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November 2002

Name: Evets

Sounds like the new Gauge video did not contain a facial. That's a shame, especially for a line that features the concept of "humiliation" you would think this feature, common in mainstream vids, would be a given in the more extreme in vid lines. With a facial the purchase would be a no brainer, without it I'm undecided. Has anyone seen Gauge's gangbang vid with anabolic. BTW - I heard a comedian last nite joke that everyone in L.A. claims to have hollywood connections. Even the gas station attendant claimed to be a porn star. To prove it he pulled out the gas nozzle at the last second and sprayed it all over his car. Tee hee.

Sunday, November 3rd 2002 - 06:53:11 AM

Name: Atreides

Hey Ralphus, did you ever do a review for after school surprise? i saw you mention it a few times..but I never saw a full review.

Monday, November 4th 2002 - 02:02:11 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/gimp2000/dec00.html

Atreides: I never wrote a full review of After School Surprise, but I did discuss it on the forum, along with a few other titles, back on December 17, 2000 (link above). Howie goes into even more detail about the tape on December 20. I liked the tape; I would give it a solid B and recommend it as one of Forbidden's best titles.

A new review follows.

Monday, November 4th 2002 - 08:37:53 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/brutalvideos/callgirlblues.htm


Call Girl Blues marks the "real" return of porn star Gauge to Forbidden Video. The star of two of that company's best videos made a comeback of sorts with the disastrous Little Girl Lost earlier this year, but it was more a Gauge fuck flick than the type of feature that Forbidden usually attempts to market as one of their Brutal titles. This newest one is a definite improvement over that title, but still a disappointment.

Gauge stars as an innocent exotic dancer who is working in Las Vegas as a call girl to help pay the bills. The Personal Trainer's Chennin Blanc makes a brief cameo as a coworker who gives her some lesbo teasing in the first few minutes, and Bill Margold plays a frustrated salesman of exotic toys, who snaps one evening when the call girl he orders up to his hotel room (Gauge) shows up late.

After telling the nervous girl that he blew a big sales account and showing her a suitcase of all these toys he intends to use on her, here is where the tape should have taken off, but the mood here is one of compliance rather than force. He ballgags Gauge, and we get to see her gagged for a good 20 minutes while he massages her tits, then has her remove her shorts so he can caress her body. He bends her over his lap and spanks her, then takes a small whip and flicks it over her pert little ass a bit.

Then he removes her panties, throws her on the bed and licks her pussy a bit. Gauge remains gagged, but it's just for show. How much better would these scenes have worked if she has been tied to the bed instead? Take away the gag and the action would be consensual, because she doesn't put up any resistance to his actions whatsoever. He fingers her pussy some and sucks on her titties, usual foreplay stuff, although the sight of Gauge moaning and sucking in on her ball gag during it is certainly a benefit. She looks incredibly hot in a ball gag, so it's hard to believe he didn't finish the job as her hands and legs are free throughout.

Next, he allows Gauge to remove her gag and he has her suck on a dildo (Why not his own dick?), then he uses it in her pussy, again totally consensual. He also uses a smaller toy on her ass.

Finally, in the last 10 minutes of the tape, Margold lifts her up and places her on a table, using velcro restraints to fasten her ankles to the legs of the table and handcuffing her wrists to a light fixture above her. Bondage at last! I was wondering if they would ever get around to it. But instead of a gag this time, he places a blindfold over Gauge's eyes. "Let's play a little game," he tells her. "See if you can tell which one is the real dick." He alternates using the dildo on her pussy with his own cock, but the actual penis insertions are simulated, and the cum shot is on her leg, not her face. Once again, another letdown. As an actress who performs hardcore sex, including in her three previous appearances for this company, the lack of any oral sex or hardcore penetration in this one is baffling.

The ingredients were here. The idea of a salesman attacking a call girl in his hotel room would have worked, but there's really no force, just Gauge allowing herself to be used voluntarily. The direction is sharp, with lots of close shots covering the action thoroughly. Gauge, who was a bit puffy in her last appearance for Forbidden, has slimmed down and looks extremely cute here, which is all the more frustrating because of what could have been. Witness her classic bedtie rape in After School Surprise and her spending most of Black Market Bondage tied up and you have the benchmark for what Forbidden Video has done with their most popular actress. This new one is just a big tease.

