonged torture or bondage scenes in mainstream scenes. I'm talking about the scenes that last for minutes, not seconds. A lot of movies have blink and you miss it scenes. Some movies have scenes that could have been great but they were too short or badly filmed.

Tell me what your favorite lengthy scenes are.

Thursday, July 19th 2012 - 07:45:33 PM

Name: D. Santorum

Sardu: I appreciated your rant (let's hope it makes a light bulb come on in some film-maker's head somewhere) and laughed out loud at your review. So thanks.

Griffen: Nice vidcaps. What is that scene shown just above "Poor Cecily?" It find it very....intriguing.

Thursday, July 19th 2012 - 09:42:02 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

GOG: I've seen Emanuelle in America, both the censored and the supposedly "uncut" version. For all I know, there may be another version out there. This reviewer claims the snuff sequences last 7-9 minutes, but my VHS edit lasted only 3 minutes total so I don't really know which is accurate.

I will say that the snuff movie scenes that Laura Gemser watches are very graphic and very well-done, even if they just give us a small taste of each torture. One of the uncut scenes showed a woman getting a penis-shaped funnel stuck into her mouth while boiling oil is poured down her throat, there's a quick shot of a very smoky branding, as well as a tied-up woman getting her nipple sliced off. Like I say, all the individual sequences are very brief but worth checking out.

Here's a few stills for you:

The movie was directed by Joe D'Amato, a very prolific director for GIMP scenes (he was the Italian version of Jess Franco) and from what I've read, he ended up getting his passport confiscated for two years when he ended up in court when an actress tried to sue him over the breast chopping sequence. If you can find the DVD, make sure you get the uncut version; I've heard Blue Underground released it supposedly uncut but I can't say for sure.


Sardu: You're turning into a John Galt-ish Reviewing Machine lately. I really enjoyed reading your review, even if I'm sorry that the news you had to report was disappointing, since I had high hopes for The Watermen. I still can't seem to find it on DVD in this country, though. What was your source for viewing it?

I also agree with your point that even if a movie has one well-done GIMP scene, it gives it a bit of cult status, no matter how badly the rest of the film may suck. It sounds like the filmmakers had the right idea (the trailer was great) but no clue as to make the scenes pay off. What is it about movies made today that they can't seem to get things right?

The direct link for your review is in my Homepage URL above.


johnsmart: Yeah, the key to finding good scenes in mainstream films is the length of the sequence. It seems like anymore there's only a tease if you get anything at all. Sardu's review mentioned Barbarian Queen; that's an excellent scene with a beautiful nude victim and the sequel was even better. Those are just a couple that come to mind, but we're still going back to the 1980s for those. What have you seen that qualify?


D. Santorum: The pics you're asking about are from Cannibal Doctor, a movie I haven't seen. But the young lady being tied down is the legendary Misty Mundae, one of my real favorites. She had quite a few GIMP movies early on in her career before she sadly turned to softcore lesbian flicks and then away from the whole scene altogether, since she's made very few films lately.

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 01:04:47 AM

Name: Mr. 0
E-mail address:

@johnsmart: Interesting question. If this kind of question were to come up, I'd definitely point out to Don't Go In The House (1979).

The GIMP scene started off with great promise, actually. The killer (Don Grimaldi) kidnapped a local florist (Johanna Brushay, in her only film role) and took her to his metal chamber in his basement. We directly cut to this scene:

See? Looks promising right? Brushay is suspended AOH with no clothes on. And since she's a dancer in real life, her rack is pretty easy on the eyes too.

Truth be told, this scene reminds of the Debra McCabe's gorgeous GIMP scene in SAW III as the Freezer Trap victim. I find it to be my favorite GIMP scene ever in mainstream horror mostly because of its moderate length and its willingness to use the full potential of the torture.

But for Don't Go In The House, the downfall starts in there. Instead of prolonging the scene (maybe with the killer taunting the victim or making her beg), the screenwriter decided to make the killer quickly donned his flame suit and entered the chamber, torching Brushay alive. She only got several seconds of screaming scene before the killer entered, which is lame and, again, could have been done better. While this is very violent, I don't think this one lasted even 2 minutes, which is a shame considering the potential this GIMP scene or this movie as a whole could offer. We didn't get to see her body a while longer or the killer enjoying the view or the victim begging for her life.

True, I heard they sped up the process because Brushay felt very cold during the filming, but that's just unprofessional. If you sign up for a role, then don't chicken out when it's time to walk the talk. And to make the matter worse, this scene is the last time we see any nudity in Don't Go In The House. The next victims....ARE ALL CLOTHED!!! I mean, what the hell?! Why did you disrobe the first victim, but let the rest keep their dignity?! What's with the prejudice?! And of course, non-nude GIMP scene where they could have been nude is completely insipid, so that makes for a very disappointing watch. If I were to rate this movie's GIMP scene, even D would be generous I think.

This is a movie that can really use a remake, really. Hollywood should be remaking bad movies like this instead of classics they knew they couldn't improve. The nude AOH scenes can be done longer and in copious amount featuring beautiful actresses. I mean, it's not like they would find shortage of actresses willing to be nude anyway.

Another title would be The Girl Next Door (2007) I share Ralphus' opinion that the GIMP scenes in that movie could have been done in a more more more explicit way, what a shame!

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 02:04:10 AM

Name: Bman
E-mail address:

Don't Go in the House had one of my favorite scenes. I agree with the reviews that say its disapointing in length and its gimp action. The bad guy had issues with being burnt as a child and could have elected a longer torment for the florist.

What made it one of favorites is that the victim woke up bound. At the very begining of that scene you watch her wake up and realize she's AOH and naked. Does that do it for anyone else and are there more movie scenes that have that content?

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 09:08:38 AM

Name: Badger


Thanks for your excellent review of Watermen. We may not always score the same, but your reviews are top-notch. I, too, am curious as to where you were able to find the movie.


A good question about extended bondage scenes in mainstream movies. Going back to old favorites once again and including "Light" bondage, the Ginger series comes to mind. No cutaways there. Also, the tentacle rape scenes in some of the Japanese La Blue Girl movies seemed to go on forever. I could step out to refresh my G&T and not miss much.

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 09:17:31 AM

Name: mr bush

mr O

True, I heard they sped up the process because Brushay felt very cold during the filming.

I do not see how, she had a real nice full bush to keep her warm.

besides nice boob's she had a full set of hips and butt, well put together.

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 12:59:01 PM

Name: Harry Tchinski
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

If you would like to see SPACESHIP TERROR, it will be coming out internationally around mid Aug 2012 on iPads and iPhone as a movie app. If you would still like to get a DVD copy of the film you can still get it at

Now that I've said all of that I would like to say that this blog is GREAT. I've been checking out a lot of other blog sites and you guys take your film watching VERY SERIOUSLY. I tend to come back here just to read a lot of the stuff on here because, to tell you the truth it's really entertaining, plus I've taken some advice on watching some of the films talked about here...

Put the trailer for SPACESHIP TERROR, for those interested, hope it plays here for you.

Have a great weekend

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 02:32:58 PM

Name: Mr. 0
E-mail address:

@Bman: I agree, the bad guy should have been made calmer and taunted her with how she will die slowly from the fire. That way, when she cried and begged it would have been longer & more enjoyable to watch. And the other victims should have been naked too!

And about any victim waking up and finding themselves tied up &, good question. It didn't actually do anything for me cause what matters to me is the nudity, not how the victim found out about it. But if you're looking for scenes like that, I think Barbara Crampton in Re-Animator (1985) is a perfect example:

If you haven't seen the movie, I'd let you imagine how she reacts when she wakes up, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!


@Mr. Bush: I think the cold was caused due to the fact only her bush was hairy and meat on her breasts, hip, and butt was unable to reduce the cold, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 03:03:42 PM

Name: Sardu
Homepage URL:

Ralphus: My friend, I get my movies from Redbox, Netflix, Amazon, and in those rare cases where things just won't seem to get released here in America... perhaps unsavory methods are employed.

Now for another review. See what happens when I get two days off?

The Skin I Live In (2011): I'm going to deviate from my usual review methods here in a few ways. I'm going to avoid spoilers, and the reason being is that I loved this movie on so many levels, and I certainly would not wish to deny that enjoyment for others.... so I will discuss the 'GIMP' scenes somewhat, talk about the very basics of the plot, and give my rating. Fair enough?

Ok, let me say from the get go, that this movie is a total mind fuck. Let me also recommend that you see it in the original Spanish with subtitles, rather then a dubbed version. The acting here is top notch, the direction masterful, and the story one of the more original ones that I have seen in some time. Considering the absolute trash that I have been watching lately, this was like a beaming ray of sunlight after a month of rainy days. Elena Anaya's voice is lilting and soft, and I could listen to her recite a grocery list, and be entertained. She's also one of the most beautiful actress I think I have ever seen.

I fear that American film is dead. The absolute best horror and original stories simply are not made here anymore. Tired retreads of movies that were better done the first time are fed to us like thick pablum, and we are suppose to accept that, and say thank you can I have some more? For the dull witted masses of sheeple that give this trash their patronage, I guess that's ok, but for those of us whose brain requires a special diet of intellectual vitamins, and thought provoking minerals, it is enough to drive one to insanity.

So, every now and then, out of the dim wasteland that we call cinema, a shining beam of hope is given to us. 'The Skin I Live In' is one such morsel. Eat of it slowly, my friends, and savor the sweet juices for these treats come rarely.

My interest in this film started when I saw a clip of the rape scene with Elena Anaya, and struck by how pretty the actress was, I had to learn more. I read a snippet of the plot: A woman held hostage for six years while a scientist (Antonio Bandaras!) performs experiments on her. How could I not see this movie? I was all in.

The plot delivered is exactly how it was described.... somewhat. This is the type of movie that the dialogue seemingly does not make sense in the beginning, that the character's reactions to certain events are puzzling... in a David Lynch sort of way.... but unlike a David Lynch film, there is a REASON for this, and the big reveal is probably one of the best mind fucks in movie history. This also lends to multiple viewings for several reasons. One, so you can go back and get all the foreshadowing you missed the first time, 'now that you know.' And the second, so you can watch with friends and laugh manically when the truth of things reveal themselves.

This is really Sci-fi/ Horror at its best.

Surgeon Robert Ledgard has succeeded in cultivating artificial skin resistant to burns and insect bites, which he says he has been testing on athymic mice, which he calls "GAL". He presents his results in a medical symposium but when he privately discloses he has also conducted illegal transgenetic experiments on humans, he is forbidden to continue with his research.

On his secluded estate, Legard is keeping a young woman, named Vera, captive, with the help of his servant Marilla.

Now, let me say the estate is so beautiful... a real picturesque Spanish villa. Even the room where the lovely Vera is held captive is pretty. The doctor watches the naked Vera from his bedroom as he returns home from work on a large 62" plasma TV screen. The camera pans over her nakedness, showing the perfection of her skin. The director, Pedro Almodovar, never lets the camera 'leer' at her.... no, he caresses her with the camera, indulging the viewer with her absolute beauty... while she performs yoga, lies naked on the bed, or is examined by Robert. He has a very lovely subject... and I have to wonder if the perfection of her skin wasn't a combination of make up and CGI. The reaction for any male would have to be a raised heartbeat, a lump in the throat and increased respiration.

This is especially true in one scene with Bandaras and Vera. She naked, and he's examining her. He comes up behind her, and very gently caresses the underswell of her absolutely perfect breasts, commenting, "I hadn't realized just how soft your skin had gotten." Her nipples firm and become quite erect, right there on screen as the camera does not shy away. Its a jaw dropping, gasping moment... and as the movie continues, you realize just how badly Almodovar has suckered us in.

The first rape scene occurs when Robert is out. Marilla's son Zeca, having committed a robbery, stops by the villa. He ties up his mother, and goes after Vera, very graphically stripping her and raping her. Just as Zeca climaxes, Robert bursts in and shoots him to death. There is no bondage, but the scene is well done, and one can not deny the peril of the victim. It a classic scene... but there's a slight catch. Which I can't tell you without spoiling the whole movie.

The second rape occurs in flashback. It happens when Robert and his daughter Norma attend a wedding on a large estate. It's a date rape scene, so once again, no bondage, but Norma has lovely breasts, so it's worth a look.

It is however hard to classify the scenes portrayed here as GIMP scenes.... or even Vera's captivity as a GIMP situation. What I can say is that if you are a fan of Sci fi/ Horror this is a must see... even if you aren't, this movie is really ART, though I suspect it will not appeal to certain people for reasons having more to do with the viewer's squeamishness on certain issues, then the movie itself.

