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Name: Ed

I've been lurking around here just as a guest reading other people's comments for quite a while now. This is the first time I became interest in posting a comment of my own. As to the issue of Japanese Anime, I like it to a small degree. It has its appeals and sometimes it doesn't have anything that appeals to me. It all depends on the individual title, some I like, others I find I can't stand.

Several days to perhaps just over a week ago, someone stated that Japanese Anime looks too much like kiddie porn. I can understand why that individual would get that type of an impression from it. A lot of the Adult Anime titles I have seen are set in a high school type setting and the main victims seem to be schoolgirls. One's own imagination can give the impression that the girls are under eighteen, it all up to the viewer's imagination.

The main appeal in Japanese Anime for me at least is that the girls are always pretty, unlike some of the flesh & blood actresses I have seen, and they endure things that no sane producer would want to attempt in a live action shoot. Plus, I can let my imagination run away with the plot and ages of the girls.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 12:07:08 AM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt: Thanks for the assessments of those movies. Weird as it sounds, I thought the most interesting description was the one about the vines raping the woman -- at least until the part where the woman started to enjoy it. During the buildup, it seemed those vines really seemed to know how to do it right. I think your assessments should be considered for the "reviews" section, although ultimately that's a decision our moderator must make.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 05:35:57 AM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: Thanks for the nice words. Yeah, well I wasn't sure about whether the reviews section was just for new movies or any movies with rape/bondage/torture scenes. Personally, I would appreciate reading about little-known or overlooked mainstream movies with great GIMP scenes. I still remember trolling the video rental stores throughout the 80s, scouring the shelves for some movie I hadn't ever heard of before but with a box description that sounded like it might have at least some good nudity and sex but preferably full-on bondage, rape or torture. For some odd reason, that was never explicitly stated on the cover blurb.


In any event, Moderator(s), let me know what your preferences are. I think there are still a few flicks with outstanding scenes I could add.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 06:13:22 AM

Name: Thos. Merchant
E-mail address:

For those who dismiss cartoon bondage because "it's not real"...

Do you then dismiss any bondage fantasy you've ever had that did not directly replay an actual scene you witnessed, be it filmed or live? After all, they aren't "real" - they're only images in your mind, conjured up by your memories and edited by your imagination (and I don't even want to *begin* to get into a discussion on the nature of "reality"). If you've ever replaced a scene's bondage actress with your wife, Pam Anderson, Darla Crane (or Tori Amos!), then you have, for all practical purposes, created a bondage animation.

Like any form of pornography, bondage anime is out to fire up our imagination. Some of us find the conventions, limitations and format distracting enough that the imagination remains unfired. But for those who aren't put off by that, cartoons are real enough.

Thos. Merchant

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 06:25:52 AM

Name: Thx1139
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John Galt-- the scene from Eyes of a Stranger was the first secne that I ever saw of this type and is still probably my favorite. The girl is hot, nice visuals of her body, she can act, and the audio, as you mentioned, really sells it. I just wish the scene was longer. A couple of stills from that scene have surfaced but were probably posed... they show her clothed and aren't worthwhile. I messed around with it with some video editing software and posted it at the URL above.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 06:52:21 AM

Name: Brutus

John Galt: Wow, excellent descriptions of those rape scenes. "Evil Dead" has a special place in my heart. I watched that way back when with a girlfriend and she thoroughly enjoyed that scene. Not sexually, mind you, but she thought it was hilarious. For me, it just made me horny as hell. I also love the fact that this movie was the start of Sam Raimi's hugely successful career.

I see a lot of similarities with the Evil Dead plant-rape special effects and those in some ZFX works, like Viral Load, Seed, The Plant, etc. Was Rick Masters inspired by Evil Dead?

Since Ralphus appears to be busy, I'll say that the reviews section is not just for new releases. A couple of months ago, I reviewed "Sex Wish," which is almost as old as I am. And there are still a bunch of ZFX movies that have not been reviewed. For full-length reviews, a letter grade is requested, as well as a link to where one can buy the movie, if possible. Looking forward to your contributions.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 04:38:16 PM

Name: eeeteee

GIMP POLL: What do you think of Japanese anime?

Depends on the action and the look ... cool devices comes immediately to mind ... there are some anime based games with a sadistic edge too like Ultra Vixen ... personally, I prefer the 3D rendered artwork of Quoom and Zell or the photo realism of Damian.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 05:20:50 PM

Name: John Galt

Attention All GIMPers:

I need some help and it looks like this forum has just the perv expertise I need. Back in the mid- to late-80s, I rented a VHS movie that I have not been able to find, primarily because I cannot recall the name or anyone who was in it. I think the performers looked European, and it might have been dubbed into English. Definitely not oriental. (It wasn't Wife To Be Sacrificed.) My memory is a bit fuzzy as to the exact plot details, but I remember one specific scene extremely well.

It took place somewhere rural. There was this really hot gal. Dark hair, nice body, reminded me vaguely of Sophia Loren back in her heyday. I think maybe she was cheating on her husband, or she was sexually repressed, or something. Things were not well in the home sex department. She is kidnapped by a mountain-man type guy, who takes her to his remote cabin.

Now this part I recall very well. She wakes up in a bed. In my fevered memory, she is tied spread-eagled to the bed, but at first that is not apparent because she is covered with a bearskin bedspread or something. The guy comes in and leers threateningly at her for a bit, then slowly pulls the covers downward, revealing her naked and bound body as he does. I'm pretty sure rape follows. He keeps her prisoner for awhile and sex becomes a regular thing and she begins to get into it. (I hate it when that happens.) She escapes, then tries to go back. We get to the end and discover it was actually her husband in disguise who kidnapped and raped her.

The details are vague, but I was really turned on by the spread-eagled bed tie (one of my favorite bondage positions for women) and the slow reveal as he pulled the covers off of her.

It would have to have been pre-1989, although as I recall the quality was not great and it might have been an older movie newly released on VHS.

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? I would kind of like to locate it and see if the movie is as good as my memories of it.


Brutus: For full-length reviews, a letter grade is requested, as well as a link to where one can buy the movie, if possible. Looking forward to your contributions.

My tendency for a review of movies like the three I wrote up would be to kind of gloss over the rest of the movie (plot-wise) and concentrate on reviewing the dirty bits in satisfying detail. Unless something in the plot enhanced the dirty bits, of course. And the letter grade would be for the quality of the GIMP part and not necessarily for the movie as a whole?

I notice someone linked the titles to on those three. I suspect that was you? Thanks. I can do that in the future. This will be fun, I think.


Thx1139: I messed around with it with some video editing software and posted it at the URL above.

Oh yeah. That's the scene. Although I did kind of like that brief previous part where he slapped her up against the wall and ripped her dress open prior to the bedroom scene. Mmm. Great clip. You're right, that scene could have been a lot longer.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 06:55:20 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

John Galt: I don't know what movie that is you're talking about -- but I would like to know. I hope someone identifies it.

Meanwhile, let me jump in on the discussion of reviews. I would say your take on reviewing mainstream movies is exactly right. I'm only interested in the details regarding the GIMP parts, and the grade should be based on how the movie stands up as a GIMP movie, rather than as a work of art (although some people grade both). For example, Bloodsucking Freaks is a great GIMP movie, arguably one of the best. Is it great art? Well, I think so, but I suspect Roger Ebert would disagree.

I still think the pieces you wrote yesterday would work fine as reviews, provided you were willing to assign letter grades to each one.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 07:10:03 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Well, it looks like I can only work in a post about every 3 days, but you guys are doing a great job keeping the board active. I'm very pleased with all the interesting chatter going on, not to mention the reviews we've gotten lately.

Brutus: Once again, great job on letting us know the "good scenes" in mainstream movies. Those both look like worthwhile Netflix pick ups. I added your latest reviews to the Reviews section at this link:

My only qualm would be referring to Angelique Hennessy from Bad Reputation as a "plain jane". That girl is very cute. Even though there's no nudity, I'm looking forward to seeing her get raped.


BP: Even though nobody else here has mentioned it, thanks for the link to MkG2k7's Deviant Art Gallery. That's some truly outstanding poser artwork. The shot of the mother and the daughter preparing to meet their fiery ends at the stake is one of my favorites. I encourage anyone that hasn't checked it out yet to sign up and view the gallery. It's free and there's some great stuff there.


John Galt: I can't express how glad we are to have a new knowledgeable perv aboard to add to the discussions, not to mention add to the flow of information for the various databases. Like it was already mentioned, the Reviews section is a better place for all the details you added for the 3 mainstream films, although the Mainstream Rape Database was updated with several new entries, including the ones you and Brutus added recently. I also added a description and a video link for Blood Ranch, which our Canadian friend posted to YouTied the other day (URL above).

Congratulations, you're the latest member of our growing number of GIMP Reviewers, with the direct link to the Review here:

You can access the page by clicking on any of the 3 films you reviewed this time around. They are all found in the "Mainstream" section of the Reviews section.

As far as writing reviews, yeah, it's encouraged to give the movie a letter grade, and if you only want to grade the GIMP-worthy portions, that's cool, too. Some grade the whole film, some split their grade by grading it as a movie or as a scene. And it's also helpful if you review a film on the forum to have a link that people can click on to order the film online. After all, if they want to buy it based on what you wrote, that just makes it easier for them. That was me working behind the scenes this morning to add the links to your reviews.


Your Mystery Movie: Most likely not one I've seen, because I would have probably kept that scene in my private collection. But a Sophia Loren lookalike bound naked spread-eagled to the bed? Oh yeah, I want to see it, too. Better find out what it is soon.


BTW, you mentioned Jennifer Jason Leigh earlier. She's at least a 3-timer in the rape department. Besides Eyes of a Stranger and Flesh + Blood, she also got raped in Last Exit to Brooklyn and nearly got nailed again in Girls of the Wild Orchid but that got interrupted before it went anywhere. Not to mention that classic stretched between two trucks scene in The Hitcher. She'll never be in her 20s again but at least she was wise enough to appear in several GIMP-worthy scenes while she was cute enough for us to enjoy them. Jennifer Love Hewitt, it's not too late, girl.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 09:25:16 PM

Name: Thx1139a
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Mr. Galt, sir, I posted some stuff from the prelude to the clip I posted earlier. More fun with zooming and lighting changes. And a little slow motion. Note that her bra is see-through :-)

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 09:47:58 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

John Galt - I really meant to welcome you before, but with the minimal posting time I have at the moment, I tend to forget things. Anyway, I don't think we need a letter grade on movies, but if we do have it, it should definitely only be for the GIMP type scenes that are of interest here. And actually, Bloodsucking Freaks is one of the greatest movies of all time, GIMPworthiness or not!

Heads up to cheers to Sam Raimi - a genius and apparently a first rate fella. I'm so glad he's making some cash now, and hope he returns to some of the more exploitative themes of his past.

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 11:13:54 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

This clip is for our friend Jefferson (hey, it has a few seconds of rape-like activity, before moving into things that would be of more interest to me.)

Monday, September 1st 2008 - 11:38:34 PM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: Thanks again for the words of welcome. I think maybe I will fit in very comfortably here. And thanks for adding the links.

Yes, as I mentioned I believe Jennifer Jason Leigh is a goddess. I knew there were other outstanding scenes she had done, but I ran out of time and just mentioned the two. Thanks for the reminders. I would also enjoy seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt put her money where her mouth is and demonstrate a bit of that nudity she wishes she had done. The way celebrities bulk up and slim down seemingly at will makes me think it is not too late for her to do some worthwhile nudity although I would bet long odds we won't be seeing any GIMP-worthy stuff from her. (Sigh.) But just watching Britney Spears go from hot teen tart to bloated trailer trash and then (briefly) back to fap-worthiness makes me think in Hollywood almost anything is possible.


Thx1139: You are The Man, sir. That dress ripping scene you posted is nothing short of awesome. You know, I never noticed her bra was see-through. Yum. For all its brevity, I have to rate this assault and rape one of my all-time favorites. Even though I would have enjoyed seeing more, I suddenly realize that my own warped imagination has had fun over the years filling in the blanks. And how annoying is it that victim actress Gwen Lewis didn't do anything else of note?


mothbrad: Thanks for the welcome. Go Sam Raimi! I would also like to see a return to the exploitation (especially sexploitation) of yesteryear. From anyone.


I am a bit sad that someone didn't immediately identify my mystery movie. I'm thinking that's a video rental I should have "lost" into my personal collection when I had the chance and just paid the replacement cost. Or at least made note of the title. As you can tell it made a lasting impression. Oh well, maybe someone will recognize it soon.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 01:23:36 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

I'm sure many GIMPers (particularly Dr. Yuya) have already noticed this, but our videos seem to be under attack on YouTied. There's a group of people -- mostly anonymous -- who are giving low grades to just about anything GIMP-related that shows up on YouTied, and providing negative commentary.

Check out the reaction to one of MAV's clips from Eyes of a Stranger. Earlier, this clip had a rating of about 4.5, but it seems to have been attacked by the wimp squad, which gets freaked out by anything that shows a woman suffering.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 03:28:41 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Well, it can't be proven, but I have a strong feeling it's BondageDave and/or maybe a few of his cohorts. When he sees something he doesn't like, he'll post a one-star rating for the same clip or picture 4 or 5 times. I saw the pattern earlier when I was looking at some of the pictures. 4 or 5 votes, all 1 stars. Seems odd that no one took the time to vote but just those 4 or 5 people and they ALL gave it 1 star. Most likely it was just one person with a vendetta. And yes, it's very possible to vote multiple times, and he seems to have discovered that. That will bring down a rating very fast.

MasterDetective needs to fix the glitch in his system that enables losers like BondageDave to intentionally sway the vote against things he doesn't like. It's pretty obvious since he's not allowed to post his long illegal clips that he is going on attack against the site that denied him.

And for those of you that thought he disappeared, check out the clip you used as an example. He's back under his original name. It also wouldn't surprise me to see him sockpuppeting under the ubiquitous "Anonymous" header that nearly everyone else seems to be using. How often do you see him post and the very next reply is in total agreement and praises BondageDave for what he just posted? That should also be fixed. No more posting unless you're a member.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 07:52:06 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address:
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Hey Gimpers:

Just a couple of quick things. Old poll question, do mainstream movie scenes turn me on. Not too often. Not that some aren't great, but most are too short, or often they are too cut up (girl in trouble, cut to police approaching, then back, ad nauseum). However when done well and of some duration they can be very hot. I just saw Foxy Brown for the first time and there was a rape/taunting/bondage scene that was reasonably long and very, very hot.

Anime bd art. I do like it, though, like many, I don't like the big eyed overly young look. I also watch some non-Gimp anime features. Generally if they have that little kid look in the leads (male OR female) I tend to tune out right away.

I've seen some GIMP worthy flicks recently. Too brief a scene in "Shooter" with an actress who always projects vulnerability really well. She's shown bound, obviously between rapes. Too short, but I really like her so it is noteworthy (can't recall her name -- though).

There was a GIMP scene in Ghost Whisperer with Ms. Hewitt. Dressed in lingerie and bound spread eagle to the bed. Show kinda sux and I only watched the show two or three times, so I got lucky to spot this moment. Too brief, but notable coz it was J.L.H. She still looked damn good in this scene.

Finally has anyone seen "Apocolypto"? First this is a great movie - well worth watching in whole. Early on one tribe raids the village of another tribe. There is some very realistic rape and pillage action in this scene.

Later captives (male and female) are transported, bound, through the jungle. Not much of (GIMP) interest to me aside from the raiding scene though some additinal bondage is shown - sadly mostly of the men. Gibson is one strange dude and the mayhem in any movie he directs makes me think he may be a lurker here! Heh...

Rest of movie reminds me a lot of an old movie called "The Naked Prey", though nothing GIMP worthy in that flick, in spite of the great title. Really, I urge you to check out "Apocolypto" though. Movie is fuckin' great.


Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 08:55:30 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: The youtied clips from Eyes of a Stranger aren't mine-they're THX1139's.

On youtied, I'm gonna try to post a rare bondage/rape clip from an Italian porn movie "1945 Prede di Guerra" with a smokin hot actress (Bambola) chained AOH violated by some corrupt armymen. I don't think it'll go through though because it's 24MB.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 09:35:07 AM

Name: John Galt

Dan Hawke: There was a GIMP scene in Ghost Whisperer with Ms. Hewitt. Dressed in lingerie and bound spread eagle to the bed. Show kinda sux and I only watched the show two or three times, so I got lucky to spot this moment. Too brief, but notable coz it was J.L.H. She still looked damn good in this scene.

Wow. Thanks for the heads-up! Where's a vidclip or screencap when you need one? I'll have to be on the lookout for this one.


Ralphus: I had not been paying attention to the ratings or the comments in YouTied. I was not aware that comments and ratings could be posted anonymously, though. Most sites on which I've been active disable anonymous posting and rating. They don't start out that way most of the time, but they usually end up that way due to similar abuse. Some are even sophisticated enough to filter by IP address, so it is apparent when someone posts repeatedly from the same address. All of that sounds like a lot of work, though. Might be more trouble than MasterDetective wants to take on?

Anyway, I registered and now I need to go back and dutifully rate my favorites. Beginning with THAT clip.

I did like one of the comments to the second Eyes of a Stranger clip where "Anonymous" said it was out of place on YouTied. I'm of the opinion that easily half, if not more, of the clips involve what BondageDave (and maybe his sockpuppets) would characterize as fantasy "violence against women." I would suggest that "Anonymous" is on the wrong site for whatever it is he or she is seeking, if indeed that is a legitimate comment.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 09:45:32 AM

Name: A Canadian

MAV/THX1139: Oops, my sincere apologies for the mix-up. Indeed, the post that is under attack was posted by THX1139. Of course, I suspect if I look carefully enough, I will find that some of MAV's posts have also been hit. No one is safe when Ranger Dave and his band of wimps (assuming it really is more than just him) go on the attack.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 02:21:55 PM

Name: Elkcreek
E-mail address:
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Ralphus, Jennifer Jason Leigh also was attacked in a very good attempted rape in "Heart of Midnight". It's kind of a weird scene in that she wears a cast on her leg. It also has kind of a Twin Peaks feel to it, almost surreal. I'll have to rent it again some time.

Also, a very young Jennifer Jason Leigh was raped in "Death Ride to Osaka", a white slavery flick. She was held down by a Yakuza member and raped AOH. It is a brief scene but R rated. Not bad all in all. So that makes five for Jennifer by my count. And I'll tell you something else, in the recent stuff I've seen her in, she still has it.

One mainstream flick that needs to be added to the database is a "Death in California" with Cheryl Ladd. It is a made for TV flick with Sam Elliot. She is raped in a decent scene but with fade ins and outs and later she is flipped over on the bed and tied arms behind her back. I would LOVE to find this or record it, but it does not seem to be available.

As far as the first mainstream movie that got my attention was the "Slave Girl of the Cannibal God" with Ursula Andress. She was tied AOH and there was an attempted rape by a cannibal tribesman. (This one needs to be added to the database too). The others were Stryker, Act of Vengeance (Jo Ann Harris is Hot, Hot, Hot), The Deep and Bo Derek in Tarzan. She wasn't really raped but held down nude including a spread eagle where a very large tribesman was approaching her before it was interrupted.

As far as Anime, the scene from Heavy Metal was good for me, but I prefer even TV grade stuff over most Amime. It's worthwhile, but not like real people. I just ordered a couple of new GIGA flicks, Shark Special #56, and South of the Border 4. Reviews will follow on the new stuff although fall is my busy season for work.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 07:51:02 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

elkcreek: I've been curious about Shark Special 56. Right now, it's one of those movies in my 'maybe' category. I think your review, whenever you are able to post it, will be the deciding factor.

I have also been interested in the Giga flicks. I have never seen one, but I have liked the Giga clips that have showed up on YouTied. Any reviews on the latest Giga films would definitely be welcomed by me.

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 08:34:05 PM

Name: Thx1139
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thanks to all for the support re the idiots who commented on my video posting at YouTied. It's appreciated. Anyone interested in that scene (and it's not the only one in the film of that type, though it's the best by far) might want to think about getting it on DVD... it's cheap ($10) and nice to have in high-resolution. The blonde in that scene spends some time in a very tight green top before the assault scene, and she's not wearing anything under it (something the killer remarks upon when he calls her before his "visit" in person). It's fun to watch her in that outfit and want to see her forced out of it and then see it happen :-)

Anyone interested in discussing the scene some more can contact me at the email address listed above. Oh... and since the scene seems so popular (the Youtied postings have gotten large numbers of hits)... it would be nice if a producer here were to re-create the scene and show us all what we wished would have been in the original, eh?

Tuesday, September 2nd 2008 - 09:49:43 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

I also love the fact that this movie [Evil Dead] was the start of Sam Raimi's hugely successful career.

It was also the start of Bruce "The Chin" Campbell's career, wasn't it?


I have a video where the villain cuts away the girl's clothes (including one sock!). He then strangles her with the ribbon of a mylar birthday balloon. I can cut out the strangling and post the stripping part -- it's pretty hot!

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 12:14:05 AM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Having been remiss in my duties for so long, let's get back to business. We begin with a disclaimer - those who find movie reviews long winded and boring stop now and read no further, just go on to other posts. Proceed at your peril. Those interested, read on.

Today we examine a ZFX effort from May 1993, "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap". It stars Alison Parish, Courtney Bishop and Margo Feller as the hapless damsels and Rick Masters and Travis Lee as dweeb and villain. Run time is 40 minutes followed by 12 minutes of outtakes and deleted scenes, then the normal previews of other ZFX films. I obtained my copy from Video Mayhem at the above link.

So this office dweeb named Billy receives a Dear John letter from his wife, Tammy, at his place of business. It states that with encouragement from her friends Susie and Jill she is leaving him and taking up with some bodybuilder. She has cleaned out their bank accounts. He sees an ad for an outfit, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Inc. showing a bound chick in the header. He calls and sets things up for his revenge. Two weeks later he gets a VHS in the mail showing what he got for his money and pops it in a player.

First up is Susie. In a motel room a small table has been overturned. Susie is spreadeagled on it, wrists and ankles tied to the legs. She sports a yellow ball gag and is wearing white panties and knee-high white boots. Alligator clips are attached to her pussy through the panties and wired to a chair. The DDDDC rep enters and he applies clothes pins to her boobs. A period of diddling and fondling follow with the requisite squirming and moaning.

Next up is Jill. In a warehouse she has been chair tied wrists behind, legs tied together, ankles tied to chair legs. Her upper body is wrapped to the chair and she is in tight breast bondage. She wears a skirt, heels and a pink ball gag. The DDDDC rep forces her to watch her friend Susie's torment on a monitor. She struggles in the chair as the rep approaches, unzipping his trousers. We never get to see what transpires. What a pity.

At last the dweeb gets to see his wife Tammy. She is naked in a motel room AOH, legs and ankles ducttaped. The DDDDC rep forces a large dildo into her pie hole and despite numerous protests she is made to suck it off as he yanks her pussy hair. A funnel gag is strapped on and she receives a lashing from the cat. Clothes pins go on the breasts and some type of industrial clamps are applied to the nipples. He has a plastic paddle shaped like a hand which he whacks her boobs and ass with. Into the funnel he jams a plastic plunger like device and takes some polaroids of her. He tapes the photos to her chest and leaves momentarily as she struggles against her restraints.

She has now been retied, bent forward over the back of a chair. Legs are tied to chair legs, each wrist secured to a chair arm. Large pink plastic paper clips are on her nipples then corded to an overhead light. Electric leads are attached to the labia and she has a pink ball gag. Her ass is whacked with the plastic hand. The rep then lubes her ass and inserts a thin dildo with the desired facial expression the result. With some manipulation and playing the old in and out, she suffers for a bit. He leaves and she struggles to free herself.

The tape now concluded, the dweeb hangs himself from the office ceiling. He awakens from his dream, looks down and sees the ad for DDDDC, Inc. The End

Movie Pluses - all three damsels are very easy on the eyes. Alison sells her scenes nicely. The anal rape was the strongest segment.

Movie Minuses - Courtney and Margo had very limited roles and didn't sell them nearly as well as Alison. As the film comes in at 40 minutes I thought a little more time and effort should have been spent on the first two girls torment. And I dislike dream only movies.

The Verdict - thought this one a bit tame by ZFX standards - the movie belongs to Alison. But then she is one of my fave ZFX models and the film shares a title with my favorite AC/DC song.

My Grade B-

Stay Well All

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 08:36:45 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Following up on my question from the other day, I'm pleased to report that clips such as this one from A Clockwork Orange are now up on YouTied.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 09:47:20 AM

Name: John Galt

Sloth: We begin with a disclaimer - those who find movie reviews long winded and boring stop now and read no further, just go on to other posts. Proceed at your peril. Those interested, read on.

Yow. That is going to go double for my review. Maybe triple or quadruple. But here is my review of a VHS version of XX: Utsukushiki Hyoteki, my copy of which was entitled XX: The Stalker. It took me a while to locate it, but the English-language version is called Beautiful Target. I should also mention that I haven't actually seen the English language version.


Beautiful Target (1995)

This will be an unusual review, since my copy of this movie is not the English language Beautiful Target, but the Japanese language XX: Utsukushiki Hyoteki, and I don't understand Japanese. So my grasp of the plot nuances is going to be imperfect at best.

The movie hits the ground running, GIMP-wise. A young woman is bound by wire underneath a leaking shower head, so her body is wet. I'm a sucker for wet bodies, although nervous perspiration is my preferred moisture agent. Wires bind her wrists apart above her head, and wires are cutting into the flesh at her throat. It looks like the entire wire apparatus that binds her is interconnected, so that if she moves her arm it pulls at her other arm. The bad guy is videotaping her discomfort and she looks both uncomfortable and terrified. He runs his gloved hand over her nude body (chest area only). He steps up and rapes her in the bound standing position. The camera pans up the back of her body while this is all going on. She makes some nice noises. Then he shows her a sharpened chisel-looking tool (his murder weapon of choice) and the scene fades with him stabbing her.

The plot of the movie involves cops trying to find this guy and a pretty forensic pathologist (Yoko Natsuki) getting involved in the investigation and drawing the attention of the rapist-murderer. A tough but attractive young woman who is a pimp also becomes involved, but I'm not sure why. I only know what one of the IMDB reviews tells me. She and the forensic pathologist strike up a relationship that includes a nice lesbian love scene, which I don't go into detail on but it is hot. The young woman pimp also becomes a target of the killer.

The next great GIMP scene comes when the killer breaks into the apartment of the forensic pathologist. He surprises her in bed when he tapes her mouth with duct tape. He tries to tape over her eyes to blindfold her. She scrambles out of bed. He blocks her escape. She reverses direction but he grabs her from behind and successfully blindfolds her with duct tape. She flails free and falls to the floor of her bedroom. The killer pulls her hands behind her back and binds her thumbs together with a zip-tie. (I never looked at zip-ties the same way again.) He releases her and she falls to the floor, then scrambles up against the wall, struggling vainly to get her thumbs free.

The killer walks to her and stands over her, then reaches down and rips open her pajama top to expose her breasts. He rips the top in the back as well. She tries to inch away, but he catches her again, turns her over onto her back, pulls off her pajama bottoms, and then rips off her panties. I like it that he did them separately. The torn top is still bunched up around her elbows. Then, in a move that I wish all movie rapists would emulate, he turns on the room light.

We are treated to a nice view of the bound victim in bright room light (she has hard, remarkably pretty nipples), as the camera pulls back to reveal her full body. Then we discover why he turned on the room light when he pulls out his video camera and starts taping her. The scene alternates between full color and blue-tinged video viewfinder mode for the rest of the scene. I would have preferred all full color, but the viewfinder mode lets you voyeuristically leer along with the killer as you see what he sees.

The killer runs his gloved hand over her body and face as she struggles vainly to elude his touch. He pulls out his chisel weapon and runs it over her body, starting at her flat belly and up to encircle her nipples threateningly, then along her neck and under her chin. He slowly sets the chisel aside and from the back we see him move as if he's opening his pants. It is hard to tell if he is positioning himself or thrusting into her, but I think the former. Then the doorbell rings and all the good GIMP-ness stops.

Turns out it is the attractive young woman pimp at the door. The killer decides to continue another day and we follow the action as the pimp stands around downstairs outside the apartment building until a resident comes along and she can slip into the locked outer security door. She makes her way upstairs. She finds the apartment and enters, switchblade knife at the ready. She looks into the bedroom and sees the forensic pathologist naked, bound to a chair with her knees wide apart (but with her crotch in shadow), each ankle bound to a chair leg, and her hands bound above her head. The light is on as well, so it is a well-lightened scene. She is still blindfolded and gagged. The pimp walks in and takes a moment to enjoy the view. She cuts one foot free, and the bound victim promptly closes her legs in what I found to be a delicious movement. Sort of like she may be naked and tied and helpless but any shred of modesty she can manage she will. Next the blindfold is removed and the wrist restraints are cut, but when she goes to pull down her arms the pimp holds her hands in place above her head and slowly cuts the zip-tie that binds her thumbs together. Once free, she scrambles to the corner and grabs a shirt to cover herself.

The plot continues with I'm sure significant details being worked out, but it is all in Japanese. Somewhere in this part there's a lesbian sex scene between the pimp and the forensic pathologist that is enjoyable in its own right but has no GIMP value. But I wouldn't fast-forward through it because they are both hot chicks.

Eventually, we get to the point where the killer captures the forensic pathologist and renders her unconscious. She awakens, still fully clothed and unbound, on a table in a room. She hears noises and when she investigates discovers the young woman pimp tied in much the same position as the girl at the start of the movie, except there is no shower and hence she is not wet. The forensic pathologist begins to unbind her when the killer walks in behind her and there is a struggle. He drags her kicking and screaming back to the table where she awoke, managing to remove her overcoat in the process. So she is wearing a white button-down blouse and a just-above-the-knee length skirt.

The killer zip-ties her thumbs again and pulls her hands above her head, but he doesn't tie them there. He says something to her in Japanese and maybe he told her to keep them there or what? he'll rape her? That's pretty much a foregone conclusion. The scene loses a little of its GIMP factor for her arms not actually being bound above her head. An oversight that the killer will regret, as it turn out.

Next, the killer slowly and lovingly cuts at one of the buttons on her blouse before he just violently rips it open. Then he rips off her skirt. She is wearing hose that covers her white panties. The camera draws back so we can see her laid out on the table in ruined blouse, white bra, panties and hose with the killer taking a good long look at her. She is not so much struggling as maybe whimpering, which makes her belly palpitate and her breasts heave and her entire body undulate in a not unpleasant manner. The killer cuts off her bra, slowly spreads it open and caresses her exposed breasts. Then he lifts up the top of her hose and cuts it away in several jerky motions, slowly spreads it open, takes hold of the hose and her panties, and eases all clothing down her long shapely legs.

The action suddenly cuts away to the cops who have somehow found out, no doubt in Japanese, where she is being held, and they are rushing through the streets of wherever they are, siren blaring. Then we cut back.

It is viewfinder mode again, that bluish tinged eye-of-the-rapist cam effect. He is running his gloved hand over her face, her neck, her lips, her arms, her nude body, pretty much every place you would if you were in his position. She is not fighting him tooth and nail. It is almost like she is turned on by the whole thing, maybe even looking forward to the rape but failing to recognize that these scenes generally end in murder. He takes his time playing with her nipples, then runs his hand down between her legs and moves around and her undulations increase and her eyes widen and you just know he's discovered she's really wet. He takes off and drops his pants and climbs up onto the table between her legs, still with the video recorder in play to capture her responses. I think I would have lost the camera by now, but this guy is dedicated to his art. He thrusts roughly into her and she rocks back and throws her head back but still seems to be liking it, pain and all. We get a long view of him on top of her, her legs spread, as he continues to rape her, bodily moving her with each thrust. Then he stops, still straddling her, to run his hand over her again.

He reaches over for his chisel knife thing and continues videotaping as he runs the chisel over her chest, encircling her breast, pressing it up against her nipple like he's going to chisel it off, across her neck, against her parted lips. It is more erotic than GIMP at this point, that is until he draws back and gets ready to plunge the knife into her. She suddenly opens her eyes and he is paralyzed, for some reason, so she knocks the camera out of his hands and off to the side, where it records the scene as she raises her unbound hands (thumb zip-tied only, remember) in front of her, grabs the chisel sticking out of his arm (which I neglected to mention she had ineffectively stabbed him with in their initial struggle), and drives it into his chest, which proves to be more effective. He falls to the floor.

She sits up, thumbs still zip-tied, climbs down off of the table still wonderfully naked, and in an inspired piece of scripting, uses the chisel still in his (we think) cold dead hand to cut the zip-tie. Then she kind of dresses, returns to free the pimp, and as they are walking out the killer rises again. Of course. In the ensuing struggle the pimp is thrown across the room and knocked unconscious. The forensic pathologist flees to the roof, with the killer in hot pursuit. The cops arrive in time to shoot the killer a few times and finally he is dead.

So there is wire bondage, zip-tie bondage, and standard bondage, all accompanied by lots of great nudity. There is bondage rape and attempted rape, although it is brief. Mostly, though, I really enjoyed the amount of time the movie spent with the killer playing with his victim (primarily the forensic pathologist). It might have been even better if she had been completely unwilling instead of half-heartedly unwilling bordering on willing while he was actually raping her. It might have also been better if he had actually tied her arms above her head in that last scene, although that would have made her subsequent escape problematic. All in all, though, I was pretty jazzed by those scenes. The first time in her bedroom she was terrified and the GIMP-factor was through the roof. For a mainstream movie, I would give the GIMP parts an A- at least, taking off points for missed bondage opportunities and her enjoying the rape at the end.

NOTE: I posted the relevant GIMP scenes to YouTied.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 10:22:18 AM

Name: Vince

Hey Ralphus, How come you don't have the movie "Leaving Normal" in the mainstream rape data base?

Christine Lahti plays a former stripper who for $500 goes to James Gammon's house to give him a private show and hopefully get information from him on her missing daughter. Fed up with her reluctance, he pushes her on the couch and tries to rape her. She gets out of it by bargaining with him by giving some of his money back.

I actually thought for once Lahti looked hot wearing a short denim skirt and a leopard skin top in most scenes.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 11:40:35 AM

Name: John Galt

MAV and Sloth (and anyone else who might be interested): I am attempting to post two scenes from Spy Trap on YouTied, specifically the scene where Sara St James is fastened onto the rack and whipped and threatened with a vibrator/dildo, and the next scene where hot wax is dripped on her while she is on the rack. They are kind of big files so we'll see.

Sadly, I can't get any sound out of my Spy Trap VHS video. It might be my player, but I don't have another one handy. If I manage to get sound in the future, I'll repost with sound. In the meantime, just pretend it is one of those old soundless fetish loops. As I recall, the sounds of pain were not very convincing, so the video might be enhanced by leaving the sound to your imagination.

You know, Sara St James did full-out spread-leg nude photos and videos and bondage pictures and videos, but she never did any penetration. So I always kind of wondered if there weren't some tense moments during the rack scene where that vibrator/dildo was pressed up against her crotch. Probably just wishful thinking on my part.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 02:19:10 PM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Whew! It's taken me this long to catch up on what's been going on while I was gone. I only visit here when I am at work, and a three day weekend results in a lot of posts to read in order to be current again. Perhaps that will change now that my ex-slave has moved out and I am living alone again. Yipee!

Thanks for thinking of me, Canadian. It wasn't exactly to my taste, but I appreciate the thought.

I am finding the more Japanese GIMP I see, the less I like it. Perhaps it is a cultural thing, but their emotions are just too flat, or at least don't come across to me. Give me a scene like the one in Blood Ranch any day. You don't see nearly as much, but her fear, dread and loathing are so wonderfully delicious.


Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 02:26:47 PM

Name: Brutus

Dan Hawke wrote: [Mel] Gibson is one strange dude and the mayhem in any movie he directs makes me think he may be a lurker here!

I would also put Clint Eastwood in the same category, considering all the rape and abuse of women in his movies.

Sloth: "Dirty Deeds" is one of the few ZFX movies I haven't seen, so your "short-winded and unboring" review is greatly appreciated. I don't know if there's enough there to make me buy it. But I'm also an Alison Parish fan, so ...

John Galt: "Utsukushiki Hyoteki" was one of the first Japanese mainstream GIMP-heavy movies I've seen. Thanks for bringing back those fond memories. The bedroom scene with the heroine gagged and blindfolded was indeed excellent. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but wasn't there a scene in an S&M club with a ballgagged woman tied AOH onstage being whipped by a dominatrix? I think the cops found a clue at the club about the identity of the killer. Or maybe I'm thinking of a different film in the XX series.

jhlipton: Bruce "The Chin" Campbell has done an impressive amount of work, but he will always be known as "Ash," at least for me :-)

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 05:28:58 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

John Galt: I knew it would only be a matter of time before you posted your first full-length review, and you have done a fine job in your review of Beautiful Target. I don't know that I would have gone as high as an A-, but I agree the film has its moments, particularly the scene where the killer breaks into the apartment of the pathologist, Yoko Natsuki. And I would say Natsuki is as beautiful as the title suggests. Well done.


And then there's Sloth. It's been a long wait, but the official Sloth review is back, and we're pleased to see you tackling one of the films in the backlog of ZFX movies. To be honest, I have no idea who Margo Feller is, but I like Alison Parish and I like Courtney Bishop. Unfortunately, it sounds like this isn't their finest movie, and I agree with your comments about dream set-ups. I also agree with your comments about the Dirty Deeds song, but I guess that's a bit off topic. I might check this one out at some point but I'm in no rush to see it.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 05:40:13 PM

Name: John Galt

Brutus: My memory is a bit fuzzy, but wasn't there a scene in an S&M club with a ballgagged woman tied AOH onstage being whipped by a dominatrix? I think the cops found a clue at the club about the identity of the killer.

You recall correctly. There was a scene as you describe at the S&M Club, but I thought it was a voluntary performance and was played more for its eroticism so it didn't register as a GIMP scene with me. Maybe I'm just jaded. But it was ballgagged AOH bondage and whipping, so that's probably a personal judgment call as far as GIMP-ness goes. There was also the brief dream sequence where the forensic pathologist fantasized about having sex with the killer and stabbing him, which was more erotic. And there was the brief false-alarm attack in the alley, which didn't register on my GIMP meter either because it was just a physical attack with no sexual overtones. You'll notice I also didn't describe the brief scene where the killer grabbed the pimp in the car or the specifics of his chasing down the forensic pathologist prior to the final GIMP scene. I thought about mentioning them all in passing like I did the lesbian sex scene but my review was just getting so long. You know?

MAV and Sloth: No luck uploading the Sara St James Spy Trap clips to YouTied yet, but I'll keep trying. I have them reduced to a series of 2-minute segments but my posts still keep failing. Oh well.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 07:04:42 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

John Galt: Wow, have you ever considered becoming a writer? Your review of "BEAUTIFUL TARGET" reads like a good novel. Also, I really like the clips on "Youtied". Thanx for the contribution.

A Canadian: Posting the scenes from "CLOCKWORK ORANGE" was a good idea. A classic such as that needs to be seen by any "late-cumers" who might have missed it.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 07:35:07 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Speaking of Mel Gibson, wasn't he set to do a new Boudicca movie?

If anyone is wondering, Boudicca is a historical figure who was flogged by the Romans while her two daughters were raped. Yes that and the fact that she was Celtic and went to war with the Romans shortly after are about all I know of her. Yeah sue me I've never terribly been into history

What interests me is what kind of scene that would be if Gibson was directing it, given how he did the whipping scene in "Passion of the Christ". I know for a lot of you that may be perhaps too gruesome but for me it's something I'm looking forward to as being very Gimp-worthy (along with the last Harry Potter movie for the Hermione torture scene and the new Heavy Metal movie for any scene similar to the stuff that was in a lot of the comics). Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 - 08:37:00 PM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Ah, good to get a review out of my system and thanks all for the kind words.

John Galt - outstanding review and may I ditto your comments - it's been years since I saw "The Stalker" as mine is titled and your assessment is right on the money - some very nice Gimp moments - that film was a confirmation for Gimpers as to why we are vital - chicks so vain they get stalked, tied, tortured and raped but enjoy the last part because she has herself in front of a camera - a validation of our existence :) - enjoyed the Youtied posts and hope you can get Sara up sometime - looking forward to that.

Jefferson James - did you let her go or did she escape? Congrats in any case.

Now I must tell you all about two scenes from a movie I just viewed. Most here are familiar with the Fantom Killer series and I believe a couple have been reviewed. When I viewed the first sometime back I thought it was okay for what it was, just your basic bondage/slasher/suck and fuck flick. After a summer devoid of any guilty pleasures I thought I'd view the fourth entry in the series. Got it from Video Mayhem at the above link. In this movie I got one scene I thought was quite innovative and pretty well done all things considered and another scene which shows the worst in such productions. Allow me to share them with you.

In the innovative scene this snotty female detective is checking a warehouse setting. Enter Fantom Killer. A punch to the face and she goes down. When she awakens she is face down on the floor, ball gagged and bound each wrist to each ankle, nude but for shoes. Fantom Killer mixes up a batch of sudsy water in a pail, turns her over and slathers her up with the suds. With her face down again he takes an empty mop handle, crams it up her pussy from behind and proceeds to push her back and forth making a pretty effective "human mop" sequence. When finished he removes the mop handle and replaces it with her cell phone. He then carries her outside and places her in a dumpster. As the garbage truck rolls up her friend is calling and she vanely attempts to get at her phone. The result is compacted female trash.

In what is probably the most inane scene in the history of film, we come to the other. This guy had been killed two days earlier. Police find the body and discover the cause of death was a severed Johnson which is bagged and taken in as evidence. Hot female cop working the evidence room needs some so she strips and takes the still rock hard erect member out of the bag and does herself with it. Who would have thought a Polish penis contained a self sustaining blood supply. Enter Fantom Killer. He handcuffs her, ties her legs spread and places a bucket under the legs. He covers her with gasoline and fills the bucket with same. With the severed member now inserted in her mouth he ties wire to her nipples and runs it to the door knob, a time honored tradition. When the door begins to open the wires tightened causing her grief. No one seemed to notice the door opened inward which would slacken the wire but hey, what the hell. The wires go shooting away and she spits out the member into the bucket. I also had no inkling that a euro penis dropped into gasoline would ignite the liquid causing an instant conflagration leading to the doomed damsel's demise.

Sitting agape for several minutes unable to process what I had just seen, I fixed a martini and viewed it again with the same result. God, for ZFX to begin production again.

Stay Well All

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 08:23:00 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Checking in before work...

You guys are keeping me busy! I was up til almost 4 this morning working on the site and didn't have time to post until now.

Elkcreek and Vince: Thanks for the updates on the Mainstream Rape Database. I've added Death in California, Slave of the Cannibal God and Leaving Normal to the list. Also we already had Death Ride to Osaka listed under its actual title Girls of the Wild Orchid, but since that's the video name and easier to look for, I switched it in the database. I saw that film, though, have it in my collection, and it's an attempted rape only. No penetration, and she escapes right after he opens up her top.

Also, can anyone who's seen it come up with a description of the attempted rape in Heart of Midnight? It's Jennifer Jason Leigh so it's important enough to get it right.

Sloth: Great review on the classic ZFX film. I haven't seen that in years and I agree that Alison Parish stole the show. Her anal plundering was the only footage that I kept in my personal collection, but I also like the other two girls, Margo Feller and especially Courtney Bishop. Margo was cute but only in a few ZFX titles but I had a definite fondness for Courtney. And that box cover is awesome.

Added to the Reviews section in my Homepage URL above.

John Galt: You have a very entertaining writing style, and thanks for the (very voluminous) review of Beautiful Target. Likewise, I have lots of scenes from that in my own collection...great movie from the very first scene with the cutie in the shower...and that even takes place even before the opening credits. You have to love the Japanese. Even their mainstream stuff is primo. You need to check out their actual bondage films now. They do it right.

Added to the Reviews section under Mainstream here:

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 08:55:39 AM

Name: Jefferson James
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Dr. Yuya: The previous telling of the Boudica story was actually pretty well done, at least the only part I watched - the rapes. I noticed is a movie in my database that is not in the one here. Below is my entry.

Boudica (2003)

[Warrior Queen]

M/f, M/f restrained, witnessed rape. (Mother). As a punishment, Boudica (Alex Kingston) and her daughters Isolda (Emily Blunt) and Siora (Leanne Rowe) are bound. She is flogged and forced to watch as they are both raped. Color movie directed by Bill Anderson.


Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 09:04:44 AM

Name: John Galt

Finally got the Sara St James Spy Trap clips uploaded to YouTied. I feel like an idiot. Somehow during my editing and conversion, I managed to drop the file extensions from the files. I never noticed because my workstation still recognized them as AVI files and played them with no problems. But YouTied apparently depends on that file extension being present, which is no big surprise. Something to watch for in the future.

Alas, the clips have no sound. (That's the fault of my VHS tape or VHS player--not sure which.) However, as I recall, the sounds the "victims" made weren't very convincing so it might be the sounds you imagine as you watch it will be better. Sara St James was many things, but a multi-talented actress was not one of them. She always kind of played herself. Not that I ever tired of that, since she frequently played herself completely naked and in bondage.

There is actually another "spy" being tortured at the same time as Sara St James in these scenes, an actress billed as Kristi. I painstakingly excised her parts to cut down the size of the clip and also to focus on all the Sara St James goodness. You can catch a glimpse of the other victim occasionally. See them here. Enjoy.


I have a couple more brief reviews of old favorites of mine. Once again, the movies themselves are not GIMP movies, but they have definite GIMP aspects that I appreciated in my younger days. Inseminoid (also called Horror Planet) features creature rape and The Dunwich Horror features Sandra Dee as a virginal sacrifice. Honestly, The Dunwich Horror might not have gotten my attention as much if it hadn't been Sandra Dee and just been some random actress. But for what they're worth, here are the reviews:


Inseminoid (aka Horror Planet) (1982)

This science fiction flick features British hottie Stephanie Beacham being attacked, raped and impregnated by an alien in an interesting cross between a ritual and a laboratory insemination. It is a brief but GIMP-worthy scene, shown real-time and again in flashback.

At the 29:00 minute mark, the alien attacks Stephanie Beacham's character, her air supply gets disconnected and she passes out. Next thing we see is her naked body laid out on a light table, legs together and arms at her side. She is conscious and obviously terrified by whatever she is seeing or experiencing. And she is sweat-covered. She raises her arms to cover her breasts, but they are forced back down to her sides in some manner that is not evident to me. When she looks up, she sees the face of the expedition doctor looking down at her. Not sure whether she is hallucinating or the alien can make her see whatever it wants her to see. The "doctor" prepares a hypodermic needle and injects her arm as she looks on in horror.

The light table descends, or she spins down into hallucination, however you care to interpret it. When she comes to a stop, her knees are up. As her knees move apart, a bug-eyed monster appears at the end of the table between her legs. She looks horrified and shakes her head as if to say no. A glass tube moves up between her legs and apparently enters her. The glass tube fills up with a greenish liquid and round, umm, seeds, I suppose, and the motion of the liquid and seeds indicates it is being pumped into her. Her eyes widen as she realizes what is happening and the scene fades out.

At the 35:45 minute mark she has a flashback in which we once again see her rape in abbreviated form, with some of the best parts repeated. It's almost like someone created a YouTied clip and repeated the best parts. Naked on the light table, knees parting, bug eyed monster rising up, tube penetrating, liquid being pumped. Rape, rinse and repeat. Fade out.