Fans of Gauge's hardcore stuff might enjoy this as a light kinky diversion. Those who favor bondage and forced rape fantasies will be sorely disappointed in another huge wasted opportunity. My grade: C

Monday, November 4th 2002 - 08:39:00 PM

Name: Steve
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com

Hey! Saw your review on Call Girl…I agree with what you say about it..turns out Bill Margold showed up without his HIV test so we could not do ANYTHING with him. That was the reason for no penetration, oral, etc. We tried to make the best out of it. Anyway, Thursday we are shooting Trick Or Treat II: The pack Mule with Gauge. We were going to use Dynamite for this one but she is suddenly out of town. TOTII will be the last Gauge video for us. We have Coma Ward to release as well with her, BUT TOTII will be killer. I saw the script today and it has all of the action you can want. Gauge with two guys this time. Full penetration, Anal, oral, bondage, torture. Its all in this one. It should be ready for release within 45 days. Also, “The Campout” video is another new one and it has more action than Call Girl Blues as well. Ill send you a copy of that one in a week or two. Thanks for the review! Steve

Wednesday, November 6th 2002 - 11:55:18 AM

Name: Atreides

Hey Steve, Its important that the girl is tied up through out the scenes..it ruins the effect when she could easily resist and is just lying there.

Wednesday, November 6th 2002 - 03:03:20 PM

Name: Steve
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com

Trick Or Treat II will have plenty O bondage! Im hoping to have some pics from the shoot tonight up within a day or two, just for you guys. Ill post teh URL here for you guys once I do. Thanks S

Thursday, November 7th 2002 - 10:32:16 AM

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

Steve- Sounds good. We'll look forward to your new effort.

Saturday, November 9th 2002 - 09:13:59 AM

Name: methos
E-mail address: methos1994@yahoo.com

Moving time for me and I've unfortunately got to clear out some things before the fiance gives me a lecture I don't want to hear. So, I'm selling three tapes and a DVD.

Guilty 2: Totemic
The Toolbox Abductions Part Two
As Darkness Falls
and it breaks my heart...Dirty Dreams of Lisa Kinkaid DVD
This list is as good as any to offer them, so if anyone is okay with a price of $130.00 for all four, I'll take care of the shipping myself.
Tapes come with original cases, only watched them once or twice.
To make things fair, the first one who wants them can email me at my email address and I'll consider the deal done. Preferably paying by PAYPAL, if you can.
Thanks, guys. Sucks that I have to sell these, but what can you do sometimes?

Sunday, November 10th 2002 - 09:39:59 PM

Name: Hoosier Daddy

What can you do sometimes? Man! How about telling your fiance to shut her mouth or you'll use some of the ZFX techniques on her? You really want to marry someone who will force you to get rid of your tapes to keep her happy? Doesn't look like the start of a marriage made in heaven to me. And trust me, you get rid of your tapes, you'll regret it someday.

This may be a start of an interesting topic. Would you stop watching bondage vids for the signicant other in your life? Does she even know about them? My opinion is that my love of ZFX and other bondage tapes is part of me, and no chick is going to change that, no matter how much I love her. Love me, accept my fetish, or else move on. Pretty blunt, but that's how I feel.

Sunday, November 10th 2002 - 11:28:21 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

What's your name?
(What's your name?)
Hoosier Daddy?
(Hoosier Daddy? He rich?)
Is he rich like me?

Sorry, you got me singing old sixties songs. Couldn't resist that screen name :)

Basically, I agree with your point, but it's up to each individual how they would deal with it. Give up porn for the one you love? I have heard of people giving it up cold turkey in one fell swoop, but I think you'd really be taking away a part of the person if you did. Maybe he would do it because secretly he was looking for an excuse to dump it and "go clean". I do know that personally, my tapes don't define me; they are just one of many parts of my life. It's a hobby, an interest, and not an obsession. Maybe marriage would get in the way of that part of my life, and that's one reason to drop it, I dunno.

Ideally, you should marry a girl who's maybe a bit kinky and you can both watch together. That would be the best way to go. If I couldn't do that and had to choose...I would probably keep them hidden away in a closet or something. On second thought, considering the size of my stash, I better go rent an entire storage facility :)

Monday, November 11th 2002 - 02:06:43 PM

Name: DR.EVil
Homepage URL: http://commerce.surfnetcorp.com/acbuild/showdetl.cfm?&DID=29&Product_ID=3180&CATID=1

Hello out there... With such informative posts here I was wondering if anyone had seen movies from a company called "Fit To Be Tied Productions"? They are listed on the Captive Video website (www.captivevideo.com). I was primarily interested in the video entitled "Payback." But, not sure if these videos are any good since I have not read a review or heard of anyone that has seen them. If anyone has seen "Payback" or another video from this company could you please tell me the synaposis of the movie and its bondage and domination format? I would appreciate it so I don't end up spending money on it if the video is weak or if this company produces bad bondage videos. Thank you

Tuesday, November 12th 2002 - 12:20:21 AM

Name: thanagar
E-mail address: thanagar@aol.com

If I had a few bondage vids I needed to conceal from a disapproving fiancee, I'd keep them in a safe deposit box at the bank. Good place for your will and other important papers, too.

