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October 2002

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

I've had my copy of dirty dreams for over a week now. Can't seem to get through the whole thing. (unintended ejaculations). More later. LB

Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 08:51:57 AM

Name: Steve
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com

Hey Guys,

Steve from forbiddenvideo.com here. Just an update...

Last week we shot two new videos with Gauge. 1st one will be released within 2 weeks and it is pretty hot. Gauge plays a stripper who is new to the business. While in teh dressing room she has a conversation with a seasoned veteran who convinces Gauge to do calls on the side for extra cash, even though she warns her that there are many weirdos. After a sizzling striptease show by gauge, we see a strange man in a Vegas hotel room thumbing through an entertainment guide, looking for a girl to come to his room. Turns out he is a Adult Novelyty Salesman and he just lost a $25,000 account to a new company run by "Bitches" - Turns out this will be Gauges 1st call and it is one she will never forget! Once she enters teh room she is trapped with no way out as the man reaches his breaking piont and flips out. he uses his suitcase of toys on her, like she is a potential customer. He shows her his ball gags, handcuffs, ankle restraints, blindfolds, anal probing devices, dildos, and his leather whip (which he uses on her little ass)- This one ends with Gauge recieving a load of cum on her while her hands are cuffed above her to a light fixture and her legs spread on a table, cuffed to the table legs. You'll see it all in this one. Full penetration, anal penetration and yes, Gauge has lost about 15 lbs since doing "Little Girl Lost" so get ready for some ultra HOT action. If you were disapointed with Little Girl Lost, this one should make up for it.

We also shot "Coma Ward" with Gauge, CHennin Blanc and Kyle Stone. Gauage in a coma, a demented doctor who just lost his medical license and a niave nurse willing to agree to anything as long as it helps Gauge come out of her coma. See Gauge in the hospital bed helpless while teh nasty Doc and nurse take extreme measures to revive her...this one should be out within 4 weeks.

We are also shooting "Trick Or Treat II" in the next 2 weeks, so we have a lot planned!


Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 09:43:15 AM

Name: g-in-o
E-mail address: g_in_o62@hotmail.com

1 DVD Copy of "The Dirty Dreams of Lisa Kinkaid" $55.00

UPS Red to get it across country FAST! $28.00

Cross-town gasoline for a premiere lunchtime viewing:$3.00

The site of sweet Lisa being violated in ways akin to my own dirty little dreams: ABSOLUTELY FUCKING PRICELESS!!! Now... back to the DVD...

Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 01:12:18 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Laughingboy and g-in-o: Any review I could write would pale compared to how well you've sold the tape to the group already. That really says it all :)

However, I have some free time coming up, so I'll try to get a full review out to the board by tomorrow, hopefully.

Steve at Forbidden: that new Gauge flick (the first one you described) sounds great. Looking forward to seeing it. Also waiting for the restored version of Open House, so we can see that little relator honey get what's coming to her :)

Tuesday, October 1st 2002 - 05:03:53 PM

Name: DHT

Wow, guys, as happy as people on the board seem to be over the new Lisa Kincaid DVD I think I may have to pick it up. Is it only on DVD? If it's on tape, does the DVD have extra features not available on the tape?

Rick, um, I see you mention that you're working on SOB6. I gotta say, a little more info would be nice, like who else is in it? We know Lisa will be in it because of the little teaser from SOB5,...

which though 5 was released back in my day, and alot of young whippersnappers on this board don't remember back then, in my old black and white photo album I still have a picture of me and Dutch Malone in our zoot suits and pencil mustaches in front of our new studebaker parked in front of St. Catherine's for the bake off, holding up out copies of SOB5 like we were cock of the walk!

Now, ages later, old friends have come and gone, and I'm just glad I lived long enough to see the day that the old talkie footage of Lisa can be added to some new footage of some college student you picked up at a rave who didn't want to work at Dairy Queen that summer!

Just kiddin', Rick, you know you're the bomb.


Wednesday, October 2nd 2002 - 09:54:34 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html


"The Dirty Dreams of Lisa Kinkaid" is ZFX Productions' newest video and DVD release, one that promises hardcore penetration for the first time, although not actual fucking, and is only available for ordering from ZFX's own website. This is a new concept video for the company. For once, actors are all playing themselves. The tape begins with Lisa Kinkaid (as Lisa Kinkaid) driving her car to go see Rick Masters at ZFX Studios, explaining to an unseen audience that often when she visits Rick, she ends up with a memory lapse and can't recall everything that happened to her that evening. Hmmm...I think I know where this is going to lead to (evil chuckle).

Lisa and Rick sit down for an interview, where she answers actual questions asked of her by her fans on the internet (The entire interview can be read at http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/lisa/lisa_jun02.html). After the interview, Lisa asks for some water, and Rick takes this opportunity to mix up his own cocktail of water, "GHB" (I dunno, don't ask) and his own piss (!) and gives it to poor, unsuspecting Lisa. "That tastes weird. You need to get a water softener," she comments to Rick.

It doesn't take long for the drug to take effect. Rick starts helping himself to Lisa's body until she passes out, then he suddenly undergoes a transformation and becomes this monstrous creature, complete with a huge alien dick (but of course!). A barely conscious (and unbound) Lisa is first fingerfucked, then penetrated by the creature's dick. Then he stuffs her panties in her mouth and gets a bit rougher, grabbing her by the neck as he pounds at her pussy. He follows this up by double-pummeling her from behind, adding a long tentacle up her ass while continuing to assault her pussy at the same time. Fans of "weird shit" should love it; I was lukewarm.

After her alien rape, Lisa is finally bound for the first time, left in a precarious position on a couch with her knees bent and her legs tied wide open, making her vulnerable for anything to be stuffed inside her, and thankfully, we are not let down. With her panties tied inside her mouth and a vibrating egg stimulating her clit, Lisa's ass is filled with a plug and her snatch is violated by a vibrator, which gets tied up inside of her. She moans and writhes and begins to have a "dirty dream", which leads us to some previously unreleased hardcore footage shot three years earlier.

In this first segment, she is wearing short shorts and a uniform top from a popular eating establishment better known for their waitresses than their food. Unfortunately, because of legal fears, the name on her top is optically fuzzed out, which draws attention to itself and away from the actual scene. Lisa (looking quite a bit different) is grabbed by a masked stranger and wrestled to the floor, where he gags her with black tape. Upon tying her wrists behind her, he tears open her panty hose and pulls off her shorts. Ripping the tape off her mouth, he makes her suck a large dildo, lubing it up for it to go directly into her pussy. No clever editing here; Lisa takes the whole thing straight up inside her. This is followed up by a very cool ass-plugging with a hot wing! (Mmmm...tasty!)

The next series of scenes begins with Lisa being grabbed from behind by another masked stranger. He puts a plastic bag over her head and forces her into submission as she gets weaker from the lack of air. He removes the bag and with her barely conscious, he strips off her clothing and gives her a vigorous ass-fucking with his finger.

The final segments really kick the show up a notch. Lisa is standing with her wrists tied above her from the ceiling. As she balances on a crate, the stranger ballgags her, then kicks the crate out from under her, causing her to dangle under her own weight as she hangs helplessly suspended. He takes his time, watching her, before he decides to increase her torment by adding heavy metal clamps from each of her nipples. Taking a final swig from his beer bottle, he then takes the bottle and rapes Lisa's pussy with it, in a salute to the action in the old HOM film loops. It's a great scene, worth the price of the tape.

Next, Lisa is bound sitting on the floor, arms and legs spread wide, tied to a wooden platform. The man silences her pleas by inserting a pump gag into her mouth and squeezing until her cheeks are full and her eyes are wide. He then decorates her body, painfully, with multiple clothespins to her breasts and pussy lips, and films her suffering.

