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December 2001
Name: Hank
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Ralphus, and anyone interested the "Fatal Pulse" vidcaps are at the MSN club listed above in the e-mail address box.The home page box has the url for the Lycos "Bondage Vidcaps" club. Hank
Thursday, December 6th 2001 - 08:04:19 PM
Name: Hank
Homepage URL:
Comments:For any newbies here thought i would repost the url for the "ZFX Bondage Vidcaps" club.They are all free.Been busy with other projects lately and have not posted anything of late, but there are over 400 vidcap montages there. Hank
Thursday, December 6th 2001 - 08:11:27 PM
Name: BigD
Comments:Haven't got an update from Rick in a long time.. I wonder if this means that the streaming video site may not be happening : (
Monday, December 10th 2001 - 08:47:38 PM
Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:
Comments:BigD: On the contrary, I'll bet that's the reason we haven't hear much from Rick lately. He's probably working on the site now. I checked and the last time he posted was back on October 30, and he said the streaming site was about a month away from completion. Of course, we all know that calender months are not quite the same as ZFX months, so my guesstimate is that one ZFX month is equal to about 3 or 4 real months :)

At any rate, Rick works at his own pace, but the results are almost always worth the wait. I myself really have little interest in streaming video; I prefer something more permanent that you can download and keep, or better yet, something you can play in your video machine or DVD player at home. Let's get some discussion going here. Who among us would pay a fee to watch ZFX clips online in the streaming format? I know it's a moot point, since the streaming video is coming anyway, but I'm curious to see if any of the readers to this board would actually give up their green to see it?

And on a related note, I hope we hear from Mr. Masters soon with some sort of status report. Rick, your fans are starving for an update!

Tuesday, December 11th 2001 - 05:49:20 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire@
Comments:My 2 cents. I never knew you couldn't save streaming clips. Shows you how much I know...and also answers the question...Not interested at all. Even if you could save, my interest would be minimal. Sounds like I am of same mind as Ralphus in that I much rather prefer DVD and video. With DVD getting preference and holding off all purchases when I know a company is going in that direction until it happens. Still buy VHS from companies if thats all they offer.


Wednesday, December 12th 2001 - 06:59:18 AM
Name: Rick
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Comments:Hello to all!

Been busy as the dickens, but just wanted to pop in and say hi. Been so long since I posted I dont even have a post on the active board:P The ZFX streaming site is coming along very nicely, I'm guessing that it should be operational before Xmas, but then I'm almost always wrong about release dates and such and thats only a week away now, so.....I will certainly post here when I know for sure. There will be 10 movies initially but that will grow as fast as I can encode them, they are encoded at approx. 46kbps for dial-up connections and 207 kbps for DSL aka broadband connections. Once the site gets functioning, DVD is priority #1, I am certain that Ballista 3 will be on DVD, and hopefully I will get the rest of the titles converted eventually, but it could take years. I am encoding a test DVD right now. I now have a solid supplier of very cheap (but high quality)DVD-R blanks which was one of the major obstacles, now I just need the duplication capabilities and to learn to go without sleep for the next couple years and things should be humming along real well=) Anyway, a few comments on your comments!

Hollywood hotties: I was shocked to read the comment concerning Shannon Elizabeths appreciation for backdoor luvmakin;) I musta missed that Stern episode(dammit). Anyway, she did a pictorial for Playboy maybe a year or so back, and she is one very fine looking lady. I think most people will just like her more now, least they should. Anyway, I doubt(barring some divine intervention or money like Bill Gates has)that she will ever appear in a ZFX movie, but hell, we can dream.