That's about it for the GIMP material. No bondage and no real sexual violence since she seems sedated or paralyzed. But she does end up pregnant and eventually gives birth to a little bug-eyed monster, that crawls out using the traditional birth path as opposed to say bursting through her belly Alien-style. It is still a painful birthing experience for the hapless Stephanie Beacham.

I would rate the GIMP scene a good solid C. It is very brief but also pretty intense.


The Dunwich Horror (1970)

This is a classic American International Pictures (AIP) release "based" on HP Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror." It is noteworthy for only one reason, in my opinion. It starred virginal, blond, all-American good girl Sandra Dee in a role that was quite the unexpected departure from anything she had done before or since. The GIMP-worthy scenes involved her laid out (in a flimsy black almost-but-not-quite see-through garment that let you know she was nude underneath) on a stone altar for the "Old Ones" to impregnate at the climax of a long and tedious ritual.

The movie begins with a flashback in which we see an attractive woman in childbirth, moaning and writhing in pain on a bed, covered in sweat. She is wearing a flimsy black garment like Sandra Dee wears later except this one, not being worn by Sandra Dee, is marginally more see-through and she is not wearing a bra although she is wearing black bikini panties. She is helped to stand by her husband and we cut to credits. This has a low GIMP factor unless sweat-covered women writhing in pain on a bed works for you.

Flash forward to the present (well, 1970 anyway) and we are introduced to Sandra Dee, who is an assistant named Nancy (but I'm going to continue referring to her as Sandra Dee) working with a professor who is lecturing on the Necronomicon and he just happens to have the last known copy. Wilbur Whateley (Dean Stockwell) wants it to perform a presumably profane ritual and seduces or hypnotizes pretty blond virginal Sandra Dee into letting him see it, then into spending the weekend at his home, where talk turns to sex and we find out Sandra Dee is, in fact, playing a virginal character. And we know what happens to virgins when there's an altar around.

So one thing leads to another and finally at the 46:00 minute mark we get Sandra Dee hallucinating about being stretched out on that altar. She is wearing the black flimsy garment. She is not wearing panties because the garment is cut all the way up on the sides to her armpits and there is nothing but bare, creamy white thigh. There is a loose gold belt cinched at her waist, though. She is slowly moving her head from side to side, eyes closed, in some dream state, moaning and licking her lips every so often. Wilbur is there and caresses her thigh, then moves to stand at her feet. Her knees are parted and up in the air and he begins to undress. He removes the gold belt and slides his hand up her thigh and under the garment. Next we see him caressing her garment-covered breasts but then he slides his hand down her neckline and starts kneading one of her breasts and the vigor with which he kneads makes you think you're going to catch a glimpse of a nipple but no joy. She's still in her dream state, breathing hard and moaning and gasping. (Me, too.) The scene abruptly ends.

At the 51:00 minute mark, we see Sandra Dee's friend and fellow assistant, actress Donna Baccala playing Elizabeth, who is concerned and searching for Sandra's character in the Dunwich house, open a door she wasn't supposed to. She is fully clothed and even wearing a trench coat, but as she is attacked in an irritating red-and blue-screen series of flashes, she is down to her dress, then down to her underwear, then nude. All in a series of fast flashes that you really have to pay attention to or you miss her "undressedness." It is an attack by some kind of monster during which she is stripped but I think it is likely she just ends up dead. Ultra low GIMP factor, but it does happen.

Finally, at the 1:05:30 minute mark, we get Sandra Dee really laid out on the stone altar wearing the black flimsy garment. There is interminable chanting and twirling of a sacrificial knife and the whole time Sandra is almost off screen, her side being used as a lectern for the Necromonicon. Cut away for plot developments.

At 1:18:00, Dean Stockwell finally finishes his ritual and moves to Sandra Dee's bare feet. He takes hold of her ankles and moves her legs apart. Then he takes the book from where it was propped against her side and props it up between her legs. That is like the last place I would have put that book. But Sandra Dee's character seems to appreciate it, as she turns her head to the side and brings her hand up to her mouth and moans suggestively. She acts for all the world like the book is having sex with her. (Maybe it is.) The camera moves lovingly up and down her body. It lingers at her cleavage although there is nothing to see there. It pans up her legs as she moves her knee slowly up and down, and rocks just enough that we get an extra big flash of her butt cheek. She licks her lips, She moves her hand to and fro at her side. It is actually a pretty hot scene, considering there is no nudity, no violence, no rape, and no bondage. But she is in a drugged state being taken advantage of by an evil devil worshipper, so that qualifies as some peril.

The plot gets in the way (again) at this point, and when we finally return to sacrificial Sandra Dee several minutes later, the bad guy is still chanting and reading from the book propped up against her crotch, but on the plus side we are treated to a slow pan up Sandra Dee's body, and you can see that she is nude beneath the garment because we see a luscious unbroken expanse of creamy white flesh all the way up to her armpit. Happily, she has stretched her arm out to the side. Another cut away and when we get back bad guy Dean Stockwell looks like he is having sex with her using his eyes. She is rocking her head pleasurably and licking her lips. There is a great shot where she actually lifts her butt up off the altar and we see just a little bit more of her. The camera loves Sandra Dee in all her almost-nakedness and rarely misses a chance to tease the viewer.

The good guys arrive and have a war of arcane and unintelligible words with the bad guy, which are probably spells and counterspells. All during this time Sandra Dee is moaning, the winds are whipping up, pages of the book are flipping back and forth, but does the wind blow that garment up to reveal more of Sandra Dee? Of course not. However, there is a point where it looks like you can see her hard nipple through the garment.

The bad guy goes up in flames, the creature he was conjuring is vanquished and Sandra Dee sits up suddenly not in a dream state any longer. As she is being led away from the altar, though, the camera focuses on her belly and the image of an almost-full-term fetus is superimposed onto her, so there was some kind of sex and she is with child. Or whatever you would call a new-born "Old One." So score one for the bad guys.

Okay, so like I said: No nudity. No bondage. No traditional sex, forcible or otherwise. But Sandra Dee as an unwilling sacrificial virgin almost nude on a stone altar getting knocked up by a book still did something for me. It may be because I know who Sandra Dee was and there's a thrill when the ultimate good girl gets down and dirty in a horror movie. Anyway, I would give this a weak C.

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 03:44:00 PM

Name: A Canadian

Boy, I feel a bit like the class bully picking on one of the new kids, but I'm not sure about those Sara St. James clips John Galt has posted on YouTied. I didn't realize it until now, but Spy Trap is a B&D Productions video. I thought we GIMPers had a pretty clear policy that we wouldn't post stuff that rips off US producers (unlike the Bondage Dave crowd), and that we would stick to mainstream clips that are already widely available and to Japanese porn clips that were already pirated before they got to us.

I know we generally aren't big B&D fans, but shouldn't we be treating the protection of their movies the same way we would protect Rick, Dan Hawke, Natasha and others?

By the way, I am in no way implying wrongful intent by John. If he has done the wrong thing here, I am confident it was an honest mistake.

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 04:14:09 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

I'm surprised tentacles scifi fan Rick (Ballista 2) hasn't commented on the indepth anime poll. I also wonder what zfx has been up too, and whatever happened to the poser 3D stuff (was that going to be animation?) he was working on.

I added some anime eyes to the celebrating limited animation above. Maybe these eyes do look better than the eyes I had before!

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 04:59:23 PM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: Boy, I feel a bit like the class bully picking on one of the new kids, but I'm not sure about those Sara St. James clips John Galt has posted on YouTied. I didn't realize it until now, but Spy Trap is a B&D Productions video. I thought we GIMPers had a pretty clear policy that we wouldn't post stuff that rips off US producers (unlike the Bondage Dave crowd), and that we would stick to mainstream clips that are already widely available and to Japanese porn clips that were already pirated before they got to us.

Ooh, sorry. There are rules? What are the rules? Are they posted somewhere that I missed? I'm notorious for failing to read the fine print.

Good luck finding Spy Trap anywhere, though. I've been trying to replace my soundless copy for years. All I can seem to find is streaming video. I have a thing against streaming video. I kind of like to have a copy to watch whenever I feel like it.


Scribbler: I love anime and I think your animation is great but I liked it better without the anime eyes. Just my opinion.

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 05:11:19 PM

Name: BlueDog
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I'm too lazy to go find the link, but I actually reviewed Spy Trap here and Ralphus was kind enough to post some screenies I took. Few things about this gem.

First off, it seems as though it's available from London at the link above. I've never ordered from then, but personally I think it worth it for $24 IF they had a DVD version. Doesn't look like they do.

Which brings up the subject of piracy. Personally I think A Canadian is off in suggesting that JG should not have posted it on YouTied. Doesn't even have sound (I'll get to that in a min), and it's just a clip. That's a far cry from posting, say 20 mins of the movie. Moreoever, one has to ask what the harm is in posting something otherwise unavailable. Granted Spy Trap is available in VHS, but personally I no longer have a player. Given the choice of not having a gem like this and getting a pirated copy, well I go for pirating it. It's a gray area for stuff like this, which are at least available in VHS, but what about all the old HOM stuff that have no legitimate outlet?

Regarding the sound. I realize that I differ from most gimpers in that I don't like gags. I like the victim screaming her little heart out, and in that regard, Spy Trap delivers more than just about any other flick I've come across. It's a shame you can't hear it in the clip, but Sara really sells it.

I'm happy to say that I still have a 200meg VOB quality clip of the waxing scene. I got it from someone selling pirated stuff, and that particular vendor (don't ask, long ago, can't remember) specialized in stuff you couldn't find elsewhere. This was a while ago, and it's still a favorite.

Sara also got the GIMP treatment in Unruly Slaves and Unruly Slaves 2, both of which are good, but not nearly as good as Spy Trap.

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 05:38:43 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

John Galt: I don't know that the rules are set in stone. I have heard there may be something buried in the fine print somewhere on YouTied, but I don't know where.

The policies we have developed are mostly by mutual consent, and are consistent with the rules on this site. For example, Ralphus doesn't allow the illegal file sharing of a producer's work.

On YouTied, I would characterize our approach as a combination of principle and pragmatism. On the principle side, we recognize that bondage producers serve a small, niche market and deserve to make money for their products. On the pragmatic side, there is a serious risk that YouTied will be shut down by some producers and their lawyers if the producers think the site is ripping them off.

My guess is our policy should apply to B&D movies -- at least, the ones with audio. But I'll leave it to Ralphus to give the final verdict, as he has put a lot more thought into this than I have.

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 05:49:17 PM

Name: John Galt

Hey, Blue Dog. I really enjoyed Spy Trap, although I didn't much care for the dialog or the sounds in general. I didn't think any of the performers really sold the threat. But oh my god Sara St James is hot. By the way, I am also not a fan of gags for the exact same reason. I like hearing the screams or moans or whimpers or whatever.

I did not care much for Unruly Slaves or Unruly Slaves 2, although not only do I own both of them, both of my VHS cases are autographed by Sara. The only scene in either of those two movies I liked (and in fact I absolutely loved it), was the scene in the first one where Sara is hung naked by her ankles and whipped and tormented. Once again covered in that body oil that makes her glisten as she writhes and struggles. I have a clip of that, but now I'm conflicted about posting it to YouTied. Unlike Spy Trap, I have seen DVDs of the Unruly Slaves movies for sale on some sites.

I understand what you are talking about A Canadian. I like YouTied and I would hate to cause or contribute to any legal issues for the site. Nor would I want to cheat any niche fetish producers out of profit. I generally view short clips as teasers that might encourage someone to buy the whole thing, but it could go either way. Points taken.

MasterDetective, any input on this?

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 06:59:54 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Scribbler wrote:

I'm surprised tentacles scifi fan Rick (Ballista 2) hasn't commented on the indepth anime poll.

I hadn't really thought of it, but that's a darn good question. Rick has definitely been into the evil plants and bugs and other sci-fi elements. You do wonder what he saw in the anime films that inspired him to such an extent, since you could argue it was pretty risky to make some of his more bizarre films. I mean, he couldn't have been certain how his fans would react, even when he had Lisa cast in one of his sci-fi flicks. I hope Rick does share his thoughts on anime and the influence on his movies.

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 08:41:39 PM

Name: JD
E-mail address:

I have a few clips from Spy Trap (with sound) that I'm more than happy to share with you all and upload to YouTied... but I'll wait until we have a consensus on whether it violates the unwritten rules before I do. In the meantime, great job getting those clips up, Mr. Galt.

Bluedog: tried to find your review on Spy Trap, but couldn't find it. Do you have a link?

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 08:52:20 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Just checking in, probably not enough time for a long post.

Should the Spy Trap clips be allowed on YouTied? Well, it's not my site, but if I were running it, my answer would be an emphatic NO. This is copyrighted material, owned by B&D Pleasures, one of the biggies in the bondage business. I know one could say that they're only 3-minute clips and not the whole movie, but what if you have five 3-minute clips? That's 15 minutes, and arguably the best (and in my opinion the only good) 15 minutes of the movie. Where do you draw the line? YouTied is supposed to help the producers, not give away their wares for free. If I'm MasterDetective, those clips are going bye-bye.

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 09:22:35 PM

Name: howard w.
E-mail address:

My vote is neutral on the anime artwork. While it is interesting it doesn't really flip any switches for me. A little while back you ran a few Damian artwork pieces and THAT REALLY flips all my switches. Is there a free site that has a healthy collection of his work? I'm not meaning to be cheap but I'm retired on disability and the sheckels are kind of scarce. Maybe a yahoo group or some other place where a lot of them are collected. (Legally of course) I would greatly appreciate whatever help you might be able to give me in this search. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Thursday, September 4th 2008 - 09:26:12 PM

Name: milo

Poll: I have encountered a more than a few anime scenes that I thoroughly enjoyed, all involving whipping and torture of lovely females. The main reason is the content -- you can depict stuff that would be very difficult to enact with real people. Sadly, most of the content of anime (lots of tentacles, schoolgirls and forced sex) does nothing for me.

Give me a good anime torture scene over a mediocre bondage/rape scene w/ real people any day.

Friday, September 5th 2008 - 04:57:44 AM

Name: Noordin Ali
E-mail address:

I have been reading/following for few weeks and I think it is awesome

Friday, September 5th 2008 - 07:58:29 AM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

John Galt: Non-consensual sex with a woman, even by a book, is rape in my view. Thanks for the heads-up.


Friday, September 5th 2008 - 10:46:06 AM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

A Canadian wrote:
Rick has definitely been into the evil plants and bugs and other sci-fi elements. You do wonder what he saw in the anime films that inspired him to such an extent, since you could argue it was pretty risky to make some of his more bizarre films.

I'd never thought about this, but with my little knowledge of anime/hentai, I guess that's not a surprise. I'd actually be interested to hear from Rick if he drew on other sources for those sci-fi elements. It's pretty clear that he's got a good overall knowledge of the history of various forms of bondage/fetish films (I seem to remember him crediting people like Cole etc), so I wonder if there were other precursors to the plant/insect thing?

One thing I had the feeling of, watching one of the SOB movies, was that there was a bit of a 'comic book consciousness' (in the best sense of the word) - where the villains were truly evil but charismatic and wisecracking (more so in a 'Batman', rather than 'Pulp Fiction' way), and the victims were the classic 'damsels in distress', taken past the old fashioned fade out before the real action began.

So, Rick, it's been a while, and I'd love to know: was it eighties horror movies, or comic books, or animation, or something else, that sparked all those Shockwaves?!

Friday, September 5th 2008 - 02:58:03 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

I have also been wondering where Rick got the idea for the creeping vines. I always thought that was so cool! It's funny that this is a ZFX site and we rarely discuss those films these days.

Rick, are you still lurking? I would be interested to know more about where you got some of your ideas.

Friday, September 5th 2008 - 03:16:07 PM


Hey, all. I want to share my thoughts on the current poll: What's your opinion of Japanese anime? I go....

I guess I'm going to be one of the few on this board to come out and say, I don't just like it, I LOVE IT! I actually love art in any form. Whether it's from the great people at Drawing Palace, DoFantasy, or the myriad of incredible Anime artists floating around out there.

As has been said, ad nauseam at this point, great art allows us to see things that not only are impossible to do in real life, but things that would be reprehensible or stomach turning if they were, and for me at least, completely guilt free. I'm 100%, hell 1,000% sure that of all the pictures and comics that I've collected over the years on my hard drive, some of which look STAGGERINGLY similar to the daily pics that have been run on the site for the last few weeks, (hmmmmm?, by the way those are all really REALLY old, and I have much better ones now. Ahh, just ignore that last part), not a single pixel, color, or image was actually harmed in the process of creating them. So a great artist allows you to go places with your mind that you wouldn't, shouldn't, and can't go in real life, unless of course the prospect of prison rapes sounds enticing to you.

Tentacle Monsters, School Girls, big doe eyes, insanely elaborate torture scenarios, IT'S ALL GOOD TO ME BROTHA!!!

WOAH!!! Something else just started bouncing around in my little old brain. Hold on it's forming into a question, something about Rick.. THAT'S IT!!!

Rick, surly as the man who has come the closest of every person in this room to actually living out some real life anime fantasies, you MUST have an opinion on the subject.

Come on buddy, take a moment, push the chair away from that movie your industriously converting from VHS to DVD, let that exhausted police officer taking your report on the latest bootlegger have the night off. They'll all still be there in the morning. Relax for a few moments, and let us read the thoughts of the master himself. Who knows, you may even let slip some info on possible future ZFX projects I have money burning a hole in my pocket for, hmmm?

Oh… ya, Lynda Carter is still WAY hotter than Lindsey Wagner. (^_^)


Friday, September 5th 2008 - 06:31:21 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

HOWIE: Wow, it's definitely been a while. You're still wrong about Lindsay Wagner, but it's good to see you posting again.

And who knows, maybe Rick will be the next one to get off the couch and share a few words with us. I thought Ironman made a good point about how rare it is that we get the chance to discuss ZFX movies these days, even though this is something of a ZFX fan site.

Friday, September 5th 2008 - 06:46:56 PM


Lynda Carter, worst day, BOING!!!!

Lindsey Wagner, best day, droooooop.


Friday, September 5th 2008 - 06:50:25 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:


Girls of War 2 from Ringdivas with the ridiculously hot Crystal Johnson was just released. For those who like superfit superhot chix strung up and beaten, it's a good weekend. I'll try to post a review soon.

Friday, September 5th 2008 - 09:27:49 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Girls of War 2- I saw the first one and loved it, but there was one glaring error in it that bugged the hell out of me, it was that dude who was doing the beating. He seemed to spend like 90% of the time making weird gestures and giggling rather than on the torture itself, not very cool. He did the same thing in those Sayuri videos as well. It's a shame because those videos would have been perfect otherwise.

Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 08:41:23 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

Seems that when this amine poll question began someone posed the possibility that ZFX and Rick Masters may have been influenced by them. Perhaps our good friend Rick could chime in and resolve this burning issue of the day as I tend to think that is not the case - what say you Rick?

Stay Well All

Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 09:09:09 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Some of my clips from the terrific Slave Island 11 are now up on YouTied, and I will post some more this evening.

Unfortunately, it looks like my clip of the gang rape scene didn't go through properly -- this clip is only about half of what I sent. But, actually, that's OK, because the clip definitely gives you a good sense of what's going on, and anyone who wants more can buy the movie. Indeed, Slave Island 11 is like the Citizen Kane of the GIMP world -- it needs to be seen in its entirety, and more than once.

Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 11:06:06 AM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

Been a bit since I've posted, I've just been busy, weathers been (still) bad, computer issues, etc.

John Galt: Great reviews/comments.

Sloth:Thanks for the review. As far as the Fantom Killer series, I like them, at least from the trailers I've seen. That scene you described sounded good and innovative. OK, its an amputated cock but....humilation, terror, tension, its all there.

Evil Dead: The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 (yes there is another tree rape, not quite as graphic but still very good) were a huge influence. Maybe THE influence. I studied that scene and that movie in general. While being low budget, the techniques used by Rami were very ingenious. It's an excellent film. Im a big fan of his. Although he has had to tone down for the mainstream he is still occasionally edgy and I think he may just be one of US =). His filmography is pretty telling, he did a short in the 70's called "Clockwork." Uh huh....Keep up the good work Mr. Rami.=)

Mainstream Scenes: Love 'em, the production and acting are usually top notch.

Anime: I like them except the childish appearance of the characters. I really wish they would stop doing that and stop with putting everything in a high school. I love the tentacles and the incredible imaginations of our Japanese brothers and sisters, but their animation style is not for me with some exceptions.


Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 02:10:01 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Saturday afternoon, and I finally have a half-day off. Time to get caught up.

John Galt: Sorry I'm late on this, but thanks very kindly for taking the time to review the "good" scenes from Inseminoid and The Dunwich Horror. It's sounds like neither one actually have bondage, but they definitely sound like they fit the theme of the forum. Inseminoid victim Stephanie Beacham also had a nice hogtie scene followed by her forced submission to Marlon Brando in The Nightcomers, if you haven't seen that one yet.

I added your movie review and also linked it in the Mainstream Rape Database at the link here:

Even though I've never seen it, I can understand the appeal of Sandra Dee as a virgin sacrifice. She was a doll baby, one of those girl-next-door types that you would never expect to see in a GIMP type scene. I mean, she played "Gidget", for rice cakes! So it was perfect casting to have someone like her play that kind of role. Even though the scene may not have been as explicit as one wanted, it was still Sandra Dee and that's worth checking out.

Added to the Reviews section here: The Dunwich Horror


Scribbler: The anime bug eyes to the "Celebrating 9 Years" banner was a humorous and relevant touch, seeing how we've had the anime talk going on lately, but I think she looks kinda weird that way, which I guess is one of the reasons why people say they don't care for the looks of the victims in Japanese animation.


Was Rick Masters influenced by anime? To me, that's a slam dunk. Of course, he was. Check out scenes in The Plant, Viral Load, Alien Probe 2, Seed, Ballista 2, Ballista 3 ...I know I'm forgetting some, but where else would he would have come up with inventive ideas like that? I mean, there are scenes in those films that come straight out of anime, except they are live action, which makes them even cooler.

Looks like Rick just beat me to the punch by getting his post up here before mine. Nice to see you here again, Rickster!

Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 02:53:50 PM

Name: b4a69
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Enough of the anime, does nothing for me.

Saturday, September 6th 2008 - 06:33:32 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Rick: Thanks for responding to the questions about anime and for your other comments and background information. It's good to know you are well and still reading the board. I have to think the subliminal messages about the "Best of Lisa DVD" that I have incorporated into nearly all of my posts since 2006 must be starting to have an impact. Time will tell.

I have to tell you, I just watched the Evil Dead clip on YouTied, and it's easy to see how this film was an influence. Some of the parts where the branches were wrapping themselves around the woman looked identical to some of your scenes.

I also must think Demon Seed, the 1977 film with Julie Christie, was probably an influence as well. Indeed, you may have mentioned this at some point -- my memory ain't what it used to be.

Anyway, thanks again for the post. We're always keen to know more about ZFX, including any news you might have, and appreciate it when you are able to check in.

Sunday, September 7th 2008 - 03:11:49 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I see Rick and Sloth have mentioned the Fantom Kiler series. Abducted by the Daleks which Brutus reviewed and Sinerama carried (they carry Teraz and Stella films) is no longer available. The BBC has come down on them for trade/copyright issues from the Dr. Who series. I see it is being offered used on Amazon for $149.98! More about the story at this link:

Sunday, September 7th 2008 - 04:06:12 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

My final six clips from Slave Island 11 are now up on YouTied, including this nice clip.

And Ralphus has posted this clip from Fantom Kiler 2.

Sunday, September 7th 2008 - 05:39:30 PM

Name: John Galt

Rick: Thanks for the shout-out. It was also interesting to find out the tree rape in The Evil Dead was an influence. I also wondered if the computer rape in Demon Seed was any influence on your work. I think that might have been a much more entertaining movie if it had been a ZFX production.

Dean Koontz wrote "Demon Seed" and most of his earlier books included hot sex scenes, although sadly by the early 90s there were none at all. I think he got Jesus or something. But anyone who is interested should pick up his "Night Chills" novel. It is about a shadowy organization that is testing a drug on a remote town by introducing it into the water supply. The drug makes the townspeople absolutely susceptible to suggestion. There's a great scene where this weaselly little guy is suggesting that an attractive woman undress, then service him, then allow him to rape her. That would make a good ZFX movie as well, but I'm betting Koontz won't option it to the studio. Oh well.


I have a couple of more reviews. Actually I have about six but I'm going to space them out. Tonight I'm talking about awesome HK exploitation flick Bamboo House of Dolls and AIP's Cry of the Banshee. The first one might be worth viewing but the second review is a cautionary tale.


Bamboo House of Dolls (1973)

This is an awesome HK exploitation flick, called Nu ji zhong ying in Hong Kong but known as Bamboo House of Dolls in the USA and Bamboo Women's Prison in Europe. It is set in Southwest China, in 1943, where Japanese soldiers invade a hospital looking for a downed American flier. They end up rounding up all the nurses, a surprising number of which look American, in a chaotic scene during which there is groping and struggling and the throwing of unwilling nurses over shoulders to be carried out and also coincidentally some baring of legs and bottoms. These World War II era nurses are wearing some remarkably short skirts.

Cut to a prisoner of war camp, the titular Bamboo House of Dolls. It is roll call and there are bare breasts as the women prisoners quickly dress in prison rags and run outside. There's a Japanese woman officer who strides out wearing over-the-calf brown boots and a blind Chinese prisoner crawls forward and licks her boots clean. So if you like that sort of thing, there's that. The prisoners all line up outside and the order is given to "Bring her out!" An exhausted woman prisoner is dragged out of a "hot box" and manacled between two posts. She is in a short one-piece shift that is torn down the front. There is some really inventive camera work as we focus on a close-up of her sweat covered breast and nipple, then the camera focus shifts farther back and we see the woman Japanese officer glaring sideways at the prisoner. That focus shift was kind of cool, and an artistic bit of cinematography I was not expecting.

The prisoner is stripped. The woman Japanese officer runs her hand along her bare arm. She selects a fellow prisoner to whip the manacled prisoner to death. And we see that, brutal Japanese orders to the contrary, the prisoner was not stripped but just made topless. I admit "Make her topless!" sounds less menacing than "Strip her!" so I understand the literary license the filmmakers took. But totally naked = hotter scene. She is whipped. She jerks and writhes nicely, but her cries don't do justice to the pain she is supposed to be feeling.

The prisoner whipping her cannot continue, so another prisoner is selected to continue the whipping. When she hesitates, she is whipped as well to prompt her cooperation. So double the whipping. The whipping continues until the prisoner is hanging limply by her manacled wrists, apparently dead. The prisoner who whipped her to death is overcome by guilt and flees, trying to escape by climbing the wall but when she reaches the wire at the top she is electrocuted in a nice jerky-fireworks-smoke-and-small-fire scene. The whipping scene was just okay. Someone was kind enough to post it to YouTied.

There's some uninspiring day-to-day "life in the Bamboo Cage" scenes during which we are introduced to the characters. There's a food fight/cat fight in the dining hall that involves hair-pulling and turning other prisoners upside down so their prison garments fall down around their heads and we see more panties and bare breasts. There's head dunking in pails of water. The Japanese overlords are displeased and pick out a few of the prisoners to grope and leer at menacingly, and it turns out what they've just done is selected their sex toys for the evening. No GIMP-ness.

Cut to a sadistic Japanese soldier guarding the boot-licking blind girl. He is amusing himself by throwing glass onto the floor of her cell and then poking and prodding her with his sword to get her to dance around on the broken glass, cutting her feet and eliciting (fairly lame sounding) screams and cries. Finally, overcome by his sadistic lust, he attacks her, tears her clothes, throws her down onto the glass-covered floor, and we cut away but I'm 99 and 44/100ths percent sure that rape followed. Low GIMP.

Cut to a Japanese officer out of uniform standing in front of an oriental prisoner. He anxiously tears open her shirt and kisses her neck. She is wholly unresponsive to his advances. He works his way down to her breasts. She just stands there, looking straight ahead. He pushes her back on the floor and kisses and gropes her. She just kind of lays there. He gets annoyed at her unresponsiveness and slaps her, retreating to a chair to smoke a cigarette. I think we can all sympathize with his plight.

Next, we see another prisoner laying on a mattress on the floor, completely nude. (This the first completely nude scene of the movie, by the way.) She is kind of writhing. Behind her, a Japanese officer is doing push-ups, and I guess we're supposed to think his physical exertion is turning her on. Or something. The camera goes to her face (she is an American prisoner) and extra slowly pans down her body. She has great breasts but kind of small nipples. Her leg is raised so we don't know if she has 70s bush but I'm betting she does. This was the 70s, after all. Suddenly they are having sex. Then there's an alarm and the guy runs outside. Another guy comes in, I think maybe the cigarette guy, and picks up where the last one left off. My VHS copy is not that good so there may have been some dialogue there I missed that explained the partner-changing. However, it is close enough to consensual sex that the GIMP rating is zero. This gal is just a horny slut.

The next prisoner we see is kicking and fighting and giving two male guards quite the struggle. The Japanese woman officer is sitting placidly nearby. During the struggle, the prisoner's breasts escape captivity from her garment right before we shift to silhouette view in which we watch the soldiers remove her clothes while the Japanese woman officer stands and undresses. They force the prisoner to the floor and we see her long legs flailing up in the air as they remove her panties. She is lamely screaming the whole time. The woman officer takes a strap-on out of an attractive decorative oriental wood-inlaid box and stands looking down at the prisoner as she straps it on.

The prisoner, who is being held down on the floor with her arms above her head by one of the guards, looks up in panic and sees the strap-on and figures it has her name on it. She screams again and struggles more. She arches her back and turns her head to the side and closes her eyes and does all of the things you really like a victim to do in the face of impending violation. In silhouette view once again, the obviously topless woman officer (with noticeably hard nipples) walks over and mounts the helpless girl. Not in silhouette view, we see the victim throw her head back and cry out as she is being penetrated. She rocks her head from side to side and her body moves slightly as she is being raped.

This is where the scene should have ended. But no. She settles down, closes her eyes, starts to moan, licks her lips and proceeds to enjoy her rape. She arches her head back and we see her bounce slightly as the woman Japanese officer thrusts into her but she appears to be enjoying it. Her feet fly up and shake in orgasm (I guess) and the female officer lifts her into a sitting position, possibly still inside her based on the arrangement of their legs in silhouette view, and they start kissing. They start rocking back and forth. The GIMP meter went from being full-on pegged to being lifeless just like that. Don't you hate when that happens? If I put this clip on YouTied I'm ending the scene shortly after that first thrust.

Next we go to the pretty blond prisoner (Birte Tove) who seems to kind of be the star. We get off to a rocking start as the Japanese officer completely rips her top down in one swift movement. She runs, holding her torn garment up to cover her breasts while he pursues her around the room. She backs into the bedroom and stumbles and falls onto a futon. He dives toward her but she rolls off to the side. He talks to her soothingly, trying to calm her down much as you would a pet, running his hand over her leg and kissing her until she pushes something into his mouth. (Couldn't tell exactly what.) He rolls back in anger. She gets up and runs away and when he catches her she finally lets go of that top to fight him and her top falls away and we get a nice view of her breasts. He pins her arms behind her back and starts kissing her neck and the scene suddenly ends. WTF?

The next scene begins with a sunrise. (Sun rise, rising sun? Is that supposed to be a clever transition for a Japanese prisoner of war camp? I give them credit for trying.) The four girls are walking back to their dormitory the next morning, one limping painfully, all obviously in the same garments as they were wearing the night before so everyone who sees them knows what they've been up to.

Other plot developments occur and suddenly we are in the midst of a riot, with scantily clad women prisoners wrestling with Japanese soldiers who in real life would just shoot them all. But then we wouldn't get flashes of panties. Then all of a sudden we are in a prisoner's public bath with nude women pouring buckets of water over each other. The camera pans slowly up and down various bathing women's nude bodies. Lots of bare breasts and bare backsides and long legs. No full frontal nudity.

The Japanese woman officer walks in as they are dressing and selects one of the American prisoners. She looks terrified to be singled out, and is led away. The Japanese woman officer undoes the girl's hair and lets it fall around her shoulders. She undoes the girl's dress and strips it down her body and off of her. Then the Japanese woman officer undresses herself and starts pouring water over the prisoner's body and soaps her up. Then they start kissing. Another potential GIMP scene shot to hell.

So then several women prisoners escape. Nothing of consequence happens GIMP-wise until they are surrounded and captured. Then we get them all staked out on the ground all in a row but, sadly, still fully dressed. Their arms are pulled out to the side but their legs are tied together. No close-ups, no real stress or menace. Minimal GIMP but we do have some bondage.

There's a love scene between the pretty blond and some guy. Totally consensual if not enthusiastic. No GIMP.

But then we get a prisoner being held with her feet in some kind of stocks being tortured. Her knees are fastened in one set of stocks and the torturers are stacking blocks of wood under her ankles, forcing her legs up and bending her knees forward (the direction they are not supposed to go). She passes out. Water is splashed on her face.

Cut to a new scene, destined to be the best GIMP scene so far. It is heavy on the red lighting, which is a bit off-putting. Ankles and wrists are being snapped into manacles on a table. A woman's ankles and wrists, as it turns out and she is fully dressed, although her dress is bunched up above her waist so we see her panties and long bare legs. She has a metal cap on her head with ominous wires snaking away from it. We are treated to a long shot of the entire length of her strapped-down body with the Japanese woman officer standing over her, demanding information.

The bound babe moves her feet helplessly and her breasts heave in anxiety as the Japanese woman officer turns abruptly and angrily throws a switch. The prisoner screams and jerks and arches her entire body up off the table. What an awesome reaction shot and we get a view from her feet up her deliciously arched form. Then we cut away. Damn. But it was great while it lasted. Unfortunately, that's it for the good parts. The movie goes on for quite awhile longer, what with escapes and chases and killings and so on. But there are no more decent GIMP scenes. (The pretty blond gets shot and dies.)

Well, this is an exploitation film and serves as an adequate vehicle for female nudity but the GIMP factor is very low, which is disappointing in a Japanese prison camp movie. It is not Slave Island by any stretch of the imagination. One fairly long whipping scene. One good but unsatisfying short GIMP scene and one that starts out well but ends in consensual sex. Quite a bit of incidental bondage that never really pays off. Several rapes that cut away when they just start getting good. All in all, lots of tease but very little substance. I'll give it maybe a C-.


Cry of the Banshee (1970)

Yet another classic American International Picture (AIP) from my younger days. These were the movies that warped me, in all probability. A brief review is the least I can do to say "thanks" to those filmmakers. This movie, however, did not warp me. It disappointed me. Cry of the Banshee stars Vincent Price, who plays the Evil Magistrate who enjoys torturing women under the guise of persecuting witches. That sounds like primo GIMP stuff. But alas.

The movie begins with a travesty of a witch trial (is there another kind?) in which a woman is accused of being a witch. When she refuses to admit it, she is branded (nothing to see here), then pulled through the streets being whipped by ignorant peasants until she arrives at the stocks where her feet are locked in. If you look really hard you can catch glimpses of her nipples since her blouse is pulled loose. She is wearing woolen stockings on her feet. All in all, an extremely low GIMP factor. Flashes of nipples, half-hearted whippings, out-of-sight branding and stocking feet. I am not aroused.

There's a party at the Evil Magistrate's house (or I suppose manor) that evening. The teenage son and daughter of the "witch" are brought before the Evil Magistrate and his guests for their entertainment. They are mocked and the boy is made to play a flute kind of thing while the girl sort of dances. The Evil Magistrate's wife asks him not to be such a pig (but not in those exact words) and the Evil Magistrate's daughter is repulsed and walks out. The Evil Magistrate is unimpressed.

One of the hornier men gets tired of watching and drags the girl down from the table where she is sort of dancing, undoes her blouse (but being an ignorant peasant fails to properly expose her breasts), and passes her around. The boy gets upset, fighting ensues, the boy and girl both end up dead, and the Evil Magistrate's wife looks at the bodies in horror, accusing him of needlessly killing them or something. She is pointedly reminded that wives are easily gotten and she'd better STFU if she knows what's good for her. The Evil Magistrate tells his son to take her up to her room.

Meanwhile, all this time we hear a wolf howling in the background, which the assembled guests call a "banshee." It is just a wolf, though, as the "banshee" turns out to be something different. It does not turn out to be the Irish banshee of legend, by the way. I guess the filmmakers just thought it was a cool name and used it. Just an aside.

The son has an argument with his mother (stepmother, actually, as we discover during their dialog), he slaps her a few times, wrestles her to the bed, gropes her, tears the back of her dress, wrestles with her some more, during which there is the briefest flash of breast and nipple, and apparently has sex with her. She does not put up much of a fight. I would have trouble characterizing this as a rape, although she seems generally unwilling or at least is having no fun. The needle on the GIMP meter flickered in anticipation but quickly dropped back to zero.

About 29:00 minutes into the movie we get a scene where the son of the Evil Magistrate shows up at the tavern to rape the new barmaid. Like it is a tradition or something. She isn't all that thrilled about fulfilling this particular tradition, so the Evil Magistrate's son's lackies trap her, undo her blouse, and push her back and forth between them. They manage to release her breasts, so there's quite a bit of boob bouncing going on. Being good lackies, they eventually bring her to the Evil Magistrate's son, who kisses her and releases her and she flees holding her torn blouse to her breast. All is not lost, though, as they discover a pretty woman who is, coincidentally, a witch.

The lackies pull her back onto the table and pin her arms. Her back is arched so that her chest is thrust out, but still fully clothed. The Evil Magistrate's son undoes the laces of her bodice as he "questions" her, but she is wearing something underneath the laces, so no nudity. What was the use of undoing the bodice laces? (That is a rhetorical question.) To save herself from further assault, she rats out Oona, who apparently really is a witch.

The plot thickens as we watch Oona's followers, dressed in white togas and robes, dancing with carefree abandon in front of a stone alter on which a pretty blond girl is laying nude, with her arms crossed over her breasts. Soldiers ride in and shoot a few of them. The pretty nude blond flees with a robe wrapped around her but trips and falls, exposing her breasts right before a mounted horseman drives a sword into her. (No blood, no wound, no gory effect, she is just, you know, dead.) Despite having a naked blond on a stone altar, this scene has absolutely no GIMP-ness to it. I'm wondering what it was I liked so much about this movie. Oona is pissed at the raid and the murder of her followers and subsequently curses the Evil Magistrate as well as his house and wife and children and asks Lord Satan to send an avenger. That would be the titular "banshee."

About 55:00 minutes in, the lackies decide to torture the witch from the stocks by hanging her by her wrists and suspending her over a fire. There is absolutely no heat to this scene. (I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. No more puns in this review, I promise.) Wrist suspension over a fire and the GIMP-meter doesn't so much as twitch.

Shortly thereafter the lady of the house is mauled to death in the hallway of the manor by something. Some fake blood and a mediocre attempt at gory effects. No GIMP. The Evil Magistrate is incensed. He goes into town and threatens to kill as many of the townspeople as he needs to until someone tells him where to find Oona. Naturally, out of all the men and old unattractive women standing around, they pick out a pretty young blond girl and tie her (fully clothed) onto a wheel under which they've stacked kindling. She protests that she doesn't know anything, so they light the kindling and burn her in a scene that once again fails to pay off in any titillating GIMP fashion.

That is about it for notable scenes. You know how sometimes you'll see advertisements for those old AIP and Hammer films and they really look like they might have some good GIMP parts? Well, this was not one. It has all the right ingredients, but they are not combined in the right ways. A few bare breasts. Mediocre bondage. Half-hearted whipping. Lame torture. No sexual assaults to speak of. This movie is an F. I reviewed it for you so you won't be tricked into wasting time seeing it thinking it might be one of the "good" AIP or Hammer films. Oh by the way, my DVD is a double-bill with Murders in the Rue Morgue, which also has no GIMP-worthy stuff. That makes the DVD 0 for 2.


Until next time....

Sunday, September 7th 2008 - 05:52:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
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You know, I haven't seen The Evil Dead for over 25 years...I saw it during my college years and who knows what kind of mental state I was in back then. Looking back at the tree rape scene now under different circumstances, I can also see the similarities to the sci-fi scenes in ZFX's work. Of course, Rick takes it a bit further by stripping the girls completely and the plant sexual penetrations are much more explicit, but yes, it definitely goes back to that film.

It's pretty cool that we have the ability today with a simple click to check out the scene that inspired probably the most original bondage filmmaker working today. That said, I've never been all that turned on by Rick's "weird shit" (a term we coined here years ago for his sci-fi scenes), preferring more traditional villains as opposed to lecherous plants or horny spiders. They're still fun to watch though, and certainly for fans of scenarios like that, you can't beat the fantasies he's been able to create with live actors and some creative special effect work.

Sloth: Almost forgot, even though it wasn't an Official Sloth Review, I added your comments for Fantom Kiler 4 to the Reviews section (URL above). Have a grade I can give it? I'm still very interested in checking out that film, especially since I'm such a huge fan of Part 2.

Speaking of Fantom Kiler 2, I added the electroshock scene to YouTied tonight. This is the greatest mainstream electro scene in history, without a doubt. Check it out here:

Sunday, September 7th 2008 - 06:06:48 PM

Name: Jan
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Need a little help from some fellow pervs. Just found out that the legendary and long time missing HOM Bondage Classics # 3 apparently is out on dvd.

Unfortunately, I don't have a creditcard and therefore need an online store that carries BDClassics #3 AND takes payment in the form of Money Order, Money Transfer, or plain ol'cash. Any suggestions?? Of course, if one of you GIMPérs would be willing to help me, drop me a line at I'll make it worth your while. Thnx. Jan

Sunday, September 7th 2008 - 09:07:52 PM

Name: arrakur
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A belated comment regarding the poll. I do seek out Japanese anime with interest but find little of it truly to my liking. There are some that manage to push the right buttons for me, but most dwell too much on humiliation and involuntary orgasms instead of giving us really hard and twisted scenes of sexual torture. One which comes to mind is the series "Violence Jack", which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. In its second installment (if memory serves), it gives us a tough amazonlike babe that tries to rescue a sweet, innocent girl from the clutches of an ultra-mean and sadistic biker gang. She gets caught, of course, and bound AOH and stripped. Then one of the bikers start to use a knife on her, decorating her upper body and breasts with superficial cuts. This was pretty hot. I don't want it taken any further, actually. But this is as hard and sadistic as it should go to meet my tastes.

It has been said that the advantage of anime is that you can depict tortures and scenarios which would be impossible to depict with real life actresses. I second that. You can depict the most outrageous tortures in animation. Plus you can depict the most evil surroundings you desire. I am talking about vast torture chambers and gigantic torture machines making the naked girl strapped onto them seem all the more helpless. Now all we need is a bold American animation studio (so we get rid of the large eyes and schoolgirl-like bodies of the victims), like minded sadists scripting and animating the movie. I salivate at the thought of an animated feature, that starts off with the capture of the amazon Taarna in the original "Heavy Metal" movie during the first 3 minutes, gives us the whipping in the fourth minute and goes on like that for the remaining running time of 85 minutes with rape and torture, escape attempt, recapture and more rape and torture.

John Galt: I remember that Dean R. Koontz novel you mentioned about the population of a small town being completely stripped of their willpower. And yes, that's a great scene with the sleazy scientist making the housewife performing for his pleasure. About "Bamboo House of Dolls": Yes, not as explicit in the rape and torture department as one might have wished for. But one of the things that really makes me fly is the old cliche of white females being held captive, raped and tortured by Asian sadists. So this movie still floats my boat everytime I watch it.

Sunday, September 7th 2008 - 09:30:41 PM

Name: John Galt

arrakur: I am talking about vast torture chambers and gigantic torture machines making the naked girl strapped onto them seem all the more helpless.

How did you like the big circular power-generating device in two of the Urotsukidoji anime episodes that features a dozen suspended females with mechanical dildos that penetrate them and apparently "pump" energy from them? Big torture machine? Check. Helpless females? Check. Graphic sexual torture? Check.

About "Bamboo House of Dolls": Yes, not as explicit in the rape and torture department as one might have wished for. But one of the things that really makes me fly is the old cliche of white females being held captive, raped and tortured by Asian sadists. So this movie still floats my boat everytime I watch it.

Although I make my preferences evident in my reviews, I try to describe movies well enough that readers will recognize elements that may be more to their liking. White women being tortured and raped by Asian sadists doesn't have any heightened appeal for me personally. But I can remember lots of noteworthy covers on some of those old men's sweat magazines back from the early 60s featuring scantily clad women of all races (although predominantly white) being menaced and tortured by sadistic Asians and Nazis. Yum. In fact, I have an "Exploitation of Women" collectors card set that features "40 Full Color Cards" depicting "1960s Sex Magazine Covers" that I treasure. Sadly, I was too young to purchase any of those actual magazines at the time, and they had all but disappeared from the racks by the time I was old enough. Sigh.

Monday, September 8th 2008 - 02:19:29 AM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Ralphus - there is just enough in Fantom Killer 4 to give it a "C+" - there was another scene of note where a room is being painted - Enter Fantom Killer -the chick is stripped, hands tied behind. He forces her to dip her boobs into a pan of blue paint and stand facing the wall. He lashes her and the squirms cause that portion on the wall to get a fresh coat. He then bags her. The scene is not particularly well done but gets a high mark for innovation - I think Fantom Killer 2 was the strongest in the series - real mixed emotions on this one.

John Galt - man, you write one helluva review partner - I've seen both those efforts and agree - "Cry of the Banshee" was so tame even by Vincent Price standards - thought the tying the blonde to the wheel to be incinerated had the best potential but they blew it - I too have great interest in the Men's Adventure Magazines and my collection stands at over 600 - I mention that every chance I get as they are not only my favorite mag viewing but the reading as well - every medieval story ends with the torture and demise of a gorgeous damsel - born in the wrong century I guess :)

A Canadian - thanks so mch for those Slave Island posts on YouTied - what a well made flick.

Stay Well All

Monday, September 8th 2008 - 08:12:08 AM

Name: John Galt

Glad you enjoyed the reviews, Sloth. I am impressed that you have a collection of the infamous "men's magazines." I collected comics and Playboy magazines and many other things, but I don't think I ever even saw old sweat magazine collectibles in all my years of collecting. Probably just as well as my obsessive-compulsive nature would have compelled me to start collecting them as well.

Here is another review of a mainstream movie that should have been much better than it was, GIMP-wise, from director Jess Franco, whose earlier works have achieved cult status.


Jess Franco's Tender Flesh (1997)

A Seduction Cinema presentation from Jess Franco, starring a delicious young thing named Amber Newman. In a Nutshell: One nude whipping scene using a riding crop that starts about 49 minutes in. But some other perverse stuff as well.

Tender Flesh begins with a young woman (Amber Newman) dancing. She is instructed to undress and continues dancing in her underwear. Then she is instructed to remove her bra and dances topless. Then she is told to remove her panties, leaving her naked. Her humiliation and discomfort are obvious. She is told to turn around and bend over and spank her own butt. Then she turns back around (full frontal nudity on view throughout) and is told to dress. She passed the audition.

The job is some kind of private avant-garde almost-completely nude performance art involving some fairly erotic simulated fellatio and hand job action on Muppet-looking statues until they come on her, which she was not expecting and which pisses her off and prompts her to jerk the penises off. Literally. Muppets everywhere cringed.

There's the obligatory shower scene, during which Amber's boyfriend sells her for some more advanced private action, as it turns out, on a remote island. Of course. Debauchery follows.

