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December 2002

Name: Scribbler
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Anyone who's seen my posts here knows I'm a big classic HOM fan.

In a Cal Star 'Bittersweet Revenge' mag (covering the film/video of the same name), Whitman is credited as "starring Jason Whitworth as Nick" also "written and directed by Jason Whitworth." I've never heard of him referred to as Whitworth except for here. Then again, the Whitman name I've only seen on the net.

On the Cal Star Punished 1,2,3 video boxes, he's referred to as Matthew Cole (not Max). Though the way the description's written, it's hard to tell if Matthew Cole is his actor name, or a name for the character he's playing.

In the numerous HOM mags with photographs in his identifiable style, the photo editor is John Blakemore. Personally, I think they're all the same guy. Unless there were two guys who worked together. Someone had to run the video camera while Whitworth/Cole was onscreen. Not as necessary for photographs, though Jason/Matthew did appear in a few photo series with his models.

Besides the Erotic Perversion 8mm loops turned into videos, there are 3 other video's targeted for overseas called Violence 1,2,3, that are pretty harsh (sometimes obviously fake, sometimes not). The first was shot on film, the later 2 on video.

What happened to them? I think Cal Star still exists (not sure), but Barbara Behr and Blakemore/Whitworth/Cole/Whitman haven't been apart of it for a long time now. Guess they're retired. Barbara sold HOM to Lyndon before starting Cal Star, where it still exists after a fashion. The new stuff's not the same, but you can buy Bondage Classic video and DVDs there (see above link). Also you can join Lyndon's membership site to see and download never-before-seen-in-color and never-before-seen Blakemore HOM photos. (Don't know how much is up there, I've never been a member).

Bio, or any other info on the models from the Classic HOM days, other than the names they used (if they went by a name, some didn't), isn't available anywhere as far as I know.

Sunday, December 1st 2002 - 02:29:09 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Karmal~Looks like another welcome is in order. I hope you will chose to be a regular contributor and share the female point of view. We've had a few female posters before, but for one reason or another, they just never seem to stick around very long.

I know what you mean as far as feeling let down with all the old B-movie prison flicks....as have just mentioned "Ilsa, The Wicked Warden" just a few entries ago. Prime example.

Ralphus~I thought you were an Insex regular at one time or another. I guess I was wrong. On the left hand side there are various symbols lined up on top of each other. I think it's the third one down. If you click on it, it will bring up their lastest offerings (New). I think "Leaches" is about three back by now and the one with the water torture wheel is second to the lastest.

Check it out again and let me know if you find it...and you're thoughts.

Dan Hawk~I love some of your models, especially...damn, I forget her name, but she goes by "Cowgirl" or something like that over at Insex. It's incredible to me how someone with those kind of looks allows herself to go through some of the things she endures. Like having her breasts nailed and stuff like that.

Rick has had Lisa Kinkade interview for the forum a number of times. Any chance of getting some inside stuff/interviews/or models to share any thoughts with us here? Would love to hear about some of their experiences.


Sunday, December 1st 2002 - 10:09:53 AM

Name: Rod

Thanks to all of you for your responses ! Special thanks to Dan H : the HOM/ TriStar/CalStar story is fascinating

High Strung has not arrived yet(argh)

AvF : BY THE WAY I saw Jess Franco's Ilsa The Wicked Warden recently, and yes I noticed the ultra thick bush of one of the female inmates (actress Tanya Busselier, who plays the new inmate).

Scribbler, Ralphus, everyone : What become of Cole ? information provided by the following weblink (http://www.iafd.com/person.asp?perfid=JWhitman&gender=m) indicates that one Mr Whitman was still active in 1996, and STILL working for California Star...

May the following links be useful to some of you, I purchased the Erotic Perversion loops from Stray Thoughts.com (nice price, very good print) and the videos Tourist Trap#1 and Curiosity Excited The Kat from smvideo.com, again at reasonable price (18$ each if I remember well, both excellent copies).

DVDs: to my knowledge, the older HOM film that's available on DVD is the 1984 production Special Request, starring Kim Bittner aka Pia Snow aka Michelle Bauer. I just received my copy but haven't watched it yet. I don't think it is a Cole film, but Kim-Pia-Michelle is one pretty lady.

Sunday, December 1st 2002 - 02:30:00 PM

Name: Leones

Hi, I have been searching for a Japanese video starring an actress named Rie Asai. It was part of a series released in the mid 1990's as SM Sniper Classics. I think it was #2 but not certain. If any of you are familiar with this movie. I would appreciate any information on how to obtain a copy. Thanks

Monday, December 2nd 2002 - 08:03:48 AM

Name: Rick
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Greetings to All!

Heres a few comments on your comments:)

Karmal: Thanks for posting! Its always interesting to here from the female point of view. You might want to check out Spreadeagle. Though its not on the grand scale of your eloquent fantasy description, it has a lot of those elements in it. Also, HOM's epic Tourist Trap 1&2 (mentioned aptly by Dan Hawk) are must see for anyone into women in prison camps flicks.

Dan and HOM stuff: Hi, Dan, your post was really great stuff. I believe you may be correct about Whitman and Cole being one dude. But somehow I remember seeing both names cast in the same movie. The movie was set in an asylum, the movie had Jason Whitman (another alias for Jeremy Whitman I believe) but also a dark haired guy named Max Cole, at least the credits led me to believe this. The credits matched to stills for the movie for each character, so it seemed as if the black haired dude (not Whitman but his side kick of sorts) matched the name to the photo. In the movie Whitman plays a doctor and Cole is a deranged Vietnam vet. I think theres some CIA drug or mind control experiment going on too, which makes Cole attack the nurses. Im going to look around see if I can turn up this tape and I'll let ya know if my memories fucked:P

On the other hand, I think you maybe right because I actually talked to the guy on the phone a few times back in the day and I know his real name, which is similar to Max Cole. Its confusing as shit, but considering the way people in this end of the business have been persecuted, this was as intended. I wont tell you his real name, but I will tell you what happened to the man known by the stage name Jeremy Whitman. You know, the lean mean dude with a beard and a voice that could carve headstones:P You always knew it was him, even with a hood, by that razor edge voice. He lived a fairly long life and died of cancer about 2 years ago. I think he was a heavy smoker=( When I talked to him he seemed like a nice guy who probably thought I was a fed:P I didnt blame him then or now, you wont last long in this business answering questions for strangers on the phone:P

One other thing. Movies like Tourist Trap and Bitter Sweet Revenge, while probably being the first full length movies, they definitely were shot on film, not video tape, but they differed from the loops in that they had sound. Probably was shot on super 8 (I believe this was 8 mm film that had an embedded magnetic strip for sound). I also believe that Mr Whitman did all his own camera work, I can't recall ever seeing the camera move while hes on screeen, but I could be wrong about this. It appeared to me to be camera on tripod work.

Tourist Trap 1&2: I dont know if anyone is aware of this, but there is actually a hard-core version of this. I cant recall if they showed penetration during the horizontal mambo (my recollection is it was shot rather wide, so it was difficult to determine), or whether the gals were bound, but there was definitely forced oral shown.

Influences: There is no doubt that Whitmans HOM was a HUGE influence on me and many other producers. One of the movies slated for release, quite possibly next, is a modern remake of Bitter Sweet Revenge. It stars Suzi Sexton and Kimberly Noble (looking incredible as a blonde!) Probably will see this in the first quarter of 2003 sometime.

Fuct in Space: No, I have not given up on it, but its a luxury to get a chance to work on 3D stuff these days. I just completed a 3d piece called Monster Men that you might like. This should be up soon. I have not completed Fuct in Space 3 yet, but I am working on it. I cant give a date when it will be done...

LB: Lisa in Insex? Theres just no way, unless the money was ridiculously phat (20k sounds about right) and even then I doubt it. Shes not a lifestyle gal by her own admission, theres no way she could hack what Insex does. Dont hurt to dream a little dream though;)

Artiedes: Most of the old movies were shot on SVHS, then some on M2( a component video format similar to BetacamSP) I think about 96-97 I got my first Sony DVmini, a PSR7. I still use it occationally. Its a one chip camera, very small(about the size of a paperback novel), and I couldnt believe the quality. Plus it has a color flip out screen. This is all old hat now, but when i got it I was like , SHAZAM! I then began crying over my 2 year old, very expensive M2 dockable that cost 5 times as much, weighed 35 pounds and was 3.5 feet long. It no longer favorably compared to a Mini DV camera that weights about a pound, had longer battery life, cheaper tapes and could shoot from a lens height of 3 inches off the floor. This is a very imortant thing. I still edited on M2 until Phallicide, the first non linear edited, all digital ZFX movie. Now I use a SonyVX2000, its a bit bigger than PSR7, but 3 chips increases the quality massively.

Rod: Hi, welcome to the forum! Just out of curiosity, did you order High Strung from us or from someone else. If you ordered for us, it should not take that long unless your overseas. Anyway, hopefully you will get it soon.

Ok, thats it for now, this thing is turning into a novelette. Back to the pit....


Monday, December 2nd 2002 - 08:48:45 AM

Name: Rod

Thanks very much Rick !

Actually, the first time I ever heard of the name "Cole&Whitman", it was at a "gray tape" online seller (the name of the site escapes me), and the guy mentioned the team, just like he would have said "Lennon & McCartney", as if C&W were a household name, no-introduction-needed style. This led me to think that I was the only guy unaware of the story and output of the "team". Recent posts here show that the Cole story remains mysterious.

So you've talked to him :-) and he's gone away :-(

High Strung : yes I ordered it from another website, and YES I'm overseas ! (won't say more, to add some fascinating mystery, a la Whitman....hem)

Monday, December 2nd 2002 - 10:18:06 AM

Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address: laughingboy_@excite.com

Ric--Of course Lisa wouldn't want to go to Insex. That's what the box is for! (Just kidding.)

Tuesday, December 3rd 2002 - 09:00:47 AM

Name: Iago

Rick: Thanks for the info. I'll keep an eye out for the Monster Men.

Ralphus, thanks for the heads-up about Afternoon Surprise. I'll fish around for the other title as well.



Tuesday, December 3rd 2002 - 09:24:06 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
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The tape you mentioned was called "The Experiment" There was a black haired guy in it who was character was named Max Cole. In the preview for this video (available on some of the other titles) there is a voice over narration with words like "Max Cole or Mr. Sharp you decide" talking about this character's split personality as he portrayed it in the video.

However in the last couple of Punished series tapes the set up for the vignettes was that the women came to a Bondage guy and paid him to tie them up (not a job my local Employment office ever advertised). Several of the models actually carried a card that said something like "Matthew Cole, Bondage by Appointment". Of course this hooded character was the man of so many names so he took on that personna himself at one point.

Speaking of the Punished series there was actually a Punished 7 produced, but never released in this country. I think it was due for release when they cracked down on the whole series. I managed, through an incredibly lucky fluke, to get a copy of this ultra rare item, though the actual title and credit were stripped off of the tape. I know it is the right item because I actually got a tear sheet with cover art along with the tape.

I have watched a lot of your tapes as well Rick and have enjoyed many of them. Keep up the good work!


Wednesday, December 4th 2002 - 03:59:43 PM

Name: Scribbler

"The Experiment": Rene Baker's great in this. She does the best crying faces of any BD actress I've seen. The unnamed actress in most of the EP loops is also very expressive.

The camera actually moves a lot in just about all the classic HOM and EP films, when Whitman is onscreen. Someone else is definitely operating the camera during filming. There are pans, tilts, and zooms. On supposedly static shots, you can see the camera moving a little even then. Maybe because the content is so good, you mostly don't notice it.

One thing about those 10 min. or so 8mm loops is that they're edited so tight. No wasted footage onscreen, everything counts. No long boring drawn out stuff as I see on the hour long or so videos we get today. Lots of the time on today's BD videos I feel like I should be logging the content for future editing, cause I feel like I'm watching raw footage, not an edited piece. I wish these videos were better paced (edited), like mainstream movies are. Then again, some events go by too quickly, like when bras and panties get removed, they're like off in 2 seconds. Panty removal could easily be a 20 second segment and be better for it. Alternately, if a girl is bound, and nothing's happening to her (no molestor) and the video tapes just rolling, if this goes on for more the 3 minutes, I'm hitting the fast forward button, and annoyed by the wasting of time. It's not a selling point when the video is marketed as 60 minutes long, but it's full of "set the camera on a tripod and let if roll while the girl struggles for 10 minutes."

