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Name: BigD

Is the desire to see rape scenes in movies stronger than we imagine?

I just find it strange that three of the latest movies to be remade all contain rape scenes. Think about It.

1st we had Last House on the Left

2nd we had I Spit on your Grave

And now we have Straw Dogs

All 3 which have rape scenes in them.... Granted the rape scenes aren't that graphic, but does Hollywood know what are dark side wants to see?...It really makes you wonder....

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 01:12:06 AM

Name: Badger

Back from a couple of weeks in the Midwest. DHT: Gee. I was just in Omaha last week for the first time in 40 years (got out before the River rose). Sorry I missed your offer of your tapes. Of course, I would have had to convince my traveling companion that they were old episodes of "Upstairs. Downstairs:".

Big D: You raise an excellent question about the remake of movies with graphic rape scenes. I have felt for a long time that there is an attraction to GIMP that many mainstream movie-goers are not willing to admit to. The difference between us and them is largely our willingness to recognize and express (at least to each other) that attraction without guilt. Mainstream moviemakers look for ways to include rape scenes that are wrapped in context so that they are not seen as gratuitous or (heaven forbid) receive the cursed NC-17 rating. This is one reason I miss my video store. Seems like "Director's Cut" versions have fallen by the wayside.

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 08:11:36 AM

Name: ghostofanidiot2

Hey Ralphus. I for one would love to see more Snidely Whiplash. Be totally awesome if you uploaded Oslo's comics collection.

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 12:02:09 PM

Name: A Canadian

BigD wrote:

Is the desire to see rape scenes in movies stronger than we imagine?

It sure looks like it, although we all know this news is less exciting than it first appears. That's because Hollywood loves to promote rape movies but the actual films (these days) are usually sanitized. The odd GIMP pleasure can be found in some of them but there's a long way to go before they live up to the hype.


I want to thank Ralphus for restoring the photos in one of my reviews, for Attackers ATID-165, which I reviewed late last year.

I had been using Image Socket to create the pictures (which was recommended by our MIA game show host, LTL). But it looks like the photos I posted were there for a good time, not a long time. All of the photos I created on Image Socket have disappeared.

Fortunately, Ralphus had saved the images from my most recent review, while the images for the ATID-165 review have now been replaced.

I still have to send Ralphus new images for a Giga review from earlier this year, where the pix have also gone missing. I will get to that at some point, but not today. It's Canada Day today (our version of the July 4 holiday) and -- good patriot that I am -- I have to go drink some beer.

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 01:27:21 PM

Name: John Galt

News from Lovely lissome Liv Tyler will not only be nude in the upcoming movie, The Ledge, but she will also be bound to a chair and gagged. She said she kind of liked it, but not in a sexual way. Gee, what other way is there? Alas, she will not be bound nude in the chair.

* * * * *

Big D: I don't want to rain on your parade, but I, for one, don't think there is renewed interest in rape scenes in movies. The remakes of Last House on the Left and I Spit on Your Grave were disappointingly abysmal. I expect to be completely and totally underwhelmed by the remake of Straw Dogs. That was a film by Sam Peckinpah, and there are absolutely, unequivocally, no current directors who can hold a candle to Peckinpah's depiction of cinematic sex and violence--although to be fair, mostly cinematic violence. Susan George was also phenomenally hot and sexy in a totally slutty way that, also in my opinion, no other current actress can come close to portraying. And I also cannot think of another current actor who has the same bookish nerdy vibe that Dustin Hoffman had at the time, that let him so masterfully play that part.

So not only do I think the remake will disappoint as a movie, I have no faith that the sex-cum-rape scene (no pun intended) will have anywhere near the kinky eroticism of the original. Kate Bosworth is pretty enough, but I haven't seen her do anything to make me think she can pull off the role of a borderline-wanton new bride who practically asks to be raped. As far as I am concerned she is yet another of the current crop of actresses who will want to make sure it is all correct and tastefully done when we all know there is nothing satisfying or realistic about a rape scene that is tastefully done. And while director Rod Lurie is talented enough, he is no Sam Peckinpah.

I am not sure why these people are remaking violent rape movies and leaving out the violent rape edginess. Maybe they are all pussies who start off with the intention of updating the movie but then lose their nerve and gut the remakes instead? I'm just waiting for the remake of A Clockwork Orange but without the sex and "ultra violence," which is actually the, you know, theme of the film. Does any current director really have the unmitigated gall to believe he or she could possibly improve upon Stanley Kubrick's original? Yeah, probably the same guy who thinks he can improve upon Sam Peckinpah. His picture is in the dictionary, next to the definition of "delusions of grandeur."

But wait, let me tell you how I really feel....

* * * * *

I did not derive any particular deviant pleasure from the super-heroine pics, nor do the current cartoon pics do much for me. So by necessity I will refrain from commenting on them one way or the other. I honestly think any stimulation arising from the one-step-above-stick-figure artwork must have a serious component of nostalgia going for it. And since this is the first time I've seen them, well, I guess I don't get it.

* * * * *

DHT: Have you tried Craigslist? It would be a shame for a BDSM collection to fall by the wayside. I'll bet there's a story to go along with that, but it portends to be depressing so maybe I don't want to know.

* * * * *

A Canadian: I never really gave much thought to the possibility that the HTML aspect of the GIMP forum might scare people off. Ralphus always comes along afterwards and cleans it all up, although it does sometimes look unprofessional in the interim. But it is the content that counts, so I hope newbies go ahead and post with the full assurance that Ralphus, the patron saint of GIMP posts, will appear in the night and quietly make everything right. Of course, he also has a tendency to suggest rather pointedly that frequent posters learn the fundamentals of HTML and utilize the HTML Practice web site first, but it's in a helpful and constructive manner.

* * * * *

Ralphus: Adrianne Palicki in a remake of Lipstick? Thank you for mentioning that, because that is yet another movie that no remake would ever do justice to, if you'll excuse my dangling participle. Why can't someone in Hollywood come up with a new rape-themed movie? How hard can it be? Are they all too afraid that if they think up an original rape movie that everyone will think they are perverted? So instead they fall back on "classics" whose authors have already been consigned to the pervert (albeit frequently also cult status) category or elevated to auteur status?

Speaking of which, I just thought of a current actress who could pull off a rape scene with all the sexual energy and edginess of, say, Susan George in Straw Dogs: Keira Knightley. And she has demonstrated a pronounced proclivity for taking on edgy roles. She is who Rod Lurie should have gotten for the remake, if he intended to achieve the same sublime rape feel of the original. Which I suspect was never his intention, so never mind. But Keira Knightley is definitely on my short list of hot actresses who could pay off the kind of gritty, dirty, sexy, guilty pleasure of a 4-star rape scene.

Let's face it, in my opinion there just are not that many current actresses who would have the ability, let alone the courage, to make a convincing and satisfying rape scene. Feel free to disabuse me of that notion.

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 07:29:10 PM

Name: BigD

I think the reason Hollywood doesn't make them as graphic is because they realize that too many people would protest and it wouldn't go down well. I think if they knew they could get away with it, they would make it graphic. Instead what they do is give us what they want, but they only give it to us to us in a small dosage....

I for one liked "I Spit on Your Grave" No, it wasn't that graphic, but I didn't think the actress in the original I Spit On your Grave was very attractive, but she is in the remake....Same goes for Last House on the Left..The actresses are much more attractive in the remakes that in the original and that means a lot to mean, even if they aren't near as graphic.... A rape/gimp scene does nothing for me if the actress isn't hot.

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 07:36:59 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Like the Snidely Whiplash art, and in effort to keep it going I say please continue

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 08:04:08 PM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:

@ John Galt: I love Snidely Whiplash's comics. I see the rather crude artwork as more of a vehicle for storytelling -- a form of "theater of the mind" for perverts. And although Snidely's drawing is simple, notice that he actually has a good eye for framing, image composition, perspective, and mise-en-scène. If you can, check out his magnum opus "Island of Doomed Girls".

Oh, and you wrote: Adrianne Palicki in a remake of Lipstick? Thank you for mentioning that, because that is yet another movie that no remake would ever do justice to, if you'll excuse my dangling participle.

What dangling participle? You ended an independent clause with a preposition --nothing at all wrong with that.

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 09:49:37 PM

Name: YikYakker

I'd like to make a suggestion about Snidely Whiplash "graphic novellas". Why don't we have a designated Snidely Whiplash day once a week? Maybe Snidely Friday. That way, folks who like the series will be assured of something to look forward to, while those who don't have a heads up about when to avert their gaze. That would also leave room during the remaining six days of the week to accommodate ongoing themes in the daily pics.


John Galt: I was just about to compose a part of my post that says, in effect, "Where the hell is John Galt?" Instead I'll just say, "Welcome're in top form tonight."


On Tarl's site there's a collection of pics from a movie called Tänzerinnen für Tanger (1977) aka White Slave aka Island of the Savage Sex Slaves, etc. "Oh, no" I hear you say, "not another one of those moldie oldie Eurotrash movies that either don't exist in unedited form or cost a fortune to buy in the #$%^&* VHS original format." Well, yes. I'm just curious whether anyone out there has seen this and can offer an opinion about its GIMPworthiness.

The pics show a blonde who reminds me of Ursula Fellner of, among other fine productions, Jess Franco's Devil Hunter. But Fellner's name doesn't appear in the credits, so it's some other babe who gets raped on the couch wearing only panties and stockings with her wrists tied (in front, dammit). Other women are shown being stripped, drugged and put in boxes, tied spread-eagle to a bed, chained to an X-frame and tormented with a long, sharp object, etc. Among the cast is l'il Esther Studer, star of another Franco opus, Women in Cellblock 9. But this is not a Franco film; it's directed by a Frenchman known as Jack Guy.

Say, do you suppose all these people are somehow connected to Kevin Bacon?


Hey, maybe someone will produce a remake of Tänzerinnen für Tanger. With a real English title that makes sense. Nah, never happen....

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 10:03:16 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Regarding all the remakes of classic rape movies, I think it has more to do with the fact that Hollywood has no imagination and they'll remake anything they feel has a chance of making them money. It's a business, after all. I don't necessarily think they want to make films in which women are raped, but they have to know there's an audience out there for films like that.

They also know, unfortunately, that the MPAA censors could jeopardize their plans for making money by giving their movie an NC-17 rating, which would severely restrict the number of theaters that would show it. That's exactly what happened to I Spit on Your Grave. Once they submitted the final cut, the MPAA demanded over a hundred cuts be made before they would give it an R. The filmmakers, knowing it would have ruined their film, instead took the risky option of releasing it unrated. It was released in only a few cities and ended up losing money at the box office. I don't know if they recouped their investment when the film went to DVD.

I wish they had made the film more graphic, just gone all out and made something really nasty like the first one, but they directed it with the intention of making it more mainstream. I liked the film for what it was, the same way I liked the remake of Last House on the Left. Both were superior as movies, not necessarily as exploitation. The trailer for Straw Dogs looks exciting, but it would have a long way to go to match the original. While the original I Spit and Last House films were mediocre at best unless you're a pervert, the Peckinpah film really is a great film, and not just GIMP-wise. It was made by a master director and the whole final third is filmmaking at its best.


John Galt: Welcome back, and as YikYakker noted, you're in good form tonight. Outstanding post, even if you have a bit of the "You kids, stay off my lawn!" vibe. Hey, I can be crotchety and bemoan the lack of GIMP-worthy entertainment, and God knows I've already bitched enough about it here already.

There are probably a myriad of reasons we don't see enough of what we want, but I'd be willing to bet the whole money thing I mentioned above is number one. I'm sure there are directors out there who would like to make something exploitative, but getting financing is the main hurdle. It's a different time now. For the most part, the audience out there doesn't go to theaters to see rape scenes and bare tits. Those drive-in films of the 1970s had a certain charm, but most of them couldn't get booked into the multiplexes today. A remake of the most infamous exploitation film of all time was a box office loser. That should tell you all you need to know.


Regarding Keira Knightley, I dig her, too. Did you know she's already been raped on film? I've not seen it, but I heard there was a rape scene in a film called The Duchess. The film was rated only PG-13 and I've heard the US version is censored, too. She has a few quotes about the scene in this link:


Regarding the Liv Tyler movie, that's very good news. I've loved her for years. Best thing Steven Tyler ever produced. It's amazing, he's such an ugly man, yet his daughter is a major babe. It's about time she got the rope and the gag. Now we won't have to rely on manips like this one:

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 10:59:07 PM

Name: John Galt

Scot: You are correct, sir. I'm not sure what I was thinking, getting my parts of speech messed up when I should have worried about ending with a preposition. I blame the "New English" craze that swept through education while I was in school. I am still tempted to convolute my sentences and write things like "That is something up with which we will not put" on occasion, but I am trying to chill out.

Still not a big fan of Snidely Whiplash cartoons, though.

* * * * *

YikYakker: Thanks for missing me. There's a part of me that doesn't want to just post a quick "me, too!" comment, so when I get all involved with a post I run out of time and end up not posting at all because who wants to post an incomplete thought. It's probably tied into my obsessive-compulsive tendencies. I blame that and "New English." And my inability to appreciate Snidely Whiplash cartoons. But I will try to do better, knowing you're keeping track of my participation.

* * * * *

Ralphus: Thanks. I will have to look up The Duchess, although I'm not sure how I missed knowing about it.

As far as my grumpiness goes, guilty as charged. Well, you know, it is extremely annoying that filmmakers are such gutless wonders these days. We have on-line streaming and straight-to-DVD options that could free any filmmaker from the limitations of having to fit into MPAA and cineplex restrictions. We just don't have anyone who can think outside the box, or more accurately even cares to think outside the box. Even the indie directors seem to be angling for mainstream acceptance and that big distribution deal paycheck. Sell-outs, all.

And if you read up on the controversy Peckinpah generated with the original Straw Dogs, do you honestly think a remake will court the same type of criticism? I think not. It will be pablum to please the great unwashed philistine public. Bah. Humbug.

Friday, July 1st 2011 - 11:30:10 PM

Name: petelobo

As one who was around in the 60's, 70's and beyond, having to find more serious gimpage in the tattered-clothed "chained virgins" of the men's mags, later in the perv sections of the adult bookstores (mags mostly), hitting a grindhouse for the fairly rare gimp material that took up space from the straight XXX hardcore, renting a PO box to be able to order stuff from HOM, later sitting in the little booths in the adult stores and feeding quarters to sit on a sticky seat, etc., I think you guys who are crying about the lack of another Poor Cecily or Straw Dogs in mainstream movies these days are leaving out an important point. Back in the days when a VERY occasional mainstream movie maker (well, more-or-less mainstream) came out with a quickie bush shot or suggested gimp segment, that was really about your only option. Today you can find pretty much whatever floats your boat on the internet--often free (at least samples). For guys like me there are Paingate, Whipped Women, Elite Pain, RedFeline, the Inquisition sites, etc. For some of you REAL pervs (the ones who are MUCH sicker than me...) there are sites on BATS and snuff and whatever you want. There are downloadable or streaming videos that go a thousand miles past the HOM and California Star and Tao stuff of my youth.

OK, so why should/would a filmmaker who wants to appear in movie houses--and there really aren't many of the old "Art" theaters around to take a chance on further-out films in a world of multi-screen cineplexes run by huge corporate chains--take a chance with something that caters to a taste not generally shared (at least out in the open) by a very large audience? It makes no economic sense. Make such a flick to go straight to video (and get ripped off by all the get-it-free sites that remove those parts you "really" want to see and make them available for download)? How the hell do you make money doing that?

I suspect we may be in the golden age of gimp stuff--at least until virtual reality becomes a fact of life and affordable--but the technology has changed. If you want to see Spit, hell, rent it or find it in downloadable form (the "good" parts--which I think we all agree aren't really THAT good compared with some of today's alternatives). The mainstream corporate movie houses aren't likely to be showing what we want anymore--but who the hell wants to pay $15 a ticket and go sit with a bunch of suburbanites and hear them gasping (not orgasmically) and walking out and talking to the screen anyway? The grindhouses and drive-ins are gone. The internet is here. Long live today!

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 05:08:55 AM

Name: John Galt

petelobo: Well, it's the principle of the thing. Yes, we have all sorts of alternatives to the brief flashes of GIMP and perversion that we used to have to settle for. But modern movie makers need to simply acknowledge that their drive for profit outweighs their desire to court controversy or make a statement and leave the 70s classics alone. If they can't do it better, why bother? What kind of conscientious filmmaker sets out to make a lackluster and disappointing remake? If you don't think the movie-going public at large is ready for a feature-length depiction of the repeated rape and brutalization of a woman alone in the boonies, then why remake I Spit on Your Grave? Remake Old Yeller instead. And, you know, have the dog live at the end. That will make everyone happier.

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 08:14:37 AM

Name: John Galt

Today's Picture: "Curses! Foiled again!"

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 09:11:49 AM

Name: meinaru

I hope it's not a repost - I've just come upon a very interesting site that some of you might have heard of. The site is called PulpToon and has plenty on the on-topic material in virtually every conceivable form - there are films, comics, computer games etc. Most of the interesting stuff is in the Premium section, but it's also possible to sign up for a free membership. To me, the discovery of this site was a very pleasant surprise, but then, it's possible that everyone knew about the site but me.

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 10:23:10 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Interesting trailer some guy named "wb" posted at brianspage. Hope there's gimpage and not just bondage. At least there's some AOH in there

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 11:04:57 AM

Name: Wryter
E-mail address:

So I just caught the trailer on your site about the guy bitching about the movie "THE WOMAN" and wonder what's the guys beef.

The guys issue is here is that he says it's too "violent" and that's the abuse shown is unacceptable, that it demeans and debases women and turns them into " sex objects. " I'd like to have a buck for every time I talked to a female who during the conversation did espouse that she wishes that her guy or husband would treat her like sex object. Sound sexist, ppppfffffffffffftt, forget it as it's not.

Did anyone ever tell this clown that the females who do these films go into them completely aware of what's being filmed and what's not?? They have to sign contracts & waivers in order to work in the film and are fully apprised of what the content & subject is. They know well in advance that what each scene is shot, the hows & whys and are knowledgeable of content & structure of the film. The females portrayed in the films are not stupid, nor social idiots and know what's what and am willing to wager that many of them do really get their kicks and that they sexually enjoy doing the scene. The scene with Daniela Costa the Spanish soap opera " Al Salir de Clase "{ and how she acted that scene you cant tell me that from the look on her face and how she acted she did not get some thrill from it.

Films are an extension of society's thinking and what's acceptable and what's not as writers are also. Ketchum wrote a story based on an idea that perhaps many have had, or thought, wrote it and found a studio that was willing to film it. I have not seen " The Woman " yet and it's unlikely I will given the political climate here in Canada and its dumb ass censorship laws, but that's no issues. The film was made as the climate for such films is out there and if a few people happen to faint or get upset over it oh well sorry about your luck bud. Consider this that at one time in this life the movie "The Bad Seed" was right up there for corrupting the sensibilities and morals of society and now by today's standards it borders on the comedic.

The point is if you don't like something, or find it offensive then use your personal " on/off " switch or just ignore it, walk away, or don't read it, use your head not mine.................nuff said

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 04:10:30 PM

Name: YikYakker

meinaru wrote:

To me, the discovery of this site was a very pleasant surprise, but then, it's possible that everyone knew about the site but me.

Well, I never knew about the site, nor do I recall seeing any posts about it, so as far as I can tell, it does qualify as a "discovery". Thanks for sharing it with us.

I only get into toons that are very well done. But The Gated Community looks interesting...they even show a naked girl being roasted on a spit.


MAV: The Stalker looks intriguing...cute girls (except for the gal with braces). I'm going to assume that this is the movie in question. Says here it's put out by Harmony Concepts. From the description, it appears that the "villain" Tory is played by Lisa Comshaw, a name I've heard here before. But...does that mean there is no male villain?


HTML: Yeah, it can be a pain in the ass sometimes. But by learning it here, I've been able to apply it to some of my real-life work in the design of on-line surveys. Who knew?

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 08:54:03 PM

Name: Matt
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Fellas, have a look at this: Opposing Force was released overseas, in Canada, and in a few theaters here as Hell Camp. Now, if they'd done this to Lisa Eichhorn along with her rape scene, there would've been more GIMP than what there was! However, she makes up for that with her shooting ability with both an M-16 and a M1911 Colt .45

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 09:51:22 PM

Name: Bill K.
E-mail address:

Meinaru and other GIMP members here is site I found through Pulptoon site as a long time member there that may appeal to your merciless taste here too:

Bill K.

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 11:38:41 PM

Name: SharedJoy

Ralphus: Here is a clip I found of Kiera Knightly from The Duchess. I don't THINK this is the "rape" scene (if it is, it is REALLY weak)...

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 11:45:31 PM

Name: John Galt

SharedJoy: That is not the rape scene. In the rape scene, she is fully clothed (go figure), and it is much shorter than that. But that is still kind of a hot non-GIMP scene, especially for a PG-13 flick. (That explains why I never bothered to watch it the first time around.) Thanks for sharing.

Saturday, July 2nd 2011 - 11:59:49 PM

Name: jera
E-mail address:

could you post permanent site for snidely whiplash? thanks!

Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 12:24:10 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

meinaru: Membership to PulpToon is only ten bucks? Thanks for the link, I think I'll join. I've heard good things about the site and the cannibal artworks won me over. I have a thing for women being boiled in cauldrons and roasted on a spit, in case there's anybody still out there that doesn't know my fetishes by now.


MAV: The Stalker looks like a lot of fun. "Almost all stalkers become violent?" In the case of this movie, let's hope so!

I haven't found an IMDB listing for it, although it does look low budget. I think YikYakker has the wrong version. The movie he linked was from Harmony Concepts and it was from the year 2000, plus that it's only 60 minutes long. What he linked was probably just a bondage film. There are some actual bondage films mixed in the IMDB database. This appears to be a new movie; they don't even have any details about it yet except the trailer on the main site.


John Galt: Wait, the rape scene in The Duchess is much shorter than the clip that was posted? Dude, that clip only lasted 43 seconds! And here Keira was making it sound like this intense, shocking scene. Fully clothed and less than a minute? Give us some details, if you can. Is it worth adding to my Netflix queue?


jera: I probably don't have enough Snidelys to justify an entire site. I've only got 150 or so, and I imagine there were quite a few more than that. But tune in here every day because I'll be running this series for a little while.


My fellow GIMPers, I have a challenge for you. A while back I rented a mainstream film and edited the best scenes together on a compilation DVD. Problem is I failed to write down what the name of the movie is. It's one that got discussed here on the site a few years back. There's also a scene near the end that has a woman tied standing with her head in a noose, but I didn't keep that scene. I'm sure at least someone here will recognize these caps, though, right? Take a look and see who can be the first one to identify it.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 01:37:06 AM

Name: MaX CoXXX
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Update on the progress of my A Clockwork Orange themed feature length movie.

After firing my first writer for being lame, I talked to a friend who is a long time musician that writes murder rock songs with amazing quality. Jack of the Wayne Gacy Trio has 30+ years in the music biz & is a smart fella. He is also acting for me in PKF under the Lucky Bellagio handel.

1st screenplay meeting went good. A bit of arguing, I'm insistent about having things progress in a certain fashion & Jack has ideas also. I'm going for a movie that will actually be a movie. Unexpected twists & character development are key. I've got the twists & Jack is developing the characters. So sometimes the twists don't aline with his characters ideas. Overall good 1st meeting.

2nd screenplay meeting was impressive. Jack had several scenes wrote. The writing is incredible. To the point I may send the script around before I start production. I won't have the budget it could command. If I can't sell it, I'll make it. Really, a budget would be best. It's my vision, so I'll make it best. I still need to hammer some of my twists back in though.

The big question now is audio & whether to invest in a boom mic, boom grip, sound engineer & do ADR recordings or just do what I do now. Use the camera's audio. Again, it's a budget issue.

The ruff will be done before the 3rd meeting. Then I'll go over it & tweak it a bit. Then casting. I'll send it off but asume I'm making it.

Thanks for all the emails with suggestions. Don't be mad if your idea does not make it, it's only 1.5 hours. & just because your idea did not make it into the script does not mean it was a bad idea.

