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These Movies and TV Shows Contain Electrocutions, Electro-shock Therapy & Electro-torture Scenes

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3 Musketeers (2011)
Alexandra D'Artangan (Heather Hemmens) is handcuffed AOH to be interrogated. The bad guy taunts her by telling her he doesn't really care whether she gives up the information, implying he just wants to torture her. After first soaking her with a wet sponge and sparking two battery cables together in front of her (I love it when bad guys do that), he gives her a good long jolt of electricity. Unfortunately, our fun is ruined when her friends come along to stop the action. Still a very nice scene. VIDEO LINK
4Closed (2013)
In this suspense thriller, disgruntled former tenant Jamie Kennedy is unhappy about a new family moving into his house, and he takes his stun gun to anybody who gets in his way, starting with the realtor, then his neighbor, then the cute daughter of the family (Alex Frnka) and finally the mom (Marlee Matlin). With this being a made-for-TV movie, all the shockings are brief and unsubstantial, and used strictly as a plot device rather than to highlight any of the victims' sufferings. In fact, this would pretty much be a waste except that Alex is later bound and gagged in the film. She looks way too good to not cap those scenes, too. VIDEO LINK, BONUS ALEX FRNKA BONDAGE CAPS
7th Hunt, The (2009)
In this Australian horror thriller, Sarah (Olivia Solomons) is tied AOH to a rafter in the ceiling and tortured a number of ways. The bad guy starts off by burning her with a cigarette, removing her skirt and then moves on to stabbing her with a knife, not fatally, but enough to make her suffer and bleed. At one point he leaves and then returns with a stun gun, first sparking it up before here eyes, then jolting her body with it. He then finishes her off with the knife. Comparatively, the electro torture is only a small portion of the action, but it's a long, bloody and extremely brutal scene overall, not to be missed. VIDEO LINK
24 "Day 4: 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m." (2005)
In the fourth season of this classic TV series, there's a scene where an innocent CTU agent Sarah Gavin (played by Lana Parrilla) is being framed by a spy working for the agency. The real spy inside CTU is the brunette actress Aisha Tyler. Sarah is taken to the interrogation room and tied to a chair with her wrists to the arms. Despite her pleas that she hasn't done anything, she's repeatedly tortured with a stun gun to the neck. Some nice anguished crying and screaming. VIDEO LINK
24: Live Another Day "Day 9: 4:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M." (2014)
After 8 years of showing brutal torture scenes mostly involving men, this acclaimed thriller hit the big time in its ninth season. Not only does agent Kate Morgan (played by the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski) suffer strappado torture, she also gets slashed with a knife and threatened with an electric drill to the skull. Oh, and yes, she also gets doused with a bucket of water and then zapped with electric shock. The shock scene only lasts a few seconds but combined with all the other nasty treatments she receives, it makes this scene an all-time TV classic. VIDEO LINK


Abyss, The (1989)
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio drowns and is brought aboard a submarine, the crew rip open her shirt and apply an electric-defillibrator to her naked chest, she's shocked a couple times. (Length: 2 min. Nudity: Topless)
Addams Family Values (1993)
Toward the end of this bizarre black comedy, Debbie (Joan Cusack) attempts to simultaneously electrocute the entire Addams family, who are each tied to individual electric chairs. But her plans go awry as the baby Addams puts together the wires that are connected to the lever she pulls, frying her instead in a huge shower of sparks. Way too over the top and silly to be taken seriously, but still a fun scene on its own terms. VIDEO LINK
Águila Roja "Episode 6:1" (2014)
Electric torture set in the Middle Ages? Yes, really! And how do they accomplish that? With electric eels! A woman (Miryam Gallego) is abducted and strapped down to a chair and given drowning torture, but that's only half of her torment. Later on in the episode, they force her to stick her feet in a huge vat of water with electric eels inside. She writhes and screams as she is shocked, the natural way, using one of God's creatures. One of the most inventive electro scenes I've ever seen, and a nice long sequence to boot. VIDEO LINK
Alias "Color Blind" (2001)
In this episode, Sydney (Jennifer Garner) is interned in an insane asylum in southern Romania in order to question a patient that happened to be a programmed killer. Sydney's cover is blown and she is subjected to torture to make her reveal her mission. Sydney is placed in a concrete tub full of water wearing a sleeveless gown and barefoot. Her wrist are tied to one end and her ankles are tied to a bar at the other end of the tub. She is given electric shocks to make her talk. A nice scene, should have been longer. VIDEO LINK
Alias "Breaking Point" (2003)
Sydney (Jennifer Garner) is bound to a gurney and tortured with electro-shock for information. Garner gives it her best effort with some big-time convulsing as the electricity flows through her. She's uncooperative (yes!) so the bad guy in charge gives the order to try a higher setting, which results in even more violent spasming. Later in the episode, she attempts to escape and gets zapped with an electric shock baton. VIDEO LINK
Alias "Full Disclosure" (2004)
Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) is briefly seen strapped to a chair undergoing electroshock therapy while wearing white medical scrubs. She's got some kind of black rubber object in her mouth. The camera racks focus as the switch is thrown and we get some out of focus twitching for a few seconds. Too short to be worthwhile except to completists.
Alien Abduction (2005)
A young woman (Megan Lee Ethridge) is cleave gagged with a white cloth and is strapped down to a gurney. Her hospital gown is pulled down so that can can attach electrodes to her chest. She is then given several jolts to her temples by a sadistic lady officer and her cronies. At one point the sadistic officer tells them, "More, I want her to feel it!" Very nice. (Length: 1 min. Nudity: Topless) DOWNLOAD LINK
Amor e Revolução (Love and Revolution) "Episode 3" (2011)
This Brazilian TV series features a long sequence, carried out over 2 episodes, where Odete (Gabriela Alves) is electro-tortured by a man to get information on where the Communists are preparing the guerrillas. She either knows or doesn't (I don't speak Portuguese so I couldn't tell for sure) but he puts her through the ringer, using a hand-cranked generator several times, and taunting her in between by making a pretend phone ringing sound before cranking up the machine and giving her a shock. Great stuff. VIDEO LINK
Amor e Revolução (Love and Revolution) "Episode 4" (2011)
This is a continuation from Part 3, where Odette is still being tortured with the hand-cranked generator. Halfway through the episode, he then has her hung up in the "parrot's perch" position, where she is tied to a horizontal bar hanging by her knees with her ankles and wrists tied together and wires attached to her body. She refuses to talk, so he dumps a bucket of water over her and once again mocks her with the phone ringing noise, which means she's about to be shocked. Unfortunately, the scene cuts away before we get to see it. She later gets some drowning torture at the end of the show. VIDEO LINK
And Soon the Darkness (2010)
Right before the opening credits, a young captive woman (Gia Mantegna) is tied sitting on the floor with her hands tied to a pipe in dark warehouse. The bad guy enters, douses her with water and then zaps her several times on the legs until she collapses on the floor. It's very brief, lasting only a minute, but it's still the best scene in the movie, which unfortunately isn't saying much here.

The second scene is a mere tease, made all the more frustrating because the victim is the gorgeous Amber Heard. She's tied up on the floor with her hands handcuffed together in front. The bad guy turns on the juice and touches two electrodes together in front of her, setting off sparks. And then just when he's ready to make his move, he stops to take a phone call! What kind of idiot does that? VIDEO LINK 1 and 2

Angel at My Table, An (1990)
Jane Campion directed this true-life biography of celebrated author Janet Frame (played by Kerry Fox, who's sort of a dumpy version of Little Orphan Annie). Janet is considered abnormal so she is locked up in a mental institution for eight years. There's a scene where she is given electro-shock therapy. She explains in a voice-over narration that she received over 200 applications of electric shock treatment, "each one equivalent in fear to an execution." (Length: 1 min.)
April Fool's Day (2008)
This stinker of a horror movie features a scene where a barefoot woman (Jennifer Siebel) is accidentally electrocuted. Water from a broken vase combined with a frayed wire from a curling iron and a maintenance man turning on the circuit breaker all come together to produce the effect. Not a great scene; the actual electrocution occurs off-screen, although there is a nice smoking effect on her body afterward. But here's the kicker: at the end of the movie, it is explained that the death was fake and the woman didn't die after all. Yeah, right. I told you this movie sucked. VIDEO LINK