This movie addresses several issues of our day.. like the morality of genetic mutation on humans, and other things, but it is never preachy. The horror comes from the situation, and the plot. Yes, there are some tense moments, and some blood, but that's not really where the terror of this film comes from. I can't say more, without giving too much away, and it would be a real crime if I did. If I were to rate this on GIMP alone, I would have to give it a C-. As a movie in its own right, I give it an A+. This movie is destined to be a classic, and I guarantee you, it will leave an impression long after you hit the STOP button.

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 03:46:37 PM

Name: High Horse
E-mail address:

Do music videos count as 'GIMP'-worthy? It's all film, right? We all remember Madonna's forays into BDSM with 'Justify my Love', and Rihanna with 'S&M', but we all knew that they were just toying with the 'shock value' for commercial reasons.

Well, along with a love of film (especially GIMP-worthy ones), I am a keen follower of live music, and have recently become rather taken with a London based outfit that I have seen play live a few times. They are called 'Manflu', and are a truly international band including members from England, The USA, France, Japan, and Khazakstan. What makes them qualify for this forum? Well, their singer is an interesting character. She is a Khazak called Aza Shade, and also works as an artist, actress, and photographer. She declares that her 'muse' is porn actress Sasha Grey (the band perform a song about her) and she looks like this on a recent photoshoot:


(Yes, she always pouts like that)

Recently, on Facebook, Aza put out a call for 'Girls wanted to appear in our new video - must be prepared to be tied up'. 'Interesting' I thought. And then this teaser photo appeared:


I can only imagine the looks that they got floating down the canal in Camden Town with two naked girls in bondage on the roof of the narrowboat.

I will keep an eye open for when the full video is released, and let you know if it is worth seeing...

I know that this may have limited appeal here, but if you ARE interested in what a song by an avant garde post-punk multinational band about Sasha Grey sounds like, you can listen for free here:

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 04:33:22 PM

Name: Baron von Folter
E-mail address:

It seems we have another case of "Is it cut or is it not" concerning "Emanuelle in America". I have the Blue Underground release that runs 100 min. The snuff scenes are shown in three sequences. The first runs 42 sec, second 72 sec, third 80 sec. This includes cutaways. This comes to a grand total of 3.2 min with cutaways. This version has the three scenes Ralphus posted.


Friday, July 20th 2012 - 04:41:21 PM

Name: High Horse
E-mail address:

In response to 'Sardu's' post, I can second the fact that 'The Skin I Live In' is an excellent film, although not quite 'GIMP (for reasons that will become apparent if you watch it!). Perhaps more GIMP-worthy is an earlier Almodovar effort, 'Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down'...

Sardu's post got me thinking 'why is it that we can have either a great GIMP scene or a great movie, but never at the same time?' All of my favourite GIMP scenes (the whipping scene in 'Ramrodder'; the rack scene in 'Vampire Happening'; almost any scene in a 'GIGA' move) are from pretty dreadful movies. It is almost never that we get a properly good GIMP scene in a really good movie. I suppose that the closest examples that I can think of are the Stuart Gordon Lovecraft epic 'Dagon' (I love this movie! And not just for the AOH suspension & sacrifice scene), and possibly 'Malificarum' (purely for the sheer volume of GIMP scenes).

What are your examples of the best GIMP scene in the worst movie, and the best GIMP scene in the best movie?

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 05:17:14 PM

Name: YikYakker

High Horse wrote:

What are your examples of the best GIMP scene in the worst movie, and the best GIMP scene in the best movie?

Well, my answer to the first part would have to be Franco's The Devil Hunter. It's a piece of crap as a movie, but Ursula Fellner has at least two outstanding scenes...and I saw the edited version!

But I agree with you, Dagon is enjoyable in its own right, but made sterling by Raquel Merono's fully-nude and 'suspenseful' scene. I'm surprised no one has reviewed that yet.

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 07:29:32 PM

Name: johnsmart

First, in response to Ralphus' question about my favorite long duration GIMP scene, a couple come to mind. First, I think about the electro scene from Bloodsucking Freaks which is an "almost but not quite" scene. Although it's not especially long, it the camera didn't flinch away. I think the scenes from Poor Cecily are probably a good example of long scenes.

As for a movie that is both good and has a good scene, the first movie I thought of was the 1981 version of Clash of the Titans. By today's standard, the special effects are horrible, but by the 1981 standard they were amazing. There were good actors/actresses, and the quintessential example of a damsel in distress at the end.

Friday, July 20th 2012 - 08:50:01 PM

Name: carnyx
E-mail address:

hi high horse- thank you for the information on manflu. did you ever hear of naked whipper, the genotorturers or bitch? take care. robert

Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 09:04:00 AM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

Still having too much fun making Elder Scrolls Skyrim more GIMP friendly (as you can see in homepage link).

Anyone know how to create animations in a 3d program (like Blender) and save them as HKX files? I'd love to learn, but from what I hear making high quality animations is the most difficult and time consuming aspect of 3d art in general, and perhaps a step above my technical expertise.

Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 12:48:24 PM

Name: Cannon
Homepage URL:


If you want to truly "appreciate" the "snuff" scenes in Emmanuelle in America, record them in slow-motion, editing out the unnecessary. And if your play machine has a zoom feature you can close in on the "movie screen" shots so that they fill the screen. The version I created is about fifteen minutes long.

While there has been many controversies over the movie including whether the snuff bits were real and had been obtained somewhere in South America, you have to figure there was a lot more film shot in the dungeon than was included in any version.

The link leads to a site that discusses the different versions and is nicely illustrated with screen shots.

Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 01:06:18 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Sardu: You certainly have become a reviewing machine. Thank you for both of the very entertaining reviews. Frankly, I don't know that either of your choices appeals to me. I actually doubt The Skin I Live In is my beyond-the-GIMP type of movie, either ... although I'm the kind of putz who likes David Lynch movies.


Best scenes: Some of the best scenes in the worst movies include the rapes in the Ginger movies, the rape and beating in Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs, and a number of scenes -- such as the electroshock torture -- in that movie that made Sardu and Ralphus household names.

The best scenes in the best movie: I'd have to go with the rapes in A Clockwork Orange.

Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 01:10:41 PM

Name: Badger

At about the same time last year that we were that we were first hearing about The Watermen, someone mentioned a movie title Break, a Canadian movie about some female campers. It shows up on IMDB but with very limited information. Anybody know more?

It IS frustrating to be enticed by a good review such as for The Watermen and then not be able to find it. On that one, I checked Netflix, Amazon, Ebay, and even Blockbuster. Nothing. It shows up on those Free Downloads websites. But those make me really nervous.

Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 01:20:32 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mr. 0: You would rate the GIMP scene from Don't Go in the House a D? Are you serious? I'm surprised no one has called you out on this one yet, but that's about to change. That's one of the greatest mainstream scenes ever filmed...period. Certainly one of the most realistic burning scenes ever. In fact, that film is the epitome of what Sardu mentioned otherwise mediocre film that has achieved cult status on the basis of one outstanding GIMP scene.

Check out the review that John Galt wrote last year. He got the grade right.


Sardu: Once again, you're right on with your review of The Skin I Live In. And thank you for not giving away the "secret" of the movie, which might have ruined it for the rest of the viewing public. I saw that film when it opened here in Ohio last year and agree it was one of the most original and best films of the year. For those who missed it, here's another look at the review of the film I wrote myself, complete with some GIMP-worthy naked pics from the 2 rape scenes.

Make note of the final paragraph in which I wrote, "One thing though...Anaya's rape scene might seem less enjoyable if you watch it a second time after seeing what unfolds in the story. Whoops, have I given away a clue? Maybe. But definitely seek out the film if you can find it; it's really good."

I hope others check out the movie and report back to the board what they thought, particularly Canadian, since he says he likes David Lynch movies. If you're a fan of films like Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, it's a movie you won't want to miss.

The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


Cannon: Outstanding find on that Movie Censorship Report link. Lots of vidcaps and everything that perfectly show what's missing in the censored version. I'm gonna have to take a look at my copy and see if it's complete.

Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 02:02:51 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

I saw that film when it opened here in Ohio last year and agree it was one of the most original and best films of the year. For those who missed it, here's another look at the review of the film I wrote myself, complete with some GIMP-worthy naked pics from the 2 rape scenes.

Ah, yes, I remember that review -- although I didn't realize it's the same movie. I didn't seek out the movie at the time because I remember the Ralphus Review left me thinking I might not be satisfied with the GIMP scenes once I fully understood what had happened (not a spoiler, I don't think -- I haven't seen the film). Maybe I should give it a look.

Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 06:47:59 PM

Name: Bill K.

Ralphus wrote: " Don't Go in the House... (is) one of the greatest mainstream scenes ever filmed...period."

I was going to say the same thing because I also believe it's one of best hot real looking and very good acted fiery peril scenes I have ever seen and that includes all the bats fiery peril scene. Maleficarum's bats event is far superior but other bats movie scenes not so much. Bill K.

Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 08:29:43 PM

Name: marathonmann

Badger: "At about the same time last year that we were that we were first hearing about The Watermen, someone mentioned a movie title Break, a Canadian movie about some female campers. It shows up on IMDB but with very limited information. Anybody know more?"

It's a German film with a bloody second half. The four female campers get attacked by two guys. One girl gets killed immediately and one was able to flee. The other two women get caught.

Rose was bound AOH to a tree. Anna (played by the gorgeous Marina Anna Eich) was bound completely naked between two trees. Rose was able to watch how one of the guys rapes and later kills Anna. Then he "plays" with Rose and injures her before the other girl frees her. This lasts for 15 - 20 minutes and I think it's very well done.

Here are a few caps:

My English isn't very good but I hope was understandable.

Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 08:48:26 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:


My lates "GIMP" movie will be out next Thursday. HILLBILLY HOSPITALITY II

A group of 4 hot chick frisky rafters encounter a sexy rafter broken down on the side of the river. When the girls go to pee up the trail, 4 Hillbilly's nab em. By the time its all over, all have been raped & killed, not necessarily in that order.

Was digging through some ol DVD's the other day & look what I found.

Guess I can add Rick & ZFX to my list of influences. Thanks Rick!



Saturday, July 21st 2012 - 11:28:26 PM

Name: Badger


Your info and caps about Break are great and are appreciated. It looks like something I would like to check out, but I haven't seen it around. And your English is impressive as a second language, better than mine as a first.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 12:04:13 AM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings All!

Maxx Coxx: Thanks for the shout out man! The new flick looks good, hillbilly outdoor action is usually a winner.

Mr. 0: Whew doggies, I knew Ralphus' cranium would detonate upon reading your opine of Don't Go In The House lol. I think the exceeding hotness (no pun intended) of the lady warrants a better grade. She has an exceptional body and I like that AOH position, it displays her well. I'm no burning superfan, but this is about as good as I've seen in the mainstream. It's a nice scene, coulda been longer, I suspect there was more shot that we shall never see.

This movie had to pass the MPAA censorship board. You have to be thankful when these little gems make it into mainstream film because these creative decisions are very complicated. If they ever do a remake, it will probably worse than the original with less nudity and jerky, ill positioned camera shots. I tire of "remakes" that don't bring anything new to the table. I would like to see new stories, new ideas. That's my take.



Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 01:50:57 AM

Name: Sardu

Ralphus: I agree with you my friend, and yes, that is exactly the type of movie I was thinking about in my earlier post. C'mon... Mr. 0... who would be even talking about a piece of crap 80's movie like 'Don't Go in the House' in 2012 if it were not for that burning scene?

The bondage is exquisite. I love the shot of her feet, chained to the floor... on tiptoes even... Johanna Brushay is gorgeous naked, and she totally sells the scene with her horror. I will agree with you that it is stupid that later in the movie two girls are captured and burned while clothed, whilst the first girl is naked... its a stupid movie, no doubt. However, like Ralphus said, that single scene is one of the best 'damsel in peril' scenes in mainstream movie history.

Let's do the check list...
- Naked? check
- Attractive actress? check
- Convincing bondage? check
- Scene well acted? check
- Well lit? check
- Decent duration? check
- Interesting death/ torture? check
- Forced sex? no

These are the hallmarks of a good scene... and this one has 7 out of 8. Please tell me a mainstream scene that has more.

Now, for one of MY favorite Mainstream scene, for duration has got to be the 'tree branch' rape scene from the first 'Evil Dead' movie. It has 5 out of 8. The actress is a butterface, the lighting isn't the best, and she's not naked, but the situation is interesting, the stripping, and the 'whipping' is nice... and the actress sold the scene.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 03:22:31 AM

Name: marathonmann
Homepage URL:

I want to bring a French TV-Series to your attention: Rani (2011). I haven't seen the whole series, only parts of it and I don't understand French. But as far as I have seen it there is one branding scene and several whipping scenes.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 04:46:44 AM

Name: John Galt

Mr O: Congratulations on energizing the GIMP forum over your opinion of Don't Go In The House. I love reading those sorts of back-and-forth conversations. I have to agree with Rick that I also imagined Ralphus' head exploding when he read that. He takes his GIMP so seriously.

