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October 2003

Name: Scribbler

Some questions for you all (if you feel like answering)

how many zfx videos have you rented?
of those, what are your 2 favorite?
how many zfx videos do you own?
of those, what are your 2 favorite?
how many zfx titles are you interested in that you haven't rented or bought yet?
of those, what are your 2 most wanted?

who's your favorite zfx actress and why?
what's your favorite movie with her in it and why?
how many zfx movies with her have you seen?

What 2 things do you like best about zfx video? What 2 things do you like least about zfx video?

Why am I asking? might be enlightening. Do you have to limit yourself to 2: No. now discuss :)

Wednesday, October 1st 2003 - 10:31:36 PM

Name: Matrix
E-mail address: matrix_1010101@yahoo.com

hmmmmm? Re: ZFX fav's...let's see:

A) "...how many zfx videos have you rented? 2 fav's?..." never rented. Wish I could in my area, but none to be found. IF I could rent 2, I guess "SOB 3 and BlountTrauma 3" - hadn't seen 'em, but like what previews I have seen - Christina Anderson's electrical spread & Penelope Pace's ordeal.

B) "...how many...own? 2 fav's?..." 14 ZFX/Shockwave titles. Tough call on favorite 2, though I would have to say Fair Warning and SOB4...Enjoyed watching Tabitha Jordon gang stuffed in FW, and Christina Anderson's cell-bang and screams/whimpers in SOB4 - yeah, yeah - true perv!

C) "...interested titles not yet bought? Most wanted...?" Man! All of 'em! I guess "SOB 6 or 7 and BTrauma 2 or 3". (I know that's 4, but hey, it's my only answer).

D) "...favorite ZFX actress and her movie?" I have always enjoyed watching Penelope Pace tied, banged, tortured and humilated since I've purchased my first ZFX-Minced Meat. Then I've tried getting all of her titles-when she was blonde, that is..though nothing wrong with her hair in Guilty series. I have about 6 of her vids so far. She has a great pair of tits, curves and legs and can gargle and gag loud! She does play the part well, IMO, (though I haven't yet seen SOB6/7 with Elaine Payton yet!!). Penelope shows great expressions of fear, though she can put up a fight in some of her movies, which I'm not too much of a fan of those scenes... She's hot playing the victim/abducted type, with sexy skirts, dress, tight blouse's and looks great in heels. Just right for abduction, tight ties, spread tortures and banging at both ends.

Ok, I like ZFX for pushing the envelope more than once, IMO. Earlier vids seem to show suggestive penetrations, then quickly change scenes, though forced oral seems not to be much of a prob. Later vids seem more daring with insertions of objects, though of course fake penis'.

Least liked about ZFX? None that stand out fiercly...but I guess Rick could try to show each victim portrayed is not only taken, tied and whipped, as well as tortured to some degree, but definitely more penetration and forced oral throughout the movie (ie, "The Plant" - almost every different scene had TJordan raped by the plant or villains). I also like the vids with more than one male villain on one female victim. Otherwise, ZFX seems to be going well - just hope these new moves by other producers won't influence Rick to hide away. Can't wait for some Classic's remakes - BWR in particular! My 2 cents and more....


Thursday, October 2nd 2003 - 07:20:23 AM

Name: A Heretic

Greetings! Long time reader and ZFX aficionado, first time poster. As to Scribbler queries: Never rented ZFX but own about 20, almost all bought at discount (2 for $25.) Favorite actress is Lisa Kinkaid--most consistently attractive and hot. (And reading those interviews with her greatly exacerbates her appeal.) Fave vids & scenes are 1) Lisa on knees, roped upright & tape gagged at beginning of "Hard Down Easy." 2) Lisa spread on bed & tape gagged 10 minutes into "The Incubus."

As to breast bondage, Rick rules! The only guy close (but does stills only) is Andy Adler. There IS an interesting B&D Pleasures vid called "Adler Shoots" (from '91 I think) with some stills suitable for video capture, but mostly being him & 2 models shooting stills.

I've been previously fortunate in my personal life to have had romantic relationships with some great and brave women willing to indulge and explore my penchant for bondage. Initially apprehensive, they each ended up enjoying many aspects of the experiences - as, needless to say, did I. Take care to be gradual, careful, safe, and get consent at every stage. The rewards can be transcendental!

--A Heretic

Thursday, October 2nd 2003 - 08:01:26 AM

Name: Gonzo
Homepage URL: http://www.thebondagechannel.com/

Custom Vid
After reading BBFans notes about getting a custom video, I became very interested in having one made for myself. Don't have time for a long post, so I will try to keep it short and sweet. Wish I had $2000 to get a more professional work done, but for the bargain price of $350, I am really happy with the work done by TheBondageChannel.com. I picked them simply because of about 10 websites that I sent my script to, theirs was the only response suggesting that they actually read it. Keep in mind that for $350, you are basically paying for about an hour of a model and cameraman's time. Nevertheless, the model, Raquel, sold the scene better than a lot of more professional models. And the guy that did the work really put on a class act. The lighting, sound, and picture were very good. As soon as I ordered, they let me order 2 free DVDs from their site to enjoy while I waited. They made a photo CD with about 100 stills taken during the shoot. They even tried to help me find some very specific costuming that I wanted. The DVD and photo CD even arrived with labels in a dual CD case. I'm happy with the final product and would order from them again.

Do keep in mind that I kept the script simple - more about roleplay and costuming. If you write them looking for extremely intricate breast bondage, it's probably gonna run you more than the basic $350.

Hope this proves helpful.


Thursday, October 2nd 2003 - 09:57:15 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com


Yeah, I contacted them after reading your post about them, and they did come in cheaper for the type of action I requested than others, $800 if they can sell it on their site, and $1,100 if not. (Unfortunately, we are tapped out of disposable funds right now, so we can't pursue anything with them at the present time) This is excluding any travel, etc, but it is still cheaper than the other sites. Although I must say that the $2,000 you refer to is the MOST I have been quoted, and it was for two female victims and one female domme, with travel for both victim models. It would have been more like $1,200 for a simpler script and no travel. The biggest hurdle to getting the kind of video we want done is finding the right model, so travel is often involved.

I am glad you got a custom done for a very reasonable price, and we might work wuth TBC in the future - thanks for the input.

Thursday, October 2nd 2003 - 10:15:21 AM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

I just found out about this adult mail DVD rental site and thoughts folks here might find it of interest. The bondage selection is limited, but you might want to suggest they get more.
I have no idea whether the service is reputable or otherwise worth getting involved in. Looking at the FAQ says that you can only get things off a list, meaning that your first choices aren't always available.

Saturday, October 4th 2003 - 12:27:02 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Top two favorite ZFX vids: I had to take some time to think about this. I think Cheerleaders of Perilous U. has to be a lock. I've discussed this one so many times that everyone knows my views on it. Plus I have a sweet spot for Chandra Sweet and this is her best showcase. It's a must-have for any ZFX fan, especially for anyone who likes Chandra (everyone?).

But since we get to pick two, my second favorite would have to be South of the Border 4: Atrocities. It was a tough call, but how can I possibly leave this one off the list? It's wall to wall torture and rape scenes, every one of them good, and most of them great. This is the one where Lisa Kinkaid gets hung upside down and dunked into a barrel of water, and shocked at the same time. She also gets bullwhipped, and zapped with a stun gun until she pisses uncontrollably. And don't forget such honies as Christina Anderson and Kelly McKay also do their fair share of suffering. I think it's one of Rick's best efforts, and it wouldn't surprise me to see this one end up on other people's lists, as well.

Favorite ZFX actress and why: Aw, I get to pick only one? After a hundred plus ZFX vids, I would be hard pressed to narrow it down to just one ZFX babe. And my answer would probably change from day to day. But for tonight, I'll go with Monica Moore, because she's so damn hot, and because she has those big tits, and because I love to hear her scream. Pick any Monica flick except for Incubus 2 and you'll have a winner; best of all is her twin showcase The Reporter and Gangstarr: Reporter 2.

2 things I like best about ZFX: Again, hard to narrow it down to only two. But I would have to say number one is the women that Rick has cast in his shows from his earliest tapes through his current work. For the most part, no tattoo freaks, and generally pretty, often gorgeous girl-next-door types, exactly the kind of girls I like to see bad things happen to. Hiring the right girls is such an important aspect of the process. If you don't start off with pretty girls, it's not likely that the film is going to work, no matter what you do to them.

Second thing I like best about ZFX is the realistic aspect of the storylines. While he still likes to delve into sci-fi material, at the heart of almost every ZFX production is the villain overcoming the innocent girl in natural surroundings, and sometimes the bondage action occurs inside the home, rather than some artificial dungeon-type environment. Realism is important for me in this type of fantasy, even if the tortures sometimes go over the top and stretch the believability a bit.

What do I like least about ZFX? Probably that they put out so few releases anymore. In 2003, we were graced with one...count 'em, one...new title all year. Yeah, I know Rick is working on restoring his old works to DVD, but man...one a year just don't cut it for me. Like everyone else, I'm looking forward to seeing how he tackles HOM in his upcoming Bittersweet project.

Thanks to everyone who's added their feedback to Scribbler's query. Now let's hear from someone else. Surely you must have some opinions, right? Speak up, or I'm not kidding. You'll get nothing but Mad Dog pictures for a month. And no one wants to see that (except for Mad Dog, you egotistical bastard).

Saturday, October 4th 2003 - 10:14:44 PM

Name: Evets

Maybe it was here, maybe somewhere else, somebody listed a series of low cost online video websites. Help ?

Sunday, October 5th 2003 - 08:39:30 AM

Name: Scheer

Gonzo. Many thanks for your views on what equipment a modern perv needs. Being a bit of a luddite, I'll remain a semi-modern perv for the moment.