A friend of mine who produces bad B movies & sells countless old titles has a couple musts for any movie expecting to makes its $ back. Have to use a "star" anyone with a recognizable name. Suggestions? Keep in mind my budget or lack thereof.

Good Hunting


Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 02:20:12 AM

Name: TGG

Ralphus: You may want to try the game Cannabal Warrior, avaliable to premium members in the pulptoon forums. It's a downloadable standalone game that can be found on page 7 near the end of the page. The game is simple, all actions are performed via mouse clicks. You play as an Amazon Warior and you fight enemies to capture their girls. All girls can either be taken back to the Amazon village to be cooked up and eaten the amazons, or fed to one of three allies that you can unlock. These allies repay you for feeding them with upgrades, and then cash.

I have been playing the game for the last several hours, and it is a hell of alot of fun, not to mention highly addictive.

Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 10:09:45 AM

Name: Bill K
E-mail address:

TGG: I posted some sample pics at StakeDamsels of the Pulptoon Cannibal Warrior game:

Bill K.

Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 04:06:14 PM

Name: YikYakker

Ralpus wrote [concerning The Stalker]:

I think YikYakker has the wrong version...What he linked was probably just a bondage film.

Well, that figures. Won't be the first time I've screwed up, won't be the last.

I'm kinda relieved to hear that though; I was beginning to think the movie wouldn't be all that great.


Ralphus: Wish I could help you out with the mystery movie; I think if I had ever seen it, I would've remembered this scene. Handcuffed to the bed....Mmmm.

Have any idea when the movie might have been made? The girl looks familiar (sort of). And that pink frilly bra seems reminiscent of the 1970s.

Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 04:37:37 PM

Name: DHT

Ralphus: That mystery movie is called Red Ridge. I'm sending you the Japanese cover so you can post it for the fellows to see.

Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 06:40:22 PM

Name: A Canadian

Following up on my post from the other day, the pics have now been restored in my review of Giga TZZ-28: Plasma Woman from earlier this year. Actually, the pics are a bit larger than what were originally there, which is an improvement.

Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 07:19:59 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

DHT: You rock, thanks for coming up with the title. I just knew it had the word RED in it and I did several searches trying to come up with the right movie, but kept coming up empty. Interesting how the producers knew exactly how to sell their movie, sticking a gagged woman on the cover. Here's the US DVD cover:

And then here's your scan of the Japanese box (retitled "Texas Violence"), which really doesn't mess around and uses the entire cover to show the woman not only gagged but handcuffed, crying and a gun pointed at her head. What can I say, the Japanese do things right!

Sloth wrote a review of the film a while back; it's in my Homepage URL above.

Sunday, July 3rd 2011 - 08:01:09 PM

Name: ab
E-mail address:

Is there going to be a new zfx movie any time soon?

Monday, July 4th 2011 - 04:13:57 AM

Name: YikYakker

While browsing through the Amazon catalog I came across a gem for fans of Women in Prison films: The Women in Cages Collection, three legendary WIP flicks from Roger Corman. My only tremulation stems from a few bad experiences I've had with two-fers and three-fers that contain edited versions of the originals.

But if these treasures have not been tampered with, this is indeed a bargain. Some excerpts from these movies are featured in this site's whipping scenes and suspension/rack scenes databases.

Monday, July 4th 2011 - 01:09:56 PM

Name: Brutus

ab: Since Ralphus has already answered that question countless times, I'll let him off the hook. No, there are no new ZFX movies expected to be released anytime soon. Rick Masters has said he is now working on a computer animated bondage project, so it looks like we will have to wait some time for the next ZFX film.


BigD asked: Is the desire to see rape scenes in movies stronger than we imagine?

I don't think it is any stronger. In the recent remakes of "ISOYG" and "Last House," it seems the producers' main purpose was to use some new-fangled special effects for the horrible deaths of the rapists. But I agree the female victims were much better looking in the remakes.

As for remaking "Straw Dogs," I share John Galt's feelings of "what's the point?" This idea sounds about as silly as remaking "The Shining" and "Psycho." If they've run out of ideas, Hollywood should leave the masterpieces alone and remake and improve crappy movies, especially those with failed GIMPage, like "Captivity."


MaX CoXXX: Glad to hear the script is coming along. I am still a bit confused on how it will be Clockwork Orange-themed, but anything with the old ultra-violence is OK. Is your "star" casting question for the role of the male villain or a female victim?


Speaking of rape scenes and remakes, has anyone seen "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" made in Sweden in 2009? Here's something for the rape database:

Troubled goth computer hacker Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) goes to her parole officer's house to gain revenge for a forced blow job in his office. But he turns the tables on her with a sucker-punch. While she is dazed on her stomach, he handcuffs her wrists to the headboard of his bed. She struggles furiously like a caged animal and tries to kick him. He stuffs a rag in her mouth and tightly cleave gags her, then pulls off her boots and pants. He leaves her helpless there for a bit, then returns, climbs on top of her and rapes her apparently anally. She screams so hard that it dislodges her gag. Lisbeth is next seen limping home in the dark.

I know "freak" girls aren't everyone's tastes. And yes the Lisbeth character has tattoos and piercings everywhere. Yet I thought her struggles were quite believable, and I love scenes where the tough girl gets rendered helpless. No nudity, except a side shot of her ass. (In the Stieg Larsson book, he shoves her panties in her mouth before the cleave gag and rapes her with a dildo first.)

A U.S. version of the book is expected soon.

I did find time to make some more (not-very-good) vidcaps that Ralphus put together as a database page:

Monday, July 4th 2011 - 02:09:29 PM

Name: carnyx

I have a delayed question for Joe X. Could you tell me more about those scenes from Savage Sword of Conan #42, 58, 59 and 32 (fave)? By the way another comic from the 70's that featured a lot of S/M scenes was Oh! Wicked Wanda from Penthouse magazine. Anyone else like that one? Take care. Robert

Monday, July 4th 2011 - 09:28:20 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Brutus: Good info on Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I added it to the rape database. The actress doesn't do much for me, then of course, there's the tattoo thing, so I doubt I'll seek this one out. The American sequel at least features the comely Rooney Mara in the lead role but I expect they'll probably ugly her up for the role. What's the point of a rape scene if the victim is already covered in piercings and tats? *sigh*

You wrote:

If they've run out of ideas, Hollywood should leave the masterpieces alone and remake and improve crappy movies, especially those with failed GIMPage, like "Captivity."

Boy, good point. Just imagine how many disappointing mainstream films could be improved if the right director with GIMP sensibilities decided to take a shot at it? The review database is full of them, take your pick. What we need is a modern version of Jess Franco who can put his own personal touch on to this material. Any movie can be improved by a naked, bound and gagged woman. Preferably if she's raped or tortured. Gosh, is that so much to ask?

Monday, July 4th 2011 - 10:32:14 PM

Name: Insomniac
Homepage URL:

I found the Facebook page for The Stalker, here.

It doesn't give much information. One red flag is that the trailer was apparently launched December of last year. The fact that it's been another 6 months with no progress on the website or updates to the Facebook page (not to mention it still has no IMDB page) suggests that we could be in for a long wait on this one.

Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 05:50:27 AM

Name: petelobo

Yik Yakker wrote:

While browsing through the Amazon catalog I came across a gem for fans of Women in Prison films: The Women in Cages Collection, three legendary WIP flicks from Roger Corman.

I went to the Amazon site to look it over and found that one of the films will almost surely disappoint. Along with Big Doll House and Women in Cages, there is a film amazon calls The Big Bird. This is indeed a wip flick, but the villain is an 8-foot-tall green feathered doofus (and we all know how important a good villain is to good gimpage) with a weird voice. If they had included Maria as one of the inmates, I might have been able to overlook this, but...

Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 05:53:02 AM

Name: esso
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Homepage URL:

I believe this is a first, GIMP in an ad for the NFL package on Direct TV. Has to be seen to be believed. It comes near the end of the spot but the spot itself is well worth watching and brings up another question...Are the Mannings the only people that the NFL wants to use in commercials? All three are here.

Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 11:31:31 AM

Name: mothbrad
Homepage URL:

One for Ralphus, I think - the Modern Inquisition folk have put up a trailer for one of their (extremely expensive) movies - Modern Inquisition 22 /2: Mirela, Interrogation sessions 5-8 - see Homepage URL. A bit of burning, electric shocks, etc.

Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 05:30:48 PM

Name: A Canadian

I thought some folks here might be interested in this article about the possibility of a "morality" pill. Not because I think GIMPers are immoral (or, in any event, any more immoral than others) but because of the way the article uses A Clockwork Orange as a starting point.

I thought it was a good article, although I am obviously at odds with the suggestion that some of the scenes in A Clockwork Orange "are still hard to watch." I've never had that problem.

Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 06:03:11 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Brutus wrote

Glad to hear the script is coming along. I am still a bit confused on how it will be Clockwork Orange-themed, but anything with the old ultra-violence is OK. Is your "star" casting question for the role of the male villain or a female victim?

The premise is a gang of white slavers that idolize A Clockwork Orange. There is also a social group (separate from gang) which all dress & talk like Droogs. They have parties at bars. The gang goes to these parties & uses the benign nature of the group to cover their white slavery activities. Like using a bunch of nerds parties as cover. A excuse to have a costume on whenever that hides their identity.

Casting, there is going to be 4 main male "perps" & 5 female "victims". Casting has not started.

I have another screenplay meeting tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Good Hunting


Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 07:14:51 PM

Name: Margot
Homepage URL:

A completely new post by Reine Margot.

It's been a while since my last post. I thought you all might be missing me. Or maybe not.

Our Red Feline World lost its routine, Jane left to take care of family issues, very serious ones, I'm involved in some academic pursuits until the end of the month so JJ and Mila are all alone taking care of the post production of the many movies we're working on. JJ is not the kind that works on communicating with our fans, and Mila is just beginning to be part of this adventure and she doesn't have the English skills necessary to get our message through. So, It's up to me when I find the time in my now very, very busy schedule. I'm sure that Jane will find the time, soon, to tell her side of the story. As you all know she's busy with a script, actually two of them, for movies that we're planning to produce when she's back in town.

But before all these series of unexpected and personal events made us go in unplanned ways, we took the leap! You may ask what leap? The one leap we've been thinking, planning, working towards, dreaming about. The leap to crossover to a wider audience.

It's not a short range plan, in fact it's a very long range plan with a nice, small, but solid base... our loyal fan base. We won't know the results of this leap for a very long time, in fact, we're not so concerned with the final results as we are with the most immediate goals, that is to build what we started. We may never see the ultimate results of this leap, just as we couldn't see what was going to happen when we started Red Feline.

We released Martyr, our first crossover film, the first of many, and we're happy with the initial response. Our fan base is responding as they normally do, which was expected. However, we're seeing a whole new bunch of people coming around, and that's exciting. We already knew that we were creating a buzz in some places like Facebook with people that knew little or nothing of our work. Now we see the springing of a new audience. JJ is known for some work, but we never tapped that group of people.

And maybe this is not the best news here, but Martyr appeals a lot to young women. It's not surprising to us, the main character, Camille, is very strong and women feel identified by her. It's an unusual film, indeed.

There are those, of course, that might not like the film, some who may even hate it. It's an unusual film, with a very unusual construct. It's not for everyone but it must be seen. I think that.

So, Martyr is out there now and it's getting around. This is good for what's to come, specially Maleficarum, which we're working on now for a summer release. It's looking great and I believe our fan base will love it. But we need to get it to a lot more people.

Martyr is available in DVD and for downloads. We have the English and Spanish versions of the film. The original language is in French, English and some Spanish. The versions out have English and Spanish subtitles. We're working on German, Italian, French, Hungarian and Portuguese language. When all those languages are set, we'll release the film with a multi language menu. Right now the subtitles are embedded on the film itself.

We released the film in our Red Feline stores and in a new store: VermeerWork. Maleficarum will be available in both.

Jane and JJ are very talkie in their respective forums. Jane has a lot to say about Martyr HERE. While JJ has some very interesting articles HERE.

One article is about a conference where Martyr was screened, 5 minutes of it, and made a strong impression on the academics gathered there. It happened at the Siena University, in upstate New York. The film was used for one of the lectures at the conference. It's very, very interesting read. Below is the clip shown at the conference.

We also have a lot of information on what we're doing in our renewed website here.

One question that is coming up with an amazing frequency and desperation is When is Maleficarum coming out?

In forums, e-mails, comments when people purchase Martyr, in Facebook... the same question. That is really good. There's a lot of anticipation for this movie and that is very encouraging for us. So, we're working faster to have it ready as soon as it is possible. We are 50 minutes into the first cut and it looks great.

The plan is to have the first cut of the entire film complete in the next two weeks and then work on the final cut, sound mix, etc. We'll have a release date when the first cut is complete... it means, we'll have a release date in TWO WEEKS!

In the meantime we're just happy to see it happening.

We're debating whether to release Maleficarum theatrically here. It's such a strong film that some of us think that it might be a bit too strong for most people. But some in our group, who are not part of the Red Feline World, are inclined in favor of releasing it theatrically, they think that people should be exposed to provocative cinema, which they believe Maleficarum is.

I have to confess that I believe that a lot of people will get up and walk out of the screening and maybe demand their money back. This might lead to the censoring of the movie altogether.

Maybe I'm wrong.

JJ thinks that a two week, limited exclusive engagement, only at the 9:30 PM schedule would be interesting. Lots of warnings such as EXPLICIT SCENES!!!! EXTREME VIOLENCE and other graphic explanations to ward off those people who might be offended by the full nudity, extreme torture, rape, and so on.

While we work on Maleficarum, Mila is training to be an editor. She's editing old material. Her first job under the tutelage of none other than the master himself, JJ, is a two hour version of the inquisition series, which runs for four hours. She went back to the source for this task. We now have the technology to improve on the original material, which was shot with an analog camera and with low lights. The original tapes were digitized and now they are in Mila's hands for a new version of the old Red Feline classic.

JJ guided Mila during two days, showing her the ropes, how to do cuts, where to cut and why and then told her to go on, do whatever she could. And she did. Two weeks later she surprised him with a very interesting version of the series. The choices she made, what she cut out all of that showed that she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to do with the material.

So JJ gave her to go ahead to continue with it and she will be the official editor of that version. JJ will supervise, of course, and call for changes, adjustments, where he sees fit. But Mila has the responsibility to come up with the new movie. In addition, JJ gave her some material we never used. The Inquisition Rehearsals. A series of scenes shot previous to making the Inquisition Series. Mila cut a 49 min version which we're going to release in a couple of weeks.

Below I'm embedding the trailer of the Red Feline and the Inquisition series. THIS IS NOT A TRAILER OF THE NEW VERSION.

We also have some new releases from old material. I mentioned before we were releasing the precious tapes JJ and Camille made way before Red Feline was even conceived. They were trying out ways of shooting a scene for a movie. It was not even a rehearsal. It was a way of working Camille's acting for a movie JJ intended to make. But this work led to making the first Red Feline movie, Red Feline on the Cross, which came out in 1998.

This work, somehow, inspired the script for Martyr. And Camille's performance in Martyr is the direct result of that unusual work.

We have two DVD's of this series in our store, for downloads and for rentals. Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 1 & 2 in one DVD and The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 3 in another DVD.

Below I have the trailer for The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 3

We have seen that Agent X is one of the most requested downloads. It appears that our fans like female spies and their terrible fate. Because of that particular preference we're working in two scenarios with that subject. One is a film that will be written and directed by Jane, you've all been hearing about it here. That movie will have Jane herself and Mila in the roles of the heroines. The other is a follow up to Agent X with Mila in the role of Agent Y who goes in search of her friend and colleague, Agent X, only to find herself in a worse situation than the crucified agent.

And just to refresh your collective memory, below the trailer from Agent X.

I will have more to say after Jane returns home. We'll have the release date for Maleficarum by then, and not only Maleficarum, but Barbazul as well.

I will be done with my academic pursuits as well, and I'll have more time to post updates on the development of our projects.

In the meantime, enjoy your summer up north, down here is freezing.

I leave you with a clip from the highly expected movie Conan. I remember fondly JJ going all over the place looking for the Conan magazines hoping to find THE ONE. He never found it but he has the entire collection instead.


Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 07:30:38 PM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: You asked for clarification regarding the rape scene in The Duchess. About 59-1/2 minutes in, there is an argument at the dining table. Keira Knightley's character storms out. Ralph Fiennes' character storms off after her. She storms down hallways. He storms down hallways after her. She storms into her room and closes the door. He storms in after her. There are more words. It is at about the hour and 20 second mark when he pushes her onto the bed. We cut away to the outside hallway. We cut back and he is on top of her trying to get her petticoats out of the way. We cut back to the hallway. We cut back as he is moving on top of her. They are both still fully clothed, by the way. We cut back to the hallway as miscellaneous people listen to the sounds. We cut back and Keira Knightley is laying on her back on the bed--still fully clothed--and Ralph Fiennes is sitting on the side of the bed (also still fully clothed) suffering from rapist's remorse or something at the 2 minute mark. Actual time watching the two characters struggle was maybe 15 or 20 seconds, tops. A thoroughly unsatisfying rape scene which I don't think was particularly intense.

* * * * *

Brutus: I saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I was impressed with the intensity of the rape scene. There's nothing to see in the way of nudity, a circumstance which I am ambivalent about since Noomi Rapace, while an outstanding performer who does an exceptional job in the role, does not do much for me in the attractiveness department. I am mildly curious about how well the American remake will be made. Probably not as well.

The book would have made for some excellent GIMP movie material, [SPOILER ALERT] since the story involves a Neo-Nazi misogynist who kidnaps, imprisons, rapes, tortures and eventually murders young women. None of that is explicit, though, in the book or in the Swedish version of the movie. There are occasional pictures and there is discussion, but you never see (or read) about it happening contemporaneously with the story.

* * * * *

A Canadian: Interesting article concerning the "morality" pill. I laughed quite a bit while reading it since the author made statements that he obviously felt were facts, probably as a direct consequence of his position as deputy director of the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford, which I am sure he felt qualified him to do that. Sometimes I hate that academic smugness, almost as much as I hate lies told in defense of ideological positions.

In fact, while he states (in so many words) that scientists are beginning to trace the evolution of pro-social behaviors, that has been going on for quite a while. Not surprisingly, it is the position of most religions that all morality springs magically and exclusively from religious sources, and that without religion we would all be evil people doing immoral things to each other because we would not know any better. For that reason, the Abrahamic religions in general have no interest in data that show that even without religion we would have the capacity to act within moral bounds. My personal conviction is that religion actually provides an excuse for "religious" people to act immorally toward "unbelievers," but I won't climb onto that particular soapbox.

I do think, however, that even though the threat of governments misusing a "morality" pill would be bad, the threat of religions misusing it would be worse. Unless, of course, it actually did compel people to act in a moral fashion, in which case it would be anathema to government and religion alike, since it would override religious and patriotic fervor and compel people to treat each other with understanding and respect.

Plus, yeah, none of the scenes from A Clockwork Orange are difficult to watch any more, and honestly they were never difficult for me to watch even back in the day. But I guess a deputy director for ethics might be more sensitive. The pussy.

* * * * *

Margot said: And maybe this is not the best news here, but Martyr appeals a lot to young women.

Hmm. I don't think that news is necessarily bad. I personally enjoy any active participation by our (relatively few) female GIMPers. It is interesting that the movie seems to appeal to young women, though. Anything that enables you to make more exciting GIMP fare is okay with me, and most likely everyone else in the forum.

Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 08:37:51 PM

Name: A Canadian

Margot: Thanks for the update. I hope everything works out OK for Jane.

Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 11:05:18 PM

Name: TARL
Homepage URL:

Hello Friends,

in last days 2 members of the group have upload vidcaps from more than 20 movies. parts of them are nice stuff.

i think we arrive the 500 movie wall (vidcaps from 500 various mainstreammovies) this month.

check it out.

greets TARL

Wednesday, July 6th 2011 - 12:30:52 AM

Name: Bill K.
E-mail address:

Here is a site called Catharsis Erotic I found along time back that I think may be interesting to GIMP members. They do death reenactment short movies. I do know if they're any good for there is no bats/fiery peril movies. Here is address:

Bill K.

Wednesday, July 6th 2011 - 01:54:55 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Lot of good activity today. When this forum is performing on all cylinders, we've got a helluva site. I'll try to address a few posts.


petelobo wrote:

Along with Big Doll House and Women in Cages, there is a film amazon calls The Big Bird. This is indeed a wip flick, but the villain is an 8-foot-tall green feathered doofus (and we all know how important a good villain is to good gimpage) with a weird voice. If they had included Maria as one of the inmates, I might have been able to overlook this, but...

I don't know what you're talking about. Big Bird is badass.


Mothbrad: Wow. Just wow. Modern Inquisition 22 /2: Mirela, Interrogation sessions 5-8 looks like it could be quite good. You're right, it presses all my hot buttons, and the illusions look like they have real promise. I have one of those immersion heaters; they heat up in seconds and I've often wondered why nobody ever uses them as a torture instrument. The cattle prod scene also appears to be well-done; it looked like they added subtle shocking effects to make it look more realistic.

Inquisition Live doesn't have a very good track record in my book; they did a roasting scene that I sent to Jane as an example of what NOT to do when we were discussing how to roast her on a spit. But this one looks like a must-see. Too bad their downloads are so prohibitively expensive.


A Canadian: That was a very interesting article. One of the lines he wrote was "Of course, most of us don't need to be conditioned to feel repulsed by rape or torture." Right, but how about those of us who are aroused by it? I wouldn't swallow a pill to take away those desires, but how about giving me one to enhance them? Sort of a Viagra for pervs. To quote Alex, "I was cured, all right!"


Margot: Welcome back. Fantastic post; this is a better site when we can get you to stop by. Of COURSE we missed you.

Loved all the updates and the inside details as to what's going on. Seeing the trailer for Agent X made me want to pop in my DVD and watch it all over again. It was after watching Jane perform in that film that gave me the assurance that donating the money to help get Maleficarum made would be a good investment.

I hope you do release it theatrically. If it turns out to be a shocking, controversial film that people feel the need to try to censor it, that's a nice feather in your cap. Publicity like that can only help it. A company like Netflix will probably boycott it, but they're a bunch of pussies anyway. They're becoming like the online version of what Blockbuster used to be. They don't even stock the Ilsa movies. And if Amazon agrees to carry it (that was the initial plan, right?) I predict good sales for this one.


John Galt: Thanks for the play-by-lay rundown of The Duchess. Sounds like much ado about nothing. I hate it when editors cut away from GIMP scenes instead of letting them unfold on screen. Part of the reason why modern GIMP scenes fail is because they are cut like MTV videos where you only get to see a few seconds of eye candy before they rapidly cut to another shot. Slow down, guys! This is important stuff, it's not a race to show how many shots you can throw at us in one minute's time. If you've got some bare breasts on the screen, let's ogle 'em a while. Gosh, do I have to tell these guys everything?

Wednesday, July 6th 2011 - 03:00:55 AM

Name: Thawkinsworth
E-mail address:

Oh my! A topless torture/sacrifice scene in the new Conan! And I was already looking forward to this movie!

Wednesday, July 6th 2011 - 03:13:29 AM

Name: Badger
Homepage URL:

Turkey Alert --

Redbox lured me into throwing down a buck last evening for a little Aussie number titled "Chained". I guess it was the picture of a blond behind bars and the caption "They are Taken, Sold and Discarded" that attracted my attention.

Warning guys (and gals) --- Keep moving. There is nothing to see here. Put your dollar toward deficit reduction ... or something.

Wednesday, July 6th 2011 - 08:59:38 AM

Name: Brutus

Margo: Another excellent post and intriguing word on the transformation of Red Feline and Mila's foray into the world of editing. I hope Jane's family issues get cleared up soon, and I also think social networking is a good way to expand your fan base.


MaX CoXXX: Thanks for the info. Sounds like an interesting premise, and 5 victims is pretty impressive.