Bad Girls in the Movies (1986)
Some nudity, some bloodshed. Not more than 25 percent of the movie features bad girls. The rest are bad guys or irrelevant junk, The only reasonably decent bit comes at the very end when a woman is strapped into a supposed electric chair and fried. (Length: 1 min.)
Bamboo House of Dolls (1974)
Two scenes in this Japanese women's prison exploitation flick set in World War II. In the first, a lady prisoner fleeing from prison guards grabs hold of an electric fence, which erupts in a series of shocks and smoke, killing her. In the second, a woman is interrogated as a Chinese spy as she's being questioned for the whereabouts of missing gold. She gets manacled to a table with a metal cap on her head with wires connected to it. The Japanese woman officer throws a switch and the women screams and arches her entire body off the table. Then, abruptly, they cut away. VIDEO LINK
Barb Wire (1996)
Mary Anna Reyes is chained to a table almost nude, legs spread with strange electrical devices covering her private parts, the interrogator (Steve Railsback) electrocutes her. No gag, so you can hear her screaming. Once he gets the information he needs, Railsback tells her, "You're so beautiful. I'm sorry," as he gives her a fatal full-body surge of electricity, finishing her off. (Length: 3 min.) VIDEO LINK
Barbed Wire Dolls (1977)
Lina Romay is tied face down to a metal wire bed frame and given electric shock treatment. A Jess Franco classic scene. For more of Lina being shocked, also check out Franco's Women Behind Bars (1975). VIDEO LINK
Baywatch Nights "Ascension" (1997)
Ryan (played by the luminous Angie Harmon) is subdued and then tied to what appears to be a type of dental chair, with her ankles bound and her wrists strapped to the sides. Her partner (David Hasselhoff) is also strapped down and interrogated next to her. He doesn't know the answer, so they decide to make him talk by torturing Ryan. She has 3 electrodes placed on her head (2 on the temples and one on the forehead) and is given a painful dose of electric shock. A very good scene. VIDEO LINK
Beautiful Hunter (1994)
Shion (Makiko Kuno) is the most merciless assassin of the Magnificate crime group, her hand and heart hesitate to murder the man she loves, her superiors have her tortured. Shion is chained to the ceiling with her arms over her head. The interrogator demands her to scream at the crack of her belt, but she holds back. The interrogator rips off Shion's top, and hoses her down with water. She prods an electro-prod into Shion's naked chest and the electrocution causes her to scream in agony. After passing out, she wakes up spread-eagle then the interrogator inserts the electro-prod into her vagina (side view only) and electrocutes her again (You have to see this to believe it). Torn from the crime lords who were her only family, Shion must choose between her life of killing and a life on the run. (Length: 5 min. Nudity: Partial) VIDEO LINK
Believers, The (1987)
The very first scene in this mystery-thriller from director John Schlesinger is both tragic and shocking (if you'll forgive the pun). After some milk gets spilled, a mother (Janet-Laine Green) walking in bare feet on the wet floor, touches a malfunctioning coffee machine. She is accidentally electrocuted in front of her horrified husband and son. What a way to start off a film!
Big Doll House, The (1971)
Roberta Collins plays a female prisoner being interrogated with electro-shock torture. Brief, but a nice scene with a very attractive victim. (Length: 1 min.) VIDEO LINK
Black Mama, White Mama (1972)
A topless Filipino woman (Alona Alegre) wearing a mini skirt is tied down and electric wires taped to her breasts. She is interrogated with electric-shocks numerous times by drug dealers for information. No gags, so you can hear her screaming. (Length: 2 min. Nudity: Topless) VIDEO LINK
Black Tight Killers (1966)
No real payoff here, but included because the setup is so excellent. In this Japanese film, lovely Chieko Matsubara is bound standing in her underwear on a small concrete slap surrounded by water. Further inspection shows that she has been wired up to a handheld device that will run 500 volts through her. Unfortunately, she is rescued but not before one of the bad guys falls into the water and gets fried instead.
Blind Target (2000)
A complete misfire from the great Jess Franco, made well past the prime of his career when he was 70 years old. Maria Beltran (Rachel Sheppard), laying passively on a bed, is interrogated by Lina Romay, who camps it up in over-the-top performance as the villainous Tora. Tora tapes an electrode to Maria's temple and then, laughing maniacally, jolts her several times to get her to talk. What makes this scene ridiculously inept is the totally lame bondage, as Maria's hands are tied in front of her, making you wonder why she doesn't just pull the wires off. Instead, she plays along and violently writhes on the bed, as if she were totally helpless. How could an exploitation director of Franco's stature make such a glaring mistake? Did he think we wouldn't notice? Just sad. VIDEO LINK
Blood Warriors (1993)
Karen Stone (Jennifer Campbell) was kidnapped by the crooks. Jennifer is hand gagged and taken to their headquarters. She is strapped to a chair (using duct tape) and electro tortured, lots of nice screaming. No gag. (Length: 2 min.) DOWNLOAD LINK
Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)
A nude brunette is strapped spread-eagled on a torture rack with leather cuffs around her wrists, waist, and (we assume) ankles. An evil dwarf (Ralphus!) attaches alligator clips to her nipples and proceeds to torture her with electric shocks for several minutes. At one point, one of her electrodes pops off her nipple. No gags, nice screaming. (Length: 2 min. Nudity: Topless)
Bloody Monday "Episode 1:3" (2008)
In this Japanese drama series based on the manga of the same name, female terrorist Maya Orihara (played by Michiko Kichise) is interrogated to try to get her to give up information about her terrorist group. She's strapped to a chair and electrodes are attached to her wrists and neck. She is shocked several times throughout the episode, each time with the voltage increased. She does some impressive screaming and convulsing before finally confessing. Nice scene, definitely worth a look. The Japanese never let me down. VIDEO LINK
Boo (2005)
Toward the end of the film, Jessie (played by Trish Coren) is strapped down to a chair/exam type table for electroshock. Her wrists are strapped to the chair arms. The shock scene is intense as she shakes violently, but it's quite brief. Too bad, because the girl is very cute.
Bordel SS (1978)
A whorehouse in German occupied France becomes a popular after hours attraction. The visit of a female interrogation officer and her electrocution equipment leave the girls screaming in agonizing pain. Throughout the movie lots of screams from electro-torture are heard from within the walls of a locked room while the other prostitutes are making their money. The last scene in the movie shows a female interrogation officer torturing a naked girl, her arms chained to the ceiling. She uses jumper cables and there's lots of sparking and screaming as the other SS officers watch her suffer. The way it's filmed, you never actually the cable touching her skin but the woman does appear to be in a great deal of pain during her torture, which is why it's so effective. VIDEO LINK
BrainWaves (1982)
Corinne Alphen is electrocuted when her boyfriend drops her radio into the bathtub. Corinne is a beautiful woman (former Penthouse Pet of the Month) but unfortunately she has mudpack all over her face during the scene. We do see some nudity, however. Later in the film, Suzanna Love has an accident and they stimulate her brain with neural patterns of the woman who was murdered. She has a flashback while taking a bath of someone dropping the radio into her tub. Again, brief nudity.
Bride, The (1995)
The lovely and lithe Jennifer Beals plays Eva, a female creature created by Dr. Frankenstein to be the mate for his monster. Unfortunately for the monster, the good doctor does such a wonderful job that he decides to keep the creation for himself. In the opening "creation" segment, the liveless form of Eva is swathed in cloth strips and suspended horizontally by straps. Eva's body sensually writhes as Dr. Frankenstein sends electricity coursing through her body. Although the visual effects are impressive, the big problem is that we can't see Jennifer's face until afterward, which takes away most of the erotic enjoyment of the scene.
Bride of Chucky (1998)
Jennifer Tilly is electrocuted when Chucky knocks the TV set into her bathtub.
Brutal Hopelessness of Love, The (2007)
This Japanese film features an outstanding electrocution torture scene. Nami (Mai Kitajima) is tied topless to a chair. After sparking 2 jumper cables in front of her (preview of coming attractions!) one of them is clamped onto her left nipple and the power is turned on. She is then given an electrified ride, doing some great writhing and screaming. They even take a break halfway through to wet her down some more before resuming the torture. The Japanese do things right! VIDEO LINK
Bunker, The (2011)
In this hard-to-find independent horror film, teenage victim Julia (Saskia Gonzalez) is kept in an underground bunker by her kidnapper. In one scene, she is restrained on a cot, where he verbally berates her and shows her his stun gun. She replies by spitting in his face...bad move, Sweetie! He gives her a jolt to the side of her body, and she follows with some painful writhing and screaming. Unfortunately, you can see the taser isn't turned on when he applies the charge, a mistake that could have been easily remedied with some post-production FX. This film is historically significant for being the first feature film directed by a blind director (Joseph M. Monks). Maybe someone should have told him about the stun gun thing. VIDEO LINK


Cabra-Cega (2004)
In this hard-to-find Brazilian drama, a naked woman is seen tied to a chair. At first we see her with a sack over her head, which is lifted off to show her bloody and bruised. She's obviously been tortured previously. A bucket of water is thrown on her and then she is given electric shocks. A short but very intense and realistic scene. VIDEO LINK
Caged Fury (1983)
Women are taken captive By militants who intend training them for assassination missions. Kept in isolated jungle camp, and trained to follow orders a woman (Jennifer Lane) is strapped into a chair and has electrodes taped to her nipples and another inserted (out of view) into her vagina. She is tortured with electric shocks. Later, another woman (Bernadette Williams) is given the same treatment. (Length: 2 min. Nudity: Topless) VIDEO LINK
Caged Heat (1974)
In this women's prison film directed by Jonathan Demme, an iron-handed superintendent takes exception to a skit performed by the girls and takes punitive steps, aided by the sadistic doctor who is doing illegal electro-shock experiments. First Erica Gavin is forced onto a table and strapped in, and does some great pleading/screaming but the doctor isn't hearing any of it. At one point he even covers up her mouth with a cloth to shut her up before resuming the treatment. Then fellow cellmate Juanita Brown gets the same treatment and has an equally painful reaction. VIDEO LINK
Caged Heat 3000 (1995)
Lisa Boyle is seen chained spread-eagled before a grating wearing an electro-device attached to her breasts which tortures her with electric shocks for several minutes. Later a scene of a full frontal naked woman dancing on a table while prison guards probe her with tubes that give her electric shocks. (Length: 2 min.) VIDEO LINK
Cat's Eye (1985)
In this film based on the works of Stephen King, there's a segment in which James Woods enrolls in a stop smoking program. It's simple; if he smokes, the people who run the program will torture his wife! Mary D'Arcy plays the unfortunate wife who gets enclosed in a room equipped with an electrified floor. While Woods is forced to watch, she's forced to dance to the song "96 Tears", getting tormented with electric shocks every time she puts her feet on the floor. A real fun, sadistic scene. VIDEO LINK
Cell 2, The (2009)
A direct-to-DVD cheapie about a psycho serial killer who kills his victims only to bring them back with CPR and then do it again, several times. About a third of the way through the movie, he has a woman (Amee Walden) tied to a chair. He taunts her by telling her that if a heart is stopped, a single electrical charge will bring it back again, but if you do it to a heart that beating, it stops it dead. She starts to panic as he approaches her with defibrillator paddles. After telling her he's not going to do it, he gives her a jolt anyway and knocks her unconscious. Then he gives her another zap to bring her back to life, so he can torture her some more. Sounds like a pretty good plan, actually. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2
Chain Gang Girls (2007)
In this Japanese women's prison drama, several prisoners (all of them attractive young women, naturally) are stripped to their panties and chained standing with their arms over their heads. The warden walks among the girls and delivers smacks of his cane to some of them. Then the guards pull out some electrified rods, which are dramatically shown with large sparks. Again the warden walks among them, applying the prods to their sides until they pass out. A sadistically fun scene, which the Japanese do best. VIDEO LINK
Chained Fury: Lesbian Slave Desires (2003)
In this softcore outing from Bound Heat, a beautiful nude woman is tied led into a bathtub by two women and tied with her wrists over her head. Then one of them wets her down with a hose, spraying water on her naked body. Cables from an electric device are then hooked to the side of the bathtub, repeatedly shocking her until she's unconscious. Despite the gorgeous victim and the full nudity, it's yet another Bound Heat scene that doesn't quite seem believable.
Chameleon 3: Dark Angel (2000)
Bobbie Phillips is suspended from the ceiling by her wrists and her legs are lashed together while wearing a tight, form-fitting body suit. She writhes while being tortured with some sort of futuristic electro-prod. (Length: 2 min.) VIDEO LINK
Changeling (2008)
In this drama directed by Clint Eastwood, Carol Dexter (Amy Ryan) is punished by being strapped to a bed and given electric shocks. In another scene Christine (Angelina Jolie) is also strapped to a bed and is about to receive electric shocks, but the procedure is stopped in the nick of time.
Charlie's Angels "Angel with a Broken Wing" (2011)
In this inaugural episode of the short-lived TV series, Eve (played by the lustrous Minka Kelly) is hung up suspended by her wrists to be tortured by the bad guys. She gets a jolt with a stun gun and smacked in the face before getting rescued. Not bad for a TV scene but of course, should have been longer. VIDEO LINK
Charmed "A Witch's Tail" (2002)
Piper (Holly Marie Combs) is bound to grate that is submerged into the water. Her enemy orders electric eels to swim between the bars of the grate, which causes electrical shocks to rattle through the gate...and her. Kind of a cool embellishment on the theme by using the eels, and Holly is always easy on the eyes.
Cheerleader Massacre 2 (2011)
This horror film sequel features a lot of pretty naked girls getting killed in unique ways. One involves Helen (played by the beautiful Tanaya Nicole) who takes a shower, and of course, we're treated to lots of leering shots of her nude body getting all wet and soapy, including her surgically-enhanced breasts. But after getting soap in here eyes, she reaches for the shower head and receives a lethal dose of electricity. Why, I don't know, unless the shower head really wanted her dead. Lots of animated sparks and bare assed jiggling. Not a bad scene, worth checking out for the naked eye candy. VIDEO LINK
Ciao! Manhattan (1972)
60s pop icon Edie Sedgwick essentially plays herself in her final film (she died shortly after filming was completed). Toward the end of the film, she is taken to a clinic and given shock treatment. Ironically, she was soon back at the clinic for real, suffering from delirium tremens, where she received actual shock treatment therapy. She underwent a minimum of 20 electro-convulsive treatments from January to June 1971. Sienna Miller plays Sedgwick in a nearly identical, albeit much shorter scene in Factory Girl.
Citizen Cohn (1992)
[Karen Ludwig]: In a brief, dark scene about nine minutes into the film, her character-Ethel Rosenberg-is shown being prepared for her execution in Sing Sing's electric chair. A close-up shot shows the lower half of the face mask being secured over her mouth. After the upper half is snapped down over her face and the cable attached to the headpiece, the camera pulls back to show the whole chair as the switch is thrown. There's some screaming, violent shaking and plumes of smoke coming from her head, but it's all over in a matter of seconds.
Closet Land (1991)
Madeleine Stowe, an authoress of children's books is psychologically and physically tortured by a government official when her books are suspected of being subversive. She's blindfolded with arms handcuffed behind chair; tied on table with hot probes and; sleep deprivation; tied standing on one leg; toenails pulled with pliers. In one scene she's strapped in a gurney wearing a really shirt dress with an electrical wire which appears to be coming from between her thighs. The interrogator administers electric shocks to her vagina every time she answers a question with a wrong answer. VIDEO LINK
Comando terrorista (1992)
[Norma Herrera]: Another South American movie. Beating, electric-torture, fingernail, rope rack.
Cries of Innocence (2002)
A surprisingly effective electro-shock torture scene from the usually lame Bound Heat, even though there's no nudity. A blonde woman (Fawnia Mondey) is suspended by her wrists and interrogated by a woman, who applies electrified sponges to her body while water drips on her from above. Nice anguished screaming from the victim. VIDEO LINK
Criminal Minds "Limelight" (2008)
A captive woman (Wendy Braun), bound only in a brown bra and panties, is tied standing against a wire mattress frame. Her hands are at each corner and held there by wire around her wrists. In the background her friend (Andrea Roth) is bound and gagged and watching what is about to happen. The killer enters and announces his presence with authority by sparking two jumper cables together in front of her. After checking her bonds, he proceeds to shock her several times. There's some wonderful zapping noises and screaming from the victim, but nothing shown as the stupid director only shows us her friend's reactions instead. When we see the woman afterward, she's passed out and hanging by her arms.