Tuesday, November 12th 2002 - 02:15:07 PM

Name: DHT
E-mail address: omac4w@yahoo.com

A topic near and dear to my heart, balancing my love of bondage and relationships.

Would I give up tapes for a significant other? The scenario where I would is if she is into it and provides the stimulus to satisfy my obsessions.

I've been there, and it's a tough choice. I've dated alot of great women, and found that the relationship couldn't go anywhere because they weren't into bondage. I really only want a woman who DOES dig it, I don't want one who doesn't like it and I don't want one who's never done any, because those scenarios would never work out well.

The problem is that MY playing field then gets narrowed all the way down to zero.

I had a girlfriend who LOVEd bondage, she was a freak for getting tied up and ***ed hard. She never had a problem with my massive porn collection. That would have been a match made in heaven, but she had some hardcore issues, really she was an evil pervert at heart. Not in a good way. I'll never forget the time she threatened to pay someone to sexually assault my sister. You know, some things you really can't forgive.

When they say that an abused childhood can lead to promiscuity and inability to function properly in a relationship, they are NOT KIDDING. Watch out for these freaks, guys, a dream come true can be too good to be true.

Wednesday, November 13th 2002 - 01:34:38 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

We're back! Looks like Dreambook has finally fixed the technical problems that knocked us offline for 4 days. Hopefully everyone saved whatever perverted thoughts they were going to say and can regurgitate them here now...let's get this place talking again!

This might get some excitement going. Here's a sneak preview pic Rick sent me for his upcoming new release South of the Border 6, due (hopefully) next month. I took a closer look at the smaller pics along the side. Looks like on the top left, this new girl, Elaine Payton, is having her mouth forced onto an electrified dildo. The second pic below that, it looks like she's tied to the seat, straddling the dildo. And the bottom left pic is my favorite, as they have her hanging upside-down from the ceiling, about to do God knows what to her :) Yup, the new ZFX is coming soon, and it looks like more of the same hard action that they're known for, and that's a very good thing! The SOB series has been my personal favorite of all the series that ZFX has released: 5 tapes, all of them good to great. And number 6 is on the way with Lisa Kinkaid returning along with two new girls. It shouldn't be long now. Hopefully Rick can check in and tell us more.

Monday, November 18th 2002 - 05:26:27 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Still alive and well! Good to see the forum is back. The new ZFX looks pretty hot too. Am of the same mind as Ralphus in that the pic that caught my eye is the inverted hanging. As Ralphus added, who knows whats going to happen to her next. A bagging for my money would be great...can only hope. But if not in this one, a seed for thought on some future flick maybe.

Hope we get to hear some news from Rick on the new flick.


Wednesday, November 20th 2002 - 05:41:41 PM

Name: ZFX'r

Hey Ralphus and All, Good to see the site back up. I was trying over Sat/Sun to post and was amused to see the message keep being updated as to when it would be back operating. :-)

Wow....NICE compliation of scenes at the top of the page! Man...oh..man...ELECTRIFIED DILDO??? Hot Damn! STRADDLING IT???Me oh my..lol. Looks very enticing. I'll take a guess and say our newcummmer to the world of ZFX has silicons on top...

Some electro-tort in the teases above has got me thinking of those fantastic AVON films, House of Milan loops and mags and some early London vids where lovely, shapely, poor wenches in so many different scenarios were inevitably met with good ol' shock treatment to their breasts and/or love boxes.

Some of the most memorable scenes to me inlcude an HOM video of a pretty, petite blonde with small (many HOM victims were indeed very small breasted--seems torturing small tits was a fetish for them) taken to a warehouse by two (of course) masked men (this was HOM style and trademark) for some of the roughest and erotic torture i've ever seen.

As in the case of many HOM 'victims' she was dressed as a nurse (I cannot stand nurses anyway--major hyporcrites--and after dating one--whacko's too) who was dressed in white gaters and hose. Well, after being stripped via scissors, she is given tit torture treatment by pliers. Then she gets the PUS*Y torture by electroshock as one of her captives holds a very 70's radio control box that sends electric waves to her pus*y as she is tied spread eagle.

