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January 2002
Name: noddie 2
Comments:wheres the streaming site, i cant wait mind you did not say which year
Tuesday, January 1st 2002 - 10:13:04 AM
Name: Big D
Comments:Yea, I"m waiting for the streaming site as well... The damn video store out here took away all the zfx videos, and I'm not one to buy videos, so the streaming site is perfect for me and others... I do have a feeling that Rick will have it ready by next week though....He orginally said Christmas, but he probably ran into some problems, since it does take awhile to decode all the videos onto the net.... Let's hope for next week! Big D
Tuesday, January 1st 2002 - 11:26:43 AM
Name: Joe X
Comments:Dear g-in-o,

Thanks for your review of Abduction at Devil's Peak. It sounds like we'd agree on its good and bad points. I'll check it out if I get the chence.

You were so polite to say B&D Pleasures videos "usually miss the mark for me", everyone I know would just say "they suck". But there is another one you might try: Attack in the Woods. It came out a year ago.

It features an attractive blond and brunette who are picnicing in the woods when two louts hit on them. After getting the brush off, the louts chase them down and cloroform them. They strip the blond and tie her to a tree very nicely and molest her and whip her front. They turn there attentions to the brunette who's bound on the ground and she agree to do anything they say if they don't hurt them. After some more whipping the blond also agrees, and the two new slaves are put through various humiliations: fetch, 69ing, etc, etc. They are then herded into a trailor to serve their new masters for the night as the video ends.

Joe (Bob) X says check it out. My only cautions are the cinematography is not studio quality (which I assumed was due to the outdoor setting, until I saw another Master Kieth video) and both women have, uh, I guess you'd call them Cat Tags, since they are like Dog Tags but located elsewhere, if you get my drift, which doesn't fit the characters. Still, I give it a big, um, thumbs up, especially for fans of the great outdoors.

Joe X

Wednesday, January 2nd 2002 - 02:27:14 PM
Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address: mad_dog6996@hotmail.com
Comments:Hey Everybody

It might not seem like I am involved too much with this board, but I actually check it every other day or so. I am one of those quiet lurkers.

I just wanted to whish everybody a Happy new year and hope things are better for you than the last year. (not saying it was bad, but it could always get better.)

I also wanted to say what a great job ralphus is doing running this board.

I am always here to awnser questions and throw my two cents worth into anykind of debate or subject. Feel free to drop me a line if you guys want. I dont mind chatting one on one with some of you guys and especially the girls.

Hey Rick, hows it going. I know you are busy but drop me a line sometimes and let me know that you are alive.

Peace All
Mad Dog
Wednesday, January 2nd 2002 - 03:27:23 PM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address: g_in_o62@hotmail.com
Comments: Brittany is a man! Mon Deux!

Well that straightens out the whole mystery of a woman not into BDSM discovering the joys of Lisa Kinkaid. It all makes sense.

Now if I could only get "Lola" by the Kinks out of my head...

Joe X: Thanks for the tip! - I'll search it out soon.

Wednesday, January 2nd 2002 - 08:23:48 PM
Name: Sebastian & Natalie
E-mail address: enext@hotmail.com
Comments:HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ICY ATHENS, GREECE! Rick, the greek fans of ZFX are waiting for your next...ummmm...mov(i)es! Greetings to all the girls!...
Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 03:49:16 AM
Name: Fred
Comments:A couple of nights ago I was looking at some of my favorite scenes of the older ZFX VHS tapes...unfortunately, some of the tapes have kind of faded with time and repeated playing.

Does anyone know where Rick is on the DVD issue? It also occurs to me that he could make some sales by releasing digital copies of some of the older classic titles on DVD. I guess he has fresh master copies of them. Or maybe he could release a compendium of the coolest scenes on DVD.

On gags - how about the inflatable kind? I can't think of any ZFX use of this type of gag off the top of my head.

And Joe: I'm probably dense, but I don't get your reference to "cat tags".

Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 09:31:42 AM
Name: Rick
E-mail address: zfx4u@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.zfx-shockwavevideo.com
Comments:Happy New Year to All!!!

Its been a slow year release wise, but a lot of good things are gonna happen as a result. This has really been a year that has brought a long needed upgrade to all digital editing, and the final step is digital delivery. I have been shooting on DVcam for a while now, but the editing was done on linear component analog decks, that had to change. Anyway, I think 2002 will be much more productive. I have got some incredible stuff in the can, and my top priority is to get it out.

Streaming: Its getting close, they(people working on the site)are telling me 2 weeks so. When I have a firm date you'll be the first to know.

Ballista 3: Finally back to editing, working hard on this, dunno yet when it will be done but its coming along nicely. Ball3 will definitely be co-released on DVD.

Maddog: Hiya brudder, I'm still breathin;0)

Gags; Well, most of ya know I am a gag lover bigtime, and a big red ball gag has got to be my favorite, though I like to do alot of variety. Dick gags and unusual gags like the bar of soap in a nylon gag are also high on my list. I wonder how the ball gag, usually in red, became so ubiquitous in the bondage world? What was its first usage? Anyone know this?