Roth herself gets tied in the same position next, but the authorities charge in before she can get tortured. Overall, kind of a tease, since the setup was perfect. VIDEO LINK

Criminal Minds "Remembrance of Things Past" (2010)
A blink-and-you-missed-it scene in which a young woman (Marissa Skell) is restrained with leather straps and gets tortured with electric shocks by a sadistic murderer. Casting trivia: the murderer is played by actor Daniel J. Travanti, best known for playing good guy Capt. Frank Furillo on "Hill Street Blues".
Criminally Insane (1975)
Psycho killer Ethel Janowski (Priscilla Alden) is given shock treatment at the beginning of the movie. The woman is ugly and morbidly obese so don't expect to get turned on here.
CSI: Miami "Shock" (2006)
At the beginning of the episode, a spoiled heiress (Leila Arcieri) is found electrocuted in her bathtub with an electric heater in the water. It's not until the end that we see in a flashback how the crime happened and who killed her. With this being a TV scene, it's cut very rapidly and of course, no nudity. VIDEO LINK
Cut (2003)
This hard-to-find low budget independent film features an outstanding electrical torture scene. A group of college students decide to get revenge on one of their friends (Angie Morris). She is gagged and tied to a chair and with her feet over a bucket of ice water. The leader of the gang hooks up wires from a car battery and ties them to her toes. First he makes her hold her feet just above the surface of the water so that her legs cramp up. Then without warning, she suddenly forces her feet into the water, giving her an electrified ride while the others laugh and one of them films it. She ends up pissing her jeans until the one female member of the group stops the action after about a minute of torture. DOWNLOAD LINK
Cyclone (1987)
Teri Marshall (played by Heather Thomas) is kidnapped and taken to a warehouse, where she's tied up (on screen) to a chair. She's wearing a tight pair of jeans with white boots, and a tight, white motorcycle shirt. She has her hands tied to the arms of the chair and feet tied to the chairs legs. The bad guys try to probe her for some top secret information. After several minutes of Heather's refusal to cooperate, they take out an electric power generator with attached jumper cables and apply them to Heathers legs, thus giving her intense electric shocks. After several more minutes of trying to "jolt" her memory she finally gets rescued. Very cool scene.


Dangerous Life, A (1988)
Celie (Dina Bonnevie) is captured by Marcos soldiers, stripped naked with only a back view otherwise (shown from the neck up) and strapped to a chair where she's tortured by electrical wires attached to her fingers to make her scream. The thugs use a hand-cranked generator to provide the shock.
Dangerous Prey (1995)
A La Femme Nikita rip-off in which vulnerable young women (hookers, convicts, etc.) are trained as assassins by an Eastern European organization. Near the end of the film, Tanya (Kiara Hunter) is captured by two men who tie her arms over her head and torture her with electric shocks. Shannon Whirry rescues her, they return to the organization's headquarters, kill people and break things, and live happily ever after. VIDEO LINK
Daniel (1983)
Lindsay Crouse and Mandy Patinkin play a fictional couple based on Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in this hard-to-find film taken from E. L. Doctorow's novel. They go to the electric chair near the end, just under two hours in. Crouse is led in last, shown in a wide shot as she sits down. This is followed by closeups of the electrode being fastened to her leg, her left wrist and upper arm being strapped to the chair, and the leather helmet, the lower part of which snugly covers her mouth, being secured to her head. The camera goes wide again, from a position where Crouse's legs are hidden behind a low partition in front of the witness seating area, as the switch is thrown. Afterward she is examined by doctor and wisps of smoke are seen rising from her head. Turns out that didn't kill her, so the doctor tells them they'll have to do it again.
Dark Angel "Love Among The Runes" (2002)
Max (Jessica Alba) is captured and cuffed AOH by the bad guy. He rips the front of her shirt open and also the back of her shirt is ripped open to expose some new markings that have appeared on her body. He questions her and she smarts off to him, which gives him a reason to zap her with a cattle prod. It's a fairly short shock scene, only about 5 seconds or so, but it's Jessica Alba being tortured and that makes it all worthwhile. VIDEO LINK
Dark Angel "She Ain't Heavy" (2002)
Early in the episode, Max's clone (played by, of course, Jessica Alba) has her romantic evening ruined when armed servicemen break into her home and attack her. She gets tased a few times and handcuffed with her wrists behind her back. A brief scene, but very nice. DOWNLOAD LINK
Dead Mate (1988)
This cheesy 80s horror film features 2 electro scenes. The first occurs where Nora (Elizabeth Mannino) can't sleep, and secretly happens upon her new husband and his friends in the morgue. A woman (Kathleen Margo) has just died in a car accident, and they strip her and caress her nude body by using gloves that emit an electrical charge, presumably to "cleanse" it for necrophilia sex afterward (?) Anyway, despite the nudity, there's not much of a thrill seeing a dead body shocked. Things do get better later, though, when Nora is found out by her husband and given the same treatment, but without the nudity this time (bummer). Nice screaming by a beautiful victim, but she should have at least been strapped down. Overall not so great. VIDEO LINK
Dead Sleep (1992)
An unscrupulous doctor in a mental ward keeps his patients in drug-induced comas and gives some of them electric shock treatment so he can fool around with them and they won't remember it afterward. The only woman shown getting electro-shock is unconscious at the time so it's not much fun. There's another attractive woman who complains afterward that her brain is fried and she can't remember anything. Unfortunately, we don't get to see her being shocked, but we do see her topless as the doctor prepares to have sex with her.
Deathsport (1978)
Once Playmate on the Year 1970, the gorgeous Claudia Jennings is strapped down in a rolling bed completely naked and given electric-shock treatment in a dark room. (Nudity alert: Full Frontal). Another woman (Valerie Rae Clark) is seen dancing naked in a dark room with wires hanging from the ceiling, as she's dancing some guy turns on the power and she's electrocuted every time she runs into a hanging wire. DOWNLOAD LINK
Demonlover (2002)
There are a few good snippits of scenes involving women being tortured by remote. That is to say, in the story, they are being held in a prison and people access the website "hellfireclub" and torture them through their browser. There is one scene in which a woman dressed as Wonder Woman is strapped down to a metal bed frame and electrocuted. While the scenes don't go on and on, they provide enough to suggest something good.
Destroyer (1988)
Now here's a way to get a realistic acting performance! While shooting a movie, the director (played by Psycho's Tony Perkins) has an actress (Lannie Garrett) strapped to an electric chair to play a part of an electrocution. He's frustrated because she can't act out realistic looking electric-chair convulsion, so he motions for his assistant to turn on the voltage for real and watches her squirm. Naturally, she's a bit pissed off afterward. (Length: 1 min.)
Devilfish (1986)
Cinnzia De Ponti is electrocuted when a hitman drops a hair-dryer into her bathtub.
Die Another Day (2002)
Electro torture in a James Bond film? That's kind of refreshing. Halle Berry gets shackled to a large iron chair. She has her wrists chained apart about head high and her feet are shackled spread apart one to each chair leg. The bad guy then administers electric shocks to her.
Dollhouse "Stop-Loss" (2009)
In this episode of this science fiction series, Echo (Eliza Dushku) is strapped down and wired up by Adelle (Olivia Williams). "You leave a wake of destruction wherever you go," Adelle tells Echo, and such a Doll can't be trusted. It's time to go to the Attic, which for her means death. A bit gag is put in Echo's mouth and she is then subjected to a violent zapping that goes on for several seconds. A very nice scene enhanced by good threatening, which builds up to a satisfying payoff. And you couldn't ask for a better victim than the beautiful Dushku. VIDEO LINK
Down Came a Blackbird (1995)
[Amanda Smith]: A reporter goes undercover to get a story on a safe haven for political prisoners, ultimately being forced to confront her own demons. In a scene near end of the movie, patient recalls a vivid memory in a Latin American prison where she's a political prisoner, stripped naked & strapped to a table while some guards are using electric-torture box on her. VIDEO LINK
Dracula Vs. Frankenstein (1971)
Towards the end of the film, Dracula takes Judith (Regina Carrol) captive. He ties her up in the lab and prepares to bite her, but the monster (Frankenstein) goes mad leading to a ferocious battle. A blink-and-you-miss-it chloroform scene for a lovely blonde nurse who is later strapped into the electrified chair. Later, the lead actress is handgagged by Dracula in her bed. The scene is well-lit and includes several tasty close-ups.
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965)
Cute Robot #11 (Susan Hart) gets strapped to a chair in Dr. Goldfoot's dungeon and treated with electroshocks. It's a comic scene around the middle of the movie. Very cheesy special effects.


