A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Wheel of Pain 22

Reviewed by D. Santorum

JLive99 - Thanks for your review of Wheel of Pain 22. I am one of the many people who was greatly anticipating this one. I agree that there is much to LOVE about it, but I thought it was marred by some technical flaws that made me want to scream....


First off, I will note that Lady Ariel is stunningly gorgeous. She is, quite simply, one of the finest specimens of female beauty ever gifted to us in a whipping film. She looks like someone who could be modeling on the runways of Milan and Paris. Just seeing her naked feels like some kind of honor.

The first two punishments did nothing for me, but that's fine, as I never like everything in anyone's videos. The third one (where Ariel's wrists are attached to a post in front of her), and the last one (arms tied overhead and to the side) are much more up my alley. There are plenty of lovely freeze-frame worthy bits in each. While I thought Ariel's performance was a little stiff in both initially, toward the end of each she loosens up and her suffering becomes more convincing. These moments made me glad to be alive.

What annoyed me? In the third punishment, it was the editing. Take the shot JLive99 posted. It's a beautiful well-lit shot of the lovely Ariel facing the post. Sexy as hell...but this angle isn't shown nearly as much as I would have liked. Much more emphasis is placed on showing her back and ass from a bit further away. These things are entirely subjective, of course. If Pedro had edited so that we see Ariel from the side more often, I'm sure others here would have been annoyed by that. So it goes.

But the real problems arise in the final punishment. Again, one of the cameras is placed to the side, and (in my humble opinion), it is the one that captures the most stunning view of Ariel. But look at this shot. Notice anything that annoys you?


Pedro, Pedro, Pedro. I don't mind if you place a watermark in your videos, but why would you place it in a spot that interferes with our view of something so beautiful? Couldn't you have placed in the left top corner, where there is nothing going on? Granted, that location may have been a problem for another angle, but it was this angle that made the scene for me.

A bigger issue I have is that we rarely get to see Ariel suffer a stroke of the whip from this angle. This was very frustrating, but I think know why this is the case. Sadly, when Ariel reacts to the whip, she partially goes off screen from this angle...


So my assessment is that Wheel of Pain 22 is a very good whipping video. I'm not at all sorry I purchased it. But I'm a little disappointed that it's not the masterpiece it should have been.

My Grade: B+


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