Thats it for now, gotta alot of work to do;)Thanks to all who read post and watch the movies and to our administrator Ralphus for keeping this thing workin!


Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 09:43:39 AM
Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com
Comments:Fred, Rick did some work using an inflatable gag very early on, in such movies as Night Prowler. That is my favorite kind of gag, and I would love to see use of it in future films. Rick, I am glad to hear that things are looking up for 2002. Do you have any new models we can look forward to seeing?
Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 10:38:59 AM
Name: Damien
Comments:ow...That has been a while. Haven't by FAR read all the postings that have shown up here sincce my last visit, but I'll try to catch up with them a.s.a.p. I've spent several weeks in the hospital (actually, over 2 months), and will have to pay the kind nurses a visit again soon. But this is not a medical forum, just thought I owed all my pals here an explanation for my absence. I'm glad I missed no new releases by Rick, but then again...it might actually take dying and getting reborn again to miss major releases by ZFX. I'll hope to drop you all a line again soon, but I beg forgiveness if that might take a while again. D.
Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 04:32:57 PM
Name: Iago
Comments:Damien, Good to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear about your medical troubles, and hope will all be well with you again soon.

Tell ya what. I'll forgive you, if you forgive Rick. Really, Damien, it's been too long, and Lisa just keeps getting prettier. Don't torture yourself, Damien. Come back into the light...

Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 08:29:36 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:Iago: I second the motion (actally, all the motions), but especially the idea that Lisa is getting prettier. I have mentioned this phenomenon here before - what is it with Rick and his girls? In most other porn I am familiar with, the more the girls are in the business, the less attractive many of them become. Some get downright skanky. With Rick's flix, the exact opposite happens. Chandra went from bein fairly plain at first to a knockout. And there is no question Lisa looks better all the time. Is appearing in bondage flix good for a woman's self-esteem? Or does Rick have them all chained up to exercise machines in his basement between flix? (smile) Whatever it is, it's working, keep it up, Rick.


Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 08:53:44 PM
Name: Sardu von Sardu
E-mail address: sardu@mac-email.com
Comments:zee-ef-ex: I agree with you on Chandra and Lisa getting prettier over time. There are other ZFX models (some are personal faves), to whom the years have not been so kind. I wonder if they'd aged better had they done more work for Rick? One never knows, huh?
Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 09:55:22 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:Damien: Good to see you back on the board. We all hope that you're on the road to recovery. You need to take care of yourself and quit watching 13 ZFX vids in a single night. No wonder you got yourself in the hospital! Easy does it, guy :)

Seriously, hope your medical problems go by swiftly and we can hear from you more often. It's always good to read your input here.

I guess we're in complete agreement about how Lisa has gotten prettier as the years have gone by. I thought I was the only one who had noticed. She really didn't do that much for me in her earlier tapes (and was a flatter performer, too) but now I think she's one of the most beautiful fillies in ZFX's stable. And if acting ability is a barometer of her appeal, one only needs to check out her recent work in the Miss Ballista and SOB series, where she outperforms a whole bevy of other girls with her excellent work. Face it, she's a pretty face who suffers well, and that makes her very attractive to me.

Saturday, January 5th 2002 - 04:40:04 PM
Name: JJ
Comments:HI..This is to RICK MASTERS..I have an idea for a 50s sock hop theme..this is what i want to see. the clothes would have to be authentic first of all...poodle skirts..white or pink bobbie sox and saddle shoes..you could get such an outfit from www.crusinusa.com... the theme would be horror..like this chick is kidnapped by this masked fiend and taken to the underground basment you use and punished..the reason is this other chick hired this masked fiend to do it so she could be the new queen of the sock hop dance thats held every year at college in the 50s.the chick that she has kidnapped is of course the chick who always wins every year..so she had to be eliminated...(something like your cheerleader story only the guy is a major pyscho..of course the chick doesnt know that and thinks he is the nerd she sees in college..but he has a darker unknown side..and she thinks he is just taking her to his basment but unknowing to her he has a secret torture chamber and takes her theyre and then waits for her to return her house and then abducts her too..two takedowns..one could wear pink bobbie sox and the other white..the outfit and sox are most important to me. ONE OTHER THING TO RICK:Dark offering and phallicide were good releases last year..


Also WHAT DO you think of a COWGIRL THEME..WHERE THE CHICK IS WEARING A COWGIRL OUTFIT?(Think about the latest madonna record..laying in the hay with the pink hat and cowgirl boots)she could be bound and gagged in the hay and suspended above the hay...maybe use some horseshoes on her tits and play ride em cowgirl?.of course under the cowgirl boots she would have to be wearing white socks..maybe she could be coming home from a line dance date with her boyffriend and then goes in her home alone after he takes her theyre..etc.

ANOTHER THEME I WOULD LIKE TO SEE(being from a blue collar area)is A chick dressed like a carpenter/contruction worker...where her tools end up being put to good USE!)she could be contracted to put up shelves in a house for some pyscho and then he takes her to his basment after spiking her coffee. White socks and steel toe boots are a must.a toolbelt etc..

WHAT ABOUT IT RICK? PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK ON THESE IDEAS.) i know some of you will laugh at my suggestions..But the costume and theme and having socks is just as important as the torture and the whippings etc.. it is my fetishes and tastes..i like socks.


