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October 1999

Name: TroyAir

I'm new to ZFX films but am considering purchasing "South of The Border 3" and "Whip-Shock 4". I've seen several other bondage films by other companies, including "Blood Sucking Freaks" (campy horror), "Poor Cecily" (good medieval dungeon scene), both "Red Feline On The Cross" and "Red Feline and The Inquisition" (dark and bloody), and numerous HOM, London, and Twist videos. (Tip: For light bondage/torture, check out the "Barbarian Queen" series with Lana Clarkson. Ms. Clarkson's dungeon scenes are the only reason to see those films.) The only concern I have with ZFX is quality - I've seen the thumbnails and they look excellent, but thumdnails don't have sound (of course). One of the biggest problems with Twist's "Hard Whips For Soft Bodies" was that the sound quality was so poor (the other big problem is false advertising - the box art shows Nikki Dial suspended, which never happens in the film). The London videos suffered from: a) a lack of imagination and b) overdramatic acting and occassionally c) terrible music. Can anybody let me know how ZFX compares to these other manufacturers? I like what I see in the thumbnails, particularly in "SOB 3" where the actresses are tied upright spreadeagle and whipped. How good are the whipping scenes? (In the films with Alexis Payne, she always goes light on the whipping, like she's just brushing flies off of the actresses. Be Be LeBadd always gives it more push, particularly in the scene in "House of Correction" with Nikki Dial bound to a rack and severelywhipped, clipped, and slapped - one of the best scenes I've seen). >P<

The Red Feline videos have promise, but they don't really do much for me personally. I'm not into blood, and the RF films give plenty of it. They also overdo the music - at times the synthesizer overplays the sounds of Camille moaning. The lighting is a bit dark and sometimes makes it hard to see, but the effect is nice - certainly an artistic touch by people who care about how a shot looks. However, I _do_ like to see the actresses sweat, as it makes the scenes more believable, like they're really being exerted by the torturer. If they ain't sweatin', they ain't workin' :) For this reason, I'm looking forward to both "SOB3" and "WhipShock4", as the actresses seem to really work up a shine during the whipping ("SOB3") and electroshock ("WhipShock4"), according to the thumbnails.

>P >P< While I'm at it, I'd like to suggest one thing for this website. How about having an interview with Lisa Kincade or one of the other actresses? I think it'd be interesting to hear about how they got into making ZFX films, what its like on the set, working with the other actresses, the crew, different areas, and how much input does she have on the script, etc.



Friday October 1st 1999 01:05:35

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Sithlord: It's been too many years for me to remember many details about "Doc Bondage", but basically it's a precurser to the "Guinea Pigs" series, except with an all-girl cast. Among the bondage babes is Sierra Stuart, one of Rick's cutest performers ever, IMO, and there are some good scenes of her and others tied up and having some sort of serum forced down their throats. It was some real nice footage, and I remember liking this one (and all the following Guinea Pigs tapes, for that matter).

In "Violation of Vikki Fixx", the story takes place right after "Cheerleaders of Perilous U." ends. Chandra gets untied by Brian Dunhill and the two of them spend the whole video getting their revenge on Penelope Pace. I remember one particular cool scene where Chandra beats up Penelope by smacking her over and over in the face, bloodying her up, and her next scene she sports a nice purple bruise which looked pretty exciting. Don't remember everything they did to her, but there was some electrical shock on a bike and whipping in at least one scene. It was a decent vid, but a bit of a letdown after the original. When you have near classic masterpiece, it's hard to top yourself. Part of it is personal though, since I much prefer to see Chandra as the victim!

TroyAir: I like the idea of the interview with Lisa Kinkaid or another ZFX actresses, but how would you do that in a discussion forum? What, send her a questionnaire? I personally would love to hear the inside poop about her and other ZFX performers, but unless they post and volunteer that information, I'm not sure how it would be possible. Anyone have any ideas?

Friday October 1st 1999 06:13:57

Name: Per

To Sithlord: You are correct about "The violaton if Vicki Fox", Chandra Sweet tortures Penelope Pace as a revenge with the help of Brian Dunhill.To TroyAir: ZFX films are definately more realistic than e.g. HOM and London. (I second your comment on Ms. Paynes whipping techniques!). More action (manhandling, struggling), more realistic tortures. When HOM and Londons suffers from poor acting, ZFX seems to put some effort into getting performers that can act good in the torture scenes. The dialogue parts sometimes leaves more to be desired, but who cares... Tecnical quality is usually good to very good, especially in recent productions. They use background music sometimes, but usually not during the torture scenes. SOB 3 has some great whipping scenes, especially the one with Kimberley Noble suspended on the wall, she is a great performer. Lots of realistic screaming and squirming in this scene. This video should be a good choice if you want to get introduced to ZFX.

Saturday October 2nd 1999 11:36:51

Name: Sardu
E-mail address: soon

I've been away from the list for a month so please pardon my catching up on a few issues. Rick, Glad you liked my Top 5 list from 15August . I intended it to be humorous, but then again... ;) Sardu was the theater-owner/lead antagonist in Joel Reed's classic "Bloodsucking Freaks". Ralphus, as pointed out by my inspiration Ralphus 44, was Sardu's dwarf henchman. I mentioned the blowgun merely as part of a sarcastic aside to the chloroform fanatics on the list, but it would be a good tool to use in your vids. A blowgun might very well have been used by Ralphus in "'Freaks" (been a long time since I've seen it). BTW: There was supposed to have been a sequel to "Bloodsucking Freaks" that went direct to video within the past 5 years or so--has anyone ever seen this? No doubt it is only a pale shadow of the original... The only likely solution to showing bondage with penetration is to get an actress who is physically talented enough to realistically act out a scene where she is secured by ropes, snares, tentacles, whatever that are or quickly become INVISIBLE. It would seem to be difficult for some jackass of a crusading prosecutor to suggest that the model/actress was coerced in such a scene. Would like to hear your thoughts on this. Most sorry to hear Michele Fontaine is gone, never to return. Gorgeous girl and a better actress than many of her peers. I guess she's doing art films in Europe by now. Lastly, I think it is time for a ZFX comic book. The mind boggles at the possibilities. Silver, Great to see more women ZFX fans on the list. I too look forward to hearing more of your perspectives on things ZFX. Gimp, Thanks again for the great list.