For her final bondage torment, Lisa is tied standing with her wrists bound behind and the rope tied off above her. Her mouth is gagged with several strips of yellow tape. Her assailant comes up behind her and violently rapes her from behind, simulated but very intense, adding some choking to her so that she hangs limply in her bonds after he's finished.

Back in the present now, Lisa wakes up, and Rick tells her she fell asleep after the interview. She believes him, although she can't understand how sore she is now. "I feel like I got fucked by a horse, Good God!" she murmurs as she walks out, not knowing she left her panties behind on the couch. Silly girl.

The DVD outtakes are, as usual, lots of fun, as we see Lisa spit, swear, smoke, belch and continually blow her lines. But none of that can possibly top hearing her hum "Pop Goes the Weasel" with her mouth taped as she prepares for her final ass rape in the last scene. Priceless stuff.

Overall, there's some good stuff in this latest show, and for fans of Lisa Kinkaid, it's a must-have, because we get to see some primo older stuff from the vaults. I'm not sure the "hardcore" insertion shots justify the higher $55 price, but I'd rather pay it and see this one then keep my money and miss it. It's not perfect, but definitely worth checking out for ZFX fans. My grade: B-

Wednesday, October 2nd 2002 - 05:27:53 PM

Name: Alex

I hang out a lot at Yahoo Groups. (lots of bondage photos) and bondage related groups. There is a group called CHADSCANS. I consider myself the #1 RENE BAKER fan. (showing my age) Anyhow there is a video excerpt (about 4 minutes long) , under the title "blue2.ram" in the file section. This flick shows both Rene and Jason Whitman in a bondage-torture situation like no other I have seen before. I thought that I have viewed all of her work, but somhow this is one I have missed. Poor Rene actually, well maybe not "actually" has her breast pierced with needles and her gagged mouth bleeds because of some kind of two piece tongue gag. As usual she looks like it is all for real. I'm not one for the "Blood" scene but, I am a Rene Baker fan and this video was quite enjoyable. I know the "Blue" series of H.O.M. has been discussed here before. If someone would describe in detail how to post it so everyone couls see it I would be happy to do so. I viewed it using Real Player. Otherwise you can just go sign up for Yahoo groups and see it for yourselves.

Thursday, October 3rd 2002 - 02:12:28 PM

Name: Evets

Has anybody seen "little orphan dusty," it's advertised as having a rape seen. Any good?

Thursday, October 3rd 2002 - 05:53:37 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~Thanks for another informative review. I don't know if anyone realizes how much time and effort it is to post a review such as Ralphus does on a regular basis. I've tried a couple of times, and usually because of being Mr. Typo, it takes me in excess of an hour to do. That, and it's pretty much a choir to find the right wording to describe what you've just watched. Especially with limited time, I end up posting when it's late and I'm tired.

I for one am very appreciative of his efforts. Even though Ralphus and I have differing tastes, it still gives me insight to if I might want to pick up the vid or not.

Thanks again!


Saturday, October 5th 2002 - 09:10:35 PM

Name: FrenchCharley

Ralphus, as usual your informative reviews are anxiously anticipated and greatly appreciated. However, before I plunk down my $55, might I impose upon you to go into a bit more detail on Lisa's "penetrations?" You mention the term "hardcore insertions" in the close of your latest review and I was wondering if you might clarify this for the masses. Thanks for a great review. French Charly

Saturday, October 5th 2002 - 11:31:31 PM

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

French Charlie--I'll oblige you. The vaginal insertions are with a fairly large penis dildo. There are three actual anal penetrations and one simulated. In the first one she is facing backwards and kneeling on a couch. She is entered from behind with a sort of alien pod devise shaped like a small anal plug attached to a tube. (I guess it's about the size of a quarter in circumference). In the second is tied on her back with her knees up. Then she is penetrated with a regular anal plug about the same size as the first. The third is in a dream sequence. After she has been smothered into unconciousness, she is moved to her knees and penetrated with a finger within a large rubber glove. The last is a simulated anal rape as she stands gagged with her hands tied behind her back. Her hands are tied to a rope attached to a high ladder making her bend over. I should probably note that the bondage is simulated (pretty well) during the second penetration but he allows us to see that at least one hand isn't truly secured. She is securely tied in the last simulated anal rape scene. I recommend you purchase the DVD. The outtakes are interesting. You can overhear Lisaremarking on how large it is. Another advantage is that the first anal insertion is shown at regular speed rather than the quick insertion rick chose for the directors cut. LB

Sunday, October 6th 2002 - 09:25:34 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

> Poor Rene actually, well maybe not "actually" has her breast pierced with needles and her gagged mouth bleeds because of some kind of two piece tongue gag.

According to Bill Majors, the scene was real and Rene was into the needle play. I found a poor copy of a German tape, called "Violence" that contained that and two other 8mm loops. The way the needles are flicked into her breasts, it's clearly real (skewers inserted into another models "breasts" was clearly faked in one of the other loops).

Monday, October 7th 2002 - 06:26:51 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

Some notes on a few threads below:

Ralphus can find photo spreads of Misty Mundae and her sister in two separate Femme Fatale articles in the Aug 02 (V11/9) issue.

A few more porn models who have done bondage include Chasey Lain and Charlie (both of whom have incredibly sensual eyes).

A few models I could recommend to Rick, that I've worked with, include: Allanah Rhodes, Jenni Lee, Deja Chan, and Candace. There a few pix of the models at my group. None are in the Florida area and I have no idea if they'd be willing to do a ZFX style flick, but I have done force fantasy photo shoots with them and videos with all but Allanah (who did a stint in a Seduction Cinema Video).

Monday, October 7th 2002 - 07:06:13 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Alex: I'd really like to see that Rene Baker scene that you and RR described. Think you could help us out with the URL to that CHADSCANS group on Yahoo? I did a direct search for it and came up with nothing. Not the first time that's happened, BTW. Yahoo tends to hide some adult groups from general searches, I've noticed.

RR: I saw that Violence loop you mentioned and you're right. Clearly faked boobs. They didn't even look like real breasts. Nice that they attempted to show us something harder, though. I think they pulled off the illusion better in the two sequels, which featured, among other delights, torture with pushpins on the pussy, fishhooks through the nipples, a painful bra with spikes sewn in the cups, and pussy-lip suturing. The Violence tapes were true classics of the genre.

Monday, October 7th 2002 - 07:32:26 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chadscans/

Found the chadscans group (url above).

From the description, the Rene Baker rm mentioned sounds to me like her scene in Violence 1. Could be wrong, I didn't actually see the rm file. I didn't join the chadscans group cause I already have all the chadscans, and to join the group they want you to include your age in your yahoo profile and frankly, didn't feel like it!

RR - nice little group you got there in rrcomix. A number of the images have a HOM feel to it, good going. Kinda wish they were bigger!

Monday, October 7th 2002 - 11:52:06 PM

Name: RR

Thanks, Scribbler. The image sizes are limited by Yahoo, not me. I loaded the Shade comic pages at 800x600, but that's not how even I can see them. All I can bring up is a 480x277 pixel image. When I first put the pages up, the first click was this size, but a second click brought up the full sized image. With newer uploaded images, the saved images are slightly larger, but there's no longer any way to upload anything larger. I won't be able to post larger samples till I start a website. I am shooting for an HOM feel without actually aping the style. I prefer an action shot where the bad guy is molesting the gal to a glamour posed model in bondage.

Ralphus, the "Violence" tape I saw, with the fake breast skewering, included the Rene Baker scene. I guess it's possible that they released different versions. The Rene scene isn't too rough, but Rene's performance makes it look excruciating. The needles are flicked in like accupuncture as opposed to a more brutal insertion.

Tuesday, October 8th 2002 - 02:46:05 PM

Name: Gonzo
E-mail address: bdfan01@hotmail.com

Scribbler, you have ALL the ChadScans??!?!??!

