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September 1999

Name: Iago

Hey guys, Anybody want to do a real review on this "Rough Sex" vid that's being mentioned here? Is it ZFX-type situations, or just girls being made to do degrading things?

Rick, I was re-reading a few of your posts, and wanted to mention something to you. It's very illuminating when you express the things that happen on shoots, particularly when it explains things like the oft-commented lack of a rape scene in Ballista's house. I sensed that you were a bit annoyed by that, especially since the scenes that get mentioned seem to hit pretty squarely on the scenes that caused you trouble.

I think that the people posting on this site have a pretty good handle on what type of movie you produce, what kind of scenes you usually include, and what kinds of themes go along with a ZFX/Shockwave video. As a result, they (more than me, I need to add) have a really good feel for something in a video that doesn't flow quite the way it seems that it should. I get that from the replies you posted, about how you keep saying "I meant to do that, but here's what happened to stop it..." As quick as these guys are to pick this stuff up, they don't know WHY the scene went the way it did. I've been mystified in the past about it, wondering why this-or-that scene played out the way it did, when it didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the film (Vacum was a great example of this). When you explain why, it makes sense (at least to me). I think this observance on the part of the fans is the price you pay for trying to provide plots and storylines in your movies. It's a credit to you, even though it comes out as criticism.

This, uh, should not be taken as any underhanded attempt to get yout to make a really evil goo-filled mind-controlling monster movie in the very near future, BTW, but just an observance.



Wednesday September 1st 1999 12:08:28

Name: Milo

Per: After reading your latest posting, I did visit that "Red Feline" site. It carries only about 4 titles (actually, just 2, but the 1st comes in 3 volumes, but they appear very interesting. I hope you can review the flick here when you get it. It will be interesting to see how this upstart company stacks up against ZFX, the King of the Hill.

I'm waiting for the delivery of several ZFX tapes myself. Boy, I hope they arrive soon.

Wednesday September 1st 1999 08:38:03

Name: The Professor

A couple of notes on interesting postings: MILO: While I am a big fan of Ms. McKay's, I would have to say that "Underland 2: Cruel Dominion" would come in second of your two choices. There are a lot of nice scenes, but all are short and, IMAO, underdeveloped. RALPHUS: Certainly, "coercion" is a key element in this; I would note, however, that this does not obviate the depiction of "forcing" a victim to orgasm. Only a pre- 1970s judge would argue the case that a victim's "enjoyment" negates the coercive element. In many respects, "forcing" a victim to orgasm can be viewed as an additional humiliation and controlling element. I agree though, that what makes ZFX special is that they don't do the usual "S&M" stuff, which is weak precisely because it includes this sort of difficult-to-depict-or-buy-into mental game. Whether or not the victim is gagged is clearly a personal preference issue; I will state again for the record my preference for gags, but agree that a gag can be counter-productive in an "interrogative" situation. It need not be though, if the scene is done well; and while plot is important, I think most of us are willing to overlook this kind of detail in favor of a good overall film. I didn't complain too much, for instance, when Penelope Pace allowed herself to be easily overcome by a simple hand over her mouth in "South of the Border 2." The reality that someone might have taken exception to a lovely young lass struggling and screaming while being forced into a van on the side of the road probably over-rode "realism" concerns in making the film, and I'm willing to accept that. I would also like to second the request to hear a bit more from Lisa Kinkaid (or any of the ZFX girls) about her take on the professional side of this. What does one think while bound naked in these scenes? Are they "into" the bondage scene outside of the work, or is it just work? How much input do they have (or want) on their roles? Etc. Keep the good work coming!

Friday September 3rd 1999 03:21:30

Name: Sonny
E-mail address:

Two of my favorite ZFX videos are "Meanstreak" and "The X- Tractor." I like to see one woman take advantage of another, both physcially and sexually (especially like to see forced kissing and forced oral). ZFX doesn't seem to make many of these (I did see Ballista which was good), and I'm having trouble finding stuff from other companies. Any ideas?

Friday September 3rd 1999 05:52:54

Name: Silver
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Homepage URL:

It is very interesting, as a forty year old woman (no kidding!), to read what appears to be a very honest discussion between men on the subject of what they look for in ZFX videos (and in B&D videos in general.) I thought you might enjoy a woman's point of view. (Could be I'm totally out of line if this is a boys's club. If so I appologise.) While I don't really care about hair color or breast size of victims, I do appreciate good bondage and good acting. (I'm especially fond of a good wide-eyed look of shock or outrage on a "victim's" face. Interestingly, however, if a video is too realistic I get squicked and have to stop watching it.) ZFX videos are my guilty pleasure. I know that they're tacky and sexist. The background "music" could be the most embarrassing part of them. ;) But they really work for me and I sometimes wonder if I'm the only women in the world who rents them. I rent ZFX videos and bring them home to watch with my partner as foreplay. I think that he likes watching me watch the videos more than he likes watching the videos themselves. I'd buy them, but fifty bucks a shot is still a little steep for me. I haven't seen that many - I think the Night Prowler ones were my favorites. Incessant flogging or spanking doesn't do much for me - it's much more about the bondage. Vulnerability, embarassment, humiliation, light pain, breast and nipple play, penetration, that's what I'm looking for. Damsels in distress I guess. Which ZFX videos do you more well versed ZFX fans recommend that I try to get hold of? I'm in Seattle and "The Crypt" is my handiest source for rentals. Their stock is somewhat limited. Also, are there any magazines that I can buy that contain similar material? I'm sure that Harmony means well but "Shiny, happy bondage" bores me. Thanks for the feedback. - Silver

Friday September 3rd 1999 06:55:38

Name: Laughingboy

Thanks to Silver for your input. I too am a fan of the wide-eyed looks of shock and outrage from the victims. Try "Gangstarr" and "Chamber of Horrors" What is the "crypt" in Seattle? LB

Saturday September 4th 1999 01:03:18

Name: alex

Hi Rick. I just wanted to add my two cents worth.... rape scene...I don't remember the name of the video but the blond girl was a good "rape" actress. She was tied down to a weight bench and a long butt fuck scen ensued. She was a real crier.( something I would like to see more in your videos) Another thing that impressed me about this scene, is when the attacker made a point of showing the vaseline jar to the victim before lubeing her ass up. I have a sneaky suspician that Rick rented the video " Confessions of a Serial Killer". If a girl knows she is about to get raped she should beg and cry to her attacker as he binds her. I enjoy the "it could happen in real life" videos more than your science fiction ones. "The Hitchhiker was good. Penelope Pace is your best "rape" actress. She sells the scenes well. I like the very tight cleave gag in her mouth right after the kidnapping, as she is being led into the warehouse.

Saturday September 4th 1999 04:10:45

Name: alex summerize. Please have more interaction between victim and attacker before the gag goes in.( more crying, pleading, and screaming as the gag is being put on.) I would like to see more home invasion stories. have one girl forced to watch as her roomate gets assaulted. The girl watching and in the background shold be screming into her gag because she realizes that she is next. Once in a while it woud be nice if the attacker ties the model to a chair, first thing , and explains in detail what he is about to do to her body.

