Save Your Friend 2 Review

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Save Your Friend 2 Review

Post#1 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 8:47 pm

Save Your Friend 2 Review

Reviewed by Troicha, 4/13/20

In the second installment of the “Save Your Friend” series, Linda Leclair and her friend Dorothy have come to test their luck.

For rounds 1 & 2, one girl will be restrained and the other asked 10 questions. The first wrong answer earns 10 lashes, the second 15 and so on. Both girls must also count together at the same time or else the stroke will be repeated.

There is a halving option available. One girl can opt to whip her friend so that she only takes half the total # of lashes. The catch is that the strokes must be very hard or else the original # of lashes will be administered by the dominatrix. During the 3rd round, they will both be whipped together. The girl who gave the greater amount of wrong answers will have them multiplied by 5 and both girls will suffer that amount of lashes tied together.

The whole idea here is to maximize the suffering of each girl, especially with the halving option. In theory, this is a mercy as the girl has to suffer only half the assigned strokes. Yet it is blatant cruelty and opportunism at its finest. Not only do both girls have to suffer even more as they are the cause of each other’s pain (one psychological, the other physical), there was no way that any girl would strike her friend hard enough to be considered acceptable. Pedro knew this full well, that their strokes would be considered too soft and that the dominatrix would have to repeat the full amount. So in this way their agony is increased even further. They are tortured at having to whip their friend, and then overwhelmed with guilt knowing they failed and are the cause of even more pain for their friend. If only they had just struck hard enough to satisfy the host, then the domina wouldn’t have to repeat the original number of strokes, but what kind of monster hits her best friend that hard? This way, Pedro can continue with his façade of being a nice guy (giving them the halving option), while actually being a sick, twisted creep.

Round 1, Linda is submissive and Dorothy must answer the questions.


Dorothy is offered the halving option; Linda has to beg her to accept. She does such an awful job that Tatjana takes the whip from her after the second lash and poor Linda must now suffer the original 25 lashes at full force.

Round 2, the girls switch places.

For the 5th question, Dorothy cheats and whispers the answer to Linda; her punishment is increased as a result. So instead of 20 lashes, she must suffer 40.

Eventually, Linda goes over to Dorothy and gives her a hug and kiss telling her “we’ll get through this.” This was true friendship defined as Linda revitalized and gave new hope to the faltering Dorothy.


Linda wasn’t quite as soft as her friend because she readily agreed to deal out 12 lashes to her. The strokes are laughably pathetic, even Zazie hit harder. (It figures that there were no pics available of either girl whipping each other).


Pedro was indeed quite cruel to poor Linda, as she was not even allowed to cover her face. He got off on their suffering and didn’t want Linda to miss one moment of it.

Round 3: Both girls are tied together. They both happened to get 4 answers wrong each, so they received 20 lashes tied side-by-side.


By the time it was all over, it was immediately apparent that of the two, Dorothy had suffered worse than Linda. Her marks and bruises were far redder and deeper. She was also in worse shape psychologically than her friend. Although for the last couple of minutes, when the third round was over, Linda was sniveling and moaning more, Dorothy had slipped almost into a trance, she was utterly broken.


This film was very much like the first one, I thought little of it….until I saw it. It held little interest for me initially (same as SYF 1), but when I began watching it, the special magic of this type of film really struck me. The delicious blend of physical and psychological suffering makes quite the impression! Save Your Friend instills extreme agony for its victims as it’s not only their welfare they have to worry about but also that of their dearest friend. This film accomplished its mission 100% of causing dual mental and physical torment.

The lighting of this film was quite problematic and irritating. Most of the time when one of the ladies was standing off to the side, her face was obscured by dark shadows cast by the person getting whipped. This could have been easily rectifiable by simply ordering the girl to either step slightly to the left or right.

Also, whenever one of the girls was getting whipped, part of their body was cast in shadows for most of the film. No matter who was in the whipping position, their right side and front were somewhat obscured by shadows. Or at other times, their face was well lit-up but their midsection was quite dark. Very inconsistent and poorly implemented. This was much less of an issue for the 3rd round.

Final grade B+


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Re: Save Your Friend 2 Review

Post#2 » Tue Apr 14, 2020 8:45 am

Just a few notes:

There is a halving option available.

To be extremely precise... The halving option is available ONLY when we offer it. We used to offer this when we're deep in the game, the number of strokes is high enough, and the players have an idea what strenght we expect from the punishment executioner.

The lighting of this film was quite problematic

We fucked it up in the first round, but I think we did it better in the second, where Dorothy's front is well lit according my taste...

there was no way that any girl would strike her friend hard enough to be considered acceptable.

I need to argue with that! In SYF1 one of the girl's halved round was indeed accepted!!!

This way, Pedro can continue with his façade of being a nice guy (giving them the halving option), while actually being a sick, twisted creep.

Now I won't argue with this one :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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