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Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire@
Comments:Happy Halloween! OK, I know I’m late but I was busy.

With the mood of Halloween in the air I was inspired with material I think would make a good plot for a ZFX/Shockwave vid (or anyone else who would care to utilize it, in whole or in part, as it is now public domain). The set up: A sorority initiation. The setting: An old house rumored to be haunted. Two pledges are instructed that if they want to make the sorority they will have to spend the night in the old house overnight and be subject to the hazing rites of passage the sorority deems necessary in order to pass. The first pledge is taken to the old, dark, dirty basement. She is instructed to strip. She is now pushed to the dirty ground and her ankles are tied together. Then her wrists are tied behind her back. She is told that they will be back for her in the morning “If you survive”. “Oh yes, before we leaveÖ.turn off the lantern”. She is gagged as she pleads for them not to leave her in complete darkness.

The second pledge is taken to a room upstairs. She is also told to strip. She is next instructed to lie on an old dust covered bed where she is tied spread eagle. She is blindfolded and gagged and made to listen to the buzzing of a vibrator. She’s told that her initiation will consists of her having to hold the vibrator in-between her spread legs without letting it slide out during the time of insertion and the time they come back for her in the morning. “Don’t get too excitedÖit might slide out”, as they leave. Ah, but there’s a twist involved for this pledge. It has been perceived that she, at one time or another tried to seduce the sorority member’s boyfriends. This has all been set up for revenge. She won’t make the sorority but she will make for a sperm receptacle for about five bikers who have been set up to visit her in the middle of the night.

The bikers arrive, and to the horror of the pledge, is used and abused in a most brutal way. After all have taken their turns cumming on her face they start to get dressedÖÖÖÖ.But this was supposed to be a haunted house remember. A small extoplasmic cloud enters her spread legs and posses her. Now with supernatural strength, she tears loose of her bonds and comes up behind her attackers, who are still in the midst of getting dressed and are not paying attention. With a swiftness (and speeded up camera work) a close up of her hand wielding a knife is shown striking out repeatedly. Within a moment, all are dead. The possessed pledge now heads downstairs.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the sorority girls discuss ways to frighten the first pledge in the basement. They split in attempts to do so. In the basement, in complete darkness, comes a disfigured derelict who’s lived as a hermit and in darkness for years. His eyes have become accustomed to the darkness and now is able to see in it. He makes his way to the tied pledge on the floor. He pokes at her with his finger. He pokes her foot, her leg, in the back. She squeals with each prod not knowing what it isÖ. thinking it might be a rat. To her horror, she tries to scream when her ankle is grabbed as she’s dragged away. The sorority girls, now having had split up, hear the screams and think it’s due to the efforts of the other members succeeding in scaring the pledge.

Anyway, before this gets too long each of the sorority girls are pounced upon by the possessed pledge and taken to a secret room which was used as a dungeon where they are used and abused as the spirit possessing the girl from upstairs is that of a murdered serial killer. I think you get the idea at this point. I picture the possessed girl to be a very sweet and innocent looking individual. The perceived attempted stealing of the sorority girls boyfriends is more from jealously than from actualityÖ..more like the guys hitting on her.

Blue moon, full moon, Halloween. Just something that popped in to this vampire’s head as he was sinking his fangs into a sweet, sweltering, sweaty, pubic mound. What?...the neck is far too tame for this vampireÖbut I think I chipped a fang on the pubic bone.


Thursday, November 1st 2001 - 09:25:31 AM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire@
Comments:Oh, I forgot to address the inquiry as to what Rick's musical taste might be. If he was into AC/DC? I would speculate, guessing at what his age might be and with all the santanic visuals that pop up from time to time, that he is probabbly into Danzig. It's either that or Barry Manillo. Actally the more I think about it it's probably the latter, since wasn't one of his earlier films titled...."Horrors at the Coba Cabana"....or something like that.