Saturday September 4th 1999 04:19:36

Name: silver
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Laughingboy - You suggested "Gangstarr" and "Chamber of Horrors". Are they ZFX videos? The Crypt is a Seattle leather-toy-video store. Nice staff. There are some very nice folks that work in adult video stores! ;) Rick - please accept another vote for the home invasion scenario. And especially the "tie them to a chair and tell them exactly what you're going to do to them while they either cry and plead or whimper into a gag" scene. Yum! I've been kind of skimming the posts (some very hot reviews!) and someone mentioned forced orgasm. The idea of a woman being forced to orgasm against her will is VERY sexy, expecially if that orgasm has some dire consequence such as triggering anal penetration or electric shock or something. - silver

Saturday September 4th 1999 07:25:39

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Alex: What can I say? Your suggestions to Rick are excellent! I love the idea of having her tied and told what is to going to happen to her next, while she cries into her gag! Words can be very powerful, and it helps build up *our* anticipation, too! One of the many things I liked about my favorite ZFX tape, "Cheerleaders of Perilous U.", was when Brian Dunhill tells a bound and gagged Chandra Sweet, "That's a chair I made for you. I'm gonna tie you to it, and then I'm gonna run electric shock through your nipples...and down here, too!"

We've discussed the begging and pleading thing here before, and if the actress is capable of pulling it off, it can be a plus. Of course, not everyone who works for ZFX is necessarily a convincing actress, but I'd be willing to bet that there are some, like Penelope Pace and Lisa Kinkaid, who could probably make a scene work better if allowed to cry and beg before receiving their ultimate fate. :o)

Like you, I'm a fan of the home invasion/rape scenario, and I particularly like the idea of having the victim watch while the other one is raped, knowing that it's only a matter of time before she gets the same treatment, or worse! A real hot scenario there! Actually, Rick sometimes shows us reaction shots of other girls in bondage while one is getting tortured, but I think it's more an editing option than anything else.

The blonde girl who was anally raped on the weight bench was Erin Cain, in "Beyond Driven 2: Evil Man". And yes, it was a VERY GOOD scene! I recall that Masters even gave us a shot or two of the cum dripping from her ass after the rapist was through with her. Just one of many great rape scenes ZFX has given us over the years. Trying to choose the best rape scene he's ever done would be a hard choice, but I really liked the recent one in "Forced Entry", where Lisa is tied spreadeagled on a bed [my personal favorite position :o) ] gagged and raped. Might be because I like Lisa so much, too! Who else has a favorite rape scene in a ZFX video?

Saturday September 4th 1999 07:44:06

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Silver, nice to see a posting from a female into the scene. As a matter of fact I was going to post to request if any ladies were logging on and if so to post with their viewpoints a little while ago. Anyways, can't speak for everyone, but for myself your posting is a welcome addition. Definitely would like to shoot some questions at you sometime. We'll leave that for another time though.

Alex, I agree with you in that I think it would be a turn on to have a helpless victim watch as the assailant(s) do a number on another victim first, knowing all the well that something similar or worse is in store for her later. Has the feel of an old movie called, I think it was, "Last House on the Left". Definitley potential here for that eerie feeling that I like (Liza Cord, Forced Entry, etc.).

Per, gotten your Red Feline video yet? Please be so kind as to review it for us when you get it. Hope it's better than my first instint when I visited the website. Don't get all that much confidence when each video is represented with only one picture. Thought's immediately turn to the "London" or "HOM" fabricated dungeon series videos. Not all that bad but acting is usually pretty cheezie and tortures (if you can call them that) are pretty laughable in most cases. I don't bother with 'em any more. The women are great to look at but gets boring real fast. Anyway, will withold judgement until you can let us know one way or the other.

Lord Stephen, was very interested in you post simply for the fact that you mentioned Kim Wilde. I think Kim is just about the ultimate. She's got that lean look that I like! I've only got one or two videos with her in then primarily since I know in a lot of her videos she sometimes plays a dominant, and others are where shes wearing leather outfits and hoods (Both turnoffs. Don't see any sense in covering up that gorgeous face.). Wondering if you can give me any recomendations for videos. She's got to be naked (No leather except maybe as bindings. Preferable no shoes.). Anything where she's hanging upside down would be a definite plus.

Ralphus, I guess you and I were correct in our assumption that the "Anabolic" video was lacking in the bondage area due to the fact that no one has cared to give us a follow up or to prove us wrong. Also, thought you might like to know, just ordered a few videos. Two of which were choice due to your postings of your top ten list and the "Vacum" review (You sold me with your mention of the Lisa Kinkade inversion scene.). Any further suggestions are always welcome (In case you can't remember what bust's my onions, it would be, in addition to inversions, take downs with strangulations, baggings, facials, good chair bondage, hogties, and all preferably totally naked and barefoot.).

For Rick, I know it is probably difficult to shoot, and that would expalin the infrequency of, but I really enjoy outdoor bondage. Including spread eagle on the ground tied to four stakes. Spread eagle on an X cross, wheter it be to a couple of crossed metal pipes, or wooded, or X crossed from a natural split in some tree. Also hanging upside down from a tree would be the ultimate. Any outdoor story lines in the near future? Also, keep Lisa working(or tied up) and we miss Amy and Chandra.


Saturday September 4th 1999 10:31:08

Name: Milo

Received my order of several tapes a few days ago, and I am one happy camper. To All: A while back, there was some discussion about gags, and how it was better to gag certain models rather than to risk "losing the scene". I noted that I didn't like gags, b/c I really want the screaming, panting, begging, etc. Well, now I want to say that Rick should NEVER GAG PENELOPE PACE. Why? Because she is the best actress in ZFX. By "best", I mean that she has more ability to make her torture scenes realistic than any of her colleagues. She screams and jerks at the right moments (that is, in correlation with the whip, shock, etc.), shows great terror in her eyes, knows enough to interperse her shrieks with some panting, etc. She would, I suspect, never lose a scene. So, let's go for the maximum realism, and have Penelope ungagged in her next whipping! (Alex: YOu agree w/ me, right?)

Professor: U R right, U2:Cruel Dominion is not as good as SOB3. But it's still OK.

Per: I see that AvF is also requesting for a review of the Red Feline tape. please don't let us down.

Sonny: Try "Seed". Lots of female-to-female abuse, incl. oral. However, its almost a silent movie - not enough sound effects or screaming.

Sunday September 5th 1999 07:04:41

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Milo, I agree that Penelope is very convincing in most, if not all of her roles, but for myself, I still have to go with Amy for the most convincing scenes (at least for the videos I've seen so far...still have a lot to go). But that's just me. In addition to being convincing she's also got that lean, tight look that I like so much. Just my opinion.

AvF (Hollywood Vampire)

