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February 2000
Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Comments: Sprocket99: I like that idea of the torture book! Even though I'm more into the realistic side of the bondage/rape/torture scenarios, that concept sounds like an intriquing one. Rick could do a lot with that, if he chose to go that way.

Kane: War Pigs 2 is very good; it is a continuation of the also superb original, which starred Chandra Sweet. Chandra was the lone captive in the first and she is joined by Lisa Kinkaid, in one of her earlier performances, in the sequel. Good stuff all around, as Chandra endures cigarette torture, anal torture and clothespin torture and gets put in a nice hogtie at the end. Lisa gets raped by Rick and one other man, and suffers plastic bag asphyxia as well. If you can find it, buy it!

666: Well, again, my full review scrolled off and is currently unavailable on this site, but the Gimp contacted me and assured me that all 15 reviews will be restored very soon. The video is a good one, and I'm not the only one who thinks this is one of his better recent efforts.

Damien, still waiting to hear more about the tapes you saw during your little marathon session. Here we are now, entertain us! :o)

Tuesday February 1st 2000 12:33:50
Name: Rick Slo Poke Masters
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Comments: Hello to all,

Let me just say that I don't get offended by Damien or any others who express their views in this FREE forum. I want you to speak your mind freely, both good and bad, and as a practical matter, it's the Gimps bandwidth not mine hehe! I am glad people want the movies, its flattering. I am not trying to be slow, I am trying to do good work, but there are a lot of demands on my time. I want to improve the breed and sometimes that takes time. Believe me I would make far more money if I cranked out Xquantity of shows a month. But then your gonna get exactly that, xquantity boring predictable shows that have been cranked out...I want to try to make movies that are better than the average bear. I can't guarantee anything or promise they'll be x amount better than before. That will be for you to decide. I just do the best I can:) Hopefully, you will like the results.

As far as the web site, I can't post caps till I know what's in the movie, and I am never sure what1s in the movie until its been edited. Also, working on the website is time not spent editing, and bringing finished movies to the market is the priority right now. Simple as that.

Just a word about Maddogs comments. While it is true that shooting is hard at times, the shoot he was involved with was like the Batton Death march of porno shoots because of expense in getting me and my equipment there and the fact that we had a great location, excellent talent and support crew so I wanted to maximize the time I was there. We were all dog ass tired by the end! I have to tell you though,that I wouldn't trade places with many people and I just feel lucky as hell I can make a living doing this!

BTW, I believe both Michelangelo and more than a few popes are rolling over in their graves as a result of some of the comments made by in the forum).

Ok, enough idle banter, here are the titles as well as a very brief synopsis for the next 5 ZFX/Shockwave movies hopefully available in the not too distant future(as I said I'm done even attempting a release date but its still gonna be awhile, the mid march thing is really an estimate that was arm twisted out of me).

First the ZFX titles. There will be three of them:

South of the Border 4: Atrocities-Pretty US Embassy attorney Megan Cortez(Lisa Kinkaid) continues her bound and gaged Mexican penal experience as well as 3 Yankee collegiate babes (Kelly Mckay Kimberly Noble and Christina Anderson) she tried a little too hard to spring after they got pinched by the federales with some coke. Look for lots of very harsh electrical stuff, whipping, beating, jail cell gang bang and a stun gun enhanced upside down dunking. You'll get some hints as to what1s REALLY going on and why these guys are so intent on pinching pretty young gringo babes.

666:Mark of the Beast-A continuation of 666, A freaky Satanic Cult is attempting to find a breeder host to be impregnated by a powerful demon and give birth to the Anti Christ. Since the candidate must be able to withstand copulation with the Greater Demon Shoggoth(who has a really big dick), they must be ritually prepared for the ordeal. Of course preparation is an litany list of of torture and fucking with lesser demons. In part one, 2 Girls are abducted, a blonde(Christina Anderson) and a brunette(Kim Noble) and brought back to the Satanic lair for preparation. In part 2, as the appointed, prophetic hour draws near the preparations are increased in intensity. Look for brutal whipping, and the mark of the beast....candle wax galore. This movie has 3 wax scenes including one in which Kim Noble is tied hands feet behind her head(she is very flexible) with a lit candle shoved in her ass, the melting wax running down her ass, cunt and onto her tits. Anyway the preparation get a little too intense as the 2 girls perish during a harsh demon fucking session. The Tasker decides to use his pet(Lisa Kinkaid) to mate with the demon, but she must be quickly prepared including wax job and whipping while tied to a red cross. Finally, she is brutally taken by shoggoth doggie style.This scene is the coolest! I think this sequel is much better that than the orig, hopefully you will as well.

In Their Nature:A story of a Psycho father(Joseph Marx) and son(Jon Obrien) who drug then bind, gag and torture the sons pretty girlfriend Suzy(Bridgette Bayonne) who wont put out. On her way home after resisting the sons groping advances, dad offers her a drink which is laced with a drug cocktail that soon has the poor girl wretching and convulsing and tearing her top off, finally collapsing into a spittle smeared heap. After watching this spectacle, father and son calmly cary Suzies semi nude body in to dads room for further inspection. Her limp bod is striped , and she is then totally brutalized including a strangle filled shower2cleansing2, a double plugging, ass and mouth while taped hand and foot to a broom stick, waxing, more strangling,belt beating and a nasty nipple twisting with a vice grips amongst other things. If you like Forced Entry, this movie has a similar feel, shot in a house, though a completely different kind of story.

