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Name: TMac
E-mail address:
{I've already voted, this is just a comment about the ongoing debate.}

I think both sides in this discussion would be better served if Rick would focus his time, efforts, and money into making about one pretty good sci-fi adult film a year. Personally, as someone who likes the adult sci-fi stuff, I would rather see higher quality and lower quantity, if it has to come to that. Supporters of the more standard torture films seem to prefer quantity more (not saying quality isn't important!), so focusing more time on one "Shockwave" film per year would allow for more "ZFX" films to be made, instead of trying to put out two or more "Shockwave" films every year. (Especially if he reliable assistants to help.)

Its funny in a way that we're having this discussion. Both the Shockwave and ZFX films involve domination fantasies, so they have their similarities. But I'm not certain at how strong the "cross-over" viewing actually is. Both groups seem to have only a luke-warm interest in the other aspect, so my question to everyone here is: Would it be better or worse if Rick seperated the content of Shockwave and ZFX films even further? That is, make a more straight-forward sci-fi/horror/adult film on the one hand without any (or very little) torture elements, while making the torture films without any kind of supernatural or sci-fi elements? Would seperating the two halves weaken the whole? Or would it allow both to have larger viewing audiences on their own merits? Finally, I think he should add a third element, something kind of in-between the two, with the "superheroine demise" type of movies like Ballista. That seems to be a pretty popular genre, particularly on the Internet. Just curious.

Wed Mar 1 03:52
Name: Milo
Me again. Already voted for reality, but the new theme seems to be "What if Rick had a $1million budget?". If it all went to sci-fi effects, I'd weep. It should go into more convincing, more varied, better acted brutal sexual torture scenes. Quality counts, but it costs. Pls. don't spend that added budget on some tentacled robot, when it can go into a classic tit-whipping scene.
Wed Mar 1 08:24
Name: BBFan
Dittos to Milo! I would much rather Rick concentrate his limited time and budget to procuring more hot actresses (real boobs, please, even if they're small) to do good ole' sexual torment than trying to pretty up the Sci/Fi effects. Face it, we've all been spoiled by the big-budget effects of ID4 and Star Wars, so anything Rick could squeeze out of his budget just seems for naught. I think 95% of us can agree that watching girls get punished is what we rent/buy these films for, while it seems that a smaller percentage want to see more glamorized special effects. Also, doesn't it take a lot more time to edit tapes to get those effects than it does just to get the best bondage/whipping scenes to flow together? And haven't we all gotten pretty impatient waiting for this last batch of releases to come out? Well, maybe I contibuted 3 or 4 cents (instead of 2), but there it is.
Wed Mar 1 16:10
Name: Ralphus
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Well, since I brought the subject up, the response has been pretty overwhelming in the Reality category over the Fantasy one, at least 10 to 3, if I interpret the votes so far. Of course, we're just a small microcosm of the overall number of ZFX fans, but since we're the ones who have this forum, I think it gives Rick a taste of what the people want.

SICKO: I like your cow-milking idea! Sounds straight out of Dolcett; in fact I have a Dolcett drawing that shows that exact thing. Of course, we're moving a bit more into the fantasy camp with this, but what an intriquing idea! Hey, in the movie "Doer", Rick had a scene where supposedly 3 or 4 guys cummed into an enema bag, which was then force- fed to Penelope Pace, except the amount of cum the guys produced was enormous! I mean, you could save up your cum for a year and not have this much goo that was being forced down her throat! Not at all realistic, but still a fun scene. I think it would be cool to similarly attempt to go over the top with the breast-milking idea; at least it would be something interesting and new.

I think Rick will probably have to draw the line when it comes to roasting his victims on a spit, however. Darn it!

Thu Mar 2 15:46
Name: Riverboat
Hi Folks,

Been awhile since I posted but couldn't resist the "vote". Mark me down in the Reality side, even if Rick does have a $1 million budget. One problem I've had with ZFX in the past is that when Rick gets a new toy/effect, he tends to ride it into the ground.