Thursday, November 1st 2001 - 12:02:20 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:,2933,32024,00.html
Comments:Hi guys, I found this real-life story on the internet last night. Apparently this girl met a guy on the net and went out to meet him, and promptly found herself kidnapped, tied up in a closet, and repeatedly raped for a week. Apparently he only let her out in order to rape her. I also read from another source of the story that he took several pics of her hogtied, as well. This sicko even loaned her out to a few of his friends. Anyway, she managed to get away, and the one guy pleaded guilty and faces at least nine years in jail for what he did. To make it worse, she was only 15. Pretty grim stuff. Cool for fantasies, not so cool in real life. Anyway, it's an interesting story, thought you'd like to read it. Click on the link above if you're interested.
Saturday, November 3rd 2001 - 10:34:03 PM
Name: D
Comments:Rick, that's great news about the streaming site!! Hopefully you can have all of your movies on that site in time....That will really be cool for the people who can't rent them or don't have quite the amount of money to buy them, but would still like to see them a couple of times.......Do you know if you will have a monthly subcription type method of payment? or will it be a fee per movie?? I've heard many people on here mentioning wanting to see streaming, so this is great news...Please post your progress on this site...Thanx! D
Saturday, November 3rd 2001 - 12:51:26 PM
Name: Alien8
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Hey Rick- Got a little idea for Ballista 3 or some other superhero flavored offering you might put out at a later date... The goverment is working on some type of supersoldier project - using (a formula? Gamma radiation? NanoBot injections? your pick) The Supersoldier catalizt is stolen before it is fully tested and the (terrorists? international spies? arms dealers?) are followed by Ballista (or some other costumed vigiante) Soon "they" have her captive (their plan all along) and they test out their new aquisition on her - to see if it works. The process is very painful (of course) and it *does* work, However in a limited fashon: Much like Marvull(sic) comics Character Wolvereen(sic) she can rapidly heal from ANY wound which is more of a curse than anything - 'cause she gained no other benefits - like extra strength, or pain blocking, or other such super heroic effects. Once they discover this, they torture her in ways that NOBODY could possibly survive, but she does - healing back very quickly. If you are using a 'new' character for this, (not Ballista) Imply that she is a virgin prior to their experimenting on her - so every time her character is raped- its like the first time for her. (I know, pretty sick, huh?) Just an idea... think about it... (P.s. still would like to create some special effects to send you - in an alien theme... the link I put above is for an image I sold to a web site a long time ago - they put it out as an example of content. tell me what you think) I am open to opinions from anyone here too - thanks.
Saturday, November 10th 2001 - 01:21:50 AM
Name: Horndog
Comments:Great site, even if it's a little slow right now. Maybe this will liven the place up. I would like to take a survey among the readers about what you feel is most important in a ZFX film. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being least important and 5 being the most important, how would you rate the following aspects of ZFX videos?

Abduction/ initial attack: I would rate this as a 4, even if it's not that long. The reason is because it sets up the story and makes it most believable that the girl or girls are put into this situation in the first place. Without it, I have a hard time buying the rest of the story.

Onscreen stripping/ humiliation: This would be a 5 in my book, and this is one thing I would make sure Rick Masters pays attention to in the future, particularly if you can get the girl to cry convincingly. It's more dramatic to see that she is having her dignity taken away from her, in the form of her clothing. It also shows that she is no longer in control, and bad things are about to happen to her that she has no power over.

Tight ropes/ bondage: Clearly a 5. Simply put, if she's not tied up correctly, she could possibly escape. Make sure she can't. This means having the wrists tied behind her and the ankles tied together. It's a turn-on the see a pretty girl struggle in inescapable ropes.

Multiple victims: This wouldn't rate any higher than 3 in my book. If you have more than one girl being taken, it spoils the realism of the story. A girl grabbed off the street is one thing, but several girls grabbed off the street is pushing it a little.

Attractiveness of the girl(s): 3 or 4. The girls should be pretty, but not necessarily beautiful. The girl-next-door is my favorite type of victim, and not necessarily a fashion model.

Torture: This would rate just a 2. I don't especially like seeing the girls too badly hurt. ZFX torture scenes are sometimes too harsh for me. I would rather see the girls mentally humiliated than tortured.

Rape: Have to give this one a 5. I like the idea of taking a pretty girl against her will. In my opinion, ZFX is brave for even trying to show scenes like this, because most of the other bondage companies I've seen shy away from even implying that the girl is taken sexually. That's the whole reason for abducting her in the first place.

Escape/rescue: I would say 4. The story has to continue to its logical conclusion. A lot of ZFX tapes leave you hanging, but that's just because they draw the stories out over several tapes. I could have done without the guy getting his willy cut off in that last one, though.

What do you guys think?

Saturday, November 10th 2001 - 10:52:56 PM
Name: Fred
Comments:Horndog, I totally agree with just about all of your points. The only minor difference to me is I like multiple girls. Not necessarily in the same scene, but it definitely makes the show more interesting if there is more than one babe!
Sunday, November 11th 2001 - 09:25:37 PM
Name: Jaeckill
Comments:Horndog, I completely agree with you except of one thing: I´d only care about the rescue/escape as long as it would lead to recapture of the victim. And physical torture I´d give the lowest importance rating (whereas the mental aspects rate much higher for me, say 4-5).