There will be 2 Shockwave movies:

Viral Load: This movie has elements of Japanese anime(tentacled beasty) in it, as well as some very harsh conventional torture and bondage. A pretty Lab Tech, Dr. Jennifer Wells(Penelope Pace) delivering a an unknown biological agent to a Government weapons facility is abducted by SLAM, a domestic terrorist group and forced to help them develop a biological weapon in their covert lab. Of course the Lab tech is not going to cooperate, so she is tortured mercilessly by a terrorist thug Bruno(joseph marx) and his female side kick Celia(lisa Kinkaid) till she changes her mind, including a brutal beating, lesbian ass rape and a through electrical prodding with a battery charger and stun gun. Still refusing to help, she is tied in some VERY uncomfortable positions and flogged until she finally agrees to cooperate. Working in the shabby lab, exhausted, badly beaten and under duress poor Dr. Wells spills a sample of the virus which quickly mutates into a slimy black tentacled mass bent on forced copulation with both Dr. Wells and Celia.

Ballista 2: Ballista vs The Evil Dr. Menace: Ballista(Lisa Kinkaid) is back as well as her sidekick Trixy(Bridgette Bayonne) to face new dangers in the form of Dr Menace, an evil botanist, his freaky henchman Scab, and another shadowy figure, the possible mastermind of the crime ring Mr. Reams. After defeating Pornogra, Ballista continues to search the acme supply house for the still missing Trixy when she stumbles across another bound and gagged cutie(newcomer Barbara Jo Bayer) in the clutches of evil and being ravaged by 2 strange looking men and...a plant! Of course Ballista attempts to rescue the hapless girl, a huge fight ensues which she predictably loses, becoming the bound and gagged plaything of Dr Menace. Much nastiness ensues including plant rape and a vicious suspended whipping delivered to Ms. Bayers lithe body. Meanwhile, in another part of the building Trixy is being worked over by one of Pornogras henchmen obviously displeased at her bringing so much trouble down on her boss, who has literally vanished after being left hogtied by Ballista. Much unpleasantness for Trixy too. MUCH! That1s about all I can tell you for now, since the movie is still being edited.

So that1s the basic overview of what's coming up. As I said not even gonna attempt a date, but things are coming along. BTW, I don1t like giving dates but I though January was a shoo in, but the best laid plans of mice and ponographers. I don1t like to disappoint people, but I1m not a machine, I1m just a man, so I fuck up a lot.:O Please bear with me.

Ok, a few comments about HOM. Much props and respect to the forefathers! I love HOMs old stuff, especially the early 80s features like Curiosity Excited the Cat, Tourist Trap 1&2 and one of my all time favs, Bitter Sweet Revenge. Many others put of HARD CORE bondage stuff, such as Defiance(one of my favs), and evenvintage mainstrean porn was great shot of film bondage and rape. Check out Barbara Broadcast, or Expensive Taste, two excellent film. They shot em on film back then folks and the girls was all natural beauties! They even had pubic hair(sometimes too much) and those great hip hugger panties. Man, I hate boob jobs, tatoos and piercings! Plastic surgeons and tat artists have ruined as whole generation of cuties or helped them ruin themselves. Of course some like that stuff , to eachthere own, but not to my taste. Anyhow, I digress..... old HOM is good stuff, but don't buy fugazzi's man if you can avoid it, contact HOM and get the real thing, they are nice folks over there and could use your support.

Someone asked about foot fetish, we have Toe Jammers, it1s a nice little piece with some vintage ZFX models diddling (fucking actually, it HCore, no BD)each others pussys with toes, sucking toes, bathing toes, painting toes, and a final segment where one of the gals fucks herself with a high heel I think.I haven1t seen the thing since about 91 so memory is foggy hehe!

To all the ideas presented, bravo! I always read you posts and it let it absorb.Particularly like the book idea, actually did something similar for Bon Vue along time ago and I think it was never released. It was one of, if not the first movie I did for them and I think it really sucked bad, not the story but the execution! Its probably sitting in some bin in their basement!

And now the shameless plug!To Kane and others in Europe: why not buy the tapes from Fantasy Food. You will get authentic tapes in any format you want including PAL factory direct. That means faster than any one else.We want your business!!!Visit the Fantasy Food( ) site or better yet call Natasha toll free at 1-800-630-6676 and place and order! If you saw how cute she is you'd forget all about that silly shopping cart......

Ok, a final note. Keep it in perspective. Getting mad at me ain't gonna make the new shows come out faster. I'm not holding things up as a sales technique, believe me if you really think about it, sales are driven by new releases, including the old shows. No one wants to get this stuff on the street more than me...well except maybe Damien:)!

Ok, back to work I go.