We've complained about Hollywood remakes of some sleaze from the past. Maybe the French can do it better. Here's a trailer for a movie called Villa Captive from by a French porn director (who doubts it will be accepted in France) and starring a French porn actress. It's filmed in Florida and is supposedly heavily influenced by the original I Spit On Your Grave.

Wednesday, July 6th 2011 - 01:12:00 PM

Name: Bill K.
E-mail address:

Ralphus I log in at your way of S.Damsels's link: and it said site expired 2011-06-26. What's the story?

Bill K.

Wednesday, July 6th 2011 - 05:09:26 PM

Name: John Galt

Brutus: I couldn't get the trailer for Villa Captive to load and run for me, but I found this teaser on YouTube that makes the movie sound interesting. I especially liked the reference to the (real-life) French porn actress (Liza del Sierra), who plays the lead role, looking a lot like Christina Ricci. Which she does. It is described as "a tribute to I Spit on your Grave." I think I will need to keep an eye out for this one. Although I am almost always bored by the undeserved elitism of French filmmakers, sometimes I am surprised, as in the case of Romance--which although it included a brief bondage scene it was in no way a GIMP movie. But I liked it anyway.

* * * * *

Badger: Thanks for the warning about Chained. The cover does make it look worthwhile, and I would have no doubt been massively disappointed to pay good money and discover it was a waste. Once again I am reminded why I love this forum.

Wednesday, July 6th 2011 - 08:15:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Brutus: The trailer for Villa Captive played fine for me. And that is an impressive looking trailer! I think the fact that they cast a real-life porn star in the role might possibly give us the chance for a more explicit scene or two. Heck, she's even naked in the trailer. Liza del Sierra may have a few piercings and minor tats, but she's very sexy. Very nice find and definitely one to look for.


Bill K.: Hey, thanks for reporting that to me. The domain name expired and I never even got one renewal notice, none at all. Real nice. I'll take care of it tomorrow and the site should be back online real soon.


No new daily pics tonight, sorry. Haven't been able to say this lately, but Dreambook is broken again. After trying for 3 hours, I gave up trying to update the site. I notified Dreambook that I can't get in the control panel but no answer from them at all, not even their usual automated reply. So you'll have to wait another day to see if our damsel tied to the tracks gets run over by the train. I'm hoping for good things.

Thursday, July 7th 2011 - 03:01:57 AM

Name: Badger

Villa Captive does indeed look enticing. And yes... Liza del Sierra does look a bit like Christina Ricci.

But also a bit like Brigitte Bako... who gave me a new appreciation of chain-link fences in Dark Tide.

John Galt... I agree with you about the often insufferable French film makers. But the women in French GIMP films are almost always gorgeous, which helps me look past the snobbery.

Thursday, July 7th 2011 - 08:00:14 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thought I should mention this but I am sure someone else already did.

The movie The Ledge has some great bondage shots with Liv Tyler bound quite professionally and fitted with a perfect fitting ball gag deep in her mouth and strap pulled tight.

The Gimp scene keeps going back to her from various angles.

Lot of close face shots and rear shots of the bondage holding her to a chair so that she is forced to watch her lover commit suicide to save her from a religious shithead husband who will shoot her if he doesn't.


Thursday, July 7th 2011 - 12:28:13 PM

Name: YikYakker

Wow. I go away for a few days and when I come back, the Board is like a fireworks grande finale. So much stuff...links and pics and trailers and new movies that look good and warnings about bad movies and Margot and Jane and Snidely. (Well, I think this time Snidely really messed with our minds and copped out on that girl-tied-to-the-tracks scene). Too many folks to thank individually, but I really do like all the buzz going on around here. Great work.


petelobo: Yeah, I noticed the partial title on Amazon and figured that, with the economy the way it is, they just couldn't afford to add the word "Cage". Y'know, the letter G is pretty rare and pricey these days. Just ask Big Bird. He knows all about the letter G.


TARL's site really has been rockin' lately. Lots of pics from the kinds of movies that I like, with dungeons and tortures and sacrificial rites and demon-possessed nuns and inquisitions. One is a Franco movie that I have not seen but would like to, Las Poseidas del Demonio. I think The title means Brides of the Devil but someone translated it into Sex Demons (!?) Some of these movies are hard to find - well, at least in their natural state - so the pics are very much appreciated.

Thursday, July 7th 2011 - 07:48:48 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Dreambook update: Still stuck, so I can't make any changes to the site. Somewhere along the line today, the changes I made at midnight last night magically appeared on the site on their own, but I still can't get into the control panel and update the picture again tonight.

Dreambook's support team wrote me this morning and said that they couldn't reproduce the error, which dumbfounded me because you can't do ANYTHING on the site without getting a software error message. I know because I tried for 3 straight hours last night from 3 different browsers and that's all I was getting. So I wrote them back again and told them (nicely) to get their heads out of their collective asses, find the problem and fix it. From their latest e-mail, they are now claiming to be "aware" of the bug. Being aware of it and actually fixing it, though, are two different things.


Bill K: is back online again. Again I appreciate you alerting me that it had gone down. So now you and your friends can get your fix by ordering 4 hours worth of women being set on fire. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, don't you think?


Jeff Gord: Thanks for the additional info on The Ledge. Liv Tyler is gagged with a ballgag? Whoa, bonus! I was expecting a Hollywood style cleave gag, which usually suck. But a ballgag in a mainstream film? They used to be pretty rare, but I'm glad to see the tide is changing.

I checked and Brian's Page is, naturally, all over it. Apparently most of the shots of Liv are of the 3 to 5 second variety, spaced out over the last 15 minutes of the movie. I found this link that has several vidcaps:

Liv looks good, baby! And she's half-naked! Now we have proof...there truly is a God!

Friday, July 8th 2011 - 01:34:03 AM

Name: Tom Roper
E-mail address:

Liz Tyler looks SSOOOooooo much better as a brunette. (Most women do).

Friday, July 8th 2011 - 02:10:06 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Tom Roper wrote:

Liz Tyler looks SSOOOooooo much better as a brunette. (Most women do).

Dude, they're 2 different girls! Albeit with similar names, easy mistake to make. You're thinking of Liz Tyler, bondage actress, as opposed to Liv Tyler, mainstream actress who just happens to be in bondage in The Ledge.

Not sure I agree about the brunette thing, but I will say with complete certainly that all women look better gagged. It's an established fact. You could look it up.

BTW, Sindy Sin has the complete movie over at her MovieBound site. Just saw it this afternoon. It's a very good drama, although not a true GIMP movie IMO. My little joke last night about there truly being a God turned out to have an ironic twist, since that's in essence what the film is about.

Friday, July 8th 2011 - 04:04:55 PM

Name: John Galt

Well, in case anyone here needed another reason (aside from the one that she is a raving lunatic) not to vote for Michelle Bachmann, consider this excerpt from the latest ThinkProgress article about her:

Last night, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) became the first presidential candidate to sign a maximalist socially conservative pledge that, among other things, calls for "all forms of pornography" to be banned.

* * * * *

Tom Roper: Yes, Liv Tyler has always been a brunette. I don't think I've ever seen her in a role where she was anything else, but she has made a lot of movies, so who knows. Unless your Liz Tyler statement was just a complete non-sequitur, and you just saw her in something as a brunette, and helpfully notified the forum of that felicitous happenstance.  I have never seen Liz Tyler as anything but a blond, so now I'm wondering what she would look like as a brunette. Although not so much that it is going to keep me awake at night.

When I read the MrSkin blog quoting Liv as wanting to kill the director for leaving her tied up all day, I was not expecting the bondage and gag to be quite that realistically severe. I mean, who would? It is a mainstream movie. But now I can see how that might have been a pretty uncomfortable day on the set. For Liv, anyway. I would have quite enjoyed the sight.

And thanks for pointing out the Moviebound link, Ralphus. I'm capturing it even as I type this for viewing later.

Friday, July 8th 2011 - 06:36:40 PM

Name: TGG

Site review,

Oh what can I say about Let's see.... Is the site run by a staff made up entirely of people with burned-out light bulbs for brains?! Did the people who run the site all throw their brains in the garbage?! At first glance, the previews and the $9.95 membership cost may make the site seem like a real bargain. But don't let that fool you, the content on the site will make even the most basic low-core GIMPers shake their heads in sheer disappointment. All the content on the site is death fetish themed with the girls being eaten in the end, but that didn't bother me one bit for some reason. What bothered me the most and had me wondering why I even bothered was the quality of the stuff. A huge portion of the content was corny at best to completely stupid at worst. There really is only one thing on the site worth the time it takes to download it, a computer game called "Cannibal Warrior" or "CanWarrior" for short. Cannibal Warrior is available to premium members on the last page of the forums near the end of the page.

Go ahead and spend your money to buy a membership if you don't mind sheer stupidity in GIMP or want to try Cannibal Warrior. Avoid the site like the plaque if you prefer intelligent villains and victims or you aren't interested in the game.

Game review, Cannibal Warrior

The game Cannibal Warrior is not only a hell of a lot of fun, but it is also highly addictive. Gameplay in CannWarrior is rather simple, movement on the world map can be done either using the arrow keys on the keyboard or via mouse-clicks on the screen, i.e. you click on the spot and your sprite moves to that spot. All other actions from combat to shopping to cooking is done via mouse-clicks. It is set on a fictional island called CannToon Island which in my view is a corny name. CannToon is short for Cannibal Toon. You play as an Amazon warrior woman, and you fight enemies to capture girls.

The girls captured can then be taken back to your village to be cooked up and eaten by you and your tribe, or fed to one of three allies that you can unlock. Cooking a girl and serving her to your tribe will earn you cash in the form of coins, however the game lists the amount as dollars. Feeding a captured girl to one of your three allies, who are a witch, a dragon, and a carnivorous plant will net you upgrades to either your health, your weapon, or the number of items slots to have. You can still feed captured girls to your allies after you have gotten all upgrades, but now they will pay you coins for them. Something to note is that there is something really satisfying about watching a girl get gobbled down by either the dragon or the carnivorous plant.

There are thirteen girls in the game. They are the Redheaded Explorer, the Curley-Haired American Tourist, the German Tourist, the European Supermodel, the Lost Missionary Girl, the Hippie Chick, the Stranded Cheerleader, the Raider, the Missionary's Daughter, the Hollywood Princess, the Wannabe Movie Starlet, the English Blonde, and the English Brunette. Twelve of the thirteen girls hides behind one of the games regular enemies. Only one of them, the Raider isn't chicken enough to hide behind an enemy and fights back directly. I suggest you avoid her until you have gotten at least one health and one weapon upgrade, otherwise you may not stand a chance. The enemies you fight are an Explorer, a Pilot, a Captain, a Mercenary, and a Bodyguard.

Different areas where you can hunt open up as the game progress and it becomes necessary to get the health, weapon, and item slot upgrades in order to be able to beat the stronger enemies. Unfortunately, once you have all the upgrades, you become all but invulnerable. It becomes nearly impossible to lose, unless you've neglected to replenish your health between battles or have chosen to lose on purpose. The game has only a mild challenge at the start and begins becoming too easy after a short while. Even capturing, stripping, cooking, and eating a girl gets old after the 13 or 14th time. The game has some flaws, but they don't take away from the fun you can have in it. It can definitely use some improvement, but it is still good enough in it's current state.

Overall the game is fun, the fights aren't too easy, nor too hard. It was not designed for hard core PC gamers and just about anyone with basic computer skills can figure out how to play it after some trial and error. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate it a 7 overall. Try the game if you can spare the $9.95 for a premium membership, you won't regret it.


Friday, July 8th 2011 - 07:52:46 PM

Name: DHT

HOLY JEEZUS!!!!!!!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!!! I've never heard of this movie "The Ledge" before, but Liv Tyler in a gag is what I was praying for all through that damn "Strangers" movie! Once again, the board points me to something awesome :)

Friday, July 8th 2011 - 09:09:18 PM

Name: Greg

Hi folks and fellow lovers of all things flogging.

Just wanted to share this with you.

We have all seen it. The popcorn is only half eaten and the cinema screen flickers with the images where at last, the villain of the piece has finally caught up with the pretty dame and now is set to exact his revenge on her. He has her all tied up, back bared and a leering ugly ready to lay on the welts and there are all us whackos just dying to watch. Suddenly, heroic music shouts at our hopes and the hero we all saw die in the last scene jumps into the fray, his teeth flashing as brightly as his sword as he steps forward, saves the day, kills the villain, wins the babe and we all go home sad and jaded and left to rewrite the scene the way we would have done it ourselves.

It sucks doesn't it. Of course we are lucky to have Ralphus in our midst who has, for no personal reward save to feed an odd perversion as twisted as my own, offered a valuable public service to all whackos by preserving and indeed augmenting and updating the famous whipping scenes in the movies website and there, we can relive those scenes we've seen and loved and even gloat over those we may hope to see at some future time.

But what about those few famous little gems tucked and hidden away. Those rare and lovely things, that like the clam that opens to reveal the pearl, themselves unfold and give us that all too rare and lovely thing. Yes, as scene that offers and really, truly, pays off. Yes, delivers the goods as we would have them delivered.

In honour of those, I would like to offer three films which to me, actually do give what's going and whips the babe as she should be and as all devotees would have her whipped. My nominations are as follows and in reverse order.

3) Amazons: This is a peach. The lovely Amazon is revealed to us, bound and stripped to the waist and believe me, this is a babe that can stand proud with her top down. Then, we are served to a breath stealing, mouthwatering welter of stripes and lashes that fair makes you drop your kia-ora. Oddly, the English cut on this film edits out at least two or three lashes. The lovely gets two luscious slashes full across those sweet orbs of hers, but for fear that we might disappear out the holes in the end of our cocks, the British board of film censors God bless 'em, cut our rations and we only see one. Nothing new there. In the old days, before my drive crash, I did have this scene, but have since lost it in the great purge, so if anybody still have that and would like to share it, I for one would be a most grateful recipient of same.

2) Angelique and the King: Here we see a pretty and happily, very clumsy little slave girl brutally whipped for her dalliances. This is a beauty, stripped to the waist and bound high, a burly black brute lashes her unreservedly with a swirling, cracking bullwhip. Just awesome. OK, much of the scene is on long shot and as ever, the scene is all too short, but oh boy, what a corker and well worth taking the time to get the vidcaps off it. Here's the video link.

But finally, I am happy and indeed proud to announce a winner, For, at number one, it is our very own...

1). Land of the Pharaohs and our home grown and delicious Joan Collins playing Nellifer, siren of the pyramids. This is indeed and humdinger. Joan at her delicious and sultry best plays the screaming Nellifer and Joan never looked better than this. She has her slave attempt to attack Pharaoh and then tries to intervene when Pharaoh orders the slave lashed. Pharaoh does the decent thing and what all us whackos would do in a heartbeat and demands that the stunning Nellifer is lashed also. Now the popcorn pales into insignificance as we see the delicious Nellifer slink off for her lesson in how to look hot at a whipping post and at the last second, we are all biting our fists and cursing. The cloak that pharaoh has striped off the pouting beauty is returned to her to cover her back and spare her the full fury of the lash. Now the payoff, she nobly and foolishly eschews it, saying it is hers no longer and goes to take the whip on her bare back. YIPPEEEE!!!

Next we see it. A dull, sweaty looking dungeon and the mouthwatering crack of the lash as it fair explodes across Nellifer's back. Now you can see the look on her face saying, shit, I wish I had kept that damn cloak. Yes Nellifer, too true, but it's all far too late for that.

What a scene. I first witnessed it when I was a young, small thing, even before I began my transformation into this sad, degenerate that I now am, but that scene lived with me forever and will continue to do so until I'm wrapped and boxed.

OK, I accept, the scene is disgustingly short...but what a scene. Remember, we're talking quality here, not quantity. I also accept that we do not see Nellifer's plum delights when we should have, but that skimpy clothing bares enough and we get to see Nellifer given the flogging we all would have served her to in fine style.

Hope you liked my nominations, I would like to hear any others and see if I agree or if they are ones I should put on my list.

Perversely yours,


Saturday, July 9th 2011 - 12:01:35 AM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

What can I say Ralphus there is no excuse for me being away so long. Click on the url for an overhead camera pre edit. Most of this won't show up in final edited footage because the other two camera angles will be better. Rare footage! Love the body squirming gag avoidance. Guess it isn't rare anymore. Oh well. You almost got it first here.

Saturday, July 9th 2011 - 04:24:29 AM

Name: A Canadian

Greg: Thanks for the assessment of the flogging scenes. I have to confess, that scene with Joan Collins was much too short for my tastes, although Joan was looking hotter than I expected. I think my earliest recollection of Joan was in the Star Trek episode, The City on the Edge of Forever, but that clip has me wondering if I should learn a bit more about her film history.

Saturday, July 9th 2011 - 11:36:38 AM

Name: Bill K.

Say TGG did you just look and your review was ONLY about the Premium Vault (Paid $9.95) section of Pulptoon site? The entire Pulptoon site is HUGE and the premium pay section is but a small faction of wants there. Example the thread "Girls on grill and spit" in the Darkside section is 29 pages, 577 picture posts with 412,000 views. That is just one of 951 threads-11,170 posts in the Darkside section. I do not disagee about your review of the premium pay section but I say it silly and not GIMP members taste/ quality but the free sections as some very good girls in merciless peril. Bill K.

Saturday, July 9th 2011 - 07:20:43 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

TGG: Thanks for taking the time to check out the Pulptoon site and review the Cannibal Warrior game. It sounds like even though you didn't like the content of the site, the game at least made it worth the price of your membership. I've not signed up for my membership yet but I'm sure there's going to be plenty there that I will like. I love basically every aspect of the cannibal fantasy...there's something about cooking a girl alive that always rings my bell. And the game you reviewed sounds like the kind of addictive fun I could really get into.


John Galt: So Michelle Bachmann is going on record as saying she wants to ban all forms of pornography, huh? Simply amazing. I know that's basically the Republican platform anyway, but she's the first to openly lay it all out on the table that she's against freedom of speech. And this one of the top Republican choices for President? Kinda scary, but bring it on, Michelle! The more nutjobs there are like her, the easier it will be for Obama to be re-elected. And he will be, mark my words. You read it here first.


Greg: Terrific post; I've not seen you here around these parts, but if this is what you have to offer, it would be great to see you post again. Good to hear from a true whipping fan; you're one of the reasons why I'm glad we restored the Whipping Scenes Database. I think I can understand your enthusiasm for the Joan Collins whipping scene, brief as it was. I think if you've got an actress you really like and fantasize about, especially when you're a kid, and then you get to see her the way you really want, you can forgive the brevity of the scene as long as you got to see it...period. If you compare that scene to practically any other mainstream scene, there's not much to it. But hey, it was special to you then and you still fondly remember it. I can dig that.

Sunday, July 10th 2011 - 12:03:00 AM

Name: MrAnthony
E-mail address:

I actually took the time to read the pledge document and there is an (ironic) clause where the signatory pledges a vigorous defense of the First Amendment. And it's not just Michelle Bachmann who signed it; Rick Santorum also signed it. As the Iowa caucuses near, you will see politicians of all stripes trying to woo voters any way they can. Essentially the document is a "defense of marriage and family" document, and the anti-pornography statement is included in the line about the humane protection of women from human trafficking, sexual slavery, etc.

It's unfortunate that in a time when fiscal conservatism is most needed, some candidates feel compelled to appeal to social conservatives. And then when one candidate does something like this, it stampedes others into doing so as well, for fear of appearing like they actually support human trafficking if they don't sign.

It's interesting that the pledge has already been altered; the first version I saw this morning had in its preamble a mention of how even during slavery, black children were more likely to be born to two-parent families (as though slave parents could leave!) than today. That part has disappeared in the version now on the group's website.

If these candidates can't figure out which of these family groups are nutty fringe groups and which are groups promoting legitimate family concerns, then they don't deserve to get elected. The candidate who advocates fiscal conservatism, not social conservatism, will be the one who gets my vote. Legal pornography is the least of U.S problems these days; what better family value to advocate than meaningful employment to support a family?

Moreover, real conservatives are more like Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who stated what those candidates should know: "Judges have no greater capacity than the rest of us to decide what is moral." He understands that consensual behavior in private can be protected. That includes GIMP fantasies, even ones produced by and for, and distributed to, consenting adults via the Internet.

Sunday, July 10th 2011 - 01:05:17 AM

Name: YikYakker

Greg: As one of your "fellow lovers of all things flogging" I appreciate your eloquent discourse about your favorite (and not so favorite) whipping scenes. The three you picked are certainly good ones, and I'm glad you reminded us all of the Joan Collins whipping because it's one that I, too, saw at an early age and allowed to slip into the fog of memory. I wouldn't mind revisiting the entire scene again, because of the build-up that you described concerning the cloak and all.

I'm sure that scene, as well as others from that period, engraved into my mind the ideal of the dark-haired victim. Like Tom Roper, I have a preference for brunette and ebony-haired GIMPettes. It probably stems from the fact that, while I was coming of GIMP-age, the blonde bombshell types of the 1950's - Monroe, Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren -- were giving way to exotic, dark-haired lovelies of sword-and-sandal flicks. Italian-film goddesses like Gina Lollobrigida, Rosalba Neri and Silva Koscina - as well as Debra Paget and the aforementioned Joan Collins - were more my type of imperiled damsel. Take a look at this picture of Romina Mondello from The Wax Mask:

Do you really think this image would be improved with a flaxen-haired victim?


Lest anyone think I have something against blondes, I can assure you that is not the case. Why, just a few evenings ago I was having dinner with Abigail. As I leaned forward at the table and gazed into her sparkling, crystal-blue eyes, I whispered, "Abby, I really don't mind that you're a blonde." Well, she got up from the table and left the restaurant in a huff, sticking me with the tab for the meal. Ungrateful bitch.

Situations like that make me fantasize about blond victims.


There are, of course, plenty of fine whipping scenes in the database. Choosing from among them is a difficult (but not unpleasant) task. I've probably said this ad nauseum, but if I had to pick a #1 whipping scene, it would have to be the one from Poor Cecily: lengthy scene, multiple victims (of various hair colorations), naked and stretched out on racks, sweating and heavy-breathing, and being lashed with utmost zeal. Tough to improve on that. Check it out here and here.

Sunday, July 10th 2011 - 11:01:02 AM

Name: Greg

Hi folks,

Thanks for the OKs on the post of my personal favourites for whipping scenes.

I do of course love torture scenes too, but to be truthful, I have far too many hang ups already to really want to garner anymore, so I tend not to look too intently at the racking scenes database, though I do sometimes find myself subliminally drifting that way on an odd quiet afternoon. and I think Inquisición (could never understand that spelling) rocks. Love to see naked or semi-naked women bathed in sweat.(See, more hang ups).

What I really wanted to say is what a great site Moviebound is. Wow!! Entire films there for sados like me to grab and keep forever and ever.

Got Flavia the Heretic from this and also Frank and I. I had no idea it was such a perverts playground that one.

I am also still anxious to try and get that Amazons scene back. If there's any kind hearted collectors out there. Well you know the rest.

Just wanna say a thank you to Ralphus for the site too cuz I think it's cool. I'm not so sure I got all the Snidley he posted, but I have others. I did make a thing to collecting most of them. I have Dakota Territory, the shooting match I reckon. Let me know if you are interested.


Sunday, July 10th 2011 - 01:26:53 PM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:

Greg wrote:

. . . I think Inquisición (could never understand that spelling) rocks. Love to see naked or semi-naked women bathed in sweat. (See, more hang ups).

Uh, you know it's Spanish, right? And a love of sweaty nude or semi-nude women may or may not be a hangup, depending on what's making them sweat!

As for blonde GIMP victims, IMHO, the mononymous, fair-haired Carita in The Viking Queen (the 1967 Hammer film very loosely based on the story of Boudicca) was one of the loveliest women ever to get a cinematic flogging.

Although sultry, dark-haired Antonella Lualdi in The Mongols is a favorite of mine also.

Sunday, July 10th 2011 - 02:28:47 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Found this on YouTube, thought it was quite amusing. I guess it's better to do it to a doll than a live woman, right?

Monday, July 11th 2011 - 12:10:02 AM

Name: Vince

I love today's picture with the caged cheerleaders.