I was watching the 1st part of After School Surprise. I thought this was a bondage with rape video. The first 20 minutes has Gauge in school girl outfit walking home, sitting at a table look through a book, eating a banana, going into the bathroom and taking off her clothes, getting in the shower, taking a shower, lying on her bed, taking a HOM mag out of her dresser, masturbating to it, putting the mag back into the dresser, then a dream sequence start. No offense, Gauge is cute and all that, but that's 20 minutes of content they could've left out for this viewer. There's plenty of lead in story after the dream sequence starts where Gauge is at the table again, and we see her attacker spying on her. Start it there. And replace the 1st 20 minutes of time with another girl getting attacked or something.

Maybe some people will disagree with me, but that's alright. I hope this criticism comes across as constructive.

Friday, December 6th 2002 - 01:06:52 AM

Name: Iago

Ralphus, what's the standard turn-around time on requests from Forbidden Video that you've had? I had technical trouble on their site and dropped them an email a couple days ago, but so far no response. Are they a part-time operation?

Friday, December 6th 2002 - 06:14:53 AM

Name: thanagar
E-mail address: thanagar@aol.com

Scribbler, Couldn't agree with you more about the Gauge video. Not only was the pacing atrocious, but I kept wanting to remove and rub nonexistent eyeglasses due to the special effect used to identify the dream sequence segment.

Friday, December 6th 2002 - 08:14:00 AM

Name: Steve
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com

Thsi is Steve from forbiddenvideo. NO we are not a "part-time" operation..but we have had major technical difficulties this past week. On tuesday evening, after we were out of the office our shopping cart provider decided to cancel our accts becuase they recieved a complaint stating that we were selling "real" rape videos. Without even emailing or calling us (or checking our sites), they just disabled our carts. I did not find out until Wed that they were not working. After emailing them several times, I was told they closed my accts, and did not even have to tell me why! I demanded to speak with a manager and they refused to let me do so, so I sent some emails to addresses I found and by the next day I recieved a call from the president of the company. She told me about the complaint. I told her to try looking at the sites, and I also told her that extreme associates uses their cart as well and they have some crazy stuff. She reviewed forbidden and bizarro and one hour later they were back up and I recieved an apology. So, for 3 days we were VERY busy here installing a new cart, debugging, etc..only to find out the old one was back up and working. THEN our email server stopped working for 2 days. Today is the 1st day everything is back to normal and we lost many emails, so if you emailed us and did not get a reply, it is becuase we never recieved the email. Sorry! BUT the site should be working fine now.

We finished production on Trick Or Treat II just last week with Dynamite. Gauge was scheduled two weeks ago but she ende dup not showing up for the shoot. We had the location rented, the male actors, light man, photographer, all paid for and no Gauge! No phone call either, and the killer part is we called her two hours before the shoot to confirm and she aaid she would be there. ANYWAY, Dynamite did the shoot. Look for WAY more bondage in this one than previous releases. If you are not familiar with DYnamite, she is the same size/age as Gauge...but they are enemies in real life! Look for Trick Or Treat II: The Pack Mule the last week of December! S

Friday, December 6th 2002 - 11:36:13 AM

Name: Steve
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com

Scribbler, about After School Surprise...

All of our videos have lead in. We are not out to make straight attck vids. The audience for our videos vary from people who want the action right away to the ones who LOVE the build up, slow tease. We orefer to make our videos with some sort of plot. After School was only our 2nd video so it was not as polished as SOME of our later efforts (see Trick Or Treat II - coming soon) The filter used for the dream sequence was a bit much and we were still using SVHS cameras for that shoot. Titles I would recommend are the Stepbrother DVD, The Personal Trainer DVD or Black Market Bondage. Our best sellers are 1. Stepbrother 2. After SChool Surprise 3. Little Girl Lost 4. Call Girl Blues 5. Black Market Bondage

We also still have to edit "Coma Ward" with Gauge and we have some very creative scripts to do next year. Steve

Friday, December 6th 2002 - 11:43:07 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Scribbler: Excellent comments, thanks. I am in total agreement with your assessments. The Erotic Perversion and HOM loops were about 10-12 minutes long and loaded with action, a real contrast to some of today's stuff that seems padded by comparison. I think one reason is that the earlier loops were shot on film, which could get costly, so they made sure they didn't waste expensive film with unimportant details, such as the often lengthy process of tying the girl into various bondage positions. Today's features are shot on videotape, which is comparatively much cheaper to just roll and roll and roll, so the viewer is often forced to watch stuff that could have been edited down or completely removed.

After School Surprise starts off boring, as I noted in my original review. To me, it was padding, and there was no excuse for all the extraneous scenes like the showering, reading and masturbating. When the tape finally got going, it was excellent. That was why I gave it only a B was because of the slow start. If they had maintained that level of intensity throughout the whole video, it would have surely received an A. As it is, I still think it's one of Forbidden's best titles.

Iago: I wrote Steve from Forbidden Video last week, and he says he's been tremendously busy and is having a hard time handling his workload right now. He's sending me a copy of his newest release, The Campout, to review. He also said the aforementioned Gauge pulled a no-show on Trick or Treat II, which cost him over $800 because of it. They reshot it with a new girl, Dynamite, and he says he got some GREAT footage. I'm pretty sure they are a full-time operation; you might want to contact him again, though.

Sneak preview on South of the Border 6: I saw it last night. No review yet, but there is some excellent stuff in this one. I'll try to get a review written after the weekend.

Friday, December 6th 2002 - 11:41:27 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Forbidden~Personally I like a build up. A set up to the main course of the story in the form of following and stalking of the victim. Maybe some peeping in on her before the actual attack. Or even a stalking to get a sense of who the main charecter is, then as the day passes and the moment of opportunity never comes, the stalking is side railed with another more available victim before returning to the original target. The beggining to "After School Surprise" to me was just fluff and really didn't have much to do (or add to) with the story (that we'd be interested in).

By the way, what happened to the Gravedigger series. It was diverted to it's own site but disappeared. And on the same note..."Terror in the Tent", which has been talked about for a couple of years (it seems anyway) now. Talk subsides, then was promised again recently, and again we hear nothing more.


Friday, December 6th 2002 - 06:21:43 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

Great to see a post by Dan Hawkes.  

Here's a few corrections to his post on HOM: 

> He originally shot photos which appeared in early HOM periodicals with names like "Bound to Please", "Hogtied", "Kidnapped", "Punished", etc.

I can't recall any Blakemore stuff in "BTP" or "Hogtied" since those were Barbara Behr's babies.  Bondage Classics #4 is the first HOM Blakemore material that I've found.

 > The fact that Bob Bishop was either the editor or artistic editor of many of these magazines was also of note. 

Bob Bishop began editing HOM after Barbara Behr retired. Although I don't know this for certain, I suspect that the Blakemore stuff he had was left over from the time when Barbara was buying the material because it wasn't long after Barbara retired that Blakemore's work disappeared. The last things he did were for Barbara's California Star video company.

 ChadScans seem to have stopped with 4416 (or at least it's the last I've seen).

 > Sadly I think HOM/Cal-Star got in some hot water with the Punished series (and it's implied penetration) and were forced to pull the Punished series off of the shelves. I think this is where the "no penetration with bondage" rule came from, but it is certainly not on the books as such.

HOM and CalStar were and are two completely different entities. According to Bill Majors, Barbara Behr got out of retirement briefly to start CalStar because she was having trouble collecting payment for the sale of HOM. CalStar was sold to a UK company shortly after she started it. The Blakemore videos were sold concurrently and after the Punished series were sold as videos. Bill Majors was Barbara Behr's neighbor for a while and said that Barbara decided to retire. As far as he knew, she wasn't forced into retirement by the feds. Presumably, she would have confided in him, since he was also a bondage publisher, if the police were closing her down. Here are the Supreme Court cases that define the obscenity laws:

 The 1973 United States Supreme Court landmark case, Miller v. California, established a three-pronged test for determining whether a "work" (i.e., material or performance) is obscene and, therefore, unprotected by the First Amendment. To be obscene, a judge and/or a jury must determine:

That the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest; AND
That the work depicts or describes in a patently offensive way, as measured by contemporary community standards, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable law; AND
That a reasonable person would find that the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political and scientific value.

Examples of "hardcore sexual conduct" that an obscenity law could include for regulation under the second prong of the test are patently offensive representations or descriptions of:

Ultimate sexual acts, normal or perverted, actual or simulated;
Masturbation, excretory functions and lewd exhibition of the genitals; and
Sadism and masochism.

Since sadism and masochism are called out, as well as sexual acts, it would be fair to say that combining the two would put the producer at even greater risk of having a work labeled as obscenity.

>  Barbara sold HOM and the company changed it's name several times and perhaps even split into HOM and a separate CalStar.
HOM never changed names. For a period, there was another company imprint that was publishing reprints of classic bondage mags (HOM and Roxbury), trading interior photos for cover photos). I'd guess that the rights to some of the older material were either sold or repackaged.

And, yup, Blakemore's work has influences on mine. I'm not, by any means, aping what he did, but it's there. It's a shame to hear that he passed away.

Friday, December 6th 2002 - 06:57:56 PM

Name: Scribbler

Ralphus: Yep, film cost was probably an issue (I actually don't know what it cost to shoot 8mm film in the 70s and 80s, but I'm sure it was more than today's miniDV tape, which is less than $5 an hour for the tape, and no film development costs). Plus the reel size HOM sold their movies on was about 4 inch. in diameter, and could only hold 56m of super 8 film. The list price for these movies (according to a 1981 mag I have) was $27.50. So thats $27.50 for about 10-12 minutes of great Whitman-produced film versus $30 to $55 for the hour or so of video/DVD we often see today. Funny thing is, if Whitman were still doing HOM and EP 8mm loops today, I'd be buying those over any other producer's vids!

Steve: Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties. If you're making the movies you want to make, more power to you. I'm only voicing my opinions on the board, cause that's what it's here for. I was personally really bored with the 1st 20 minutes of tape on After School Sup., but if there's an audience who LOVEs it, then good going I guess.

I've got nothing against leading up to the main event, setting up the story, establishing the setting, establishing character, establishing background material, setting up main plot, secondary plot if any. If it's good and worthwhile. 20 minutes of schoolgirl walks home, sits a table, reads book, eats banana, takes shower, masturbates in bed to mag, goes to sleep, I wouldn't call that "plot," it's more like a home movie with adult content. I wouldn't call it "build up, slow tease" either. I'd call it what it is: 20 minutes of filler so one can advertise the video as "Witness 60 minutes of non stop action" when it's really 40 minutes of action. (If it is that, I haven't watched it all yet.)

That may have sounded mean, though it wasn't intended to be. If Forbidden's later efforts are better, I'm sure Ralphus will let us know in reviews, and more purchases/rentals will be made. What I really wanted to get at in my prior post is that I wish a lot of BD videos were edited better. Great things can be done in the editing room to improve the pacing, and impact, of a movie. Longer is not necessarily better. A video that would be great at 30 minutes can be seriously degraded if forced to be 60 minutes. It's a 30 minutes video you want to watch over and over again (and can't wait to get the next release from same producer), versus a 60 minute video that has it's moments but pretty much just lays there (and doesn't get you excited about future releases from same producer). I'm using 30 and 60 as hypothetical numhers. What I'm really championing is tighter editing, more great content to the minute, less bloating, less padding on minutes for marketing reasons while killing the pace. And no, I'm not saying rush every scene, some content needs time. The content should dictate the pace, not the need to puff up the minutes on a sales sheet. Study the editing of mainstream movies, they know what they're doing.

I apologize if I've offended anyone, cause I probably have.

Friday, December 6th 2002 - 09:16:33 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com

Thanx to Scribbler and others who provided more detail on the famous Blakemore/Whitman fellow. Some folks are near historians it seems! ;)

I would love if someone on the board would review one or two of my videos. I have asked for feedback, but seldom get anything (and when I do it seems to be of the one line variety, not too helpful).

Being an extremely long time fan I had certain goals when I started this. One of the key goals for me had to do with what I wanted to see in the videos I bought.

I confess I am Mr. Fast Forward. I watch about 60 mins of video in about four minutes. I have been collecting this stuff for so long and have seen so much that I became jaded. I am not a big fan of plots in the videos, just give me the action. (Aside from that, I do have some models who can 'act' a bit, but most can't. For that matter, I'm no great shakes at it myself.)

When I bought a video I pretty much ignored the text. I would look at the box pictures and if I saw one scene I liked, it got a point, two scenes a point and so on. Most of the time I needed two points just to rent it, buying usually meant 4 or 5 points. I had my special extra points -- tight breast bondage -- sever flogging -- great suspension.