Tuesday February 1st 2000 05:41:38
Name: Damien
E-mail address:
Comments: Rick:

So another delay coming up without even the slightes explanation why??? Again: I don't mind the waiting as much as the explanation. I STILL don't get howcome last year producing the tapes took so much longer than before. I was perfectly happy with the quality of the tapes as they were a few years ago!!! In fact: I useually think "It doesn't get any better than this" with each old tape I watch. but hey! lets give you the benefit of the doubt: Let's say it took twice as long to produce the upcoming releases....That should mean they're twice as good too, right???? We'll wait (what else can we do) and see......

As for the stories you describe: They sound realy great! I REALLY look forward to them. (But....I already did..:-))

Ralphus: You're absolutely right: I still owe you guys a view reviews. And I don't even have a chasing-bootleggers- excuse to hide behind. So: In mynext posting: Toolbox Abductions II: Torture Shop.

Tuesday February 1st 2000 09:06:53
Name: Damien
Comments: Here it is: The review of Toolbox Abductions II: Torture shop.

Whitout a doubt, one of my favorites! (How often can I say this and still be believeable???).

This one has it all: An excellent plot, great twists, superb camera angles. And of course VERY cute galls: I mean: Chandra, Lisa AND Tabitha in ONE tape: Does it get any better???? Yes it does!! Bryan Dunhill as the bad guy!

The star of the movie is a very good flash-back, almost fading into part 2. Then the storie concentrates on sweet, lovely, cute Lisa. She does what she does best: playing a very helpless, very scared victim. She's the only girl in a bondage movie who almost makes me feel sorry sometimes....almost. Useually, watching a bondage vid, I have thought like 'tie her tighter, whip her harder" etc. But Lisa's SO cute....oh man....

Then an excellent move: we here Rick announce he has planned something else for Lisa. Useually, the next scene would be whatever he has in store for the vivtim. Not this time; The next scene has entering Tabitha to the story. As she enters, we all know what will happen to here, but she hasn't got a clue yet. And in the back of our mind, we try to imagine what's happening to Lisa meanwhile.

When she goes to use the batroom, she discovers poor Chandra, tied to a bed, in a VERY cute position: cna't move, can't speak, can't see, can't hear. And then another excellent camera angle: we see how Bryan observes Tabitha, who observes Chandra.....But at first, Tabitha doesn't see Bryan

Of course, Tabitha's overpowered, tied up and gagged. From that point on, the pieces all fit excellent: Bryan devides his attention equally between Tabitha and Chandra (and in the end....oh well....go watch that vid!), with scenes of Lisa in between, as a kind of cream on the cake.

I feel this tape has an excellent ballance. I don't think there's anything left that could have been edited out without ruining it.

All in all, a GREAT classic, back from the days when producing didn't cost as much time as it does nowadays.


Tuesday February 1st 2000 09:33:35
Name: Ralphus
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Comments: Damien: What can I say? Your review said it all perfectly. Once again, we're in total agreement on this one. Toolbox 2 has more than a few highlights; it is one of Rick's finest efforts. Lots of great setpieces, including a favorite scene where Brian has Tabitha and Chandra tied together and alternates between them with a burning cigar! Shall we say it together, Roger? TWO THUMBS UP!

Oh, and on a related subject, my Reviews section has been completed, and The Gimp did a great job on the layout. All 15 of my reviews are back online, and you can go there by clicking the link over this post. Thanks, Gimp.

Wednesday February 2nd 2000 03:37:35
Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:
Comments: I was afraid of this

I am not looking forward to the new videos.

First, Ms. Ballista II, South of the Broder IV and 666 II had to have been shot the same time the pervious ones were. Why do I say this? Because they were filmed in the same location. Now 666 part II has a knew scene with Lisa, but otherwise, Rick has had this footage since June.

Why is he waiting to show these flicks? I would venture it is because the past ones sucked. I know a lot of you liked the above mentioned videos, but they did very little for me. Sometimes the simple stories, with straight forward action like Forced Entry are the way to go. I have already ranted before how the above videos all look the same, since they were shot all at the same place (okay, I know Ms. Ballista wasn't, but the other 2 were)

What this means is we are going to get more of the same. No wounder Rick is rediting what he has. It's all the same stuff.

Now the two other videos sound more promising

Vital Load sounds like a good one. I buy ZFX videos, but stopped after Forced Entry. This one I might get. Sounds like it will have what I like. I enjoy the plant rape stuff, Alien Probe II for example I liked.

In there Nature could be good, but what made Forced Entry so good is that you had two victims in it. This one only has one. I find I get bored seeing the same girl for 60min. Also the one girl happens to be a dog. So I will have to look at this one more closely.

Another thing that bothers me is that the videos seem to be getting more hardcore. I mean in the bondage and espically torture sense. Now I would guess Rick is doing that because it sells. Hell, he knows which videos sell more than others. I guess I enjoyed the older ones. The classics, like Hardcore TV or Guniea Pigs III. Its hard to find videos out there that show forced sex as a theme. I hate to see that theme be replaced in ZFX videos with stun guns, hot wax and serve whippings. It does not do much for me

Another compliant is the lack of knew blood in ZFX videos. Lisa is a fine, but needs to take a break. It's ashame the babe in Forced Entry could not have been signed. Also I miss Kimberly Allen (i think that is the name) too. The knew girl in Ballista looks kinda lame to me, based on the coming attraction in the first tape. Bridget Bayonne is no prize either.