To Scribbler's questions. I live in the U.K. and I'm not aware of any places I can rent zfx type films. My first experience was from a seedy London video shop who sold tapes which were copies of copies, the quality being poor. In effect I suppose they were rented because when I returned the tape I could use it in part exchange for another one. So, I've 'rented' about 10 films, my best two being Phantacide Peepshow 2 (for the P. Pace toilet scene with 'the Governer' himself, Rick, and Chandra Sweet's tied to the door episode) and Forced Entry (not for Lisa but the other girl).

Then I found the internet and the zfx site (via GIMP Links, which in turn I found via Lorilee's links. I didn't stop to browse this site because I was in too much of a hurry to get my greedy mits on Ricks films; that came later!). Like a kid in a toy shop, I bought 7 tapes. The best of these are Underland (the tied to the table scene) and SOB 5 (spreadeagled on a bed with three hoods mauling the girl). I've just ordered L.K's Dirty Dreams, so my views might change.

Favorite actress: Drew Pheonix, because she's so 'grabable'. I've only seen Binding Contract, but that was made when Rick had to more cautious than he is now (I liked many of the themes and girls from those older films but none delivered for me because of those restrictions).

I want voluptous women, only men dominating them, the women to be forced by circumstances (e.g. owe money) as well as rope, naked women,mauled, probed, groped in all orifices, no blow jobs, no rape as such, spanking but not wipping, good and variable locations. From the editing point of view, the one thing I find irritating is when a girl is being, er, worked on but we keep jumping from that scene to another, and then back again (classic example SOB 3). I appreciate there is some merit in doing this for the film's sake, but I don't like it! When I transfer this to my highlights tape, I edit them to make one scene.

To summarise, all though I do not usually like a whole zfx film, there is often something in them which works for me, and for that reason I'm grateful for Rick's efforts (to give another idea of my tastes, I found a lot I liked in the (non zfx) film, Kimberley, Princess of Pain, especially a scene where she was fingered from behind whilst tied to a St Andrew's Cross, and another where she was fingered from the front whislt standing up).

A question to the panel please. In the U.S. you have the I.A.F.D. listings of porn films. In the U.K. there is www.bgafd.co.uk.. I know these sites are not spot-on accurate but they're still useful. Are there any others that cover our tastes?

Sunday, October 5th 2003 - 09:17:08 AM

Name: nycdom30
E-mail address: nycdom30s@aol.com

Hi all. Great site.

Any word on what Rick is up to? I heard Monica Moore is coming back? She was a hottie!

Monday, October 6th 2003 - 03:30:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews04.html

NYCDom30: Hey, an old friend returns! For those of you who haven't been around here from the start, NYCDom used to review the new ZFX releases with regularity in our early days. A bunch of your reviews are archived on our Reviews By GIMP Readers page (URL above).

Sorry, guy, but Rick said just the opposite in a recent post. Monica's not coming back, but we can dream, can't we? Meanwhile, Gangstarr is one of those titles that I'm eagerly awaiting on DVD. It's a lot of fun, and an example of Monica at her best.

Monday, October 6th 2003 - 06:28:33 PM

Name: nycdom30
E-mail address: nycdom30s@aol.com

Hey thanks Ralphus!

I have been lurking around, hadn't had much to post about.

You mentioned reviews, so let me share my thoughts on SOB 6

SOB 6 is worth the purchase. This was my first ZFX DVD. I was not able to get it to work on my desktop, but my laptop ran it fine. Can anyone recommend a DVD viewer for the flick?

Anyway, aside from technial issues, the flim is very good. What I like about this video is how it's like one of the old ones. What I mean by that is I get three different victims. I always feel I get more for my money when I get multiple women.

Here I get two new-comers. Ashley is okay, but not a great actress, can you say bimbo? Nice to look at, and her scenes are good.

The real find here is Elaine Payton. Very sweet. The best looking babe since Monica. My favorite scene is the strip search one. I like humiliation and this is great. Her look and acting are also very good for a ZFX film. I would almost say she is one of the best. We get some force scenes two, which are also big for me

If you are listening Rick, and I can only speak for me here, but make more vids like Forced Entry and more humiliation type scenes like in SOB 6. I know you have recently gotten more in to torture and pain, which is not my thing. I like seeing clothes getting ripped, crying gals and rape. Boy I hope my Mom does not read this *grin*

Lisa's scenes are also good. I am not the biggest fan of Lisa, more because I have seen her so many times now. It's nice to see new blood.

Well that's all I have right now. I will be getting SOB 7 soon.


Tuesday, October 7th 2003 - 05:09:25 PM

Name: DHT
E-mail address: omac4w@yahoo.com

Anyone have any luck getting HATRED OF A MINUTE, AUGUST UNDERGROUND, or CUT? E-mail me if so.

Tuesday, October 7th 2003 - 07:57:25 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

DHT: Hatred of a Minute? This is one I had never heard of. I did a Google search and found out that it's a serial killer movie, and one review mentioned "a terrified woman trussed up in the back of his car". Does anyone know anything else about it? Apparently it's available on DVD, though. Search around.

You can order CUT by clicking right here:


It's one I personally recommend highly. But when I ordered back in June or July, they had delays in shipping the DVDs due to some flooding problems.

I got August Underground through:


Last time I checked, they didn't have an actual ordering link, but you can send a check for $25 to:

P.O. BOX 58151
Pittsburgh, PA. 15209

It was, for the most part, a tedious film, but the 14 or so minutes of bondage, humiliation and torture of a tied-up naked woman made it worthwhile for me. But trust me, this is NOT for every audience, even among the pervs who read this board.

Tuesday, October 7th 2003 - 09:44:33 PM

Name: SirP

Hi everyone. Today's picture is from Rope Burn, one of the HOM Bondage Classics. I still love these old loops.

Wednesday, October 8th 2003 - 04:46:47 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

SirP: You are the winner, Sir! Be sure and brag to everyone you know (wife, coworkers, parents) that you nailed the GIMP question before everyone else.

Rope Burn was one of my all-time faves. I saw a pictorial from it in an old HOM mag called "Breast Bondage" and couldn't wait to see it after that. Not surprisingly, HOM added that loop to their very first volume of Bondage Classics when they were released on video.

Wednesday, October 8th 2003 - 08:50:26 AM

Name: Paulus

I love that breast bondage picture....very nice... All she needs now is a little weight tied to each nipple.

Wednesday, October 8th 2003 - 05:12:02 PM

Name: RR
Homepage URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rrcomix/

Hatred of a Minute was produced by Bruce Campbell (Ash of Evil Dead). I picked it up for $10-$15 at Best Buy, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I'll let you know what I think when I do. Bruce and the director did a commentary track on the DVD.

Wednesday, October 8th 2003 - 05:42:13 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Since I've been posting stills from the House of Milan classic loop Rope Burn over the past few nights, I was reminded of ZFX's homage to Rope Burn in the scene with Kelly McKay in Underland 2. I'm sure Rick Masters was influenced, in part, by the works of Whitman and House of Milan. Watch any of the HOM Bondage Classics or Whitman's Erotic Perversion loops and you might notice certain scenes being recreated (and sometimes improved upon) years later by ZFX. And I think that's a very good thing.

Many people realize how great those old 70s bondage loops were, even though they were made before the advent of home video, so they had no sound, and had to reply on just the moving images for their dramatic appeal. Even though they were silent, I think they hold up remarkably well today, but to me, they're still something missing. I personally think that hearing the mmpphhing and screaming of the bound victims is a very important part of the experience for me, so I'm glad we have someone like Rick who can use today's modern advances to make the kind of bondage entertainment we weren't able to enjoy back in the early days.

I think there's more people who are really excited about his new Bittersweet Revenge project than usual, because the original was made by one of the true bondage pioneers, and Rick is arguably today's heir apparent to Whitman. That's just my opinion; anyone have any opposing views or comments to add? What are some other loops/scenes from that classic era that you'd like to see repeated in today's new releases? Spiked dildos? Severe breast bondage? Outdoor scenes?

Friday, October 10th 2003 - 10:32:49 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

"What are some other loops/scenes from that classic era that you'd like to see repeated in today's new releases?"

I used to love the HOM outdoor stuff. They almost always took full advantage of the setting by having the girl hung upside-down by her ankles from a tree. That and the farmhouse settings were most always really run down looking shacks. Reminiscent of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

What elsse would I like to see? Hummm...Probably a little more peril. If Rick dosen't want to go to the extremes as, let's say EWP, then he could do some Perils of Pauline type stuff...except seriously.

The one in particular I would want to see is one from TAO rather than from HOM, but it was the same era, called "Sink, Sink My Dear". Two reasons I'd want to see it would be, that I've never seen it, and that it seemed a really interesting and perilous short. The girl was tied and gagged and then tied to an inflatable mattress and set afloat. Her mattress was puntured with a small hole to which she would slowly start to go under. How it ended...? Like I said, I've never actually seen it.

Cool magazine cover. I always used to like the "Bondage Classics" series myself.


Sunday, October 12th 2003 - 08:24:41 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Saw some nice mainstream stuff recently.

Cocktails 3 had one of the roughest scenes I have ever seen, Bisexual Britney getting absolutely POUNDED in the ass while being choked, and appearing to love every minute of it.

Rocco's Animal Trainer 13, a short, mild scene with a cute blonde gagged with an inflatable gag and tied with black electrical tape to a chair. She gets some head from another girl, and then Rocco finger fucks her a little while she's bound. Not the world's greatest scene by any stretch of the imagination, but it's nice how mainstream has gotten a little kinkier.