ElPantera "Por los viejos tiempos" (2008)
This Mexican crime series featured an exemplary torture scene in its second season. Rosaura (played by Irán Castillo) is tied to a chair and worked over by the bad guys. After knocking her out cold, she gets woken up by a bucket of water thrown over her. The main bad guy takes a stun gun and holds in front of her face, giving her a taste of what's to come. Then he lowers it between her legs and holds it there before giving her a long jolt to the pussy. Her screaming is delicious. But the scene doesn't end here as he continues shocking her 3 more times before the episode ends. You sure don't get to see women abused like that on US TV. Viva La Mexico! VIDEO LINK, BONUS BEHIND THE SCENE FOOTAGE
Elves (1989)
Great nude scene of a woman (Deanna Lund) electrocuted in the bath tub. (Length: 1 min. Nudity: Topless) VIDEO LINK
En Toute Innocence (1987)
Nathalie Baye is reportedly accidentally electrocuted in her bathtub.
Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, The (1972)
In this Jess Franco film, Vera Frankenstein (Beatriz Savón) is strapped to a bed and electrocuted by a woman. She does some great writhing and screaming. There are at least two different versions of this movie (typical of Franco's work). I haven't seen either, only a 30-second video clip, but I suspect it was likely from the edited cut. In my copy, she's covered up with a sheet. I've read an account that there's a longer and full-frontal nude version of this scene. VIDEO LINK
Escape from the Brothel (1992)
A lady (Rena Murakami) is stripped naked and bound arms over head and tape gagged. She has her clothes stripped off and gets electric shocks to her nipples by her warped villians. (Length: 1 min. Nudity: Full Frontal) VIDEO LINK
Executive Power (1997)
Susan Marshall (played by the beautiful Andrea Roth) is taken at gunpoint and suspended by her wrists from the ceiling in a warehouse. She is wet down and tortured with a stun gun. He's about to shock her again but changes his mind and decides to suffocate her with a plastic bag over her head instead. A great mainstream scene on many levels, not to be missed. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2


Factory Girl (2006)
Sienna Miller, the lead actress, has a very brief bondage scene in this movie. She plays Edie Sedgwick, a fashion model who insinuates herself into the life of the famous artist Andy Warhol. Early in the movie, in a flashback scene, she is shown strapped to a table and gagged with a rubber plug in her mouth, undergoing electroshock therapy.
Family Life (1971)
Troubled teenager Janice (Sandy Ratcliff) has a nervous breakdown and is sent by her parents to a public mental institution. In one scene, she's given electric-shock therapy. Not a "fun" scene and very brief, so don't go out of your way to seek this one out.
Fantom Kiler 2 (1999)
A psycho killer grabs a hooker (Eliza Borecka), strips her completely naked and ties her spread-eagle on top a car (full frontal views). The killer then attaches car battery cables to her nipples and shocks her for several minutes. (Best Full Frontal electrocution ever) (Length: 5 min. Nudity: Full Frontal)
Far from Home (1989)
Agnes Reed, played by Susan Tyrrell, is electrocuted when Anthony Rapp throws an electric fan into her bathtub. An exceptionally well-done scene tainted by the poor white trash appearance of the victim.
Farscape "A Clockwork Nebari" (2000)
Chiana (Gigi Edgley) is forced to wear a electronic discipline collar for the last half of the episode. At various points she is tortured with shocks when she becomes rebellious. I didn't much like this scene because the bondage is weak (hands in front) and because of the obviously freaky appearance of the victim.
Fatal Pulse (1988)
A female college student (Cindra Hodgdon) is kidnapped and tied by her wrists with her arms spread by a killer. Topless, she begs for mercy but is punched in the mouth and gagged (onscreen) with a thick cloth. She continues to scream through the gag until the killer electrocutes her. One of the great mainstream scenes, sadly unavailable on DVD. (Length: 2 min. Nudity: Topless) VIDEO LINK
Faust: Love of the Damned (2001)
Jade de Camp (played by Isabel Brook) appears in a full body cage, wearing a metal bra and panties. The cage can spin around. She is electrocuted in the cage, for a long time, as she's told to "remember" (upon quick review of the scene, it appears she has a couple electric wires running from her panties. With a few erotic flashbacks, she enjoys herself, and is electrocuted again. (Length: 2 min.)
F.B.I. Files, The "A Model Killer" (1999)
In this dramatization of the Christopher Wilder case, there's a very brief scene in which a woman is shown tied to a bed with wires connected to her toes. At one point her legs shake from electrocution as Wilder shocks her with a handheld device. Very minor scene, not much to see here. VIDEO LINK
Femme Fatales "Killer Instinct" (2012)
This made-for-cable anthology series features an episode where special agent Lauren Coleston (Mirtha Michelle) is attacked in an elevator and awakens to find herself strapped to a chair in a darkened room. A masked interrogator (Jeffrey Combs) then peppers her with questions to get her to give up some information. The interrogator is very cool, saying he hopes she doesn't cooperate because he enjoys inflicting pain. When she initially denies everything, he replies, "Excellent, for a moment there I thought we weren't going to have any fun," pressing the button and giving her another shock. The scene goes on and on for several minutes, cutting away to other scenes, but always returning to find Lauren getting worn down after repeated shocks and eventually passing out. One big debit of the scene is the metal wrist restraints anchoring her to the table are much too large, so that she could easily slip her hands out (but never does). If you can overlook the poor bondage, this is a very good scene. VIDEO LINK
Fifth Floor, The (1978)
Cute coed Kelly (Diane Hull) is committed to an insane asylum. Once on the Fifth Floor, the unfortunately quite sane lass is set upon by the other prisoners and an abusive guard; in one scene she is strapped to a bed and receives unwanted electroshock treatments. DOWNLOAD LINK

Final Chapter: Walking Tall (1977)

About midway into the movie, a bar owner pimp questions one of his hookers (Margaret Blye) to find out what old Buford Pusser is up to. While she is bound naked to a chair, he applies battery charger leads to her tits. Nudity is limited by above the chest closeups and rear shots, but it's a wonderfully dark scene complete with a shower of sparks demonstration, making for a great buildup. What follows is one of the best screams I can remember. (Length: 1 min.) VIDEO LINK
Fingerprints (2006)
Near the end of this better-than-average horror film, there is a scene where Crystal (played by beautiful California blonde Kristin Cavallari) is preparing to take a bath. She disrobes (no actual nudity shown, dammit) and lays down into the water. There's some suspense as we realize she is being watched by someone. The killer approaches carrying a taser wand, which is then plunged into the water, electrocuting her into unconsciousness. Some nice screaming, and of course, a very attractive victim. VIDEO LINK
Flor Contemplacion Story, The (1995)
[Nora Aunor]: Near the end of the movie, she was led from her cell to the gallow with arms overhead (using handcuff) Police Hold her down while applying extreme electric battery cables under her arm pits.
Forbidden Zone (1980)
In this bizarre live-action cartoon, Frenchy (Marie-Pascale Elfman) is strapped down spread-eagled to a gurney in a prison cell while the queen, a topless princess and frog wearing a butler suit prepare to torture her. I did mention this was bizarre, right? Did I also mention it's a musical? While the princess turns on the electric wand, the other prisoners sing this peppy little tune:

Give her all the juice
Give her all the juice
Twenty thousand volts in her caboose

Frenchy is saved at the last minute when they blow a fuse. Obviously played for laughs, but a real fun scene. VIDEO LINK

Frances (1982)
This true-life story of actress Frances Farmer is played by the Oscar-nominated Jessica Lange. Frances' mother has her committed, resulting in her being dragged by two orderlies through the halls of a mental institution in a straitjacket, screaming and struggling as she's shoved into a cell. Next she's shown lying barefoot in a rather short hospital gown on a gurney, being held down at the wrists, neck, and one thigh, but not bound, and gagged with a rolled-up white cloth as she's given an electroshock treatment. She's also briefly given electro-shock at the end before being lobotomized. DOWNLOAD LINK
From Beyond (1986)
This one is a near miss. Katherine (Barbara Crampton) is going in for a little unnecessary shock treatment. Strapped down to the gurney, she is gagged with a wad stuffed in her mouth, and held in with thin gauze strips knotted in her mouth. All that is shown in nice closeup detail. She's spared this fate at the last moment, and after having her arms freed, she coldcocks the technician with a lamp, and escapes. Bummer.


Garage Olimpo (1999)
I've never understood the fuss about this movie. Based on a true story of a young woman taken captive by the Argentinean government as a political prisoner during the 1970's, the cute and frequently nude Antonella Costa is seen given a jolt to her naked chest with a defibrillator. It is implied that she had just been electro-tortured, but that part was never shown. A few minutes later, her torturer ties her spread-eagled to a metal table, attaches wires to her toes and prepares to shock her with an electric prod. But then it goes to a freeze-frame and again nothing is shown. In my opinion, a big tease. (Length: 2 min. Nudity: Full Frontal) VIDEO LINK
Get the Gringo (2012)
A mother (Dolores Heredia) rushes to hide her son when the prison's Kingpin comes a calling for her sons liver, his perfect match. She's taken to dimly lit room hooked up to the power to reveal her son's whereabouts. She's duct taped to a chair and has a battery cable clamped to her toe and her finger as the torturer gives her a jolt. She spits in the bad guy's face with the predictable result...more torture as the scene ends. VIDEO LINK
Ghost in the Machine (1993)
This is a horror film about a serial killer who dies, and then goes on killing when his spirit is transformed into electrical energy. This means he can take control of machines through a computer, or some such nonsense. Anyway, Carol the babysitter (Shevonne Durkin) becomes one of his victims when he causes a dishwasher to explode and flood the floor, making contact with a loose electrical connection. Carol is electrocuted as a shower of animated electrical sparks course through her body, killing her. A ridiculous premise, but Durkin is awfully cute so it's fun watching her die. DOWNLOAD LINK
Girl Who Played With Fire (2009)
In this sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Lisbeth Salander (played by Noomi Rapace) has a flashback to being strapped to a hospital bed receiving electroshocks. Relatively brief, and deliberately blurred so you can't see much.
Girls U.S.A. (1980)
Vanessa Del Rio, electro-tortured with wires to her nipples.


Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy (2005)
In this TV movie, a woman (Hunter Tylo) is bound with her hands above her head to a gurney and injected with drugs by an evil doctor. He gives her a few jolts of electricity. No gag but nice pained reactions by the victim. VIDEO LINK
Hard Hunted (1992)
In this action film, Donna Hamilton (played by busty Playboy Playmate Dona Speir) is attacked outside by a man armed with a stun gun. He zaps her in the neck and she collapses immediately. No spark shown, and it's all over in a couple of seconds. Not much of a scene, but for the sake of completeness... VIDEO LINK
Head of the Family (1996)
Jacqueline Lovell is kidnapped by a bizarre clan and forced to be the guest of honor at a kind of Joan of Arc reenactment. Whenever she messes up her lines or smarts off, she gets an electrical zap from the shock collar she's been forced to wear. And she does get shocked...a lot. Unfortunately for her, that's the least of her problems as she gets tied to post, stripped and then nearly burned at the stake before being rescued. A great scene on many levels, not to be missed.
Heaven & Earth (1993)
In this Oliver Stone film a Vietnamese girl (Hiep Thi Le) is kidnapped by the local police during the war in Vietnam and tortured. The scene shows her being electrocuted with wires around her fingers while strapped into a chair and slapped around. Very intense. VIDEO LINK (Length: 2 min.)
Hell Hole (1983)
A woman is electrocuted by an electrified fence.
Hell's Gate (2002)
A service station attendant kidnaps a sexy blonde girl (Amy Huberman), strips her of her clothes full frontal, and ties her to a wrought iron bed to administer a little electro-shock treatment. After zapping her with 40,000 volts, she remembers that she was Jack the Ripper's girlfriend. VIDEO LINK
Hoboken Hollow (2006)
In this horror film, Teri (Terri Wallace) gets attacked in the bedroom by Junior (Jonathan Fraser) who first handcuffs her to the bed, then tortures her with a couple zaps of an electric cattle prod. Nice screaming by the victim. He stick the prod between the cups of her bra to pull it off (implied) then rapes her. Unfortunately, the director chooses to cut to a close up of a hick female who looks on smiling while the rape occurs, so nothing is shown other than the aftermath of Junior laying on top of his victim. There's also a scene near the end of the film where Dedee Pfeiffer gets jolted with a cattle prod to the neck. VIDEO LINK
Hold Your Breath (2012)
In this horror film, there's a weak electro scene where Samantha (Lisa Younger) is tied topless to a tree with a wire mesh around her stomach. Jumper cables run from the truck to the ground, where they are clipped to a wire bundle that attaches to the wires around the tree (and the girl). The guy starts the truck. She initially reacts, but nowhere near what you would expect from that current. There is an electrical sound effect and she continues to whine and feebly struggle--but absolutely nothing that looks like she is attached to a running car battery. The truck rolls backward and she is cut in half.
Hostel: Part III (2011)
Anka, played Evelina Oboza, is taken away by the bad guys, who zap her a few times with an electric prod to keep her in line as she's led away.
House of 9 (2005)
Lea (Kelly Brook) is washing her face in a bathroom sink when a man (Peter Capaldi) enters from behind. He pulls a light off the wall and throws it into the water, which splashes on her and electrocutes her in a very impressive scene. It's ultimately not fatal, though. VIDEO LINK
House on Haunted Hill (1999)
Famke Janssen is strapped to a bench, bit-gagged and given electroshock treatment in this remake of the William Castle earlier movie of same name. (This is the fourth movie in which Famke gets bound! Not a bad record. Must be something about her that makes directors want to tie her up. Mmm...!) . She's wildly jerking and convulsing from being zapped with electroshock therapy. (Length: 2 min.)
Hunchback of Soho, The (1966)
In a boarding house for delinquent girls, an altercation occurs between two of the young women. The bad woman rips the cord off an electrical appliance and rubs the bare wires against a knife, showing her victim the sparks and smoke. Then as the other girls hold the victim back, the bad woman shocks her on her bare hand and she emits a loud scream. Short but sweet.
Hunt For Eagle One, The (2006)
This war film set in the Philippines features a scene where Captain Amy Jennings (Theresa Randle) is captured and tortured for information by local rebels. They start off by beating her a few times before bringing on the rough stuff. She is given a single jolt of electricity and then beaten again before the interrogation ends. Not a "fun" scene at all and also marred by unfortunate casting, so I didn't much care for this one at all. VIDEO LINK