In my collection a vid is worthwhile if I like one scene in the whole video. Two or three scenes is a great video. Also I like to believe what I'm seeing is real. At least to some extent.

What I was always frustrated by was how short the payoff would be in a video. There may be endless amounts of onscreen set-up, but when the position reaches peak intensity it always seemed like there was about 50 seconds of screen time.

So in my videos I like to build to the position (sometimes I show all stages, othere times cut right to the last stage), but then I like to show the model reacting to the position -- at length.

My 90 minute videos tend to have from four (very low end) to maybe 6/7 sevens (rare). But when the model is under stress you really get to spend some time studying that stress.

To some this may put me in the "10 minutes of struggling" category (Maybe 20 minutes). But I don't find my scenes static. My models tend to pant, twitch from muscle spasms, sweat and sometimes cry. These reactions are always real.

And that real look at real physical strain and exhaustion is basically what my videos are about. Also when I use a flogger or a violet wand or whatever, the action is real (though admittedly, to some extent based on what the model can handle).

I have a very loyal fan base that tends to buy most or all of my product. But I would love to hear what some of the folks from this board think. Is this extensive scrutiny of model's suffering hot, or just "too" extended.

I'd love to hear some feedback from those who may have seen the videos. Thanx in advance!


Friday, December 6th 2002 - 09:49:06 PM

Name: Scribbler

I have this fairly long article with George Merrick interviewing Bob Bishop. Here are the few references it has re: Barbara Behr, HOM, HOM film

from the intro

I went to his door, ignored the nasty little doorbells these condos all seem to have, and knocked. The door opened and there was the man behind the drawing board. The man being "Terri Tyde," "Fanni Hall," "Bishop on Bondage," dozens of paperback book covers, and some of the best House of Milan films ever unleashed on the all-too-expectant world. Our physicality's didn't disappoint each other. We both looked the way we sounded; me the bearded, paunchy East Coast writer -- he the redneck, easy-going West Coast artist. As always, we settled into a comfortable talk about a subject we could never indiscriminately discuss with anyone else. It wasn't so much an interview as --as usual-- a conversation.


GM: And that's where you got the moniker and the image of "The" Bishop?

BB: It was one of those strange things like where John Wayne was suddenly called The Duke for no apparent reason. He was named after a dog. In my case, there was a guy at the HOM office who was called "Boots" because he wore cowboy boots all the time as a kid. He came up with "The" Bishop.


GM: ...what happened with Centurian?

BB: I did a lot of stuff for their catalog, which they are still running today, to my great woe. B4t then I went down there one day and they said to me, "Hey, look, this lady is trying to get a hold of you." And that was Barbara (Behr). I call and she says, "How would you like a job?" I'd been broke for the last nine months so I said "Hmm, well, yeah, OK." So I bicycled nine miles to her place where we talked and she offered me $85 a week- which was low but $85 a week more than I had been making, so I said "Fine, I'll do it, I'll take it!" So that's when the whole damn thing started. August or September of 1971.


GM: See? I told you, you were loved for more than just your suave, sophisticated manner. So now lets get to the good stuff. How did "Fanni Hall" come about?

BB: Barbara came to me and said, "Let's have a long term comic strip that holds together from year to year.." My biggest challenge after that was coming up with a name. Naturally, I remembered the old erotic classic "Fanny Hill." So with a little adulteration, I came up with "Fanni Hall." That's where the whole thing got started.


GM: So, let's put it in perspective. You've seemed to have gained a niche. You've illustrated tens of books and magazines. You've had nine books of your own out. How does it feel to be a star?

BB: (Snorts) Bear in mind that being published within this industry is a very insular experience. You're not as in touch with other people as you might be otherwise. You sit in your ivory tower and draw your little pictures and that's pretty much it. "Star," to me, has other connotations.

GM: So, perhaps in an effort to get away from that, you went into doing 8mm movies for House of Milan and HOM, purely from a monetary point of view, as I understand it.

BB: Well, not completely. I enjoy shooting film. And stills, for that matter. You have to understand that it was different when I just drew for myself. Now that I draw for a living, there's a hell of a lot more stress involved because a lousy drawing means I don't eat.. Since there's so much less of "me" in the films, it's easier to deal with. It's more a technical exercise than "art," although that oversimplifies the hell out of It.


GM: Sounds like you had some trouble in the business. Is that why the Knotty episodes disappeared and work by you started appearing published by Tao?

BB: Tao wasn't until 1974 or 1975, when Barbara and I had a major blow-out and I left. This was just !4fter the "And Now For Something A Bit Different" strip (published) in 1976 after the last comic strip "Fanni").


So it looks to me like Bishop left HOM before Barb. And could it be, Bishop was the guy behind the camera? Sometimes, perhaps? Who knows.

And the mystery that is HOM history continues.

Friday, December 6th 2002 - 10:05:59 PM

Name: RR

> So it looks to me like Bishop left HOM before Barb. And could it be, Bishop was the guy behind the camera? Sometimes, perhaps? Who knows. Bob Bishop is listed as the executive editor in HOM mags published in the late 80s, so he was brought back after Barbara left (or possibly before that if differences were patched up). Barbara's name stopped appearing as executive editor in 1986 and Bob's appeared after that. Bishop did some photography early in his association with HOM (there was an HOM 1-shot mag devoted to his photo sets that appeared in earlier mags) and photos and videos after he took over as the executive editor.

Saturday, December 7th 2002 - 08:28:07 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Dan: It's hard to say the difference between an extended display of the model's suffering and mere padding. Myself, I love to look at the model hanging in bondage after being put through a rough and nasty workout, although I have to admit that seeing her shot from every angle does tend to get a bit tedious after a few minutes. IMO, even the best of your tapes that I've seen, like Lash and the Lass and Lashing Liz, might have been improved had they been edited a little tighter and lopped off a few minutes of seeing the same reactions at the end of every scene.

I'm by no means an expert when it comes to viewing all your work. I've seen every ZFX tape ever made (around a 120-150...I lost count) and only six of your tapes, but I know pretty well your standard method of filming a scene. You tend to have two or three basic setups (long shot, medium shot, the occasional close up) shot with a tripod throughout most of the bondage/torture scene, then you leave and shoot her from all kinds of angles, which I really like. I know it's not always possible, but I would prefer to see those alternate shots mixed in throughout the scene, rather than all saved up at the end. Lots of handheld close ups by a second cameraman who's filming you giving the model her abuse, edited in together with the master shots. It is just more visually pleasing to the eye to have a nice mixture rather than seeing the same static shot for five minutes while you tie a model's tits up :)

Not complaining, or trying to compare your tapes with ZFX, because Rick Masters tends to edit his tapes a tad bit too long at times, although to his credit, his later shows are generally much better edited and paced than some of his earlier work.

I think there's going to be hesitation to editing out stuff you've shot, because the inclination is to include everything, and sometimes it's probably hard to be objective with your own work and decide when a scene has gone on long enough. But sometimes less can be more, because you don't want the viewer to get bored. I make my own highlights tapes of my favorite scenes for personal use, and I usually end up trimming some of your excess shots at the end when I feel myself getting tired of seeing the same shots repeated. That's just me; I like your tapes very much, just giving you my thoughts.

Sunday, December 8th 2002 - 07:48:30 PM

Name: Paulus Atreidees
E-mail address: starfleet001@hotmail.com

Hey there Dan, I bought Lashing Liz. I thought the actress in that was really hot, it definitely helps if she's attractive and has a nice body. I thought your commentary during the movie was kinda funny in some cases, but I think you don't sound sadistic enough. No offense, my voice is probably no better than yours, but you need to sound tougher like you're really enjoying hurting this woman. Also I think it would be nice to have more closeups of her breasts and try out some breast bondage...I love that kind of bondage. I think perhaps you spent too much time tying her up when she was standing, like when you spread her legs and stuff, it took too long. skip through some of that.... Also how about fingering her or something and making her come..that would add to it. I have some more ideas if you're interested. just email me...i have to watch it again to remember it though. its been a while.

Sunday, December 8th 2002 - 11:56:11 PM

Name: Razor

Now here's an idea. I just found a pretty damned good flik on the web (where else) of a pretty heavy bd/sm session involving the f-ing machines. If it can be done, it can be done. No more pussy-footing around with the dildo out the zipper. I say, exploit the HELL out of using toys in various situations, instead of the fake implications of the rubber dickey. Just my two cents.

Monday, December 9th 2002 - 03:14:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html


South of the Border 6: Interrogations continues what has so far been an excellent series for ZFX Productions, a continuing tale of what happens when innocent girls are framed for drugs and led away to Mexico, where the government is selling them into white slavery. Of course, it's a meat market, so they have to keep their inventory well-stocked. Therefore, we get to see two new ZFX girls put through the harsh Mexican interrogation/torture treatment, as well as an old favorite.

The story opens with one of the new girls, a big-chested blonde played by Ashley Blake. She's a journalist who's investigating the disappearance of a missing attorney (played by Lisa Kinkaid) who had been taken into custody by the Mexican authorities. They decide Ashley's becoming too curious, so they barge into her office, plant another bogus drug charge on her, and lead her away in handcuffs. She's their next piece of meat, and delectable one at that.

She is led to a dank prison cell, where she is swiftly strung up with her arms over her head, and her interrogator, played by Jesse Keddings, helps himself to her helpless body, peeling back her clothes and violating her pussy and ass with his finger in a search for drugs. Of course, he knows there no drugs there, but it's still fun to look :) When she protests about her rights being violated, he gags her with a bandana, securing it with rope. "How about this one, bitch?" he taunts her. "You've got the right to remain silent!"

Next, Ashley is interrogated by two men, who decide to force a confession out of her by giving her a "light up", which means shocking the hell out of her tits, pussy and ass with a battery charger. Director Rick Masters tries something new to enhance this scene, for the first time using animated shock effects when the battery cables hit her skin. It's a neat technique, if maybe a bit too obviously phony. It might have improved the scene a lot more had Ashley elicited a more enthusiastic screaming job while being tortured, but she's so gorgeous I can overlook that.

Meanwhile, we see what has become of Lisa Kinkaid. She's brought in unconscious by Masters, having been knocked out and smothered with a piece of plastic wrap in the previous chapter of this series. He places her on a cot, locks the door and removes her clothes from her limp body. He ties a unique gag into her mouth, a ball with a stick though it, tightening it in her mouth and around her head with rope. When he's done with that, he handcuffs Lisa to the bed, including a chain around her neck.

Lisa comes to, and Masters straddles her naked body and tells her that even though he ordered her killed before, he has a better idea now. She's so attractive, he's decided to sell her, but she'll need a little training first. He holds up a needle and runs it across her body, and we see some great close up reaction shots of Lisa's expressions as he prepares to shoot her up with heroin. He injects the needle into her arm and then violently rapes the poor girl, cumming on both her pussy and then on her gagged face. It's a great scene, but unfortunately Lisa's only appearance in this installment.

The story then cuts back to Ashley, now hanging suspended by her wrists, with her ankles tied together and also tied off to a pipe on the ceiling. Her interrogators return and gag her with a red ball gag. She is then given a savage beating with a rubber hose, a scene that looks good but again falls flat due to Ashley's relatively quiet reactions. The men leave her hanging unconscious.

At this point, the action shifts to the other new girl in the ZFX family, a curly headed blonde played by Elaine Payton. She's another attorney from the US Embassy who comes to the jail in search of answers as to why all these women are turning up missing. She is promptly forced against a wall and subjected to a rough strip search, the jailer using his gloved hand to thoroughly examine the inside of her ass and pussy. Things get worse for her when she angrily demands to see the missing girls. She is arrested and guess what? A large bag of cocaine is found in her purse. Looks like Elaine is next, and they're not going to go easy on her. The mouthy blonde is cuffed and taken to the interrogation room.

She is stripped of her skirt and chained in a standing spreadeagle, then her interrogator pulls up her blouse to expose her tits. He shuts her up with a red ball gag and lets her noisily struggle in her binds (while still wearing her glasses, if anyone is into that). He sucks on her tits and pulls down her pantyhose to lick her pussy, then follows that up by spanking her ass. But things are about to get much worse for her.

Elaine has her arms tied above her and she is then slowly suspended off the ground, her feet just inches off the floor, but enough that she can only helpless twirl under her own body weight. The glasses are thankfully removed and she is then subjected to a brutal whipping by two men, her screams punctuating each crack of the whip. It's a typically harsh ZFX whipping sequence, well-directed and very impressive.