Obviously, I liked the scene--so much so that in my review I added copious pictures to illustrate that single sequence. Thanks to Ralphus for "cleaning up" the pictures. It seems the picture-sharing site I'm using has taken to adding its name to all the pics. Now I need to go back and redo all the illustrated reviews and host the pictures on the GIMP site's server.

I am also a huge fan of the "head" scene from Re-Animator. It just so happens I reviewed that movie as well, again with lots of pictures illustrating that single sequence.

* * * * *

Sardu: I like your 8-point checklist for great GIMP scenes. And I agree with you on Evil Dead, which, coincidentally, I also reviewed, although back before I was adding illustrations. Maybe I should revisit that one and illustrate it.

* * * * *

marathonman: Thanks for the heads-up on Break, and the nice vidcaps. I will put that only my list of GIMP flicks to track down and watch... eventually.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 10:44:33 AM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt wrote:

It seems the picture-sharing site I'm using has taken to adding its name to all the pics. Now I need to go back and redo all the illustrated reviews and host the pictures on the GIMP site's server.

Even worse, the anti-virus program on my computer isn't allowing the reworked pictures in John Galt's reviews to be displayed at all. So all I get is an empty white box with the description of each picture (eg., "eaten out") in the top left corner.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 11:08:18 AM

Name: Sardu

John Galt: John, in regards to the 'Evil Dead' I will 100% agree with your review of the branch rape scene... though we will have to disagree on the movie as a whole. I absolutely loved it... but... this is me. I'm an H.P. Lovecraft fan, and the horror, comedy blend, and nods to Lovecraft (the necronomicon was his creation).

Your assessment of 'Don't Go In the House' is also spot on.

If you use the check list you can see the 'Re-animator' scene also gets a 6.5 out of 8 rating. The hallmark of a classic. There's no 'death/ torture', and its an 'almost' for the forced oral sex.... but then, its being given by a disembodied head. Which gives me a giggle as it rates very highly on the ironic scale... a head giving head. You gotta love that. Damn Herbert West for arriving too early... couldn't he have waited just 5 minutes more to save the damsel?

Stuart Gordon has given us three interesting GIMP scenes using H.P. Lovecraft as his muse. 'Re-Animator', 'From Beyond' and the absolute classic, 'Dagon'. Gordon is one of the few film makers to gives us not only some of the absolute best GIMP moments in mainstream cinema history, but bares the distinction of making pretty damn good movies. All three of these films I throughly enjoyed. 'Dagon' is the one that is closest to Lovecraft's work, though it's actually a rewrite of 'Shadow over Innsmouth.'

Looking over the movie review section, I'm surprised that 'Dagon' has never been reviewed here. I might just have to break out that DVD and rewatch it.


Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 11:37:54 AM

Name: Mr.0

@Ralphus: Hm, alright, I guess should have elaborated a little bit more. The D grade came out mainly because I felt the first burning scene could have been done longer & better, and the fact that the other burning scenes should have featured a lot more (of the girls).

I mean, take The New York Ripper for example. I would be more than glad to give the GIMP scenes in that movie around B because Lucio Fulci took his time filming the torture scene where the Daniela Doria was tied topless to bed in spread eagle position. Almost nothing was left for imagination (expect for her fanny), and although it's an "almost", it got a B from me cause it was long, well shot with the close-ups, and vicious as hell. The only downfall of it was it didn't show the waist down and the torture done in it, which is why it doesn't get an A.

I didn't give the grade only to Johanna Brushay's scene, but the combination of her scene and other girls' scene. Like I said before, the director & screenwriter had all the time & girls he needed to prolong and feature more of them, but he chose not to. This feeling is what unfortunately forced me to give the grade. If Johanna Brushay's scene mimicked Doria's scene if only in length, it would have received a B from me.

And it's not just Don't Go In The House that received a D from me as far as mainstream GIMP goes. There are other movies with completely wasted potential I would give the same grade, like The Girl Next Door (2007) for example. And since Dagon is mentioned here, I'd admit if I have to rate that one I'd give it a proud B because we never saw Raquel's fanny. I guess I reserve the A to those who showed everything, completed its potential, and were done in a considerable length.

But I can understand if you or anyone else would like the scene with Brushay, though. I guess it's just we have a different viewpoint this time. >_<


@Rick: Hm, while I agree her body was hotness (pun intended), I'm proponent to the idea good rack has to be used properly for a good grade. Hence, the grade and the reason as I've stated above.

And I believe the movie is one of the video nasties, so MPAA rating should not be taken to consideration since video nasties in the first place are movies that defy the law of censorship anyway. Though, it may be just me and what I know. I could be wrong though. Feel free to correct me if I am indeed wrong.

And I would beg to differ that this is it as far as mainstream GIMP scene goes. Read my answer to Sardu below for further proof.

And yes, the remake of DGITH can be bad in the wrong hands. If only I could ensure it gets in mine, though, I'll ensure the quality of its GIMP scenes, LOL. A man can dream, right?


@Sardu: Well, I know who I'm up against so I'll answer your challenge by doing my best. If there is any GIMP scene from horror I'd call out at times like this I'd summon SAW III, twenty five years later after DGITH:

Courtesy of Debra McCabe, 35 years old during the filming. That's how I like GIMP scenes in mainstream movies:

i. She showed it all (her butt & back for only a brief amount of time though, but still counts). But you can see her breasts and pussy for a lengthy amount of time.

ii. It maxed out its potential (chained AOH & completely nude). And as a bonus, we see her breasts jiggle a lot too since she struggles (to no avail) against her restraint to free herself from the cold.

iii. Had a 7 minutes screentime (which is rich for a mainstream non-sexploitation GIMP scene to my understanding).

iv. To add to it, she was pretty for a 35 year old. Actually, she's still pretty even now at 42.

v. Had a hot rack to boot. Fine ass, big breasts, beautiful waist, nice thighs, and clean pussy.

vi. Well lit, all in blue which fits the atmosphere of the icy torture.

vii. The best use of any "freezing to death" scene in the history of cinema.

viii. Forced sex? No, but her holes are enclosed with ice so it's pretty reasonable not to put anyone's engine in there.

ix. Convincing bondage? Hell to the yeah. She was chained AOH to the ceiling and not only there were some metal restraints connected to the chain binding her wrists, both the restraints and the chain were secured by a metal padlock which can only be opened by a key dangling five feet on her back among the icy pipes. Escape is impossible for her.

x. Well acted? Yes, even the director & screenwriter attributed the success of the torture to her performance.

xi. Did she beg to be saved? Yes, but it was useless.

xii. Did she suffer slowly? Oh, hell yeah. Every second of it, every inch of her body. And she died an agonizing death (which her character deserved, BTW), so it's a plus.

It's an easy A+ from me. And this is just one example, The Image & The Story of O are two other mainstream movies with GIMP scenes that are worthy of A+ grade, IMO. I hope this is a good answer to your challenge. ^_^

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 12:05:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I found the Saw III human popsicle scene on YouTube. I have to disagree that the victim was all that good-looking. To me, she's about as attractive as a lump of clay.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 12:43:27 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

I found the Saw III human popsicle scene on YouTube. I have to disagree that the victim was all that good-looking. To me, she's about as attractive as a lump of clay.

This was a good reminder about the importance of doing your homework. I was about to start ranting about Ralphus's unkind remarks -- then I checked out the link. That's funny.

Actually, I agree with Mr. O. about Saw III. It's one of the few horror movies I own on Blu-Ray.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 01:00:57 PM

Name: ESA

And I thought guys liked wonen with a lot of dough.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 01:22:31 PM

Name: Sardu

Ralphus... I will agree with you that Debra McCabe is not the most attractive damsel, but, I will also agree with Mr. O that that scene is great. In fact, I would have to say, that the fact that she has flaws and is 'real' adds to the excitement of the scene. This is a classic damsel in peril scenario and rates a 5 out of 8... I would give it a B-.

Ok, before I submit my review of Dagon I will have to speak about H.P. Lovecraft for a moment. I discovered his stories about fifteen years ago. His prose was difficult at first, and I found myself frequently reaching for a dictionary to look up a variety of words and their meanings. Trust me, before Lovecraft I had know idea what 'Cyclopean' meant or even that it existed. However, I persevered, and in time, his stories would invoke true moments of horror.

For those who don't like Lovecraft's prose because they find him difficult to understand, I have but one thing to say. Stop filling your mind with inane, corporate sponsored, mind numbing drivel, filling your iPod with thought destroying music like "Country Girl Shake it for me" or "Call me Maybe", put down your God damned cell phone, turn off the TV, stop playing first person shooter video games, and pick up a freakin' book! You want to know why this country is going to shit? It's people like you!

I can think of no other author that has given me moments of actual horror from reading a book, like Lovecraft, and it is BECAUSE of his prose. Words are the tool that creates images in your mind when reading... and the more descriptive... the more INTERESTING the words are the more powerfully those images take you.

To illustrate my point, indulge me a moment whilst I share three of the most horror filled paragraphs I've ever read. This is from "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward." Some may call this a difficult read... and it is to be sure, BUT the slow build up is a hallmark of Lovecraft's work, and he always gives you the payoff. Here, carefully crafted prose draws you in with classic gothic images of horror that no filmmaker could hope to duplicate.

"From that frightful smell and that uncanny noise Willett's attention could no longer be diverted. Both were plainer and more hideous in the great pillared hall than anywhere else, and carried a vague impression of being far below, even in this dark nether world of subterranean mystery. Before trying any of the black archways for steps leading further down, the doctor cast his beam of light about the stone-flagged floor. It was very loosely paved, and at irregular intervals there would occur a slab curiously pierced by small holes in no definite arrangement, while at one point there lay a very long ladder carelessly flung down. To this ladder, singularly enough, appeared to cling a particularly large amount of the frightful odour which encompassed everything. As he walked slowly about it suddenly occurred to Willett that both the noise and the odour seemed strongest directly above the oddly pierced slabs, as if they might be crude trap-doors leading down to some still deeper region of horror. Kneeling by one, he worked at it with his hands, and found that with extreme difficulty he could budge it. At his touch the moaning beneath ascended to a louder key, and only with vast trepidation did he persevere in the lifting of the heavy stone. A stench unnamable now rose up from below, and the doctor's head reeled dizzily as he laid back the slab and turned his torch upon the exposed square yard of gaping blackness.

If he had expected a flight of steps to some wide gulf of ultimate abomination, Willett was destined to be disappointed; for amidst that foetor and cracked whining he discerned only the brick-faced top of a cylindrical well perhaps a yard and a half in diameter and devoid of any ladder or other means of descent. As the light shone down, the wailing changed suddenly to a series of horrible yelps; in conjunction with which there came again that sound of blind, futile scrambling and slippery thumping. The explorer trembled, unwilling even to imagine what noxious thing might be lurking in that abyss, but in a moment mustered up the courage to peer over the rough-hewn brink; lying at full length and holding the torch downward at arm's length to see what might lie below. For a second he could distinguish nothing but the slimy, moss-grown brick walls sinking illimitably into that half-tangible miasma of murk and foulness and anguished frenzy; and then he saw that something dark was leaping clumsily and frantically up and down at the bottom of the narrow shaft, which must have been from twenty to twenty-five feet below the stone floor where he lay. The torch shook in his hand, but he looked again to see what manner of living creature might be immured there in the darkness of that unnatural well; left starving by young Ward through all the long month since the doctors had taken him away, and clearly only one of a vast number imprisoned in the kindred wells whose pierced stone covers so thickly studded in the floor of the great vaulted cavern. Whatever the things were, they could not lie down in their cramped spaces; but must have crouched and whined and waited and feebly leaped all those hideous weeks since their master had abandoned them unheeded.

But Marinus Bicknell Willett was sorry that he looked again; for surgeon and veteran of the dissecting-room though he was, he has not been the same since. It is hard to explain just how a single sight of a tangible object with measurable dimensions could so shake and change a man; and we may only say that there is about certain outlines and entities a power of symbolism and suggestion which acts frightfully on a sensitive thinker's perspective and whispers terrible hints of obscure cosmic relationships and unnamable realities behind the protective illusions of common vision. In that second look Willett saw such an outline or entity, for during the next few instants he was undoubtedly as stark mad as any inmate of Dr. Waite's private hospital. He dropped the electric torch from a hand drained of muscular power or nervous coordination, nor heeded the sound of crunching teeth which told of its fate at the bottom of the pit. He screamed and screamed and screamed in a voice whose falsetto panic no acquaintance of his would ever have recognized; and though he could not rise to his feet he crawled and rolled desperately away over the damp pavement where dozens of Tartarean wells poured forth their exhausted whining and yelping to answer his own insane cries.?

