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June 1999

Name: daniel

Question: I love this FANTASY (emphasizing that word for all the puritans out there). And I so much want to order the Ballista tape, as well as others. But I thought that videos depicting rape were illegal in the US. Honest, the only thing holding me back from ordering these things thru the mail is that I fear I will get into some trouble. Any chance that any adult stores (in NYC) sell them?

Thursday June 3rd 1999 06:00:37

Name: Rick
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Hi to all! Just wanted to let you know the ZFX website has been updated. Captures for the new shows are on the site, as well as an expanded 3d art section.This is to Daniel..If your living in the NYC area, ZFX tapes should be perfectly legal. Don't buy from NYC shops, they are mostly bootlegging there and the quality is terrible. You are not at any legal risk ordering adult material, as long as it's not child pornography, or being touted as such. It is the person selling/shipping the material that runs possible legal risk. Obviously, if you feel it is illegal where you are, it's best to follow your own insticts for peace of mind, if nothing else. Rick

Thursday June 3rd 1999 09:46:54

Name: user705459
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This appears to be a nice site. I feel it is in poor taste for ZFX to charge to enter their web site. I have purchase many of their tapes and enjoyed most of them. I would love to see Lisa Kirland as an captured spy who is tortured for information( of course it should take more than one video to make her talk)Also me being a person with a foot fetish would love to see Lisa Kirkland's BAREFEET get tortured......It would also be nice to know a little about the actress (check spelling) personal life. Remote Host:

Thursday June 3rd 1999 07:52:09

Name: Jack
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I just wanted to say that my preference for videos involve strong sexy females i.e. policewomen or Superheroine who are captured after long sexy struggles by female villians! I love a real plot and the heroines to have sexy somewhat revealing uniforms! Inhance the heroines position by showing her overpowering criminals and thugs out the outset as this only makes her eventual capture that much more erotic! I love a good chloroforming scenario and the female villianess should be a little less attractive than the heroine and of course the villianess should be a big time lesbian!! I was a little disappointed seeing the uniform for Ballista i.e. full length pants????? Where are her hot pants---short shorts----ankle boots etc????? Anyone who shares my fetish, particularly any female, please drop me a line! Thanks

Thursday June 3rd 1999 10:35:03

Name: ZFX fan

My preferences: (1) More Chandra, please come back, you are a goddess (2) less violence, more domination and simulated sex (3) more chloroform scenes, with the actress passed out for a longer period of time (4) contrary to many posters here, less noise from the actresses. I find communication with the eyes to be sexier. My all-time favorite bondage scene is in Barbara Broadcast between Jamie Gillis and Constance Money where she isn't gagged, but she doesn't say a word, just expresses fear, desire, a host of emotions with her facial expressions (5) slow the scenes down! screw the whole MTV ethos where attention spans are thought to be so brief that there needs to be lots of cross- cutting. I'd love to see a scene where Chandra or an equally stunning angel (like Jackilyn) is spread eagled on the bed, no gag, with the actor holding a long, thick penis gag in front of her face, the camera "watching" as she looks at the gag, looks at her captor, looks back at the gag, and the whole time the tension mounts as the actor runs his fingers over her lips and continually but slowly and teasingly presses the scene forward, no words exchanged, just glances, as he finally touches the tip of the gag to her lips, rubs it around for a while, pulls it back, etc etc with eventual full (slow!) insertion and tying of the gag on securely. I get off on the psychology of bondage. I think sometimes (maybe from the pressure of shooting 8 scenes a day) there is too much "action" and business and not enough drawn out, lingering menace. Not to criticize - we all have our preferences, I just ask that those of us who feel differently about the quickly whip them till they're screaming variety and prefer the more menacing, threatening, quiet approach be accommodated as well. Rick, you're the best, your intelligence and creativity shine through brightly. Gimp, thanks for the forum. Finally.

Thursday June 3rd 1999 10:40:45


Name: ZFX fan

One more comment and question for Rick. I liked the concept of the film where the Girls of ZFX were shown having sex, but I didn't think its execution was all that great. Any plans to make another one, to try it again? I echo the comment of the poster who said he'd like to know more about the actresses. I'd love to see a video where they're clothed and talking about their lives, their sexual preferences, how they ever got into making ZFX films, how they felt about it, etc., followed by good old fashioned sex. I'm sure, Rick, that for legal reasons you can't show these actresses in actual bondage and being made love to at the same time on screen, but have you ever thought about extending the simulated sex idea further and in such a tape making the sex real, and the bondage simulated, rather than the reverse? In other words, let's see Lisa Kincaid lying on her back on the bed, or on all fours, being legitimately pounded by real, obvious cock, while her hands are under the pillow so that the viewer can fantasize that they are tied up under there, or better yet, where she is in a spread eagle position with outstretched arms and legs, with establishing shots perhaps before and after the scenes showing that she is not actually tied up, no reason to come running, you damn censors, but where during the entirety of the scene it appears that she's tied.

An even sexier idea, perhaps, would be for there to be a voiceover or other comment or indication that during the scene she really was tied up while being fucked. It's not illegal to do it, right, just to show them in combination on the screen? So why not show the sex scene and omit, but imply, the bondage? Do you think this is getting into that hazy netherland of legality, Rick? What say you, fellow posters and ZFX afficionados? Anyone else like the idea of a film with the ZFX girls showing real sex but simulated bondage?

Tuesday June 3rd 1999 22:56

Name: Ralphus
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To the poster who said it was in poor taste for ZFX to charge for their site: Excuse me? Since when does ZFX charge? I just went there to check it out, and saw no notice where you have to pay...

As far as ZFX fan's idea to know more about the ZFX girls, I've often wondered myself about personal aspects of some of the performers. My guess would be, though, that most would prefer to keep their personal lives private. It is an intriguing idea, though. I personally would LOVE to know why so many of these beautiful girls would allow themselves to be degraded on camera for our enjoyment. What kind of a person does that? And a better question, how does Rick find them? And while we're at it, how do *I* find one? :o)

Regarding the idea of having the ZFX actresses have real sex with simulated bondage, I vote no. Number one, I really don't know the actual law, or even if there is an actual law, but if he has to simulate something, I'd rather it be the sex than the bondage. If you simply have to see close ups of genitalia converging, there are thousands of hardcore tapes available. How many bondage vids in this country actually attempt to show a girl really tied down and raped? It is a special treat that ZFX is giving us when they do that, and we should appreciate the effort. It would also be my guess that many of the actresses probably work for Rick rather than another adult producer so they won't HAVE to do hardcore scenes. Again, just speculating, but I'll bet in some cases, I would be right.

