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July 1999

Name: no1special
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GREAT NEWS! I just recieved ship notification on my "Miss Ballista" and "South of the Border 3: Mexican Jailhouse Torture"! The UPS site says they'll be here on Wedsneday! THE NEW ZFX'S HAVE BEEN RELEASED!

Sat Jul 3 1999 21:40

Name: AvF
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I'm an asphyx fan (although i love all of ZFX's works, asphyx or not). I think i have just about all the video's w/elements of asphyx included. Can anyone give me a listing of films with this as a inclusion (name of film and type, such as Phanticide II/ bagged).Don't want to miss any!! Any info woulsd be greatly appreciated!

Many thanxz!!

Tue Jul 6 1999 12:50

Name: satan

Hollywood, The Cheerleaders of Perilous U has such a scene. Chandra Sweet is the victim. Highly recommended viewing.

Tue Jul 6 13:45

Name: NYCdom28
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I just purchased the Ballista Tape from ZFX.

I had wanted to get the South of the Broder one, because I like when they have many female victims in them. But Ballista is all the store had.

Anyway, I would have to give this video a thumbs down.

I was really encouraged with the opening. Lisa brings back Bridgette to her home after rescuing her from the badguys hideout.

Then two thugs break in and capture both women. Great, I am thinking more scenes like in Forced Entry, which is one of the BEST ZFX movies ever made!

Sadly no. There is NO rape scene here! The descripiton on the box alludes to one, but it does not happen! In fact, watching the scenes in Lisa's house you will see that there are plenty of times where they could have put one in. The scene was crying for a rape! (interesting side note here, these scene was filmed AFTER the Ballista scenes even though these scenes happen FIRST. I would imagine they wanted to do something like Forced Entry since so many people have given it such positive feedback. How you blow an intruder/rape scene is beyond me.)

As for the rest of the video, pretty standard fair, Lisa in a dungeon, you have seen most of it before. Penelope has great tits, but is no Dom. Her voice is to soft and cute to be threatening. Chandra is better as a Dom, but I rather see all the women subs personally. I did like when Lisa she was forced to eat from a bowl like a dog, but there was not to much else that orginal here. Been there, done that.

Now I think Lisa is there best actress, she 'sells' the scense real well, but I am getting a little tired of seeing her ALL the time! Open your wallet up and get some new talent. They show a new thin, no breast blond in the coming attractions for Ballista II. Where have all the Victoria Vixens gone?

I am hoping the other 4 news ones are better.

Thanxs for reading

Tue Jul 06 22:33

Name: NYCDom
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I thought I put my 2cents worth here about the best ZFX videos. In no particular order.

Night Prowler II, two victims, holly really sells her scenes, multiple 'rape' scenes, very good.

Guinea Pigs III, Amy is awsome in this video. Bring her back! Good anal rape of her, Holly is good too.

Guinea Pigs V, Holly's ass rape is great, I like when they speak! Rick, have some more dialogue! Chandra, I guess before the breast reduction/Lipo has a great scene here too, is raped as well.

Fair Warning, a shockwave video, and to my knowledge the only one worth getting. Shockwave is supposed to have more production put in it, well this one is great, it's very long, and has many rape scenes. A must have.

HardBound TV, I liked this one alot. One of the orginals. Great break in scene, to bad no rape, but still hot. Some of the scenes with Julia kara on newer copies the sound is muted, but otherwise a fine tape. Three victims.

Cold Metal, Amy Van Allen has a hot scene where she is captured and raped (she is a supposed to be a virgin too). Other scenes are good to with Chandra.

FORCED ENTRY. GET THIS TAPE! I don't even want to spoil it for you, Rick will Lisa's roomate be back?

Belly of the Beast. I look back on Allison, Courtney/Sandra and Victoria as the golden age of ZFX. Allison is still my favorite actress, the best looks and actress combo of them all. Ahh Victoria, I love those big melons! And Courtney, well, she is a change of pace. Good rape scenes, good story, good dialogue, Get it!.

Jennifers Nightmares, another from the Golden Era, this time Sandra instead of Courtney. I just love the hypno scenes. I like when the victim is being molested and is HALF awake, so we hear the moans, but she is to weak to resist, Rick, bring something like this back!

Whiplash I and II. I liked these a lot, the second was better then the first. Great rape scenes, really enjoyed the sister angle in the 2nd one.

Phanticide Peep Show II. The first one is okay but get the SECOND one! Amy has a great scene as does Chandra.

Toss in Alien Probe II (why are the IIs the best ones?), Liza Cord, Guniea Pigs I, and NightProwler III too.

There maybe more "must haves" but these are the ones I am remembering right now. The ones you can watch again and again, not ones like Tiffany Twisted which just collect dust.

Any comments or additions to the "Must have" list are welcome.

Thanxs for reading.

Tue Jul 06 23:04


Name: satan

NYCDom, Thanks for the post. I recently bought Fair Warning (for Chandra Sweet of course) and I agree it is a must have. I also bought Toolbox Abductions and War Pigs. Chandra is sexy as ever in Toolbox Adbuctions but no rape scene to my dismay. Rick threatens to rape her on a wooden crate then never does! She looks so hot its hard to complain. War Pigs is more to my liking. Chandra gets abused for the whole tape. She is forced to suck two soldiers. I was close to buying Phantacide Peepshow 2. Does Chandra get raped in it? I agree that Forced Entry was good only I wish the blond got raped too. Belly of the Beast was the first ZFX I owned. You were right about that one too. Good call.

Wed Jul 07 1999 08:15

Name: Superheroine Fan

How bout a detailed review of "Miss Ballista" for you guys who've seen it? Thanks

Wed Junl 07 1999 15:36

Name: Ralphus
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When I get my 5 new ZFX tapes in (still waiting for them), I will watch and review "Miss Ballista" first. I'm looking forward to seeing that one.

Wed Jul 07 1999 22:12

Name: NYCdom28
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To Satan

Glad to see we have the same tastes. Chandra does get raped in Peep Show II. Amy gets gang raped.

Toolbox abductions II is in my opinion much better than I. I believe there is a rape scene in there, I have to pull it out again and watch it, maybe I will tonight

To Superheroine Fan

I posted a review of the movie "Miss Ballista" above, on July 6th. I would pass if I were you.

Thanxs for reading, e-mails welcomed.

Thu Jul 08 1999 16:06

Name: NYCdom28
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Okay, before I rip into this video, let me say that I am a huge fan of ZFX. My first rental was TRU Detective, I was there from the start. I have seen some good waves of videos and endured some really bad ones. Always waiting for that one diamond in the rough. Well, I hate to say it, but looks like the start of a bad wave.


Remember NightProwler IV, V? Remember Video Pirates III, IV and V? These films all LOOK THE SAME! because they were filmed in that same adult video store in MN, with the same actresses. Now maybe you liked these, I don't know, but they were all the same to me, add in the terriable videos released around this time, "Disciplz of Pain", "Innocent Exile" and others and this was the worst of times.

Well, there back! The MN dungeon is here and so is Kelly, guess the blonde chick took a hike, now we have Kimberly. I was in the store trying to decide, do I buy "666", "Broder III", or "Underland II". Look at the pictures on the boxes my friends, and they LOOK ALL THE SAME! Rick, what are you doing? You might save a buck, but who wants to own the same video 3 times? Okay, maybe I am being harsh, but until I see a review of "666" or "Underland II" my ZFX purchases are stopping right now!