The last scene in Trained Teens 3 is pretty nice, has some consensual bondage. I know it wouldn't please those of you who like the non-consensual take-down stuff, but for a mainstream it was pretty good. Really really cute girl (IMHO). On her knees with her wrists handcuffed behind her back, blindfolded. Giving head to some guy. Yes, they pulled the mandatory unfortunate "This is mainstream and this country is run by dickheads so we have to untie her halfway along the way just so we don't get arrested by some uptight idiot who thinks this blurs the line too much between consensual and non-consensual" antic about halfway through, but she was bound and sucking for quite a bit longer than this usual type of scene, so it was nice. Plus, cute girl, impeccably filmed, this was mainstream after all.

Ralphus, based on your raves I re-rented Cheerleaders of Perilus U again for the 1st time in a long time. It was excellent, definitely ranks with Forced Entry and Ballista as amongst Rick's best.


Monday, October 13th 2003 - 09:37:40 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Speaking of.....

Has anyone seen Trained Teens 1 or 2? Any good?

What about Cocktails 2? I liked Cocktails 3, hated Cocktails 1, can't find a copy of Cocktails 2 yet at my local video store.

And, I didn't know that Rocco has gotten to such high numbers in his Animal Trainer series, the only ones I previously had seen were up to Number 4, I think. So, are any of you familiar with numbers 5 through 12, or 14+? Any recommendations?

Any other mainstream ones I should keep an eye out for with good bondage or domination scenes?


Monday, October 13th 2003 - 09:42:26 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

The forum's gone quiet, so I'll make up for lost time.

What I liked best about Cheerleaders of Perilous U was Chandra, my fave ZFX model of all time, and her acting. She did a great job, really moaned and complained and looked exhausted etc etc to perfection. It was her best work, I think.

I had promised you all a review of Tiffany Twisted and never delivered. I re-saw it recently, and here's the brief take on it - it's good. I think you have to like the girl, she's Asian, with a really slim build and small tight tits. I like the lean, lanky look, hate the big boobs and all, so this girl's appearance was a big plus - for me. I'll post more comments another time, but I really enjoyed it on a re-see.


Monday, October 13th 2003 - 09:47:58 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

Okay, one more I forgot to mention.

Taylor Rain I think is a cutie. She has that thin, lean naturally small-titted look that I like. She started out as a Socal Coeds girl, see these web sites for pics:



She was in one of Joey Silvera's Service Animals movies, I think No. 10. He binds her loosely with some cord. She stands and spins around and around while he wraps this neverending cord around her naked body and her neck, then she blows some guys.

Yes, she could get free if she wanted to, but this is another one of those girls who gives the impression that she doesn't want to be free, she likes it rough. It's a good solid sex scene, Brandon Irons usually does a good job and he did so here.

I also saw her recently in Flesh Hunter 5, the first scene of the flik. Not a bondage scene, but she gets done by half a dozen guys in a car body shop garage. Just a beautiful girl taking it really really hard.

Okay, my work here is done, grin.


Monday, October 13th 2003 - 10:08:33 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com

Hey All:

Topic: Shameless Plug Dept ;)

Memo: I've just redesigned the free side of my site so come on by and take a look and let me know what you think.


Monday, October 13th 2003 - 11:43:09 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

zee-ef-ex: Thanks for all your comments. This place has been so quiet lately that any contributions are welcome. So...you think you could keep on making four posts a day to cover things until the lurkers get off their collective asses and help out? With all the hits we get, you'd think that someone else would chime in except the same 9 people all the time.

This is a firm plea to everyone who stops by, grabs the free pic and leaves without saying anything -- you are strongly encouraged to sign the forum. Don't just read it and go, leave some acknowledgment, even as little as a sentence, that you're also a fan. I'm serious when I say that I've entertained thoughts of pulling the plug on the GIMP because of a lack of support. We have a great site here. Don't let it die out!

New video review of Dan Hawke's latest DVD coming tomorrow.

Monday, October 13th 2003 - 11:46:20 PM

Name: Paulus

I wonder if people are just scared to post. Maybe they think Asscroft will come knocking on their door if they post in an evil forum like this one :) I'm not saying that's a reasonable fear though.

Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 09:09:38 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.msn.com/OrcaHouse

Alright already, I'll post something! :) First, I made my first BD minimovie last week, it's just a tiny clip & pretty tame, but it's a start. You can find it at my MSN group (OrcaHouse). So come on over and take a look. Second, got an email from Forbidden, seems they are back in the mailorder video business again, coming out with a 2hr compilation video at the end of this month, might be worth a look. Third, I have three ZFX dvds (Balista3, SOB6, DD of Lisa K) and none of them work well on my dvd player(Panasonic), anyone else having problems with them? I can watch the video straight thru, but ff or chapter jumps cause it to lock up. At least it plays on this one, my old Philips woundn't play them at all.

Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 10:06:32 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com


DVD's made by small companies (almost all bondage houses fit this definition) are frequently burned DVD's. The Hollywood movies are pressed into the plastic.

If/when you a buy new DVD player, you should make sure it supports the widest variety of formats, DVD-R, DVD+R, etc.

I would also recommend you get one the plays VCD's as well as there is a lot of good material available on VCD.

If you already have such a player and the disks still don't play, then the disks are probably bad and should be returned for exchange.


Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 02:14:02 PM

Name: Paulus

I think Wenona is hot. I like her nipples...kinda smallish but still very cute. I don't mind the tattoo in this case...you're talking about the one on her arm right?

Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 03:18:07 PM

Name: pkc

The movie august underground sounds interesting. The so called 14 minutes of bondage and humiliation, is it realistic? Is she good looking?

Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 04:43:46 PM

Name: pkc

The movie Cut which I obtained I think is Great. It sort of reminds me of or has a flavor of last house on the left. The girls are cute, and the acting for amateurs is superb. I would have developed the scene where she gets taken to the basement a little more, and how did she get stripped down to her underware? That is a opportunity for a little verbal humilation and embarassment that was not used.

Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 04:50:53 PM

Name: purpleviking
E-mail address: purpleviking1979@yahoo.com

first time poster, long time lurker. just want to say i enjoy reading all the postings from everyone.

Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 05:14:31 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://commerce.surfnetcorp.com/acbuild/showdetl.cfm?&Product_ID=204&DID=31


Dan Hawke has a new release out, DH44: Wounding Wenona. It's about a hot shot Hollywood actress who gets caught shoplifting in an upscale department store, where she's found guilty and forced to spend the next year tied up and tortured by Dan to serve out her sentence...no, wait...that would be Wounding Winona...that's a completely different story. But it would make a hell of a movie, huh?

Nope, this is Wenona, with an "e", and she's a somewhat attractive brunette with an omnipresent tattoo on her left arm, who is brought into Dan's dungeon and tied with her hands over her head to a beam in a ceiling. There's some groping and nice verbal threatening by Dan and some indignant complaining by Wenona, so we're glad when he rips open her dress, tears off her panties and stuffs them into her mouth, sealing them in there with several swatches of duct tape. With her mouth now silent and her looks drastically improved, Dan then ties her on her knees, with her ankles tied together and lifted off the ground, forcing all her weight onto the tips of her knees, a most uncomfortable position. He then enhances her suffering by clamping clips onto her nipples and adding a weight to her nipple chain. She's then left to endure this position as Dan walks away.

The next scene has her laying on her back over a stool, and her wrists and ankles are loosely chained to the stool. She is naked except for gloves and pantyhose and is now ballgagged. A rope goes through her crotch and is tied above to the ceiling. Not much happens here, just several shots of her struggling in her chains, but again, the bondage is not particularly tight.

Dan follows this up by tying Wenona in a seated position on a wooden platform. Her wrists are tightly bound behind her and her legs spread wide, tied to the sides of the platform. She is now adorned with a thick collar and her mouth is filled with a ring gag. Dan then runs a chain from her collar onto the bottom the crate, forcing her to bend forward. He then further secures her in this position by tying a rope to her collar and tightening it to the ceiling above her, making her even more unable to move her head. Then he goes off and lets her stay in this position, as saliva drips down uncontrollably from her gag.

Next, the action moves to the bedroom, where we see Wenona tied spreadeagled to the bed, now ballgagged. She looks good, but Dan decides she could look better, so he proceeds to clamp her flesh with clothespins, beginning with the insides of her spread arms and continuing around her breasts, finishing with a single clothespin onto each nipple. Then he shows her some metal clamps, which he applies to each side of her pussy lips, and pulls them tight with a line to the end of the bed. Now she's forced to endure this treatment, and there's some excellent handheld camerawork and nice whimpering from Wenona as Dan records her reactions. The scene gets even better as she cries out in pain as each clothespin is removed from her body.

This is followed up by Dan dripping candle wax on Wenona's chest. The wax torture is relatively light, but it's a fun scene enhanced by Dan's humorous banter and Wenona's squeals as each droplet lands on her skin.

In the final scene, Wenona is tied in a standing spreadeagle, her arms and legs both tied wide apart. She is gagged with a black bit gag. Dan approaches with a whip, and this overly elongated sequence is, unfortunately, not all that arousing. Wenona's reactions are great, but the floggers Dan uses are rather wimpy and most of his blows are not struck especially hard. Just once, I'd like to see Dan whip out a belt or something and really lay into one of his victims, leaving real marks, or at least simulate the action to make it appear more harsh than what we normally get in a Dan Hawke vid.