I went into this much detail, because I wanted to impress the difficulty that Stewart Gordon faced when adapting a work of horror like, "Shadow of Innsmouth." This story is another one where a multitude of disconnected threads slowly intertwine together to reveal the guttural horror of the protagonist. The story describes Robert Olmstead's discovery of a strange hybrid race, half-human and half an unknown creature that resembles a cross between a fish and a frog that dwell in the New England town of Innsmouth. The people there worship an entity known as Dagon, a Philistine deity incorporated into Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. It is also a journey of horrific personal discovery.

Another problem with adapting Lovecraft's works is the lack of female characters. Lovecraft definitely had issues in this area, and it shows with in his characters, who are either sinister in some way, or completely useless. Few are ever well developed, and one of his BEST female characters ends up being a woman whose body has been possessed by a man. So, to make the story palatable for the masses, Gordon had some adapting to do. Now my review:

Paul Marsh is a wealthy stock market tycoon vacationing off the shores of Spain with his girlfriend, Barbara, and their friends Vicki and Howard. Despite Paul's disturbing dreams about a carnivorous mermaid and a deep, underwater pit, things go well, until a storm blows the friends' boat against some hidden rocks. Vicki is trapped below deck with a horrid leg injury, and Howard stays with her while Paul and Barbara take a lifeboat to the little fishing village of Imbocca.

Now, much happens with that little set up, and clearly the town of Imbocca is a STRANGE place, as is eventually discovered, the folks here worship an entity known as Dagon, which has brought incredible wealth in the form of fish and gold to the town.... and also terror as Dagon does not give up all this without a price... living sacrifices and women to breed with. Can I just say, Dagon is my kind of deity?

So, after getting some help, and returning to the boat, Paul and Barbara return, but Howard and Vicki are no where to be found. Later in the movie Paul discovers the fate of Paul, and then he and Barbara end up imprisoned by the crazy, fishy town folk with the missing Vicki. This is an important scene as Vicki's leg has been 'healed' fully. Actually, its been amputated, and the stump is now healed. She's also been raped by Dagon (off screen unfortunately) and is pregnant. Barbara takes Paul aside and makes him swear to kill her before the same can happen to her... Vicki comes to a sad end by her own hand, not wanting to experience death by freak birth, and who can blame her?

Now, much ensues... and Barbara, played by the gorgeous Raquel Merono ends up in the clutches of the high priestess Uxia. What ensues is probably, by far, one of the BEST GIMP scenes ever committed to celluloid. Bound naked and spreadeagle to a stone table, Barbara's naked body is cut again and again with a horrid looking dagger by Uxia. She screams in agony, Uxia taunts her, and Barbara knows what fate is awaiting her. Her lovely body is marred by many red lines of blood from the dagger's cuts.

Finally, the fish freaks who are the townsfolk, take poor Barbara from the table at Uxia's bidding, and manacle her with chains in an upper spread eagle to some type of hanging device with a winch. Heavy weights are also manacled to her ankles. She's hoisted into the air and ever so slowly lowered into a pit, the bottom of which feeds into the ocean, where Dagon awaits its lovely prize.

Barbara screams and pleads quite convincingly as she's about to be lowered to her fate, and the many cuts ooze blood, that slowly trails down her legs, dripping into the pool of water far below... the water begins to churn and bubble as Dagon is awakened, and our naked and helpless damsel is slowly lowered downwards. Paul arrives, a battle ensues, and those manning the winch let it go, and our hapless damsel plunges into the watery depths. Finally, Paul manages to get the upper hand after several tense minutes, and begins to winch Barbara up... as she reaches the top of the pit once more, her naked flesh is covered in hideous black slime... clearly, Dagon had been sampling his lovely morsel. She looks to Paul pleadingly, "Kill me." she begs... he refuses of course and starts to try to pull her back in... but there is no respite for Barbara as huge black tentacles erupt from the water below, wrap themselves around her, and pull her screaming back into the pit.

Paul watches in horror, and as he looks up he screams as Barbara's dismembered arms remain manacled to the crossbars that she was affixed to. If you remember how Vicki's leg was healed, you know that Barbara is not dead, and that in time she will be giving birth to more mutated citizens of Imbocca.

The movie then goes into its own 'big reveal' and if you've read 'Shadow over Innsmouth' and paid attention to the movie's foreshadowing, this really isn't that big of a shock.

Amazingly, this GIMP scene rates an incredible 7.5 on my GIMP scale.. the .5 comes from the fact there is forced sex, but its not shown. Couple that with the fact that this is actually a fun, entertaining movie, and the only rating possible is an A+. This is an instant cult classic, with many, many 'shout outs' to Lovecraft fans, an interesting mix of camp and horror with is a Gordon hallmark, and a GIMP scene that is the absolute epitome of Damsel in Distress.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 01:54:05 PM

Name: Bill K.

I have to clarify to my post about the "Don't Go In The House" burning scene. I believe it is the best where the fully naked gimp is on fire (actually burning on fire). All the bats movie scenes I've seen don't actually show the gimp's naked body parts actually burning (even Maleficarum) like the "Don't Go in the House" burning scene does.

Ralphus I got say I'm disappointed :-( in the Quoom ending series because What the hell, there's no ending?? You warned us I know and I kind of knew Quoom does these artwork stories this way. Still, thank you for posting Quoom's terrific artwork. Looking forward to your next terrific installment of pictures of the day. Bill K.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 05:37:19 PM

Name: Sardu

I love Quoom's work, but he's a bit frustrating. He's an artist, he does whatever suites his fancy. The detail and brutality of his work is like nothing on the net. Conversely, his site is a rambling of unfinished stories going back YEARS.

My favorite example is named '24 hours' or something like that. It's a pretty hot series, and he has the clock on the screen to show the passage of time. The problem is, he did like... I don't know... eight hours and quit. That was something like five or six YEARS ago.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 06:38:14 PM

Name: A Canadian

Here's a funny update that just shows timing is everything. And, as always, that my timing sucks.

They have weekly movie nights at my condo. I've never attended one. But it's too bad I didn't check out last Thursday night's movie.

What was showing?

It was The Skin I Live In.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 07:43:55 PM

Name: John Galt

Sardu: Thanks for the review of Dagon. I have not seen the movie yet, for some reason, so I will definitely be checking it out.

I don't think I could, in good faith, argue against your sweeping generalization that people do not read enough any more. I tend to avoid sweeping generalizations whenever possible, but that one seems all too likely to me.

However, I think HP Lovecraft's prose style is an acquired taste. It is florid to the point of impenetrability at times, and I think he often lets his words get in the way of his message. His grasp of the horror genre was exquisite, and his Cthulhu Mythos is definitely a creepy place to exist. HP Lovecraft is not great literature, but it is great horror. I have to make myself read his stuff, but any horror fiction aficionado who has not read HP Lovecraft, in my opinion, has an incomplete horror fiction experience.

Thankfully, movies (and television adaptations) have been made based on his works that are more... accessible. They may not always be true to the source material, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 08:22:35 PM

Name: marathonmann
Homepage URL:

Here is another movie I didn't found in the database: "Slave of Pleasure" from 1978. It's a porn movie with a story: "SLAVE OF PLEASURE is a good mix of decent mystery story, arousing sex, and some downright sleaze and S&M action. Thats a lot to balance in one film - but this one pulls it off well. [...] We also see the devious girlfriend of McCords client punished severely for trying to renege on her end of the deal, in some decent and very real looking S&M, whipping, and humiliation action." (

I made a video of that scene. The link is the Homepage URL. The quality isn't very good but I think the whipping is one of the better ones.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 08:43:02 PM

Name: Sardu

John Galt: I won't disagree with you that Lovecraft is an acquired taste. Like many of the finer things in life... bourbon for example... it requires practiced exposure before one can truly begin to enjoy its subtleties.

I will disagree with you that Lovecraft isn't literature. Pretty much every bit of modern horror you see today can root itself in the works of Lovecraft. From the works of H.R. Geiger, Clive Barker, Stephen King, to Joss Whedon... all openly state that Lovecraft is a major influence. But it goes deeper than that, for Lovecraftian horror is so innately imbedded in modern horror, that many access him without even knowing the source material.

I've had conversations with people who have no idea who Lovecraft is... but know what the Necronomicon is... and actually believe it's real. Too funny.

The point being, how could Lovecraft's work have that powerful and influence and not be counted as literature? That is not to say that all of Lovecraft is great... it's not. But, stories like 'Shadow Over Innsmouth', 'Herbert West: Reanimator", "The Thing on the Doorstep", "The Colour out of Space", "Into the Mountains of Madness", "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" are all powerful, well written stories, with significant influence on modern writers.

Amusingly enough, Lovecraft is remarkable devoid of GIMP, but one can not deny that his work is present in many Japanese animes, and by extention the 'tentacle rape' genre.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 09:03:40 PM

Name: Sardu
Homepage URL:

I forgot to add that, one can most definitely trace the roots of 'redneck torture porn' directly back to Lovecraft. Lovecraft firmly believed that isolation... especially in old New England, was a horror unto itself, leading to insanity, genetic defects, and loss of society and civilization. Let me quote, "The Picture in the House" which is a complete set up for a five page story about an inbred cannibal.

I've included a link in the Homepage URL.. its a short story, and the epitome of what I'm speaking of so please check it out, but here is a quote:

"Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places. For them are the catacombs of Ptolemais, and the carven mausolea of the nightmare countries. They climb to the moonlit towers of ruined Rhine castles, and falter down black cobwebbed steps beneath the scattered stones of forgotten cities in Asia. The haunted wood and the desolate mountain are their shrines, and they linger around the sinister monoliths on uninhabited islands. But the true epicure in the terrible, to whom a new thrill of unutterable ghastliness is the chief end and justification of existence, esteems most of all the ancient, lonely farmhouses of backwoods New England; for there the dark elements of strength, solitude, grotesqueness and ignorance combine to form the perfection of the hideous.

Most horrible of all sights are the little unpainted wooden houses remote from traveled ways, usually squatted upon some damp grassy slope or leaning against some gigantic outcropping of rock. Two hundred years and more they have leaned or squatted there, while the vines have crawled and the trees have swelled and spread. They are almost hidden now in lawless luxuriances of green and guardian shrouds of shadow; but the small-paned windows still stare shockingly, as if blinking through a lethal stupor which wards off madness by dulling the memory of unutterable things.

In such houses have dwelt generations of strange people, whose like the world has never seen. Seized with a gloomy and fanatical belief which exiled them from their kind, their ancestors sought the wilderness for freedom. There the scions of a conquering race indeed flourished free from the restrictions of their fellows, but cowered in an appalling slavery to the dismal phantasms of their own minds. Divorced from the enlightenment of civilization, the strength of these Puritans turned into singular channels; and in their isolation, morbid self-repression, and struggle for life with relentless Nature, there came to them dark furtive traits from the prehistoric depths of their cold Northern heritage. By necessity practical and by philosophy stern, these folks were not beautiful in their sins. Erring as all mortals must, they were forced by their rigid code to seek concealment above all else; so that they came to use less and less taste in what they concealed. Only the silent, sleepy, staring houses in the backwoods can tell all that has lain hidden since the early days, and they are not communicative, being loath to shake off the drowsiness which helps them forget. Sometimes one feels that it would be merciful to tear down these houses, for they must often dream."

And there you have it, the root of redneck torture porn. Do the makers of these films even know where it comes from? I doubt it. But Lovecraft is literature.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 09:14:05 PM

Name: Griffin
E-mail address:

D. Santorum:

The actress is Misty Mundae. But I don't know the film name. It is a good scene a girl is naked and bound, her head is shown over hairy pussy.

Sunday, July 22nd 2012 - 09:20:22 PM

Name: Fritz

Mr.0 wrote:

The D grade came out mainly because I felt the first burning scene could have been done longer & better, and the fact that the other burning scenes should have featured a lot more (of the girls).

I'm confused. If DGITH gets a D in part because of other scenes in the video, how come various reviewers give Saw III, Dagon, Re-Animator and Evil Dead much higher marks based on one impressive GIMP sequence, while other peril action in those films is lackluster or non-existent? I agree that all these individual scenes are classics and deserve high praise, but isn't the grade based on the overall GIMP-worthiness of the whole movie? Is a single scene of just a few minutes enough to warrant an A+ for the entire film? If so, then DGITH deserves top marks for sure. However, I have always assumed a high grade would require at least moderately sustained GIMPery over the duration of the film.

I've only written a few reviews, but my evaluations were based on quantity of GIMP as well as quality. I'm curious to hear from the more frequent reviewers about how they select the final grade. Can a ninety minute video with a single, short, but outstanding GIMP scene get an A+ based on that scene alone? If so, can a flick in which virtually all the action consists of unremarkable GIMP sequences also get top marks based on only the quantity of desired content?

