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Forced Entry

Reviewed by Ralphus

Forced Entry is a bit of a departure for ZFX, as it abandons the usual locale of most of their tapes, the deserted warehouse, and films the entire production inside a home, a refreshing change. The story is a simple one, as two lovely college coeds are attacked in their home by a masked stranger, who binds and gags them and then proceeds to have his way with them. In a way, it's the most realistic setting, and thus works even better as far as believability.

As the tape begins, the two girls, ZFX regular Lisa Kinkaid and sexy long-haired newcomer Jackilyn Lacross, are home alone in their apartment. Lurking outside the window is a masked stranger, played by another ZFX newcomer, Daniel Manson.

He watches as Lisa goes upstairs to bed, and Jackilyn, dancing and listening to music on her walkman, saunters into the kitchen. This enables the stranger to jimmy open the door and silently walk past Jackilyn unnnoticed, up to Lisa's room.

He attacks Lisa from behind by wrapping a phone cord around her neck, and after a long struggle, she is unconscious.

He takes advantage of this opportunity by tying her spreadeagled to her own bed, and nicely gagging her with a washcloth, tied on with the phone cord. By now she's come to and struggles nicely and moans as the stranger rips off her nightgown and molests her breasts.

He tears away her panties and forcibly rapes her, and her muffled screams as he thrusts are not heard by her roommate, who continues to dance and listen to her walkman, oblivious to the horrible scenario going on upstairs. Here, because of U.S. laws, Masters again has to resort to the phony rubber dildo in place of the rapist's real cock, but it's the only minor discrepancy in an otherwise fantastic scene. The rape seems real, and the gorgeous Lisa plays her part to perfection. Very exciting and stimulating, maybe the best rape scene ZFX has ever done.

Leaving Lisa tied to the bed, he goes downstairs to get her friend. Sneaking up behind her, he attacks Jackilyn until she is subdued, slapping her and bloodying her mouth in the process. Jackilyn is another in a line of impossibly cute beauties that Masters somehow manages to recruit to work for him. She resembles "Wild Things" actress Denise Richards, but even more busty. He ballgags her and ties her up in the middle of the room, hoisting her arms above her and tying the end of the rope to the banister on the staircase upstairs. There's a hilarious shot of the girls' two pet cats on the stairs playing with the rope that binds the suffering girl's wrists below. The stranger slaps and molests her body, fondling and sucking her bare tits.

The next scene has her tied standing in the kitchen, arms again bound above. Using a scissors, he slowly cuts away her leotard and takes his time caressing and fondling her body until she is now naked, and looking very hot. He fingerfucks her up the ass and generally abuses her. In this and every other scene, the stranger says nary a word, which adds to his mysterious, could-be-anybody persona.

Not wanting Lisa to feel left out, he goes back upstairs and brings her back down with him, leaving Jackilyn now on the bed, tape-gagged and hogtied. It would have been nice to see the actual bonds applied onscreen, but it's a minor quibble.

Lisa is nicely tied naked to a chair, where the stranger stuffs her mouth and silences her protests with two pieces of duct tape. He then tortures her by clipping several clothespins on her pussy lips, and finishes up with two more, one on each nipple, each tied on a string to opposite ends of the room.

Next, the stranger ties Lisa up in another uncomfortable position, arms above, standing on one leg, with the other leg tied up in the air. Using a large red ball, a scarf, and some more rope, she is then securely gagged. He brings Jackilyn back downstairs and forces her to give Lisa a little lesbian love, first to her chest, then to her pussy.

Expanding on this theme, the stranger then ties the two girls together at the kitchen table, positioning Jackilyn on her back, ass out, with her face buried in Lisa's crotch. Taking advantage of household items, he uses a turkey baster as a sex toy, shoving it all the way up Jackilyn's ass, and tying it in that position. Then he sits back and watches the girls make out for his enjoyment.

As a final humiliation, he leaves the girls naked and bound to the banister at the top of the stairs, both blindfolded, cleave-gagged and spread wide, with clothespins on their nipples. Taking one last look at his work, he exists out the door, leaving his squirming victims behind.

This is an excellent ZFX production, one of the best they've done in years. Who would have thought a ZFX tape with no whipping, no suspension, no electric shock scenes, would work this well? Taking a simple premise and making it work by being totally believable is why this one succeeds. The girls are both beautiful, the bondage is tight and effective, the camerawork always covering the shots we want to see. While the tape peaks early with Lisa's rape and we're left a bit disappointed that Jackilyn doesn't get the same treatment, there are plenty of highlights throughout the tape to recommend it.

My Grade: A-


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