Fans of Hawke's work (which include me) will get what they expect from this latest offering. Like a lot of his work, there are some scenes that work better than others, and this one is no exception. There are a couple individual scenes here that make the vid worthwhile, particularly the clothespin segment on the bed, and it's watchable, if not particularly memorable. While Wenona wouldn't be my first choice to appear in a Hawke film, she acquitted herself nicely and gave a decent performance. But next time, Dan, how about giving a call to Ms. Ryder? That's the film I want to see. My grade: C+

Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 05:59:49 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews02.html

pkc: Glad to finally hear from someone else who liked CUT as much as I did. I agree with you about the mood of the film..."Last House on the Left" is a very good comparison. It's a party atmosphere where everyone is standing around laughing at her and making nasty jokes at her expense, while she's tied up and suffering and getting no mercy at all from anyone. And the strong acting definitely enhanced that mood.

She was in her underwear because she was in the bathtub trying to clean up when the stoner chick forced her out and dragged her into the basement. A few people have complained that the film would have been better if she had actually been stripped naked instead. All I can say is that I would have loved to see her get naked, too, but you have to realize this is an independent film that was shown in theaters, not a bondage film. Especially in mainstream films, it's rare to see an actress get tied up AND naked AND tortured, and in multiple scenes, too. I'll take what I can get, and I think CUT had plenty of great stuff in it.

August Underground is another independent film with a definite bondage/torture theme, at least in 3 scenes (about 14 total minutes) with a tied-up naked victim. It was one even I hesitated to write a review about because what they do to her is a little repugnant by most people's standards. She's not bad-looking; her hair is a little short, about shoulder length. But they deliberately make her look dirty, beaten up and bloody, and she's missing a nipple because it was burned off (we don't get to see that part). At one point they dump a bucket of piss on her and try to make her eat her own shit. Degradation is the point of the video and in that respect, they do it right and it's realistic and effective, but it's definitely NOT glamour bondage!

Good to see some new posters joining us. Remember that this forum is for YOU, and your opinions are what make it fun for others to read. So post often and we're glad you came out of the lurking closet. Wasn't so hard, was it? We're glad you're here.

Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 06:11:48 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com

Dan Hawke Thanx for the response. I chose this DVD player because it claimed to play all those. No Problem with one of your discs, no problem with a couple from CloseUp, or Enslaved or Forbbidden, just ZFX. BTW, great new site layout. Karl

Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 10:18:29 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com


Thanx for the review.

I just wanted to mention something of interest to you ZFX fans. Almost all of my bondage is inspired/influenced by the great Cole/Whitman who dominated the great HOM material of the 70's.

However one scene in Wounding Wenona owes it inspiration to Rick of ZFX. That is the scene where she is collared and sitting on the platform. I got the inspiration for this directly from a ZFX vid, "Ms. Cox".

While this video is probably not the greatest in the ZFX catalog (the model is not the hottest they've shot -- and I don't think she appeared in any other flic), there is something about this video I always liked.

Obviously the collar scene. There is also some nice suspension. Finally (though now it's pretty common) Ms. Cox was one of the greatest drooling bondage videos I had seen up to that time.

Like I said, I wouldn't put "Ms. Cox" up there with "Forced Entry" or "Cheerleaders of Perilous U.", but I think it is a minor unsung ZFX classic.


Tuesday, October 14th 2003 - 11:22:46 PM

Name: Unicoi

In answer to Ralphus call . . .

I haven't posted in a while. No good excuse, just busy with stuff, but I wanted to let you all know about a paysite I found called www.teenageobsession.com. They have a fairly decent assortment of mpegs and jpegs for download, mostly revolving around forced sex fantasy with young (but clearly adult) women. The resolution of the mpegs is about the same as the sample mpegs on the brutal violence site, but maybe not quite as good. Some of the mpegs are fairly well acted, though most are not in English. This is a "rape fantasy" type site and may not appeal to the strict bondage/torture crowd, but there is some light bondage in several of the mpegs, and one in particular has a decent looking blond ball gagged and chained to a grimy basement wall while being prodded, assaulted and then raped in a number of long graphic scenes. That mpeg alone was worth the price of a three day membership.

Wednesday, October 15th 2003 - 12:51:57 AM

Name: John

Those wonderful Mayhem Videos FA#17 and FA#562... Are there any more in the same series? Does anyone know who is the producer? Really haaaard stuff!!! And why that fuckin' censorship on all Japanese videos? Don't they like to see cunts in Asia?

Wednesday, October 15th 2003 - 05:40:40 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

John: I agree with you about those two Japanese tapes from Video Mayhem. They were both loaded with cool rape and torture scenes, and I was very pleased with my purchase. This whole thing started when Joanne found that electric shock mpeg online and I posted stills from it. Some months later, Larry from Video Mayhem announced he had the tape that the stills were from. Well, neither of the tapes he mentioned featured that exact scene, even though it was clearly shot on the same set with the exact same type of electric torture. My guess is that they probably made a whole series of prison-type films using that same electro-torture set and the two we bought were just 2 of many. Maybe when Larry reads our positive feedback he'll try extra hard to come up with more tapes from that series. I know I want to get more.

Showing genitalia is illegal in Japan, which still amazes me that the law hasn't been changed in all these years. Occasionally you'll run into some uncensored Japanese tapes. Usually they are of lesser quality and made without the bigger budgets you normally see in most Japanese videos. These are made by private clubs in Japan and they are supposed to be just for members. But eventually, some make their way out to our country.

Wednesday, October 15th 2003 - 09:33:18 AM

Name: Dave Darke
Homepage URL: http://www.davedarke.com

Hello all,

I just wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know about some new materials that will soon be available. My name is Dave Darke, and I have been working closely with Dan Hawke for the past few months in the production of my own line of bondage images and videos. Dan has been kind enough to provide me with some technical support in addition to a whole bunch of his well-earned industry knowledge.

I will soon be launching my own site (www.davedarke.com), and I think the members of this group will like what they see. I will be offering lots of free pics, not only to generate interest, but also as a way of getting feedback from the group.

The launch of my site will also feature the release of my first bondage video. The style of my work is severe, painful, and above all, real. There will be no BS or wimpy acting in any of my videos. The shots will be clear, and there will be more close-ups than you can count. Some of the videos will feature story lines, while others will be nothing but no-holds-barred bondage.

I hope everyone here will check out my site and let me know what they think.


Dave Darke

Wednesday, October 15th 2003 - 04:43:56 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex


A shame your site is MSN, it's got some stupid Dot-net microsoft crap preventing people from accessing the web site, wouldn't let me in without registering. Aint gonna register for nuthin, nevah. Especially with Microcrap.


Wednesday, October 15th 2003 - 09:26:59 PM

Name: Larry
E-mail address: mayhem50@webtv.net
Homepage URL: http://www.videomayhem.com

Regarding the FA video series we carry at Video Mayhem. We also carry FA#495, this is not a prison movie however. Another excellent prison movie we carry is Noah Special:Prison Nightmare.

Thursday, October 16th 2003 - 11:14:36 AM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groupss.yahoo.com/group/bondageslutslavedove


And those who don't like MSN groups. I put another copy of the video file on a yahoo group,bondageslutslavedove. It's in the files section and named sh1.WMV.


Thursday, October 16th 2003 - 04:39:46 PM

Name: Chase
E-mail address: chase1959@yahoo.com

Dan Hawke,

I'm STILL looking for an adult bondage-fantasy-rape web site to join.

I have been so busy lately with family stuff I haven't even been able to lurk here, let alone contribute anything.

Your site is in the running. Whenever I can scrape together the time to really put the free side of your site through its paces, I'll come up with some questions for you and send an email.

Thursday, October 16th 2003 - 06:48:35 PM

Name: Scribbler

Baronorca: Wish I could see your vid, but I can't see WMV files, oh well.

Dave Darke: best to wait to post your URL when the site is ready to go. Right now it's a popup trap.

Dan Hawke: I like the new site design. I should tell you though that on a mac, #0000ff blue text on black background is very hard to read. Probably different for PC users. The blue text on the icons is good.

Unicoi: teenageobsession.com looks kind of cool. I don't join paysites anymore, but looks cool.

classic HOM: anything I say about this is going to sound like a broken record. I've been talking up HOM classic loops since forever.

Ralphus: I can't think of much classic HOM or EP loops I wouldn't want to see redone, imitated, copied. Including tighter editing (ah, there's that broken record). Outdoor scenes? you bet. Severe breast bondage? not overly severe for me, but yeah, I like some BB. Spiked Dildo? I have to go look at that one again, I never did get around to figuring out how they did that. Liked it though.

Sound: is important. If you think about it, sound is half the picture. Try watching a favorite DVD with the sound turned off. I don't miss the sound on classic HOM loops cause I'm used to those silent (the muzak track they added to the BC videos is worthless). Just about all BD videos could benefit from a better music soundtrack, especially ZFX. Seriously, there's a lot of film library music that would work a lot better than the droning buzz synth. At least mix it's volume way down, that helps a lot (as in High Strung, if I remember right).

Bittersweet Revenge 2006: Yep, kinda looking forward to it, but will wait for the ole Ralphus review. I hope it lives up to the preview photos, those were great. The fact that it's going to be a multi-tape series isn't encouraging (guess that depends how it's handled).

Rick, arguably heir apparent to Whitman?: Maybe, but so is just about every BD video producer who's seen Whitman's work and been inspired by it. I personally still like the Bondage Classics, Erotic Perversion and Punished vids a lot more than any other producer's similar work I own, or have seen. But probably that's just me.

Friday, October 17th 2003 - 06:25:32 PM

Name: counter

Visitors since 4/16/03 12:06am PST = 40212

Hey, we broke 40,000!

Friday, October 17th 2003 - 11:58:54 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex


Thanks for trying. But yahoo groups access requires registration, too.

Homey don't play that.