Monday, July 11th 2011 - 01:19:32 AM

Name: Falstaff

Not on topic - but since this forum is so well informed - I was going over a bunch of my old Insex files and was wondering does anyone know if 411 or 912 are still active or have they "retired" from the scene. They were both special ladies to PD, I wondered if either had ever been involved with his new website. Just wondering, any information will be appreciated.

Monday, July 11th 2011 - 03:17:40 AM

Name: Mwb

411 has retired. 912 worked for awhile with PD's new site. As far as I know, Insex is the only site she has modeled for. I think she too has retired.


Monday, July 11th 2011 - 08:06:50 AM

Name: Badger

Today's pic: Very nice.

There are simply not enough Cheerleader shots where the victims don't look like they were just abducted from a porn shoot --- heels and all.

But Ralphus, are there more?? Are we going to see a disrobing? Or are you leaving us seduced and abandoned??

The story of my life. All trussed up and no place to go.

Monday, July 11th 2011 - 08:32:38 AM

Name: DHT

The girl on the left is named Jennipher. She's one of my current favorites at AES. She is both sexy and cute, and has this sweet voice that I love. And those eyes! Just beautiful. I think she could be their biggest star and go on to big things, but I don't think that guy has a lot of business sense or creativity, or the savvy to explore his models' potential. Plus he sucks at customs.

Monday, July 11th 2011 - 02:27:10 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


VCR/Moviebound alert. Just wanted to mention a flick I saw and watched coz it had Reese Witherspoon in it and it was about a con game. A subgenre I am very interested in. Had no DID expecatations, really. Very shortly into it Ms. Witherspoon is handcuffed to a brass bar that goes around the base of a bar or pooltable. So she's on the floor, very attractively attired (not revealing, just flattering). Stockinged legs tucked up under her ass. She has been duct tape gagged and I think she is bleeding, or she is struck?, during the long scene.

We spend about 8-12 mins with her. They leave and come back sort of thing. So she is in a new position, now lying, now kneeling. Very nice. Less protracted just near the end of the film she is bound to a chair, sadly arms bound to chair arms. Briefly seen, but worth a look.


Monday, July 11th 2011 - 09:43:32 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

D'Uh. The Flick is called "Best Laid Plans". Think I snatched it from IFC.


Monday, July 11th 2011 - 09:45:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Wow, the caged cheerleaders pic got a nice response. Funny how certain pics just seem to inspire a lot of discussion. It is a pretty cool image, pity it's the only one I have from that shoot. Until DHT posted, I didn't even know the source material. I'm vaguely familiar with AES; they're one of those Harmony-type bondage companies, right? The kind that crank out bondage vids left and right but it's just bondage, no sexual stuff or torture? No matter how cute the girl, bondage by itself can get a bit boring if there's nothing else. I mean, what's the point of tying her up if you're going to do anything to her? That's just perverse. Anybody agree or disagree?

Dan Hawke: I'm with you, Best Laid Plans is a good one. I mean, you've got Reese Witherspoon bound and gagged, not once but twice. I agree with you about arms tied to chair arms, never liked that position. Way too comfortable for the victim. Hands behind looks better, and it hurts more.

Tuesday, July 12th 2011 - 12:08:15 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Ralphus: Found this on YouTube, thought it was quite amusing. I guess it's better to do it to a doll than a live woman, right?

All GIMP is better in fantasy than with a real person, but if you're going to kill a girl (or doll), do it SLOWLY for maximum enjoyment!

Tuesday, July 12th 2011 - 05:49:19 AM

Name: daniel
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

hi greg, I am also fan of lashes in movies, I leave this site with many pictures that I put.


Tuesday, July 12th 2011 - 08:28:19 AM

Name: Greg

Just took a look at the Archives and was amazed to read Floggomaniac's dissertation on his idiosyncrasies regarding the flogging genre (January 4, 2011).

I guess we all have our idiosyncratic way of visualizing our perfect scenario. I did like his favourites list though. I was pleased to see Viking Queen there, (a common inclusion for many) and Mongols (starts at 2:31) (same again).

I differ from Floggo I guess in a number of minor ways. I am also attracted GIMP style by the accoutrements of slavery and bondage. (that's bondage with a small 'b'). It seems Floggo is not that way wired.

I like to see coffles of slave girls, preferably led by camels, or in a slave market. Like the aforementioned, many of my hard wired visions were supplied by the plethora of sword and sandal movies that abounded on our flickering black and white TV in days gone by.

Visions of harem girls and slave girls danced wildly in my sub-psyche, ready to jump out and work their magic on my gonads when I became old enough to realize it wasn't just for urinating through.

Strangely, the full realization hit me in that now rather tame (some may even say lame) film, Tarzan and the Slave Girl, another of Floggo's named films. This will always share a fond place in my mind, as it was this film that pieced together the link with harem girls, slave girls and the lash, when all harem clad, the delicious Denise Darcel was taken away for twenty lashes. Sadly we don't see the flogging applied, merely hear the stokes and see the other slave girls' reactions to them, but we do get a glimpse of Miss Darcel's bared back and a few faint stripes there. Here's the video link.

It wasn't much, but it was enough. Aptly, the genie was out of the bottle and it was then I realized I liked hot Arabian deserts, flimsy harem suits and the babes that wafted about in them. More though, I liked to watch them being flogged and so my sad dementia spread to just about any and every aspect of this benighted genre. From the Roman era to the Ottoman, it was all the same to me. A scenario where there might, just might, be a flogging scene.

Like Floggo I am very monosexual in my choice. The only germ of pleasure I can glean from a male whipping scene is to transplant the man with some pretty thing from wherever and re-enact the scene properly.

Sadly it seems the opportunities for real floggings seems to have largely faded away and the old sword and sandal epics that abounded have bowed out to be replaced by Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Meager fare for a whacko such as I, unless of course we see Hermione brought forward for six of the best and the Warthogs head is a whacko like me who insists on applying the rod to the bare and would scoff at a paltry six.

Also the political correctitude of topless, bare back flogging would not I fear, be spared the censors scissors. Far too centered on the cerebral savagery of menials like us to be witnesses by all and any. No sadly, I think more and more that what we have is what we have. The odd little gem like Hispania might come out to nip at our taste buds, but I like the branding scene in this. I thought the flogging far too tame and I'd like to wager Floggo would be of the same mind.

Liked Scot's choice also, it is as above and am grateful to him for his translation from the Spanish of Inquicision. I may well have been perplexed but for his help.

What we really need is a re-enactment of some Flavia like heroine who gets caught by Arabs or Romans and given her just deserves in full, living, technicolor a la Passion of the Christ. Then maybe us whackos might be able to go home happy...yeah, right!!


Tuesday, July 12th 2011 - 01:58:37 PM

Name: YikYakker

Greg wrote:

What we really need is a re-enactment of some Flavia-like heroine who gets caught by Arabs or Romans and given her just [deserts] in full, living, technicolor...

Sounds like a job for Red Feline.

Tuesday, July 12th 2011 - 06:16:44 PM

Name: Floggomaniac

Greg, actually I commented only on the phenomenon of my genre, the whipping itself but I find the epiphenomena, i.e., slave girls, harems, slave markets, coffles, wrist and ankle shackles,chains, escape, capture and punishment, branding with the slave insignia, intimidation and threats, exacting obedience, etc, all part of the fantasy.

I found the scenes in Hispania keepers but they were too short and should have been shot front and back.

If you would like more whipping scenes I again recommend And for a lesbian approach to the epiphenomena check out:

Tuesday, July 12th 2011 - 10:51:48 PM

Name: Peter

...and back to the cheerleaders again. :)

Definite shame about the AES shoots. I absolutely love multi-girl scenarios and that's mostly what he does BUT it's just so light as to be laughable. Don't know if you've noticed, but that lock on the cage isn't even locking anything. Same goes for the ties and gags. So soft that it's obvious the models can just slip out whenever they feel like it and that kills immersion completely.

Occasionally I pick up a clip here and there but nothing really has ever come close to being near my list of favorites. Shame because the models are lovely and he shoots (or had shot) a huge amount of material every year.

Another thumbs up for Moviebound. Good surprises there every few days. Highly recommend a quick look through Great American Snuff Film. I wouldn't sit through the whole thing mind you but there's some nice scenes in there. I felt a lot better after I found out that the final shock scene was not real.

Tuesday, July 12th 2011 - 10:53:50 PM

Name: Peter

Oh, I've been meaning to ask for a while but it slipped my mind. A little while I posted a cap from a Japanese movie with about a zillion girls in small cages and was wondering if there was any other scene out there that anyone knew about that was similar.

As luck would have it, (Bound Gangbangs) just came out with a shoot starring Amber Rayne that guessed it....a zillion girls in cages! (There's a couple more hiding off to the side off the pic)

Has anyone seen this little flick yet? I'm just wondering how long the cage scene is. With my luck, and taking my history with Kink sites into account, I'm betting it's only a few seconds.

Still waiting for PD to go cage crazy on one of his sites like he used to do from time to time in the old days!

Tuesday, July 12th 2011 - 11:03:40 PM

E-mail address:

Hi there!

Found these pics in net.. really amazing!....shocked.. never seen it before...

One busty tanned girl and one white girl tied together in complete nude on torture rack with wet hairy pussies screaming and trying to escape from torture rack....

Any idea about this movie?

I never seen this before.. I really love it..

I assume the movie has plenty of whip scenes of these girls on torture rack. (pissing scene?: rolleyes: not so bad but yummy....I don't see it coming out from their pussies in the pic)

Wednesday, July 13th 2011 - 11:41:52 AM

Name: Floggomaniac

BONDAGE LOVER. The movie is Poor Cecily. See it on Whipping Scenes In The Movies above. Click on it and scroll down to P.

Wednesday, July 13th 2011 - 05:24:57 PM

Name: Renzo Novatore

meh, personally I've never been much of a fan of superhero/superheroine-type storylines, as far as bondage is concerned.

Wednesday, July 13th 2011 - 07:46:15 PM

Name: YikYakker

I wonder how those of you who subscribe to Netflix feel about the latest face-slap from the company.

About a year ago, I opted for Streaming Only because they said I would save money on the deal. The problem is that many GIMP-worthy mainstream titles are not available in that mode.

For many GIMPers who enjoy the kind of mainstream flicks that are mentioned on this forum, the issue of availability may be more important than price. The article mentioned Redbox and Hulu as alternatives - but do they have what we're looking for? I see danger here in that the market shuffling that this move by Netflix may touch off could mean even fewer goodies for we pervs to watch.

But I'd like to hear from others on this issue.


This talk about cheerleaders reminds me that soon the squad from the school around the corner from my street will be engaging in their pre-season warm-up practices. More fodder for my fantasies.


Some more whipping from the Japanese Sasori line of WIPs. Isn't it great when they whip her until she passes out, throw water in her face to revive her, and then start all over again?

But damn, this girl sure is fragile-looking...hope they don't break her.


This one looks like it might be fun. Anyone know what the heck the title is?


That guillotine scene with the doll (the one posted by Ralphus) is one of several that are circulating around the net. I like the mechanism that slides the doll's head into place. And what a realistic-looking head-chopper. Apparently this thing comes in a kit....some assembly required.

I think it would work better for me if, after the doll loses its head, they stop the camera; do something to the head to make it look...well, dead; and then pick the head up for its "close-up". Some dubbed-in screaming before the blade comes down would be nice too. "Please don't GIMP some mercy!" Heh-heh.

Wednesday, July 13th 2011 - 10:17:43 PM

Name: Simon

I totally agree your idea: it's not easy to find a powerful whipping scene in movies: if you love this, then you must love this movie: School of the Holy Beast!

here is the link:

Thursday, July 14th 2011 - 12:32:28 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

YikYakker: I hadn't heard about the Netflix price change. I'm the opposite of you, though, since I don't much care for streaming. I think I've watched maybe a half-dozen movies from start to finish in all the years I've had the service. The streaming option did come in handy when I was completing the Torture Rack Scenes Database back in March and was in a rush to get caps made. But overall, I prefer to watch a movie on my TV with an actual DVD rather than at my computer. Plus you can't make copies of your favorite GIMP scenes when you stream, but you can with a DVD.

According the e-mail Netflix sent me, I can get unlimited DVDs, 3 out at-a-time (no streaming) for $15.99 a month. Unlimited streaming with no DVDs is $7.99 a month. So if I continue with what I have now, it will cost me $23.98 a month ($7.99 + $15.99). That's about 4 bucks more a month than I'm paying now. I could actually save money if I eliminated streaming.

Of more importance to me, though, is the availability, or lack thereof, of GIMP material from Netflix anymore. Barbarian Queen, Graphic Sexual Horror, the Japanese "Guinea Pig" movies, One Hour Fantasy Girl, even classic GIMP films like Story of a Cloistered Nun have been in my Netflix queue for months or years, all listed as "DVD availability date unknown". Same with all the Ilsa movies, or cult GIMP films like Sex & Fury with Christina Lindberg or The Screaming Dead with Misty Mundae.

And yet all those movies are readily available right now where I used to subscribe, I'm not sure if GreenCine offers streaming, but they have a better collection of Japanese titles, independent films or cult titles than Netflix. In fact, I counted. GreenCine has 29 Misty Mundae movies for rent. Netflix has 4.

I'm thisclose to switching back to GreenCine. At $21.95 a month, they're very comparable to Netflix price-wise and have a better collection of GIMP titles, IMO. Just an idea if you guys aren't happy with Netflix's price increase.

Thursday, July 14th 2011 - 12:57:07 AM

Name: Deathtrap
Homepage URL:

Started releasing another series from the vault over on my blog. This one is in the spirit of Pam Grier movies from the 70s. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 14th 2011 - 02:48:08 AM

Name: YikYakker

simon: Those links to whipping scenes from School of the Holy Beast were a nice find. Funny, no one here has reviewed this movie... yet.

Those interested in the Japanese Nun genre might also enjoy the satisfying whipping scenes in Nun Story: Frustration in Black and, to a lesser extent, Wet and Rope.


Movies Unlimited is having a sale on discontinued products, although the term "sale" is relative; you might be able to find used copies of some of these at a much lower price. But it may be your last chance to pick up a certain item before it disappears. A quick scan of the list revealed few GIMPworthy entries, although they do have the aforementioned Land of the Pharaohs with the Joan Collins whipping scene. Doesn't she also get choked in that movie?

Gotta warn you all about one of their sale items called Caged Woman (1970), a piece of porno dreck that should not be misconstrued as Caged Women (1992), a far superior flick.


Ralphus: I checked Greencine and found no evidence of an online streaming option. But they've got a lot of interesting stuff in their catalog. Maybe I should rethink the online streaming thing. Thanks for the tip.


Deathtrap: It's been a lonnnnnng time since I've seen a woman with a hairdo like that.

Thursday, July 14th 2011 - 08:05:05 PM

Name: Brutus

Simon: Wow! Nice whipping in "School of the Holy Beast." Nuns aren't my thing, but the action looks pretty good.


YikYakker: I believe the Japanese movie title for that YouTube clip can be translated into "Woman Prisoner 611." Haven't seen it, but it can be found here.

Friday, July 15th 2011 - 12:46:44 PM

Name: YikYakker

Brutus: Thanks for the info. Wow, Woman Prisoner 611 sure is pricey...and it's a Region 2 DVD. I think I may pass on this one.


Who's meaner, the strangler or the victim?

But I like the clothes-ripping part.

Friday, July 15th 2011 - 09:01:04 PM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:

A lot of those Japanese nunsploitation flicks have some great GIMP action. I mean, it doesn't get much hotter than two topless nuns forced to bullwhip each other. But I'm a bit puzzled by the genre. How many convents are there in Japan, anyway? For that matter, how many Catholics are there in Japan?

Not that I really care - just keep torturing those naked nuns!

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 12:43:45 AM

Name: MaX CoXXX
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Captured cheerleader looks like she needs a good throat fucking. But maybe that's just me.

Scripts X rated version is 1 meeting away from being finished. Fucking great shit!

Just put a unique bondage peril scene up on my MaX CoXXX site. It's a crux with a peril strangle. If Juliette Black rest on her legs, she strangles. Pretty hot.

Good Hunting


Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 01:08:31 AM

Name: Renzo Novatore
Homepage URL:

Kind of a random question, but does anyone here know the name of the white girl in "Attackers 10" (RBD-084)? That actress was in a pretty good extended forced lezdom scene with a Japanese AV actress...just wondering if she was in anything else, hadn't been able to find out (tried looking in the review section of this site, but couldn't find anything there...thought someone might know).

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 03:34:17 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

re Netflix: From what I've seen, most people either stream or get DVDs -- few do both. Unless you really want both, Netflix is **lowering** the price of a subscription. I'll probably drop the streaming -- I don't use it much and I want Closed Captioning.

Ralphus, there are apps that capture streaming video. Some are a bit expensive (Audials is $40, I think) but there are some free ones, too.

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 04:36:35 AM

Name: MeetThePryz
Homepage URL:


Record of Ultimate Confinement MAX~ 168 Hours

Mao Misake

This might be one of the most peculiar porn movies I've ever seen, from Attackers' In Maid studio. In it, our heroine finds an advertisement for a spa in a magazine, goes, and gets imprisoned there and raped for an entire week as part of a bizarre experiment, with timestamps frequently appearing on-screen to show how far into her 168-hour hell she is. The film covers a wide-range of scenes and events:

- Her first lesbian rape while bound with-double spreader bars,

- Difficulty sleeping and eating with the spreader bars still on, with intermittent screens of her in her windowless room showing her tossing and turning

- Carted around on a pushcart while still wearing the spreader bars.

- Tied to a turn-table for bukkake

- Her refusal to eat

- A doctor's inspection to see her progress

- The decision to feed her with an IV if she won't eat on her own

- A rubber bondage suit to wear while getting raped

- Finally, her 48 hour-sex fest, shown mostly in fast-forward. She is almost falling asleep at times while giving handjobs and BJs, all-the-while bound in a kneeling position.

At the end, she is allowed to go free, and it ends with her flipping through the pages of a magazine, a disappointing happy ending for an otherwise good movie.

I'd call it an A-, mostly on how novel the idea and bondage are. Mao's acting is kind of ho-hum, but she does look exhausted as the week nears the end.

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 08:53:05 AM

Name: J

For those who like Japanese whipping I would also recommend another Nikkatsu Studios title "Secretary Rope Discipline" featuring the big breasted actress Junko Mabuki. Nikkatsu had hoped Ms Mabuki would take the place of their reigning S&M queen Naomi Tani, but she did not meet expectations, though she had her moments. In "Secretary" Mabuki plays a secretary caught in some industrial espionage and taken to the boss's home for punishment. Early in the movie Junko is strung up by her wrists for a very good, and fairly long, whipping scene. Here is a link:

As to Scot's question about the Japanese nun genre, I can only guess that it's all rooted in early European entry into Japan and efforts by Catholic priests who always tagged along on the explorations in case any native heathens need torturing into accepting Christianity.

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 10:25:15 AM

Name: A Canadian

MeetthePryz: Thanks for the review of ATID-007. That looks to be one of the older Attackers titles that have recently showed up for sale on the website. Some of the movie sounds interesting but I worry that the story veers too close to being consensual.

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 11:35:24 AM

Name: YikYakker

If you just captured a cheerleader this cute, what would you do with her?

I have a cheerleader named Danielle chained up in the garage. When she does what she's told, I let her out (temporarily) to wash my car.

Cheerleaders have a lot of experience at that.


Scot: In answer to your question about how many Catholics there are in Japan (which I'm sure was just rhetorical, but I'm kinda anal about these things):

Wikipedia says that there are about a half million Catholics in Japan, comprising just ½ of 1 percent of the population. Moreover, there are 16 dioceses. So if each diocese had a minimum of one convent, there would be at least 16 convents.

Considering how many have been shut down or have fallen to ruin, as depicted in the movies of the genre, it's a wonder there are any convents left in Japan. ;)


J: Thanks for providing more details and sources (and a grade) for Secretary Rope Discipline, a flick that you had previously mentioned on this site.

I do like a good whipping, so I may hunt this one down.

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 01:28:38 PM

Name: daniel winnall
E-mail address:

Short post here.

Maleficarum: is it a Red Feline flick or am I looking on the wrong site?

If I'm not, then when the bloody hell is it out??

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 07:20:55 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Here is a "gimp" style music video I just had a hand in.

Good Hunting


Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 08:38:21 PM

Name: John Galt

MaX CoXXX: That is a truly bizarre music video. Thank you for sharing. I don't think it will be in heavy rotation on MTV. There wasn't any "Fuck" in it, though. Just "Kill." Maybe they should have named it "Torture and Kill" or maybe "Kidnap and Kill."

I did like the hanging AOH bit. It was my favorite part. You did it right--feet off the floor and swinging free. Yum.

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 09:43:48 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

MeetThePryz: Very nice review, thanks. There are so many Japanese movies out there that don't have reviews, it's always good to get more information about them. This one can be had for only 7 bucks, so it's certainly worth taking a chance on.

One question though...she's given rubber bondage suit to wear while getting raped? That seems a bit odd. Why would you put her in a rubber suit to rape her? Unless you're going to take an exacto knife to cut away the parts you need to do the rape properly, in which case you've ruined a perfectly fine rubber suit. Oh well. I've never really understood the appeal of encasing a victim up in a rubber suit to begin with. I suppose it might be confining physically for her, but if her face is covered up by a mask, it sucks visually for the viewer.

The direct link for your review is in my Homepage URL above.


J: Secretary Rope Discipline is a very good film; I haven't seen it in years, but I'll take another look because the print you linked is a lot better than the old bootleg I had. It's so hard to find good copies of those old Nikkatsu movies from the 1970s and 80s, and nearly every Nikkatsu film I've seen has at least a scene or two that make them worth checking out. Really nice find, thanks.


daniel winnall: Maleficarum is not specifically a Red Feline film, although it's made by the same people. You'll be able to buy it at Red Feline's site as well as elsewhere on the web. Margot posted here back on July 5 and said they will have a release date in 2 weeks. If I do my math right, that would put the announcement on or around July 19, so sometime this week we should know when it will be available. This is the right site to tune in for details, so keep checking back.


MaX CoXXX: Cool, I like any music video that uses girls in bondage as imagery. We need more like that.


Here's some news from ZFX: Rick Masters e-mailed me the other day and said that the new ZFX animated movie should be out sometime this year, possibly October or November. He said it's coming together nicely and that he should have a preview up pretty soon. That's more exciting news. It's something I've been curious about for some time.

Saturday, July 16th 2011 - 11:28:05 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


John Galt wrote:

That is a truly bizarre music video. Thank you for sharing. I don't think it will be in heavy rotation on MTV. There wasn't any "Fuck" in it, though. Just "Kill." Maybe they should have named it "Torture and Kill" or maybe "Kidnap and Kill."

The album is "Fuck & Kill" This song is called "There's A Reason". "Fuck & Kill" is also a song, probably not going to be on MTV or BET for that matter

Ralphus wrote:

Cool, I like any music video that uses girls in bondage as imagery. We need more like that.

I agree. Hawg tying Juliette Black, putting in a wagon & shooting in a unsuspecting upper middels class neighborhood, with a clown. Gimp fun. There will be more!

Good Hunting


Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 02:53:44 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: Lordy, I don't know what to make of this. The victim looks like a little rag doll cast aside in the desert. What is she wearing, and why? And dare I old is she?

I like the cool background though.


Rachel Nichols, the beautiful star of P2, is the cover girl for the current issue of Maxim. This honor comes on the heels of the release of the new Conan the Barbarian flick, in which Nichols plays warrior-babe Tamara. I haven't found a decent picture of her from the movie, but this character poster is an artist's conception of what she's supposed to look like when she's dressed for combat. Kinda like Xena's younger sister.

You can find pictures of Rachel for real, but not in Conan, here and here.

We've established that the movie has some prime GIMPage based upon blink-and-you'll-miss-it caps from the trailer, such as this one and this one.

But is there anyone out there who has actually seen the movie and can tell us how good the GIMPage is? And does Rachel get any?