Ok, I'm impressed. I have been looking for scans of a certain HOM model that went by the name of Lonnie Andrews. This forum has already been plaged by my request for more scans of her, but I'm still missing some. If you could send me a private mail, ANY help would be appreciated.

I tried joining the group and was denied even though I'm pretty sure I put my age in the profile.


P.S. Kudos to Rick for the latest Ballista. One of the 'keepers' in my DVD collection.

Tuesday, October 8th 2002 - 02:53:05 PM

Name: Mr. Ballista
E-mail address: anonymous@aol.com

Rick. Enjoyed the diatribe about the New York pirates. But it begs the question. Do you have a legitimate distributor in NYC? Tried the places outside of NYC and they do not seem to be able to get on the stick.

Tuesday, October 8th 2002 - 04:39:29 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

How nice to see that my humble little Yahoo Group has caught the attention of this board. I was wondering what caused the influx of applications. I am the founder and moderator of that board, and while it has been inactive for a while, you will notice that it is SPAM free.

If you read the intro to the group, you will see that you have to have your age posted in your Yahoo profile - that's why some people are not accepted.

Enjoy the group, and feel free to contribute ideas, pics, whatever.

Wednesday, October 9th 2002 - 11:10:53 AM

Name: Steve from Forbiddenvideo.com
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/brutalvideos/callgirlblues.htm

Just to let you all know, the 1st new Gauge video is now up on our site. To check it out click the link above! Its called "Call Girl Blues" S

Wednesday, October 9th 2002 - 01:49:16 PM

Name: FrenchCharley

Thanks LaughingBoy, appreciate your help...I guess what I'm asking is , Is it Lisa, or is it memorex." Real penetration or camera angles, cuts, fades, inserts, etc. They can do a lot of things with video and DVD today. I do however appreciate your input and assistance.

Wednesday, October 9th 2002 - 03:57:02 PM

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

French Charlie-- I'm very sure the first two penetration are real. I suppose the third one with the gloved hand might have been faked but I don't think so. LB

Wednesday, October 9th 2002 - 06:04:20 PM

Name: Scribbler

Gonzo: Ah Lonnie, long curly hair, long legs, tan, and she can do the splits. Favorite Lonnie 8mm movie: Code of Honor.

RR: yeah, you're right about the yahoo group photo's section resizing images. Some groups are posting the images they want to stay big in the file section. Of course, if too many people download big image files, yahoo goes into "this group has exceeded it's bandwidth limit, try again tomorrow" mode.

I also prefer action shots with an assaulter present as opposed to solo bondage shots. Every once in awhile, an HOM mag would have a photo series in it with both the model and her attacker. Those were the best. One thing you might want to consider is putting a simple black hood with eye holes on your male attackers (very HOM). All of your female models have good to great expressions, but some of the villains, well, they're not as good.

Ralphus: Cool Dirty Dreams pic up there. Review sounds like a DVD worth getting. Except for the part where Rick turns into a monster (personally not into monsters in bondage vids, but I'm sure some people are.)

Wednesday, October 9th 2002 - 11:00:47 PM

Name: Zfx'r

Hello Everyone, good to see the board so active and with some newcomers, welcome!

Want to do something a little different this time and address several things. First, although, I would assume that everyone here is in fact here because they (among other things) love the form of art erotica that is bondage/domination/punishment they are also, turned on by it too as a fantasy and form of sexual play that excites them too. I have been a fan of this type of sexual erotica for a long time beginning with HOM and the AVON offerings of years ago. It IS art and it IS exciting an arousing...and HEALTHY (as long as no second party is hurt or unwilling to share it.)

That said,with Halloween approaching, I was reading a book on the infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast that panicked millions. In it, is this quote that I believe pertains to us--our form of erotica we love--and how our increasingly inmature, backwards and hypocritical society treats it (at least in public...we all know how many countless love this stuff too and are probably more into it than we are but will never admit it, right?)

Amid a large outcry of critics calling for the banning of such radio shows and entertainemnt, one person wrote: "There is no reason why INTELLIGENT people should be DEPRIVED of virile entertainment."

AMEN. When you consider that on this board alone we read of censorship/arrest/legal/court action/morality police fears..all the while other and real problems plague our nation..the hypocrisy is maximun and the balls to limit what is filmed and offered to adults sickening.

Anyhow, after offering some details on Vanessa Del Rio a few weeks ago and reading all the posts on Lisa, I thought it would be cool to offer a tribute to some of the less talked about performers. I'll begin with Sierra Stuart.

Sierra was petite, medium full breasted brunette with a little extra weight on her with a voluptuous ass, legs and soft belly. No tats or anything, she usualy had short hair and had a sweet, little girl and very feminie voice. She was one the first and earliest stars of ZFX and had a sexiness about her that showed onscreen and she wore garters VERY well. For me, her most notable offering was in the ZFX early classic, 'Southern Discomfort' which happens to be the FIRST ZFX video I ever bought (and did so because of the picture of lovely Sierra in roped and gagged in a white nurse's uniform as her white gaters and heavy tits are exposed.)

In this video, Sierra's car breaks down and she goes to the home of a SUPER DYKE (SD) who likes to put on strap-ons and have her way with vulnerable beauties. SD lets Sierra in and attacks her, tying her up while Sierra protests. Gagged, heavily roped and scared, Sierra is probed by hand by the butch and we see Sierra's lovely full ass become exposed as her white uniform is lifted, legs spread and finally heaving, full tits exposed as her top is unbuttoned. Then, poor sweet Sierra is given another horror as the SD pulls out a huge dildo strap on and our pretty little Sierra pouts "no...no....WHAT THE HELL!" and then her pouty lips open to take in and forcefully suck the dildo.

Sierra is also spanked and left undressed and violated as SD moves on to other beauties. Stuart's other notable..to me..video is Scene of the Crime with the legendary Victoria Vixen where she is a detective supposed to protect Victoria but fails to do that and gets vioated herself too.

By the way...I tried to join the Yahoo group, I thought the profile had my age but i'll try again. Also, maybe Rick should consider offering a 'best of' volume series from the first 5 years of ZFX with clips of various now classics..I'm sure many would buy it.

Later, be well all....

Thursday, October 10th 2002 - 03:08:06 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

> One thing you might want to consider is putting a simple black hood with eye holes on your male attackers (very HOM). All of your female models have good to great expressions, but some of the villains, well, they're not as good.

No disagreement there. It's interesting being on the other side of the producer/buyer equation. Like everybody, I've looked at things that other people have produced and have been absolutely befuddled at some of the decisions that were made and wondering why the hell they did what they did. Now that I'm starting to produce my own work, I'm learning that, even though I'm paying models and taking the photos, I'm not in complete control of the final product. It's not easy getting the expressions I want out of models. I can describe the look I want--I can make the expression--and they cannot do it. It hits a point where I'm better off just shooting more photos than try to get the exact expression I want. The bad guys are even more pot luck than the gals. In most instances, the guy is a boyfriend or husband and doesn't even want to be there, but is doing the shoot because the gal wants him to do it. I'll try to find hoods after Halloween, but the heat of the lamps usually makes them very uncomfortable to work with and the eyeholes don't always wind up being in front of the eyes, so the guy's often doing the shoot blind.

On fave models of yesteryear, I'd have to go with HOM model, Lori Weatherly. She had such an incredibly innocent look and a great cuddly soft body and nice natural breasts.

Thursday, October 10th 2002 - 05:01:42 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/gimp1999/aug99.html

Zfx'r: Thanks for the illuminating post. Heck yeah, I remember Sierra Stuart. She was one of my all-time favorite ZFX performers, and she was with Rick from the very beginning of ZFX. In fact, she was with him before ZFX even officially started, appearing in a handful of Rick's earliest tapes that are now distributed by Bon-Vue. A few to look for would be "Z/FX #3" and "Sorority Bondage Hazing", both good titles that feature Sierra prominently.