Sunday September 5th 1999 08:31:45

Name: Silver
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

AvF - Thanks for the welcome. I'm glad to answer questions. For the last four and a half years I've run a monthly meeting in Seattle for women interested in BDSM. (http:// The idea is to orient new women to what their options are in Seattle scene (events, organizations, shops and so on) and to give them a less biased intro than they might get from somebody they met through an ad in the local alternative paper. (We've heard some stories that would curl your hair! We want MORE women in the scene, we don't need some jackass scaring them off!) The group draws between 20 and 40 women monthly. The point is, I meet a lot of women that are into kink. Sadly, while they seem to like "erotica" - you know, romance novels with date rape scenes? (sigh) they don't show much interest in ZFX style videos. Perhaps they're more verbal or textually oriented than visually oriented. We've had a "Women in Chains" movie night featuring classic women in prison flicks, but they seem mostly to enjoy the socializing aspect and the campiness of the films. I would like to know that I'm not the only women that gets off on ZFX films. I'm sure I'm not. But then I know that I'm not really a traditional women, either. I'm more of a tomboy. The dykes would call me a "soft butch" in that I'm slightly athletic looking, and I wear jeans and boots a lot. I have long hair, but I don't wear make-up. In fact, if you had to guess from looking at me you would think that I'm a Top. You might find it interesting that when I play I sometimes dress in very feminine outfits and even high heels. ;) I think it helps put me in a victim headspace. Feminine clothes are also easier to get off of me when I'm tied up, jeans are a bear! So here's an interesting difference between you and I (I think) - you like your victims nude and I need clothes to be a part of the scene. A major part of my kink is being bound and helpless and then having my clothing gradually and slowly removed, exposing me slowly. It's especially nice if it's just shoved asside and left on. I really like breast bondage where my partner makes a tight rope bra over my blouse and then unbuttons the blouse and works it out of the way, leaving me looking, as he says, deliciously dishevelled. Very "Sweet Gwendoline" if you're familliar with that genre. Now you see, this is fairly different that what guys want in a video I think. My fantasies don't include many "facials" or come shots. I guess the focus on physical modesty and embarrasment may be a girl thang. I really do get off of the ZFX stuff, but I notice that if breast bondage and tit torture are combined with the victim being tied and stripped (slower the better) in these videos It just has an immediate impact on my libido. ;) Rick has been (indirectly) responsable for a LOT of my orgasms. It's a good thing I don't have to pay by the pop. ;) What fun to share my fantasies with a bunch of bondage and rape fantasy connoisseurs. Let me know if I should shut up. FYI - the word "lady" squicks me. It reminds me of the 70s - an era I'm still embarassed to have participated in. I know that the word "women" sounds femminist (which I'm only sort of), but at least in my case woman is accurate. ;) - Silver

Sunday September 5th 1999 09:44:13

Name: Per

Milo and AvF, I have not received the Red Feline video yet, the delivery time seems to be long... But I will not let you down, I'll let you know what I think as soon as I get it.

AvF, I agree, Kym Wilde is something special. I only have one of her tapes, but it is a good one, "Kym Wilde on the Edge 4". A lot of crying and whimpering in this one. No leather outfits, only a yellow bikini.

Sunday September 5th 1999 03:03:47

Name: scruffy
E-mail address:

My first time posting here. However, I've been watching and buying ZFX videos since before ZFX was producing their own stuff! I believe one was produced by B&D Pleasures[?], and the other [which I REALLY liked]had two parts, semi related. The first part had [Morgan Phoenix[?]], and a lovely lady I've never seen again. first scene was morgan trying to get here grade lowered on her exam.....anyone know of these? Well, I was hooked. Thank you Rick! Through the years I have enjoyed some more than others, but, I've always found something in each to delight me. I prefer detailed abductions, the sci-fi elements, and simple good ol' plots- ones where the ladies really seem to be in peril:):) Personally, I'm not into whippings and the like, but I do realize that others are. So, something for everyone...!! I'll live with it:) If I sound too uncritical, it's because there just ain't anything else like this out there. I'm thankful for all that Rick and the gang give us. And, oh, the ladies.....My favorites? Kimber Allen. don't know why, exactly, 'cause she wasn't the best actress...guess I just love her face...BEAUTIFUL. But, Penelope from her first her expressions.....and she seems to have a GREAT sense of humour. Lisa Kincaid.....getting better and better and I'm loving her more all the time...wish I could affords every single film she's in...ah, well, deep sigh here...... Tabatha Jordan, Chandra, Allison Parrish, Morgan Phoenix,[and who was the lady who played opposite Morgan in Doc Bondage? the Doctor herself, I has a great voice and really made that flic....] Oh, heck, I haven't disliked one...all lovely ladies...and thanks to you all!!!!!! Spinerette is my newest purchase and my favorite part was the opening with Lisa...wish that had lasted even longer.....ah, sigh again. Thanks again to Rick and the gang!

Monday September 6th 1999 11:53:53

Name: Dan Hawke
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Homepage URL:

I have enjoyed ZFX videos over the years. If you enjoy the ZFX line of videos you might enjoy mine as well. Stop by and take a look.

Monday September 6th 1999 01:08:09

Name: Fan
E-mail address:

Just to ask if anyone knows how to easily get ZFX videos in the UK. I have got a couple but they are bad copies and would like to know of another source. PS, keep it up Lisa, you are great

Tuesday September 7th 1999 01:34:50

Name: scruffy
E-mail address:

Yes, Dan! Excellent work! My favorite of your models? FOXY!oowwww.... Keep it up:) And there's Lorelei[aka Kristine Imboch]. I do like her videos too. Jeez, sure wish I could afford 'em all...

Wednesday September 8th 1999 02:54:58

Name: pete
E-mail address:

My top 6 ZFX videos for girl on girl action. 1)Meanstreak Alison Parish uses Sandra Chase as her plaything. 2)The Van Tabitha Jordan dominates Traci O'Connor in a van. 3)The Art of Darkness Part I Lisa Kinkaid completely dominates Cindy Macready. 4)War Pigs IV Bridget Bayonne's first role. 5)Whiplash Jody Adams is one hot babe. 6)Doc Bondage A classic from the Golden Age of ZFX.

Wednesday September 8th 1999 02:56:42

Name: pete
E-mail address:

More highly rated girl on girl videos 1)Innoncent Exile and Disciples of Pain- I am the only one who thinks Diedre Carrera was one fine babe? 2)War Pigs 3, Bound For Madness Part II (Art of Darkness) Lisa Kinkaid shows her full range dominating Cindy Macready. I think Cindy Macready is underestimated as a actress. 3)Spread Eagle and Southern Discomfort Two original ideas for the golden age of ZFX. 4)Seed and Grifters If you like seeing Lisa Kinkaid being dominated these are for you.

Wednesday September 8th 1999 03:14:52

Name: scruffy
E-mail address:

A correction. Drew Phoenix, not Morgan[where did that come from?!?]. And...the other name I was searching for? Brandi Wine. Just remembering the ladies of the past. Should have used the ZFX cast list before writing.... Still am fond of Lisa now a days......

Wednesday September 8th 1999 03:22:30

Name: mamellefan
E-mail address:

Hi, I'm a fan of Tabitha Jordan. Like all my friends, we wish we could see her in a next release performing with horny fat horrible dwarves. Would be fun and fantastic for all your fans Tabitha. Let us know Mamellefan

Wednesday September 8th 1999 06:52:32

Name: Wood Demon
E-mail address:

Silver - Try "The Abduction of Sweet Christine". Although one of the oldest of the ZFX videos it has always been one of my favorites. A rich bitch is abducted, stripped and tied in a variety of stringent bondage positions all the while being sexually tormented by her attacker. Judging by the opinions offered in this forum and the fact that I actually see copies on store shelves occasionally, it is probably not one of the most popular of the ZFX videos, but based upon your statements I think you may like it. It is heavy on believable bondage and sexual torment. It actually incorporates many of the elements often requested in this forum: a consistent and plausible story line; a very realistic take down; dialog while she resists her attacker - terminated by a good variety of gags later on; several very good bondage scenes mostly in high heels (my favorite) but some barefoot; nice breast bondage; a very rare - if only brief - hog tie like suspension; spreader bars; a convincing attacker; and a plot that builds to a logical conclusion. I can understand why it is not popular with many of the posters because it only has one girl, and it has no girl-on-girl action (obviously), electricity or suffocation. It is also heavy on sexual rather than physical torment - which is why I and perhaps you may like it. She is sexually tormented by her abductor using his hands, mouth, and a wide variety of toys in virtually every scene. She gets her fair share of whipping and physical abuse as well. I particularly like one scene where she puts up her leg to resist his whip - and he merely ties it to the side for better access. Personally I feel that both Rebecca's and Nuke's performances were very convincing - in several scenes I would swear she was on the verge of tears. I just viewed it again to check it out - the pleasure was all mine.

