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Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:

Rick, sounds like a good one! I like the family angle too. One of the many reasons I liked Whiplash II was that you had the two girls related as sisters. I am looking forward to the evil dad and son combo. Sounds like right up my alley!

Superhero Videos :I agree that it is more erotic when the heroine has powers. The basic turn on (i think for most of you) is the idea of a woman of power rendered helpless.If she had been a policewoman I think it works on a similar level too.

I think Ralphus likes this video because it does what ZFX always does well, and that is give you hardcore bondage and torture scenes that you can't find anywhere else. As I have mentioned before Ms. Ballista did not do it for me. Ralphus, are we going to get any more reviews from you?thank you to the poster who mentioned other review sites, I am going to check them out now

Thanxs again Rick, and let us know when you have some preview shots to show us!

Sun Aug 1 14:07

Name: AvF

I know ZFX has quite q diversity of female actresses but just wanted to share my thoughts on a couple of types that I would consider to beintersting. The first is a no brainer, the actress that looks youngerthan she actually is. Portraying a victim, let say 15 to 18. The otherwould be one at the other end of the spectrum (well not totally).Someone who looks like an atractive mid to late thirties. The mentalpicturew I have here is someone not tight like a twenty year old but still has a good figure and womanly. As an example someone like Dana Delany in Exit to Eden. You know, someone who is comfortable in who she's evolved into even if not having the eighteen year old's body. Ithink this would be a good victim for a home invasion type of story. By the way that's what i consider to be one of ZFX's strong points. That they take time to evolve things in their videos instead of just a bunch of scene changes and clips. That they put a good deal of effort intodialog and story.

Also a few comments on the video Liza Cord and to continue a little bit from the last posting. What I liked about Liza Cord was the feeling of the movie. It was set in a house and had the feeling of some of those old teenage slasher movies (or for that matter even some ont he new ones's like I Know What You Did Last Summer. The reason I mention that here, to stray for just a moment, is because of a nude lookalike model that looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Rick, you're in the industry...offer her some money to appear...who knows it might be one of her fanatasies. Imagine JLH in ZFX!!!, or at least the next best thing). I know Ralphus is probably correct in that this may not be able to happen but in a sense there have already been some elements in ZFX.At the very end of Phanticide Peepshow II before Chabndra returns to reality there is a shot of her dandling unconscious by the neck from a door. And not wanting to mention a clip from a video from another company, shows a victim cloroformed in the shower, tied up, chained to a cinder block and thrown into a pool to drown. I don't know all the laws concerning what, can and can't be portrayed but just saying with forthought and with "implied" situations, or on the verge of and rescued, could probably get away with it. Any word on Liza partII anyone??

By the way, thanks Ralphus for the info on spacing. Am trying it here.

Sun Aug 1 23:36

Name: Madhatter

I rented "Miss Ballista" and "Supermax" tonight--I would give them good reviews, hell, I must admit, I have seen alot of pornos and these two movies kept my interest--so that says something right there! Anyway, two pressing questions that got my curiosity working. In "Supermax," Penolepe Pace knocks out Tabitha Jordan and excapes (right?) and she takes off while the Zulu guy presses some beeping device and wakes Tabitha Jordan up. This is the way it ends. So, does that mean there will be a "Supermax 2" or is that just how it ends. What happens to the characters is what I want to know. Same with "Miss Ballista." At the end, Lisa Kinkaid breaks free and knocks out Penelope Pace. She then hog ties her and I guess taints her as she struggles on the floor after waking up. She also says something (Kinkaid) but I cannot understand what she says to Pace as she leaves. Can someone translate it for me? So, what happens to Pornogra--does she just wallow on the floor and that is it. Man, that babe is hot--and I would have loved to have seen her go through the same stuff that Lisa Kinkaid (good-looking too) was put through. The scenes for the next "Miss Ballista" do not seem to justify this either--being that there is a new villian.

So what happens to Pornogra (Penelope Pace)????? If someone could answer my questions it would put my mind to ease.....and I would really appreciate it. Also, I saw "Whiplash" at the video store (maybe a next time rental) and it seems to have Tabitha Jordan (the domm in "Supermax") as the victim this time 9would like to see that). Is that video any good????

Thanks guys!

the MaddHatter

Sun Aug 1 23:23

Name: Iago

Avf, I think you made some really interesting observations about "snuff"-type ZFX and legal issues. I might have some useful input. In the September 1998 issue of "Preview" magazine (a mainstream movie magazine)they published a very long article about the observances of two reporters that attended the Adult Video News (AVN) awards in Las Vegas. While there was a lot of interesting material in the article, the part that really caught my eye was the relationship between porn and mainstream. For porn to be successful (and boy, is it successful right now) it needs to maintain an air of unrespectability. It is the stigma of things you can't or wouldn't do normally that draws people to watch porn (and by inference, other types of adult or fetish films). The trouble facing the industry right now is that the definitions of unrespectable are changing, forcing the adult industry to shift itself onto very dangerous ground.

In the '80s a porno usually featured a lot of really, really easy people who just, well, fell down a lot (smile). In the '90s we have "gonzo," which brutalizes, demeans and degrades female performers in some fairly extreme ways. The fact that gozo has become the big seller of the decade shows that the times are changing as the culture changes and people need bigger shocks to satisfy them. It's that way everywhere--bigger effects, louder music, brighter explosions, fancier computer games that take millions to develop--but the effect on the adult industry is to push them from risky to very risky. The article indicated that with the Meese commission (no doubt something Rick had bad dreams about when he was starting out) a distant memory and a democrat in office for 7 years the old rules have loosened considerably. Rick mentioned magazines showing penetration sex combined with bondage, and the Premier article mentioned what they called "Barely disguised gang-rapes." The next trend they think the adult industry will be pushed towards to keep their bad-boy image will be the snuff film, or simulated snuff, anyway. If that happens, it might be the impetus to motivate some conservative congressperson somewhere to go on a crusade that would push us right back to the bad old days of 84-92. I know I don't want that.

Any other opinions out there?

So far as the other, Amy Van Allen was one of my favorite ZFX girlz. She was petite, beautiful, and very expressive. I never saw her give a performance that I didn't like. Liza Cord 2 would be great, but it seems we haven't seen Amy in a while now. Also, Incubus 2 had a scene in it that looked like a cut-out from what would have been Liza Cord 2, had it been published. I dunno, maybe the movie didn't do so well. Rick has pulled the plug on quite a few "To be continued..." storylines over the years, doubtless due to commercial feasibility or model availability. As nearly as I can tell, Rick is acting like a good businessman by checking this site. It shows that customer feedback is important to him. It also shows that he cares enough about his work to explain it, and maybe even change it in the future depending on what the public thinks. Bravo. If only there were more filmmakers who cared so much about their product. The last thing I'm thinking tonight is another entry to the Superheroine topic. I think one of the great appeals of the superheroine in jeopardy situations is that, because we are dealing with super-powers, almost anything can happen. Galaxina was an erotic android, Spandex Woman has an opponent that hits her with an orgasm ray, etc. Exotic contraptions to confine, stimulate, drain or arouse abound. Even in regular comics the women are wearing hotter costumes and getting into more sexually provocative situations lately.Seeing a heroine who has the power to lay some serious smack down on the villain, but who gets outsmarted (usually because she is too arrogant), has her powers neutralized, and THEN becomes the plaything of the perverted villain, that's the essense, methinks.

Well, g'night all,


Mon Aug 2 00:00

Name: Per

Whiplash is OK, not among the best but worth seeing. There are basically three scenes: Tabitha tied to an examination chair getting tortured by Jody Adams with a stun gun. Some pretty good reactions here! Tabitha is then tied in a standing position to the back of the chair and whipped. The best scene however is Tabitha whipping a nude Jody! If you would like to see Tabitha Jordan as the victim, I would recommend Tool Box Abductions II.

Mon Aug 2 12:42

Name: Vampi
E-mail address:

Rick what i was really asking for ( because there has been quite a few death scenes, i can at least remeber 4 or more through out the years ) was if ZFX would ever go the route of total horror, something i thought shock waves was for, a total horror bondage feast, with everything, i find zfx every thing a bondage company can be, the best always was, but i expected more from shock wave, i wanted to see the horror side with the best in bondage as only zfx has done.