Overseas/Foriegn distribution: Someone asked about it. Well, there really is none, at least not legitimately in stores. If I'm wrong about this let me know. My understanding is that bondage is a nono in the Canada, Austrailia, Japan, UK, Germany and possibly other European venues. A question I have is where people overseas get them at all. Sebastian and Natalie are getting them in Greece, so obviously they are getting over there by some means. Did they buy them here or maybe buy on the net? I get tons of mail form places like Australia and South America. Are these bootlegs? Are you buying them locally or getting the here while on Holiday in the US. What format are they in? We do make and sell PAL format tapes for the foreign market, but they are done via mail-order from Fantasy Food and I believe their policy is foreign buyers order at your own risk.

Sebastian and Natalie: Great to see a couple in here! Welcome to the our dirty little corner of the Internet;)

AVF: Your Halloween Story(yep, this is goin back a ways)Man, you got some very good ideas, I liked your story) Heres a couple things that I would change. I would have the girl who was taken over by the alien attack the chick in the basement. Would be the whole friend vs friend thing but I would probably omit the bum then, or try to fit him in another way. BTW, complete darkness doesnt lend itself well to videotape;D

Alien 8 : Im still waiting for my tentacle shipments!!!! SHOW ME THE TENTaCLES!!!!Seriously, if you feel like sending props that you would like used in a movie, feel free. This goes for anyone. Hell I'll even give ya credit, just tell me what name to use. But its on your dime=D

Ok, thats it for now, back to the salt pit. Thanks to all who read post and watch the movies, and of course to Ralphus for his loving attendance to this site=)


Wednesday, December 12th 2001 - 10:42:28 AM
Name: Big D
Comments:Actually, I for one would gladly pay for streaming video..Alot of us don't want to shell out 50 bucks or whatever it costs for a video and alot of us can't rent them...So streaming is perfect!! Especially for those who get burned out on videos easily...Adult dreaming videos do very nicely on the web, just talk to any webmaster that hosts them(bondage, rape, torture, etc...)...I think Rick will have alot of success with it...Of course the key is promotion...Rick mentioned that eventually he wants to give the user access to ALL zfx vidoes, but will only start out with about 10 Big D
Wednesday, December 12th 2001 - 04:51:46 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire@
Comments:Rick ~ Glad to see you post again. It's been awhile. Also glad you liked my story. The thoughts pop in and leave just as fast so I had to go back and read what I wrote. So...put it to film man! Make the changes! What I had envisioned for the pitch black darkness was an implied darkness translated to film. Such as a directional black/blue light. What ever would get such a feeling across. Maybe something in the line of the finale scene from "Silence of the Lambs", which also takes place in implied total darkness.


Wednesday, December 12th 2001 - 05:11:02 PM
Name: Sebastian & Natalie
E-mail address:
Comments:Dear Rick, first of all let us tell you how much we enjoy your videos. They offered us endless pre-game (he he ;-) ) tv sessions. We particulary love the Lisa Cord video. We would like to send u some of our private pics just for your archive. We're confident that Natalie would be a perfect zfx victim (she's 22 almost 23, VERY beautiful and cute). So drop us a note here or at our email or icq 129664934 if you're interested for your private enjoyment. :-) Then, all the major sex video clubs are selling and renting ZFX videos. All the greek bondage and sm fans are treasuring them. Luckily there is no censorship or other problems regarding such video tapes or dvd's here. Be well, and have a very nice new year, Sebastian and Nat. P.S: what ever happened to Amy Van Allen? No more adventures? Such a nice victim and beautiful girl!
Thursday, December 13th 2001 - 03:31:15 AM
Name: Alien8
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Sorry for the delay Rick, but I've been busy & I dont have much cash on hand.
I am working on them and I have a few (technical) questions to ask you.
A while ago I asked you about how realistic you were allowed to get with the simulated penetration,
as this will affect how I create some of the props.
Properly done, I could make penetration look totally real.
Just so I dont get too off topic here, is it cool I email you directly?
Friday, December 14th 2001 - 12:03:18 AM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A good friend of mine sent me this link. It should come as a welcome alternative for anyone who has attempted to buy or sell fetish material on the online auction site eBay. Over the past year, eBay has severely limited what they will allow to be sold on their site, even in the Mature Audiences section, and their list of "guidelines" makes it virtually impossible to accurately describe the content of a rape or bondage videotape. No explicit pictures, no mention of sexual activity, no details on torture scenes (banned because it is considered "sex with graphic violence or depredation", to use eBay's own words). eBay seems to delight in using Gestapo-like tactics against anyone who violates their vague rules, by ending auctions and suspending the accounts of people who attempt to sell such items, and they've chased quite a few people away. It happened to me, too. A few months ago, they ended 19 of my 22 auctions for listing violations, many of them that were due to end within a few hours, which is when bidding traditionally heats up and excitement for the item builds. If my auctions were in violation, why did they ignore them for 10 days and then not take action until the final few hours? Then on top of that, they suspended me for a month as "punishment". I'm back now, but I haven't found much on eBay that appeals to me anymore. They have censored themselves so badly, I'm not sure it's even worth checking out.