Good call on "Scene of the Crime", which made my all-time Top Ten ZFX titles when several of us made our lists on this board three years ago (If anyone's curious, my complete list is in the Archives section, dated August 17 at the link above). Anyway, Sierra was the first ZFX girl that I had a serious craving for, and as a result I checked out every ZFX vid I could find that featured her on the box. Not all her titles were great; Rick was just starting to cut his teeth at that time, but I really liked the final segment of "Tied Tales" where she's an auditioning actress who gets manhandled by two bogus "producers" and also "Total Restraint" another early classic where Rick lets her have it with a nice duct tape bondage attack. I hope these titles get re-released on DVD someday; it would be nice to see them again. Hard to imagine that ZFX has been around over ten years now. He's got a treasure trove of goodies that I'll bet a lot of people haven't seen before. They helped make me into the perv that I am today :)

Thursday, October 10th 2002 - 07:55:42 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Has anyone seen this flik besides me? "Part Time, Part Two". See http://www.stockroom.com/b213.htm for a link with a description. I thought this movie was so hot, had a lot of elements I wish Rick's flix would have. The actress is beautiful. There is a plot, of sorts ("Cory" submits to ever increasingly severe bondage to earn money. At the end of the flik for a whopping sum she agrees to be a sex slave for 30 days straight). It was filmed beautifully. The pace was slow, very fetishistic. There was a great chase-scene in the woods ending in some non-willing outdoor bondage. I can't wait to see other parts of this series.

Some of you here may not go for this one -- most of the bondage and torment are entered into willingly. But the willingness, or whether it's coercive and "Cory's" boundaries are crossed, is toyed with and I like that whole psychological head game aspect. One example, Cory submits to being bound and gagged over a sawhorse by some young guy. (Doesn't sound so special, right? But the tieing and the pacing is slow and the tension builds and it is filmed so artfully and her body examined so lovingly). After she is firmly tied, the guy leaves the room, and you hear him opening his front door (you don't see this, the camera always lingers on Cory) and you hear a crowd of people coming in with the obvious implication that Cory's about to be gang-raped. You see her eyes go wide when she hears this, and she struggles against her bonds and moans through the gag, but she is helpless. Like Lisa Kincaid, she has very expressive eyes. Again, if you prefer fast, violent take-downs, this probably isn't for you, but if you like to see a stunning beauty submit to bondage but always finding it to be more than she bargained for, while filmed perfectly, then you'll like this.

Another example - there's a long scene at the end of the tape where she has just submitted to the 30 days of torment, and she is tied in a darkened room wearing some latexy outfit (as I said, there is a real focus on fetishy touches here, as the camera slides over her slowly). The master takes plastic wrap and puts it over her head and uses a blow dryer to mold it to her beautiful face. You see her lips gasping for air. You think the scene is done, but the master keeps adding more and more pieces of clear plastic wrap and melting them over her face. I can't imagine how they filmed this scene without her passing out or freaking out. As I said, the pacing is rea-l-l-ly slow, and it seems like she has no ability to breathe for the longest time.

One more point -- one of the best things about this tape is the actress, an "Emily Marilyn". She is a knockout, IMO, but more importantly, I think she is a good bondage actress. Her eyes and facial expressions just do it for me. So, one of the coolest things I thought about that last, long, drawn out plastic wrap asphyxiation scene, is that while her mouth was moving like she needed badly to breathe, the rest of her, her posture, etc., was fully composed. You could almost palpably feel her thoughts, (and there may have been a voiceover, I can't remember now) "Oh, God, what have I gotten myself into. Stay calm, stay calm, oh man I can't believe this, and this is just the beginning of 30 days! Help help oh please help". That's what I was hearing in my head, anyway.

Anyone know this actress from anything else? Anyone know this flik, or this series? Rick, you should take a look -- IMO, if you could blend your style with some of the better elements of this flik's style, your flix quality level would zoom right up.


Friday, October 11th 2002 - 09:51:03 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Oh, I just googled her and she's got a website:



Friday, October 11th 2002 - 10:05:46 PM

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

Emily Maryln looks an awful lot like Molly Mathews over on Insex, don't you think? LB

Saturday, October 12th 2002 - 11:39:27 AM

Name: chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Love the ZFX vids. They have that extra edge of salaciousness I'm looking for that other vids lack.

Saturday, October 12th 2002 - 08:26:47 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Hey all, just wanted to take a few minutes to throw out my two cents worth on RR's Post regarding the dude's wearing hoods.

You are right by saying that when you start to produce your work there are a lot of things that you can't control. I would say that only about 1% of the time do things work out the way you picture them in your head.

Some of the factors can be as you mentioned. Is the girl really into this or is she just doing it for money? How many hours have you shot up to this point? Are you at the end of a long day, and everybody is getting tired? Is there a lot of outside distractions? Or it could just be that the woman is not that good at the acting part.

Sometimes decisions in the filming come down to anwsering a lot of those questions. If you are working on a long day you tend to not worry too much about the facial expressions as long as you get the shot. Also If the woman is hanging in a tough position, you are not going to sit there and try to get things just perfect while she is in agony. Otherwise she will never work for you again and you can bet she will tell her friends not to either.

Guys are another thing as well. many of us arent thinking about how we look as long as our results are getting the shot of the women to look great. Also you are right by saying that the masks and hoods get to be hot after just a little bit. I guess I always leaned more toward either a stocking or sunglasses like I wore in South Of the Border 3. I always thought that the masks looked goofy because if this was real life you would not see any attackers wearing them.

It comes down to how much money you have and whether or not you have any crew. If you are filming or shooting by yourself there is a hell of a lot to worry about while you are putting her and your body through hell to get the shot. It would be nice if you had a crew of 5-10 to worry about small details so that you could just rely on the actors and the finished product. Or have multiple takes of one scene so that you could get it right. But that cost time and money. I guess that is where the final decision comes from in some of the decisions for the movies. I am sure Rick, Gary, and Steve would love to have a hollywood type budget and 3-5 months in which to shoot the film and edit it. But alas things are never exactly the way we want them to be.

There you go that could be a new thread for the board, what kind of movie would you like to see Rick produce if he had a hollywood budget. Wait though, I think we already did that one. Ralphus can tell us for sure. Anyways I hope that gives some insight into the shooting and some of the decisions for the final product.

let me know if you guys have any other questions or insights that I can give. Just want to publickly give Ralphus a thumbs up and a pat on the back for doing a tremendous job on the board especially in the shape I left him in. Way to go Ralphus.

Peace All
Mad Dog

Sunday, October 13th 2002 - 12:41:36 PM

Name: Scribbler

Maddog said: let me know if you guys have any other questions or insights that I can give.

OK, here are some...

some definitions first
pre-production (everything that happens before the days of shooting video like writing script, hiring people)
production (the days of shooting video)
post-production (editing video, soundtrack, etc.)

How much goes into pre-production for a zfx video, Is there a treatment, script, rough outline, storyboards, or is it just all in Rick's head?

Is there a discussion before hand with the actress as to what's needed of her, and also from her what she will and won't do, or does this happen on the day of the shoot? And if there is discussion before hand, how often does the actress change her mind on the production day?

How are actresses and actors found? Do they do any auditioning? How much do actresses make (I'm sure it varies)? How much do actors make?

How often do people call Rick on production days saying they can't make it, or are hours late, or don't bother calling and just don't show up!?

If there is a script, does the talent see it before the production days, or are they just told what they're to do when they get there?

How many hours goes into a zfx production day? How many days or hours to get enough footage for editing into a zfx video?

Lighting - Are the lights moved for every shot, or just set up once and go?

How many cameras/cameramen are used (I'm guessing one)?

Besides Rick and talent, are there any other crew?