Sunday October 3rd 1999 01:43:21

Name: TroyAir

I guess I should ignore the "Unable to connect to server" error messages and just trust in the network :)

If I were to interview Lisa Kincaid (or any female performer in the movies for that matter) I'd ask:

a) How did you get started in the ZFX films?

b) What do you do to prepare for a film?

c) Of the films you've performed in, which would you consider to be your best work?

d) Which would you consider to be your most difficult scene(s)?

e) How much input do you have in making a shot/a film/a script?

f) When not making films, what else do you do for a living - acting, dancing, clerical, student, sales, etc.?

g) What scene would you like to shoot or re-shoot?

h) Do you plan to ever try making your own films some day?

and finally...

i) If you weren't acting, what would you rather be doing (i.e. what would be your dream job. Us guys usually say "astronaut, cowboy, pro athlete, rock star, king of the world")?

I went ahead and ordered "Whiplash 4: Whip-Shock" and "SOB3: Mexican Jailhouse Torture" as they had the most promising thumbnails on the official ZFX site and interesting plots described on the Fantasyfood.Com site.

Someone had mentioned an interest in a medieval torture film. I'd have to concur. I'd like to see something along the lines of the Inquisition involving a rack, whipping, pincers, hot poker, and of course lots of sweating, squirming, and struggling. Might be interesting to try an outdoor bondage scene involving crucifixion, like an actress tied to a cross in the woods and tortured with a hot poker.

Someone else had mentioned doing a scene where an actress is suspended upside down and dunked in water. I think that would be a bit difficult to pull off, as water has a tendency to run up your nose when you get inverted. You'd have to be very careful about how long the actress remains in the water and how much time you give her to recover between dunkings. Still, maybe it could be incorporated in the medieval torture concept.

Good luck,


Monday October 4th 1999 07:40:13

Name: TroyAir

Since I brought up the idea of a medieval film involving a rack, I might as well follow-up on the idea.

A company based in Georgia (USA) named Hidden Pleasures (, last time I checked) specialized in a) making bondage equipment and b) selling videos and photo cds of the models demonstrating the bondage equipment. One of the things they made was a wooden rack. According to the videos I got, the actresses ankles would be bound to the bottom of the rack by ropes and her wrists would be bound to the axle. The windlass was a simple toothed gear, such that the axle could rotate clockwise and lock, leaving the victim stretched. By lifting a lever that slid along the gear, the axle could be unlocked. Its much simpler than I just described, trust me.

Anyway, what I thought was interesting about the rack was that the axle could be turned by either another actress or by attachment of a weight to a piece of rope hanging from the axle. Attaching the weight caused the rack to tighten by itself whenever the bound actress moved. So, once the actress got a bit of tension on her body, if she relaxed too much or moved too much the axle would tighten, one gear at a time. Most devilish.

In the film "Barbarian Queen" with Lana Clarkson, she's attached to a rack and tortured with a needle that pricks her nipple. According to the torturer, "everytime you move, the machine gets tightened, so you don't want to move any more than you have to!" Naturally the needle drops down and pricks her a few more times. Now, since this was a mainstream "B" movie, the producers never really got too extreme, but I thought it was an interesting concept. And then I saw the rack at and the ZFX movies and I got to thinking "hey, wouldn't it be interesting if ZFX did a medieval torture film, where Lisa Kinkaid is bound to the rack and tortured with a needle or hot poker, and each time she flinches, the axle tightens just a little more...." Now, I'm not into snuff or blood, so I figured after awhile Lisa could just pass out and then when she awoke she'd find herself bound spreadeagle and whipped. Or something like that.

As for the Hidden Pleasures videos, filming is definitely not their forte. The camera work is terrible - the subject is whited out because they didn't set the iris/f-stop correctly. Forget about sound quality - we're talking "America's Funniest Home Videos" here. The actresses are uninspired and aren't very attractive either. And they all speak with the same Southern Georgia accent, which may or may not appeal to you. I think the videos they make are just an afterthought to the bondage equipment business.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I think a crucifixion scene might be interesting. There aren't that many companies out there doing it and its such an easy bondage shot to fake.

And lastly, three cheers for actresses who keep their breasts natural. Big or small, I like 'em "au natural". Besides, there was no silicone in the Dark Ages :)


Monday October 4th 1999 02:43:31

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Hello to all.

Been unGodly busy as of late! a couple of things I want to throw out for disscusion...some replies and continuations to older postings.

First of thanks to Per for the tip on the Kim Wilde video. Will probably pick it up some day soon. Any other suggestions for other videos which cater to my taste would be welcome also.

To continue on an old topic of clothing or costumes. I personally prefer the woman to be totally naked but that just means as the final product so to speak. I think abductions in showers are great. Also like the idea of an intruder lurking in a closet watching the intended victim getting undressed before the pounce. But also like when the victim is tied and where her clothing is cut or torn off. I think this can be a difinite turn on. In fact a scene I'd like to see is where a female executive, dressed to kill for the business world (not talking of the typical secretaries outfit here), is abducted, tied while clothed, and then having her $1000.00 outfit torn to shreds to where she'll end up completely naked. So to clarify...not against clothing, just as long as it ends up to where there's nothing left. The idea of costume changes really rubs me the wrong way though. To me that's just not realistic. I mean, why bother, there's a purpose this is all going on and to do costume changes is just not one of them. Just my opinion.