Tue Aug 3 00:13

Name: ginor


I was wondering if there were any projects in the works with Michelle Fontaine or Christina Anderson. The film In Their Nature sounds like a winner. I also agree with many other posts that more realistic scenarios such as in Forced Entry are the flavor of the day. More rape scenes!

Keep up the good work!

Tue Aug 3 13:33

Name: AvF

Hello all,

I gatta tell ya...I enjoy the hell out of this sight!! It's interesting to see all the varied veiwpoints and opinions. I really enjoy all the reviews also (Ralphus, keep 'em coming). It's also great to see that Rick stops in every once in a while to check things out. Make me feel he's pretty down to earth. Anyway's, I just got "The Cheerleaders of Perilous U" thanks to the suggestion by Satan (appreciate you info'ing me on it). Thought it was pretty good. Anything that stars Chandra is always of interest to me. I still like "Phanticide Peepshow II" as the best for anything Chandra Sweet has done. And of course Amy was great in Peepshow also. I also ordered "Forced Enrty" and was really looking forward to that one but unfortunatley i received something else (wasn't even a ZFX). Had to send it back...hope I still get it in return. Anticipation is always good though.

Speaking of anticipation. Another thought that I consider might beinteresting is to follow the intended victim with the camera for a while at the begining. What I mean for example, for a movie with a stalker theme, to maybe take some footage as the intended is just going about her business. Let's say, opening shot of her leaving the house as the camera follows. next going to the gym or shopping, to work, etc. I could be wrong but I think this would create a build up, an anticipation, a tension, to what is about to happen. Like I've said before, that's one of the things I like alot about ZFX, That it's not just about a bunch of clips thrown together but that there was effort taken to develop a story line. Any thoughts in this direction? Later from the west coast underworld. And remember...Hollywood by thy name.

Tue Aug 3 22:29

Name: Mr Sub

I agree that a strong story line is key. Stalking, peeping in the window, then forced entry, then MORE forced entry!! BTW, did anyone ever see the "B" film "Forced Entry" with Tanya Roberts? There were some good rape scenes. I like the new actresses and like to see more in the future.I like when they look young and innocent.

Wed Aug 4 17:16

Name: Madhatter

Hey, just got finished watching "Meanstreak." The video store did not have Whiplash 1. Although I thought "Meanstreak" was pretty interesting, especially when the rich girl (Sandra Chase) turned the tables on the prostitute (Allison Parish--she's got a hot body!). Just was not long enough though, I was hoping the lesbian rich girl would really give to her and rape and humilitate Allison Parish. She did do an alright job but like I said not nearly long enough or CRUEL enough.Maybe I am the minority here, but I like the girl/girl thing in these type of flicks. To me there is nothing more of a turn on than when a dyke looking girl (you know the kinda dyke type to the real butch type) gets to bound and gag a cute/ hot looking babe and have her way with her. Especially like in "Meanstreak" when its the REVENGE thing. I really like it when the lesbian is getting revenge on the more fem looking girl. Interracial is good too, like when a black girl or oriental girl, etc. gets to dominate a white girl.For example, I know alot of you here (from reading other posts) like men doing the dominant stuff on the girls and whipping them , beating them, fucking em, and even killing them (don't get off to that, but 'to each their own'). I suggest maybe a future storyline where a cocky, sexy, hot-looking bitch (say Allison Parish or Penelope Pace, Tabitha Jordan, etc.) decides for kicks she will go to a dyke bar and pick up another woman (mainly a butch type, etc.) and bait her back to her place. Maybe she usually does this and gets away with it--something like that for the storyline. The fem girl is like major anti-homo and loves to lure butch-lesbian types or just the plain old-dyke type chick (yall know what I am talking about) back to her house/hideaway/ torture the living shit out of them to make them never want to show there face in public again. So, the fem girl goes and gets her woman...brings her back.....through the offering of sexual favors (hooking up at the lez bar, etc.) and either drugs the butch, knocks her out , whatever and ties and tortures her for awhile (the usual good ZFX/ Shockwave type tortures), completly dominating the more masculine woman.....but then somehow screws up (goes to sleep, leaves, the lez gets loose, etc., -whatever) and then becomes the victim/ damsel in distress at the hands of this dyke bitch who gives her a taste of her own medicine, but also rapes and fucks the fem (what she wanted to do in the first place), completly humiliating her and finishing the once cocky fem by leaving her bound up to be her sex slave, or selling her; anyway in which the original plan of the fem girl backfires and she is rendered helpless at the hands of this hungry lesbian--whoever it may be...

I don't know, maybe a variation of this would be good. Just some food for thought and a little of my petty thoughts on the subject of good lez bondage--the kind of stuff a sick puppy like me LIKES :-)

Wed Aug 4 22:44

Name: Jake

AVF, You read my mind. I was just signing on to this site to throw out the stalking theme for discussion. I agree with you. I think that throwing in a few short clips of the babe going about her business like you suggested would be a great lead into a story. Then, perhaps a brief scene with three guys planning her abduction by studying the stalking material (e.g. photos, route she takes to the gym, etc). I think this might set up the idea of how helpless the victim is and show she can be abducted quickly, without any witnesses.From there, I would love to see them take the victim to a place where they are totally isolated so that they can let her scream her head off and beg for mercy while they torture her and rape her, without worrying whether someone might hear her screams. Also, someone a while back had asked for a review of Incubus 2. While I have only seen maybe 15 or so zfx films, my opinion is that Incubus 2 was the worst I have seen. If I remember correctly, there was quite a bit of footage of Rick in a mask, sitting in a chair, saying something that was completely unintelligible (at least in my copy). If I may give my rating (with all do respect to Ralphus's grade rating, I prefer 1 to 10, with 10 being the best), I would give this film a 2. There are certainly better xfx films to choose from IMO. Lastly, I too enjoy the hell out of this sight. And although this is only my third post, I have been monitoring this sight from the beginning. I guess I consider myself a regular - lurking inthe background.Any other comments related to stalking themes?----------JAKE

Thu Aug 5 04:04

Name: Satan


I'm glad you enjoyed the Cheerleaders of Perilous U. Another Chandra movie you may like is Fair Warning. In my opinion this is one of the best overall Chandra Sweet ZFX tapes. Chandra gets gang raped in the woods for starters which is nice. Later in the film she is raped doggie style with some tight black leather pants on. Her co-star also gets gang raped in a different scene. The tape is like 2 hours long. Definitely worth a look. I am hearing good things about Phantacide Peepshow 2. If anyone can give me a rundown of the scenes, please post. The more rape the better.

Thu Aug 5 11:48

Name: Harpo

Jake, Much obliged for the review of "Incubus 2". I also like the stalking theme, although my preference would be for the victim to be gagged. Thanks Again, Harpo

Thu Aug 5 19:26

Name: AvF
E-mail address:


What'a up you lurker you? What a coincidence? Not only your logging onto bring up the stalker scenario but also the typo thing (you're lookin at Mr. typo himself!). Anyway thanks for your thoughts in this direction and also to Mr. Sub and Harpo for their contributions (Hear that Rick, Yeaugh only four voices, but then again, each voice represents a percentage. Hey, gotta try, right?). Back to the subject. Stalkin...gags, no gags? As for myself, either way works for me but I think I gotta lean towards the W/gags side. This probably comes from what Rick had written himself (at least I think it was Rick...My memory fails me at times.) in that this reduces the possiblity of the actress not being able to give a believable preformance as opposed to not being able to go wrong with the muffled protests under the gag. Another aspect that I would like to see more of is close ups of the extremities struggeling against the ropes. I have a thing for pretty feet (loose the shoes! But then thats just me.) and I love to see a woman straining against the bonds around her ankles. But this would also apply for the hands and wrists. Just every once and a while, for a zoom.

Theres also a favorite tie (maybe not the favorite...but one of them.)that I want to bring up. It's a seated tie (completly naked of course)with the legs brought up over the arm rests and the ankles tied to the back legs of the chair. Hands can be tied in a varitity of ways but I prefer where the wrists are tied together in front and then brought up over the head and tied to the back of the chair. This arches the back and protrudes the breasts forward. Legs are spread for oral or torture. Always good for facials. So what do you Think?