Some of you should check out and to see really hot babes in bondage. Problem is with these videos you get no torture or rape. So its babes vs the hard stuff. Rick, why can't we have both?

Okay, this was kinda of long, hope you read this far guys. Let me say quick that I am just saying what I like. Your all free to like what you want of course!

I am glad that after March Rick will be shooting all knew videos as he uses up his old footage. Damn, that could be next year!

Later dudes

Friday February 4th 2000 04:08:48
Name: Damien
Comments: NYCdom:

Though I still DO look forward to the new releases (whenever they may come....hopefully sometime this century) I have to agree with the essence of your critisism. As a matter of fact, just today I saw SOB2 again, and liked it a lot. BUT:

If I would have simply walked into the room, in the middle of the tape, it might just as well have been The Reporter. There was no way anybody could have told the difference (apart from a slightly differenr crew) in the scenes with beautifull miss Monica Moore. And in this case, we're not even talking of a sequell, but a totally different (but not too different) title.

I still am an enthousiast fan, and will follow Rick's stuff closely, but I feel because he's the only guy doing this kind of BD (as far as I know of) makes things very easy for him. He simply has NO competition. He can get away with whatever he makes, and we (at least I) love every bit of it....simply because there's no alternative.

Let's hope and pray for one ore more independent producers bring out the same maerial that makes us love ZFX as much as we do.

There's MUCH room for improvement (you mentioned a few points), but Rick simply has no need to do so....I guess it's lonely at the top.

As for AES: That sure is NO alternative. I own a few AES tapes, and sure, the girls are pretty...VERY pretty...But the bondage is lame, and the acting even worse. Loooooong scenes with pretty girls bound, hardly strugling, just moaning. And the camera work...Yagh!!!

I only have one word to describe AES tapes (at least the ones I saw): BOOOOOORING!!!


Saturday February 5th 2000 08:12:53
Name: Howie
Comments: Ok, it's not from Rick but has just posted on their home page the proposed release date of the new vid's on Febuary 14 and they are taking pre-orders. Just thought I'd let you all know.
Saturday February 5th 2000 11:55:08
Name: AvF
E-mail address:
Comments: Altough we all have our own viewpoints and opinions, and I usaully don't share a whole lot of criticism. But with NYCDom's recent posting, in particular, casting, I have to say I have to be in aggrement that I have not found all of the recent female additions particularly appealing. 666, which seems to be a favorite to most as is evident by the postings, I was really disapointed with. I tend to really like inverted suspensions but the victim in this case was just....not as feminine as I'd like. Just too rough around the edges. Also didn't care for the costume change. To me there's just no point to it...just made it lose something for me.

While on the subject of femininity. I know Rick has had a few debates as to the footwear issue. My view ( even though I prefer no shoes ) on this is if it fit the scene. Couple of cases in point. Virtual Violence, where Amy is raped in a restroom. The scene is portrayed realistically with no attention to the shoes whatsoever as the attackers mindframe would be to do the deed and get out. On the other hand, when a victim is totally in control, in an isolated location, to keep the shoes on, in certain scenes is not realistic. Even from the point of the victim, I think I'd wan't to feel grounded and be able to run if an opening for escape presents itself. There's a radio comedy bit about porn addicts. One of the segments goes"If you like your partner to shower in 5" might be addicted to porn". There's a string to the bit but I think this illustrates how rediculous to keep high heels on in some circumstances can look. I realize some heels have straps and cannot be removed by the victim even if she wanted to but in other instances I know I'd want the ability to run. Now to the point of how this effects femininity. A great deal of being female in my estimation is being graceful. The certain way a woman walks as opposed to a biker chick. I know they are in distress but to see them clomp around in their heels just loses the feminine element. The same movie as an example, where Penelope clomps around in her scenes did absolutly nothing for me. Forced Entry or Cheerleaders of P.U. however ( a couple of my favorites ) had the victims also keep their shoes on but they were athleatic shoes and therefor were able to keep their fluidity of motion. Still would have prefered bare feet but I think you get what I mean. It probably doesn't mean a whole lot to most of the viewers but the gracefulness of a pretty young lady...even while in bondage is much more apealing to me than some girl with a stride like a guy or to clomp around like a bull in a china shop.

Anyway Rick, I love your work but just couldn't resist giving my inputs in this case since the topic (topic before curving it over) was out there.

Oh one more thing...just remembered. the hanging scene in War Pigs III ( I think it's III). I know you have to to able to hide the harness but it would have been a lot more apealing to at least have her naked from the waist down. A little oral going by holding her up. Also , am not a breast bondage fan myself but as just a thought if you were to do any similar scenes in the future, you could use the framing part of a brest bondage scene to incorporate the harness. You know, the top part of the breast ties ging under the arms. Just a thought.

Later from the west coast nocturnal wanna be filmaker.