Saturday, October 18th 2003 - 01:11:25 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

This edition of Name The Movie features a still from one of the greatest mainstream bondage scenes in history. Your challenge: be the first one to correctly post with the right answer. The winner will receive our Grand Prize, chosen especially for you. For our losers, we have some lovely parting gifts, including a copy of our home game, a case of Turtle Wax, and a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat.

Okay, hands on the buzzers. Get ready...and go!

Sunday, October 19th 2003 - 11:16:09 PM

Name: Yarble

Die Watching -- can you post the other chicks from the flick?

Monday, October 20th 2003 - 06:04:28 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Yarble: Congrats, you were the quickest this time. The scene with the busty blonde in Die Watching is one of the best I've seen for a mainstream movie. Abduction, then tied nude to a chair with duct tape (pretty thoroughly, too), with ankles, knees, thighs, waist, arms, elbows, and wrists all tightly bound. And of course, her mouth is taped shut, as well. The killer then tapes her nose and she does some great struggling in her bonds as she finally suffocates. Even those who dislike "snuff" scenes consider this one one of the all-time greats.

And for your Grand Prize, here's a look at the other two damsels in the movie.

Die Watching 1

Die Watching 2

What I think is interesting is that Rick Masters was willing to donate Lisa Kinkaid for a no holds barred evening with the winner, but you chose to just take a couple of pictures instead. Oh well, that's what you asked for. Enjoy.

Monday, October 20th 2003 - 10:54:33 AM

Name: Damien

Well.....I stronly feel that it would look ungrateful if nobody takes that price Rick offered, and as everyone knows, I'm the last person in the world who'd wanna offend him, I guess it's up to me to show Ms. Kinkaid a good time.

It's a dirty job, but....


Monday, October 20th 2003 - 02:47:27 PM

Name: pkc

There is a movie called slave market on a label called color climax #294. I am sure you all will recoqnize the picture of a group of girls on a stage hands tied as they are auctioned to bidders in the audience. Does anyone know how to get a us ntsc version of the video. It is sold by a company called extreme and bizar but in european version.

Tuesday, October 21st 2003 - 05:09:59 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.bgafd.co.uk/unknowns/nkgirl.php?id=NK0572&pg=2

Above is a link to the pictures that pkc is referring to. I've seen the bottom pic before; I always thought it was a manip.

Tuesday, October 21st 2003 - 10:19:02 PM

Name: g_in_o

Interesting shot from the slave auction film. I have always been amazed at the lack of coverage to that theme. I'm sure we can all picture a good slave auction scene but how many have been filmed? Could you imagine what Rick could do with a line up of ZFX babes and maybe some Gimp boarders for extras as the bidding audience?

Main stream naked shock scene alert! Thanks to the fine efforts of Mr Hank Hobbs and his vid cap sites, I came accross a movie called "Flesh Hunters". Strictly B horror with aliens a little bit of cannible white trash thrown in. There is a scene though where an attractive woman is stripped and hung up outdoors on a sort of shock tether. The scene is not too long (read not long enough) but the makers of the film deserve credit for recognizing the fact that, if there is going to be a scene with a babe dancing to the old high voltage, it is best done naked.

Wednesday, October 22nd 2003 - 07:06:17 AM

Name: Black Rubber Mask

Nice slave auction pic, this has been in circulation for a while. I'm hoping for a remake with shaved slaves, elbows and wrists in strict bondage and nooses pulling them to their cute little tippy toes. Duct tape, ball gags or other at the director's discretion.

Wednesday, October 22nd 2003 - 03:13:34 PM

Name: SmCyber


Great Forum

Saved me a lot of looking and money

Keep up the reviews ... They are important.



Thursday, October 23rd 2003 - 12:13:05 PM

Name: Damien

Since I've had a lot of help from fellow-gimpers, I thought it only fair to share one of the first pics from the custom-shoot I had done with you people (notice: I don't just say 'guys'...)

Now....let's see if we can get Ralphus to put the pic up!


Thursday, October 23rd 2003 - 05:22:32 PM

Name: Maria Shadoes
E-mail address: maria@boundndetermined.com
Homepage URL: http://www.boundndetermined.com

I saw a few HOM request posts. Try checking out http://www.bondagebarrix.com

Damien, thanks for turning me on to this site. I can't wait to get time to go through it properly!

Maria Shadoes

Thursday, October 23rd 2003 - 06:25:26 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.boundndetermined.com/

Bound & Determined...interesting site. I had never been there before. Finally, a website where you can actually buy your very own bamboo suspension frame (as if you didn't already have one!) for hanging up slaves or unfortunate hitchhikers.

Looks like they make their own videos there, one that looks pretty dull (or at least the actress does) and another (Paraphobia) that looks much more interesting, with some outdoor bondage/torture scenes, including a forced dunking in a swimming pool. Not sure I'd want to spend 40 bucks on it, but maybe someone else will and he'll review on it on the site. Why should I have all the fun?

Actually, I hope to get some tapes reviewed here before long. I have three more Dan Hawke tapes I haven't seen and the latest Eyewitness release to write about (Here's a sneak preview: It's good). Only problem is finding time. But I do agree with SmCyber. The reviews are important. Speaking of which, RR, have you seen Hatred of a Minute yet?

As requested, here's the pic from Damien's custom vid, and I already want to see it. He didn't tell me the name of the chick being tortured, but suggested we do a Guess The Actress contest on the forum. It will be like our usual contests, with one small change. Fastest person to post with the correct answer wins a no holds barred evening with...Damien. Sorry, Lisa Kinkaid was unavailable this time, but Damien's an okay chap, for a Dutch guy.

Thursday, October 23rd 2003 - 11:05:55 PM

Name: Damien

A winner already! In a private mail, Ms Kinkaid gave me the correct answer to the question. So I guess bragging-rights go to the runner-up.


Friday, October 24th 2003 - 02:22:13 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

Karrina Ballerina

Friday, October 24th 2003 - 07:15:33 AM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com

how many zfx videos have you rented? Dozens

of those, what are your 2 favorite? In terms of how they effected me when I first saw them, Nightprowler and Meanstreak (ny first 2)

how many zfx videos do you own? 6 original titles

of those, what are your 2 favorite? Lois Payne and Xtractor

how many zfx titles are you interested in that you haven't rented or bought yet? Ummm - Only the one coming out Bittersweet - right now I'm into writing my own scripts

of those, what are your 2 most wanted? N/A

who's your favorite zfx actress and why? Tough call - Probably Victoria Vixxen because she provided the most intense breast bondage footage

what's your favorite movie with her in it and why? Lois Payne - the breast bondage

how many zfx movies with her have you seen? Almost all the old ones (1995 & prior), about half of the ones since 1996.

What 2 things do you like best about zfx video? The bold fresh approach bringing the storyline and struggling BACK into bondage videos and my very favorite thing, breast bondage

What 2 things do you like least about zfx video? The Sci/Fi angle, and the fact that Rick is slowing down so much with the new releases.

Friday, October 24th 2003 - 07:38:34 AM

Name: pkc

Greaaaaaaaaaat picture, I love where a woman is out of control of her own facilties (the gag and drooling). Another thought I had is the set up before a woman is bound can be very exciting if done right. (sort of like foreplay). Confront her, let her know she is going to be bound, and make her undress herself in front of the stranger all the time watching her facial expressions and embarasment.If done correctly the act of undressing can be as humbling as being bound. The abductors with ginger is my all time favorite of this type of scene. They do not even have to be naked to be effective. (panties only) like the man said in the movie.

Friday, October 24th 2003 - 05:35:04 PM

Name: Silent Buddha

Heyo all,

Wow, long time gone and I have to spend quite a while catching up on all the posts. :) That's a good thing! Just plain awesome to see the site getting so much traffic now. Looks like I missed out on a ZFX questionairre. :)

How many zfx videos have you rented? 6 or 8. There is no place in Eastern Washington that rents ZFX that I know of, which tends to lead to my answer below.

How many zfx videos do you own? About 50 original boxed tapes and DVDs. Currently in the process of repurchasing films that I already own in DVD.

Of those, what are your 2 favorite? Beyond Driven 2: Evil Man is by far my favorite. Alien Probe 1 is a close second.

How many zfx titles are you interested in that you haven't rented or bought yet? Still quite a few, I'm waiting for them on DVD however. Of those, what are your 2 most wanted? Xtractor I think will be the next. Undecided on the one after that however. Who's your favorite zfx actress and why? Ouch. There's quite a few of them that I just couldn't live without. Allison Parrish, Holly Weston, Lisa Kinkaid, etc. I'd have to give a slight nod to Allison Parrish for the sweet body though.

What's your favorite movie with her in it and why? It'd be easier to pick which were my least favorite movies with her in it. :P

How many zfx movies with her have you seen? About 6 or 7 I think.

What 2 things do you like best about zfx video? The entire non-consensual theme is a big plus. And I love the "real-world" costuming.

What 2 things do you like least about zfx video? The whipping scenes don't do a whole lot for me. And I think everyone would have to agree with the general sloooowdown in new releases.

And one last thing. A while back someone was wondering about where Nightcrawler was getting the screencaps for all the "rape" series pictures he likes to put out. Quite a few of the screen caps he uses comes from a director by the name of Mario Salieri. He often has "non-consensual" themed sex scenes in his movies but they are kind of like rape lite. Kind of like a semi-forced date rapeish kind of scene. A few of his movies however are pretty obviously more "rape" themed. As a little bit of trivia, Ron Jeremy plays a part in his Dracula "remake" that has them raping women through most of the movie. Rape-lite however. :P The women's expressions say they don't like it, but there isn't a whole lot of struggling.


Friday, October 24th 2003 - 09:18:12 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire


Cool!, you got your custom done. The still looks pretty good! Is this from the script I got a chance to see? Give us the low down on what's in it (if different script).


