A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Wheel of Pain 22

Reviewed by Jlive99

The long anticipated Wheel of Pain 22 was finally released. In my opinion it was well worth the wait. The pairing of Lady Ariel and Lyen Parker's sister may be the most attractive pairing of Dominatrix and submissive to be featured in an Elite Pain video.

Lyen's sister is beautiful and truly delights in punishing Lady Ariel. Throughout the video she smiles as she beats and whips Lady Ariel. The camera team does a great job of capturing how Lyen's sister puts her shoulder and waist into each blow. She is savage and cruel with the whip and the strap.

Lady Ariel suffers beautifully throughout the video. She cries and screams out in pain but does not quit. She is an amazing submissive in this video.

I love how the video begins with an upbeat Lady Ariel doubting the severity of the challenges. Her smile is beautiful and she seems to delight in the idea of conquering several challenges for money.

Lady Ariel's first challenge is 30 blows on her butt. She is chained face down on a table. Her nude body looks amazing. Lyen's sister uses a leather strap to beat Lady Ariel's ass. About 3 strokes in, Lady Ariel's body language seems to change and you get the feeling that she may be over her head. Lyen's sister seems to increase the intensity around the 10th stroke. By the 14th stroke, Lady Ariel is breathing hard and crying out. We are treated to Lady Ariel's full throated screams as each blow leaves an angry welt. By the 20th blow, the first tears appear. Around the 26th blow, her nose begins to run.

She makes it to the 2nd round and receives 20 blows on her pussy with a leather strap. Lady Ariel has been tied with ropes with her legs spread apart. Lyen's sister beats her reddens her pussy. By the 9th stroke the tears resume. Some of the blows cause Lady Ariel to convulse as if she were being shocked. Her legs quiver at times and it appears that Lady Ariel is on the verge of being broken.

Lady Ariel presses on and spins the wheel again. She lands on a choice of 20. She chooses 20 on her back. She is chained to a whipping post and gets whipped savagely. She appears to have a little bit of blood underneath one breast once Lyen's sister is done with her. Lady Ariel cries, screams and dances about as she is whipped harshly. Again Lyen's sister puts her whole body into most of the blows.

The video concludes with a determined Lady Ariel who wants to at a minimum match Lyen's 4 challenges. Unfortunately, she gets a 50 stroke full body whipping. She is whipped from her upper back to her ass. Again the blows are harsh.

It is a shame that she did not receive any blows to her breast or the soles of her feet in the "full body whipping." Nevertheless, Lyen's sister's cruelty makes up for the lack of breast whipping and bastinado in this video.

The pace of the whipping is faster than Wheel of Pain 21. This is an A+ video if you enjoy whipping videos. I was impressed with Lady Ariel's fortitude and cruelty of Lyen's Sister. Perfect pairing and a great video! 5 stars...A+

My Grade: A+


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