Do the actors and actresses generally get along, or have there been some problems?

Are these production days a lot of fun, somewhat fun, a lot of work, a pain...? Would it be more fun if you were actually into this stuff!?

Were any of the actresses you worked with 'into it' or are most pretty much just there for the money? Same question for actors?

Beside's Rick meeting his wife, have any relationships or friendships starting on a zfx shoot?

What's the funniest thing that happened on a shoot you were a part of?


Probably some of these are more questions for Rick, but just thought I'd throw them out there. No need to answer them all, just answer the ones you feel like, if there are any! Thanks.

Sunday, October 13th 2002 - 07:25:12 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

zee-ef-ex: Thanks for the tip and the great description of the Emily Marilyn tape. She's definitely got a unique look to her (that's a good thing) and that plastic wrap asphyxiation scene has me intrigued. My only fear about ordering the tape right now is the consensuality theme. The plastic wrap scene sounds like a great torture, but is she consenting to it like a slave or is it against her will? Are they any "no-no-no's" and does she put up any resistance? Forty bucks is a high price to risk for a master/slave type vid unless it's something special.

Mad Dog: Good to hear from you again and thanks for the compliment. I didn't do it all myself; I have a friend who helped me shape up the site and I couldn't possibly have accomplished all that without him. I'm just glad we're back up to speed, and thanks to everyone who posts for keeping us going.

We appreciate your insights on what it takes to get one of these shot. I think the high level of quality we've seen from ZFX for over 10 years is a testament to Rick's ability as a director and also to his talent for finding babes who can give a good performance. I've said it before, it all comes down to casting. I have no idea how Rick finds girls like Lisa and Chandra Sweet and Kelly McKay, beautiful girls who look like they could be models, and persuade them to submit to being tied up and endure painful clothespin torture and whippings, and then the tough part, get them to work with you again.

Masks on villains: Personally, I hate 'em. Totally artificial device, too much like the space alien/monster theme, and I prefer realistic scenarios. And here's another reason I don't like them: guys in masks never talk, so you lose my favorite part of the scene, the threatening, gloating dialogue by the villain as the girl whimpers in fear, which punches up a scene immeasurably if done right. Otherwise, it all falls back on the girl to carry the scene by herself.

If Rick had a Hollywood budget...aw, he'd probably just blow it all on special effects :)

Sunday, October 13th 2002 - 07:38:52 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

Masks on villains: A mask doesn't bother me because it can be part of the plot. The villain can be a guy that's going to have his way with the gal and then leave her. Conversely, a woman abducted by a guy without a mask has a more serious concern about what her fate is because she's seen what he looks like. In some ways, the lack of a mask presents a more dangerous situation. Let's not forget that there are very successful masked villains in the "Halloween" and "Friday the 13th" series. The victims of Michael Meyers and Jason cannot even reach the monsters. They can beg and plead for these masked terrors to not harm them, but it's futile. The mask hides any emotion. The mask makes the bad guy less than human. To that extent, a masked villain can be more terrifying than one without a mask. When the mask is part of that villain's persona, versus somebody trying to hide his identity, it can be more frightening because the gal is now dealing with a lunatic. That expands the threat that he's capable of performing.

From the production side, a mask can compensate for a bad performance. If the guy can't act, it's better to stick him in a mask and keep him quiet. I'd rather work within limitations than produce bad stuff that is outside those limits. It's a greater sin to have bad acting than no acting. I'd rather let the helpless gal sell the scene than let a bad villain blow it be not being capable of delivering lines. A human monster is preferable to a phony low-budget monster effect. "The Blair Witch Project" was effective because it lived within its miniscule budget which I'd guess wasn't much larger than what Rick works with. Knowing what I'm paying models, I'd guess Rick's budget is a few grand per video. The bulk of that cost will be model fees. "Blair Witch" would not have been an appreciably better movie with a bigger budget. Recent horror flick remakes, like "Thirteen Ghosts" and "The Haunting", prove that a larger budget and more effects don't make a better movie. As Ralphus said, Rick would blow a bigger budget on things that aren't important to us.

I haven't been shooting my fantasies long enough to get past the cost of the models. I find myself somewhat paralyzed by that during shooting. I'm constantly looking at my watch to make sure that I'm pacing myself appropriately to get two shoots in five hours. If the first takes too long, then I'm screwed on the second and have to cut corners. I'm hoping that I'll get more comfortable once I get a paysite up. If I can get lucky enough to earn more than I spend (not counting my time because I don't expect to break even with my time put in), maybe it will get easier.

In one of my favorite sets, with Candace, I was mostly focusing on her performance and found out, when I was looking at the photos, that her boyfriend was looking straight at the camera a lot of the time. Every now and then, I'll see a light in the photo that I didn't notice when I snapped the photo--which means more photoshopping to clean that up. It remains a very surreal experience to shoot my fantasies.

Re: Emily Marilyn, she is incredibly hot. Some models photograph better on camera than can be naturally explained. Emily is clearly one of those performers. When I was in LA, doing a bunch of force shoots, I'd written Emily to see if she'd be interested. She didn't want to do a force shoot, so I figured that was the end of that possibility. Then I got an email from Emily, asking if I still had an opening and to call. After playing phone tag, I finally found out that she'd forgotten that I was doing force shoots, so we weren't able to arrange anything. We got to talk for a while and she really came across as a really sweet person. I could have gotten a regular bondage shoot or a girl-on-girl force shoot, so I've been kicking myself for not finding time to work with Emily even if it wouldn't have been for the kind of shoot I was booking.

One tidbit of info I got is that Emily will be in a new video being directed by Andrew Blake that's going to move much more into damsel in distress peril. That will be the largest budget bondage oriented movie ever made. I didn't pry too much into details, so i don't know how far it will go. Bondage has been an element in many of Blake's work, but it's always been in an artsy kind of domination girl-on-girl style. I'm not going to get my hopes up too high, but it's a good sign when one of the most prestigious adult producers decides to take a foray into bondage in a serious fashion. It usually means others will follow. The downside when the big guys come to play in our sandbox is that it could trash all the little guys. Somebody, like Rick, cannot compete against the likes of Vivid if they decide to make rougher fare. If Blockbuster decided to carry adult videos, they'd put all the Mom & Pop video stores out of business because a lot of the smaller rental places are largely surviving because they can provide videos that the nationwide chains refuse to touch.

Monday, October 14th 2002 - 09:39:05 AM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Scribbler Wow, so many questions where do I even begin? But thats ok I dont mind sharing

Let me clear up just a couple of things first, first - Like you mentioned most of these question Rick would need to anwser. Second - I am located in Mpls. While Rick is down in Florida. I have never been down there or seen his shop so I can only give you my experiences from the last time he came up here. Third due to time constraints the shoots up here are a lot different from his shoots down in Florida (he told me). Fourth Some of the anwsers I will speculate on, and I could be off, Rick feel free to clarify anything I muck up. With that said away we go.

How much goes into pre-production for a zfx video, Is there a treatment, script, rough outline, storyboards, or is it just all in Rick's head?

With ZFX being Rick's company, only he really knows what he wants the finished product to look like. So most of the stuff is in his head. He does write some stuff down, but most of it is shooting on the fly. Like I mentioned in my last post, so many times it dosent work out like we picture in our head. Also I am sure he would love to work with scripts and some storyboards but the whole money and time thing play into this.

How are actresses and actors found? Do they do any auditioning? How much do actresses make (I'm sure it varies)? How much do actors make?

I do believe that a good majority of the talent is through word of mouth. Friends of women who have already been in a ZFX flick or have worked with Rick. Or from a second party that knows Rick. He does weed out the undesireable ones, but if they are hot there is something he can always do with them (I am assuming that part). All I can say about the money thing is that it varies, depending on a lot of different variables. I will say that the women get paid way more than the men, but seeing what they do and what they go through, they deserve it.