Strange things happen on the island, but the only GIMP scene worth mentioning is where Amber Newman is naked having sex with her boyfriend in the middle of the floor. He is dragged off of her before climaxing. She is left laying naked on the floor, given a drugged drink, and then vigorously whipped with a riding crop. One of the spectators pins her arms to the floor above her head to keep her from defending herself. Then she is gang-raped or the center of attention for some group sex, depending on your interpretation. The cinematography gets artsy, which is annoying. She is turned over on her stomach and stimulated (and possibly penetrated) with the riding crop, but it is difficult to tell for sure. I prefer my sex scenes less artsy. Afterwards, we see a nude Amber with bloody welts, although they don't look overly convincing. While her welts are being cleaned we are treated to a nice nude massage scene that sadly does not develop into lesbian sex. A missed opportunity to my way of thinking.

Anyway, it turns out the next day they want to hunt Amber down with bow and arrow and kill her, and then eat her. So I guess instead of being massaged, she was being marinated. I didn't really see that one coming. With a title like Tender Flesh maybe I should have.

Amber Newman and her copious nudity are the reasons to watch this movie. However, Monique Parent also stars, and she still looks fairly hot, although a little hard. Cult favorite Lina Romay is also in the flick. Lina Romay must have been about 44 when she filmed this, and she has looked much better. I could have done without her gratuitous hairy beaver shot. She also did a lot of licking and aggressive tongue kissing that was a bit off-putting. Kind of yuck, actually. And finally there's Analia Ivars, who spends the entire movie almost naked and also urinates on camera for the cook to make his special sauce. Whatever floats your boat.

This flick loses big points for failing to deliver. I mean, come on. This is so close to being a Dolcett comic brought to live-action cinema that it hurts. Except it loses steam at precisely the point where Dolcett would have kicked it into high gear. I would grade this a D-. It had such incredible GIMP potential but the possibilities are absolutely unrealized. Seduction Cinema is the production company that could have pulled it off. Jess has definitely lost his edge.

Monday, September 8th 2008 - 03:28:30 PM

Name: A Canadian
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John Galt: I'm a bit late getting to this, so I read all three of your most recent reviews at once. Those were great reviews -- all three were entertaining, easy to follow and gave me a good understanding of the film. It's particularly encouraging when someone takes the time to review a film he didn't like. It's not always easy to get motivated to review a boring flick, so you are to be commended.

Unlike Sloth, I haven't seen any of those movies, although I am on record (on YouTied) saying I enjoyed that whipping scene in bamboo House of Dolls. The part where the female guard licks her lips is terrific, and there was something wonderfully kinky about the women being whipped in order to make them whip the bound woman. I was heartbroken when I read about the lesbian rape that went all consensual. As I was reading your narrative, I was thinking I would really love that scene, until things went sour.

I appreciate the warning about the Vincent Price movie, though I'm certain it's a film I would never have considered unless someone recommended it.

As for Jess Franco's Tender Flesh, it certainly sounds interesting. But I'll accept your word that some fine ideas were ruined by the artsy influences.

Monday, September 8th 2008 - 04:38:58 PM

Name: A Canadian
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I posted some angry remarks in the comments section for Fantom Kiler 2. I guess you could say I'm getting a little fed up with some of the prudes who keep visiting YouTied and complaining about the videos. If they don't like the clips, why do they keep coming back?

Monday, September 8th 2008 - 05:04:34 PM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: Just for you, I uploaded that lesbian rape scene from Bamboo House of Dolls and I carefully edited it so that it looks like a rape from beginning to end. I was tempted to just cut it off early, but I think I was able to disguise the fact it turned consensual. Check it out on YouTied. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is another review for the Mainstream movies database.


Screaming Dead (2005)

This movie from Shock-O-Rama Cinema stars Rachael Robbins, Misty Mundae, AJ Kahn and a few other babes, plus a couple of guys. In a nutshell, it features (1) one rack scene before the credits, (2) three ankle-handcuffed-to-the-bed bondages, (3) one nude female victim shackled to a wooden "X" scene complete with bloody slashing, (4) one rack/Chinese Water Torture, (5) three--then two--then one--AOH shackled-to-the-wall bondages, and (6) one gal fastened to an amazing horizontal "X" device that accomplishes multiple torments.

Screaming Dead begins with a bondage scene. AJ Kahn is lying on a slab wearing a (short) diaphanous wrap with a bare midriff. A photographer fastens iron shackles on her ankles and hands her a wooden dowel to hold (her hands are stretched AOH), which is attached to a chain that is revealed to be attached to a weighted dagger suspended over her stomach. The photographer flips a switch and sand begins to fill an urn that increases the weight on the dagger. As the photographer snaps away, the model becomes more and more agitated, panicking that she cannot hold the dowel. Eventually the weight is too great and the dowel slips out of her hands, sending the dagger plunging toward her belly. The dagger is on a chain that stops just in time, barely breaking the skin. It is an incredible GIMP scene and that's even before the credits roll. I uploaded this scene on YouTied.

Next up, the photographer is interviewing luscious Misty Mundae as a potential model. She is seated on a wooden chair, blindfolded, and completely naked. It's a nicely intense interview. The photographer tells her to put her hands behind her back, then asks her if she has ever been tied up. Misty relates the story of how her boyfriend tied her to the bed once. The interview continues with vaguely menacing humiliation but it is basically just an interview.

Eventually the photographer and a bevy of hot models (well, three hot models and a hot female assistant) arrive at an old mansion with a suitably spooky history. The photographer intends to terrorize the models and take pictures of their distress. He has set up spy cameras and tricks and traps to scare the models, all without their knowledge of course. Definite GIMP possibilities.

The models are all locked in individual rooms and individually terrified. Then they are all locked in the same room. There is an obligatory shower scene, except the photographer walks in and talks to the model while she is showering. He convinces the model to initiate sex with the others. The model tells about a lesbian experience she once had ("This one time, at cheerleading camp...."). This photographer is a creepy guy.

The photographer retires to his secret surveillance room where he watches the girls, no doubt waiting for some hot lesbian sex. Instead he gets a slumber party confessional during which all of the girls agree that the photographer is a creep. They even wonder if he has secret cameras watching them. Imagine that. Miffed that he didn't get his lesbian sex scene, the photographer separates the girls back into their own rooms again. Then he walks into Misty Mundae's room and chains her ankle to the bed. He chains all the girls' ankles to their beds. Single ankle chaining is not very satisfying bondage.

Eventually, the photographer discovers there's a secret room in the basement. Naturally, there's a torture chamber in the basement room. The photographer approaches Misty for a private photo session. He leads her to the basement room and tells her to undress. Then he straps Misty to a wooden "X" (wrists and ankles). While he is photographing her naked bound body, she becomes distressed and starts screaming and crying to be released. She is suddenly attacked by the evil spirit of the former owner, who apparently has been resurrected by Misty's nudity and bondage. It would have worked for me. The evil spirit slashes her repeatedly across her naked body. The photographer keeps snapping away with his camera. The cuts and blood look very fake, by the way. But Misty's fear, shame and terror are pretty well acted. I like Misty Mundae, though, so that is probably informing my opinion.

The ghost grabs all the girls, one by one, and installs them in the torture chamber. They all start out chained AOH. Then one is fixed to a slab and subjected to the "Chinese water torture." Sadly, she is fully clothed. Then next one (Rachael Robbins) is fastened to a horizontal "X" in a pit with her arms and legs spread. The ghost starts the clockwork mechanism that stretches her arms and legs outward (threatening to pull her limbs from their sockets) and moves a red-hot dildo-shaped drill/poker toward her crotch. Oh yes, the shackles also deliver electric shocks. She is clothed, but at least the ghost removed her jeans so that only thin lacy panties separate her sex from the approaching red-hot dildo poker. Nice and intense. Until it ends with her rescue. Oh well. I uploaded this scene on YouTied as well.

The girls all escape and the house burns down.

No one will get any acting awards for this one. The dialog is fairly lame as well. Shock-O-Rama is a very camp production studio, which unfortunately takes the edge off of the movie's atmosphere. But the initial rack scene and that "X" torture device in the pit were pretty awesome. I'd like to see that torture device used again, in a darker, less camp and more menacing movie, and maybe with a nude, nubile, sweat-covered, struggling and terrified female victim. But that's just me. I would give this movie a hopeful C+.

Monday, September 8th 2008 - 06:50:31 PM

Name: A Canadian
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John Galt: Thanks, I saw the clip, and appreciated the "reviewer's cut" version. Naturally, I gave it five stars.

I also saw the opening for Screaming Dead. At first, I was wondering what the heck was going on ... this looks consensual (clearly, Momma Canadian didn't raise me to be a new age guy like Bondage Dave). But then it became clear why you posted it. Great stuff. And I have to compliment you on the quality of your clips. Whatever you're doing, you're doing right ... your videos have a very sharp picture quality.

Monday, September 8th 2008 - 07:19:47 PM

Name: mothbrad
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John Galt, thanks for the extensive reviews. Do you do any other writing, eg of BDSM stories? If not, it really seems like you should!

Monday, September 8th 2008 - 09:40:16 PM

Name: Ralphus
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John Galt: My, you are certainly prolific. 4 more reviews inside of 2 days? I don't know how you find the time, but obviously, the information is always welcome and also fun for us to read.

This time I've seen 3 of the 4 films you reviewed. Cry of the Banshee was a "watch one time and forget about" type of movie. We do have video of the whipping scene and stills from the rape scenes but the film bored and disappointed me, particularly because the burning scenes, as you put it, had no heat. What a shame since it was a witchhunting film with Vincent Price. I had hopes for another Witchfinder General but it wasn't even close.

I have lots of highlights in my personal collection from Bamboo House of Dolls. The whipping, the escaped girl who gets zapped on the electric fence, the chicks all staked out spreadeagled on the compound, the forced to walk on broken glass and then raped scene...all definitely GIMP-worthy. And of course, the best scene you mentioned, the one where the chick is tortured with electric shock. For a women's prison movie, this one was way above average in the number of good scenes.

Screaming Dead...I own this one on DVD. I love Misty Mundae anyway, and the other girls were nice, too. The clips you posted were quite good, but I also liked the treatments the other girls got, even if Misty was the only one to get naked in bondage. Once again, lots of highlights in this one and a fun movie to boot. I would give it a solid B myself.

One thing I've noticed about your reviews: you're a pretty hard grader. I'm the one who has the reputation for being brutally honest in my reviews, so this is actually quite refreshing.

Here's the direct links for your reviews:


The negative comments on Fantom Kiler 2: I actually expected those, since a rough scene like that is not going to be universally praised by the bondage crowd. The sick fucks who dig seeing torture scenes should love it, though. And in fact, so far the clip has a 4.27 out of 5, which is pretty strong. And I believe MasterDetective has made the changes to YouTied that prevent the BondageDave idiots from voting multiple times to get a lower rating simply because they don't like anything bad to happen to their precious damsels. Thus, they won't be able to stack the deck anymore and they'll have to play fair now, although as of right now, they can still post anonymously.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 12:03:02 AM

Name: A Canadian

I think I have replaced Dr. Yuya as public enemy number one on YouTied. I'm also sparring with the Bound2BKinky guys, but at least they have a sense of humor.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 03:34:15 AM

Name: Jim
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Hello fellow gimpers...I need some help...does anybody know where I can buy a copy of the "Die Casting" video put out several years ago by Eyewitness Productions? The site is no longer offering the movies for sale..

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 04:08:43 AM

Name: John Galt

mothbrad: No, I haven't done any notable writing, BDSM or otherwise, but I appreciate the kind words. If I decide to try my hand at it, I'll let you critique my effort.


What I'm doing, in case anyone is wondering at the bizarre selection of my reviews, is going through my collection of VHS tapes and DVDs that I was compelled to buy (or tricked into buying) because they looked like good GIMP material. So you will get the good with the bad but hopefully for a few of you forewarned will be forearmed and you'll avoid making my mistakes. Or, quite possibly, I will describe it well enough that you may want to check it out anyway. But as Ralphus noted, I grade hard and I try to be brutally honest so don't blame me if I turn out to be right.

Today's review is a Spanish-language film that has a couple of notable scenes, as described below. Enjoy.


Sodomia (1978)

Okay well my VHS copy of this movie is titled Sodomia, and that is evidently the title used in Spain. According to IMDB, where I discovered it under the foreign-language title La Visita del Vicio, it is also called Sex Maniac, The Coming of Sin, and The Violation of the Bitch. It is Spanish language (with English subtitles) and is classified as an erotic movie. It has two scenes that might be of interest to GIMPers. The plot involves a reclusive artist, a servant girl who lives with her, and a gypsy who rides a horse, in a love triangle.

Let me begin by noting that this movie has XXX inserts. It is very obvious to me when the action switches from the featured performers to the sex body doubles, primarily because the film maker's attempt to match the body sizes met with limited success. And other things, as snarkily pointed out below.

The first erotic scene features the artist in a straightforward bathroom nude scene with masturbation. Then we switch to the servant girl, who is in bed having a dream in which she is fantasizing about a horse galloping through water. Then we see that in her dream/fantasy the horse has an enormous cock (although it might be the standard size for a horse) and before you know it, the horse is mounting and having sex with another horse. (I don't think they used horse sex body doubles. I think these are the actual horses.)

We flash back to the servant girl in bed, although most likely it is the stunt double because instead of tossing and turning in bed in a dark room, she is now nude without bed covers in a lighted room, on her belly. And every time we see the horse move forward in her dream, we switch back and it looks like she is being penetrated. (I saw this same effect in some ZFX movies. Dark Offering and The Incubus pop immediately to mind.) So she is dreaming about the horse, umm, doing her. There is horse hard-on involved in this dream sequence, as well as what looks like graphic horse-on-horse sex. It didn't do much for me.

Next, in the first of two near-GIMP scenes, the servant girl is out in the countryside when the gypsy riding his horse happens upon her. He dismounts from the horse and grabs her. He is buck naked, by the way, giving a new dimension to the term bareback riding. Anyway, she struggles and bites his arm and when he releases her she runs away. He looks at his arm where she bit him, then sucks the wound. Europeans are so weird. She picks out a weed and swings it at him. He deflects it easily and wrestles her to the ground. He tears her blouse open (she isn't wearing a bra) and licks or sucks or kisses her breasts. She pushes him away and then we switch to body doubles as her panties are removed, her skirt is hiked up, and he penetrates her. He holds her thighs up off the ground and gets a rhythm going.

This is a fairly boring hardcore sex scene. She kind of fights him but not really. She kind of makes gasping noises but not really. We switch back to the real performers and get a nice view of her ample breasts as he works them with his mouth. He also tries to kiss her mouth but she keeps her lips together. So he starts licking around her mouth and finally she opens up and admits his tongue. But when he reaches down between her legs again, she reaches out and picks up a handy rock and whacks him in the head. It hurts, and he sits up making an "ouch" face. Then he sulks off. She pulls her clothes together and lays there crying. So kind of a rape but the guy gives up far too easily.

There are three non-GIMP sex scenes, two of which are lesbian servant girl-artist sex and one of which is standard gypsy-artist sex.

Then there's another dream sequence in which the servant girl imagines herself in a wooden horse, with the gypsy riding his real horse around her. She is on her knees, in the back of the wooden horse, positioned so that if the horse mounted the wooden horse (like it would another horse), it would penetrate her. The horse just canters around in a circle, though, so there is no actual bestiality.

Then comes the second quasi-GIMP scene. The artist, the servant girl and the gypsy are all out drinking. The artist has too much to drink and they bring her home and put her to bed. The artist is very drunk and rocks her head from side to side saying "It's beautiful" and smiling and when the servant tells her she should get some sleep she asks "Aren't we here to make love?" No argument from the gypsy. The artist sort of drifts off again and we watch as the gypsy undoes her belt, rolls her halfway over to undo the back of the dress, then rolls her back face up and pulls the dress down off of her. She's making small noises all the while. She sits up asking for sex, which gives them the opportunity to unfasten her bra and remove it before they push her back down. A quick shot of her panties being pulled off from around her ankles, and I am not pleased to see she is still wearing some strappy black pumps.

They roll her back, now totally naked, except for those damn pumps and a pearl necklace. (A real pearl necklace.) The gypsy takes hold of her slender shoulders and kind of arranges her in the middle of the bed, then admires and removes a ring from her hand. She questions the ring removal, either forgetting he's a gypsy or not remembering the well-known stereotypical character of gypsies in European movies. Next, the camera is over her head, looking down on her like it is mounted on the headboard. She is really sweating and has kind of an intense far-off stare, if that is possible. She is seeing paintings of nude women, which probably has something to do with a visit to a museum/gallery earlier but I'm not sure.

Now we're at the foot of the bed as the gypsy ties her right foot to the brass bed frame. We can see that her right arm is already tied to the brass headboard, and it is fastened high, so that her hand is pulled up in the air. She is looking at her bound wrist, then down as he finishes the foot. The gypsy walks around to the other side of the bed and we see the servant girl tying the artist's left wrist as the gypsy goes to work on her left foot. Her hands and feet are all tied up higher than mattress level, by the way. I kind of prefer when they are tied flat out. But anyway. The naked bound artist is making gasping and heavy breathing sounds, and struggles slightly, arching her back and lifting her hips. The servant girl sits on the edge of the bed and leans over her face and the gypsy stands in the foreground removing his pants.

The gypsy moves forward and the artist looks uncertain and maybe a bit apprehensive. She looks like she's having second thoughts as she watches the gypsy position himself between her bound and spread legs. There are shots of her arms as she struggles against her bonds and we hear sounds of exertion. All in all, kind of a nice effect even if it is not a textbook rape situation. The gypsy is on top of her, squeezing her breasts and kissing her as he has sex with her. She is a willing participant. We get a look at her right foot as the bond comes untied or breaks or something and now her right foot is free, which kind of diminished the scene for me.

There are hardcore sex inserts at this point, with close-ups of a hairy male butt and bushy black pubic hair and penis and penetration. Basically the scene devolves into a bad 70s XXX movie for 15 or 20 seconds. Sounds of pleasurable moaning and fake pleasurable moaning and there's more sloppy open mouth kissing and this is just a vanilla sex scene at this point. But the bondage was initially good, as was the momentary uncertainty of the bound artist, marred only when one of the ties binding her right foot came loose and, of course, when she started enjoying it. But I posted it at YouTied so make up your own mind.

So there's rape/attempted rape, and bondage sex, but sadly not at the same time. And there's standard lesbian and boy-girl sex. The movie includes graphic sex scenes, but they are obviously body doubles doing the hardcore stuff. The filmmaker didn't even really try too hard to match the lighting so it is fairly easy to tell when the actors left and the stunt cock took over. I liked the bondage scene, but it was arguably consensual. The rape/attempted rape didn't do much for me. I was strangely aroused at the sight of the naked servant girl on her knees in the wooden horse with the real horse looking like it was ready to mount the wooden horse and violate the servant girl, though. I'm not a fan of bestiality but the sequence was kind of hot. I would give this a D as far as GIMP-ness goes. A non-GIMP movie with two GIMP-like scenes. With English subtitles.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 06:37:01 AM

Name: Dr Yuya
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To be quite honest, I'm starting to find posting anything on Youtied to be a drag. If it's not downvoting from Anonymous posters/bondage-only lovers/hentai (and general anime) haters, it's stupid ass comments from the Anonymous posters. Add to that the obvious vote stuffing going on from the Bondage only people who just really want to prove that everyone likes their clips, and the ever looming threat of old man porn reappearing. The site just feels polluted, needs obvious work and (not to be overly critical) was an endeavor I think its creator wasn't really prepared to take.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 07:38:52 AM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

John Galt - what a review machine you are - never saw "Sadomania" and from your review sounds like very little of interest - thought your coverage of "Screaming Dead" right on track - like Ralphus, I own that one and would give it a solid B - Misty did sell the scene pretty well but those were the worst screen wounds ever - my only gripe with it was the happy ending - what's up with everyone getting away - was rather hoping the custom diamond head heated drill bit would find its mark :)

Jim - if I'm not mistaken EWProd still sells the original five videos, just not making new ones. All is now download stuff. They show a $60.00 price tag plus equally exhorbitant shipping - I own three of those videos and even though pricey I do not regret spending those bucks - hours of entertainment - no happy endings there :)

Stay Well All

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 08:53:43 AM

Name: Jim
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Thanks Sloth, but I just checked the Eyewitness Website and you cannot order the movies from them anymore..the right wing in the us took care of that...I was hoping someone knows of another place to get the "Die Watching " video or has a copy I could purchase.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 12:49:07 PM

Name: John Galt

Dr Yuya: I can't dispute anything you said about YouTied, except maybe I think its creator is doing a creditable job. For all its problems, I do kind of like a place to upload video clips to illustrate reviews. I don't generally pay too much attention to the comments or the ratings. Plus, I've seen some interesting video clips up there. That has been nice.


This is a movie I'm sure almost everyone on this forum has seen, but it wasn't reviewed and I liked it so I thought I'd do a review. Oddly, I also didn't see an entry for this in the Rape Scenes in Mainstream Movies database. Maybe it is under a different name? If not, here it is now!


Robotrix (1991)

Robotrix (Nu ji xie ren) is a highly entertaining HK exploitation flick starring the drop-dead gorgeous Chinese Amy Yip and the equally beautiful Japanese Chikako Aoyama, and the not-too-bad looking Chinese Hiu-Dan Hui. Chinese language with English subtitles. It is kind of a science fiction detective robot story, and I found the plot to be nicely engaging. But I really appreciated the GIMP parts.

It begins with a kidnapping during which Linda (the beautiful Miss Aoyama) takes a bullet to her chest and promptly dies. But wait! There's a plot development involving multinational corporations building prototype robots. So before you know it, the apparently still-present life force of Linda is transferred into a robot body that is a duplicate of her real body. The female scientist who pulls off this technological feat is Dr Sara (Hiu-Dan Hui) and during the transference we get to see Chikako Aoyama's large and shapely breasts. In duplicate, in fact, since her dead body is on one table and her new life-like robot body is on the other. Amy Yip is another of Dr Sara's life-like robots.

The bad guy who did the initial kidnapping was an old mad scientist who transferred his mind into a younger, stronger, and much hornier life-like robot body. So resurrected policewoman Linda and the cops are assigned to find the bad guy, who, at this very moment, is in a bar picking up a pretty girl. He takes the girl to a hotel room and engages in extremely rough sex. When the girl tells him to stop and tries to leave, he pushes her back on the bed. She cowers at the head of the bed, but he grabs her legs and pulls her toward him, then holds her feet up and out and begins thrusting into her again. She fights and struggles and he just laughs, but when she slaps his face, he gets really angry. He picks her up by the throat, slams her against the wall, and rapes her there until she's dead and blood is flowing down the insides of her legs. Then he tosses her out the window. Although it starts off consensual, it turns into quite an effective (and brutal) rape scene. Extremely high GIMP level.

I won't retell the plot, which as I indicated I found very entertaining, but instead will point out the good scenes. The next good scene is a non-GIMP scene, showing Linda nude and having sex and apparently she is a completely accurate facsimile of a female because the guy seems to be enjoying himself immensely. It is a lengthy sex scene. Chikako Aoyama is hot.

Since the bad guy has a predilection for prostitutes, the cops decide to set up a sting to try to lure him in. Anna (Amy Yip) will play the prostitute. We get to see her undress for a john, take off her bra and get down to business in a lengthy sex scene. Though we see mostly side boobage and, thanks to careful limb placement, no nipple goodness, what we see is magnificent. Amy Yip is hot.

There's another brief topless scene with Chikako Aoyama when she tells her boyfriend that now she's a robot. He spurns her (the idiot) even though he's already boinked her just a couple paragraphs back.

Now we jump to the next GIMP scene. The bad guy (we think) has been dispatched because his head has been removed from his body. The head and body are in Dr Sara's lab while she is doing some research. (This next part is so much better, although substantially less inventive, than the headless oral sex rape scene in Re-Animator.) While she works, the body gets up and puts its head back on. Then it attacks Dr Sara. Next thing we see, Dr Sara is naked with her arms bound behind her and pulled up, standing bent over on a lighted pedestal (a nice touch, that lighted pedestal) in her lab, legs apart, in kind of a strapado arrangement. The bad guy walks up behind her and rapes her from the back. It's a nice scene as you watch her pained expression as he enters her, then her expression as her body bounces back and forth as he thrusts into her. She does some nice grunting and groaning and makes helpless cries. There's a flash of frontal nudity. There's a side view as her breasts bounce back and forth as well.

Next he reaches down and picks up her legs, so that she's suspended horizontally with her legs spread and he continues raping her, bouncing her entire body forward with each thrust. There's no way the flimsy ropes (although actually they look like plastic strings) binding her arms could be supporting her weight, but oh well. Then he lets her down, walks around in front of her, and hikes her up (presumably) onto his cock and continues raping her that way, still energetically bouncing her up and down. She is making great sounds this entire time. Hiu-Dan Hui knows how to sell nonconsensual sex.

Then he undoes the "rope" holding her up (although her wrists are still bound behind her back) and lets her fall to her knees. We are treated to a nice lingering view of her naked kneeling body on the lighted platform. She slowly looks up at him and he takes hold of her hair and rams her face into his crotch, forcing her to fellate him. He kind of takes control of the action, moving her head back and forth and doing her quite violently until he tires of her (or comes) and pushes her to the lighted floor.

Another nice long shot of her naked body, arms bound behind her back, as the bad guy laughs maniacally and does up his pants. He is just about to kill her when the good guys bust in and start fighting him. Near the end of the fight there's a nice scene where the bad guy immobilizes Linda (Chikako Aoyama) and takes a big power drill and drills through her belly as she jerks and writhes on the floor. It's brief but notable.

Well, the bad guy escapes, they track him down and destroy him once and for all, Dr Sara rebuilds Linda except leaves out her memories of being a robot and that's it.

The bad guy raping the prostitute is a great GIMP scene. No bondage, but since he technically rapes her to death, it counts as the ultimate rape scene. High marks. The bad guy raping Dr Sara also gets high marks. It could have been more violent, but it was very intense the way it was filmed and paced. So it gets high marks. This is a non-GIMP movie with two exceptional GIMP sequences that to my way of thinking delivered completely. My grade for Robotrix is a nice solid B.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 03:49:59 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Dr. Yuya wrote:

To be quite honest, I'm starting to find posting anything on Youtied to be a drag. If it's not downvoting from Anonymous posters/bondage-only lovers/hentai (and general anime) haters, it's stupid ass comments from the Anonymous posters. Add to that the obvious vote stuffing going on from the Bondage only people who just really want to prove that everyone likes their clips, and the ever looming threat of old man porn reappearing. The site just feels polluted, needs obvious work and (not to be overly critical) was an endeavor I think its creator wasn't really prepared to take.

Yeah, I feel your pain.

I'm somewhat torn on the state of YouTied. I mean, I love the site, particularly now that many of the useless illegal scenes are gone. There's some great stuff there and people like me who live in semi-oppressed countries are getting an opportunity to see clips we never otherwise would have found.

On the other hand, there is a real sense of "wuss fatigue" setting in. No one has a problem with honest praise or criticism of clips, but I think all the games being played by the wussies in the Bondage Dave crowd are frustrating to people who make an honest effort to try to find clips others will enjoy.

I hope Ralphus is right and that MasterDetective is able to fix the situation.


John Galt: Another entertaining review of a movie I will not be seeing. I appreciate the fact the horse actors appear to have done their own sex scenes, but I think the best scenes in Sodomania are only mildly interesting to me.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 05:36:47 PM

Name: Ironman
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John Galt: Mothbrad is right, you really should consider writing stories. You have a way of painting good visuals with words. Thanx for the reviews, some of those mainstreams have been on my wishlist and you have helped guide some decisions.

Hey, does anyone know what became of "Stalag 69"? I was looking forward to its release.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 06:37:02 PM

Name: jhlipton
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How did you like the big circular power-generating device in two of the Urotsukidoji anime episodes that features a dozen suspended females with mechanical dildos that penetrate them and apparently "pump" energy from them? Big torture machine? Check. Helpless females? Check. Graphic sexual torture? Check.

Yes, but instead of having them die sexy deaths, strangling or slowly bleeding to death, the girls all explode. Boooo!!!!


if I'm not mistaken EWProd still sells the original five videos, just not making new ones.

EWP is making new videos (they just released a new hanging video), but are selling them as PPV rather than DVDs. Check the PPV tab at

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 10:22:39 PM

Name: Ralphus
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John Galt: Thanks very much for 2 more in depth reviews. I'll get them added to the Reviews section as soon as I find time.

Leaving Robotrix out of the Mainstream Rape Database was simply an oversight. I have seen that film and in fact I have the bondage rape scene in my personal collection. I didn't collect the earlier, fatal rape so I don't remember it, but your description made it sound like I'll need to rent that film and take another look. It's been a long time since I saw it the first time.

In my Homepage URL is the picture page for the upcoming entry. I found some really nice stills so I put the page together tonight. This will give the readers a visual idea of how the scene played out. I think it's a great scene.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 10:46:49 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Catching up on a few things...

Rick, it's always a treat when you post here ... but could you tell us something about what ZFX is up to?

John Galt, though long, your reviews are still easy reads. You are a good writer.

I finally figured out YouTied a few weeks ago. I have been lurking there, and often rating flix and photos. Today is the first time I have posted any comments.

I find that about 2/3rds of the time, my ratings track similarly to the average rating on a flik or photo. But a third of the time I am way off, usually way down low. I am not low-balling ratings out of spite (as some of those posters have been accused) or because of some sense of moral superiority, but merely because those lowballs are my honest reactions to the scenes. The reasons vary - no bondage, poor production quality, unattractive actress, too much violence, whatever...

I went through tonight and rated a full page or two of all of the photos and clips. Each time I rated something, though, I inserted a comment explaining my ratings. Maybe that will give some insight into why, sometimes on YouTied, some items get lowballed.

As I said, most times I'm in agreement with the consensus. But a chunk of the time I strongly disagree. Maybe instead of forbidding anonymous comments, a worthwhile change would be for Master Detective to require filling in a "why did you rate the way you did?" box for anyone submitting a rating. That might serve to further the conversations on that site and here, instead of the current furtherance of suspicions. Just a thought.


Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 11:13:22 PM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

I'm all for honest reactions, I have them as well and will honestly say that at least half the stuff on Youtied doesn't appeal to me. In truth it's not even the ratings that bother me the most though, even if I was the kind of person who freaked over ratings it's obvious there's not enough people even casting votes to get any kind of accurate measurement for what's the most popular.

It's the Anonymous posters who chime in with comments like "RUBBISH" and say nothing else that I really find annoying. And given RangerDave's history on the site, I don't feel it's paranoia to say he's just behind the scenes doing things like that just to be sabotaging things for people.

It's an annoyance I can ignore, like some said, and while this is true, should I really even have to bother with it when it's an obvious flaw in the posting system that MD could easily fix? Almost every community online has a user name/moderating system for this very reason.

Tuesday, September 9th 2008 - 11:45:38 PM

Name: A Canadian

zee-ef-ex wrote:

I find that about 2/3rds of the time, my ratings track similarly to the average rating on a flik or photo. But a third of the time I am way off, usually way down low. I am not low-balling ratings out of spite (as some of those posters have been accused) or because of some sense of moral superiority, but merely because those lowballs are my honest reactions to the scenes. The reasons vary - no bondage, poor production quality, unattractive actress, too much violence, whatever...

That is completely fair, and no one has a problem with that. As I said yesterday, we are all fine with honest assessments, whether they are positive or negative.

But the complaint about "wuss fatigue" isn't directed at someone who simply posts a negative opinion or rating. Instead, we're talking about the people who use anonymous posting to give a one-star rating to the same clip 20 times, or use the anonymous rating system to give a positive rating to some lame clip 20 times (or more), in order to significantly change the rating.

Trust me, this isn't something I'm imagining. If you don't believe me, I can give you specific examples of clips that have been targeted.

Wednesday, September 10th 2008 - 03:31:20 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

John Galt - another stellar review partner - along with our host gnome's pics we have an interesting scenario there - keep up the good work.

jhlipton - yeah, EWProd makes those new PPVs that run perhaps what, 10-12 minutes. Those original 5 were each an hour or so in length - oh hell, you know what I mean :)

Have been following this RangerDave , or whatever name he calls himself this week, thing on YouTied. Don't you guys think you're being a bit rough on this bed-wetting mama's boy. Hey, if he wants to make himself the brunt of every joke on this forum, let him have at it. This guy is most likely a full time YouTube flagger. So let's have some fun with him while we can - when mama finds out she'll revoke his computer privileges and send him, in his words, "back to Sunday school" :)

Gotta go secure for those rains we'll get from Ike

Stay Well All

Wednesday, September 10th 2008 - 08:24:08 AM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: I really liked your photo montage of the rape scene from Robotrix. I think you did an exceptional job capturing the sequence of events. I would post that first rape scene on YouTied, but there's not a scrap of bondage in it and it would most likely just elicit negative comments for no bondage and brutal (and fatal) rape. But it was kind of awesome. I also figured Robotrix must have just been overlooked and I'm glad to have helped get it posted.


jhlipton: Yeah, it seemed like an inordinate number of rape victims in Urotsukidoji ended up exploding upon climax or male/beast ejaculation. I noticed that in Demon Beast Invasion as well. Anime is seldom boring.


Here is one more review:


SS Hell Camp (1977)

An exploitation flick also called SS Experiment Part 2, The Beast in Heat, and La Bestia in Calore. Senseless plot, poor editing, but some definite GIMP stuff, which I will do my best to describe.

Less than three minutes into the film a sadistic female Nazi doctor gives orders and a nude woman prisoner is brought in by two Nazi guards. She is kind of a strawberry blond but all we see is her breasts. She cowers and attempts to cover herself as the doctor caresses her hair and then steps aside to reveal a naked apparently sex-crazed neanderthal-looking man in a cage. The girl screams. The sex-crazed neanderthal rattles the cage bars and growls. The guards drag her forward and during her valiant struggle to escape we get a look at her crotch and the carpet doesn't match the drapes. Oh well. The guards toss her into the cage, the neanderthal grabs her and throws her to the floor and rapes her. I counted about three different positions, but it keeps flashing back and forth. You hear her screams the whole time, though. They are a little annoying--kind of high-pitched horror movie screams as opposed to terrified pain-filled screams. The movie abruptly cuts away. The neanderthal rape didn't turn my crank.

There's a brief sex scene that is altogether uninspiring and gets interrupted by a phone call anyway. It involves an Italian prostitute who is, umm, collaborating. I did like it when she stood on the bed over the Nazi officer with her legs wide apart. We didn't see anything but her legs, but I enjoyed the visual.

After random plot developments, we have Nazis going house to house looking for partisan fighters and finding cute girls in need of sexual assault instead. One such scene shows the Nazi backing a pretty girl into a corner and ripping open the front of her pink blouse to reveal her breasts, and then ripping down and completely removing her black skirt. That is some talented clothes ripping--minimal effort with maximum results. This girl doesn't believe in underwear. Then he slaps her and she falls back onto a narrow bed. One guard holds the mother, and while she watches helplessly, he calls for two more guards to come hold the girl down on the bed.

One pins her arms over her head, the other one grabs her ankles and pins them down. She struggles and rocks from side to side as the Nazi officer stands over her. He drops his pants and we see him start to get on the bed when the scene cuts away and we watch the girl's brother (who is hiding in the next room) listen to the sounds of his sister being raped. He crashes into the room and is promptly captured. We can see the girl still naked on the bed in the background. The Nazi officer zips his pants back up and walks over to the girl and we see her eyes widen in fear as he takes out his gun and points it at her crotch and fires, killing her. The part where he ripped her clothes off was pretty good, and the part where she was being held down and struggled was also pretty good. The rape was lame. The shooting was, well, inventive.

A few minutes later we see the female Nazi doctor walk down into a bunker and inspect four naked women prisoners. None of these gals are beauty queens but they all have fairly nice bodies with, of course, 70s bush. (I am not a fan of 70s bush.) The doctor caresses the breast of one and she spits in the doctor's face. The doctor walks out. Even though they are naked female prisoners being held by evil Nazis in an underground bunker, there was just no menace to the scene. Zero GIMP rating.

There are some really, really pathetic battle scenes and finally we get to a decent GIMP scene. All of a sudden we cut to a naked girl strapped down onto a table with her hands out to her sides, screaming and arching up off the table and jerking around and in the background we see a Nazi guard turning a crank that is evidently generating an electric current that is shocking her, although no electrodes are visible. We see her breasts and part of her crotch and no wires or clips are showing. Kind of disappointing, in that respect. Seeing what was being shocked might have been fun. It is also a brief scene, as the doctor walks off and we see more torture going on, some involving guys. While the female Nazi doctor laughs maniacally we see the neanderthal man in the cage wrestling with and then raping another naked female victim. So, brief electro-torture and neanderthal rape.

More lame fighting as the partisans storm the compound. The neanderthal is busy raping a girl in his cage. The camera focuses on his face and he sticks his lips out and pokes is tongue out and makes guppy fish-faces at the camera and I have to say I was pretty put off by it. It kind of wrecked the whole rape scene, which was not all that good to begin with. Next we see him doing the girl doggy-style, in between neanderthal lip close-ups. I'm thinking the cameraman has a neanderthal lip fetish thing going on, or this actor paid for annoying close-ups of his neanderthal emoting.

However, it turns out the cage door is open so the evil Nazis can watch the rape better and when the partisans burst in, the naked victim escapes in the confusion and the neanderthal man grabs the female Nazi doctor. He rips her white surgical gown off and she is wearing a black garter belt and black stockings underneath with no bra or panties. Those female Nazi doctors were a saucy bunch. The partisans watch for awhile as the neanderthal wrestles with and rapes the female doctor, then they shoot them. In an Ilsa movie, they would have just walked out and left the neanderthal to rape her to death. But sadly this is not an Ilsa movie.

The film continues for four more minutes, demonstrating the horrors of war and man's inhumanity to man and stuff. An Ilsa movie would have ended four minutes ago.

So, this is not an Ilsa movie. The rapes by the neanderthal didn't do a thing for me. The assault and rape by the Nazi officer had a good lead-in but no pay-off. The very brief electrical-torture scene was good but far too short. I give this a grade of D. I was suckered into buying it because I thought "ooh, sounds like an Ilsa movie." Not.

Wednesday, September 10th 2008 - 08:28:57 AM

Name: Jefferson James
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

YouTied: I think part of the problem with YouTied is that the people here see it as a GIMP site and others don't. The fact that MasterDetective is one of us, and a poster here, is the reason we here have the perception we do. Others think it is a bondage site because of its name. It is sort of the Brian's Page vs. GIMP argument.

I am not fully sure of MasterDetective's intent. He stated here that he wanted a site for things that would not last on YouTube. Does that mean torture and rape? As far as I know, "love bondage" is fine on YouTube. Did he select the name YouTied only because it was a clever reference to YouTube? YouGIMP wouldn't have been nearly so clever. Or, is it meant to be strictly a bondage site and scenes featuring torture are rape sans bondage are not appropriate. Only he knows, and so far, he ain't tellin'. So the question remains: Is it Gimp or just bondage? For that matter, is it just rope bondage? Metal restraints don't come under the heading of tied.


Wednesday, September 10th 2008 - 12:17:16 PM

Name: John Galt

Another quick review:

Head of the Family (1996)

Full Moon Productions is responsible for a lot of my favorite cult films. It also provided a lot of feature roles for the delectable Jacqueline Lovell (Sara St James). This is one such movie. Unfortunately, the Full Moon features were generally extremely high camp, and Head of the Family is no different. However, there is a GIMP scene in this movie that is one of my all-time favorites, so I'm going to have some fun reviewing it.

There are two hotties in this movie: the aforementioned drop dead gorgeous Jacqueline Lovell, playing white trash Lorretta, and the amply endowed Dianne Colazzo, playing the mute and scantily clad Ernestine Stackpoole. Jacqueline Lovell is exposed, half-naked or fully naked on several occasions. Dianne Colazzo is topless in one memorable scene. But the crown jewel of this movie is when Jacqueline Lovell is stripped naked, tied to a stake, and has the kindling under her set on fire. Oh yeah.

Shortly after the movie starts, Lorretta and Lance (who is not Lorretta's husband) are having sex in the stockroom with her sitting on the counter and Lance pumping away between her outstretched legs. About 14:00 minutes in, Lorretta is naked in Lance's car, bouncing up and down on him. About 30:45 minutes in, Lorretta is bent over in the stockroom with Lance doing her from the back. At the 34:00 minute mark, Lorretta visits Lance in his room, takes off her panties and they jump in bed. At 40:30, Lorretta is laying naked in bed with Lance positioned perpendicular to her belly and they are drinking champagne. He spills some on her deliciously flat belly and licks it off. (That's the way to drink champagne.) And finally at 45:45, Lance and Lorretta are in the stockroom again, but he's sitting and she's bouncing up and down on him. Lots of nude Jacqueline Lovell.

At the 50:00 minute mark, Ernestine comes into Lance's room and peels off her top, kisses or licks his feet, works her way up to his crotch, and the next thing we know she's riding him and we have a Lance POV watching her ample breasts bounce enthusiastically. Lance is kidnapped.

At 50:45, Lorretta is in bed in her room. When she rolls over, one of her perfect breasts is exposed. She is kidnapped.

Lance is blackmailing the Stackpooles and Myron Stackpoole (the titular head of the family) is trying to get the name of the lawyer who holds the incriminating information out of Lance by threatening to torture him and/or Lorretta. Lorretta is dragged into the basement in her short blue nightie. There is dialog. Lorretta tries to get out of it by offering herself to Myron and she drops her top and she's sitting on her knees in front of him with absolutely perfect breasts and magnificently sculpted nipples (which he licks with an enormously long tongue) and how he can say no is beyond me but he does. Lance still refuses to cooperate. So on with the torture and Lorretta is dragged off screaming.

It is 1:05:00. Myron has arranged for a play to be performed in which Lorretta is playing Joan of Arc. He even wrote a script and demands that Lorretta perform her lines. When she doesn't he shocks her with an electrical choker fastened around her neck. So there's some electro-torture, but it is mild. Lorretta just gives a painful "ow" when he delivers a shock.

At the conclusion of the play, and after Lance still refuses to divulge the name of the lawyer, Lorretta is tied wrists crossed AOH to a stake with kindling under it. At 1:09:00, her nightie is ripped off in one swift motion, and Jacqueline Lovell's reaction to that was a convincing embarrassment and loss of dignity. She has a nicely trimmed patch of pubic hair but no gold chain around her waist or shoes on her feet. As matters proceed and Lorretta realizes she's about to be burned at the stake, Jacqueline Lovell does a creditable job of sounding at first disbelieving, then scared, then terrified. At 1:11:15, the kindling is lit. Lorretta screams and struggles. The flames climb higher. (In point of fact, the high flames are in front of her, while all the kindling was stacked behind her. But the visual is awesome.)

Well as luck would have it, she is rescued before she burns. The house burns down and the movie ends on a twisted note, but there is no more nudity or GIMP.

No rape, no rack, no real torture, no whipping. Plus, this movie is high camp, and I will admit that the campness detracted from the feeling of menace. Still, a naked Jacqueline Lovell bound AOH to a stake with flames licking up around her incredible body while she screams and struggles is a massive payoff. Personally, this is a solid A- for me, marred only by the camp elements. The copious Jacqueline Lovell nudity didn't hurt. God I miss her.

Wednesday, September 10th 2008 - 05:23:12 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

YouTied needs to sell advertising space. Then they could make some serious coin to support the site.

The ratings that a clip gets don't matter as much as the fact that people are talking. If people are talking...even if they are giving low ratings....they are driving traffic to those sites.

Wednesday, September 10th 2008 - 09:14:03 PM

Name: Matt
E-mail address:

Hey guys, has anyone tried the link to recently? I think it's deceased, as when you click on it, you get instead of the site itself, and a "bid on this domain" banner (among others).

Wednesday, September 10th 2008 - 09:38:09 PM

Name: John Galt

I noticed that there was a question about the content of Breeders in the Rape in Mainstream Movies database. Breeders has always been a favorite of mine. The movie is unquestionably terrible, but there's a lot of nudity and there's a single creature rape that has always been one of my favorites.


Breeders (1986)

Breeders is a guilty pleasure. It is without a doubt one of the worst acted, worst scripted, worst paced movies I have ever seen. The two leads are wooden and bad actors to boot. But it has vignettes that, taken out of the context of the excruciatingly bad movie, are actually fun. I think maybe a clip from Breeders was one of the first excerpts I ever recorded for a "hot scenes" compilation video. This one, in fact, that I posted to YouTied.

All the movie really has is a single terrific creature rape, although it features numerous creature assaults on hot women and, of course, a lot of nudity. NOTE: There is a 1997 Breeders that, in my opinion, is even worse than this one, and without the awesome creature rape scene. Don't be fooled.

The movie begins with Donna (Natalie O'Connell) walking with an old man when he cramps up, bends over in pain, and transforms into something that tears the girl's dress, releases one breast from its clothing captivity, and then picks her up and carries her off. As we find out later in the hospital, she was raped and suffered acid burns to her face. Plus, she was a virgin and *gasp* she is like the fifth virgin to be raped and left in this condition in the last week or so. She is being attended by a virgin doctor and a virgin nurse. What are odds?

Next comes the hot scene, complete with creature rape. Karinsa (Frances Raines) is a model doing a photo shoot and we get to watch some of the photo shoot. She is so hot. The shoot breaks for lunch and everyone except Karinsa leaves to go eat. She stays behind to exercise. She starts her exercise by snorting two lines of coke, then strips naked, turns on the tape player, and does a series of lovely stretching exercises that really shows off her lithe, lean body. She has tan lines, which makes her even sexier. She cools down while laying flat on the floor letting her hands roam teasingly over her body and you think maybe she's going to, you know, touch herself, but she doesn't. We do get a flash of pubic hair, though.

The photographer's assistant barges back in because he forgot his wallet. Right. Karinsa covers herself with a towel and tells him its okay that he walked in on her naked when suddenly he screams and collapses and goes through a really cheesy transformation into a creature. Karinsa screams and watches terrified for awhile before she runs and hides behind a backdrop, still clutching the towel around her lean naked body. She pokes her head out to look around, and we can see her smooth butt because the towel is really only covering her top when she bends over like that. Very nice.

The shadow of the creature moves behind the backdrop toward Karinsa. She looks around, panicked, and makes a run for it. The creature shows itself and she turns, paralyzed at the sight. The creature shoots two long thin tentacle-like things out of its fingers that neatly wrap around Karinsa's delicate ankles, then jerks forward and Karinsa falls to the studio floor flat on her back. She looks up, still clutching the towel to her body, and continues screaming. A lot.

The creature pulls her forward. She struggles ineffectually. We get a really nice side shot as she's being pulled across the floor showing off her shapely leg and thigh. There's a Karinsa POV shot as the creature looms over her. There's a creature POV shot showing Karinsa and the creature's claw as it reaches down and finally rips the towel from her body. It pulls her closer. Karinsa POV again as it lowers onto her. A side shot of her lower leg and foot with the black slimy creature body positioned between her legs. Her foot is twitching and jerking reflexively as the creature rapes her. There is also a squishy sound like it is a really sloppy rape. Cut away.

A bag lady gets offed in the tunnels. Nothing to see.