Tuesday, November 13th 2001 - 08:26:54 AM
Name: Joe X
Comments:What Fred said.

Except for the part about different scenes being OK.

Joe X

Wednesday, November 14th 2001 - 02:27:50 PM
Name: Big D
Comments:Well, Rick was telling me that we should have the zfx streaming video website possibly within 2 months...I'm looking so forward to it because the video retailers out here are very skimpish on ZFX videos...Sure you can find them, but they are few and far between... Anyway,he mentioned using a "pay by the minute" plan...I just hope that it's not close to thosee skyrocket prices that were listed on that piracy zfxvideo site....That was just ridiculous! Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to being able to watch the videos online......Thanx Rick in advance for your hard work! Big D
Tuesday, November 13th 2001 - 12:47:47 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Horndog: Excellent points made. I agree with just about everything you said except I would rate the torture aspects much higher. I am one of those sickos that likes to see the girls tied up and punished, and while stripping and humiliation are one part of this plan, nothing brings home the point out better than several sharp blows of the whip or some nice electric shock to her nipples and pussy :) Frankly, I can't imagine a ZFX video without seeing the girl suffer; it is the torture that sets ZFX tapes apart from almost every other bondage video out there. Even newer hardcore bondage tapes like the ones from Forbidden Video and Slave Labor Productions feature bondage rape, but no one as yet has been able to duplicate the ZFX formula of bondage, rape AND torture, often combined with a realistic storyline that makes them classics of their type. IMO only the Japanese make better videos, and that is with the benefit of often enormous budgets to spend on lighting, sets, direction and acting, not to mention recruiting more beautiful women. ZFX, on the other hand, is essentially just one man, Rick Masters, and he does it all himself. But I digress; I'm getting a little off topic here :)

One more point. I agree with Jaeckill. I don't like rescues or escapes, unless they lead to the victim being recaptured again. In fact, it's kind of cool when the girl thinks she's gotten away and she ends up getting it even worse after she is grabbed again. Nothing pisses off a villain more than seeing his prize capture try to double-cross him. Because once she's caught again, we know he'll really take out his wrath on her. That'll teach her for trying to escape! Heehee!

Wednesday, November 14th 2001 - 06:25:09 PM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address:
Comments:The Poll: Regular readers probably know the g-in-o gestalt as well as I do by now, so I won't go on too long. Stripping rates (5) and keep em naked. Bondage- not the biggest draw unless suspension is involved (4). Looks (5) Kelly-Lisa-Allison-Candy-Kimbery-Holly- Keep them comming Rick! Rape rates surprisingly low (3) as I am just as happy to see Lisa hoisted onto a dildo (Ballista-2) or Kimberly Noble plugged on a table (Underland). All access groping is actually just as important if not more so. Torture (5)- As Devo says: "When a problem comes along, you must whip it."

Question and comment on the new streaming vidio site: Maybe the techies can answer, how are the clips viewed? Real Player? One of the Media programs? What advice on streaming video can be given to the technically ignorant? 2)Comment: For those of us who can get our ZFX fix pretty easily, a video site is ho-hum, UNLESS- there is something on there we can't get on the videos, outakes, raw footage, previews from progects further in the future than the next one up. Then we starts jones'n bad! Think about this: interviews with the girls, questions provided by this esteemed panel! Also: Rick, howabout a discreet billing option (money orders etc..) for those who would rather not see pornish things on the credit card bill....

Ralphus- Yeah the Japanese are good, but I have to put Rick half a notch above their best. Maybe if I understood the language it would be different (and I just don't get that schoolgirl uniform/white panty thing.) Or maybe I just like to buy American!

(exit with chants of USA! USA! USA...)

Wednesday, November 14th 2001 - 08:29:44 PM
Name: Britney Beers
Homepage URL:
Comments:I myself watch ZFX videos for one reason only: Lisa Kinkaid.

I have no interest in either bondage or torture. Your basic run of the mill pornography is more my speed.I only rent ZFX for any masturbation or lesbian scenes involving Lisa. Any non bondage release with her would be a welcome release, definitely.