Then, to wrap up a beautiful segment, the wires are shoved up her cumhole and as her new master/capturer sits with the radio box in a chair he turns it on and off sending her convulsing in pain AND Pleasure until she walks over to him and agrees to suck him to stop the punishment. What follows is one of the best oral jobs by a sweetie I've seen yet.

Ahh...I know I've read messages from Rick about how HOM and AVON were influnces. I would be very happy to see him recreate some entire scenes or scenarios with the modern and ZFX touch. Fans of this area of erotica would recognize and appreciate it.

By the way, the scene I described is in one of about a dozen videotapes still being sold under the titles of Bondage Classics 1, 2, etc...

Cheers All,

Wednesday, November 20th 2002 - 08:06:52 PM

Name: Scribbler

The nurse and 2 masked men HOM-style loop (shot on 8mm) referred to by ZFX'r, isn't on any of the BC videos. It's one of the Erotic Perversion loops (produced by the same HOM production crew, but only released overseas cause of the legal issues with bondage and penetration in the USA). There are/were 3 Erotic Perversion videos (that I know of) with 3 loops each, and it's on one of those. And they are all really cool. Better than ZFX? To me they are. The videos are really hard to find though.

There are many other great loops on Lyndon/HOMs Bondage Classic series tapes/DVDs, but then there are also some pretty bad ones. Depends which BCs one purchases.

I wouldn't mind seeing Rick (or any producer) do a HOMage video, shot on digital video, but in the same vein, style, content, etc. as the golden age of HOM. I've said this before though. Frankly, I don't see it happening.

Wednesday, November 20th 2002 - 10:56:50 PM

Name: g-in-o

SOB VI looks promising. Hopefully Rick will get on board with some inside information (unless we pestered him to death after his "Dirty Dreams" post awhile back).

Not to forget- The preview at the end of SOB-V had Lisa about to be stuffed with contraband and used as a drug runners mule. Not that there wasn't stuff to look forward too allready.

The big question to this reporter is: In SOB-V, Rick's character mentions "the tall skinny one" (Kelly McKays's character) was not quite ready and needed more training. Will the lovely Miss McKay be put through her paces in SOB VI?

Thursday, November 21st 2002 - 06:45:12 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

g-in-o wrote: Not to forget- The preview at the end of SOB-V had Lisa about to be stuffed with contraband and used as a drug runners mule.

Actually, I had forgotten about that, so I fast-forwarded to the end of my SOB-5 tape and took a look. There isn't much to see, just a quick image of Lisa tied up with the empty silver bowl in front of her. Can't really conclude much from that, although it was the same bowl that they had emptied the drug balloons into Marly Rowe's ass from earlier.

Will Kelly McKay be back? I dunno, but Rick did e-mail me and said that Lisa will definitely be back, along with new girls Elaine Payton (pictured above) and Ashley Blake. I don't know who else, or whether that will be it. I kinda got caught up watching SOB-5 again and noticed how many girls were in that last installment. Besides Lisa, there was Kelly, Marly Rowe, Christina Anderson (briefly), and Penelope Pace. Quite a large production that was. I only hope Rick is able to keep up the high level of quality that this series has achieved. We'll just have to wait to hear from The Man himself for more details. Uh, that's your cue, Rick :)

Thursday, November 21st 2002 - 09:24:27 PM

Name: Atreides

Whoah, those stills from SOB6 are good! I love it when the girl is partially clothed like that, its even better than just being totally naked somehow.

Friday, November 22nd 2002 - 07:38:11 AM

Name: zee-ef-ex


A belated reply to your question about doing Siskel-Ebert reviews of ZFX flix. Sorry, I just don't think I'm any good at reviews. Plus, I rent flix from the video stores and the ones near me just take too long to get the new ZFX flix in stock, so any reviews I did would not be timely.

BTW, did you ever receive that Part Time flik? What did you think?

Re: ZFX and relationships, I would never give up porn because my lover asked me to, that's nuts. If a girl wants me, she gets the whole package -- an accepting, even approving attitude towards porn, and the maintenance of my own collection, is part of who I am. Luckily my girlfriends have generally embraced a BDSM sex life with me, but none of them has been into porn themselves. That's fine -- I don't impose it on anybody, but I'm not going to get rid of it, either. There's something wrong with the relationship from the get-go if the first thing she tries to do is change you.