The virgin nurse Gail (Amy Bretano) walks home and into her apartment and keeps acting like she's hearing noises. Then she decides it must be nerves. So she undresses. In the kitchen. These New York girls. She removes her blouse and she's not wearing a bra. She removes her pants and she's not wearing any panties. That can't be good hygiene for working in a hospital. She takes a shower and we get a nice slow tour of her wet naked body as she soaps up and rinses off but no full frontal nudity. She gets out and wraps a towel around her slender naked body and hears a noise. When she investigates, a guy is sitting at her table, which scares the hell out of her. But she invited him over and was just surprised because he let himself in with the key she cleverly hid above the door sill.

She turns her back to him and continues her conversation but hears a strange noise and when she turns back around the guy is dead and there's a creature moving toward her. She screams a lot and the camera closes in on her face so all we really get to see is her uvula working overtime. Cut away.

Next we see the photographer (Lee Anne Baker) who was shooting Karinsa in her studio. She gets a call from her other assistant, Alec, who we discover during the course of the conversation is also a virgin. It boggles the mind that there are so many hot looking virgins all in the same few blocks in New York City in the mid-80s. But oh well. The phone call ends and the studio lights go out. The photographer checks the breaker box but the fuse looks fine. "Must be the main in the basement," she says ominously. The photographer goes down to the basement and the creature follows her down. It attacks her. She screams.

Back in the hospital, we discover that the acid burns on all the rape victims have miraculously healed.

Back to the photographer, who is sitting on the floor looking dazed. She stands up and we see that she is no longer wearing any pants (although her shirt is long enough that we can't tell if she is wearing panties but I suspect not), and her legs are streaked with the black ooze stuff that marks where a creature has spent some quality rape time. It is safe to assume that the photographer was also a virgin but now she is a creature rape victim. She walks off in a trance-like state.

Back in the hospital, Donna wakes up, stabs an orderly, and walks naked out of her room and down the hall and no one notices. Nice full length views of the naked Donna as she walks away, plus some shots of her walking through tunnels but no full frontal shots.

The virgin doctor and the detective have discovered that all of the rape victim girls are missing except for Karinsa, so the virgin doctor orders a 24-hour guard around Karinsa.

Alec, the virgin photographer's virgin assistant, gets home and answers the phone. It is her mother asking if she is still a virgin. While she is talking to mom, Alec undresses down to her black bikini panties and puts on a white button-front shirt that looks like a man's dress shirt. I was wondering how the virgin Alec came to have a man's white dress shirt in her apartment. She no sooner hangs up the phone than a guy in a black leather jacker grabs her from behind and tells her "pain or pleasure, it's your choice." Nice rapist line.

The rapist takes off his jacket to reveal his bare chest, covered in virile chest hair, and tells her it's her turn, so she hesitatingly undoes the top button of her shirt. The guy brandishes a long knife and has nonconsensual sex in his eye. How could it possibly get any worse for the virgin Alec? How about a creature shows up, grabs the knife, slashes the rapist across the face so that he falls screaming onto the already screaming Alec and bleeds out all over her white shirt. Alec looks up at the creature and screams and we cut away before we get any creature sex action.

Back to Karinsa in the hospital. She sits up suddenly and we see that she is not naked in her hospital bed, like Donna was, but happily she promptly takes off her hospital gown. Let me take just a moment here to point out that Frances Raines has the nicest pear shaped breasts, with large dark aureole and substantial (and hard) nipples. She looks incredible sitting up in bed and I used to think how cool it would be to wake up to that every day. Alas, her last movie was in 1987.

A doctor was sitting by her bedside and watches her walk away (mesmerized, if he's anything like me). He follows her down into the abandoned tunnels under the hospital. Eventually we see where she's headed: The Virgin Vat. All the other naked girl rape victims are already there, wallowing around in a vat of gooey white creamy stuff that looks for all the world like semen and that's probably what it's supposed to look like. Whoever came up with the concept of a vat filled with that much semen probably has ejaculation issues. They welcome Karinsa and she climbs in to join them.

We get to watch the half dozen naked girls wallow and roll around in the semen-filled vat making pleasurable moaning sounds for awhile until they are electrocuted by the virgin doctor and the detective to keep them from reproducing and unleashing an army of creatures on the earth. I'm pretty sure you got to see at least nine of the twelve breasts if you paid attention.

The movie ends with the detective and the virgin doctor in bed where he has apparently cured her of her virginity when suddenly he turns into a creature. Psych! It was only a dream and the movie ends with the virgin doctor alone in bed crying hysterically.

I cannot begin to describe how bad this movie was, and how hard it was to listen to the stilted dialog and follow along the predictable plot and watch the wooden acting by the leads. It was almost unwatchable, except it did feature a lot of nudity. However, the creature rape scene with Karinsa did it for me the first time I saw the movie and still does it for me today. She is just so hot, bouncing around doing her exercises and stretching languorously afterwards and the creature pulling her inexorably closer and seeing her feet jerking and twitching were all such great effects. The movie sucks but that scene is a solid B for me.

Thursday, September 11th 2008 - 06:51:27 AM

Name: Brutus

Damn, got called outta town for a few days, and it's taken about half a day just to get caught up on all the activity here.

Rick: Always nice to hear from you. "Seed" was one of the first Shockwave productions I saw and I was immediately reminded of "Evil Dead." Thanks for confirming what I had suspected.

John Galt: I thought Sloth and A Canadian were prolific with their reviews, but you are a machine. You also have a talent for keeping your reviews consistently eloquent, no matter the length. Can't really comment on everything you wrote about, but I agree on most of your points, especially "Sodomania" and "Hell Camp." Those were two of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen. What lured me to those movies were descriptions like "disgusting," "disturbing," "misogynistic," etc. (Maybe Bondage Dave was the reviewer?) I was expecting a grittier "Blood Sucking Freaks" or something on those lines. But it's nice to know that I was not the only one suckered into believing "Hell Camp" was another Ilsa movie.

VM: Thanks for the link to the news about "Abducted by the Daleks." $149.98 for that movie? It might've been worth it if they focused as much attention to bondage and torture as they did for lesbianism and stripping.

YouTied: I think Jefferson has good point on what exactly YouTied is for. I don't think anyone knows. Personally, I don't mind some of the love bondage stuff there, as long as it doesn't take over the site, like it threatened to do before with all those illegal clips were pulled. Even the Bound2BKinky people have slowed down a bit. I obviously enjoy the harsher stuff, but some softer clips can be a nice change of pace, or I can chose simply not to bother viewing them. The posters on the GIMP board also have varied tastes. So I say a little variety on YouTied can't hurt. But that old tattooed guy ...

As for that Anonymous douche bag, I wouldn't take him too seriously. His goal is to get under the skin of people with different tastes than his, and then drive them away. I think Sloth has the right idea: Have fun with the moron. He's obviously not too bright, and I don't think he's going away.

Thursday, September 11th 2008 - 08:37:36 AM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Above URL is Jessica Alba tape gagged in (I think) a campaign to get out the vote. (Darla Crane posted this on another forum, so I thought I'd post it here.)

More here...

Thursday, September 11th 2008 - 04:06:27 PM

Name: Thanagar
Homepage URL:

I'm looking at YouTied at the moment, and someone has just posted a lengthy clip whrein a guy with a stocking on his head bursts into a blonde girl's kitchen, drags her to the bedroom, binds her with red duct tape and rapes her repeatedly. Before Master Detective removes it due to its running time, I hope somebody can see it and tell me if it's a commercially available video, and if so, where it can be bought. I'm impressed that someone is willing to combine bondage and nonconsensual sex like this.

Thursday, September 11th 2008 - 05:43:46 PM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt: Brutus is right, I'm sure you've set some kind of record for the number of reviews you've posted within such a short time period. And the reviews continue to be entertaining.

I was particularly interested in your comments on SS Hell Camp, as I am one of those people who was tempted by the Ilsa-like theme. Lucky for me, your review arrived before I actually got around to purchasing the film, and now I know better. I definitely appreciate the head's up on that one.

Thursday, September 11th 2008 - 05:45:08 PM

Name: John Galt

Scribbler: I just this morning saw the Jessica Alba ad. The Christina Aguilera ad was the first one I saw several weeks back. Unfortunately, I can't see most of them without thinking about some of the extreme stuff they did on the InSex website, but I have to give them points for shaking things up. Surprisingly cutting edge graphics in mainstream media ads.


Here's another cautionary tale of a review. I'm not having a lot of luck with my choices of Jess Franco films.

Female Vampire (1973)

This is a Jess Franco flick that has twelve different names (and versions) according to IMDB, including Les Avaleuses, Erotic Kill, and Bare Breasted Countess. It stars Lina Romay, who became Jess Franco's muse after the tragic death of Soledad Miranda in 1970. This is Lina Romay early in her career, probably about 18 or 19 in 1973, but I thought she looked much younger and more vital when she was raped and dismembered by Klaus Kinski in 1976's Jack the Ripper. Lina Romay spends this entire movie naked or practically naked, writhing around and masturbating and suggestively sucking her own thumb (when she isn't sucking her victims). She's very oral. Also, the camera always seems to be doing its best to show you her vagina, which is not an easy task given her dark and plentiful bush, but surprisingly it succeeds on occasion.

Also surprisingly for a vampire movie, there is no blood. Lina the vampire's modus operandi is to do her sucking during fellatio or cunnilingus (depending on the gender of her victim). On one occasion, she raised her head from a woman's crotch and her mouth and lips were coated with a creamy opaque substance. It may be she is sucking something besides blood from them, but they always end up dead and in my personal experience no matter how much you suck during cunnilingus it is rarely fatal.

So: lots of young Lina Romay nudity and oral sex. Some regular sex as well.

However, not a lot of GIMP. I bought the movie thinking there would be some, what with the copious nudity and the female vampire thing, and I was sorely disappointed from a GIMP perspective. There was a single scene that qualifies for inclusion in this web site's databases. A bondage whipping scene.

About 1:05:00 into the movie, Lina the vampire walks into a house where two women are playing chess. She watches for a while and then moves a chess piece. Queen to King's dungeon, I guess. They tell her they have been waiting for her, and lead her down into a lower level. Hanging against the wall on the lower level is a blond who is naked except for a pair of knee-high black leather boots. She is also decorated with "blood" so that it looks like she has been tortured. She also looks lifeless. That's it for bondage.

The dark-haired woman, who looks the more butch of the pair, tells the blond-haired woman to undress Lina the vampire. She pushes Lina up against the wall and strips off what few clothes Lina was wearing. Then she starts whipping her with a long switch. It doesn't even look like she comes close, so the effect is unsatisfying. Lina just looks defiantly straight ahead. The dark-haired woman tells the blond to keep whipping her, but Lina the vampire gets her hypnosis thing going and before you know it, the blond has turned and started whipping the dark-haired one, who falls to the floor trying to shield herself.

Next, the blond squats down and pins the dark-haired woman's feet to the ground, as Lina pins her arms, then starts kissing her, then raises her up enough to strip off her dress. Then Lina the vampire works her way down, pushing the woman's panties down around her knees (she's wearing black fishnet stockings, by the way) and ultimately buries her face in the dark-haired woman's dark-haired crotch. She spends quite a bit of time down there.

The next time we see the dark haired woman, she is on a morgue slab and a blind Van Helsing type sticks his fingers deep into her sex and feels around for quite awhile before declaring "four canines have pierced the lips of the clitoris." That doesn't sound anatomically correct, since I'm pretty sure the labia are the ones with the lips, but I give him points for the sensitivity of his fingers.

That's it. One blink-and-you-miss-it brief bondage scene and one unsatisfying whipping scene. For GIMP-worthiness I give this an F.

Thursday, September 11th 2008 - 06:34:55 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address:

OK, I am now officially interested in the US Presidential campaign for the first time.

Surely they can find some excuse to have some nipple clamps on J.A.! Come on, advertising agencies - don't let this opportunity go to waste! "Only you can loosen the grip of bad government." Alright, that's lame, but I call on anyone else here to suggest captions that will encourage starlets to be put in ever more outrageous bondage situations, just to get people to vote.

Thursday, September 11th 2008 - 07:12:50 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

John Galt: Good God, I don't know how you are doing this. 6 more reviews in 3 days? And we're not talking about capsule reviews, either. These are multi-paragraph opuses full of intrinsic details and information, fully spell-checked and often including video links, too. You've just got to be retired, right? Either retired or only work part-time so you can watch these dirty mainstream movies whenever you feel like it. I'll tell you, man, it took most of my evening just to try to get caught up on updating the site from just a few days ago. I usually can't even find the time to watch an actual movie, let alone watch it and THEN write a review. And you're knocking off 2 new ones every single day. When's the new book of reviews coming out? You know, "John Galt's GIMP Movie Companion"? Sort of like Roger Ebert's but with more of an edge.

Check the Reviews section under mainstream for the links to all your latest reviews. On the review for Sodomia I put it under its more better known title, The Coming of Sin. BTW, I found another review for that film with lots of pictures here:

BTW, I also added SS Hell Camp (among others) into the Mainstream Rape Database and made up a new picture page for that film, with some nice hi-res stills courtesy of our friend Hank Hobbs. Check my Homepage URL for that.


Matt: Yeah, Dave Darke wrote me last year and told me he was planning on shutting down his website. It was never his full-time business anyway, so I guess he is going back to his regular boring real job. No matter how much money he makes, I'll bet it's not as much fun as tying up women and getting to film it.


Jefferson James: Is YouTied strictly a bondage site or would scenes of rape and torture without bondage be appropriate? Well, seeing as MasterDetective has allowed the latter, I would say it's probably an amalgam of both. I personally was reluctant when I posted my first rape scene that didn't include bondage, thinking I might be criticized for it. And as a matter of fact, some moron did bitch about it, saying "This is YouTied not YouRaped". (Jamie Luner Raped in Tryst). Nonetheless, there are lots of rape clips there without bondage and to my knowledge none have been deleted. I think it's nice that the extreme people can have their stuff there along with the vanilla bondage lovers. I like the Brian's Page vs. GIMP comparison; I think that's a good metaphor.

Friday, September 12th 2008 - 12:32:02 AM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: Actually I am self-employed and so I have an extremely flexible schedule. I had a couple of slow days last week and did most of these at that time. I just kind of spaced out posting them. Coincidentally I was experimenting with a new video capture device and an open-source AVI editing application (AVIDEMUX) on my Ubuntu Linux workstation and decided to digitize some of my favorite scenes from my rapidly deteriorating VHS collection while I could, so I had to re-watch the movies to get to the good scenes. Then I discovered this web site. So it was kind of a perfect storm situation.

This is the last review I wrote during that downtime period, so you get a break. Actually, I started to do one on Excesses in the Torture Cellar until I discovered there was already a review under the title Beautiful Girl Hunter. The existing review was more sophisticated, story-wise, than I was planning, since I was just going to describe the naughty bits in excessive detail. So it is unfinished.

I was amused to see, in Hank's screen caps for SS Hell Camp, that there was an image of the neanderthal's close-up lip action.

Here is my last review for at least a few days:


Spanking Love (2004 for the English-language subtitled DVD, 1994 for the original Japanese)

From distributors Toyko Shock comes the suggestively titled Spanking Love, which I purchased hoping for great spanking or whipping, with nudity and sex thrown in for good measure. I mean, it is a Japanese movie, right? It was billed as coming from the producers of Tokyo Decadence, which I thought was, in fact, nicely decadent and so I was perhaps expecting too much. That would be me foreshadowing this review.

The movie revolves around a guy named Ryo and two girls named Mayumi and Yuki. Ryo and Mayumi have a thing going. Mayumi is a worker or performer at an S&M club and also does a rich private client, who may or may not own the S&M club. The English subtitles were hard to follow. Ryo is a videographer who specializes in picking up random girls on the streets of Tokyo (or wherever they are) and persuading them to let him video them being stripped and whipped. Really, if it is that easy to get random girls on the streets of Tokyo to be willing BDSM toys like that maybe I need to relocate.

We get a random tour of the S&M club at the start, and there is a girl against a wall being whipped and a girl hanging upside down and naked on the stage being whipped. Very brief scene. And there are also men in BDSM situations. A lot, in fact. Very probably too many for my taste.

Less than 10 minutes into the movie, we see Ryo out on the streets, looking for subjects. He sights Yuki and persuades her to pose for him. She turns out to be a phenomenon.

The first GIMP scene is Yuki's whipping. She is tied AOH wearing a long white dress (that sadly covers her the entire time), looking defiant. A man with a whip walks up and grabs her chin and forces her to look at him. She wrests her face away. He pokes her with the handle of the bullwhip and snaps it in front of her face. Then he starts whipping her fairly harshly. She just stares straight ahead making no sound at all. The sounds of the whip are pretty great, though. Kudos to the sound effects guys. Whip guy stops to taunt her and she spits in his face. He slaps her and pushes her off-balance and while she is righting herself he takes off his shirt and gets ready to do some real whipping. Which he does, in an almost over-the-top fashion (kind of like the exaggerated fighting moves in kung-fu movies). He whips a couch, too. She closes her eyes a few times but doesn't make a sound. She just stares intently at the camera with a "hit me harder" expression on her face.

Some more random scenes of the S&M club are scattered throughout, like at the 19:00 minute mark there's an upside down naked girl being whipped. About a minute after that we spend more time with her. She is crying and there are marks on her body as three guys whale away at her simultaneously.

Anyway, everyone wants Yuki, and it is up to Ryo to convince her to work at the S&M club or else it will go hard for Mayumi. I'm not quite sure of the politics and motivations, so I just kind of went with it.

About 21:30 minutes in, there is a non-GIMP bondage sex scene (technically a bondage foreplay scene) between Ryo and Mayumi that I particularly liked because Mayumi's nearly naked body was covered in sweat. She is tied AOH to a bed and blindfolded with a satin sash. Ryo spends a lot of time kissing and caressing her hot wet body, from her lusciously arched neck down to the top of her bikini panties, with special emphasis on the pair of hard coral nipples atop her sweat-soaked breasts. And you know me and hot sweat-covered bound babes. This was a favorite scene for me, even though it was just consensual bondage sex. So I posted it to YouTied, for anyone else who likes non-GIMP hot sweaty bondage sex.

At 25:00 minutes, Yuki is watching a TV show where a guy in a gas mask is manhandling a girl onto a table and then, I think, cutting her belly open with a long knife. Japanese TV. You gotta love it. She gets several phone calls from Ryo and he manages to persuade her to come to the S&M club.

Gratuitous shower scene featuring Mayumi at 28:30.

When they get Yuki to the S&M club, by the way, they have her whip a half dozen almost naked guys on stage. They do not strip and whip her. I was significantly disappointed at this turn of events. She is employed as a dom. Damn, huh?

Well, more stuff happens. Uninteresting, non-GIMP stuff. At the 48:00 minute mark we watch a conversation while in the background is the videographer's latest model, who seems to have changed her mind, so she is fighting and screaming as a couple guys manhandle and attempt to remove her clothes but all they really manage to do is get her down to bra and panties and pull her bra down to reveal her breasts. She is kind of chubby and not all that hot. We cut away without resolving whether she was forcibly stripped and whipped or what.

About 1:16:00 there is a stage show where two girls in long white dresses and white feathery angel wings are lowered, hands bound over head, onto a stage and whipped. White feathers fly everywhere, but the clothes remain on and there's not much heat to the whipping scene.

About 1:20:00 we see Ryo and Mayumi bound AOH on stage naked except for leather straps strategically placed on them. Mayumi's breasts are showing, though. They are whipped. Ryo imagines it is Yuki whipping him and he enjoys it. I'm thinking Mayumi would be better off with another boyfriend, because this guy is seriously conflicted.

There is a final sex scene that starts out under covers and then proceeds with way too much backlighting. No GIMP appeal.

So that's it. All in all, a lot of whipping but it was largely unsatisfying whipping. The movie was also very big on male submission and humiliation, which my review skipped right over because it did nothing for me and besides the "G" in GIMP is for "girls." There was also a kissing scene between two older Japanese guys with lots of tongue action that left me queasy. I don't think this movie delivered. I think its GIMP factor is extremely low, and if it wasn't for the non-GIMP but sweat-soaked bondage sex scene, I would probably never have cracked the DVD case again. But if you like whipping, it had some. I'll be generous and give it a D.

Friday, September 12th 2008 - 05:12:08 AM

Name: J
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John Galt wrote about Spanking Love....."So that's it. All in all, a lot of whipping but it was largely unsatisfying whipping."

In my view there is no such thing as an "unsatisfying" whipping. Is it possible to post a couple of the whipping scenes to you tied and let us be the judge? BTW, love your efforts so far. Your reviews are great.

Friday, September 12th 2008 - 07:58:36 AM

Name: A Canadian
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John Galt: I'm sure your latest review lives up to your fine standards. Since you're giving us a bit of a break, I'm going to save it for tomorrow. Today, I just did the lazy thing and checked out the clip on YouTied.


The big news out of the American election was covered today in Australia's Daily Telegraph. Isn't celebrity activism grand?

Friday, September 12th 2008 - 04:19:32 PM

Name: Brutus

YouTied: Well, it seems that MasterDetective is taking action to disable the anonymous commenting. See comments.

Mothbrad wrote: "Only you can loosen the grip of bad government."

I kinda like that slogan. How about: "A car in every garage, a damsel in every trunk." The pic of Jessica Alba has reconfirmed her standing as my favorite mainstream actress. I gotta feeling she may lurk here.

John Galt: It's hard to keep up with you :-) I sort of enjoyed the camp elements of "Head of the Family." Jacqueline Lovell was awesome in that movie. I was also praying for Dianne Colazzo to get the GIMP treatment, but I guess we can't have everything.

Unfortunately, "Breeders" and "Spanking Love" don't seem to have enough non-consensual bondage to do it for me. And I did see "Female Vampire," probably the heavily edited version. But even the uncut version probably would have been disappointing as well. Thanks for the flurry of reviews.

Friday, September 12th 2008 - 06:55:43 PM

Name: A Canadian
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J. wrote:

In my view there is no such thing as an "unsatisfying" whipping.

You've just learned the hard way (no pun intended) that there can be unsatisfying whippings -- particularly when some Oscar Meyer weiners are involved.

Friday, September 12th 2008 - 07:27:02 PM

Name: John Galt

Okay, J, just for you I uploaded three clips from Spanking Love on YouTied. The first clip is the initial whipping scene that I thought was kind of over-the-top and fake looking. The second clip is the girl hanging upside down on stage with three guys whaling away at her. And the third clip is the scene where they lower the two "angels" down onto the stage and whip them. Enjoy!

All of the whipping scenes were consensual performances, and that kind of took the edge off for me. I have to admit, the upside down girl was pretty hot, though, even if it was consensual. I didn't much care for the other kind of freakish things going on in that scene. Also I guess I just wanted more menace. I am so jaded.

I edited that third clip to remove the two old Japanese guys doing the heavy tongue sucking on each other. If you watch the movie, that is going to pop up right smack dab in the middle of the angels getting whipped. So be warned.

Friday, September 12th 2008 - 07:39:59 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Gotta check in on the Jessica Alba ad for getting out the vote.

First off, good for Jessica for appearing in an advertisement with an over the mouth tape gag. That may be the first bondage material she's done since Into the Blue, unless you count the number of times I tied her to my bed and gave her some of my evil midget big afro lovemaking with a bit of nasty torture thrown in (What can I say? The girl likes it rough). But then again, we're talking about ancient history and I've moved on, after dumping her and trading up for my current sex slave, Aria Giovanni. Meanwhile, I'm glad Jessica is returning to her roots and doing the bondage thing once again. Finally. She's been needing it for a long time.

But anybody else think she doesn't look so good in that ad? What's with the slicked-back hair? I barely recognized her and I've seen her up close and naked (not to mention in various states of bondage, of course). So I thought I'd take a shot at improving her "Get out the vote" ad with my own variation. It's the daily picture today. What do you guys think?

BTW, Jessica was last seen in public at the Democratic National Convention. She's an Obama supporter. You wouldn't dare think about voting against her candidate, would you?

Friday, September 12th 2008 - 09:19:20 PM

Name: Vince

Hey Ralphus, I like your ad better than the actual one with one exception. In the real ad, her eyes look pitiful. That's how a bondage slave should feel. The bitch shouldn't be having fun. We men should be.

Anyway if Jessica asked me to vote a certain way I'd definitely do it provided she gives me a good fuck.

I'm leaning towards Obama/Biden but I could just as easily go for the Paris Hilton/Rihanna ticket because they're hot.

Either of those two tickets beats the Warmonger and Bush/Cheney combo in drag.

Friday, September 12th 2008 - 09:39:37 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

It's been a busy board, so lots of responses!

I would post that first rape scene on YouTied, but there's not a scrap of bondage in it and it would most likely just elicit negative comments for no bondage and brutal (and fatal) rape.

So what if there are negative comments. Were I to post to YouTied, I'd upload my clip and that would be that. I posted a few pics and had no rating or comments. As far as I knew, no-one even bothered to look at them. I haven't reposted mostly due to time and lack of material, not because of who likes me. (YMMV)

Or, as Sloth sez: As for that Anonymous douche bag, I wouldn't take him too seriously. His goal is to get under the skin of people with different tastes than his, and then drive them away. I think Sloth has the right idea: Have fun with the moron. He's obviously not too bright, and I don't think he's going away.


It is without a doubt one of the worst acted, worst scripted, worst paced movies I have ever seen.

Then you haven't seen Satan's Blade! That movie is a hot mess, saved only by a few good killings (I know, I know, "what a waste", but I like 'em! [grin]).


someone has just posted a lengthy clip whrein a guy with a stocking on his head bursts into a blonde girl's kitchen, drags her to the bedroom, binds her with red duct tape and rapes her repeatedly.

He's got tape that matches her dress? How convenient!


This was a favorite scene for me, even though it was just consensual bondage sex. So I posted it to YouTied, for anyone else who likes non-GIMP hot sweaty bondage sex.

Wowza, that is NICE! Thanks for posting it!


You've just learned the hard way (no pun intended) that there can be unsatisfying whippings

That was satisfying to me, but then I've known enough m-to-f transexuals to know that they ARE women (and far too many are victims of violence). I gave it a 4.


The second clip is the girl hanging upside down on stage with three guys whaling away at her.

1 demerit for the cut-aways, and one for not allowing her to cover her breasts. A solid 3.


[WARNING: Politics]

Jessica was last seen in public at the Democratic National Convention. She's an Obama supporter.

Of course she is. Democrats believe in getting everyone to vote. Republicans believe in using foreclosure notices to deny people the right to vote. (I won't say what Libertarians believe...)


I could just as easily go for the Paris Hilton/Rihanna ticket because they're hot.

You think Rihanna is hot? To paraphrase Aerosmith, to me, lady look like a dude!

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 02:11:23 AM

Name: Ralphus
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jhlipton wrote:

You think Rihanna is hot? To paraphrase Aerosmith, to me, lady look like a dude!

Wow, this jhlipton saying this, the man who seemingly loves All Women of Color? I agree the new short haircut was a huge mistake (why would any woman think that shorter hair is an improvement???) but man, that girl is a doll baby. Check out my Homepage URL to keep this post on topic.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 04:06:23 AM

Name: A Canadian
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I know it's always a big controversy around here whenever someone threatens to take their ball and go home, but I'm seriously thinking about ... taking my ball and going home.

I mean, last night I get caught on YouTied giving five stars to a whipping scene that's got a touch of The Crying Game to it.

And now I'm being told Rihanna looks like a dude?

I just don't think I can handle all this confusion.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 06:30:48 AM

Name: MoBigfoot

Canadian: Some of us lurkers appreciate the hell out of the fine Japanese stuff you've posted on youtied. Slave Island 11 has got to be one of the best ever. Your new posts are the first thing I look for whenever I visit that site.

Do you have anything with Maria Ozawa you could post there? Preferably something where her mouth is being kept too busy to worry about any possible bad acting?

At least you can get this stuff in Canada. I live in a USA "Bible belt" zipcode to which none of these companies will ship for fear of it being a government sting.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 07:37:19 AM

Name: Vince

Any man who thinks Rihanna looks like a dude is suffering from glaucoma.

If that Hilton/Rihanna ticket was for real instead of a goof, and Rihanna was in the Vice-Presidential debate, she'd make Sarah Palin(whose MILF sex appeal eludes me. And I normally like MILF's) seem like Fred Flintstone by comparison.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 07:38:29 AM

Name: J

John Gault thanks for your efforts to load the "Spanking Love" whipping scenes. With exception of the "angels" scene I thought the others GIMP-worthy and thought the opening scene, while over the top, was well done.

An explanation about my "transvestite" whipping scene. I found the clip somewhere on the 'net and did not know (nor see) that they were TV. Since lashing TVs does not seem to violate any of YouTieds TOS, I guess thats OK there, but open to question if it should be discussed here. Still, I thought they were gals. lol.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 08:50:13 AM

Name: A Canadian
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MoBigfoot: Thanks for the kind words about my YouTied posts. As I mentioned the other day, I think I may now be ahead of Dr. Yuya as the person the Bondage Dave crowd hates the most, and those guys seem to be very opinionated. So I appreciate hearing from people who like the same things I do.

Unfortunately, while I have seen some of Maria Ozawa's light bondage and rape movies, it was in the pre-YouTied days and I didn't keep any of the discs. We may have to look to MAV, who has already posted this clip from Attackers RBD-104.

I have posted some new clips of Erika Sato, such as this one from Shark Special 54. Erika may not be Maria, but she is very attractive.

Finally, I definitely agree with the comments about the modern masterpiece, Slave Island 11. My hope, as the New Slave Island series gets going, is that we see a New Slave Island movie starring Karen Kisaragi. Karen is hot and a New Slave Island film with her in the lead role would definitely be a winner.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 09:44:40 AM

Name: Gabriela Atar
E-mail address:

I'm not sure if the anime poll is over, but I'd like to ask a question on the forum, and I'm curious about your answers.

Interrogation is a common theme in the movies you talk about here. So my question is this:

If I were your captive, and you really needed to get some information out of me, what method of torture would you use to get me to talk?

Keep in mind, I'm not asking about erotic playtime. The torture could be erotic, but it mainly needs to be effective. You need to force me to give up vital information. But I'm a tough chick, so you may need to be especially brutal and merciless. And since I'm your helpless captive, there are no limits.

Okay guys, You've captured me, and you need me to talk, but my lips are sealed. What are you gonna do to me?


Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 09:44:56 AM

Name: Brutus

Gabriela Atar: I just love it when you post here. As for your question, I'm gonna have to think about this for a bit ...

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 10:06:34 AM

Name: J
E-mail address:

Gabriela Atar.

As to your question I'd say ask an expert, like--say--Dick Cheney.

But if it was me, you'd be bullwhipped. You might not talk, but I'd like it.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 11:21:43 AM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

Gabriela Atar: I would start with electroshock to the genitals, then pierce the blisters on your nipples and clit with a sharp stick.

Wow, what a cool question. Thanks for posting.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 02:13:56 PM

Name: John Galt

Gabriela Atar: Well I'm new to this forum and from Brutus' response it sounds like you've been here previously, so I don't know anything about you except you sure did ask an intriguing question. High points for that.

I hate being a buzz kill, but my methods would not be GIMP-worthy at all. If I had to elicit some information that was crucial enough to involve torture--and I'm having a hard time imagining a real-world situation that would fit that criteria, such as extremely time-sensitive with extremely high consequences--I would be playing for keeps. Anything I did would be irreversible, resulting in permanent disfigurement or crippling, with increasing intensity. You would know that what had been done to you would always show, and you would know that whatever was coming next would be equally painful and permanent. And of course it would not be anything fatal as that would defeat the purpose of interrogation. So you would know that I would just keep going, keeping you alive but in a state that continuing to live would prove a hardship. The quicker you gave up the information, the more of you would be left.

And I need to reiterate that I cannot think of anything that happens in the real world that justifies torture. Maybe a ticking nuclear warhead in a major metropolis that was set to detonate within hours. That happens on 24 and in action movies all the time, but it just doesn't ever really happen. Our intelligence services and law enforcement agencies just aren't that good, nor are they equipped to respond quickly and responsibly if it ever did happen. When they torture in real life, it is because they are just a bunch of sick perverted fucks. (Go ahead, ask me how I really feel.)

As far as methods go? I saw the use of a circular sander applied to the face and torso on Weeds last week, and that looked pretty effective. There was a scene in Marathon Man (1976) where the guy drilled into Dustin Hoffman's teeth, specifically drilling for the nerve endings. That was fairly brutal. There are two eyes and two eardrums, so one of each could be punctured and you'd still be viable for interrogation. There are fingers and toes that could be painfully removed one by one. That would be after the individual fingernails and toenails were removed first, of course.

Burning with hot pokers or cigars is fairly painful, especially when applied to extremely sensitive areas. I wouldn't go with electric shock because it is too easy to stop the heart, and dead people don't talk. I also wouldn't bother with humiliation, because it would take too long. Whipping is too much work, and also I'm not sure all that effective for getting information quickly.

Really, GIMP-worthy stuff for me means the damage is not permanent or irreversible, although sometimes the menace might be fatal if carried to completion. The awesome Scarlet Scorpion circular saw scene posted on YouTied was a great example. Watching the approaching saw blade is exciting, but I'm not sure I would get much pleasure watching the blade actually sawing the girl in half. Well, not after the first 20 or 30 seconds, probably. It wasn't useful as an interrogation method, though, because either she would talk or she would die, right then and there. Some people need to be persuaded, and a quick, if painful, death, might be a preferred alternative to talking. Especially if they had a bevy of virgins awaiting them in heaven or looked forward to living a full and complete afterlife with Jesus, knowing their martyrdom would be celebrated by Fundamentalist True Believers for years to come.

So you don't want me interrogating you. I wouldn't be doing it because I like torturing girls or I like forced sex or sexual torture. I would be after information and there wouldn't be anything erotic about it.

Really, though, I'm a nice guy. I just love GIMP movies.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 05:28:43 PM

Name: Matt
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Gabriela-ask and ye shall receive. Having read numerous POW accounts from WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and both Iraq Wars, there are numerous methods available for such rigorous interrogation. The preferred method of the North Vietnamese was what the POWs in Hanoi called the rope torture. One's arms are bound behind you at the wrists and elbows-think elbow bondage, but much, much tighter-and your ankles are tied or chained as well. Then your arms are raised behind you, forcing your head between your legs. This was done repeatedly, and ask any POW held in the North from 1965-69; it was the NVA's preferred method.

Oh, and while they're busy raising and lowering your arms, repeated smacks with bamboo sticks on the back and buttocks were usually applied. Some guys held out for several days-some for a few hours-but eventually, everyone subjected to this did break. Not very erotic, but it did break people. Although there were no female POWs in the North, you can bet that if there had been any, they would have been subjected to this. And add in what the Iraqis did to the female POWs in 1991 and 2003 (sexual assault), and you get the idea of your interrogation.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 06:10:55 PM

Name: Ralphus
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John Galt: I'm a few days late on this, but let me be the latest to thank you for your latest review and the large number of other mainstream reviews you've added in your short time on this forum. They are entertaining to read and largely appreciated by the readers here.

Your latest review, with your YouTied links added, is available in my Homepage URL above.


Gabriela Atar: Always a sincere pleasure whenever you stop by. And what an intriguing question.

If I had you held captive and wanted to make you talk, I could think of several ways. I'm afraid you wouldn't get off easy with me. Oh, you'll be hurting by the time I'm done with you, and then even after you've given up the information, I'd likely just torture you more, just for the fun of it.

I would probably start by tying you spread-eagled to the bed and attaching some electrodes to your tits and pussy. Then it'll be real easy (and real fun) to watch you squirm and spasm as I adjust the controls. I can control your movements the way a puppeteer controls the strings of a marionette. And watching you moving and shaking around like that might just inspire me to go ahead and rape you, since you're already all spread out and available to me. It'll be fun to synch up my thrusts with the shocks I'll be giving you at the same time.

The electro torture and the rape would be painful and humiliating, but at least there's no marks on you, nothing that would scar you permanently and damage your looks for the future. No, not yet anyway. So I would next proceed to get a little more serious. Playtime is over for you.

After stripping you down and lashing you tightly to a chair, with your legs spread apart and tied to the back legs of the chair, I have you in the perfect position. All it would take is for me to pull out my lighter and hold the flame up close to your face, letting you feel the heat. How easy it would be to burn that pretty face of yours. I'll let you think about that, but I have other plans, other targets to go after. Those perfect tits of yours look inviting. And they are my favorite objects to torture. I might just hold the flame right below your nipples, letting you feel the blistering heat as your nipples turn red and then grow blacker until they are sizzled beyond recognition.

Of course, you'll have broken well beyond that point, crying and begging me to stop. But it seems such a waste to quit having fun with you just because you've given me the information I was looking for. Oh, what I could do with that flame between your legs. Think I'd actually do it? Well, I'll just let you wonder and worry about that while you continue to sob and helplessly struggle against the ropes.

Saturday, September 13th 2008 - 10:01:11 PM

Name: Ed

Hey Gabriela, If I had captured you and needed to get some info out of you, my methods wouldn't involve physical torture or any method that someone can recognize as torture of any kind at all. No, I am the type who likes to stay in the shadows and work from behind the scenes. I am also the type who would use psychological manipulation rather than physical force to extract the information I want.

For example, I would send in one of henchmen, referred to here as "Henchman A" to begin with standard physical torture methods. He would be instructed to be hard and exceptionally cruel, applying things such as nipple clamps, electro-shock treatment to the tits and pussy, cattle prods, etc. Then I would send in a second henchman "Henchman B" and his job would be to be the exact opposite of A. Henchman B would be instructed to subdue Henchman A (Henchman A would also have been instructed in advance to act intimidated of Henchman B) and then proceed to free you from your bonds and get you to safety.

Henchman B would also be instructed to stay with you and look after you while you recovered from your ordeal at the at the hands of Henchman A. After all, you may have been injured and you may need some help. All this would be intended to get you to dread encountering Henchman A during your stay while developing a strong bond with your "protector" henchman B. After you've had a taste of life with both for a while, I'd kick things up a notch. I would have some of my subordinates capture a younger female relative of yours, either a younger sister or daughter and let it leak out that I have her.

Of course this deliberate leak would somehow see you learning of your relative's capture, and that would be my intention right from the start. In the leaked news would be the knowledge that I have set Henchman A loose on your relative and he has been told that anything goes. Anything goes, means literally that he can do anything and everything he desires to her, rape her, beat her, burn her, even kill her if he so intends. Off course, you would want to rescue your relative ASAP and your protector would have been instructed to do anything and everything in his power to ensure that your manage to rescue her successfully.

As soon as you have rescued your relative, your protector would immediately see to it that you both escape to the camp of some local rebels, rebels who would actually be my mindless brainwashed slaves. There you would stay with your relative and your protector, thinking that your are safe. Over time, your protector would earn more and more of your respect and trust. You would probably fall in love with him and one lonely night while making love you would share the secret knowledge you have been harboring, the info I have always wanted. Then the fates of both you and your relative would be sealed.

The next morning, you would be rudely dragged out of bed by my soldiers with your so-called protector nowhere to be seen. You would be stripped naked and would have your hands shackled behind your back. Your ankles would be shackled as well, but they would be connected with a chain that gives you just enough slack to shuffle along. Being brought outside, you would find that your relative is also naked and shackled in a similar way. Then you would get the shock of your life when your protector and now lover appears and tells you that he was just using you all along. The man you thought was your protector is one of my top generals and is an expert in manipulation of this sort. He also tell you that he has never had any feelings for you, he had used his methods to extract info from many other women before you came along. You were not the first and your will not be the last.

With that done, I would have no more use for either you or your relative. You would both be disposed off in very short order, and your deaths would be slow and excruciating. Both you and your relative would be tossed still naked and shackled into a large room that has metal walls all around. The walls would have small openings in them and the roof would have a single grated opening that leads straight up to clear skies. Before you can consider the hole as a possible escape route, the door would be slammed shut and secured tightly. You would soon realize that the room is a blast furnace and you both are about to be burned to a crisp. I would now come out of my shadowy hiding place and personally ignite the furnace. I would watch as your both are burned to ashes and laugh maniacally as you both scream your heads off as the you are burned beyond recognition.

How's that for torture?

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 03:11:56 AM

Name: Le Marquis Divin
E-mail address:
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Getting back to an older poll where Ralphus was commenting on how he collected bondage clips that don't move him as much as they used to. He asked whether something bad has to happen to the girl beyond just being tied up. I don't think tastes change over time as do our appreciation of a good story to back up action.

It's always better if something bad happens, a consequence that the girl has to face when threatened with some kind of opposition. But whether it does or not, the excitement depends entirely on what leads up to such a scene. For what it's worth, here are some things I'd fix if I was behind the camera or writing the script:

1) too many of the movies they show at YouTied are B-grade, or lower, with no genuine story. Both the victim and the aggressor have to have something substantial to fight for, or protecting something they're in danger of losing. In a word, motivation. Could be anything, but it has to be something substantial enough to demand importance to the viewer, provide him enough emotional stake in what happens to the character, which in turn, has a direct bearing on

2) the actress' ability to show fear, tension and realistic response and resilience to pain, as well as the aggressor's subtlety in issuing threats and carrying them out. The quality of their performances derives entirely from the script they're working with.

3) the worst buzzkill is when the victim is mutilated outright. True tension comes the artful way the threat is only gradually applied to be a threat to her beauty or attractiveness--the foremost in the heroine's mind--but not to the point where it's destroyed outright. Rape is a turnoff because it has to do with violence only, not sex. The thrill comes when she's faced with pain and submitting to her torturer's obsession with her. A skillful torturer applies a steady application of pain to bend his victim's will to satisfy his demands.

4) the setting has be a time and place where the treatment of females is shocking, offensive, morally repulsive, so that the actual event becomes the viewer's dirty little secret.

5) the camera, lighting, the sequence of setups and shots (Hitchcock provided plenty of stellar examples).

6) the girls have to be attractive and fit. A lot of them have unsightly cellulite, fat pockets. To the other extreme, they shouldn't be too thin so as not to lack the muscle that a whip would wrap around.

7) the suspense, the rest of the story has to be devised where the heroine narrowly escapes danger every so often before the climax, at which point it becomes obligatory. By comparison, a lack of foreplay makes sexual climax a lot less exciting than it could be.

Just a few thoughts that come to mind, though I don't know how clearly I've expressed them (just got a prescription for Xanax today and I'm a little out of it right now).

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 03:28:53 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Gabriela Atar: I'm probably something of an old-fashioned traditionalist, but my proposed torture regime would go something like this:

  • First, my gang would strip off your clothes and threaten you with a gun. We'd put the gun to your head and also force you to suck on the barrel of the gun

  • Next, you would be tied with ropes, with your arms firmly bound behind your back, and suspended upsidedown from the ceiling. You would then receive a whipping with a bull whip

  • You would then be tied to some posts or pillars in a standing positon and tortured with a stun gun

  • Finally, you would be gang raped.

Admittedly, the gang rape probably wouldn't do much to get you to talk. But I believe a true professional should be able to relax and occasionally mix a little pleasure with business.

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 05:40:24 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Last month, during a discussion of the Slave Island movies, I said I would be prepared to revisit Slave Island 9. Well, I have watched it again, and I will say I enjoyed it more the second time -- probably because I understood some of the early scenes a bit better (Minami Aoyama, who appears in some of the early scenes, is continuing in the same role she played in Slave Island 2. However, I hadn't seen SI-2 the first time I watched Slave Island 9).

I still don't think Slave Island 9 compares with the best titles, such as Slave Islands 11, 7 and 5. But it is better than I remembered.

Anyway, I have posted some clips such as this one on YouTied.

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 08:00:58 AM

Name: Brutus

Warning: Penthouse Forum-type ramblings to follow.

Gabriela Atar: I'm a bit of a wuss compared to some of the others here. Obviously, this is all fantasy, but I cannot see myself disfiguring or mutilating a beautiful woman, even in my imagination. (Although those scenes don't really bother me in films.) That being said, here's what I'd do to you:

You start off hooded in only your underwear and in a hanging spreadeagle between two posts. You hear me enter the room and the heavy door slam shut. After I pull off your hood, you look around and see that you are trapped in a dark room, much like in the Hostel movies, with a heavy chair and a bed, all equipped with restraining devices. Being the tough chick that you are, you act unconcerned as I slowly place instruments of torture on a metal table.

Something catches your eye. It's a severed head on the end of the table. The hair has been singed off, the eyeballs burned out, and the mouth frozen in a scream. After I put the scorched head in a garbage can, you feel genuine fear for the first time. But to prevent yourself from appearing weak, you hurl insults at me. Without saying a word, I walk behind you and shove a big red ballgag in your mouth and tighten it so the leather straps are pinching into your cheeks.

I take a pair of scissors and run the blade up and down your body before cutting away your bra and panties. I grab a cat o nine tails and start whipping your tits and ass. The lashes get harder, and your body starts to tremble. I then blindfold you and put headphones over your ears. The Beethoven music you hear completes the sensory deprivation. Out comes the bullwhip, and the lashes soon start to take their toll. Your skin feels like it's on fire, and for me, it's toasty warm to the touch. I continue whipping you for hours. You have now stopped struggling and only move when the whip smacks your flesh. You have no idea if you are covered in blood, but your skin feels like it's been torn off. Finally, you pass out from the pain.

I toss a bucket of cold water on you to wake you up. You are now strapped to a chair with your arms tied behind your back and legs spread apart. You are not bleeding, but your body is covered in angry red welts. And you are still defiant. You yell, "Go fuck yourself!"

Again I say nothing as I calmly shove your panties in your mouth and wrap black electric tape around your head to keep the gag in place. You wonder why you are gagged if I am trying to make you talk. But your attention is abruptly turned to the wired clamps I am attaching to your nipples and pussy lips. I bring out a dildo fucking machine and place it strategically about half an inch into your snatch, then hit the on button and watch as the dildo starts to go in and out. I inform you that the clamps are on a timer that will give a strong shock at random intervals, meaning you cannot prepare for the volts that will soon run through your body. I leave to watch the football game.

You tell yourself you will not break. You try to think of happy things as the electricity courses through your veins and the dildo has already made you cum. You tell yourself to be strong, to defeat this asshole who's doing these disgusting things to you.

But after a couple of hours, you panic. You struggle mightily in the hopes that an adrenaline rush will give you the strength to break the leather bonds wrapped around your limbs. You fail. Soon, you are having an out-of-body experience to cope with the pain. The football game ends. I return to find you unconscious but not quite dead.

When you awaken this time, you are strapped spreadeagle to the bed. I brush the hair from your eyes and you spit in my face. So I strap a ring gag in your mouth and you immediately begin to drool. As I laugh at your predicament, I remove my clothes and stick my dick in your mouth. You can't bite it off because of the ring, so you try to push out my dick with your tongue, but that only gets me more excited. I then proceed to rape you. At first, some gentle thrusts, followed by frantic, seizure-like pumping. Before I can cum, I withdraw, grab a beer, and watch football highlights for a few minutes. Then I return and repeat the process. This lasts for a few hours.

You are in total agony. Your jaw is aching from the gag and your wrists and ankles are red from all the struggling. But worst of all, you've had multiple orgasms with this sick fuck, something that I did not fail to notice. As your sweat-glistened body goes limp from exhaustion, I pull out my dick and spunk in your tear-stained face. When I put on my clothes, a feeling of elation comes over you. It's over! You didn't break! You may be in pain and totally humiliated, but you feel like the victor.

I remove the gag, and as soon as your jaw regains its feeling, you laugh, "Ha ha, asshole! You gave it your best shot, but I win! I will never give you the information!"

I reply: "Information? What information? I'm just the janitor here. The real interrogator will be here any second."

The door opens. In walks Ralphus carrying a blow torch.

(Told you I was a wuss.)