Saturday, January 5th 2002 - 04:41:19 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire@
Comments:The Asylum

I know thereís been variations done on this theme but thereís always room for more. The set up: Experimentation on the criminally insane at an asylum for mentally ill violent sex offenders. During electric shock experiments on an inmate the psychos overrun the experimentation room. The doctor is killed and the sex crazed inmates grab the pretty assistant (Lisa?) in her white lab attire and systematically and non-systematically strip, grope, torture, restrain, sexually use, and experiment (electroshock, water drip torture, breatholding experimentation (held underwater, plastic bag), etc.) in any and all ways an unstable mind and think of. My vision has her grabbed and her clothes ripped off her by about 20 inmates ( twenty sets of hands all at once). Being in a hospital she can scream all she wants as they grope and poke at her until they tire of hearing her anguished cries, then gag her. Raped and covered in 20 plus loads (simulated of course in Rickís vids) on her face.

Rickís already has some of the props such as an exam table/bench from vids like the dentist(?) and Iím sure he can get about 20 male participants to play the inmates ( the numbers are important as in my vision I see the multiple hands grabbing and ripping all at once). For the chance to work with the pretty young ladies Rick uses Iím sure he can get participants to do it for free. Without getting too long I can see the inmates later invading an office to get a hold of another female victim or two. And to keep everybody happy just make sure at some point they end up barefoot while restrained ( or better yet hung upside down). Just some more thoughts


Sunday, January 6th 2002 - 01:29:20 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:Re: The Asylum

AvF: I really like that idea! Of course, the strapped-in-for-electric-shock scene has been done to Lisa several times (most notably in "Whiplash 4: The Whip-Shock Experiments") but I really like this angle. Has anyone ever seen the movie "Midnight Ride"? If not, track it down and check it out! In the movie, a mental patient (played by none other than Star Wars' Mark Hamill!) kidnaps a beautiful woman, ties her up and gags her in her car, and takes her to the same medical office where his doctor had previously given him electro therapy to cure him of his murderous desires. Since his victim had spurned his marriage proposal, he decides that she needs some of this treatment to "fix her brain". He straps her down to a bed, gags her mouth with medical tape, hooks up electrodes to her temples and zaps her with some shock treatment. It's a great bondage/torture scene in a mainstream movie. This guy's a nut and a murderer and that gives the scene an extra edge, since you don't know how far he's going to take it.

Anyway, I look at your idea, and I think of that scene in "Midnight Ride", coupled with "Whiplash 4" and maybe the scene near the end of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" when the mental patients take over the asylum and do whatever they want to do. I think your idea is brilliant! Seriously, I think Rick could pull this off, even if he doesn't have the budget to afford 20 male actors for the shoot. If he needs extras, I, for one, would willingly make the drive out there to go work with Lisa for free. It would be a blast! And I think I could pull off the sex-crazed psycho role without even trying :)

Sunday, January 6th 2002 - 07:11:14 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVamp1re@
Comments:Ralphus~Thanks for the kind words. For a chance to work w/Lisa I think Rick could get a lot of volunteers to do it for free. Might even get Damien out of his hospital death bed;) I'm sure he even has a circle of friends (and/or w/maybe Maddog's friends)to come up with that number of loonies for the asylum if he's concerned with working w/people he's not that familiar with. If camera shy they could always wear a William Shatner mask or something. I really think he could get the male particpant for little or no $$$$.


Tuesday, January 8th 2002 - 07:55:58 AM
Name: Kevster
E-mail address: mhg4@excite.com
Comments:Hey there! With the advent of the new streaming site, it would be nice to see a download option for purchases. It would certainly help to foil those pesky import regulations imposed on we UK fans. Keep up the good work!
Wednesday, January 9th 2002 - 11:27:46 AM
Name: Skippy
Comments:Where to Buy? Has anyone ever purchased a video from http://www.citadelvideo.com before? They offer ZFX videos for $29.95. This looks to good to be true (Pirates)? Where should one purchase with the absolute assurance of privacy, and the knowledge that you will not be added to a mailing list?
Wednesday, January 9th 2002 - 11:57:20 AM
Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com
Comments:About Citadel Video, I have no idea, but I know that you can buy originals through eBay from Nevada Nick, who runs www.zfxshockwave.com for cheap (depending on how bidding goes, but starting at 24.95). Why don't you call them and verify - if they are legit they will have a contact number.
Wednesday, January 9th 2002 - 12:38:49 PM
Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com
Comments:Another place that offers old titles for 29.99 and newer for 34.99 is http://www.videoconnection1.com - I don't have any experience with them, but they at least have a customer support line, and they have been around for years.
Wednesday, January 9th 2002 - 12:45:13 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:Skippy: Where to buy? Well, I checked with Citadel Video. They are legit. They sell new and factory originals. The $29.99 price you see is a sale price through the end of January. After that, they go back up to their original prices of $39.99. So if you're looking to update your collection of older titles, this might be a good time.