Monday February 7th 2000 03:04:20
Name: Iago
Comments: Hey Gang,

Is it just me, or are you guys on a roll? Damien, I think you are partially right about Rick. It is lonely at the top. I think a lot of other film makers either don't want to put in the time, resources or effort to do what he does. He's also around the limit of what is legal sometimes, which lots of people won't do. Rick is also clearly inspired and imaginative, putting in film what for him are either his visions, or his interpretations of the visions of others. With very few standouts, done for mass appeal, his films have plot, theme, and a solid, John Carpenter-ish (early years) mix of absurdity and ultraviolence. Throw in heavy sexual content and (my personal favorite) sci-fi themes, and he really is unique. I haven't seen any "Rick clones," though there would certainly have to be a market for it. I think most people making these movies don't have it in them. This may be why I don't get personally upset about Rick's movies being so long between releases. No one else is doing it, even in the absence of new releases. He'll release them when he's ready. And I'll buy them. After nearly a decade of overwhelmingly releasing more winners than losers, he gets a degree of good faith from me.

Howie, I love the idea of realism in realistic movies. In obvious fantasy movies, nah. 666 is fantasy food. Let 'em play. Something like forced Entry or Surgical Strike, though, I agree 100% with you. One thing I've really enjoyed, and maybe I am alone in this, is that Rick has been doing more with costuming the last year or so. Kim Noble in Underland looked very hot in her painted-on jeans and tiny top, and pretty damned good in her trashy getup for 666. Christina looked great in her spandex shorts and biki top in SOB3, and again in both costumes she wore in 666. Jaqueline (sp?) looked fantastic wearing, and slowly being sliced out of, her spandex leotard and hose in Forced Entry. Rick, you once talked about having a thing for a batgirl-style heroine. Dress 'em up, man. Then dress 'em down.

Guys, it's been great reading lately. Thanks.



Tuesday February 8th 2000 06:49:56
Name: Mad Dog
Comments: Hey everybody, my turn again.
I might actually suprise you guys by saying, for the most part I agree with some of the more recent postings. See, I am not just an argumentetive jerk.

I have said in the past that this buisness is a time consuming one and that Rick is only one man. But, I also think that he takes too much on himself. Granted that this company is all him and I am sure (most of you guys know this as well) Rick really loves what he does and it shows in his movies.

I think that, if Rick was able to bring on some help, it might free up some of his time. Not to mention speed up the arrivals of the movies. But I am sure that would be a hard thing for him to do. Like I said, ZFX is all Rick. He is the one that saw a void and filled it, and he is the one who has the visions for the future of ZFX. (From talking with him, I can gaurantee he has some visions). It is a hard thing to bring somebody else in to help out with a project that you started, and have been working on for the last ten years or so. Keep in mind you are also dealing with things such as salary, insurance, artistic view points, and commitment to quality.

Rick, I am not saying that you need to hire some Joe Schmo off the street, but maybe find somebody that you could work with and who shared your visions. Here is a thought off the top off my head (So dont yell at me if it sucks) Maybe see if Lisa Kinkaid wanted to try her hand and producing a film. What do the rest of you guys think. (Keep in mind that the idea was off the top of my head)

As far as bringing someone else in to help, I know that it would be tough for you and that there would be sometimes you disagree with that person (Thats why you would still be the boss) but I think in the long run that it would be benifitial to you and the fans.

Well thanks everybody for listening, and letting me share my feelings with you.

Peace all, Mad Dog

P.S. I hope all of my HTML code worked otherwise this is going to read funny. See I am actually learning things in school
Wednesday February 9th 2000 04:13:38
Name: Sprocket99
E-mail address:

I am looking forward to most of the new crop of videos. I like the tentacle and plant rape scenes. VIRAL LOAD looks like it may fit the bill.

I agree partially with Mad Dog. Rick may benefit from some help (with his films :-) ). However there will be a difference in styles. It is unavoidable. I would suggest if he brings on someone with the same vision he has, that that person only produces under the Shockwave label. That way ZFX remains totally Rick. He could even use Entity Video to brake someone in.

What seemed to slow Rick down this time was the increase in video piracy. He should hire someone to fight the pirates, so he can put his full attention on delivering high quality videos.

Keep up the good work Rick. Looking forward to "Whenever".

Thursday February 10th 2000 09:14:28
Name: Ken
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi South of France here saying ZFX films are better than sex.......Or nearly.France is knownfor its fine wine and sandy beaches the places is even better with ZFX films the bondage,girls are great.The best SM stuff I have even had the pleasure of seeing.God save ZFX.Can anyone tell me were I can buy the hole collection from,if so let me know email in usual place. BUY people happy viewing.
Sunday February 13th 2000 08:45:50
Name: Lee
E-mail address:
Comments: Hello everyone. I just bought my first ZFX video, "Spinnerette." I must say, it was quite a cool movie, and I am already planning to buy more videos (especially ones with Tabitha Jordan submissive). Here's an idea for Rick: make a sequel to "Spinnerette," but make the spider BIGGER (man-sized). Also, you could incorperate some interesting bondage using the traditional spider web (similar to what an orb weaver would do). Anyways, keep up the good work. Don't worry about how long it takes you to make a video, I have a lot of catching up to do anyways.
Tuesday February 15th 2000 04:34:37
Name: Iago
Comments: Lee,

I think you have a cool idea with Spinnerette. I'm thinking another cool addition would be to have the bite of the spider have different effects on the women. If Tabitha was mind controlled through oral sex with the spider, biting might do something else. Maybe being bitten would cause weakness or illness, like with the scene where Lisa pokes herself with that syringe. Weakness would be good, the model too weak to resist what the mind-controlled dom or the spider-man was doing, maybe begging and pleading all the way. Hmm... Of course, there could also be other reactions to the bite, like irrepressible sexual urges, fear, lesbianism, whatever fits the story and the models. A lot of spiders have paralytic venom though, so I'm thinking a "Dentist"-type shuddering into stillness, but with the model still able to plead and maybe struggle just a little, seeing what's happening but powerless to stop it. Whatcha think, gallery?