Satan, Peepshow II, I think what I like about that one is just the way Chandra looked. In my opinion I think she looked Her best in thatmovie. Her and Amy (Amy always looks good!!!). I'm not very good at describing movies so if anyone can lend a hand here? (Ralphus always has well written reviews.). I'll tell you what...if no takers in the next few days I'll describe it for you best I can.

Lago, Thanks for the very informative comments on the snuff typematerial (But like I've said, dosent have to be to a simulated end...just to the brink and rescued or whatever.), I prefer to call it horror.

Well, later...gotta get ready for the work-a-day grind...and HollywoodBE thy name.

Thu Aug 5 22:24

Name: Jake

Okay, I was going to stay lurking in the background for a while, but I felt the need to address a point that was made by Rick, and then just again by AvF.If someone prefers gagging versus not gagging, I can understand that as it is personal preference. I, in fact, do find myself preferring the use of the gag in the zfx films at times.I guess the point I would like to address is one of the reasons Rick and AvF have cited about losing a shot if the ungagged performance is not believable by the models.What I do not understand is it sounds like we are saying that it is okay for the models to speak in scenes that are designed to advance the plot, it is okay for the models to speak after the torture scenes (as some of have done, uttering I have got to get out of here!), and it is okay for the attackers to speak during the torture/rape scenes, all without the risk of losing the shot? But when having a model speak during a rape/torture scene, that is a risk of losing the shot? I do not think I understand the logic of how one is riskier than the others, as zfx has often used any one (and all) of the first three examples I give above.I'm sure there must be a reason. Maybe I am just too thick to get it. Anyway, I still enjoy the zfx films. Does anybody have any comments about the above, or opinions as to whether "Machine Head" or "Cold Metal" are good movies? I see those two flicks on the shelf of the video store I go to.


Sat Aug 7 03:45

Name: Mad1

Huge Fan of the ZFX films. I hate to say it but sometimes the movies lack a certain thing. I don't know what it is. I just got "666". I was very very happy with it. the shocking scene was one of the best I have ever seen next to Art of Darkness. the movie also had a different set which was nice over the usual warehouse. I hope to see more use of shock therapy. I also hope the series continues and we see more of the two fine actresses.

Sat Aug 7 13:06

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Jake: You make a valid point about the actresses speaking in scenes and not others, but I think what Rick was trying to say was that some actresses can pull off a believable performance, while others can't, so it's safer just to keep them gagged. Hearing the girl's muffled screams is pretty much a turn-on anyway, and nothing can spoil a scene quicker than having a girl who cannot act attempt to portray suffering if she's not really being hurt. It just throws the whole illusion out of balance. I recall an electric shock scene in "Night Prowler 2" where the ungagged actress actually sounded BORED as she was about to be shocked! "Otis... don't do that... stop..." No real emotion at all. Nearly ruined the scene.

Mini-reviews on "Machine Head" and "Cold Metal": They are the first two in a trilogy ("Rage Against the Machine" was the third). They would fall into the "Weird Shit" category, as opposed to the more realistic line of tapes ZFX puts out. It's about another sex-loving machine, ala "Robopimp". Between the two, I much prefered the second in the series, as well as part 3, to the original "Machine Head", but for fans, they are all worth checking out. The first had lots of bondage, but we're supposed to believe this machine is doing it to the girls? Whacky, but hey, it's science fiction! Two and three had more of a story, plus Brian Dunhill, his best villain, and the aforementioned Amy Van Allen, doing some of her best work.

Sat Aug 7 21:20

Name: Iago

Heya Jake,

I don't think acting ability is the primary concern when hiring ZFX actresses. It's nice when you get the rare one who can really pull off scene after scene convincingly (and I'm talking to Penelope, Lisa and Amy right here), but if they are uninspired it just falls flat. What I mean is, I wonder how inspiring it is to be stuck in an uncomfortable position, in some state of undress, under a hot light, trying to get the *&^**&^ scene finished so you can get out of the ropes for a while. I never gave it any thought either, until I saw you guys talking about it. As to "wierd shit," that's why I watch ZFX in the first place. Oh, yeah, and there's the little point that they are the only maker I've found so far that really puts any real effort into telling a story. Whether you can follow it or not varies from film to film, but I'd be bummed if they stopped the efforts.

Sat Aug 7 22:29

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:

Hey, I just thought I would write and put in my two sense worth. From my point of view as a "rookie" to the bondage films it is tough at the begining to become comftorable to give a believable scene. The first scene that I ever did was in Underland and quite frankly I did not know what to expect. Rick does a super job with everbody that he works with to make them all feel comftorable. Also the veteran Travis Lee is a great guy and is really fun to work with. But to grt to my point There is a differance in my first few scenes in Underland to South of the Border 3, that was the last one that we shot up here.

Now imagine how it is for a woman to be in one, with getting naked and whipped. You are right when you mentioned that some women are just thinking about getting the shot done so they can sit down and relax so therefore You are limited to what you can do with her to make a beleviable shot.

Also from being there to seeing the final footage is different. Looking back after seeing the movie there would be some things that I would do differantly. But when you are down there in the scene you dont realize some of the stuff you are doing and then you get so wrapped up in the scene that sometimes you dont even think about being believable.

The last point that I want to make is that when you have women tied up in some vey awkward positions, (upside down, hanging, or bent over something) you really cant stop a scene and correct some of the small things. Rick is very concerned about the safety of his actors and actresses. He will not put them in harms way anymore than is needed.

Let me just end by saying that it is a very different experiance to be there than to see the final footage.

Sun Aug 8 10:41

Name: Mr Sub

This forum is just getting better and better. I the thing I find most interesting is the way that we can talk about our particular fetish in such a detached way. I used to think that I was the only one who looked at watching these videos as just another part of my entertainment menu. Of course watching these bring out somewhat different emotions that watching a sporting event or movie. Every once in awhile I'll get a litte obsessed. For example: If I see a great looking new title at one store but its not there to rent I might drive an hour away to purchase it. But then again, I've driven that far to play golf! I agree with many of the comments made: More stalking, more abductions, more rape(especially doggie style and forced fellatio), and also I like a look of fear. SOBII was a B- grade video but the look of Lisa looking up while tied in the chair was WOW!

Sun Aug 8 16:49

Name: Harpo

Re: Gags

I think Maddog brings up a good point. For those of us who watch, it comes down to preference. Some of us prefer seeing the model gagged others not. I certainly can understand why it's safer, production wise, to keep a model gagged rather than risk her not being believable. I know that for me personally, the fear of the victim is part of the appeal.


Sun Aug 8 19:30

Name: AvF


Here's the rundown on the scenes from Phantcide Peepshow II. The movie's pretty abstract to start with, centering on a web sight that creates alternate states of reality dealing with bondage/rape fantisies. The movie continues from part one (which I haven't seen) with Penelope Pace bound, abused, and raped from behind. In a latter sequence she is raped from behind a second time. Between these two sequences Amy van Allen makes her debut preformance in a bathroom molestation/multiple rape scene. This is a very good scene and if not having noticed that this was her first scene from the credits at the beginning of the movie I definitly would not have known. The movie then continues to where Chandra comes upon the web site. She starts getting caught up in the fantasy and begins to arouse herself. She is then attacked when an intruder sneeks up behind her and places a bag over her head until she passes out. The attacker then procedes to tie her up and undress and molest her. Later she is once again bagged till she passes out. There's a couple of really good scenes that follow but do not want to give everything away. Thats kinda why I don't like giving reviews...makes me feel like I'm ruining the movie for someone (although as a flip side, I enjoy the heck out of the reviews that other posters have left on this sight). Anyway's I hope this gives you a good idea what the movies about. Since you like rape scenes I don't think you can go wrong with Amy's scene (but that's just me). By the way ...just thought you might like to know...I've got "Fair Warning" on order and on it's way. Thanks for the heads up.

Another possibility for what I think would be a worth while scene would be the catfight with the loser being tied and tortured. But nothing like a roomate or aquintance fight that leads to bondage. No nicey, nicey lez bondage here. I was thinking more in the lines of a hated rival. You know what they say...women can be much more viscous and vindictive that most men could ever dream about being. Maybe tied, tortured, and delivered as a prize to some biker gang. Just a thought. Any additions?

Well..till next time....AvF

Tue Aug 10 21:51

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello to all!