Thursday, November 15th 2001 - 09:06:09 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex

Horndog, we have had this discussion in several ways over the past few years, and learned that Rick's audience is very varied. For example, I turn to Rick's vids for the bondage plus sex aspect, but I'm rarely turned on by rape/torture fantasies, screaming, etc. - I think willing submission by the "victim" is much sexier. Just my opinion, but one thing that is clear is that viewers tune in to zfx vids for different reasons and to satisfy different jollies than others have. With that said, on to your "poll":

Abduction/ initial attack: 5. I especially like scenes of masturbation, etc.

Onscreen stripping/ humiliation: 5. Yes, very sexy.

Tight ropes/ bondage: 6. (smile) - The tighter the better, chains are even better. I'm not being inconsistent here, while I prefer consensual submission I like the psychological aspect of such submission and the girl grappling with the extremity of what she is signing herself up for. That's why I often focus on the ZFX actress as actress, because there is the real girl who has made that kind of psychological calculation which I find so sexy, and willingly decided, yes, I can do this, I can bear this.

Multiple victims: 3. Depends. If the one actress is good, is beautiful, etc., often that's enough. But multiple actresses increases the odds of a scenario/performance which hits the mark.

Attractiveness of the girl(s): 4. It helps.

Torture: 2. I agree with you about the more extreme aspects not being a turn on, esp. the bloody noses and the whipping, which usually seems too formulaic.

Rape: 2. Again, I like that psychological edge, so the degree to which the scenario reflects the victim thinking about her fate, the better. (i.e. there are two bound beauties and one is watching the other get raped (think Toolbox Abductions) clearly thinking, "I'm next", and watching with a look of both attraction and repuslion, like looking at a car accident.

Escape/rescue: 3. Agree with the others, only if it leads back into the cage. And agree with you, I can't see any need for the type of "cut off the guy's dick and leave" scene at the end of Phallicide.

Here are a few questions of my own:

Pace: 10. The slower the better. Slow menace is sexy.

Noise/Struggle/screaming: 1. A little struggle, fine, but it doesn't do much for me.

Gags: 5. The more difficult to bear, the better, i.e. a long penis gag would be very sexy. Ball gags are great, too. Cleave gags with scarfs, not so sexy.

Again, my own preference is for willing submission, but for that willing submission to be a true, dramatic affirmative embrace of very definitive bondage/loss of control/sex, i.e. yes, she is agreeing to be tightly bound and lose all physical control, is agreeing to be definitively gagged and lose all ability to protest, etc.


Wednesday, November 14th 2001 - 09:17:30 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments:Britney: Interesting comments. It seems a bit unusual to me that someone would check out ZFX vids that is not into bondage at all. True, Lisa is one beautiful young woman, but I can't help but think that you would be disappointed with most of her scenes in any given tape, since Rick Masters doesn't generally shoot a lot of lesbo or masturbation scenes in his stories. However, you could always check out "Guilty 2" because Lisa spends almost the entire tape openly masturbating while listening to a serial killer describe his exploits. Like zee-ef-ex just mentioned, obviously ZFX has fans with wildly diverging tastes.

Speaking of zee-ef-ex's most recent post, he mentioned consensual submission as being among his favorite themes. It got me thinking that the whole reason I prefer ZFX's work to most other mainstream bondage offerings is because the action is NOT consensual. My problem with most other bondage vids is that the performers all seem to be going along with the action, often willingly allowing themselves to be bound to racks and whipped, and usually by some damn woman in bondage gear, which automatically rings false in my mind. Number one, seeing all the participants tattooed and clothed in leather S&M gear putting on a "show" for the camera stinks of unbelievably from the start. What girl would willingly put herself though "torture" unless she's "into it" from her own lifestyle. I don't want to watch a bunch of freaks having playtime for the camera, I want to see real girls put into danger from some mysterious psycho, and consensuality should never enter into it. None of the scenarios in ZFX tapes involve consensual sex; it is always forced, and the girls act like they don't want it. If, during a rape scene, the victim suddenly acted like she was enjoying her ordeal, the scene would lose its edge immediately for me. This is not a slight on zee-ef-ex or Britney or anyone else who enjoys the masturbation and consensual aspects of these tapes. It's just my opinion that if you want to see stuff like that, there are thousands of other hardcore vids that offer just those very things. I think ZFX works because they offer the darker alternative to that kind of video.

Anyone care to discuss this further?