Friday, November 22nd 2002 - 10:36:49 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

zee-ef-ex: I'll have to respectfully disagree with you that you're not good at reviews: the description you gave for Part Time Two was excellent. It told me everything I needed to know as to the content of the tape, and I bought the DVD and it was exactly as you described. Too often I pass on tapes because the description on the box or the website doesn't give enough details about what I'm getting. The plastic wrap asphyxiation scene, which was the highlight for me, was not even mentioned on the box or anywhere else. When I write my reviews, I just try to tell people what kind of scenes are in it, and give my opinions along the way. I don't need generic phrases like "She falls into the world of dominance and submission". Tell us what that means! If I'm going to plunk down 40 bucks or so for adult entertainment, I want to know what I'm getting. The problem is, detailed reviews of fetish tapes are hard to find. If you hadn't reviewed that tape, it's very unlikely I would have ever checked it out, and it's a good tape. My favorite scenes were also yours, the outdoor tree bondage torture with the handheld camera, and the superb plastic wrap with hairdryer finale. And Emily made it work. Fine performer. I will seek her out next time.

Friday, November 22nd 2002 - 11:58:22 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Time for some more links.

The first one has some bondage w/penertation. The women however (most anyway), are...a little to be desired. But what doesn't float my boat might very well float someone else's...and visa-versa.


The next one has some videos with underwater bondage. I think it's worth a check out.


And speaking of underwater bondage, check out the latest offering from Insex called "Leaches" or something like that. I'm not a member but damned it looks hot! Would be interested in getting a copy if anyone can ablige.

I had an e-mail converation w/Rick a long time ago suggesting something similar. I keep thinking how hot the scene in SOB5 (?) could have been (hot scene anyway...but even more so) if we could have seen Lisa's pretty face as she struggles under water.

Maybe Rick will give the scene another go round in the future sometime. Maybe invest in a large hexigon, plexiglass aquarium (used even). Cut out a larger hole on top if too small an opening. Sand smooth the edges...and viola, a handy-dandy underwater torture chamber for Lisa.


OH, Almost forgot to ask...The "Spare Time" video...What is she wearing during her asphyxiation scene? I think I read that she was fully clothed, wearing a latex suit. If that's the case, as hot as the scene sounds, I'd have to pass. Let me know.


Monday, November 25th 2002 - 05:56:13 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com

Greetings to One and All!

Glad to see the site up and working again! South of the Border 6: Interrogations is nearly ready to ship, should be available on the ZFX site on November 27, somewhere in there. It will probably not be released to other retailers until after New Years due to the release being so close to the Holidays.

Its been a while since I've posted, I was basically 100% devoting myself to SOB6 which was a pretty epic piece and rather time consuming. There is 2 new girls in this one, as well as Ms Kinkaid returning as Megan Cortez. Megan is not stuffed as a drug mule, at least not yet, the dudes at the Mexico Jail have other devious plans for her. Megan is being turned into a drug addict, strapped to a bed spring and injected with H, as well as some other nasty treatment. Most of the movie focuses on 2 new captives in the jail, one a journalist (Ashley Blake) who gets picked up after asking questions about the rash of disappearing American cuties, and another US embassy attorney (Elaine Payton) who goes looking for Megan and ends up in the same predicament. I'll leave the review to Ralphus, but suffice it to say that this is similar to the other SOB movies in that its essentially South American style torture i.e. electrocution, rape, cigarette burning, rubber hose beatings, a bit of suspension and general interrogation techniques you might see employed in places where human rights are not of particular importance to the government. BTW, the shot of Lisa with the ubiquitous stainless bowl is not her getting stuffed, nor does it appear in SOB6:P Unfortunately the way the movie was laid out, that scene will not appear until part 7. At the time I made the trailer I thought it would be in 6, but because of some continuity issues the movie had to be edited differently and thus it got pushed back to 7. Anyhow, South of the Border 6 : Interrogations will be available on www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com, Nov 27 (tomorrow). By mid-late January you should be able to get it at your local video store as well. BTW, weve got a bunch of new streaming stuff up, theres now 50 streaming shows available on the site.

Ok, reaching back to distant posts:

Gimp!: Good to see you back, if even for a bit, hope all is well=).

Mad Dog: Good to see you posting as well. I think you did a fine job describing the shooting experience. Someone had asked about whether we use scripts. Generally I script out long dialog scenes, the bondage scenes are not generally scripted, but I do usually (but not always) draw a crude diagram of what I'm trying to do to jog my memory. BTW, MD will be in SOB6 reprising his role as Col. Flackfizer;)

Humor: Yep, I like to throw in some occasional humor, albeit very dark, as long as it doesnt undermine the serious aspects of a scene or movie. Of course theres always the random unintended humor factor i.e. the not so special effect/Ed Wood factor/what the hell was I thinking when I did that?/unintelligible dialog/fumbled voice over etc. etc. that kinda goes with the territory of moviemaking on a frayed shoestring budget:P

S.O. and bondage: I guess it depends on the situation, but I always think its better to just live your life honestly, do what your going to do, but thats not always the easiest route to take. If someone wants to change you to suit their fancy, become something that your not or hide part of your personality, thats probably not a good thing. But being honest about your bondage proclivities is definitely not the path of least resistance.