Thursday February 17th 2000 05:57:18
Name: Mike
E-mail address:
Comments: I think that I saw Rick in a movie many years ago called "The Submission of Valerie." Has anyone else seen this movie? Is it Rick in the movie? It is just as severe as some ZFX movies I have seen. But I think all of the action is real. If it's fake, then it is the best special effects I have seen. mike
Thursday February 17th 2000 04:34:21
Name: NYCdom28
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi all

Glad to see some of you agree with me about the "decline" of ZFX videos.

I do agree with all of you that there are NO alternatives to ZFX style tapes. You may get better babes but no one gives you the torture and rape stuff Rick does. For that I will always be a ZFX fan. I would though like ZFX videos to be the best they can be.

Waiting impatiently!

Friday February 18th 2000 04:43:30
Name: tmac
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: I would have to agree with much of what was said concerning "Spinnerette" earlier. Especially about making the spider larger. I'm not sure about man-sized -- that would probably be too difficult to do on a restricted budget. But I thought the spider probably should have been a bit larger in the original. And speaking of ideas for the sequel, I'd like to see what happened at the end of the first film! It looked and sounded like "Spidey" was going to do the last victim in in the best way possible! I guess a spider model is among the more difficult to simulate, since you have to make it look realistic while moving eight legs instead of 2 or 4. Anyway, I'm hoping for more of the Shockwave films. I prefer them over the ZFX straight bondage films, which I'm sure places me in a minority here. There's quite a few other "monsters" that could be used. Just taking some direction from standard B-films can open up a number of possibilities.
Saturday February 19th 2000 06:15:59
Name: Iago
Comments: I've always been a little fuzzy on what makes Shockwave. Sure, they all have heavy Sci-Fi elements, but so do a lot of regular ZFX flicks. When Shockwave first came out, it was toted by the company I bought the original 2 from as "top-line" ZFX. They would have bigger budgets and superior production values. The first two, The Plant and Fair Warning, seemed to bear this out. Fair Warning was huge. I don't know how long it was, but it just kept 'a going for what seemed like hours. It had what was a big cast at the time. It has scenes indoors and out. Tabitha Jordan in a hot spadex mini and tank, stripped by invisible hands, then roped and given the session of her life. Tabitha was also in The Plant, and gave a good performance. But Fair Warning? Rapes, torture, insane asylums, oh my.

Okay, so what am I getting at, besides a threepenney horning-in on Ralphus's reviews turf? Just that aside from the admitted sci-fi theme, I've never heard Rick say anything about Shockwave being all that different. I'm far too lazy to get up and look at the boxes now, so was 666 Shockwave? How about Underland? Why not? I think Ballista was. Is it just futuristic sci-fi that makes Shockwave? Not extraplanar evil demonic beasties?

Like I said, just a topic of curiosity. I really have no idea.



Monday February 21st 2000 03:47:15
Name: Squishy The Squid
Comments: Apologies To Rick! Oh, man! I've been writing to Rick at lot (he's been terrific about writing back), and I just whined at him last week about dropping me a title or two... ...and I just discovered this forum today. Oopsie. I dislike violent torture, but do like bondage and especially tentacle sex, so I'm really looking forward to "Viral Load" and the "666" sequel. Good quality live- action tentacle-sex is damned near impossible to find, thank God (or whomever) for Rick Masters. Rick's not the only one who's ever had trouble making schedule. Videos, comic books, video games--all run into schedule problems unless they're just being crapped out. The newest Planet Pixis game "UltraVixen Y3K" (Torment ahoy! I don't mind torturing UltraVixen because she enjoys it so much) has been pushed back from New Year's to February to March to Who Knows. It's so late the title doesn't really work anymore, but I'd rather see it late than fuctup... One suggestion to Rick: The Forum really should be listed separately, outside of "links." I would've found this place a lot sooner... Everybody take care!
Monday February 21st 2000 08:33:35
Name: Sardu
E-mail address:
Comments: Shockwave vs. ZFX? I like to think of Shockwave as the softer, more vulgar side of Rick Masters. Been away from the Forum for a while but haven't missed much. I see Rick's been busy up in Minnesota teaching those droll Scandinavians that kinky doesn't mean having sex with the lights on. (Hey Mad Dog, show us your tits. Just kidding.) I noticed someone back in the January posts made mention of Dee Snider's "Strangeland". The unrated version DVD has some mildly diverting S&M torture (if you can stomach the obvious use of body doubles and poor lighting in the torture scenes). Was amused to see that the bound victims were wearing diapers with catheters "inserted" in their shamefuls. Makes mucho sense for long-duration bondage. Once saw that in an Ernest Greene/BonVue opus "Incarceration of Chloe" some years back (actually one of their more strident efforts) so I suspect family man Dee is not merely watching "Little Mermaid" with the rugrats. Would love to see what ended up on the cutting room floor. I hate to get embroiled in the battle between the True Belivers on this list and the mostly benign skeptics, but I'd like to suggest Rick put some of his allowance aside to hire some gentle soul to help out with camera duties. Would add a bit more verve to the bland cinematography on many of the vids. Menawhile Himself would be freed up to concentrate on the creative side of his labors of lust.
Friday February 25th 2000 06:38:11
Name: TMac
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Comments: Shockwave vs. ZFX? I thought Shockwave was simply ZFX-Sci/Fi, but I haven't seen enough of the ZFX films to really know for sure. I would agree with the last comment concerning camera and camera angles -- ZFX/Shockwave films tend to "stare" too much. The camera should probably move around more and there should be as much action and movement in shots as is possible (or realistic.) Also, for God sakes, don't have the actress just staring into the camera or out in space like a deer in headlights! Acted out fear is part of the whole experience.
Friday February 25th 2000 07:46:13
Name: Ralphus
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Comments: Regarding the ZFX-Shockwave difference, Rick himself posted last year about that very thing. Coutesy of the "Guestbook Archives", here's his answer to that question.