Nevada Nick is Nick Long, who appeared in several ZFX tapes with his real-life slave, Kerri Downs. He's a good guy and the ZFX vids he sells are also originals. He frequently sells them on eBay, and if you're lucky, you could get them at a good price, although bidding often takes off near the end of auctions and you end up paying more if you really want it.

Video Connection out of Philadelphia has been my source for ZFX videos for the past several years. I used to get them as low as $29.99, but I think the price I paid for "Dark Offering" was closer to the $40 mark. Just make sure you aren't paying something like $19.99 or $9.99 because at that price, you're surely buying an inferior dupe, and ripping off ZFX at the same time.

Wednesday, January 9th 2002 - 07:26:24 PM
Name: Joe X
Comments:Dear Fred,

To answer your question (which you have probably forgotten by now - sorry) a cat tag is just my made-up name for a dog-tag on a ring attached to a girl's pussy.

Joe X.

Friday, January 11th 2002 - 07:41:25 PM
Name: Damien
Comments:Help needed

Once again I turn to the many connaisseurs that frequent this excellent board.

I'm looking for an old HOM BD-Classic or Punnished (or something along those lines) that may be on one of the forementioned titles (I have several of both series, but not all). It has an excellent electro tortuere, and a cute blond girl. Part of the title (as I remember it) is "110 volt".

No more details available, unfortunately.



Monday, January 14th 2002 - 11:21:41 AM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.fetcat.com/london/homclassics.htm
Comments:Damien: The correct title of that HOM loop was "110 Volts of Electrifying Torment" (I got that info from one of my old House of Milan mags advertising the original movie). It's one of my real favorites from HOM. The only way I ever saw it was on one of the HOM Bondage Classics tapes, and I recall that the actual title was not listed in the video. The following link above will take you to their ordering page for their Bondage Classics tapes. I do not see it listed in their synopsis, but I'm pretty sure it was either Volume 1, 5 or 6 (probably the first one). Those were the ones I actually bought years ago (back when they were $69.99 each!) You might want to e-mail them and ask.

Incidentally, that was one of those HOM loops that I added actual sound effects to years ago, back when I was still creative :) I made a completely new audio track for it, including the actual screaming and the zapping effects when he shocks her. Plays a lot better than that generic music that you get with the video, but of course, the actual loops were totally silent. Just imagine if they were being made today, with the advent of all that high-quality video we have today. Trouble is, no one in this PC environment makes the kind of entertainment that HOM used to put out, other than ZFX. We just have to be patient and wait for Rick to put out another title. Anyone else remember how rough bondage tapes used to be in the 1970s? The Cole loops? Erotic Perversion? Needles stuck in tits, spiked dildos in pussies, electric shock to the nipples, hanging girls from meathooks in the pussies...man, they did everything vile and perverse to their victims back then. It was really the Golden Age in the 1970s and early 80s, back when you could get away with anything.

Monday, January 14th 2002 - 03:08:31 PM
Name: the Scribbler
Comments:Ah, yes, "110 Volts", a very excellent endeavor in silent 8mm film making. Very pretty actress, kind of resembles Lisa Kinkaid. Unfortunately, "110 Volts" isn't on BC1, 5, or 6, it's on BC 3, which is no longer available. Classic HOM film and photos, the Blakemore/Whitman ones, still ranks no. 1 with me. Not everything they did was genius, but a lot of it was and their best work blows away all others. ZFX has it's moments (I've only seen a few), but what I've seen tends to drag alot (Hitchhiker and Gangland come to mind). I remember watching Gangland and thought it started off well, then it got to the tied to the bed/candlewax scene that went on for a boring 20+ minutes, and then it just left off with coming attractions for the sequel. A very anticlimactic video. 'Just imagine if they were being made today..' (Ralphus said re Classic HOM). Yes, that would be very cool. I have noticed a number of producers influenced by it, but no ones nailed it yet.
Tuesday, January 15th 2002 - 12:31:39 AM
Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com
Comments:Bondage Classics 3 is currently being auctioned on eBay at $15.00 with no bids: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1690771113 - not mine, just a FYI
Tuesday, January 15th 2002 - 08:08:37 AM
Name: Iago
Comments:Hollywood, I like the asylum idea, but can't help thinking that if Rick had 20 guys he could do them up as a whole mob of shambling zombies and give us ZFX-does-Perverted AND Evil Dead, hehehehehe.

Okay, now this is just wrong. all the DVD talk here made me have a dream the other night about a ZFX DVD release. It was Alien Probe 2 (and no, I don't know why), and the DVD had special features, like outtakes, on it. The menu had letters that sort of floated, moving just slightly on the screen. The color of the letters was sort of golden. The font was sort of gooey, dripping-looking, like in a horror movie. That's all I remember.

Ya, I know, freaky. You guys are clearly a bad influence!

I'm signing off now, before the "Pot and kettle" jokes start up...



