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May 1999

Name: Ralphus
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Saturday May 1st 1999 09:13:50

Name: The Gimp
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Homepage URL: This site

Dissenting Opinion

While I find "Forced Entry" to be above average, overall I think it's not particularly exciting. The situation could have been exploited to better results. While the camerawork and the film quality was indeed, excellent, showcasing Masters as a true "auteur", the main problem with the video IMHO, was Lisa's relative passivity and the ending, where the girls appear to almost enjoy the proceedings. The new actress is very hot and should be a wellcome addition to the ZFX roster. Her capture sequence was a definite hightlight, expertly done and genuinely thrilling, but after 10 minutes or so, she calmed down and did not respond with the kind of impassioned struggling and vocal delivery that I personally would prefer.

Lisa's penetration wasn't as great as some other ones I've seen ZFX do, I guess the entry wasn't forced enough. I prefer doggystyle/anal rather than missionary/ spreadeagled, but again, those who like the victims more passive and in greater restraint will like this. Also, I find that Lisa as an actress only preffers some forms of torture and not others: almost all new videos with her feature strangulation and clothespin torture. Over all, the video deserves a firm B: Masters needs to do more coaching of some actresses.

Monday May 3rd 1999 12:31:01

Name: Phanton

Will Rick ever update his ZFX page or the "What´s New" from 01/06/99 will stay there forever?

Tuesday May 4th 1999 10:09:48

Name: Name

Which is the best rap/bondage film you have seen. And where can I get it.

Monday May 10th 1999 10:44:00

Name: Per

Hi ZFX fans! I have been wondering about "The transformation of Penelope Pace". Is the blond girl from "Blunt Trauma", "The Hitchhiker" etc really the same actor as the Jamie Lee Curtis-look alike featured in recent releases like e.g. "South of the Border" ? If she is, she has changed her appearance quite significantly!

Saturday May 15th 1999 02:00:18

Name: Ralphus
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Re: Penelope Pace

It's her. She's gone through quite the transformation since she started with ZFX. She originally had long blonde hair and large natural breasts. Somewhere along the way, she padded up her already amble chest with implants. It really wasn't necessary, IMHO. She looked just fine before. I'm one of those who prefers the natural look, anyway; no fake boobs, no piercings, no tattoos. Anyway, to complete her transformation, she cropped her blonde hair short and dyed it brown. I was watching one of her new tapes for what must have been 20 minutes wondering who this new girl was that Masters had hired. It took that long for me to realize it was Penelope the whole time!

If you want to see another ZFX transformation, try Chandra Sweet. As far as I can remember, this is the Chandra hair timeline. To start with, long blonde hair. Next, a black shag. Then she went with dark hair with purple highlights. Later, her hair grew longer and it was brown. Finally, she finished up her run with ZFX with long red hair. And she looked pretty damn cute each and every time!

Saturday May 15th 1999 08:13:54

Name: Harpo

Hi, I'm new here, great forum. Was wondering if anyone could list Penelope Pace's recent vids for ZFX. Thanks.

Sunday May 16th 1999 09:00:56

Name: Per

Response to: Ralphus and Harpo I agree, Penelope looked better with natural breasts! A favourite scene is the whipping scene that ends Blunt Trauma no 1. The fear in her eyes before the whipping starts and her body stretched out in when she is suspended by her wrists is my idea of a great whipping scene. Most recent videos with Penelope: Seed, Guilty and Guilty 2:Totemic. I've only seen Guilty, it is quite OK! Harpo, if you want a good listing of ZFX videos, visit They have a complete listing with description and cast that makes it easy to search for individual performers via your browsers "find-in-page" search option. They have good prices for the videos too, USD 45. The official ZFX homepage contains a listing too of course! (

Monday May 17th 1999 01:01:36

Name: Harpo

Re: Penelope Pace

Much obliged Per. I've only recently been introduced to ZFX. I've seen Guilty & Mincemeat Pie. I've been able to see the transformation of Penelope. Have you seen the Necklace? Is it any good?

Monday May 17th 1999

Name: Per

Harpo, I've seen "The Necklace" a long time ago and vagely remember that I wasn't that impressed. If you like Penelope Pace, I can recommend "South of the Border" part I & II. Good whipping and electro torture scenes. Also includes some nice interrogation scenes with Monica Moore. This is the kind of scenes Monica does best, she is very loud and seems to get into the role with a lot of energy. Ralphus, do you agree?

Tuesday May 18th 1999 12:27:14

Name: Ralphus
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Re: The Necklace: I agree that "The Necklace" and its two sequels were subpar, although the first tape does have a superior scene with Kerri Downs being tortured and fisted while spreadeagled on the bed. Her captor was, surprisingly, a woman rather than a man. She was a big bulldike who never again appeared in a ZFX production, but her scene with Kerri was memorable and I would recommend the tape for that sequence. For fans of Chandra Sweet, I believe it was her very first appearance for ZFX, and she's blonde and cute in this one, although I really don't recall much more about the tape, not a good sign.