Wednesday Fri June 4th 1999 18:45

Name: ZFX fan

Ralphus, with respect, you're missing my point, I think. Yes, there are thousands of sex videos out there, but I've never seen one done in the manner I described.

When I'm watching a vanilla sex video, occasionally there will be the type of scene where the woman is lying on the bed being fucked, and she stretches her arms over her head. I know it's my own particular quirk, but surely others who like BDSM share it - my arousal meter goes through the roof when, suddenly, you can't see her hands, and you can imagine that she's tied up and getting pounded like that. Then, tragically, the arousal plummets as a few too short seconds later she reintroduces her hands into the scene and it's obvious she isn't tied as in my fantasy (I knew all along she wasn't, but the illusion caused the arousal).

This happens often in fellatio scenes as well, particularly in the gonzo tapes of a Max Hardcore, for instance. Rather than she fellating him, which I like okay, and am not criticizing, there will be a scene where he's fucking her mouth while she's on her knees, say, and her hands are out of the scene. I can sit back and imagine that her hands are tied behind her back and that she is being subjected to this behavior - this is a BDSM scene. Then, once again, the director allows (or doesn't even think about) her hands to come back into the screen, where she will, say, grab the actor's dick and start yanking on it. My fantasy pops like a balloon. One minute, there is an illusion on the screen that the actress is being submissive, allowing her mouth and throat to be used, with no use of the hands, the next second, she's yanking on his dick controlling the action giving him a handjob, no longer subject to his whims as to whether he wants to shove it in or swirl his dick around on her lips, she has no choice, suddenly the roles are reversed and he has no choice as she controls the action of his cock and the scene.

Do you follow me, Ralphus? None of the mainstream porn directors ever seem to notice this or to play out the fantasy. And ZFX is at the other extreme with what they're doing. I can't think of anybody who films in the manner I'm thinking of.

I'm not asking ZFX to change their focus. God forbid, I love the films, love the type of action you describe. But just once, I'd like to see a scene or a film created where the fucking isn't faked, and where I can indulge my BDSM fantasies at the same time. I think it would take a lot of thought and creativity on the part of the actors, actresses and director, but it could be done. I know some guys don't like long blowjob scenes (I do), but if you do, then picture a scene where the girl is on her knees and her mouth is getting fucked for ten full minutes (and the actor is being creative and pulling it out occasionally and slapping and teasing her face with it, not just boring mechanical pumping, mind you) and finally the guy comes in her mouth and on her face, and the scene ends, but the entire time during the scene, only her upper arms are shown, stretched behind her back, implying that her hands are tied that way. Thus, during the entire scene, she has demonstrated no evidence of control over what is happening to her, and the viewer comes away having viewed a real mouth fucking where there has been no question during any portion of it that the actress was in full submissive mode the entire time. You wouldn't find that the slightest bit erotic?

Tuesday Fri Jun 4 1999 21:06

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

ZFX Fan: Not a bad idea. I got the gist of what you were describing the first time, though. Again, though, I will assert that seeing the ropes is more important (at least to me) than seeing actual closeups of the girl having sex. The way ZFX simulates their action works for me. Take for example, the recent scene in Forced Entry, where Lisa gets tied spreadeagled to the bed and forcibly raped. The scene looked quite real, it was simulated, and it was legal under the law. Would it have worked better your way, seeing Lisa pretending to be tied, with her hands tucked under the pillow, so that we could see the actual intercourse? It's a matter of opinion. Not necessarily for me. To me, it's more exciting actually seeing the girl bound and helpless, even if the rape is simulated. Others might have differing opinions, and I'm sure you would get your votes. It is an interesting idea, but given a choice between the two, I would choose the ZFX method.

Along that line, isn't it ridiculous that we actually have to choose which particular kink we want? We can have sex without ropes, or ropes without sex. But not both together, unless one is simulated. It didn't used to be like that. Back in the Golden Age of porn, in the 70s and early 80s, they had bondage rape scenes, and could show everything. But try to locate those old films; they are relegated to a handful of collectors and old archives, since recent laws have driven them underground. Even Rick has to watch what he puts out, and like I mentioned earlier, even he had one of his tapes banned from the public because of some Nervous Nelly law they tried to impose. These are some dangerous times we're living in, so we should be grateful that ZFX pushes the envelope and comes close to making the type of entertainment that we want to see.

Wednesday Jun 5 1999 15:52

Name: Dr Evil
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How bout a review of the Superheroine video, "Miss Ballista"-if someone has seen it? Does it end with Ballista getting her revenge on Pornogra (I would like to see her put Pornogra through what it looks like Ballista goes through on the preview thumbnails--kinda like the revenge thing) or is that for the next video in the series? I am also interested in some thoughts on the ZFX/Shockwave work of Tabitha Jordan, primarily reviews of her peril in "Whiplash" and "Supermax." Please give me your petty thoughts fellow bondage lovers.....

Dr. Evil

Sat Jun 5th 1999 21:24

Name: harko
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I was thinking about picking up a couple more tapes, and since money's tight, I'd like to get the best one's I can. Anybody have opinions on which is the best monica moore, and which is the best Tabitha Jordan movie? Thanks

Mon Jun 7th 1999 22:10

Name: chlorofetish

Hey Ralphus, would you be able to advise me if Subject 9 has a chloroform scene? Thanx

Wed. Jun 9 1999 00:48

Name: Per

To Harpo: The best Monica Moore (in my humble opinion) is "South of the Border II". Great whipping scene with Monica. The scenes with Penelope Pace in that video are also worth the price of the tape alone. My favourite Tabitha Jordan is "Tool Box Abductions", which also has some very good scenes with Chandra Sweet. To Dr. Evil: If you are looking for tapes with Tabitha "in peril", please be advised that she has a dominant role only in "Supermax". It is a good video though!