Friday, November 16th 2001 - 08:32:02 PM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address:
Comments:Not to speak for Zee-ef-ex, but I interpreted his comment to mean that, outside of storyline, there is the fact that the actress really does get bound and really does go through at least some of the experiance portraid by the film. An example: in SOB-IV, Lisa really did get hoisted upside down into a bucket of water. She did not experiance what actually was portraid (she knew she would not be allowed harm) but the physical ordeal was real. (And in that light, done with consent).
Saturday, November 17th 2001 - 09:58:51 AM
Name: zee-ef-ex

g-in-o: You read me correctly.

Ralphus: I think there are several different types of consensual submission. There's the type you are referring to, which generally appears on tape as playful and not "serious", or in the alternative as completely humorless, in either case perhaps psychologically "dead", IMO.

One of the reasons I find ZFX's tapes so compelling (and there are several reasons, including the beutiful women, and the sexual content which is missing from many other bondage tapes), is the appearance of terror and psychological torment. As I said, I rarely have rape fantasies, but what I do enjoy is playing in that netherland where the woman is challenging herself, testing her own limits. So yes, she is gulping, she is having second thoughts, she is wondering if she can go through with it, she recoils from the sight of the whip (or what have you), she knows she is going to do something she has never done before and isn't sure if she will like it...and yet she plunges ahead despite all of her fears. That female strength and courage is what turns me on.

Think how hard it would be to do some of those things portrayed in a ZFX film. Imagine Rick explaining the script to Lisa: "Okay, first we're going to chain you tightly to the wall, naked, in a really uncomfortable position; then we're going to whip you and put sharp clothespins on the most intimate parts of your body; then we'll dunk you upside down in a vat of water until you are choking and gagging; then we'll shove a huge dildo down our throat until you gag; and finally take that dildo and ream your ass with it." Picture going through some of that stuff yourself! It would take real courage and inner strength, and I am grateful that so many of the women of the world have that kind of strength, to submit to the crazy things their men want to do to them in order to please their men (and hopefully, themselves).

So, yes, ZFX portrays non-consensuality. But on another level, it also portrays wide-eyed actresses, real people like Lisa saying, yes, I will put myself through that. That's sexy to me. Different strokes for different folks, right?


Saturday, November 17th 2001 - 08:57:40 PM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address:
Comments:Ralphus: ...That said (ahh, these backwords running threads), I find the portrail of "consensual" bondage (aka "love bondage") boring as all hell. One of the worse devices is to have the abductor remove the gag and finding out that the "victim" was in on the game all along. I'm also not into the victim enjoying the ordeal unless it is a scenario featuring unwanted but irresistable shame inducing sexual pleasure. I think the science fiction themed movies could do alot exploring this aspect.

zee-ef-ex: I actually understand what you mean, the gnostic view of ZFX in which the victim is the protagonist (even though we really do not want her to escape). One almost wants to rescue them. Almost. To use Freudian terms, could this be a struggle between the super ego and the whip wielding id? Or to paraphrase Jessica Rabbit, I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way. To extend the theme beyond story lines to the actresses themselves, I find myself thinking of them with a certain affection and gratitude, even though the "vanilla" world would view the movies and fans misogynous to say the least.

Brittany: Some repeating ZFX actresses have become a sub-fetish in their own right. Lisa probably most of all, and I would watch her with interest in all sorts of sexual activities. I would always come back to ZFX though, because she looks so great suffering. It's all in the eyes (and nipples made for clothespins!). I've always wished she would have her own web site. Would I buy a signed picture? Probably not, but I would consider it. I would pay for membership though, and if there was a Lisa-cam, I would watch it...for hours and hours and hours...

Sunday, November 18th 2001 - 01:40:44 AM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: hollywoodVampire@
Comments:A short addition to the poll. How important is storyline? My own opinion is very important, or in terms of the poll, a 5. I've even lobbied in the past for longer and stonger storyline content even sacrificing the actual sex/bondage scenes. I know this is probably against the norn so at the time I brought it up, I suggested a seperate/third series (ZFX/Shockwave/?). What I'm taliking about here is I want to know what kind of a person the victim is (stalking storyline/ etc.), the set up of the story (revenge/serial rapist/ect.), completion of the story with a begining, middle, and an ending. In short, I want to get absorbed into what I'm watching. How many of us watch TV shows after we have seen a commercial teaser that the show is about a rapist or kidnapping. We know we'll get disapointed with the scenes we're waiting for but we watch anyway and get absorbed with the drama. To finsh, we end up caring about the charecters rather than just watching "flesh victims" (and I'm not putting down ZFX in any way here). We watch beyond the point when we know there won't be any more scenes coming for what we tuned into in the first place.