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 08:06:16 AM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

I finally took the plunge and ordered a movie from the Zen Pictures site. I have said this before but I absolutely LOVE the Japanese heroine themed movies so I finally decided to suck it up and pay the $24 dollars. The movie I purchased is in the link provided, it looked like the best one out of all of them.

With that said, let me warn anyone else thinking of buying there that there's a good chance it won't be easy for you. Even after I managed to get through all the site jargon and actually place the order none of my media players played it because of it's DRM properties (grr to all DRM btw, producers take note, I'm here warning other people against buying a product with DRM on it, this is NOT good advertising). I FINALLY got it to play on Windows Media Player today after going through several steps online to get it to function. Don't buy from there unless you're really into the stuff and willing to suffer a potentially major headaches getting the movie to play.

As for the movie itself, it had every thing I was hoping for. You can watch the preview clip for clarification but I'd say it has easily one of the BEST whipping scenes I've ever seen or probably ever will see. I'm in the process of removing the DRM from it now (yeah,I'm such a criminal, wanting to view something I paid for legally easily on my media player of choice), so I will post a small clip of it on Youtied when I'm done (provided I'm successful) as well as put a review up here. I just hope Video Mayhem starts to carry more of these titles so I don't have to order from Zen ever again.

Oh yes, and on the state of Youtied, I can't thank MD enough for disabling Anonymous comments. I know I was perhaps overly critical, but it's obvious to me now he is doing what's good for his site and I was wrong to judge. My apologies for that and I think I'll find posting videos on the site fun again now.

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 09:31:19 AM

Name: A Canadian

Dr. Yuya: You may be a bit ahead of yourself in praising the elimination of anonymous comments on YouTied. It hasn't happened yet.

Indeed, here is the link to some comments posted today that are the perfect example of what Ralphus mentioned recently -- this one has some typical Bondage Dave remarks, followed by two "anonymous" posters fully agreeing with him.

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 10:00:36 AM

Name: Bluestreak

To A Canadian: I can't remember why I like Attackers Slave Island 9 apart from the lovely Aya Koizumi.

Most Attackers movies even those more hardcore than Slave Island are too fake, even laughable at times. I think the producers meant for those movies to be cheesy, not too real. The Slave Island series are one which the story premise is intense and sad, they took it a bit too seriously this time.

I liked how the movies convey the abducted slaves feelings - desperate, despair and hopelessness with no chance of escaping the hell.

BTW, New Slave Island 2 would probably be released on BitTorrent over the next few days.

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 10:30:55 AM

Name: Brutus
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Damn, you're right. That was one of the worst examples yet of bondagedave and his antics. Thanks for the new clips on YouTied. Ill try to check them out tomorrow.

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 10:33:05 AM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Dr. Yuyu, Thanks for the info on the Zen Pic. I've been eyeing that one for a while. Can't wait to read your review, the preview looks most excellent. You can order it in Disc form from Catfight. I've linked to them earlier. They are about 48$ US plus shipping but their service is great. I got my last order from Japan in three business days. I did a review on a few of the others. Giga and Zen definitly do a better job on the peril and punnishment end then the mainstream Jap filmakers. I do wish their was more availability in the US on this stuff. Ringdivas and VM seem to have the best selection at this time. But they are extreemly expensive from Japan, the Giga stuff is like 85$ US!

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 11:12:13 AM

Name: Gabriela Atar
E-mail address:

Thanks, guys, for all the replies. I really like the picture. The red hot coals, the beads of sweat on her (my?) naked skin. The glee on her tormentors' faces.

I liked your ideas. I have to give a special shout out to Brutus and his hilarious twist at the end, and to Ed and his imaginative double cross.

I admit that some of the more brutal tortures turn me off, especially anything that involves mutilation or dismemberment. But the threat of those things, the menace as John Galt called it, can create terror and tension that is quite intriguing. I thought about the scene in Captivity, where Elisha Cuthbert sees the girls face burned with acid, then it looks like the same would happen to her. That wasn't an interrogation, and parts of that scene were not that great, but the tension and terror were well built up. (I'm thinking of Ralphus and his cigarette lighter, and feeling the heat of the flame close to my skin.)

On the other hand, there are some methods that seem to invite giving the victim a taste of them. I've never been bullwhipped, or felt a hard, torture-type electric shock. So I suppose my tormentor would have to let me experience them before starting the questioning. (You think that hurt, Gabriela? How about if I give you 39 more of those? You think that was bad? That was only on level one.)

Of course, all of this is fantasy. I have no clue how I would react in real life. In my fanatsy, I am defiant and strong, which only causes my tormentor to increase the torture (and his pleasure, I presume).

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I just hope I don't end up naked and tied down in you dungeons. (or do I?)

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 11:50:46 AM

Name: John Galt

Gabriela Atar: Well, I admit that not turning you off was not one of the parameters I considered. I'll bet I would have gotten the information, though.

I might have given a more entertaining scenario if you had posed the question more like: There's an agreed-upon safe word. My goal is to make you say it, your goal is to take anything I can dish out and refrain from saying it. Permanent physical damage is taboo (burning, cutting, anything that would leave scars including, of course, disfigurement and dismemberment), but temporary damage is okay (bruising, welts, rope burns, muscle strains).

I would probably enjoy that immensely, and it might be fun thinking up ways to inflict excruciating pain or the threat of excruciating pain without causing permanent damage; whereas if I had to get information at any cost I would likely have trouble living with myself afterwards. Thank god I only work on computers instead of for some spy or police organization.

Great question, though. Thanks for asking it because it made for some fun reading. You should post here more often.

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 03:05:41 PM

Name: BIgD

Okay, I'm kinda interested in buying a couple of XFX movies again...What XFX movies do you consider the most violent/disturbing? :P.... Those would be my favorites to consider :) Perhaps the south of the border movies??? any others I might consider? Thanks!

Sunday, September 14th 2008 - 10:06:59 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Yo dudes.....

Posted a clip on YouTied.

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 01:14:27 AM

Name: A Canadian

Steve Power: That is a great clip. Those of you who are regular YouTied visitors may get a chuckle out of the comment I posted for that clip.

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 03:17:46 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Okay guys, You've captured me, and you need me to talk, but my lips are sealed. What are you gonna do to me?

In the Real World, nothing works better than friendship. But here in GIMPland, we have more fun methods. Before I asked the first question, I would strip you naked (of course). I'd punch you in the stomach as few times, then douse you with icy cold water. I'd tie you bent over with your arms tied behind your back, pulled up to the ceiling so tight your shoulder is almost dislocated. I'd wrap a wire garrote around your throat, then rape you. I'd have man after man cum on your face and into your open, gasping mouth.

Once you started to cry, the interogation (and the attendant torture) could begin.

If you had a sister, she'd get the treatment first, while you were forced to watch.

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 06:03:14 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

the man who seemingly loves All Women of Color?

Not "All". I do have SOME standards, after all (not many, but a few!)


I mean, last night I get caught on YouTied giving five stars to a whipping scene that's got a touch of The Crying Game to it. And now I'm being told Rihanna looks like a dude?

I hope you're joking, because the person who said "Rihanna looks like a dude" gave four stars to that clip!


There's an agreed-upon safe word. My goal is to make you say it, your goal is to take anything I can dish out and refrain from saying it.

I like that scenario -- I might have to work on my response to fit it.


Steve Power: That is a great clip.

Agreed! I love the combination of sex and violence!

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 06:46:17 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

I regret not getting in early on Gabriela's question but I'll give it a shot now. First, I would say Gariela has true grit asking that question to this bunch of sick twisted perverts. Now, on with the show.

Assuming she is in my not so gentle clutches I envision a scenario not unlike Marlon Brando and Stephanie Beacham in "The Nightcomers". First, she is bound wrists behind, ankles crossed and tied. I tie another cord to her ankles, wrap it twice around her neck then secure it back to the ankles. Legs pressed as far forward as possible. Keep in mind this will all be taped to immortalize her on film and a monitor close by so she can witness her predicament.

Sitting back with a martini and good cigar I watch as her legs tire and she begins to throttle herself. Nothing like shortness of breath to loosen the tongue. The noose is undone so she can speak and once the information is found to be true and correct she gets her just reward. A hogtied tapping from behind and reapplication of the noose so nature can take its course. Very simple, very effective and very practical.

Of course, copies of the interrogation will be sent free of charge to all Gimpers for their late night entertainment.

Stay Well All, especially you Gabriela

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 07:12:05 AM

Name: Dr Yuya

Before I go through with it I was wondering, how legal does everyone here think it would be to post a clip of an entire whipping scene from one of the Zen pictures movies on Youtied? I'm asking because I figure most of you guys have more integrity when it comes to these sorts of things then I do, especially in this case since I'm still kind of steamed at Zen for making it such a hassle to order and in the end selling me a DRM protected video file that was an equal hassle to play.

So what in everyone here's opinion is the "right" thing for me to do?

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 03:06:46 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I'm getting some scary comments on the clip....people think it's real. Rest assured that she was acting in that clip!

Here is an example of what I'm talking about.....I love your photos most of the time. But this one is too much. It is not humiliation, it is violence.

Watch the whole clip if you can swing the's 13 minutes long. Click on the link up top.

She's a damn good actress!

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 03:39:54 PM

Name: A So-Called Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dr. Yuya: I'm not familiar with Zen Pictures so I can't give you a definitive answer. But if you are unsure, I would say don't post the clip.

My advice is based on pragmatism rather than principle. Right now, GIMPers have the upper hand on YouTied. The stuff we have been posting is legitimate. That seems to be pissing off the Bondage Dave crowd, who want to post stuff that isn't legitimate and has been blocked by MasterDetective. The Bondage Dave crowd (which really may just be Bondage Dave) has to rely on trailers and clips posted by producers, and most of his vanilla producer friends are letting him down. Only Bound2BKinky and a few others seem to post the stuff he likes and not nearly often enough to match the GIMP contributions.

Since Bondage Dave is angry and insists on fighting with us, we might as well treat it like a fight. Right now, we have the advantage and we shouldn't do anything to risk jeopardizing that. So I say we stick to stuff that should legitimately be there.

That's my two cents.

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 05:28:17 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Guys, Be careful what you post on free sites. I'm late on this discussion and don't have time to read back. If a pic or clip comes under contention as part of the fall of a larger get dragged into it.

Number two....if there is a USC 2257 inspection they'll want those records and they'll need to go through you to get them.

Number three...if an adult site is going under and wants to recoup some losses they can stick their attorney on you. Most folks will settle out of court.

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 08:31:19 PM

Name: MasterDetective
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Just dropping a quick note: I've finally disabled anonymous ratings and anonymous comments on YouTied (or better said, I put the code in that does that). Hopefully that'll filter out some of the anonymous-sniping that's been happening on some threads/clips

You may have to refresh the page, or clear the cache, to trigger the black on the anonymous ratings, since that's in a JavaScript file that browsers usually cache and are sometimes stubborn about refreshing.

More updates (feature-wise) coming soon!

Thanks to everyone who is posting... Steve, great clip you posted earlier today!

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 09:18:55 PM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

Well, I'm going to heed the first warning I read, halfway at least. I posted only a portion of the scene I mentioned on Youtied, and provided a link to the Zen Pictures site as well. Although I still say it would be hard for me to feel even the least bit bad for Zen had I not.

Now for the review....

Zen Pictures - Super Heroine Revolt Assassin Emeralda CGAD-11

As I've said before, most of the Giga/Zen Pictures stuff is IMO the very best from Japan. While not usually rape/sex oriented as other Japanese bondage titles (some even have little or no nudity at all), they usually more than make up for it in their torture scenes, which in the end are usually what I want to see anyway. Revolt Assassin Emeralda is no different, delivering a multitude of torture scenes that are well choreographed and acted yet no sex or even nudity at all (even though the lead character does spend most of the time half naked, which is a nice change from most Japanese heroine movies).

I'm not good at reviews, so for starters I'm going to skim over the first couple of scenes. Emeralda, played by the lovely Kaori Sato, goes on a mission to defeat the story's main villainess. She runs into said villainess and gets in a fight with her goons, defeating them easily. After this, she is attacked by a green tentacle monster.

It's here that the torture scenes start, as the green goon quickly wraps one of his tentacle arms around Emeralda's neck and starts choking her. Or at least I think he's choking her, it's hard to tell because the scene isn't sold to well and she stays on her feet the entire time, apparently impervious to the fatigue that would USUALLY be caused by having your airflow restricted. Luckily the fakery ends soon and he throws her against a nearby rail. He proceeds to whip Emeralda with his tentacle arm. Though this is the lesser of the two whipping scenes in this movie, I still found it very enjoyable and her reactions with each hit excellent. The only qualm I have with it is that it was hard to believe the entire time he's whipping her that she couldn't have gotten back up and got away from him, and that no marks appear. All in all I give this scene a B +

She falls down defeated and is briefly taunted by the villainess. However she gets back up and transforms into her super hero attire. She defeats Greeny now and it's time for the two of them to fight. Villainess gets the better of Emerald and eventually chokes her out Next scene is in the typical Giga/Zen warehouse. Emeralda is unconscious and tied leaning slightly forward with her legs and arms spread. Villianess comes in and tightens her whip around Emeralda's boobs, eventually waking her up. She squeezes for several minutes while Emeralda moans in pain. Next she chokes her with the whip until Emeralda eventually passes out again. Villianess cackles maniacally as the scene fades. Choking/ bearhug etc type stuff doesn't do a lot for me, but for fans of the stuff this might be of some interest, I'll give it a solid B.

Next Emeralda is tied to a tablet facing up and the villainess approaches her with a candle. This scene I really didn't understand, probably because I don't know Japanese. For some reason Emerald now has many small red suction thingies on her body. She moans on the table for a while as eventually the red things start smoking. I guessing maybe they were lit by the villainess but you never even get to see it. I give this ultimately confusing scene a D

Now here comes a good one. Emerald is tied almost spread eagle to a metal cross structure as the villainess enters the room with an electric prod device. After saying a few words she proceeds to deliver repeated shocks to Emeralda for several minutes. This scene is probably one of the best Giga electric torture scene I've ever witnessed, in fact probably one of the best electric torture scenes in general. Villianess spends ample time prodding different parts of Emeralda's body with the stick and Kaori Sato does an excellent job selling it, each time delivering a delightful and very believable scream. The electricity effect are better here than most other titles I've seen, and the scene ends with the torture causing Emeralda to lose her blue spandex outfit, leaving her unconscious yet again now wearing nothing but tiny black and pink heart designed underwear and two heart shaped patches over her nipples (remember what I said about half naked?). All in all this is grade A stuff, especially for fans of electro torture, I give it a solid A +

Now back to more of the "red thingies all over the body" torture. This time Emeraldas tied face down on the table but it still doesn't make any more sense. Guess it really wouldn't hurt me to learn Japanese. Luckily the scene ends quickly. D -

Now on to the whipping scene. The preview clips of this scene are what sold me on the purchase to begin with and I'll just say I wasn't disappointed. Emeralda, still wearing basically nothing, is tied in a similar position to before when she first arrived in the warehouse. Villianess comes in with a henchman, who she has whip Emeralda with the same whip she was using earlier. I don't guess I need to describe this scene too much since there is a video link. What I love about this scene most of all is that it actually shows the whip hitting her every now and then, particularly delightful are the times when it hits her breasts and ass, causing them to jiggle somewhat. I'm actually hard pressed thinking of a whipping scene I like more now. Only complaint is that once again no marks appear, but that's a minor detail for a scene that's otherwise so good. Grade A+

Next two scenes I'll clump together because they both again fall under the weird villainess Emeralda relationship that I don't understand. First scene has Emeralda, having just been whipped, lying on the her in front of the villainess, who starts doing something with an applicator in Emeralda's ear. The only thing that gave away that this was even torture was the cries of pain otherwise I honestly wouldn't have known. After that Emeralda is again tied to a table face up and green goo applied all over her body. Typical Giga type weirdness. I'm not really a fan of these kinds of scenes because again the only way to tell they are even torture at all is the fact the one receiving it looks uncomfortable. I'll just grade them both C and be done with it.

All in all I don't think it would be fair to average the scores for this movie, because the weird unbelievable torture scenes would then drag down the score for a title which I feel has some of the best whipping/ electro stuff I've seen in a long time. Of course if you're not a fan of the Japanese heroine genre or just more used to the harder stuff from ZFX or the Attackers series then you opinion will likely vary, but all in all I give this film a solid A, definitely a must see for fans or people curious in the genre.

Monday, September 15th 2008 - 10:53:52 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

MasterDetective: Thanks for making the changes to YouTied. There's no doubt the changes will lead to a more honest feedback system on YouTied.

Sure, there may still be some cheating -- people signing up more than once, using different email addresses. But it shouldn't be nearly as bad as it was.

It's funny, but when you look at some of the early posts on YouTied, you didn't see this kind of thing going on. That doesn't mean every clip was a huge success -- I know I posted some that got very poor ratings. But the number of people posting comments and ratings was fairly small. It was only when YouTied returned from its summer hiatus, and Bondage Dave's group was banned from uploading illegitimate posts, that suddenly the vanilla-bondage lovers felt they had to corrupt the ratings system and the comments to make it look like their lame-o clips were more popular than anything else. It's not clear to me why it mattered to them. Maybe they thought more vanilla-bondage producers would send clips to YouTied if it looked like those are the clips that are the most popular. More likely, it was just spite. That and the fact that some YouTied members are shills for the vanilla bondage producers.

As someone who has made an issue of these things, I know there is a risk of looking overly sensitive -- that it upsets me if my clips aren't popular.

Actually, that's not true. As I mentioned to Ralphus in a private email the other day, I used to appreciate the ratings system in the days when it seemed more legitimate -- even if I had clips that were getting low ratings. The ratings and comments actually helped me to determine what clips people might like and which ones might be a waste of time.

Unfortunately, I could no longer make those kinds of assessments once Bondage Dave and his group started anonymously giving multiple one-star ratings to everything. I don't know who they thought they were fooling.

Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 03:32:04 AM

Name: Brutus
Homepage URL:

YouTied: I finally got something to upload successfully on YouTied. So if you haven't seen the firecracker in the ballgag in JB-068, it's now available. For some reason, I can't get any MPEGs to work. I get the notice that the clip has been uploaded, but it never appears. I'll keep trying.

MasterDetective: Glad to hear about the changes to the site. The irritating thing about those anonymous nitwits is their lack of originality. They (or he?) basically could only repeat the same crap for each comment.

Dr Yuya: A splendid review of "Super Heroine Revolt Assassin Emeralda." The whipping clip you posted was indeed quite hot, and Kaori Sato is rather delicious. Thanks for all the work.

Steve Power wrote: Rest assured that she was acting in that clip!

Hang on to that one. She's gorgeous and can really sell a scene.

Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 07:46:58 AM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

Just one last quick thought before I start my day. I know MD says he's implementing new features, and that's good. If there's one thing I may suggest however it's the creation of separate sections for different types of clips, somewhat similar to the whipping/rape/electro database we have here. Of course one of these section could be a "Regular Bondage" section or whatever best describes it and all the fans of that stuff alone could stick there if that's all they really want to see. Just for starters, I'd say that that whipping, rape, and electrocution all should have their own sections (with clips that have say, rapes AND whippings going in both sections).

If not that, at the very least their should be two categories to separate the torture/unconsensual stuff with the vanilla stuff. Not only would it help quell the flame wars (which I'm just as guilty of starting as anyone else, regrettably), but it would make navigation all the more easier. I guess it would be up to MD himself how things should be catagorized though.

Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 08:04:59 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dr. Yuya: Like Brutus, I feel you wrote a fine review and I enjoyed reading it. Your review has raised an interesting question: I wonder if our appreciation of Japanese films would go up or down if we understood the language? I'm sure some scenes would naturally be better, particularly when an actress is begging for mercy. But part of me thinks that learning more about the dialogue or plot could hurt some films, as well. I don't know. Anyway, I appreciated the effort you put into the review and decoding the movie. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever be seeing Super Heroine Revolt Assassin Emeralda, as I don't think I would know how to get around all of Zen's restrictions.

Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 04:44:07 PM

Name: A Canadian

Brutus: Some clips need to be encoded by MasterDetective before they show up on YouTied. I have that issue with all of my clips, which explains why mine sometimes appear much later than the official time I posted them.

You may wish to check with MasterDetective to see if he received your files.

Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 06:03:47 PM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Dr. Yuyu, Thank you for the review, I believe you and I are the true Giga-Zen aficionados on the board. I have been eyeing that video for sometime, but I hate downloads, and buying from Japan (even though I have a good source) is quite cost prohibitive. We should compare notes sometime. When my busy season gets down I'll try to post some more reviews. My biggest issue is downloads, I run Mac which a lot of the Jap systems don't like, And all my computing is done on a 13" screen. If I could figure out a way to convert download files to DVD, I can think of several I would purchase. The downloads are half the price of a DVD.

Here are a couple of Giga/Zues flicks that look most excellent. Giga, unlike Zen does have some Nudity and rapes. Unfortunately it is rare for them to have them in the same flicks with torture. Both of these appear to be exceptions. I have watched the sample movies for both and they appear to be the real deal. I just can't bring myself to drop the $90 each for the DVD's!

The other issue with Giga and Zen is that they have some real dogs too. I bought one recently where the girl kept a motorcycle helmet on for almost 3/4's of the movie and she was hot too. They have another one with a HUGE floppy hat. Trust me, stay away from that one. Let's put it this way, the girls best feature is her face (the one part of her you never see in the flick). Giga has one flick TBB16 that stars Rico Tachabana, I would LOVE to find that one.

Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 07:59:13 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Hey guys.

In case anyone missed me the past few days, Ohio was knocked out with a massive windstorm Sunday afternoon, remnants of Hurricane Ike, with hurricane force winds up to 80 mph. As the result, over 2 million Ohioans lost their power, and I was among them. I just got electricity back a little after 11 PM tonight, so I thought I'd check in and see what's going on.

I have some sad news to report. The cage that held Aria captive, which had been on an electric timer, suddenly burst open during the power outage and she managed to escape while I was sleeping upstairs. Yes, after 2 years, my beloved sex slave is gone. Battered and bruised no doubt, but she's now free, and I don't have any idea where she went. That was the only causality of the storm, but it was obviously a big one for me.

Guess I'm going to have get my blowdart out and start all over again. Does anyone have Gabriela Atar's address?

Tuesday, September 16th 2008 - 08:42:53 PM

Name: weewilly

To answer the question about anime, I am only considering anime with GIMP content. I find almost any depiction of bound and tormented women arousing, and such depictions in anime are no exception. Anime generally shows pretty female characters captured and subjected to very imaginative bondage and torment. The bondage is always inescapable, and the torment is usually devised for both physical and psychological impact.

On the downside, anime plots often emphasize sexual slavery, which is not particularly to my liking. I find the common anime theme of transforming a virgin heroine into nymphomaniacal sex slave implausible, if not downright disturbing. The frequent depictions in anime of forced sexual penetration by monsters and robots are rather juvenile and dull.

Like most full length video productions, there is usually a long way to go in anime videos to "get to the good parts." And worse, there is all too often a long build up without any payoff. I often catch myself thinking, "Torture the bitch already!"

Perhaps, the thing I like least about anime is the austere video and audio. The video and audio never seem well synced, and the motion of the characters looks so unnatural. For example, anime often uses simple looping of video frames to show repetitive motion such as struggling or hip thrusting. A little of that goes a long, long way.

On the whole, anime is a curious expression of BDSM fantasy, kind of like "Clutch Cargo" meets Insex.

Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 10:34:15 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Afternoon All

Dr Yuya - solid review partner and thanks - I think I've only viewed one Giga and thought it pretty good - this one has some interesting moments in it and a solid "A" you say - let me check my wallet.

A Canadian or Another Canadian or A So-Called Canadian - love that post on YouTied from "Devil's Rejects" - Priscilla managed to sell that scene quite well, no?

Ralphus - a neighbor had a sighting of some naked chick munching out at one of his deer feeders - from the description could be Aria - I'll set some traps this evening and see what I bag - sorry we sent Ike your way.

weewilly - "Clutch Cargo" meets insex? - I'll be cleaning spit out coffee off the computer screen for the next three days from that one - well done.

Here comes the mailman and I think I see a VideoMayhem order arriving.

Stay Well All

Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 01:00:43 PM

Name: Kevin
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Hi Ralphus & Fellow Gimpers

Sorry for my absence on the board, but I'm back now! (Big thrill there, huh? LOL!!)

As far as the poll goes, I don't really have an opinion about Anime, but I wanted to make an appearance, and say hello to everyone.

I'm glad to see you survived the hurricane, Ralphus, and If I happen too see Aria, I surely will "WRANGLE" her back up for you, as long as you don't mind her mouth wrapped with about 8 turns of duct tape?

Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 01:44:20 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus: Some Canadian hydro crews have gone to Ohio to help with the power restoration efforts. Actually, the Hydro One head office isn't too far from my office, so I may have to keep my eyes open on the off-chance Aria somehow ends up in Toronto.

Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 04:59:02 PM

Name: BigD

I hear that the "South of the Borders" series from ZFX are their most brutallist, so I'll be ordering all 7 of those and reporting back what I think...

Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 06:42:03 PM

Name: Gabriela Atar
E-mail address:

Hmm... Ralphus is seeking a new sex slave? So there's a dangerous stalker roaming the countryside looking for vulnerable women to abduct? I'd better do what any sensible female would do: Go skinny dipping. In the woods. Alone.

I'll just throw on a pair of daisy duke shorts and a tight little tank top, and head out to the nearest pond.

Gabriela Atar

Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 06:48:11 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Okay, now that I'm back I can finally get a chance to catch up on the goings-on on the board.

Dr Yuya: Thanks very kindly for taking the time to review the Giga movie on the forum for us. Except for the lack of nudity, it actually sounds like a lot of fun, with some unique tortures, plus the lead actress is a real cutie. BTW, I looked at the pics and recognized those red suction thingies you described that smoked. I've seen them used in a few Japanese photos and always wondered what they were (and how one ignites them to make them smoke). Anybody know? Here's a pic from the Zen Pictures website.

And we can now add your name to the ever-increasing list of contributors to our Reviews section. Your review (with accompanying YouTied link) is located in my Homepage URL. Hopefully the first of many.

BigD: Yes, the "South of the Border" series is probably my favorite series from ZFX and they are all very torture-heavy. Lots to recommend in all 7 movies. You will definitely enjoy them. Be sure and post and let us know what you think.

Gabriela Atar: You seem to be one very cool chick. You're a perfect fit for this site and we hope you'll stick around. And what did you say your address was again? Oh, no reason, just wondering...

Seriously, now, what's that address?

Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 09:42:58 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Elkcreek- I certainly wouldn't mind comparing titles with you, but you'd probably be dissapointed with my collection, as outside Emeralda it's all stuff you can get from VM and/or Ringdivas.

Canadian- I posted a clip for a hentai awhile back title "Pigeon Blood". Originally I saw that clip and thought they were just being mean and excessively brutal to the poor girl, then when it got subtitled I was dissapointed to find that she actually asks them to do all that stuff to her first (granted, it's still brutal, but such a thing sure takes the edge off). I start to think no subtitles is better, but then I'm reminded of some of the good mean spirited stuff that they've said in other Japanese movies and I change my mind. Besides a few Giga/Zen movies DO have subtitles now and the dialogue isn't bad at all (and I'm thinking most of these movies are similar as well).

Wednesday, September 17th 2008 - 10:03:16 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Gabriela, you are definitely a very cool lady! I hope you like horses, because I see one in your very near future! (This horse is metal, and is triangular -- guess where the pointy end goes! It's also ice-cold, but don't worry, I've got a Taser and a slapper to warm you up!)

Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 12:32:17 AM

Name: Brutus

Ralphus: Welcome back. Tough break about Aria. But I think Gabriela will be a nice replacement.

A Canadian: Thanks for the advice. It's been a few days since I tried to upload a clip and it still hasn't appeared. I'll try something else when I have some more time.

BigD: I forgot to answer your ZFX question. I personally have found none of them disturbing, except for the castrations of Travis Lee. In fact, I don't really see any ZFX film as particularly violent. Maybe that's because I've become so desensitized from all the horror movies I have seen or because Rick's sense of humor often seems to come through.

Still, you can't go wrong with the SOB series, my favorites being 4, 5 and 6. If I had to pick the most violent films, I guess they would have to be the ones featuring bloody faces, like Lisa Kinkaid in Robopimp and Penelope Pace in Viral Load.

Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 09:59:54 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Well, it looks like the safety precautions that MasterDetective added to YouTied have a loophole. The strappado clip that was posted a few days ago, which had a star rating up in high 3's last night when I checked it out, all of a sudden has a LOT more ratings (all the way up to 60) and suddenly the rating has plummeted all the way down to 1.67. All in one night? Hmmm....

Also, Brutus' post of the excellent firecracker in the ballgag scene from Attackers #68 has gone from about 3.5 all the way down to its current 1.87. Again, I visited YouTied just last night and less than 24 hours later it got that low that quickly? Could it be because I commented favorably about both clips shortly after BondageDave sneered at them and made negative comments about them?

The only way to lower a star rating that quickly is to override the system and vote multiple times, most likely hitting the "one star" key after every visit. And who do we know that might be a suspect for such sabotage?

Obviously, we've got something rotten going on and it's likely a certain wussy vanilla bondage lover is behind it. There's just no way those ratings could have dipped in such a dramatic fashion in just one day. Logically, it wouldn't make sense any other way. He's certainly a determined little loser, isn't he?

Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 08:05:29 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Actually, as far as ratings go something been amiss on Youtied for awhile now. NOTHING makes it above 4.0 (at least not for very long) anymore, 3.8-9 seems to be about the max. Of course, I feel alot of this is legit because of two factors, one being that Youtied isn't as new anymore so some of that initial excitement has worn off, and two being that all everyone who frequents the site unloaded the best of their collection right away and now don't have much else to show.

But I won't deny that it's still fishy, and I'm positive that some downvoting out of spite is going on. Really doesn't matter though, as everyones perfectly entitled to feel and rate a clip how they choose. I'm happy as long as the Anonymous "sniping" comments don't ever make a comeback. Maybe it'd just be more pleasant for everyone else if the rating system was removed entirely though.

Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 08:58:12 PM

Name: Vince

If you're into rape movies, in some parts of America, the past two weeks is a good period because three mainstream movies have rape themes have or will open. The bad news is they are not as explicit as rape movies in the past have been. Think "Death Wish" or "The Accused".

"The Duchess" with Keira Knightley has her getting raped. However, the movie is rated PG-13 so don't expect any raw, intense naked force fucking. Bummer.

In the recently opened DeNiro/Pacino overacting flick "Righteous Kill", Carla Gugino plays a cop who likes really rough sex. Well there's a moment in the film in which she is unexpectedly sexually assaulted but guess what? After you see her grabbed and a hand covering her mouth they do a damn cutaway. Oh, how I hate those.

This week in only 22 cities, the controversial movie "Houndog" opens. Houndog is also known as the Dakota Fanning Rape Movie.

Oddly enough, of the three movies, from what I've read in articles, Houndog may have the most explicit rape scene of them all. There was some editing, but the director of the movie mentioned that the rape scene was integral to the movie and is still in there. Me, personally, I'd rather see a movie with a girl who's legally adult as an unwilling fucktoy so I think I'll pass on this one.

By the way Ralphus, my sympathies on the loss of Aria. On the bright side, you can now get a new slave. Maybe Megan Fox this time.

Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 09:10:55 PM

Name: MasterDetective
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Yes, determined losers indeed...

As if I don't have better things to do, than to clean up after hackers.

The ratings on those two videos were in fact hacked.. I've patched the security hole that I believe was responsible for it. Let me know if you guys find more ratings that look like they were hacked..

Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 10:58:48 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dr. Yuya wrote:

Of course, I feel alot of this is legit because of two factors, one being that Youtied isn't as new anymore so some of that initial excitement has worn off, and two being that all everyone who frequents the site unloaded the best of their collection right away and now don't have much else to show.

There may be some truth to that, but I don't think that is the main reason ratings have been lower.

Mostly, the ratings have been lower because the GIMP videos have been under attack ever since August when MasterDetective removed the clips that weren't supposed to be on the site. That left some vanilla-bondage lovers (who no longer had anything they could legitimately post) with nothing to do but downgrade the stuff they hate and boost the clips they like. Prior to the most recent upgrades, they had been using the anonymous reply system to give multiple one-star grades to clips they didn't like, and repeatedly giving five-star ratings to their preferred clips. To add insult to injury, they would then brag in some of the comments sections about how the vanilla clips are the "most popular."

It's been obvious there has been a targeted campaign that has been going on for weeks. The hacking incidents simply proved it beyond any reasonable doubt.

As an interesting aside, it's funny that the Greek chorus of supporters for Bondage Dave's views seems to have disappeared now that visitors can no longer post anonymous comments.

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 03:29:46 AM

Name: Brutus

Well, I guess the lesson here is to never underestimate the determination of the insane. The funny thing is I really haven't paid too much attention to the ratings on the site, especially since the anonymous posters started stuffing the ballot box. The ratings have never swayed me to watch or avoid a scene. And I'm assuming there's no prize for highest-rated clip.

However, I agree that it would be nice to have an honest assessment for the scenes. And I appreciate MasterDetective's efforts to clean up the site. I think I may have been targeted because I called out the Anonymous poster(s) a few times and he/they never responded, as far as I know. Maybe his/their dastardly scheme to secretly lower the clip's rating is his/their way of "getting back at me." Rather pathetic and cowardly.


Dr Yuya wrote: "... everyone who frequents the site unloaded the best of their collection right away and now don't have much else to show.

That's why I've decided to drag out my limited collection and post maybe one clip a week. (Also, I'm still in editing mode.)

I'm happy as long as the Anonymous "sniping" comments don't ever make a comeback.

Totally agree. Strange that even Bondagedave seemed somewhat civil when he criticized my clip. Let's see how long that lasts.


A Canadian: Please do NOT take this the wrong way, but I was actually thinking of you when I decided to post the firecracker scene. You had mentioned on this forum that you would probably never get the chance to see it. I think one of the purposes of YouTied is to give people the opportunity to view hard-to-find footage. Hope you enjoyed it.


Vince: I also hate cutaways, unless a later scene fades in to show her bound and gagged in a vulnerable position. Thanks for the info on the new movies.


OK, I'm off to get updated on YouTied.

Cheers all.

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 06:03:26 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mornin me droogs

Time for another movie review so let's get started.

This film is titled "Eccentric Psycho Cinema #3" It is produced by an outfit called "Spider Films". By all appearances they seem to have been made late eighties, early nineties perhaps. Run time is just over one hour. There is a series of these with five or six entries and are a bit hard to come by. I obtained my copy on an eBay bid.

The psycho sits in front of a monitor in his basement viewing film he has taken of an airline stew going about her daily routine. He gets excited and thumps his wang. We pan over and see the stew is strapped to a chair. He licks her fingers and munches her hair and plays kissy face huggy bear with her unconscious form. She slowly comes to and questions her predicament. This guy has a completely psycho laugh (hence the title) as he begins fondling her. He wanders off and she struggles mightily against her restraints. Freak boy is upstairs having lunch.

During her struggles she overturns the chair as he reenters. In turn he fondles her legs, removes her heels and pokes her with them, then fondles her through her uniform. Again he leaves. She manages to free herself from the chair and flees down a corridor. Opening the door, there he stands with chloroform in hand. He leaves the house and goes to her place. When he returns we find she has been tied ala crucified to a metal frame, ankles tied together. He forces food and drink down her mouth, plugs in his trusty vidcam in and forces her to watch as he ransacked her apartment.

When he thinks she's seen enough he unties her ankles, spreads her legs and shreds her pantyhose and undies with a utility knife. He elevates one leg and ties it off to the frame, probing her pussy with a small flashlight. Her blouse and bra are removed and he plays "ring the doorbell" with her nipples amid some stroking and fondling.

She is collared and leashed and dragged through the upstairs rooms on a tour of the digs. In the living room he plays the old tickle her belly until she urinates on the carpet game. Into the bathroom where he places her in the shower, loops the chain over an overhead bar then attaches it to her wrists. He hoses her down then jumps in and forces her to massage his pecker with her foot. With his guard down she kicks him in the nuts, throttling him with her chained wrists into unconsciousness. She flees to the basement, dons some clothing and runs upstairs to an open door. Alas, psycho stands there with his vidcam and utility knife.

Overpowered and subdued she finds herself tied spreadeagled to a cot in the basement. Threatened with the knife she submits. He straddles her with his ass in her face and she sucks him off. She bites his weenie, frees herself and attempts another flight. He grabs her, belly punches her and throws her down on the cot.

She has now been strapped to a gyno-exam table (we all have one in our basement, no?) with legs spread wide. Psycho jabs his knife up her pussy and cuts out her uterus and starts licking it. Now in preservative in a glass jar in his workshop with her name on it, psycho lovingly gazes at it. The End

Movie Pluses - both actors played the roles just right - this thing is well made - loved the scenario and the way it played out. And a happy ending at last.

Movie Minuses - a bit more stringent bondage would have been in order - would have liked an actress a bit younger as well.

The Verdict - well, I have a new most favorite fun psycho in Japanese filmdom - all in all, an enjoyable view and would like to see more from the series.

My Grade - B

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 08:13:35 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Sloth: You gotta love a woman in an airline stewardess outfit. I'm not sure what I think of Eccentric Psycho Cinema 3, but it has caught my interest. Thanks for the review.

Brutus: I think I have taken your comment the right way and I do appreciate you posting that clip from JB-068. You're right, YouTied is a great way to share clips with folks who might not otherwise see them. Sometimes that person might be me, but sometimes it is the folks in the Bible Belt or other areas.

I think I'm another GIMPer whose contributions to YouTied will vary in the near future. Like others, I have submitted a lot of my best stuff already -- but not all of it. I guess it's just a matter of pacing yourself. Although, to be fair, I know many of us were trying in the beginning to help YouTied become a strong site as quickly as possible.

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 10:08:19 AM

Name: Santiago
E-mail address:

The Japanese animation is very beautiful in relation about bondage. In many series, is possible find DiD scenes, and in the XXX version, el hentai, many series u OVAS (only watched in videos) show stories about BDSM...For example, Isaku, School of Bondage, Bondage Mansion...

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 12:56:20 PM

Name: weewilly

I'd like to find out more about ZFX videos. Although a long-time BDSM aficionado and frequent consumer of BDSM material, I am not familiar with ZFX products. The "Bring Out the GIMP" forum piqued my interest in ZFX, so I've read the reviews in the GIMP movie review index and looked at the website linked to BOTG forum.

I'd like to get a better sense of the videos, but all I can find is blurry video covers and thumbnails of the scenes that really do not provide much insight into actual look and style of the videos. To my knowledge no ZFX clips are posted on YouTied. Are short ZFX video clips available anywhere?

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 05:46:01 PM

Name: Ed

Weewilly, I have some viewer insights to share with you concerning ZFX videos. Based on what you are really into, you may nor may not like them much. If you're as you say a "long-time BDSM aficionado" ZFX's titles at least from my own experience may not be to your liking. It has been my experience that ZFX's titles are more on the bizarre end of the scale. You'll find scenes like tentacle rape (by plants of all things), villains masturbating on the victim (I've seen that in at least one title) and what I term "simulated intercourse". Sim Intercourse is a term I use loosely for any and all scenes that involve the villain fucking the victim.

Intercourse often isn't what I am looking for in BDSM materials, and in bondage material, it is the last thing I want to see. If I wanted to see sex between the villain and an unwilling victim, I'd watch one of the Japanese titles I have acquired from Video Mayhem over they years. As for as traditional BDSM, like cropping, whipping, and paddling, ZFX's titles tend to have little to none of it. Sure, if you are lucky, you may see a scene of the victim being whipped, but that is often an exception and not the rule. Another type of scene I have occasionally seen in ZFX titles in scenes of the victim peeing herself. I don't know about you, but I find that a turn off and just completely disgusting. I can only suggest you see if you can rent some of their titles somewhere and decide for yourself. Just beware of what you may encounter.

Good Luck!

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 06:26:09 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

weewilly: I don't know of any sites that compile free ZFX clips. Rick is pretty protective of his stuff so I would be surprised if such a thing exists.

You won't find anything on YouTied as YouTied doesn't allow stuff that rips off Western producers.

I have two ideas for you. The first is to check out You can sign up to receive 10 free minutes, which would translate into five free minutes of ZFX time, as the ZFX movies are "premium" movies on that site. But a quick search of a few titles like South of the Border 4 and South of the Border 5 would give you a quick idea if ZFX is something you like. You could also purchase some time at a relatively low cost if you wanted to explore further.

As an alternative, you may just want to spend the $29.00 and get one of the ZFX titles on sale at Video Mayhem. I would recommend South of the Border 4. It has plenty of whipping and flogging scenes, some rape, electric torture and more, and the film stars beautiful Lisa Kinkaid. It's probably the best ZFX title ever. If you don't like South of the Border 4, chances are ZFX isn't for you.

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 07:23:37 PM

Name: John Galt

weewilly: The first time I saw a ZFX flick I had never seen anything like that before, what with the taboo on sex and violence, sex and bondage, and rape in American XXX fare. I could count on the fingers of one hand--well, maybe two--the XXX movies that scored for me, such as Little Orphan Dusty and Sex Wish. Since then, of course, I've seen JAV that goes full tilt in those directions, although all too often with pixelated genitalia. Argh. Unlike Ed, what I really wanted to see was sex during bondage. Just plain bondage was okay but, well, it was just plain bondage. Whipping and torture were nice as long as they preceded nonconsensual sex in bondage, but whipping and torture all by themselves don't do as much for me. So ZFX provided the closest thing I could find to what I wanted at the time and in almost every video Rick produced. Yowzah.

I would have preferred it if the sex had not been simulated. The penises (on the occasions when a penis was the penetrating device) looked artificial. (I kind of liked the way they spurted a cup or two of "semen," though.) I also liked the tentacle rape, whether by aliens or plants or whatever. There was more slow-mo than I generally like. But all in all, I liked ZFX. Still do, although honestly if I can find videos that have all of the same elements with actual sex, that is my preference.

ZFX videos are very stylized, with unusual music and sound effects, unnatural lighting, and strange but intriguing camera angles. There are only a handful of actresses who appear in several videos, but since they are usually hot (zowie Lisa Kinkaid) it's all to the good. My advice is to purchase one and see if you like the way it is put together, and whether the stylized characteristics put you off, turn you on, or don't make any difference. My personal favorite is Dark Offering because it has a scene where the victim is bound spread-eagled upside down against a wall and dildo-fucked (I love spread-eagled girls) and then held down on the floor and raped. It has a brief appearance by Lisa Kinkaid in the beginning, but it stars Suzi Sexton, who is also hot. (The DVD cover features Suzi spread-eagled upside down, in fact, which is why I bought it.) But other ZFX series emphasize other things, such as the South of the Border series. Bite the bullet and try one. Then you'll know.


Well, based on the (infamous?) YouTied clip, and the fact I had a stressful week and felt like I deserved a treat, I decided to check out the Powershotz Cindy video clip, so I joined the site and then discovered that there's a $10 minimum order. Okay, I can understand that. It was really just a good excuse to purchase another clip while I was at it. Actually, I purchased two more.

The Cindy Flogged video clip was excellent. Cindy really does sell the scene, as Brutus noted earlier. There was a brief section where the video was unfocused that was mildly annoying. There was also a reverse angle shot where the videographer on the ladder was visible, but I really only caught sight of him out of the corner of my eye because I was paying more attention to the hot naked crying chick getting flogged. Well worth $7.

Since I thought so much of Cindy's performance, I read about her other two clips. The abduction clip didn't do much for me but the forced blow job clip looked interesting. Especially if Cindy did as well acting the victim. So I also purchased Cindy Blowdog and I was not disappointed. I wasn't expecting the artificial penis. I guess I'll have to get a feel for what Powershotz does and does not do. One thing I did notice, though, was that the penis was being forced upward. Real depth is achieved when the penis is forced downward, like, toward the throat, as opposed to upward toward the top of the mouth. Cindy still did a great job of making gagging sounds although she didn't sell me that she was really gagging. But oh well. Once again, I was not disappointed in the video clip.

Next, I went on a search for some kind of spread-eagled situation, but, you know, really spread-eagled, not just tied loosely to four corners. I did not check out every single model and every single clip. I employed a highly subjective search routine involving models I thought looked hot and pictures I thought indicated maybe a spread-eagled position. Alas, I did not find one. Steve, maybe you can recommend one, or shoot one for me. Surely I'm not the only perv who likes hot naked spread-eagled girls being used and abused.

But while I was searching I did find Bryce Does Shelena, which featured a very hot looking Shelena stretched AOH on an angled table with her ankles cuffed to the bottom being vibed by Bryce. Shelena was oiled up and sweating and when the clip picked up looked as if Bryce had already been working on her for a while. Let me just say this up front. Oh. My. God. I picked a good one. I feel like I managed three for three, which is better odds than I generally score.

Bryce Does Shelena was not perfect. It would have been nice if it had begun with an establishing shot that ran the length of Shelena's outstretched body, which was perfect as far as I could tell. I also really, really wanted to see her hands bound above her head, but it looked like she was just holding onto the straps. The camera never ventured that far up, and rarely ventured down to the feet, but they were clearly cuffed. I so wanted to see her wrists bound above her head. Also, the lovely Shelena could have had a more spectacular orgasm. Not an omigidOhMiGodOHMIGOD screaming fest that was obviously faked, but something. She actually had to tell Bryce that she came. I'm not sure Bryce knew either.

The second part of the clip has Shelena bound upside down on the angled table, and this time I was pretty sure I saw that both her wrists and ankles were bound. Bryce vibed her to orgasm again, but I have a feeling Shelena just is not one of those loud orgasming girls. Still, her lithe, oiled and moist body undulating stretched out on that table was breathtaking.

And Bryce had a few nice scenes where she really looked like she was getting into the forced orgasm spirit of things. The video production did a lot of fades in order to show Bryce's expression and the squirming Shelena simultaneously and I found myself wishing for more clear shots of squirming Shelena all by herself. I think I preferred the split-screen treatment on Cindy Flogged where we saw Cindy's tear-streaked face in one side and her full-length nude body being whipped in the other side. Just my two cents.

So, my first venture into Powershotz and although it is a bit tamer than I generally want, it was still well worth the try. I will definitely be perusing the site model by model and clip by clip to see if I can find some more gems. Preferably, you know, spread-eagled gems.

Friday, September 19th 2008 - 08:18:21 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

ZFX...what can I say. I ordered South of the Border over a year ago from VM during my lurking days here because of all the good things I heard about it. For a large part the good things said were correct IMO, it definitely had a very good electrocution and whipping scene if nothing else that made it worth buying.

However, since then I've seen some of the other stuff here and there and nothing else seems to compare. Furthermore I'm hesitant to even deal with ZFX because I'm almost 100% sure they encode their downloaded stuff with DRM like Zen, Bound Heat, many other bondage producers do. I get that they want to be protective, I really do, but I'm seriously not going to pay ever again for a video file that I can't easily transfer between computers, or watch on the media player of my choice.

Even if they don't the fact that you can't find a preview clip for any of their stuff around (I can't even find a home site for them) and they wouldn't dare let one even THINK of getting on Youtied kind of puts me off from the whole company. Why should I buy anything that doesn't even provide an adequate preview?

Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 12:34:24 AM

Name: MadMax
E-mail address:

I loved the couple of pictures with Aria Giovanni, one of my idols... if there are more with her, I vote Post Them!

Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 04:08:42 AM

Name: weewilly

Thanks for the many comments and suggests about ZFX. As A Canadian suggested, I decided to plunk down the princely sum of six bucks to watch "SOB 4," and I was very pleased with it. The video featured four attractive ladies tied up and put through their paces with all manner of torments including whipping, electrocution, clothespins, and forced sex. While it was clear all scenes were play-acted, it was easy to suspend disbelief and get into most scenes.

Except for the beginning, the ladies were naked and barefoot throughout the video, which I like. There was liberal use of gags; I think the ladies were gagged in every scene expect the oral sex scene. I liked the gagging very much but wish the gags had been applied tighter. There were a wide range of bondage positions including post tie, AOH, inverted suspension, spread-eagle, and strappado. The variety was great, but I wish the bondage had been more stringent and better lit. In some close-ups of ladies' handcuffed wrists, it was obvious that they could slip their hands out of the cuffs without any effort. In the dim lighting, it was hard to see the bondage in some scenes. But what the heck: it's only fantasy.

SOB 4 reminded me of the very old HOM "garages and warehouses" stuff from the 70's and 80's. However, SOB 4 was better produced, better acted, and had 60 minutes of non-stop action.

Which lady is Lisa Kinkaid? The one who plays the attorney?

Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 10:31:26 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

weewilly: Yes, the attorney in South of the Border 4, Megan Cortez, was played by Lisa Kinkaid. Some people consider it to be one of the finest performances in American cinema.

Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 01:07:39 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

John Galt, Thanks for the review....

There's a lot of hidden content scattered about the clips that isn't advertised. Billing companies were shutting us down for kidnap and chloroform fantasy every year for a while. Sex with bondage wasn't allowed. Often the clips were simply removed for a period of time and then put back up with toned down descriptions to satisfy a bank review. We often shoot with non porn star models that won't allow genital contact and are stretching their limits doing bondage. Some like Victoria won't allow nude pics in the free description images but she is fully nude in the clips. Although she was 18 years old at the time of the shoot I can't refer to her as a teen.

There are some models that are super kinky and willing to go nuts with it and try things like anal training. Some models won't have real cock sex with a stranger but will do non cock penetrations. If the clip says she was an anal virgin....she actually was. Half the content is customer funded scripts so it ranges all over the place in terms of subject matter. The cross fades and split screens are experiments that sometimes work great and other times fail but once created are too time consuming to go back and correct.

One major point that folks don't realize.....if you see a gal having an's usually fake. In reality they have orgasms......but the real orgasms are often hidden because she is embarrassed. Also many models have orgasms silently....they don't get vocal. For a young girl that's never done modeling or been tied up to be grabbed, bent over a stool, her panties pulled down and her ass cheeks spread while she is being spanked and dominated mentally by a strange older man is very intense. Sometimes they get so turned on by it that they come without nudity at all but you've got to be watching her face closely to see it. Faces are important to catch her look yet we attempt to show off her body as much as possible too.

It's difficult finding models to do this type of work. Any real cock scenes on the site are the models husband or boyfriend. The dildo is used because the boyfriend or husband can't dominate or act. If we hired male performers we could be jailed in our state for pandering. We'd beat it in court but just the act of going to court would force us to re-locate and cost a bundle in legal fees. There is also a huge risk of lawsuit from an injury so the struggle scenes are deliberately toned down. If the model gets into it you'll get a hot clip. Some of them fall into a state of mental shock as they are struggle stripped and not knowing what to do just roll with it like rag dolls.

The reason for the angle of attack on many of the blow job scenes is that a plastic dildo isn't as easy to deep throat as a real cock. The scenes are shot quickly and once through. Retakes are rare because the strict bondage requires a recovery period and you need to move to easy positions after hard ones. There is a lot of spread eagle on the just isn't always in the description. We need to hire help to better organize and describe the content but the risk of being shut down is an ever present issue that makes hiring people problematic. Sales don't justify a huge investment as there isn't a lot of brand recognition in the porn business. We've got under 400 members. We listen to all suggestions and incorporate what we can.

Again thanks for the review. We need folks to write reviews for products in the archives catalog so feel free to write something if you buy a clip. I'll often give out freebees to folks that write several reviews but they need to let me know that they've done it.

Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 06:50:53 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Finally off for the next day and a half, so time to get caught up once again. I wish I had the time to post on a daily basis, but work and sleep get in the way. Gotta do both, whether I want to or not.


Vince: Thanks for the updates on the upcoming mainstream films with rape scenes. I'm particularly bummed that the Keira Knightley film is only rated PG-13. She's one of those prim and proper hotties who seemingly always appears in those "classy" films with corsets and powered wigs, sort of this generation's Helena Bonham Carter, another one I always wanted to see get it, too. I had heard Keira was going to be raped in this film, but if it's PG-13, most likely there's not even going to be any bare tits. So in other words, there's no real reason to see her movie at all. Major suckage.


MasterDetective: Thanks for cleaning up the ratings and adding new safeguards to YouTied. Meanwhile, no sign of BondageDave after he was publicly outed after pulling this latest stunt. Hopefully he'll crawl away from the site with his tail between his legs and we'll be rid of him. But somehow, much like a particularly annoying itch, I have a feeling he'll be back.


Sloth: Thanks as always for your latest review. I've actually seen Eccentric Psycho Cinema Vol. 3 and many of the others in that series. Video Mayhem used to carry that series and after I bought one, I was so blown away I ordered several of the others. I wasn't overly thrilled with Volume 3, although I did take some footage on my highlights tape. The really good ones are Volumes 1, 2 and 7. Lots of nasty tortures, and they all end with the bloody slicing off of the pussy, which is obviously not to everyone's taste, but even then, what goes on beforehand is worth watching.

I found what appears to be one of those underground video sites that carries a lot of them, WTFDVDS. No idea what the quality is like.

The direct link to your review is here:


John Galt: Likewise, good to see you back and reviewing stuff again. Powershotz does some fine work and they deserve some attention. And I know Steve is glad for the publicity.

The direct link for your clips reviews is in my Homepage URL.


Dr Yuya: I hear what you're saying about ZFX. There are two trains of thought on Rick Masters being protective of his own work. One might be that he figures he already has an audience for his films and doesn't need to advertise. When I first came on the net back in the mid 1990s, it was hard to find even a vidcap from a ZFX film, and in fact, even now the only one that seems to have Rick's blessing to cap his work is Hank Hobbs, a genuine fan who's merely doing it to promote ZFX and not attempt to profit from his caps.

But I think Rick may be loosening up. Even though he knows the Internet is a double-edged sword for producers, meaning they can steal his work through illegal file sharing, it can also bring in new fans though forums like this one. It took him a while to finally agree to put a banner for his streaming video site on this site, but he eventually realized it was a good idea. I believe we are still the only place on the web where he allows his banner to be placed.

A site like YouTied that brings in a wide variety of bondage fans would seem to be a logical place for him to allow promotional trailers for his films, which used to be free downloads at his main site before he closed down that portion of the site. Personally, I would like to see him upload the previews. Trailers are used for promotion, and even a minute-long preview can attract many new fans who are intrigued by what they see.

But I also understand the idea of laying low. The Republicans are still in office, and coming out too loudly might make him a target if any of those Bible-thumping prosecutors happened to stumble upon a sample of his work. So far they've gone after the big names, people like Seymore Butts and Max Hardcore (and even found Hardcore guilty, a bullshit decision that could possibly lose him his home and send him to prison). Like Steve mentioned, you have to tone down your public profile and not openly advertise the type of entertainment you create for public consumption. On a forum like this, which is devoted to extreme bondage, it may be okay. But you just have to be careful, because potentially he and other bondage producers have a lot to lose in this political climate.

Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 07:55:31 PM

Name: John Galt

Steve Power: And thank you for the response. I liked the clips a lot, and I hope my observations were taken as observations or constructive criticism from someone who has no clue what it takes to pull off bondage video shoots in Real Life. I'm sure every shoot is a new learning opportunity for you and I'm sure your more recent clips have improved over your earlier ones simply by virtue of having made mistakes or found things that worked. For the record, I really liked the split screen effect. I love seeing facial expressions and reactions, but I also love seeing what caused the reaction. The split screen really worked for me if you're keeping a tally. The fades not so much because it was distracting (to me, anyway).

I can appreciate the difficulties of producing and marketing your movies and video clips and I have the deepest respect for you and the models you find to perform. I like that your models are not pros but I also know that kind of limits the performances you get from them. Cindy was outstanding. I caught a few moments where she slipped out of character, but boy was she good. I'm looking forward to more from her.

I am going through your archives model by model and checking out the photo montages in preparation for my next clip download purchase. There was another Shelena clip that looked promising when I chose that first one. But I've only worked my way up through the "J's" so far. It hasn't been an unpleasant search.

I will review the clips I download and watch, especially if I like them. I tend to make my preferences known so even if something doesn't work for me, I try to describe it in such a way as to pique the interest of someone else with different tastes and preferences. Those first three were winners, though. Keep up the great work!

Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 08:34:43 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Shelena is one of those models that actually came during the shoot. Incredible body....never posed before. That was her one and only shoot. After that she got a boyfriend that wouldn't let her pose. Bryce spanked and anal trained in front of Shelena is a hot clip. It's called Buzz Saw. Bark like a dog and laughing girls are also fact every clip with Shelena is hot in my opinion. She's under rated.

Saturday, September 20th 2008 - 11:13:33 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

Meanwhile, no sign of BondageDave after he was publicly outed after pulling this latest stunt. Hopefully he'll crawl away from the site with his tail between his legs and we'll be rid of him. But somehow, much like a particularly annoying itch, I have a feeling he'll be back.

Start scratching. BondageDave has posted a new clip on YouTied. Personally, I have mixed feelings about his return.

On the one hand, he is annoying, particularly when he goes out of his way (which is quite often) to manipulate low ratings for good clips. But on the other hand, it is fun posting clips you know will drive him bonkers. In an ass-backwards way, he provides validation for some of the more effective GIMP clips.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 05:17:44 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian wrote: Start scratching. BondageDave has posted a new clip on YouTied.

Yes, but it looks like MasterDetective has effectively wiped him out again like a tube of Maximum Strength Lanacane. Whatever clip he had posted was most likely another copyrighted clip from a bondage site, since it has been deleted already. Gotta admire MasterDetective. He is right on it, monitoring YouTied for illegal activity. And of course, anything that BondageDave posts is going to be suspect, since he has been by far one of the most egregious rule-breakers on that site.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 06:19:34 AM

Name: John Galt

Okay, so what exactly qualifies for removal from YouTied? There's a clip from Fucking Dungeon (clip is here) that was posted on Friday that surely counts as a "copyrighted clip from a bondage site." (Unless "MrEman" is Ogre's avatar and he's just posting for publicity purposes a la "steevo" and the Cindy clip.) I missed the previous YouTied clean-up that set BondageDave on his low-rating and sock-puppet revenge quest so I don't know what he posted originally. Mostly, I am curious, having unwittingly treaded that line too closely with some of my Sara St James clips.

There are some notable clips from which I thought about posting an excerpt, like Aurora Snow's appearance on Fucking Dungeon and Stacy Burke's appearance on Sex and Submission, but to my way of thinking those are precisely the sites where we need to encourage success and avoid undermining their profitability. Are brief teaser clips maybe acceptable, but posting entire scenes over the line? Surely a one- or two-minute excerpt out of a 45-minute video of Stacy Burke being bound, whipped and violated would serve more as encouragement to pay to see the whole thing. But I guess only the folks at could answer that.

I know this seems to be a moving target but I enjoy YouTied and I would like to contribute to its success as opposed to its downfall. And now, of course, I am really curious about what BondageDave posted, since I was too late to view it. Oh well. If you sleep late you're going to miss some drama.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 07:22:19 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

OK, I'm very confused. The "secretary bound and gagged" clip that I said was posted on YouTied by BondageDave is still there, at least as of this writing (10:55 a.m. ET). If it does disappear, though, there's no need to worry. It's a typical BondageDave clip showing a hogtied woman squirming on the floor. Nothing special.

Far more important, in my completely biased view, is that some of my new clips from Slave Island 7 are up on YouTied. See, I told you there's still some good stuff left in the Canadian vault.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 07:34:18 AM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: Maybe you have it cached? I get a Page Not Found error when I click on the link, and when I check the latest posts I don't see it. Or maybe it is still viewable in ET but not in CST. Love the Slave Island posts, by the way. Especially the one where she's talking to her boyfriend on the phone. That's so twisted.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 08:00:18 AM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt: You're right, the BondageDave clip is not there on the refreshed page. Never mind.... Anyway, like I said, you're not missing anything.

Glad you liked the Slave Island clips.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 08:13:51 AM

Name: Brutus

John Galt: First of all, thanks for the review. Secondly, there haven't been any clear-cut rules on what gets yanked from YouTied. When MasterDetective was stuck in Brazil, BondageDave, likely under the name RangerDave, and some others posted lengthy clips mainly of love bondage scenes that were definitely not teasers. Some of the more blatant examples were a 9-minute Powershotz clip, a 6-minute Eve Ellis scene, and another long post featuring Natasha Flade. Other clips pulled ran half an hour or longer. When MasterDetective returned and cleaned up the site, the griping against more violent stuff and the ratings manipulation really took off.

I think the unwritten rule is that if the bondage clip could piss off the producer or take away from his or her income, or if it could get MasterDetective in trouble, then don't post it. But I do hope for some clearer guidelines because there are some gray areas. For example, I'm debating whether to upload a scene from Sex Wish. It runs almost 8 minutes, but the quality is rather poor because it was transferred from my old VHS copy. Anyone have a ruling on this?


Sloth wrote in his review: She bites his weenie, frees herself and attempts another flight.

That's why I usually can't get into forced blowjobs in movies. Why would a guy with a helpless woman put his manhood in harm's way? Unless I see a ring or dental gag in a forced blowjob, it usually looks unrealistic. Thanks for the review. Spider Films sounds like an company worth looking into.


Steve Power: Thanks for all the information on the industry. I think the viewers often take for granted what the producers go through.


weewilly: Welcome to the wonderful world of ZFX. For me at least, ZFX combines all the elements I love in GIMP scenes: Hot naked women, innovative bondage positions, a variety of villains, story plotlines, B-movie horror elements, and, of course, sexual torture. One nice feature of this site is the many impartial reviews of the ZFX movies. Everyone has different tastes, but most of the reviews give you a good description of what to expect.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 09:21:58 AM

Name: Dr Yuya

Didn't MD set up a TOS with the start of the site? One that said somewhere that repeated violations of a rule could result in an IP ban?

I'm thinking it's about the 100th strike, and time to be rid of Bondage Dave for good.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 09:28:45 AM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Brutus, Forced blowjob scenes are possible if the gal is scared enough not to bite. I'll grant you that it isn't going to work every time and I certainly wouldn't take the risk....but still its the thought that counts.

In most powershotz forced blowjob scenes she is given the option of sucking cock in order to have the ballgag removed. She reluctantly agrees....then sucks cock in the hopes of improving her position and preventing him from fucking her in the pussy or ass.

Posted a hanging clip in the members section today. One of those un-advertised clips that show up from time to time.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 11:46:47 AM

Name: Gabriela Atar
E-mail address:

Hey guys,

Brutus mentioned a review by Sloth of a movie were a gal bites a guy's "weenie" and tries to escape. I've thought of that when I see scenes of forced blow jobs in movies. Why wouldn't she?

She might just act out of rage, not thinking about what she was doing. But look at it from the victim's point of view, if she has her wits about her.

Let's say I'm helplessly tied up somehow, and a guy wants to force me to suck him off. Why wouldn't I try to "take a bite out of crime"? Well, let's say I try it, and cause some serious damage, like the guy passes out or even dies. I might then be stuck in a kind of Gerald's Game situation: Helplessly bound, no chance of rescue, my only hope for release taken out of the picture by my own hand (or teeth). If I saw a way to free myself, it might be worth a shot. But if I'm tied tight, and my only hope of getting loose is my captor, then I might be in for a slow death by dehydration or starvation if I eliminate him.

On the other hand, if I only wound him, he will be enraged, and seek revenge. True, he may be planning the worst for me anyway, but why take a chance? It's only a BJ, so why not submit? If he tips his hand, and says that my situation is hopeless, and I can only look forward to a long, slow death, then biting is an option. But if I have a hope for mercy, then I'll follow orders

So, if I'm truly helpless, and there is some hope that my captor will eventually let me go, then I'll most likely give in. It will be humiliating and distasteful (literally), but it might be the smart thing to do.


Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 11:58:02 AM

Name: gimpfan

The clips on YouTied are in flv format. I cannot play them after downloading. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 12:44:36 PM

Name: John Galt

Gabriela: You saucy little minx you. I'm with Brutus. I would use some kind of device to keep your pretty mouth open wide before I forced you to perform oral sex. Surely every good rape kit has something like that in it? It is nice of you to offer to do it in the hope of eventual release, though. Hope is the thing with feathers, but despair is usually brandishing a whip. Part of the thrill is not really knowing what is going to happen next, right? So you might just decide to chomp down.


Steve Powers: Membership in the Powershotz web site looks like it gets me access to the full model photo galleries but only a few of the current video clips. The other video clips must still be purchased. Is that correct? All of the sites I have joined in the past allowed access to previous videos, with new ones being released weekly.

I liked the bonus "Member's Only" hanging clip with Amber. Nicely done.


gimpfan: They are in Flash format. Go to the Adobe website and download and install the free Flash player.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 01:53:00 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Actually, I had a problem with the sound (in that there was none) of the flv clips after downloading. But they worked fine after I converted them to a more normal video format.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 02:10:34 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Someone's going to have to offer to take Steve Power, Dr. Yuya and myself out for beers. Our YouTied clips have all been hit by the one-star brigade.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 02:32:19 PM

Name: John Galt

Dr Yuya and gimpfan: I use VideoLAN's VLC Player to play videos. It plays almost everything and I love it. Give it a try and see if that helps. I use it on my Windows PC as well as my Linux workstation and it is a dream.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 02:37:49 PM

Name: Kevin
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi Gimpers

I wanted to let you know about my new Yahoo group. It might not appeal to some of you, due to the fact there's not much nudity. But for those of you who are gag snobs, this group will be for you!

Anyone who joins will be able to contribute pics from their own personal collections, as well.

As soon as I see your requests for approval, as long as your age is in your profile, I will approve you.

Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 07:17:06 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Actually I've used VLC for awhile now as my "last resort" player for media files (last resort if Media Player Classic doesn't work that is)

Truth be told though, I didn't even bother trying the flv files in it, only on media player classic, where the video worked but the sound didn't. I figured then and there it wasn't worth the trouble of tinkering around with to get that specific file type to work and just converted it. I personally LOATHE alternate file types for video files anyway and wish that everyone would just conform to one or two simple easy to use "norms" (say one for those who aren't quality freaks and one for those who are) and be done with it.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 10:26:27 PM

Name: mothbrad

Firstly, Ralphus, damn you for giving me all these impure thoughts with today's Pic of the Day! (the cute skirt, etc). How am I meant to sleep now?!?

Secondly, regarding the whole problem with Youtied's rating system. I can't see what the problem is. How many people are going to base their decision as to whether to watch a clip or not, based on some clutch of turkeys' opinions, as against the description or stills? So long as there isn't some rule that says that any clip which has a rating of less than 2 automatically gets deleted, I can't see how Bondagedave has any power over anything other than the basement of his mom's house.

Also, because most of the clips that GIMPers are posting are long gone exploitation films, etc, it's not like the filmmakers themselves are going to come across the clips on YT, and feel bad that a bunch of love bondage fans thought they were taking it too far. If anything, I'd suggest getting rid of 'grades' at all - much more interesting/informative would be better descriptions of the clips and more stills.

Sunday, September 21st 2008 - 11:55:08 PM

Name: John Galt

The Personal Trainer

This was my weekend to explore a few pay services, one of which was Bizarro Video (formerly Forbidden Video). I was interested in this site because these are the people who filmed, I'm led to believe, Gauge's first two adult movies--After School Surprise and the "sequel," Black Market Bondage. I read their membership description carefully, which said INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL FILMS and right there below the membership benefits was a thumbnail from After School Surprise. So I was kind of expecting to see After School Surprise and hopefully Black Market Bondage as well.

Alas, it was a vain expectation. Both movies are available for purchase, as are all of the movies available for downloading or streaming. But apparently they cycle the movies and Gauge was on an "out" cycle, if indeed she is ever on an "in" cycle. My dissatisfaction was not complete, though, because they did have Snap available for download, as well as the movie I'm going to review, The Personal Trainer. Before I get started, though, I'll talk about the site in case anyone is interested.

They have a LOT of hard to find and obscure old movies, 70s roughies, XXX classics (Sex Wish and Anyone But My Husband, for example), and some strange Japanese stuff, such as three of the Rape Man series. Several of them are in a foreign language without subtitles but it isn't hard to figure out the plots. Or you can do what I do and just wait for the rape and torture scenes. Plot never was one of the strengths of these flicks. The movies are available for downloading mostly in MOV format (QuickTime), although there were a couple of AVI formatted ones. The video quality is bad. The originals were probably old VHS tapes, and QuickTime is a lossy format, so the quality is degraded further. So be warned.


The Personal Trainer is a Dark Side film (which was Forbidden Video's production company from what I read), so it is new(er) and its video quality is not bad. The plot, in a nutshell: Shannon gets a gig as a swimsuit model and calls Linda and asks for a referral to her personal trainer to help tone her up. Linda faxes the request and the personal trainer's janitor intercepts it and decides to make the house call instead. While the janitor is having his way with Shannon, Linda drops by and the janitor does them both.

Shannon is not a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. But she has a nice body and I really like the freckles scattered across her chest. The janitor shows up carrying his gym bag which of course is actually a rape kit. Shannon suspects nothing, although she could have figured it out sooner than she did. The suspense builds nicely during the first part of the movie. There is some nice stalking/voyeurism stuff as the janitor watches her change into a swimsuit and stripper high heels. For an exercise session? You know? Don't ask.

When the janitor gives her a ballgag and tells her it is to exercise her jaw and she lets him put it on, I figured out that this was not going to be a violently satisfying rape movie. In short order, he has her tied to her home gym. He ties her in different positions, and we never see the transitions. She isn't fighting very much. She is just looking at him like "boy, wait 'til I tell your mom what you're doing to me."

He has her undressed pretty quickly except for the bikini bottoms and the stripper heels. He does a lot of kneading, licking, kissing and sucking of her breasts and nipples. He uses a dildo-shaped vibrator on her and penetrates her with it but we don't see the penetration, just his arm moving back and forth. I was preparing to be extremely disappointed in this movie.

Finally he gets her on her back on an exercise bench with her hands cuffed under her and her feet tied up in the air and apart. At this point he decides to remove her bikini bottoms, but all he can manage is to pull them up around her spread knees. Some bad planning there. He removes the ballgag and has her suck the vibrator. Every time I see that in an adult movie I wonder why in the world they have the girls suck on a vibrator. Is there something exciting about listening to teeth clacking off of a vibrator? Anyway, he withdraws the vibrator and has her suck his cock instead. Surprisingly, we get to watch.

It is one measure of my lack of interest in the "forced" blowjob that I notice that the janitor is smooth-shaved while Shannon has a close-cropped square pubic patch. The janitor also does not seem to be in any hurry to get hard.

Suddenly Shannon is on her back on the floor and finally completely naked. Her hands are tied to the inside of a long barbell and her ankles are each tied to a set of hand barbells. The janitor rolls the hand barbells apart, spreading her legs. It would have been much more effective if it wasn't blindingly obvious that with minimal effort she could roll them back closed. But oh well. He goes down on her and works her orally. He uses his fingers to spread her open. He penetrates her with the vibrator and I am gratified to see that we get to watch as he moves in and out of her. He stands up and undresses and is just about to mount her and fuck her (with a limp dick, by the way), when Linda comes knocking.

He hides in the closet. Linda walks in and sees Shannon tied down on the floor and bends down to untie her with her back to the closet. The janitor leaps out (okay, he doesn't actually leap) and there's a brief and thoroughly unsatisfying struggle as he chokes Linda into unconsciousness. You know, that is not an easy thing to do without crushing the pharynx. I am surprised a janitor possesses that skill set.

The janitor undresses Linda. He gives her the same intense oral and digital exam he gave Shannon. When she regains consciousness there's a brief and pathetic struggle before she does what he wants her to do. He has Linda go down on Shannon. Linda is on her knees while she's doing Shannon and I would have done Linda doggy style but not this guy. He spanks her and plays with his still fairly limp cock. Probably why he didn't do her doggy style, in retrospect.

Next he ties Linda to one of those curved things that help you do crunches so her legs are up and back above her head. Then he has Shannon go down on Linda while he licks and inspects Shannon and FINALLY he has enough wood to do her doggy style while she's on her knees eating out Linda. He spanks her a few times, just for the heck of it. There is absolutely no urgency in play here. No threat. He doesn't pound her. He doesn't do her too hard or too deep. He just kind of fucks her.

Suddenly the girls are both on their knees with their hands cuffed behind their backs and taking turns sucking his cock. He grabs their heads a few times, but he doesn't force them. He doesn't ram his cock deep. There is no gagging. I've seen role playing that was more convincing than this. After a while, as if on cue, they turn and face each other and mash their breasts together so he can come on all four of them. He was lucky to hit two of them.

So this had bondage and bondage sex. It was, theoretically, rape. But there was no violence to speak of. The performers were all pleasant to look at. The video quality was not bad. It was very tame. It was, in the words of Ralphus, a female's bondage fantasy. In fact, it had a humorous ending. For a rape movie it would be a complete failure, but all things considered, I would give this a D.

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 04:56:33 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Gabriela: Let's say I'm helplessly tied up somehow, and a guy wants to force me to suck him off. Why wouldn't I try to "take a bite out of crime"?

That's easy to say from the comfort and safety of your home. But don't forget, by this point, you've been beaten, whipped and Tasered. Your arms are tied behind you, pulled up so far that you feel that your shoulder feels like it's about to be dislocated. Your pussy burns from the dildo raping you. As you see men, and more men, and more men lining up to fuck your cute, but tear-lined face, you're going to be thinking less "Bring it on!" and more "Oh shit!"

Especially since there's a guy behind you just hoping for an excuse to apply his cane to your ass, and another with a ribbon around your throat who pulls tight between each load of cum.

And that's assuming that we "play" with no lasting damage...

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 06:59:57 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

Gabriela - that's an interesting scenario you bring up - almost like both sides are placed on the "horns of a dilemma" so to speak - a clear mind with rational thought should win out and for the tormented those may be commodities in short supply at the time - advantage tormentor as he has the final option.

Ralphus - hey, thanks for that link to that site with the "Eccentric" series - looks like they have that and a whole lot more - I'll give them a shot and we'll see what the quality is like. And free shipping as well.

Had an itch to watch "SOB #4: Atrocities" this morning - never noticed before that in the last scene where the chick is about to be sent out in the shipping package - it's addressed to Sheik O. B. Ladin in Afghanistan - almost eerily prophetic is it not.

Stay Well All

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 08:17:05 AM

Name: Jefferson James
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Homepage URL:

Although not exactly an opinion on ZFX, I must say that showing simulated penetration is worse than not showing any at all, from my point of view. I am looking for realism and I am pretty sure very few men were born with plastic or rubber dicks. Even XXX porno rapes usually don't look realistic to me, on the rare occasion they are well acted, because real rape would not typically involve good camera angles. A rapist is interested in himself only, not the viewer. Okay, maybe if someone is being forced to watch.


Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 03:02:57 PM

Name: Thanagar
Homepage URL:

Recent escapee Aria Giovanni has just resurfaced at It seems her recent experiences with the moderator of this site have not soured her on bondage, luckily for us.

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 04:06:43 PM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt: Thanks for the entertaining and well-written review. It definitely says something when your attention shifts to a comparison of Shannon's bush with the janitor's clean-shaven look.

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 05:01:23 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

A rapist is interested in himself only, not the viewer. Okay, maybe if someone is being forced to watch.

Or if he (or they) is shooting for a web-cam / video presentation! The dungeons don't build themselves, ya know!

My dungeon would have dozens of cameras at various heights and angles, so my audience could see the torment from whatever vantage point they chose. Picture-in-picture provided for no extra charge!

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 06:58:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

John Galt: Thanks for the review of The Personal Trainer. Your review is in my Homepage URL above.

That was one of the few Forbidden titles that didn't have an official review on this site. Back when he used to post here, Steve Austin of Forbidden asked me to review the rest of Forbidden's stock after I reported I had seen this one. My grade for this one would be slightly higher than yours, but after a promising start, the whole second half of the film turned consensual and was mostly fast-forward material after that point. I probably would have given it a C or a C- so we're not much off.

That film is actually typical of their work for the most part. As I posted before, they had some great ideas but never really delivered the goods most of the time. At one point Steve even posted here saying basically that he was giving up because governmental pressure was forcing him to sanitize his work and even he wasn't happy with it. They made a comeback a few years ago by releasing 2 more better-than-average Dark Side releases (one of which was Snap) before giving up again and just hosting other people's work, mostly the old 1970s roughies and keeping a handful of their best titles.

It kinda sucks that they apparently cycle their films instead of giving members access to their whole collection. Again, though, that's typical of Forbidden. I have a hard time keeping the purchase links to their older reviews current because they keep pulling stuff off their site and sometimes bringing it back for a short time and then withdrawing them again. I couldn't even come up with a purchase link for this film because it's apparently unavailable for purchase once again.

Forbidden's best titles, if you can find a way to order them, are Black Market Bondage, After School Surprise, Trick or Treat 2 and Snap. The Stepbrother, Open House and Moved to Tears are also worthwhile, but to a lesser degree. All of them are listed in the Reviews section. I wouldn't really recommend any of their other films.


Gabriela Atar: Excellent post, and I couldn't have said it better myself. I know some people have a problems with forced BJ's, but unless the victim is stupid, she'll go along with the oral abuse and "suck it up", if you'll pardon the obvious pun. She has to know that she's certainly in for much, much worse treatment if she doesn't give in. A blow job is a small price to pay rather than risk being beaten up, slashed with a knife or killed. Who knows, if she does a good job, he may even keep her around longer. Bitch has to earn her keep, after all.

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 10:25:23 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Dr. Yuya and others:

Thanks for the lead on Zen pictures. There doesnt seem to be any nudity in these movies, but the torture scenes are pretty good and some of these chicks are hot. I bought Adventure of Amazones (last part) yesterday and was modestly pleased since there was one decent AOH torture scene but when the hotter girl was chained AOH, she was only lathered up in oil and not tortured. I'll probably take the plunge on a couple of more movies since this genre is along the lines of the and non-nudity AOH torture movies I like.

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 11:27:58 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Mav- Ouch! that's $40! I know I was the one who made efforts along with elkcreek to bring the site to light, but even I wasn't wishing such a thing on someone. I just hope you get a LOT of enjoyment out of it.

Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 - 08:15:20 AM

Name: pettitoes
E-mail address:

Hello all:

A little nervous here. Just an intro as there seem few other women on the forum.

Since I was a kid (12 or 13), I have been fascinated by the thought of being "that girl" chained naked, or on the rack, etc. Not that I want to be tortured or crippled, but the fantasy is exciting. I have frequently fantasized about being one of the actresses who I remember in those scenes. Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun is one of the best quality GIMPflix ever, and Susan Hemingway (aka whoever) was one of the sweetest and loveliest of victims.

The first memory I have of this is one of those really bad sword-and-sandal epics on cable TV. The villains had two girls, really young girls, in stocks in a dungeon, their bare feet ready for the executioner's hot iron. They were maybe a couple years older than I was. Nothing was really done to them, but the imagery was cool. Since then I was hooked.

Oh, btw, does anyone know what became of Susan Hemingway? Nothing much on IMDB.

Anyway, I hope to have fun here.

Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 - 09:43:44 AM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

Hello all: It's been a while since I've posted. Just been real busy and now that I've been sent home from work (with pay) due to a serious gas shortage, I should be able to catch up on more pleasurable business.

pettitoes: welcome aboard, no need to be nervous, it's all about fantasy. Hope to hear more from you. Just reading your post made me a little chubby.

John Galt: I have tried "Youtied" clips with VLC and have no sound. I'm not sure how to convert the files as you mentioned. Any suggestions? BTW- I have really enjoyed your reviews.

Ralphus: I have a suggestion for a new poll question: "What method would be most effective in horrifying the victim? A) verbally telling the victim what you intend to do B) Quietly showing the victim implements of destruction C) Having them listen to someone else get the business in the next room.

Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 - 04:12:02 PM

Name: John Galt

Ironman: Actually, Dr Yuya talked about converting the FLV files to another format. But he didn't mention how he did it or what program he used. Maybe he could enlighten us. I use WinAVI Video Converter, but I don't think it does FLV conversions. However, they have a product called WinAVI FLV Converter that might do the trick. I've never used it, though. Their website is here.

I'm glad you're enjoying my reviews. It is fun writing them.


Ralphus: It looks like After School Surprise and Black Market Bondage are still available as DVDs from Bizarro Video. They are on my wish list. I'll keep an eye out for the others you mentioned as well. Thanks. (It is annoying, of course, that the cost of the Bizarro Video site membership would have been almost enough to order the two DVDs. Live and learn. That's why I posted the brief review of the membership service.)


I am in the process of doing a review of the Shelena video clips from Powershotz, but there are eleven of them and I'm only up to purchasing and downloading six. The best six, I think, but I am debating a couple more. In the meantime, I wanted to discuss the Powershotz pay site aspect, since I joined and it wasn't exactly what I was expecting but still well worth the price of admission. This may not be news to a lot of you, but hopefully someone (newbies, maybe) will get something out of it.



I sampled Bizarro Video over the weekend and wrote briefly about my experiences in a previous post. I thought the membership description was a little misleading (after I joined) and for anyone who might be interested, I wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting. It was not a rip-off, just confusing.

Well, I also tried out the Powershotz member site. First I purchased some video clips. Then I noticed there was a membership login that was different from the store login. It is described thus: Members far the most economical way to view video clips and still image galleries....

The membership is $34.95 for the first month, then a recurring charge of $29.95 monthly thereafter. That is pretty standard in my experience, an additional charge for the first month for those who join for one month, download everything they want, then cancel. A continuing discount for those who stick it out.

About the site. First, there are a lot of photo galleries of the models. I counted 141 model links (some links featured two models) with at least three galleries in each link and usually many more. Each gallery featured 20-30 photos easily, and the quality of the photos was exceptional. The photographer(s) captured the best angles, so every inch of the models was on display in 99-44/100s percent of the cases. If you enjoy clear, well-lit, high-res images of hot models in bondage, this is worth checking out. Some of the galleries are "archived," meaning they are not available to members for viewing and downloading but are available for purchase. I didn't see a whole lot of archived photo galleries, though.

Second, there are also a lot of video clips. The quality of the videos is outstanding. There are occasional random missteps (loss of focus, bumpy movements, unsettling camera angles), but all in all they are exceptional in every way. They are very professionally produced. They are well-lighted and the locations are natural looking and minimally distracting. There is a great variety of shoot ideas and a number of nice props, none of which feel overused. The site has a video production formula that works.

Before I joined, as I was perusing the vast selection of models and video clips, I was extremely impressed. So impressed that I purchased some clips and decided to give the membership a try, thinking I would have access to that library of video clips. (Not an unreasonable belief since every site to which I've ever belonged--about a dozen over the years--makes back shoots available to members.) That's when I found out the Bad News.

Unfortunately, all of the video clips are archived except for a handful. As of right now, there are five video clips available for members to download, plus a preview video. One of the available video clips is a "members only" clip. In a forum post, Steve Power discussed the uncertainties of posting clips that might be too controversial (read: might get him prosecuted and closed down in this increasingly intolerant social climate) and so he made them "members only" clips with accurate descriptions and then added them quietly to the archives with toned down descriptions later. Or something like that. Such are the challenges of running an adult web site and service. More on the special "members only" clip later.

The Members' video page does promise "New video clips added 12 to 13 times per month!", though. Video clip prices vary, but they probably average $4 or $5 each. If members have free download access to 12 new video clips normally costing $5 each for non-members, that is $60 worth of clips per month, every month. A membership even at $34.95 is absolutely an economical way to see clips. That is truth in advertising. (Of course, if that means 12 to 13 new videos are added per month to the site but aren't available for member download, that is a different matter. I don't think that's the case because the line is on the Members video page which would indicate to me members get that. But I guess I'll know for sure in 27 more days.)

However (and you knew there was going to be a however), it is an imperfect arrangement. First of all, based on my first few days of membership, it seems that not every new clip posted is available to members. (Unless the members' section just hasn't been updated, which would be another problem but not a serious one.) Between September 14th and 21st, four new Cindy clips became available for purchase. Only one of those is available for members to download. (Naturally, it was one that I had already purchased.) So membership doesn't guarantee availability to all the new clips, just selected ones.

But I am very selective. As a member, I was hoping to download the video clips that appealed most to me, not the random ones posted in the member's area. So $60 worth of clips that don't interest me that much, even at the bargain price of $34.95, isn't that great a deal in my particular case.

I paid $18.00 for the first three clips I purchased, and then $23.50 for the next five clips I wanted to view, for a total of $41.50 for 8 clips I wanted to view. If I had been able to download those with my membership, it would have been extremely worthwhile joining. Alas.

All is not lost, though, because I am carefully and painstakingly combing through every single still gallery for all the spread-eagled model galleries I can find, as well as some others that catch my eye. And there are a lot of them. And they involve seriously hot models. So I think I will easily get my money's worth, just not for the stuff I wanted. All in all, a serendipitous outcome.

Now, about that "member's only" clip. It is an inspired bit of videography, involving a model named Amber. Amber started the video with a noose around her neck and ended up hanged. The cut-aways and cropped views were what you would expect from a video that doesn't, you know, really hang the model. But Amber's dangling feet jerked very realistically and then, in an inspired bit of creativity, her bladder apparently voided and urine ran down the inside of her legs. It was awesome.

In a note added a few days later, Steve explained that the Amber shoot was a custom-requested shoot and that necro is not a common theme on the site. I guess he must have gotten some negative feedback. That's also probably why it is the first "snuff" themed video I've run across on the site. I am not a snuff and necro fan, but I can appreciate the shoot as a fantasy. So positive feedback from me, Steve.

Sadly, if there are other special shoots hidden throughout the site, I might never find them. Maybe there should be a "member's only" guide to the hidden video nuggets.

Tuesday, September 23rd 2008 - 06:57:50 PM

Name: Scheer
Homepage URL:

John Galt, thanks for the comments on Powershotz membership. I was looking into that recently. Steve does add the following on his Home page: 'While many of the clips in this catalog were once present in the membership area of, website membership does not give one access to the hundreds of clips in this catalog.'

I bought some clips from Steve a couple of years ago and there's no question he uses attractive models and does a good job within the restrictions he described earlier. The amount of material he has on his site now though makes it rather tedious to navigate but there's no doubt it's worth the effort.

I was lucky with Bizarro in that I managed to download what I wanted of the Forbidden material when most of it was there. I found the 'roughies' generally uninteresting and, understandably perhaps, of poor video quality.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 01:11:18 AM

Name: b4a69
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Homepage URL:

Pettitoes, welcome to Gimpland. We would love to rack you up and all the rest that goes with it. Cheers.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 01:19:12 AM

Name: Jim

Hello fellow gimpers, forgive me if this has been discussed before but I feel the need to vent. The subject is models in did clips and videos. Why are there so many "blocks of wood" working in the industry? I have purchased materials from numerous websites and have found some to be good and others disappointing. By blocks of wood I mean the models who appear or convey utter boredom or lack of interest in the scenario. What has happened to imagination?

When I purchase something based on the photo shown that looks good, I expect the model to interact with the captor, to get into the scene and portray fear, terror etc... I have bought many things which lack this ...Perhaps some of the producers who post here could answer this questions: Is there an unwritten rule that models are not allowed to act vigorously or gagtalk a lot? Are they really that vapid and lacking in imagination? What good is a beautiful girl if she cannot get into the scene and act?

There are a couple of sites that have many beautiful girls but they are "blocks"...I may be dating myself but the best memory of a did girl from my teen years was Thordis Brandt in the Dragnet 69 movie .. The ropework left a lot to be desired but her beautiful eyes and facial expressions made up for it...she conveyed true terror (by the way she was not a great actress, but she portrayed this characters situation perfectly)...The lack of conveyance is not just limited to the bondage universe, Hollywood has also lost the ability to do quality terror filled scenes..

Lastly, does anyone remember a commercial from the early 60's for a board game that showed a damsel in distress tied up sitting on a crate or powder keg with a long fuse that is lit and a man breaks thru a door, runs down some steps and saves her...The board game I believe had a timer and you had to rescue the damsel before the device went off.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 04:03:54 AM

Name: John Galt

Scheer: Sure enough, there it is, right down at the bottom of the page. I wish I had seen that earlier but maybe not because the galleries were certainly worth looking through. And that "member's only" clip was pretty cool as well. As I said, it was well worth the price.

Speaking of price, I misread my notes and confused the membership rates with Bizarro Video. Powershotz is actually only a mere $25.99 initially with a $22.99 recurring charge, or either $24.99 initially with a $20.99 recurring charge, depending on the billing company you select. Even a better deal.

It seems I am always just too late for the best stuff. The story of my life. I figured Bizarro Video probably had the movies I was looking for available for download at one time. Who knows? Maybe they'll add something incredibly worthwhile within the next month and I will be pleasantly surprised.

And back on the subject of Powershotz, if you haven't already, check out the Shelena video clips. I will be reviewing them in the next few days. Last night, Steve was gracious enough to let me download four of the last five I hadn't seen, so I have a little more writing to do. He also gave me permission to post a brief excerpt from one of them on YouTied. It is only bondage sex (well, actually bondage vibrator forced orgasm), but it, along with several of the other Shelena and Bryce clips, really pushed my buttons. I am so hoping to find more like that when I get into exploring the site more completely.


Jim: There does seem to be a real effort to get young, amateur, and first-time models involved in the adult industry lately. One by-product of that is that they are not experienced performers. But personally I have always noticed the "blocks of wood," especially during the porn heyday of the 70s. And they were technically adult industry performers.

Keep an eye out for the Powershotz video clip I'm going to be posting on YouTied that I mentioned above. It involves an amateur model who may or may not be able to act, but she is fully involved in the scene and, in my opinion after repeated viewings, providing authentic responses. Great movement. Great sounds and vocalizations. Acting ability doesn't matter in the instances where the model is actually stimulated and responding to what is being done to her. Those are the best situations, I think, and the ones I look for.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 04:59:55 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Welcome, pettitoes. I'm sure we can tailor your "stay" with us to give you the biggest thrill without going over the line (although a step or two over the line is always fun!). I can picture you in in a bikini blindfolded while I take my "slapper" in hand. It's about 4 inches across and 10 inches long, with leather on one side and "fur" on the other. You never know from one minute to the next whether I'm going to slide the fur sensously over you, or whack you with the paddle.

You like?


Ironman: "What method would be most effective in horrifying the victim? A) verbally telling the victim what you intend to do B) Quietly showing the victim implements of destruction C) Having them listen to someone else get the business in the next room."

Why not give one girl the business in front of another? I'd have about 10 girls in my dungeon, each at a different stage of torture and abuse. When a new girl gets brought in, she can see all the fun that's in store for her!


John Galt, thanks for the info on Powershotz. I think that if I do get anything from Steve (and I have been sorely tempted), I'll go with the individual scenes. That way, I can be very picky about what I get.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 07:32:30 AM

Name: Sloth
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Homepage URL:

Mornin All

John Galt - thanks for another fine review - I've viewed a number of those Forbidden productions and generally most fall in the mediocre category with a few exceptions - never saw this one and sounds like I never will.

Jim - ah yes, Thordis Brandt in what should have been the shortest Oscar winning performance in film history - no "block" there huh! - and I do recall that commercial you refer to but can't place a game name with it - kinda cute.

Ironman - if I may suggest another option how about having her witness another getting the put through the paces - agony in the eyes of one and the terror of what's to come on the other - sounds like the best of both worlds to me.

pettitoes - you are aware, are you not, that Ralphus recently lost Aria during a power outage - with his affinity for burning it may be your tootsies that end up in those stocks in his dungeon as he fans the flames - just a word of warning :)

As we have had a series of Powershotz headers and quite a bit of chat about that site let's get to a Powershotz movie review.

Today we will examine PZV086, "Intruder Alert". This was produced in 2005 and the run time is 90 minutes. It consists of four segments, each with different models. I obtained my copy from Video Mayhem at the above link and of course it is available from Powershotz.

Segment One stars Alex, Jessy and Kylie.

Three chicks, all easy on the eyes, lounge on a bed discussing a possible modeling gig in Chicago. Their place is loaded with photo and video equipment. Enter two masked intruders planning to rip off all the equipment but not expecting anyone to be there. The chicks are forced at gunpoint to stand against a wall, hands behind their heads. Orders are given to strip down to skimpy panties. In turn, each gets a mouth packing held in place by a white linen cloth cleave gag. One is blindfolded and all get some obligatory fondling.

Now naked all the girls are placed on the bed and one at a time they are forced to kneel to be bound in the same manner. White cord draped over back of neck then slung under the arms and wrapped around the elbows then down to her wrists and around the neck and tied back to the elbows. All are laid back on the bed amid fondling and threats.

The masked men agree they need to take the chicks elsewhere. One has removed his mask. In turn, each is given an over the shoulder carry to a waiting van. They are driven to a warehouse setting and each gets another OTS and are forced to kneel on some sheets on the floor. Villains chat about what to do with them. Later, all the damsels are seated on the floor with gags removed and are questioned as to whether they will tell anyone about this. They promise not to talk and will submit to whatever sexual favors the masked men require. As we hear doors close in the background we see the chicks still bound, laying inert on the sheets. Did our gentlemen decide to obtain the sexual favors and whack them anyway to shut them up?

Segment Two stars an unknown model and is not mentioned on the cover of the dvd.

This chick walks through a warehouse and is overpowered by a masked man who places a paper bag over her head. He pulls down her jeans, picks her up and carries her to another room where she is tied to a chair, hands in front to the chair back, cord run down and around her waist, then down to her ankles which are tied to the front chair legs. He removes the bag, blouse and bra and verbally abuses her. She appears on the floor in a frog tie and does some posing. That's about all that happens so 'nuff said.

Segment Three stars Alanna.

Blonde is napping on her sofa wearing a blue top, white shorts and socks. Our masked intruder enters and chloroforms her. Rearranging her attire to expose her charms, he fondles her inert form then duct tapes her ankles together, tapes wrists behind and tapes her mouth. With a few ass slaps she comes to. He plays with her on the sofa amid verbal taunts. She is knelt on the floor for fondling and slapping. Stood up for shorts removal, then knelt again. He tells her what a great time they'll have then departs.

Segment Four stars Christine.

So this chick is parading around her sparsely furnished apartment wearing a complete red lingerie outfit with black platform soles. She is accosted by our masked man who forces her head between his legs so he can peel off her outfit top. He handgags her into submission and forces her to call him master. She kneels on a table and is bound with white cord in the same fashion as the girls in Segment One. Her panties are removed for fondling, posing and ass slapping. Shoes are removed leaving her in red stockings, ankles are crossed and tied.

She lays face down on the table and is placed in a hogtie. A good bit of fondling, slapping and handgagging follow. A red ball gag goes in secured with surgical tubing. She whimpers as he poses and fondles her. He gives her a minor choke and pulls the ball gag out. A riding crop comes out for some boob and face slapping. She is forced to lick the crop and gags when it's pushed in. The End

Movie Pluses - As always, Steve's work is technically good - other specifics in The Verdict.