Wed Jun 9 1999 11:59

Name: Per

CORRECTION: It should be "Tool Box Abduction II" in my above post! Tabitha does not appear in the first video in the series

Wed Jun 9 1999 11:53

Name: Daryl

I thought that Tabitha Jordan was the submissive in "Supermax." She did both roles in "Whiplash" (good flick). She was dominate in "The Van" too, right? From the previews of "Miss Ballista," does Lisa Kinkaid have both a sub and dom role with Penelope Pace?

Wed Jun 9 1999 16:15

Name: Per

I thought that Tabitha Jordan was the submissive in "Supermax." She did both roles in "Whiplash" (good flick). She was dominate in "The Van" too, right? From the previews of "Miss Ballista," does Lisa Kinkaid have both a sub and dom role with Penelope Pace?

Thu Jun 10 1999 11:19

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Chlorofetish: No chloroforming in Subject 9, although it's still a good tape.

Dr. Evil: The new ZFX tapes are not out yet, but when they are released, I will have 5 more reviews of the new titles, including Ms. Ballista.

Tabitha Jordan has sort of grown on me. I was never a fan of hers when she first started, but I like some of her later work. I agree that Toolbox Abductions Part 2 is probably her best work as a victim, although I think she handled the dominant role quite well in Supermax.

As mentioned before in an older post, Monica Moore pretty much excelled as a performer in both the South of the Border tapes and in The Reporter, along with its sequel, Gangstarr.

To the Gimp: Speaking of older posts, how about restoring the rest of the page so newer readers can read it? After Dreambook cut you off for a few days, we lost everything before that. Since you saved all the old posts, could we have them back?

Thu Jun 10 13:15

Name: Dr. Evil
E-mail address:

Thanks for the information! I was wondering how good the original "Whiplash" was? Maybe a possible review of the movie would help, if someone had one? I am thinking of purchasing it because of the enema scene w/ buttplug I heard about--is it good?????

Dr. Evil

P.S. Who is Jody Adams? She does not appear to be any other ZFX/ Shockwave movies?

Thu Jun 14 1999 15:39

Name: Satan
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Can anyone tell me the films which contain simulated rape scenes with Chandra Sweet. I thought the Cheerleaders of Perilous U was awesome but lacking in that department.

Thu Jun 14 1999 13:06

Name: HappilyHorny
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I am curious about the limitation on penetration and have an idea.

First, Tabitha Jordan is a bomb shell. The simulated anal scene in whiplash 1 was excelent (way to short). Her web page says she has done anal. Could you ask her what videos she did anal in?

For that matter, could you have more detailed anal penetration? Doesn't have to be by the guy wearing a dildo either. Equal rights :) In whiplash 3, BRIDGETTE BAYONNE has an excellent anal scene and it looks like Ballista will have a good one. Apparently real penetration (actual penis not needed).

Here is the new idea. I once watched a film where a girl was grabbed out of a bckyard and dragged inside where her cloths were ripped from her and she was bent over. The "assailant" then produced a rather fat strap on and pounded her pretty good (boo, no anal). At this point it was obviously two women. In the end, they got around the rape thing by having the assailant reveal herself to the the other woman and it became clear it was a fantasy on both their parts. This makes it consentual sex. NOT RAPE.

Their is a fictional story "analist". A woman goes to a therapist saying she wants forcible sex. The Analist recomends she be set up with a guy (or girl in your case) to come in and pseudo rape her in a safe and controlled environment. He "breaks" in and finds her faithfully waiting as instructed. He then has somewhat forceful (although consentual) anal sex. She is turned on by this.

It seems you could do this. Others have done it. No real bondage required (or maybe even desired). BTW> Tabitha Jordan would be great for the receiver. She just has to appear quasi wiling in an experimental sort of way. As far as the assailant, whoever. Maybe Monica Moore.

I greatly enjoy the fact you know this is fake, but entertaining. If it felt to real, it would really be more of a turnoff.

Some good films, more real penetrations by whatever !

Thu Jun 17 1999 00:53

Name: Dave
E-mail address:

Maybe I am just being selfish, but could ZFX not have so much dildo stuffing and groping at the beginning of all vids. I (we) purchase these vids because they have such great BDSM action, but 15 minutes of grooping, realy cuts a 60 minute vid apart. I am not complaining, the quality and action, is by far the best out there. Keep up the exelent work

Thu Jun 17 1999 19:07

Name: Satan
E-mail address:

I am looking to purchase a Chandra Sweet movie. If anyone can recommend or review one of the following I would greatly appreciate it. Its between Hard Down Easy, Toolbox Abductions, Phantacide Peepshow, The Dentist, Cold Metal, War Pigs, and Vostock Core. Any movie which features Chandra in a simulated rape scene would probably be the winner. My favs so far include Cheerleaders of Perilous U and The Necklace. Please post!

Fri Jun 18 1999 09:01

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Satan: Of the Chandra Sweet tapes you mentioned, I would probably go with War Pigs. Number one, the whole tape is just her, no other girls to hog the show. :o) She gets captured and terrorized by two interrogators, and there's some great stuff here. No rape scene (darn it!)but she does get forced to suck cock while blindfolded and bound. The sequel, War Pigs 2, is quite good, also.

Sat June 19 1999 07:50

Name: Mr SUB

Has anyone seen the new videos yet? Especially S. of the Border pt.3. Looks like some good stuff. I know some are a little sick of Lisa Kinkaid but I think she did a great job in Forced Entry. I also felt Forced Entry was one of the best ZFX videos in years. I like the story lines that have realistic everyday scenerios. That's why I liked the older classics like the Night Prowler series and such. I don't like the far out stuff.

My favorite basic story: women alone in house or walking. Man grabs her, she struggles and tries to get away but to no avail. She then gets a light tie up, maybe just handcuffs. Then she gets stripped slowly, all the time getting felt up and molested. Next would be some forced oral sex(with a dildo substitute I'm afraid). After that some rear entry rape.