Saturday September 11th 1999 11:37:09

Name: Wood Demon
E-mail address:

I would like to add my enthusiastic endorsement of this site. I have been lurking here for some time now and have been viewing ZFX videos as long as most of you. I haven't seen them all but I have seen over fifty and own several of them. I am continually intrigued by the diverse tastes of ZFX fans. On some videos I agree with your enthusiasm but in many cases I like the videos others shun (as in my recommendation to Silver above). To Rick I would like to express my admiration for being able to continually please such diverse tastes, especially while dealing with the limitations and vexations of the industry. I would also like to thank you for producing your line of products - they truly stand apart from the others and for a long time were the only ones I would buy.

Saturday September 11th 1999 11:40:12

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:

Hi, everybody. It is kind of cool to see that this site is growing. I thought for a while that it was going to die off. It is always Nice to hear a variety of thoughts.

Silver, it is nice to hear your opinions and what you have to say. I Would honestly have to say that you are unique in the fact that you are probally the only woman that I know that is into the ZFX style bondage. Curios, have you introduced any in your group to ZFX or are you easing them in? I also think that women are into bondage more than they will admit. In a way it is like when you were growing up and you saw a porno with a group of friends You couldnt openly admit that you were turned on by it. You had to come up with something like you were just watching it for the laughs (yah Right!)Maybe you would have more luck with your group if you divided and conquered, so to speak. But these are just my thoughts and I thought that I would share them with you.

I also agree about some of the stuff that you mentioned as far as the bondage with clothes or with outfits. Although most people who visited this site know that I am not into bondage really heavy. But I do like the kind that leaves you guessing a little bit. I have talked to Rick about the possibility of filming some of my own footage sometime in the future and I would like to go with some of the stuff you talked about, but the problem is that in order to shoot a scene like that right, it would be way too long. Well that is some of my thoughts for now. just though I would share them with you and the group


Mad Dog

Sunday September 12th 1999 06:33:24

Name: alex
E-mail address:

I just had some more thoughts on video suggestions.I just some a "Walker Texas Ranger episode on t.v. . In this episode a strange group of guys invaded a rich mans home and taped the murders of his family. I am very opposed to the murder part of the deal but, I would love for Rick and the Z.F.X. crew to do a home invasion video with bondage, rape, and torture. The video could show the guys talking about, and planning the operation. they could break into a home ( girls sorrority house??) and video tape the capture and fun with the coeds.The coeds should be captured one by one while they sleep. Start of with the victims wearing pajamas (baby doll nighties.), being led around the house, to the other girls rooms and forced to watch the other girls get tied. The victims should be made to look right at the camera as they are being bound. As the girls beg, cry and plead, rick should force them to look right at the camera and ask them questions like ..."have you ever suck cock, have you ever been fucked in the ass...etc, how scared are you??"...I know Z.F.X has done the "look right at the camers and plead scene before(one of the video pirates flicks??), and I found it to be quit the turn-on.

Monday September 13th 1999 11:14:01

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Alex: Man, you do have some great ideas! I saw the Walker episode, too (I understand that show was severely edited from the first time it aired...Wimpy CBS!) and I think ZFX could do a similar type of video and NOT wimp out, because they don't have to conform to a "family" audience.

As far as your ideas, they sound like a composite of both "Forced Entry" and the "Video Pirates" series, and that's a very good thing! (Check my recent Top Ten favorite list above and you'll see both of them on it.) Realism is the key here, that and a convincing show of fear from the victims. If anyone can pull off such a concept, it would be ZFX. They've done it before. Keep up those imaginative ideas, Alex!

Monday September 13th 1999 06:28:31

Name: Milo

Per: Still no word on Red Feline? I'm not surprised. I sent them an e-mail inquiring about some of their delivery procedures, and they never even bothered to reply.

Alex: Why do I get the feeling you've also been watching "Blair Witch Project"?

To All: Has anyone ordered tapes from that "Whipping Scenes in Movies" site? Great concept, but it looks like a real shoestring operation.BTW, does anyone know any good bondage art sites? Good health and happy viewing to all.

Tuesday September 14th 1999 07:08:02

Name: Per


I have most of the "Whipping Scenes in Movies" tapes. The quality of the sequences varies a lot, since Oslo (the guy running the site) gets the material from varied sources, sometimes from third or fourth hand copies. But I like them, the scenes come from all types of movies and since each tape is running 2 hours it usually contains several memorable sequences. Oslo is not a professional in the adult industry, his doing this for fun and because of his interest in whipping. He's a nice guy (I had some e-mail contact with him) and is reliable and prompt with deliveries. Order a tape or two, his efforts are worth your support.

Guess what, the Red Feline tape arrived today! (the delivery time can be counted in months...) I would regard it as average, not more. On the positive side: great setting (medeival dungeon), good acting from Camille, the simply gorgeous girl playing Red Feline. The tortures, whipping and piercing looks realistic. The camerawork is good, this must have been done by a professional. On the negative side: Picture quality is below average. The scenes are too long, with too little variation in bondage and torture. The second girl (playing a nun with shaved head!) is too passive during torture. They also totally miss out on the sexual aspect. The torturer has a gorgeous girl all chained up and he's not even touching her except when dragging her around! I would not consider this video worth the high price. A good ZFX tape delivers a lot more!

Tuesday September 14th 1999 12:24:20

Name: Iago

Alex, I'm wondering if maybe the things you describe could all be put into a terrorist or assassin for hire movie. Does anyone remember Patty Hearst, kidnapped, tortured, and ultimately turned terrorist herself by her captors? Rick did something kind of like it in "Supermax," but I didn't think that one quite connected right, somehow. It seems to me there were a few late '70's porno flicks (Slaves to Love, or Love Slaves, or something like that, Hot Summer in the City, a few others) that had the girls snagged and then brainwashed or broken. Hot Summer had a white girl kidnapped, used, and tortured by a big old Caddy full of black guys. They made a point to tell her everything they were going to do, and the girl broke pretty quickly. LoveSlaves (sic) had a bunch of girls kidnapped by a terrorist organization. They were then drugged with some kind of heroin-based mind-control chemical and used as assassins, seducing and killing diplomats and the like. The creepy part about this was that in one scene the evil doctor is showing a potential client how the assassins work, and demonstrates the technique on a newly-captured woman. The doctor explains everything that the drug will do in detail for the benefit of the client, but in easy hearing range of the girl, who tries to fight. After she is drugged, she is made to strip and have sex with both men and women. It might make for a pretty hot ZFX tape to do something like that; women as lab rats, informed of what will happen, then used after it is done. Rick did something like it in "point of Entry," and I always thought the scene like that with Penelope Pace was one of her best.



Wednesday September 15th 1999 12:54:01

Name: The Professor

Salutations fellow B-afficianados:

Rented the Anabolic entry after seeing the notices here, and for what my two cents count, it is worth seeing for the "other" side of what ZFX offers. That is to say, while ZFX offers extreme bondage with simulated sex, Anabolic seems to be offering sex with simulted bondage. The lack of physical restraints (ropes, cuffs, etc.), as several others have mentioned, makes it less-than-bondage per se, and therefore it did not have the "edge" for which I look to ZFX.