I think if most of us are honest, we enjoy his films due to some repressed fantasy we'd never live out. I don't know about you, but I find it very hard to identify with a giant spider! I've been compared to an octopus at times, but never a spider! When Rick was releasing numerous tapes during a year I didn't mind a few sci-fi types. In fact I actually liked the plant rapes and some other scenes. But the constant interjection of androids, giant spiders, etc just doesn't do it for me.

I'd much rather see an old fashioned abduction, entrapment, etc. A little Black Magic thrown in isn't bad, but I'm afraid Rick is heading to a title something like "Sex Slaves of Roswell".

To a different topic. A while back there was a discussion on inverted suspension dunking. I just came across a free site that has a series of stills of just this subject. Check out ? cid=209561&aid=21&view=picture&ttid=10&poid=6370397

It' s not a bad little series.

Anyway, my best to all.

Fri Mar 3 01:20
Name: the Professor
'Lo, arisen from the non-browser-abled again am I!

Having read all along, I have a few things to say, and apologize in advance if this gets long.

1. Rick does have some competition. Don't mean to break the spirit of the thing, but in the dual isolation of no new releases and Europe, I have checked out some of it. Insex really is doing some very good things -- including spit roasting its girls. Of course, it is mostly on the net right now, but there are two films out. The girls are, for most part, pretty damn hot, and the bondage is pretty damn extreme. Includes mouth spreaders, dildo gags, penetration in all three holes (though only with dildos), and a lot more. Real breasts, but tattoos and piercings too. I do recommend.

2. Sign me up in the reality camp as well. Couldn't agree more that "if Rick had $1 million," I'd rather see more babes, more flicks, and then, and only then, maybe better sets and finally better special effects. 3. I do agree that ZFX is showing signs of strain and decline. The movies are beginning to merge together. It is hard, I know, to keep the edge in any art form and keep creating new stuff. I do think though, that some new blood and perhaps pushing the envelope a bit more on the real bondage stuff instead of the special effects would help. Hey, the milking machine -- as someone pointed out -- is hardly new (I saw it in Stanton too), but let's give it a try. Something's gotta give here. 4. I do hope, Rick, that the new flicks come soon, and I am still looking forward. But, the market does move forward. Bis bald, and nicht viel mehr.

Fri Mar 3 10:47
Name: Mad Dog
Comments: This is a test. Sorry to take up space here guys, but last week i spent a good ten mionutes writing an entry and when i went to send it they said their was an error and everything I had typed was gone. So, this is only a test. If this had been an actual emergancy, you guys would have been fucked! Mad Dog
Fri Mar 3 18:45
Name: Mad Dog
Sorry guys, that last one was a little extreme. Just wanted to make sure things worked first.

As for my comment on the discussion, I am going to have to go against most of you guys by leaning towards the sci-fi camp. Although there are some of both camps that i like. For example in the reality based camp I did not care for the movie Drifters (Just to use that one for an example) I thought it was to much like most of the others of Ricks movies. But I did like Forced Entry (Like many of you did) I thought that was something a little bit different. Although in the sci-fi camp I would have to agree with some of you that seeing aliens and some demons having sex with our women just dosent do it for me. I mean how many of you guys agree with me when I say the scene in Underland 2 when Ricked showed the penetration of Lisa, by having the "demon dick" it really took a lot away from the scene. I do though like the fact of the "aliens" (or spiders) having powers and making the women do things that they would never usually do.

I guess a lot of my views stem from my days spent working at Licket Split here in Mpls (Porn Shop-but you guys already knew that). Anyways I literly got burned out on porn and pornos. I might go out on a limb with this but I have probally seen more movies than a majority of you guys have seen in your lifetime. And yes it is possible to get burnt out on pornos. But I saw a lot of the and a lot of Ricks older movies. For me now it is going to take something new and fresh to get my attention. Or something that makes you think while watching it. Thats why I lead more towards sci- fi. I guess its more of the possibilities that it has and what future movies could be. I mean how many different ways can you put a spin on Guy abducts girl, guy tortures girl.