<< Some queried "What's the difference between Shockwave and ZFX". Shockwave is high end ZFX, the tapes are longer, so called feature or short feature length and tend to be exclusively Sci fi or supernaturally oriented in terms of story. You could say Shockwave movies are my pet projects.I put the supreme effort into them, more locations, contraptions like robots, sexually frustrated Plants, Monsters. More plot driven. When I started with the Shockwave line, Fair Warning being mentioned correctly by someone as the first Shockwave release, ZFX was more traditional B&D oriented (stuff like Spread Eagle, True Detective, Binding Contract), albeit often with supernatural overtones. As the years have gone by, the differences have become less and less evident, but more money is spent on Shockwave than ZFX in general. >>

Here's a poll for the readers. Do you your own personal tastes tend to sway more towards the sci-fi/fantasy aspect of ZFX, such the recent "Miss Ballista" or "Robopimp", or more towards the realistic offerings, such as "Forced Entry" or the "South of the Border" films? Rick does both well, and usually gives us a hearty helping of both when he releases new tapes. (This year's offerings feature 2 Shockwave titles out of the 5 new releases, for the first time.) The question is, which do you prefer? Myself, I tend to favor the more believable scenario over something that has a sci-fi theme. In other words, I would rather see a rapist in a home invasion theme than a horny plant or spider that attacks the girls. I know Rick himself seems to prefer the fantasy films, and there have been a few recent postings that were praising tapes like "Spinnerette". So, let's all vote. What's your preference: Fantasy or realism?

Saturday February 26th 2000 04:24:23
Name: TMac
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Comments: Well, if those are the two choices, I choose "fantasy," but I think sci-fi/supernatural vs. straight bondage would be better categories. They're all unrealistic. I know, I know, quibble, quibble....:)
Saturday February 26th 2000 04:47:07
Name: alex
Comments: .O.K...if I have to chose....NO contest. I like straight forward "home invasion", "stalker", "planned kidnapping","spomtaneous kidnapping", and things that can happen in real life. The sci-fi stuff is O.K. for 5 minutes or so, but after that amount of time it gets old.
Saturday February 26th 2000 08:32:22
Name: Iago
Comments: Sci fi for me. My favorite ZFX flicks have been "Alien Probe" 1 &2,and the original "Guinea Pigs," with "Fair Warning" in there someplace. I also enjoyed "Subject 9" (part 2) and "Bound for Madness." Rick sometimes can look at the sci-fi fantasy genre and say "OK, what would that look like if it was done by REAL villains or evil space beasties? I also confess that I enjoy the style of sci-fi, the sleazy outfits, bizarre situations and modern types of peril that Rick can use with that medium. It also frees him up for combo action, like an unearthed medieval device adapted for sinister use in the present. The only "conventional" piece he's ever done that really got my attention was "Forced Entry," and that had a lot to do with the amazing hottie rating of the girl in the leotard.