Mon June 21 1999 05:04

Name: satan
E-mail address:

Ralphus, Thanks for the review. I was also curious about Fair Warning. Chandra has the blond look which I really like on the cover. I recently purchased Spinnerette and Liza Cord. Spinnerette features Michelle Fontaine who is really hot. The final scene with Michelle on all fours is very hot. Overall I give it a 6. Liza Cord features Chandra and Amy Van Allen. Amy really steals the show in this one. Chandra is more the aggressor than the victim to my dismay. I still give it a 7.

Mon Jun 21 1999 07:26

Name: No1Special

I Agree with Mr. Sub that the realistic scenarios are the best ones, though I don't mind the "freaky shit" - once and awhile, Rick does seem the put out a pretty good balance of each when he makes tapes. Speaking of which, it appears that the five new ones aren't out yet. But I've pre-ordered Miss Ballista and SOB3 and I'll get them as soon as they're released, I'll let people know when the distributors have 'em! OTHER COMMENTS: Forced Entry had a GREAT story and GREAT action, the only problem I have with it is that some of the bondage was not REALISTIC, it didn't look secure at all in some scenes, mainly Lisa's spread-eagle and the closing scene with the girls tied to the railing. When they show the close-ups of Lisa's bound hands during her rape scene - I have difficulty believing she CAN'T escape those flimsy ropes. The same goes for the railing scene, I can't believe those two aren't free in seconds. So I guess my point is: if you're not going to tie the model securely, at least go to the trouble of making it LOOK secure, use a tightly tied hand for the close-ups, and use the flimsy ropes for the wide-angles where they can't be seen as well! ALSO: I will NEVER get tired of Lisa Kincaid, in my opinion, she's the cutest of all the ZFX models. "Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong."

Mon Jun 21 1999 08:13

Name: satan
E-mail address:

Ralphus, The website has an adult Id verifiaction which costs 19.95. The site used to be free. It is a great way to learn about new releases and was filled with thumbnailed movie pics. I bought Spinnerette after seeing the thumbnails. (there were alot of them!) Now I'm stuck trying to judge a film by its cover. Gripes!

Mon Jun 21 1999 09:07

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Satan: Ah, now we know the reason why you get the Adult ID verification to ZFX's site. It's because you have the wrong URL! Rick's site, the Official ZFX Site, is actually The other URL you have is probably mistaken for Rick's site a lot; it is an official ZFX distributor, but not the real ZFX. I've been told that Rick actually wanted that website address, but they beat him to it! :o) I'll put Rick's address in this posting if you want to go there by clicking on it.

"Fair Warning" was historically significant for ZFX because it was the first title released under the "Shockwave" heading. As far as I can guess, there is not much difference between ZFX and Shockwave, other than the latter tends to develop their stories a little further, and the Shockwave tapes all seem to border on science fiction themes. Of course, some of the ZFX tapes do the same thing, so maybe my theory is just a wild guess. If Rick reads this post and wants to explain... :o)

Anyway, the tape...Well, not being a real fan of "the freaky shit", I was somewhat disappointed in "Fair Warning". It does have some wild scenes, and you get your money's worth as far as length. I seem to remember that it was actually a feature-length movie, like around the 90 minutes to 2 hours running time. There are some good individual scenes, like Chandra's gang rape in the woods, as well as a pretty cool electric shock scene followed by another rape. Chandra is blonde and pretty (It's some of her earliest footage for ZFX) and the tape is worth getting for her scenes, although I thought as a whole, it seemed a bit padded and sometimes confusing. If you like science fiction bondage, you will probably think this is hot stuff. Like Mr. Sub and a few other posters to this page, I prefer the more realistic approach, which is why I gave such a high grade to the more recent "Forced Entry".

Mon Jun 21 1999 22:26

Name: Satan
E-mail address:

Ralphus, Thanks for the review. Sounds like I'll be ordering that one. You should get a commission. As far as the web page, I screwed up the URL on my post. The site I was referring to is I can no longer get in without an adult verification ID. Here is my review of Underland. The first chick in this film has an awesome body! Her rape scene looks a little awkward as her pants are around her ankles keeping her legs almost closed. The scene on the cover where she chained to the table is the films best. The second actress is pretty nice too, but her scenes got a bit repetitive. Overall I give it an 7. Chandra would have been great in this one.

Tue Jun 22 1999 07:40

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


First off, thanks to all who read this forum, more thanks to those who take the time to post, and even more thanks to any and all who watch rent or buy ZFX movies. All three of you.hehe!!! A very special and serious thanks to the Gimp for this awesome forum!!!!!

Just so all are aware, the date of June 15 stated on the website as the "street date" for release of the new ZFX shows reflects my release to the distributor, not to the public. I realize this is confusing, and have changed the date to July 5, to reflect an actual street date, a date the product will actually be available for purchase. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and will be done properly in the future. BTW, the product has been released to the distributor.

The last several weeks have been insane, if anyone emailed me and got no reply, my apologies for that as well. Got overwhelmed, and I know I missed some stuff, so email me again and I will answer if I can.

I have to tell you, I really excited about this group of releases, particularly Miss Ballista. If you don't like this movie, you ain't breathing! If your into superheroine themed bondage, particularly a Batgirl type costuming scenario, you've got to see this movie. 10 scenes, 100min long, I believe this your gonna really enjoy this one. Video Caps on the site only reflect a portion of the movie, the portion after Paula Ward (the fictional internet sleuth and heroine) becomes Ballista, it doesn't show what leads up to that. That's because it was shot out of sequence, the "before" stuff being shot after the other. Anyhow, there is alot of the show that hasn't been seen yet, and it's really good. It1s a great setup.I hope to get caps of the rest of the show up there very soon(within a week). BTW, at the end of Miss Ballista is a trailer for part 2 with some interesting scenes, including a very intense whipping scene with Jon Obrien and new ZFX girl Barbara Bayer. I would describe her as a willowy blonde hippy chick, very long legs, very pretty face, blonde curly hair, and she has very small perky tits with very large protruding nipples. Personally, I like that look, but it's not for all. She was a very strong performer and did some very tough scenes for B2(Yes, there is a Ballista 2). If you like hot, leggy flat tops, she is one very fine babe. I'll try to get some caps up for her as well in the near future. Alright, enough with the sales pitch, I'll answer da questions...