Well that all from me for now. Thanks for listening.

Mad Dog

p.s what do you guys think about the colors? Are they cool or are they too much and I should knock it off?

Fri Mar 3 19:09
Name: TMac
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
I think if some of the visual effects were as good as those in Mad Dog's postings, the sci-fi movies would be liked better...

Someone asked awhile back why anyone would like watching a spider doing a woman. Well, I don't know if its a spider specifically that you should ask about. "Monster" would be a better all-purpose word. Whatever form the monster takes, it represents a kind of primeval force. Like Roger Corman has always said, "the monster wants to kill all the men and rape all the women." It "anti-civilization" I suppose.

From my experience of running a website featuring these strange sci-fi films (including some of the Shockwave ones) the attraction seems to be:

1) Dominance 2) No restraints (on behavior, not physical restraints) 3) Depersonalizes the violence a little 4) Simple vicarious thrill

I think its number 3 that seperates the "Shockwave" and "ZFX" fans the most. The sci-fi fans tend to not like the BDSM angle as much -- having some kind of monster makes violence easier to accept, instead of actually watching one person do it to another. It seems from reading ZFX fan's responses that they can identify much easier if there's another person inflicting the pain.

Of course, those aren't hard rules. There'll always be people who can and do like both.

Fri Mar 3 20:05
Name: Sardu
E-mail address:
Don't know if I'm beating a dead horse here, but with good acting, better camerawork and lighting, and a well-thought out script that pushes the envelope a bit more, some of the budget/effects limitations of the Shockwave line would not be so glaring.

I agree with Mad Dog--how many times can you see the same vid, i.e., people abduct girl/people torture gilr??? At a certain point things just become infantile and ZFX becomes the McDonald's of fetish flicks.

In the meantime I think Rick should sign his soul over to the Yakuza in exchange for: increased budgets, access to arcane Eastern torture secrets and nubile young Japanese bondagettes, plus a 401(k) plan.

Sat Mar 4 07:30
Name: Per
E-mail address:
The Professor brings up Insex ( as a competitor to ZFX in a recent posting. As a long time Insex subscriber I can definately vouch for the quality of the site and their work, but they have quite a different angle than Rick's work. A significant difference is that Insex is REAL. What is happening on the scene on the live performances broadcasted over the net is real action, real torture and real suffering. I have had a lot of contact with the people behind Insex and with the girls performing, so beleive me when I say this. Not that I think that the acting in Rick's movies are such a disadvantage (especially not when it is well done!), but there is a difference. This also means that there are limits to what Insex can do, due to safety and the limits of the people involved! Rick has more freedom concerning the content of his work. I have a hard time imagening that Insex will use a stun gun on their subjects! (They have some other interesteing electrical devices, though) The two videos released by Insex (available from are an exeption, they are only show their work on the web.

Nevertheless, check them out, they have good quality stuff and the live performances broadcasted over the net are usually great. (No, I am not getting paid to write this!)
Sat Mar 4 11:13
Name: Robert
Iíve already voted in favor of realism. I just wanted to add that I donít know about the rest of you guys, but I donít think I could ever get tired of seeing videos showing people abducting, raping, and torturing beautiful young girls. I think that there are still all kinds of exciting plots to be explored using all kinds of nubile young virgins. It should hardly be necessary to resort to science fiction themes requiring elaborate special effects to avoid boredom. In fact, as other people have already said, it is actually much more exciting for many of us to see a beautiful helpless young maiden raped by a man than say a spider. Iím sure Rick would have no trouble dreaming up all kinds of great new realistic plots if he so desired. However, if he would like some assistance, Iím sure that many of us would be more than happy to offer our favorite fantasies. Iíve already seen various posted suggestions that I would love to see used in ZFX movies. Also, I would enjoy seeing sequels to some of my favorite movies such as Forced Entry, especially if we could see more of that stunning young beauty, Jackilyn Lacrosse. That movie definitely looked unfinished to me. Since Mad Dog also enjoyed it, perhaps he could act in the sequel as the accomplice to the original bad guy. Maybe they could then abduct the girls back to their dungeon for some fun and games. All kinds of exciting possibilities exist for continuing that movie! Something else I would like to see is more outdoor bondage, particularly with girls tied to (or between) trees.