I also noted whilst in the store a new (to me at least) company called "Noose Productions." I mention this not only because they seem to be doing some interesting bondage work (from the boxes anyway), but because one of their titles ("Bound in Hellfire," or something like that) carried the prominent claim: "Directed by Rick Masters."

Well, what about that?! Are you branching out, R.M., and if so, what should we look for in a Noose Production? Will that mean a slackening of the ZFX/Shockwave production pace?

Also thought I might contribute a belated comment on the superheroine-in-bondage notion/debate. My ideal here is the graphics "Blunderbroad" series produced by Eric Stanton. This is very much the base story line followed in "Miss Ballista," but with some of the trends that seem to be missing from the latter but desired by readers of this forum. It is, of course, a "comic book," and therefore can go places ZFX cannot, but R.M., if you're reading still and planning on further adventures, I'm sure you're aware of what I mean. For those who aren't, I'd say: check it out.

Good to see the forum is getting a larger readership, and especially some female input. Perhaps it is time to reduce the length and archive some of July's (or even Auigust's) entries though? My retro-puter can't load very quickly. Do-svedanya.

Wednesday September 15th 1999 12:33:25

Name: The Gimp
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Well, ladies and gentlemen (gentlemen mostly, of course), it's been quite some time since I posted here, so this one's gonna be long. I'm ebmarrased to say this, but Finally, that is only today, I had been able to get my hands on some of Rick's new creations: "Ballista", "SOB 3", "Underland"; as well as some recommended oldies: "Scene of the Crime", "Fair Warning". Here's my chance to express my heartfelt opinions about'em.

"Miss Ballista" managed to truly live up to the hype, even exceed my expectations. It's the kind of film that has "classic" written all over it. Rick, you've done a wonderful job - it's coherent, consitently watchable, great special effects, etc. IMHO, it contains THE best performance by Lisa Kinkaid of all the videos I've seen. She must have really got into the role - I've never seen such fierce enthusiasm in her acting. Amazing job, Lisa! Keep it up! Yet, the opening "home invasion" sequence (still very good), could have been improved by some forcible penetration. I would also have loved to see Penelope being dominated longer at the end. But these are minor drawbacks for a work as accomplished as this. A firm A minus

"South of the Border III" was also quite exceptional, probably the best "dungeon-style" video I've seen in a while. The main strength here is acting - a great ensemble, every single girl is doing her best. Christina, the blonde, is a standout screamer - her vocal/resistance skills could make her a worthy replacement for Chandra. Kimberly as good - watch her literally climb the walls in pain during a standout whipping scene! Kelly is at her usual whimpering best, and Lisa is given a very sexy "full cavity search", if you know what I mean. This is all prime ZFX, the kind of raw shit I'd like to see every time. One minor thing though - concentrate on one victim at a time, don't show the other one, while something else is going on, it's distracting. Also a bit more penetration and, please, more realistic (by pseudo-dicks, not dildos-according-to-plot). Is another sequel in the works ? Again, a solid A minus

"Underland 2", however, was definitely not in the same ballbark with the other two. Except for some nice electric torture of both Kelly and Lisa (good acting, girls) it had little to offer. One of the two rape scenes was plain fake, the other was too bizarro to be a turn-on (and what's with the "condom", anyway). That kind of material should be reserved for Shockwave. A C plus

OK, now about the oldies. "Scene of the Crime" was as good as Ralphus suggested, with a surprisingly good production quality and an awesome, standard-setting "home invasion" scene. The rest of the movie cannot live up to that great scene, but hell, it alone is worth the purchase. "Fair Warning" was more problematic. First of all, way to confusing, secondly - the awful "voodoo" lighting effects and equally bad sound distortion really spoiled the potentially great sequences. I'm happy ZFX moved away from that lately. True, this one has multiple penetration scenes, but they are hardly worth it. Other videos of later dates are better. For classic scenes, check out the more obscure "Hard Down Easy" (Lisa Kinkaid-doggystyle while strangled with her own t-shirt!!), "Gangland 2" (Kerri Downs-oral with a bang), "Blunt Trauma III" (Penelope- oral/anal simultaneously), "Whiplash 4" (Lisa- doggystyle again/bent over a dentist's chair). I can't think of other ones right now, after all I haven't seen all of the videos, any other input on this topic would be nice.

All in all, I was very pleased with two out of three releases and would easily recommend them. Excellent work, Rick! I've yet to see "Vacum" and "666", but I sure as hell will let everyone here know when I do.

P.S. I've also checked out the Anabolic video - it doesn't hold a candle to ZFX - rather it looks like what a crappy line of videos like Bizzare would pull off if they had sex in them. It all looks semi-consensual and not nearly enough gagged moaning or pleading. No "yes, daddy" for me, thank you very much! Rick, if others are starting to experiment with sex and bondage, that should give you more courage to push the envelope even further...

Wednesday September 15th 1999 06:44:48

Name: Milo

Per: Thanks for the Red Feline review. If you get the other tape (Crucifixion?), I hope you'll share your comments there as well. On the "Whipping Scenes in Movies", which ones would you recommend? That Oslo fellow has about 7 titles. thanks.

Thursday September 16th 1999 08:52:38

Name: Rick
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Hello All,

Been busier than a three armed hooker on handjob night! My apologies for taking so long to post. This is probably going to be a short novel, but I'm trying to answer as many as I can. First, I'll address questions and comments questions from various posters. Then I1ll give you my own top 10. Just so you know, I do read the forum every day, I just have a hard time replying due to time constraints. Anyway, here goes...

Sardu: This is going back a bit, but his "list" was so....amusing? Sardu, you will probably NOT see any of the things on you freaky list in a ZFX movie! When you mentioned the blowgun, it suddenly dawned on me...Sardu is the midget sidekick in the horror bondage homologation classic Blood Sucking Freaks, which I highly recommend viewing, BTW. Is there a connection?:)

Silver: Good to see a female voice added to the din! I think many that contribute and read here(including myself) would be interested in your perspective. I will tell you, you are not by a long shot the only female ZFX viewer, I'd guess from the mail I receive, probably 10-15%(maybe more) of ZFX viewers are female, albeit often in a couples situation, but that1s a substantial amount. Anyway welcome aboard and I'd like to invite any other female viewers to contribute as well!

Per and others:Red Feline: A friend of mine who is really into whipping scenes sent me two of Red Felines titles, which I don't recall. I believe these movies are produced in Spain and imported, but I could be wrong about this. I thought they were ok, better than most, great settings, props. Unfortunately, these movies did not do it for me, despite a lot of potential. The one movie, set in the medieval times really was just like a bunch of whipping scenes, and the shaved headed nun mentioned in a previous post under acted to say the least. It was like she was asleep with her eyes open! The other actress, I believe she is in fact, Red Feline, was not only gorgeous, but a pretty fair actress. The goons were excellent. Very little or no sexual content though, just kinda seemed unsexual, antiseptic. Basically showed tit and a little bush. The feel is Gothic, this could be used as a loop in a Nine Inch nails video with very little editing. Also, the dialog is slim to none, and aside from the sound track and the sounds of whipping and the one actresses screams, it is some what like a silent movie. Expect no actual plot, but the setting is so good you pretty much know immediately what1s going on.