The unconscious blonde is then stripped of her pantyhose and awakened, only to be forced onto the floor and have her wrists handcuffed behind her. Her gag is removed and one of the men grab her hair and force her to give head to an electric phallus that has been bolted to a stool in front of her. "Get it wet! You're gonna want it wet," one of the men tells her. They pick her up and force her to straddle the dildo, violently sliding her body up and down over it, and her crying reactions really make the scene work.

It only gets better. The men tie Elaine to the stool, hands cuffed behind and her ankles tied to the side of the stool. A special black gag, with a protruding electrical cord and interior spikes, is then buckled over the face of the protesting girl. The cord is then connected to an extension. "You're hooked up," one of the men tells her as he grabs the control. Elaine is then shocked several times, her entire body violently twitching as the current rushes through her. There are even some shots where you actually see smoke coming out her pussy! It's an awesomely sadistic scene. I loved it.

As if that's not enough, the men then hang Elaine upside down by her ankles, and secure her wrists behind her to the ceiling as well. They bite her nipples, finger her pussy and generally make her life a living hell as she moans helplessly. They go off and leave her, telling her "You hang around here for a while." We are then treated to a few more minutes of Elaine struggling while being suspended upside down, her hair brushing the floor.

In her final scene, Elaine is tied on the floor to a mattress, still ballgagged, her arms above her tied together, and her legs tied spread wide apart, exposing her pussy. Her captor lights a cigarette, blows out the smoke, then touches the lit end to her body several times. He burns both her nipples, crushes it onto her belly and even several times inside her pussy! It's obviously a prop cigarette, and my only problem with the scene is that, realistically, he would have to keep relighting it after snuffing it out into someone's skin. Nonetheless, it's a great illusion, and once again, Elaine's crying and screaming give the scene an added impact.

Afterward, he examines the suffering girl's body, now covered with cigarette burns, and opens up her pussy lips to reveal that her snatch is now red and inflamed. What a great idea, then, to rape that sore pussy, which he now does. It's a totally simulated rape, without any penile close ups, but an excellent way to end this tape. After he leaves, Elaine manages to untie herself and escape, and the title card indicates there will be a part 7 of this series, which is a very good thing.

The 10 minutes of DVD outtakes are hilarious, the highlights being repeated takes of Elaine continually flubbing her lines. At one point she says "I'll be better at the beaten and tied up part!" Yes, you were, dear.

This is one of the most successful installments of this fine series. Lisa Kinkaid is (no surprise) excellent in her one scene. Of the two new girls, Ashley Blake is beautiful, but gives a much more retrained performance. The real revelation here is Elaine Payton. She gives a real intensity to her performance, and all her scenes are standouts, particularly the shocking and burning ones. And with a 90 minute running time, you get your money's worth with this one. My grade: B+

Monday, December 9th 2002 - 05:59:51 PM

Name: Scribbler

Well, that's a pretty encouraging review. Except for the part where Elaine unties herself and escapes. I never fantasize about the girl escaping. Guess I'm weird. :)

Maybe they'll recapture her for 7.

Monday, December 9th 2002 - 10:15:01 PM

Name: Iago

Ralphus and Steve,

Thanks for the updates. Sorry to hear about the troubles with the shopping carts. I'll try again.

Tuesday, December 10th 2002 - 09:28:27 PM

Name: S
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/brutalvideos/packmule.htm

hey guys, we just put up a free preview trailer from "Trick Or Treat II: The pack mule" - Just wanted to let everyone know! http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/brutalvideos/packmule.htm

Wednesday, December 11th 2002 - 12:22:06 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~Great review. Sounds like another one for the "To get list". The part about smoke coming from the electro torture sounds like pure genius ;)


Wednesday, December 11th 2002 - 05:56:49 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com

Thanx for the suggestions on my videos guys. I will definitely have to consider how I edit things in future.


Wednesday, December 11th 2002 - 06:51:42 PM

Name: Atreidees

Are there any more screenshots from SOB6?? Rick! Please put SOB4 on DVD please!!!!

Friday, December 13th 2002 - 01:57:28 PM

Name: Atreidees

Is PackMule only going to be available on VHS?? No DVD? I only want to buy DVD now. The quality is far better, and plus I don't even have a working VHS player right now :)

Friday, December 13th 2002 - 02:02:45 PM

Name: Atreidees

I was just looking at the "Supermax" extras on the ballista3 dvd. Damn, that looks like a great ZFX movie. I really love the sweaty/dirty look after a good whipping. I didn't really see a lot of that in ballista3. I can't wait till I can get supermax on dvd...sigh

Sunday, December 15th 2002 - 10:06:24 AM

Name: Atreidees

Sorry for so many posts! Anyone know if this web site is affiliated with Rick? http://www.zfx-shockwave.com/main.html

Sunday, December 15th 2002 - 10:13:22 AM

Name: Evets

Scenarios: I realize that adult film-makers are probably inundated with wackos who think they know everything and should tell them how to run their business. With that humble self reflection having been said let me do just that.

Personally, I find coercion and rape intensely exciting (not the real thing of course but the fantasy). I would like to see intense coercive fondling, and a struggle between several, perhaps a gang of, men against one or two women. Dry humping should be part of the males visible excitement. The male(s) should appear intensely hungry. They want it like they have never wanted it before. What's important here is not the males excitement so much as the victim's awareness of it and response to it. A clothed erection should be in her face. The heavy groping and stripping of the victim's clothing should be drawn out. One article at a time after a struggle. Drawn out groping scenes should include each of the following hot spots, ass, pussy & tits. The victim should be resisting throughout. There should be an effort to show the victim turned on against her will, with pussy or nipple play. The victim can hip grind or gasp in response to stimulation. However, the victim must constantly be resisting. The victim's facial expression, while seeing the attacker visibly excited should be a focus.

The sex, whether simulated or real, should include at least one escape by the victim. Oral rape should be included where the victim has the phallic object in her face but resists putting it in her mouth (After School Surprise is a fine example). It should be rubbed on her face and lips, while the victim refuses before entry. This can be accomplished with a finger, a dildo but preferrably the real thing. The ending must include a facial. The victim should be unsuccessfully attempting to dodge and avoid the facial. The camera shot should be focused on the victim, NOT the attacker. If you want to show the attacker do it in a rewind. After the facial the victim should be made to lick and eat the result. It should be smeared over the face and especially the lips (Lisa Kinkaid with her particularly full lips would be a premier candidate). The attacker can use a spoon or his finger to smear and feed the victim.

Ideally the film should include realistic fondling, groping, rape with real sex and a real facial finish.

Sunday, December 15th 2002 - 11:07:05 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/brutalvideos/packmule.htm

Atreidees: First off, never apologize for too many posts. We appreciate your questions and feedback. Sometimes the board gets kinda slow, so any contributions are welcome!

Let me see if I can help you with some of your questions. Steve doesn't get to read the board much, but you can be sure that Trick or Treat II: The Pack Mule will be released on DVD eventually, although he usually has the VHS ready before the DVDs come out. This will be a major new release for Forbidden, and I'm sure it will be made available in that format.

BTW, Forbidden changed the teaser trailer for TOTII at their site (see link above) and this one is better, I think. Shows you a little more about the plot, and emphasizes the electric shock torture that poor Dynamite is going to be put through, among other things. It's great that Forbidden is finally delving into the torture angle in their tapes, or at least in this new one. Maybe if this sells, there will be more. I'll tell you, I'm looking forward to this one!

SOB-4 and SuperMax on DVD: Those would be two good candidates. SOB-4 is one of Rick's best, while SuperMax was one of the better all-girl ZFXers that I would recommend.

The link you asked about is Nick Long's site. He is an authorized ZFX retailer who decided to stop carrying the titles, hence the blowout sale. Lots of good tapes are still available, including the first two Night Prowler tapes, if anyone wants to update their ZFX collections.

Evets: What can I say? You perfectly nailed the ingredients for a good rape video, with the possible (important) exception of having the victim bound in some way. Preferably tied to the bed, spread-eagled (my favorite position). A good example of that would be ZFX's Forced Entry, with Lisa Kinkaid as the victim. Other than that, the next filmmaker who decides to shoot a rape vid should use your post as a must-do checklist.

Sunday, December 15th 2002 - 08:18:41 PM

Name: cassidy

What happened to the "torture rack scenes in movies database?" (www.trsimd.com). I can no longer access to it, and his owner does not answer e-mails. Has it moved elsewhere?

Monday, December 16th 2002 - 07:34:21 AM

Name: Rod
E-mail address: duke37@hotmail.com

Hi there

Still waiting for my copy of "High Strung", but i strongly believe in the magic of Christmas (..)

Anyway,I need some help again. I was totally satisfied with my inquiry re Cole/Whitman two weeks ago, so I hope I'll get more essential info from you ;-)

This time the topic is director Michael/Marshall Moorehead : a couple of years ago I rented a HOM video entitled "Enlisted!", directed by, if I remember well, one "Michael Moorehead". The video featured Kaetlyn being whipped in a spectacular way (at least from my point of view) by Catalina L'Amour. Rough movie. Now, a month ago, I got a dvd copy of a London video, "Speak No Evil", again featuring rough whipping of Kaetlyn (and Chloe), and directed by "Marshall Morehead". Must be the same guy (yes I'm smart).

If ever "you" would have more to say about him...Thanks in advance !


Monday, December 16th 2002 - 09:43:12 AM

Name: Steve from forbiddenvideo
E-mail address: webmaster@forbiddenvideo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/sale.htm

Hey we have some overstock items at forbiddenvideo and put them on sale just for the gimp readers! http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/sale.htm

Monday, December 16th 2002 - 10:26:01 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Cassidy: I contacted Tony Wood, who runs the Torture Rack Scenes Database, a couple of weeks ago and haven't gotten a reply. I also contacted Oslo from the Whipping Scenes in Movies Database (www.wsimd.com) and asked if he knew anything. He says that he, too, never heard from Tony, but he thinks Tony took the site down by choice, and it's his guess that it's gone for good. If that's so, it's a great loss for torture lovers, because he had an excellent site. Oslo even took the link down off his own site.

Tony and I corresponded several times in the past and I know he went into a funk last year in September after the terrorist attacks in New York, where he's from. At that point, he quit making updates for several months, and I sensed his heart wasn't in it anymore. Then his site disappeared and was offline for while, and came back first under one URL, then it was changed to its more current address. And now this. I certainly hope he brings it back soon, or maybe turns it over to someone else to run. It's too good a site to just vanish into nothingness.

Monday, December 16th 2002 - 04:15:34 PM

Name: Evets

Porn & Passion

Perhaps modern day living has made me unappreciative. I should be thankful for the rich sources of stimulation, internet, videos & wife. Hey just that fact that regular joe like my get's see a beauty like Lisa Kinkaid naked should make me thankful. And there is so much more. So why am I complaining ?

I'm complaining because I think porn lacks passion. I can accept that the porn actresses might be a little less than enthused, I wouldn't know but I can imagine that having a ten incher up your ass might be a tad uncomfortable. However, on the other side of the fence we have the porn studs their lack of passion I can't excuse. First, one might think that the opportunity to screw a hotty should elicit a little passion. If it doesn't -- FAKE IT! Think of yourself as an actor. Most of porn looks like a couple of people who are robotically, lifelessly and mechanically sleep walking thru sex. The porn stud should look or act like they have just won the lottery.

I think back to high school. On a date perhaps in the car making out. Remember ? The sexual intensity is so strong you can't stand it. Will she let you go to the next step ? Remember the bases ? Heated fondling, groping, grinding and kissing. She resists a little. The rear window fogs. An erection so intense that just an accidental brush would send shivers of pleasure. Old fashioned making out is absent in porn. As one simple example you can see an entire porn scene with zero breast contact. How is that freaking possible ? Is breast fondling a lost art ?

OK so I'm spoiled.

Tuesday, December 17th 2002 - 06:37:29 AM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: Jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Greetings to all

Been awile since I lasted posted but Evets post caught my eye. Passion in Porn??? You would have a better chance searching for the holy grail. Not to say that passion can exist in porn, but chances are that you are not going to find it in any movie that has an anal scene. You would be better off looking for it in the "For Couples Section".

Regarding guys, there are a few reasons for this.

1. Lack of Pay- Guys in the business do not get paid as well as the women. Now I am not saying that the pay should be equal, but it is hard to throw a bunch of passion into a movie when you are getting paid a tenth of what the women are getting. OK, with the big companies the male can earn more, especially if they have a name that can draw in the money like Peter North, Tom Byron, or Randy West. But I am sure they all paid their dues and worked for bus fair and something to eat. Also that is with companies that have a large budjet. You might have noticed that the smaller the company the less you see the guys, and the more that is focused on the women. And we all know that is because men buy or rent probally 90% of pornos.