I saw a comment where someone was disappointed that we now have an adult check on the ZFX site. I instituted this after much soul searching. I believe the internet is NOT for kids, but adults, to freely express their ideas. Unfortunately, the reality is the computer is sometime used as an electronic babysitter(like TV) for the children of lazy parents who are often left to fend for themselves on the internet. Not always, but too often. I don't want kids on my site, period. This is one way to make sure that it doesn't happen. If it makes you feel better, the Adult Check doesn't begin to pay for the bandwith the site is using. I think everyone and their brother already has one, that's why I picked adult check.The site costs me alot every month, but it's great promotion, so I won't complain if you don't;). If I wanted to make money from the site, I would have went with a proprietary system. You may eventually see that for parts of the site like art galleries, or additional content like streaming movies, but no concrete plans are in place for this now. Anyway, sorry, but the Adult Check a necessary evil..

Someone was looking for the best Chandra Sweet movie. Cheerleaders of Perilous U. is a great one. Also really good is the Dentist, and Whiplash 2.

Alright, who said they were sick of Lisa Kinkaid? She does appear alot, but that's cause she is so cute, so easy to work with and so available.Did i say she was really, really cute? For my money, she might be the hottest bondage model of the 90's though there are some really fine looking babes in California, but will they do the nasty things that little Lisa does? I doubt it, but maybe I just don't get out enough. But have no fear, I've got a bunch of new ladies on the way, as well as more from lovely Ms Kinkaid. Variety is very important.....

Some queried "What's the difference between Shockwave and ZFX". Shockwave is high end ZFX, the tapes are longer, so called feature or short feature length and tend to be exclusively Sci fi or supernaturally oriented in terms of story. You could say Shockwave movies are my pet projects.I put the supreme effort into them,more locations, contraptions like robots, sexually frustrated Plants, Monsters. More plot driven. When I started with the Shockwave line, Fair Warning being mentioned correctly by someone as the first Shockwave release, ZFX was more traditional B&D oriented (stuff like Spread Eagle, True Detective, Binding Contract), albeit often with supernatural overtones. As the years have gone by, the differences have become less and less evident, but more money is spent on Shockwave than ZFX in general.

I think many of you are wondering if ZFX will ever do hardcore penetration material. The answer is "probably yes". Others, including Hustler Magazine are now combining penetration with bondage, albeit very light semi consensual lesbo stuff (which I really like BTW) Anyway, I have already started work on a project, but I can't tell you much about it just yet. If it's released in hardcore form, it will likely not be soon, but maybe this year. Then again, maybe never. It will be out either way, maybe just not in the hardcore version .No title yet, either. When I know more, you'll know more. It will likely be a mail order only item. Since I am concerned about the HIV situation, you will probably not see traditional hardcore sex, but rather will be stuff that doesn't involve "real" bodily fluid exchange, but does have real penetration of pussy and ass. You can read between the lines on that. Might be girl girl stuff. More below about penetration and bondage below.

I saw several comments on hardcore penetration and bondage, why the 2 seldom or never appear together in a movie. This is a very complex legal question, and while I'm no Harvard scholar, I'll give you my opinion. No one should base their actions on this, as I said I am not a lawyer. First I'll give you the short version, and if it's still too ambiguous, read further below. Bondage and penetration are generally not mixed because that mixture has historically led to or triggered obscenity prosecutions. There is no specific statute that I am aware of that bars the depiction of that or any other specific act or combination of acts or much of anything else for that matter except child porn, which is statutorily prohibited and in fact is the commission of a crime recorded on tape. The legal limits referred to by many are largely self imposed due to fear of obscenity prosecution, not any specific law barring any specific act. If something is found to be obscene, it must fail all three of the following criteria, called the Miller test: (a) whether "the average person, applying contemporary community standards" would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient( def.a morbid or shameful interest in sex) interest, (b) whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law, and (c) whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

If you material is found by a judge or jury to fail all three, you are guilty of trafficking in obscene material and are subject to fine and imprisonment, as well as possible forfeiture of assets. Also, doing hardcore penetration with bondage could lead to charges of rape because restraint is considered coercion, ie, if a model is tied up, performs sex acts, she could later say she was afraid to say no because she was in a position of diminished capacity to give consent. Diminished capacity, used in this context, is any condition that would color you decisions, be it threat of force, chemical incapacity, or restraint, where you would do something you otherwise would not have. If someone were tied up inescapably, they might be afraid to say no because of their helpless situation. It would be akin to having sex with a drunk woman who says yes, then later decides to press charges of rape. If she was too drunk to give consent, it's rape, even it she agreed to do it at the time. It would be the restrained woman was too scared to give consent. Of course, if you operate in good faith and are very careful, you can protect yourself against this type of charge, but it is another risk factor many domestic producers consider. Read further if you want the details of the law.

This is a long dissertation, but if you can wade through it, it should give you a good overview of pornlaw 101.

The constitution of the United States, the supreme law of the land says, in it's very first amendment, Congress shall make NO law abridging the freedom of speech or the press. Speech is interpreted as expression, including film making, videography, even dancing. There are three basic exceptions to the first amendment. You cannot express yourself in a way that will cause imminent harm to others directly, such as shouting FIRE in a crowded theater, inciting a riot, etc. The second exception is if the expression is judged to be obscene by a judge, jury or after inditement by a prosecutor and grand jury. Expression is judged to be obscene if it is found to be, when taken as a whole, lacks serious political scientific or artistic value, and is patently offensive to the average citizen, the so called reasonable person. Here is the actual case that pretty much determines the law of the land when it comes to obscenity. This is widely know as "the miller test", the actual legs of the test are in bold print.