Movie Minuses - As always, Steve's light on the physical torment, hammering out humiliation - other specifics in The Verdict.

The Verdict - I'm torn on grading this effort and here's why - Segment One had a strong concept and pretty good execution - however, the models were just OK - they conveyed some sense of peril, but just OK. Segment Two starred a model who was either very uncomfortable or simply disinterested in doing this shoot - The "block" to which Jim referred. Segment Three starred a model who was quite able to convey a sense of peril with her extremely expressive eyes and voice but the segment was oh so short. Segment Four had no lead up or conclusion, yet this chick looked positively phenomenal in ropes, just right. The cover shot does not do her justice. I think I have a solution - Steve needs to use me as a casting consultant so we can get the right chick in the right scenario with the right length :)

My Grade B-

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 09:12:04 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Pettitoes: Welcome to the board. No need to be nervous; you're among friends here. Very nice first post, too.

I'm also a fan of Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun, a true classic and probably Jess Franco's best film. I've seen an interview with Franco where he admits it's one of the few films he's made that he actually likes. Susan Hemingway's resume consists of just 7 films, all directed by Franco, including the women's prison film Women in Cellblock 9, the only other film I ever saw her in. Hard to believe such a beautiful and convincing actress never found work with anyone but Franco, but I'm sure he put her to good use.

Her rack scene (one of many GIMP-worthy scenes in the film) is available on YouTied in my Homepage URL above.


Thanagar: Hey man, thanks for the tip on where Aria went. I cannot BELIEVE she runs away and immediately turns to to provide her refuge. Those bondage positions they were putting her through in that clip were impressive, but face it, that was like a day in the park for her compared to what I put her through on a daily basis. I'm going to give Peter Acworth at Kink a call and see if he'll keep her tied up there long enough for me to hop a plane and retrieve my runaway slave. She thinks she had it bad before? You do NOT escape from this angry midget and not expect some dire consequences. Now that my power is back so are my torture toys, including my Bunsen burner.


Ironman: Sure, let's make your poll question official. The anime one has pretty much run its course.

What method would be most effective in horrifying the victim?
A) verbally telling the victim what you intend to do
B) Quietly showing the victim implements of destruction
C) Having her listen to someone else get the business in the next room

I'll give it some thought and chime in with my answer after we hear from some of the others. In the meantime, let's get some feedback. Take a few minutes and post your opinions to the forum.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 09:52:22 AM

Name: Graham
E-mail address:

Hi all

Does anyone know how to contact Video Mayhem regarding the status of an order? I ordered 3 videos from them on August 22nd (including Nina's Nightmare) and haven't heard a word.

Any help apreciated


Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 12:36:45 PM

Name: Jim
E-mail address:

I think ZFX and Powershotz come closest to having the most models who can react with terror and fear, but there are a lot out there that just don't cut it...I prefer having the model bound but ungagged at first while her captor tells her what he is going to do to her and then shows her some instruments of torture...the scene is effective only if the model is able to convey her fear, anxiety and terror...I just don't understand why a lot of models cannot imagine themselves in the victim's place...perhaps it is the video game era that destroyed the ability of kids to use their imagination, rather than having everything set up for them and they react by just punching buttons...

I just wish a lot of sites would offer a preview of their clips and DVDs so one could get a better idea of the girl's abilities or lack thereof...AES in particular has a lot of beautiful girls but they don't react, act or show terror well and they don't do a lot of pleading or gagtalking...a lot of them sound like a cold computer generated voice when they do say a line like "Why are you doing this?" and seem totally disinterested.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 02:20:12 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

Graham: I think you just answered your own question. Anytime someone posts a question or comment concerning Video Mayhem on the forum, it gets an immediate response from the man himself. He reads reqularly. Not to worry, Mayhem always comes through.

John Galt: Thanx for the tip. I'm gonna give it a try. If it works out, it would be well worth the 30 bucks.

As for the poll, I came up with the idea of throwing that suggestion out there because it has been on my mind lately. After all, I think we all agree that the buildup to an event is always the best part. Whenever I see a scene where the perp carefully lays out the instruments for the victims view, it seems to add so much to the buildup. I had considered this to be my answer but I must say, when jhlipton and sloth suggested making the vic watch the undoing of another, I was reminded of the fact that I think it's really cool when I come across a video or story where they are made to watch the proceedings on a monitor.

Ralphus: thanx for loading that clip of Lina on YouTied. I have wanted to see that for years. yummy!

Gotta run, I wanna watch El Presidente make a fool of himself on TV.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 05:33:09 PM

Name: Brutus

pettitoes: Welcome to our perverted world. It's always nice hearing the victim's ... er ... woman's perspective. This is a good place to have some fun and forget about all the crap going on in the real world.

Poll: I would prefer all three, but if I had to choose, it would be C. Hearing another victim scream in pain (or better yet seeing it in person) shows the victim that the villain is capable of actually carrying out the crime. At that moment, the terror sets in and the struggling really begins. Showing torture utensils is good, if it is done quietly in a business-like manner. But telling the victim what will happen to her eliminates the element of surprise and tension. I want to see an expression on the victim's face that says, "Oh shit! What is this lunatic gonna do to me? How far will he go?"

Jim: I know how you feel about the "blocks of wood." The producers here can certainly answer your questions better than I, but my guess would be that there's a lack of good-looking and talented actresses willing to get naked and tied up on film. Or else some of the models/actresses are just looking to make a quick buck and may not take their roles too seriously. As for Thordis Brandt, those eyes do it for me every time.

Sloth and John Galt: Thanks for all the information about Powershotz. Steve's a good man and deserves the publicity.

Graham: Video Mayhem is reliable and any foul-ups seem to be corrected right away. I wouldn't sweat it.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 06:42:22 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Graham: email at above address probably would have worked. You're all set.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 06:43:31 PM

Name: John Galt

Well, here is my long-talked-about review of The Saga of Shelena and Bryce, from This review discusses ten video clips, which means that many clips plus my standard loquaciousness equals kind of a long post. So, fair warning.

Steve Power mentioned in a post that he only got to do one shoot with the delectable Shelena before she got a boyfriend who put the kibosh on her modeling. Damn him. Damn him to hell. (The boyfriend, not Steve.) Shelena is achingly hot. She has a body that just won't quit. And her shoots are breathtaking. There are eleven Shelena and Bryce shoots, all shown on the linked page above. I provide links to each individual clip in its review below.

The first clip is Shelena....2nd Interview. In it, Shelena is told she got the job for which she interviewed and just needs to complete a urine test. When she comes out of the bathroom, the interviewer is waiting in the ubiquitous Powershotz ski mask-like thing. Apparently she has been hired as a bondage slave or something. This clip didn't do anything for me. There was some wrestling, pinning of arms behind the back, slapping, forced down onto the knees, and groping both on top of clothes and underneath clothes. Shelena is wearing panties but no bra, which is understandable since her breasts are perfect. He pulls her hair, covers her mouth with his hand, chokes her against the wall, pulls down her panties and spanks her bare butt and I think he fingered her pussy as well.

There was no real fighting in the scene. Shelena's struggling was minimal. She didn't try to escape or scream or even plead or beg. She kind of seemed resigned to whatever was happening, but that didn't stop the guy from treating her roughly. There wasn't anything wrong with the scene except little force was employed. If you enjoy seeing a guy manhandling a really hot chick, this would work for you. I would give it a C-.

Next up, Shelena - Back Down. Shelena is stretched out AOH on an angled board. Her wrists are fastened into leather straps at the top and her feet are fastened into leather straps at the bottom. The leather straps are attached to chains, so there's the sound of chain rattling against the hard wood when she struggles, which is a nice auditory bonus. She is wearing shoes, but oh well. She is wonderfully naked and the camera lingers over her body a nice long time, panning up and down and around and back. She has some tattoos (upper arm and foot), but in this instance I don't care. A riding crop appears in a "first-person shooter" (first-person cropper?) sort of way, and we watch as it runs up and down her body, pausing invitingly between her legs. It smacks her face, her nipple, her belly. There is also some hand slapping. She is instructed to open her mouth and a finger is slowly inserted deeply enough to gag her. Ooh that was a nice touch.

It is a short clip, but it establishes Shelena's bondage and provides an incredible tour of her sexy naked body. I loved every minute of it. Especially the finger gagging. There is mild slapping and mild whacks with the riding crop. The bondage is not overly stressful, but her body is nicely stretched. And I am in love with Shelena, so I will give this guided tour of her vulnerable nude and nubile body a lustful B. It is an extremely mild bondage and discipline GIMP scene but it pushed all my buttons.

The next scene includes Bryce, a dark-haired nicely tanned hottie, in addition to the beautiful Shelena. The clip is titled Shelena - Lubricated and Penetrated. My god the title alone gives me a hard-on.

Shelena is still stretched out on the angled board, wrists and ankles securely fastened at top and bottom. Bryce is on her knees, holding out a vibrator in her cupped hands like it is an offering to the God of Forced Orgasms. The masked guy talks to Bryce and caresses her face. Then the guy walks over and runs his hand up and down Shelena's naked torso, including several lingering circular stroking sessions between her legs and I am aching to know what that must have felt like. I need to remember to breathe.

Next, the guy pours some oil between Shelena's breasts and we watch a thin stream run down her belly and disappear between her legs. The camera moves down so we get a nice view of her pussy and he pours some more. This time, from pussy-cam view, see the oil course downward, pause ever-so-briefly to fill up her navel, then flow directly down to soak into the small patch of her light brown pubic hair and wet her cleft. The guy starts between her legs, which is precisely where I would have started, and begins massaging, kneading the oil into her smooth and (I'll go out on a limb here) deliciously supple skin. He oils up her breasts and spends a long time working her pussy.

The vibrator came out next, and started at the juncture between upper leg and torso, which must have tickled a bit judging by her response. The vibrator became intimately acquainted with Shelena's sex. The guy spends almost 5 minutes vibing Shelena's pussy, up and down, in and out, back and forth. And Shelena was arching and struggling the entire time. The part of this video clip that got me going was Shelena's response, which was natural and, I do believe, not faked at all. I think she was really getting excited from the bondage massaging and vibing. Her nostrils were flaring, her respiration increased, her pupils dilated, her eyes focused and unfocused, and her mouth was moving but no sounds were coming out. Watching the movement of her oiled-up rib cage and belly as she breathed deeply was magical. If the girl was acting she deserves an Academy Award.

So, bondage stimulation. No excessive force, no pushing Shelena past her pain limits, although her pleasure limits might have been achieved. Nothing rough at all. But the sight of Shelena's oiled body writhing beneath the ministrations of that vibrator were enough for me. There was nothing GIMP-worthy about this at all (well, except for the bondage part) but it gets an A from me.

Bryce....Making Shelena Come is the next clip. It picks up right where the previous one left off. The guy hands the vibrator to Bryce (who is naked and wearing a collar and leash, by the way, and spends all her time on her knees watching until now) and orders her to make Shelena come. And she does, which we know because Shelena tells her she came and Steve mentioned that he was pretty sure that Shelena came as well. I was convinced, after watching it again and again. This clip is all about Bryce moving the vibrator back and forth along Shelena's moist and oiled cleft, occasionally penetrating her as well, while Shelena moans and writhes and struggles.

Once Shelena comes, there is a (somewhat jarring) scene jump and we see Shelena back on the board, but head down this time, with her ankles (she is barefoot) fastened at the top and her wrists fastened at the bottom. The sweet part of this sequence is the sight of Bryce using both hands to force the vibrator against Shelena's pussy, working it back and forth and in and out. The sweetest part of this clip comes (no pun intended) about a minute into the upside-down part where Shelena tells Bryce that she just found the magical spot with the vibrator. There's a pause as Shelena experiences the vibratory goodness and suddenly she jerks her hands involuntarily and gasps. You can hear the chains attaching her wrists rattle and suddenly get pulled taut. She didn't fake that reaction. Shelena's head arches back a lot, and her face is flushed pink with exertion. There is no question in my mind that Shelena was authentically getting off in these video clips. Decide for yourself. Steve gave me permission to post an excerpt of this scene on YouTied.

As an added bonus, there were several shots of Bryce's face and she was concentrating on working Shelena over. Bryce was having some fun teasing and coaxing Shelena to orgasm. The video employed some halfway fades between Bryce's face and Shelena's body that were distracting. But I got used to it after multiple repeated viewings. Later clips used a split screen, which I liked a lot more.

Once again, just bondage, but more-or-less forced orgasm. I can't justify it as a GIMP rating, but Powershotz and Shelena get an A+ from me for this one. You know what I am basing it on, so draw your own conclusions. I want Shelena for Christmas.

That's basically it for Shelena stretched and vibed to orgasm, I am sad to say. She is in the other video clips, either being manhandled, fondled, groped, gagged, or as a beautiful, naked supporting character while Bryce is the object of oral, vaginal or anal attention. Bryce and her shapely ass feature prominently in the next few video clips.

In Shelena & Bryce - Buzz Saw, Bryce is on all fours with her wrists and ankles rope-tied together on a bench. Bryce has the most incredible butt, by the way. The masked man orders Bryce to arch her back downward and pours a puddle of oil on Bryce's delicious lower back. He oils up her back, thighs, and pussy. He takes his time doing it. Then he applies the vibrator to Bryce. Because of the angle, it is difficult to tell exactly where the vibrator is going, but it looks like it penetrates her pussy on several occasions. It most definitely penetrates her ass.

Shelena is just sitting naked on her haunches with her hands cuffed behind her back in front of Bryce to keep her from falling forward. Bryce has some extremely nice reactions, but she didn't sell me she had an orgasm. But I am convinced she had a great time.

So there's rope bondage and handcuff bondage. On-the-knees action doesn't do it to me like stretched out AOH action does. And hot as Bryce is, she doesn't do it for me like Shelena, but you know she comes damn close. Her oiled up body counts a lot. And she makes nice noises. So give this a B.

Shelena & Bryce - Glass Rod is the next clip I watched. It revolved around the use of a fairly long, ribbed glass rod on the girls. First, the guy had Shelena tilt her head back and open her mouth and he slowly pushed it into her mouth and far enough back into her throat that she reacted. She never actually gagged, which I was really waiting to see, but it was still very arousing because he worked her throat several times. He took a moment to reverse the rod and make her take the larger end in as well. Shelena had to open her mouth wider to accommodate it, but it still didn't go quite deep enough.

Next, he turned his attention to Bryce. With Bryce, he actually took a handful of her hair and forced the rod far enough into her mouth to gag her. Then he got her in kind of a headlock and slowly worked the rod in and out, pushing it deep enough to gag Bryce several times. That was hot. He reversed the rod on Bryce as well, and managed to gag her with the larger end once or twice. Very satisfying. Bryce struggled nicely as he exercised her gag reflex.

Finally, the rod comes out of the mouth and begins a deeply personal relationship with Bryce's ass. One small criticism is that we didn't get any close-up shots of Bryce's pussy and ass. I am not a big fan of gynecological and proctological exams in adult fare, but I kind of like to get a look at the lay of the land, so to speak, to better visualize what is happening. Bryce on her knees with her butt and nether regions all oiled down and poked up in the air was a delightful sight, but we never got a close-up look, even briefly.

Still, the rod disappeared into Bryce in an extremely satisfying manner. On numerous occasions, it went too deep, and it went in too hard. Bryce gasped and made the appropriate violation noises and lunged forward many times. I was thinking it was a good thing Shelena was kneeling in front of her in case she lost her balance and fell forward. In fact, at one point, the guy had Shelena move nearer to directly in front of Bryce and closer.

And then of course, the glass rod was reversed and the larger end was used to penetrate her. I was expecting a bigger reaction from Byrce when he pushed it all the way in, but she took it stoically. I was hoping for pained surprise and discomfort, but then again I'm a sick puppy. Even so, it was a very, very nice video clip from start to end. Even if it was mostly Bryce being orally, vaginally and anally violated by a glass rod.

So, once again, bondage and mildly forced penetration. There was a flicker of distress, but not enough to make this a GIMP gem. Even so, I was aroused and involved despite Shelena's generally sidelined status. Bryce was smoking. This gets an A- from me.

Okay, I couldn't really determine the sequence of all of the videos because of conflicting information. It didn't help that Shelena was wearing two different pairs of shoes during the shoots. I thought briefly about trying to determine their chronological order but it wasn't necessary for my perverse enjoyment so I abandoned the attempt. So don't be thinking I am going in order. I am just being lazy and reporting them as individual clips.

Shelena & Bryce - Bark Like a Dog! involved Shelena and Bryce both naked and looks like it takes place after Buzz Saw and Glass Rod because they are both still delightfully oiled up. Mask guy fondles, caresses, hand suffocates, hand and rope chokes, slaps, spanks, bends them backwards, bends them over forward, spreads them open, and generally has his way with both girls' bodies, but mostly Shelena. He forces them to kiss and lick and suck each other, but in very restrained ways. Neither Bryce's nor Shelena's tongue ever slides deeply into the other's sex or even mouth. Darn it.

There is a place where Shelena is instructed to bark like a dog and she sort of "woofs." When she's told to howl, her howl is minimally better. Personally, if I had Shelena naked and handcuffed and at my mercy, I would not worry about her inability to bark or howl, so no big deal. I greatly envied the masked man's free access to both girls' supple bodies, but the scene didn't catch fire for me. Handcuff bondage and rope bondage. Mild corporal punishment. I would rate the scene a C.

I was ambivalent about watching Shelena & Bryce - Laughing Girls because girls laughing during BDSM scenes just really breaks the mood for me. It wasn't like they were rolling on the floor laughing their asses off, they just laughed and giggled "inappropriately." The selling point of this clip is that the masked man punishes Bryce with a real spanking and whipping with the riding crop. He jerked her head back using her hair. He spun her roughly around on the stool she is perched on. He used both hands on her ass. She wasn't screaming in pain, but her expression indicated that she was feeling it as he smacked her butt, her breasts, and her face.

This is also the scene where we get a better look at Bryce as the masked guy spreads her ass cheeks. We don't get a close-up view, I was disappointed to see, but still it was nice. He also makes Shelena kiss Bryce's ass, but she just busses her on one butt cheek. No tongue up the asshole or anything. (Not that I was really expecting that, of course--that just isn't a Powershotz thing to do.) This clip the guy mostly explores Bryce's body. Still handcuff and rope bondage. Mild corporal punishment. This is another C for me.

Next up is Shelena & Bryce - Bryce Tied and Gagged. Chronologically, this scene takes place early on, before Shelena is stretched naked on the board, because both girls are dressed in black. Shelena is wearing a black bustier that lets her nipples show most of the time, and black matching panties. Bryce is wearing an extremely thin black shift that lets you see every contour of her body and her lovely nipples, and black thong panties. Shelena is standing with her hands cuffed behind her back to the post, with her ankles chained apart at the base. Bryce is on her knees on a hassock, with her arms bound behind her back.

This clip mostly involves the masked guy groping and manhandling both girls. There's more hand choking and rope choking. Basically, the same rough body exploration we've seen in other clips is repeated here. Bryce's shift is lifted to reveal her breasts. Bryce's nipples are pierced with rings, by the way. I am glad Shelena's are not, but on Bryce it looks kind of exciting. Her breasts and pierced nipples are smacked with the riding crop on occasion. Bryce is made to stand and her knees and ankles are tied together with rope. Then she is forced to her knees and eventually tightly gagged with a black ball gag. Bryce looks very hot in black.

So: post bondage, rope bondage, ball gagging and whipping with a riding crop but mostly groping. Once again, although Bryce and Shelena are both hot as hell to look at, the action in this scene didn't excite me. My grade for this one is a C-.

Shelena & Bryce - Two Girls Gagged is the continuation of Bryce Tied and Gagged. The girls are both in the same positions, still dressed in their respective black outfits. The masked man turns his attention to Shelena initially, then unfastens her from the post and forces her down on her knees beside Bryce with her hands fastened behind her back. He slowly unsnaps the bustier down the front and removes it, leaving Shelena clothed only in her panties. He pulls Bryce's black shift up over her head and around the back of her neck, exposing her breasts.

More manhandling, hair pulling, spanking, smacking with a riding crop, and generally pseudo-rough treatment. Shelena is also ball-gagged. Bryce's ball gag is removed and she is told to open her mouth. The guy sees how far he can stick his finger down her throat until she gags. Then he does it again. That was nice. He removes Shelena's ball gag and tells her to open her mouth. The sight of Shelena on her knees with her mouth open wide just waiting for something to be inserted is a memorable image. This time, the guy sticks the riding crop into Shelena's mouth and deep enough down her throat that she gags several times. That was exceptionally gratifying. Shelena looks so hot gagging on something deep down her throat. If he had done it enough that her eyes started watering this would have been an A+. But he didn't.

Steve gets points for the clever title, seeing as how he not only ball gagged the girls, but also made them gag a few times. More serious gagging with more distress would have made this exceptional. As it was, there was bondage and ball gagging. The throat gagging made this one stand out above the other manhandling and groping clips. I would give this one a C+.

All of the Shelena and Bryce clips are listed here. You can view the photo montages and read the descriptions, which are considerably less detailed than the descriptions I provided above. The entire set of clips all taken together would probably make a great (although tame) BDSM movie. And what do you know? There's a Powershotz DVD that looks like it does that exact thing! PZV119 - Second Interview appears to be the entire Shelena and Bryce saga, and all for just $40. Since all of the individual video clips would run $53, the DVD might be the way to go if you are interested. I am more into instant gratification, though, so downloading and watching the clips right now was what I wanted to do. If the DVD is a compilation of the individual clips, I would rate it a solid B+, but I would always be fast-forwarding to the scenes where Shelena is stretched out on that board.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 07:07:37 PM

Name: Matt
E-mail address:

I would also go with C. It's been used as an interrogation technique in RL repeatedly. Saddam's thugs in the Iraqi Secret Police and in Military Intelligence often did this. One of the two female POWs in the First Gulf War said that she and two other (male) POWs were outside an interrogation room when another male POW was taken in and they heard everything. When it was her turn, the male prisoners heard her interrogation. Fortunately for her, she was able to avoid being beaten (or worse) and talked her way out of things. Having two broken arms and a blown-out knee also helped, she thinks. (She was too badly injured to torture, most likely)

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 08:42:08 PM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

John Galt/Ironman- Sorry for the late response, I personally use the program "Any Video Converter" for the flv conversions, works like a charm and the avi files I convert them to have perfectly synced sound, best of all it's free to download.

I linked to the site in my homepage url. It's a very easy to use program, but if you have any questions just ask.

Wednesday, September 24th 2008 - 09:55:44 PM

Name: Boilerplant

This weeks poll?

B) Quietly showing the victim implements of destruction

Remember Raiders of the Lost Ark? That little German guy takes that thing with the chains and sticks and it is scaring the hell out of Karen Allen and Us and it turns out it was a clothes hanger for his jacket. The mind is a powerfull thing to work with.

Lets see you have some young thing restrained and you slowly pull out different things that you may or may not use on her. Hell you can scare a person with a cake mixer if you get the hair tangled up in it.

I had a fantasy of a girl in a hogtie on the floor. Give her the old better get some rest since tomorrow we have a busy day with all type of things. She has already seen you play with toys and you may or may not have done impure things to her already. Her not knowing makes it better for you. You can place a video camera in her face and she begs and pleads for you to not do anything to her and to release her. You might or might not want to put a gag on her. Nothing that keeps her too quiet unless you want to get some sleep. Wonder if she would even close her eyes wondering if you are watching her through the video camera or if you're out getting a pizza.

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 03:27:06 AM

Name: Scheer

What method would be most effective in horrifying the victim?

A) verbally telling the victim what you intend to do

B) Quietly showing the victim implements of destruction

C) Having her listen to someone else get the business in the next room

I don't know, I'd need to experiment. Just a moment.....

Right, I've found that a combination of (A) and (B) works best (unfortunately I was unable to test option (C) today).

I tried verbally telling the victim what was going to happen and she just laughed. Perhaps I need to practice that more.

Showing the implements to be used got her attention more but she didn't look particularly worried.

Only when I picked up each instrument and told her how I was going to use them did she become concerned, particularly when I got hold of the giant dildo and, moving it slowly up and down between my thumb and fore finger, said I was thinking of using this up her arse. Then she looked rather worried and started squirming.

Do you want me to go back and see if her fears were justified?

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 04:51:38 AM

Name: John Galt

As far as the poll question goes, I would choose C - having her listen while I'm doing someone else in the next room. All three options have their pros and cons, but the reason I like C is because it is twice the goodness. I get to do one girl while building up the terror in the next girl. Then I get to do the next girl. Ideally, I would have a bevy of beautiful helpless imprisoned babes lined up and waiting and they could hear all the previous sessions as I worked my way down the hall, inexorably coming closer and closer. In fact, now that I think about it, the detention facility should be round, with all the holding cells arranged around the central torture chamber. That way everyone is close enough to hear everything, which is happening just across the hall.

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 05:06:48 AM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

Dr Yuya: Thanks a million for your help. It DOES work like a charm! Sometimes I think that without this forum I would be living in the dark ages. (without sound).

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 08:11:02 AM

Name: Thanagar

John Galt: I haven't bought any Powershotz video clips, but I did buy a dvd called "Hard on Girls" (vl-006) that features a hottie named Alex who is strolling down a city street one night when she's pulled into a building, bound, and raped. The other segment on the dvd features a less attractive girl who gets a similar treatment. Unlike some Powershotz vids, genuine penises are used throughout. Since your tastes seem similar to mine, you might want to take a look at Alex's clips to see if they interest you.

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 08:33:00 AM

Name: Jake
Homepage URL:

With regard to the latest poll, I would say (a) with a bit of (b). I love the idea of standing behind a beautiful young woman, dressed only in her panties and stockings, tied to a chair with her arms behind her back and her ankles bound to the back legs of the chair so that her thighs are wide apart, while I lean over her from behind with my hand over her mouth and tell her all the awful things I'm going to do to her. As I tell her about the whips, needles and pliers that will soon be applied to her tits, nipples and pussy, I point these things out to her so her imagination can go to work (just like mine!) I want her to be in a state of fearful anticipation when I force a ball-gag into her mouth, strap it tight behind her head, and reach for the first torture device...

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 09:48:33 AM

Name: John Galt

Dr Yuya: Thanks for the link to Any Video Converter. I'll load it up on one of my Windows PCs and try it out. It sounds quite impressive on its web page, but I always prefer personal recommendations, so your opinion was what counted.

Thanagar: I will put Alex on my list. It looks like there are downloadable video clips from that DVD available.

I am kind of liking the Powershotz downloadable video clips. First of all, they generally get right to the action without the set up you come to expect in a movie with, you know, a plot. In movies, it is all build-up and the pay-off is usually very brief in comparison. I am always finding myself watching a movie and wishing it would just continue with the good stuff instead of cutting away. But then I guess it wouldn't be a "Hollywood movie" and would be more of an exploitation flick. With the video clips, it is all pay-off with minimal plot to get in the way. Really, all I need to know is that the girl is bound against her will and is being used and abused. The motivations of the assailant or the missteps leading to the victim's falling prey to him are inconsequential, for the most part.

Second, the video clips are focused on specific activities. I watched all but one of the Shelena and Bryce clips. If my only choice was to buy the DVD (PZV-119 - Second Interview), I would have. But I would have always been fast-forwarding to Shelena on the board and Bryce getting her ass reamed. While I enjoy watching naked hot chicks being stripped and manhandled as much as the next perv, those four scenes are incredible. So I carefully read the video clip descriptions and look at the photo montages to try to figure out which clips deliver the perversion I am craving.

And third, I can produce my own VCDs or DVDs using the high-quality downloadable MPEG files. I have a Shelena-on-the-board VCD that plays on my DVD player. Plus, I can back up those files and I don't have to worry about my DVD going bad. I haven't gotten into trying to copy DVDs yet and I don't think I want to. I can get vidcaps as needed but I prefer working from a source file.

And last but not least, I get instant gratification. When I feel the need for bondage goodness, I can immediately download the clip. No waiting for delivery. In my estimation, the Powershotz video clips are priced reasonably. The DVDs may be more cost-effective for the number of separate scenes you get, but the clips are exactly what I want and I'm willing to pay a little bit more for that.

Powershotz isn't going to provide extreme bondage or rough sex or super-realistic rape scenes. But Steve gets models who are willing to test their limits where you can see the doubt and discomfort. He also gets models who get fully involved (like Shelena) and you get to watch real responses and reactions. I like that. I also like seeing the safe word evoked, because that tells me it has just gone too far. Yum.

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 10:24:46 AM

Name: Scheer

John G, do you edit your VCDs/DVDs?

I use Nero Vision Express 3 (part of Nero 6) to edit films. Using Powershotz as an example, it's possible to combine bits of clips to make a film with a build up then the pay-off shots. If the pay-off shots are not long enough, repeat them. That way there's no need to fast forward whilst watching.

It's very rare that a film contains exactly what I want so using this method I can correct this.

I only make DVDs these days as the quality is better and they hold more material. If you copy high quality material to VCDs, the quality is reduced in my experience.

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 10:51:54 AM

Name: John Galt

Scheer: I do very little editing. I enjoy watching scenes play out naturally. Back in the VCR days, I used to loop favorite scenes (with less than satisfying results usually). Now I have much more sophisticated digital editing tools and oddly enough I rarely use them. In fact, I have been going through my old VHS tapes where I created looped scenes, digitizing them, and I'm trying to restore them to un-looped condition. Go figure.

I didn't have a DVD burner for the longest time, hence my tendency to create VCDs instead. I STILL don't have a DVD burner on my two primary workstations. Since I am not completely dissatisfied with the quality of the VCDs, I am reluctant to take the time and expense to install DVD burners. I'm more likely to install a DVD burner so I have higher capacity backup options. The VCDs are temporary anyway. The source files are safely backed up, so I can go back and make higher-quality DVDs if I so desire.

About all I do as far as editing goes is combine individual scenes into compilations that I enjoy watching in one sitting. But I could edit clips if I wanted to. I edited all of the clips I have posted to YouTied. In one I removed a few seconds from a rape-turned-consensual sex scene to make it back into an apparent rape scene. But I'm sure I'll be doing DVDs before much longer.

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 03:30:37 PM

Name: Vince

In regard to the poll question, I choose A.

I think talking threateningly stirs up the wildest in somebody's imagination than a show and tell of some kind.

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 03:58:29 PM

Name: John Galt

I am exploring the Powershotz video clip library and making a list of clips that look intriguing. There is a limit to what Powershotz does in its videos, mostly characterized by many comments on the GIMP forum as "tame." There are some that look like they might push that envelope, though. Yesterday's photo montage from Andi Adams....Anal Interrogation looked like a fairly explicit anal rape scene.

However, I am not (primarily) looking for the rough sex ultra-realistic rape scenarios as much as I am looking for those gems where Steve gets a model to test her limits and the video captures some authentic reactions and responses. I am in search of clips of hot, young, amateur models experiencing involuntary muscle spasms, issuing sudden gasps of surprise or shock, showing expressions of doubt and uncertainty, and demonstrating unexpected responses to sexual stimulation, all while they are in bondage--the stricter, the better.

So prepare for a few more reviews of Powershotz video clips that I check out. If you like to see that real-life model response break through in mostly scripted scenarios, I'll let you know when I find it.


It was a toss-up whether I would check out Andi Adams or Clarissa first, but Clarissa had a scene where she was stretched out on the board, shackled AOH and oiled up and that does it for me almost every time.

Clarissa.....Oil Slick features the lovely Clarissa stretched out on the angled board, ankles shackled apart at the bottom and wrists shackled wide apart at the top, since there's a spreader bar fastened there. She is also gagged with a red ball gag. She struggles and looks alarmed. She is playing the uncertain victim with varying degrees of conviction, but it generally works. The camera spends a long time running up and down her bound, stretched body and I notice that she already has a bit of a shine going on in her face. She also has faint tan lines, which I kind of like.

When the masked man walks in, she reacts with fear and increases her struggling. He runs his hands over her body for awhile. Then he takes out the bottle of oil and dribbles it up and down her body, forming a pool in the hollow of her throat and filling in her navel, which overflows and streams downward but inexplicably detours to the right instead of proceeding straight down between her legs and over her completely shaved pussy. No matter. The guy dribbles a liberal amount of oil directly on her sex. Then he rubs the oil in, coating her entire body. Clarissa has small breasts, and they are pulled flat the way she is stretched out. But when the camera follows the massaging hands back up her body, her luscious nipples are hard and erect and looking delicious. She makes noises and struggles the entire time.

He oils her legs separately and rubs the oil into them as well. He even takes time to oil up her feet below the shackles. I was noticing he didn't spend a lot of time rubbing his hand between her legs, but once he gets her body all oiled up, he remedies that oversight but spending the rest of the video clip stroking her up and down, sliding his finger into her slit as he moves back and forth over her sex.

The riding crop briefly comes into play at the end as he whacks her belly, nipple and face. So we have AOH bondage and pussy fingering and riding crop whacking. Clarissa plays the victim pretty well. I didn't really notice any authentic responses except, of course, her nipples were hard as coral so that says something. She made nice helpless and indignant noises as he felt her up. I would give this a C.

Next up is Clarissa....No Limitations, which looks like it is a continuation of Oil Slick. This time Clarissa is stretched AOH face down on the board. Her back is not oiled, but then again it wasn't oiled last scene. Her legs are oiled. So I think she was just turned over. Plus, her gag was removed.

The masked man talks to her and tells her how vulnerable she is in this position as he runs his hand meaningfully down between her legs so we all know what he's going to do. But first, he oils up her back. He pours a lot of oil directly on her ass crack and really soaks her sex. He promises he's going to do her deep and hard and makes her call him "master."

We get a nice close-up view as he kneads her pussy and teases at her anus, then slides his thumb into her pussy, then eventually slides his thumb into her anus, then a finger, then three fingers, all the while telling her the cock that is going into her will be bigger. (No cock in these video clips, alas, but the next best thing eventually.) Clarissa moans and whimpers and makes all the sounds a helpless victim would make as she's being anally and vaginally violated by a masked assailant. It isn't a rough assault on her orifices, but it is easy enough to believe it is against her will. He spanks her with his fingers up her ass and the scene abruptly ends. Damn.

Once again, AOH bondage with Clarissa playing the victim. Clarissa has a splendid body and it is stimulating watching the guy's fingers slide over and into her ass and pussy. Her pussy lips are forced up between his fingers as he presses into her and moves back and forth. Minimal threat, although Clarissa makes the appropriate sounds. Once again, I would give this a C.

Clarissa....Internal Probe completes the AOH board trilogy. Clarissa is still bound face down on the board when the masked man walks back in with the vibrator. There is talking as he tells her he is going to do things to her, and expresses a desire to see what her face looks like when she's having an orgasm. I'm kind of hoping to see that as well, so I hope the split screen is queued up. She pleads "no, please, no" but it is unclear what she is pleading for him not to do. But it sounds kind of nice, like she is being threatened and is asking him not to do anything to her.

Now this is cool. When the guy brings the vibrator up between her legs inches from her pussy and then turns it on, that damn thing really vibrates. It is a blur, and there is movement of the vibrating "finger." That has got to feel intense, and I find myself really wanting to try that out on someone myself. Maybe Gabriela.

He pushes it into her and works it, taking the time to stick his finger up her ass at the same time. Clarissa says "oh god" a lot, some of it no doubt scripted but some of it possibly truly felt. He pulls it out of her pussy slowly and slides it up into her ass. Clarissa is probably authentically feeling a lot of this, and it is what I wanted to see. Her body jerks a couple of times but she takes it fairly stoically. Darn it. He pulls it out and smacks her butt a few times. Fade out.

AOH bondage and vibratory exploration of the vagina and anus. Clarissa making all the right sounds but still sounding a bit too much like a performance. Thoroughly entertaining, though. Another nice solid C.

The piece de resistance of my Clarissa downloads is Clarissa....Rodded Out, in which Clarissa is orally, vaginally, and anally violated by the long ribbed glass rod I enjoyed so much when it was used to penetrate Bryce. However, it tests Clarissa's limits in this video clip and I loved every second of it. This is the kind of video clip for which I am looking.

So, Clarissa is on all fours, wrists and ankles fastened in leather cuffs, on the hassock Steve generally uses for these kinds of shoots. We start off in split screen mode so we can see Clarissa's lovely ball gagged face as well as her small but attractive breasts hanging down invitingly and we also see her red swollen pussy under her tight ass crack. This setup is already pregnant with promise.

The guy strokes her pussy and Clarissa makes a worried "what is he going to do to me?" face. Clarissa is performing the role of helpless victim at this point, and she does a credible job. A lot of slow vaginal exploring goes on and we leave split screen which is a damn shame because Clarissa's expression loses its performance quality and she starts closing her eyes and dropping her head and I would love to know what he is doing to her back there because she is staring to enter the moment.

Back to split screen and he sticks his fingers into her pussy. She is not oiled up and I am fantasizing that she is not completely wet so maybe it hurts just a bit because he's doing her dry. Maybe not but I like the fantasy. He spanks her butt, fucks her with more fingers and his thumb, then picks up his riding crop and smacks her back and butt with it a bit. Then he produces a jar of Vaseline and that gets my attention. Coincidentally, Clarissa picks that moment to look around wonderingly, like she is thinking "what's he doing now?" even though she hasn't seen the jar of Vaseline. The first she knows about it is when he starts spreading it around and in her anus. I'm wondering if Clarissa's respiration has just increased as much as mine. Sadly, Clarissa doesn't seem panicked at the idea of anal violation. She does roll her eyes and lose focus a few times, though. Once or twice that might have been a performance, but as the scene progresses I think she is responding legitimately.

Clarissa is ungagged and her face is slapped and she is shown the glass rod. He teases it around her face and mouth and touches her tongue with it. Then in an inspired moment, he gets a grip under her chin so her can hold her head steady and slides the glass rod deep into her mouth, gagging her. It was so hot. Then he does it two more times and when he's finished her eyes are watered up. That was not a performance.

We are back in split screen mode so we can see what he's doing with the glass rod, and we can see her facial expressions, which are great, by the way. He walks around behind her and she rolls her head and mutters a meek "oh god" which was probably scripted but I bought it. I am in the scene. He moves the glass rod slowly around her nether region, teasing and threatening both of her holes. Then he goes to work. Clarissa's body is jumping nervously as he slides and pokes and teases. I think she knows what he's going to do but isn't sure what it is going to feel like and doesn't know what to expect. These are going to be the responses I want to see.

He uses the glass rod on her pussy and her ass. He double penetrates her using the rod and his fingers. He works her over good and while he doesn't ram it deep enough into her to make her cry out, he does get some nice reactions. The best part comes when he reverses the rod and sticks it in handle first, because the handle is a large rounded ball. She takes it in her pussy pretty well, but there's genuine discomfort and severe resistance as he shoves it against her anus. He finally applies more Vaseline. Then he has another go at her and when it pops inside of her sphincter, you can tell. She jumps. He fucks her hard and deep with it and she is not performing at this point, she is experiencing. He pulls it out and she jumps when it is removed. Then he pushes it back in and she jumps again. This is awesome. He does her a third time. And then a fourth time. He is my hero.

This is the golden video clip. Bondage and anal violation that pushes the model's limits. It's not a GIMP scene, but for what I want, it is a solid A.

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 07:00:05 PM

Name: Ralphus
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John Galt: Looks like you're back on another review-writing frenzy once again. I just finished up adding your latest and now you've got 4 more. The one you did yesterday was a handful. 10 reviews in a single post? I know you have the hots for Shelena but even the most ardent fans might get a little overwhelmed reading all that at one time. It might be less of an endurance test for us if you were to maybe break those up into multiple posts, maybe on separate days.

I just want you to know I'm not complaining, though. I think everyone here really enjoys your style of writing and all the extra information is great. I'm sure Steve Power especially appreciates all the extra publicity, too. It's great to hear about the Clarissa clips, too, since she's a honey. A while back, I featured several stills with her as the daily picture and she got a lot of positive feedback.

The direct link for yesterday's multiple reviews is in my Homepage URL; it can also be accessed by clicking on any of the separate clip titles in the Powershotz section of the Reviews page.


Sloth: Your review might have gotten a little lost in the Powershotz flood, but it's not forgotten. Thanks very kindly again for your fine work and your honest verdict on the overall show. I'm becoming more and more convinced that Powershotz vids have some great moments; they just lack consistency. The large number of C's mixed in with the A's in John's individual clip reviews is more evidence of that. These reviews are quite helpful in letting us make informed decisions in our video buying choices.

The direct link for your review is

Thursday, September 25th 2008 - 07:43:55 PM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

With reference to the poll question - since I can't get my option of having her witness the torture and torment of another either in person or via a monitor I'll go with showing her the implements and at least advising her what each is capable of doing - so it would seem an A and B combo - as we take the tour I would insist she touch each item so it becomes more personal to her - then, let the fun and games begin - I suspect at that point she would be most accomodating.

Ralphus - thanks for the kind words - yeah, I would say the consistency could use some work - would love to have seen Alanna and Christine as the only two damsels inserted in the first segment about one hour long and leave out the other segments.

John Galt - my word, in one day you view more stuff than I see in a month! And I'm retired! Thanks for the info.

Busy this weekend on a dungeon renovation - can't have a Ralphus type disaster.

Stay Well All

Friday, September 26th 2008 - 06:50:41 AM

Name: Steve Power
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Just a quick response to the reviews as I'm tight on time too....

Firstly...Thanks a bunch for the reviews John Galt and for the publicity Ralphus! Definitely appreciated in these hard economic times. Sales have been effected by the downturn. Hopefully the price will encourage enough to stay put to ride out the recession

I understand that people are disappointed when they sign up for membership and there are only 5 clips present but before doing it that way nobody was staying signed up. They'd sign up for one everything...then leave for 6 months...come it again. It was a financial decision.

Secondly...we can't wail on the models...some have strict limitations. It's hard to do a good Gimp scene when the gals husband is standing there ready to tear your head off if you touch her pussy or spank too hard. Especially when the dude is an ultimate fighting competitor like one of the models husbands.

Thirdly....because the models are not actresses...their responses are completely unpredictable.

That isn't an excuse...but it is the reason for the extreme variation in grades from reviewers.

As a side note...the video...Intruder Alert....had an ending that included the three getting executed. We shot the execution scene for the guy that funded it and shot the scene where they beg for sex in order to gain their release as the happy ending that is marketed on the site so the banks won't shut us down.

If you want a good Gimp scene check out Shelby Anal Probe. One of the most realistic begging scenes ever in my opinion. That's because she was essentially an anal virgin. She wouldn't let her husband do anal on her because his cock was too big but she tried the anal probe for the shoot because she was getting paid for it and it wasn't too big. Her facial expression and avoidance struggling makes the clip worth every penny. She also squeals real good in the clip and has one of the hottest asses I've ever seen!

Friday, September 26th 2008 - 11:09:02 AM

Name: John Galt

Steve Power said: I understand that people are disappointed when they sign up for membership and there are only 5 clips present but before doing it that way nobody was staying signed up. They'd sign up for one everything...then leave for 6 months...come it again. It was a financial decision.


I have been guilty of that. I am frankly surprised that pay site business models support memberships when I am sure a lot of people do that exact thing. Some sites manage to hold my attention on a sustained basis but most do not. I rarely maintain site memberships for too long because I find something better or want to try something I think might be better and I do have limited financial means. (Honestly, Sloth, I do have limits.)

In my case, there's a BIG difference between being disappointed in my Powershotz membership and being dissatisfied. I am completely satisfied, although I will trade in my membership for purchasing individual video clips. The galleries are great but I'm kind of into video these days. Still images are just so 90s. And that will be a better revenue stream for Powershotz anyway.

In the case of my reviews, I am grading based on how the content appeals to me and I hope I make that clear. The quality of Powershotz video clips is always first rate. The models are for the most part very hot, and I try to avoid downloading clips if the model doesn't appeal to me because really what's the use in paying for a clip and then complaining that the model wasn't pretty? I hate reviewers who just set out to tear down movies or videos on purpose. Basically, I'll watch something because I expect it to be good and my review indicates how successful I was in judging it beforehand. Sometimes I suck, sometimes I get tricked, sometimes I am blown away.

So Steve: It seems Powershotz gets a more than the occasional special request for scenes that end badly for the victims. I can understand the reluctance to market those and to shoot more palatable endings for the general release version, but you might give some thought to informally advertising the "original ending" versions on the GIMP forum. I'll go out on a limb and opine that there may be a few aficionados here who might buy those.


Shelby...Anal Probe

This entire video clip is done in split screen and it really works to its advantage. Shelby is restrained face down on a bed, her wrists and ankles fastened with leather cuffs and chained (for all intents and purposes) to the four corners of the bed. There is more slack than I personally would have allowed, but it does makes for some delightful struggling on Shelby's part.

Shelby is whimpering and saying "no, please" and making similar entreaties to no avail. Let me get this over with up front. Shelby is playing the victim and therefore acting discomfited and afraid. That made it hard for me to take her seriously when she really did feel discomfort. I think I would have preferred if she had started out as a model ready to try something new and she was restrained in case she changed her mind because, you know, a deal is a deal and she was getting anal probed one way or the other. Then she would have been free to attempt to bear it stoically and her cries and struggles would have been more genuine. But oh well.

Our masked man spanks her, tells her to be quiet, and tells her to raise her butt up in the air. He uses the standard high-powered Powershotz vibrator on her pussy and she enjoys the experience, even going so far as to move her hips up and down to rub against it. The vibrator slips inside her pussy and she responds, still with pleasure but maybe the intensity is a bit more than she likes. We get a nice close-up view of the vibrator inside of her and it looks like she is really creaming. That is a nice touch.

Out comes the jar of Vaseline and he sits it between her outstretching legs and dips his finger into it and begins to apply it to her anus. From here on out, one split screen shows her face and the other shows her crotch. NIce use of the split screen.

At this point I would have liked to see one of two things. First, if Shelby was determined to act the victim, I would have liked to see abject terror that application of Vaseline to her anus indicated she was in for sodomy, with the appropriate struggling and screaming. Or second, if she was the model trying this out for the first time, I would have liked to see a hint of apprehension that maybe she has gotten herself into something she may not like. Instead, Shelby kind of plays the struggling victim, no more concerned at her impending anal invasion than she was at the initial spanking. Damn, you know?

The vibrator continues to work her pussy as his finger goes up her ass. Then the vibrator moves to her anus and she makes what I thought was an authentic face at the penetration. She takes it for awhile, then struggles enough that it comes out. It goes back in and we get a little double penetration action going as he finger fucks her pussy as he vibrator fucks her ass. She cries out "no" a lot but it is unconvincing. She sure does struggle a lot, though, and that is more convincing. Her acting facade falls away more than a few times and you catch what she is really feeling as he works her.

At the very end of the clip, after he has taken the vibrator out, he puts his hand over her mouth to muffle her and shoves his thumb back up her ass nice and deep and that, my friends, elicits a genuine reaction as she jerks and struggles and squeals, raises up on her knees and generally makes her extreme discomfort known. It is the perfect climax.

So there's bondage and a model sort of acting the victim but unconvincingly. Truthfully, her acting diluted her genuine responses. However, you could tell in a number of places where she was uncomfortable and the ending was very nice. Oh for more of that abuse and response. If Steve hadn't said it was her first time I would have chalked it up to a less-than-well-acted non-consensual anal violation scene. Knowing the back story I can see her authentic distress showing through, which is hot. I give it a B. It's only $4.00 so check it out.