2. Guys Dont Show Emotion-One of womens biggest complaints is that many guys dont show their feelings. Sex for most women is about the feelings, while for men it is about the act. We either concentrate on getting our rocks off, or not getting our rocks off and thus we dont show the women that we are into them a 100%. Women want the eye contact, the touches, the caresses, and the words while you are fucking them, and for guys all of that takes away from enjoying being inside of them. OK so not every guy is like that. But that also carries over to video, now throw that in with the fact that guys need to last a long time to get some really good footage and so more times than not they are concentrating on holding out rather than showing passion.

3. Passion Is A Hard Emotion TO Capture-There are a lot of main stream actors and actresses that have trouble showing certain emotions. (Can you see Keaneu Reeves showing passion)now these are people that have studied for years and practiced it many times. Now you take a porn actor and 9 times out of ten the three things on his mind is positioning for the camera, holding out and getting paid. Then if there is anything else on their mind, it is about getting to fuck a hot chick. Now couple that with the fact that most smaller companies dont have the time or the budget to try to capture the passion between the actors. Also I feel that most could care less about it, just for the fact that again the majority of pornos are rented by guys who could care less about passion. You just might be the last of a dying breed.

Now I do agree with you that to see some of the passion or heat during the filming would bring it more to life. I would rather see an wide shot of a couple fucking than I would a close up of penetration. Now most of these rules apply to Vanilla type pornos, when it come to bodage type videos these rules are usually applied to a greater extreme, I would have to guess that 95% of the bondage tapes are rented by guys, and they could still care less about emotion or looking good, and the pay is probally one tenth of what a prono actor gets. My advice to you is that if you want to see the penetration with the passion try talking your wife into making your own movies and adding the things that you want to.

Standard Disclaimer-these are just my opinions so take the for what they are worth. Just another viewpoint.

Peace All
Mad Dog

Tuesday, December 17th 2002 - 03:04:19 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Hey Steve at Forbidden,

I checked out the prices for the blowout videos and I want to get some, how long is the special going on?

Peace All
Mad Dog

Tuesday, December 17th 2002 - 03:06:20 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Steve at Forbidden:

Thanks for the sale for readers of this page, but I'm curious as to why you pulled Dr. Ruthless from your site. It was not a bad tape; not my favorite but it had its moments. There are some other titles in your inventory that are a lot worse that I would have deleted before that one.

At any rate, it's worth checking out at $8.95 for sure. And I would also recommend the DVD of Black Market Bondage, which is my favorite of Forbidden's titles.

Thanks to Rick for the new stills from South of the Border 6. I'll be changing the pic again soon, so make sure you check out this site every day. BTW, anyone else seen the new ZFX yet? Surely I'm not the only one. Let's hear some feedback, guys!

Tuesday, December 17th 2002 - 06:42:49 PM

Name: Atreidees

Wow great sale!! I just ordered black market bondage. i liked after school surprise, so i figure i can't go wrong here, especially after ralphus' review.

Tuesday, December 17th 2002 - 10:50:12 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com


My latest video is available (VHS & DVD formats) and it features an exotic eastern beauty, AJ.

This is definitely a study the suffering type of video (I am running a poll in my yahoo group - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thedanhawke/ - after the feedback here at Bring Out the Gimp).

However for those who like the long contemplation of female flesh in pain you should check out the video. By the way, this video (DH38: Bondage Exotica) features the most intense scene of a model on the horse I have ever filmed). Other highlights include violet wand and clothespin play.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Friday, December 20th 2002 - 09:10:24 AM

Name: Scribbler

DH31 Lashing Liz partial review

Dan did ask for a review (though he probably didn't ask for this one!) so here's mine on the first 4 minutes, with an equal emphasis on shooting video as well as content.


pre-opening credits, LL starts with 3 text info screens. Two of which go outside the title safe area. This screams beginning videomaker, so don't do that anymore :)


opening credits

visual: credits visually are ok, except that blue background seems too sweet for a BDSM video.

music: the main problem here, sounds like pbs theme music coming from the cheapest of General Midi sound modules (based on the sounds). just doesn't go with the video. It's like putting warner bros. cartoon music over the battle scene in 'saving private ryan.' Doesn't fit.


the actual video

(first, a note about the music soundtrack. there isn't one! and this video could really use one. there are some very slow scenes that are begging for help.)

fade from black, to room with no lights on. liz improv dialog starts right at beginning of fade in (too early), could have used a couple beats before her dialog starts.

one light switched on by dan offscreen, establishing long shot, liz standing on raised platform stage, rail behind her, and to her left and right. wrists tied (or cuffed, can't tell) and bound to nearest siderail.

liz, 20 something, cute, nice body, looks and sounds worried. pleads to be let go. dialog could be better, it's probably improv. (not going to go into what they say unless warranted. concentrating on content and shots).

same shot as light two switched on.

dan walks into shot, steps up to platform, feels up her breasts through blouse. liz reacts with disgust. (her acting is pretty good)

dan, dark clothes, black hood. about liz's height. not a thin man. not the best voice for a villain. in the real world, they'd have someone else ADR his lines. maybe James Earl Jones!

cut to med shot. bad cut. why? camera in same position as before, just zoomed in now. also dan's hand instantly is on other breast. this is referred to in video jargon as a jump cut, cause it feels a little jerky, not smooth. when cutting from shot to shot, dan's hand should be in the same place. also there's this thing called the 30degree rule taught to film/video students in film schools/video classes throughout the world! basically, it says that when you cut from one shot to the next shot, the next shot should have the camera placed 30degrees left of right from where it was. So if you're using a tripod, you have to move the tripod (hint, hint). Or another way of saying this, if the camera angle changes by less than 30 degrees (with the same framing) viewers may notice a visible jump cut.

good reactions from liz. dialog could be better. she says "...have mercy..." ??? he hasn't done anything to her but feel her up a little. (note: a fidgety cameraperson is making camera adjustments during this shot, which would be OK if they were smooth and not distracting, but they're quite noticable. reshoot I say.) also little long on this shot, but not too bad.

cut to med long shot (actors cut off at shins), another jump cut, tripod hasn't moved, and dan's hand has instantly jumped to another place again.

dan lifts her skirt checking her out (i can appreciate this), but it could be a little longer before he...

decides to remove skirt, not exactly a smooth dan moment as he tries to figure out how!

cut to CU of skirt. his hands in right place at this cut, so thats good, but camera still at same tripod position.

takes time removiing skirt (which I like) but then something I really don't like...

cut to 45 deg. dutch tilt. (a dutch tilt is when you tilt the camera sideways, along the z-axis, as opposed to a normal tilt where the cameraman looks down or up). dutch tilts are intended to be disorienting, askew. it's used in horror films, and it was notibly used in the 60s batman serial to make the villains seem like somethings not quite right with them. (usually it's not this tilted though.) this is a rather disorienting shot and pretty much ruins this pulling down her skirt and making her step out of it scene. unfortunately, this shot stays on a long time. dan steps off platform, walks off screen, the walks back onscreen, behind platform. (my equilibrium is being messed with by this really bad choice of camera angle.) he proceeds to feel her up with both hands...

cut to med shot (hurray no dutch tilt) and tripod position still straight on. liz looks good being felt up! dialog might be better if it was written. after feeling her up a little over blouse, molester lifts blouse to waist, feels over general abdomen and pussy area. seems half hearted though. and too brief. (villain needs to relish this more, as in spend more time) he then half heartedly spanks her backside about 3 times, some more improv dialog, dan walks off screen again. dan talks while he's offscreen getting some stuff, then back on screen, onto platform, turns out he now has a ball gag.

cut to CU (close up) of liz as he ballgags her. just as well. improv was weak anyway. though dan's still ungagged.

cut to med shot, and oh my god, the tripod moved! three cheers for video camera placement. shot from 45 deg. right of prior shot (off y axis). 3 minutes since fade in. about time. gag on, he half heartedly fusses with her clothes, touches tit area, seems actually bored with feeling her up now, tells her it's "time to spread your legs". he walks off platform over to where he's got stuff to use to tie her legs spread.

cut to long shot, 45 deg dutch tilt, argggh! from current tripod position. puts loop around leg, as I tilt my head to match shot, i see he gets her to move her leg a little (not that wide really), ties other end to backleft railpost. The camera, which should be still on this shot, is being adjusted with more movement than dan's hands are moving as he ties loop around post (stop adjusting the camera oh fidgety assistant camera person!)

4 min into it now. and I'm stopping here with detailed analysis, unless someone thinks I should continue. probably not though.


The above is from watching the vid a second time (the first 4 minutes).

from the first and only time i watched the video all the way through (a while back), I can remember this...

- the pulling her blouse apart and buttons flying off scene. the only place slo mo is used and the sound is slowed down too. the cheezy sound effect ruins this moment. it's the only place special effects are used in the vid, and it doesn't work.

- the panty removal scene. if i remember right, i think this was also ruined by a part that seemed to be missing. like one part of panty removal jumps to another part of panty removal. maybe i'll have to watch it again.

- there's not much groping after the beginning, and none of the groping is very rough. villains should be more hands on, and not let their bondage devices have most of the fun!

- the scenes when there's a tormentor in the picture (dan) with liz are preferred (by me) than the long drawn out parts where liz is tied into a position and left there. at least it feels like something is happening. in the liz tied up and left alone scenes: the camera takes long duration shots from various locations (and surprisingly, some of these camera placements aren't the greatest), and then these long takes are edited together with a sort of randomness of purpose. a sequence like this can go on for 20 minutes. these scenes are very static (IMO) and no music soundtrack makes them seem even longer. lots of fast forwarding by me during these scenes. they are way long to sit through.

- the whipping scene was not great, or all that long. very light whipping, nothing like zfx ('high strung', oh wait that was a rubber hose not a whip) , and nothing like whitman ('bittersweet revenge').

- the putting on of clothespins scene was good. as was the taking off of clothespins.

- liz moans really well (in places where she moans). one benefit of dan's videos not having a music soundtrack, is you can easily lift moans of girls from his videos for your own productions! not legally releasable, but you could do it for your own use (if you wanted)!

- the electricity thing was pretty lightweight. best electricity scenes i've seen are in (zfx 'high strung', 'voodoo dolls', others, and HOM's '110 volts' -- short tho it is.) personally, i'm not that much into electricity, but it is an element of this vid.


Anyway, this is one reviewers opinion. Anyone who wants to disagree with me should feel free to do so! how else am I going to learn that i don't know what I'm talking about!

Friday, December 20th 2002 - 11:04:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

And people say I give too much away in my reviews :) Criticizing every single shot in the beginning of the video, including the opening credits? Even I don't review the credits! This isn't Film Theory, and we're not analyzing the shower scene in Psycho. And frankly, I think you're being overly hard on Dan Hawke and Lashing Liz. LL had the usual Hawke padding, but otherwise, I thought it was a great video, probably my favorite of all his tapes I've seen. I do agree with some of your points, although it's interesting that you overlooked my only real criticism of the vid, which was the lack of the gag being applied onscreen. If I recall, there was a jump cut and Liz was suddenly gagged, so we missed one of my favorite parts, and there's no excuse for depriving us of that! If you missed it the first time, go back and shoot it again in close up. But geez, it's not Pick On Dan Hawke Day. Lashing Liz was a winner in my book. Every scene worked, IMO, and if you want to see a lovely blonde suffer for 90 minutes, you couldn't choose a much better performer than Liz Tyler. I became an instant fan after seeing her in the tape.

Appreciate you taking the time to give us your take. I won't say that you don't know what you're talking about, because you're entitled to your opinion, and obviously we disagree on this one.

BTW guys: HE's WRONG!!! :)

Saturday, December 21st 2002 - 12:19:14 AM

Name: Scribbler

With all due respect to our beloved moderator, I only gave away (in detail) the first 4 minutes of a 90 minute or so video. The other stuff was pretty general.

Actually, if Dan hadn't asked for reviews, and I had decided to do one on my own (wouldn't have), I would've done it more overall encompassing like the ones you (Ralphus) normally do. However, I took this opportunity to review Lashing Liz as if Dan was a fellow film student, and I was being asked by the instructor or him to critique his work. Which does happen in film/video courses. Maybe it was useful, maybe not. Maybe I didn't preface my review well enough. If we're not supposed to discuss "Film Theory" here, then -- 'oops'. Surprisingly enough, that scene from Psycho is a scene worth analysing for would-be filmmakers, but I guess not here.