I donít think it would necessarily be such a bad thing if ZFX did become the ďMcDonalds of fetish flicksĒ as Sardu aptly described it, as long as ZFX continued turning out a tasty product. McDonalds has certainly made a fortune by mass-producing a good product, and I think it might be great if ZFX did the same. Just imagine what they could do with all that money Ė all those beautiful young models and actresses just waiting to be ravaged and defiled! To help ZFX increase their profit, I hope fans will buy videos from the official ZFX site as encouraged by Rick. If ZFX decides to take the ďMcDonaldsĒ route, I anticipate they would benefit greatly by hiring a production crew to increase efficiency and perhaps even video quality under Rickís close supervision.

On the subject of Insex, I just wanted to agree with the Professor and Per that Insex is one of the hottest bondage sites on the web and worth checking out even if they did recently increase their membership fee to $35 per month. (In case anybodyís interested, other favorite sites of mine include Dan-Hawke, Erotic Punishment, Hogtied, and Spiderís Web which all feature bondage and torture of attractive young women). Insex specializes in the kind of things ZFX fans love to see, and they really do a great job. They are also a very friendly group and will gladly correspond with you by email. They also take suggestions. I would also highly recommend their live shows, particularly for those with high-speed Internet connections. Of course, such shows will be even better as technology advances, but Insex is on the leading edge right now. I wish that ZFX would consider opening a similar pay site on the Web, which would also feature live bondage and torture shows as well as high-resolution images of the beautiful ZFX girls in bondage. This could potentially be a great money-making venture for them. Iím sure that many people would be more than happy to join a ZFX pay site particularly knowing that their membership fees were helping to fund more thrilling ZFX videos. Also on the pay site, images of prospective actresses being considered for roles in ZFX films could be displayed, and members of the site could vote on those girls that appealed to them the most. Furthermore, ZFX could advertise for girls interested in starring in their videos. Of course, they could also do this at their free site.

While on the subject of live torture shows broadcast over the Internet, I wanted to suggest an idea for a new ZFX video series. The series could be called something like Slavegirls of the Virtual Torture Chamber. The subject of the series could be a company which broadcasts live over the Internet the abduction and torture of beautiful young girls to members of an exclusive international organization of wealthy sadists. During the broadcast, bids could be taken from the members for the purchase of the poor girl after the show was over.

Sorry if I got carried away with this post. When I start thinking about ZFX videos, I just get so excited that I could ramble on forever. I canít wait for the new releases!

Mon Mar 6 00:19
Name: Squishy The Squid
Oh, Sci-Fi/Fantasy all the way for me. This may sound weird coming from a "Naughty Tentacle" fan, but I harbor no fantasies of violence or degradation of women, though I do enjoy bondage and domination and even giving a good spanking. There is an unmistakably lurid thrill in watching some slimy, hideous monster capturing and ravishing a beautiful woman, but it doesn't diminish her in my eyes; in fact my sympathies are with her. Don't ask me, I don't understand it myself.

So, Rick's films can be a mixed blessing for me. I enjoyed the weirder aspects of "Seed," for example, but had to fast-forward through most of the last half, especially when the curling iron came out. Definitely NOT into the deliberate infliction of severe pain or injury. The sci-fi/fantasy films allow for greater creativity (within one's budget, of course) and allow for good, old-fashioned, B-movie type "horror" without coming so close to real events in the daily headlines as to make some of us (hi) squeamish.