If your still reading, thanxs. Okay, what really irked me was the fact that the description on the back of the box did not match the video I saw. Each girl was supposed to rat out the other one, be set up and arrested. Nope, only the new Blonde chic (who is a welcome addition) is arrested, then we see Kimberly (whose tits look smaller here then in Underland I) who is just brought in handcuffed and Kelly......well, she just APPEARS tied up, is whipped and that is it!. I felt cheated here because it is the capture scenes I enjoy the most. Also Kelly's scene is like 3 minutes.

The action is okay, I liked the rape scenes, and the Blonde and Kimberly really sell the torture stuff good enough to make it believable.

Lisa shines yet again here. The strip search she goes through was a turn on, and so his her capture. To bad in the background I see the Blonde and Kimberly both tied togther, would have liked to see that (this is also teased in the begining of the flim). I guess that is for the squeal. Oh lord, please I can do without a squeal here! Don't tell me you filmed additional footage for "666" and "Underland II" too, so you could make squeals to those as well!!! I don't want to wait for the wave AFTER the next one to get a video I am gonna like. Give us some more orginal stuff or at least some variety

The bad guys are good in this video. Lot's of dialouge, a welcome suprise.

I would say I give it a thumbs in the middle. You do get 4 chics, you do get some good action, its just that its going to get old quick when/IF you get the other vids.

Vacum looks like it might be good, at least no MN dungeon her

Thu Jul 08 1999 16:41

Name: Rick
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Hi to all,(and you too Tuff:)

The New ZFX is obviously hitting the streets and in fact, Fantasy Food has been shipping as of Wednesday last week.

Ok, first off,to NYdom28. Hehe, I don't mind criticism anymore that the next cranky, brooding artiste, but if ya critique me, you at least have to be FACTUAL. Otherwise, you *might* look a little ....foolish. Just so you and everybody else knows, the new shows were NOT repeat NOT shot at the same bookstore or basement as the Video Pirates series. Yes, they were both adult books stores with basements, were in the same state and city but in completely different buildings several miles away. Quite frankly, they look nothing alike to me, this building was much, much larger and better suited to my purposes, including a freight elevator, a boiler room and a lot of other cool shit. I barely scratched the surface of the areas in this building to shoot. The basement area we shot in originally in the first building, which you referred to in your post, actually no longer exists, it is now a gay boutique! Anyway, I believe you made this assumption based on the blurb on the cover of the! tapes. Personally, I thought it was one of the best locations I've used yet, but obviously you disagree. You have every right to criticize, just be accurate about it. You want what you want, and you have every right when laying your hard earned bread on the line. My job is to do my damndest to give it to you, but understand I'm only a man. I don't just push a button and a model pops out with whatever parameters I set and built in acting capabilities. I wish they would though....hehe:) 'Nuff said.

Anyway, Lisa really enjoyed reading and posting to the forum. Hope to have her read and respond when possible. I'll try to answer a couple questions now. To Beavis, who asked about Allison Parrish, she has not worked for quite a few years, maybe since '93. Anyhow, I can't give you personal details, but she basically has gone on to do other things that are more mental than physical. She is a great lady, and would love to shoot her again, but probably never happen. Haven't talked to her for along time, but she's probably got a good life going somewhere, and I wish her the best. Certainly one of, if not the best looking model I've shot. To ginor, the Max Hardcore and Chandra tape comments and questions, about her anal harcore scene.I believe it's true, though I've never seen the tape. I don't know if Chandra's performing in front of a camera, but I doubt it. I read the AVN every month, and if she was working someone would be advertising her name, because she is fairly well known. But it's possible she's working for herself or someone really obscure. To Tuff, hey buddy, thanks for the ego stroking!!! Glad to see you joined our wee little party. As far as streaming... streaming is coming, just a matter a when and in what form. Probably see it before the end of the year, but I can't guarantee it. Any advice, Tuff shoot me some email.

Anyway, keep the reviews coming in, even the bad one's. Keeps me on my toes....(or my knees)


Fri Jul 09 1999 02:14

Name: Satan

Can anyone tell me about Rebecca Montgomery? She looks pretty hot on the Squealer box. I see she stars in The Abduction Of Sweet Christine also. If anyone has a review of these films please post. Rick, you were right about NYC ZFX tapes. The quality is terrible. They are obvious dubs. For your next film, I want Christina Anderson or Michelle Fontaine dressed in a tight white miniskirt and tank top, wearing those pretty white ankle socks with heels. Her car breaks down in a shady part of town. She stumbles upon an old repair shop where she is abducted by a ravenous gang of thugs. They grope her with their greasy hands and strip her down leaving only her socks on. (very sexy) Then they pour hot motor oil on her and take turns violating her. Sounds like a winner to me. And one more thing, being Satan I think I deserve royalties for 666. Hail.

Fri Jul 09 1999 11:46

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

ZFX Fatality?

This is a question to Rick. I was visiting your site recently and noticed in your "Villians" section, Daniel Manson is listed as "the late Daniel Manson". I thought he gave an excellent performance as the mysterious stranger in "Forced Entry", so I'm sorry to hear he passed away. Do you have any details as to what happened, he must have been fairly young.

Another quick question. In "War Pigs 2", you have an actress listed as Dayna Durantee. Who? Is this person by chance Lisa Kinkaid, maybe under her real name?

Satan: Regarding Rebecca Montgomery, she is up there as among the cutest performers ZFX has ever employeed, IMO. She made just the two appearances with ZFX, both with (her boyfriend?) Nuke Ropknee. I think their work together in "Squealer" was excellent, and this would make my list of the Top Ten Best ZFX videos. It's got a simple but effective plot, as a cute fan follows the football hero up to his apartment, discovers his cache of ropes and gets nervous and wants to leave, but he manhandles her and puts in a series of painful bondage positions. There are lots of great scenes in this, including the finale where Nuke has her bound in a hot tub that slowly fills with water, and he plays drowning games with her before finally turning her loose. Rebecca was a genuine cutiepie, so I was hoping for more of the same in "Abduction of Sweet Christine", but this one didn't come close to the level of their previous effort. I don't really recall too many details about what exactly happened, except that Rebecca got these horrible breast implants and so the clothespins kept popping off her tits! :o) It's been several years since I've seen it, but I don't recall it as being all that good. "Squealer", on the other hand, is one of my favorites.

Fri Jul 09 1999 19:55

Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:

Hello again.

Well, I will apologize for saying the basements were the same, but same state, same city is pretty close. I think the point I was trying to make is that the videos are all shot in the same location, with the same women.

Now maybe they do show different stuff, but honestly, looking at the pics on the boxes they looked very similar.

You may have caught my early post were I run down a whole bunch of ZFX flics that people should buy. You are the only guy out there making this stuff, and I for one apperciate it.

I just would just suggest some more variety in your releases and look at what people do and don't like {hint, more vids like Forced Entry!}.

I agree with you about Allison, she is my all time favorite. IMHO i would suggest "Belly of the Beast", "Guniea Pig I", "Dirty Deeds", "Meanstreak", "Bondage Confessions" and "Tied Tales" as some of her best work, yeah that is probably half of the videos she was in, she is that good to me.


The two Rebecca movies are not bad at all. My only compliant is that it is just her and what I would guess is her boyfriend. So you only get the one girl. Your right, she is hot. been awhile since I saw them, but I remember them pretty favorably. Not sure which one I put first. I think the abduction one might be slightly better, since well, she is abducted! The other one is a kinda date/rape thing (not sure if there is a rape scene or not though). See my above post, there are better ZFX ones out there, but these are pretty good too.

Still waiting to see some feedback on the other three vids! Anyone know where you can get more reviews?

Thanxs for reading

Fri Jul 09 1999 20:51

Name: Sardu

This is a great forum and the postings continue to improve.

First I'd like to address the chloroformers: I very much like the idea of chloroform as a story device as many of the abductions in ZFX films just don't hold water. This, however, is my last post on the subject (hint, hint).