Friday, October 24th 2003 - 09:51:31 PM

Name: Maria Shadoes
E-mail address: mariashadoes@arczip.com
Homepage URL: http://www.bondagebarrix.com

(snip) Bound & Determined...interesting site. I had never been there before. Finally, a website where you can actually buy your very own bamboo suspension frame (as if you didn't already have one!) for hanging up slaves or unfortunate hitchhikers.

Looks like they make their own videos there, one that looks pretty dull (or at least the actress does) and another (snip)

I have to laugh. Other than myself, regarding that Xtreme Bondage Master video, I don't think I've been described as 'dull' before. However, that was a custom video where I was instructed to try to act like a submissive japanese woman and move as little possible (not hard since we shot it all in one day and all of it was hanging from ankles only). I agree that its dull though. I HATE watching myself in that movie. I just kind of hang there. Though the wrist/ankle only hogtie suspension is actually pretty good and intense as hell. Thats one painful position there!

I'm glad I have thick skin though.. dull. LMAO

I'm linking this forum though. It seems I have some friends here. *waving to memfan and Damien*

Maria Shadoes

http://www.boundndetermined.com http://www.bondagebarrix.com http://www.amazingties.com (probably foofier than you boys like) http://www.bondagespa.com (probably foofier than you boys like) http://www.bondagespa.com

Friday, October 24th 2003 - 09:54:11 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

Maria Shadoes: Sorry, no personal offense was intended in my quick description of what I saw in the tape, but the pictures didn't exactly ring my bell, even though I very much like suspension scenes. I'm glad your skin is thick, but a few blows of the whip might soften it up. Maybe while hanging upside down in your next tape? Now THAT I'd like to see!

Since you're actually involved with that site, have you seen that Paraphobia video? The short video clips looked intriguing.

Friday, October 24th 2003 - 10:20:42 PM

Name: BBFan
E-mail address: memfan@yahoo.com


Yes, you have a friend in me. I have been waiting on receiving the final products from everybody I have commissioned videos from to post my reviews of the custom video producers (of which you are one, for the general audience), but I will say right now that you have been the most pleasant to deal with and you work through problems with a Heraclean resolve (Herculean or really, really hard for you George W. Bush fans out there). You were very faithful to the script and you were determined to make sure the result was as awesome as possible. I'm certain you will receive a "thumbs up" on the final product. The only thing pending is whether you get a B+, A-, A, or A+.

To all interested parties

Even though I have not seen the final product, Maria already gets my recommendation.

Friday, October 24th 2003 - 11:14:09 PM

Name: Damien

AvF: Yep. Basicly, it's the script you (amongst others)had a look at. A few minor changes (what would have been the point of asking and getting feedback otherwise....)and one scene completely rewritten.

The story: A secret agent (called Hope) is on a first mission. Shortly after entering a suspicious place, she get's caught (yeah....like you didn't see this comin') by the bad guy, who does all kind of things to pump her for information. Wil she give in?????

She gets penis-, whiffle-, dental-, harness-and ring-gagged, nippleclamped, suspended on one leg, backarched, strappadoed, pussycropped........All the stuff I like, with emphasis on my personal fetishes. (the interrogation-theme beeing one, many close ups beeing another, plenty of tiptoeing, heavy on humiliation and embarresment etc.)

Sp far, all I saw is several hundreds of pics, and they look great! I'm waiting (patiently) for the tape, which might take a couple of weeks to get processed.

I'm all with BB-fan on the pleasant dealings with Maria and Lew from BnD. They're very professional, have an open ear for specific needs, and are willing to bend over backwards to get as close as possible to what the customer has in mind. Though I still haven't seen the final result (and that's what really counts) so far it's been a real pleasure just doing business with them. Highly recommended!!!!!!


Saturday, October 25th 2003 - 10:42:32 AM

Name: g-in-o

Damien: The picture of your vid looked great, and whats not to love about your description? Now you need to get some distribution in place, and a web site and...

But don't be too surprised if Rick gets on you for falling behind on release dates!

Here is a question for all you pro and amature directors out there. How much basic introduction work do you have to do with the models to the genre? Bondage models and lifestyle girls aside, I imagine there would have to be some sort of BDSM 101 before you hoist them from the raftors. I've always wondered how Rick was able to get someone like Elaine Payton or (insert your favorite here) off the street then get a convincing performance out of her right off the bat. Do they sit down and watch some earlier films first? Or what conversations does Dan Hawke have before straddeling a model on a wooden sawhorse and clothespinning her nipples ("This could take awhile" (?) This is going to hurt some" (?) "Its ok to cry"..). I have always been curious about the behind the scenes prior even to filming. Anyone with insights out there?

Saturday, October 25th 2003 - 11:46:20 AM

Name: WickedMister
E-mail address: (the same)@hotmail.com

Hi all,

First time poster, long-time lurker, and though I probably should have added something here long before this, I guess I just don't get much time to see enough of all these new movies coming out--big classic ZFX fan, though!--to contribute much. Thanks to Ralphus (and the rest), who keep Gimp's going strong, and especially the filmmakers themselves, such as Rick the Great One, Dan Hawke and the others who make this forum so special--this is probably the best hangout for us bondage film fans going.

The main reason I'm posting here today, though, is not for praise unfortunately. There's been a lot of hype here the past few months over the CUT dvd, some posts from CP himself about his movie and even some pretty good reviews from the people here who ordered it--the ones who were lucky enough to get their ordered copies, that is. I remember Ralphus posting a while back because he was getting frustrated about a delay with his copy, and then CP came on apologizing about some flooding in their basement, all the copies were ruined, he was very sorry, etc.

I run a little independent video site that appeals to fans of the forum here (I'm not looking for attention for the site so I won't mention the name), and because I saw all this talk about CUT, and also because I'm a bondage/extreme bd fan in general, I thought I'd give the dvd a try and support CP in his efforts by ordering some copies for the site (10 copies). So I sent him the order for the dvd's thru his website, and this was back on 8/11.

Now, because of some of the posts from some readers here complaining about the slow delivery, and also CP's subsequent follow-up apology about his "flooding" problem, I figured not to expect the dvd's anytime soon and just be patient. However, after the package still hadn't arrived come about the 5-6 week--with no follow-up from CP whatsoever, either--I figured I had been patient long enough and I wrote him to see what the hold-up was with the dvd's. I didn't get an answer. So I tried being patient again, figured he might need a few extra days to respond (hey, he's busy filmmaker, right?), and I still got no response. I waited almost 2 weeks before responding again, and by that time I was pretty steamed and I wasn't happy about the way this guy was handling my order. I told him if he didn't let me know immediately what was going on with the status of my order then I would be cancelling the order and filing a complaint with PayPal against him (worked for Ralphus, why not with me?)

This was his "official" response to me:

From: postmaster@cut-movie.com
To: *******@hotmail.com (****)
Subject: Re: cut movie
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 14:03:27 -0700

We at cut-movie.com sincerely apologize for the delay in your shipment of the DVD. We have unable to contact anyone regarding the film and shipment of the products until yesterday. I have been posting via another PC, due to an over-abundance of virus attacks. Please accept our deepest apologies. Your shipment along with all other shipments will be going out this friday. We have had alot of delays and setbacks in the past weeks and can only apologize for the delay.

we are sending you a complimentary t-shirt along with your order.

CP Quiros


So, after all the flooding problems, it seems there were new delays now because of an over-abundance of virus attacks. Note the date from his e-mail...it's days shy of being exactly 2 months since I had first sent him my order. Anyway, in his e-mail he said my order--along with all the others--would be mailing out "this" Friday, which would have been Friday, Oct. 10th.

The package to this day still hasn't arrived, and today is Oct. 25th. It's been over two weeks now since he wrote saying the package would definitely be going out on such day, and still nothing has been delivered. So I wrote him again just a couple days ago stating I wanted an immediate answer on the status of my delivery...he said it was going out on a certain date, and I wanted to verify if it had indeed gone out. My e-mail got bounced back to me (hotmail address). So I wrote him back again using another e-mail address (AOL this time); like before, this e-mail was bounced back to me, this time with the error notice: 550... Host unknown (Name server: cut-movie.com: host not found).

And so, as of right now, I have absolutely no idea of what's going on with my package. If you write to him he doesn't write you back, and even if he did it now seems there's no way for your e-mail to get thru to him. So because of all this I thought I would let the Gimp readers know so they would really think twice before dealing with this guy...obviously he doesn't seem to have a good handle on what he's doing and, even more obviously, he doesn't really seem to care a whole lot about the people who order from him, either. Is this the kind of filmmaker we should support by giving space here on Gimp's forum? From my own online experiences, this is absolutely the worst transaction I've ever had dealing with someone like this...needless to say, if it doesn't arrive within the next couple days then the order is getting cancelled and PayPal will be getting that complaint.

If by chance the package does happen to arrive either today or Monday morning (I'm definitely not going to be holding my breath), then I'll come back and let everybody know and then clear up this mess. If it doesn't--and I'm pretty sure by now it's not going to--then I'll make sure to let everyone know that, too. Until then, all the Gimp readers should stay away from this guy and from ordering his dvd, and we should also stop talking about it, as well...let's protect the hapless newbies to the board from all the praise about the dvd so they don't get suckered into buying it, too.

Hey CP, if you happen to come across this post, then feel free to throw your 2 cents in on the subject. Besides me, I'm sure ALL the Gimp readers would really love to hear your take on the whole situation.