Re: Monica Moore. Ah, Monica! Might very well be the best-looking filly in ZFX's entire stable. Yes, she was quite the performer; I would love to see her come back and tape for Rick, but she's been gone quite a while now. Besides the South of the Border tapes (both good), I would also recommend "The Reporter" and its sequel, "Gangstarr". Monica screams her pretty little heart out in those, and she's the star of both. In each, the bondage and torture sequences are excellent, and there's even a decent plot to go along with it (Monica is a news reporter about to uncover dirty secrets about a crime family. They decide to torture her until she tells them where the incriminating videotape is). If you want to see the lovely Monica at her best, these would be a good place to start.

Wednesday May 19th 1999 07:55:49

Name: Rick
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Hi to all, This is my third attempt to put this up, hope three of 'em don't show up... Sorry I haven't had much time to answer questions, the new releases are getting near completion, but I'll try to do some of that now.

Without further adew...the new ZFX titles (and whose in 'em) are: 666 (Christina Anderson,Kimberly Nobel, Lisa Kinkaid), Vacum (Tabitha Jordan, Lisa Kinkaid), Underland 2: Cruel Dominion (Kelly Mckay, Kimberly Noble, Lisa Kinkaid), South of the Border 3 (Lisa Kinkaid, Christina Anderson,Kelly Mckay, Kimberly Noble), and the Shockwave title is Miss Ballista (Lisa Kinkaid, Bridgette Bayonne, Penelope Pace), the long awaited Super heroine series. These are some really great releases (of course I'm going to say that) but really, they ARE! Some of the stuff was shot up north in a catacomb -like area beneath an adult book store. It really was the ultimate dungeon setting, and created a great ambiance for this type of material.

Also, brunette goddess Kelly Mckay, is back, and if possible, she is prettier than ever (SOB3, UND2). Kimberly Noble, the gorgeous brunette hardbody who appeared in first appeared in Underland is also back (UND2, SOB3, 666). I know a lot of you will be disappointed, but SOB3 does not feature either Chandra Sweet, nor Monica Moore, or any of the original cast. It does have, however, Christina Anderson. This beautiful blonde is a dead ringer for Kelly Bundy from "Married with Children", but maybe even better. Now imagine Kelly Bundy naked and tortured in a Mexican prison, along with Kimberly Noble and Lisa Kinkaid. Bingo.

Anyway, you can see for yourself, preview caps should be on the ZFX site within a week. The release date, this is a FIRM date, June 15, 1999. I apologize to all who were expecting a May 15 release, but if you've been watching ZFX movies any amount of time, you'll quickly realize that we are almost NEVER on time. Again, my sincere apologies I will release on June 15 or die trying. This new date should be easily doable.

Just to let you know,some of the models occasionally look at the postings here and really get a kick out of it. Now they know there's more out there like me!

Now to respond to a few of the questions and comments. Just to comment on those who want to see plastic bags, many distributors/ retailers were afraid of plastic bags for various different (legal) reasons, and IMHO, kind of ridiculous reasons, but these folks need to be able to sell the stuff, so, we haven't done them for a bit. Hoping to change that soon. Chloro is no problem, and never has been, but those bags....

OK, concerning complaints and or comments about whipping. I realize that our whipping techniques are inconsistent in quality. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I appreciate your comments and I am continuing to experiment.I have to take responsibility ultimately, but I am aware of this situation and am trying to improve it. You will see better whipping. In this batch I think you will see real improvement. Some really good whipping and alot of it in this batch of releases.

As far as performance quality, some of the actresses are so good it's scary, some it's hard to pull a strong performance out of. That's my job, to try to get good performances, but sometimes it's very difficult. Sometime and actresses doesn't want to give a good performance for whatever personal reasons. That is never a good situation. I just have to make the best of it. Fortunately, most models give 110%, or they don't work here long.

Also, as a shoot wears on, the actresses, actors (and everybody else for that matter),get tired. In order to make this economically feasible, we have to bang out 6-8 scenes per day. But, I think to some degree, someone in captivity really would get worn down, if your beaten enough or fearful enough, that too brings on passivity. What you see on camera often does not belie the actual difficulties involved. Things like heat, or lack there of also play a part.

BTW, I am anti boob job, always have been. I tried to talk Penny out of it, but she is a feature dancer and it made sense financially for her. I think they did a nice job. But I also like her pre op. Subject 9 and Subject 9: Point of Entry are good pre op Penny Pace movies, also her very first shows. She gave a great performance. She's a great lady, really nice and easy to work with.I hope to shoot her again in the near future. BTW, I think she looks like Tori Spelling, not Jamie Lee Curtis, but better than either, and certainly more willing to be tied up on camera. IMHO!