Tuesday, January 15th 2002 - 11:06:50 PM
Name: Alan
E-mail address: alanicu@aol.com
Comments:I've ben waiting for someone to film a storyline of mine. Nameof tape---Stepmom Plot---an older guy marries a younger woman (same age as his son) n their wedding night the new couple get ino some kinky things. The new stepmom is mean to her new son and he waits for his father to leave for a business trip for a week to get back at her. One idea is while shes sleeping he implants a 'chip' in her so she has no option but to be controlled by the son and his friends. I have a lotmore to thisif anyone is interested. AP
Wednesday, January 16th 2002 - 10:51:05 AM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire@
Comments:Iago~I've always liked the horror/sci-fi twist myself. Rick could even go all out and do a remake of "Attack of the Street Pimps" ;)

Ralphus~With your descriptive rememberance of the good 'ol days, would like to ask the board for assistance once again. Does anyone remember a company called RDF or RFD Company. They had a catalog with about 50 movies which were really hard core (meaning sex, bondage and elements of what Ralphus mentioned.....pins in the breasts, augers or wooden dildoes in-between the legs, hangins, etc.). I only had a chance to get one of their tapes and thought it was a little too extreme for me but remember them having some good looking ladies and some stories of interest. By the time I got my courage up enough to give them another try they disappeared. Anyone have any info anyone?


Wednesday, January 16th 2002 - 12:13:44 PM
Name: JJ
E-mail address: xcv124@aol.com
Comments:hi to all and rickmasters.. whats the deal rick? cant you do better than that? im addicted to your videos.how about getting some product out forget about the cheapskates wanting poor quality online streaming--it stinks!.why bother? also dvd is not that great either..another waste of time!...i liked the old analog laserdiscs better.. forget about all this technology and just get some GREAT PRODUCT OUT BEFORE XMAX 2008. i have never posted in this tone before but felt the need to express what im feeling... JJ
Thursday, January 17th 2002 - 05:32:45 PM
Name: Boulder
E-mail address: huhhhuh@hhhuuh.com
Comments:Hollywood, The company was RDF and some of the loops can be found here: http://fm5.go-net.com/alphablue/FMPro?-db=alphablue.fp5&-lay=browse&-error=error2.html&-format=domination.html&category=Domination&-max=5&-Find Rick, I hope if you are useing Surfnet to do your streaming that they do it in the largest format possible. Some of their sites have such a small and low quality stream that it is hardly worth it. I think you could make some cash from this but remember anything that streams can be easily captured and saved. I know because I do it all the time. I also hope you encode some of the early stuff.
Thursday, January 17th 2002 - 08:27:23 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire@
Comments:Boulder~Many thanks! I'll check out the link shortly. Any recomendations for which ones are good if familiar with them?

JJ~What about Beta-max man?

Friday, January 18th 2002 - 08:20:27 AM
Name: Damien
Comments:Thanks people, for the help on the "110 volt" vid. Now I know what exactly to look for. The irony: Here I am, owning 14 out of 19 BD-classic tapes, and just that one is among the missing...:-))

Special thanks to Boulder for his excellent link. Lie AvF, I would like some more details on tne exact contents on the tapes. Are any of the shorts also on the BD-Classics??? Boulder??? Anyone???


Friday, January 18th 2002 - 10:28:12 AM
Name: FrenchCharley
Comments:First time here...great forum. Have only viewed one ZFX video. How about some input from the crew as to the ZFX video with the most detailed on screen binding of the victim. I'm kind of waiting, waiting, waiting, for DVD's to appear. From reading previous posts, it seems that RM will release the new Ballista on DVD, so thast's what I'm waiting for. How about a binding thread???

Au revoir!

Friday, January 18th 2002 - 03:35:37 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://hometown.aol.com/ralphus44/page5.html
Comments:French Charley: Welcome! Nice to see new posters to this board. It's good to know that there are perverts in every country who like to see cute girls get tied up, tortured and raped. Why should Americans have all the fun?

Only one ZFX video? You have some catching up to do. ZFX has made well over 100 tapes (don't know how many for sure; I've never counted them) and you can count on the girls being stringently bound in every one of them. As far as onscreen binding goes, to be honest, Rick Masters doesn't show that as often as I would like. Maybe because it slows the pace down, I don't know. Some of his ropework is quite ingenious, and I'll bet it takes a while to put his actresses into particular binds. One of my dreams would be to follow Rick around with a video camera during the filming of one his tapes, watching him tie up the performers and direct his scenes. I think it would fascinating! How about a documentary called "Behind The Scenes At ZFX: The Making of Ballista 3"? Maybe that will be an extra on the DVD when his next show comes out. See, this is what perverts dream about :)

Anyway, as far as elaborate bondage to the victim comes to mind, there are really too many good ones to list. One of my favorite ZFX bondage positions was in "Vacum". To illustrate the bondage, I borrowed some stills from ZFX's site and put together my own quickie website for the group. Click on the Homepage URL above. It was a short scene; the actual binding wasn't shown, but look at the end results! Lisa Kinkaid is standing in bondage; her ankles are tied together, her wrists tied behind her, and a rope around her neck keeps her in a very uncomfortable position. Plus that, her nipples are actually tied with ropes leading off to the sides. Pretty awesome scene, I thought.