Iced (1988)
Lisa Loring is electrocuted when the killer throws an electric heater into the hot tub. VIDEO LINK
If... Dog... Rabbit (1999)
(aka One Last Score) A woman (Lisa Marie) is kidnapped, tied to a chair (hands behind), has one foot placed in a bucket of water and is shocked by Mexican drug dealers for the whereabouts of her boyfriend. A couple of good closeups of her bound hands as she struggles to free herself. She isn't gagged. Several scenes, each is a decent length. DOWNLOAD LINK
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1974)
Busty blonde Dyanne Thorne is Ilsa, the ruthless commandant of a Nazi medical camp who subjects her patients (mostly naked women) through the most painful and brutal tortures she can think of to prove the superiority of the female sex to Nazi high command. Ilsa tortures naked female prisoners with electrified dildos.

Later in the movie, there's a brief segment in which Ilsa and her two blonde flunkies fry the hapless Maria Marx, who by this point is markedly worse for wear. She goes on to endure several more brutal punishments, so it's easy to overlook this one scene among so many others. But Maria most likely didn't forget it, at least not until she finally expired. Gotta love Ilsa's enthusiasm: “More... more! Make the bitch feel it!”... (Nudity: Full Frontal) VIDEO LINK 1 and 2

Ilsa, the Wicked Warden (1977)
Ilsa interrogates a mental patient (Tania Busselier) for info with electro-shock treatment while strapped down and completely naked. (Length: 2 min. Nudity: Full Frontal) VIDEO LINK
Imagen Latente (1988)
This rare and hard-to-find Chilean drama features an unfortunately way too brief flashback scene of a naked girl strapped to a table in a dark room while the torturer uses bare wires on her pussy. She does very violent thrashing as her pussy is shocked, and it looks about as real as any electro scene I've ever seen. I haven't seen the entire film, only this short clip. VIDEO LINK
In Retirement (1984)
This is a real nasty one. This Argentinean action film is about a professional criminal (Rodolfo Ranni) who is retiring from the state's military task group, which was responsible for State terrorism and the cruel violence and oppression against the population. One night he discovers his partner has been cheating on him with another man. He beats up the woman (played by Edda Bustamante), ties her to the bed and shocks her nipples with the live end of an electric lamp. He follows that up by raping her. Hey, that's what you get when you cheat on a bad guy! They overdid the bruising makeup but still an outstanding scene, not to be missed. DOWNLOAD LINK
Invisible Maniac, The (1990)
In this horror comedy, a nerdy professor discovers a serum that renders him invisible, which he uses to his advantage by offing his students. One of them is Vicky (played by the late porn star Savannah) who is taking a shower when he tosses in a radio, electrocuting her. Lots of naked skin and tit jiggling as she screams and writhes on the shower floor. VIDEO LINK
Iris 2 "Episode 4" (2013)
This Korean TV series features a short but intense sequence where a young female spy is interrogated by officers in a North Korean defense command. She is tied up inside a bathtub filled with water and live electric wands are inserted in the water, giving her a violent shock. Then she tied AOH, beaten with clubs and zapped with the wands on the side of her body. The scene was originally longer but apparently pressure from the network led to it being trimmed down. The longer version is on YouTube, even though it's still not long enough. VIDEO LINK


JAG "The Stalker" (1998)
Mac (Catherine Bell) is given a jolt of the stun gun to the neck by a deranged stalker. She wakes up tied to a chair, where he forces her to drink vodka and then tries to have his way with her. She is eventually rescued, but not before being gagged with duct tape. A decent mainstream bondage scene with a very attractive victim. DOWNLOAD LINK


K3: Prison of Hell (2009)
This hardcore women's prison opus by notorious German director Andreas Bethmann features a woman tied AOH to a wall with bare wires taped to her nipples. There's also a motorized dildo fucking her pussy at the same time. The juice is turned on and animated volts of electricity are shown zapping her nipples and, strangely, inside her mouth, too. There's also an impressive bit of smoke that flows off her body as she screams in agony and finally expires. VIDEO LINK
Keepsake (2008)
A woman (played by Sunny La Rose) is kidnapped and held captive by a mute stranger, who affixes an electric shock collar around her neck to keep her in line. Throughout the movie, she is given shocks, sometimes in the nude or as a way to make her remove her clothes. Nothing to write home about; the woman is just average-looking and is never tied up while shocked. Still, there are multiple scenes, and the nudity is a plus. VIDEO LINK
Killers 2: The Beast (2002)
Kim Little is tied down to a bed and given electro-shock therapy by 2 orderlies pretending to be doctors. VIDEO LINK
Kiss of Her Flesh, The (1968)
After clobbering Cleo (Donna Stone) over the head with a tire iron, crack-pot "diabolical madman" Richard Jennings then attacks her breasts with a lobster claw (!) before attaching electrical wires to her earrings and juicing her. Cleo's friend, Maria, assumes Jennings is the killer and goes to warn her sister, Dora. (Length: 2 min. Nudity: Topless) VIDEO LINK


La Femme Nikita "Friend" (1999)
Nikita (Peta Wilson) has her arms chained high over her head while wearing a black sleeveless top, she's electro-tortured for information. Extensive scene. VIDEO LINK (fast-forward to 26.48)
La Femme Nikita "Time Out of Mind" (2000)
Nikita (Peta Wilson) is put in a mental institution and is strapped to a gurney to receive electroshock therapy. One of the orderlies holds a bit gag in her mouth while the electrodes are put on her temples and treatment is administered. It's a fairly quick scene, and almost to make up for it, there's a nearly identical scene at the end of the episode where she's shocked again. VIDEO LINK
Ladron de Corazones "Episode 29" (2003)
Female cop Verónica (Lorena Rojas) has fallen into the clutches of the bad guys who take her to their hideout and handcuff her to an upright standing metal frame, hands above her head. Later she is given electric shocks. VIDEO LINK 1, 2 and 3
Last Dance (1992)
Elaine Hendrix is electrocuted when a hair-dryer falls into the bathtub during a struggle with Cynthia Stanton.
Last Horror Film, The (1982)
In the opening scene of the movie, a naked woman (J'Len Winters) is relaxing in a jacuzzi when the killer slides an electrical wire into the water. He turns on the circuit breaker and she is electrocuted. The director uses animated sparks to simulate the shocking effect. VIDEO LINK
Lexx "Terminal" (1998)
This episode in the sci-fi series features the beautiful Zev (Eva Habermann) strapped down to a table with bindings on wrists, ankles and chest, and a metal band around her forehead. An evil doctor operates on her to make her give up the key to the LEXX. She won't give in so he resorts to giving her electrical shocks up and down her body, bringing her almost to the point of death. VIDEO LINK
Lies (1983)
Robyn (Ann Dusenberry) tries to escape from a mental asylum. After making a call to the outside she gets strapped down to a gurney and gagged with what looks like a variation on a ball gag. She refuses to tell her sadistically evil female captor (Gail Strickland) who she called, so she gets tortured with electroshocks. A real overlooked gem, sadly out of print. VIDEO LINK
Lonely Hearts (2006)
Salma Hayek plays real-life 1940s serial killer Martha Beck in this period docudrama. At the end, she is strapped to an electric chair, but they cut away as the switch is thrown. Too bad. VIDEO LINK
Lost, The (2009)
Lacey Chabert plays a patient with multiple personalities in a mental institution for the criminally insane. She is strapped down. Her hands at her side, feet slightly apart, and a waist strap. Electrodes are attached to her forehead and a mouth guard inserted into her mouth. She is shocked several times.


MacGyver "Lesson In Evil" (20XX)
Lynne Moody is kidnapped, gagged placed in bathtub to be electrocuted.
Madhouse (2004)
In this horror movie, a middle-aged nurse (Dendrie Taylor) is pushed down some stairs and finds herself strapped down in some type of medical chair. Her wrists are strapped to the chair arms, a strap secures her forehead, and another strap restrains her ankles. Her attacker first zaps her with a stun gun, then moves onto the defibrillator paddles to the head. It's a particularly nasty sequence, obviously designed to satisfy horror fans as opposed to fans of women in peril. It also shows you why patients are supposed to have a mouthpiece when getting shock treatment, because she bites her tongue right off.
Man They Could Not Hang, The (1939)
Janet (Lorna Gray) playing the daughter of Boris Karloff, deliberately touches the grating of an electrified door, challenging him to turn off the power so she can free the rest of the people in the house that he's planning to kill. There's a huge flash of sparks as she is electrocuted. It's not fatal, however, as Karloff is able to bring her back to life with his invention at the end. VIDEO LINK
Medium "Method to his Madness" (2006)
This episode from the show's second season features 2 stun gun scenes, both brief, but worthwhile for the aftermath the victim's face after the initial shocking. Series star Patricia Arquette pictures herself as a killer abducting women with a stun gun. The first victim (Rachael C. Smith) is zapped in her car and awakens to find herself tied to a chair and cleave gagged with a white cloth. The scene ends as Arquette is slicing up her face with a scalpel.

The second victim, a lady bartender played by Lisa Jay, is swiftly stun-gunned outside in a parking lot and wakes up tied the same way. There's some nice threatening by Arquette's character before she takes the scalpel and cuts the victim's arm. Earlier, there's also some nice shots of her still tied to the chair, alive but pretty sliced up.

