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Operation Americana

Reviewed by John Galt

Operation Americana (Hogtied Feature Movie, 2011)

In this 47-minute video feature, Riley Rey plays Jamie, the President's daughter, who has been kidnapped. Christina Carter plays Wonder Womanesque superheroine, Americana, who is dispatched to rescue her. Princess Donna Dolore and Isis Love also have small parts.

The first 3 minutes are the intro talk with relative porn and bondage newcomer Riley Rey. The next 2 minutes feature the intro talk with Christina Carter. She mentions her new website, Christina Bound, where there are lots more videos of her in her "Wunder Woman" superheroine outfit. Check it out if you are a Christina Carter fan, and especially if you like superheroine bondage and rape vids. But if you want to get straight into the movie, skip to the 5 minute mark.

Somewhere in the South Pacific... Evil Doctor Matt Williams is perfecting an aphrodisiac ecstasy gas that compels test subjects Princess Donna Dolore and Isis Love to perform lesbian sex in a large padded room for our viewing pleasure. It is kind of rough sex, and they take turns dominating, but they are volunteers and seem fully engaged consensually. The scene lasts 5-1/2 minutes.

Three weeks later, still Somewhere in the South Pacific, the President's daughter, Jamie (played by Riley Rey), is led blindfolded to the threshold and tossed into the same room. She rips off the blindfold in time to see the the door slam shut. She is fully clothed, in an uninspiring brown dress and black shawl. She shouts to be released and runs around the room.

The door opens and a beefy naked man with a semi-flaccid penis walks in, followed by two guys dressed in black jumpsuits, with yet another naked guy in the background. They are all wearing black masks. The two clothed guys grab Jamie, drag her to the floor, bind her elbows and wrists behind her back, then tear and cut her dress, bra and panties away until she is naked. They also grope and spank her quite a bit. They leave her on her knees and two naked guys walk up and force her to suck their cocks. They are very rough and jerk her around mostly by her hair, but they don't go deep enough to gag her, which is a disappointment for me personally.

A sudden scene jump and she is standing in a strappado with her arms pulled up behind her, forcing her to bend over, so one guy fucks her mouth and the other fucks her pussy from behind.

Another scene change and she is suspended upside down with her legs spread, a vibrator hanging from the ceiling on her pussy, and she is forced to suck cocks. Her arms are still tied behind her back, but with ropes around her waist to hold her hands in place.

Yet another scene change and she is semi-suspended face up, her head pulled back to suck one guy's cock while the second guy holds her hips up and fucks her pussy.

The rape of the President's daughter is transmitted to the White House. We see two security flunkies discuss tracing the signal to the South Pacific and instead of sending in a Delta Team from the Enterprise carrier group, they are "sending her in." You can hear the italics in his voice.

Scene jump, and as an alarm klaxon goes off in the background, a metal door crashes down and she strides in and down a long dark hallway. It is Wonder Wo--oops, no, sorry, it is Americana. Four burly guys dressed in black jumpsuits with black masks stride into the hallway to confront her. She slo-mo runs toward them. We switch to seeing the President's daughter in a dark straitjacket, ball gagged and sitting propped up against her padded room wall with her legs tied wide apart attached to a spreader bar. When we return, Americana has dispatched all the thugs in the hallway.

Americana opens the padded room door and is dramatically backlit. She walks into the room. The door slams shut behind her and Evil Doctor Matt addresses her via a speaker from his control room, which has a window or one-way mirror into the padded room. He releases the ecstasy gas into the room and Americana is overcome and inexplicably made weaker.

The two naked guys and the two black jumpsuited guys rush back in. The naked guys go to Jamie, remove her ballgag, and force her to suck one guy's cock while the other one finger fucks her. Then they drag her to her feet and bend her over and fuck her from both ends. Then they push her back down on the ground on her back and once again fuck her mouth and pussy. Then she is turned over and fucked in the mouth and from behind yet again. Because of the ecstasy gas, Jamie is moaning "yes, yes" and asking to be fucked harder the whole time, so we lose all of the nonconsensuality that we crave in these violent rape situations. When they leave, Jamie runs after them, still in the straitjacket, begging them to fuck her more. As a rape scene, this is a FAIL.