I wasn't picking on Dan, I was reviewing, critiquing. I pointed out good things too. Liz's great looks and acting, including good moaning. Time spent by Dan checking Liz out. Good pacing of skirt removal (despite overly tilted last shot). Groping. But while getting feedback on what works can be nice and ego boosting, feedback on what's not working is actually more helpful to improving future product.

You're right, I missed the gagging of Liz jump cut.

Probably Dan's never heard about jump cuts and how to avoid them, never heard of the 30 degree rule (or the 180 degree rule or more obscure 10 degree rule), or the rule of thirds and other things that first year film students learn about. And maybe he doesn't care. But if he reads this, then he knows about them now, and if he feels like it, can research the wisdom of film/video makers that have come before. And granted, while sometimes rules or theory are meant to be broken, most of the time they can be really helpful.

OK so perhaps my review's not up to this board's standards, but it's been a long 2 weeks of multimedia freelance work for me with deadline being today, and I'll admit to needing to release some steam. But I still think I'm not wrong (though I could've been more tactful).

Sorry Dan. Probably since I don't like 5 minute plus scenes of a model alone in one position, I'm probably not the market for your videos -- but Ralphus is! Some people like jazz, hate rock, some people like rock, hate jazz. Most people who visit here like BDSM or forced sex roleplay, but like differing aspects about it. But hey, you're a fan of Whitman, and so am I. Maybe if you feel like it, and want to branch out, you could produce a video that's very Whitman like. You can call it HOMage. (that's kind of a crappy name. you can come up with something better.)

On another point. At the end of Lashing Liz is a trailer for the next video. I'm probably wrong, but wouldn't it be good marketing to add on trailers from the 30 other DH videos as well (or some of them).

And I'm probably wrong about this, but at your site, you have member only links mixed in with visitor or non-member links. separating them might be something to consider. Nice background picture BTW.

Saturday, December 21st 2002 - 02:19:17 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com

Well, I feel I need to make some response to Scribbler's post. So here it is.

First off I have to admit that most of his criticisms have validity and I don't mind acknowledging that. Perhaps the legalese is out of the title safe area, but the editing platform I was using didn't have those guides (a newer set up does). Some of the jump cuts are less than ideal. This is true in terms of both continuity and also angle in many cases.

I know the rule of thirds and while I didn't know the name of the 30 degree rule I intuitively understood it and I am frustrated by every single time I am compelled to break that rule. I didn't know the dutch tilt rule (as such), but I too have compared my shots to some of those used in the Batman show of the 60's. How this evolved had to do with where I originally was compelled to shoot my videos -- a very limited physical space -- which compelled me to tilt the camera to get anything approaching a full body shot.

Obviously in the local where "Lashing Liz" was shot it wasn't necessary, but it has become a part of my "style". I find it intriguing and I think some of my fans do as well. I certainly will accept the fact I may rely on it too much. Perhaps I should cut back on its use, but I don't see myself abandoning it.

I will try not to be too defensive here and won't counter each point Scribbler made. As I said, they are by and large valid. I will talk about limitations in some general terms. First the reality of shooting this material, second why some rules should be broken in shooting this material (IMO, of course) and last I will reiterate my shooting philosophy.

The only specific response I'll make about this video is that it was my first time working with a new assistant -- I don't think the camera was ever tripod mounted during this shoot, but my memory could be playing tricks on me. I think she did a pretty good job and would improve much as time went on. Sadly she didn't intuitively know the 30 degree rule and I was less than perfect in coaching her during this shoot.

But here is part one of my response. Some of this material will echo that posted by Mad Dog who has participated in some of these types of shoots with Rick.

The fact is that shooting this type of material is an exciting, but very intense experience. Someone talked about passion on this board. The truth is I think anyone producing this type of material who is not personally excited by it should get the fuck out of the business. That said, the producer really needs to guard against too much passion. There is so much going on at a shoot that if you get too involved in "enjoying" the shoot you will end up with total shit.

I either work alone or with an assistant (just one). Every once in a while I may have an extra gofer on set, but these folks are of limited help and are often a hindrance. That means that during a shoot I need to worry about the filming, the photography (I do both concurrently), the rigging, the model's safety and state of mind, the lighting, her acting, my acting and a host of things too numerous to go into at great length.

Shot variety and selection are one aspect of the filming that I try to pay a lot of attention to, but with the all of the above in play this is never perfect. Lashing Liz was shot with one camera and, as you noted, an ad-libbed "script" (really just a thematic structure to work in). I had no continuity person to keep things focused and linear and during almost every moment of the shoot I have a model who is in great discomfort to actual pain waiting anxiously for me to capture all my material.

Even when that model is as wonderful to work with as Liz (and she truly is a revelation) I must always be very attentive to her ability to handle the intensity of the shoot. Sometimes in the rush to get enough material camera placement gets sacrificed.

When I edit the end result I often find myself without enough variety in the coverage to do any inserts to blunt the abruptness of a jump cut which is too close to the last shot. The editing is always a struggle.

I am actually pretty proud of my video product, but I am not blind to their faults. I work at improving them all the time. Finally the worst flaw in this video is the one Ralphus mentioned. I caught this at the very, very tale end of editing, just about to push this tape out the door. However my schedule was quite crunched and I was exhausted having needed to overcome a lot of issues in the editing of this video I hadn't encountered before. I HAD to get this video out the door. I wish I had fixed this problem, though.

On to my second point. Breaking the rules.

If I were to use the rule of thirds then the point of interest in a shot, say Liz's lovely pussy, would be located at the intersection of the screen as it's divided vertically and horizontally. Of course, this might mean that one of her breasts would be missing from the shot, but at least I would be obeying the classical rules of artistic composition.

But the fact is I am not filming Chinatown or the Godfather. I am trying to make an erotic video that is really hot. I am not too concerned with cutting inserts into the video to reinforce my themes or balancing the shots for maximum variety. I want you to see what you should want to see (hell, what I want to see) and every other visual consideration is subordinate to that. In fact, one of the reason I do so many different angles is to try and introduce variety into studying the model without cutting away to a tree in a thunderstorm to reinforce the theme of her being caught in a whole lotta hell.

Hey, you may not find my videos all that hot and you may be right they aren't for you. I admire what Rick is doing, but stylistically we are worlds apart. Given the exact same resources we would still produce a very different product. The reason I am posting here is not to shamelessly hustle my product to those who aren't interested, but because I was invited to post here.

Which brings me to my last point. My philosophy. I am interested in feedback, but like anyone who does something artistic (not high art, OK, but artistic just the same) I need to have a certain ego about what I am doing in order to continue to produce product.

I am a HUGE fan of bondage video and imagery. A lifelong fan. I love the old Blakemore/Whitman/Cole stuff just as you do. But as a fan there were certain things I was being frustrated by in product I was seeing. And here's that list:

  1. Extensive amount of time spent with models struggling in lame, non-intense positions.
  2. When a model is clearly suffering, scenes end very abruptly.
  3. Too much filler in bondage videos keeping you from the good stuff (bad acting, lame positions, etc.)
  4. Too much faked crap!

Before you sharpen you knife concerning point one let me consider the first two points together.

What I hate is to watch a model struggle for 20 minutes in a position that causes very little discomfort. I hate when you watch a model for all that time and her response to the situation never ever seems to change. She just rolls around on the floor in some lame tie and I have the feeling she could do it all day. You can almost watch her counting the dollars she's earning for this light treatment.

On the other hand when a model is in a position where she is really hurting I could watch that for hours. For instance, if I were watching a video of a woman straddling a 2x4 with her feet off the ground and her arms pulled up behind her, I could watch it for about 40 hours! (Obviously not all in one, er..., sitting...)

In several of Rick's videos (sorry, don't know all the titles) he will feature suspension. I have suspended my share of women and I know, KNOW that they are not happy campers during these scenes. These are the moments in Rick's (and other producer's videos) I live for. This is what I consider hot.

I don't judge a tape by how many different positions there are or how much action there is. I look for these moments when I know what I'm seeing is real. Hot position, real discomfort, lots of time to see the model handle or not handle it.

If you crave these moments where a model is really suffering and you want to watch her being forced to take it, then my videos are probably your cup of tea. If you judge the quality of a video by the number of positions then they aren't. That's pretty straight forward.

Now I will address item three. To me any non-intense bondage scene is filler. Most plot elements are filler. I am not a story line person. Here's why.

One of the many things I've come to appreciate from doing these productions is the value of acting. I don't think anyone deserves 20 Million dollars for a few months work, but acting is not easy, even if the character is a reflection of who you really are! I suck at it, most models suck at it. In short, I don't think storylines in these movies work. I use a general abduction "theme" and just riff on it. If the model can't act the little I need her to, then a few minutes on the horse or in the kneeling crotch pull tends to solve that problem.

Sadly, my acting gets no helping hand... ;)

The truth is that pretty much every storyline is a total fantasy. Abduction in real life don't look much like the average bondage video depicting it. It looks non-erotic, shitty and horrible. Any story line of capture, coercion, etc. is just a pale reflection of an awful reality. Because the reality basically sucks. Big Time.

So what do we have. You want to fantasize about having a beautiful woman and doing delightfully evil things to her. I just cut to the chase. When I am looking to enjoy a story, I don't cruise the adult section of the video store...

Now let's talk about fakery. What you see on my videos is pretty real. If the model is crying, she's crying for real; if she's sweating, it's real; if she's trembling, it's real. I won't lie and say I've never asked a model to struggle harder or moan louder (not Liz though - she was awesome!). But I don't deviate from reality a whole lot. I want what they are really feeling to come across.

I've had models ask why I don't just fake something like person X did do a couple of scenes that are less intense. The basic answer? I don't want to.

And sometimes this may hurt me. I don't fake sweat with baby oil and water. I don't drip glycerin in the eyes of a model to get some tears flowing. If you've done any of this play you'll know that women react to pain/discomfort in many ways. If every model I filmed cried like a baby I guess I might be rolling in clover. But the reality is I may want that, but some women get angry and some retreat into themselves (subspace?) to hide from the pain. Hey, how they process the experience is what I want to film.

In DH29 you can watch Dillon disappear from earth as she hides from the pain of the kneeling crotch pull. In DH34 you can watch as Aiysis goes through stages of anger, fear and finally (yes!) reaches tears during an extended flogging sequence. I love to watch a woman's tendon twitch along her inner thigh as she strains to keep a position that keeps a crotchrope from sinking more deeply insider her. I have a ball gag one model bit in half during a scene.

I don't like electrical play too much myself, excepting wand play or play where you see an electric arc flow to skin (like on insex). My reason? It's too easy to fake. Liz had real current flowing through her body in Lashing Liz. Enough to sear her flesh? No, but it was real. Am I running enough volts through her to cause muscle spasms? No, cause I don't want to take a chance on stopping her heart.

You mention 110 volts. That's one of my least favorite old HOM loops. I like the idea of it, sure. However Whitman strips the ends off of an electrical wire tapes it to the model's breasts and plugs it in. She twitches and shakes - wow! But is it real? No, not without electrical burns and not without the need to feature EMT heart paddles in the final scene. You are right that there was an intense whipping/beating in Bittersweet Revenge. However that made it all the more puzzling to me why he tending to fake the whipping in almost every other video and loop he ever produced. With all the stuff he did he couldn't fake, I never understood this.

So that's my response, ad naseum. If anything about the philosophy above appeals to you, then you probably want to check out my tapes. If not, that's fine too.

I intend to keep working on making my productions technically better, but never to the extent of sacrificing content or "faking" it.

Of course, with some 200 hours or more in the can to edit it may be 2008 before any changes I make today appear!

The only thing about your post that really struck me was the tone. Perhaps it was just me being naturally defensive, but it felt like you having an axe to grind. I don't get where that could be coming from. Still I must validate many of the criticisms you offered -- on a technical level.

Clearly you have a great deal of knowledge and it sounds like you are fortunate to have a job in the creative end of film/video making. In my opinion that makes you a lucky guy, even given the occasional stretch of a tight deadline. For all I know, you may be a bondage producer. Lord knows there ain't no shortage of them

But if not, you should give it a try. It would be interesting to see if you can bring all of your expertise to bear and still have interesting content as well.

Okay that's my nickle!


Saturday, December 21st 2002 - 03:03:10 PM

Name: Joe Smith

I found a copy of The Taking of Christina in a porn shop and immediately grabbed it, knowing it was going to be great. But when it got to the rape scene, i think it was cut. The guy goes, "Get some rope" and then it cuts awkwardly to the girl already tied up, clothes already ripped and the guy already fucking her. There's some good footage of the bound rape, but it looked like there was the tying, the ripping and the penetration cut? Can anyone familiar with this movie confirm if it's supposed to be an awkward cut or if I got ripped off? Thanks.

