If you're like me, the most fascinating part of bondage scenes in movies is getting to learn the "behind the scenes" stuff from the actresses themselves. What was it like to play a victim on camera? Was the experience as harrowing as it appeared onscreen? Was she scared, apprehensive, maybe even turned on?

In this feature, we'll get to read...or in some cases actresses tell what it was like to perform these scenes and in some cases, answer questions from their fans.

This is just the start of this section. I hope to add more interviews in the future. If anyone knows of any that would fit well here, let me know.


Ralphus, Bring Out the GIMP moderator

Zazie Skymm of ElitePain

The adorably cute Zazie Skymm of ElitePain sits down and answers a large number of questions submitted directly to her by the readers of the GIMP forum. You'll get to find out the one place where she never, ever wants to be whipped, what she thinks of the people who pay to see her tortured...and be sure and watch to the very end to see how she reacts when Ralphus asks her for a date.

Actress Dyanne Thorne from the "Ilsa" movies

Here's a delightful interview with legendary actress Dyanne Thorne, along with her husband Howard Maurer from 2018. Dyanne is 75 here but still spry as she talks about her career and of course, her iconic role as Ilsa in the original Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS and its sequels and offshoots.

Lady Amanda of ElitePain

The popular dom (and one-time sub) sat down and answered over 40 questions from the GIMP readers, the most ever for a Mood/ElitePain performer. A lot of time is spent basically dashing the hopes of all those asking her to undergo another whipping session. This true professional is very candid about saying she has no sympathy for the subs she dominates, and says when they cry, it actually makes her mad. Another revelation: she really, really likes whipping Ariel, and oh, do not ask her age. An interesting and entertaining watch.

Lyen Parker of ElitePain

Fresh after enduring a brutal whipping, the likeable and very personable Lyen Parker sat down with Pedro to answer exclusive questions asked of her by the GIMP readers. It's an engaging and honest interview, and Lyen shows off her sense of humor and talks about her dedication for taking on a sub role and going all the way without quitting. You're guaranteed to be a Lyen Parker fan after watching this one.

Lady Ariel of ElitePain

The beautiful and very popular Lady Ariel took some time away from whipping (and being whipped) to answer a series of questions submitted by the GIMP readers. Fantastic stuff, with some interesting insights into whether she prefers being a dom or a sub, who gave her the worst time on film, and whether she would ever go before the cameras again in a victim role.


Fetish actress Coco

Here's a fun and engaging podcast with beautiful fetish actress Coco, star of countless bondage and necro films from companies like Chris' Corner and Taboo Cinema. Among the variety of topics discussed, she explains that her fetish likely developed because of her strict upbringing with the Pentecostal church! If you weren't a fan before, you definitely will be after hanging out with her for almost 2 hours here.

Episode 26: COCO

Kelly Ann McCart of Locked Up

This lovely young actress starred the 2017's Locked Up, the best women-in-prison movie to be released in the past several years. In this interview with, she talks about what it was like to perform such a demanding role, one that called her to appear fully nude and be gang-raped onscreen. What's even more astounding is this was her film debut!

Interview: Kelly McCart (Locked Up)

Lorenza Izzo of The Green Inferno

The beautiful Lorenza Izzo is interviewed about her part in her husband Eli Roth's cannibal movie The Green Inferno in which she has a couple of bondage scenes. She relates an interesting story about having to deal with giant bugs while she was tied to a tree! Great stuff.

Sarah Butler of I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

Sarah Butler sat down for the cameras for an interview about what it was like to take on the iconic role of Jennifer Hills in the 2010 remake of I Spit On Your Grave. Interesting comments about how she almost turned it down once she found out what the content was like, and be sure and listen to her explain how it felt to be raped on screen.

Roxanne of History of Pain: Inquisition

Roxanne from ElitePain took a break from being tortured in the upcoming film History of Pain: Inquisition to do a Q&A session, answering specific questions that were submitted to her on the GIMP forum. She looks a bit weary because she just got through being whipped, and her honest answers about the experience of receiving various tortures on film make for very interesting viewing.

Jemma Dallender of I Spit On Your Grave 2

I Spit On Your Grave 2 was the best GIMP film of 2013, and arguably the greatest mainstream GIMP film of all time (nominations for any film you think is better, please post them to the forum). Here's an interview with the beautiful Jemma Dallender, the star of the film, who gets stripped naked, raped multiple times, pissed on, beaten up and buried alive in the movie. One aspect that might surprise some of you...she's British. Her flawless American accent in the film was just more good acting.

Amy Hesketh of Maleficarum

Back in late 2011, our very own Amy Hesketh volunteered to take questions from the GIMP readers about her new film Maleficarum and answer them on YouTube for us. There are 5 videos worth, which might seem a little daunting, but it's engrossing stuff, fascinating to watch, and for fans of this modern-day Inquisition classic, essential viewing.

Video #1 - Questions from JD (14:58)
Video #2 - Questions from Bill K (5:13)
Video #3 - Questions from Lynn (15:49)
Video #4 - Questions from Ralphus (7:28)
Video #5 - Questions from YikYakker, Eda Chang and Mstrerotic (8:51)

Corinna Laszlo of Natural Born Killers

Those who have seen the Oliver Stone film Natural Born Killers will likely remember a short but disturbing scene in a motel room where Mickey and Mallory are having sex, and the camera pans over to show a bound and gagged woman in the room with them. After Mallory storms out angrily, Mickey brandishes a knife and it's implied that things don't end well for their lovely hostage.

The actress in the scene was named Corinna Laszlo; it was her film debut and she never appeared in another movie after that. And that's always been intriguing to me. There's almost nothing online about her. Who is this woman who had a small but memorable part as a bound, gagged and terrorized victim in a major motion picture by a highly-acclaimed director, and then disappeared? Remembered fondly by bondage fans but virtually unknown to everyone else?

Well, someone at the IMDB unearthed an interview with her from a local newspaper from 1998. Unfortunately you had to join a website to view it, the format was difficult to read (it's basically just a photocopied picture of the page), not in a PDF or easily viewable form, and while there was a text transcript, it was full of typos with missing words and no punctuation.

Nonetheless, I really wanted to read it. I joined with their 7-day free introduction, restored the missing text, rewrote it into a readable format and uploaded it to In the interview, they do, of course, question her about how she got the role in the movie and what it was like filming it. Her comments are quite interesting. She also mentions how she turned down an interview with Details magazine because she didn't even consider herself an actress. Pretty wild, huh?

A Woman of Contradictions

Lisa Kinkaid of ZFX

In the early years of this site, Lisa Kinkaid, the most prolific performer in the history of ZFX Productions, sat down with Rick Masters and answered questions sent in from the GIMP readers. This was one of our earliest special features on the site before we took it down several years ago.

Originally, there were 5 interviews with Lisa, but at the time, we only had access to 4 of them. Through a series of bad luck, both Scribbler and I missed saving a few posts in November of 2000 before they scrolled off the site. The unfortunate part was that Lisa's interview was among the posts that were missing. So for nearly 14 years, our Guestbook Archives were incomplete.

In an ironic twist, as our longtime host Dreambook discontinued their free hosting, they offered up a new feature where owners could download the entire Dreambook, every post since our inception in 1999. So finally, we were able to fill in the missing gaps and bring back the formerly "lost" interview we thought we would never find again.

November 11, 1999

June 16, 2000

November 13, 2000 (formerly lost)

April 27, 2001

June 30, 2002

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