U.S. Supreme Court


Decided June 21, 1973

Appellant was convicted of mailing unsolicited sexually explicit material in violation of a California statute that approximately incorporated the obscenity test formulated in Memoirs v. Massachusetts, 383 U.S. 413, 418 (plurality opinion). The trial court instructed the jury to evaluate the materials by the contemporary community standards of California. Appellant's conviction was affirmed on appeal. In lieu of the obscenity criteria enunciated by the Memoirs plurality, it is held:

1. Obscene material is not protected by the First Amendment. Roth v. United States, 354 U.S. 476, reaffirmed. A work may be subject to state

regulation where that work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest in sex; portrays, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law; and, taken as a whole, does not have serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value. Pp. 23-24.

2. The basic guidelines for the trier of fact must be:

(a) whether "the average person, applying contemporary community standards" would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest, [Roth, supra, at 489,]

(b) whether the work depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way,

sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law, and

(c) whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value. If a state obscenity law is thus limited, First Amendment values are adequately protected by ultimate independent appellate review of constitutional claims when necessary. [Pp. 24-25.]

3. The test of "utterly without redeeming social value" articulated in Memoirs, supra, is rejected as a constitutional standard. [Pp. 24-25.]

4. The jury may measure the essentially factual issues of prurient appeal and patent offensiveness by the standard that prevails in the forum community, and need not employ a "national standard." [Pp. 30-34.]

*Prurient means a shameful disgusting or morbid interest in sex

This Supreme court decision says that no state obscenity law may be more restrictive than than what is reflected in the Miller tenets. This law is is obviously (to me) unconstitutionally vague, but thus far has been upheld in many court challenges.

This is based at a community level. What is offensive in Memphis might be OK in NY. There is no law on the books(that I am aware of) that says you cannot depict rape on camera, including bondage, hardcore sex and hell, let's throw pissing, crapping and a german shepherd into the mix to make things interesting. There is not a law that prohibits the depiction of any of these acts specifically (to my knowledge, though some states may have such laws), or in any combination etc.. But, if the combination is, basically, found to be too disgusting by a court or jury, and has no political, artistic or scientific merit., you could be charged with distribution of obscene material. Things like pissing and shitting, necrophilia and hardcore bondage and sex have traditionally been brought up on charges by zealot prosecutors, who show a tape to a grand jury or judge if he or she feels it is obscene. If the judge or grand jury feel the tape or expression is obscene, charges are usually filed and you go on trial, and again a judge or jury will look at your expression and decide if it is obscene, judged against the standards of the community where that tape was sold, rented etc.. If they find you guilty, you go bye bye for 6mo to 5 years or more. Trafficking in obscene material is also a so called predicate for RICO forfeiture. That is where the Government seizes the pornographers ill gotten gains. Any there is no law per se that says you cannot depict pretty much anything, but if you go too far and incite a prosecution, a distributor or store, even a manufacturer could be charged with distribution of obscene material, either on a local or federal level. The third exception would be Child pornography, which is statutorily prohibited, and is in fact the recording of a criminal act (child molestation), so it is not afforded first amendment protections.

So you see, the reason you don't see rape depicted in a hardcore sense is that many find this a particularly offensive thing, and many within the adult community feel it is likely to trigger a prosecution, and historically this is born out, but as I said, it is not actually prohibited specifically by law. If you are charged with distribution of obscene material, you must mount a defense. You must now show why your movie has, when taken as a whole, has serious literary, scientific artistic or political value. Why it does not go beyond community standards, ie. what type of material is already available in the community. Things like shitting and pissing are hard to defend, so is beasty stuff.

Generally, these movies are shot to capture the act under glaring lights on a camcorder, there is no story line, and so have little or no artistic value to the average joe or josephine juror, unless you think taking a dump in someone1s mouth or watching spot do jane is art. Some probably do. Most juries won't, and you go bye bye. If you took a movie about a beautiful girl who loves her dog so much she fucks him, that had a story, that was well shot and lit right, didn't show too many gory details, or simulated the sex act(think animitronic dog dick) so it wasn't so gross to the average person, you might be able to defend the material, but I wouldn't be my life on it. Bondage material, including rape or non consensual scenes are a little easier to defend, but once again, it all depends on how artistic the movie is, and how far it goes in the depiction of the act. If you simulate the sex act, you are taking away much of the prosecutions ammunition, since obscenity prosecution is almost never successful against simulated acts. No nasty enough. Too much like mainstream TV and movies. Another defense to distribution of obscenity is if a movie has scientific value. Let's say, for instance, that ZFX movies, have been used in the treatment and study of sex offenders at Berkley. Bingo! scientific value. Or, let's say the movie in question had a strong political theme interwoven in the story. Eureka! political value.Anyway, you see how it works. If you can show that you material has some redeeming social value, you will likely prevail.

There is one other thing about actual penetration as opposed to simulated penetration that is legally significant. Let's say a performer, during the course of a scene in which she is restrained and she is being actually penetrated, as opposed to simulated penetration, decides she no longer wants to have sex, in fact wants out of there. Or right after she was bound, decided she didn't want to perform a actual sex act, but was afraid, because of her vulnerable position of be restained, was afraid to say no. This would be actual rape by coercion. Restraint is, in the eyes of the law, considered a situation of duress, just like holding a gun to someone or threatening them verbally. If the performer files charges, you could very likely go to prison as a convicted rapist. Obviously, if your acting in good faith, and keep the cameras rolling the whole time to record what lead up to the situation in question, you'd probably be able to mount a viable defense. If you are a professional, know your performers and are careful to always respect their wishes, take care of business and pay them, get proper ID's and releases, you'd probably never have a problem, and if you do your covered. But if some girl wants to do a number on you for whatever motivation, you could end up in alot of trouble. This is another reason hardcore and bondage are not often combined, or any force or threat of force for that matter.

Whew! There are other factors that play a part, but that's basically it. If you were able to wade through all this legal jargon, you should now have a greater understanding of porn law. If you are ever considering making a bondage movie, or even just tieing someone else up, make sure you and your partner are on the same page and make sure you are aware of the laws in your area before doing so.

Hope this answers some of your questions, as I said, I am not a legal authority, but this is the way things are as I understand them.