Brian's Page does not yet have any entries for the Conan the Barbarian reboot, but the database does indicate that Rachel Nichols has been handcuffed several times in her career.

Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 02:55:00 PM

Name: Ratt
E-mail address:

Hi all,

GIMP-type material has been an interest of mine for a while now. I found this forum recently and love what I've read; thanks to the posters for the really great information about GIMP-heavy movies and vids. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit bent in this direction. :-)

I have a question I'm hoping you might be able to help with. Since it's video-based, this seems like the wrong place to discuss GIMP-type books and fantasies. I would quite like to find a discussion forum for these types of materials, where I could discuss GIMP in the news, book reviews, and GIMP fantasies with like-minded people. (I'm not looking for any kind of site to pick people up.)

Google has utterly failed me on this one. Do you have any suggestions? I'd welcome your wisdom!

Take care (when you aim, that is),


Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 04:58:12 PM

Name: TGG


If you are interested in Adult themed E-books, you can find some at A1 Adult E-books and BDSM Books. You can also find adult themed comics at Do Fantasy Comics.


Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 05:59:46 PM

Name: John Galt

Ratt: Although movies, television and visual media in general get most of the attention on the forum, discussions have on occasion extended to books and stories. In case you did not notice, there is a GIMP Fiction section of the forum as well. And the stories are discussed, although not so much by me because I am more of a visual kinda guy.

We've also mentioned and discussed stand-out GIMP-themed books, such as my suggestion for All-Time Most Awesome, Let's Go Play at the Adams. So don't completely give up on the GIMP Forum.

* * * * *

I've been watching the new Cinemax series, Femme Fatales, hoping for some GIMPage. It is up to episode 10 and so far a complete and total bust. Even the episode where the two guys and gal hold a woman hostage and threaten to rape and kill her manages to miss every opportunity. You would think a series full of sex and nudity about scheming women in dangerous situations would do better.

In the last episode, in fact [SPOILER ALERT] we had a hot chick drugged and prepared for organ removal who wakes up on the operating table--not restrained at all!--and jumps up and runs away naked until she is eventually (presumably) recaptured. I say (presumably) because they don't even pay THAT off.

This travesty of a TV series is based on the Femme Fatale magazine, which I didn't even know was still in print, but back when I read it, it featured illustrated reviews of horror movies with an emphasis on, not surprisingly, the hot female characters. It was not a bad magazine, although at times it was unbearably pretentious. Plus, it was really expensive.

So anyway, if you have seen anything of the Cinemax series and wondered if it was worthwhile in a GIMP sort of way, the answer is a definite NO. And besides, Cinemax people, I don't know but a handful of French words, but I am pretty sure it should be Femmes Fatale. How hard would it have been to get that right?

* * * * *

Today's Pic doesn't do it for me. Too many clothes and honestly, how "in the middle of the desert" can you be with a riverside resort complete with cruise ships in the immediate background? But oh well.

Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 06:24:22 PM

Name: Renzo Novatore

I'm pretty sure that the girl in the pic (and the last pic for that matter) is Rosaleen Young.

Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 07:00:30 PM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:

John Galt wrote: And besides, Cinemax people, I don't know but a handful of French words, but I am pretty sure it should be Femmes Fatale. How hard would it have been to get that right?

Actually it's Femmes fatales. Plural noun, plural adjective. Since the plural is pronounced the same as the singular, in speech you'd use the plural article and say Les femmes fatales.

And if the family's last name was Adams, the book should have been titled Let's Go Play at the Adamses'.

Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 08:49:11 PM

Name: John Galt

Scot: Well, see, I knew they had it wrong somehow. And since I am just an impoverished GIMPer, you'll notice my disclaimer clearly acknowledging my incomplete knowledge of French. If I had the money to produce a TV series, I think I would find someone to make sure I had the French language title correct. As for the book title, since the author got all of the GIMP right, I can overlook the grammatical lapse. Truthfully, if the Cinemax series had been chock-full of GIMP, I probably would not have ragged on the title to begin with.

* * * * *

Here's something interesting. Mr Skin and Synapse Films have released a WIP Triple Feature DVD with Chained Heat, Red Heat and Jungle Warriors. And, according to the Mr Skin website:

Fans will also be slappy to hear that Chained Heat is presented in its skintirety for the first time since its theatrical run- a scene where Linda Blair is raped by John Vernon (aka Dean Wormer from Animal House) is restored for the first time on VHS or DVD.

See? Now this is how re-releases are supposed to be handled. Wouldn't it be great if Mr Skin started re-releasing more GIMPish movies restored to their original sleazy glory?

Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 09:57:43 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Renzo Novatore wrote:

I'm pretty sure that the girl in the pic (and the last pic for that matter) is Rosaleen Young.

Right, it was Rosaleen Young both times; she was also the tied-up cheerleader in the previous pic, and don't worry, she's of age. Rosaleen was my favorite bondage model of all time. Someone posted a series of bondage photos in Boilerplant's group a while back, and I was struck by how beautiful she was. Just a really, really cute girl, not the kind of girl you would expect to be a bondage model.

So I searched the net to find out more about her. Apparently she was one of the most popular bondage and fetish models at one time, and then she suddenly retired and disappeared completely without a trace, supposedly with an illness, although I hear that wasn't the real reason. It's even hard to find images of her on the net anymore, except for some spanking stuff she did. She's fondly remembered, though, and all you do is look at her angelic face to understand why she still has a cult following.


Ratt: Even though this board is primarily about videos, we've expanded our focus in recent years to include books and of course, John pointed out the story section. If it's about girls in merciless peril, I would say it's on-topic for this forum. And welcome to the forum; we're glad to have you here.


John Galt: I've never even heard of "Femme Fatales" (don't watch much cable except Cincinnati Reds games) but I couldn't believe your description of how they seem to mess up every opportunity for GIMPage. This is pay cable, guys! I looked at your link and saw these 2 pictures: and

So what's going on here? No ropes in sight, but the cute girl appears to have bruised face in the one and at least in implied peril in the other. So...nothing? What a waste.

Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 10:25:25 PM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:

Jungle Warriors - now that's one I haven't seen in a while. Models on an island photo shoot cross paths with badass drug lords! Besides the generous physical charms of Sybil Danning, the flick boasts a delighfully sadistic sequence of multiple-victim AOH bondage, clothes-tearing and implied multiple rapes.

And then there's Nina Van Pallandt, the willowy blonde Danish folksinger who became known to Americans when she was the girlfriend of Clifford Irving at the time he was trying to palm off a faked Howard Hughes autobiography. IMHO, 52-year-old Nina, who played the photographer, looked better than the girls half her age who played the models!

Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 10:28:03 PM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt: Thanks for the details on that Mr. Skin release. I always liked the clip from Jungle Warriors that was on the old YouTied site, so I think I'll be getting that DVD. As for Chained Heat, I hope they have kept the scene in the warden's office where you can see the boom mike over his head.

Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 10:30:00 PM

Name: Ratt

Ralphus: Thanks for the welcome -- glad to be here!

John:: Thanks for the pointer to the story section -- I'll check it out. I certainly agree with you that Let's Go Play at the Adams is right up there, but I have to say that if I were marooned on a desert island with nothing but one book and a bound woman, I'd want Torture Tomb as my textbook instead. I think it's the best, most vicious mainstream book dealing with this subject that's ever been published.

TGG: Thank you very much for the tips. I will definitely check them out, though I was actually thinking more of a place to discuss books and fantasies rather than a place to purchase them.



Sunday, July 17th 2011 - 11:40:35 PM

Name: Simon

Dear YikYakker:

Thank you for your information, actually, I saw the movie "Nun Story: Frustration in Black's" news several months ago, but I can't get it, do you have other information about it, like where can download or buy it. Thank you very much!

The other thing is about "School of the Holy Beast", its director is Norifumi Suzuki, he also has many pinky violence style movie, like "Sex and Fury", "Beautiful Girl Hunter", "Girl Boss Revenge"...most of them has many whipping and torture scenes, especially Girl Boss series.

Is the leader actress's pictures, hope you like it!

If you know other movies has the same style please share with us. Thank you again!

Monday, July 18th 2011 - 01:03:15 AM

Name: mothbrad
Homepage URL:

I love the Rosaleen Young picture today - it certainly brings back memories (I'm sure I remember her from about a decade ago of searching for bondage pics). She does a nice job of acting with her eyes. It would be great to see more from her/this set.

Monday, July 18th 2011 - 01:06:44 AM

Name: Renzo Novatore

"Rosaleen was my favorite bondage model of all time."

Yeah I liked her as well...never got the impression that she put out a lot of material, but what she did do was good. Spanking does absolutely nothing for me, though, and I think that's what a lot of her stuff consisted of.

She was definitely a good bondage actress, though, as I remember. She and only a few others that I can think of (in the "damsel in distress" genre, perhaps most notably fellow UK model Ariel Anderssen) actually put a little effort into it, rather than just looking like they're wondering what they're going to have for lunch. I hate that!

Monday, July 18th 2011 - 04:58:35 AM

Name: YikYakker

Simon: I've seen School of the Holy Beast but the other three you mentioned are on my wish list. Nice to have confirmation that these are worth seeking out.

To find out where you can buy Nun Story: Frustration in Black, follow the link to my movie review and check the very bottom of the page (underneath the grade) for a link to a possible source.

Monday, July 18th 2011 - 03:29:30 PM

Name: John Galt

Sunday's episode of HBO's True Blood (S04E04, "I'm Alive and On Fire") featured a BATS scene. It didn't do much for me (BATS scenes generally do not unless they involve nude babes), but I thought I would mention it and upload a few vidcaps.

There was kind of a nice bit of dialog where the evil church representative (sorry, that's repetitive) is talking about how the witch has to be burned in order, from the feet up (and his eyes were really shining when he mentioned the breasts), but cautioned that she must not be allowed to die until her face is burning. The scene ends long before we see a flaming victim though.

True Blood S04E04 - BATS
True Blood S04E04 - BATS
True Blood S04E04 - BATS

* * * * *

Renzo Novatore and Ralphus: So Rosaleen did a lot of shoots for Restrained Elegance, I see. I was a member of that site for a while but while the gals were beautiful and the photography was outstanding, it just was not as edgy as I would have liked. Ariel Andersson did a LOT of work there as well. So, Ralphus, if you haven't checked the site out, Rosaleen has 11 shoots for sale in the store section.

Monday, July 18th 2011 - 06:20:42 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Renzo Novatore wrote (about Rosaleen Young):

Yeah I liked her as well...never got the impression that she put out a lot of material, but what she did do was good. Spanking does absolutely nothing for me, though, and I think that's what a lot of her stuff consisted of.

I don't know much about her spanking stuff, but she actually did quite a lot of bondage shoots. She had well over a hundred bondage photo sets for her own site (now defunct) and she also worked for Amazing Ties, Bindher, Fetish Nation, InXesse, Porn Tied, Bondage Cafe, Bondage Bob, BoundNDetermined, Shackled Maidens, and those are just a few I know about. She was a very popular model before she suddenly retired. The stuff she did was Restrained Elegance was pretty mild, but depending on the site's content, some of them were fairly rough. She even did beheading and hanging stuff for Annabelle's Fantasy. Some of the content she did is too over the top even for me to post here in this forum.


John Galt: Burning at the stake on "True Blood"? I figured Stakedamsels would be all over it, but apparently you beat everybody to the story. Nothing on Brian's Page, either. As a BATS fan, I gotta press you for details. How long a scene is it? Do we see her get tied to the stake? How close does the fire get before the scene ends? Those pictures look very nice!

Tuesday, July 19th 2011 - 02:47:57 AM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: The scene begins at 10:15 into the show and ends at 11:45, so a minute and a half from start to finish. There are a lot of cutaways to incidental characters in the scene. She starts out already tied in place, you see the executioner touch his torch to the kindling, and you watch only her upper body as the fire spreads. Sadly, you don't see the fire after it is lit. No screams of agony although there is kind of a groan of pain. My first vidcap is from the very beginning, and my last vidcap is from the very end.

Tuesday, July 19th 2011 - 08:15:21 AM

Name: bondage_lover
E-mail address:

To my previous query in this thread, one comrade has replied it's from the movie 'Poor Cecily'. I immediately searched in online and noticed there are two versions of this movie. The US version has 82 min with uncut dungeon scene and UK version is just 62 mins without the dungeon scene ..

Since I want the dungeon scene, I ordered for US release version. has the dungeon scene (see below pic).

Free Image Hosting at

But in one of the movie discussion forums, another comrade has shocked me there is another scene missing in all the movies released in the market. He mentioned one busty girl alone hanging to the torture rack instead as with above pic. He gave the sample picture too...Yes I don't see this scene from the uncut version! Does anyone know where I can get this scene? Can't stop curiosity...May be veterans can help....

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Tuesday, July 19th 2011 - 02:17:50 PM

Name: YikYakker

I really appreciate the way you folks let me off the stupidity hook for asking whether anyone had seen Conan the Barbarian. Of course no one has, because it doesn't open until August 19, huh. Must've gotten mixed up with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I mean, the two movies are so much alike.


Some other things I forgot to remember...

John Galt: Great catch on that Mr.Skin/Synapse re-release of the triple-feature WIP product.

Unfortunately, the news comes too late for me, because I got burned a while back buying the shitty version. It not only skimped on Linda Blair, but also truncated the mass-rape scene in Jungle Warriors.

So beware, GIMPers...the version John Galt mentioned is the one you want.

Maxx Coxx: That was a very cool video. You say you've worked on others like it? Maybe you should think about putting them on a compilation know, Maxx Coxx's Greatest Music Video Hits.

Yeah, I'd be interested in something like that.


I haven't seen The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but Search the GIMP reveals a discussion between Canadian and Badger about a GIMP scene in the movie that did not quite measure up to the book (September 2010). So what is it that has Daniel Craig so horrified? Or is this like the "intense and shocking" Keira Knightly rape scene we were just talking about not so long ago?

Tuesday, July 19th 2011 - 07:56:44 PM

Name: Renzo Novatore

"She even did beheading and hanging stuff for Annabelle's Fantasy."

Oh yeah, I seem to remember seeing one of those clips, where she was tied up and garroted or something. Weird. I remember some forum I randomly happened upon where they had a thread dedicated to her, and most of the stuff seemed to involve her getting whacked on the ass with something. That was a while ago though.

Tuesday, July 19th 2011 - 08:51:16 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

John Galt: Thanks for the added info on the "True Blood" BATS scene. SD, who runs Stakedamsels, said to say thanks for bringing it to their attention. He was able to view the scene and he liked it, although it has the usual problems with mainstream BATS scenes...too short and you never actually see a long shot of the victim surrounded by the flames once the fire is lit. That's frustrating as hell, and it was one of the main points I stressed to Jane when we were discussing how to burn her at the stake. Too often what gets ignored are the long shots that show off the entire spectacle...victim, stake and the burning wood pile...all in the same shot. Fortunately, based on the caps that Margot posted, that shouldn't be a problem in Maleficarum.

And even better, SD is an excellent BATS manipulator, so he was able to "improve" on what was actually filmed in the "True Blood" episode. Here's his artistic effort:

bondage_lover: That B&W still you linked appears to be a publicity still, rather than a vidcap. It's possible there may have been more filmed from the Poor Cecily dungeon scene, but to my knowledge, there's only 2 versions and you have the good one. BTW, since that film has been long out of print, how is the video quality of the version you acquired?

Tuesday, July 19th 2011 - 11:29:08 PM

Name: Peter

Any of you guys also disappointed by how sort the typical bondage clip/scene is these days and wish that your favorites could go on forever? Stumbled onto this a few days ago...

Stunning Chinese girl in a bikini gets locked into a Rigid Fiddle (love those things!) and heavy leg shackles and then gets tossed into a cage for 6 hours. For about an hour and a half she wears a very nasty bit gag.

It's more straight bondage than GIMP and probably not everyone's cup of tea but you can definitely make up your own storyline with a bit of imagination. It was absolutely fascinating to watch the gamut of emotions she went through - being pissed off to finally accepting that she was stuck for a long, long time.

Think there's any market for a site specializing in long-term bondage? I for one think it would be an interesting idea. Probably not feasible in the US for people using lots of pro models, though.

Also, if anyone is thinking about checking out one of the new Attackers movies - RBD-282 (Don't know which series it belongs to), don't bother. Absolutely devoid of any interesting scenes. What happened to these guys? Big downhill since Slave Island ended.

Tuesday, July 19th 2011 - 11:38:04 PM

Name: MeetThePryz

RBD-282 was indeed an awful disappointment. So was the Ballet Riverse series.

RBD-283 (Slave Color 15), on the other hand, was actually pretty good, with a simulated snuff scene that people here might like. Ž´ƒpƒCƒ“, reprising her role from Slave Teacher 5 and Slave Teacher 6, is still a slave with the group. She's performing in a sex show when she realizes one of the guards has left his gun laying around. She quickly grabs it and turns on her captors... only to find the gun empty. The guests laugh and throw down money, apparently it was all a bet to see whether or not the long-time slave would try to take the opportunity or not.

In the next scene, she's dressed in white lingerie. She is not happy, and bites a man's penis during oral. A guard pulls a gun on her, and she taunts him, begging him to shoot. He shoots her in the chest... but it is not over for her yet. They drag her back to the guest room and have somebody fuck her while she's bleeding to death while the older mistress woman licks her face. Pretty rough stuff.

This part of the story acts mostly as an epilogue after the story concerning the two new characters, and mostly starts around the 2:43 mark.

It was the only good Attackers movie this month. Next month's RBD-292 (Slave Color Fiance 3) looks good, as the first two were both some of the better Slave Color episodes.

Recent favorites from Attackers have been:
SHKD-441 (#98, one of the better Student Gang Rape episodes)

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 12:28:56 AM

Name: Peter

On the subject of Attackers. Just watched RBD-191 which I think came out fairly recently even though there are almost 100 films since then (God, they certainly are cranking them out).

Not bad at all. Has lots of the elements from Slave Island that worked so well. Forced BJs in front of the boyfriend who has also been captured. She's forced to wear a slave outfit and she gets a little ornament added to her collar and waist belt every time she gives head or gets screwed. Movie works because this actress is absolutely stunning (one of the best in any of this company's films) and acts wonderfully. Definitely worth a watch.

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 12:42:11 AM

Name: MeetThePryz

RBD-191 is Slave Castle 6, the last of the Slave Castle series and (imo) the worst. If you liked it, definitely go for the first 5. The acting in them is much, much better.

I'm working on some length reviews of Attackers longer series (Slave Island, Slave Color, and Student Gang Rape). Maybe I'll have something to show in a week or so.

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 12:53:14 AM

E-mail address:

Ralphus wrote:

bondage_lover: That B&W still you linked appears to be a publicity still, rather than a vidcap. It's possible there may have been more filmed from the Poor Cecily dungeon scene, but to my knowledge, there's only 2 versions and you have the good one. BTW, since that film has been long out of print, how is the video quality of the version you acquired?

Thanks Ralphus.. I am still in hope for that publicity still video... The one I received is not so good.. do you know where I can get the best quality vid? Thanks so much...

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 11:10:09 AM

Name: Badger

As I watched excerpts of the appearance of sleazebag Rupert Murdoch in front of the MP's, I couldn't help but conjure a bit of Video Mayhem (AKA: MP) with his comely wife Wendy.

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 05:15:34 PM

Name: wonderguy
E-mail address:

Great site...

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 05:59:38 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

MeetThePryz: I agree with you about Attackers ATID-165. It was surprisingly better than expected. Here is the review I wrote last year (and, once again, thanks to Ralphus for restoring the pictures for this one).

I know I'm a broken record on this point, but Attackers' "slave" movies don't do much for me. I loved the original Slave Island series -- Slave Island 11 is still one of my all-time favorite GIMP movies. But a lot of the stuff that followed -- the slave teachers, homes, castles, etc. -- never really clicked for me. I would have enjoyed the first Slave Town movie with Asami Ogawa if Asami had been better restrained by her captors. And the second movie in the series, with Maria Ozawa, was quite good (here's the review of that one). But generally speaking I'm not really into slavery these days.

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 06:59:58 PM

Name: YikYakker

Just have time for a quickie tonight: Came across this article, which may or may not have immediate relevance for folks here. But it's certainly something to keep "abreast" of (hee-hee).

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 08:25:36 PM

Name: MeetThePryz

Attackers' Slave Island Series - A Summary, Overview, and Review:

I see mixed reactions to Attackers movies on this forum, but I don't really get the dislike, particularly for that of their almost uniformly dark and depressing Slave Island series. It's the continuing story of a slavery ring off of the Japanese coast that kidnaps and trains sex slaves for both pleasure and pregnancy, showing their tearful degradation from free woman to human trash. There's certainly a lot of filler and repetitive scenes, as well as some disappointing cop-outs, but the series almost never fails to deliver dark story-based BDSM films with pretty good production values.

-Slaves are collared and cuffed at almost all times, while gags are frequent but usually not while getting fucked. They are virtually never allowed to walk, instead walking on all fours and led by leash.

-There's not much simulated snuff in the series, but the themes are generally fucked up and dark, and more than a few end with rebellious heroines getting their vocal chords and Achilles tendons cut (any scene with bandages around their necks indicate this), which I'll refer to as CLIPPED from now on.

- The slaves' boyfriends and husbands often get abducted and forced to watch, but I'm not sure what is done with them later.

-There are frequent montages of the women's prior lives and bursts of crying as dramatic music plays, all to accentuate just how much all of the women have lost. The overall theme is meant to be dark and depressing, and it spares nothing in portraying the slaves fates as monstrously evil. The women are abducted for both basic sex slavery and impregnation for various purposes, and they're all completely miserable.

-There's some simulated scat and sometimes eating (often in to pans with pictures of them and their boyfriends before getting enslaved), but the grosser scenes can be skipped, and is clearly just chocolate. Some fake enemas are involved.

-Pregnancy is a huge theme, with the girls forced to give themselves pregnancy by pissing in tins and bending over with a home testing kit in their mouth, usually while getting raped from behind. If they've failed to get pregnant, they get slapped or abused, but if they've succeeded they get congratulated. The slaves never seem to happy, though... I wonder why? They scream and cry so much in response.

-When women are done (either sold, ready to be disposed of, or being brought to surgery), they're shoved in burlap sacks and dragged away.

-I know some people complain about oral should never be done by a slave in a rape scene due to unrealism, but biting has consequences. Quite a few of the entries involve slaves biting what is forced into them, with the dire consequence of them getting clipped and permanently being deprived of the ability to walk or speak. It's pretty dark and depressing, and shows the slavers' willingness to perform atrocities to get compliant slaves.

-Most of the women are lured into a trusting situation and given drugged tea, usually awaking only as they are being undressed in a prison cell somewhere on Slave Island.

-Most entries involve the girls training on dildos sticking straight up stuck to the ground.

-The female domme is mostly MAYA through Slave Island (with some guests), while New Slave Island has no single one.

There's actually continuity between the series, with some of the slaves recurring or having relations to other slaves in different entries. There's a "tree" of the connections on the back of the Slave Island Collection 1 and Slave Island Collection 2.

I'm not going to go down a scene-by-scene breakdown, as the entries in the series are long and kind of repetitive in terms of the fetishes. I'll give some highlights, impressions, and plot summaries, noting the best and worst episodes.

A quick Japanese primer in-so-far as rape movies are concerned:

Nee or Nee-san: "Sister"

Onee : "Brother"

Okasa: "Mother"

Doshte: "Why?"

Yamite: "Stop/No!"

Onegai: "Please!"

Slave Island 1 - RBD-045 - The first entry, with a different dominant woman and a cheaper looking set. The domme is actually pretty hot, and does strap-on rape at one point.

Slave Island 2 -RBD-047 - "Torture in the Name of Pregnancy" This really steps up the pregnancy fetish. A girl sell her friends out, but looking into the events later leads to her own enslavements. The women are all around pretty hot.