Anyway, that's what brings me to this new site. It's called "" and it's basically a clone of eBay, except it's strictly for adult auctions. The link is listed above. It appears to be a somewhat newer website, and of course it doesn't have eBay's huge member database, but as a buyer, that's a good thing. Right now there is not a lot of competition for fetish tapes, and a lot of good titles appear to be selling for around $9.99 or so. I've already won one auction and I'll be checking the site for more in the coming days. I'll let you know what I think of "Titanic Tit Terror 2" after I get it :)

Tuesday, December 18th 2001 - 08:35:24 PM
Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:
Comments:Take this for what its worth.

I didnt have the best luck with naughtybids. I Checked it out a while ago even bid on a couple of auctions. I didnt ever hear from a couple of them and the one that did give me the info, turned out to send me a copy of popular tapes. So I stopped checking for a while and then when I went to check it out it was down.

I wish everybody who wants to check it out better luck than I had.

Peace all
Mad Dog
Wednesday, December 19th 2001 - 03:47:32 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Mad Dog! Long time, no hear! Thanks for sharing your experience with NaughtyBids with the forum. I suppose it's like any online auction; you have your bootleggers out there and have to watch yourself. I was burned a few times with bad copies on eBay. It got to the point that, to protect myself, I would always contact the seller first to inquire whether the tape was a dupe, and if so, how good the copy was. I'm not totally against bootleggers; if the tape is foreign or otherwise not available in any other version in the United States and a bootleg is the only way to see it, I'll seek it out. On the other hand, I have no problem paying much more if it's a factory copy because quality is important to me.

I got my copy of "Titanic Tit Terror 2" today; I paid $15 for it and it's an original print. I contacted the seller in advance and asked. I've never been lied to when I contact them directly. Most people are generally honest and want to make a sale. Besides, you can always give them negative feedback if they screw you. It's hard to build up a reputation for being a reputable seller if people check out your profile and see a bunch of negative comments from previous buyers.

Mad Dog, please contact me via e-mail about my technical questions I asked about regarding improving the site. I'm still waiting to hear from you so I can continue with what I've done and move on.

Speaking of people I haven't seen for a while, when I was working on restoring the archived posts, I came across some old names that used to grace this board with their interesting observations, and we haven't heard from many of them for what seems like a long time. Whatever happened to Damien, Howie, RR, Alex and Sardu, to name a few? While it's great to see new posters here, I don't want to forget about our old friends, either. So if any of the above are still out there and reading, please drop us a visit and share your thoughts. This board isn't quite the same without you.