To Pan, The Ream Master and HappilyHorny: I must agree with you, many of the "forced"anal-penetration scenes in the ZFX/Shockwave vids are what put ZFX on the cutting edge. Few if any other US fetish video companies have ventured into this realm. Ernest Green flirted with the concept in a few BonVue flix a few years back but has done nothing since. As regards the Whiplash 3 scene where Bridgette Bayonne receives an unwelcome enema from Lisa Kinkaid--I have to disagree with HappilyHorny and say that was most certainly simulated. No doubt Ms. Bayonne's acting aided the simulation enormously both in her apprehension during the preparation and her struggles during the insertion/ administration. Good acting can really make the difference (along with creative camera work) in such scenes. Similarly, the buttplugging of Penelope P. by Chandra Sweet and Brian Dunhill in Blunt Trauma 2, while a bit more obviously fakey, was carried off by Ms. Pace's efforts. I haven't viewed the Spinnerette scene where the lovely Michelle Fontaine (hope to see more of her) is sodomized by a spider, but many see it as the only redeeming scene in the film.

NYC Dom. You are right on target regarding the waves of good and bad ZFX/Shockwave product. What I'd like to see is less tapes put out each year with more money and time spent on a few standout releases. As it is there is far too much filler and repetition on these tapes. Luckily in Chicago, NYC and LA there are porn stores where one can preview a vid for $8-12 instead of buying a $60 clunker with the same situations and sets you've seen countless times before. The bad thing is folks elsewhere might not have this ability to try before buying.

Rick Masters, thanks for being part of this list and I hope you'll appear with more frequency. I like Lisa Kinkaid and Penelope Pace a great deal, but like many others on this list, want to see more variety in actresses. I appreciate the generosity of vid captures, videography and artwork which you have supplied on the ZFX homepage as well as your desire to stand apart from the herd of vanilla- fetish vendors out there. Stay fresh and stay well.

Sat Jul 10 1999 19:02

Name: MadBinder

I was wondering if someone could give a detailed review of "Whiplash," the one with Tabitha Jordan. I think she is HOT!!! And would love to see her dominated by another woman-this looks like the plot in "Whiplash." Is that so? Also, does Lisa Kinkaid dominate Penelope Pace in the end of "Miss Ballista." The box cover shows her standing over a naked and bound/gagged Penelope (I guess after she has dominated Lisa from what the preview thumbnails show on the ZFX/Shockwave Homepage). If anyone knows these answers...I would appreciate it!

Thank you,


Mon Jul 12 1999 17:04

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

First off, thanks to all who read here and an even bigger one to those bold enough to post. Your contributions to this forum are greatly appreciated.

Ok, let me try to answer a few questions. To: Ralphus: It is true, Daniel Manson is no longer with us. I don't want to get into the exact circumstances of his demise, however, but it was unrelated with his work for ZFX. The other question about WarPigs2, the name in question, "Dayna Durantee" (least that's what my tape says, but those Gothic titles are hard to read, you could be right:)) was a performer who was scheduled to appear in WP2 but did not, and in fact never appeared in a ZFX movie. Often the credits are done before all the footage has been shot, to expedite final assembly of the edit master. In this particular case, a continuous shot was under the titles making it difficult or impossible (at the time anyhow, could do it now) to remove the name. So "Dayna" is basically a phantom performer. Anyhow, another adult industry credit fuck up for the tote board.

Madbinder: Yes, the scene on the box with Penny Pace Hogtied does appear in the movie, but that's the last scene and it's not all that long. I wouldn't buy the movie just for that. Obviously, there's alot of other good stuff, and it is a long movie,100min not including trailer, with 10 scenes, but that's of course, your call. Rental is another option. Anyway, the action leading up to the hogtie is Pornogra (Penny) dressed in Ballistas outfit mocking her Ballista(Lisa Kinkaid). She masturbates on the floor while Ballista is chair tied with an extremely tight wrap around tape gag, a few feet away watching. She works the ropes free while Pornogra is preoccupied jerking off, and attacks, strangling Pornogra unconscious while she rides her naked, jerking body like a bucking bronco. Then pornogra is stripped, hogtied(but not on camera, she is however, (ball)gagged on camera, but the actual bind is only "finished" on camera(took too long). Ballista then gloats a little (the scene you mentioned) and leaves Pornogra hogtied on the floor. Hope that helps. A couple of people have mentioned Rebecca Montgomery, she did two movies I believe in 93 or 94, "Squealer"(her first movie) and "Abduction of Sweet Christine". She had some aspirations toward body building and you see a big change between in her physique in the six months or so that pass between shooting the first movie and the second, including implants. Not one of my personal favs, but hey, it's all a matter of taste. She was a very good actress though, and played the doey eyed victim really believably (as I remember). l thought she looked better in her first appearance, however. BTW, Allison Parrish also appears briefly in "Squealer" ballgagged and tied squatting on a sander on top of a workbench in Nuke Ropknees garage.

To Satan(nice name), ideas not bad, like socks myself, but more of that striped tube sock, numbered sports jersey,"Macmillan and wife", Susan St James kinda thing going on. Hope you folks are old enough to know who Susan St James is.....

Addressing quantity vs quality. The comment was why not make fewer, higher quality shows. That would be great, but at least right now, its not financially possible. That is to some degree happening though, in that we are producing fewer more elaborate shows than we did say back in 93. The problem is, the retail stores have the adult industry(manufacturers) in a price death grip. You can't raise prices or they don't buy your product. Piracy is a also big problem. Many stores in areas like NYC, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia and others routinely sell their own dupes(pirate duplicates). If you buy a tape at a store and its not in its original, 4 color printed box, its probably a knock off and ZFX receives $0 for it. Anyway, to make up these losses, and because you can't raise your prices, the only way to stay financially solvent is to crank up the rate of production, and that hurts quality. It sucks, but that's reality right now. As an artist I want to produce the best product I can, but I must weigh that with be ing able to keep going over the long haul. As the Adult industry legitimizes, you will see better quality.

Ok,that's it, it's a dang novel again. Thanks once again to all who read and post, and watch the movies!


Fri Jul 12 19:48


Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:

Hi again

First off, where are the other reviews of the tapes? Do I have to buy the other three? Come on Ralphus!


"Whiplash I" is an excellent tape. Tabitha is dominated by a newcomer, who has mongo big breasts. There are some great scenes, my favroite, is when Tabitha is drugged and groogy. Like in the old "Jennifer's Nightmares" I like the half conscience victim.

Tabitha also gets to domme her tormentor in the end.

I recommend getting it, along with part II. Part II in many ways is even better, but no Tabitha. Get them both if you can!

Rick, I like that you release 4-5 videos at a time. I wish you could release more! My only suggestion would be to have more variety. Like one shot in a hotel, dungeon, outside, house etc. Different plots, custumes etc. I know it might cost you, but I for one will buy 5 different tapes, not clones that all look and 'feel' the same.

Your first few releases and those during the Allison Parish era all seemed different, and you had more variety in actress too. You used to always get three women, now we usually get two, sometimes one (and i mean those in submissive roles). So, you did at one time have those resources and that was when you were first starting out. Not trying to pick a fight, but look at videos like Jennifers Nightmares, Guniea Pigs I, II, Meanstreak and Futureshock, all had different plots, stories and a variety of women. If could make more like those, add in some rape (ala Forced Entry) I for one would be happier

Just my two cents.

Thanxs for reading.

Wed Jul 13 1999 17:36

Name: Iago

Hi All, I just thought I'd put in my own $.02 on the direction ZFX is moving. I've been watching ZFX since maybe '93 (Alien Probe was the first one I saw), and have seen lots of changes since then.