Just a few comments. I believe it was Mureau(spelling)who was disappointed with Miss Ballista. I was trying to make a character that didn't have super powers ala batgirl, but I know some prefer the wonder woman type character. I was really happy with the movie and thought it gave alot of bang for the buck, but hey, everyone has their own take on it. I tell you, though, the best is yet to come. Part 2 is much more intense than part one, and much weirder. I think one area that I neglected in part one was the "diabolical" torture, something so bizarre, its almost to the point of the ridiculous. Like Batgirl drowning in a vat of caviar, the sort of a torture that is the by product of the villains illicit activities. Anyway, I don1t want to tell you to much, but Ballista vs Dr Menace is gonna be even better. Ok, what else. I like the ideas about stalking, that was kind of the deal in Guilty, but it could center more on the victim selection process. Watching the day to day activit! ies. Watching what a beautiful woman does when she thinks no one is watching.That scenario has a creepy feel that I like. I already have a "script"(I use that term loosely) written in that vein, probably won't get shot till it cools off though. How does a serial sex friend choose his (random) victim(s), and why? Ralphus mentioned, or somebody mentioned, another good idea for a torture scene, the upsidedown dunking scene, or some variations on it. Have plans to do it in the not to distant future. As far as gagging, once again, some people cannot feign the necessary emotions to make a scene believable, or they just don't know what to say so they say things over and over, or say things that don't fit the story and when a girl is tied up, time is of the essence, so basically if I only get one chance at it, I want it to be good. Gagging makes it so the girl doesn't have to deliver lines while shes tied up. This is particularly true of new models, who don't have a clue what a bon! dage movie is, and don't know what to say or how to say it believably. I can feed people line, but if they cant deliver it with conviction, whats the point the illusion is blown. When people are just doing lines, if they fuck up, we can take as many takes as necessary to get it right, but no one wants to be tied up through a bunch of wasted takes. OK, got to get some work done, thanks to all who contribute and watch the movies!


Wed Aug 11 13:27

Name: The Professor

I have been reading the forum for some time now, and find it most interesting. The variety of opinions and tastes is enlightening, and of course it makes one feel less a "perv." Given the breadth of tastes, I must give Rick and the ZFX performers a round of applause, because they seem to be doing a great job of putting out something for everyone, and with a high level of quality.

With regard to some of the "debates" and notes of personal preference:

1) I tend to agree that gagging is best, but a little bit of pleading and bargaining is good too. The classic ball gag is always welcome, provided it really does the job (too often it looks as if they are just biting it and could get rid of it any time they wanted), but I must admit I really have a "thing" for the bondage gear helmet-gag combos, ala Darby Fox in _Gangland 3_ and the lovely Ms. Noble in _Underland._

2) I would never say I was "tired" of Lisa Kinkaid; after all, there are plenty of ZFX films to choose from! I would say though, that she has some days which are obviously better than others, and some roles which suit her best. I find it difficult to believe, for instance, when she tries to be a threatening dom. Lisa, m'dear, you are just too well-suited to the role of the naive captive for me.

3)That said, let me just mention one or two things that I would like to see done to Lisa (and a few others). Breast bondage is one of them; I agree with Rick that ZFX has hardly been lax in this area. I would say though, that once bound, not a lot gets done to our lovely victims' breasts. A firm squeeze and a clothespin seems about the extent of it lately. Like one of the other posters (I forget who, sorry), I would like to see a slightly greater variety of clamps and such, possibly even extending to weights. Again, I refer to _Gangland 3_ (my all-time favorite), where we get Kerri Downs with a dual nipple leash, then Darby Fox in a helmet, breast bondage and a nipple leash, and then both clothespins and mousetraps are applied to Darby's breasts. YES!

In this same vein, specifically for you Lisa, I would really enjoy seeing you in breast bondage, with the nipple leash and a gag of some sort, bent over (perhaps using a (saw)horse of some sort, as with Kelly McKay in _Cruel Dominion_, a scene which I felt was woefully underexploited), whipped and ass-fucked (if you'll pardon my French).

4) For "Jazz/Mad Dog:" I was hoping you might tell us a bit more about the scene. Though I won't claim to speak for others, I know I always wonder what it must be like to have your job. Do you find it heightens or diminishes the fantasy to be behind the scenes? Who are your favorite actresses, first to see, and second to work with? And of course, any other insights you might care to venture.

Anyway, my apologies for rambling. I really enjoy the forum, and think it's great that the ZFX people really listen and participate. Keep up the good work, lads and lassies.

Wed Aug 11 16:54

Name: The Professor

Just one afterthought. Though I never thought I would be saying this about a bondage movie, I must admit that the plot does make a difference. Torture for torture's sake just doesn't seem right. Even though Kelly McKay is one of my favorites (love those natural breasts), and Kimberley Noble is gorgeous, _Underland_ was more befuddling than anything because there was no point. Interrogation, fine. A twisted fiend's revenge, great. But a bunch of guys in masks who just whip them until they pass out time after time? I don't know. The plot, of course, is not the ultimate, but I do find I enjoy those films with a plot (the Gangland series (1-4 at least had a storyline), VideoPirates, et. al.). Thanks again.

Wed Aug 11 16:59

Name: knot2cum

I have read the postings here for some time and generally agree with the sentiments that have been shared. I have viewed other offerings and ZFX are the most entertaining. I don't particularily care for the strangulation sequences, but that is strictly a personal perference. The one thing I would like to see more of is bringing the women to orgasm. Preferrably in a situation where they are unable to avoid being stimulated to the point of orgasm. This seemed to occur in earlier films but not in the more recent ones. Something along the lines of the final sequence in "The Worm". And speaking of which, Rick, whatever became of its (advertised) sequel "Master of Puppets"? The "paired women" bondage sequences (as in "Vacuum" and "Forced Entry") are excellent scenes and I hope to see more scenes like these in future offerings. .

Wed Aug 11 19:3

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:

Hey everyone.

Professor and all who are interested- I am more than willing to talk about certain scenes that I was in or near just let me know which specific one.

I guess to anwser Pofessors other question I would honestly have to say that I really dont get into bodage or the bondage movies that much. Not that I have anything against them, I dont. But that is my peronal opinion. I would rather watch a regular porn film than a bondage tape. Now I know what you guys are thinking, how come somebody thats not into bondage videos, be in one. I guess you could say for me I was in the right place at the right time. I was given an oppurtunity to do something that I had never done before and I am never one to pass that up.

With all that said, I will have to say as far as bondage tapes that are out there ZFX is by far some of the best. I think Mainly because Rick is passionate about his work and treats everbody he works with, with a lot of respect. I do, by the way have access to other bondage tapes because I still work in the bookstore where the films were shot.

I do echo some of the sentiments that you guys have mentioned about seeing penetration in bondage. I have talked to Rick about this and I totally understand why he is somewhat reluctant. But for me I would rather see some chic tied up and fucked rather than whipped.

I am also a big fan of subtle bondage, and more importantly mind games. If I had some chic tied up I would taunt her more than I would whip her. Again my preference. although that goes along with what people are saying about the stalking theme, but I think that could be touchy because if it is filmed wrong we just see the guy watching her and that is not the point. I think if anyone can pull it off, Rick can.

One more thing and I will stop rambling. I like the scenes with two women where one is taking over. The one I really liked was Whiplash (4?), I am sure you guys will tell me if I am wrong. I mean about which number has the two women. Thanks for listening to me and I will post more later if you guys .

Thu Aug 12 09:52

Name: Howie

It doesn't seem like people are posting in here that much anymore but I have a few tapes I'd like to ask about. I saw preview for them at the end of "666" and "Whipshock 4." First I would like to know if the movie "Liza Cord" is any good because the previews looked outstanding. The other movie would be the "Tool Box" movies. I know that the preview was probably showing clips from both of them, but the one with the girl with the pigtails looked great. I just wanted to know if these movies are as good as they looked in the preview, these things aren't cheap after all. I'm new to ZFX and am just blown away by the staggering number of great videos to choose from. Thanks. .