Water Tort: I got some feelers out looking for a water tank/aquarium, but finding one big enuff at a reasonable price is not too easy. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Older shows on DVD's: Still working on this, you should start to see some of these old dogs early in 2003 and it is a top priority. I'm training an assistant to do them so hopefully once he masters the process he should be able to get these done much faster than if I try to juggle that and new releases too. It's still going to take some serious time, how long at this point is hard to say, but I'm guessing a year at least to remaster the whole catalog of ZFX and Shockwave titles.

Ok, thats it for now!


Tuesday, November 26th 2002 - 09:05:15 AM

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

Wow. Good work Rick. and fast. LB

Tuesday, November 26th 2002 - 09:45:40 AM

Name: Atreides

hey there Rick, glad to see you are still hard at work making more movies :) I was wondering if you can concentrate on getting some of the more popular series on DVD first before the older ones. LIke SOB4 would be great on DVD. I do have a question though, what did you tape all the old movies on including SOB4 ? Did you use miniDV or something? I have done a lot with miniDV and authoring DVD's, so was just curious how you were doing it in case I could offer any advice :) I recently got After School Surprise from the other company, and its a good video but the quality (picture quality) isn't nearly as good as Ballista 3.

Tuesday, November 26th 2002 - 11:03:12 AM

Name: g-in-o

Apologies for the misleading speculation regarding Lisa and the bowl. After remembering the preview, I sort of let the imagination run wild.

What's almost as good as finding out SOB-VI is about out? Easy-finding out there will be a SOB-VII!

Also- let me second the nomination of SOB-IV for DVD.

Wednesday, November 27th 2002 - 08:19:14 AM

Name: rod

hi everybody,

I wonder if some of you might give me more information regarding the likes of Cole, Whitman, R.Baker, S.Montgomery & co. Who were they, what became of them...

I discovered months ago the incredible Erotic Perversion loops, I think they were shot by Cole & Whitman, but can't find the year(s) and companies (California Star?). At the same period, I saw the equally great Tourist Trap & Curiosity Excited The Kat (whether they were originally released by HOM or CalStar remains unclear).

Web surfing eventually led me to ZFX, and here I am. I recently ordered my first ZFX dvd (High Strung), so I'm holding my breath.

Thanks in advance for any info !


Wednesday, November 27th 2002 - 11:24:03 AM

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

Ric-- About a year ago, several of us suggested that there should be some connection between zfx and insex. Maybe the time has come. When Dirty Dreams came out, you wrote me that you thought Lisa wasn't ready for a real anal reaming. Why don't you box her up and send her over to insex for some anal training? In return, PD could send you "49" who is very cute and doesn't seem to mind being bound and penetrated. It's the answer to everything! LB

Wednesday, November 27th 2002 - 10:03:59 PM

Name: Iago

Hey Rick,

Do you have plans to update other parts of the site anytime soon? I really enjoyed the first two installments of Fuct In Space and your other 3D artwork. Have you had to shelve that due to other considerations, or do you still work at the Poser stuff?

Ralphus, being the lazy SOB that I am, could I ask a favor and get a recommendation or two from you about what the best bondage/penetration/rape movies available right now would be? I've seen the postings on Afternoon Surprise, but is that the best one, or should I have my eyes focused elsewhere?

Zee-ef-Ex, where did you get the idea that you couldn't write good reviews? If there's one thing I've noticed is that a passionate reviewer will give you the best slant on something, so long as you have the same views as the reviewer. You've been a consistent poster to the forum and are clearly very devoted to bondage movies. I think you do a fine job, personally. Of course, no one is more devoted than Ralphus, but that's between him and his shrink ;-)



Friday, November 29th 2002 - 10:46:47 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Rod~A belated welcome to the forum. Sorry no one has answered your question yet but check back every so often. I think everyone is in the midst of their Thanksgiving holiday/break right now. Hopefully someone out there has some info for you.

It would also be intersting to hear what a first time ZFX viewer thinks. I personally haven't seen "High Strung" but if it's like all the other offerings by ZFX, it's bound to be better than 99 % of what else is out there.