Saturday, December 21st 2002 - 06:58:32 PM

Name: Brad

I just want to drop in and say that I'm in awe of this dreambook. The fact we can sit around and chat like this about hardcore torture films is just great, and even better when it's with the involvement of folks like Rick, Dan and Steve. Keep up the fascinating discussions folks, and if I have something worthwhile to add, I'll jump in too (I've got no film making experience, but lots of film watching experience).

I just wanted to make one quick comment - thanks to Dan for that long piece on your philosophy. I guess one of the things about bondage films is that pretty much everyone has a different kink, even if it's only slightly different. It's not like mainstream porn where 'big tits=excellent' for a huge percentage of the market. It's been great to find out how Rick has come to his develop his art, stemming from his own interests, and now it was fascinating to read how you (Dan) have done the same. For what it's worth, I only like films where the victim looks like she's really suffering, and like you, I could watch a woman in obvious pain, even in a static shot, for hours.

You can now go back to the educated opions ;o).

Saturday, December 21st 2002 - 07:40:44 PM

Name: Scribbler

First off, I apologize for being nitpicky. Not sure now why I thought at the time such a nitpicky review would be insightful and helpful, but I now think I was wrong about that. (Actually, wasn't much of a review was it; was more like a critical analysis of a few minutes of video.) But no, I don't have an axe to grind, there's nothing personal. I actually appreciate the thoughtfulness of your contributions here. Not sure about the perceived tone, or the attacking aspect Ralphus mentioned. When I read my first post in this sort of thread, I do see a lot of critiquiing, and I see places where I thought I was being funny, but that might not have come off that way. But I don't see a personal attacking type tone. If there is one, I apologize, but it's not intentional.

There's more to say, but it's really late. Like Brad, I'm glad this dreambook is here... and it'll be here tomorrow, so...later :)

Sunday, December 22nd 2002 - 03:03:02 AM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Hey Everybody

Joe Smith I know exactly what you mean about geting a video with a scene cut out. Some of the other people could give you more info but I suppose it happened after the dark days of porn. You probally got a later release of the tape, witht hat scene cut out. I once watched "Every Women Has A Fantasy II" in my much younger days, it had an awesome scene where the gal was tied up and done in the back of a limo. But if you see that tape now that scene is always cut out. The only thing you might be able to do is protect yourself in the future is try to find out if the tape is an original or a later release. Unfortunatelly I dont think it says so on the box. So good luck in the future.

Hey I know that guy in the picture above, wow is he good looking or what!! Just kidding

Peace All
Mad Dog

Sunday, December 22nd 2002 - 08:56:58 AM

Name: joe Smith

Could anyone describe the complete scene? Then I'd know if mine is incomplete, though I'm sure it is. Guess I'll have to buy an original copy on ebay or something. Thanks.

Sunday, December 22nd 2002 - 09:07:23 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Mad Dog: You're referring to Travis Lee, right? Yeah, I guess he's not too bad. But check out the blonde with the big tits! WOOOWEEE! :)

Joe Smith: Yeah, you got ripped off, sorry. I went back and looked at my print of The Taking of Christina (a factory original) and here's what you missed: After he says "Get the rope", the one guy ties her hands to the bed while the other guy rips off her clothes. Then you get the forced fucking, although there were no graphic genital close ups. It's still a great scene. Why was it cut? It seems odd to cut what was barely 30 seconds of footage, but perhaps it's that old bugaboo about mixing bondage with sex. Of course, she's still tied, but you don't see her get tied. Bizarre reasoning, but what else could it be? Anyway, like Mad Dog said, they sometimes cut footage when they re-release the movie later. I know they did that on several of the classic Golden Age films to suit the political correctness of today. A few that come to mind are A Coming of Angels, A Dirty Western and Smoker, all reissued with either bondage or rape scenes now removed. Miserable bastards.

Sunday, December 22nd 2002 - 09:09:17 PM

Name: Joe Smith

Thanks for the clarification. A while ago, some people posted good places to find originals and now I forget. Can anyone repost or direct me to the spot in the archives? Thanks.

Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 12:35:10 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Dan Hawke~First off I hope you will chose to frequent the forum on a regular basis.

I was very interested in reading you posts, although I must admit I have not seen your work. The main reason I guess I haven’t is because, from viewing some of your preview pics, I got the impression that your work is in the same vein as …a Bryan Davis or a Jay Edward’s production. Even though I do own a few of the a fore mentioned videos, mainly for a few choice scenes such as some nude, inverted spread-eagles and stuff like that, I like you, tend to get bored very quickly when you just end up watching a girl tied up and squirming for a few minutes for no reason. She’s there by choice and there’s no peril, she could just as easily just lie there.

I did take note however that you mentioned that your subjects are there because of an implied abduction. Is all your work pretty much in the same vein then? In other words, if I get some of your work I’m not going to see the subject voluntarily give up her ankles and wrists to be tied am I?

Not to try and get you to change how you chose to make your videos but since it is an implied abduction, why not go the extra mile here and show the abduction. Nothing fancy, even something as simple as a chloroform (Not into chloro myself but I know a lot of other people dig that type of thing. I’m more into seeing asphyxiation to render a victim unconscious.) in a room in your house or another room at the shooting location. Carrying of the tied or unconscious victim to the finale shoot location would also be a plus. I think this would greatly add to the appeal of your work as I know, for myself and from reading this forum since slightly after it’s inception, that almost everyone agrees that the take down scene is just about everyone’s favorite part. The part a lot of people find the most exciting. Including a takedown scene would also lend a little substance to the “Implied abduction” that you are trying to get across, without actually going into great detail to develop a story line.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

Steve @ Forbidden~Great idea about the sale for Gimp readers (Hint, Hint to Rick and Dan)

About Scribblers critique on Dan Hawke’s stuff. Not knowing Scribbler other than having read his postings here at the forum, I don’t believe his intention was to come across as hostile. It was probably more of reaction to certain things that he on a personal level he doesn’t care for. That, coupled with his film study classes, probably just intensified the feeling and it ended up coming across with a tone that he really didn’t intended to have. I mean we all have things that bug us on a personal level.

On that subject (Not directly intended at any of the producers that frequent the forum) one of the things that really bugs me is the opposite of what Dan talked about. The overly lingering shots that don’t have much substance to them to start with. The opposite would be a shot you’ve been waiting for but is done so quickly that you end up feeling cheated. A shot that you want to see in it’s entirety and maybe linger over just a little bit, but is done so quickly that just as you focus your eyes on one part of the scene, the scene ends before you can re-focus to check out the rest of it.

The other thing that really bugs me is that in certain types of video themes its almost like the producers insult the viewer’s intelligence. I just checked out a video from Club Dead called Asfixia II. I was curious since they have started to add some bondage to their work. The problem wasn’t the bondage (although not the greatest) it was the presentation. The whole video looked posed, but getting back to the part of the video that bugged me most and to the parts of some others that make me feel like we, the viewers, are not given much credit to our retentive powers in order to follow a theme or plot line, was the part where one of the subjects, who portrays a nurse, keeps her nurse’s hat on during an entire auto-erotic scene. She comes home, gets naked, all the while keeping her nurses hat on. I can’t remember for sure but I think she even wore it to the shower. I kept on thinking, we get it…she’s a nurse, now take that idiotic hat off!

I see this all the time though. Every time there’s a themed subject, it gets over killed. Along with the nurse who keeps her hat on while otherwise being totally naked, there’s the cheerleader or schoolgirl who always keeps the knee socks on throughout. When is the last time you saw a teenager with knee socks? Or the soldier who keeps the combat boots from beginning to end. Or the policewoman who again, keeps either the hat on or the police shield on her shirt the whole time. It’s like we are given no credit to be able to follow the story if the subjects give up the objects of their theme. Five minutes after they give up the symbol for their theme we’re all going to forget what categorical theme they portrayed to begin with. Why is this? We get it already.


Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 02:13:28 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.forbiddenvideo.com/undergroundrough/takingofchris.htm

Joe Smith: You can order The Taking of Christina from Forbidden Video for $22.95 (direct link above), or from Alpha Blue for $24.95. I don't know whether either version is intact, but I've dealt with Alpha Blue in the past and haven't seen anything that was cut before.

As far as good places to find originals, I found both these places by clicking on the direct Links page right near the top of the page. There's the Lisa Kinkaid interviews link on the left, the Guestbook Archives link in the center, and on the right is the cool pic of Gauge being molested while tied to the bed. Click on that. Is it possible you overlooked this section of the site?

Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 06:10:42 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com

Scribbler, thanx for the clarification, glad I read a tone in your post that you didn't intend. One problem with communication that is written is that, unless one is very, very careful, it is easy for the reader to get a wrong message. Sometimes even if you are.

I find the problem to be even more true of chatting online. I have a rather peculiar sense of humor myself and have often found people misinterpreting it.

AvF: Thanx for your comments and I hope I am able to continue to be a semi-regular poster on this board. The trouble is that pressures of getting things done means I tend to anything that isn't essential in a very on again, off again manner. But I will try to post something from time to time, especially if I see an interesting thread.

I have done a couple of abduction scenes from the start, but most of those haven't appeared in videos. However I do have a bedroom abduction scene in DH08, DH17 and perhaps some others I can't think of off the bat. I will certainly have some more of this type of thing in future vids.

Speaking of lack of communication, because I was saying that I am frustrated too by scenes that are intense and end soon. In my videos I think many of the scenes are pretty intense and I let you study them for a long time. This extra study is what may not appeal to some.

While I am influenced by Jay Edwards and Brian Davis, my biggest influence is the fellow we have all talked about here, Whitman/Cole/Blakemore/whoever. ;)

I think there are a lot more s/m elements in my videos than in either Jay's or Brian's. And in the bondage positions I choose I concentrate on positions that are in themselves pain. Really tight crotchropes, or positions that require the model to maintain a certain tension in her body to prevent further pain.

As to discounts on my videos... Members of my web site get $5 off of any of my products while they are members. Unfortunately the shopping cart provided by my host makes sales very difficult to accomplish without an overly tedious effort being put forth. However I have been mulling over some ideas to get around this and it has been a while since I questioned them about upgrades to this software that they have kept promising.

If a lot of folks here think they would take advantage of a sale then I will try to figure out some way to manage it, whether the software makes it any easier or not.


Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 07:35:18 PM

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: jazzproductions770@hotmail.com

Ralphus- Ummmm No, I was actually talking about the guy on the other side of the blonde with the big tits. Thats me.

Peace All
Mad Dog

Tuesday, December 24th 2002 - 07:38:55 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Dan~Thanks for the response. I did forget something though. You mentioned Dillon in your earlier post. She was doing some work for another photograher/filmmaker whom I had contacted to see about the possiblity of having him do a custom with Dillion in it. He was all gung-ho on the script I sent but unfortunatley he had lost contact w/Dillion. Some time later, as I was surfing, I stumbled onto a web site by Dillion. Unfortunatley my computer crashed and lost the address. I know you can't send out any direct contact info, but was wondering if maybe you can get me her website address if she still has one, and you still have contact with her.

Also, I'll probably check out a vid or two shortly. Maybe one of the one's you mentioned with the abduction scenes. I'll check out your site again shortly to see who's in those. I am kinda particular on who is in the videos I pick up though (meaning looks wise). I know what Liz and Dillion look like, so right off the bat "Lashing Liz" ( by the way, Ralhpus did have a mini review on "Lashing Liz". He held it in very high regards mentioning that he had watched the first 10 or 20 minutes of a VHS, then contacted you to see if he could enchange it for the DVD as he considered it a definite keeper.) might hold sway over the one's you mentioned. Simply because some of you preview pics are so small I really can't tell what the actress looks like. They look good from a distance, and they probably are all they appear to be, but I've been fooled before by a distant shot of someone who appears to look hot but turns out the she had the face only a hog farmer could love.

Maybe offer one or two clickable to enlarge pics so we can get a better idea. I maybe a perverted and demanted soul, but I aways think that if I think this way, I know there has to be others of similar mind. Just a suggestion.


Tuesday, December 24th 2002 - 09:33:26 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Note to self~~TYPO, TYPO, TYPO...always wait to fully wake up before posting.

Tuesday, December 24th 2002 - 09:37:53 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Mad Dog wrote: Ummmm No, I was actually talking about the guy on the other side of the blonde with the big tits. Thats me.