Sun Aug 15 17:56

Name: Sardu

Top 5 Things I Never Want to See in a ZFX Video: 5. Bridgette Bayonne with a boob job. (They're great as is, Honey.) 4. Brian Dunhill reciting Shakespeare. 3. Hugging. 2. Vids where a blowgun-equipped henchman shoots a curare-tipped dart into a voluptuous young females' posterior. She is brought unconscious to the villains' lair where, upon waking, she is served a Shirley Temple laced with Chloral Hydrate then comes to suspended while an anaestheic mask spews Nitrous Oxide into her lungs. She then wakes up in bed only to find her boyfriend is a closet chloroform fetishist. Hey, did I mention the chloroform? 1. A Rick Masters nude scene. .

Sun Aug 15 21:19

Name: Satan

Howie, My review of Liza Cord. The two girls in this flick happen to be two of my favorites. Its about two girls and bunch of guys who uncover some evil book which makes them become sadistic. Amy Van Allen is the victim through most of the film, enduring a gang rape and some cool bathtub torture. Chandra is the agressor through most of the film which I'm not crazy about. Overall its a better than average ZFX with hot actresses. I have only seen Toolbox Abductions 1. Chandra Sweet stars with Lisa Kincaid. Chandra has never looked better in my opinion. Unfortunately her captors threaten to rape her but never do. That always pisses me off. I would have went to town on her! She really looks hot in this one though if thats enough for you. Lisa's scenes didnt knock my socks off either. .

Mon Aug 16 09:18

Name: Wild Bill

Questions to the group. What are your top ten favorite ZFX movies? What videos did penelope pace do before her implants? My favorites(not necessarily in order): Lois Payne Guinea Pigs 1 and 2 Violation of Vicki Fixx Future Shock Erotic Bondage Confessions Tied Tales Haven't seen alot of the new ones. Favorite Actresses: Victoria Vixxen Allison Parish Tabitha Jordan (pre implants) Penelope Pace Like to see: Breast Bondage Big breasted women with their arms tied back tightly at the elbows then her tits throughly whipped. Big breasted woman with arms behind back, laying on back, one breast held/squeezed and that nipple struck repeatedly with a riding crop as she squirms to escape. .

Mon Aug 16 09:18

Name: Professor

Well, Mad Dog, that certainly does put things in a new light. I didn't suppose that everyone in a bondage movie would be into bondage, but you'd figure at least the chaps would be . . . Ah well. Anyway, I think the point you make is a good one. And while, again, I can't claim to speak for anyone other than myself, I know that if I had a young lovely tied up, I would be much more apt to tease and fuck her than to whip her. That is why, methinks, we see so many requests for more penetration. The ultimate issue is power, after all, and the means, for the most part, the power to make women fulfill our fantasies. The bondage is part of that, and "the scene" itself is often quite fulfilling -- which is why I would like to see more of the process. The rest though, is hard to demonstrate and "torture" to "force" the woman to accede is the best means of doing so.

Unfortunately, I did not see the video Ms. Kinkaid indicated -- my apologies. I will say though, that one of the things I do admire about you, Lisa, and one thing that makes me continue to watch your films, is that you are willing to do a bit more, take it a bit further. Sure, the rape scene in _Cruel Dominion_ might have been a bit "comic," but it was on the edge, and that is what we are (I am) looking for, so THANKS, and keep up the good work.

Someone asked about favorite movies. I don't know about a top ten, but I would find it quite interesting (if you're reading, Mssr. Gimp) if we could find a way to take a poll and post the statistics. My personal top 10: (in no particular order, but as I think of them): 1) Gangland 3; 2) Video Pirates 3; 3) Pretty Tied Up; 4) Guinea Pigs 4; 5) Jennifer's Nightmares; 6) Subject 9; 7) Underland; 8) Blunt Trauma 2; 9) Southern Discomfort; 10) Beyond Driven.

Now, admittedly, I have not seen ALL the videos available, but that's my list. Obviously, I have some predilictions for the older stuff, which has to do with my list of favorite actresses; 1) Alison Parish -- incomparable; 2) Penelope Pace -- great in breast bondage scenes especially; 3) Kelly McKay -- again, lovely breasts, good body, cute as hell, I'll buy almost anything with her in it; 4) Chandra Sweet -- cute and versatile; 5) Lisa Kinkaid -- see above, and wonderfully adorable; 6) Darby Fox -- went above and beyond in being bound and punished, too bad she didn't make more films; 7) Erin Cane -- a brief tenure, but nice; 8) Kimberly Noble -- normally, I'm a real-breast man, but I'm willing to make an exception for her as her nascent ZFX career shows a great deal of promise; 9) Holly Weston; 10) Candi Licks.

Looking forward to seeing more, and Lisa, I hope you're working hard -- I especially look forward to seeing more from you! .

Tue Aug 17 13:03

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

My Top Ten ZFX videos? That's a real tough one. I've seen each and every one (except for the last 2 of the new ones), and enjoyed most of them. I went to the ZFX website to look over the list and wrote down my favorites. But I had to cut quite a few to take the list down to just ten. Quite a challenge. I'm leaving out some real good ones, but here goes.

In chronological order,

1) Scene of the Crime: It's been quite a few years since I saw this, but I had to include at least one tape with one of my favorite ZFX honies, Sierra Stuart. She was incredibly cute, and she gave a great performance here, as did Drew Phonix and Victoria Vixxen. Lots of great scenes here, and if you're looking for a good example of early ZFX, start here.

2) Squealer: Cutiepie blonde used and abused by the football star. Every scene is great, including the drowning torture in the hot tub finale. A must.

3) Futureshock: One of the best, featuring a memorable rape of Courtney Bishop, Alison Parish's electric shock scene ("Fry, Bitch, Fry!") and Victoria Vixxen's awesome multi- clothespin torture at the hands of Rick and Travis Lee.

4) Alien Probe: Holly Weston, one of ZFX's best performers, versus Rick Masters for the entire tape. Guess who wins? :o) Holly is excellent, and the whole tape works both as a bondage tape and as a science fiction story. Masters at his best.

5) Gangland 2: As good as the first Gangland was, this one is even better. Masters is joined by Nick Long in their torture interrogation of Kerri Downs, and the highlight is Nick's INCREDIBLE cum shot all over Kerri's face, that just keeps going and going and going!

6) Video Pirates 2: Hard to pin down this 5-tape series to just one tape, but start with this volume, where Rick and Chandra Sweet put a poor unsuspecting girl (Melisa Pope, in an excellent performance) through total hell just because she's related to someone they want to get even with. Probably ZFX's best series of tapes, IMO.

7) Mincemeat Pie: Penelope Pace tortured by a group of rednecks, including their girlfriend, Chandra Sweet. The nasty dialogue is great, Penelope makes a convincing victim, and let's not forget Lisa Kinkaid's memorable chair tie-up at the end.

8) The Cheerleaders of Perilous U.: My all-time favorite ZFX video, for many reasons. Number one, Chandra Sweet as a cheerleader, and she's very appealing here (as always). Number two, Brian Dunhill as the nerdy Ernie makes a great comic villain, and the tape is so damn funny you have to laugh, even while Chandra is being tortured unmercifully by this nerd. Number three, Masters goes places he's never gone before with an incredible electric shock/plastic bag asphyxia scene, followed by a forcefeeding-a-whole- hamburger-while-her-ass-is-stuffed segment. Number four,, just get it!

9) Gangstarr: Tough call to choose just one Monica Moore video, but this sequel to The Reporter is even better, plus we get to see Lisa Kinkaid, too! Monica is hot, hot, hot, and the torture scenes are great.

10) Forced Entry: The entire video is set in one location, the story is simple, and everything works to perfection. The story of a masked stranger who breaks into a co-ed's apartment and ties up, rapes and abuses the two cute roommates, then leaves, is the ultimate single girl's nightmare, and the ultimate wet dream for pervos like us! :o) (For more on Forced Entry, read my review in the Guestbook Archives at the top of the page.)

I'd really be interested in hearing Mr. Masters' opinion of his own work. Think you could give us your own Top Ten List, Rick?.