Medium "Time Out of Mind" (2005)
At the beginning of the episode, Allison (Patricia Arquette) experiences a vision in which she's grabbed by a couple of mental-hospital orderlies and shoved down onto a bed, to which she's secured by leather restraints around her wrists and ankles. Her clothing changes in an instant from her normal professional garb to a short floral print hospital gown and she's barefoot. As a strap is tightened around her waist, a doctor clamps shock-treatment electrodes to her head while a translucent mouthpiece is inserted between her lips. The vision ends as the doctor throws the switch to deliver the first shock.
Melrose Place "Simply Shocking" (1995)
Kimberly (Marcia Cross) is placed in an insane asylum and gets electroshock treatment when she starts misbehaving. She is led into the room crying, "Oh God, not shock therapy! No, please, don't let them do that to me, please!" She is strapped down to the bed, with a tan colored rubber ball in her mouth to keep her from screaming or biting off her tongue. VIDEO LINK
Miami Vice "Asian Cut" (1989)
In this episode, Detective Trudy Joplin (played by Olivia Brown) is captured and tied down to a gurney and gagged with over-the-mouth gag. The bad guy, teaching a class, explains how far torture techniques have advanced. Whereas they used to beat someone on the soles of the feet, he explains, today they use less strenuous methods, which he demonstrates by shocking her bare feet with an electric baton. He's about to cut her throat with a knife when Crockett and Tubbs crash the class and spoil our fun. DOWNLOAD LINK
Midnight Ride (1990)
Cute blonde Savina Gersack is strapped down to a doctor's table to be given electroshock therapy by a psycho former patient (played by Star Wars' Mark Hamill!). He gags her with white surgical tape and applies the electro pads to her temples before turning up the dial and zapping her with electricity. Outstanding scene. VIDEO LINK
Mutant X "Nothing to Fear" (2001)
While her friend Shalimar is tied to a chair and forced to watch, Emma (Lauren Lee Smith) is restrained with her arms over her head and electro tortured. It's as entertaining to watch Shalimar's reactions as it is to see her friend suffer. (Length: 1 minute)
Mutant X "The Taking of Crows" (2001)
The delectable Shalimar (Victoria Pratt) finds herself imprisoned and in something of a predicament at the beginning of a scene that commences just about 45 minutes in. Looking a bit frazzled in her tank top and pants, her wrists are manacled and held high above her head. She isn't gagged because her decidedly butch interrogator wants info and isn't shy about using an electric prod on the defiant Shalimar. This goes on for about 2 minutes before our plucky mutant slips out of her cuffs and has the pleasure of using the prod a time or two on her erstwhile tormentor. VIDEO LINK


Neighbor (2009)
This comic horror film has 2 electro scenes, one fairly lame, the other one a bit better. In the first, Laurie (Giovanna Galdi) is tied up in the bathtub when the nutso female villain, known simply as The Girl, tosses in an electric blow dryer, but the scene cuts away right as it hits the water. The next time we them, we find that she has thrown several electric items into the water, including a TV, but we never saw any of that and Laurie is laying there in the water unconscious. The Girl finishes her off by drowning her.

In the second scene, Sophia (Meredith Orlow) gets knocked out and awakens to find herself sitting up against the wall, her fingers wired up to a fuse box. The Girl flips the circuit breaker and Sophia does some major thrashing as she's electrocuted. Not a bad little scene.

Night Child (1972)
Sarah (Collette Jack) is electrocuted in the first scene of the movie after her son booby-traps the bathtub. There is another version of this movie called What the Peeper Saw that edits this scene completely out.
Night Screams (1987)
This all-but-forgotten low budget 80s slasher flick features lots of teenagers getting killed off in nasty ways. Among them is Frannie (played by Diana Martin) who is relaxing in a hot tub when the killer tosses in an electric light. There's a huge explosion followed by screaming and that familiar electric sizzle sound effect as she is fried. VIDEO LINK
Night Vision (1997)
A very good mainstream scene in which a young woman (Nina Richardson) is chased down and shot with a taser gun and knocked out on the street. The killer drags her into his van and drives off. When we see her next, she's been tied arms over head and gagged with a wide strip of white tape over her mouth. Her blouse is ripped open and her bra is cut away, exposing a nice set of breasts. She's seen briefly at the end still tied this way but dead after being shot in the head. VIDEO LINK
Nikita "Resistance" (2010)
Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is bound to a chair with duct tape on her wrists and electrical wire is wrapped around her ankles. The bad guy hooks up a battery charger and turns on the juice while Alex screams in agony. And the torture continues two more times, increasing the electricity before she begs him to stop, finally giving up the information. For fans of the ultra-cute Fonseca, this scene will give you an instant hard-on.
Nikita "Betrayals" (2011)
Alex (played by the smokingly hot Lyndsy Fonseca) is bound to a metal "electric chair" and shocked by Melinda Clarke near the beginning of the episode. "That was just to test the chair," she tells Alex. "I wouldn't get up if I were you. The more you struggle, the more it hurts." And despite remaining tied to the chair for nearly the entire episode, that brief scene is the only time she's electro-tortured. Still, it's Lyndsy Fonseca so I'll take it. VIDEO LINK
Nikita "Pandora" (2011)
Apparently Lyndsy Fonseca is so cute that the writers of this show can't resist torturing her with electric shock. Once again she's bound to the "electric chair" and questioned by Melinda Clarke. Only one jolt this time, but it's a long one as she screams in pain loudly before finally collapsing in her bonds. It would have been a fatal shock, except she's revived with a shot of adrenaline to bring her back to life, where, presumably, she can be tortured again. VIDEO LINK
Nikita "Wrath" (2012)
In this episode, Maggie Q is knocked out, carried over the shoulder and wakes up strapped spread eagled to a metal bed frame. The man who did this to her is an old enemy of hers who spent 5 years being tortured as a result of her actions, so he's got revenge on his mind. He shocks her several times and at one point revives her with smelling salts. He also taunts her by telling her what kept him going during his ordeal was the thought of seeing her suffer. A very good scene lasting for several minutes. I love how this show has managed to electro-torture their female stars in at least 4 episodes in the first 2 seasons. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2


Once Upon a Time "Second Star to the Right" (2013)
In this ABC fantasy TV series, Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) is tortured by Greg Mendell (Ethan Embry) for information about his missing father. Lana, who had been kidnapped in the prior episode, begins this episode strapped down on a gurney in an abandoned sardine cannery. Wide leather straps are below her breasts and around her wrists and ankles, holding her down. He puts electrodes and electric cables at various places on her body (to my taste he missed two electrodes!). She is shocked several times in a long scene, unfortunately interrupted by cutaways several times. Still, an outstanding scene, especially for television, and Lana's pained reactions are excellent. And with this, Ms. Parilla becomes a 2-time electro victim, having previously been shocked on 24. VIDEO LINK
Open House (1987)
In an outstanding scene in an otherwise dull movie, pretty real estate agent Pilar Hernandez (played by Christina Gallegos) is grabbed by the killer and dragged downstairs, where he ties her with her wrists over her head with a rope thrown over a beam, and gags her with duct tape. Then he takes a knife and cuts open her top, sawing through her bra. He takes a bottle of wine and pours it over her chest, then peels the covering off an electric cord and tapes the bare wires onto her (presumably on her nipples but hard to tell since there's no actual nudity shown, unfortunately). With an evil chuckle, he plugs the cord into the wall, then flips the light switch, sending a huge shower of sparks and smoke around the poor girl as she is electrocuted. She's still heard whimpering through her gag at the end of the scene. VIDEO LINK
Outer Limits, The "The Human Operators" (1999)
This episode of the sci-fi series features 2 human occupants (a man and a woman) aboard a huge starship that is controlled by the ship's computer called "Ship", voiced by Malcolm McDowell. The slightest bit of insolence sends the computer into fits of anger. In one scene, he decides the female (Polly Shannon) should be punished. She is forced to remove her shirt and place herself into an electronic torture chamber for a process known as "racking". No actual bondage here but she is forced to stand with her arms spread to her sides while receiving shocks. A very nice scene with an equally nice victim, and the topless nudity is a bonus. VIDEO LINK


Passions (2005)
NBC's wacky soap opera produced this long gem of a scene where Sheridan (McKenzie Westmore) is taken to a psych ward and given electro-shock treatment so that she'll forget the man she loves, Luis. Sounds like a silly plot, but what makes it a lot of fun is that even after repeated shockings, she still remembers him, which means she has to be shocked again. It's her father that directs the doctor to give her the ECT, and at one point, he steps in and raises the current even higher himself. The version I saw was missing the first segment, but what's available on YouTube (Parts 2 and 3) is still 8 minutes long! VIDEO LINK 1 and 2
Passions (2007)
This nutty soap took another stab at using electricity as a plot device, this time making previous victim Sheridan into a bad girl who straps Theresa (Lindsay Hartley) into the prison’s electric chair, trying to convince herself that if Theresa dies then Luis will be spared. There's a couple of failed attempts before she gets Theresa to start frying, but she's accidentally saved when Gwen sees what's happening, touches Theresa and the electric jolt causes her to fly backwards and turn off the power switch. File this under the category of "Who writes this shit?". It's actually quite entertaining in a silly way, since it's done with tongue planted firmly in cheek and not meant to be realistic. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2
Password: Kill Agent Gordon (1966)
For years, I had heard about how bad this one was. But when I finally saw it, I have to admit...yeah, it's pretty damn bad. Russian spy Karin (played by Helga Liné) is tied to a bed frame and electro-tortured in front of the hero, James Bond wannabe Doug Gordon. The electro device resembles a sprinkler system that randomly sprays a few sparks at Karin, and it looks phony to the max. What's even worse is that the scene is long, and goes on for several minutes. But hey, for the sake of completeness... VIDEO LINK
Patrick Still Lives (1980)
Wild low-budget Italian made "sequel" to Patrick from director Mario Landi gives you what you need: Naked juiced up coma patients, smoldering electrocution, power window decapitation, and the infamous floating-barbecue-spit-pussy-skewering scene complete with graphic close-ups of blood squirting out of this broad's gaping twat! (Nudity: Topless) VIDEO LINK
Penance (2009)
Amelia (Marieh Delfino) gets involved in a case of mistaken identity and held captive in this disturbing film. She gets zapped with a stun gun several times to keep her in line, but that's the least of her problems as she's also brutally whipped and later has her clitoris removed.
Pentimento (1979)
This is a very bizarre and surreal "art film" from the Netherlands with almost no dialogue. However, it does feature a minute-long scene of a totally naked woman bound in a standing spread-eagle and tortured with what looks like electricity. It's hard to say since there's no content or explanation as to what's going on, but it's still a nice piece of footage and worth checking out. VIDEO LINK
Philosophy of a Knife (2008)
A very brutal (and very long) film, had to watch and full of tortures and indignities suffered during the Japanese wars in the 1930s and 40s. In one sequence, an attractive girl (Veronika Leonova) is tied standing and tortured with electrical shock. Even that turns bloody toward the end, as her tongue is graphically cut off afterward.
Pick-Up, The (1968)
Frankie and Tony, two sad-sack couriers deliver some bags of dirty money from a mob boss. Along the way, they "help" out two lovely ladies stranded on the side of the road. On their way to the motel where the girls literally screw the guys over and scram with the money. Stripped down to their panties and bound hands behind and ankles, and gagged with tape. To get them to reveal where they hid money they stole, the ladies get the belt on their fannies. They still won't talk, so Dana (Tracy Saunders) is subjected to some pretty rough electric-torture. The guy attaches wires to her nipples, pours water on her, then tortures her with electric-shocks to her breasts until she confesses. A great scene. DOWNLOAD LINK
Pigs (1972)
(aka Daddy's Deadly Darling) There's a blink-and-you-missed-it scene of a woman (Toni Lawrence) getting electro-shock therapy. Don't waste your time.
Power Play (1978)
A female political prisoner (Alberta Watson) is tortured with electric-shocks to her nipples as her screams are heard through out the whole prison. Wearing no gag, and she's a real good screamer. VIDEO LINK
Psycho Girls (1985)
Only on the hard to find rare completely UNCUT Italian language version, maybe you've read about the English language version's "off screen" violence? Well, it's definitely ON screen in this print! After spending 15 years in an asylum for feeding her parents rat poison pancakes, the girl gets released and shows the staff her appreciation by inviting them to a dinner party. After a delicious human meatloaf, two evil henchmen tie everybody up and torture and kill them! One of the highlights is a scene where a woman (Kim Cayer) is stripped and tied up into a bathtub filled with water. The bad guy dips some live wires into the water which makes her jump up and thrash around violently, splashing water everywhere as she electrocuted. Then, for fun, he repeats it again and again until she is finally tortured to death. A great scene, not to be missed. VIDEO LINK