* * * * *

For Badger and others looking to find a source for The Watermen, I bought a copy from Amazon UK.

* * * * *

Quoom Story: The final pic Ralphus posted is #216 in the series. I believe there are 242 in total, so another 26 in the set. Here are three more, including the last one. Sorry Bill K. and Sardu, it's still a cliffhanger... well, no cliff, but she's still a-hangin'. And as it is unlikely that this story will ever be completed, those two Snidely Whiplash guys are going to have blue balls for eternity.

Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 01:03:32 AM

Name: YikYakker

Fritz wrote:

I'm curious to hear from the more frequent reviewers about how they select the final grade.

It's true that reviewers here have a variety of grading procedures: Sardu has his checklist, others may go with a gut feeling, some count the number of GIMP-worthy scenes, or grade the GIMP-worthiness of the scenes in the movie, etc.

We've also had reviewers who provide separate grades, one for the GIMPage, and one for the overall movie.

I like to give the readers a comparative sense of how to prioritize the purchase/rental of a movie. My tendency is to give the overall movie a grade - with the following (admittedly rough) scale:

F - Move along, nothing to see here

D - Has some GIMPage/nudity - minimally qualifies for consideration

C - Worth a look

B - Must see

A - Must own

A + or - is also assigned based on the quality of one or more GIMP scenes, i.e., + if the scenes are well-executed, - for scenes that are cut too short, could have been better, missed opportunities, etc.

Under this system, C is a decent grade but A is very tough to achieve.

If one were to extract from my reviews a list of movies and the grades for each, one would have a rough guide to decisions about how to use one's hard-earned GIMPage money, putting more effort into acquiring/watching A and B movies, for example.

That said, when I read a review, I'm much more interested in the descriptions the reviewer uses to highlight good scenes or disparage poor ones. It means doing more work, studying the review rather than immediately shifting one's gaze to the red letter at the bottom. But these details are usually a better guide for me than the grade itself as to whether I want to expend the effort to hunt down a particular film.

Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 08:26:14 AM

Name: Mr. 0

@Ralphus: Ahahahahah, a good one! She has quite a lump indeed! >_<

@A Canadian: Thanks for the opinion, pal! Sorry that promised review didn't come right on time. Got a lot of work last week.

@Sardu: Thank you for the opinion. Raquel Merono in Dagon is indeed quite a sight. I would give her scene B+ myself. Not an A because we never see her box area, thus the nudity isn't complete (to me at least).

@Fritz: Alright, I guess although by no means I'm a frequent reviewer, I should clarify my POV on DGITH. First of all, just like Yik Yakker said, the grade is for the GIMP scene(s), not the movie. If we're talking about movie reviews the grades would be entirely different.

And as to why some other titles receive higher grades based on one GIMP scene while the other GIMP scenes are bad, I guess that depends on the reviewers really. Some might think one excellent scene outweighs many bad ones, some might think the other scenes are trivial compared to the spotlight, etc.

For SAW III myself, I didn't really care for Dina Meyer's GIMP scene cause it was forgettable and her limbs weren't even restrained so I wouldn't really call it a GIMP scene, different from Debra McCabe's scene. Besides, the scene is pretty forgettable and trivial for me I didn't even remember there was another GIMP scene in SAW 3 if u didn't remind me of it.

And, again this is only my POV, if only Johanna Brushay's scene in DGITH was done as well as Debra McCabe's scene in SAW 3, I believe it would no doubt overwhelm the two other two scenes and made the GIMP scene in the movie received higher grade from me.

Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 03:04:46 PM

Name: Bill K.

Ralphus regarding YouTube (picture of the day) I hear what you are saying. I posted "Racing the Rain" a naked gimp bats manip video at YouTube and it was axed by them but they keep that today's picture and language posted.???

If today's picture showed one bare tit or one cunt hair off it goes. It's nuts and you can't show any those (human nuts) either. It's pretty much same rule in mainstream USA TV too. Bill K.

Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 03:15:12 PM

Name: Badger

My scoring system is quite simple. My score starts at zero, and I see what gets it up.

Take for example Resurrection County.....

No...... Never mind.

Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 03:58:50 PM

Name: DHT

As far as I can see, that video is not on Youtube anymore, so I guess it didn't last long.

Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 04:26:14 PM

Name: Dood
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Interesting posts recently from you guys

I'm posting just to let you all know that 'Women of Valour' will be broadcast on BBC1 TV on 24th July from 0015 till 0155 BST in the UK. Enjoy the GIMP

Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 05:45:54 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:



Rick, when you produced "Guinea Pigs", was it the laws, girls or financial limitations that the penetration was not included? I like your sound & video effects, must have been a lot of work back before FCP, and it's no small task with FCP. I am not even familiar with editing techniques back then. But I am sure you put in some hours.



Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 10:43:21 PM

Name: YikYakker

This forum is moving so fast it will take me years to catch up...

Ralphus and Mr. O: That scene from Saw III left me moderately thunderstruck. I haven't seen any of the Saw flicks because I'm not really into all that gore. But it's encouraging that this kind of scene is available. If only more producers would get with it.

Thanks for the pics and the clip.


Badger wrote:

My scoring system is quite simple. My score starts at zero, and I see what gets it up.

*Heh-heh* Well played, my man.


Harry Tchinski wrote (way back when):

...I would like to say that this blog is GREAT. I've been checking out a lot of other blog sites and you guys take your film watching VERY SERIOUSLY. I tend to come back here just to read a lot of the stuff on here because, to tell you the truth it's really entertaining, plus I've taken some advice on watching some of the films talked about here...

Glad you are able to hang around dude. Yeah, we can be pretty obsessive about our GIMPage, and our standards, though varied, are quite high. If you have the chance, you might want to check out the reviews and databases. Some pretty awesome stuff can be found there.

I still plan to catch Spaceship Terror on Amazon as soon as I can carve out some time to do so. I assume you make money on those rentals too, right?


Sardu: Many thanks for your splendid contributions during the past several days.

In your honor, I am going to set aside an evening soon to enjoy some bourbon and Lovecraft. ;)

Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 10:49:57 PM

Name: A Canadian

MaX CoXXX: Thanks for sharing the trailer for Hillbilly Hospitality II. It looks like it could be pretty good.

Monday, July 23rd 2012 - 11:44:01 PM

Name: Iago

Ah, Maxx. Guinea Pigs and Alien Probe were the two series that originally sold me on ZFX. I'd still recommend them today for anyone that wants to get their Sci-Fi freak on.



Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 12:01:31 AM

Name: Sardu
Homepage URL:

YikYakker wrote: "Sardu: Many thanks for your splendid contributions during the past several days.

In your honor, I am going to set aside an evening soon to enjoy some bourbon and Lovecraft. ;)"

Oh... yes, that does sound like a splendid way to spend the evening. Let me also suggest a game of backgammon with a friend.

Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 03:34:40 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Sardu: Backgammon? I thought you were more of a darts man.

Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 09:11:34 AM

Name: High Horse
E-mail address:

Please, please, please get this right!

Although you just know that they won't, the thought of young Emma Watson in BDSM situations on film will keep me happy for a while...

Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 02:48:23 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

High Horse wrote:

Please, please, please get this right!

Apart from the book sales, that series is having quite the impact on business in Canada.

Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 07:00:40 PM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian: Thanks for that interesting article about Fifty Shades of Grey. Some of the comments are fascinating too, like this one:

The Gimp * 21 hours ago
I think these books are for the repressed who seek to engage in erotic literary voyeurism. Those who are already sexually liberated don't need to read about this; they are already doing it!!!
BDSM = Bring out the gimp.

And how about this one?

identalias * 19 hours ago
How tame is that book? You want some porn, you give me a deal to write a porn book and it will be so disgusting that you'll puke reading it. It's just fiction. Not as if I'd really torture anybody, just inflict some sadism on some consenting adults and not stop even when they beg for mercy because that would be just role-playing begging for mercy and if they die from sadistic torture that would just be part of the fun and expression of sexuality blah blah blah whip whip whip.


If Emma Watson gets the part, I wonder if she'll keep her hair short?

But did anyone else spot the related article about the South Carolina couple who want Harry Potter books banned for being "too violent"?

I say, if parents think material is inappropriate for their children, they should take responsibility for keeping said material away from their kids, not ask others to do without.

When I was a kid, my parents controlled everything I read, viewed on TV, and watched at the movies. And look how I turned out.

Uh...wait a minute...

Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 08:48:17 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: I like this pic...the guys look like regular Civil War dudes but the lady looks like some Hollywood goddess.

Well, that's why it's called fantasy.

Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 09:07:29 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:

A Canadian wrote:

Thanks for sharing the trailer for Hillbilly Hospitality II. It looks like it could be pretty good.

Glad you liked it. I think it turned out really good. Way more graffic than the first one.

Hillbilly Hospitality II Starring Maddie, Ashlee, Alisha Adams, Solara, Trixxie Guns, Rock, Alex, Grave Diggler, and Lucky Bellagio

Hot Young Ladies alone and vulnerable in the wilderness with brutal, hungry mountain men ready to enjoy their tender young secrets. The Hillbilly mountain men did it once before in the original Hillbilly Hospitality, and now they're back for more! Chalk up another sexy and arousing movie for MaX.

While on a rafting trip, four pretty girls and their guides stop to render aid to a stranded boater. The guides stay by the river bank to make the needed repairs, while the girls take a walk up a wooded trail in search of a private place to pee, finally stopping by some old picnic tables. Little do they know that they're not alone in them thar woods! The Hillbilly foursome from Hillbilly Hospitality is back, and they have has definite plans for the sexy young ladies. Guess these girls won't be needing those bikinis any more as the fellas move in to sample their intimate goodies.

I've never seen a spread this delicious on any picnic table before! Weather you prefer a breast or a thigh doesn't matter because there's plenty to go around. The girls are quickly subdued and then get to watch as one by one they are tossed on the adjacent picnic table, roughly stripped naked, and then raped and strangled to death. One girl manages to break free and make a run for it back down the trail to her raft, only to find that her guides have already been dispatched. No help coming from them. She quickly winds up on the wrong end of a gun and ain't goin' anyplace as Hillbilly Lucky puts a slug in her belly, strips her bikini off her beautiful, wide-eyed body, and then enjoys her tight little secrets right there in the raft. Meanwhile, the last sexy victim is quietly finishing her losing struggle on the picnic table as she is brutally pumped back and forth, all of her most private secrets now the property of the Hillbillies.

Several minutes later all is quiet again at the small camp site as the girls lay naked, raped and strangled with their tender pink secrets on provocative display. Dead girls really don't care what you look at, or touch, or.... The picnic is over for now, but will the Hillbillies be back for sloppy seconds? Maybe the girls shoulda been listening for dueling banjos before going down that secluded trail to pee in the woods.

Iago wrote:

Guinea Pigs and Alien Probe were the two series that originally sold me on ZFX. I'd still recommend them today for anyone that wants to get their Sci-Fi freak on.

Yes, I am also a fan of real BDSM in a movie context. Guinea Pigs is a good example of that genre.

Good Hunting


Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 09:20:46 PM

Name: Bill K.

Today's picture YikYakker says: "regular Civil War dudes but the lady looks like some Hollywood goddess." The Winchester repeating rifle and the wild west 1870-1890 era soldier uniforms I say that's a post civil war picture and the women's hairstyle is 1930-50 cowboy movie look. Bill K.

Wednesday, July 25th 2012 - 12:03:22 AM

Name: Sardu

Ralphus wrote: "Sardu: Backgammon? I thought you were more of a darts man."

You know my height challenged friend, you are right... Darts is more my game. As I recall, the last time I played backgammon, it was with you. and I lost and arm and a leg... well, SHE lost and arm and a leg.

On another note, I've been catching up on some old Fansadox Issues, and I was aghast that the comic book characters have DISCLAIMERS now. This truly was a real WTF moment for me, I must say. By disclaimers, I mean the COMIC book characters in panels saying that they weren't really raped and that it was a 'role play'. The shear stupidity of it makes my head hurt.

Though in the next issue, ROBERTS cleared it up for me. It's because of people more vile that you or I Ralphus... people who truly stand for the word EVIL... Bankers. I should have known.

Wednesday, July 25th 2012 - 02:32:55 AM

Name: Mr. 0

@Yik Yakker: Cool and the gang, man. Nice to know you like The Freezer Trap. Debra McCabe's rack and work definitely need more attention & appreciation! >_<


Next up, I'm going to keep a promise alive. I dunno if it can be posted here and transferred to the review section later, but I'm just going to do it here since I think I saw several members doing the same.

This review is a thank you for A Canadian cause his review introduced me to the Ginger series. I wanted to finish this by last week by a thing and two delayed it. He told me he likes unwilling victims, and the victim in this movie is pretty unwilling & rebellious, so I hope everyone can enjoy. Produced by Paingate, they call this episode "Double Bullwhipping For The Liar". Just like almost every porn production, I guess, the storyline is usually silly. To put it simply, Paingate storylines are divided into 2 parts: the first ones involve the slavegirls they owned & the second ones usually involve unwilling victims.