Who else would like to see more onscreen tying in ZFX tapes? I vote yes for it. I've always been of the theory that getting there is half the fun :)

Sunday, January 20th 2002 - 08:56:07 PM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address: g_in_o622hotmail.com
Comments: Ralphus: Thanks for the page- that has to be one of my all time favorite zfx bondage scenes. The actual tying doesn't rate as high as the end results with me, but I would be interested in seeing it expored. As for a "behind the scenes" tape or DVD- Indeed, the stuff that dreams are made of!
Monday, January 21st 2002 - 09:51:46 PM
Name: FrenchCharley
Comments:Ralphus, Thanks for the warm welcome...one really appreciates the opportunity to share adult views with others of the same ilk...BTW, the only ZFX I've actually seen is Forced Entry, which actually peaked my interest in ZFX. However, I must say frankly that the binding or ropework was pretty lacking in it. In the final scenes in the kitchen, the actress, I believe it is Lisa Kinkaid, is tied to the table and is actually holding the ropes wrapped in her palms. She appears fully able to move away from the "forced" attention of her co-star. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining but I think RM could produce much better realism with all the editing techniques available today. IMHO, cut down on the torture, more restraining and gagging. Just my opinion, and to quote Ralphus, you know what they say about them. Au revoir!
Wednesday, January 23rd 2002 - 02:28:32 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:Yes, in favor of more on-screen tying. I prefer slow tying to rapid take-down scenes. The actress could be portrayed as asleep, unconscious, drugged, etc.


Wednesday, January 23rd 2002 - 08:40:07 PM
Name: Meee
Comments:Where's the streaming web site??? Rick said about a month ago that it would be 2 weeks...I know it's not Rick's fault, it's the people who are doing the site....but I'm sure he's getting pretty frustrated about it too though........When the developers tell you 2 weeks, it should be two weeks...
Thursday, January 24th 2002 - 04:34:20 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:zee-ef-ex wrote: The actress could be portrayed as asleep, unconscious, drugged, etc.

Oh, no way! I hate it when the girl is unconscious! Maybe you could chloroform her to knock her out, but it should just be long enough to subdue her. I want to see her squirming in the chair (or wherever) while she's being tied. She should try to fight back, but lose, of course! :-) The ropes are too strong to allow her to get free, and then the villain can really go to work on her. But when she's unconscious, there's no struggle, no fun; you might as well be tying up a mannequin IMO. I know others prefer the sleepy-girl approach but it just doesn't ring true for me. Who else has an opinion about this?

Thursday, January 24th 2002 - 05:08:39 PM
Name: Damien
E-mail address: kinkaidfan@yahoo.com
Comments:I'm all with Ralphus on the binding matter: I'm not to keen on knocked out, chloroformed, unconcious. I prefer lots of struggling, fighting back in looong, on-screen tying scenes.

Even in unescapable ropes, the victims never should surrender, always fight back, struggle, protest etc.

Like Penelope Page, for instance, in Subject 9 (part 2). In all of the tape (well....not in the rather disappointing ending) she never has any hopes on escape, yet never surrenders. (PP also acted this out very well in The Hitchiker). Or Keri Downs in Surgical Strike. Also helpless during the entire tape, but never giving up fighting.

Acting skills have a lot to do with portraying scenes like that in a satisfying ay, of course. Other actresses (Brigitte Bayonet, for instance) might as well be unconcious during the whole tape (and, for that matter, locked up in a closet so we don't have to be witness of the poor acting skills). Damien

Friday, January 25th 2002 - 10:04:42 AM
Name: Fred
Comments:Damien, to each his own , I guess. Subject 9 might just be my favorite ZFX series -- a preop Penelope struggling for most of Parts 1 & 2, then at the end of Part #2 begging (very convincingly) to go down on the villian.

As far as ZFX acting goes, Penelope's effort in that one is about as good as it gets, IMHO.

Friday, January 25th 2002 - 10:36:12 AM
Name: French Charley
Comments:Ralphus, read your reviews and wanted to say thanks for providing this service to the forum. As a result I've ordered my second ZFX video just yesterday. Might I suggest you add the film "running time" to your reviews,and possibly any trailers included? I certainly hope that RM comps you the videos you review...if he doesn't, he should. Au revoir, FC
Saturday, January 26th 2002 - 02:52:03 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html
Comments:French Charley: Thanks for the compliment. If by "comps", you mean does ZFX compensate me for the cost of buying the tape to review, the answer is no. I buy all my ZFX tapes myself. I've never asked Rick for any special treatment, and he probably wouldn't want to pay me anyway, since I sometimes give mediocre reviews to the shows he labored for months to make. I'm such a fan that I would buy any new ZFX vid sight unseen anyway, and if I boost his sales by writing my reviews, then that's just a plus and a big thank you to him for producing such good material over the years. I think any review, unless it totally trashes the tape and scares people off, is bound to generate interest in the product. Frankly, I wish there were others that would honestly review other fetish tapes out there, because it helps me, as the consumer, to decide if a particular tape is worth buying.

I'm curious which new ZFX vid you chose to purchase after reading my review? Since I've been writing them, Rick has made four tapes that could possibly make my list of all-time best: the two Ballistas, Forced Entry and South of the Border 4.