Take care all...I'll post again soon. ~WicMis~

Saturday, October 25th 2003 - 12:26:36 PM

Name: Marc Wolfe
E-mail address: midnitedragopn@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.bondage.tv

Heya memfan, You and BB should be getting Sins of the Father anyday now. MysteryMan has finished the final edit and will be sending you the discs this weekend. He's also sending you a few other dvds to make up for the extra time it took for him to finish editting. Included in those video will feature Summer Cummings and Brttany Andrews. For those who want to see how this custom came out, BonVue will be releasing the store version in the next month or so. Enjoy

Saturday, October 25th 2003 - 12:59:37 PM

Name: PKC

Has anyone seen the 1973 movie called the Night Porter, if so what are your views on it.

Saturday, October 25th 2003 - 01:52:46 PM

Name: g-in-o

PKC: Night Porter starring Charlotte Rampling is about the complex relationship between a Nazi prison camp officer and an inmate after they meet again post World War 2.

For our purposes two scenes stand out strong: Charlotte naked in a room full of prisoners being processed. The prison official is (with German attention to detail) filming the proceedings when he notices Charlotte and focuses in close. As the other prisoners retreat and Charlotte stands alone, the scene portays an intense vulnerabity.

The second scene is even better but it is short. Charlotte, nude being pursued through an empty looking building, mid point in a "game" with the mail lead character shooting to either side of her. She kneels in terror, once again a scene striking for its vulnerability.

That was about it for me, two very good scenes that left one wanting more. As a "main stream" movie though, it delivered quite well.

Saturday, October 25th 2003 - 04:50:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: cquiros@mixdownproductions.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

WickedMister: Thanks for finally posting and for the kind words about our site. I have to say that after over two months of waiting for a DVD, I'd be majorly pissed, too. Carlos made a great little independent film, but he's really been dropping the ball as far as customer service. Yeah, I can understand the delays, too, to a degree. It's bad enough that they sent assurance that it definitely would be sent out by a certain date and then it obviously wasn't, but what is inexcusable is taking a person's money and then not returning e-mails, and leaving the customer wondering what's going on, and whether they will ever get their product.

Over an unrelated matter, I wrote Carlos last night regarding his website being down. Now, I was already aware that the contents of the site were soon to be moved to www.lostcausefilms.com, because there had been a message on the CUT site a few days before it closed. So, it's not an excuse, but perhaps a reason why there's been no contact is because they are going through the transition of moving and that's probably why the e-mails bounced.

Anyway, I haven't heard from Carlos yet, but you might want to try an alternate e-mail address (above) to contact him. Whether anybody is home is not known, but at least it didn't come back and we know it is a working e-mail, so there's hope.

As far as not ordering from him, right now there really is no way to purchase the DVD anyway until they get the new site set up. Myself, I would cancel the credit card payment right now, and wait on reordering until he gets his shit together. I certainly hope that his major in college is Film Production, and NOT Business :)

Saturday, October 25th 2003 - 08:53:59 PM

Name: WickedMister
E-mail address: (the same)@hotmail.com

Ralphus, thanks much for the info...I didn't know about his old site closing down, so that news came in really helpful. I appreciate that.

Anyway, I used the e-mail address you posted for him and sent him a nice (not so), message, so I'll guess we'll just have to wait and see what he decides to do about it. And though your advice about cancelling the order right away is probably the best thing to do, with all this "new" website stuff he has going on I figure I'll give him another day or two to make things right. Though the last thing he's got coming from me is any kind of benefit of the doubt, I figure if I've been waiting 2 1/2 months already I can wait another day or two. That's all he's getting, though.

Thanks again for the info, Ralphus...I'll be back again in a couple days with the follow-up. Take care all.


Saturday, October 25th 2003 - 10:08:35 PM

Name: mothbrad
E-mail address: ...@yahoo.com.au

Hi all

Just a quick comment about how much I'm enjoying the discussions here - it's a credit to the world of perverts that there can be such a mix of civility and information ;o)

One quick question about these daily pics we're getting - is the very high quality on some of them (eg the Dreams of LK ones) a result of them being from DVD (as I imagine)? If so, is there an easy way to cap DVD stills onto computer, with as few steps as possible?



Sunday, October 26th 2003 - 12:12:02 AM

Name: Black Rubber Mask

I thought Night Porter delivered more as fetish than hard kink or domination. Ms. Rampling was very appealing at the time, and I was frustrated that more wasn't done.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, the mainstream foreign film Irreversible with the stunning Monica Belluci delivers. Brutal, hand-clamped-over-mouth, face-down-on-a-hard-floor intensity.

It's a treat to sit down to watch a non-specialty title and find some special tidbit. Other favorite mainstream films?

Sunday, October 26th 2003 - 10:35:12 AM

Name: rev zetmen
E-mail address: the_rev_zetmen@yahoo.com

Sorry to read about WickedMister's ordering misfortunes with the "Cut" crew. After reading Ralphus' favorable comments last summer, I visited the Cut website and noticed that they were going to stage a promo for the movie at a local bar I speed past on my way to church each evening, so I assume the operation is based in NE Ohio. Certain areas up here did have severe flooding this past summer, but it's a bit of a strech to keep using it as an excuse after 3 months.

G-in-O brings up a great question about how these girls are interviewed for our little perversion. I know in my own work of trying to save young wayward harlots, that it's not easy suggesting that a little corporal punishment suffered now will smooth the road to heaven later. It's a good way to get hit with your own copy of the New Testament, but the work must continue.

Sunday, October 26th 2003 - 03:01:32 PM

Name: Black Rubber Mask

Yes, you really do have to wonder how much the model has really thought about what will be happening. The few Dan Hawke DVDs I've seen usually start with the model acting upset and resisting. It's easy to spot that it is acting, not the real thing, since they're not such good actresses. The acting stops around the time when Dan finds just the right packing for a tape-gag, or enough tension on a breast tie that the model sees them go purple - quickly. At that point you can see model really understand settle into the reality of the situation... which is when the video gets interesting.

Sunday, October 26th 2003 - 03:32:47 PM

Name: Paulus

Capturing stills from DVD on your computer is very easy to do. I use PowerDVD 5 and it has a little picture icon that takes snapshots. You can set it up to save them in a specified folder on your hard drive. I believe it saves them as BMP files. I'd suggest converting them to jpeg using any paint program like Adobe Photoshop or Jasc Paint Shop Pro.

Sunday, October 26th 2003 - 07:02:03 PM

Name: Baronorca
E-mail address: baronorca@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://groups.msn.com/OrcaHouse

g-in-o (and everyone else)

in reguards to model reactions to BDSM. It varies, most of the models (that I have used) are amateurs, who have a little bondage experience. It's amazing what will be intolerable to some and be trivial to others. On my MSn group, I posted a video clip of Angilene, form a shoot earlier this month (sort of a DanHawke style), clothspins on her arm were intolerable, but not on the breasts (20+). Another scene with a weighted crotchrope, breastbondage as nothing, but when banded chopsticks were put on nipples, you could see the strain in her eyes. Everythng was explained and agreed on, but until it happens you don't know exactly how it will feel (and we all seem to think that we are just a lttle tougher that we are).

Always watch the eyes, very hard to act with the eyes, when the eyes roll, they are feeling it! Karl

Monday, October 27th 2003 - 07:39:08 AM

Name: Paulus

Wow, I'm impressed with the stills we've seen from damien's custom vid. Good job damien!

Monday, October 27th 2003 - 12:30:18 PM

Name: Dave
E-mail address: belliebeater@yahoo.com

Love to see girls in peril waiting to be tortured.

Monday, October 27th 2003 - 05:47:25 PM

Name: Damien


Thanks for the compliments, dude. But I really don't deserve that much honour. The credits really should go to Lew and Maria (BnD), Jerry (photographer) and last but not least (by far!!!) Karina, the model.

All the input I had was my dirty mind, and look how far that got me....;-))


Tuesday, October 28th 2003 - 12:23:50 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: danhawke@dan-hawke.com
Homepage URL: http://www.dan-hawke.com


Just a quick note of thanx for what you said about my video products. It is, interestly enough, one of the finest reviews I think I have ever gotten, even though it is one sentence long!!!!


Tuesday, October 28th 2003 - 10:01:57 AM

Name: Scribbler

Is it just me? In the first Damien pic, the model looked like 35 to 45, but in this, the third pic, she looks 18 to 22 (and much cuter). Is it just that the first pic was blurry?

BTW, how much did this video custom cost?

Tuesday, October 28th 2003 - 03:41:40 PM

Name: WickedMister
E-mail address: (the same)@hotmail.com

Hi all--WickedMister back again with the follow-up to to the Cut movie/CP controversy.

Well, if you read my previous posts below then I'm sure you know what I thought about CP coming thru on his end of the deal there, and unfortunately he proved me right, just as I knew he would--and I even gave him an extra day to boot. So today--after almost 11 weeks of waiting--I finally cancelled my order for his CUT movie. I gave him every chance in the world to come thru on his end, gave him every opportunity to respond by e-mail and let me know what was happening...in the end he chose to do neither. So he can take his movie and stick it in the dark place.

Also, I did try and file the complaint against him with PayPal, but it seems they have an ass backward and completely stupid rule of the frauded buyer having to file the complaint against the seller within the first 30 days after purchase. I don't know, to me that seems like an extremely short window of opportunity for someone to complain about a seller using their service--especially when you have the seller himself stringing you along and telling you he promises to have the stuff out very shortly. I guess that's just PayPal's way of being lazy themselves...less complaints they have to deal with that way. At any rate, he slimed thru that one without getting a complaint filed against him or his account.