Before I discovered the forum, I sent Rick some story ideas that I hoped he'd use--as long as they didn't break the bank. They contain horror elements like violence, murder, rape, forced procreation, incest--every sick thing you can think of that can be legally depicted--minus implement torture, extended fist beatings, and humiliation, though of course Rick can always write those in...check 'em out, let me (and Rick) know what you think.

"House of Fun"--A perverted couple pick up a pretty hitchhiker. Looking for a spot to 'seduce' her, they pull off the main road and discover a deserted tourist trap/freak show. The man becomes possessed by the tormented spirit of the show's "Horse-Man," which twists his body into the spirit's own weird (but well-endowed) form. The monster rapes and kills the man's companion, then captures the hitchhiker, strapping her to a "merry-go-round" type device--except the "horse" rides the girl. When she awakens from her ordeal, she is alone...insane...and pregnant.

"Dirty Thoughts"--the old B-Movie "Fiend Without A Face" featured a scientist who gave his thoughts material forms. The "thought-creatures," invisible at first, became horrible, murderous monsters. Now suppose a serial rapist, on the run from the law but paralyzed waist-down by a gunshot wound, became the subject of that experiment...

"DickHead"--David Cronenberg's "Rabid" meets "Little Shop of Horrors." Horror comedy! Some poor schlub gets his dink cut off in an accident. Highly experimental surgery and therapy restores it from scratch. However, the new unit develops a mind (and mouth) of its own, and it has only one thing on that mind...even though it's constantly getting bigger and stronger, what's the guy gonna do, cut it off?

"Organism"--In the far future, a small-time space smuggler, his sister, and his girl break the quarantine of a newly-discovered planet to capture some lifeforms. The only one they find--a glowing blob--traps and violates the girlfriend. Back on board their ship, she kills (and eats) her boyfriend, then begins "planting" into his bound sister, so she can lay plenty of big, ripe eggs on the long journey back to Earth...

"The Amulet"--a street-creep gives a woman a necklace that he claims will grant wishes--for a price. (Think "The Monkey's Paw.") When she finds her brother, whom she's having an incestuous involvement with, cheating on her, she finds out the creep is telling the truth. She tries to set everything right, but the price must still be paid, and the demonic street-creep drags her off to Hell...

Mon Mar 6 14:14
Name: Mad Dog
Hey everybody, I was just scanning the board and I had a thought or so to jot down.

Squishy the Squid

I liked some of your ideas that you posted. Mostly the reason that i like them though, is because you have a complete idea to them. Like the couple abducting a girl and then when tthey stop to do their buisness the guy gets possesed and turns into a Centaur (for lack of better a word). Then he defiles the girl, (and maybe his partner too) The nice thing about that story is their is a reason for the Centaur to defile the girl. It could be part of the demon but also part from the guy before he was possesed.

Even though it is a far fetched plot peolpe can get behind it a little better than if you just said there is a Centaur and he is raping women. I might get shot for saying this but, I think that if you are going to have Sci-fi films that you should cut out a little of the torture scenes and spend more time on the plot. Now before all of you guys vote to lynch me, let me elaborate. I am not talking a drastic reduction. What good would a bondage flick be without bondage. Maybe instead of twenty minute torture scenes cut it down to fifteen minutes. That way you could work more on the plot and also add some different torture scenes to make it a solid movie. Instead of only having 1 or 2 settings and a couple of girls. you could have different locations with more women. Although that does get expensive for Rick.

Oh well, as usual this is only my opinion.