Saturday, January 26th 2002 - 07:54:07 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVampire@
Comments:Damien asked about RFD. Like I posted I have only seen one. I don't even remember what it was called. It did have a title but when I received it the tape was only marked as #51. I don't remember to much about it but will give you a brief lowdown of what I can. The tape started with the victim already tied in a dark setting with the assailant coming in a little later wearing an old man's mask. The only parts that stick out ( that I can remember ) are a scene where the victim gets tortured with a thick wooded auger getting extended between her legs while tied standing spread legged. This scene was pretty gross to me because as it spiraled up you can see it turning red. The last thing I want to see is blood between the legs. Dosen't matter if it's from special effects, actual blood from the torture, or just from her time of the month, it's gross. Another scene is where her legs are pulled up in the air spread, and she's given a candle wax treatment before finally inserting the lit candle and leaving it lit in-between her legs. That's about all I remember except maybe for some pins in the breasts. Thanks again to Boulder for his link. Anyone else have any info.

As for the unconscious issue. I love a good struggle but I see zee-ef-ex's point in you really can't have a realistic on screen tying unless you're either out numbered or unconscious. One on one it's almost impossible to show a realistic take down and tying. At one point the victim has to give in so she can be tied while trying to look like she's really struggling. One on one it isn't pulled off effectivly very often as you would have to either risk injury to attacker or victim at one point to make it look real. Realistically when the attacker is tying up his victim's hands she could scream. If he gags her first, she's still fighting too much. Even if the gag's in place and he's in the process of tying her hands, a well placed kick, either forwards or back, can really ruin the mood so to speak.

I sometimes like to see on screen tying along with on screen stripping of the victim, but as have said, really love a good struggle. For that reason I really don't have anything against having the victim unconscious in the right circumstances. That's why I like a good strangulation (Like in forced entry....even though Lisa was way too passive. After all she dosen't know it's not going to be finale.). A really good blood and guts struggle before she passes out and he can get to the business of stripping and tying.


Sunday, January 27th 2002 - 09:01:51 AM
Name: Sardu von Sardu
E-mail address: sardu@mac-email.com
Comments:As far as unconsciousness goes: It can often work well when a character is subdued with chloroform, sleeping potion, whatever, only to awake bound, naked, and vulnerable to penetration. Helps to have a good actress who can go through the phases of drowsiness-->discovery-->shock/surprise-->panic/futile attempts at escape. My two cents anyway.
Sunday, January 27th 2002 - 09:17:32 PM
Name: French Charley
Comments:Ralphus, after reading your posted reviews, I actually selected "Vacum" based upon your recent post in which you provided a link to some caps of LK in her best standing bondage. I must admit it was a difficult choice from all ZFX available. I find it interesting that many posters to the forum ask, "If you only could see one ZFX, what is the best ZFX tape?" I don't think that question has an answer. I guess ZFX comes down to individual tastes, and apparently RM is smart enough to provide a little bit for everyone in each tape. I doubt if one tape will ever be someone's "dream tape," short of each of us going to the set with RM and directing the action ourselves. I don't see that happening in the near future.

I do however respectfully disagree with your rating of "Forced Entry." I would have preferred more sex scenes and more stringent ropework. I thought the ropework a little lax (both on the bed with LK and in the kitchen with LK/JL) and the lack of dialogue to take away from the overall product. But I do admit you state both pros and cons when you review the films. If you wish I'll certainly give you my views on Vacum after I watch it. BTW, are Vacum and Toolbox Abductions the same type of plot? Au revoir, FC

Monday, January 28th 2002 - 01:04:16 PM
Name: Searchin' D.
Comments:Can anyone point me in the direction of Hank's current ZFX club - I've been away and lost most of my favourite addresses, and really want to keep up with this most excellent of groups.
Tuesday, January 29th 2002 - 02:54:00 PM
Name: Cathy Dowler
E-mail address: cathydowler@hotmail.com
Comments:just saw Liz Cord and loved it. Can anyome tell me the name of the blonde girl with small tits and great tan lines in this video and if she has done any other ZFX, THANKS, Cathy
Tuesday, January 29th 2002 - 06:41:14 PM
Name: Vitesse
E-mail address: quizartk@aol.com
Comments:Rick I wanted to ask you if Lisa would be having her own website someday. Or if she is ever going to star in a movie without bondage but with real sex?
Tuesday, January 29th 2002 - 08:19:27 PM
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://clubs.lycos.com/AUTH/live/Directory/CommunityHome.asp?CG=tupk3g95cnah3e2k0188nkppm4
Comments:This will be a long post so bear with me. Just catching up on a few questions...

AvF: Sorry about the delay concerning that loop you mentioned but I wanted to be sure before I answered. I have no idea if RDF put this out, but it was one of the aforementioned "Cole Loops" that I talked about earlier. It is called "Perversion House" and it is the final segment of the excellent compilation tape Erotic Perversion. Your description was right on target, plus there was also a nice section where the villain fastens a spiked strap between the legs of the unfortunate damsel. Like all the other segments in EP, it is typically harsh, bloody and not for the squeamish. That was why I loved it! I have several stills from it in my voluminous collection that I have so far been unable to locate. When I do find them, I will pass them along.