Sunday, November 18th 2001 - 07:13:06 AM
Name: Britney Beers
Comments:Ralphus: Thanks for the heads up on the Guilty 2 tape. It's funny you mentioned it, because it is actually my favorite for the reason you stated. I must not be the only one; The store I rent ZFX from has to consistently reorder it; It's the one ZFX tape always purchased shortly after arriving. All the others are rented.

AvF: I myself enjoy a good storyline,too. That's what I appreciate about Rick's movies, even though I'm not a bondage fan. His stories are creative and cohesive, and for those reasons(well,that and Lisa),I consider myself a fan.

Sunday, November 18th 2001 - 01:39:39 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Back in late September, I mentioned that I used to have a link to an interactive online game, done with animation, where you could shock a bound girl on either her tits or her pussy. I'm happy to report that the site has a new URL, and clicking the above link takes you directly to the game. It has a glitch with the lower level of intensity once the girl has passed out, but it's not that big a deal. It also has audio now where it didn't before. So if you feel like reaching out and shocking someone, this is your chance. Make her suffer, boys!

Tuesday, November 20th 2001 - 10:49:48 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: hollywoodVampire@
Comments:Ralphus~Shocking! Interseting site...thanks for sharing. One of the drawings got me to thinking about Lisa's dunk scene. Maybe Rick could do it again sometime in another movie but use...say a 50 gallon plexiglass aquarium. To be able to have seen Lisa's face underwater would have been fantastic! The look of anguish and panic would have added soooo much to that scene (even though it was great to start with)! With Lisa or someone else (as long as they're cute and slight.).

Britney welcome. It's nice to see another female poster to the forum! I had to do a double take for a moment, thinking you were the Britney I had contacted to do a custom video for me, but she goes by Britney Rears. Never did have the video made but we started e-mailing back and forth until losing contact. Both of us just too busy I guess.

Any way welcome again and please continue to share the female side ( yes I know you're not all to much into it but still).


Wednesday, November 21st 2001 - 12:59:48 PM
Name: Britney Beers
Comments:g-in-o: I agree it would be very cool if Lisa had her own website, but I get the impression she probably distances herself from her work when she isn't filming. If she ever decided to start a site, I'd join it,too.

AvF: Thanks for the greeting.

Wednesday, November 21st 2001 - 05:50:40 PM
Name: Sebastian&Natalie
E-mail address:
Comments:Dear Rick... We are a greek couple from Athens, very much into bdsm. Sebastian is 35 and Natalie 21, very cute, short hair,x-ellent body, totally shaven and ready to take punishment from men and women. We LOVE ZFX-Shockwave videos and especially Chandra Sweet (Natalie's dream domme and bondage-sister) and newcomer Bridgette Bayonne. Sebastians favorite is cute Amy Van Allen!!! Where is she lately? Anyway, thats just a congratulations letter from us here in Greece. You inspire us and Natalie with her two girlfriends (same age, really gorgeous)offer many times the joys u describe in your videos to Sebastian and other guys. Just punish Amy and Bridgette more and more!!! They are something else! Hope to see more videos/dvds and more pics in your web site. Our icq number, just in case, is 129664934 Bye, keep up the x-ellent job!!
Thursday, November 22nd 2001 - 06:31:55 AM
Name: beaverlover
E-mail address:
Comments:I really like the way ZFX has lots of electric shock scenes involving stun guns or electric wires for giving shocks to the pussy and breasts. One thing I would like to see is an interrogation scene with one of those old time, hand crank telephones. With a naked woman tied to a chair, one of the wires could be clipped to her pussy and one in her ass. It's a very painful thing (I've seen it for real) so the actress would have to love screaming. I'm always looking for things like this, so if there is a good ZFX or other movie that I haven't seen, please let me know!
Friday, November 23rd 2001 - 11:42:44 AM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:AvF, for me the storyline is semi-important. I iike the masturbation scenes, and like to see the woman in some kind of context outside of pure "bondage victim". But not much context is needed - the "background information" provided in, say, Forced Entry was plenty.

I just wish the action was REALLY slowed down. As I have posted before, I like the psychological trip, enjoy an atmosphere of menace. I would be perfectly happy with a scene which took five full minutes for the abductor to cross the room, select a gag, approach the victim, and slowly pull it into her moth and tie it. The slower, the better.