Personally, I am not a big torture-for-torture's own sake type. Torture as a means to an end, though, is much more sinister. I'm thinking here of the brilliant work in Alien Probe, where we are witness to the slow but sure breaking of Holly Weston's ability to resist throughout the movie. You could see, scene by scene, as Rick wore her down, one humiliation or torment at a time.

In Xtractor and the first two Guinea Pigs movies Allison Parrish (Who everyone seems in agreement was one of the best of the ZFX Girlz) is tortured into a receptive state for having her mind altered. Xtractor sucked out her willpower (and Allison gave a great show of rolling her eyes into her head and shaking like she was being electrocuted), or having her hormones forcefully stimulated to desperate longing after being pumped full of goo in the Guinea Pigs movies. The period of time from 93-94 was in my book the best time for ZFX Sci-Fi. Hot babes, good story lines, purposeful torture and, yes, lots of goo. If you don't think goo is cool you didn't see Holly Weston blowing Rick in the original Alien Probe, or Allison Parrish making her reluctant swallowing noise in Guinea Pigs.

The last sci-fi that really got my attention was Subject 9 part 2. Penelope Pace gets a very well-done shot of a Guinea Pigs-styled drug up the ass. The effect of the injection was very well done, but Penelope's acting is what really scored there. It was way above what seems fair to expect in this type of movie.

I know, you are all thinking that Rick did lots of movies along that theme like "Trojan Horse," but the reactions and the effects were just not as good. One worthy performance was Tabitha Jordan in one of the late Guinea Pigs movies. She never said a word the whole movie, but her physical acting and audible acting was great. Her collapse when shot up the ass with the chemical was very believable to watch, and she looked great in a yellow mini-combo and then with just a broad leather belt. I'm with you guys about Tabitha. She looks sarcastic when the time is right, looks at foolish things like they are foolish things, and is hot enough to melt sand.

My last comment is to Rick is about the new Ballista project. Rick, I love the notion of you doing a superheroine series, and it shows real promise now that the groundwork is laid. But if you are going to do superheroines, let's see superheroine costumes. Let's see Ballista (and guest villanessess)in a painted-on shiny lycra outfit with some color to it(like the 3D batgirl art on the site). Let's see the villains do more than torture. Let's see them do what villains everywhere have been wanting to do to sexy heroines since before the Comics Code authority. Hmm. Come to think of it, let's see a (insert Vincent Price voice here) Evil Scientist at work on some horrid and sexually deviant plan that involves the anal and oral abuse that you do so well.I have a metal shop, if you need some light assistance.

Ok, guys, rant mode is off. Thanks for reading, and what do you guys think? Am I alone in liking the really, well, twisted sci-fi and plot-driven torture, or is it just me?

Thanks, Rick. I've seen all five of the new flicks, and had them preordered. Kimberly Noble is deadly hot to look at and tortures really well. Let's see more of the costumes like in 666 and the blond in SOB 3! Cheerz, Iago

Wed Jul 13 1999 21:25

Name: Fred

I agree with Iago re part 2 of Subject 9 - Penelope's scene after receiving the described injection is one of my favorite ZFX moments. She is really one of the best actresses in the series.

A bit of desperation is the only thing that would have improved the scene. I would really like to see this plot device revived, with the actress basically addicted (pun intended). It would be great to see a good actress begging to service a bunch of ZFX villians. Copious goo, as Iago describes it, would also be great. A couple of the Gangland films (II & II?) were tops in this category.

Another thing I would like to see more of - some nice, tight, leering shots of the actress's best assets prior to the capture scene...

Wed Jul 14 1999 16:12

Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:

To Satan

Glad to see we have the same tastes. Chandra does get raped in Peep Show II. Amy gets gang raped.

Toolbox abductions II is in my opinion much better than I. I believe there is a rape scene in there, I have to pull it out again and watch it, maybe I will tonight

To Superheroine Fan

I posted a review of the movie "Miss Ballista" above, on July 6th. I would pass if I were you.

Thanxs for reading, e-mails welcomed.

Wed Jul 14 1999 16:06

Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:


I got tired of waiting and rented both "Vacume" and "666".

First off, IAGO, I agree, the Allison Parish era was the best, I am not the biggest fan of the torture aspects, but enjoy more erotic scenes with spanking, fondling and rape. I also agree with you about breaking the victims will, would like to see more of that, well, read below

I will post each review seprately.


This one is more like it. I really enjoyed this one more then South of The Broder III which is flimed in the same location and uses two of the same actress. What makes this one SO much better?

First off you do get the two promised kidnapping scenes. Even if the first one is rather short, the second one is hot where we see Kimberly taken in a bathroom. Just sounds dirty!

Second, the action, molestation, fondling whatever you want to call it is really erotic. I think the two women's acting is a big part of it, but just how there tied and used and abused by there tormenters is great.

Third, you know I like dialouge, but in this video we get very little. You know what? It works here. The slient robe badguys are more menacing this way, and I kind of like there face being masked, makes me focus even more on the women. By the way, the plot is this hooded satanic clut wants to kidnap two women and use them to bring the devil to Earth.

Fourth, the women are great here. I love Kimberly's longer hair style and that slutty outfit was great. I think having Christina get a change of clothes is a great idea. For me the taken down scene (where the girl is stripped and taken) are the best, so clothing her backup allows for another scene like this. Please add more of that!.

This maybe the best video of the new set. That is not saying much since this set is a rather weak one. But, if you are only going to get one, get this one!

On to the next review.

Thu Jul 14 1999 17:01

Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:



This one could have been a great one. I think Tabitha is one of the best looking babes right now. This is the best she has looked in any ZFX video I have seen her in. Yummy!

The video starts out with Tabitha wanting her vacume to be fixed. She meets Rick, playing a mute. Ahhhh, got to love those perverse mutes. Great idea, the mute also carries this doll around which he likes to press against female private parts.

Tabitha is fondled by the repairman, and I was hoping they keep it up, ala Whiplash. But, she is quickly knocked out. Its not like the acting is bad or anything. The repairman is a very good villian. But the scenes in this video were just not as good as those in 666. Maybe it was the heavy use of suspension bondage. Lisa, who delivers a great performance yet again, is suspened upside down in one scene. Both girls are suspended different ways.

Halfway through the video, Tabitha is not seen again. Lisa carries the rest of the video. The mute fondles her with his doll, making her suck it, and then another villian comes in to rape Lisa's mouth with his plastic cock. He shoots his goo on her, for all you goo fans out there!

Not a bad one, but I am glad I rented it. I bought Ballista and Broder III, the only one I wish I had bought was 666. There are better ZFX videos out there then vacume.

Thanxs for reading, if anyone else has seen the videos, e- mail me with your thoughts. Thanxs.

Thu Jul 14 1999 17:11

Name: Fred

I second NYCdom's view on the capture scenes - the part where the girl is taken and stripped down is often my favorite part of a ZFX film. I also find the sensual stuff - fondling, rape, forced fellatio, spanking and so forth - more interesting than the torture stuff.

On another subject, Rick are there any plans to release ZFX on DVD?

Sat Jul 16 1999 17:18

Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:

Hello all

Ralphus, good review of "Ballista". I am glad to see that I was not the only one dissappointed there was no rape scene in the first half of the movie.

I do want to take issue with your grading system. You gave "Forced Entry" a A-, and you give "Ballista" a Bplus. Not sure how you can justify that high of grade. "Ballista" is no where near as good as FE, if you want to assign a grade, Bminus at best, personally I say Cplus.