Please give us your thoughts when you get a chance to view it.

I had a chance to see "Ilsa, The Wicked Warden" recently. It wasn't all that great but still had a few decent scenes in it. There is a semi-consentual scene (since the victims are prisoners) where Ilsa is playing with a female bed partner. She gets off by inserting pins into her partners breasts and upper torso. She groans at first but eventually gets used to the pins getting inserted since they are just pressed lightly into the skin (like in acupunture). Later however, Ilsa shows her sadistic self as she lays down on and embraces her victim, pushing the pins in and causing her victim to scream in agony.You could also tell what time period it was made in as some of the women had soo much hair between their legs, it looked like there was a badger down there or something.

Water torture revisited. It seems Insex is choosing to stay with this theme as of late as I've seen another update by them in which a participant (consentual or isn't a victim)is strapped to a waterwheel, spun and dunked repeatedly. Looks Hot!


Saturday, November 30th 2002 - 02:15:08 PM

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I noticed Rod had posted questions concerning Cole & Whitman and some of his favorite models, Renee Baker, Georgia Van Helsing etc.

I am a huge fan of this person so I will help fill in the blanks. One of early HOM's producers (way back when Barbara Behr ran the company) was a lanky bearded individual who went by several names. He was sometimes called Jeremy Whitman and portrayed a character sometimes known as Max Cole in some of their early video productions.

His career with HOM actually predates home video by a few years. He originally shot photos which appeared in early HOM periodicals with names like "Bound to Please", "Hogtied", "Kidnapped", "Punished", etc. He started appearing in these magazines in either the very late 60's or early 70's. The bulk of his work can be found in publications from this company throughout the 70's.

He raised HOM head and shoulders above the other publishers of bondage imagry. The fact that Bob Bishop was was either the editor or artistic editor of many of these magazines was also of note. This producer, who I will call Whitman, became so popular that several of the titles (such as Punished) were launched which featured solely his contribution. In any case at his peak he was responsible for about 70-80% of HOM content (my own estimation).

His regular stable of models included the ones Rod mentioned, Renee Baker and Georgia Van Helsing, but he also had another 6-8 regulars such as Lana Ryan and Sharon Montgomery as well as models he worked with for short intense periods, like Anne Bruno (lovely breasts). Sorry to dissapoint you, Rod, but these women are probably grandmothers by now.

I have spoken to some folks who actually were associated with HOM and know that Whitman was from the deep South and was a genuinely dominating and charismatic personality. He was responsible for recruiting his own models and he was prolific as hell.

There are several photo series on the net which feature a lot of his work. Most notable of these are the scans from Chad. these are CHAD0001 and so on. There are about 5,000 of these scans by now.

In addition to stills, Whitman (and others) also produced 8mm loops. You had to be a dedicated pervert to enjoy these! ;)

He produced a bundle of these throughout the 70's featuring his stable of models. In the late 70's the company got into video. Their early titles came out as "Bizzare Tri-Star" releases, but problems with the Hollywood Tri-Star production company cause problems so they became Cal Star.

Whitman's first video production (and the one where he was credited as Jeremy Whitman) was "Bittersweet Revenge". This was an effort at injecting a real plot into the vids, something about cocaine smuggling, but fortunately the plot didn't get too much in the way. This first video starred his two top models, Renee Baker and Georgia Van Helsing. It remains a personal favorite of mine to this day.

He went on to make a number of other videos for this company, "Betrayed", "Sweet Nightmares", "Tourist Trap" (1 & 2) and others. However his best work was to be found in the Punished series. These were basically the same as his 8mm loops, but shot on video. They had no sound and instead had a cheesy music soundtrack.

Each video featured five models, each given about 12-15 minutes of time. Each model had 4-6 positions for her segment. A lot of very high quality bondage packed into a short package.

At the same time he was making a series of videos called "Erotic Perversion" featuring many of the same models which were being released overseas. These were basically the same although they showed real (rather than implied) penetration and had some graphic stuff (blood and such). I know some of this was faked, but some of the other stuff I still think was real.

Sadly I think HOM/Cal-Star got in some hot water with the Punished series (and it's implied penetration) and were forced to pull the Punished series off of the shelves. I think this is where the "no penetration with bondage" rule came from, but it is certainly not on the books as such.

A lot of the old 8mm loops were collected as the Bondage Classix series. Most of these are all Whitman and quite good. There are a couple in the series which feature other HOM producers and these are inferior.