Meanwhile, the other two guys tie Americana's hands behind her back with regular rope. It would have been a copyright infringement to use Americana's own enchanted lasso, I guess, which she didn't have anyway. They tie her ankles and knees together. They reveal that the whole reason they captured the President's daughter was to lure Americana here. It was a TRAP! They leave Americana in her outfit, but pull down her top to reveal her large, firm breasts. Americana is ballgagged, tied into a modified strappado so that she is standing with her elbows pulled up behind her, then her blue thong is slowly pulled down in a sequence that was probably supposed to invoke anticipation but had me thinking that Christina Carter is putting on some weight in her butt and thighs. Talk about unintended consequences. When they leave, they leave her hanging there. Horny Jamie directs her attention to the bound Americana until more gas knocks them both out. Fade out.

Somewhere in the Sahara, two weeks later (at about the 26 minute mark), we are in a secret underground bunker. I guess the implication is that the bad guys have been raping them both repeatedly for the last two weeks, in between transporting them halfway across the world and under The Dark Continent.

Jamie is bound tightly to a chair, naked, with her legs spread wide. There is a hole in the seat and a vibrator is pushed up against her pussy. Americana is brought in with her arms tied to a heavy patibulum-looking piece of wood, naked except for her knee-high boots, her metal wrist bands, and that shiny gold crown thing on her head--just enough to remind us she's a naked superheroine. She is left standing, held up by a rope from the ceiling attached to her hair. Then they lay her on her back and tie her knees and feet to the crossbeam so that her legs are pulled wide apart. Then they fuck her with the dildo-on-a-stick-with-vibrator combo. Then they lead her over to a metal grate, attach ropes to the crossbeam, and suspend her a foot or so above the grate. Fade out.

A few days later, at the 32 minute mark, in the same room (only now it is dark), Americana is tied face up on the grate, ballgagged, and lit from below, and Jamie is tied AOH on her knees on a box on a raised platform. The lights come up, and the two naked guys enter and go straight for Jamie, groping and fondling her, untying her and fucking her mouth and pussy again in different positions.

One of the black jumpsuited guys goes to Americana. She is overdosed with the ecstasy gas until she is begging to be fucked as well. The black jumpsuit guy finger fucks her. Then they tie her wrists to her ankles and pull her up into the air over the grate, bent backward in what looks like an extremely uncomfortable (if not painful) suspension. The naked guys move to Americana and start fucking her.

And then... To Be Continued. Looks like this is going to be another series of movies like the Cabo videos, most likely all starring Christina Carter as Americana.

At the 39-1/2 minute mark they go into the outro interviews, first with Riley Rey and then with Christina Carter. Riley will probably not be in the sequel, since they mention in the last scene that she is being let go now that she served her purpose. But Christina Carter and her Americana character will definitely be back for Part Two of the Evil Doctor's Plan.

SUMMARY: Overall, this is an entertaining video feature, with a modicum of plot, high production values, appropriate background music, excellent locations and really hot chicks. INCLUDES: Superheroine bondage and rape. Innocent victim bondage and rape. Suspensions. Ballgags. All rope bondage. Very tight bondage, always with the hands in back. One thing I will say for Hogtied, they know how to do bondage right.

The sex was rough, but Riley Rey never choked or gagged during the forced oral sex parts, which was a letdown. I don't think oral sex is really forced unless gagging and choking result. She also didn't show a lot of pain (even pretending would have heightened the whole rape experience). And having the "ecstasy gas" make Riley Rey horny so that she was asking for more sex completely deflated the second rape experience. Christina Carter mostly showed humiliation and helplessness.

The rope bondage and suspensions were outstanding, especially the final suspension Christina Carter endured.

I give this feature an enthusiastic B+. It is available as a regular download to Hogtied members. You can also buy this shoot for 19.99 kinks ($19.99) here, which also features a video teaser and several excellent stills.

My Grade: B+


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