BTW, if anyone else has never seen Erotic Perversion, it may well be the very best collection of torture loops ever put together in one video. It was undoubtedly inspiration for some of ZFX's finest moments.

French Charley: By all means, give us your review of Vacum after you see it. IMO, the best parts are the ones with Lisa Kinkaid when she's the sole victim: some memorable scenes in this one. It's definitely worth seeing.

As far as the plot of Vacum compared with Toolbox Abductions, yes, they are very similar. We can't blame Rick for repeating himself once or twice, can we? Besides, both tapes are worth seeking out, although the sequel to Toolbox Abductions is even better than the original.

Searchin' D: Regarding the URL to Hank Hobbs' ZFX Vidcap site, click on the URL above in my Homepage URL.

BTW, Hank e-mailed me the other day and said he hasn't done much on the ZFX site because the store in his area that rents ZFX tapes went out of business. Well, the following announcement should come as very good news to anyone who wants to see older ZFX but can't afford the forty bucks it takes to buy them new. Go to this URL below:


They now rent all the older ZFX and Shockwave vids for $11 each. And this is an official ZFX distributor so you are not going to get stuck with a dupe from these people. The site is run by former ZFX performers Nick Long and Kerri Downs. I hope this won't take away from ZFX's actual sales, but it is a boon to his fans that want to see the older stuff but simply can't afford it.

Cathy: The girl in Liza Cord was one of the favorites of many on this board. Her name was Amy Van Allen and she sadly only appeared in a handful of ZFX vids.

Tuesday, January 29th 2002 - 09:08:30 PM
Name: g-in-o
E-mail address: g_in_o62@hotmail.com
Comments:French Charley: I envy you. There is a lot to explore in ZFX land, well enough to keep you busy until the new product comes out. Then you will join us glazed eyed zombies, counting the days till the next new release.

Offering my services as a tour guide, might I suggest "South of the Border -IV, Atrocities". You are absolutely right in the fact that each ZFX movie offers fans a different mix of what keeps them coming back for more. With SOB-IV, RM hit dead on for this reporters discerning tastes. The ultimate "woman in prison"/ interrogation film with Lisa Kinkaid's finest performances and the wonders of Kelly Mckay...well, I can go on and on (and have), but I would be remiss if I did not point you towards the promised land. Godspeed pilgrim!

Tuesday, January 29th 2002 - 10:46:29 PM
Name: French Charley
Comments:Thanks for the tip g-in-o. It appears everyone on this board has both a favorite video as well as actress. As I've only seen one vid, Forced Entry, I'm sort of enthralled with LK. To be honest, JL didn't really do much for me. I like the "girl next door" type that LK seems to portray so well. Just think, somewhere, every day, LK must pass hundreds of people in her "real" life who are oblivious to who she is. Anyway, as i anxiously await delivery of ZFX number 2, I'll have to prepare with reruns of Forced Entry.

Au revoir, FC

Tuesday, January 29th 2002 - 11:21:21 PM
Name: AvF
E-mail address: HollywoodVamp1re@
Comments:AMY!, AMY!, AMY! (Sorry, got carried away).

Ralphus' (Ralphus's....Ralphi's?)post made me wonder....who was Ricks main influences when he started making his vids? And....it's been a while since Lisa has posted. Any chance of her doing another on-line interview in the near future? Or maybe someone else, established or newbie. Be interseting to hear what a first timer thought of her experience during the filming.


Wednesday, January 30th 2002 - 08:05:49 AM
Name: Britney Beers
Comments:Vitesse: You're on my exact line of thought, my friend. Hopefully Rick will address those two key questions.

French Charlie: If you like Lisa, I'd recommend Voodoo Dolls 1 and 2. Lisa looks great, as usual.

Wednesday, January 30th 2002 - 07:54:39 PM
Name: FrenchCharley
Comments:Thanks for the tip Britney, LK is cool...how about a quick synopsis of the plot of Voodoo Dolls...Ralphus, feel free to add your ever welcome comments. Au revoir, FC
Thursday, January 31st 2002 - 12:23:15 AM
Name: boom
Comments:Hello there. Any news from the streaming front? Or maybe Ballista 34 will be the first streaming movie? And to Rick himself: you are defenitely a great teaser. (And yes, take that as a compliment :-) . ZFX rocks, even in Belgium, where there are absolutely no tapes circulating. Keep it going.
Thursday, January 31st 2002 - 04:18:02 PM
Name: zee-ef-ex
Comments:Going back to the takedown or unconscious question, AvF, you did see my point, right on. But let's push that "outnumbered" idea. I really liked, in the flik with Chandra and _______ (the girl in the yellow dress) where the long-haired dudes are first driving in a car, then sitting around in the living room getting stoned, the scene where the multiple guys hold down ______ and have their way with her. I agree, the takedown scenes where the chick is "outnumbered" seem more realistic, and are exciting to watch. Rick, any chance of future such flix from you, sort of a "gangbang" theme, with lots of male actors violating one beauty? You would have lots of volunteers from this board.


Thursday, January 31st 2002 - 09:54:10 PM

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