The second movie was better in a way, could have been much better but for one thing, which I'll get into in a moment. Its more of a serial rapist killer thing, and its been awhile since i1ve seen it , but i believe a lady goes into an abandoned building, but there is no real explanation as to why, and begins getting off where she(fantasizes) she is accosted and taken to the lair of a rapist. She is whipped and stabbed, and tied in a couple of different positions. They use a neat trick to perform the stabbing, and its very convincing. She is bent over in one scene and appears to actually be fucked, at least the penis was real, but it is not really well lit(and I think by design) so you don1t get to really see much, but I like the scene regardless. The climactic scene, is she is nailed to a cross, literally crucified, then whipped. The nailing while convincing fakery, enuff to make me wince. Good screams and groans throughout. What spoiled this movie for me? The heroine/victim is put in a spandex ski mask for the entire duration of the bondage sequences. The actress is, I believe, the aforementioned Red Feline. My guess is there was a reason for this, either she was concerned at that point about being identified, or it was done to hide something. Aside from that, it was both creepy and convincing.

In both of these movies, the editing was tight, the lighting done by someone who has a clue, though I would categorize it as moody with a lot of shadow. Also, they were fairly well shot, though I believe most of these movies were shot with an air camera man, ie. on a tripod. Not necessarily a bad thing though. This company has a lot of potential, but they ain't quite there yet. More graphic sex with better lighting, more variety of positions and torture(particularly the first movie), and a little dialog and the would be much better. IMHO, this is not good movie to curl up to with your best 5 fingered friend....

Ginor: No plans to shoot Christina Anderson or Michelle Fontaine a this time.

Noose Video: I'm not familiar with them, but I think you might be talking about Rick Savage, I think its his company(correct me if I'm wrong). There is also another Rick Masters, a mainstream porno guy, no relation to me. I definitely don1t work for them(Noose), or anyone else but ZFX/Shockwave, ie. myself. Course, you throw enough money at me, well, hehe....Have worked in the past for Bizzare Video and Bonvue, but at least 10 years ago when I was a rookie.

Iago:Hey, I remember Patty Hearst. Symbionese Liberation Army. On the cover of News Week with a Carl Gustov slung on her shoulder in front of the SLA flag. Oh yeah! Skin tight pants and shirt and that beret....very hot stuff. In case you are not old enough to remember, Patti was the heiress to the Hearst Publishing empire, her daddy(or some relation, granddad?), I believe was William Randolf Hearst, was a news paper mogul who controlled many of the nations newspapers(and still may, at least the company may). She was abducted and brain washed by the above mentioned group, basically a black militant/pseudo communist group who sought to steal from the rich and give to the poor...literally. They used rape, sleep deprivation, isolation and other torture techniques to break the poor little rich girl down. Patti was held for a large ransom(2,000,000.00?) that was to be distributed to the poor, and they forced (the Hearst family) to do public food distributions to the poor. I don't know whether the ransom was ever paid.The SLA eventually turned patti into a bankrobbing SLA poster child shortly before the group was either killed or imprisoned after a shootout with police. There was a main stream movie about it, pretty good bondage not terribly graphic, good abduction scene. Anyway, definitely like that scenario and have plans to do something along those lines.See below.

Alex:Walker Texas Dipshit: Oh no! I saw that episode! I want to hate Walker:TR because of its right wing political overtones and mindless jingoism, but they occasionally have some B&D content, so....Anyway, I like the POV stuff, if the actress is good, its very believable. Extortion/kidnapping show is in the pipeline where the abductee is videotaped to prove she is being held. I actually have part of this movie shot, but I won't venture when it'll be released because I'm not even done shooting it yet. Next year most likely.

You want my top ten list of movies? You will see that the list is dominated by Shockwave movies. Ok here goes, but in no particular order....

1.Voodoo dolls: Just really like this movie. Its a weird kinda supernatural thing but I think its fairly believable, lots of exteriors, Lisa Kinkaid strangled, ass raped with a candle, raped by a horny teddy bear who shoots a huge load on her face as well as being thoroughly used and abused by myself and Jon Obrien. If you like little Lisa, this is valhalla.....

2.Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual : Even better and harsher than the first.

3.Subject 9: Penny Paces first show (natural breasts). Set in the near future, this is a story about a corrupt female scientist who develops a super addictive sex drug, tries to sell the formula to underworld thugs, and after a few double and triple crosses, ends up being tortured mercilessly for the formula, including being injected with her own concoction. Also, the drug is best administered anally! Highlights include a intense suspended bullwhipping, cigaret burning and one of the best facial (cum)shots I've been able to achieve.

4.Fair Warning: Chandra Sweet and Tabitha Jordans first movie for me, decent story, lots of exteriors lend to believability, one of my favorite scenes I have shot is of Chandra in a pink see thru nitie wandering in a lush green forest then surrounded and gang banged by masked hoodlums.Very surreal and we risked our asses to get that footage. Other nine scenes ain1t bad either.

5.Spinerette: Evil Psychic Spider sex on pretty Lisa Kinkaid, Tabitha Jordan and blonde knockout one hit wonder Michelle Fontaine. One of the more technically difficult movies. One of my favorite scenes is when Tab beats and strangles Michelle into a bloody mess. Good whipping scenes. Friend against friend. I thought they did a very hot catfight. Killer whipping, and Tabitha is a very convincing dom IMHO.

6.Machine Head: Penny Pace and Lisa Kinkaid get bored and stroked by an evil homemade robot. Another technically tuff piece, but its kinda cool and its got some humor albeit black, thrown in. Lots of good B&D, and mechno-sex.

7.Cold Metal: This is the sequel to Machine Head. Same as above with the cast additions of Chandra Sweet and super cute flat top Amy Van Allen. Some have mentioned the brutal flashback scene with Brian Dunhill and Amy Van Allen which was very intense. Again, good B&D, and mechno sex and gratuitous cum spurting.

8.Liza Cord: Once again, Amy Van Allen, Chandra Sweet in another supernatural tale of possession and terror. My concept was to make a Scooby Doo type bondage movie. A group of young plutonic friends drop acid end up raping and torturing each other. Is it just the drugs, or is there a darker force involved? Brian Dunhill is the Shaggy character. One of the early scenes features Amy Van Allen drugged and held down spread eagle and cleave gagged then brutally gang banged by the 5 guys in the group, while Chandra wigs out in the bathroom.

9.Seed: I'm a big fan of Japanese anime tentacle movies, and this was a "sort of" attempt at that. Two roommates end up the victims of an alien life form which one of them (Lisa Kinkaid) brings home disguised as a flower. The flower sprouts a pod like thing which attacks Penny Pace in bed and implants a control pod up her ass, using its slimy tendrils to do the dirty work. Now under alien control, Penny goes on a rampage, attacking Lisa in the tub and nearly drowning her, then treating her to some flat out brutal torture. If anyone thinks Penny cant play a dom, I disagree. I cite this movie as proof.

10:Highway to Hell: What can I say, Allison Parrish, a Peterbuilt and Travis Lee and Charger in the consummate psycho-truckers picking up hitch hikers and lot lizards for cross country torture. Allison is arguably the hottest model I've had. Victoria Vixxen, Courtney Bishop ain't bad either! This is old stuff circa 1993.

Ok, that's it. I wouldn't necessarily take this as a recommend list, my tastes in movies tends to run to the sci-fi aspects of bondage, and that is probably less mainstream than what the general viewing public wants, but i just thought i'd throw it out there as per your request.

Ok, that1s it for now, thanks again to all the contributors readers and viewers, it's great to be able to read you thoughts and comments!