More later....(but not THIS much)


Tue Jun 22 1999 16:57

Name: no1special
E-mail address:

Glad to see Rick and I are of the same mind on Lisa Kincaid! I will never get tired of watching her! Also, I agree COMPLETELY with Rick's take on Kids and the internet. Rick - it sure as hell IS NOT EVIL to want to keep kids off your site! Besides, if you really check out some of the other Adult verification systems - Adult Check is pretty reasonable, $19.95 for a whole year as opposed to some the others which charge per MONTH and don't give you acess to nearly as many sites. (I WAS NOT PAID BY ADULT CHECK FOR MY ENDORSEMENT) It's also gonna take me some time to absorb all the legalese but it's very interesting to look at the legal ramifications of our hobby! Thanks Rick!

Tue Jun 22 1999 20:41

Name: ginor

Can anyone post a scene to scene review of ToolBox Abductions? I saw a preview for it and it looked pretty hot. I recently rented Whiplash 4. The scene with Lisa Kinkaid bent over the exam table is awesome. Keep up the good work!

Wed Jun 22 1999 11:41

Name: Lisa Kinkaid

Hi, I am Lisa Kinkaid. Thank you for your flattering posts. It is nice to know that my work is appreciated by you wonderful viewers. I am at ZFX to film some more parts of Ballista, so to the few of you that "are getting sick of seeing me", too bad because I love working for ZFX Productions.(HEHE) Seriously though, I really like preforming for you and I hope you continue to buy my movies. Is there anything imparticular you viewers out there would like to see done to me? Just curious,

Love always, Lisa XOXOXO

Thu Jun 24 16:33

Name: no1special
E-mail address:

Oh man, Lisa asking these guys "what they'd like done to/with you" is like throwing a steak into a pack of wolves! LOOK OUT!

Thu Jun 24 1999 21:01

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Oh wow, Lisa Kinkaid reads this forum! Let's see someone try to say they're tired of seeing her now! :o)

Lisa, I'm a big fan of yours. I usually give you high marks when I review ZFX tapes on alt.sadistic. (My other 8 previous reviews will soon appear in the archives on this site, as soon as the Gimp adds them. Look for them soon.) I think you do a great job portraying the victim in Rick's tapes; this is your real strength as a performer, and I wish you would be cast in that role every time as opposed to a dominant one. I'm curious to see how Miss Ballista turns out, because it's a new role for you and a new direction for ZFX, having a crime-fighting superheroine! I guess we'll see in a few weeks, whenever the new tapes decide to arrive. I can't wait!

What would I like to see done to you? Gee, I can't think of anything to be done to you that Rick hasn't already done in his tapes! Good job, Rick! :o)

Actually, there was a pretty cool scene in "Erotic Bondage Confessions" (We're going back a little ways here, folks) where Rick forces Victoria Vixxen to smoke a cigar while she's tied up. And there was another forced smoking scene in "War Pigs 2" with Chandra Sweet, but it was shot from a distance and you couldn't see it very well. I like the idea of forced smoking, having a girl tied up and forced to smoke against her will. Since you already smoke, I think you could pull it off, and it would be something new in ZFX's long line of inventive tortures. :o)

Well, welcome to the forum; we're happy you're here, and it's good to know that someone other than we twisted pervs are reading this site. :o) You and Rick are major celebrities to us! Take care...

Thu Jun 24 1999 22:25

Name: HappilyHorny
E-mail address:

Hi Lisa,

First off, I am trully amazed at the involvement ZFX and now it's star performers are taking in interacting with it's supporters. ZFX is somewhat ground breaking anyway. Always changing and doing new things like Ballista. Now this is simply unheard of in adult industry. I hope the rest of the industry is taking notice.

Back to the original question. What would we like to see Lisa do? Let me see, face of the beautiful girl next door and great boobs. A tight little unit, to say the least.

Let me tell you my favorite scenes from the zfx movies. First off, I am a penetration fan. Like almost anything bent over. Two great things that go great together. Whiplash 1 with Tabitha Jordan and the butt plug/enema penetration. Looked a little hurried and possibly a little not real.

All time favorite was you in whiplash 3 giving the enema. If that was fake, you fooled me. I guess I would like to see more of that.

I suspect it is a pretty good time making these movies. Not suprising I guess. Naked, tied up and spanked. What more could you want ;)

I would like to see an out takes/bloopers/"making of" movie with you (Lisa) as the narrator. Needless to say, with a lot of your scenes. The making of the whiplash 3 enema scene, oh my. Bloopers from the whiplash 3 enema scene, oh my.

I think there is a lot of concern that this would ruin the fantasy aspect for a lot of people. Could anyone please comment on this? I don't want to have it ruined for people.

As always, thanks for listening


Fri Jun 25 1999 00:23

Name: horndog

i like the idea of forcing her to smoke to. she should be tied to a chair and made to smoke until she coughs, then you could use the same cigaret to burn her on the boobs. it would have to be fake of course, but it would be a great torture scene to see. no one ever thinks of using cigarets as weapons but thats a great idea.

Fri Jun 25 13:21

Name: Marc
E-mail address:

Hi Lisa, I would love to see you as a capture spy who is tortured for information. Of course your interrorgators can not make you talk for for aleast 2 or 3 movies.Also since I have a foot fetish I would love to see more barefoot shots of you and of-course some barefoot torture of you(beat the soles,electric shocks,clamps between the toes,etc)Also if you ever make public appearances in the New York City area please let your fans.

From one of your many fans

Love Marc

Fri Jun 25 18:20

Name: Beavis

Hey Rick,

I was wondering whatever happened to Allison Parish? I have all 15 over her tapes, and I thought the tapes with her were usually very convincing...


Fri Jun 25 22:00

Name: No1Special
E-mail address:

Lisa - FOR THE RECORD: I've said at least twice now that I'LL NEVER GET TIRED OF SEEING YOU! (everyone else please excuse this unvarnished attempt to kiss Miss Kincaids ass - sounds like fun too!) Lisa, I'd LOVE to see you in a abduction scene! It would awesome if we got to see you pulled naked from your bed, wrestled to the ground while having your hands bound and your pretty mouth gagged. Then the kidnapper forces you to walk to his car where you're put in the trunk! I also love the idea of OUTDOOR bondage I visualise the kidnapper marching you naked through the woods! I think these scenes would be awesome!