Yes Chandra had a tendency to morph, it's really quite incredible. She was looking the best I'd ever seen her the last shoot she was on, part of the Whiplash series, right before....she quit. Actually, I don't know if she quit or I fired her, but it was over something really stupid. Anyway, I tried to patch things up, but she hasn't called,'s a bummer, but people have a way of coming back, so we'll see. Chandra, if by some off chance you read this, call me. You know the number....

Anyway, that's all I have time for now. Thanks to one and all for you support! Don't forget to check out the site in a week or so for caps on the new shows, and expanded 3d gallery.


Tuesday May 25th 1999 08:50:22

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Always interesting to hear "The Inside Story" on ZFX from the creator! Nice post, Rick.

What, no Jackilyn Lacross this time? Too bad, I think you could have a potential star on the make, judging from her performance in "Forced Entry". I'm looking forward to seeing the new Kelly Bundy chick, though!

One more note on Chandra's morphing. If I remember right, I believe she actually changed her hair color right in the middle of one of your videos! I think it was "Blunt Trauma 3" where her hair must have grown 3 inches and changed color between scenes. This is attributed to filming some segments at different times, and editing the finished product together. It was a little jarring, though!

Wednesday May 26th 1999 07:54:42

Name: Per

Thanks for the information, Rick! As a long time ZFX aficionado, I consider it great news that you are releasing movies at a steady rate. I'm sure that we, the audience, can forgive a couple of weeks delay in the release date since we usually have something very exciting to look forward to! A continuation of the SOB series is most welcome, I like the prison/interrogation style of storyline (fellow ZFX aficionados, what do you think?) I am also very pleased with the fact that Kimberly Noble is featured in several of the new releases. She did an outstanding performance in Underland, she is most welcome in future releases. She also matches her performance with a great body... What more can you ask for! Compared to other SM movie producers, ZFX has an excellent track record when it comes to enlisting attractive performers. Keep up the good work! And, Chandra, if you read Rick's post above, please call him! We all love you and want you back!

Wednesday May 26th 1999 09:42:12

Name: Professor Pain
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Monsieurs: I've been a fan of ZFX since the first time I saw the cover in a video store; for "domestic reasons," purchase is generally out, but I've previewed just about all of the films. The favorite thus far is "Gangland 3," in which I think both Kerri Downs and Darby Fox give excellent performances. Still, anything with Kelly McKay gets my vote as well, especially "Video Pirates 3" in which she took a whipping in sterling and stimulating fashion. IMHO, that is a model for the others to shoot for -- no fancy props, and really, pretty poor production values (sound, lighting, etc.) but nonetheless both realistic and erotic. I do hope we'll be seeing a lot more of Ms. McKay.

As to other comments I noted in the forum, I have to say that I am not really a fan of the plastic bag/chloroform scene, and don't really find the electro-shock idea very stimulating either. I'm more in favor of the basics: spread eagles, a couple of clothespins, and a good whipping or ass paddling will do me. Lastly, while I admire your work, RM, I must say I don't view it to see you.

The "Incubus 2" thing was a real disappointment -- way too much of you in a mask, and not nearly enough of the girls and the torture. I mean, really, all we got was a still of what looked like it should have/could have been the best scene. For shame! Query, if I may: is it just me, or does the breast torture seem to be on the way out? Anyway, that's it for now. Gimp, thanks for the page; one always has this feeling that ZFX, great company that it is, is known only to them. Also, the advice/reviews on tapes is really helpful, especially the scene descriptions -- good to know if your particular kink is featured!

Thursday May 27th 1999 07:49:51

E-mail address:

thanks for the great web site gimp i really love rick masters work and hope to someday see all his films my favorite so far has to be south of the border to i agree with many of the suggestions there should be a prolonged kidnapping scenes in upcoming movies and perhaps some branding irons i really apreciate this web site i felt all alone in my appreciation of zfx films i have not been watching them very long and have been afraid to approach people about them once a gain thanks for the great site and rick thanks for the great moves

Sunday May 30th 1999 09:15:48

Name: No1Special
E-mail address:

It's great to hear from the man who creates it all, thanks for the info Rick! I can't wait to see the gorgeous Lisa Kincaid strung up in the same 'flying spread-eagle' position you put Chanda Sweet in for SOB2! A request(s), I would like to see more NON-escapes and outdoor scenes in your films - For example I imagine As Darkness Falls 2 opening with the two naked girls being pursued through the forest by monkeyman, he catches Lisa, gags her and ties her to a tree before going after the other one! I also love the idea of girls being 'forced' to 'service' each other under pain of electric shock! No1Special

Monday May 31st 1999 08:23:31

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