Thursday September 16th 1999 12:26:58

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:


As "666", the latest from ZFX opens, we see two members of a satanic cult discussing their mission: to find two girls suitable for impregnating the Devil for his conquest on earth. Hmmm...sounds like a dandy plan!

So, to start with, chesty blonde Christina Anderson is attacked in her home by a hooded figure, swiftly tape- gagged and bound with thumbcuffs behind her back, and led out struggling. She is taken to a dungeon, has her mouth filled with a ball gag, and is tied standing with her arms above her. Her captor fondles her and cuts off her top, exposing her big breasts, and hoists her one leg off the ground, so she is left teetering on one leg. He leaves her there and heads off. Nice job; one down, one to go!

Dark-haired beauty Kimberly Noble is next. She is grabbed by two hooded figures upon exiting the bathroom. She is quickly cuffed and held fast by a strap tied around her neck and pulled up high in the bathroom. She is strap- gagged, stripped and foldled, then lifted up and carried out. Once back at the dungeon, she is stripped further and given more of the same treatment, finally strangled with a strap until she loses consciousness.

The next scene is my favorite. Kimberly is hung naked upside-down with her legs spread, hands behind her, and strap-gagged. Not content with how she looks, her captors decide to freshen up her her skin with some nice red slashes, as she is whipped savagely by both men, and the tortured Kim screams loudly. They add to her suffering by adding clothespins to her pussy lips and snappy mousetraps to her nipples, tie them onto her body and leave her hanging. "Don't leave meeee! Help meeee!", she wails through her gag. All I can say is Wow! Hot stuff!

Back to Christina. Her captor unties her and forces her to change clothes and put on a bustier, garter belt and stockings and put her hair down. There really doesn't seem to be a reason why, other than for our enjoyment, because it sure makes her look sexy! And what goes better with a garter belt and stockings but a ball gag? :o) The struggling girl is fondled some more, but makes too much noise, so she is shut up by slamming her head into a wall! When she comes to, she is tied standing against the wall, whipped across the tits and then has the end of the whip stuffed in her pussy. I must say, Christina is quite the screamer! Using a different whip, he whips her ass and back, then ties her again to standing on one leg, removes her panties and whips her pussy. Quite harsh stuff, but then he's doing the Devil's work! :o)

Next scene has Christina tied standing to a platform, gagged with a trainer. He approaches with two candles, and proceeds to drip hot wax on her big tits and pussy. A little hard to see, and one complaint I have about trainers is that they obscure too much of the girl's face, which sort of cuts down on the enjoyment, for me anyway.

This is followed by another scene with Christina, as she is now tied spreadeagled against the wall, ballgagged and still helplessly squirming. The hooded captor paints a pentagram across his victim's chest, and improves the picture a little more by adding clothespins to her nipples and pussy. The ubiquitous dildo-sucking scene is next, but it's taken another level when he supposedly stuffs the entire 10-inch dildo down her throat (Right!) and leaves it taped in her mouth. Not real believable, but she still looks hot all spread out with that tape on her mouth.

Let's not forget Kimberly. She is tied standing to a platform, with a unique rope gag that ties her tongue so that it's sticking out of her mouth. Wires are taped to her tits and more wires are hooked up to her pussy lips, so she's a pretty sight indeed. The switch is pulled and the suffering girl is jolted repeatedly with electricity, shaking violently until she can take no more, and the men, apparently satisfied, walk off and leave her hanging limply.

The last very short scene is a computer-generated animation of what appears to be the devil raping a girl. Not sure. The series will be continued.

While not quite classic ZFX, there are several hot scenes in this tape, and it flows with a nice intensity. For fans of Lisa Kinkaid, she makes only a brief cameo here, right at the beginning, and has no bondage scenes, but nonetheless extends her streak by appearing in her 97th consecutive ZFX video. (Okay, I'm exaggerating!) It's Kimberly and Christina, the two Minnesota talents, who prove quite worthy in capturing that ZFX magic, and this tape suceeds very well. My grade: B

Thursday September 16th 1999 12:31:56

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Hey Rick, nice post. You sent yours in right when I sent mine in. An interesting Top Ten list...You definitely go for the sci-fi slant! Well, as long as you keep making more realistic type of tapes, feel free to give us more of the "weird shit" along with it. One of the great things about ZFX is the variety you offer.

Now I have to correct you on one very important point. In the classic twisted S&M horror flick, "Bloodsucking Freaks", Sardu was the guy who ran the Theatre of the Macabre. The midget sidekick was Ralphus!!! Ralphus, dammit! :o)

Thursday September 16th 1999 03:11:45

Name: Iago

Rick, thanks for the post. I've been watching ZFX since around '93 or '94, and ZFX are pretty much the only bondage/S&M films I go for since then. I'm also happy to hear you are so busy, since it probably means more goodies coming our way before too long.

My top ten list, in no particular order would be:

1: Point of Entry (Subject 9 Part 2): The part where Penelope gets shot up with her own concoction, and gives a great performance. A little sci-fi, a lot of torture, and a good pleading scene as "Mr. Ring" taunts her with the information that he's about to dose her up with her own drug.

2: Cold Metal/Rage against the machine: This series is one of the few ever made that seemed to just get better as it went. Amy Van Allen was great in Cold Metal, Chandra and the beautiful blond whose name I can't remember were great in Rage. Horney robots, hot babes, mind control, and a helpless professor. Groovy.

3: Alien Probe. This has to be the best psychological movie I've seen Rick do. Holly Weston is broken down in careful steps, forced to endure torture, degradation and finally rape by an evil alien. The second one was also good, mostly because Darby Fox was terrific in it.

4: Liza Cord: Amy is great first in her gang-bang scene (it never really looked like a rape to me, since she was smiling all the way through it), then in her later scene where Chandra and the notorious bearded guy (whose name I also can't remember, though he's pretty good, and funny)are torturing her. Chandra also puts in one of her best performances, flipping out on a bad trip and then turning into a psycho demon-woman when she goes after Amy.

5: Doc Bondage. This was not as intense as a lot of other ZFX, but the plot worked, the women doctors were deranged and horny, and the scenes were all good.

6: Fair Warning. Tabitha Jordan was great in this movie, and the film itself offered a little bit of everything ZFX is good at: Rape, torture, hot chicks and a hot outfit for Tabitha, supernatural things and good bondage, and a healthy dose of torture. This is the movie that made sure I'd always check out Shockwave.

7: Guinea Pigs. Alison Parish did a great job here, begging, pleading, moaning, gagging, and generally looking just as hot as she always did.

8: Xtractor. The whole movie didn't actually appeal to me, but Alison's performance on the Xtractor machine was terrific.

9: Bound for Madness. Another sort of psycho-drama, with some very wierd shit thrown in on the side. Was it Lisa MacReedy in this? She was very good in this, and Lisa, in a break from her usual self, proved a surprisingly wicked dom.

10: The dentist. This one doesn't seem too popular, but it was funny, and the scene with Lisa in the chair was great.



Friday September 17th 1999 12:45:27

Name: Per

Rick; I agree with your opinions about "Red Feline and the Inquisitions". I have not seen the crucifixion tape, though. I don't know if they are made in Spain, but the dialogue in the film is in French and so are the people behind the company, Camille Dukas aka Red Feline, JJ (the torturer) and Margot Chevalier (director and producer).

Milo; Which WSIMD tape? Tough choice, each tape contains at least a couple of memorable scenes. Briefly looking through the description of the contents, I would vote for no II, III and IV, but ask me another day and I might have a different opinion. I have not seen no VI, though.