How often do people call Rick on production days saying they can't make it, or are hours late, or don't bother calling and just don't show up!?

I am sure that this happens a lot.

If there is a script, does the talent see it before the production days, or are they just told what they're to do when they get there?

Again refer to my earlier anwser. I will say this though, I did not work with a script at all, but the shoots are different up here.

How many hours goes into a zfx production day? How many days or hours to get enough footage for editing into a zfx video?

We shot 8-12 hour days up here (Not the norm) and it takes a lot of scenes to edit out a movie. Go back into any ZFX movie and count how many scenes are in a average length one.

Lighting - Are the lights moved for every shot, or just set up once and go?

this depends on where we are shooting and how much we are going to utilize the location. If you are going to shoot more than one scene in a location, usually you get the lights the way you want them and go.

How many cameras/cameramen are used (I'm guessing one)?

Rick shoots all of his own stuff

Besides Rick and talent, are there any other crew?

Up here it is mainly the actors, actresses and Rick, sometimes we had somebody to help. But if you are shooting in a small location it is better not to have that many.

Do the actors and actresses generally get along, or have there been some problems?

Again I can only speak for what I saw up here, But every single actress that I worked with were really nice and down to earth, and there was never any attitude. Not saying that Rick dosent have to deal with it.

Are these production days a lot of fun, somewhat fun, a lot of work, a pain...? Would it be more fun if you were actually into this stuff!?

Yes, Yes and yes, The days were a lot of work and I did go home tired and sore, and there were some days that seemed to never end. But credit Rick for having a great personality and being wonderful to work with (Usually!! Hee Hee Hee)I did have a lot of fun. As far as being into, it would have to depend on what you are shooting it for. If you are into that lifestyle and are doing a movie for your enjoyment that is one thing. If you are doing it to sell and make money, well then you are concentrating more on the production part instead of the sexual part

Were any of the actresses you worked with 'into it' or are most pretty much just there for the money? Same question for actors?

I think a few were into more than the others but they were all proffesional about it and gave evey thing they had for the filming. As I have mentioned in the past, I am not really into the "lifestyle" if you want to call it that. I lean more towards Vanilla style sex, and porn. Not to say that there isnt part of me that digs this stuff. It is just not a big part. I really didnt do it for the money, (Yes the money was nice and I earned every penny) but I did it for the adventure, doing something new, something that few others had.

Beside's Rick meeting his wife, have any relationships or friendships starting on a zfx shoot?

I have not experienced any.

What's the funniest thing that happened on a shoot you were a part of?

Well like I said we had a lot of fun but I guess if I would have to think of one it would be: The first time I worked with Rick (When we shot Underland) The mask I wore for that film had an eye that popped out of the mask (which we did not kow about)So part of the film has the eye in there and part dosent. It was just funny when we figured it out and I had to go looking for my eye. (I guess you had to be there)

Well there you have it, let me know if there is anything else. Also like I said, Rick, if I have any worng feel free to let me know. Thats it for now

Peace All
Mad Dog

Monday, October 14th 2002 - 03:23:38 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Sorry For the super long posts guys. Next time I will supply the dramimine.

Peace All
Mad Dog

Monday, October 14th 2002 - 03:28:05 PM

Name: Scribbler

Maddog: Thanks for the well thought out responses to my questions, and responding so quickly. Hopefully Rick will add some info as well.

Two more quick ones.

Which zfx videos have you been apart of, released and unreleased?

Do any other zfx participants, beside Rick and Maddog, read this board? (Actresses-wise, we've heard a lot from Lisa indirectly, but it'd be cool to ask others, like Brandy, some questions.)

Tuesday, October 15th 2002 - 03:24:04 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex


I was going from memory, hadn't watched the Part Time Part Two video in a while, so I went back and watched it again. One of the best things I forgot to mention is that not only does Emily Marilyn have really expressive eyes, like Lisa, but she also moans beautifully. And, she does a lot of moaning. In most of the scenes she is gagged with a ring gag, so she does a lot of drooling and a lot of moaning.

Whether it is portrayed as consensual or not is an interesting question. There are a couple of plot development scenes where it is clear that she submits to these experiences consensually, for money. But that aspect is not really raised again in the actual scenes. She is usually tied tightly, and she is shown as if exhausted, under duress, so her resistance is expressed through shakes of her head or moans, but the resistance is there. For example, remember that scene I mentioned where she is tied over a sawhorse as entertainment for this guy's bachelor party? When he goes to put the ring gag in her mouth she moans in protest and slightly shakes her head and pulls it away. Also, in the asphyxiation scene, it looks like she has a ring gag in again (in most of the scenes, she does), and she actually does a fair bit of struggling against her tight bonds with the impression (probably accurate) that she can't breathe. And again, lots of protesting moaning, she moans beautifully.

The tape is short, just 45 minutes, although it seemed longer to me. The scenes, as I remember them, go something like this: (a) She is tied tightly in some rubber outfit, undergoing some kind of water torture I couldn't figure out. (b) She talks on the phone with a friend about the money she made submitting in that way. (c) She is fulfilling another assignment, cleaning a house dressed like a French Maid, then toying with a box of bondage gear on the bed, fantasizing about being tied (and shown tied). (d) She is tied over the sawhorse for the bachelor party guy. (e) She is chased through the woods, grabbed and tied outdoors, painfully gagged and nipple clamped. (f) She is tied beneath a woman's chair with no cushion, with a ring gag on, so she pleasures the woman while the woman sits and watched TV. (g) She meets with some guy who tells her the offer to return to the first master (the rubber outfit water torture guy) -- if she submits completely for 3 months, no limits, she'll be paid $500,000. (h) She accepts, and undergoes the asphyxiation scene.

So, the scenes themselves are shot as potentially unwilling, with struggling and protesting moaning, but the premise is consent. Except for the outdoor chase scene, you really don't see any "take downs", nor do you see any original tieing -- each scene begins with her partially or fully tied, and then something being done to her. Again, the filming is beautiful, she is beautiful, and she gives pretty good "torment". The best scenes IMO are the ones I earlier mentioned. The outdoor scene is intense. She is wearing a short skirt, tight blouse, looks like a schoolgirl, runs away and hides behind a tree and is grabbed sudden;y from behind. Next you see she is tied arms over her head to a branch on her knees with her blouse open and breasts exposed (but skirt, shoes & socks still on). She's wearing some weird gag, it looked like a metal spike through her tongue, chained to nipple clamps. Her tormenter adds weights to the nipple clamp chain, caresses her, esp. her face, adds a clothespin or two, and films her with a handheld camera, while she moans pitifully the whole time and drools and struggles and looks pained.

That's it, nothing too fancy, just very sexy - to me. No question different folks here have different strokes, so maybe this wouldn't do it for everybody. Me, I'm on the lookout for Part One, and anything else by this director/photographer (I can't remember now, it was something Fitzgerald, John or James Fitzgerald?) Oh well, guess I just have to watch it again. Poor me :)


Tuesday, October 15th 2002 - 09:43:21 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.fetish.com/gwenvideo/pt2/index.html

zee-ef-ex: Thanks for answering my questions about Part Time Two. You made it sound so appetizing I had to order it myself to see what the fuss was about. Great little review; you hooked me. What would you think about the two of us doing a Siskel-Ebert type thing when the new ZFXs come out? Two reviews are twice as good as one. Just a thought.

I did some searching and found a site with stills from the video. Click on my Homepage URL above. That was what put me over the edge. Emily looks pretty hot. I was a little worried because I only saw girls in the pictures and there's no mention of any men on the box. There's no way I would order it if it were an all-girl video, so I'm glad your review gave me the extra info I needed.

Also, I found a site that offers it a bit cheaper and even better, there's free shipping! Go to:


$34.95 isn't bad without having to pay extra to send it out, so I decided to take a chance. I'll let everyone know what I think. Thanks again.