Friday, November 23rd 2001 - 08:20:55 PM
Name: boom
Comments:Great news, a streaming zfx-site coming up! Maybe finally something to see here in Europe. And Rick: please also stream in high quality (200kbps or so), that would make the money better spend (money for my DSL line and for viewing). And a final thought: a streaming/retail site = great idea, but get rid of adultcheck then.
Tuesday, November 27th 2001 - 02:24:10 AM
Name: Kevster
E-mail address:
Comments:Hey, this is a great site, with excellent reviews etc. Only thing, is that I am having trouble getting tapes into the UK...keep getting confiscated by customs. Anybody know a uk distributer or a reliable overseas supplier for getting them into UK. Hope someone can help.
Tuesday, November 27th 2001 - 08:25:54 AM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:Here's a new thread if anyone is interested.

What mainstream actress would you like to see in a ZFX film, and why? I opt for Shannon Elizabeth. She's cute, of course, but also seems a little sassy, brash, outspoken, the kind of woman you would really like to see taken through her paces, sexually. Plus, there is the added mystique of what she now considers her gaffe (so potentially ruinous to her acting career) of admitting on Howard Stern's show that she likes anal sex. For me, that's a plus (smile), and makes me more interested in her and supportive of her career, not less so.

What mainstream actress would you like to see be Rick's next victim? Rick, any fantasies about this yourself?


Wednesday, November 28th 2001 - 07:37:18 PM
Name: Sebastian & Natalie
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Comments:Mainstream actress in a zfx video? Milla Jovovich, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kate Hanson, Katie Holmes... Milla cause she has the perfect victim body,Jennifer cause she is soooooooo cute, Kate cause she's a brat and Katie cause she's a slut and she deserves it! YES!
Thursday, November 29th 2001 - 06:25:31 AM
Name: g-in-o
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Comments:The mention of Electro-torture made me realize just how much Rick has the market cornered on this theme. Save for a scene in "Heaven & Earth" (Thanks Ralphus!) and one in an old woman in prison flick ("Barbwire Dolls" I believe), I am not aware of much else out there. With that in mind, allow me to present: Shocking Results- The best of ZFX Electric.

1)Lisa Kinkaid in "South of the Border IV" Bound standing up with her arms tight to her sides, Lisa is worked over by a stun gun. A well acted, sweaty scene it would rank high on this list even without the surprise ending where she looses control of her bladder due to the intensity of her ordeal. And the moment right before hand when she looks up at her tormentor weakly with a silent plea- Priceless!

2)Kimberly Noble in "666" Electrodes in all the right places, Kimberly acts this scene to the max, even while (literally) tounge tied! Great body movement, especially the way she swivels on her hips, apparently going in and out of consciousness.

3) Penelope Pace in "The Violation of Vikki Fixx" Penelope strapped to a bicycle and shocked into action, a very nice relentless scene. 4) Alison Parrish in "Guinea Pigs-2" Spread wide on a bed without a mattress. Take a look at the box cover, it says it all..

5) Lisa Kinkaid in "Whiplash -IV, the Whip Shock Experiment" Great build up as the unconscious Lisa is stripped, examined and fondled on an operating table. Great acting and the long duration of the scene bring it all home.

6) Candi Licks in "Witchfinder" Bound and plugged on an old chair, Candi is shocked for a confession. Nice hand action as her tied fingers extend with each shock.

7) Lisa Kinkaid in "Voodoo Dolls-II" Bound standing on a box, the application of jumper cables has her flailing in mid air in no time. The fact that she is suspended without being able to touch the ground makes the scene for me.

Its not called ZFX/Shockwave for nothing...

Mainstream actress? Lisa comparisons aside (I kind of see it) I would like to see Jessica Alba in a ZFX production so as to get to see the capture and interrogation scenes we wish we saw on "Dark Angel". I also would not mind seeing "Wild On" Brooke Burke for an extended stay on a ZFX hot spot.

Nice to see the international audience showing up on the board. Keep up the world wide posts!