Peace all

Mad Dog

Tue Mar 7 13:03
Name: Squishy The Squid
I should like to point out that all the stories are open to added bondage and torture scenes; "House of Fun" in particular has the 'merry-go-round' rack, complete with disorienting lights and spinning (and music?); my full version of the plot has her being pursued through a corral-shute and caught with a large neck-clamp, like cattle. "Organism" ends with an alien-impregnated woman strapped tightly and completely to a chair, forced to painfully pass one huge egg after another... "Dirty Thoughts" is an excuse to do another 'invisible rapist' movie like "Chamber of Horrors" or "Dance Macabre," with whatever torture Rick would choose to utilize (with the added caveat that the 'rapist' is pure perverted lust, given a monstrous physical shape) and "DickHead" isn't too far removed from a more standard 'home invasion' flick as the 'hero' succumbs repeatedly to the demands of his renegade weiner before it shoots up and rips his head off (Whoops! Ever seen a guy REALLY wrestle with his penis?)...

My main concern was the motivation of the characters and injecting more traditional horror elements. In each story, somebody does something stupid that gets everybody killed, and the boogeyman in each one has his (or hers, or its) own reasons, good or not, for committing the horrid acts they do (revenge, procreation, mental illness, being a living nad). The poor "Horse-Man" of "House of Fun," for example--I didn't picture him as a 'centaur,' actually, just a severly-deformed man (hoof-like appendages, elongated face with the teeth and flappy lips, vestigial tail, huge dink--never clearly shown so the viewer could use his imagination)--is in his own private hell, a spirit haunted in turn by the voice of his vicious father/owner constantly bellowing at him and driving him on his attacks, as well as the screams of all the women who came to see the show when he was alive...(The pervert couple aren't really kidnappers, more like a date-rapist version of Bonnie and Clyde.) When his final victim awakens, alone and chained up in the Horse-Man's old freak-cage, belly kicking wildly with her unborn and who knows what else, she hears those same voices in her own head...that's just about the sickest ending I think I could come up with and keep my own noggin intact. td>

Wed Mar 8 01:24
Name: steven
E-mail address: philaband
i've been a fan of zfxand Rick's work for a long time. I am in the muti media and music biz and i appreciate the evolution of his films. I had suggested a plot where a 'wicked' step mom gets tortured by her stepson when the husband goes off to work. It leaves a lot of possibilities while touching on a popular taboo. My only complaint about zfx is that we need fresh flesh. i'd buy a lot more tapes if they had new girls in them
Sun Mar 12 18:44
So far as the fantasy stuff goes, I'm a fantasy guy. I'm not really into women being abused just for the sake of abusing them. Violence is just violence. Real power is psychological. Now if you throw in some nice Sci-Fi elements, and have the women abused as part of a bigger, sexual theme, I'm into that. Very Hentai. I don't now about youse guys, but I'm not really in it for the abuse. I love women because of what they are, how they look, how they do themselves up for us. Movies can't convey it, but I also love the smell and touch and taste of them. When I see women abused in ZFX, I like it to be along sexual lines, since sex is the thing I look to women for. I also love the sexy aspects of women. Dress them in sexy clothes. Do up their hair. Make them dance or move in suggestive ways. Let's see them try to seduce, even as they are captured and abused. That, IMHO, is the true power of woman. And the thing that ZFX sometimes delivers, that others do not.

I feel like Mad Dog (Jazz), when I remind everyone that that this is just my opinion, but understand why he says it! This is an opinionated and aggressive bunch, clearly very dedicated to their thing, and tough to argue with. Peace, Guys. I'm the same as you, even when I don't agree with the majority OF you.


Name: Iago
Tue Mar 14 22:24
Name: scooterman
Have only posted once, so this might get ignored. But damn, it just seems like it's taking a long time to get the movies out. And to those of you who rip those of us who complain about it, remember: the customer is always right. God Speed, The Scooterman
Thu Mar 16 02:13
Name: Damien
Scooterman: I fully agree with you (big surprise..:-)): The customer is always right. A mail from Nick and Kerry informed us that there was yet another delay (another big surprise..;-(( ). Mid-April is what we are made to believe.....

For me, this is IT! I feel I've been hanging around long enough, waiting, complaining, hoping, begging for an explanation.

All I got for it, was more delays, lame excuses, no explanation.

Again: THIS IS IT! I turn my back on you, Rick. I won't buy any of the new titles to come. Take all the time you want. Wait until the next century for all I care.