Raid on Royal Casino Marine (1990)
[Unknown]: Sleezy Hong Kong Sexploitation with scenes on torture, electrocution etc. (Nudity: Full Frontal)
Requiem for a Dream (2000)
Ellen Burstyn plays an elderly, television-obsessed shut-in who becomes hooked on diet pills after being selected to appear on her favorite show. At about an hour and 25 minutes, she's shown being secured to a hospital gurney by leather cuffs around her wrists, then given electroshock treatments while biting down on a gag-like translucent plastic mouthpiece (although the cuffs aren't shown during this portion). These scenes are part of a rather disjointed sequence in which they are intercut with scenes from the stories of the other characters.
Riddle (2013)
Blonde cutie Elisabeth Harnois is captured by a madman who wheels her out on a stretcher into an old abandoned sanitarium. After strapping her down, he decides to give her some forced electro-therapy with an ECT machine. She is jolted several times before fighting back and unfortunately making her escape. A very good mainstream scene with an adorable victim, definitely worth seeking out. VIDEO LINK


Savage! (1973)
This hard-to-find Filipino action flick features a pretty cool electro-shock torture scene with sexy blonde actress Lada Edmund Jr.  After being captured, she is tied to an X-cross with her dress ripped open and interrogated for information.  Innocent and unable to answer their questions, Lada gives a great performance as the helpless victim.  The current to an electric prod is turned up and it is brandished in front of her face, then lowered between her legs and she lets out a blood-curling scream as the scene ends.  DOWNLOAD LINK
Scorned (2013)
This horror thriller is about a scorned psycho bitch (played by the beautiful AnnaLynne McCord) who decides to get even with her male lover (Billy Zane) and the woman he's cheating on, played by Viva Bianca. She lures them into a romantic getaway together and spends her time alternating tortures on both of them. In one particular scene, both Zane and Viva are tied to chairs. McCord wraps wires around each of their wrists and gives them both several shocks. Unfortunately, half the focus is on the man in the scene, which definitely diverts a lot of the fun of the scene away. What's particularly annoying is that this is one of the few scenes in the movie where both are tortured together...bad directorial decision there. Overall, not a bad scene, though, but it could have been so much better. Someone with a good video editor needs to cut him out of the scene. VIDEO LINK
Scorned 2 (1997)
Tane McClure torments, dunks and finally electrocutes her rival while she's in her bathtub.
Scorpion: Female Prisoner #701 (1998)
Sayuri (Miho Kiuchi) is seen being prepared for her execution with her hands are behind her back. She is blindfolded and her legs are tied before the noose is put in place. Although she hangs, Nami is able to resuscitate her with CPR and electric shocks from wires she strips from the wall and both run for freedom.
Screaming Dead (2003)
Toward the end of the film, Maura (Rachael Robbins) is fastened to a horizontal "X" frame with her arms and legs spread. Among the many torments she endures, besides having her arms and legs stretched and having a red-hot dildo slowly moving toward her crotch, is having electric shocks delivered to the shackles on her wrists. There's lots of other bondage/tortures featuring other girls in this entertaining movie. VIDEO LINK
Señora Acero "Episode 30" (2014)
This episode from this Mexican TV show features the stunningly gorgeous Blanca Soto (a former Miss Mexico) receiving the full interrogation treatment at the hands of the Mexican police. After being handcuffed to a chair, she's forced to drink tehuacanazo, which is mineral water mixed with chili powder and produces both a drowning and burning sensation. Then she's asphyxiated with a bag, and when that doesn't work, they move onto the rougher stuff. She starts crying and begging when she sees the shock box, but undaunted, they wrap wet cloths around her wrists, and another is shoved into her mouth to gag her. Then the cables are applied to her wrists and she receives a healthy dose of electroshock torture. A very exciting mainstream scene from our neighbors south of the border, with a beautiful suffering victim. VIDEO LINK
Shellter (2009)
A fascinating and unique spin on the infamous Milgram experiments of the 1960s, where people were monitored to see if how they would respond to acting as the "teacher" and administering electric shocks when the "student" in the other room got a wrong answer. The student wasn't really being shocked, but the people didn't know that, and they were the ones actually being tested to see how far they would go as the shocks got more and more severe. In this film, they use the same premise, except the victim (Sophie King) is really tied to a wheelchair and wired up for electricity right in front of her. As Zoey (Cari Sanders) reluctantly follows orders and shocks the woman, the suspense builds and builds to see how far she'll take it. But really now, the bitch deserved to be shocked after missing such easy questions. VIDEO LINK
Silent Sam (2009)
This straight to DVD low budget indie film features a better-than-average electro-torture scene. Lady detective Mary Szyszlo (Claudia Wit) finds herself tied to a chair by the bad guy who slaps her around a bit then rips open her top to expose her lovely breasts. With an over-the-top bad guy evil laugh, he sparks up 2 battery cables in front of her and shocks her...on the shoulders! The shoulders? You had those nice puppies right in front of you, why not shock them? I guess that's the difference between a mainstream movie and something made by Rick Masters. Lots of screaming is heard in the background to imply that the torture continues but no more shocking is shown afterward. VIDEO LINK
Singapore Sling (1990)
A very odd Greek film, filmed in black and white, about a stranger who gets involved with a mentally deranged mother/daughter team engaged in deadly sex and torture games. In one scene, as sort of a sex game, he administers electric shock to the daughter (Meredyth Herold) who is tied up on the bed mostly nude but wearing leather bondage geer with her hands strapped to her sides. She does some nice writhing.
Sinister 2 (2015)
This horror film features multiple scenes of ghostly children showing off their "home movies" in which families are murdered in various savage ways; one of them, entitled "Kitchen Remodel" shows a woman (Delphine Pontvieux) and 2 others electrocuted in a puddle of water on a kitchen floor. She is tied AOH and gagged with duct tape. The killer pulls a live wire from the wall, sparks it up, then tosses it into the water. The woman does some furious thrashing and convulsing as she is violently electrocuted. Intentionally grainy with no live sound which gives it more of a "real" quality, highly recommended. DOWNLOAD LINK
Slaughtered (2008)
A low budget, cheesy horror film with an equally abysmal electric chair scene. A model (Cally Marie) agrees to pose for a photographer who ties her in a chair for a fake-electrocution bondage shoot. Of course, after several minutes of taking pictures, he demonstrates that the electrocution is very real. The "cap" of the electrocution device is actually a stove burner tray...I said this was low budget. The shocking effects and smoke flowing from her body are pretty decent, but they ruin it by stupidly having her eyes and mouth glow during the electrocution, making the whole thing look as phony as a 3-dollar bill. A bonus for the bare tits, but that's the only saving grace here.
Slaves in Cages (1972)
There's a brief sequence where a naked slave woman (Brigit Kroyer) is zapped with a cattle prod by her captor. The audio is out of sync, which was apparently intentional since the distributors wanted the audience to believe this was a foreign film dubbed into English. Although that was all a big lie, since it was made in the US all along. At any rate, a weak scene, included here just for completeness. VIDEO LINK
Sleeping Voice, The (2011)
This award-winning Spanish civil war drama features a scene that I hesitate putting in here, because there's no real payoff, but the foreplay is wonderful. Pepita (María León) is interrogated by bad guys, who tie her hands behind her, rip open her top and spark up some battery cables in front of her. Then they attach each of those nasty alligator clamps to her nipples, each one eliciting a wonderful scream. Then, unfortunately, the scene cuts away to afterward, where Pepita, now nude and shivering behind bars, holds her sore breasts and is visited in her cell. A good scene that could have been great, but definitely worth watching. VIDEO LINK
Smallville "Sacred" (2005)
In this episode, Lana (Kristen Kreuk) is dragged in by Chinese soldiers and thrown into a chair. She is strapped to the chair arms and tortured with electricity. Great struggling and painful reactions by Kristen, although the scene doesn't last long enough in my mind. VIDEO LINK
Smallville "Committed" (2008)
Chloe (Allison Mack) and her fiancee are shackled into chairs with heavy metal manacles around wrists and ankles. The metal chair is wired to a lie detector and an electric generator. As each is interrogated about how much they love the other, electric shocks are used to encourage them to be honest. Her fiance lies the first time, inadvertantly giving Chloe a nice shock. Unfortunately, he's truthful the rest of the way so she is spared any more electricity.

Lois (Erica Durance) is knocked out next, and finds herself in the same chair that had held Alison along with Clark Kent. Both are then subjected to the same lie detector / electric shock interrogation as was Chloe. But Clark breaks free before they can question him, so Lois doesn't get the treatment. Just a tease.

Snake Pit, The (1948)
A troubled young wife (Olivia de Havilland) is committed by her concerned husband. She is given a series of electro-shock treatments. With this being a 1948 movie, the scenes are implied rather than explicitly shown, and she is not tied down during her treatment.
Snuff Perversions: Bizzare Cases of Death (2000)
Wearing a black mini skirt and white top, Tina Krause is kidnapped and tortured. They slap her around as she is tied up in the arm chair. Her shirt is ripped open, breast exposed, she's tied down to a chair and they attach two large cables (about 4 gage) to her chest, then she's soaked with water and the guy flips the switch and Tina is electrocuted. Jiggling all around with foam coming out of her mouth and her mini-skirt is giving us a good panty show while her breasts are bouncing her body squirming until she dies with head tilted back. (Length: 2 min. Nudity: Topless) VIDEO LINK
Spaceship Terror (2011)
About an hour into this low budget sci-fi bondage-fest, Asian prisoner Chris (played by Emma Lee Nguyen) is shown on a video screen chained to a wall and electro-tortured by the evil Captain Terror. She screams, writhes and suffers convincingly, but the scene is very short, only around 10 seconds or so.
SS Camp 5: Women's Hell (1976)
[Unknown]: Extremely grim and grisly WIP nasty from the makers of S.S. Experiment Love Camp. Young, complacent female prisoners are groomed as prostitutes for Nazi elites. The losers are condemned to hideous tortures and medical experiments, including burning, electric shock, forcible fingernail and tongue removal.
SS Experiment Love Camp (1976)
A naked woman is strapped down to an "electic chair", with a metalic cap on her head and electrodes clamped to both her bound hands. She is then mercilessly tortured with electric shock by a Nazi sergeant and his medical assistants into swearing her allegience to the furor. This scene is later repeated with another naked woman. At one point pee is actually shown flowing down her legs. Lots of screaming.
SS Hell Camp (1977)
(aka Horrifying Experiments of the SS Last Days, The Beast in Heat) Another Nazi Film. Some of the most vile, heinous, wildly original torture camp set-pieces to ever come out of this little subgenre! A naked woman is tied spread-eagle and electro-tortured with wires clipped in the flesh of her vagina, she arches and squirms a lot thrusting her pelvis up off the torture table. She's tortured without a gag so you can hear her screams.
Stepdaughter, The (2000)
Cindy Pickett is electrocuted when Andrea Roth drops a radio into her bathtub. Brief nudity, but I was paying more attention to the beauteous Roth than to her middle-aged victim.
Strange Days (1995)
At the beginning of one of the greatest mainstream scenes of all time, Brigitte Bako gets zapped with a taser gun. Then she gets dragged across the floor and into the bathroom. He forces her to sit up against the wall while he cuffs her wrists over her head to the towel rack as she pleads for mercy. Then he tases her some more just to be mean. There's a lot more to this scene that I won't go into, but suffice to say it is not to be missed.
Street Asylum (1990)
Mad doctor masturbates with electric toy that has wires & probes attached to her thighs, she really gets the shock of her life when the toy falls into the toilet bowl.
Supervixens (1975)
Shari Eubank is attacked and tossed in bathtub, dunked, stomped and electrocuted by a crazed deputy.
Svart Gryning (1987)
(aka (Dues Del Silencio, Los) In this political thriller, the disappearance in Argentina of a girl with dual Swedish/Argentine nationality is explored. The girl's probable extra-judicial murder by Argentina's military rulership is investigated by a Swedish journalist, whose efforts expose the widespread abduction, torture and murder of supposed opponents of the military regime. As the reporter pursues his leads, he is being actively thwarted by agents of military intelligence, who would have no qualms about murdering his witnesses or even the reporter himself. He is shown the tools of electrical torture first in order to make him talk. Then they show him a tied-up woman (Emilia Mazer) and explain that they will be used on her. He still refuses to say anything, so they lead the woman away and strap her down to the torture table. He is forced to watch her being tortured. Nice build-up, a relatively short payoff. VIDEO LINK
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002)
This one should have been a classic, but it has one major flaw. Short-haired cutie Du-na Bae gets tied to a chair and the bad guy brings out an electric shock box. Her eyes widen when she realizes what he's about to do. He licks her ear lobes before clamping the electrodes on each ear. And I'm thinking this is going to be good. Then he takes a blanket and inexplicably covers her almost completely up! Then he turns on the juice and shocks her for a good long time, and she delivers some major league screaming. Too bad we couldn't see what she looked like writhing in the chair. Very bad directing choice there.