Friday, September 26th 2008 - 03:36:44 PM

Name: Kevin
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Great poll Ralphus!

I personally vote for "B" showing the captive implements of torture.

For example, showing your scared, squirming captive another strip of duct tape when her mouth is already taped!

She will no doubt realize that it's soon to be plastered over her nostrils.

No better way in installing panic than threatening torture!

Friday, September 26th 2008 - 05:45:44 PM

Name: Ed

Hey Ralphus, I have been thinking about the circumstances behind Aria's escape from your clutches. You said that her cage was on an electric timer, and it somehow opened during a power outage. It looks to me like that electronic timer was the cage's sole locking mechanism, with no back up. If that is the case, then you have no one to blame except yourself.

Perhaps next time you should set the cage up with an old fashioned manual lock of the type that needs a key to open as a back-up lock in case another outage disables the main lock. If you managed to recapture Aria, you wouldn't want her to be able to escape again right?

Friday, September 26th 2008 - 06:51:14 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Ed: I take full responsibility for Aria's escape. Trust me, when I catch the bitch again, there'll be no more Mr. Nice Short Guy. No more comfy cages for her; she'll be spending every neverending day and night in tight, restrictive bondage, with maybe some barbed wire around her tits to teach her a lesson.

To take a mini break from talking about tying up women, I just got through watching the Presidential debates tonight. And in honor of that, I thought I'd share this video from JibJab with you guys. It's kinda fun. I'm off to bed.

Friday, September 26th 2008 - 09:59:19 PM

Name: BP

Secondly...we can't wail on the models...some have strict limitations. It's hard to do a good Gimp scene when the gals husband is standing there ready to tear your head off if you touch her pussy or spank too hard. Especially when the dude is an ultimate fighting competitor like one of the models husbands. Thirdly....because the models are not actresses...their responses are completely unpredictable.

That isn't an excuse...but it is the reason for the extreme variation in grades from reviewers.

Steve Power********************************************************

I don't see any problem with having a someone know where the girl is or having someone there for backup. I have a few of these closet bondage maybes. They look at some of my stuff on a computer say its sick but then say do you have anymore? Then you get a few of them together and I wouldn't mind trying that gets mentioned. All I can say to them is be careful. I have a running joke that you might find someone that wants your skin to make a lamp shade and that was long before Silence of the Lambs. That goes back to those Lurid Men's Magazine covers and from Nazi History where they were doing that if they saw a nice tattoo. With all the body art the girls have now you can see the lamp shade part. Three backs with tramp stamps would make a nice lamp shade.

I see nothing wrong with using the girls next door for bondage shoots. What do you think for every Ashley or Jasmine you have what a hundred that you will never see them again or even see their name in the credits? I ask these girls I talk with on the net what do you do to make sure you don't get caught by some serial killer? You hear that I go with a girl friend or like you have with the one girl a husband. I had one girl say that she has heard of so and so and she figures she could trust him to not be a "Dirty Old Man with a Camera". I guess you do have to go through a bunch of not so hot bondage models before you get one that is a good actress but maybe you can mold her like a lump of clay? Gosh that sounds like bull doesn't it?

If you see me on the net I might come off as a mean spirited SOB but really I'm a nice person with crazy ideas. I post pictures and drawings I have found on newsgroups on Google and Yahoo groups. I know its one of these chicken and egg things but I rarely get new and complete series of pictures and I give credit where its do and don't claim nothing as my own. Trouble is you get some people that think I drew the drawing or I have a torture chamber in the basement and you get to strike up a Email conversation with some of the strangest people. I can just imagine what conversations you have at a BarBQ. Hey Steve, You stick a vibrator up anyone interesting's rear end lately?

Well enough rambling but I have a question I want to ask. What do you think of all these Bath Robe and Bottled Water drinking question and answer sessions after the movie and photo shoots? I think Insex started this where the girl in clothes is getting an interview before the session and then after you see her saying Oh it was So Hot and I came so many times I lost count. The funny part is you see the girls wearing the robes and the guy that was doing all the roping, tying and riding sitting buck naked talking. I have even seen this spill over to the Do Fantasy comics where after all the torture you end up seeing the girls and guys acting like its just a photo or movie shoot. Here you see a drawing saying she can't wait to do another movie.

Oh I don't know who said they don't like still pictures but I'm still a fan of that more than movies.


Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 05:31:15 AM

Name: John Galt

BP: Actually, I didn't say I didn't like still pictures, I said I just prefer video when it's available. If you like still pictures, you need to get a membership for Powershotz and explore his massive number of still picture galleries. An impressive collection for a great price.

I always thought the model-interview-after-the-shoot bit was kind of a legal prophylactic maneuver. Sort of like "See? It might have looked like she was really being abused but everything's all right. The model even says so herself!" The same with the lead-in interviews, where you almost always hear the rigger state what is going to happen or ask the model what is going to happen so there is no misunderstanding and they talk about limits and confirm there's a safe word. Since it is a bondage and discipline sex performance, which not so long ago was a guarantee of legal persecution, I figured they were setting up for a legal defense if it came to that.

I never gave much thought to what they were wearing. Honestly, I usually stop watching at that point unless it is a model I am really interested in and I want to hear her talk about the experience. I remember a nice Sex and Submission shoot between Dana Vespoli and Chris Charming that looked like there were a few moments of bondage and deep penetration that Dana didn't like all that much. In the follow-up interview, she mentioned how she didn't care for being tied down with her hands immobilized and it wasn't hard to discern that it was not all fun and games for her. It was the one and only shoot she ever did for Naturally, it is one of my favorites.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 07:22:41 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

John Galt and Sloth: I'm reminded of that old adage about how an unexamined porn site isn't worth updating, or something like that. Great work assessing the Powershotz videos. I'm not much into downloads, and I'm not certain Powershotz is my cup of tea, but I may check some of the DVDs available for sale, such as Intruder Alert.


Sometime this weekend (depending on when my clips are encoded), I will have some of the great An Nanba scenes from Shark Special 33 up on YouTied. I can't imagine anyone not liking this stuff, but then again, YouTied is always full of surprises.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 08:18:48 AM

Name: Jim
E-mail address:

I just want to weigh in on Powershotz...The site is great and Steve is one of the best around..His models are for the most part excellent and I think we are seeing true reactions from them and not bored ho hum sameness...I have bought clips and dvd's from him and have never been disappointed..I cannot say that about some other sites where the pictures (no sample video) show one thing about the clip or dvd and the actual material itself turns out to be lame and boring.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 09:36:01 AM

Name: pettitoes
E-mail address:

Ralphus: If Aria had been suspended in a full-body cage, held so rigid she couldn't move, and left all night (like 10 or 12 hours) she might have been too stiff to escape at all. Old fashioned padlocks are more secure than all that electronic techy stuff. I am thinking of those cages Sweet Gwendoline was always getting hung in. Makes me kinda dewy. :-)

Sloth: Thanks for picturing me in the stocks like the girls in that movie. I have always been intrigued by the thought of girls' vulnerable bare feet getting it. Esmerelda in "Hunchback" and that old TV show with Emma Peel in the stocks, and so on.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 10:27:17 AM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

BP, I've got three rules when it comes to hiring models....

1. Try to talk them out of it first...spell out the risks of being recognized, facing your parents if they find out, facing an employer. Let them know that getting a security clearance will be difficult if not impossible in the future...etc...etc. I don't want them messing up their lives over it. So most of the gals that come in to pose are already quite kinky to begin with....don't have aspirations to run for president. Many have legal bills piling up and go into modeling to avoid prostitution. Some have husbands in prison and are trying to support kids. We've got 1% of our population in prison for non violent crimes for crying out loud. Real slavery and bondage are present in our society to an extent I never dreamed possible until I started hiring bondage models. If you are busted for drugs in most are looking at a felony fees in excess of $5,000. The police provide an abundent supply of models and it makes me sick when I think about how our justice system forces young girls into prostitution with outrageous legal fees even as they talk of their mission to serve and protect.

2. Let them bring anyone they want to the shoot as an escort as long as they are over 18. When I talk to new models....I tell them never to pose for a photographer that hesitates when they ask about bringing an escort to the shoot.

3. They don't have to do anything they don't want to do. Everything is gone over first to make sure they know what is coming and don't get hurt. A single injury during a shoot could shut down the entire operation. Unlike the big producers, the little guys can be wiped out by one incident. They'd hang us out to dry just for the fun of it.

Shooting the "she's ok" scene at the end is a trick that some producers use to avoid legal hassles but if a complaint is filed against them it won't mean shit in court. Models need to leave the shoot feeling like they were not abused or trouble will follow. Having her boyfriend or husband there provides both protection and a witness.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 12:06:15 PM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian, et al: I do appreciate the "Shark" and "Island" series, and look forward to your next post. In fact, I appreciate the work of all of you folks out there who have been posting clips to YouTied. I think YouTied is the greatest thing since the invention of handcuffs.

Having said that, I have a question for all of you creative geniuses--and I think I speak for all of the newbies out there--how DOES one go about producing these clips? Say I have a dvd that has been rented or purchased--how do I get a GIMP-worthy piece of it converted to a form suitable for YouTied? Is there a website out there where one can find this information?

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 01:45:03 PM

Name: John Galt

pettitoes: Diana Rigg as Emma Peel in stocks (and bare feet, being menaced by an evil man with a hot poker) was in The Avengers episode titled "Escape in Time." Mmm, that was a nice scene. The nicest Diana Rigg scene from The Avengers was in "A Touch of Brimstone," where she was in a tight black bustier and black stockings and heels and looked delicious. I think she wore a spiked collar with a chain attached as well, but my memory is fuzzy.

Or maybe memory is just the first thing to go. "...that old TV show...." Way to make me feel my age.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 01:48:39 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

Pettitoes and John Galt: In that episode, Emma met the infamous Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins. I have that clip in my VHS comp tapes. It is a very good scene indeed.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 02:48:53 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

YikYakker: Thanks for the feedback. I can tell you how I get my clips, but please understand that I'm not a techy person ... so my information may or may not be all that helpful.

For the most part, I use a DVD Recorder on my television set to get my clips. I have the DVD Recorder hooked up to another cheapie DVD player. I use the two machines to record the specific clips I want from various Attackers movies, and then use TMPGEnc DVD Author to load the clips onto my computer. From there, I upload the clips using YouTied's system.

For rented mainstream movies, which are copyright protected, the process is a bit trickier, but not by much. In this case, I use DVD Shrink to get the clips I want from a disc. While DVD Shrink is often used by people who want to copy an entire movie, it also has a "re-author" function that allows you to burn carefully selected sections from a movie (which is much quicker). Once I have burned the parts I want, I take the disc over to my DVD players, and use the process described above.

I hope this information helps. In my case, I had a computer savvy young person who used to work in my office set up my computer for me. I know how to use it, but my system was built by someone else (except for the DVD Recorder parts).

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 03:16:54 PM

Name: John Galt

Ironman: Just out of curiosity, how many clips from The Avengers do you have on your comp tape? I absolutely loved that show. It seemed to me at the time, impressionable youth that I was, that Emma Peel ended up tied up or in peril in every other episode. Plus, she was always wearing those catsuits. And Diana Rigg was so hot.

The other episode that really stands out in my memory was "Epic," which featured Mrs Peel kidnapped, knocked unconscious, tied up, and bound to a saw mill type device that threatened to saw her in half lengthwise. I'm not sure I've ever seen another show that managed to do so much (in the way of GIMP stuff) so stylishly on such a regular basis.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 03:30:31 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Pettitoes wrote:

If Aria had been suspended in a full-body cage, held so rigid she couldn't move, and left all night (like 10 or 12 hours) she might have been too stiff to escape at all.

That's an excellent idea. I'd like to go medieval on her. I'll have to see if my local Wal-Mart carries anything like that.

BTW, they used one of those in Poor Cecily, too. Have you seen that clip? It's in my Homepage URL. If that doesn't get you dewy, nothing will. Those guys knew how to treat a lady.

John Galt wrote:

Diana Rigg as Emma Peele in stocks (and bare feet, being menaced by an evil man with a hot poker) was in The Avengers episode titled "Escape in Time." Mmm, that was a nice scene.

Ah, Emma Peel! I never watched "The Avengers" when I was a kid, but I know she was one of the all-time TV hotties. The producers of the show knew that; in fact, her name was actually a pun. "Man Appeal" or "M. Appeal" translated to "Emma Peel". Anyway, here's a still from that episode:

The nicest Diana Rigg scene from The Avengers was in "A Touch of Brimstone," where she was in a tight black bustier and black stockings and heels and looked delicious. I think she wore a spiked collar with a chain attached as well, but my memory is fuzzy.

Perhaps this will sharpen up your memory a bit more. I wonder where you can buy spiked collars like that nowadays? Looks like I have to shop for two things at Wal-Mart now.

Also, thanks for the latest Powershotz clip reviews. The direct links to your review pages are: and

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 03:51:18 PM

Name: John Galt

YikYakker: I have a Dazzle DVD Recorder that connects to my PC using a USB cable and has RCA (red, white and yellow) plugs that connect to my VCR or my DVD player, depending on which one I am using. It is a device a little smaller than the size of your hand, so it is very unobtrusive and easy to store away when not in use. (The Dazzle also has an S-Video connection, but I'm always using the RCA cables.) I bought mine at Office Depot. You can probably find one at Best Buy or any number of other retail outlets. It's fairly cheap and versatile for converting video and DVD material to a digital format.

The Dazzle is bundled with Instant DVD Recorder software that plays the VHS tape or DVD in a small window and lets you record all or part of it. The window makes it easier to find specific scenes. It has extra features intended to let users convert VHS home movies into DVD format with chapter breaks and DVD menuing as well, but I just use it to record clips and excerpts so I don't know from experience how well that works.

It can record straight to a DVD, but I output to a file, which ends up in MPEG format. I use a conversion program to convert it into AVI format for editing. (The video editing software I am using works much better with AVI files, so that's the format in which I edit.) AVI files seem up upload and convert very well on YouTied as well.

Nothing is ever very straightforward, is it?


Ralphus: Nice vidcaps of Mrs Peel. I have the VHS series of all three "Emma Peel" years that was put out by A&E. Now I have to digitize them all because I refuse to spend the money to buy them all again in DVD format. But at least I can watch them any time I want.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 04:19:30 PM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

YikYakker- refer back to the link I posted a few days ago for "any video converter". It does more than just give the flv file types sound. If you put a DVD in your computers dvd drive and open its "video" folder you can convert the video files of the dvd (which in most cases are .vob files I think). Convert the vob file with the scene you want into something normal, like .avi or .wmv.

In most cases though the vob files are more than you want, like 1/4th of the whole movie. So after you have the .avi or .wmv file you should use "Windows Movie Maker", which should already be on your PC if you have Windows. with this you can cut out specific scenes you want and use that clip for posting on Youtied. The program is pretty easy to learn if you mess around with it a little first.

Again, this is just how I do it and like Canadian I'm sure others have a different way as well.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 04:30:59 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

John Galt: That is the only clip I have. I just happened to catch it one day when I was flipping channels. Watching that show as a kid was what made me first realize that I was wired for this kinda stuff. I think it's what inspired me to invent backyard games that called for tying up the girl next door.

I am also digitizing my VHS collection in order to de-loop. That way I can cut out the garbage. Makes perfect sense to me.

Ralphus: Those were great clips and I got a real kick out of Jib-Jab this morning while having my morning coffee.

Funny how I proofread before posting and sometimes still find typos after it appears and think "how the fuck did I do that?"

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 05:53:15 PM

Name: John Galt

Cindy...Tearful Anal Training (Powershotz Video Clip)

The expressive Cindy, whose tearful whipping scene riled the Philistines so much when Steve posted a clip on YouTied, is back in Cindy...Tearful Anal Training. She looks no worse the wear for having been nailed to the wall in the last video clip. When the scene begins, Cindy is tied to a device I haven't seen used before. It is a bench with a metal tubing frame at the front end. The cross tube is right at head height, so the neck can be underneath or the chin can rest on top.

We begin with Cindy's wrists each tied to one of the uprights at the bottom, so she is on all fours, and her ankles are tied together. Her head is actually under the cross beam tube and rope is looped down around her neck, so that if she drops her head too far, she will choke herself. That's a nice arrangement. Needless to say, Cindy is absolutely, gloriously naked.

As in previous episodes, Cindy is in victim mode, looking scared and whimpering quietly. Her masked assailant walks into the scene with a bottle of oil and talks about what he's going to do. Cindy looks to be on the verge of tears. We go into split screen mode, thank god, because I want to see Cindy's facial expressions and I want to see her anal violation. I want it all. I'm not sure anyone has mastered the split screen goodness quite like Powershotz.

Oil is squirted liberally up and down her back. The masked guy rubs it in. Cindy whimpers, "no, no." When it comes time to oil Cindy's crack, the treatment gets a little rough. I didn't see any overt vaginal penetration, but I'm thinking from the look of things he rubbed pretty deeply between her pussy lips. He poked at her anus extremely threateningly, and at one point he was squeezing his fingers together vertically up along her crack, sliding the bottom ones up through her pussy lips and pressing his thumb sternly against her anus. At one point he takes the time to untie her neck rope and lets her rest her chin on the cross bar. He reaches up and muffles her mouth with one hand and with his other hand, he sticks his thumb up her anus. Cindy cries and struggles while he works his thumb around for a bit. Then he spanks her ass and walks away.

Cindy can see what he's doing, but due to the camera angle, we cannot, Unfortunately, she does not register any fear or panic as he picked up the glass rod. That was kind of a missed opportunity, as is her less-than-terrified response when he walks back into scene with it. Oh well. The masked man makes her open her mouth and teases her with the glass rod. Although he inserts it into her mouth, he sadly does not push it far enough in to gag her. At least, not one of those body jerking, throat closing, pulling back trying to get away gagging moments. Oh well again.

The masked man is using the long glass rod that has the largish round bulb on one end and the two larger cones one after the other on the other end. First, he positions the rounded end against her vagina and teases it around briefly before he slides it in. He moves it around. Cindy is making crying noises in her best victim mode. He slides it back out and positions it against her anus. He pokes at her for awhile, not going for any depth or real penetration, but just kind of applying pressure with the promise of something more invasive.

When he pushes the rod inside of her, there is a reaction, but not the kind of screaming pained oh my god take it out kind of reaction I was craving. I guess it didn't hurt that much. But she still cries and whimpers and rocks forward as he seriously fucks her with it. Her cries did increase in volume, which counts. So maybe she felt something and just stoically dealt with it. I would have preferred frightened victim Cindy not dealing at all well with it but I am a perv.

Then something happens with the video clip. Cindy is no longer oiled up. Her face is no longer shiny with perspiration and tears. This might have been recorded earlier, or separately. Maybe Steve will enlighten us. She is still tied to the same bench device. She is not in victim mode. She is in Cindy paid bondage sex model mode. And she is showing a little apprehension as her masked master walks behind her with the glass rod, this time with the larger double cone end forward. I'm thinking that victim Cindy was okay but this might be even better.

It is still split screen mode but Steve needs to take a whip to whomever is working the videocamera on Cindy's face because several times it just wanders all over the place. But the camera covering her outstanding ass is rock steady, which is more than I can say for Cindy's ass itself. It is moving quite a bit as the double cone glass dildo works its way inside of her. We do not see any lubricant applied. It may be she was lubed up prior to when the scene picked up. My fantasy is that he did her unlubed. But I'm, you know, a perv.

Cindy is not acting. She gasps, moans, closes her eyes and widens them back again and rolls them as she is being anally violated. She even bites down on the padding around the cross bar at one point. The first cone pops in and the second cone may or may not have popped in. It was hard to tell, both from the camera angle and from Cindy's expressions. But it is hard-on inducing to watch as that first cone is slowly eased back out, then back in, and her tight anus closes up around it each time. And Cindy's face betrays that she is feeling it all. It is a climactically hot scene.

I saw that there was still a minute or two to go and I was kind of hoping for something more, umm, brutal maybe. But that was it. Masked man puts a bone gag on her and I guess we are setting up for the next scene.

If you saw the Cindy whipping video and you liked Cindy crying while she was being whipped, you will love this video. Cindy in victim mode is very nice. Personally, I really liked Cindy in apprehensive bondage sex model mode, wondering what it was going to be like having the glass rod shoved up her ass. But it was good anal violation all the way around. I think I would give this a strong B+.

Saturday, September 27th 2008 - 08:28:23 PM

Name: greyducttape
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Poll: (C) hear what is going on in the next room. Grey

Sunday, September 28th 2008 - 02:44:50 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

John Galt: Thank you for the fine review of Cindy...Tearful Anal Training. Cindy is definitely cute and if that YouTied clip from the other film was any indication, a convincing actress. I would say a B+ grade is pretty good coming from someone who is, you know, a perv.

Sunday, September 28th 2008 - 05:27:32 AM

Name: YikYakker

John Galt, A Canadian, and Dr. Yuya: Thanks for your tips about clips...further proof that a lot of work and creative energy goes into these things. I typically watch DVDs on my PC, since I don't have a (working) DVD player. In any case, those of us who are interested in producing clips now know where to start.

Sunday, September 28th 2008 - 06:00:54 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Good news. The An Nanba clips from Shark Special 33, such as this one, are now up on YouTied.

Sunday, September 28th 2008 - 08:15:35 AM

Name: Brutus

Goddammit, it's taking me forever to get caught up on this site lately. Amid the deluge of Powershotz info (thanks John Galt), Steve Power wrote about his models: Try to talk them out of it first ...

If you don't mind me asking, what percentage of the models actually back down and leave? Just curious.

pettitoes: Nice to see you're losing the nervousness. You mentioned the cages. Although sinister, the cages, even if the victim cannot move, really do nothing for me for some reason. Perhaps it's because there seems to be limited access to the victim's naughty bits. To each his/her own I guess, but I prefer the old suspended spreadeagle where every part of the victim is easily accessible, and every inch of flesh is there for the taking (or whipping). However, I agree that John Willie's art involving cages is pretty damn hot.

Monday, September 29th 2008 - 09:32:57 AM

Name: John Galt

Hazel...Try Before You Buy (Powershotz Video Clip, 2008)

This is an incredible video clip in every respect. It features an attractive and sexy model, Hazel. It features actual sex performed by a guy (probably her boyfriend or husband) with a real penis. It is a victim role play scenario. And the action pushes the model out of acting mode several times, to the point where it looks like she is experiencing extreme discomfort, if not some pain. But she endures and it is very close to True GIMP.

The clip begins with Hazel on her hands and knees, bound to the training bench. Her wrists are tied together in front of her and her ankles are tied together, crossed, behind her. The set-up is that she is being sold into slavery and her potential buyer is trying her out first. So the buyer walks up and grabs her hair and jerks back her head. He wraps a belt around her neck and loops it, so that it tightens around her throat when he pulls back on it. Hazel is doing a nice job of playing the helpless frightened victim, whimpering and pleading and making pained and fearful faces. It all sets the stage nicely.

The buyer steps around behind her and slaps her butt, and she cries out and jumps at the impact. Hazel is very expressive. Her mouth and eyes all support the storyline here. She looks terrified, and appropriately ashamed and embarrassed as the buyer gropes her breasts and strokes her face and hair. While he is telling her what he's going to do to her, the camera pans around to the back of Hazel and we get a look at her lovely rear and we can see that her asshole has already been oiled up. Mmm.

He fucks her in the mouth briefly, going kind of deep. Then he backs away and she looks up pleadingly as he undresses (off camera) and you can see she knows what's next. He walks around behind her with his stiff cock leading the way. She looks back over her shoulder and generally looks afraid. He pushes her head down, which forces her ass up, and positions himself against her, teasing his cock back and forth a few times just to build up suspense. Then he shoves it in all at once.

The buyer sodomizes Hazel for a quite awhile. I cannot even begin to describe the sodomy scene blow by blow (or, more accurately, thrust by thrust). The fucking is hard and deep. The buyer grabs the belt, and while he's pulling back on it and pounding away at her, Hazel's face gets pretty flushed. I'm thinking the belt was actually cutting off her air and subsequently the belt isn't used in this fashion too much. But it was pretty hot watching that. He grabs her hair and pulls her head back as he sodomizes her. He gets a firm grip on her hips and rams his cock home. He slows down and slides in deeply and she responds as he reaches critical depth.

Meanwhile, Hazel is screaming and crying out and making some faces that look like she's acting the victim but mostly it looks like the sodomy is an endurance test for her and she is determined to make it through for the sake of her art. God bless her. She is awesome. It was very, very easy to imagine that she was being anally raped.

But the coolest part of this clip is that shortly after the anal sex begins, the editing gets very choppy for awhile, like the action started and stopped and restarted several times. It is like the parts where she protested that it was too much were removed, so it is all forceful fucking without reprieve. There is even one place where we go into split screen, which I wish we had been in from the start, where the buyer positions himself against her anus and she looks uncertain and when he thrusts in she really cries out and the scene cuts immediately. Wow. Right after that we get the same scene and Hazel is obviously doing some acting, looking terrified and making god-it-hurts faces but since we've already seen her real god-it-hurts face we can tell she's kind of performing. And then comes the best part. While we are in split screen, or viewing Hazel from the rear, we can see her lovely feet. And the feet tell the true story of when she is acting and when she is enduring. They do marvelous things. They point and rock, her toes curl, and she moves her feet back and forth, placing one behind the other and then changing. It is the kind of move that is usually very authentic, and if she was faking it, well, she sure convinced me.

When he has finished, and trust me when I say I have not come close to describing the extent of how thoroughly he violated her, he walks around and takes hold of her head and forces her head back and forth on his cock very roughly. She gags and coughs and her eyes water until he finally comes in her mouth. By the time he is done with her, Hazel's body is shining with dried sweat, her face is moist with perspiration and tears, and she looks like she has been put through it.

Bondage. Rough anal sex. Rough oral sex. It may have been a consensual role playing scenario, but Hazel went above and beyond convincing me that she was being anally raped and that it hurt like hell. I have got to download some more Hazel video clips, although I don't know how anything can possibly top this. I give this an enthusiastic and highly recommended A+. And this is not an oh-my-god-Shelena-is-so-hot-and-she-really orgasmed grade, this is a GIMP grade. Thank you, Steve Power.

Monday, September 29th 2008 - 05:40:41 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

John Galt: Thanks for 2 more nice reviews. A+, huh? I've never given that grade to any film, but bondage rape with a hottie will always gets high marks from me. Hazel is definitely easy on the eyes. Ever since I posted the daily picture of her attacked in the schoolgirl outfit, I've been itching to see more. I may just have to check out the entire film that contains that scene.

The direct links for your reviews are here:


I'm sure many of you remember our old friend Bill Zebub, the much maligned (and deservedly so) filmmaker who was last heard from as referring to us as "retards" for our interests. The big controversy around these parts last year was Bill's decision to remake the famous Girl in the Box story of Colleen Stan, the woman who was abducted, held prisoner and forced to live in a coffin-like box for 7 years. His film Breaking Her Will was loaded with bondage and torture like the original story...but he wanted to make it with the actress's face completely covered up with a leather mask, an incredibly stupid idea. We had a poll and asked for opinions and quite a few of you responded, with nearly 100% voting overwhelmingly against it (It's all saved in the Guestbook Archives in my Homepage URL beginning with my June 1, 2007 post...a very entertaining read).

It would seem even a moron could figure this one out: you don't take a beautiful woman and then completely cover her face so that no one can see her face. Not if you expect people to buy it, anyway. Nonetheless, Bill stubbornly refused to bend, earning him "Idiot of the Year" honors in last year's Year-end wrap-up.

Fast-forward to last week. Bill e-mailed me a few stills from the film, which he's currently shooting. And guess what? He apparently changed his mind and listened to us. The female victim is blindfolded, but you can otherwise see her face...a very good call. All I can say is I'm pleasantly surprised. This film may actually have promise after all.

If there's any interest, I may run some of the preview pics on the board as the daily pic after this current Powershotz series finishes out.


BTW guys, we're still getting plenty of hits, but the response to the latest poll as been...shall we say a bit underwhelming? I thought it was a good question, so let's bring it back here again and see if we can get more of you to respond.

What method would be most effective in horrifying the victim?
A) verbally telling the victim what you intend to do
B) Quietly showing the victim implements of destruction
C) Having her listen to someone else get the business in the next room

And let's try to do more than just post with one-word A, B or C answers...try to explain why you feel that way. Anybody who hasn't voted so far, please take a few minutes and give us your opinions. You'll feel good about yourself and you'll show how cool you are by adding to the forum.

Monday, September 29th 2008 - 10:10:32 PM

Name: mothbrad

OK, I have minimal checking in time these days, but two quick comments have to be made:

These recent caps from the Powershotz movies are not only great, they're the reason I get out of bed every morning; and the reviews (particularly by the now usual suspects) are excellent reading.

Please take this as a personal thanks for every one of these things.

Monday, September 29th 2008 - 11:41:49 PM

Name: mothbrad

OK, and having taken a second to read Ralphus' post, I now see that we're in uncharted territory. No, I don't mean that the economy is going totally down the toilet, but that BzB has decided to make a good artistic decision. If you hear four horses, start running ...

Monday, September 29th 2008 - 11:45:28 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

John Galt, Thanks for the positive review! That scene is definitely one of my favorites. You described it pretty accurately. We had to stop at first because she couldn't take his cock up the ass. She did start to choke out while he was cinching the strap tight around her neck and fucking hard. The scene before this....she was anal trained with the glass rod. That clip is super hot from a humiliation standpoint because she was pushing her limits letting a man other than her boyfriend fondle, lubricate, and violate her pussy and ass with a dildo. Plus since she doesn't do anal she was showing real facial expression when that dildo broke through her sphincter. It's definitely worth getting on dvd for the higher quality and color depth. It's on VL022...Forcing Function.

I think you'd like the school girl rape scene with Hazel as well. Awesome abduction, tie up, and fuck of Hazel in a schoolgirl outfit. That one is on VL020

Everything Hazel did was fantastic. It helps to be 19 years old and have a perfect body. She's got a tattoo but her body is so hot it overwhelms it. I've got a couple more dvds to release with Hazel on them.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 12:46:31 AM

Name: weewilly

Of the three methods proposed, I think the most effective method of horrifying a victim is having her listen to someone else get the business in the next room. This is particularly true if she understands that the same fate does or could await her. The sound of the session in another room is more psychologically intense than either hearing a verbal threat or seeing a threatening implement.

Let's assume that whipping is the torment the victim is being threatened with. Method A would be to tell the victim she is going to be whipped. Method B is to show her the whip. Method C is to have her hear a whipping in the next room. Both Method A and B require that she imagine being whipped; whereas, Method C allows her to experience with her own senses (in this case, hear) a real whipping. Because she is using her own senses to actually experience another person going through the torment, Method C allows her to live the experience unlike the other to methods. With Method C, the crack of the whip and the struggles and screams of the other victim become very real. The other two methods will not allow her to understand in a real way what experience awaits her.

As a final note, an effective way to coerce one person is to threaten or torture someone else, particularly someone close to the first person. For example, a man, who might otherwise be quite stoic in the face of torture, might melt when faced with the torture of his wife. It seems to me that this form of coercion is most effective for the same reason that Method C is most horrifying: Experiencing someone else "getting the business" is very tough psychologically.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 02:37:45 AM

Name: HCKeys
Homepage URL:

Ralphus, I found Aria. Apparently she's been recaptured by Peter at Perhaps you can negotiate her return. By the looks of things it doesn't appear she's going anywhere anytime soon.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 06:19:32 AM

Name: Scheer


Smell is an important sense and in sexual terms the smell of a woman, especially one you're fond of, can be both comforting and exciting.

It got me thinking that in the clinical porno world we inhabit there are no smells (except perhaps your own and I don't want to go into that!). However, the fiendish fantasies of female abuse that we enjoy would in reality generate some aromas: from the victims body, her intimate parts, orifices and secretions, and sweat/body odour and fear - surely factors in her humiliation; and for some, blood, leather, electrics, burning flesh even.

So, in your fantasy GIMP universe, do smells enter into it? Or is this a step too far towards reality?

(I had visions of a layered candle being supplied with each film. The candle is lit at the start of the film and each layer will produce the required aroma as the film plays - no fast forwarding of course. OK, I'm being a bit silly here)

And following on from this, I would be interested what our heroes, such as Steve Power or Rick Masters, or heroines even, can tell us about this subject in their productions. Do the girls try and make sure they're squeaky clean before a shoot, perhaps over using deodorants, body sprays etc. to avoid embarrassment; or do you employ room fresheners to make the models more comfortable? Any stories on the subject?

Apologies if this question upsets some.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 09:10:44 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

John Galt - an A+ you say - the only other time I saw such a grade was A Canadian's on "Slave Island 11" which was a real quality effort - sounds like you may be calling on Steve to produce a custom video with her as the object of your torments :)

Ralphus - I for one would love to see preview pics of Zebub's latest - while nice to hear the change in concept I'll be curious to see if there is a change in execution - or will he stick to the almost mandatory gore for the sake of gore - in any case I'll hope for the best and expect the worst.

pettitoes - speaking of Esmeralda, I don't know if you ever viewed it but the old version of "Hunchback" with Anthony Quinn and Gina Lollabrigida had her getting the "Spanish Boot" treatment - alas, far too short - it did, however, obtain a quick confession - always thought "Mark of the Devil" blew it when the foot caning was applied to some dude rather than to Gaby or Ingeborg - nothing like a nice bastinado to suck all the fun into the room :)

Scanning YouTied today it would seem bondagedave and his cult following are back to panning all that is not vanilla bondage - I now admit my mistake - what a tiresome pud he is.

Stay Well All

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 09:12:53 AM

Name: pettitoes
E-mail address:

Sloth: Yes I have seen several versions of "Hunchback of Notre Dame," all having different portrayals of Esmerelda's torture. Artistic license I guess.

I read the novel years ago in school and don't recall a detailed description of how they did it to her, just her terror and despair at being taken to the place and seeing all the devices....rather erotic in itself. I thought Salma Hayek was the best Esmerelda, but the scene with a boot the size of a coal furnace was pretty lame.

The movie keeps getting remade, so we'll see another unrealistic boot I'm sure. Too bad she didn't get the rack in the novel.

Speaking of that, is the rack scene from "Tower of London" on YouTied? That may be one of the most realistic racking scenes ever. Sandra Knight is suspended off the surface of the rack, and really held like that I think - no relief for her wrists, and she is a good screamer. Did you guys know she was Jack Nicholson's wife then?

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 09:43:17 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Sloth wrote:

"An A+ you say - the only other time I saw such a grade was A Canadian's on "Slave Island 11" which was a real quality effort.

Without doubt, it's rare for a film to get an A+ from any of the reviewers here. In addition to Slave Island 11, the only other film to receive an A+ from me was Shark 231, which I reviewed back in 2005 (the letter grade was assigned later, when Ralphus updated the site). Indeed, I will post some clips from Shark 231 on YouTied at some point. Anyway, Hazel...Try Before You Buy must be quite the film to be ranked among the greats.


Meanwhile, I'm interested to see the activity Sloth mentioned on YouTied. The YouTied site is currently down (I think there are some Internet problems in the US) so I haven't seen the latest foolishness, but I'm sure it's not pretty.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 11:42:04 AM

Name: Alan
E-mail address:

Good evening!

Is down again? Seems it was up yesterday. All other downloads are fine.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 03:51:21 PM

Name: John Galt

Scheer: I have to admit I would always have a female victim thoroughly cleaned and probably even shaved (underarms, legs, crotch) prior to any GIMP activity. It isn't that I necessarily dislike natural body and excretory smells (well, okay, yes there are few excretory smells I do not like), but I just want to start with a clean and olfactory neutral slate. There are a few perfumes I think I would like my victims to be wearing. And of course there are differently scented body oils I would use for massage or lubrication. The combination of perfume, oil, perspiration and, umm, other secreted fluids would make for a unique and heady aroma, I would think, as the session developed.

I don't think I've ever watched a scene and wondered to myself "gee, I wonder what that smells like?" though. I would be too busy wondering what it felt like.


Victoria (Powershotz Video Clips, 2005-2006)

When I go searching through the Powershotz video clip archives, I am generally looking for the GIMPiest clips the site has to offer. For me that is (1) scenes of simulated nonconsensual bondage sex (my own personal euphemism for simulated rape or simulated sexual violence), or (2) scenes with models being pushed (albeit agreeing to be pushed) to their limits or genuinely responding to what is being done to them. A few of the Shelena videos and most of the anal training videos I've seen generally fall into the latter category. Hazel's Try Before You Buy was most definitely in the former category.

But every so often I come across a model whose looks are so unique that, even though it doesn't look like their shoots fall into either of my preferred categories, I check them out anyway. So it was with Victoria.

Victoria - Bottoms Up was the first Victoria clip I watched. Victoria is a dream to look at. She has a small but extremely well-developed little body, and an innocent looking face with huge eyes. In this video she is being tied in a hogtie, and seeing her smooth back arched with her slender arms pulled straight back is quite the pleasurable sight. Her butt is round and shapely and she has faint tan lines.

When the tie is done, her ankles are tied to her thighs so that her legs are bent back severely, and her wrists are tied to her ankles. She looks scrumptious. The remainder of the video is Victoria reluctantly following instructions. She wears an expression that is difficult to interpret. Her mouth is perpetually downturned at the edges, almost as if she is frowning but not really. It really looks like she is resentful. I found it a little annoying, but also exciting because I was imagining what I would do to change that smugly resentful expression into one of pain or fear or anger. Alas, the rigger does not punish Victoria.

The rigger orders her to spread her legs at one point and she does not. Well, okay, she spreads her feet but keeps her knees pretty close together. I'm thinking she doesn't really want to be here doing this, but there are THIRTEEN Victoria clips. Based on her responses in this clip, I would have pegged her as a one-hit wonder.

This video is mostly a tour of Victoria's luscious bound body. It is tight and supple. Her breasts are perfectly sized and formed for her body. She has puffy areolae, so that when her nipples are erect, her areolae are distinctly raised as well. She also has a smoothly shaved crotch. Oh my god she is so hot. But although her hotness is off the scale, the GIMP potential is completely unrealized. I ended up so frustrated because you know what I'm looking for. The model is smoking and the video does an extremely good job of showing her off, but the GIMP factor is nearly nil. Some crop whacks, some harsh talk, but no model responsiveness. My GIMP grade is C-.

Victoria - Face Down Spread Eagle was my next Victoria clip, because she was spread eagled and I am a sucker for sexy spread eagled models. Especially when they are naked. Victoria didn't start out naked, though. She started tied face down spread eagled on a table top wearing a blue string bikini. The camera takes us on a tour of her body and if I thought she looked delicious tied in a hogtie, she is breathtaking tied down spread out to the four corners of the table.

There is some cropping and spanking and then the bikini gets untied. There is hair pulling and hand muffling. Her head is held up and back as she is spanked. She has that exact same pouting and unresponsive expression. She does lift up her hips a bit when she is ordered to "get that butt up!" In preparation for being ball gagged, her head is lifted up and she is ordered to open her mouth wide and open her eyes and look into the camera. Victoria looking straight at me with those big brown eyes and that pretty mouth open wide was a nice sensation.

However, I found myself aching to see the rigger anal train her or finger fuck her or do something to get a rise out of her. I know it would be glorious because there are numerous close-ups of her sex and it looks so inviting. Alas.

Victoria is even hotter spread eagled face down. Her well developed legs and calves and her pretty unshod feet look incredible. This would have been a flawless photo session because her unresponsiveness wouldn't have shown. But, infuriatingly, none of Victoria's photo galleries shows her spread eagled. Sometimes I feel the whole world is conspiring against me and my specific perversions.

Once again, a young, beautiful model in a scene with painfully unrealized GIMP potential. I almost want to penalize the clip for failing to deliver, but nothing in the description indicated Victoria would get violated or penetrated in any way. The clip is great for what it does, but it does not deliver GIMP goodness. It is hot, though. I'll stick with my C-.

So I watched a third Victoria clip, titled Victoria - Face Up, and you are no doubt asking yourself, "Why the FUCK are you watching another one of these if you know Victoria isn't going to get abused six ways to Sunday?" That is a valid question. But she's tied spread eagled on that table face up this time. I could not resist. I just needed to see all of Victoria, in all of her glorious nakedness, legs spread wide, smooth shaved pussy totally visible and accessible, perfect breasts with those puffy nipples, face up this time. I could fantasize about the things I would do to her.

So Victoria is tied spread eagled face up on the same table, and the blue string bikini is back on her. The camera does another lovingly slow tour of her body. Her feet are especially nice. Victoria is as inexpressive as always, even when the rigger runs his hands over her body, lifts up her head, hand muffles her, pulls her hair, and unties her bikini. Victoria has a navel piercing, but absolutely no tattoos that I could see. Yum. At the very end of the clip, we get to see Victoria struggling against her rope ties. There's also a wonderful closeup of her puffy nipples and her pussy. How the photographer kept from mounting her during this shoot is a mystery to me. Yowza.

If Victoria had been tied like this to an altar with evil and horny acolytes standing around in dark robes with wicked thoughts in their eyes, and one of them dropped his robe and slowly climbed up on the altar between her widely spread legs and moved purposefully toward her helpless naked form, even if it had cut away with her screaming helplessly as he moved down to violate her, this would have been a B. She looks that hot. Honestly. But the GIMP potential is totally missing. However, Victoria naked spread eagled is still very nice, so I'll go with (what else?) a C-.

I wish I had enough money to commission Victoria to let Steve put her through what Hazel went through in the aforementioned Try Before You Buy video clip. Now THAT would be something to see.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 04:47:22 PM

Name: Brutus

John Galt: Another stellar review. And considering that I find you a much tougher grader than even Ralphus or Sloth, an A+ from you is certainly a ringing endorsement for "Hazel." Kudos to both you and Steve.

Scheer: Smell sometimes enters the picture for me in GIMP scenes. For example, say the scene is about a guy who abducts a homeless woman or a woman who's all dirty and sweaty from being on the run for days. The tortures, especially if they're sexual, probably would lose their effect for me if the villain doesn't hose down the victim first.

The Return of Bill Zebub: I'm sure others here may disagree, but I actually get a kick out of Bill Zebub's posts. Reading them puts me in a surrealistic state of mind, and he certainly can generate a ton of activity on the board. I also have to give him credit for his ability to take so much criticism and keep coming back. I wouldn't mind seeing the pics from his movie. And I'll be expecting a comment from Bill saying something like: "I took everyone's advice and abandoned the mask idea. But I also decided to film the entire movie in reverse slow-motion with no sound."

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 05:01:26 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Ralphus: You should definitely post the pictures from Breaking Her Will. It sounds like there's a chance -- be it ever so slim -- that Bill Zebub has actually produced something some of us might like. Heck, I think Bill Zebub should also post a trailer or some teaser clips on YouTied.

As Brutus has correctly noted, we should all be aware of the risks. Bill Zebub can ruin a potentially good GIMP scene with slow-motion effects or other nonsense when he is overcome with one of his artistic hot flashes. Yet he teeters close enough to GIMP world that you keep hoping one day he'll get it right. And similar to Brutus, I get a kick out of his posts.


Pettitoes: I don't think I have seen the Tower of London scene on YouTied (my apologies in advance if it is there -- YouTied is still down, so I can't check). I will also admit I have never heard of that movie. I would be interested in learning more about it.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 06:07:28 PM

Name: Bill Zebub
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Tomorrow is my last 12-hour shoot for "Breaking Her Will." It's been an incredibly punishing filming experience. Just a couple more days of pick-up shots and I will be ready to edit this puppy. And in 2 months I will hopefully bask in praise, ha ha.

I've had a couple of revelations while preparing for this massive undertaking. The most important one (which probably was really obvious to you, but I was blind at the time) is no matter how I shoot this movie, mainstream critics are going to call it porn, and if I make it too Hitchcock-like (letting everything happen in the imagination) then the extreme viewers are going to call it weak. The style of it was a tough decision because I had over 300 submissions from trained actresses. They would have fought over the role if I had shot it the Hitchcock way. But I decided to make it graphic. Not "porn" level, but far more graphic than any of the trained actresses dared to go.

When I made the decision to make the movie as extreme as possible while still making it a story-oriented flick (not a skin flick), I took a chance on casting Jackie Stevens. She has been in a few of my comedies. She hasn't had the opportunities to train with advanced acting coaches, but she is a natural, and she wanted to try out more serious stuff. Let me tell you, she impressed the hell out of me. I really hope that she impresses you too.

The movie si still a couple of months away from being retail-ready, so I don't want to hog up too much space here. But I want to mention some things about the flick so that your expectations won't be out-of-synch. First, it's not the "Lady in the Box" story. I was inspired by that true crime, but more so in the mental aspects (of the victim). It's important to declare that because I know some of you are dying for that true crime story to be depicted in film. The other thing I wanted to mention was that it's not an experimental movie, like "Serial Rapist" so it's not made to be weird. Of course, I am weird, and everything I do is weird, but I am trying to tell a story with this movie, so I tried to be as clear as possible and the style will be easy to follow. Well, with this kind of material, it would be dangerous to be ambiguous.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 06:16:33 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

My first reaction was to say that I never ever thought about smell in a GIMP related film. After giving it some thought, I remembered the first time I saw "BLOODSUCKING FREAKS". When it got to the scene where the nasty women were being fed in the cage, my friend turned to me and said "Can you imagine how bad their pussy must smell?" I think of that every time I watch it now.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 07:04:50 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

I don't want to horrify a victim.

So "D" - none of the above.


Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 09:16:23 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I've got some bad news to report that affects everyone here. Today, out of the blue and without warning, my Internet provider AOL announced that they will no longer allow members access to their own free space. Anything hosted by AOL will disappear on October 31, 2008. Why should this be of interest to you? Because almost everything on this site is hosted by AOL.

The effect this decision will have on the future of this site is absolutely DEVASTATING. Without AOL to host our pictures, we're going to lose virtually everything we have now. That means no more daily picture. All the special features, except for the actual text ones, will disappear. Nearly every still we have in the various databases...gone.

Even if I can come up with another free ISP that allows adult content (which as of right now, I have yet to locate), the rebuilding work I have ahead of me is MASSIVE. Currently, I am using the free space from all 7 of my screen names to host the various databases, and those took me months to put together. I don't have that much time. We literally have just one month to find a replacement or everything will be gone.

Remember the day we unveiled all the new databases and we blew the bandwidth early on and the site went dark, with all the little red X's where the pictures were supposed to be? Starting November 1, it's going to look like that every day, and they won't be coming back.

Guys, I need your help, and I need it now if we're going to save this site. I need a free hosting company that allows adult content, or more likely, a new internet provider that offers their members the option of uploading files to their free space. I'm sure that provider won't allow adult content, but then neither did AOL and I used them for years. I just don't know what providers are out there; I've been with AOL 12 years and they're all I've ever used.

I do know about Imagevenue. I'm aware they allow adult content, but they have can only put one picture at a time on their pages, which makes them useless for any page that has multiple stills. Even worse, you can't take the picture off their site and display it on our site, like I do with the daily picture, for instance. So they are really not the answer.

We have to act quickly to find a replacement. Please help me out if you can offer any solutions. The future of this site depends on you.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 09:37:13 PM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: About how much total storage space is needed to host the AOL data? And do you have any idea what the bandwidth usage is per month? Do you have enough storage space to move everything down to a local HD for preservation purposes, or do you need help doing that?

I don't know of any free hosting services right off hand, but I am interested in helping out any way I can.

This kind of sucks.

Tuesday, September 30th 2008 - 11:52:33 PM

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