I've seen all the old ones, bought the ones I liked best and stick with those.

So long, Rick.....It used to be SO much fun, but it seemes like it couldn't last forever.


Sat Mar 18 13:11
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Damien: Don't be silly. You're only punishing yourself! I know it's frustrating, but good things come to those who wait. And these tapes will be extra good, because we've been waiting extra long! :o)

Get a good night's rest, then pop in one of ZFX's classic vids tomorrow. You'll feel better, and remember what it was that you've been waiting for. ZFX is worth waiting on. You know that.

Besides, you still owe the board some more reviews! It will help get our spirits up in these bleak times. :o)

Sat Mar 18 22:23
Name: Impatient patient
hmmm. I bet Damien buys the new releases anyway. I sympathize with him though and suspect there wiil be others soon who follow the trail Ric has blazed. Thanks to whoever posted the information about the site. Good stuff in many ways but still not plot driven like zfx. Hope Damien comes back when he cools off. Hope you all keep your eyes open on the web and other places and will post anything that might appeal to the group. Ciao
Tue Mar 21 18:08
Name: Scooterman
Wow, I didn't mean to set Damien off, but I understand his frustration. I wouldn't want to do anything to take Rick away from his important task, but an update from him would be nice. Just to let us know what's going on from the direct source. Remember: If we didn't like this so much, we wouldn't bitch about it. Take care, The Scooterman
Fri Mar 24 00:33
Name: Iago
Sat Mar 25 18:45
Name: HogtierNY
E-mail address:
I'm with you, Iago. Geez, doesn't anyone have anything to say? I like reading this board, but it's getting awfully dull lately. I thought Rick would have given us an update by now. What is the problem???
Mon Mar 27 17:43
Name: Howie
Huh?! Yawwwnnnn, Stretch. Jhees Iago, all your snoring woke me up.
Mon Mar 27 21:47
Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Hello to all!

First, let me just thank all those who read, contribute and watch the movies. Good or bad, your input is always appreciated.

Just a quick progress report. The new shows have finally been completed! They should be ready for release about 2nd or 3rd week in April. I am working on the web update right now. I'm not sure of the time frame on the update, but it should be within 2 weeks or so. Along with caps from the shows, you'll see more 3d art, and some sketch art as well. The first peek at the new shows will be on the Fantasy Food site, likely in the form of several captures from the various new shows.

Wish I had time for more, but there is still much work to do. As always, I monitor this page daily, and I read you thoughts, even if I don't have time to reply directly. Thanks to the Gimp for the fine job he does with the site. Keep the faith, there is some great stuff coming your way....



PS: Iago, wake the hell UP! :)

Tue Mar 28 17:04
Name: Iago
Sorry Rick, but you were putting me to sleep. A ZFX forum without input from the guy who IS ZFX seems to start feeding on itself after a while. The new releases should spice things up nicely.

I'm glad to hear about the new releases coming out in a couple weeks. I'll be saving my drachmas until then so I can snag them.

I hope Ralphus' review machine hasn't gotten too rusty during the wait!

Since the new releases seem to be the near future, what are your plans for the next batch? Any plans to use any of the ideas posted here? Some of them seemed right up your alley, and pretty bankable, if crowd reaction here was any indication. If not those ideas, do you have any inspirations? I think that would be a popular topic here, if you cared to share...



Wed Mar 29 00:24
Name: Per
E-mail address:
Thanks for the update, Rick! And thanks for waking Iago up, it would have been really sad if he slept through the realese date and missed the whole thing, LOL.
Thu Mar 30 12:11
Name: Damien
E-mail address:

Don'twake up for this message, please.


What can I say that I haven't said before: Too little, too late for me. But according to the comments of some others, you can wait as long as you want for the next releases. Looks like they'll put up with everything.


Thu Mar 30 13:53
Name: Mad Dog
E-mail address:
Hey everybody.