Also to change the subject ( and in the heading for purpose for the forum it asked to share problems with the still within the guideline ) from the normal fare. I wanted to get some feed back ( from Silver and any other females reading, also Rick's comments would be greatly appreciated, and of course any one else's voices are welcome ). I Like to participate in the bondage scene as well as view it. My problem is that I usually only participate when in a relationship (not really the relationship kind of person) because of the trust factor. So I don't include bondage as much as I'd like to. I'm usually very straight forward and will tell the person what I'm into but usually end up just flirting with the idea of it's inclusion. A lot of the lady ( sorry silver...that's just what I'm use to saying ) friends that I end up being with seem to be OK with the idea but we usually, I usually, don't persue it even though I know they would probably be OK with it. A lot of times I know they might just be saying that it would be fine with them because I happen to be fairly good looking ( but that's to each individual to decide ) but still don't go any further than just flirting with it. The reason being is I'm scared to death!! A while back when I was participating more I didn't think about it that much. But now...I'm just petrified that some one will, because of not being on the same wave lenght as far as relationships go, turn and accuse that the encounter was not consentual. What defense would I have if there are tell tale rope marks still there. No offense but a lot of women are flakes ( I know... men too ). I don't want to be in a relationship to particpate is what I guess I'm trying to say in a nutshell. I've even mulled the idea of having the party sign a form of consent ( but I know that will go over really well). Any help...input...thoughts....anything!!! Really want to include more often. Don't even like straight sex all that much ( but if it's the only alternative it beats a kick in the head ). Assistance please!!!!


The Hollywood Vampire

Monday October 4th 1999 11:41:01

Name: The Professor


Glad to see you decided to go ahead with the ZFX purchase. I don't think you'll be disappointed -- like you, I searched through all the other producers for many years and never really found anything to suit my tastes. (For the record, I don't think Ms. Payne's whippings WOULD hurt flies, or even brush them off.) Then, in a moment of clarity, a ZFX box on the shelf. Thought the content could never live up to the box -- but it did, and in this case surpassed it. Have never looked at much else since then.

Without wishing to be a brown-noser, I would have to second the notes above: ZFX seems to go far beyond the call of duty in getting actresses rather than just models, and in getting the atmosphere down. There is no comparison.

But let us know what you think after viewing; I, for one, would like to know.

A final question: just moved overseas again (the continent) and was wondering if there are any outlets here for ZFX, or if shipping it is the only option. Looking forward to more viewing.

Tuesday October 5th 1999 04:47:03

Name: TroyAir

AvF: Regarding costumes, period costumes are fine with me. I think it adds to the plot. And I agree with you - when its time to see the business end of a whip, I like my women to be completely nude. I find stockings or undergarments to be a distraction. Seeing a woman in various stages of undress is a strong turn-on ("Playboy's Book of Lingerie" does a good job), but there comes a time when it all has to come off. Sometimes, wearing clothing makes no sense and detracts from the film. As someone had pointed out earlier, in the "War Pigs" series, the ladies are still wearing their combat boots. What's up with that? In order to get their clothes off, wouldn't they need to take off their boots first (unless they cut the flight suit off)? And if you want your prisoner to be helpless, why would you be concerned about protecting their feet? I know what the intent was on the part of the film producer - he wanted to give the impression that they were military. But it detracted from the overall scene. I would think that a torture session inside a tent would've been a better way to get the idea of a prisoner interrogation in a military camp.

As for the topic of bondage partners, someone once said that the biggest sex organ was the brain, and I agree. For me, the turn on is the fact that its a fantasy. I don't think a real-life bondage act would do much for me. Its not a question of courage, but of interest. There's also the matter of how we perceive another person. I read an interview with a male stripper once, and he remarked how, when he gave a performance at female birthday parties he would always be invited to stay at the party after he finished his routine. Without fail, once the women started talking to him personally, it kind of took the wind out of the sails so to speak. The audience liked him as beefcake with no attachments. Once he became a human being, their fantasies were burst, they lost interest, and he felt out of place. I guess its sort of the same thing with me: I like my bondage fantasies as fantasies. Crossing over into reality, where the person I care about is tied up, would be a downer.

And speaking of fantasies, I'm waiting for someone to make a "Tarzan" film where Jane gets tied up naked or half-naked and offered up as a sacrifice to a giant animal or jungle god. In several of the Tarzan films, they've come oh-so-close, but never went that extra step. The idea has popped up in several other films too, such as Jane Seymour in the voodoo ritual scene in the James Bond film "You Only Live Twice" and the two "King Kong" films.

Here's a "bondage in mainstream movies" pointer for everyone: "Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity". The film is a deliberately campy "B" movie sci-fi film that isn't half-bad for a "B" movie. In a couple of scenes, the women are wearing leather bikinis and/or lingerie and are chained up. No torture scenes, but the actresses do get topless at various points in the film and Brinke Stevens has an almost-rape scene where she's nude on a table with her hands tied over her head and a robot holds her feet (the camera cuts away before the act is performed). And the plot is pretty good too, as would be expected since its based on the popular short story "The Most Dangerous Game". See the entry at for more info.

Troy Air

Tuesday October 5th 1999 08:05:47

Name: Per

To the Professor: The only place in Europe where I have seen ZFX videos being sold is Paris. (Please correct me if I'm wrong) I'm not sure though whitch video system these tapes were supposed to be played on, I beleive that the French use some system different from both PAL and NTSC (again, correct me if I'm wrong). Living in Europe, I always ship ZFX tapes from the States. I use, a company that has proven to be very reliable, tapes are usually delivered 5-6 days after an online order is placed.

Tuesday October 5th 1999 12:21:10

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Hello to all once again.