I knew that, silly. Jest 'aving a bit o' fun, iz all. Good God! I've suddenly turned British!

Merry Christmas to everyone who visits us on the site! Cheerio!

Tuesday, December 24th 2002 - 05:46:34 PM

Name: Scribbler

Looking down this page, I think we've had some of the longest posts in awhile! I guess I will now throw out some more comments re Dan's response to my sort-of LL review.

Yes, I probably had some valid comments, but I think I made too big a deal of it. Yes I think better video shooting techniques can improve things, but it really is content that's king. Video shooting and editing are only the king's assistants. But briefly (sort of) about the king's assistants...

30 degree rule

I would encourage all video producers to move the camera when capturing different shots. Especially when no tripod is used. Wow, no tripod! Those DVcam image stabilizers are pretty darn good aren't they.

Rule of Thirds

Yeah, I agree, I wouldn't apply the rule of thirds to most close-ups, including one as you say of Liz's lovely pussy. We need more of those kinds of shots BTW, with some rough pussy assaulting, petting, finger entry, dildo entry, slapping and whipping!

Dutch Tilt

Not really a rule, but I've never seen it tilted sideways more the maybe 20 degrees or so. Except maybe in a point of view shot for someone's who's been drugged (fall on the floor and it's 90 degrees!). I like dutch tilts too, but not so much tilted. To me it's disorienting to see a standing girl dutch tilted in a frame 45 or so degrees, especially when the background is pretty busy with lots of horizontal and vertical lines and those all end up being 45 degrees. Maybe with a simpler background it wouldn't be as bad. Guess we'll just have to respectfully disagree on the usefulness of this shot. Tho' one of the places this happened was when pulling the skirt down her Liz's legs, and as this was a key moment to me, I was bummed by the shot. Wouldn't have minded so much at different moments.

Ahhh...that was too much about dutch tilts. What do I really want to talk about. There's so much, let's start with...

Improv and Backstory

Improv is hard, I realize that. It's especially hard when you don't have a backstory to work with. In ZFX 'The Cheerleaders of Perilous U,' Bryan D. plays a high-school nerd turned abductor, and Chandra his cheerleader victim. Bryan doesn't miss a trick with his nerd impersonation, the snotty nose, the nerd speech patterns, his love of the cheerleader who's was never nice to him, dropping his pens, etc. And all his lines ring true as a nerd turned villain and it just works great. And his performance is so good, it even seems to have helped Chandra's not very many lines victim cheerleader performance. You know that saying in sports when you compete against someone really good, it makes you better. It's true. Cheerleaders is my favorite ZFX, tho I haven't seen that many.

Granted, it's really the action of the sexual abuse and torment that matters most, we really just want to be turned on, but backstory done well can really enhance that action. And I'm purposely not saying plot. I'm personally not interested in a B movie plotline in bondage movies, just a little character motivation. In LL, I think the backstory is Liz is a generic girl victim, and Dan is a guy who paid money to have her brought to him so he can do his mean things to her. That's not much foundation for improv. What if Dan's plays a kidnapper and Liz the rich daughter of an Enron type CEO that he wants to extort money from. What if he's actually videotaping the proceedings to send to the rich daddy on a daily basis, this makes the camera person a character, one we never see but know is there (one the viewer could identify with perhaps). This adds additional possible lines to what a generic tormentor and generic victim might say to each other. Basically, it adds context. For example...

rich girl - why are you doing this to me
kidnapper - hey, it's nothing personal dear. we just need some spending money from your dad. i'm sure you've gotten plenty over the years.
rg - my father isn't as rich as you think he is.
k - well, you better hope that's not true. for your sake
k - (to camera) you gettin' this
(camera nods)
k - (to rg) want to say hi to daddy before we get started?
rg - please let me go? i have money.
k - not enough to get you out of this. so tell me, (squeezes tits through blouse) what do rich girl tits feel like...

Not saying this is great backstory, or great dialog (I'm saving my best ideas), but just showing how backstory can help with what a tormentor and victim might improv to each other. Again, get ZFX 'The Cheerleaders of Perilous U' if you want to see it done really well. Too bad it's not on DVD--or is it?


It's kind of unfortunate this isn't a threaded board, cause it would be easier to have a thread per subject. Anyway, I think I'll leave this post here, and tackle 'Real vs Fake' and 'Key Moments' next time. Com' on Lurkers, discussion is fun, break out of silentdom if you're so inclined!

Friday, December 27th 2002 - 10:15:09 PM

Name: Iago

Mad Dog-There was a guy next to the blond with the big tits?

I just ordered all 3 of the sale vids over at Forbidden. Have to encourage the urge to offer us sale items, after all. The second time I went to order my copy of After School surprise everything went smoothly, and I received the CD about 3 days later. I really don't like having to sign for things, though. I'm not going to have something like that shipped to my work, and it's hard to catch the delivery guy. It's a discourager to purchasing. Just my $.02.

Rick, where's my next sci-fi fix? Don't make me start whining!

Peace and happy holidays,


Friday, December 27th 2002 - 10:29:07 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com


Glad to see your follow up post. I appeciate your clarifications esp. concerning the dutch tilt. Perhaps this was a bad choice for that moment of film (the skirt pull).

I understand wanting those "key moments" to be right.

As to your suggestions concerning some sort of back-story, I think I will have to consider those. Having a frame work to ad-lib around may help actually make the production "easier" and give the models (and me!) some new ideas for dialog.

I did do one video like this, "DH24: Truth or Torture". In this video Trina is hiding info (and $$$) for her lover and I am trying to get his location out of her.

Trina is one of the best "actresses" I have worked with and was more able to sell the plot than most models I have worked with.

I look forward to hearing more in your next post.

BTW, I like the Cheerleaders video from ZFX as well, though I am not crazy about mixing humor with bondage. Still a lot of folks seem to get a kick out of it, so clearly this is a personal taste thing. I thought it hot because I really liked a lot of the action in this video.


As to pix for my videos...

Members of my site get to see all of the video images full size. However even non-members can see a couple larger pix from the videos over at my distributor's site, http://www.boundanddelivered.com

There are generally two or three larger pix from each video to be seen over there.


Saturday, December 28th 2002 - 12:23:18 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus~Blymie...you turned Lymie mate.

Dan~Thanks for the follow up. I'll check out a few pics. I was intersted in the one's you mentioned but the pics were just too small to tell what the actress looked like.

Feedback please! Mainstream B-movie "Ginger/The Abductors" for $16.00 on DVD. Anyone seen it? Any good scenes? Would you consider $16.00 a good price for what you get?

Just got "Last House on the Left" for $9.00 on DVD. I barely remember it but for $9.00 thought I'd take a chance. Haven't watched it yet but anyone have any advance feed back on this one?

I just picked up a B&D Pleasures video for the first time in about 10 years called "Knifepoint". It's about a serial killer who kidnaps three victims. Most of the bondage/torture scenes are pretty tame, as I really expected them to be, but the ending made the whole video worthwile to me. It has one of the best bagging sequences I've scene in these types of videos. As most baggings are either just held on, tied on but loosely, or just too short in duration. This one was actually pretty long and is ducted taped over the actress's (Talia Monet) head. She does a good job of struggling and like I said, the segment is fairly long in duration. As a plus to the DVD there's a "Making of the video" segment that's just about as good as the actual scene is. The actual scene is edited to make it slightly longer in duration but the footage looks to have been done in one take. It's fairly long, and as I said, for people into asphyxia, about as good as watching the edited final product.

Like I said, Bondage is tight for the most part, torture pretty weak. For those who like baggings I'd say it's still worth checking out.


Saturday, December 28th 2002 - 05:41:35 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

By the way...great pic of Lisa!!!


Saturday, December 28th 2002 - 06:14:16 PM

Name: Hank
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3628/

In reference to the Ginger movie, yes $16.dollars would be worth it for "Abductors" on DVD.Use the link above to go to my Yahoo Group look in the files section, it is the very first movie with 35 caps there.They were made from VHS,curious where you found it on DVD or who the distributor is. "Hank"

Saturday, December 28th 2002 - 07:36:36 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Hank~Thanks for the info. I ordered some videos for Christmas from "Critic's Choice Video" (ccvideo.com)and it was advertised on the back of the invoice. I haven't been to the website so don't know if it'll be there or not.

If you're interested, and it dosen't appear there, let me know and I'll get you the item number (provided there is one...I can't remember and will have to look at the invoice again).


Saturday, December 28th 2002 - 09:46:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.stomptokyo.com/badmoviereport/abductors.html

Catching up on a few things...

Iago: Boy, I can't agree with you more on having to sign for adult merchandise. I've been over this with Steve before. Some of us work during the day and I have to make special arrangements to come home in time to meet the UPS guy, just to sign for a package? Very inconvenient, and not necessary, IMO. I'm an adult; I have a credit card; if I wasn't old enough to order adult videos, I wouldn't have a credit card, would I? I worked it out with Forbidden so that now I don't have to sign for packages, which was a very cool gesture on his part, but now Slave Labor makes you sign, too, and they are a major player in the game. I guess they are just covering their respective asses, but geez, if they got an order from an adult and delivered to the right address, I don't think you can fault them if it were to somehow end up in the wrong hands. Sounds like they did their job on their end.

Scribbler: Good call on The Cheerleaders of Perilous U. I don't how many other people on this board have listed this as their favorite ZFX title, but I know it gets mentioned a lot. It's my favorite, too. Chandra Sweet was one of my favorite performers, and to see her trussed up in her cheerleader outfit...ah, what memories! Brian Dunhill played an excellent nerd in that one, and he tortured the hell out of sweet Chandra, all while tossing off some great one-liners that had me smiling all the way through. Or was I smiling because Chandra was suffering? Maybe it was both :) Not on DVD yet, but I'll be the first to order it when Rick releases it (maybe next year?). Can't wait to see the extras!

AvF: Last House on the Left was a disappointment to me, bondage-wise. Two cute girls do get tied up (hands in front, I think) and gagged (over the mouth gags) and taken out into the woods. I don't remember much else, except the gang of rowdies who abducted them force the one girl to pee in her pants, and they laugh at her, which was sort of a decent humiliation scene. Other than that, I don't recall much more. That's a film that is begging to be remade, and hopefully improved.

The Abductors, on the other hand, is a bondage classic, maybe the greatest mainstream (if you can call it that) movie ever made, in terms of what we like. We're talking three teenage girls who get abducted at gunpoint, forced to strip, get bound and gagged and led away, and this is before the titles even start! Later on, you see a naked girl suspended by her wrists and ankles, bondage rape, another chick tied and gagged and put in the trunk of a car, and the hits just keep on coming! It starred the legendary Cheri Caffaro, clearly an actress who was "into it", since every movie she ever appeared in had some sort of bondage scene, often many, and often her getting the treatment. Her most famous movies were the Ginger series, of which this is the second, and the best, IMO. The link above is a very cool review of the tape.

Saturday, December 28th 2002 - 11:19:59 PM

Name: Rod
E-mail address: duke37@hotmail.com


The Abductors DVD costs $13 at cduniverse.com.

Best shameful wishes to all


Sunday, December 29th 2002 - 03:52:10 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Ralphus/Hank/Rod~I checked out the review and the stills. Looks pretty good for a mainstream vid. Sounds even better at $13.00. Thanks for the info and heads up on price. I might still end up getting it from Critics Choice though since there are a few other vids (No, I don't just get bondage)I want to get. Plus I already know CC's reputation. But it's always good to know your options. Better if you can get feedback on the other company.


Sunday, December 29th 2002 - 05:44:48 PM

Name: Beatzmaster


just wondered if there is a chance we'll get to see

Lisa Kinkaid on INSEX.com one day.I think the combination

of Lisa and insex would be the ultimative performance..

Or what about a project of ZFX and INSEX

together in general in the future? Any plans?

Tuesday, December 31st 2002 - 04:01:13 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Beatzmaster (Gotta love that name!): The chances of our seeing Lisa Kinkaid hook up with Insex are probably slim and none. Rick actually addressed that issue directly in his last post on December 2; scroll down if you wanna read it. It's too bad, because their models (what I've seen anyway) are mostly tattoo freaks, which I suppose is the norm for girls who are into the S&M scene. I'll get to see more soon. I'm planning on subscribing to Insex for the first time beginning tomorrow. Pretty pricey entertainment, but what I've seen has me intrigued enough to wanna fork out the bucks. Plus I just got high-speed cable, so I can download stuff quicker. I'm pretty excited to see what all the fuss is about.

Tuesday, December 31st 2002 - 07:40:24 PM

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