Thursday, November 29th 2001 - 11:32:55 AM
Name: Ralphus
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Comments:g-in-o: Excellent post, and a great topic. I'm a big fan of electric shock torture, as anyone who reads my reviews would probably guess. And you're right in saying that no one does it better than ZFX. In fact, Rick's electric shock scenes have improved over the years with the addition of better "zapping" sound effects. As far as your Best of ZFX Electric list goes, you picked some outstanding examples, and here's a few of my personal favorites to add to it:

8) "Future Shock": One of the all-time greats, and in one of ZFX's oldest titles. Alison Parish is tied spread-eagled to a bed, ballgagged and zapped unmercifully by Travis Lee, who taunts her by yelling "Fry, you bitch, fry!" :o)

9) "Ballista 2": This tape is full of great electric shock scenes, with Lisa Kinkaid leading the way with two outstanding performances, one a suspended shocking with a violet wand (Excellent!) and all wired up with probes in her pussy and ass for an "electric chair" treatment later on in the tape. Barbara Bayer also joins in the fun a couple of times.

10) "War Pigs 4": Lisa again, in one of her many amazing performances in this sort of scene (She's probably the all-time champ for getting her pretty body shocked the most times in ZFX tapes). In this one, she's tied to a chair and zapped with a stun gun by Cindy Macreedy in a very impressive torture sequence.

11) "Whiplash 2", with Chandra Sweet steals the entire movie with her great suffering as she endures electric torment to her nipples and pussy at the hands of "Doctor" Brian Dunhill (Makes me want to go to medical school!). Hank Hobbs has some excellent stills from this scene at his ZFX Caps site (See URL above).

12) "Gangstarr": Poor Monica Moore is forced to straddle an electric bar between her legs, while wearing spiked heels and with her ass stuffed full of a forced enema, complete with dildo plug to keep it inside. Brian Dunhill repeatedly shocks her and berates her with some hilariously mean dialogue, while his girlfriend Chandra laughs and thoroughly enjoys watching Monica suffer. One of ZFX's all-time best videos.

A few choice mainstream titles: Again, Oliver Stone's "Heaven and Earth" and "Barbed Wire Dolls" (by the incredibly prolific Jess Franco, who brings a Rick Masters-like sensibility to most of his works) are both great choices. That latter one is hard to track down, but worthwhile if you can. I put up a still from the scene at:

Another overlooked gem is the 1980s low-budget horror title "Fatal Pulse", with a topless girl gagged and electrically shocked and killed while tied to an electrified bed frame. It's a long, nasty, ZFX-worthy scene that should not be missed. I'm pretty sure Hank Hobbs has stills from that on his other movie caps site. Hank, you'll have to give out the URL for that one; I'm not sure I have it.

One more excellent mainstream scene is "Executive Power", which you might find in most larger video stores. It's from a couple of years ago and stars the absolutely gorgeous blonde Andrea Roth. She gets suspended off the ground by her wrists, doused with water and jolted with a stun gun before the bad guy tries to kill her by placing a plastic bag over her head. I can't recommend this movie highly enough.

Finally, mainstream actresses in a ZFX video (as if this post isn't already long enough), I would also go with Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes, and how about "Planet of the Apes" star Estella Warren? Gotta go, I'm starting to drool all over my computer keyboard.

Thursday, November 29th 2001 - 08:23:10 PM
Name: MAV
Comments:Electro-shock scenes: I like these scenes also, but I'm picky on the way the victim is tied. In ZFX, I liked when Monica Moore was suspended horizontally and shocked in SOB2. The one thing that would have made "The Reporter" the best movie in my opinion was to add a stun gun scene when Monica was chained up. In mainstream, the 3 best scenes I've seen are in La Femme Nikita (Peta Wilson AOH electrocution), Chameleon 3 (Bobbie Phillips AOH electrocution) and Cyclone (Heather Thomas tied to a chair). I wish there were more scenes like this, especially of the AOH variety.
Thursday, November 29th 2001 - 09:24:40 PM
Name: Sebastian&Natalie
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Comments:How about Bridgette Bayone at "War Pigs 4" ? She suffers a lot and Lisa Kinkaid seems to enjoy it!
Friday, November 30th 2001 - 04:10:36 AM
Name: AvF
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Comments:Zee-ef-ex yes Shannon Elizabeth! Hot! Jessica Alba also. Alyssa Milano because she used to seem so sweet, she's still hot as hell but in a slutish sort of way now. Jennifer Love Hewitt because of her perfect body. A waist that small to go with those big boobs. To round it out probably Jennifer Garner from Alias and Jerri Manthy of Survivor.


Friday, November 30th 2001 - 05:57:46 PM
Name: Britney Beers
Comments:Celebrities in a ZFX video? I'd say Mariah Carey,Jennifer Lopez,and Melissa and Joan Rivers. I can't think of anyone in Hollywood who deserves a beating more than those four.
Friday, November 30th 2001 - 05:58:03 PM

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