Running approximately for 20 minutes, this production is set in a Victorian era prison. We start by having a good look of two young girls, a brunette & a blonde, having their arms bound overhead with their Victorian era dresses still on their back. The brunette is called Madeleine. She is practically the Krissy Kage of Paingate. And that means she is one of their longest running slavegirls and has received a fair share of vicious punishments over the years. She is a moderately attractive chick with decent rack, but this time it won't be her taking her clothes off. The blonde is called Shirley, one of the more rebellious slavegirls Paingate owned. Her role usually involves her showing dislikes to her tormentor (which she does pretty naturally for whatever reason), and here she is no different. There's another slavegirl sitting across the room, a young blonde named Jessie. Just like Madeleine, Jessie won't be taking part of this game too.

So, the storyline goes on like this. Shirley, Madeleine, and Jessie seem to have been doing some kind of a fraud over the years, but the authorities eventually smelled their doing and sent them to prison for some questioning. The recipient of the punishment is Shirley, since she seems and acts like the mastermind. I think her two underlings sold her out for reduced sentence, so here they act as witnesses. The character Shirley played is called Lady Marianne, a respected yet pompous figure in the society. But to avoid confusing myself and you readers, I'm just going to refer to her by Shirley.

So, back to the first scene; we saw the two girls being taunted by two Paingate masters playing as judges. The tall one is called Machine, and he has the tendency to intimidate his victims. The short one is called Striker, the more goofy of the two. But don't take him as a fool, cause he's also vile.

We see the two yelling at Shirley for her crime before untying her restraint. Machine held her arms tightly as she struggled when Striker removed her dress from her back. Striker mocked her by asking how many years she's been a liar, to which she said never. When her back is half opened, she is told to undress herself when the two pushed her around. She pushed back and there seemed to be genuine heat between her & Machine. Only after the pushing was finished that she calmly removed her clothing. It's not hard to see why she's so calm, BTW. She has big breasts and nice curves with cute face overall, with firm butt to complete the package. And looking the role she played, no wonder she's proud of what she got and didn't hesitate to expose her assets.

Striker mockingly addressed her breasts by saying "Booo!" once they're out for the show. Machine, too, took his chance to join the comment by remarking "Good body, huh?" in a tone that showed he was going to enjoy punishing that rack. Shirley tranquilly let go of her dress but never let go of her stern glare to Machine. Out of that mentioned pride, she stick her chest out a bit and did not even bother putting her arms over her crotch or breasts, instead putting them beside her before trying to regain the feeling both lost when she was tied. I did not know if this were acting, but if it were, Shirley really played the rebellious girl nicely because she refused to yield to her tormentors even in the nude. If this weren't acting...well, I'd say good for her. Although the fact her gorgeous rack isn't exactly made to be covered with clothes might have helped. Then again, I did say it was easy to spot why she would be boastful of her body.

Machine then roughly grabbed her wrists and held them by the air, letting Striker circle some ropes in it. Shirley tried to fight back to no avail; Machine was stronger and Striker did a quick & good job tying her arms over head again. Before administering the punishment, Striker & Machine felt up Shirley's body, in which every time they did so Shirley yelled back at them, reminding them that she's a lady and deserves to be treated with respect. They simply responded by reminding her what she has done made her a liar, not a lady, and that she will suffer. Machine showed her the long whip but she didn't seem to be intimidated and only chinned up. Though I like both willing victims and unwilling victims, I think I know now why A Canadian prefers the latter.

Before administering the punishment, Machine untied Madeleine and put her by Jessie's side, telling both to watch. Striker remarked that Shirley's body looks really beautiful in that position, clean with no marks although that's about to change. The game started by Machine & Striker trying to cop up a feel over her gorgeous rack anyway they can: grabbing her from behind, pushing her around, feeling up her ass, or pinching her breasts. Amusingly, whenever they tried to do so, Shirley tried to stay away, reminded them she's a lady, kicked back, telling them to get a life, or at least put a menacing glare. The two men simply told her every time she fought back, she was making things worse for herself.

After 6 minutes worth of taunting, the whipping started with Striker whipping Shirley's lower back. Shirley growled and protested that it hurts, to which Striker mockingly apologized. Funnily, Shirley talked back at him by telling him he should be sorry because she doesn't deserve the punishment. Striker continued the punishment to her lower back without pulling any punches for at least a minute. Shirley whimpered every time the whip hit her, but she didn't forget to at least try to kick back or glare angrily at Striker. At some point, Shirley tried to break free of her restraint to which Machine admitted she was quite tough, prompting Striker to accept the challenge and got a longer whip so Shirley's legs couldn't reach him. Wow, the victim fought back, huh? This is a rarity in Paingate.

Jessie & Madeleine watched in fear every time the whip reached its target. Machine joined right after assuring the witnesses did not lie that Shirley was indeed the liar, and he brought an even longer whip with him. The taller man took his turn quite comfortably by powerfully whipped Shirley's upper body, especially her breasts and her upper back. Striker noted after seeing the whipping marks on her body that the punishment was starting to be fruitful, because although Shirley still looked at them furiously and tried to get away whenever they wanted to feel her up, she kicked back no more. Machine continued the torment with some more body whipping, without forgetting to order Shirley to count. Shirley did count, but by yelling instead of counting normally. I like this little touch, it's like she was indirectly telling them she got some fight left in her. She showed another sign of this resilience when Machine questioned whether or not she found the punishment enjoyable. Of course she yelled back at him by saying it hurts.

Next up is double body whipping from both men simultaneously. Although Machine told her she would receive 10 from each man and to count, she only counted until 4, spending the rest of the body whipping mostly groaning or screaming out in pain. And both men did not take kindly of her ignoring their order.

Still trying to break down the rebellious girl, they continued the double whipping after twenty. Unbelievably, Shirley still refused to throw in the towel by gritting her teeth and put her chin up. Again, I like another one of this little touch. It's like she was challenging them to give her their best shot because this is not enough to demolish her. The duo resumed the punishment to her body without holding anything back as the result. And all the time, Shirley really took it by gritting her teeth, not showing the real extent of the pain she had to endure. You can spot even Madeleine, who was only watching, was probably more nervous than Shirley.

It wasn't until one full minute of this continuous whipping that Shirley finally starting to scream when the whip had a taste of her skin. So, she was finally breaking down. The pain she had to receive finally took a toll on her, now when the men tried to feel her up she didn't fight much anymore. Notwithstanding, she still denied all the accusations pointed at her even after the witnesses restated their accounts. Both men realized the current torture won't be enough to make her submit, and Machine also said he had another appointment. So, they took one last shot to glory by giving Shirley a 2 minute full of double body whipping. And this time, they successfully got the reaction they wanted out of her as she finally cried out of pain every time the vicious leather bit her skin. At one point, she almost lost her footing if it were not for her hand being suspended. To those who like unwilling victims, I think you would love Shirley's face when she screamed and yowled under the torment. I think it was quite priceless seeing it after all the fight she put up. Feeling content for the time being, Machine excused himself, saying when he got back, they will whip her for hours until she confess.

We saw Shirley taking a long breath deep in silent when this conversation was heard, before finally channeling her rebellious face back. This is also another little touch that adds more to this video because this shows Shirley quickly getting a hold of herself right after the punishment, so her toughness isn't all talk at all. When Striker was checking her out after Machine left, that springy girl is back and seems able to withstand more. Striker gave her one last whipping before warning her and the witness that this is far from over. The video ends there.

Alright, per usual, let's start with con. The only con I could spot is the fact the punishment was not expanded more. I mean, okay I enjoy stomach whipping and back whipping with occasional breasts whipping and thighs whipping, but is that it? What about her ass and pussy? It's not like Machine & Striker to left those two out? Punishment wise, this video could be so much more rather than hitting her back and stomach again & again. Although I suppose it hurts more that way.

But the pro, which ultimately lifted this one from being a complete failure, is Shirley's reaction. I think she's every unwilling victim fan's dream. I described how rebellious she was in the above, so no more spoiler there. Her reaction is the best part of the video overall and eventually canceled the con out. She had magnificent body and an imperious trait makes her pretty resilient even as a victim. It was pretty amusing seeing her trying to fight back in every way she could. I think anyone who loves unwilling victim would fancy this chick.

Maybe the video would have been more complete if they showed the entire progress until Shirley finally gave up, because seeing her submit would be an ideal and rewarding ending for this scenario. But I guess we can call it even for both Shirley & the duo for this round. So, with this video being fairly neutral, this one got a B from me.

Wednesday, July 25th 2012 - 11:03:16 AM

Name: marathonmann

Sardu wrote: "Elena Anaya's voice is lilting and soft, and I could listen to her recite a grocery list, and be entertained. She's also one of the most beautiful actress I think I have ever seen. [...] My interest in this film started when I saw a clip of the rape scene with Elena Anaya, and struck by how pretty the actress was, I had to learn more."

Elena was nude in a lot of movies. A very good one to study her beautiful body is "Habitacion en Roma" (Room in Rome) from 2010. There's also a beautiful and nude Russian women (Natasha Yarovenko) and lesbian action but no GIMPage.

Wednesday, July 25th 2012 - 11:30:10 AM

Name: Reine Margot
Homepage URL:

A long delayed long post.

July is almost ending and some plans are delayed. We started the month with the solemn intention of releasing Le Marquis de la Croix by mid July. Mid July has come and gone and ... no release. Why? Did I hear someone asked? Stuff happened.

We received a message from a film festival setting a deadline to send them Barbazul... Amy's film became a high priority. Our intention is to release it at the beginning of October and what better way to premiere it than an international film festival?

We were working very hard on Barbazul when another festival notification popped up. This time one that Maleficarum may qualify for ... if we send the theatrical version with English subtitles... and off we went to prepare Maleficarum as well. I have to add that Maleficarum has not lost steam yet. It's not as amazingly popular as it was when we first released it, but it's doing very well in average, better than the rest of our movies. There are calls for a second inquisition film. One recent comment on our Facebook pages was "the best inquisition film ever".
Now we're back into post-production preparing the release of Le Marquis de la Croix, no longer mid July because we can't turn back the calendar. We are looking at the beginning of August for the release of this most emblematic film. The film itself looks great.
Le Marquis de la Croix follows a narrative inspired in the writings of the Marquis De Sade. Most of what De Sade wrote he did while incarcerated in the dungeons of Paris. Our Marquis, played by Jac Avila, is incarcerated in a dungeon, but his aristocratic and privileged position allows him some comforts, one of which is to acquire the "services" of women. Our Marquis prefers those women who are to be disposed of by the state, those women who are condemned to the guillotine.
In our story Le Marquis de la Croix is "visited" by Zinga, a gypsy condemned for many crimes but she claims to be innocent. Le Marquis de la Croix subjects her to a far worse fate than the one she was sentenced to.
Zinga is played by Mila Joya and this brings me to a bit of a discussion about the star of Le Marquis de la Croix.
YikYakker: Reine Margot: Surely you are not forgetting lovely Mila, with her superb made-for-whipping body? Or perhaps you had meant to pair her up with an image of yourself: Margot and Mila. I'd like to see that. ;)
Mila wasn't forgotten on my previous post. I was simply comparing the doubles. Does Mila has a double? It's certainly not Reine Margot. I could say, of course that there are two Milas. The Mila only known to the Red Feline crowd because of The Via Crucis of Mila - Crux 1, and the mainstream Mila from Maleficarum.
There's also the Mila behind the camera, one who's developing a wide range of skills from production assistant to make up artist and editor.
Richard My Dear Margot. Re the state of Ralphus' head. It seemed to me (forgive me, R., if I misunderstand) that he implied that you and your colleagues make films for GIMPers. My understanding of your ambitions and aspirations is that you wish to address some of the most profound issues of being human through the medium of the body in extremis. You are well placed to do this in both having the will to tackle such subjects graphically and intensely and having the actors who will rise to the challenges. And the issues that you involve yourselves with are potentially relevant to all (not just the relatively small world of GIMPers)
In the early days of Red Feline we made an statement. We make the movies we would like to see. GIMP is what we want to see. We're also ambitious and aspire to reach higher and wider with what we do. I could say the Ralphus is totally right by saying that we make films for Gimpers. 90% of our audience are in fact, GIMPers. But you are also right when you say that we want to address the issues of being human through the medium of the body in extremis. For us is a privilege to be able to do it and most importantly to have the means and the people to accomplish this. We just hope to be able to increase the means to do it better all the time.
Richard: That one of the principal religions of the world has at its centre images of tortured bodies, and has done so for 1500 years, must emphasize that these issues are not marginal. Of course, Christians have no monopoly on such sensibilities. Violence to the body has been at the centre of (some) drama from the ancient Greeks, through Shakespeare, to modern theatre.