Wednesday, October 16th 2002 - 05:07:41 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.msn.com/OrcaHouse

Part Time I and II are available from Lasersedge.com for $19.95 each on DVD (shipping extra), or $24.95 each from Adultdvdempire (free shipping). The OrcaHouse group is for some of my own photography. Karl

Wednesday, October 16th 2002 - 08:53:41 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

ScribblerI am not sure on all of the movies that I have been in. I think Rick might still have some footage of me that he is using, or going to use. I do though know for sure, South of the Border 3 & 4, Underland 1 & 2 and 666 part 1(I am not sure if I am in part two, or not). There were also some that I was behind the scenes of. I suppose if you were really interested Ralphus might be able to get you a list of the movies I was in. I have not stayed current with the new ZFX flicks.

Other than Lisa Kinkaid I think I am the only other one that reads this board, or perhaps I am the only one that takes the time to post to it. I will say this for Rick, He does try to get the actresses to at least check out the board if not post. Last time he was here he talked to a couple of the actresses and they said they would and took my email address so I could give them the addresses of the board, but I have never heard from them. So Rick does try, but I suppose you can lead them to the board but you cant make them post.

Peace All
Mad Dog

Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 04:03:10 PM

Name: thanagar
E-mail address: thanagar@aol.com

I was browsing in a video store recently and saw the earliest zfx titles, the ones numbered one through four. Does anyone know if any of them are worth taking a look at?

Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 05:01:07 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

thanagar: I briefly mentioned one the early ZFX vids back on October 10. It's been many years since I've seen them, so my memory may be faulty, but I recall that there's some good stuff in most of them. The very first one had a good simulated electric shock segment with Drew Phonix tied to a door that foreshadowed some of Rick's later work. Z/FX 3 with Drew and Sierra Stuart was memorable for separate scenes where the girls have a hose from the faucet taped into their mouths, and they both undergo bondage water torture, something I had never seen before at the time. Z/FX 4 is Sierra being dominated throughout the whole vid by a masked stranger. No special effects here, just solid bondage torment of a pretty victim. I would recommend these last 2 for sure as good examples of Rick's early work.

Mad Dog: According to Rick's own site, besides the titles you've already named, you've also been in 666: Mark of the Beast as well as South of the Border 5. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you turn up in the soon-to-be-released SOB-6 as well. Now get to the store and start checking out some ZFX flicks, if for no other reason than the huge ego trip it must be to see yourself dominating some cute naked chick, captured forever on videotape for future pervs to enjoy for generations. You're a big bright shining star!

Thursday, October 17th 2002 - 09:04:06 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

Ralphus, you're letting your critical senses get in the way of recommending those old videos. They're all worth the rental fee--they're "ZFX". It's better renting them than some CalStar crap. My favorite was the first because Rick did more manhandling of Drew and I'm more into that than torture.

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 04:53:31 AM

Name: DHT

comic alert

Yesterday DC/Vertigo released #5 of Grant Morrison's comic THE FILTH. This issue was called "Pornomancer". Page one features a full page shot of a guy in devil makeup straddling a naked woman who is bound by the wrists to a headboard and ballgagged. They seem to be filming a porno movie. There are a couple more panels showing the woman ballgagged.

Friday, October 18th 2002 - 12:05:10 PM

Name: Evets

Forbidden video has a new Gauge video out. Has anybody seen it? Thoughts?

Saturday, October 19th 2002 - 10:06:04 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Evets: The new Gauge tape is entitled Call Girl Blues and it just shipped out to customers today, so no one has seen it yet. My copy is coming and I'll review it on this forum soon. Steve e-mailed me and said he's already shot another one with Gauge and another one soon with a girl named "Dynamite" who is as small as she is. Keep checking Forbidden's website for further updates.

Monday, October 21st 2002 - 01:23:01 PM

Name: ZFX'r

Another ZFX star of earlier days was a gorgeous little blonde by the name of Candi Licks. Petite, nice round ass, nicely shaped thighs, Candi usually had a full head of very blonde curly hair that went well with her cute, innocent face and firm, small breasts with the most protruding nipples I’ve seen yet.

y favorite performance by Candi was in the classic ‘Phantacide Peepshow’ that featured a drop-dead gorgeous Penelope Pace in positions that will make your eyes pop out and ‘friend’ stand at attention. (I suggest anyone who has not see it at least look at the cover for the video and I guarantee you will just be amazed and besides yourself to see Penelope in one of the most erotic bondage photos EVER! In it, she is SPREAD WIDE OPEN AS FAR AS POSSIBLE as her legs and feet are roped and tied to office furniture and poor Penelope in her red high heels also has her huge, full breasts tightly roped too. You gotta see it!

Anyhow, in the Candi scene, poor little sweet blondie is cuffed and roped, her arms over her head and is groped and slowly stripped out of her burgundy satin dress all the while pouting, crying and struggling as her body is gradually exposed. Then, left in her panties which finally come down as she seemingly gives in to the futile effort of fighting to escape (Candi simply lift her left leg as her panty is half down on her right) she is whipped as her body takes the blows. Nice.

Another classic video I would strongly recommend is called, “Bizarre Sex” with Vanessa Del Rio. Made in the early 80’s Vanessa does another great performance BUT someone else steals the show in this video and makes it a must for ONE great scene of bondage, domination and punishment.

The real star that makes this is collectible is a gorgeous British Blonde with very big breasts, heavy bush and thick accent. She is hired to fulfill the fantasy of a client who loves S&M and is to be his slave and servant. Lounging on the couch naked, the man is reading his magazine when is feels like having a drink on the rocks. Well, he is VERY smart and wickedly cruel. Looking for a reason to punish the lovely bitch, he asks his servant for ice cubes to put in the drink. The blonde enters the scene. Clad only in a little white satin nightie and panties, she has a leash around her neck tied to a chain and wrist cuffs on her too. When she gets her order she is worried. She stands next to her master, takes down her panties and spreads her love box open….the ice cubes melted!

The master angrily asks where are the ice cubes and the blonde pouts, “Sorry master! They melted in my cu..t!” The master asks her if she knows what the punishment is and she says yes. She gets down on her knees, bends over onto the couch and her master and is spanked hard until her pasty, British ass is red and she is in tears. Then, he barks, “ Suck my di..k….NOW!” She pouts, “Yes, master’ and proceeds to give one the best, hard, deep suckings ever filmed until she is choking.

But, it’s not over. Oh, no….she is then shackled to a wall in chains and is whipped hard and breast tortured with clamps until her full, heavy breasts are bruised and red. Finally, he then places her on her belly and penetrates her ass until she is whimpering, pouting that she cannot feel anything being pumped so hard in that other hole!

Wow. Check it out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


Tuesday, October 22nd 2002 - 11:26:45 PM

Name: thanagar
E-mail address: thanagar@aol.com

ZFX'r, Your reference to a British blonde in "Bizarre Sex" reminded me of one that I remember seeing in a few vids in the 80's. Her name, I believe, was Stevie Smith. She appeared in a vid called "Orifice Party" (ah, for the days when they put some effort into the titles) where she was tied with ropes to a bed and then done doggy-style by the semi-legendary Herschel Savage. In the plot, the sex was consensual, so it wouldn't appeal to rape fans, but it was a brief bit of sex'n'bondage that obviously has stuck in my mind for the last fifteen years.

Thursday, October 24th 2002 - 08:42:42 AM

Name: The Gimp

Hello, everyone!

First off, I want to say how incredibly pleased I am with what Ralphus has done with the site!!!!! I am sure that many hours of hard work went into bringing the archives up to date, revamping the reviews, and adding new sections.

Great job, Ralphus! 3 years on the web is a very long time, as evidenced by a multitude of dead or abandoned sites. Keep it up!