Friday, December 21st 2001 - 06:46:06 PM
Name: Sardu von Sardu
E-mail address:
Comments:Howdy All, Weird coincidence that I check out the Dreambook for the first time in over _4 months_ and the first message I see is Ralphus's of yesterday, kindly inquiring of me and other vanished regulars. I have returned! I have been so far out of the loop with regard to this fine forum, ZFX, and its pretenders. I've peaked in briefly at InSex (fun on rare occasions if you don't mind the choppy editing and repetitive scenes), ForbiddenVideo (what's so forbidding?), and Sadoslaves (getting Disney-er by the day), but have yet to be knocked over by anything. Any suggestions for intriguing new sites and vids is appreciated. Looking forward to: --more interview opportunities with ZFX talent --Rick staying out of John Ashcroft's clutches (no joke my friends) --the usual back and forth in the Dreambook --Sardu
Saturday, December 22nd 2001 - 04:25:53 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:Man, we need to get some life in here! We need to get something going, anything.

Okay, your favorite gag? Ball Gag? Penis Gag? Cleave gag? Other?

Award for best ZFX gag ever? Personally, I liked the one in Highway to Hell made out of what looked like a metal bookend, a black glove, and red wires for a little electrotorture.

I could go on and on with categories, but I'd like to hear from others. Let's finish the category "gags", and then move on to other ZFX awards, shall we?

(What shall we call the awards? There already are the Oscars, the Emmies...what about the Chandras? The Zeefers?)

Wake up, everyone.


Monday, December 24th 2001 - 08:04:10 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Merry Christmas, all!

I agree, this place is awfully quiet lately. I check here every day and sometimes almost a week goes by before someone says anything. I'm going to start posting notices in the newsgroups inviting others here. It used to be that we would get new posters whenever I posted a new ZFX review on alt.sadistic. Trouble is, Rick only released three new ZFX titles this year, probably his least productive year since he started. Three tapes, three reviews, that's it. Hard to get too excited if there's long periods of inactivity with no pictures, no reviews, nothing to really build up some anticipation. Another problem is that I'm not sure as many people read the newsgroups as much as they used to. E-groups seem to be more popular, if you can find one that won't shut you down for content, like bleeping Yahoo did with Hank Hobbs' clubs, especially his old ZFX vidcaps group. Anyone have any ideas on how to bring this page more into the public eye, where it will be seen by the right people (perverts into bondage and torture)?

On to zee-ef-ex's question about the best gag. I really like tape. Panties stuffed into the mouth, covered with several strips of duct tape. It's classic, plus there's something about putting a girl's underwear into her mouth that I find especially degrading (evil smile).

That said, I suppose the penis gag would accomplish much the same, sticking a dick in her mouth to shut her up. I like that idea! :) Only debit I see is that a penis gag is sort of unconventional, maybe more so than a ball gag, which would be my number two choice behind tape.

Least favorite gag? The thin cleave, which is easy to talk through and therefore the worst possible gag to use if you are looking for realism in your bondage/gaggage scenarios, which I am. Fortunately, Rick doesn't use that one very much.

Let's here from everyone on this. Surely we all have opinions on this subject.

Tuesday, December 25th 2001 - 09:03:16 PM
Name: Iago
Comments:" Trouble is, Rick only released three new ZFX titles this year, probably his least productive year since he started."

If memory serves, Rick went about 15 months after the group release that included the Original Ballista and SOB3, didn't he? That's what started the whole long Damien saga, isn't it?

I'm not a big fan of streaming video, especially when it can't be saved. I like to go back and view my favorite parts, sometimes even years later (I'm an old-timer with ZFX), and can't do that if I can't save the video.

DVD sounds nifty. Rick, have you gone to digital camcorder at this point, or are you still shot-on-video? It looks like Rick is making a big push to modernize his operations here, with a big focus on exploiting new technologies that have finally become cheap enough to be useful for a small business. It's too bad he's such a one-man shop, though, since it keeps us from getting more regular fixes for our habit ;-)

Hey Rick, is the FIS series going to be updated any time soon? With all this other stuff going on, have you been able to devote effort to your artwork?

Gags...I like the injector gag that was used on the blond in Doc Bondage, the long penis gags used in movies like Gangstarr and Art of Darkness, and the tape-and-ball gagas that Rick uses a lot of the time. I'm less fornd of the face-masks and muzzles that sometimes pop up. They hide too much of the face for my own taste.