Slave Island 3 - RBD-051 "4th Sister Haruka's Surrender"? Mother-Daughter incest is the most significant theme here. Two years ago, a mother goes missing, and flashbacks show her initial rape and torture on Slave Island. Two years later, one of her daughters (named Haruka) is investigating the disappearance and gets abducted herself. She is raped and trained separately until she finally comes across her mother and mutters "Okasa", the Japanese word for Mother. This clues the guards in, and they decide to put the mother-daughter pair together for some fun activities, including strap-ons, The daughters friends get clipped for ??? and the heroine is blindfolded and forced to unknowingly shit and fuck in front of her crying clipped friend (who is also getting fucked) and her boyfriend. The clipped friend gets dragged away, and the mother and daughter are forced into some final incest. Haruka does a good job of crying and playing traumatized by the evils she's subjected to.

Slave Island 4 - RBD 055 "Blasphemy of Sisters' Love": Obviously, an incest themed one with two sisters as the slaves. It spends a bit of time at the beginning of the women just having nice, cheerful interactions with one of their boyfriends. Skip to one of the enslaved sisters giving a BJ as she sees her sister get dragged in via sack. She panics, and gets slapped hard, eventually having to watch her sister get raped with a dildo. The rest of the first disc shows them undergoing their slave training together, and ends with a blindfolded sister forced to perform oral on some bit-gagged slaves, her sister included. Disc two starts with more incest, the sisters kissing while rubbing their tits against each other's. One sister is later dosed with aphrodisiacs on her cunt and tits, and each of them are bound wrist-to-ankle. Together in their cell, one sister goes down on the other willingly to get her off. The episode ends with a montage as the girls are fucked by several men.

Slave Island 5 - RBD-060 - I don't understand what the title means, but it involves Yuka Haneda and her sister finding out the circumstances of the deaths of their parents. Yuka is enslaved at the request of another dominant woman that wants Yuka's boyfriend. Yes, there are other women than Yuka, but she is easily the star and really sole attraction of this entry. It starts with the sister getting reamed from behind as she thrashes and screams. Then, cut to Yuka and her own abduction, where she wakes to see her sister getting painfully raped before undergoing her own slavery training. Disc one ends with Yuka's sister eating her out, then being dragged away in a sack, as Yuka cries out repeatedly.

Disc two opens "Two Months Later" with the girl that arranged for Yuka's abduction showing up for a progress update and to participate in the emotional torment. The sisters meet on all fours in a hallway. More training, more taunting, and the entry ends with the mean woman taunting Yuka in a cell filled with sex toys.

Slave Island 6 - RBD-063 - "Tears of Vicarious Victim Doll". A mean bitch has her twin sister enslaved and raped so she can take her life and inheritance of their rich father. The entry features several unrelated slave girls, and strapon rape between them,

Early on, the evil twin murders a woman's husband in front of her. Later, the bereaved wife mistakes the innocent twin for the evil one, and foils an attempt to use a cell phone out of spite (1:55) after it gets left behind after a taunting phone call from her evil twin. 1:58 says "One year later", when the innocent twin is masked and raped by her former lover.

Slave Island 7 -RBD-067 - "Chastity Belt Women", obvious fetish. Very little exposition, and one of my least favorite entries.

Slave Island 8 - RBD-072 - "Black Disgrace", black dudes and the classy Miki Tachibana. Standand torture "now with many more black men", and Mikie gets used as a Sushi plate. 2:15 reads "one month later". Hot woman, but not a really good episode.

Slave Island 9 - RBD-075 - "Lover's Scenery", is a pretty standard entry in the series with nothing that really stands out. I don't like this entry much.

Slave Island 10 - RBD-084 - "Sadistic Foreigners", features an eventually recurring Chinese woman and white English speaking woman. Neither are particularly hot, and I don't really like this entry much.

Slave Island 11 -RBD-090 - I don't understand the title, but it starts with a detective investigating the island and getting caught, then being brutalized until one of the rapists intentionally leaves a cell phone left in her cell. She tries to make a call, gets caught, and is clipped for her rebellion. Finally, once she is silenced and defenseless, she is allowed to place a phone call to a fellow detective... only to listen in on his murder. There's also some femdom scenes with the Chinese woman. This is easily one of the best entries in the series, and the detective gets fucked while wearing a gag, which is a rarity in Japanese movies.

Slave Island 12 - RBD-095 - "Eternal Humiliation" is the "Big finale", where many recurring "villain" characters are murdered, and quite a few of the slave girls of previous episodes return to show how they're fairing as sex slaves. The change in management means nothing to the slaves, who keep getting fucked all the same. The episode ends with a montage the lives of all of slave girls before they were abducted and brought to slave island, just to show how many lives have been destroyed for the sake of slavery.


"New Slave Island" Overview-- the series switches names as new dommes are introduced and new fetishes come into play. Many more women get "clipped" than they did in the original series.

New Slave Island 1 - RBD-111 - Time to meet the new management! Two girls walk in to find their brother hanging. There's an opening montage of the now abandoned Slave Island as the two new employees are led around (the young-ish guy that is in many Attackers movies, and the Chinese woman from Slave Island 10). I don't think there's any specific fetish here, just some bondage, some fucking with the gags still in

New Slave Island 2 -RBD-119 "Urban Legend" - This is Riria's episode. She is investigating an urban legend about white slavery... only to find that it is quite true. There's a lot of plot about a few reporters, and a girl in a kimono that they meet during their investigation. The two reporters are abducted while swimming, leading to a swimsuit rape scene that I particularly enjoyed. The bondage mat gets used, Riria is as hot as ever. Two of the girls are given dog tags that read #68 and #69, and videotaped for auction.

New Slave Island 3 - RBD-132 "The one that protects..." A clipped girl is found somewhere in the South Pacific, a former slave that was either dumped or tried to escape. Riria returns. The episode ends in the hospital, with the clipped girl laying there helplessly as she gets fondled.

New Slave Island Gaiden - RBD-135 - "Side Story", the story of Riria's slavery and three additional women. There's not much plot here. Basically, it is Riria's chapter, then different chapters for each of the three other women, then a scene with three women combined. The scene where all three off the women are kneeling in a row giving oral while men squeeze their tits from behind is great, and all four women are pretty hot, but overall there's not much special about this episode.

New Slave Island 4 - RBD-140 - "You because it wants to protect..." Two women are being visited by one of their brothers when he accepts a phone call and leaves the room. Looking in his bag, they find a DVD, which turns out to be the training of slaves #68 and #69. The women have seen too much and must be taken, and the brother must be punished. There is more use of the chained doggy-style mat. The black-haired girl gets impregnated (1:42). The brother later tries to help the two girls escape... but the plan fails miserably. Their punishment is forced face-sitting and peeing onto the brother.

New Slave Island 5 - RBD-154 -"The sorrow is wrapped..." A girl betrays her friends into slavery while pretending to have been captured along with them. She joins in on the fun, pretending to be a victim but making dirty faces at her friends and laughing behind their backs, always getting freed to live her life normally while her friends are busy getting raped mercilessly. But like all schemes of this kind, her criminal friends decide to keep the roleplay going indefinitely and against her will. The bitch of a friend is gorgeous.

New Slave Island 6 -RBD-159 - "Usual life was want to do..." Another reporter, investigating strange occurrences at a hospital. She gets caught snooping around and enslaved.

New Slave Island 7 - RBD-165 - "Thing that is able to do for you..." This has something to do with politics and people's daughters, but I'm not really sure. Pretty actresses, and pretty good acting and dirty stares. I really like the bondage bed at 43 minutes. At 1:22, one of the girls bites, and gets clipped in return. The next scene shows her laying on the floor, bandages around her neck and angles, gag in her mouth, eyes open and staring blankly, and tears streaming out as somebody shoves her in a sack. Violently rebellious slaves aren't worth the trouble, I guess. Somebody somewhere still has a use for them, though. The other slave behaves much better, and the episode ends with her giving oral as her friend is dragged away to a much worse fate.

New Slave Island - RBD-169 - "Special Volume" - A case of mistaken identity? I've seen it, but I don't remember much.

New Slave Island 8 - RBD-174 - "20 Years Later", to commemorate the 20th main entry in the slave island franchise. Flashback twenty years with two slaves getting raped repeatedly in a montage. They are impregnated against their will, eventually giving birth. Twenty years later, those adult women are abducted, and like their mothers two decades earlier, raped repeatedly until they are gleefully told "You're pregnant!" and "You're pregnant too!" in garbled English.

Honestly, the reveal scene at 1:28 is one of the best scenes in the series. The two women are getting raped from behind as they're bent over tins filled with their piss, pregnancy tests held in their mouths as they struggle to hold them in. Their slaver says (in English) "I need results", and cheerfully says "Pringle, you're pregnant!" She screams and screams, all the while fucked wildly. Shortly after, "Congratulations, you get pregnant too!". They cry and cry, but there is no end in sight. One of the slaves just can't go on any longer and refuses to suck any more dicks, and for her resistance she gets clipped. The last scene shows her deeply traumatized by what was happened to her as her friend yells in shock. More men enter her room to use her, and the episode ends.

New Slave Island 9 (RBD-183) - "Evidence of Friendship", and the series ends with a whimper, albeit an interesting plot. Two women are abducted (as per the norm in this series) and get raped and trained until... one of their brothers show up and realizes that his sister has been enslaved! Now that's quite the dilemma. After a bit of time, the brother negotiates his sister's freedom, leaving the unfortunate friend behind. But the freed sister goes back to save her friend, and both women are caught, negating the brother's efforts. He begs and pleads, but gets ignored. Eventually, somebody negotiates the freedom of the other fried

The bondage here is particularly interesting with how the girls are tied down on their backs, arms and legs spread, and raped.

And with that, the series just ends. No finale, no sign of cancellation. It just ends. Hopefully they continue it someday, as their Slave Color series is consistently less dark and not as good. Only the Slave Color Fiance series has consistently been good.

I'd consider the standout entrees to be

Slave Island 11 (Clipped detective)

New Slave Island 8 "20 Years Later"

New Slave Island 5 (traitorous friend)

Slave Island 6 (evil twin)

Slave Island 3 (Mother and daughter incest)

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 08:30:47 PM

Name: JoeX

A delayed answer for Carnyx who asked for more info on GIMP scenes in Savage Sword of Conan, back on July fourth.

Black and white, magazine sized, and higher priced, Savage Sword of Conan was distributed with magazines rather then other comics, so it was outside the comics code and after a couple of years it started to take full advantage of it with T and A and G (GIMP, that is). A huge success, it was reportedly Marvel's most profitable comic in the seventies. It's GIMP glory days ended when it was toned down after the Reagan revolution in 1981, but it lasted all the way to the mid nineties..

Dark Horse has reprinted them in trade paperbacks recently. A cheap and easy way to get them all, though they are smaller then the originals and in some cases the reproduction is not the best. The issues I mention are in volumes three to five.

You asked for more info on individual scenes. #32 has several pictures of a woman tied spread-eagled on the floor and threatened with red-hot pokers. She is naked but for a small towel draped over her pussy.

In #42 a woman (naked but for a small loin cloth and initially a bag over her head) is strung up by her wrists and whipped, tied to a post, dragged with her hands tied behind her back, and fed to a carnivorous plant. In case that's not enough, there is a spot illo of a woman sitting with her hands tied to pillars on either side of her.

#58 has another woman strung up and whipped, completely naked this time.

The very next issue (#59) shows a naked woman chained by her wrists to an alter, then carried over his shoulder by Conan.

Joe X

Wednesday, July 20th 2011 - 09:49:21 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:,zyDE58HgwtOkzr33/

MeetThePryz: Wow. You have definitely provided the definitive overview of the entire Slave Island series. Congratulatons on an outstanding contribution.

I've seen most of the films and I disagree with some of your assessments. But I'll leave my detailed response until Thursday.

For now, I will note that the first Slave Island movie, RBD-045, is still available at Also, I strongly support the recommendation about Slave Island 11. It's a great film. As I said earlier this evening, it's still one of my all-time favorite GIMP movies.

Thursday, July 21st 2011 - 12:18:36 AM

Name: Badger

MeetThePryz: Awesome work you did on reviewing the Slave Island series. Thanks for your great contribution.

Thursday, July 21st 2011 - 07:44:28 AM

Name: Renzo Novatore

Out of the entries I've seen, I think that number 10 is probably my favorite, actually. I thought that the American woman in that one (or whatever her nationality was) was gorgeous. The main victim in that one was also a pretty good actress.

Number 11 didn't do that much for me. The only scene I remember pretty well was the lesbian scene with the Chinese woman (who was in number 10 but wasn't directly involved with any lezdom stuff)

I don't know, I have mixed feelings about the series. My two main problems are 1) I don't understand Japanese, so I have no idea what's happening in any of the films, plot-wise, and (more importantly) 2) the censorship. If they were uncensored then it would be one of the greatest series ever.

Thursday, July 21st 2011 - 04:18:37 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:,zyCwpb,rocqkoqSkpLik56Svocukz8u0pK3J46TItqaky6HE/

MeetThePryz: Thanks again for all your work on the overview of Attackers' Slave Island series. As promised (although a day late), here is my more detailed response to your review.

Overall, I don't share your enthusiasm for the New Slave Island series. I found those films tried to meet the lengths of the original series (sometimes more than three hours) by dragging out a number of scenes, rather than populating the movies with a wide variety of scenes as was done in the first series. Also, it seemed in the second series that the filmmakers had basically abandoned any effort to show the female victims being broken in. Instead, it felt like the victims arrived in a cell wearing a collar and handcuffs and then they immediately became subservient. And, of course, there was the problem (not unique to these movies) that breast implants were starting to become more common on the new slave island.

As for the original Slave Island series, one thing that is obvious to me is that I'm a much bigger fan of Nana Nanami than you are (Slave Islands 5 and 8). I enjoyed her work in Slave Island 5 at least as much (more, I think) as I enjoyed Yuka Haneda's performance. I also thought Nana was great in Slave Island 8, which is another one of my favorite films in the series.

It's also clear that I liked Slave Island 7 much more than you did. I enjoyed the film because I really like the star, Ayumu Kase. Also, I thought this film did the best job of blending tortures (such as whippings) and humiliation scenes (eating from dog bowls) with the rape theme that predominates in the series.

I'll end by noting that I had never seen Slave Island 3. But I've now got an order in.

Friday, July 22nd 2011 - 09:54:09 AM

Name: Margot
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Another post from Reine Margot

We're living a very unsettling time at this point. The experience Jane is going through is not what we were expecting or were prepared for. However, she's strong, a tough cookie, as JJ would say. And she's just amazing in how she's dealing with a very painful situation. Our minds and hearts are there with her.

In the meantime, the rest of our gang of transgressing filmmakers are busy with the post production of the highly anticipated film Maleficarum, as well as Jane's incredible version of the old classic Barbazul and the very marquizian Le Marquis de la Croix. But that's not all. We're preparing two productions, one of which will be directed by Jane and you all know which one I'm talking about.

But those are not all the tasks in our hands. We just released another installment of the Via Crucis of Camille series: The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 6 & 7.

You can get the DVD in our DVD STORE. We'll have trailers soon.

I could call this series, Red Feline, The beginning.

You might wonder how we came up with the name Red Feline.

It was way back, when Camille and JJ were in the editing room at the University where he was teaching film. At that time digital video was a thing of the near future and all we had to work with was analogue technology... those big cameras, big recorders, big tapes.. big...

Well, it those times when big mattered, JJ was in need to put titles and credits to the new work, he had an editing console but not the equipment to generate credits and titles, and so it was that a morning of August 1997, Camille and JJ were sitting in front of the screen thinking of a title for the new movie.

A key element in Camille was her red hair, shiny red hair, and the other part was that she was agile, very agile and on top of it, during the story she survives terrible tortures, as if she had nine lives. So... a red cat popped into JJ's head. "Red cat", he said... "or maybe in French, Le chat rouge"... which Camille didn't like. She's French, and what was cute to JJ, was just silly to her.

JJ flogged his brain for a better title and Red Feline came up front.

"Red Feline.... we have to add something to it, something that will tell people what the movie is about so they'll go crazy and buy it...."

It was a film about crucifixion, JJ's favorite fetish, with lots of torture and whipping and all of that... so... it was obvious "Red Feline on the Cross!!!!" he yelled out and Camille said "yay!!!" and the title was born... along with the character and the myth.

Later on, in New York, with the finished movie, it was time to offer it to an unaware world. It was time to explore the new up and coming world of THE INTERNET.

A site was needed. It was time to master the languages of HTML and .jpgs, and .gifs and all of that... We needed a brand name, a company name, a id name, all rolled into one. Red Feline Pictures, became the name of the company, and our first site was named RFPIX.COM

In February, 1998, in a winter night in New York City, sometime before midnight JJ, Camille and I held hands, bowed our heads in humility and gave birth to the legend of Red Feline when the first page of was up online.

It was a beautiful moment, a moment of discovery, of quickly growing up and becoming internet fluent. A day or two later we sold the first video tape of this magnificent movie. We haven't stopped since, except for a short time in 2005 when we were lost in the jungles of South America producing a movie for National Geographic.

Back then, for some time, we were offline, in fact people thought that we were gone for good. We were in need of re-structuring and along came Jane, to breathe new life into the World of Red Feline and there we are now, growing still, making movies and having a lot of fun making them.

But, as it's always in life, we do have families, friends and responsibilities that we have to take care off and we're at one such moment where our obligations supersede our plans.

Four weeks ago yesterday, Jane took the plane to the US. JJ saw her off at 6 am, she was heading to face something she never thought she would be facing it at this moment in her life, much later, sure, but now? She was going to spend time a day in New York, and then of to her home town to see her father. I can't go into that part of the story, is very personal, but I can say that it is the hardest experience Jane ever had to face.

But we weren't going to just sit and wait. We had a job, many jobs, to do and the first thing in the agenda was to release The Via Crucis of Camille - Crux 6 & 7, the movie Jane herself was editing before she left. And we got into it, preparing the DVD while Jane confronted what she had to confront.

Before Jane's journey, Mila started training in another part of our production biz. She's learning how to edit movies, under the tutelage of JJ himself, and how to use final cut to select vid caps from the movies, a task that's not only technical, but requires a deep appreciation of the work itself.

In our team, we often have to wear many hats. Sometimes we'll done the actor's cap, sometimes we'll sit in the director's chair, some other time's we'll be editors, cinematographers, fixers, production assistants, wardrobe designers... multitasking, sometimes.

Mila is learning the ropes. She's not only going to be the pretty face of a damsel in dire distress, she's also going to be editing movies, maybe script writing and who knows, she might, one day, direct her own movies.

The weeks pass, we work, Jane deals with what she has to deal with and suddenly, she's gone through the worst and we're beginning to count the days to her return. Her return home, her return to normalcy, to the work.

While we wait for Jane and work, we hear some rumblings coming from the forest outside the walls of the World of Red Feline. The natives are restless.

daniel winnall says: Short post here. Maleficarum: is it a Red Feline flick or am I looking on the wrong site? If I'm not, then when the bloody hell is it out??

I wrote in the BATS forum:

I can sense the anticipation seeping through the cracks. When is Maleficarum going to be ready? When? The restless natives cry out to the moon above and the message travels through time and distance and lands on my lap making me feel like it's all my responsibility and duty to deliver this magnificent work of nasty genius to the anxious masses below the high walls of our fortress up on the top of the high Andean mountains.

Well, I take time from a million meetings I have these days and visit the dark editing suite in Miraflores, where JJ and Mila sit silently, eyes focused in the large screens of their powerful Macs. Their earphones keep all external sounds away from their work, I can hear some screaming coming out from under their ears.

In the large screens I see, in one Mila stretched on the rack screaming her head of, in the other is Camille who dances naked, nailed to her cross, she only moans while Mila selects the shots she thinks will appeal to the crowds. When asked by JJ what she thinks about The Via Crucis, Mila responds, "It's beautiful".

It's my impression that the rack scene with Mila is where JJ is in the editing, but then I see him speeding ahead, past Jane, who's now screaming on the rack, to Jane again, but this time in to a great shot of her on the horse, her hair wet, her torso all bloodied, ... Then, this where JJ must be in his editing... but no... again he speeds ahead and Jane is being roasted over hot coals.

Do I dare ask? I fear a fate worse than Camille's crucifixion if I interrupt the flow of creativity in those two and I decide to step back and out of the room where all those creative juices are flowing and back to my boring meetings.

It has been a few difficult weeks for the crew here at the wonderful World of Red Feline. Jane's trip, which extended two weeks from her scheduled return, is full of anxiety causing situations.

JJ's mind is very much there, with her, and through the miracle of Skype he spends hours with her, going over her ordeals, helping her decide what is, after all, a very personal and painful decision, and he's unable to tell me when he'll be done with the first cut. "Ask me again when Jane is back" he says sulking and goes into the editing suite to view once more the work he's so intent in finishing soon.

But the work is going well, that's for sure. I expect that very soon I'll hear the magic words. In the meantime I send my messages through the moon to the natives gazing up and howling at its pale face.

The message is.... "wait, wait, the lords of the editing heaven are very busy now, and they will respond after Jane is safely back on her throne."

And that's what I can say for now. The work is advancing and it's looking great. Jane is coming back at the beginning of August, ready to go back into work. She fulfilled her mission of the heart. She did very well, she did what had to be done, as painful as it was, and she's the better for it.

JJ promised her a nice vacation upon her return, somewhere where they can be alone, communing with nature and their souls. I promised not to ask anything until then. C'est la vie.

And to close this, last night Jane and JJ were chatting online, Jane was telling him how things went that day, when she had to do the hardest thing she ever had to do, and she was also telling him about the things she found in the house during cleaning up. Amongst the finds were three bottles of beer, Maine beer, from 1997. She decided to drink them all three, before going to bed.

Somehow JJ found that find symbolic. 1997 was the year he produced Red Feline on the Cross, as well as part of the Via Crucis of Camille series. It was the year that began the road we took without looking back. A significant year, 14 years ago. "I was finishing High School" Jane said sipping the 14 year old beer. Next month we'll celebrate 14 years of the birth of Red Feline on the Cross.


Friday, July 22nd 2011 - 01:23:20 PM

Name: A Canadian

Margot: Reading between the lines, I think I understand Jane's situation. It sounds awful, particularly for someone as young as Jane (if I'm guessing right). Please let her know I am sorry for what she went through and I'm thinking of her.

Friday, July 22nd 2011 - 03:31:47 PM

Name: A Canadian

A clarification: I just re-read my previous post and realized I should be a bit clearer -- when I said "if I'm guessing right," I meant about the situation (my post reads like I may have been referring to Jane's age). I hope there wasn't any confusion.

Friday, July 22nd 2011 - 04:54:22 PM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian Well, I understood what you were trying to say, and my brain translated it like this:

Reading between the lines, I think I understand Jane's situation. If I'm guessing right, it sounds awful, particularly for someone as young as Jane.

But who am I to judge anyone's writing? I can't write worth a damn. Just ask my boss.


Margot: Like our Canadian friend, I am saddened by the news you've imparted (with sensitivity and grace, I might add) about Jane's sorrows. And I also wish to extend my condolences to Jane, and encouragement to all who labor for Red Feline.

Your latest post was, as usual, thorough, packed with imagery and even poetic at times. With each new Margot post, we come to better understand the Red Feline group - past, present and future.

Friday, July 22nd 2011 - 10:10:31 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

MeetThePryz: I've been short of free time lately so I'm a little late to the game, but thanks for probably the most comprehensive review we've ever had about the entire Slave Island series. It took me a while to add the info to the Reviews section. Obviously, that's a popular series so to have a bit of info about all the entries should be helpful.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


JoeX: Our friend Covers from Comic Book Bondage Cover of the Day sent me some gorgeous scans from the Savage Sword of Conan comic you described. I will be running some of them at the top of the site sometime in the near future. After seeing them, I totally understand why that comic was a huge seller. Even though most are in black and white, the bondage artwork is stunning.


Margot: It's always a special treat whenever you can stop by and post to the forum. And the new Maleficarum caps are beautiful. Hopefully when Jane comes back they will have a release date soon after. Quality takes time.