Sat June 26 1999 08:22

Name: Per

Hi Lisa! What I would like Rick and the others do to you... Hmmm... An interrogation scene would be nice, I can't recall that has been done to you. The bondage should be sparse but yet strict, so we can adore your naked body. Suspended from the wrists or spreadeagled against the wall. To make you talk... whips, electrical shocks, cigaret burns... Since you know nothing about the information they ask you reveal, the torture goes on for our wieving pleasure.

Sat June 26 1999 10:26

Name: Happily Horny
E-mail address:

Does anyone know when Tabitha Jordan's (Haley Hills) web page will be back up? If it is up, what's the new URL?

Sat Jun 26 1999 12:57

Name: Pan

Sugestions on what we'd like to see -- cool.

Outdoor stuff is good. Nothing like a couple of ladies heading out for a weekend in the woods alone. Kind of sets the stage for the idea that there will not be any help coming until monday.

They can be captured and stripped, and (being the middle of the woods) can be restrained as simple as hands zip-tied behind the back.

Have the captor stick a double ended dildo down one of their throats, and have her rape the other with it. If either of them refuse, you can have the villian cut a switch and persuade them.

They can try to run away, and you can have the villian track them down and punish them. If you really want to screw with their minds, get ahold of a real tracker to show what he should be looking for, I've seen those guys at work and you can't hide from `em).

Personally, I like butts. Spanked, cropped, switched, caned, and penetrated.

Like seeing the people that are making these flicks are talking to us, you don't even see that kind of commitment in the straight films!

Sat Jun 26 1999 14:06

Name: Ream Master

Been watching ZFX since the beginning absolutely love it! One suggestion Rick how about more and longer anal violations. You got something going there with SOB3, womens prison maybe shower rapes abusive guards and very thorough cavity searches. There is a real good avenue to show off the lovely ladies backsides being violated. Any other fans of good rectal shots check out an oldie but a goody, "Alien Probe" with Holly Weston. Gimp excellent idea here.

Sat Jun 26 1999 19:19

Name: chlorofetish

Would love to see Lisa chloroformed while dressed in a cheerleader costume or as a schoolgirl in a catholic girl outfit. Would be great if while in the locker room, a perv stalker janitor would open her locker and use her very own panties for the chloroform rag. Also, multiple chloro scenes while waking up would be awesome!!!!!

Sun Jun 27 1999 10:20

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Just a note to the group that all 10 of my previous ZFX reviews are now available on this site. Just go to the "Guestbook Archives" prompt at the top of this page, then click on "Ralphus' ZFX Reviews". These are full-length reviews of the last 10 tapes that ZFX has released. More reviews will follow after the next batch of tapes come out.

Sun Jun 27 1999 16:33

Name: Daryl

Hey Ralphus, I was wondering if you could do a review of the original whiplash and supermax? Thanks!

Sun Jun 27 1999 21:59

Name: TUFF
E-mail address:

I see some old friends looming around in the darkness here! Greetings to all of you! After reading Rick's long discertation I can imagine that most got the feeling I've had for a long time,ie RICK AIN'T NO DUMMY! I get a particular comfort from knowing that! The films will go on for a long long time. Now what was that I heard about "STREAMING VIDEO CLIPS"??? Rick when you go to do that, you know I'd always help! Sincerely, Tuff

Mon Jun 28 1999 03:13

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Daryl, I wasn't a big fan of the original "Whiplash", which starred Tabitha Jordan as the victim and Jody Adams as the female aggressor. It's mainly an all-girl bondage vid, which ZFX doesn't often do very well, IMO. The only real highlight for me came at the end when Tabitha turned the tables on Jody and strung her up and whipped her in a very good sequence. Otherwise, there wasn't much there that rang my bell. "Whiplash 2" and "Whiplash 4" are much better tapes in the series.

However, I thought "Supermax" was one of ZFX's best attempts at the all-girl thing. Tabitha is the aggessor this time, and she's pretty darn good at it. Penelope Pace gives her usual excellent performance, and there are some hot torture sequences in it. This and "Seed" are two of the best all-girl ZFX I've seen.

Mon Jun 28 1999 16:12

Name: Satan
E-mail address:

How can you get sick of Lisa Kinkaid? She is a top performer in this genre. She always gives us a convincing performance. She is also very attractive. Lisa, if you are reading this, we love you. I would like to tie you down on a bed and lick you from head to toe.

Wed Jun 30 1999 10:51

Name: ginor

For fans of Chandra Sweet, I recently saw some hardcore tapes she made including a scene with Max Hardcore! These tapes arent new but may be hard to find. Max does her in the ass and blows a wad in her face! She looks hot as hell! Is she still making any films at all? Please post!

Wed Jun 30 10:59

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

I did a computer search of Chandra Sweet several months ago and came across a tape she made called "Chandra's Home Tour". It was billed as her final video, an all-girl tape, shot at her home in Florida with a couple of her girlfiends. It was mainly a "Hard R" type of tape, although she DID get tied to a bed in it. Nothing anything close to the stuff she did with ZFX.

The only reason I ordered it was because for an extra $15, the producer of the video offered this deal where she would call you personally (collect, of course) after you ordered the tape. So I sacrificed $35 for a tape I didn't really want in order to get the $15 phone call. I mean, this was Chandra Sweet, ZFX goddess, a girl I've lusted after for years. It seemed like a worthwhile gamble.

The kicker to the story is, the producer sent me the tape, and returned the $15 to me, saying that Chandra had a new jerk boyfriend who wouldn't allow her to make phone calls! And of course, they wouldn't let me return the tape, so I got suckered in a nice little scam. I wrote to the producer several more times, because they were supposed to keep tabs on Chandra in case she ever broke up with the guy and could make calls again. Eventually, they quit answering my e-mail, and now the site has disappeared.

Anybody want to buy a copy of Chandra Sweet's final tape? I'll let it go cheap! :o)

Wed Jun 30 1999 20:14

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