Happy holidays, all!



Tuesday, December 25th 2001 - 11:27:43 PM
Name: Britney Beers
Comments:Hey guys,just wanted to say hello. I'd contribute to the forum more to help avoid long periods of non-posting, but I'm not really a big bondage fan,as I've said before ad nauseum.I just check in every now and then to see if there is any new Lisa Kinkaid info. Postings are probably just slow due to the holidays.Have a happy New Year,everyone.
Wednesday, December 26th 2001 - 07:18:28 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVamp1re@
Comments:Hey Britney I don't know how far you go back with the forum but Lisa has given a couple ( maybe three...can't remember) of interviews for the forum you might find of interest. Not sure how far back they are. Maybe someone can be of assistance for the dates.


Thursday, December 27th 2001 - 05:10:23 PM
Name: Big D
Comments:Can someone give me the link to the new ZFX streaming video site?? I can't find it anywhere!!! Thanx in advance Big D
Thursday, December 27th 2001 - 07:01:57 PM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address:
Comments:Salutations ye Pilgrims!

A chained naked woman, lead to her fate under a blazing sun. Interested? Of course you are- but how often do you see it in a video?

There is a new film out called "Abduction at Devils Peak" and its surprisingly good. It's put out by B&D Productions, who usually hit off the mark with me. This time though, thats not the case.

An attractive brunette gets separated her boyfriend on a hike. She is watched and then stalked by a backwoods dwelling survivalist type intent on rounding up a sex slave. There is a take down scene and then a test of wills as she is tied then marched further into the wilderness. Eventually she is strung from the arms on a pine tree, her clothes cut from her and then finally, whipped. In the films last outdoor scene she is lead naked and hooded, now subdued towards his backwoods house. This scene is, well, almost sublime, and if it had only lasted a minute or so longer true poetry would have been achieved.

The rest of the movie is anti-climax, though it starts off well enough as she is further broken by the application of various large rubber cocks. Unfortunatly it degenerates into a totally useless forced fetish fashion show. I should mention however there is a nice (but short) scene of her cleaning the floor, naked on hands and knees. When the movie is working, it really does work well. The final scene? A fight as the boyfriend and the backwoodsman square off. The last shot of her naked boyfriend bound? Way too much information for me...

All in all though, not bad for fans of the great outdoors...

Best Gag? Well it's not a gag per se, but I always liked Kimberly Noble's tounge tied configuration in the first 666. Lisa drooling out of her gag in "Vaccume" was very nice too, but frankly I can't remember much about the gag itself.

ZFX streaming site? Not out yet.

Lisa Interviews? I'm pretty sure there are some in the archives and I know for sure there are some in the posts yet to be archieved. Which leads me to:

Ralphus: any word on more archieved posts? and...

Brittany: Your (understandable) interst in Lisa always has me wondering, how did you find out about her in the first place? And.. being female and not into bondage, how do the movies seem to you? Even a little bit erotic or totally inexplicable?

Mad Dog: Nice to see you posting again! Next time stop and stay awhile. Best wishes all- May your new year be a floghappy one and may we finally see Ballista-3!

Thursday, December 27th 2001 - 11:40:51 PM
Name: tracy
E-mail address:
Comments:i would like to see that video about the woman chained, naked, and being led away to her fate under the blazing sun. i often fanticize that kind of fate for me.
Friday, December 28th 2001 - 07:39:25 AM
Name: Laughingboy
E-mail address:
Comments:Hello all. I'm back too. Been waiting patiently for any word from Rick. Tracy comment about her dark fantasy kinda made me wonder again about what percentage of women are turned on by the idea of being kidnapped and bound and/or otherwise dominated? LB
Friday, December 28th 2001 - 11:07:11 AM
Name: Per
E-mail address:
Comments:Was a long time since I posted in this forum, but now it's happening :-) Rick asked how we Europeans get ZFX videos? I get them from US online stores (Game-Post and Fantasyfood), that works great, no problems so far with Swedish customs. I have seen ZFX videos for sale in stores in France and Netherlands. They appeared to be legitimate copies, they had color boxes and all. The price was high, so the stores probably got them from a US retailer and added their own margin.
Friday, December 28th 2001 - 02:26:36 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:g-in-o: I'm trying to update the site, but it's happening slooooooowwllly, with the speed of molasses, and right now I'm waiting for Mad Dog to reply to my request for help that I sent him four weeks ago.