Friday, July 22nd 2011 - 10:40:43 PM

Name: Margot
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A note just to clarify something. Jane's dad did not pass away. However, the situation is just as painful if not more. But I would prefer if at one point Jane herself discusses this. She's moved by the comments of sympathy and she'll be commenting in the near future.

Sunday, July 24th 2011 - 11:02:04 AM

Name: YikYakker

Ralphus: I'm really looking forward to seeing the Savage Sword of Conan scans from Covers; he's got quite a load of good material.

I used to read that mag back in the day, but only on an occasional basis. It sounds like I missed the best issues.


Today's Pic: I like this Rosaleen Young gal - she's lovely and expressive and looks great naked and even her bare feet are cute.

The only problem I have with this picture is the blindfold - it covers up two of her best assets.

But it's been a great series and it helps me understand why so many here enjoy her work.


Meet the Pryz: I would like to also express my appreciation for your concise summary of the Slave Island series. That must've taken quite a bit of work.

Although Canadian and others have reviewed some of these films, for some strange reason I've never seen any of them. Guess I'll have to rectify that.

Sunday, July 24th 2011 - 11:54:13 AM

Name: DHT

Do you guys remember Bryan Davis, who used to do videos for Harmony and Closeup? I'm trying to get a custom going and I'm asking for the model to wear a rope around her neck in the style that he used to tie on some of his models, like Darby Daniels or Jewell or Krystal Summers, but that Close-Up website is so pathetic and irritating to navigate and I'm having trouble finding a picture to use as an example. Anyone here have any stills or scans of one of his styles of neckropes?

Sunday, July 24th 2011 - 03:49:29 PM

Name: Dan
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Hi All!

Been reading up on all the Slave Island/Attackers movies and was wondering if there was some similar movies out there, but in English. I am having a hard time understanding the storyline (if there is any...)



Monday, July 25th 2011 - 04:35:59 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Dan wrote:

Been reading up on all the Slave Island/Attackers movies and was wondering if there was some similar movies out there, but in English. I am having a hard time understanding the storyline (if there is any...).

I'm not aware of any English-language films that are similar in content. In any event, I wouldn't be bothered by the fact the movies are in Japanese.

Similar to many Japanese torture and rape movies, the stories in these films are generally pretty easy to follow. MeetThePryz captured the basic plot for most of the films in his review:

    It's the continuing story of a slavery ring off of the Japanese coast that kidnaps and trains sex slaves for both pleasure and pregnancy, showing their tearful degradation from free woman to human trash.

That's pretty much all you need to know. The women are captured and end up in jail cells on an island. In the cells, the women are either naked or stripped naked, and they are usually handcuffed and wearing dog collars. The women are raped, sometimes tortured, and trained to become sex slaves. They are also impregnated to produce more sex slaves.

One of the many reasons I particularly like Slave Island 11 is because it is a film that I think is very easy to follow, even if you don't speak the language (and I don't). It's particularly easy to follow if you know the basic premise of the series going in, which we all do.

There's no doubt there are some subtleties and storyline points that most of us miss because of the language difference. But the strengths of the best films in the series far outweigh the downside of the language challenge.

Monday, July 25th 2011 - 06:11:21 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Dan: I'm pretty much with our Canadian friend on this one. Japanese bondage videos may be in a different language but the girls all scream in English. I don't care too much for what I've seen of the rape-heavy Slave Island films, but I'm a big fan of the Attackers JV series, particularly the earlier films that featured Randa Mai as the main villain. You may not understand every plot point, but really, you don't need to. I don't necessarily need to know why the men are raping and torturing the girls, the important thing is that they are. And when they do, it's real.

In terms of similar type movies, there's really nobody that rivals the realistic abuse that the Japanese dish out. I've said for years, and I truly believe this, the Japanese make the best bondage films in the world. Have you ever seen one? There are lots of reviews of Japanese vids in the Reviews section.

If you're looking for rape/bondage films that are in English, the closest thing are ZFX movies, and of course, we have dozens of reviews of those, too. The girls are often quite attractive, they actually have plots, and the torture and forced sex scenes, while simulated, are often quite exciting. And no pixilated genitalia like you get with the Japanese. If you're looking for hard stuff, you can't get much better.

Tuesday, July 26th 2011 - 12:29:46 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Margot, please add my condolences to Jane, too. Thanks.


We've had a number of posts over time asking about the return of YouTied. I doubt it's coming back, but DarkFetishNet allows hard whipping, hardcore bondage and similar movies. It's $6.00 per month to post and view movies, but that's not a bad deal, especially since all sorts of other people are also posting movies.

We can start a Group called GIMP and have a forum thread which was movie links...

Whacha all think?

Tuesday, July 26th 2011 - 03:59:46 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

jhlipton: Yeah, 6 bucks a month for videos from Dark Fetish Net sounds like a good deal, until you remember that it used to be free. That's one of the reasons why I hardly ever check out that site anymore, that and the lack of time. It used to be a worthwhile stop but paying $72 a year for a what used to cost me nothing kind of rubs me the wrong way. Hey, I'm not saying it's not justified; running a site costs money. FetLife, the most popular "free" bondage site on the net (if you're to believe the results of the Bondage Awards) charges $5 a month for videos.

I have no problem if anyone wants to start a group called GIMP that shows clips from mainstream films, as long as no bondage producers have their property violated without permission. But as one of the moderators of YouTied, I know it can be a slippery slope with all kinds of opportunity for abuse.

Tuesday, July 26th 2011 - 03:44:12 PM

Name: A Canadian
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As you might have guessed from today's pictures, it's time to add another ZFX review to the collection.

Title: Trojan Horse

Starring: Sandra Chase, Lisa Kinkaid, Tatiana Cortez, Jon O'Brien and Rick Masters

Director: Rick Masters

Running time: One hour

Trojan Horse is a dystopian tale set in a not-too-distant future where hippie hairstyles are back in fashion and everybody who's anybody is hooked on TH9, a highly addictive synthetic drug that can create a feeling of continuous orgasm. The outlaw gangs trafficking this stuff have pretty much a free rein, as the American government has finally been bankrupted by the war on drugs (politicians, take note).

The only upside to this brave new world is the female addicts are surprisingly attractive.

The movie begins with one hot junkie, a beautiful brunette named Linda (Lisa Kinkaid), visiting long-haired drug lord Billy (Rick Masters), who is seated on a couch. Although she owes him money, Linda stands in front of Billy and pleads for a new fix. Nervously rubbing her hands together, and looking fine in a white crop top T-shirt that displays her midriff, Linda is forced to beg.

"Listen, Billy, I really need this shit," she says. "Please, just give me a little bit of it. Please."

And then, in almost a whisper: "I'll do whatever you want for it."

Bad move.

Suggesting they might be able to "work something out," Billy has Linda step closer to the couch, and then he pulls her on top of him. As Billy feels up her clothed body, Linda suspects she may have to take a ride on Billy's disco stick, as she has done before. "So, is that what you want for it?" she asks.

Not exactly. Billy flips Linda around on the couch, and forces her to stand and bend forward with her butt in the air, to be spanked. Billy then gets Linda on her back on the couch, and rips open the fly of her jeans. "Did you really have to rip 'em?" complains Linda. Billy pulls up Linda's top and plays with her tits, and then sticks his hand down her opened jeans to fondle her pussy.

"You're going to learn to pay your debts," Billy says.

Billy pulls Linda off the couch. There is a quick transition to Linda, still fully dressed, sitting on the floor with her legs in front of her, bound at the knees and ankles by ropes. Billy is tying Linda's arms behind her back as Linda continues to struggle to understand. "Why are you doing this to me?" she asks. "I thought you just wanted to have sex with me?"

Billy tells her to shut up and continues the accounting lesson. He straps a huge red ball gag into her mouth, and lies her down on her side. Billy lifts Linda's top so he can suck on her right tit. He also pulls down Linda's jeans to expose her perfect butt, which Billy fondles and spanks.

Billy uses more rope to tie Linda in a hogtied position. Linda is left to writhe on the floor, with her top still lifted to reveal her breasts and her pants lowered to expose her pussy and ass. Grunting and squirming, Linda rolls around on the floor, trying in vain to get free.

Through the lens of a video camera, we see Linda in a new position -- suspended arms over head from the roof, with her feet off the floor. Linda is blindfolded, with the big red ball gag in her mouth, and is still wearing her T-shirt, blue jeans (ripped open at the fly) and shoes. Billy shows up and pulls Linda's pants down to her ankles, and lifts her top up so her tits are on display. Billy sticks his hand in Linda's panties to fondle her pussy, and he briefly sucks on her right breast. Billy lifts the blindfold up so Linda can see the next lesson -- a whipping with a bull whip. As you might expect, this is a great scene, and at one point Billy pulls down Linda's panties so he has an even more appealing target.

Billy attaches a clothespin to Linda's right nipple and another to the left, and then attaches five clothespins to her pussy lips. He then brings the blindfold back down around her eyes and spanks her ass. Blindfolded Linda is finally left dangling, with her clothespins and her big ball gag, as Billy shoots some still pictures of his victim.

In another part of the drug lords' lair, gangsters Cliff (Jon O'Brien) and Angie (Tatiana Cortez) are tripping on some TH9 of their own. But they've got a problem. A clearly annoyed Billy shows up, smashes a ghetto blaster with a piece of wood, and tells Cliff and Angie that one of their buyers, a woman named Caroline (Sandra Chase), is actually a cop. Billy tells the stoners to "get their shit together and take care of business."

Caroline arrives, wearing a tight blue dress and pantyhose that show off her long, shapely legs. Caroline is a tall, short-haired brunette who is pretty in a girl-next-door kinda way. She says she wants to score some TH9 but Cliff and Angie accuse her of being a pig. Caroline is grabbed by the villains. They pin her on her back on the floor, with Cliff muffling her mouth with his hand and holding an arm, while Angie sits on Caroline's legs and checks her dress for a hidden wire. Sure enough, Angie finds a mike taped below Caroline's left nipple.

Caroline is lifted back onto her feet and forced to bend forward, as Angie lifts Caroline's short dress and spanks her ass. Caroline is moved into a standing position, with Cliff using his arms to lock Caroline's arms from behind. Angie then delivers some hard punches to Caroline's gut and face, causing Caroline's nose to bleed.

Next, freaky-looking Angie -- a black-lipsticked Goth chick in dark sunglasses who's wearing a sports jersey, black leather shorts and long, black boots -- pulls down the top of Caroline's dress and bites and sucks on Caroline's tits. "You're a freak," Caroline protests (a fair comment). Caroline continues to squirm as Angie licks and slurps Caroline's titties. "Come on, you guys," Caroline whimpers in anguish.

Angie crouches down and runs her fingers along Caroline's pantyhose-covered pussy lips. As Caroline wiggles, Angie orders her to stop squirming. "I know you like it," Angie says.

Caroline gets spanked some more and is forced to suck on a dildo-like device that Angie uses to squirt some TH9 in Caroline's mouth.

As Cliff continues to restrain the struggling Caroline by locking her arms, Angie removes Caroline's dress, so Caroline is only wearing her pantyhose (with no panties underneath). Angie ties a red ball gag into Caroline's mouth and feels up Caroline's body.

We jump to Caroline seated in a chair, with her arms bound behind her back. She is still wearing the pantyhose and has the ball gag in her mouth. Her legs are spread and tied to the ends of a metal bar on the floor. She is also wearing a collar that's tied to a rope strung through a pulley above. Angie pulls the other end of the rope, lifting a choking Caroline by the neck into a standing position, with her pantyhose-covered legs spread nicely apart.

After tying the rope to the wall, Angie walks over to Caroline and applies clothespins to Caroline's nice, natural breasts. Angie then delivers some belly shots to Caroline. Cliff and Angie leave choking Caroline to struggle and squirm as the villains do drugs in another room. Ultimately, Caroline's TH9 withdrawals cause her to puke onto her ball gag (for the vomit enthusiasts, I guess).

Angie removes the clothespins from Caroline's tits and pulls Caroline's pantyhose down to her mid-thighs. Angie then whips Caroline with a flogger, as sweaty Caroline jolts in pain each time the whip smacks her.

In a new scene, Caroline is lying hogtied on a dirty floor, topless and with her pantyhose pulled back up. Her mouth is gagged with red duct tape. Caroline squirms and grunts in a futile effort to untie herself. Angie arrives, wearing a strap-on dildo instead of her shorts. The freaky Goth chick, whose body is covered in tattoos, removes her jersey ("Naked as a jay bird, just like you," she drawls) and squats down by Caroline's head. Angie peels the duct tape off Caroline's mouth and forces Caroline to suck on the huge dildo. "Gag on this," Angie coaches.

Angie puts the duct tape back on Caroline's mouth and moves over to the back end of her hogtied victim. Angie forces Caroline to lie on her stomach and stick her butt up in the air. Angie then rips open Caroline's pantyhose and plunges the big strap-on dildo into Caroline's ass. In a scene that look's a little like a lesbo version of Irreversible, duct-tape gagged Caroline grunts like a pig as Angie pounds her ass. I'm not usually big on female villains (especially ones covered in tats) but this scene is hot.

In the final scene, Caroline is bound to a chair by ropes, with ropes running above and below her breasts and metal clamps attached to her tits. Her arms and legs are securely bound, her pantyhose is down below her knees, and ropes have been tied tightly around her head and into her mouth, forcing her tongue to stick out. She is once again wearing a collar tied to a rope from the roof.

"It's been nice knowing you, Caroline," says Angie, who wraps a plastic bag over Caroline's head to suffocate Caroline to death. Securely fashioned to the chair and helpless, Caroline thrashes about like a fish out of water in a very convincing way. After Caroline passes out, Cliff and Angie untie her from the chair and lay her naked body on the floor. The gangsters leave the room, trying to determine what to do with the corpse.

Except (jhlipton may want to skip this part) -- it turns out Caroline isn't actually dead. She slowly awakes, removes the collar from her neck and the rope around her head, and runs away naked.

The movie concludes with a preview of the sequel, Hard Down Easy, which stars Chandra Sweet, Lisa Kinkaid and Candi Licks in one of her many woman-whipped-in-a-dark-dungeon moments.

My grade: A-

Although it isn't discussed as frequently as other ZFX titles, Trojan Horse is a solid effort. Lisa is in top form and the scenes with Sandra Chase are better than expected. Sandra's anguish during some of the forced lesbo moments, like when her tits are being licked by Tatiana, is believable and effective. The acting during some of the non-GIMP moments gets a bit hokey at times, but the scenes of torture, humiliation and violation are bang-on. Trojan Horse is a trip.

(One side note: The credits on the ZFXVOD site list Chandra Sweet and Bryan Dunhill as part of the cast. However, they only appear in the preview for the sequel.)

Tuesday, July 26th 2011 - 07:02:12 PM

Name: TGG

On the subject of pixilated genitalia in Japanese Adult Video titles, I have actually come to prefer them over non-pixilated movies. If someone is wondering why a GIMPer would prefer pixilation over non-pixilation, it's because as a guy, I don't like seeing male genitalia. To me, the sight of a man's "rod" is a instant turn-off. I'd rather not see some tarded smuck's manhood, don't need to, DON'T WANT TO!


Tuesday, July 26th 2011 - 07:32:08 PM

Name: John Galt

For those GIMPers who enjoy the superheroine bondage and rape sub-genre, just posted a new 47-minute Hogtied movie featuring Christina Carter as a Wonder Woman-like character. It is probably not as cruel as some would like, and being a production, it no doubt features torture by Hitachi Magic Wand resulting in forced orgasms, but it looks like they did a nice job with production values, plot, and attractive victims.

Personally, I'm not a superheroine-in-distress fan but based on recent posts, I would say the forum has its fair share.

Tuesday, July 26th 2011 - 07:59:01 PM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian: Wow. Lisa Kinkaid, in (and out of) blue jeans.

"Did you really have to rip 'em?" complains Linda (Lisa).

Yes, my sweet. Yes, indeed. Heh-heh.

I'm going to have to check this one out. Thanks for an epic review.


jhlipton wrote: We can start a Group called GIMP and have a forum thread which [has] movie links...

I miss YouTied as much as the next perv. In fact, it was YouTied that brought me out of very first post here was nearly apologetic about downloading stuff but not having any clips to contribute. (You can be sure that's not the case now.)

But I'm betting that if there was such a Land of Miracles again, it would surely touch off a nasty Bondage vs. GIMP feud, one that would probably dwarf the previous one because the rage has been pent up for so long now.

Or maybe not.


TGG: Man, I'm glad you stepped up and mentioned the annoying and all-too-frequent display of male organs on the screen. I thought maybe I was the only one who felt that way.

Hey, I understand that a lot of rape fans like to see penetration...and not by one of those white plastic things, each his own. But this is one of the many reasons I have abandoned vanilla porn. I just don't want to spend half of my movie-watching time looking at somebody else's dick. I have one of my own, thank you. Been there, done that.

I would rather see a well-done simulated scene (with prime GIMPage, of course) that focuses more attention on the babe...her eyes, her face, her reactions, her torso, her tits.

OK, that's my rant for tonight. Carry on.

Tuesday, July 26th 2011 - 09:38:20 PM

Name: mothbrad
Homepage URL:

A Canadian, thanks for that review. That picture of Lisa (in my Homepage) is so damn hot.

Tuesday, July 26th 2011 - 09:56:40 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Thanks very much for an excellent review of Trojan Horse. Apparently there are still a few ZFX vids that don't have official reviews here, and this was an especially good one.

I saw the film years ago and wouldn't give it as high a grade as you did, although parts of it are definitely worthwhile. All the Lisa scenes were great, and when I added footage to my highlights tape, the Lisa footage was the only stuff I kept. I think the reason you gave it higher grade is that you and I have a different opinion of Sandra Chase. She was never a favorite of mine; never much cared for her looks-wise.

Did you know she was one of the Golden Age ZFX girls from the early days? It was her, Alison Parish and Victoria Vixen who were Rick's go-to girls back in the early to mid 1990s. Of the 3, she was my least favorite, and ironically, she was the only one from that group to make a comeback with Rick years later. I liked her even less when she came back with short hair in this film and also in Ms. Cox, a real snoozer IMO.

Again, that's just me, though. If I don't like the girl, there's little chance I'll like the movie. Obviously, you liked her a lot more than I did.

A couple didn't mention one of my favorite scenes near the end, where Lisa is bound on her knees, her mouth duct taped and locking forceps on her nipples. Was that scene even in the movie? I seem to recall some of that footage being in another ZFX film, too, so maybe Rick took it out of the DVD version.

Also, you said Chandra Sweet wasn't in this film? That's another case where I recall seeing her tied up by Bryan Dunhill at the beginning. The ZFX VOD site not only has her listed, they have her top billed! I know Rick fine tuned some of his works when he remastered them for digital. I'm thinking this footage also went bye bye.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


John Galt: That Hogtied movie actually looks pretty good! Like you, I'm not much into superheroines, but the trailer showed me bondage rape and upside down suspension (albeit with another damn vibrator) as well as more suspension and Christina Carter bound spread-eagled over a steaming grate. What's up with that? It looks kind of exciting. I think you should review it for the forum. Will you accept the challenge?

Wednesday, July 27th 2011 - 01:47:08 AM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

A couple didn't mention one of my favorite scenes near the end, where Lisa is bound on her knees, her mouth duct taped and locking forceps on her nipples. Was that scene even in the movie? I seem to recall some of that footage being in another ZFX film, too, so maybe Rick took it out of the DVD version.

Also, you said Chandra Sweet wasn't in this film? That's another case where I recall seeing her tied up by Bryan Dunhill at the beginning. The ZFX VOD site not only has her listed, they have her top billed! I know Rick fine tuned some of his works when he remastered them for digital. I'm thinking this footage also went bye bye.

The fast answer: Those scenes are in the sequel, Hard Down Easy.

Wednesday, July 27th 2011 - 07:19:58 AM

Name: DHT

I liked Sandra Chase a lot before she cut her hair short, but I still liked her after that because she took a SERIOUS amount of punishment. In both TROJAN HORSE and MS. COX she gets strapped up or tied up and noosed and gagged so hard and tight her head turns purple from how much she's choking. Those are some intense scenes!

Thursday, July 28th 2011 - 08:06:00 AM

Name: BigD

Damn, why do these 2 videos turn me on so much? :)

I only wish there were others like it....

Thursday, July 28th 2011 - 10:02:42 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings All!

First off, I hope everyone's having a great summer! Thanks to Ralphus for running these pictures and A Canadian for the great review.

A Canadian: Your review was a very detailed and well written piece. I personally think you may have been a bit kind with an A-, but it was one of my harsher efforts, at least at the time, so why not? I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I don't know if you're a panty hose or belly punching enthusiast, but maybe that played into your grade? This movie has both in spades. Anyway, thanks for the fine review!

GIMP exclusive VIDEO FREEBEE Here's a quick clip with a couple highlights from Trojan Horse. Enjoy!

Ralphus wrote: Did you know she was one of the Golden Age ZFX girls from the early days? It was her, Alison Parish and Victoria Vixen who were Rick's go-to girls back in the early to mid 1990s. Of the 3, she was my least favorite, and ironically, she was the only one from that group to make a comeback with Rick years later. I liked her even less when she came back with short hair in this film and also in Ms. Cox, a real snoozer IMO.

Just to give you some background, I had shot Sandra Chase a few times before she did Trojan Horse and then I lost track of her. She was in Guinea Pigs part 1 and 2 along with the Alison Parish and Victoria Vixen, and of course, Jennifer's Nightmares. A few years later I was at a club and just happened run into Sandra. She was still interested in doing more movies and had a friend/roomate, Tatiana Cortez, that also was interested.

I was working on parts of this movie idea, a near future drug/bondage saga with several different people like Lisa and Chandra. I was shooting it in bits and pieces. I think I was trying to do a sort of a continuation of the Subject 9 series, which was about the development of a powerful illicit aphrodisiac. Trojan Horse is about the commercial distribution and abuse of it. Not a sequel per se, but a continuation of the same idea. Some of the cast are the same in both series, not sure if I used that or not. I would have to watch all four movies to know what I was going for, I honestly don't recall. Anyway, I had Sandra and Tatiana come in and shoot. I had Jon Obrien come in as well to help with the villain duties.

Tatiana had a really tight body, had she not been covered with tats I would have loved to put her in a submissive role. I thought she did a great job as the drugged out torture chick and Jon Obrien was also very good.

Sandra Chase is probably not the hottest gal I've shot (always a matter of opinion), but she is very interesting looking and maybe a bit more believable as a victim. I do like her look, even with her pixiedoo. These shots are from Ms. Cox.

Small breasted, wide hips, leggy with very pale, almost translucent skin. To my eye she has a very pretty face. She also has a special skill which I discovered while shooting Guinea Pigs 2. She can deepthroat like a sword swallower. Check this sequence.

By the way, as A Canadian said, the missing Lisa scene Ralphus mentioned is indeed in Hard Down Easy.

About the cast lists on ZFXVOD.COM: The cast lists may be off in some cases, the people putting this stuff up are not particularly attentive to details. I will look at this and see if I can make it more accurate. I also need to get cast pictures up:P. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

One more thing, I know I've mentioned it before, but there is now a ZFX Clip store. Lots of free previews and clips updated all the time. Now I'm going to blow your minds...the #1 clip on the ZFX Clip store? Kerri Downs in Alien Probe 2...the infamous plant scene. I am a little surprised by this...

BTW: This is what I'm working on at the moment. Still a ways off, more on that later=)

Ok, that's it for now, I'll be around if anyone has comments I'll try to respond.


Thursday, July 28th 2011 - 10:34:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

BigD wrote:

Damn, why do these 2 videos turn me on so much? :)

Um, because you're into cute girls being tormented by African killer bees?

The vids didn't do much for me for one big reason. No bondage. Just imagine if the Japanese had made a similar video, they would have done it right. The girls would be naked AND they would be tied up. Not saying the girls were not in distress; I'll bet if they were connected to a heart monitor it would have gone through the roof. Still, gotta have ropes.

At least we know for sure that A Canadian loved those videos. He's probably scouring YouTube right now looking for more.


Rick: Great to hear from you again. And thanks for all those vidcaps. Guys, in case you don't know, if you download the smaller thumbs that Rick posted, they save as full-sized caps.