It sounds like the Professor and I have had the same reaction when it came to the discovery of ZFX films. I was getting pretty dissatified with all the uninspired/generic bondage videos out there. Actually had known about ZFX for a while but thought...yeaugh probably more of the same. Then remembered a picture of the cover to Alien Probe (too small to really see very well). Even though I still have never seen that movie, I started paying closer attention to the descriptions of the new releases as they came out. Then finally decided to give 'em a try. ZFX is basically all I'll get now. Maybe a different companies every now and then for special interest...such as Kim Wilde. But other than that nothing really comes close.

TroyAir had some interesting idea's. I like the Tarzan idea ( as Jane would have to be bound outdoors....A major plus!!!!). Tarzan's Jane or Sheena would be good also. An outdoor spread eagle on an X-cross would be great (Inverted even better!!!). A fifty gallon orgasmic King Kong onto Fay Wray would be interesting although unrealistic to preform. But what I think would be a very interesting movie, would be a shipwreck theme. The actual shipwreck could be computer generated and the movie could be staged at someone's remote residence with a large, lush garden...or where ever Rick used to film his other outdoor movies. I guess what would make this so appealing to me is watching all those old Gilligan's Island shows. The things that came to mind when Mary Ann was tied to the stake by some natives. For the movie though, I think it would be more interesting to see what happens to the survivors when they realize that basically, in their world, they are the only people on earth. The struggle for survival, the coveting, the jeolousy, the selfishness, the sociopathic tendencies all come out in different members of the party. This may be a little too much story line for some. But I definitly enjoy the effort ZFX put's in their films. In fact, wouldn't mind a bit if Rick would come out with a third film category (Shockwave presently being the other of course) that would include more developed story lines even if this cuts down on the actual bondage/sex scenes. For those who want more of the former...hey, still got ZFX and Shockwave. For me, I'm lobbying for a third. Just a thought.

As for the bondage partners..."Ain't talk'n 'bout Love"



Tuesday October 5th 1999 11:32:27

Name: JAKE

AvF: On the subject of acting out fantasy:

I used to have a girlfriend where we acted out many of the situations we describe in this forum and that can be seen in ZFX. It was absolutely the most incredible experiences I ever had. My recollection is that I broke the relationship off over something stupid, and now I regret it nearly everday.

For what it is worth, my advice is to have the courage to persue what you want - cautiously, but persue it. Once you find someone that has the same level of interest you do for these situations, hold on to it.


Saturday October 9th 1999 06:08:18

Name: Howie

Could someone, anyone please let me know when we can expect to see a new crop of videos. I have read all of RickÝs postings and can't wait to see what is coming next but I would really like to have some general kind of timeframe go by. I have about ten tapes already and canÝt wait to buy some more. I would really like someone to reply to this. Thank you.

Saturday October 9th 1999 04:45:56

Name: zfx1
E-mail address: zfx

Hi to rick and all the zfx fans.i have a few questions for rick whenever he decides to answer again. 1.when are some new zfx titles coming out.this is my main complaint with zfx.only 5 titles then it takes a half a year to get more out. 2.rick i have a big white socks and sneakers fetish so no offense to nycdom but please keep the shoes and socks on! you think you can do any of these themes? style school uniform with college student theme(like st.marys college)2.female soccer player tied to posts and soccer balls are kicked at her. also some more cheerleader themes would be nice.or maybe a tennis player tell me what you people think or rick what do you think? zfx1

Sunday October 10th 1999 05:39:25

Name: laughingboy

Any word on the new release date?

Monday October 11th 1999 11:10:47

Name: Iago

Hey All,

I don't know about anyone else, but I like the fact that Rick makes a lot of "just desserts" films. Subject 9 had the woman who tried to rip of Rick's character, and the woman who was trying to peddle a drug that would be the ruination of women everywhere for cash abused; Alien Probe 2 has Darby Fox captured because she chases a rolling vial of crack into a warehouse, etc. I still enjoy movies like "Forced Entry," where the women were just innocent targets, but I just can't get into cheerleaders. Everyone does cheerleader flicks. You don't need a ZFX flick to see cheerleaders in any position or situation you want. I'd vote to keep ZFX more on the experimental edge, doing the things the other guys aren't, and letting Rick stay happy by doing what he really likes, instead of trying to second-guess what we might want. After all, everyone on this site added together is like what? One one-hundredth of a percent of the people who buy ZFX? How representative is that?

Ah, well, what do I know. have a good one,


Tuesday October 12th 1999 12:23:09

Name: zfx1
E-mail address:

Hi,i would like to respond to iago by saying..sure everyone does cheerleader flicks but how many tie them up and THEN WHIP THE CRAP OUT OF THEM? zfx RICK WHERE ARE THE NEW FLICKS? ITS ALMOST HALLOWEEN HOW ABOUT A BONDAGE-HORROR EXTRAVAGANZA! ZFX FAN1

Tuesday October 12th 1999 08:20:52

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Jake, thanks for the input! Can relate to your past experience...but not to the extent of the frequent thoughts of regret. More like....sexually, got everything exactly my way. but everything else is like...girl, you're such a flake. Can't have everything I guess...but be nice to find someday. Still interested in hearing other points of view.

Lago, I agree with your veiwpoints from your last posting to a certain point. I have always thought (and still do) how boring and generic the contrived cheerleader video's are (most actresses can't even pull it off...too old or not very tight) but then read a few reviews on the "The Cheerleaders of Perilous U" and picked it up. A lot of great scenes but could have just as easily been incorporated in another type of film. And again, don't care for the knee socks and tennis shoes throughout the video but stll a good video. As far as our input into the forum, I think you miss the point some what. I've inputted scenes I'd like to see but don't expect Rick to be in agreement with all of them. But if they help inspire or if some ideas become seeds for future projects all the better. I mean we all have our own thoughts but sometimes we listen to others and say...hey, why didn't I think of that, or yeaugh, that's a great idea. All of us have grown somewhat from the input of others haven't we?