I have a book: In Defense of Masochism by Anita Phillips. Yes, written by a woman. She states in the introduction that "no historical counter culture has consistently celebrated masochistic pleasure..." maybe not in the way we have come to know social movements that struggle for rights, like the gay movement. But for us the culture of sadomasochism has been around for centuries in the Catholic Church, where the center of the religion/culture is the divine body in pain.

But the basic elements of Catholicism come from that basic human need for sacrifice to appease, to give pleasure, to control and to take pleasure.

If I were to write a book about the subject, it would be a very long one.

Richard: The issue of identification is interesting. There are some who say that there are no sadists (never thought that you would see me write that, did you?!); sadists actually identifying with the victim and empathizing with their pain, seeing themselves in the victim's place. Speaking from both sides, I do not personally believe this. Also identification can be multiple. I, and I know many others, can take pleasure for instance in the naked body of Ms. Hesketh; the only pleasure to which one can socially admit! I can also be excited by her being stripped, raped and tortured, and identify with her (character). But I can simultaneously respond to her fear, pain and despair. I feel pity and sorrow. I can also be outraged by the injustice, greed and arbitrary persecution to which the character is subjected and be provoked to think about the political and religious regimes that allowed, encouraged such events to take place.

In the 12th century public executions and punishments were extremely common while the church had power over mostly everything. At the same time a group of nuns, who were forbidden to write, were the authors of what we now know as Saint Plays. Minimalist plays that were performed in a circle, without any set design of any kind. These Saint Plays were dedicated to Martyrdom.

A friend of ours, Marla, says that "spectacle was vital to creating France as a nation, and physical pain was an important component of many different varieties of spectacle, including not only well-studied forms such as the saint play, judicial torture, and public execution, but also more amorphous social performances of suffering". The focus Marla's work is on spectator response to the body in pain which is the subject under discussion and to illustrate this I will again refer to Martyr.

Spectacular suffering had and still has a role in society, thus the insistence in the death penalty in some places. Spectacular suffering is also at the core of Christian mythology and it is the central theme in Catholic art. That's the inspiration of Camille in Martyr. She wants to be the martyr that suffers in spectacular fashion. One torment is not enough for her, she must have more, just as Eulalia is believed to have suffered.

It was around the 12th century that martyrs acquired more spectacular martyrdoms.

There were three basic conceptions of pain within medieval Christianity: impassivity, the ability to tolerate pain; impassibility, the ability to transcend pain entirely; and philopassianism, the positive valuation of pain.

In Martyr Camille claims that Eulalia did not suffer pain until her last torture, the crucifixion, where she would not be free of pain. Camille herself was not free of pain during her martyrdom.

Impassivity which was in the realm of the Stoics, reached its heyday during the high Middle Ages. "Pain itself was understood as an entirely negative and degrading phenomenon, associated (by virtue of its role as punishment for Eve's original sin) with those who labored--in other words, lower-class men and all women (except virgins").

Impassibility was introduced by the early Christian martyrs--in contrast to Christ, whose suffering on the cross was the sign of his humanity.

Thomas Aquinas refined the concept in the thirteenth century; from that point on saints were exempt from physical suffering. In this they resembled prelapsarian and heavenly beings, and were distinct from living human beings.

The experience of martyrdom was then, and in the view of Camille, in Martyr, a sublime, angelic, otherworldly experience. Suffering the extreme without really suffering?

Spectacular suffering then is at the core of our work, from Red Feline on the Cross to Dead But Dreaming. Both public spectacular suffering, like we see in Dead But Dreaming and more private suffering, like in Le Marquis de la Croix where Zinga suffers her martyrdom at the hands of Le Marquis alone and with no one but the cruel Marquis to torture and watch her suffer.
Richard: I believe the reason that many people are outraged, disgusted by such scenes is that they are troubled by their own responses. But note the response of the Christian nun to 'Martyr'. To find oneself intrigued, excited by matters that are taboo is deeply unsettling and to be denied at the least, preferably one should attack the source of temptation. I fear that this sound a little like Reader's Digest psychology; but I believe it to be true. The fact that when legal and social constraints are ineffective, sadistic behaviour breaks out in every corner of the world suggests that for many such desires are strong.
As I have written below, if the activity is consensual, the masochist is always in control. To the profound frustration of both masochist and sadist!

It is true that the response to a work of art and specially one that portrays something like the crucifixion of a woman has more to do with the spectator than with the work itself. How does the work affects someone will always depend on that someone. The responses to Sirwinakuy, for instance, were very telling. One very well known critic commented on Jac's character saying that "he's an intellectual and we all know that Hollywood portrays intellectuals as impotent and homosexuals". The writer of the long review where he includes that line is a very well known intellectual who in real dresses and looks a little like the character in Amy's film. The fact is that Jac's character Luis is never portrayed as impotent or homosexual, just as a playful although taciturn sadist. So where did that comment come from?

Richard: Margot. I am intrigued by your observation that in the transaction between actors (e.g. tortured and torturer) and audience there is a third, an observer. Is this observer in the film; perhaps commenting in some way on the action as the Chorus in Greek tragedy?
There's always a third character, or characters who are the observers/commentators of what goes on. In Maleficarum, for instance, there's the young priest who basically narrates the story without saying much, but he's there to watch and we see through him whether we're aware of it or not. In Le Marquis de la Croix there's a narrator, the tour guide who introduces the story, but the true spectator is Amy's character. We see through her eyes. She's the one that gives a face to the characters in the story, she's the one that hears the chants and watches the suffering of the gypsy girl. But in Sirwinakuy that third party to the relationship between Anouk and Luis is the camera. The audience is the commentator/spectator who can actually narrate her/his own story depending on her/his point of view and reality and that's the beauty of that film and thus the reactions to it, from the vomitive to the poetic.

Richard: Finally, I must thank you for explaining the origin of the name 'Vermeer Pictures'. Given the nature of your films, to adopt the name of one of the artists most known in the history of Western art for painting the calmest, most controlled, most undemonstrative of pictures did puzzle me.

One little reported fact is that Vermeer's times were not as peaceful and calm as his paintings are. In fact they do express the turmoil behind, like in the painting of the knitting woman where all the attention goes to the intense violence of the needle which is not seen but it's there. Since there are those who believe that Jac and Jan are the same person living in different times, it's only natural that he would take the subject of women again but from a different perspective. One well known polish artist told Jac when he met him: You look like my master the great Vermeer. He was in shock when he learned that Jac is the great great great great grand son of the painter.
Finally, I've been following the pictures of Winona by Quoom. We're very good friends with Quoom and he started doing a homage to Red Feline on the Cross. I don't know if he completed it. Camille and Quoom were exchanging e mails for a very long time but they stopped when Camille decided to go offline for the time being. In a future post I will show some of the pictures that Camille and Jane inspired other artists to do.

That's all for now... there will be more to come in the near future... and that's a threat.

Reine Margot

Wednesday, July 25th 2012 - 06:34:45 PM

Name: Markee

Can someone tell me when Dead But Dreaming is supposed to come out? The whipping scenes I keep seeing screenshots of look amazing. I don't really like the other movies because the whippings seems kind of dark and S&M-ish. They get kind of whipped all over and tortured and there's no real formality to them. I like whipping scenes that are more institutionalized and disciplinary. Sentence is read, set number of strokes, back and ass only, girl securely tied and clothing methodically removed, witnesses watching nervously. I hate when the girl is swinging around like a top and some scumbag is stopping every stroke to do something different.

The Dead But Dreaming scene looks great. The only way it could be better is if the flogger was a woman too.

Any chance that company might do an all female movie sometime (or at least mostly female)? A period piece set in a girls reformatory in Prussia or something? Lots of caning and whipping, perhaps some otk spanking with a wooden paddle for lighter offenses all dished out by the cruel woman in charge and the rest of her underlings. :)

Wednesday, July 25th 2012 - 07:31:58 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Mr. O.: I'm glad to see my recommendations are encouraging others to post reviews -- particularly since I've been a bit of a slacker lately in the review department. Thanks for taking the time to post the detailed and entertaining review of Double Bullwhipping For The Liar.

I think most objective observers would agree that the most insightful comment in the review was this one:

Though I like both willing victims and unwilling victims, I think I know now why A Canadian prefers the latter.

Absolutely. I know there's an audience for the consensual master/slave arrangements -- but some of us aren't in that camp. I've seen some consensual BDSM stuff that was OK but in most cases the erotic charge comes from the appearance that the punishment is being dished out against the victim's will.

The pics for this film look pretty good. I may give it a look.

Thursday, July 26th 2012 - 06:06:48 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Sardu: Apologies for the lateness in thanking you for your Dagon review. I haven't had a lot of time lately to devote to the site. The direct link is in my Homepage URL above.


Mr. 0: Likewise, yours is right here: That's our first Paingate review.


Mr. 0 wrote: I dunno if it can be posted here and transferred to the review section later, but I'm just going to do it here since I think I saw several members doing the same.

You know, this might be a good time to go over the "rules" of posting reviews for the site. I'll post this tutorial elsewhere on the site where others can read it before they decide to give it a go.


You want to write a review...great! By taking this step, you're providing a valuable service for the readers of this site, and we appreciate it when you take the time to give us your opinion. And you'll even be rewarded afterward with inclusion to our prestigious Reviews section, with your very own clickable review page. Cool, huh?

So what do I write? The best reviews are a combination of information and opinion. You don't have to write about the entire plot unless you feel it's relevant. What most of us want to read are details of the "good" parts of a movie, and what you thought about them. Example: "Rick strips Lisa naked and ties her with her arms over her head. Then he takes a battery charger and shocks her nipples over and over. I thought it was a great scene!"

The KISS Principle: Keep It Short, Stupid This certainly doesn't mean you can't go into detail, but think about your audience. You don't want them to be bored. If I look at a post and it's 17 paragraphs of text, my eyes glaze over and I wonder if I want to devote 10-15 minutes into reading somebody's review. If it's too long, I might just decide to skip it entirely. So if you're going to write a lot of text, it better be damned interesting.

Vidcaps help...a lot They're certainly not required, but they can definitely make your review eye-catching, and the whole idea of writing a review is so that others will read it, right? And if it's true that a picture is worth a 1000 words, that's a 1000 fewer words you have to type! So what if you don't know how to make caps, or add them into your text? Don't be overwhelmed, I can help you. Just drop me an E-MAIL first and I can give you simple instructions on easy ways to cap and basic HTML codes that you can insert in the body of your text. I can even host the pictures for you.

Use the HTML Practice Site first We have a LINK on the SIGN THE FORUM page. Once you write your review, you can just copy and paste it into the practice site and you'll see what it will look like before you post. That way if you made any mistakes, you can correct them there before you post. This is something I would recommend when making any post, not just for reviews.

Give the movie a grade You know, just like when you were in school. A, B, C, D or F. Everybody knows what those mean. You can review the movie as a whole or just an individual scene; it's your review.

Now give us a link Now that you've tantalized us with your review, we're gonna be so excited we just have to see it NOW. So make it easier on us. If it's on DVD or a download from a site, put a link in your Homepage URL for a place we can order it. It will save us time having to search for it ourselves.

That's basically it. Writing reviews can be time-consuming but they are worth it. Sharing with others can be a great gift and one of the most rewarding things you can do for your fellow pervs and sick fucks. So have fun with your review and let's hear what you have to say.

Thursday, July 26th 2012 - 11:07:22 PM

Name: johnsmart

Okay. I recently stepped into the 21st century and I got a BluRay player. That means, I'm now slowly trying to convert my collection to BluRays. So, what movies are on BluRay that I should pick up? I am especially interested in AOH stuff. :-)

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 02:24:55 AM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:

A Canadian, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm a very sane and sensible man, but when it comes to fantasy, I want the victim to go kicking and screaming to her fate. I don't want to see her offering her wrists like she's playing some late-night consensual love game. Make it twisted and freaky and put her there against her will... My two cents...

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 10:39:53 AM

Name: petelobo

Message for Rick

I really enjoyed the sample of Lisa in Mark of the Beast that you linked to a couple weeks back, but I was on the road and couldn't do anything about it. I've tried twice now to buy the video. I've been to your site and was able to find it

but when I click on Clips I'm taken to another site which offers one site from MOB and no other way I can find to get the whole movie. When I click on VOD I get fetishmovies, and when I search for Mark of the Beast or 666, it's not there. Kind of a frustrating tease so far. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 02:47:32 PM

Name: JoeW
E-mail address:

Great picture of the day - no tats as far as I can see,,,,great body and Tits ! All she needs is a good gag or at least something in her mouth

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 04:17:20 PM

Name: Reine Margot
Homepage URL:

Just when you thought you had enough of me, an experimental short post.