You of course free to give it any grade you want. But I think if you are going to assign grades you need to use a benchmark. Anything getting a letter A is a must have. Bs are good and close to being right up there. Cs are okay, for the true diehards, and Ds you can just pass. "Ballista" is a Cish type video. "666" is a solid Bish video, while "forced entry" is definetly a most own.

I look forward to your next reviews.

Mon Jul 19 1999 15:44

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

NYCdom28: Thanks for the kind words. Obviously, we disagree in our opinions of "Miss Ballista". In a nutshell, I felt it was very entertaining from start to finish, with at least 3 outstanding scenes, and no bad ones. Although not every scene worked as well as it could have, if it had the rape scene that was somewhat expected (and hinted at), it could have very well earned an A from me. I'm a tough grader, I'll admit, and I don't hand out A's very often.

As far as a benchmark, there are several ZFX videos I would give an A rating to. Start with my favorite, "Cheerleaders of Perilous U." Then add "Alien Prey", "Squealer", "Gangland 1 and 2", "Futureshock", "Total Restraint"...There are a few others on my list, but these were all excellent titles. If I had to make a Top Ten, "Forced Entry" could very well make that list, because I thought it was one of Masters' best titles in years. And I've seen 'em all! :o)

Now one thing though. My opinions are just that. Opinions. Anyone else who wants to play Ebert to my Siskel go right ahead.

Mon Jul 19 1999 23:42

Name: Iago

Hi All, I've seen the new crop of releases, in fact had to buy them, since the only local place what rented ZFX went out of business last year. Having deposited my hard earned ducats into the hands of JMC Distributing, I can tell you how I feel about these flicks. Ballista: A nice starting point, and lots of potential, but not quite there yet. More spandex, more sexual-type super-powers, more captured and sexually abused heroines (and side-kicks?). Maybe some chemical mind control, a common image in Rick's flicks. 666: Interesting. I like the dress-down, dress-up the blond does. Kimberly Noble is hot in her outfit, and has a body that won't quit. Note to Rick: During her electrocution scence, Kimberly does this sashay thing with her hips that is almost hypnotic. If you get her back, a dancing scene might be in order. The ending-I won't give it away, but I dunno. Maybe with a little more evolution. Otherwise, if the tortures were a little more focused, we might have a successor to the Alien Probe series. What do you guys think? Underland 2: Sorry, but this was the snoozer of the bunch for me. No really remarkable scenes, and after setting expectations with Kimberly's table scene in the first movie...Well. The ending scene had potential, but just didn't seem to have enough energy to pull it off. SOB 3: I loved the outfit the blond was wearing, and liked the way she went from a "Get over it" princess to a tormented victim. Kimberly looked good as always, but reveals that she really shouldn't be required to talk or emote too much. All around, a worthwhile movie. I was concerned about it, as I'm not a big fan of movies that promise extreme torture with light plot, but it worked out well, and was very enjoyable. Either this one or 666 would rank as the best of the bunch for me. Vacum: Shouldn't this be "Vacuum?" Anyhoos, I have for Tabitha Jordan, and she is good in this movie, but she also seems to be a lot less pliant than she used to be. Compared to "Fair Warning" or "The Plant," she doesn't seem to allow lots of different scenes any more. In fact, she misses the entire last third of this movie, leaving Lisa alone at the mercy of her abductors. I tend to be neutral on Lisa. She is a great (maybe too great) submissive, but did well as the Evil doctor in "Bound for Madness" as well. At the same time, there is something about her that hasn't got the same attraction as a Penelope Pace or a Allison Parrish. Like I said: Neutral. But she gives a good performance here. And Tabitha wears a really hot pair of short-shorts and a brief top through the first part of the flick, then spends the second part strapped in an impossible-to-ignore position in a chair. Sorry, guys. I see I've posted another long one. I'm still getting used to the format. Gimp-Thanks for the soapbox. The rest of youse-Be well. Iago

Tue Jul 20 1999 00:19

Name: kimo
E-mail address:

I would like to see more seens where she has to be careful in order not to further hurt herself. i.e. If she lowers her leg her pussy or tit gets hurt. In order to reach the scissors she has to stretch her nipples a lot. More penetration please. Pussies/assholes impaled so she has to stand on her toes for relief. More outdoor scenes. Outdoor bondage, humiliation scenes. She's tied and has to get across the parking lot unseen. She's also hobbled and her ankles are tied to her pussy or tits. Swinging nipple weights would be great.

Tue Jul 20 1999 00:47

Name: Jake

I have been reading this site since it began, an I have finally decided to contribute to the postings.

I have been a big fan of zfx for some time now and I think that they are the best of their kind. Unfortunately, I agree with some of the posters, that there often seems to be even greater potential in a lot of these movies that is often not realized. That being said, here is my two cents and I would appreciate others comments, particularly from the regular posters.

The basic zfx video seems to include being stripped, ball-gagged, and whipped. Contrary to some of the other postings I have read here, I would like to see LESS gagging.

Personally, I really enjoy dialogue, especially begging from the "victim". "Please, please stop" or "Nooo, please, my nipples are so sore" are the kind of thing I am thinking of. The only time I can remember this being done in a zfx movie was by Candi Licks in Video Pirates 5 when she is spread on the rack (ungagged), c-clamps on her nipples, and having her pussy teased with a dildo. I kind of remember that she was muttling "Please stop", and that I was rather enjoying that scene.

Also, I would like to see less whipping, and more slapping - maybe with a crop or something. I remember zfx tried this with Guinea Pigs (2?) and I think in Binding Contract. It seems much more personal, and sinister, than standing 10 feet away with a whip that looks like it has party streamers attached. I don't recall a movie where there was pussy slapping with a crop.

Another thought: I would like to see more graphic kinds of tit and pussy torture. The only kind I can think of with any regularity by zfx is the standard clothes pin deal. Perhaps scenes where there is nipple stretching, or tits clamped between clapboards. I think Kimo's ideas posted above are interesting.

I definetely agree with the majority on this forum that the "rape" scenes are thoroughly enjoyed.

Comments please.....

Tue Jul 20 20:45

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Jake: I agree with your previous a degree. Not necessarily about less gagging, because I think gags are very important, but I think a bit more pleading dialogue would be a good thing. Dialogue can be incredibly stimulating if it's done convincingly. Scenarios where the victim is begging her captor not to hurt her, or even gets to the point of tears when she realizes it will not do any good. Crying is a definite turn-on! When the villain decides he doesn't want to hear any more of that, THEN he should gag her, and the purpose should be to shut her up. Of course, to really pull off the scene, the girl would have to be a convincing actress. A friend (not me) once observed that ZFX's actresses were so bad that Masters has to keep them gagged all the time! I thought it was funny, but I don't really agree. I think Rick has had some talented girls working for him. Alison Parish was a good actress, so was Monica Moore, and Chandra Sweet was an excellent crier. I think many of his later girls could probably handle a scene that calls for more than just muffled moaning.

Regarding slapping as opposed to whipping, ZFX has shown improvement recently in that regard. I thought one of the best things about "Robo Pimp" (check out my review) was that he showed the girls actually getting slapped repeatedly until their faces were bloody. More realistic, and certainly exciting, more so than the usual whippings with a felt whip. He took it a step further in "Violation of Vikki Fixx", where he showed Penelope Pace with a nice purple bruise on her face after a beating. Very nice stuff, and I'd welcome similar treatment in his upcoming tapes.

Tue Jul 20 1999 11:18

Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:

Good to see a lot more posts here!

I have seen 4 of the 5 new videos, if you want my rankings here they are

666 - I think the best by far

The rest to me have some good stuff and some dead spots, but here is how I rank'em.

SOB III, followed by Ballista and then Vacume. Ashame about Vacume, I like Tabitha a lot, this video should have been a lot better.