Tue Aug 17 21:28

Name: Howie

Man Ralphus, I wish you would have put that list up sooner! I am new to ZFX and as I posted the other night I am just completely blown away by the incredible number of videos to choose from. I ordered "666" and "Whipshock 4" about three weeks ago. By the way Lisa, I can't even begin to describe how HOT you are in that video. (^_^)! But as I was saying I wish you would& other night because I ordered 5 videos. Liza Cord, Cheer Leaders of Perilous U (because of your HIGH recommendation), Phantacide Peepshow 2, Reporter Gangstar 2 (once again because of your recommendation), and Fair Warning because I think that Tabitha Jordan is just absolutely irresistible to watch. That extremely thin body with those HUGE beautiful breasts, she is just beyond words to look at and into bondage on top of that. What a PARTY! I hope she has some good scenes in Fair Warning. In that vein though, since you have seen all the movies, would you be able to tell me which movies have Tabitha at her best? At her best of course meaning that she is the one being tortured, preferably raped. I'm not really interested in seeing her be dominant over someone else.

Another one that I would like a list on, if you would be so kind, is Penelope Pace. Once again we are talking about an absolutely stunning woman. Same criterion as Tabitha with the super skinny body with mouth watering, gravity defying breasts. I was going to order some from the Blunt Trauma series, but then I was reading this forum and started seeing all the posts about her transforming her look and all. I know that most of you prefer the natural look, and hey I have nothing against that, nice breasts are nice breasts, but I like the fake ones a lot! Could you please point out some of her videos that were made after her augmentation? Once again, I only want to see her being tortured, and as always preferably raped.

Ok, now that I have been so greedy just asking you for help, let me just say how grateful I am for your participation in this forum and also for your reviews. Your posts and reviews were a GREAT help in sorting through the hundreds of choices to make me feel as though I was making some what of an educated decision on how to get the most bang for my buck.

Tue Aug 17 21:28

Name: Per

Howie; Some good Penelope Pace videos done after her breast enhancement: Mincemeat Pie 2 Doer (done while she still was a blond, contains a really serious rape scene as well as good torture) and Guilty part I & II (Here she is a brunette). I can also recommend South of the Border part I and II. These two tapes also containes some really good scenes with Monica Moore. No rape though, if my memory serves me correctly.

Wed Aug 18 12:49

Name: Dr Mengle
E-mail address:

I just thought that I'd mention how hot the suspended whipping scene in "Guilty" is. Either it has the best special effects I have ever seen, or the actress is getting the shit whipped out of her! The onset of welts is immediate, with no cuts or (apparent) camera tricks. Wow! As a question, has anyone seen "Rough Sex" (Anabolic)? It is supposed to combine the abuse of submissive women with hardcore sex. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Dr. M

Wed Aug 18 12:49

Name: Ralphus44
E-mail address:

Howie: You're welcome. Thanks for the kind words. Hope I helped. I'll admit I'm not a big fan of Tabitha Jordan, but she's sort of grown on me. Two tapes I could recommend with her would be the original Video Pirates (she's mostly the star) and The Toolbox Abductions Vol. 2, where she does a good job along with Chandra and Lisa. Both of these were post-boob job.

Penelope Pace has been good in everything she's ever been in. I think she had real boobs only in the Subject 9 series (there's a couple of good choices right there, even without the fake gazoombas) and the first 3 parts of Blunt Trauma. So mostly, her whole body of work has been with the artificial boobies. Let's see...She's the star of The Hitchhiker, and she gets raped in that. I would definitely recommend Mincemeat Pie, and its sequel, Doer. She's excellent in both tapes. She also does good work in the first 2 South of the Border tapes, with dark hair. Those two vids also have the babelistic Monica Moore to recommend them.

Dr. Mengle asked about the suspended whipping scene in Guilty. Well, that was Penelope Pace, too! And yes, it is an excellent suspended whipping scene, maybe ZFX's best. She's really hanging, you can tell, and the scene lasts a good 10 minutes, with very few cutaways. Penelope is a trooper, I'll say that! I would recommend Guilty and its sequel, Guilty 2: Totemic (see my review for the latter one.) So there's several good Penelope picks for you. :o)

Wed Aug 18 19:31

Name: Satan

Dr. Mengle, I rented Rough Sex from anabolic video this past weekend. It is everything you wished for in a ZFX only one hundred times better. Full penetration, face slapping, forced oral, whipping, strangulation, complete degradation. I don't know how they got away with this one! The actresses are all hot also. The first scene is from the cover, the brunette is forced to lick the floor clean among other things. She is done in the ass by some huge black man who completely tears her up. The second scene has some young brunette completely rampaged with the biggest dildo up the ass I've ever seen. The next series of scenes is of three girls abducted in a bathroom by a madman. He does the blond first making the others crawl into a closet. He follows up with the other two later. The final scene is the best. A cute blond who eats from a dog bowl, is completely ravaged by two men. She actually looks like she is crying from the pain and humiliation of licking toes and ass. She is strangled and ridiculed as she is forced to suck cock while getting fucked from behind. If you were to combine the scenarios of ZFX with this kind of sex you'd have one hell of a film!)

Thu Aug 19 06:27

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would put in my opinion really quick here. As far as Rough Sex from Anabolic, I would highly recomend this tape to most of you guys that are screaming for more penetration. I see that some of you have already checked it out.

As for some of my favorite Actresses, the main two are Tabitha Jordan and Lisa Kincaid.In my opinion Tabitha Jordan plays a way better Dom than A submissive, not that her submissive is bad. With Lisa I could very see her in a scene from rough sex and I think she would look great in it and pull it off in a way no one else could.

Well those are my opinions. Catch you all later

Mad Dog

Sat Aug 21 08:33

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Hello all,

Been enjoying reading all the new postings and paticularly liked seeing that Rick and Lisa have made recent postings also.

I would really be interested in reading more from Lisa in the future. Am curious as to how she feels about doing the videos, what she likes most and dislikes about doing them, if she's into bondage, what her favorite ties or postions are on screen and personal, and what she thinks is her best part so far and why. So Lisa...please grace us with a future posting of your thoughts. And by the way...while Ive got your attention...let's go out. I know...yeaugh right. Just funnin' wit'cha (but then again...semi-seriously...if your ever on the west coast...'ya got my

It Was cool to read that Rick is thinking about incorporating some of the ideas stories and situations that have been posted. Really look forward to seeing them if they ever reach furition. Also would like to hear what Rick thinks is his best work to date and why. Also his favorite scene.

Liked the postings for the top ten's. Ralphus listing was especially appreciated since it gives me insights for furture purchases...even though don't always agree with him. But then, that's just because of personal preferences.

I would like to include my top ten but will not. Even though I have seen quite a few ZFX's, there is still way too many I have not. So instead I'd like to list a few favorite situations. 1] I've mentioned this one before...hands behind the back, ankles together, and hanging upside down from the ceiling. 2] Suspended and inverted spread eagle. 3] Variation of number 2 except with the hands tied behind and to the ceiling to slightly arch the back. 4] Chair tie from previous posting (w/legs over arm rests). 5] A simple hogtie. All of these are completly naked (no shoes). Total nudity is a must as I enjoy the aesthetics of the female body and don't want anything breaking up the lines except for the bindings. Not a big fan of breast bondage (yeaugh I hear the hisses) for this reason or of crotch ropes for that matter. Don't want anything to get in the way. I guess you could call me a minimalist as far as bondage is concerned.

To the poster who stated he would like to see more that the victim be brought to orgasm. I would have to take an opposite postion on this one. If she want's it or likes it whats the point. I'm talking strictly videos here as I have enjoyed the company of a few ladies who more than enjoy being tied up while being made love to. Videos are a fantasy. If the victim enjoys the situation, might as well just let her loose and you'd end up with just another run of the mill video. But that's just my viewpoint. I'm sure Rick has done some scene that I haven't seen yet or one in a future video and end up liking it and be proven wrong.


AvF (Hollywood Vampire)

Sat Aug 21 22:10

Name: Laughingboy

Great forum. Glad to know I'm not the only evil but harmless perv out there. For myself, I still love Allison Parish but Kim Noble is a very close second. Evil Man was my favorite video and I'd like to suggest that Evil visit Kim and give her the same treatment. If Allison were ever to return, I think she should be introduced to him as well... I have a question about release dates? Would it be economically unfeasible to release one video every month rather than five every 3 to 6 months? If that were possible, I think it would be much better. Keep going Rick. I look forward to your next masterpieces. LBoy PS. Any chance of recruiting an established star like Sunset Thomas? Too expensive?