Glad to hear that Rick is still with us. I have a question for all of you guys out there. I went to Fantasy Food to see if I could see what the new ones look like and if I am possibly in them (I still havent heard back from Rick about that) Anyways as I was checking out there stock of ZFX tapes, I noticed one that was entilted Girls of ZFX- Non Bondage sex. Do any of you guys know anything about this one? Has anybody ordered it? Is it footage that somebody else that shot (Another company?) or is it all ZFX (Rick Masters shot footage)? If anybody has info on this send it my way. That would be cool! Thanks.

Hey Iago, I relize that this forum can get boring sometimes. But I have noticed that when it gets interesting is when a question is posed to everybody about their viewpoints (Like Sci-fi vs. Normal) So I elect you to come up with a question every week to make us think about our answers. All of those in favor of this say "I"

Peace all
Mad Dog
Thu Mar 30 13:56
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Re: "The Girls of ZFX"

It's been a few years since I saw this one, so my memory is a bit hazy. Basically, it's a chance to see some of the early ZFX performers, like Heather Lee, Sierra Stuart and Drew Phonix, in non-bondage sex scenes. In other words, if you like the girls and want to see them do something different, this is your tape. Myself, I thought it was a crashing bore, but then non-bondage sex scenes usually put me to sleep. I'm sure fans of straight vanilla X-rated stuff would feel differently about the tape, however. It appears to be all shot by Rick, not as outtakes from his videos but as separate material just for this collection. I'm also guessing it was older footage he had accumulated over the years before he released the tape.

There's some all-girl stuff in it (I believe Sierra and Heather have a scene) and for those curious among us, we get to see Rick actually having sex with his wife, Drew. He just sets up the camera and goes to it, so it's not a real exciting scene, but at least it is hardcore.

As a curio, it's worth checking out, but don't expect anything like what you're used to getting from a ZFX vid.

Thu Mar 30 19:38
Name: Iago
Girlz of ZFX? (Starts to fall asleep again)

It was a Porno done by Rick with a bunch of the earlier girls he used in videos. I get the feeling it had a much more "ad hoc" organization than Rick's normal detailed plans, the scenes were all unrelated, and, without real direction, the sex was not especially inspiring.

Topics? You want topics? Alright, I'll do one or two until the "stuposubly" (as OJ would say) coming-soon vids hit.

First question, gentlemen (and the odd lady): We've all seen the top ten lists that have been posted here, ya? Let me run this by you.

Since no one really seems to have one favorite ZFX pick, give us the two all-time favorites, Shockwave included, that you've seen. Now, once you've done that, here's the real question.

What one thing could have been done differently to make those films even better?

Details count here, as always. I've heard bellyaching about the "decline of ZFX" here in recent months. It seems to me that as a one-man operation, Rick needs to go outside the box from time to time for fresh inspiration. Let's help him out, and let him know the tweaks that would have REALLY caught our imaginations in his vids.

Good enough, Mad Dog?



Fri Mar 31 21:56
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Thanx for the update Rick ... I've been a fan since the Submission of Valerie and Spellbound. Some of my favorites include Witchhunt, Video Pirates 5, 666, The Misadventures Of Lois Payne, South Of The Border 2, and Bondage Imagination Unlimited. You bring to life the old flavor of the Matthew Cole HOM/Bizarre Tri Star classics and the Tao/Golden Ram productions (i.e., Sadistic Sweatheart) while adding your unique imaginative sci-fi, horror, and spfx angles. Ever thing of doing a remake of John Carter's "The Four Lives Of Cindy"? ... where, she re-lives her past lives reincarnated as a torture victim through the ages by an unknown masked sadist via hypnosis. The doctor turns out to be the reincarnated sadist who continues to follow her through time. The torture sessions spanned medieval, middle eastern, american indian, and present day. Also, can we get a few bigger video caps this time around? I know, small are disk space savers, but a few would be nice. Looking forward to the new releases. --Eric--
Fri Mar 31 22:55

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