Good post. I think we all agree on our desire to see more "rape" scenes. To me this is what really seperates ZFX from the competition, no one mixes sex and bondage in there videos. I also agree with you about the dialouge. Guniea Pigs V has one of the best scenes where Holly is being ass raped by a dildo, she cries out and begs him to stop. By the way, Guniea Pigs V is a most buy video to me!


We really do like different videos. Most of the ones you mentioned as 'A' vids would not make my "must buy" list. Maybe I will post that list again now that I know how to seperate paragraphs!

Take care all!

Wed Jul 21 1999 22:11

Name: Vampi
E-mail address:

hello, if Rick remembers me i was from Massachusetts and we had a 2 hour phone conversation on horror movies one day about 3 or 4 years ago, i have seen almost every ZFX film made ( yes even going back to the ones made for B&D pleasures ZFX 1 to 4 ) yes all the early ones til lately i have not seen just this years releases. i had hope that shockwave ( oh no here is my complaint ) would have become more horror and gore with the strick bondage, it is just ok but when you consider what ZFX was doing and still is for bondage, i am sorry if i want shockwave to do that for horror. i am sorry to say this, i still think zfx is the best bondage company there is, but i wish shock wave gave horror a new name. we actually spoke about that back so long ago, feel free to email me rick if you would like any ideas forwarded, or just to say hi again. thanks Vampi (also anyone who wishes access to my Perils drawing site only needs to send me an 18+ age statement email )

Wed Jul 21 1999 23:20


Name: Iago

Hey All,

Everyone seems to agree that gags and slapping are a fine thing. Everyone also seems in agreement that they would like more rape scenes and abductions. The jury looks divided about dialogue, though, especially where the women are concerned. Personally, I love dialogue related to the situation. Guinea Pigs I was great with Allison Parrish begging Rick not to hurt her, and asking Rick why he was doing what he was doing. Rick's Dialogue in "Alien Probe" was very to the point, and worked well with the theme. I also wonder: Given all the sci-fi/voodo/magic mind-bending types of themes Rick uses, how come the women never ask --What-- Rick is doing to them after he pumps them full of whatever the cocktail of the hour is that film? Aren't they curious? Wouldn't you be? Hmm...

As far as the other stuff--outdoors action, forest action, etc., those are all sort of locale-type things. If they fit the story, then they could be really groovy. How about a beach, with caves on the waterline? Maybe even some sort of aquatic monster theme there? Rick will probably retch when he reads that--I hear water is tough to film around around. How about the forest scene that Kimo suggested? What if there was a big cave nearby and we had a "Galaxy of Terror"-ish scene there?

Fred, thanks for the kind words. NYCDom, thanks for the alternate perspective on the new releases. Ralphus, thanks for so many neat ideas. Jake, I agree with you about more dialogue, if the actresses can pull it off. Kim Noble in SOB 3 leaves me doubtful, but the blond (can't remember her name) seems like she'd be good. Lisa would be good. Maybe Tabitha, though I think she mostly growls and fights more than begs. Not her personality. Maybe Penelope. Can anyone think of other good candidates? Amy Van Allen probably would have done a great job, but is she still performing?

Later All,


Thu Jul 22 1999 00:20

Name: Jake


Thanks for the tip about Guinea Pigs V, I haven't seen that one. Does anyone have any other tips for vids that show more dialogue/begging?


I am not sure Penny would be a good candidate for the begging scene. If anybody saw the Hitchhiker (of which I really liked the premise), there was a brief scene where Penny Pace starts to try some begging, but it sounds more like whining and she is talking about going to see her mommy!? I thought the whole mommy thing was a big turn off.


I agree with your thought on this matter. After a well done (and not too brief) begging and pleading scene, I think it would be appropriate to start the gagging to shut her up.

Hey, has anyone noticed that an aweful lot of zfx vids show the attacker gagging the victim FIRST, before subdueing her in any other way? It is comical (not to mention unrealistic) to watch the attacker tying the gag using both of his hands, and the victim very non-aggressively flailing her free arms (no where near the attacker I might add) like she is trying to hail a cab or something.


Fri Jul 23 1999 23:36

Name: Per

Just received the new titles 666 and South of the Border 3: Mexican Jailhouse Torture. I'll leave the grading to our chief rewiever Ralphus, but let me tell you that both should be ranked high among ZFX's videos.

It's nice to see such good performers throughout. Kimberley Noble, a relative newcomer to ZFX, does a great performance once again. She excells in the whipping scenes in both movies, very good and convincing reactions. I have not seen any movie with Christina Anderson before, but her performance, especially in 666, is promising for the future. She could be a little more convincing in the electrocution scene is SOB 3, but here pleading and wimpering between the shocks makes up for that. I have been disappointed with Kelly McCays acting before, but SOB 3 shows a great improvement. We do not see that much of Lisa in SOB 3, but since it is supposed to be continued, I hope for some good scenes with her in SOB 4...

The setting for both movies is great! Both are shot in the basement of the Minneapolis adult store used in e.g. Underland. Very appropriate for the prison setting in SOB 3, lots of rough concrete. According to Rick in a previous posting this location has even more areas to shot in. Keep going there, Rick, and take your lovely performers with you (not to mention your video camera and some nice toys...)

Sat Jul 24 1999 13:36

Name: Harpo


Could someone give me a review of Incubus 2, it'd be appreciated.


Sun Jul 25 1999 13:23

Name: ZFX Fan

I am a real fan of ZFX and love the films where the women are kidnapped, bound, raped and tortured. However, I would like it even more if they could go one stage further and occasionally have the victims actually murdered during their ordeals. Seeing a naked, bound and terrified girl slowly hanged to death would be the ultimate turn-on. Does anyone else agree, or am I the only sicko?

Mon Jul 26 1999 02:57

E-mail address:

Hey, Rick turned me on to this site. Thought I would check it out. For those of you that dont know me, I was in the flicks that Rick shot up here in Minnesota. I was kind of curious of what you guys thought about them. I know, you guys focus more on the women and I cant blame you. If you have a few minutes and want to e-mail me that would be cool. Although if you are just writing to cut me down, dont waste your time.

Mad Dog

Mon Jul 26 1999 10:19

Name: Sardu

It's kind of useless to rate these vids when we consider the fact that we all have different preferences/fetishes/ etc. I can only imagine how our chloroform-loving comrades would rate a vid that only featured straight bondage, for example. I'd like to instead propose a more descriptive evlauation of the Rick Masters Canon whereby a listing is made of the various acts meted out to a given vid's victims followed by a brief evaluation of how realistic that scene was while factoring in acting, videography, lighting, plot logic, etc. Also a general paragraph giving a yay or nay to the overall concept of the vid. (E.g., " An alien plant kidnaps and rapes shapely young women. Good idea, sexy cast, but the actresses are merely going through the motions and don't lend any sense of intensity to the proceedings. It's all about subjective vs. objective...

Mon Jul 26 1999 20:20

Name: Iago

Jake: "I want my mommy?" Ack. Nevermind Penelope for the begging kind of work then. I think she is the very best of the current...What are they? Actresses? Models? What's the term?...when it comes to the mind control stuff, though. She was great in point of entry, great in Incubus 2, and great in Supermax. She's also great at being strong, then slowly breaking.

ZFX fan: Yep, yer sick. Look who's talking, tho.

Mad Dog: What were the names of the films you were in?

Sardu: (Blink). Very good point. It's not like we watch these for the mysterious plots. Rick either describes the entire flick on the back of the box, or doesn't describe it at all. Review by acts, and the quality of the acts, might be best, though NYCDOM and Ralphus seem pretty good at injecting that into their reviews, IMO.



