Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)

adults only bondage stories

by Kirsten Smart

When I was 11 or 12 years old, just blossoming into adulthood, the 15-year-old boy next door apparently had a crush on me. I suspect I was quite hot already!

He "kidnapped" me into his parents' garage, and strung me up by my wrists from the rafters.

True story.

I must have been quite a sight, a budding young woman in a tank top and shorts, hanging there with my bare toes half an inch from the concrete - unfortunately, that was the moment that the garage door opened and his mother walked in and found us.

It was probably only 5 minutes that I was hanging, but it was both humiliating and incredibly exciting being in that state, and it has influenced my sexuality, my fantasies, and my writing ever since.

I have experimented a bit with self-bondage, including hanging by my wrists in ropes for 20 minutes straight (the inspiration for one of my stories!) but most of my fantasies have been lived out in my head, and written in my stories.

I hope you enjoy this work, and I am always happy to hear from people who share my fantasies and fetishes. :)


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WITCHSEEKERS In the early 2000s a forum of like-minded people began to create a living narrative. It focused around a Chateau headquarters based in some unnamed part of the world, from where Witch Hunters carried on the time-honoured mission of seeking out and exterminating unholy pagans.

Each member contributed to the story as it went, but the stories I have shared here were my descriptions of the interrogation and executions of various unfortunates, with some elements of the forum's ongoing story interwoven.

The Witchseekers forum was shut down by its host just at the point at which Kirsten, who had declared herself Witchseeker General after a coup, was finally overcome and defeated. Her story in the hands of her captors was never told, until now ...

  • WITCHSEEKERS PART 1 - JANET A witch is made to ride the Spanish horse, with weights added to her ankles, until she confesses to witchcraft. Then she is tortured with the anal pear for more information. She is burned alive at the stake.

  • WITCHSEEKERS PART 2 - KATHY A witch is racked until she confesses to witchcraft, then tortured with red hot irons and more racking for information. She is returned to torture with the vaginal pear.

  • WITCHSEEKERS PART 3 - AUDREY A witch is racked until she confesses to witchcraft, then tortured with boiling oil until she gives up the names of other witches. She is publicly whipped and then burned alive at the stake

  • WITCHSEEKERS PART 4- BUBBA A male witch (warlock) is given the water torture, strappado, and genital torture until he confesses. He is finally executed horribly - a crucifixion, semi-impalement, and then roasted to death over hot coals. (Graphic.)

  • WITCHSEEKERS PART 5 - WENDY A witch is impaled on a version of the Judas chair. Then her toes are coated in tar and set alight to force confession. The spike inside her is then heated with coals until she gives the names of other witches. Finally, she is burned alive at the stake.

  • WITCHSEEKERS PART 6 - TINA A former witch hunter is accused of being a traitor. She is tortured for information, with breast-suspension, nipple clamps, whipping, toe-crushers, a crotch-chain, and weights, then the pear, which is electrified. Finally, she is taken to the scaffold, her fingers are burned off with tar, and then she is hanged.

  • WITCHSEEKERS PART 7 - OBERON The former Witchseeker General, overthrown by Kirsten in a coup, is tortured to confess his crimes. He is hung in thumbscrews, then stretched on the rack, before having crushers placed on his testicles. Finally, he is publicly tortured and burned at the stake, along with two other witches, Daffy and Allielle.

  • WITCHSEEKERS PART 8 - MELEANA A naive young witch is brought in for questioning. She is interrogated in an open court with clamps, strappado, and weights until she confesses. Convicted of witchcraft, she is then burned at the stake.

  • WITCHSEEKERS PART 9 - BRENAE An accused witch is arrested after being named by Mele Sasagi. Brenae is tortured with a lit candle, and then stretched on the wheel rack until she gives all the information she knows. Finally she is burned alive at the stake.

    THE SOLDIER A peace corps volunteer is captured by rebel forces in a Latin American republic and tortured for information, before being crucified in revenge for her allegiances. Bondage, suspension, electric shock torture, rack, crucifixion. This is a rewrite of a story I wrote years ago, with more severe detail and descriptions, and new characters.

    A LONG STRETCH REVISED A young woman accused of "bewitchment" is publicly executed by slow stretching on the rack. Rewritten with a lot of new elements.

    THE WITCH, SOLANA Solana is a beautiful peasant girl in medieval times, falsely accused by a pageant rival as a witch. From the moment of her capture, at the hands of a skilled torturess, Solana's defiant spirit and resolve is gradually broken by suspension, the whip, the judas cradle, until finally she gives confession on the rack, and is sent to her death. This is a reworked version of Kirsten's earlier story by the same name.

    A LONG STRETCH A young woman accused of “bewitchment” is put to death by the rack. One of Kirsten's earliest stories.

    ALIAS RACK A well-known TV-show double agent – Sydney Bristow from the series Alias – suffers the extremes of rack and electro torture.

    AMAZON CAPTURE A story written on request. Three Amazons, one of whom is the queen of her tribe – are captured by a rival Amazon tribe, and each tortured in turn on the rack. The two warriors are racked until they break and switch allegiance, the queen is interrogated, then whipped and crucified.

    BURNING BRITNEY A story written on request. A young woman lost on a hiking trip wanders into a strange village; she is captured by the villgers and burned at the stake as a human sacrifice.

    CAPTURE A young infantry-woman is captured by rebel forces in an unnamed country and tortured by suspension, electric shocks, and the rack for information.

    FILIPINA I – MIA Set in occupied Philippines during World War 2. A young Filipina is kidnapped by resistance guerillas and subjected to electric shock torture until she admits being a collaborator with the Japanese. She is then executed by quartering between four water buffalo.

    FILIPINA II – JOY A parallel story to The Filipina – Mia. The interrogation and hanging execution of the maid, Joy. This explores a personal fetish of mine … apologies in advance if it's not your thing.

    GOMEZ Kirsten – the author – is the lesbian lover of Maria, a CIA operative, in a story set in an obscure Central American republic. Captured, both women are tortured horribly and extensively by the beautiful Cuban torturess, simply known as Gomez.

    HANGING FOR THE WEEKEND A fantasy based on a true-life situation – self-bondage in the garage. Kirsten, the author, suspends herself by the wrists, but then cannot get free and is discovered by a visitor, who takes the chance to torment and torture her.

    RACKED (Tibet): A young woman, accused of bewitchment, publicly executed on the rack. Each notch of the rack is separated by flashbacks of her ordeal in prison.

    RACKING BRITNEY Another commissioned story, in which a well-known blonde singer is subjected to torture on the rack.

    THE AMAZON A beautiful and musclebound black Amazon is captured by a nameless patriarchal empire and tortured to reveal the whereabouts and battle plans of her Amazon tribe. She is burned at the stake, but revenge is swift.

    THE PILOT A downed American pilot – again in an obscure Central American republic – is captured by a team of beautiful female guerilla fighters and tortured for information.

    THE WITCH, SOLANA A long historical epic about a beautiful young African-Spanish woman, Solana, who is arrested on suspicion of witchcraft. In the cruel hands of a beautiful Dungeon Mistress, she witnesses the torture and summary execution of other women, and is tortured herself by whipping, the Judas chair, the rack, and crucifixion. The story ends with a burning at the stake.

    V.I.P. – VALLERY IN PAIN Vallery Irons, a character played by Pamela Anderson in a TV show, is captured by two Chinese girls in Hong Kong who are bent on revenge. She is tortured on the wheel rack.

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