Sun Aug 22 00:38

Name: Wild Bill

AvF and others. The kind of breast bondage I'm talking about doesn't conceal, just inhance. I personally prefer breasts bound at the base, making them rounder and firmer. I don't like the type where big breasts are bound flat against the victim's body, thereby concealing and minimizing them.

Sun Aug 22 12:08

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

I've read the recent postings on the Rough Sex video from Anabolic but in the descriptions, have not read a thing about bondage. Is there bondage in it or is it just about force? I'm sure it's got elements that are worthwile to view, especially to all that crave penetration, but if there's no bondage, I think I'll pass on it. The descriptions so far concerning humiliation such as having to lick the floor or being forced to eat out of a dog dish have never appealed to me. These are the elements of the so called "Master/Slave"(pony girls, yes Mistress please may I have another (refering to whippings))scene, which personally I've always considered lame. The idea of...I'm doing things against my will...but I'm here of my own free will, to me seem kind of...well...retard. I may be jaded (OK...a perv.), but I guess there's some things I'll never understand. I'm glad Rick has never shown an interest in doing the "generic" bondage of the Master/Slave theme. Anyway's, back to anaboli! c. I'm not saying this is how I think this video is but it kinda sounds that way. Can anyone give me a more discriptive rundown on the scenes to give me a better idea?

Suffocist, I too am into elements of asphyxia. Can you give me any leads on good material? I hope you don't mind but I do have add my two cents in about your posting on alternate methods. The element of fear is the desired reaction, such as in Phantcide Peepshow II, when Chandra see's the bag and knows whats going to happen. The use of gasmasks or other such props that cover the face and thus hides all facial expressions and emotions I can't say I would care for. But then as has been pointed out...that's just my opinion.

To the poster who mentioned they didn't like the strangulations. Obviously by the above I disagree, but to each their own. Considering the story lines though, this seems a viable means to render a victim helpless enough to be able to restain her for whatever the scene may call for. Not really all that much different than chloroformings. Prefer the former as the starngulations usually take longer and always enjoy the struggle.

Wild Bill, To your inquiry as to what elements are looked for in a video. As for myself, first off it would probably be the actresses. The video can only be so good if you do not find who's starring in it attractive. Second, the theme of the video. Even if the actress is the most beautiful woman in the world but is starring in one of the aformentioned ponygirls trashfests...forget it! Third, to me a good video has the element of fear. What could happen and to what end. Even just a radio broadcast of a serial killer on the loose would have the victim running thought of...Is this the guy?, through her head. The element of the unknown. Next, anything that has inverted suspensions with total nudity gets consideration (a lot of considertion!!). Well, that's what I look for. Hope you get some more responses. Always like to see differnt viewpoints.


AvF (Hollwood Vampire)

Sun Aug 22 23:20

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

AvF: For someone who says he doesn't always agree with me, you perfectly crystalized my exact thoughts in your last post. That Rough Sex tape that's been discussed has very little appeal to me either unless the girl is tied up. Force is important, sure, but too many S&M tapes get it wrong by showing their participants as being "into" the action, such as wearing bondage gear and playing along as their master "punishes" them. It's a totally artificial idea to me, but check out any other American-made bondage tape in video stores today and that's all you get. A friend of mine couldn't believe it when I told him I really didn't even *like* S&M videos. For the most part, I really don't. ZFX doesn't make true S&M videos, IMO. They make bondage and torture tapes, and that's not the same thing. It's the non-consentual aspect that I like. A girl that's forced to lick someone's boots or eat from a dog dish could most likely get up and run away if she was so inclined, unless the man is holding a gun to her head or something. In Miss Ballista, Lisa Kinkaid had no real choice but to eat from the bowl on the floor, because she was tied and Penelope Pace was forcing her face in it. Now, I haven't really heard too many details on this Rough Sex tape, but I'd be curious how "forced" she was to do these things. It could very well be appealing if they were realistic enough to pull it off, but ropes would certainly help that scenario, IMO.

I also have to agree with you on what you look for in a good video. You have to start with attractive performers in order to get Then make the scenario believable. What made "Forced Entry" so great was because it really could happen. I'm going to be reviewing a tape in a few days that doesn't work as well because it's too phony, at least towards the beginning. If you can make the torture scenes look like real torture scenes, make the screams sound real, convince us that the actress is really scared and in pain and not just play-acting, you're well on your way to making a good tape. And ZFX is usually quite successful in combining those aspects.

Mon Aug 23 21:11

Name: Milo

Greetings! This is my first time to post here, after just recently discovering this Site. I've acquired several ZFX titles (I'm outside of the US, and have to resort to mail order -- I envy all you guys who just rent), and your postings will be instrumental in my next batch of orders. (Assuming I can get them to agree to use Global Priority Airmail). Maybe I'm extra twisted, but basically, I look for simple things in a ZFX video. (1) Babes being whipped vigorously across the breasts, with occassional strokes between the legs. If they are well endowed, so much the better (natural or otherwise), but they should be sweating, jerking and straining. I know the whips are made of felt, but its the thought that counts. (2) Enough with the gags, already, pls. Who ever heard of a gag in an interogation? A few moans and sighs don't do it -- I want hearty screaming, and begging. That's what ruined "Seed" for me, the victim is just too quiet to be believable. (3) Aside from whips, electric shock in the same places is fine as well. If anyone saw that 1970s exploitation flick "Poor Cecily", there's about a 10 minute scene in a torture chamber, where suspected witches are whipped, stretched and branded, complete with noisy racks and whips, and full-bodied screaming. 60 minutes of that would be my perfect ZFX flick. That and at least 8 minutes of those great trailers at the end of the tape. Based on that criteria, I think I'm gonna dig "SOB 3: Mexican Jailhouse Torture" and "Underland 2". (Someone pls. warn me if I'm wrong). Don't much care for asphyxation, or chloroform. Or kidnapping (meaning: let's get to the torture already!). And those clothespins somehow don't convince me. Don't much even care for penetration, unless it is part of or simultaneous with the torture. (Great idea for a scene: Bountiful bound babe being taken from behind while another one whips her bulging breasts). To each his own, I guess. One of the biggest letdowns is when you buy a tape in a series, and you realize that you got the lousiest one in the bunch. That's what happened when I bought "Whiplash 3: Principle of Pain". From the intro and the trailers, Whiplash 1 looks much better (thanks mostly to Tabitha Jordan). In fact, 4 looks better, from the thumbnails. I got "Gangland 5" and again, it looks like the bottom of the barrel, compared to what apparently went down in 1 to 4. Worst electro-shock scenes I've seen in any movie, even the Japanese flicks did it better. I share the other viewers' disatisfaction with "Incubus 2". The initial whipping scene on the table is nice, although it looks too much like the (only) whipping scene in "War Pigs 2". Based on my criteria, can anyone kindly tell me whether I should get "The Reporter" or "The Reporter 2: Gangstar"? Sure, I'd love to buy them both, but this is not a perfect world. I'm also planning to get "Super Max". From the trailers, Penelope Pace looks like she's really putting it on the line. Anyway, thanks for your attention, your postings (w/c I enjoyed reading) and for a great site.

Tue Aug 24 07:04

Name: Wild Bill

Milo : I would suggest Cheerleaders of Perilous U 2 :Viollation of Vicki Fixx. That particular movie has a lot of what you said you like best.

Tue Aug 24 10:49

Name: Per

Milo: Glad you brought up the old classic "Poor Cecily", The torture scenes there are among the best ever filmed (the rest of the film is pathetic, but who cares!) Among the ZFX films you mentioned, I personnally liked SOB 3. From what you describe as your preferences, I am sure you will love Supermax, Penelope does a superb performance during the whipping and the electro shocks (delivered by Tabitha Jordan with a stun gun).

Tue Aug 24 13:04

Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:

HI all, been awhile since I posted, and boy good to see so many knew names out there!

First, where can I find this "Rough Sex" video from Anobolic? Let me know!

Second, if Rick is still watching, any word on when you might have some preview pics up?

Finally, my top the list. This list has a lot of ZFX older stuff. The stuff I like the most are rape scenes and the "take down" scenes. By which I mean the capture, strip and inital tieing of the victim.

In no real order my top ten

1) Hardbound TV. One of the orginals, and still stands the test of time. There is a great home break in scene in the 2nd part. The 3rd part as a 'rape' scene and a good abduction. I really liked the old 3 women in a tape format.