Now to my thought for the day. How about a self bondage scene gone wrong. Thought dialog for when the roomates are gone for the weekend...a little auto erotic self bondage session. But interupted purly by coincidence by some intruders. Or outdoors with the risk element of being caught if not able to free one's self in time. Maybe cuffed and having the key dangling from a string which (if all goes well) will be severed by a candle after an amount of time. but the candle blows out and our hapless victim is discovers by some biker gang (yes a biker gang again!..OK i like numbers). And in a slightly different fashion...the "just desserts" scenario which Lago pointed out and which I like also.

Well, that's it this time. Keep posting and let's get some more female posters alright.


Wednesday October 13th 1999 08:10:48

Name: The Gimp
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Speaking of relationships, I have to agree with you. It's extremely hard to find someone who's sexually compatible AND would also make a good longterm partner. Most of the relationships I've had, involved some degree of experimentation, but vanilla/softcore bondage was as far as they were willing to go. I'm fairly closeted and have never been an active part of the S'n'M scene, since there was no one to "introduce" me. I would never impose my twisted sexuality on anyone, so unless she was REALLY into it, we just stuck to the regular, conventional sex. Only on one occasion was I able to act out a ZFX-style kidnapping fantasy, but again, it wasn't as elaborate as I would have liked. Games such as these require a great deal of mutual trust, so in a "fling" type scenario, it is highly unlikely that the girl will allow that kind of advanced role-playing. The best short-term fling I had was a switch Master/Mistress type of game with hot wax, spanking, etc., not the darker intruder/violator type. One has to be truly lucky to find a quality submissive who would be willing to play along, and those whose spouse or girlfriend actually shares hardcore bondage fantasies are fortunate indeed.

Good luck to everyone who's searchin'...

--- The Gimp

Thursday October 14th 1999 11:00:25

Name: alex

.Hi Rick, and all others. I have written my comments down regarding what I would like to see in a Z.F.X. film. ( the home invasion scenerio is my favorite). I would like to invite all the folks who write in this forum to read, in depth what I would consider to be a great storyline. I wrote my past experiences with my younger sister and her friends and created what I would love to see Rick make a video out of. Z.F.X. has touched upon the incest bondage before with "Perilage". I know that the ages of the partcipants would have to be changed to 18 or older, but maybe Rick could consider something loosely based on this story of mine. Anyhow, I would enjoy hearing some comments on this. To read the story go to http://www.the-

Thursday October 14th 1999 08:35:56

Name: TW_fan

Hi Fellows, as many of you, have seen several ZFX, mostly great stuff. Loved Night prowler, SOB and others. But I also love a nice HARD Tit Whipping and REAL tight Breast Bondage. Then I unfortunately have to look for other vids than ZFX. I assume you guys do the same. Therefore asking you for some help on this great forum: lets start a Đbest of tit whipping vids" list ! as a start my favourites so far: Hanging party by SVP Some of the Slave Sex series Galaxy of torture by Rick Masters ! Painslut 2 by RM Hope for many more ! TIA and Chears to GIMP! TW_fan

Friday October 15th 1999 10:01:35

Name: alex

O.K. ...let's try that one more time......http://www.the-

Saturday October 16th 1999 04:03:49

Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:

New ZXF videos

I too would love to know when and what Rick has planned for next time, but we already have a good idea. Here is a prediciton.

Ms. Ballista Part 2, Rick has mentioned this video and we have seen coming attractions in Part 1. Personally I am not looking forward to it. I did not like the first one.

There is another video Rick mentioned about a girl and her boyfriend go over his house to meet his dad. The two men kidnap her and do nasty things to her. This sounds a lot better to me

I think we can count on 2 more squeals to the videos released in the last set. Rick likes to film a lot of footage and then strech it out. Like he did with Video Pirates and Night Prowlers 3, 4, amd 5. Problem is the last set sucked. So the new set except for the above video will be more of the same suckage - is that a word?

At the risk of sounding repeating myself, how bout a squeal to Force Entry?

Two questions for you Rick

When will you update your site?

What were the best selling videos? I like to know were the fans put there money

Thanks for the hard work Rick

Saturday October 16th 1999 01:25:06

Name: Riverboat

Hi folks! Just found the site the other day. Let me first give a tip of the hat to Gimp for creating it. I've been a fan of Rick's films going back to Backyard Bondage and Imagination Unlimited. I have or have seen them all except the last half dozen or so. Being on the edge of the Bible belt, they were a bit hard to come by out here. Finally talked two shops into carrying ZFX and now the tapes are always gone before I get to them. As for the discussion of favorite bondagettes, I have to cast my first vote for Lisa too. Who wouldn't want to have that little cutie tied up in the basement! Lisa, if I have any problem with you, it's that I'd love to see you shaved. My second place goes to Allison. My third place would probaly be something of a shocker as it is Julia Kara; I think because she looked a little older than the typical coed age cupcake (OK, so I'm probably showing MY age). Honorable mention would probably go to Kerri Downs (sans Nick). I would love to see Rick do a stalker film, in fact I think it would be great if he could film it as though it was through the stalker's eyes (I know Rick, I suggested it years ago and you still haven't used it). Maybe pick out some beauty at a beach and watch her tan for a few minutes, then follow her home and proceed with the story. I'd also love to see one of the girls do some self bondage and get caught in/at it. Maybe something along the lines of Alien Probe 2, only have it be a struggling model who accidently locks herself in a photographer's studio on a Friday. While looking for a way out she discovers that a room full of bondage devices and photos/tapes of them in use. Finding there's no way out of the building, she eventually decides to indulge herself and make her own video to try to get work. After a couple increasingly complex self-bondage scenes, something goes wrong and she is trapped in her own bondage. Fortunately for us, the photographer stops by on Saturday and finds the girl and her tape. After carefully studying both, he decides to put her to "work" immediately and permanently. I need to vote a quick YEA to an outdoor film, as much of a nightmare as it probably would be to produce. Come n Rick, don't you want to play with a nightvision cam? Well, I've used up my nickel's worth, espeecially for a newcomer. Great site and great concept Gimp. It's also fantastic to see Rick and others stop by.

