Back in the early days of the Internet, there were two invaluable resources on the web for pervs to find out information about some of the more extreme scenes in mainstream movies. One was the Whipping Scenes In Movies Database (WSIMD), which was full of descriptions and movie stills from whipping scenes. We were able to save the data portion of that site back in 2004 (although it's now been fully restored!).

The other resource was a somewhat smaller site called Torture Rack Scenes Database, run by a guy named Tony Wood. Like the WSIMD site, it was a real labor of love, created by a fan of movies where women were stretched on torture racks or otherwise hung by their wrists. The site became a favorite of mine and I also became an online acquaintance of Tony Wood (in fact, we even swapped video comps by mail).

Shortly after 9/11, Tony (a native New Yorker) changed the URL to his site, and then not long afterward, closed it down entirely without warning. Subsequent e-mails to him went unanswered and I haven't been able to contact him since. To my knowledge, Tony Wood has essentially vanished from cyberspace and hasn't been seen or heard from for years.

Meanwhile, his old Torture Rack Scenes site became just a fond but distant memory for a great number of fans who were lucky enough to visit it while it was still open. It wasn't until late 2007 that I discovered there was a site that archived old Internet webpages for future generations. It was like turning the clock back, and I'm a fan of preserving history, which is why we rescued the WSIMD and why we keep the older postings of our own forum saved in the Guestbook Archives section. The mission became obvious...I had to find a way to resurrect the Torture Rack Scenes Database for this site.

When I searched over what was left of Tony's old site, I saw that while a text portion of the database remained intact, a lot of the picture pages had broken links and were no longer available. Plus that, most of Tony's original stills were smaller, captured off VHS sources with older, antiquated software, and better quality vidcaps existed elsewhere. Fortunately, I had personally saved some of his stills from the site in my private collection, and had also collected pics from other sources that were from the same movies. I made the decision that if I could improve upon what was there the first time, I would go ahead and do it. And in the end, I was able to find stills from almost all the movies in his database.

What we now present here is a restored version of the Torture Rack Scenes Database, with all the original entries written by Tony Wood, plus a few of my own. Seeing how the original site closed years ago, it's obviously not complete and up to date. The wish here is that someday Tony Wood will return and continue to add to his excellent site. Until then, this is his legacy.


Ralphus, Bring Out the GIMP moderator


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