2) Maximum De Sade. This video features 2 hot women. The first has Nina Dew, and I really dig her. To bad she never appear in another video again. The final scene is hot too, good dungeon and take down scene. No rape though.

3) Guniea Pigs III. Another great one. We get a great take down scene and anal rape to start things off. I really loved Kimber Allen, I wish she stuck around. Holly Weston then comes in and gets hers too. Two good take down scenes, you can't miss here.

4) NightProwler II. Ahhh, Holly is back. This video is just awsome. Great abductions, good rape scenes. Just a classic. Otis is the best badguy characted ZFX ever had! A must have!

5) NightProwler III. The only video of the Minnesota dungeon ones made in this ear that I liked. Why? You get two take downs and rapes. And Otis is back! How you can you beat that?

6) Belly of the Beast. Man, I miss the 3 women in a video deal, or did I say that already? We get 2 take down scenes, and if memory severs all three women get raped in someway. Just non-stop action. Man I digged Victoria Vixen, love tha skin and rack she had. And Allison Parish, is great as usual.

7) Fair Warning. The only shockwave video worth having. Why you ask? This video is packed with take down scenes and rapes. Its long and non-stop. Best bang for the buck. If you can only get one ZFX video, make it this one! Chandra Sweet looks really good in this vid with the blonde hair too.

8) Whiplash II. A great video, with a really hot take down scene when Pamela Price is examined by the Dr. Those are the take down scenes I want to see more of! Good rapes in here too.

9) Rage against the Machine. Man, I hope I have the right one in this series. Here Amy Van Allen gets it good. I love the flash back, when she is raped as a virgin. Very hot. This might be Cold Metal, so check first. Chandra also gets some too.

10) FORCED ENTRY. Yeah, I love this video. I always seem to mention it in my posts. The best that ZFX has released in awhile. Another must have. You get the take down scenes, the rapes, the whole deal. I loved it, make more!

There are more that I would add here, but those are my 10, some honorable mentions.

would be Guniea Pigs V. This is another awesome vid. Great, I mean Great take down scene on Chandra Sweet where she is drugged and raped. Get it!

Jennifers Nightmares - great take down theme, i loved the hypnosis angle

Phantacide Peepshow II - good rape scenes here.

Tool Box abuctions II - I loved Taibatha Jordan in this, I love breasts! good take down scenes

Liza Cord - Amy Van Allen is raped, abused and used!

Meanstreak, Erotic bondage confessions and Pretty Tied Up are all good, because Allison Parish rocks the world!!!!

Finally, Dance Macabre I and Alien Probe II deserve to be mentioned.

That should keep you busy for awhile. Feedback and comments welcomed.

Tue Aug 24 20:24

Name: Milo

Wild Bill: Thanks for the tip. I'll add that to my list. I'd order it right now, if I was rich. (Heck, I'd order them all.

Per: I'm sold on SOB3, thanks. Are we the only two guys in the site who've seen "Poor Cecily"? You mentioned "torture scenes" (plural). Isn't it just one straight scene, or do you have a better copy? Do you know any other good ones from the same era/genre? I got a couple from a site that specializes in that stuff, butonly "Cecily" was up to snuff. I'll be ordering a bunch of tapes soon, though I'm still waiting for quotations from suppliers. So, should I go "Reporter 1" or "Reporter 2: Gangstarr" (I'm leaning toward the later.

Ralphus: How do we get a hold of your older reviews? thanks to all.

Wed Aug 25 07:35

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

NYCdom28: Nice list. Interesting how there was only crossover title on both our lists (Forced Entry). All the vids you mentioned have worthwhile scenes, even if the entire tape isn't entirely successful, IMO. If you're just looking for rape scenes, though, those are some good picks, especially Holly's great scene in Night Prowler 2.

A couple of corrections for you. Nina Dew (I loved her too, what a fox!) also appeared in Dance Macabre, although it was from the same shoot as her work in Maximum DeSade.

The movie with Amy Van Allen's flashback rape was indeed Cold Metal, not Rage Against the Machine.

Milo: You're right about Poor Cecily. Some of the best torture scenes ever put on film, I thought. Rick, if you ever want to re-create a classic segment in the history of torture cinema, check this one out.

And it's true, when you got both Whiplash 3 and Gangland 5, you probably got the worst volumes of each series. Whiplash 2 and 4 are the best, and the whole Gangland series 1-4 is very good. Same goes with the original Incubus.

By all means, try to get both The Reporter and The Reporter 2: Gangstarr. If you like vocal victims, Monica Moore was a great screamer, as well as a Fabulous Babe. Both tapes are highly recommended.

Wed Aug 25 07:57

Name: Per

Milo: Yes, you're right, there is only one torture sequence in "Poor Cecily" (but what a scene!). However, there are several girls tortured during that sequence and the sequence spans over several days, hence "scenes" in pluralis.

I have seen some other films in the same genre (the exploitation flicks of the 70's), but none that can stand up to "Poor Cecily". There is a Spanish film called "Inquisador", or something similar, that might come in as a distant second.

If you like Monica Moore in The Reporter, I can recommend South of the Border II, where she does a very vocal performance. Good scenes with Penelope Pace in this one as well.

Wed Aug 25 11:49

Name: NYCdom28

Hi Ralphus

Yeah, it is funny how different are lists are. I guess you like more of the torture stuff which is fine, since ZFX certainly delivers that!

As soon as you mentioned Nina Drew being in Dance Macrabe, I remember the scene, very brief though it was.

I guess I miss the old formula of having three girls/victims in the videos. I always felt I got my moneys worth with those. Your right, one of the three vinettes might stink, like in Hardbound TV, the opening one did not do much for me like the next 2 scenes did. Still, I think it is better than a movie which gives you one girl, like Witchhunt or even your favorite, Cheerleaders of Perilous U (which is not bad mind you). I get bored after awhile seeing the same girl for the whole vid. And as a big fan of the abduction/take down of the girl, I only get one scene in a one girl movie.

Just my thoughts.

Wed Aug 25 21:02

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Milo: Sorry, I missed the last part of your question regarding my older reviews. Well, basically, there ARE no older reviews. I've only been reviewing ZFX tapes in print for the last three series of tapes, so there are only 13 Ralphus Reviews, and they are all on this site. The first 10 are in the Guestbook Archives at the top at the page, and the others are scattered in the previous posts. I've been watching them since 1992, though, and to my knowledge, I've seen all of them, including at least seven videos Rick Masters made before ZFX was formed.

Wed Aug 25 21:49

Name: AvF
E-mail address:

Hey, what's up fellow pervs?

Got a question. The reference to the "Poor Cecily" video reminded me (never seen it). Has anyone heard of a video company called RFD Co. or RDF co.? They were a extreamly hard core B&D/S&M video maker...I'm thinking around the early eighties or so. They had quite a few videos but only got to see one or two myself. They were too hard core for me at the time (probably still so) but wish I had gotten to see a few more before having judged that I didn't like their material. The reason I dimissed them at the time was because of the selections I did get to see. Bondage with pins in the breasts and corkscrews between the legs drawing blood (I'm hoping it was simulated...but don't think so). I just couldn't take it! Just too much! But I remember some of the actresses were vary attractive and just maybe I ended up seeing just the most extreme of their selections. Does anybody know if they are still around or if anyone knows of where to get a hold of any?

Something else that I haven't seen much of lately from ZFX is the simulated cum shots. Phony I know but's the next best thing. On that theme a scenario that I would like to see. Tied to a table...maybe spread eagle, attacked and ravaged by muliple assailants (I'm thinking at least 5 or 6, preferably more. Also linking this the the earlier biker prize scene.). Where everyone holds out till the end to deposit there wads on our victims face or in her mouth. Just totally covering it. Just a thought. Comments always welcome.

Milo, Didn't really care for too many of the scenes in "Guilty" but just thought I'd mention it since you posted that one of the thing's that bust's your onions was electicution scenes. There is a very long segment in it where Penelope Pace gets electicuted continously with an zapper stick. Personally the only thing that saved the video for me was Lisa's scene at the end. But that's just me. Maybe someone else can give you a better, less opinionated, recommendation.

Later, AvF (Hollywood Vampire)

Wed Aug 25 23:30

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