Tue Jul 27 1999 01:33

Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:

In response to Iago- I am In Underland 1&2, I wear a grey t- shirt and the skull mask. I am in Mexican Justice 3 That one I wear a camouflaged jacket hat and sunglasses. You cant miss me I am the guy with "Pedro" and I am in 666, but if you reallly want to know which one I am you will have to guess.

Mad Dog

Tue Jul 27 1999 11:01

Name: Wizard

I have seen all the zfx videos since the beginning. what really gets me going are all the hot girls that rick finds for each film, especially girls like allison parish, lisa kinkaid, tabitha jordan, et, al. what i like best is the initial presentation of each girl, dressed in extremely provocative clothing, followed by the stalking, abducting, binding, gagging, and of forced sex. wouldn't it be great if we could just custom order fantasies that we would like to see, and then watch it come out in one of rick's videos?

Tue Jul 27 1999 13:29

Name: BB Fan

You know, the thing that has made me an avid ZFX fan is that, even when other bondage video producers were pussying out and going light in the early '90s, ZFX was not afraid to show BREAST BONDAGE - tight and real.

However, after making such masterpieces (that I have bought) such as Xtractor (whatever happened to Margo Feller) and the Misadventures of Lois Pain (love that Victoria Vixxen), along with early Tabitha Jordan movies (Subterfuge - with those nice, floppy, begging-to-be-tied titties) and Penelope Pace (Subject 9), they have gotten away from tight breast bondage.

I was happy to see the release of Creul Dominion, and was wndering if anybody else would like to see ZFX return to natural big titties tied tight?

Tue Jul 27 1999 13:43

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

ZFX fan: What a sick idea! What a twisted, perverted awful person you must be for even suggesting it!

...ugh, I like it, too... :o)

I've often wondered why ZFX doesn't take the most logical next step in his fantasy tapes. I mean, he does just about everything else to the girls short of killing them, but stops short of actual snuff. (I remember he did imply that a girl got killed in "Belly of the Beast", but it was just spoken narration.) My guess is that his films are so realistic now that showing actual killing could potentially get him in a lot of hot water with his distributors, or worse, with prosecutors who may check out his tapes looking for something to nail him on. Remember, these are still basically sex tapes, implied or not, and making something akin to a snuff movie would probably be pushing the envelope too far. If you recall an earlier post Rick made to this forum, his own distributors don't even allow him to show plastic bag torture scenes, so showing a girl actually getting killed onscreen would most likely be a major no- no. Again, I'm just speculating; if Rick wants to set the record straight as to the real reason, I'm sure we would be interested in hearing the truth.

Not to promote another company, especially because they're not very good, IMO, but W.A.V.E. Video makes the type of videos similar to the kind you're describing. Hanging, strangulation, electrocution, shootings, often with girls in bondage. The acting, directing and bondage are often pedestrian, but if that's what you're looking for...

Tue Jul 27 19:48

Name: Iago
E-mail address:

Mad Dog: Ah, yes. The "Shut up, Goddammit!" guy from SOB3. I remember worrying when the scenes started that you wouldn't be believable, but once you warmed up, you were very good. I especially like the way you manage to state, without any conviction one way or the other, that the girls can talk, or talk to Pedro. It gave me the notion that your character was only in it for the answers to his questions, and everything else was just a tool to get them.

Ralpus,Rick did snuff Lisa Kinkaid in Point of entry. She was wearing a bluish shiny catsuit, and pulled a gun on his drug-dealer character. He tied her up, and gave her a down-the-throat dose of the drug Penelope later did such a good job of writhing under later on. In fact, she died while Rick's character was busy raping her (he purposefully waited until the drug had worn stopped feeling good and she was sick to do it). Not my favorite scene (a pretty girl is a terrible thing to waste, after all).


Tue Jul 27 1999 23:38

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Iago: Ah, yes, I do remember that scene! I went back and reviewed the tape to make sure. I'm still not sure from watching it if she actually died or just passed out as the result of the drug, but you're right, it certainly could qualify as a death scene there. Good catch!

Wed Jul 28 1999 21:54

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi to all,

Thanks for all the interesting comments. Whether they be good or bad, I always appreciate your thoughts. Sardu had it right in that rating a movie, adult or otherwise, is a highly subjective thing. Interesting how differing thoughts on the highs and lows of the same movie are often expressed. A good description always helps the customer to weed out the movies that are must see from those that are optional. A special thanks to Ralphus and NYCDom for there thoughtful insights and reviews. You guys ARE the Siskel and Ebert of bondage!

Ralphus: You and others, I think Deathsee and ZFXFan too, asked if death scenes are do-able, or why we don't do them. Goes back to the legal criteria I mentioned earlier. Not saying I would never do it, but probably not gonna happen soon. The Villains, however often die.

Jazz: Hey dude, glad to see you found the spot! Jazz aka Mad Dog did some nice work for me in Minn., he's a nice guy and might be able to provide an insight to what it's really like "on the set" shooting bondage. Thanks for contributing.

BBFAN: You mentioned a lack breast bondage. I Tend to disagree. Have you seen the last scene in "Drifters"? I was very happy with the look we achieved with Lisa's boobs, her already large nipples looked really great. What about Kelly Mckay in "Underland2"? Thought both these movies had good breast tie ups on girls of medium sized breasts. I generally won't tie up Implants though, because of the risk of damage. Loose stuff is OK, but I won't go tight, which is what we all want. I wish I had a girl with large natural breasts(like Vikki Vixxen), but right now I don't,so.... any volunteers out there?hehe

Iago: Yes, it should be Vacuum...I was trying to be cute....dumb rednecks....Vacuum shop, VaCUM....get one else did either. To make matters worse, the label is spelled correctly(the print shop was trying to watch out for me and spell checked the labels before running them)....Good Grief!

DVD: Hope to do some by years end, but I ain't making no promises.....

Many have commented, "why didn't Rick do a rape scene here(Miss Ballista) or why did someone appear only in part of a movie". Ever here the phase shit happens? Well, it happens twice as often shooting bondage movies! People get sick, don't show up, show up late, scheduling problems,weather, equipment failure, prop failure etc.etc. and sometimes I have locations for only a short period of time, as was the case in Miss Ballista. Sometimes a model will say, Rick I'm just too pooped to keep going. I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm more of a victim of circumstance than over looking the obvious. While shooting the bedroom scene for Miss Ballista, Joe Marx was sick, we had taken too long at the location, so a decision was made to do only what was necessary to facilitate the plot. I though interrogation via stun gun more convincing than one via rape, plus Lisa's ass gets plundered by Penny Pace later in the show anyhow. It probably could have been slipped in, but we were really under the gun to get gone, so I passed on the opportunity. I always do the best I can, but as I said, circumstances often modify what the best I can do is.

About Gagging: (There following comments are concerning a fictional movie action sequence. None should actually attempt this stuff either:)Someone had commented about gagging the victim before tying in a kidnap scenario...that this was unrealistic. I tend to disagree, and here's why. When subduing someone, what is the first reaction that will alert others.....screaming. That must be addressed immediately. Generally, the victim is pinned or arm barred, hand over mouth, gagged then hands restrained. Remember, one attacker only has 2 hands. One hand grabs to prevent flight, the other either covers the mouth, or if the attacker is smart, has a gag in hand, which can be put in the mouth of the victim. When I was in wrestling, the coach used to tell us "to control the head of your opponent is to control your opponent." Where ever your head goes, so goes the rest of your body. Once the gag is in the mouth, you can use that as leverage to control the victim long enough to get the Gag tied, then both arms are free to tie the hands. Thats with one attacker, multiple attackers should try to achieve these thing simultaneously. That's in a situation where sound matters, in a more isolated setting, restraint would be first. For the record, I do think about these issues, though I screw them up at times too. Truth be known, in a real life situation, an truly unwilling victim(fighting back with adrenal intensity), in my estimation, having never attempted it (and never would) in real life, could only be subdued by brute force(beat down, basically), or threat of deadly force via gun or a knife. This is probably how most real life, forcible rapes go down, and one of the reasons I have stayed away from this a bit, besides the fact that I like to see a good struggle:) There maybe legal issues here as well. But it would probably present the most realistic scenario, particularly during a kidnap. The victim is too scared too resist.