So far, what I've done with the archived posts was to go in and clean them up, adding paragraphs, removing all the extra spaces, basically making them readable. It actually takes a while to go in and clean up each post, but if you check at May-July 2000 now I think you'll notice they look better. They were pretty hard to read before.

I'm slowly learning how HTML and I'm ready to move on to adding the rest of the archived posts, but I'm stuck until I can get more information. I also want to fine-tune the rest of the site by adding a picture to the title. I figured out how to do it, and actually had one on here for a short time, but I took it off and I'm waiting on Mad Dog to send me info on how to reach Dreambook's Terms of Service. I want to make sure I'm not violating any rules with an indecent picture. The last thing I need is to accidentally get us kicked off by breaking Dreambook's charter. So right now I'm in a state of limbo. I want to move on because I've already completed the cosmetic work, but I've been left a mess and the longer I have to wait, the more work I have in front of me.

Britney and other Lisa Kinkaid fans: Lisa has been on and taken questions from the fans three times. She first posted to this forum back in June of 1999, then Rick had her answer our questions in November 1999. The link on my Homepage URL above will take you there.

She also answered questions in June of 2000; I remember because this was one of the group of archives that I cleaned up. Go here to read that:

The third time was this year, I believe, and those posts have yet to be added. Anybody who wants to read the past activity on the site can hit the Guestbook Archives link at the top of the page.

BTW, g-in-o, thanks for that review of "Abduction at Devils Peak". I have noticed that a lot of posters have expressed a desire to see outdoor bondage, specifically the scenario where the victim is staked out naked in the blazing sun. This would be a perfect idea for Rick Masters to apply his creative talent toward, and it's one that seems to have a lot of support, on this page at least.

Per: welcome back, it's good to see you posting again, and Tracy: thanks for your input. Always nice to see new faces here, so to speak :)

Friday, December 28th 2001 - 06:41:29 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:Glad to see the board coming back to life. And thanks for the responses on gags. Frankly, I'm surprised we don't have more conversation in here about the fetish aspect of ZFX flix. It's very odd - I have posted here several times about how much I like the psychological aspect of BDSM, but as I think about it, the fetishistic stuff is just as important to me and yet, it's not the first thing that comes to mind. Weird that one of my favorite things about these flix is suppressed.

What I mean by fetishistic is, well, fetish objects in their classic sense. The types of fabric used, the visual appeal of a certain type of bond enclosing young flesh, that kind of thing. Sometimes it's the little fetishistic touches which add so much to Rick's films. One I have mentioned here before is his use, in one recent flick (blanking on the name) of bright orange duct tape for the victim's mouth. I agree, I do like the panties-in-mouth with tape over the mouth look, for the same degrading reasons, and other reasons. But Rick usually uses black or dark red or silvery tape which isn't so bright on the camera. For some reason, the time he used that bright orange tape really turned me on.

Maybe it's the same thing with ball gags, why the ball is so often produced by their manufacturers in bright colors like cherry red or bright pink. Is it that the contrast with flesh tones makes them stand out more visually, and provides a more emphatic reminder of her submission?