Friday, October 25th 2002 - 09:46:43 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/ralphus44/HAP21A.JPG

The Gimp? As in THE The Gimp? As in the originator of this site? How ya doin' buddy, long time, no hear! The readers here owe a debt to you for getting this website started in the first place. It's great to see you back. Hopefully you'll become a regular contributor here again, instead of making about one appearance a year to remind us that you're still alive.

ZFX'r: Regarding Candi Licks, (What does anyone think? Does that maybe sound like a phony name or not?) my only problem with Candi was that she was so gorgeous I had a problem imagining her as the girl-next-door. But I got over it. She was fun to watch. Good performer, killer body, suffered well. Too bad she wasn't local so Rick could have used her more. I remember her best from the Video Pirates series. She endures a harrowing whipping while suspended from her wrists and endures clothespin and hot wax torture in that one. Another favorite Candi scene was in Night Prowler 5 where Rick has her gagged and tied bent over a stool inside an adult booth. She has a sign on her back that says "FREE FUCK" and patrons take turns entering the booth to have their way with her doggy-style. I always loved that imagery. Reminds me a bit of the drawing I uploaded to my Homepage URL above. Very demeaning and humiliating. Gotta love it :)

Friday, October 25th 2002 - 09:20:41 PM

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

Gimp! Welcome back. Are you back? or is it just a sneak peek back to say hello?

Saturday, October 26th 2002 - 03:34:38 PM

Name: Razor

FINALLY got my copy of High Strung. (Yea, took me long enough). Lisa Kinkaid, I've never been a fan of... UNTIL NOW! Something about the scene & her hair this time, loved it! Now, I've got to throw this in: I actually found myself laughing at this movie. Was the humor intentional? I mean, it was soooo silly that it was funny! The meathead construction guy. How would you like to have this guys job? Sit around on your ass all day, and bang a concrete wall with an oversized dirt/snow shovel?!? I realize we dont shoot for too much realism in these things, but... c'mon! heheeeee last thought: bare in mind I'm not complaining, I wouldnt change a damned thing! Excellent piece. -ciao

Monday, October 28th 2002 - 04:13:43 PM

Name: Sardu von Sardu

Ralphus: Great drawing there. Who's the artist?

Monday, October 28th 2002 - 07:58:27 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Sardu asked: Great drawing there. Who's the artist?

I dunno, but I really like her work. I have several drawings from her (She signs them all "Rebecca") and they all have a lesbian aggressor theme, which I normally don't care for, but they have a nasty humiliation factor going for them that appeals to me. In several of her artworks, she leaves the victim on display in an embarrassing outdoor bondage position so she can be gawked at by her neighbors, and frequently, her own surprised husband. Maybe someone else may know more about her and can help us out as far as her name.

Humor in High Strung: Actually, the best of Rick's work makes me laugh my ass off (with sadistic glee). But then I'm a perverse sort that finds humor in seeing a pretty girl suffer. The first two War Pigs tapes, The Cheerleaders of Perilous U, both Reporter tapes had some hilarious dialogue, which might be attributed more to Brian Dunhill's over the top characterizations than anything else. Talk about joy in performance! This was a guy who had to really love his work, and it was easy to see he was having fun torturing his victims. It's infectious, so I laugh right along with him. My biggest laugh in High Strung came when the construction worker's friend saw him whipping Brandi, and instead of stopping him like you would expect, he asks for the whip so he can have his turn! Honestly, I laughed out loud. How about Lisa getting her ass stuffed with a chicken wing in Dirty Dreams? Too damn funny! :)

Monday, October 28th 2002 - 09:26:56 PM

Name: Steve from forbiddenvideo.com
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/brutalvideos/thecampout.htm

hello! Just wanted to let everyone know we released yet another new video - "The Campout" features two fresh faces 18 year old Melody and 19 year old Vesper. If you wantto see the vidcaps, preview go here: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/brutalvideos/thecampout.htm Also, I sent Ralphus a copy of "Call Girl Blues" with Gauge so his review should be coming soon on that one. Steve

Tuesday, October 29th 2002 - 12:09:02 PM

Name: DHT


I don't know what Bryan Dunhill's doing now, but it should be stand-up. That guy is funny. You're right to say that he was hilarious in REPORTER.

Maybe he's a serious actor. Maybe he's doing Broadway. Or maybe he's on the stand-up circuit, and he'll get picked up for a sitcom, THE BRYAN SHOW.

Why not. I could swear the mom on LIZZIE MACGUIRE is Elizabeth from Jay Edwards Productions.

Tuesday, October 29th 2002 - 04:51:17 PM

Name: Iago

Gimp! Good to know you're still alive! I hope all's well with you!



Tuesday, October 29th 2002 - 08:28:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Hi Gang.

Been a little under the weather lately, but I will get a new review of the latest Forbidden Video release out to the board as soon as I'm up and able, probably after the weekend. In the meantime, here's a new pic for the site. Can't tell much about the site, except that it's another paysite, but I thought this picture was pretty cool. BTW, that's about the reddest hair I've ever seen! I kinda like it.

Thursday, October 31st 2002 - 08:57:02 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Happy Halloween!

With Halloween as inspiration, a short segment for a story idea with a sci/fi twist. A good title would be “Deal with the Devil”. See what you think and if it’s ZFX(ShockWave) worthy.

The opening scene starts with three women dragging the body of a man through the dirt. It’s the husband of one of the three. Arriving at a pre-dug shallow grave, they dump his body in and proceed to bury him. Killed for his money, the wife and her friends (sisters?) didn’t know that he came to his fortune with a deal with the "King Contrary Man" (The "Devil" for those not in the know) promising wealth with certain amount of time guaranteed on earth to enjoy it.

The immediately following scene switches to a month later. The three women are sitting in the living room of the widow, about to go out for the evening. They converse in a little small talk when the conversation returns to that night. “God it’s a real drag having to keep his pictures up playing the grieving wife. I wish I could get rid of them”. As suddenly a picture on the end table falls over. Spooked at first, they share stories of all the weird things that have seemed to happen as of late. They however make a joke out of the occurrence and head out for a night on the town. As they leave, the scene again switches to the grave site as a hand pops out of the ground. The dead husband is now out amongst the living once again as he begins his journey in his quest for revenge. Revenge is not the only thing he has in mind as he has emerged from the ground with libido intact.

After the night out, the three ladies go their separate ways to their separate residences. Our decomposing hero chooses to go in reverse order and take care of the least important first, wishing to save his wife for last. As one of the young women returns home, she enters and is spooked by a noise. She however dismisses it as the after effects of the ghost stories from earlier in the evening and goes about her business. As she starts to walk down the hallway to her bedroom she spots something shiny on the floor directly in front of her room. The camera stays static as it follows her down the hall (from close up to distant shot). She stoops to pick up the item. As she reaches for it, she is suddenly grabbed and yanked out of camera view. The camera now slowly follows down the hall, as we hear a struggle go silent in the room. The camera comes to focus on a single high-heal shoe she was literally pulled out of. We also see the shiny item is a monogrammed money clip with the initials of…

Tied spread eagle to her bed, the next scene begins with our decomposing hero brandishing a rusty knife, which he uses to cut the clothing off our evil but sexy victim. Now fully naked and open wide for the ghouls lusts, he unzips to whip out his discoloring and decomposing penis (For shock value or comic relief, I envision one of his decomposing testicles falling to the floor as he does this). Raped and forced to suck his rotting cock she is now left to die in a perilous predicament as he leaves to take care of the others. Left on her own with green, rotting cum on her face, she struggles to find a way out before her time runs out.

Will she find escape? Will rescue come for her and the others?

A doable story I think. Some make up, shredded clothes; a few computer generated special effects. Fill in the blanks or make changes as needed.

Thoughts? Comments? Additions to?


Thursday, October 31st 2002 - 09:21:56 PM

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