Sunday October 17th 1999 02:03:44

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Outdoor bondage is the ultimate. Include an inverted tie hanging from the ankles and it can't get any better. A tree orchard would also be a great setting. The outdoor setting, the combination of shadows and light, the basics of rope as restraints. Include the element of danger with the threat of a hanging as phycological torture to go with the phyical tortures. Include a chase down scene (much safer in a orchard because of the uniformity of the trees as opposed to wild brush). Three on one (at least three), ripping and cutting off of clothing, dragging or carrying back to a more isolated area of the orchard (having been caught after almost escaping out of the orchard), multiple rape scenes including spread eagle on the dirt between four trees, would make for a very interesting video I think. Any thoughts or input?

Gimp, thanks for the input. Although I'm straight forward when I meet someone about my preferences I definetly am not into "The Scene",the master/slave (contrived and very uninterested) thing so to speak. So in a sense, other than my past partners, on one knows of my inclinations. So I guess you could say I'm in the closet also.

Comment made by a fellow poster....Yeaugh, definitely like the shaved look!!! That was one of the strong appeals of Amy aand Chandra. Would increase the appeal of Lisa tremendously even though she's already a sweetie!!! (Still waiting for you to come to the weat coast and give me a jingle).


Sunday October 17th 1999 09:43:21

Name: BBFan

TW_fan: Check out my conversation with Wild Bill for some recommendations for good breast bondage videos by ZFX. I, too, am a fan of tight breast bondage and tit whipping. My top ZFX recommendation for the breast bondage purist would be "Xtractor" - the last scene has Margo Feller in some TIGHT breast bondage at the mercy of Allison Parish (HOT) and another woman. "the Misadventures of Lois Payne" also has Victoria Vixxen enduring MANY rubber bands aroubd her tits (again toward the end of the video) and whipping. I'd be interested in other recommendations you might have.

Tuesday October 19th 1999 08:56:52

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Second the idea by poster ZFX1 with Halloween coming up, will hopefully inspire a Halloween horror fest video. A lot of good material to tap from such as the urban legends. Even a couple of good ones from the movie of the same name. Like the one where the roomate comes in late and hears her roomate moaning, thinking she's having a romantic encounter with a male friend. Only to wake to find the truth of what really went on, along with a message in the mirror saying aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights. Or the one where a couple are out in the woods and one leaves to investigate some noises, then later the one left in the car gets spooked by scapping noises from on top of the car, beginds to drive off not knowing that the noises are actually the friend tied and barely being able to touch the roof of the car from being strung up by the neck. A couple of examples from a pool of many to choose from. And with a little bit of imagination, would make great ZFX/Shockwave material. Substitute various forms of torture and eliminate the blood and gore, and I think would make for interesting videos. But I guess that's just the vampire in me.

Also I know I've written in the past that I prefer total nakedness but I do find when a victim is completely naked from the waist down while still having...lets say a tee shirt or bra or tube top on is to me extreamly erotic. I don't own the video and can't remember the name but it seems to be included in a lot of the previews where a pretty blonde is hanging by the wrists, still having her bra on while the rest is naked except for shoes (which ruins it for me at this point). Pretty close to being a selling point for me but not quite. Something about being stripped in reverse of the norm is a real turn on for me for some reason. Maybe just because it is NOT the norm. Don't really know to be honest.

Also am curios when other people developed their liking for bondage. At what age? I remember being 4 or 5 years old, while looking through some superman comix, running across a part where supergirl is harrased by three girls at the beach. Supergirl ended up ending the encounter by tying the three beach babes hair together. I remember getting very new and strange feelings between my legs (basically whacking off at 4 or 5). Just curious if anyone else's interests in bondage began at such an early age.

Comment?, feedback?,opinions?


Hollywood be thy name.

Wednesday October 20th 1999 10:43:04

Name: Milo

Greetings to all. TW_Fan & BBFan: I share the same interests, particularly on the whipping aspect, but I confess that I can't make heads or tails out of TW's recommends. Where do you get those tapes you mentioned? Who makes/sells them (apparently not ZFX). In case you both haven't seen them already, SOB 3 and 666 each have some nice frontal whipping scenes.

Per: Haven't heard from you in a while. Just to let you know that I took up your suggestion and ordered some stuff from Oslo at the Whipping Scenes in Movies site. You were right -- he's a really good guy, and he's got a really interesting product. Not meaning to dis anybody's acting, but Rick M. should ask some of the models to watch the tapes, so as to learn how to act realistically (or in some cases, overact) while being whipped. I was chiding him to expand into a torture scenes in movies compilation, but it's probably not his bag. I would recommend his stuff to anyone who's into whipping in cinema.

To all: (this is a bit of a rant, please move on if you're not in the mood -- I'm not trying to pick a fight w/ anyone). When not enjoying ZFX or other whipping scenes, I surf around for fiction or artwork (cartoons, computer graphics, whatever) on the same subject. The fiction and art is not that hard to find, but I'm a bit concerned because the bulk, it seems, goes towards snuff, permanent mutilation, strangulation, and even child rape. I know it's hard for me to be critical since I collect what many people would label as "torture porn". Besides, fora such as this show the importance of diversity in ideas and tastes. I still believe that, as long as no one gets hurt in the real world, to each his own. But speaking for myself, I hope that ZFX can stay away from anything resembling snuff. End of rant.