What do you think, folks? Why do we so often overlook our enjoyment of the fetish-object aspect of ZFX flix, and forget to discuss it here? For that matter, what are your favorites, and why? Let's move from gags to bonds. I really like clean, shiny silvery chains. Not dirty - I know some of you probably like the dirty submissive on the filthy floor, like in Phallicide, but not me - clean is better. And clean chains are better, smoother, silky, less likely to have burrs, etc. I think I like the contrast between the really hard, dramatic control which an impossible-to-break chain implies (instead of, say, a rope which is more easily broken), and the soft smoothness of the metal. It kind of parallels the contrast between soft, delightful, warm, delicate flesh encased in tight bonds.

Anyone else? What kind of bond is your preference, and why?


Friday, December 28th 2001 - 09:00:30 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:Oh, and one more thing. Any nominations for the best ZFX bonds? Mine would go to, again, Highway to hell, the chained to the bed scene, one of my favorite ZFX scenes of all time. Does it win the Zeefer Award?


Friday, December 28th 2001 - 09:05:41 PM
Name: Britney Beers
Comments:Hey guys, Happy pre-New Year. Here's to a much better year.

Ralphus: Thanks for the word on Lisa's past interview (June 2000.) I've gone through the archives before and read them, but Lisa info is always appreciated. In one of her interviews, there was mention of additional footage that was shot of Lisa. Lisa relayed that Rick didn't want her to go into detail, so it piqued my curiosity. Non-bondage footage? Hmmmm...

g-in-o: I hate to break this to you,and the board, but I'm male. Yeah, guys, I know Britney probably wasn't the smartest pseudonym a straight male could come up with, but hindsight's 20/20. Hopefully I'm not dashing too many male fantasies of a growing unisex board, but I'd rather be honest.

The movie that introduced me to ZFX and Lisa was Seed. I saw at my local video store and didn't know what to make of it. I passed up on renting it the first couple times, but my curiosity got the best of me. It was the weirdest x rental I ever saw, and it wasn't even hardcore. I've been watching them ever since.

Monday, December 31st 2001 - 12:22:43 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:zee-ef-ex: Fetishes are hard things to get people to rally around, since everyone has different ones and others have a hard time seeing the "logic" of liking a particular aspect. I have a friend who has a sock fetish, and only likes ZFX tapes if the victim is wearing socks. Seriously! I can see where you're coming from in your comments, however. And I agree that the makers of ball gags probably choose the bright colors for those very same aesthetic reasons you mentioned. Few things are more appealing to me than seeing a pretty girl tied up with a big red ball in her mouth, unless it's a swatch of silver tape over her lips, with her eyes big and wide.

And I also agree that the electric shock sequence in "Highway to Hell" that you mentioned, with Courtney Bishop chained spreadeagle to the bed and getting zapped, was indeed a great scene.

Monday, December 31st 2001 - 03:19:11 PM
Name: New Fan
Comments:Somethings I would like to see in a ZFX film. All safe for the model A. A model wrapped from her toes to her armpits in ace bandages and then dipped in either warm or very warm wax or better yet heated elmers glue. Make a nice water soluable mummy. B. Large shower scene (like in a health club or dorm) several ladies are tied ceiling to floor and are hosed down with hot water (so the skin reddens) and scrubbed down with brushes and soap. C. Wrap a model in saran wrap or other clear wrap and then place tubes in strategic areas. Then pour hot wax into these tubes so the wax fills in under the wrap (should stay warmer with wrap). Just some ideas.
Monday, December 31st 2001 - 10:11:12 PM
Name: Sardu
E-mail address:

Happy New Year to All (well, most) ;)

Ralphus--my commendations on your clean-up of the archives so far. I got a big kick out of reading some of my old questions to Lisa Kinkaid. Forgot about some of the less-serious ones.

Gags: I too like the big, red, rubber ball gags, but also the ones containing tubes which protrude from the victim's mouth. The tubes can be used to control air supply or to force-feed large volumes of liquids. Seeing the victim drool through these tubes during insertions (anal, vaginal, whatever) often adds to their sense of realism .


Monday, December 31st 2001 - 10:41:43 PM

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