Afterward, he uncovers her, and in her weakened state she starts talking to him. So he merely covers her back up, nonchalantly turns on the juice again and fries her til she's dead.


Tales of the Unexpected "Blue Marigold" (1982)
In this episode of the British TV series, supermodel Marigold (Toyah Willcox) is dropped from her company for her diva-like behavior. She has a nervous breakdown and has to spend time in a mental institution. There is a very brief 12-second scene of her being held down on a bed and given electro-shock therapy. She has a bite guard in her mouth, but she's not tied up. Not much there, but for the sake of completeness... VIDEO LINK
Tekken (2010)
In this futuristic action film, Christie Monteiro (played by Kelly Overton) is briefly shocked with an electric baton and overtaken by the bad guys. Kelly is nice but it's definitely a minor scene as far as electro goes. VIDEO LINK
Telling, The (2009)
In the "DollFace" segment of this 3-party horror anthology, we see the lovely Rebekah Kochan strip down (showing off her lovely boobs) and lay in a bathtub, with a plugged-in hair dryer balanced precariously close to the tub. Well, this one will be easy to predict, right? Uh, actually no. Turns out that was just a teaser. There's a disturbance downstairs (her friend is being murdered by a murderous doll...and not Chucky this time). So she gets out of the tub, finds her friend's body and confronts the doll. But as she touches the doll, she's jolted with a huge charge of electricity, so she gets electrocuted anyway. Same result, different way of getting there. VIDEO LINK
Tempting Fate (1998)
In this TV movie, an attractive Asian woman (played by Ming-Na) is seated at a table and given a lie detector test. Her wrists are strapped to the table with wires hooked to the fingers and electrodes are on her temple and her neck. Every time she gets an answer wrong, the man giving her the test pushes a button that gives her electric shocks. That's one way to make sure she tells the truth! She is zapped several times before a doctor intervenes and stops the torture. VIDEO LINK
Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom (1973)
This Japanese "pinky violence" film is about a high school for delinquent girls, in which a corrupt vice-principal pays off a group of sadistic henchgirls who torture the students who get out of line or challenge authority. There are 2 scenes, one a near miss, one that scores. In the first, a group of female students are tied with their arms over head. One of the bullies touches 2 bare electrical wire together to set off sparks, then touches one end to the nipple of one girl. She's about to put the other end inside her panties when she's stopped. In the other scene, Noriko (Miki Sugimoto) is tied standing with her arms apart. The wires are placed in the same spots and the current is raised as the camera zooms in on her anguished face. VIDEO LINK
Theatre of Blood (1973)
In this British horror-comedy, Miss Moon (Coral Browne) goes into a beauty parlor to have her hair done by Vincent Price (looking a lot like Disco Stu from The Simpsons). First he puts her feet in a large bowl of water then straps her to the chair and turns on the current. She shakes violently and then her head actually begins to smoke, filling up the room. A pretty cool scene with one big debit...the matronly appearance of the victim (Ms. Browne was 60 at the time). VIDEO LINK
Too Hot To Handle (1977)
Cheri Caffaro, taking a break from her "Ginger" roles, ties a woman (Corrine Calvet) to a chair, gags her with tape and, while watching and imitating a beauty care videotape, covers the woman's face in mud. She then attaches bare wires to her face and turns on the control box, showering the victim in sparks. VIDEO LINK
Torture Chronicles: 100 Years (1975)
This Japanese film chronicles the various tortures that occurred throughout Japan's history. The final segment takes place during WW2, where inquisition soldiers abuse female traitors. One of the standouts is a long scene where a topless woman is tied AOH atop a wooden horse. The soldier takes bare electrical wire and touches them to her breasts and nipples. Then he strips her completely nude and concentrates on shocking her pussy. The electro-torture scene is nearly 4 minutes long. Like I said before, the Japanese do things right. VIDEO LINK
Torturer, The (2005)
This Italian horror film directed by Lamberto Bava features a number of very worthwhile torture sequences, including one scene where a woman is strapped to a wheelchair and ballgagged. The killer attaches electric cables to the chair and gives her some juice. Then he douses her with water, attaches a cable to her ear and finishes her off. A bit too short, but overall definitely recommended.
Trauma (1993)
Adriana (Piper Laurie) is briefly given electric shock therapy at the end of the movie. Only a 3-second long scene.


Ultimate Degenerate, The (1969)
Director Findlay plays Spencer, a crippled psycho who loves lesbians, whipped cream, and feet: "I think the smell of feet gets him excited." He also fills his home with naked women who perform strange sex shows -- a girl and a corn cob, then two girls and a bunch of corn cobs ~ after he injects them with an aphrodisiac. But Spencer, like this movie, is quite out of control and soon ties a naked gal to a chair and attacks her nipples with a clothespin before electrocuting her. This does not go over well with either Maria, hired as a sex performer, or Bruno, the uh, talent coordinator, who switches Maria's aphrodisiac with a drug that makes her both paranoid and a tad homicidal. Hallucinating that the other girls are being killed by a couple in gas masks. VIDEO LINK


Vampire Prosecutor 2 (2012)
In the first episode of this Korean TV miniseries, a congressman's daughter gets kidnapped. She's strapped to a chair by the deranged madman, a rag is stuffed into her mouth and her dainty fingers are wired up for a session of electro therapy. He turns the knob to on and her bare feet thrash beneath her seat as the jolts pass up and down her body. An outstanding scene with a very cute victim; who knew the Koreans did stuff like this? VIDEO LINK
Vice Academy 4 (1994)
Near the beginning of this 'opus', a well-endowed blonde jailbird in bikini and G string (Julia Parton, cousin of Dolly) gets restrained to a chair with leather straps and treated with electroshock. The scene is played for laughs, so she struggles a lot, making comical expressions. No gag.
Virus (2000)
I know this probably doesn't belong here, but I found it a little appealing. In one scene about 45 mins in, Jamie Lee Curtis is being held by the alien with her arms pinned behind her head while the alien administers electric-shocks to her body.


Ward, The (2010)
There are 2 scenes in this John Carpenter-directed thriller. The first is when Kristen (played by the adorably cute blonde Amber Heard) is strapped down to a gurney in four point leather restraints to receive electric shock therapy. A bit gag is placed in her mouth. As the juice is turned on and the camera pans down we see her bare feet strapped down and toes clenched.

In the second scene, Sarah (Danielle Panabaker), is also captured by an evil ghost and is strapped down just like Kristen was earlier in the movie. She's wearing a blue dress and open-toed sandals. She's not gagged but has her head strapped down. She gets juiced to the fullest extent. The scene goes entertainingly over the top as her blood vessels come to the surface and smoke begins to pour off her face. Needless to say, she doesn't survive her ordeal. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2

Warrior of the Lost World (1983)
The Mad Max rip-off has a scene where the Natasia (played by beautiful Indian actress Khambatta) is chained to a table and tortured with electric shocks by the scenery eating Donald Pleasence. Since this is an interrogation session, no gags are in evidence, however she doesn't scream so what's the point?
White Heat "The Dark Side Of The Moon" (2012)
In the third episode of this British TV series, there's a scene where older lady Beth (Tamsin Greig) is strapped down to a bed and given ECT. Her attractive daughter Charlotte (Claire Foy) accompanies her and has to witness her mother receiving the treatment. Oh, how much better this would have been had the roles been reversed... VIDEO LINK
Women Behind Bars (1975)
Lina Romay is stripped completely naked and tied to a chair (full frontal nudity) electro-tortured with wires attached to her private parts. Legs spread, she's jumping up and squirming around in the chair, lots of screaming, crying and breasts bouncing up and down. The one drawback to the scene: her hands are cuffed in front of her, which would make it awfully easy for her to just remove the wires. Director Jess Franco should have known better. VIDEO LINK
Women in Cages (1971)
In this women's prison movie, a female prisoner (Jennifer Gan) is bound standing (arms are tied loosely around her body and wire is wrapped around her) and punished with electric shock by the sadistic warden (Pam Grier). (Length: 1 min.) VIDEO LINK
Women In Cellblock 9 (1978)
Aida (Aida Gouveia) is cuffed to an examining table and given electrical shocks.
Women of Hell's Island (1978)
(aka Hell Hole, Escape from Women's Hell Hole) A largely forgettable Filipino women's prison film in which a lady prisoner runs into an electrified wire fence and gets fried. In a nice bit of misogynistic dialogue, the unsympathetic warden directs his workers to "give us a hand with this dumb bitch" and afterward tells them to "get this thing outta here." VIDEO LINK
Would You Rather (2012)
Here's an interesting premise for a movie: there's a dinner party held by a sadist where the unwilling guests are forced to choose between either electrocuting themselves...or shocking the person seated near them at the table. What makes scene infuriating for me is that one of the guests is the gorgeous Sasha Grey...and she is the only one that doesn't get shocked, despite having 2 opportunities. Fortunately at the end, there is a scene for the attractive Brittany Snow (although she's nowhere near as hot as Sasha). Sasha's character is cool, but who the hell wrote this shit? VIDEO LINK
Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)
In an otherwise dreary and routine horror film, there's a very good scene at the beginning of the film where new female doctor (Kristen Harris) is attacked by a group of inbred hillbilly freaks who have escaped from their cells in a sanitarium. The begin by rolling her down the hall in a wheelchair while she's bound in a strait jacket. Then she's strapped to a metal bed and given electric shock treatment. Then they tape the electrodes to her forehead and crank up the juice full power, and thick smoke literally pours off her head. When they're done, the camera pans down to see pee dribbling down from between her legs. DOWNLOAD LINK