Also, thanks for putting up the trailer for Trojan Horse as an exclusive treat for GIMPers. After working with the many stills that Canadian made for me, it's kind of cool to see the actual footage again.

The number one clip on the ZFX store site is the plant scene from Alien Probe 2? That does kind of boggle the mind, because that scene was messed up, and I don't mean in a positive way. That was the scene where you had a technical glitch with the special effects and had to cover up your mistake with a horizontal green bar over part of the action. I posted about it years ago on this forum and you confirmed it was a snafu. Still, it's a pretty audacious scene, one of the first times I remember you attempting to do the horny plant scene, clearly based on Japanese tentacle rape.

So...our first glimpse at the new ZFX animated film? I'd like to see more. Something to look forward to, I suppose.

Friday, July 29th 2011 - 12:58:29 AM

Name: DHT

This is my Kerri Downs story: Back in like '96 I was at the San diego Comics Convention and I thought I saw her walking around in a jungle girl outfit. I never got a chance to go talk to her. Then in like 1998, She and her husband started an online trading club that I joined and I talked to her personally a lot on the phone. I asked her if that was really her at that comic-con, and she said it was, but that she hadn't gone there for the comic-con itself. I said, "so, why were you there then?" "And her reply, which I will never forget, was: "Oh, I was there for the 'Gnome Convention'".

You just can't make that stuff up. Kerri Downs FTW!!!

I LOVED her in Alien Probe.

Friday, July 29th 2011 - 08:37:11 AM

Name: DHT
Homepage URL:

I'm chillin' at the FetishCon in Tampa. Not chillin', more like sweating my balls off. There are a lot of people in rubber suits runing around, and it is definitely the wrong state and time of year for that. So far, I've gotten to meet Fayth, Christina Carter, Tomiko, Rachel Steele, Kordelia Devonshire, Wenona, Isobel Wren, Sandra Silvers (who really is only in her early 30's), Jewell Marceau, and Anastasia Pierce. I'm pretty much in heaven.

Friday, July 29th 2011 - 08:42:47 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

I'd like to thank everyone who provided feedback on my review of Trojan Horse. As always, it's much appreciated.

I guess the big question for anyone thinking of checking out this movie is what to think of Sandra Chase.

My take is similar to Rick's. I think she' pretty. Not a knockout in a Lisa Kinkaid or Candi Licks way, but attractive enough. Furthermore, she's got a great body, and I agree with Rick that she's a believable actress. The scenes where she was being molested and violated by Tatiana Cortez were quite strong, and that's what helped the movie get its A- grade from this reviewer.

Regarding the Lisa scenes in Hard Down Easy, it's too bad that at least one of those scenes wasn't in the version of Trojan Horse that I saw. The Lisa scenes in Hard Down Easy are great. If there had been one more Lisa scene in Trojan Horse, the movie would have received an even higher A grade from me.

Finally, I liked the trailer Rick put together. I believe if you like ZFX, you're sure to love the Lisa scenes in Trojan Horse and you may enjoy the entire movie as much as I did.

Friday, July 29th 2011 - 01:35:20 PM

Name: Thawkinsworth
E-mail address:

Uh oh. This isn't going to be on Youtube for very long.

One of my favorite electro scenes, and a rare time when I actually liked the screams during an Asian torture scene.

Friday, July 29th 2011 - 06:06:21 PM

Name: Jon Smithie
Homepage URL:

It's been awhile. First off, I was sorry to hear about Jane's family issues. Hope everything goes well.

Still eagerly awaiting "Maleficarum." Thanks Margot for posting more info and vidcaps.

Speaking of vidcaps, thought I'd try to upload some. These three are from "Requiem for a Vampire," directed by Jean Rollin. I remember watching it years ago on VHS and was turned on by the vidcapped scene. It's available for streaming on Netflix.

We meet two young women, played by Marie-Pierre Castel and Mireille d'Argent, who go wondering around the French countryside in clown outfits. No really. Eventually they change out of the clown outfits and into everyday '70's clothes (you can tell because the everyday outfits are less subdued) and wonder into a French castle filled with vampires. The vampires have these spindly upper canines hanging over their lower lips which makes them look not scary but . . . inbred. I mean it looks like these guys would have to ride the short bus to the blood bank, if you catch my drift.

On the plus side there is a scene where the vampires have an orgy with a few women chained in a dungeon. They strip the rags off these women and grope them and simulate sex with them while '70's mood music twitters in the background. There's a great shot of a plastic (could be rubber) vampire bat hanging in the pubic hair of one of the victims. I know vampires can change into bats but just after having sex with a woman (as opposed to another vampire bat) seems like an unusual time. Maybe it's afterglow. Or maybe changing into a bat and crawling around in a woman's pubic hair after you've had sex with her passes as cuddling among vampires.

The vidcaps are from a scene where one of the French girls has to torture the other because she won't tell where a man is hiding. Now the French have one of the most enlightened legal codes among modern civilizations. They reserve torture only for cases where one girl won't tell another where a man is hiding. But even then one can only torture the victim by beating the floor of the torture chamber with a whip. So the one girl beats the hell out of the floor with the whip, while the other girl, who is hanging naked in chains by her wrists, cries out in sympathetic pain because she knows that if she were the one being whipped, instead of the floor, it would hurt really bad. So that's the money shot for me. A girl with a pretty body hanging naked in chains. The minuses are thick armpit hair and icky '70's makeup. Oh, and then one of the vampire women comes in and almost sticks a knife in the girl's eye because she hasn't talked. Damn, it's not like there's ever been a shortage of men hiding in France.

Funny how a scene that seemed so hot back in the day now just seems kind of. . . funny. C'est la vie.

Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 01:38:37 AM

Name: Simon
E-mail address:

Dear everybody:

I found a very good electric torture movie clips in fc2 website, there are four clips. The last girl is so beautiful. Does anyone knows where these movie clips from??

By the way, you should join their free member, then you can watch them.

Here is the website address:

Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 12:12:25 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

DHT- Lucky bastard at Fetish Con! I don't know about anyone else, but I would like a full report of any shenanigans you witness! And any pics with the bondage babes you might have gotten!

Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 02:10:51 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: Mmmmm-mmm. I like this. Blue jeans that aren't really on, T-shirt that's not covering anything up.


Simon: Thanks for finding that clip...4 girls getting GIMPed! I think many here are familiar with one of the scenes, the one with the girl getting oiled up and electrocuted. I remember a discussion we had here about the "arched-back" reaction to the voltage. It made the rounds at YouTied some years ago. Maybe it's in our electro-torture database.

But I never realized that scene was part of a larger collection of GIMPage. So I hope someone can identify your movie.


Jon Smithie Thanks for the rundown on Requiem for a Vampire and the nice caps. I had gotten a clip of this in Oslo's collection, but again, didn't realize there was more to it.

Director Jean Rollin has gotten quite a bit of criticism for making his movies too boring and trippy. Is that your take on it? I'm wondering if you think the movie is worth acquiring, or if one has to FF through everything to get to the "money shot".


Speaking of unidentified movies, TARL's site has a few hundred pics from a movie entitled, appropriately, "Unknown Japanese Movie." Thought I'd post a few PG-13 rated pics to see if they jog anyone's memory.

There's a lot of AOH, suspension, and other torments like sticking pins in the chest. And of course, the cuties get naked. Anybody know what it is?

Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 08:14:59 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

Ralphus wrote: That does kind of boggle the mind, because that scene was messed up, and I don't mean in a positive way. That was the scene where you had a technical glitch with the special effects and had to cover up your mistake with a horizontal green bar over part of the action.

Yes, it was pathetically crude, and it certainly hurt an otherwise very cool scene. When I remastered Alien Probe 2, I went back to the source footage and completely remade this scene from the ground up. Green line gone.

I don't know that the Japanese were an influence on Alien Probe 2, the Internet being in it's infancy back in '93 or '94? I don't remember when I discovered Usenet...could have been by then. The big influence I recall was The Evil Dead and The Evil Dead 2. Both had great plant sex scenes.

DHT: Kerri Downs is indeed a Gnome collector. Yes, truth is stranger than fiction.


Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 10:49:37 PM

Name: DHT

YikYakker: Your pics are from the Japanese film HANA NO HEBI, aka "Flower And Snake". It should be easy to find. I think it is even on Netflix.

Saturday, July 30th 2011 - 11:29:35 PM

Name: Jon Smithie

Yik Yakker wrote: Director Jean Rollin has gotten quite a bit of criticism for making his movies too boring and trippy. Is that your take on it? I'm wondering if you think the movie is worth acquiring, or if one has to FF through everything to get to the "money shot".

Yes, I fully agree with that, and no, I definitely don't think it's worth acquiring for the GIMPage. Now, if you're grooving to a '70's French surrealism arthouse trip and you like it with a little lesbo and horror vibe, then you may dig it.

I took one for the team and actually skimmed through the Jean Rollin Netflix collection and vidcapped a few scenes from some of his other movies. There's a good bit of nudity and sex in his oeuvre, but few GIMPS to speak of. And what there is is actually pretty comical, IMHO. I'll send the vidcaps to Ralphus.

Thanks Simon for the Japanese electro clips. How do you say "Hot Damn" in Japanese?

Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 03:32:36 AM

Name: John Galt

So has anyone heard anything about a movie by New Zealand filmmaker David Blyth called Wound, which was released in 2010? I just ran across some screencaps on the Upcoming Nude Scenes website that showed lead actress Kate O'Rourke sitting in a chair topless having her hands fastened behind her back and then being blindfolded. The teaser clip makes it look like there might also be a rape scene. It is characterized as a horror movie. Just wondering if it has any decent GIMP.

* * * * *

A Canadian: A belated thanks for that great review of Trojan Horse. I especially liked the vidcap of Angie raping Caroline in the Irreversible-like scene. You caught that moment perfectly, with her hair flying forward during what looks to be a brutal thrust. You have mad vidcapping skills. Lisa Kinkaid in suspension was also very cool.

* * * * *

I mentioned that Hogtied released a Superheroine bondage and rape video starring Christina Carter a few days ago. Ralphus challenged me to review it. So here is a review of the video. I did not include pictures because if you go to the Hogtied page I linked below there are lots of great pictures, plus a brief video clip.

* * * * *

Operation Americana (Hogtied Feature Movie, 2011)

In this 47-minute video feature, Riley Rey plays Jamie, the President's daughter, who has been kidnapped. Christina Carter plays Wonder Womanesque superheroine, Americana, who is dispatched to rescue her. Princess Donna Dolore and Isis Love also have small parts.

The first 3 minutes are the intro talk with relative porn and bondage newcomer Riley Rey. The next 2 minutes feature the intro talk with Christina Carter. She mentions her new website, Christina Bound, where there are lots more videos of her in her "Wunder Woman" superheroine outfit. Check it out if you are a Christina Carter fan, and especially if you like superheroine bondage and rape vids. But if you want to get straight into the movie, skip to the 5 minute mark.

Somewhere in the South Pacific... Evil Doctor Matt Williams is perfecting an aphrodisiac ecstasy gas that compels test subjects Princess Donna Dolore and Isis Love to perform lesbian sex in a large padded room for our viewing pleasure. It is kind of rough sex, and they take turns dominating, but they are volunteers and seem fully engaged consensually. The scene lasts 5-1/2 minutes.

Three weeks later, still Somewhere in the South Pacific, the President's daughter, Jamie (played by Riley Rey), is led blindfolded to the threshold and tossed into the same room. She rips off the blindfold in time to see the the door slam shut. She is fully clothed, in an uninspiring brown dress and black shawl. She shouts to be released and runs around the room.

The door opens and a beefy naked man with a semi-flaccid penis walks in, followed by two guys dressed in black jumpsuits, with yet another naked guy in the background. They are all wearing black masks. The two clothed guys grab Jamie, drag her to the floor, bind her elbows and wrists behind her back, then tear and cut her dress, bra and panties away until she is naked. They also grope and spank her quite a bit. They leave her on her knees and two naked guys walk up and force her to suck their cocks. They are very rough and jerk her around mostly by her hair, but they don't go deep enough to gag her, which is a disappointment for me personally.

A sudden scene jump and she is standing in a strappado with her arms pulled up behind her, forcing her to bend over, so one guy fucks her mouth and the other fucks her pussy from behind.

Another scene change and she is suspended upside down with her legs spread, a vibrator hanging from the ceiling on her pussy, and she is forced to suck cocks. Her arms are still tied behind her back, but with ropes around her waist to hold her hands in place.

Yet another scene change and she is semi-suspended face up, her head pulled back to suck one guy's cock while the second guy holds her hips up and fucks her pussy.

The rape of the President's daughter is transmitted to the White House. We see two security flunkies discuss tracing the signal to the South Pacific and instead of sending in a Delta Team from the Enterprise carrier group, they are "sending her in." You can hear the italics in his voice.

Scene jump, and as an alarm klaxon goes off in the background, a metal door crashes down and she strides in and down a long dark hallway. It is Wonder Wo--oops, no, sorry, it is Americana. Four burly guys dressed in black jumpsuits with black masks stride into the hallway to confront her. She slo-mo runs toward them. We switch to seeing the President's daughter in a dark straitjacket, ball gagged and sitting propped up against her padded room wall with her legs tied wide apart attached to a spreader bar. When we return, Americana has dispatched all the thugs in the hallway.

Americana opens the padded room door and is dramatically backlit. She walks into the room. The door slams shut behind her and Evil Doctor Matt addresses her via a speaker from his control room, which has a window or one-way mirror into the padded room. He releases the ecstasy gas into the room and Americana is overcome and inexplicably made weaker.

The two naked guys and the two black jumpsuited guys rush back in. The naked guys go to Jamie, remove her ballgag, and force her to suck one guy's cock while the other one finger fucks her. Then they drag her to her feet and bend her over and fuck her from both ends. Then they push her back down on the ground on her back and once again fuck her mouth and pussy. Then she is turned over and fucked in the mouth and from behind yet again. Because of the ecstasy gas, Jamie is moaning "yes, yes" and asking to be fucked harder the whole time, so we lose all of the nonconsensuality that we crave in these violent rape situations. When they leave, Jamie runs after them, still in the straitjacket, begging them to fuck her more. As a rape scene, this is a FAIL.

Meanwhile, the other two guys tie Americana's hands behind her back with regular rope. It would have been a copyright infringement to use Americana's own enchanted lasso, I guess, which she didn't have anyway. They tie her ankles and knees together. They reveal that the whole reason they captured the President's daughter was to lure Americana here. It was a TRAP! They leave Americana in her outfit, but pull down her top to reveal her large, firm breasts. Americana is ballgagged, tied into a modified strappado so that she is standing with her elbows pulled up behind her, then her blue thong is slowly pulled down in a sequence that was probably supposed to invoke anticipation but had me thinking that Christina Carter is putting on some weight in her butt and thighs. Talk about unintended consequences. When they leave, they leave her hanging there. Horny Jamie directs her attention to the bound Americana until more gas knocks them both out. Fade out.

Somewhere in the Sahara, two weeks later (at about the 26 minute mark), we are in a secret underground bunker. I guess the implication is that the bad guys have been raping them both repeatedly for the last two weeks, in between transporting them halfway across the world and under The Dark Continent.

Jamie is bound tightly to a chair, naked, with her legs spread wide. There is a hole in the seat and a vibrator is pushed up against her pussy. Americana is brought in with her arms tied to a heavy patibulum-looking piece of wood, naked except for her knee-high boots, her metal wrist bands, and that shiny gold crown thing on her head--just enough to remind us she's a naked superheroine. She is left standing, held up by a rope from the ceiling attached to her hair. Then they lay her on her back and tie her knees and feet to the crossbeam so that her legs are pulled wide apart. Then they fuck her with the dildo-on-a-stick-with-vibrator combo. Then they lead her over to a metal grate, attach ropes to the crossbeam, and suspend her a foot or so above the grate. Fade out.

A few days later, at the 32 minute mark, in the same room (only now it is dark), Americana is tied face up on the grate, ballgagged, and lit from below, and Jamie is tied AOH on her knees on a box on a raised platform. The lights come up, and the two naked guys enter and go straight for Jamie, groping and fondling her, untying her and fucking her mouth and pussy again in different positions.

One of the black jumpsuited guys goes to Americana. She is overdosed with the ecstasy gas until she is begging to be fucked as well. The black jumpsuit guy finger fucks her. Then they tie her wrists to her ankles and pull her up into the air over the grate, bent backward in what looks like an extremely uncomfortable (if not painful) suspension. The naked guys move to Americana and start fucking her.

And then... To Be Continued. Looks like this is going to be another series of movies like the Cabo videos, most likely all starring Christina Carter as Americana.

At the 39-1/2 minute mark they go into the outro interviews, first with Riley Rey and then with Christina Carter. Riley will probably not be in the sequel, since they mention in the last scene that she is being let go now that she served her purpose. But Christina Carter and her Americana character will definitely be back for Part Two of the Evil Doctor's Plan.

SUMMARY: Overall, this is an entertaining video feature, with a modicum of plot, high production values, appropriate background music, excellent locations and really hot chicks. INCLUDES: Superheroine bondage and rape. Innocent victim bondage and rape. Suspensions. Ballgags. All rope bondage. Very tight bondage, always with the hands in back. One thing I will say for Hogtied, they know how to do bondage right.

The sex was rough, but Riley Rey never choked or gagged during the forced oral sex parts, which was a letdown. I don't think oral sex is really forced unless gagging and choking result. She also didn't show a lot of pain (even pretending would have heightened the whole rape experience). And having the "ecstasy gas" make Riley Rey horny so that she was asking for more sex completely deflated the second rape experience. Christina Carter mostly showed humiliation and helplessness.

The rope bondage and suspensions were outstanding, especially the final suspension Christina Carter endured.

I give this feature an enthusiastic B+. It is available as a regular download to Hogtied members. You can also buy this shoot for 19.99 kinks ($19.99) here, which also features a video teaser and several excellent stills.

Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 01:27:21 PM

Name: AOH Fan

Anyone on here enjoy bondage moments in mainstream fiction, most specifically scenes where girls are left tied with their arms over the heads for a long time (even hanged from the wrists at some points as punishment)?

I started reading this new novel last night and haven't been able to put it down (though I have to admit the first chap was a bit slow). I'm a little more than halfway through it now and so far it has had many extensive scenes that feature two kidnapped girls standing with their arms tied way over her head in an abandoned room. The guy who kidnapped them is named Jimmy and all his life he was fascinated by seeing women tied like this and hanging from the wrists and finally made it a reality. The author does a wonderful job of getting into the heads of the girls (and the kidnapper) and showing just what this position would be like over time.

The author also must have done quite a bit of research into mainstream movies that feature scenes where girls are either hanging from their wrists or standing with their hands tied over their head because there are moments when the kidnapper looks back at all the movies he used to watch while growing up that featured such scenes -- many of which can be found on sites like this and others.

The novel is titled Jimmy by William Malmborg and can be found on Amazon.

Jimmy by William Malmborg

Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 05:56:53 PM

Name: DHT
Homepage URL:

AOH fan: That is a hell of a find! Are there gags involved in this story?

If you haven't seen the mainstream movie ENDURE, I think you should as soon as possible. I think it has the longest AOH scene ever, since Claire Kramer spends the entire movie like that.

Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 07:13:26 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: Oh, good....they've brought out the whip!


DHT: Thanks for identifying Flower and Snake. I've actually been interested in that one for quite some time but wasn't sure if it had what I was looking for.

Uh-oh. It appears from Sloth's review that there is more than one version of this movie. Sloth reviewed the 1974 original, but also mentioned two others made in this century. So now the question is: Which version goes with the pics that I posted?

Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 07:25:04 PM

Name: J

Your vidcaps are from one of the many remakes of Flower and Snake. They feature the extremely sexy Aya Sugimoto who is in both I and II. There was a sequel to the one you posted vidcaps from, both with Aya. There is yet a newer version I have run across and seen a trailer from but have not seen much else about it, nor a source, and do not know the actress in the lead. Not sure I added much here, but my two cents.

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Name: MAV
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Dang it AOH fan. Now everyone knows what i do for a living;>

Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 08:02:36 PM

Name: AOH Fan

Dear DHT

I haven't gotten to any scenes involving gags. I will probably finish the book tonight and will let everyone know for sure if I see anything.

Thanks for the headsup on Endure. I'll be sure to pick that up. Maybe hint to my husband while watching it that he should leave me like that for a day or too :)

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Name: Ralphus
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Getting caught up on things...

Simon: Looks like they took the video down that you linked to, but it's one of the Japanese FA series. They've been discussed here before; do a search for "Japanese" and "FA" in the Search the GIMP feature and you'll come up with several entries. They have an official website which I don't know the exact URL, but you can search through it and see individual stills to find the right one. Video Mayhem used to carry quite a few FA titles but since they no longer have a search engine (Are you reading this, Larry?) I can't tell you which ones. Can anyone link us with the FA website?


YikYakker: We have a couple of reviews for the 2004 remake of Flower and Snake and its first sequel. Unfortunately, they were listed under their Japanese titles, Hana to Hebi 1 and 2. I've updated the Reviews sections so that you can search for them under their more popular American titles.


John Galt: Nothing better than a John Galt review, unless it's a John Galt review attached which makes it stand out more. Not complaining, it's just easier to get people interested if they see the pictures right there alongside the text instead of having to click on them. Very entertaining review, told in the distinctive John Galt style, which is why it's so much fun to read.

I agree with you, Hogtied does bondage right. That's one of their real strengths, and why I'll look twice at their stuff before usually deciding to pass on them. My problems with them, and I'm going to sound like a broken record (or a skipping CD to update the lexicon a bit), but why vibrators? You've got a chick tied suspended upside down and forced to suck cock, so why are you pleasuring her? Same thing with the dildo-on-a-stick-with-vibrator combo. You want to fuck her, fuck her! Or if she's tied to a fucking machine, crank it up and leave it cranked on high until she's sore. She doesn't need to enjoy it.

So what was up with the grate that Christina was tied to that was glowing with the steam coming out of it? The implication, at least visually, was that it was hot underneath. Not so? Just a special effect for no apparent reason?

The direct link your review is in my Homepage URL above.


AOH Fan: Great find on that "Jimmy" novel. The character (or maybe it's the author?) could very well be a closet reader of this site, since we also certainly love scenes where women are suspended AOH by their wrists. In fact, we've got an entire database devoted, at least in part, to showcasing them. I'm assuming you've seen The Torture Rack Scenes Database? A whole bunch of entries with vidcaps and clips devoted to that very subject.

BTW, you just made yourself very popular by divulging that you' actual female! Every now and then, we get women stopping by our little men's club. Welcome to the forum, hope you post here more often. And relax. We're all perverts, but none of us would actually try to abduct you next time you stop by and tie you up and do unmentionable things to you. You're perfectly safe here. Right, guys?

Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 09:12:33 PM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: The grate was just a grate with a light source underneath. The "ecstasy gas" drifted up through the grate when Americana was "overdosed." No heat source, because that would have been way cool, especially if it caused her to perspire profusely as she struggled vainly to escape. It provided a nice visual but that's about all. I share your disappointment.

I am not as bothered by "vibrator torture" as many GIMPers are. Yes, I agree that no self-respecting rapist would take the time to pleasure a victim. Still, it would be entertaining to watch the continued application of a high-powered vibrator to a helpless victim who was overstimulated, causing muscle spasms and uncontrolled orgasmic sensations that were too much to endure. That's probably because the Excessive Machine that Durand Durand used on Barbarella to strip and attempt to orgasm her to death made such an impression on my teenage libido.

Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 10:16:37 PM

Name: AOH Fan

I should admit, I myself have been a closet fan of this site for a while as well and have fantasized over many of the video stills and follow through links in the torture rack area. Oh to be able to experience that just a bit some day -- in a safe way of course.

Now that I've broken the ice posting about the Jimmy book link I shall be back more.

By the way here is a link to a clip on YouTube I haven't yet seen posted here. Great AOH scene, though not a suspension scene sadly.

Blond Strung Up

Sunday, July 31st 2011 - 10:53:08 PM

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