Friday September 17th 1999 12:08:40

Name: dish
E-mail address:

finally, a sight to look to before finding a tape, that may be great, or a complete failure.

Friday September 17th 1999 02:05:24

Name: JAKE (The Lurker)

I was content with lurking again until Rick mentioned "Blood Sucking Freaks". I agree, this movie is a must see - a classic. I last saw it many years ago, and I think it was the first movie I ever saw with the bondage/torture theme. It was probably the beginning that led me up to ZFX today.

Recent Rental: Voodoo Dolls 2: Very Good. Exceeded expectations. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. SILVER: This movie had one seen that appeared to be going for the forced orgasm of the victim. Lisa is tied in a crouched position with some sort of vibrating objects dangling over her pussy. My favorite part was Lisa tied to a "T" and Rick fondling her while she pleaded without the gag. Glad to see there are others out there who prefer less gagging and more begging and screaming.

Recent Rental: Phantacide Peepshow 2. A mixed bag, but with two outstanding scenes. Amy gang raped. Chandra tied up by the neck and fondled. Need I say more! I can't put my finger on it, but something about Penny's scenes just did not do it for me in this tape, and she had a lot of scenes. I give it a 6 out of 10

Go get blood sucking freaks!

Back to lurking........


Saturday September 18th 1999 03:51:32

Name: The Gimp
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hey Rick!

My apology for seemingly knocking your "Shockwave"/ sci-fi line.I gave you the wrong impression. I actually think that a cool sci-fi based plot and campy dialogue can greatly improve the overall quality of the film, making it far more watchable and entertaining. I really enjoyed the "machine" trillogy with its funny variation on the Frankenstein theme, and the "alien probe" series were also quite a standout. However, a fine line will always exist between pure cult horror and a pure, arousing s'n'm flick. It's very tricky to sucessfully combine the two, but it can be done. To me, the two most important factors that would make any Shockwave feature better are A) Timing and B)Clarity.

Let's say an average tape length is 40 minutes. Throughout that time, the plot should be fused with the actual "core" scenes to such an extent that all filler is eliminated. "Cold Metal" of the machine trilogy was a good example of that - a nice exposition, a flashback, and then an extended core scene, ending with a great exchange between the Professor and his creation. (the only problem was that the actress playing the victim was not nearly vocal enough - someone like Penelope or Christina Anderson in that role would have raised the quality up at least two or three points)

Another very important aspect of a grade "A" Shockwave film would be the coherence of special effects. IMHO, the special lighting and audio effects should not detract from the overall enjoyment of the video. "Fair Warining" had a lot of potential - great acting from both girls, interesting storyline, BUT what ruined it for me were the constant bright flashing and the echo effect of the vocals - simply didn't let me be sufficietnly aroused by the proceedings. If the sound and video were more naturalistic, "Fair Warning" could have been one of my favorite ZFX productions

So what I'm saying is not that sci-fi angle is bad, it's just that in order for it to be perfect, it has to operate by similar principles the rest of ZFX does - the weirdness must come from the plot and not from the sound and video quality. Under no circumstances should the sounds a girl makes be distorted or drowned out by music. BTW, I would definitely have to agree with Ralphus's point about gagging - if a girl is not a proven, established actress, she's better off gagged. Few things are sexier than a gagged reaction to torture or penetration, and videos like "SOB 3"continue to deliver these kind of goods.

Well, that's it for now. A reminder for newcomers: be sure to check the archives. And be sure to adress any comments to

Monday September 20th 1999 09:44:11

Name: Howie

I have two quick questions that I hope someone can answer. When is the main site going to be updated again, and when will a new crop of videos be coming out.

Tuesday September 21st 1999 09:13:38

Name: Howie

O ya, thanks in advance, and sorry I forgot to put a question mark on the end. I hate it when I do shit like that. (^_^)

Tuesday September 21st 1999 09:17:18

Name: alex

..Hey Rick; I just viewed "Mexican Jailhouse Torture". Both actresses scremed and pleaded magnificently. Am I the only one who recognized your tribute to "Tourist Trap" (a 1980's H.O.M. video), or am I just getting senile??

Wednesday September 22nd 1999 11:38:38

Name: ManInBlack

So what you can tell me about the next set of ZFX releases that are currently in production. How many? What types of movies? Any girl/girl domination stuff? Thanks

Wednesday September 22nd 1999 04:33:14

Name: Satan

Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of ZFX video. I think that Rick has offered some fantastic films in this genre which are second to none. Now let me get to my point. The problem I have is that perfect scenarios with beautiful captive women are often wasted. An example would be Toolbox Abductions. In this film, the lovely Chandra Sweet looks hot as ever. The abduction scene is good as it builds your anticipation as to what awaits her. The problem that I have is, why threaten to rape her and not do it? I would have had both guys take turns on her along with the whipping and bondage. Maybe I'm missing the point here but Chandra in those shorts and heels would have been a feast for her abductors. What could have been the perfect film fell flat on its face for me. In fairness, I thought Fair Warning was fantastic. A great mix of rape and bondage.

Thursday September 23rd 1999 01:42:02

Name: BBFan

I am in FULL agreement with Wild Bill and what makes the best breast bondage, i.e. make them look like softballs (OK - I am a one-issue guy, but I like all female bondage, especially girl/girl). I am intrigued by the idea that two girls fight it out (perhaps in a gladiator-style setting) and the loser is put through the wringer by the winner. You know, the winner is a REAL BITCH to the loser! I have long thought that would be a great setting for a video, and I think ZFX is the company that could pull it off.

I do plan to see "Drifters", and I do like Lisa (wonderful firm tits, but firm tits are hard to tie up), but I wonder if ZFX could find an acress like Little Oral Annie, who was great in the style of bondage Wild Bill described.

Friday September 24th 1999 03:12:02

Name: BBFan


Wild Bill, I don't know if I've seen the films with the best breast bondage. I own Xtracter and the Misadventures of Lois Payne, but I wonder if you have any recommendations for the best ZFX breast bondage movie - I've seen Subject 9, Night Prowler, Jen's Nightmares, Subterfuge, and Meanstreak. Any recommendations?

Friday September 24th 1999 03:24:53

Name: Wild Bill

BBF, Check out Guinea Pigs I and II. Both have scenes with Victoria Vixxen. GP1 has one very good scene and one pretty good scene, GP 2 has one scene with, as the description states, some "wild breast bondage". There was also a scene in one of The Necklace movies, I think it was number 2, with Tabatha Jordan that looked really good although in my opinion there wasn't enough breast related action in that one. There was tight BB in Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap featuring Margo Feller (from X-Tractor) but there was no action there. I'm not too familiar with the newer stuff so I can't really comment on that maybe some one else could fill in and pick up any others I've missed. I haven't seen Meanstreak or Subject 9, what's your opinion on those. Wild Bill

Saturday September 25th 1999 08:55:21

Name: Sithlord

Could someone give me a detailed review of Doc Bondage? And in the Violation of Vicki Foxx, does Chandra Sweet get to torture Penelope Pace as revenge...wondering what happens?

Monday September 27th 1999 01:10:12

Name: BBFan

Wild Bill: Subject 9 is a must-see! Meanstreak just had a little bit of footage from Jen's Nightmares. I have seen GP I&II (forgot to mention that), and I'm going to see Drifters real soon - I'll let you know about that.

By the way, do you have any favorites from other bondage producers to recommend? Have you caught any of Dan Hawke's stuff?

Monday September 27th 1999 01:42:39

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