Sometime in the late 70's/early 80's he seems to have dissapeared. Barbara sold HOM and the company changed it's name several times and perhaps even split into HOM and a seperate CalStar. Thus the confusion about the names.

Whitman himself seems to be the only producer who fits the Hollywood mold. Even those who actually knew him found him kind of mysterious and I haven't found anyone who knows what happened to him, though I have heard the usual weird speculation.

He is my personal idol and is a very heavy influence on my work. However I think he is THE wellspring of inspiration for all of today's bondage producers. He took the field a giant step forward and I don't think there is anyone doing this work today who doesn't show a lot of his influence.

No one has taken the next big step. Folks have refined his stuff and riffed on his ideas, but most work has some element he presented. I include myself in this group. PD over at insex may be raising the bar, but we won't know his historical influence until the future.

A lot of fine producers, myself, Jay Edwards, Brian Davis and, of course, Rick from ZFX owe a large debt to this man.

Well, that's my history lesson for the day. Come see how I have been influenced by him at my own site.

Sorry for the lengthly posting, but his is a personal hero of mine!

~Dan Hawke

Saturday, November 30th 2002 - 02:39:37 PM

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Dan Hawke: It's a pleasure to see you posting to the forum! I'm a fan of your work, as are probably several of the other readers to this site. Thanks very much for the informative post on Whitman. I, for one, never knew that Cole and Whitman were the same person. I do know that some of the stuff he made in the 70s is a lot more harsh than what you see today, and the Erotic Perversion loops are the benchmark by which other bondage/torture vids should be compared. Simply put, it's some of the best...and nastiest...footage ever captured on film. I have the entire collection on one tape, and it's one of my prized possessions. Just some amazing stuff in every loop. Chicks get abducted at gunpoint, get whipped, burned, penetrated with nightsticks, get needles in the tits, raped with spiked dildos, suspended in the air with meathooks through their pussies...just incredible. And like Dan mentioned, at least some of that was real, or looked so real I couldn't tell the difference. If they had sound, they would be even more awesome. I see a lot of Whitman's influence, directly or not, in ZFX's work. He was a true pioneer in his field.

Iago: You lazy SOB! A few of the best bondage/rape vids with actual penetration would be The Rape of Samantha Sweet (which I originally ordered from Slave Labor but it now sadly seems to have disappeared) Forbidden's After School Surprise (If you haven't seen this yet, why not?) and countless excellent Japanese videos, unless the pixillation bothers you. I could list titles, but the problem is that they are often listed under various names and they are also difficult to find in this country. Best bet would be check out Video Mayhem (see the Links page for that). If you want suggestions, I could offer several I know are top-notch.

AvF: Part Time Two's asphyxiation scene with the plastic wrap had her wearing a black latex suit and a ring gag. It's a real good scene; I don't know how she held her breath that long. Also, where are you getting these updates on what Insex is up to? I went to their site and didn't see anything about leaches or any waterwheel. Are there pictures available anywhere?

Rod: Welcome to the forum, and be sure and let us know what you think of High Strung. That's a good title. I'm sure you'll end up buying more after you see it.

Saturday, November 30th 2002 - 06:21:58 PM

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I don't know how many women fans there are of the ZFX videos, but I am one. I love the South of the Border series and the War Pigs. The whippings with all the sweat flying are the best parts. I would love to see a prison camp video done. Like to old 'B' movies but one that does not hold anything back. A harsh female slave labor camp, with the prisoners in rags and naked, heavy ankle and wrist chains. Long, very hot days of forced labor under the guards lash. And of course the whipping post, the sweat box, solitary confinment, hellish abuse in the underground cells. The guards trotting a naked prisoner in chains out to the sweat box, forced to squat over a thick dildo and chained tight as the lid closes, not to be opened for days. Prisoners straining to pull a heavy cart, sweat pouring off their dark bare bodies. The inocent young prisoner used as a pain toy of the guards. And the older captured rebel suffering in a harness tormenting her big breasts as she labors, and howls under the whips at night for trying to escape. And the mysterious prisoner who is kept shackled in her dark cell, hooded, breast strapped, and covered with whip welts. I can see the camera move down the passage, to each bolted cell door, water dripping from the ceiling, the dim wire encased lights reflecting off the wet walls, the sounds of the lash on bare flesh, moans from forced sex, as the prison settles down to a painfully long steamy night after a day of blistering labor in the tropical sun. All the elements of a great women in prison video! I am sure everyone has seen those old 'B' movies and left feeling cheated by having only a few short minutes of what they really came to see. k

Saturday, November 30th 2002 - 07:23:36 PM

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