Anyway, to those of you who got your dvd's (eventually), consider yourself lucky. Doesn't matter to me, he's a thief in my book and you can disagree if you want to, but what else do you call someone who takes your money (he got $200 from me), makes you wait months without ever sending you anything in return and then makes next to no effort to contact you back when you write him? I did have a little laugh, however, when I saw what the web address was for his new site that Ralphus posted...believe me, he didn't get struck by a bolt of inspiration coming up with that one, he's just stating a simple fact; dealing with him is indeed a lost cause.

I'm done with him, though--as should we all be. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, let's keep the frauds and posers off the Gimp board and save the talk and praise for those who really deserve the merit or mention; CP, who's now proven himself as untrustworthy as he is unreliable, doesn't deserve either. And yeah, CP...a prolonged AND repeated lack of response to the customer's queries (note the plural use), does mean you're untrustworthy. So, in other words, take it elsewhere to find attention for your projects because you don't deserve any here. And I'll be more than happy to direct everybody right back to this spot in the Gimp archives if you happen to "forget" about this incident and decide to try your luck again sometime in the future.

Anyway, I promised you all an update and there you go--no package, no e-mail, cancelled order. Thanks to all those who showed support and helped by adding your input because I did appreciate it--it didn't really change anything in the end, but's it's nice to know people are paying attention to the happenings in our little community here. That's what counts. Take care all...I'll post again soon


Wednesday, October 29th 2003 - 01:37:11 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address: ralphus44@aol.com
Homepage URL: http://members.tripod.com/zfxetc/reviews01.html

WickedMister: As far as being out $200, you can always call Visa (or Mastercard, depending on what you used) directly and tell them you never got the merchandise, and most likely they will issue you a credit. That's why you should always use a credit card for online purchases...safer that way, or at least safer than writing a check or something.

As far as him ignoring your e-mails, I doubt he deliberately ignored you. My guess is that he hasn't read them for one reason or another, since he never answered either of my last two e-mails to him either. Where is Carlos Quiros? I dunno, but he has a lot of explaining (and apologizing) to do. There are always two sides to every story. My guess is that eventually he'll turn up and we'll find out what the problem was. Too bad this experience soured at least one potential fan from checking out his movie, but after 11 weeks, I can't say that I blame you.

Wednesday, October 29th 2003 - 02:12:15 PM

Name: Gonzo

Nother piece of advice Wicked.
When buying this sort of thing for the first time from someone, always go as cheap as possible the first time around to get a feel for what you are getting yourself into.

For example, you go to Dan Hawk's site, you might be inclined (as I was) to fork over $200 right away and take advantage of the 4 for 1 deal. That's a lot of bread to part with. So I ordered one, wrote them and asked if I could try one out before commiting another $150. This way I am testing their speed, customer service, and product quality. Turned out all were great and I ordered the rest.

You can also feel free to post here and ask about a distributor. Odds are, one of us has purchased something from then and can give you the skinny.

Hope that helps

Wednesday, October 29th 2003 - 04:02:51 PM

Name: Paulus

Wow I'm glad I didn't order that cut movie.

Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 10:16:17 AM

Name: Iago

Geez, I turn my back for a month an pandemonium breaks loose. Forum members getting ripped off, Damien putting out a video, wow.

Given the horrific news about the lost order for the Cut Vid, I thought I'd spread a little good news, as it's earned. A few months ago I had an order go soundly and massively wrong from ZFX. It dragged on for a while, getting steadily worse, until Rick stepped in. Rick immediately straightened everything out to my satisfaction and generated a lot of goodwill with me the way that he did it. Also, that marks the only time I've ever had trouble buying from Rick's site, so kudos for a classy recovery from a potentially very bad situation.

Those of you who have been here forver know I have a love of girls in skintight stuff. Preferably in a ZFX movie, but hey, can't have everything and all that. I've now bought 2 vids from Jim Weathers Productions at bondagecafe.com and had very good response. They are in California and I'm East Coast, yet I still always get my order in 2-3 days, well-packed, and without issue. I do wish the DVDs were a little less pricey and a little more graphic, but the service from this site is AAA in my book.

Damien, wassup with this video? Where are these stills? Am I just not reading back far enough?



Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 11:55:59 AM

Name: Gonzo


Which videos did you order? How did you like them? Details....

I have a thing for chicks in skin tight outfits too, and I have considered buying a few from BondageCafe, but I didn't want to commit the dough before I get some idea of what I am getting for it.

So Damien....this video....any chance your fellow GIMPers can get a copy?


Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 01:14:09 PM

Name: Damien

Iago, my friend!

Nope....it wasn't you not scrollingdown enough. It's Ralphus trying to treat us to a new pic every day. Not sure if he stores all these pics on his own dark spot on the net though.....Ralphus?????

Nevertheless, of course I won't deprive you of these stills (hence my forgiving nature for old friends that haven't checked in for a while.....Just drop me a mail at barberouge8@hotmail.com, and I'll send you some stills.

BTW: It wasn't ME who put out the video. As stated before: way, WAY to much credit.....All I contributed was my dirty mind, and the nice people of BnD as well as the lovely model Karina Ballerina did the actuall hard work. The deal I made with BnD was that it's NOT an exclusive tape. THEY have the rights, and therefor, of course I will NOT provide anybody with copies! Those who are interested, can order their copy from BnD when the vid's released. Of ourse I'll keep y'all posted


Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 02:14:03 PM

Name: nycdom30
E-mail address: normaldom@aol.com

Hello all

Any news on what Rick is releasing next?

Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 03:54:54 PM

Name: Scribbler

Latest news we got from Rick was Thursday, September 4th 2003 - 11:37:16 AM. Check the archives.

Also I noticed Dave Darke's site has some pictures on it now. First I went to pulpfrictionvideo.com from a search on google for tanya danielle, and turns out it's the same IP address as davedarke.com. Photo's are indeed very Dan Hawke like. I like the panties wedgie, go check it out.

Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 04:24:03 PM

Name: Baronorca

Quick question, has anyone ever seen a BDSM video done in POV (point of view) style? What the camera sees is what the binder/tormenter would see, I can't remember ever seeing one like this, how about you guys? Karl

Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 08:50:54 PM

Name: Scribbler

Yes, I've seen BDSM video shot POV. HOM did this in some of the BCs. It's not the whole video shot POV, just certain shots here and there. Not used that much though.

Someone else here mentioned a BDSM vid where the girl addressed the camera as a person. Sounds POV to me.

Bedroom Bondage member mpgs all appear POV or roving camera oriented. As do I guess, most BDSM solo girl vids.

Superheroinecentral did a whole web video POV. There was sexual battery and abuse of superheroine, don't remember any bondage tho.

I remember some scuttlebutt a ways back about showing a girl chased or attacked shot POV, I think it was about mainstream horror or thriller films, may even have been discussed on the ole Siskel&Ebert show. Anyway, I remember talk about the use of such shots being frowned upon, suggesting shooting this way might make certain men more likely to duplicate act. The discussion did have the effect of directors using less of these types of shots after that.

I remember somewhere recently Darla Crane posting about doing a BDSM project shot POV. Don't remember much else about it.

Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 09:37:39 PM

Name: AvF
E-mail address: Hollywood Vampire

Damien~Awe man....I heard that you had gotten the rights and were going to get free copies to all the Gimp regulars.

Bummer ;-)


Thursday, October 30th 2003 - 09:45:37 PM

Name: Iago

Happy Halloween, all!

Am I the only one here who thinks this'd be a good night to hit strip clubs and see the costumes, however briefly ;-)

Damien, you've got mail! Thanks for the offer of the stills.

Gonzo, I used the tried-and-true Ralphus Shopping Method (tm) and tried one vid first from Bondage cafe, since they don't offer any group discounts anyway. The first one I got was the Adventures of O-Girl, which looked pretty good from the storyline photos available on shib.com. The movie wasn't all that, but there were some mighty nice looking gals in it. I then ordered liquid motion, and liked that one a lot more. It was longer, had girls in more situations and more struggling. Still not a huge amount of nudity and no penetration, but a lot of vibrator work. If you are thinking of trying one movie to see what you think, I'd recommend Liquid Motion over O-Girl. Perfect Trap looks fun too, but I haven't actually seen it.



Friday, October 31st 2003 - 06:55:09 AM

Name: Damien

AvF: Tell you what: as soon as Rick starts keeping his promisses and releases his svids on time, then you can have a copy of my custom vid on me. But maybe you prefer getting a free copy when hell freezes over....THAT will happen a lot sooner......:-)


Friday, October 31st 2003 - 11:52:30 AM

Name: Black Rubber Mask

Iago, hmm, strippers and Halloween? Naked hotties and scary situations? It all seems to fit... ;)

Friday, October 31st 2003 - 09:33:26 PM

Name: Silent Buddha

Just a quickie now that I can post more often again.

Someone mentioned teenageobsession.com a bit ago. The screencaps looked interesting so I plopped down for a month membership and have to say that while the content is certainly there, I'm a bit disappointed. It's basically rather choppy videos captured from regular rape vides released in europe, like the Dutch NGO rape series, etc. If the vides weren't so damned choppy and low quality this would be a good way to see some video's that you'd have an otherwise hard time getting here in the states. As it is, bleh.

And Jim Weathers was mentioned. That sounds familiar, wasn't he part of Shortfuse Video? I liked their material and was a member for a bit, but they were pretty vanilla and rarely showed so much as a crotch shot. Is Bondage Cafe any different?

Also, a bondage site I was very fond of in the past is www.bondagebyrequest.com. I haven't been a member there in a while but keep thinking about throwing another months worth since I liked his stuff quite a bit. The bondage is usally tight and good quality with the added bonus of some penetration.

BTW - for those that don't check often, Forced Entry is available on DVD from Rick's site now. That one is definitely a classic, should have mine soon. :) Anyone want to buy the VHS version of it? :) SB

Friday, October 31st 2003 - 11:17:56 PM

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