Thursday October 21st 1999 11:04:24

Name: Per

Milo, nice to hear from you and really nice to hear that you enjoyed Oslo's videos. I don't know which ones you got, but I just watched WSIMD 7 reccently and it was full of great scenes. I can recommend it to anyone interested i whipping scenes. (For those wondering, I'm talking about the tapes available from A compilation of torture scenes from mainstream movies would be very interesting, I would do it myself if I had the time and resources... I'm sure it would have an audience.

Friday October 22nd 1999 12:37:57

Name: BBFan

Milo: I recognize some of TW's recommendations. The SVP stuff is European - I think the official name is SV Productions (they do get in to some severe action) and are $70 or more for legitimate copies (knock-offs can be found, but I do not condone that). Same with Pain and Slave Sex, but they're not as good as SVP (really severe tying and whipping and much needle action - but the needles turn me off). I think Galaxy of Torture is by Galaxy Entertainment - an outfit that produces a lot of Rick Savage stuff - Pain Slut 2 I have seen, and is a lot of good tit whipping on a good looking model - no tit-bondage, though.

Other non-ZFX titles I have seen (though ZXF is the best) are Kim Wilde Sessions and British Steel by B&D Pleasures. Best tit-whipping I've seen by ZFX is Subject 9 (tied tits getting whipped) - very nice pre-titjob Peneople Pace video.

Friday October 22nd 1999 02:26:54

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Well with Halloween coming close this Vampire's creative juices are starting to flow. So here comes some more ramblings (and I'm sure a few typo's as usual).

I don't always like blindfolds but would like to see a little more included every now and then. Forced orals seem to have a better effect when its kinda awkard, whan she's forced to accomodate but not able to see and it ends up hitting her in the cheek or sliding up her face, and so on. Even more helpless when the climax comes.

I also would the idea of having the victim attcked while asleep. Something real erotic about having an intruder slowly sneek upon a sleeping sweetie, cover her mouth with his hand, and being so starteled, atht she's basically gripped in fright. From there to be tied with her own night gown torn into strips. Panty hose as bindings are also a very big turn on. Or to be rendered helpless by being strangled with her own panty hose until she passes out. coming to later to find shes tied up with her panyhose. Coming to tied and completely naked is also a plus. So anything that would cause unconsiousness such as cloroforms, stranglings, baggings,etc. I like the idea of.

Last part of he rambling for today. Does anybody remember an episode of the Avengers where Emma Peel is tied to sort of a see saw at a lake side. The captors would torture her by tilting the see saw until her head was under water then lift her up again. then put her back under a few more times with each suceeding dunking being longer and longer. I think this could also be a good ZFX addition for a scene wher information needs to be extracted. Thoughts, comments?


Saturday October 23rd 1999 11:27:00

Name: TroyAir

Its been awhile since my last posting, but in that time I've had a chance to see "South of the Border 3: Mexican Jailhouse Torture" and "Whiplash4: The Whip-Shock Experiments". These are the 1st two ZFX films I've seen and I have to admit that my reaction is - mixed. I liked the plots for both films - SOTB3 has 3 women interrogated by whipping and electrocution, 1 other by cigarette burn. But there are some things about it that I didn't like - breast implants (implants just seem so cheesey), slow action filming at the beginning of what could be a very hot whipping scene (this isn't "The Six Million Dollar Man"), and lack of dramatic build-up prior to the whippings. Just nit-picky I suppose, but a bit more drama before the torture would be nice. As for "Whiplash4", I didn't like the way the actress' nipples were obscured by the electrode's cups. Also, it would've been better had the actress been awake when the electrodes were attached, so that she could see them being attached and could react with increasing fear and trepidation. And the electrodes could've been clamped on, instead of taped on, so that the actress could let out a yelp when the clamp bites onto her flesh. I also didn't like the way the film jumped from one scene to another. Focus on Lisa Kinkaid in the chair being electrocuted until the electro-shock is over, and THEN go to the two "sisters" in the warehouse being vacuum-tortured and whipped. And why wasn't the blonde "sister" tortured as much as the other girl? Maybe I should've seen the first 3 installments to figure this out. Anyway, filmmakers usually get better with age (except for George Lucas) so hopefully Rick will take some of these ideas and criticisms and build on them. Happy Halloween.

Monday October 25th 1999 07:40:11

Name: Howie

Why doesn't anyone post anymore? It used to be great to come here because there was always something interesting to come and read. Now everyone seems to have just stopped posting. Have you all run out of things to say? At the very least, please give us some more of your top-notch reviews Ralphus. You have seen them all, a privilege most of us can only dream of, and there are still a lot that you havenÝt given us your thoughts on, which are always GREATLY appreciated. The best would be for Rick to actually grace us (no sarcasm implied) with another posting to at least give everyone something to talk and get excited about. Don't let this forum die from lack of posting because it's way to interesting when it gets rolling to just let it go out with a whimper like this.

Wednesday October 27th 1999 06:33:51

Name: KB
E-mail address:

I'm hoping the forum can help me out. I've enjoyed ZFX vids for years, and I'm getting ready to place a major order. But I'd like some advice. I'm really interested in Lisa Kinkaid videos, and breast bondage vids. Any suggestions on which ten or 15 titles I should purchase first? I read on the forum where Lisa herself talked about the breast bondage in "The Drifters," so that's obviously a good place to start. "Trojan Horse" looks like another winner, but after that, I'm kind of clueless. Any assistance given by the ZFX experts here in the forum will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the time.

Wednesday October 27th 1999 07:22:08

Name: redjesus

More suffocations, stangulations, hangings, cloroforms.

Thursday October 28th 1999 10:48:19

Name: TheProfessor

Greetings once again, bondage fans. And hopefully, you too Rick, Lisa, Mad Dog, et. al.; having input from "behind the scenes" is one of the things that makes this forum so special.