Another comment concerned leaving the models ungagged. Personally, I like to see a girl with something stuffed in her mouth, in fact every orifice should end up filled:) But, begging isn1t all bad either;), but not all models can pull it off. If they fail, the scene is shot, so gagging is the safe road. You can1t go wrong with an muhhhh! or a humph!

Ok, now for some semi-serious stuff. As you know, if you live in the US, we have an election year coming up. If Bush is president, you will see the internet reduced to a electronic babysitter, just like TV....Democrats are getting almost as bad....but I1ll take a Al Gore over George w. any dam day. Get out and register to vote, and vote Reform party, unless Ross Perot, that mini hitler control freak is running. Give that little sucker the heave ho(but keep his money). Fiscal conservative, social liberal...the best of both worlds...? you bet your ass. Jesse for prez....or someone else who isn1t a politician, anyone but Bush:)


Thu Jul 29 1999 12:39

Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:

Hello all

I know it has been commented on before, but people really do have there own fetishes. For me ZFX is about physical force. Most bondage movies just show a girl tied in different poses. Although the women in most of these vids are amazing looking, nothing happens in them. What seperates ZFX from them is that they have that physical element, that guy who has his hands or some object always on the woman

To me the most physical thing you can do is some type of rape scene. It took ZFX awhile to evolve there videos to include this type of fare, but since Hardbound TV was made the was always that potential for a vid like Forced Entry.

For those of you have fetishes that are not shown or not given full attention in ZFX videos, there are many niche video makers on the web. To bad there is no one out there making 'force' videos, since that is my peculiar fetish. As Rick mentions, these are just fantasies and NO ONE should ever do these things with out a willing partner.


I am already looking forward to the next release of ZFX videos whenever that might be. Now I know you will have some squeals taking some slots up next time around, but if you have a free one, consider another Forced Entry. If I see any agreement on this broad, that type of video seems to be enjoyed by all. Thank you btw for explaining about the Ballista scene. I will be the first to admit I have no idea what goes into making these mostly great videos.

I could not agree with you more about your Politics as well!

Take care all

Thu Jul 29 1999 19:22

Name: Rick
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Hi NYCDom,

Boy have I got the movie for YOU! Its likely to be called "In Their Nature". Bridgette Bayonne stars as a young lady who goes home to meet her new boyfriends dad, only to discover that dad and son (Joe Marx and Jon Obrien) are total psychopaths who intend to use and abuse her hot little bod. She is drugged, stripped, waxed, beaten and something I think you'll particularly appreciate, tied to a broom stick while dad and son brutally bang her fore and aft finishing with a juicy wad on her pretty face and ass. No, it's not real, but it sure looks good. There's alot more to the movie, but that gives you a general idea on what its about. It was shot in a house, one never before used. Look for it this fall, can't be more specific on release date, but it's gonna be awhile. Just something to look forward to.:)


Fri Jul 30 1999 09:03

Name: murau

This tape was much awaited by the superheroine in bondage (SHIB) fans, for it had everything to become a classic ... but unfortunately it failed. The main problem with the film was that there was no superheroine in it! Miss Ballista was simply a deranged woman in costume, but no SHIB fan would see her as a true superheroine (see the discussion forum in and the good review in Since it was Rick's first movie in the genre, it is understandable that he missed the main point involved in SHIB fetish: a powerful woman with superpower or superskill (in sexy costumes) that beats several enemies but is captured and rendered helpless. But as he explained in a previous message, it is not always easy to shoot movies and he truly deserves to be congratulated for his efforts in bringing out the superheroine theme in his movies. I only expect the next tapes to have characters more in line with what SHIB fans have in mind (the above sites are good guides). Meanwhile, thanks again Rick, and you can be sure that you all SHIB fans will be eager to see your future superheroine tapes!

Fri Jul 30 1999 21:30

Name: AvF
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OK, I can be a little dense at times (but that's only 'cause of the visions of all the ZFX Sweeties dancing through my head). Just found this sight about a month ago, checked back a few times, and thought it was not updated yet (dummy me, new entries are at the end). So forgive me for being late to comments addressed at the earier entries.

With Lisa's posting a little while ago I cannot resist putting my two cents in as far as what I would like to see done to her. Lisa'a such a Sweetheart!!. There's so many....hum, 'bout this one. Lisa is abducted at the beach (or lake) wearing only a bikini (no footwear please!). Abducted in a case of mistaken identity. Taken to a Werehouse or even a garage, stripped (of course) and interogated for information. This can include the usual fare but with the addition of a scene I'd really like to see. Very basic wrists behind the back, ankles together tie, and hoisted upside down. To coerse her to talk she is lowered and submersed in water. This is repeated again and again until the captors realize they do not have the right person. The captors cannot of course leave a witness so she is pulled up out of the water and a plastic bag is taped over her head while she is still hanging upside down as they leave. But just as things look bleek someone who had witnessed the abduction and followed our little party comes in after the captors leave.....well you get the idea.

Obvious by this little sceen that I am in agreement w/Vampi's posting that I wish ZFX would go into or include the horror element. But definetly no blood and gore!! As far as the death element, just short of, as exampled above, or in dream sequences such as our heroine continually having nightmares of sexual torture/death, but no harm...all was just a dream.

As far as the inclusion of W.A.V.E. productions goes by a previous posting concerning the horror/death material, most of (if not all) is pretty limp wristed. Heroine tied to a chair, being strangled but her hands are free to her sides, while I guess the thought to raise them and stop what is happening escapes her. Pretty lame!!

Also what ever happened with Amy van Allen. She made my heart pound!! Even when she was dressed and nothing was happening to her. That tight body, smooth skin, shaved pussy, and that gorgous face!!! Anything in the future? or has she moved on for good also like Chandra. Anybody know of any other works?

Look forward to checking in from time to time to see what's happening.

Fri Jul 30 1999 22:46

Name: Ralphus
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AvF: I think that's a great potential scenario myself! I have a thing for upside-down bondage anyway; it reminds me of the old hanging up like a side of beef symbolism. Sounds a bit dangerous, but Rick has done both hanging upside-down as well as immersion in water; he just hasn't combined the two together. I think plastic bags are out, though, from reading his previous comments. Too bad, because I think that's an excellent idea.

Murau: I see your point about Miss Ballista, and I agree that that aspect of the SHIB premise didn't really work because she wasn't truly a superheroine and didn't have powers like, say, a Wonder Woman. That was actually what I was expecting, from all the advance hype. But the reason I thought it was good was because she WASN'T some kind of superheroine, she was Lisa Kinkaid, victim, and she plays that part better than anybody. I don't necessarily want her to have special powers; it spoils the fantasy. For me, anyway, not necessarily for others. I enjoyed "Miss Ballista" because it was basically another well-done ZFX tape with a good story, only this one had costumes.

Oh, yes...To separate paragraphs, you need to surround a capital "P" with the "greater than" and "lesser than" symbols on your keyboard. Like this... <>, but with a P in the middle. No spaces between. It's a HTML thing; when that symbol comes up, it knows to put a space between your paragraphs. Now can somebody tell me how to make a "plus" sign stick? :o)

Sat Jul 31 1999 22:04

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