Did someone said "shorter posts"? I just might do that for some time. But not too often.

Things to appreciate and to look for.

We have a new look in Pachamama Films and in VermeerWorks

Markee: Can someone tell me when Dead But Dreaming is supposed to come out? The whipping scenes I keep seeing screenshots of look amazing. I don't really like the other movies because the whippings seems kind of dark and S&M-ish. They get kind of whipped all over and tortured and there's no real formality to them. I like whipping scenes that are more institutionalized and disciplinary. Sentence is read, set number of strokes, back and ass only, girl securely tied and clothing methodically removed, witnesses watching nervously. I hate when the girl is swinging around like a top and some scumbag is stopping every stroke to do something different.
The Dead But Dreaming scene looks great. The only way it could be better is if the flogger was a woman too.

Dead But Dreaming will come out at the end of the year or beginning of next year. It's a complex, feature length, mainstream film that takes time to post produce. We have a couple of movies in post production, one of them Barbazul, which have to be completed first. Barbazul is scheduled to be released theatrically the first week of October. But before that, in August, we'll be releasing Le Marquis de la Croix. We're confronted with a new reality. Making mainstream movies at the rate we're making them, take all of our time with little left to do anything else.
Markee: Any chance that company might do an all female movie sometime (or at least mostly female)? A period piece set in a girls reformatory in Prussia or something? Lots of caning and whipping, perhaps some otk spanking with a wooden paddle for lighter offenses all dished out by the cruel woman in charge and the rest of her underlings. :)
Something like House of Whipcord? An interesting movie and it's not a bad idea to have a re-make with more things right? We're toying with some ideas with the subject, not necessarily in Prussia. We made a movie, Specters of Blood Castle, that should be coming out sometime next year, its post production was delayed because we're so busy with other projects and it requires some FX work. It's a ghost story with plenty of GIMP. I can't go into details because it may have spoilers.

Well.... that was short, wasn't it? Maybe a bit too short.

Reine Margot

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 04:58:04 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

Vidcaps help...a lot.

Most definitely.

Back in the Dark Ages, before we had the capacity to post vidcaps, I was one of the offenders guilty of writing Reine Margot-length reviews.

In the new world, however, I much prefer vidcaps over lengthy written descriptions. Vidcaps tell you so much about what movies and actresses look like. They add a tremendous amount to the value of any review.

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 05:44:22 PM

Name: Bill K.

Hey! Who is complaining about Margot long posts? It's not me, for I enjoy them very much. Margot and Amy don't forget at Dec. 21, 2012 the world comes to a fiery end, according to the Mayan calendar and beliefs, so the (literally) dead line for to release of "Dead But Dreaming" is Dec. 21, 2012.

Margot seriously what does South America think of the Maya predictions of 2012 end of the world? Gimpers is there a Dec. 21, 2012 end of the world gimp movies plan by any gimper movie producers coming up? Bill K.

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 06:56:07 PM

Name: John Galt

Bill K: I don't see any GIMP potential in a Mayan Apocalypse movie, unless some crazy person who thought the world was going to end decided to live out his GIMP fantasies first. But then, you don't actually need the apocalypse for that, just a lunatic with a crazy misconception. And we already have so many of those of the religious variety anyway.

I am also a fan of Margot's long posts, although seeing as how I have done a few lengthy posts myself, that is probably not surprising. But I do agree that the use of illustrations in reviews does eliminate the need for a lot of descriptive text.

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 08:12:13 PM

Name: Markee

I actually LOVE House of Whipcord. I love it in theory because it was perfectly made. Unfortunately the actual whipping scenes were either non existent or too short. But that's exactly what I'm looking for. Just with full whipping scenes!!! The problem with WIP movies is that they almost always fail to deliver when the time comes. Either the whipping scenes are mostly off camera or else some Hollywood moron decides to "glam" them up and turn them into photoshoots where the woman is in some erotic yet willing position.

House of Whipcord was awesome but the whipping scene didn't show enough. I also loved Autumn Born when she was bent over that desk for a caning but once again they didn't put any effort in to it. I want to see very serious punishment from start to finish and in positions that reflect actual punishment rather then S&M or glam porn. Unfortunately it's very rare. I'm stuck with watching Brazilian period soaps with flogging. We need a huge lesbian corporal punishment period piece!

That would be awesome!!!!

I mentioned "Prussia" because I remember reading a Blue Moon book called "Prussian Girls" as a teenager. It was set in some sort of Prussian Girls School and full of corporal punishment. That would have made an excellent movie!!

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 09:31:13 PM

Name: Markee

BTW thanks for the big Dead But Dreaming screenshot. That will keep me going for a while ;)

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 09:35:00 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Maxx Coxx wrote: Rick, when you produced "Guinea Pigs", was it the laws, girls or financial limitations that the penetration was not included? I like your sound & video effects, must have been a lot of work back before FCP, and it's no small task with FCP. I am not even familiar with editing techniques back then. But I am sure you put in some hours.

The reasons why are solely legal or maybe more to the point, pragmatic. Back in those days (1992) and still to this day in the US, adult stores and major tape and DVD distributors, by and large, do not carry any bondage with actual penetration. There are complicated legal reasons as to why, beyond simple obscenity. There was no Internet per se, back then, so if you wanted to sell your work, you had to tow the line. Of course, there are ways to bend that line.

As far as editing, the original VHS of version Guinea Pigs it was edited by "crunch and punch" technique. Just recording from one tape deck to another without an edit controller. Linear editing, very primitive. I'm sure many of the old school comp/highlight tape guys used the same methods. The Guinea Pigs DVD was tweaked in FCP so it's probably a bit better than the original master cut.

Iago wrote: Guinea Pigs and Alien Probe were the two series that originally sold me on ZFX. I'd still recommend them today for anyone that wants to get their Sci-Fi freak on.

Thanks man, good to see you around by the way. If you haven't already, you ought to check out the new ZFXVIDEO.COM. It has been greatly expanded.

If anyone is interested in buying any of the Guinea Pigs series, you can buy the full movies at the ZFX Movie Store, or get clips at The ZFX Bondage Emporium Clip Store.

Ralphus: Hope all is well with you, sounds like you're having more demands on your time, I'm hoping it's something positive. Thanks for all you do.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, I leave you with some pictures!


A couple shots of Alison Parrish's marvelous ass. This is from Guinea Pigs 2

Holly Weston tied up for a litle electrical fun in Guinea Pigs 4

Friday, July 27th 2012 - 10:47:50 PM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

Reine Margot: This is a terrific image, thanks for posting it.

I like the facial expressions, the moment frozen in time...very nice.

Like Markee, I'm anxious to see this movie released. While I'm disappointed that the wait will be several months, at lease Le Marquis de la Croix will help tide me over. I'm a happy GIMPer.


Has anyone seen The Woman Hunt (1973), an Eddie Romero-directed Phillipine exploitation film with babes like Lisa Todd (Hee Haw), Pat Woodell (The Big Doll House) and one of my favorites, Laurie Rose (The Abductors).

The reviews for this one are all over the map; I suspect that it depends on whether one has viewed the 81-minute or the 75-minute version. Anyone want to bet that the good GIMP parts have not been cut from the shorter version? I didn't think so.

There's a trailer in my Homepage URL. Yeah, it looks cheap and sleazy...but that's why I'm interested in it.

Saturday, July 28th 2012 - 11:50:01 AM

Name: Bill K.

Today's picture shows a rope bra which I always find erotic but couple of tight turns of bra rope around each breast wound of turn those EE cups purple making it more erotic for sure. Bill K.

Saturday, July 28th 2012 - 02:25:41 PM

Name: Bill K.

Today's picture: Fire good! Gimper Caveman Bill like fire. Feet to burn stinky:-(. Thighs, legs, rumps and breasts burn good, no stinky :-)(not so subtle hint)

I hope that a feet first fiery peril picture of the day? Bill K.

Sunday, July 29th 2012 - 01:08:43 AM

Name: YikYakker

Folks, I need a little help. Not long ago I made a set of caps from a movie excerpt. But in my senility, I forgot to label the images with the name of the movie. All I know is that it's a mainstream movie and that the action takes place in days of yore, c. 1910-1940, I would guess.

Here's the scene: A pretty young blonde, sweet and innocent with a frilly, pink off-the-shoulder dress, is having a discussion with an older man, authoritative, perhaps a crime boss, politico, DA, not sure. They're seated at a small table or desk with one of those intense, glaring lamps overhead. A thug-like fellow stands in the background, arms folded.

The boss is telling her to stop seeing some young man that she's in love with. She tries to appeal to his sensitivity, not realizing how little he has. As they talk, he produces a very big knife and very slowly inserts into the front of her dress, between her tatas. As the tension builds, his voice gets louder and firmer, he leans toward her and at that point he's screaming into her face. She's petrified and sobbing. Recognize it, anyone?

This is really a great scene. The tension simmers and builds to a climax. The contrast between the dominant elder and the sweet girl grows with each spoken word. Damn, I wish I knew what movie it is.

If anyone can help me out, you will have my eternal gratitude.

Sunday, July 29th 2012 - 03:06:50 PM

Name: A Canadian

YikYakker: I'd love to help but I'm pretty certain I've never seen that movie. Of course, my memory is nothing to brag about, either, but the caps don't look even remotely familiar.

Sunday, July 29th 2012 - 04:12:07 PM

Name: charles
E-mail address:

Thanks a lot for the pictures of the day: she would not resist anymore! But we could continue, and extend the burning some more!

Sunday, July 29th 2012 - 06:31:07 PM

Name: DHT
Homepage URL:

@YikYakker: I've seen Woman Hunt, It's good stuff. It needs a nice remake :)

Sunday, July 29th 2012 - 09:41:53 PM

Name: Sardu

Before I scroll down to see the comments on today's pic, let me just say, "Red ball gag." Clearly, she's about to say something she shouldn't.

Monday, July 30th 2012 - 12:07:28 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

YikYakker: I've seen The Woman Hunt (admittedly a long time ago) and can't share DHT's enthusiasm for the movie. That short YouTube clip he linked is about the only GIMP-worthy segment I recall. I agree a remake would be a good idea, because other than the brief group bondage scene, they don't really do anything to them, rape or torture-wise. Should have been sleazier than it was. It was mostly fast-forward material for me.


Sardu: Today's pic had only been up for 7 minutes before you posted, so you had the first comment. A good choice, and the most obvious thing she needs so far, but there's certainly more things I would add to her predicament if I were the one who tied her to that chair. Let's see what others have to say.

Monday, July 30th 2012 - 12:20:22 AM

Name: Bill K

I say she (Today's picture) needs #1: her breasts tightly tied up. #2: a rope gag to prevent her from biting her tongue off in agony from flames from: #3: gasoline filled tub on fire under her seat bottom. Fiery gimp nut Bill K.

Monday, July 30th 2012 - 12:36:00 AM

Name: Matt

I can think of three things she needs: 1) blindfold; 2) gag-either a rope gag or the old standby of stuffing her panties in her mouth and sealing her mouth with duct tape; and 3) a nice flogging on those breasts and belly.

Monday, July 30th 2012 - 03:37:21 AM

Name: mothbrad

Today's pic is lovely beyond description. Sure there are things missing, but I'm enjoying the scene just as it is, as a 'pregnant moment', full of potential.

Monday, July 30th 2012 - 03:47:44 AM

Name: petelobo

Today's pic reminds me of the old discussion about form vs. function. Whoever tied her was obsessive about getting nice neat rope windings. Very pretty, if rope is what you like. But there's a part of her the dude might want to access with whips, shocks, needles, cocks or cigarettes that will be frustratingly well protected by all that rope bondage!

Monday, July 30th 2012 - 04:17:28 AM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: Before adding anything, I think there are two more things we should take off.

I'm talking about the bands holding her pigtails in place, the last vestiges of dignity for her. Sure, it looks cute for about a minute and a half, but I want to see her hair mussed up, as if she's had a hard time of it.

I figure the guy with the cell phone is about to call her rich daddy and ask for a ton of ransom money. If he thinks they've roughed up his princess a bit, he'll get the money to them ASAP.


Monday, July 30th 2012 - 08:18:53 PM

Name: YikYakker

DHT and Ralphus: Thanks for your "reviews" of The Woman Hunt.

Wow, it's just like when I used to watch Siskel and Ebert and they had two totally opposite views about the same movie. ;)

In typical fashion, I will take the middle position: I'll put in on my viewing list, but I won't assign it high priority.

Regardless, I'm afraid a remake probably wouldn't do it justice. Modern mainstream producers either don't have the knack or the freedom or the balls to make movies the way they should be made.

Except Harry Tchinski! Hey dude, what do you think about a remake of The Woman Hunt?

Monday, July 30th 2012 - 08:53:35 PM

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