On that note though, I wanted to second the sentiment of a previous poster (sorry, I forget to get names most of the time, and doing this "surreptitiously" prevents checking) -- namely, that Rick & Co. are doing a pretty good job of putting out quality material. I know from experience that you can never please everyone in an audience, but I would have to say from the commentary here that ZFX certainly does seem to have something for everyone, though not enough for anyone.

That last part seems to be a big problem. I know when I was down in the Big Easy, getting hold of a ZFX vid was rather difficult. Only one store carried them (Airline Adult Bookstore, and it seemed they only ordered one copy of each, and if you didn't get it the day it came in . . . I noticed that another poster had the same problem (maybe it's something about the south?), and thus wanted to put in my personal plea with Rick for wider distribution; I know it probably won't help me much right now, but always look to the future.

Second, I wanted to respond to the poster who said he was against trainers/gags/blindfolds because they covered the girls' faces. I would agree that we don't want those pulchritudinous pusses covered-- at least not often -- but that needn't be the case. A nice trainer can accentuate that "wild-eyed look" that so many of us love, and a blindfold can also contribute to the sense of coercion. Personally, I like the trainers best. Query on that subject: what about ring gags, or other such implements which would lead, of course, to "forced" oral sex? Any chance Rick? A quick admission on the subject as well: drooling also does something to contribute to the sense of coercion. Not that I want the girl to drool all over herself, but a slight drool (as from Lisa in "Warpigs4") often puts a finishing touch on. Or maybe (surely!) I am just a pervert.

Anyway, must be off to work once again. Looking forward to reading again in a bit -- viewing seems more distant. Sigh.

Friday October 29th 1999 06:42:01

Name: BBFan

KB: I can definitely help you on the Breast Bondage videos, as that is my specific perversion. Here goes: Xtractor - girl-on-girl TIGHT breast bondage on Margo Feller, The Misadventures of Lois Payne - many rubber bands and eletro-shocking on Victoria Vixxen's big, soft tits, Guinea Pigs 1 & 2 - 2 is better, Night Prowler - intruder ties up VV's tits, Subject 9 - Peneolpe Pace pre-titjob breast bondage and whipping, Subterfuge - a short scene with pre-titjob Tabitha Jordan in BB, Underland 2 - decent recent breast bondage, Jennifer's Nightmares - VV again (with pussy lips clamped to rope to leg spreader).

There are some others, but I can't name them off the top of my head. My general comment is that the early 90's videos had the best breast bondage - they just haven't had the models recently to get into that in the past couple of years. The copy of Drifters I saw cut off before I got to see Lisa Kincaid in breast bondage (imagine my disappointment) and Penelope Pace and Tabitha Jordan went and got tit jobs, so Rick can't tie their tits very tight any more. Hopefully Rick will notice all the interest in this and raise that on his production priorities - how about it Rick?

Friday October 29th 1999 09:08:37

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Howie: The funny thing about this site is that people HAVE BEEN posting, but strangely, the posts seem to take a week to show up. I check this page every day and it will seem as if there are no new posts, then about 10 or so will suddenly show up at once, all from the previous days since it seemed like they had stopped. Why this occurs, I have little clue, but I know the Gimp has told me that he doesn't have a lot of time to monitor this site, doesn't even have a computer, believe it or not. Maybe eventually, things will get better, but don't quit posting just because you don't see any new posts.

Regarding my reviews, all 15 should be available on this site, either on the main page or in the Guestbook Archives section (although I guess the Gimp is a little tardy moving the last two to scroll off the page into the review section. I'm sure they will show up eventually). At this point, I write a review whenever the new videos come out, but I no longer own or have access to any of his older work. I either rented them at one point or sold them off used to someone else. I have a pretty good memory of most of them, though, so I can still tell you in a nutshell what happened in which vid, and which ones I liked.

AvF: Good ideas for potential scenes. Rick used the blindfolded forced blow job idea in the original "War Pigs" with Chandra Sweet. Very good scene, but I admit, I'm not a big fan of blindfolds, either. Maybe for a short time, in transporting the victim to her place of torture, but once the action starts, I like to see her face, especially her expressive eyes.

He also used the awakening abduction on Chandra in "The Cheerleaders of Perilous U." and it was a hot scene as well, but I like your embellishment of adding strips of her own clothing to tie her up with. You must do this for a living! :o)

TroyAir: Excellent suggestions as to how to improve the electo-shock sequences in "Whiplash 4". That was still a very fine sequence, but yes, how much it could have been improved by clamping on the electrodes first! A little extra pain to prepare her for the fun stuff to come! :o)

Regarding crosscutting between sequences, I agree that I prefer to focus on one girl at a time, but I guess Rick does it to be more theatrical, since real movies generally cut between scenes, plus it allows him better editing choices so that he doesn't have to match the continuity in the action of a particular sequence, he can just away to something else. I would still prefer the other option, but oh well, he's the director, I'm just the audience!

KB: Lisa Kinkaid recommendations: There are really too many good ones to list them all, because she is good in almost every tape she's been in, and there are a lot. A few of my favorites, featuring good Lisa work: War Pigs 2 (she gets raped in this), Mincemeat Pie (great chair tie-up, complete with nightstick tied in pussy), Toolbox Abductions Part 2 (chair-tied with forced oral sex), The Incubus (excellent spread-eagle on bed with hot iron torture), Guilty (more rape while tied on a table), Forced Entry (excellent spread- eagle bed rape), Whiplash 4 (electric shock and anal rape), South of the Border 3 (worth it for her chair-tie scene alone), Vacum (inverted suspension and forced blowjob), Voodoo Dolls and its sequel (clothespin torture and electric shock), and Seed (two excellent burning scenes). Hope this helped. I'm sure there are several others who can add their favorites to the list.

Friday October 29th 1999 07:15:31

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