Sunday February 27th 2000 05:31:47
Name: Sardu
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Comments: Re: Sci-Fi/Shockwave vs. "Realistic"/ ZFX Scenarios.... While the effects in the Shockwave ("Sci-Fi") vids are primitive (and sometimes unintentionally laughable), the overall ideas behind them are, well, nifty. I hope that they will continue to improve. The more realistic stuff (the "ZFX" titles) are often unrealistic themselves, though in a different way. This is due to the tired camera work, repetitive plots, and often poor acting (to cite but 3 examples). I don't dislike the ZFX vids and count a few among my overall favorites, but the Shockwave material just seems to have so much more potential (most of it still unrealized). On a larger note: One can only wonder what kind of vids Rick could/ would be making had the Meese Commission stupidity never happened. Sigh...
Sunday February 27th 2000 06:11:53
Name: Robert
Comments: Although some of the Shockwave videos (such as Spinnarette and Alien Probe) have been among my favorites, it was not the sci-fi aspects of them I enjoyed so much but rather the sexy females and the brutal bondage and torture. What I most enjoy about ZFX movies is that I feel they convincingly give the impression that the girls have been captured against their will and are at the complete mercy of their captors. In contrast, most other companies produce bondage films focusing on master/slave games which I find much less appealing. I have the impression that the Shockwave videos may require much more time to produce largely because of the special effects required. Although this can be fun to see, I feel this time would be much better spent producing more of the realistic abduction/bondage/rape/torture type videos which ZFX does so well. I am particularly aroused by the fantasy of abducting a beautiful slender young girl in a vulnerable position such as standing next to her broken down car, walking/riding a bicycle/rollarblading down an isolated country road or through the woods. One of my favorite ways to capture a girl is by rendering her unconscious by drugging or hitting her (such as the beauty in Forced Entry). Another favorite fantasy of mine is of shoving the bound unconscious body of the abducted victim into the trunk of a car to be transported to her abductor's torture chamber. There, her unconscious body could be stripped, fondled, posed/tied/and photographed in various positions until she awakens. At that point, the real fun could begin.
Sunday February 27th 2000 03:56:13
Name: Per
E-mail address:
Comments: I go for realistic settings before sci-fi. I also like the torture to be inflicted by a human (that the viewer can identify with) rather than a plant, machine or other kinds off sci-fi stuff.
Sunday February 27th 2000 06:58:26
Name: Sprocket99
E-mail address:

My vote is for the Sci/Fi films. I like the invisible entity films also (i.e. Chamber of Horrors)

I still enjoyed almost all of Rick's films, and will continue to view the new ones, real or sci/fi.

Monday February 28th 2000 06:45:18
Name: BBFan
Comments: I have to vote with the realistic camp. I like the idea that the victim has someone to focus her anger on while she is being tormented. Also, I find it rather implausible that some alien or critter would want to focus on sexual torment. One thing Rick does (like in "Doer") that I really like is have a gang of guys doing the hard work, and then have a hot chick really getting off on what they are doing to the victim. Now there's someone that the victim can really detest!

That being said, though, I'll take anything on offer if Rick would just get the new titles out already! Come on, Rick! We've been patient! Show us that the wait was worth it!

Monday February 28th 2000 01:24:46
Name: Milo
Comments: My vote goes in for "reality" (as in realistic). The sci-fi is ok, as is the build up, but what we really want is brutal , realistic sexual torture. Once you provide that, everything else is secondary.
Monday February 28th 2000 06:14:16
Name: Damien
E-mail address:
Comments: OK, here's my ten cents worth:

I'll have to go with the realistic camp too. Whitout a doubt!!!

One of the reasons Rick's flicks (ain't I a poet..:-)) is that his stuff is more realistic than reality.

It's like some photo beeing retouched to remove a funny nose, a birthmark or crossed eyes.

There is NO WAY in real life that a girl could endure what the villains in ZFX put them through whitout serious injuries, ugly wounds or passing out every three seconds.

IMHO Rick's best flicks (There: I did it again) are the ones that look real or BETTER then real.


Monday February 28th 2000 10:38:18
Name: The Gimp
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Comments: With the kind of state of affairs ZFX has right now, I'd have to shift my vote to the "reality" camp. Don't get me wrong, a sci-fi oriented plot would have much potential for campy dialogue, great villains, etc. What's problematic about many Shockwave releases are the limited special effects - they migth arouse one's morbid curiousity but at the same time still be corny and unconvincing enough not to be a sexual turn-on (at least in my case). And the later is still a far more important factor in my enjoyment of such films. As I've said before, there is a fine line between something genuinely stimulating and exciting, and something laughably corny yet fascinating.

When it comes to conventional Sci-Fi, my tastes again cater toward stylistic realism - I'm more into "Aliens" rather than let's say "Plan 9 from Outer Space" - the first one grips me while the second one merely makes me laugh. If only Rick had a million plus dollar budget...

On the other hand, a more traditional horror line, which does not rely on visual effects but instead goes for athmospheics is much more feasable. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", which, minus the murders, has scenes very similar in tone to Rick's best work (abduction, carrying, gagging, taunting, even force-feeding), is one example of very effective low-budget horror. The infamous basement scene in "Pulp Fiction", albeit homosexual (something I'm not really into), had always reminded me of ZFX in its essense (and that's the reason for the forum's name) - Zed and Maynard act almost exactly like the two villains in "The Toolbox Abductions" series. Sometimes I even wonder whether Tarantino actually used Rick's early work as an inspiration for that scene!

So while I encourage Rick's experementation with the Shockwave, I would love to see further elaboration on and improvement of "Forced Entry"(which everyone seems to like unanimously) or "Blunt Trauma" type scenarios, with an even greater emphasis on penetration and the female vocal response (gagged or otherwise).

-- The Gimp

Monday February 28th 2000 11:40:59
Name: RR
Comments: On the sci-fi vs, reality based plotlines, I've got to join the reality camp. The main reason is simply that my fantasies focus on simple abduction plots. There aren't any elaborate effects or far-out elements to my fantasies.

Beyond that, a kidnapping plot is much easier to film with the kind of shoestring budget that Rick has to work within. A basic home invasion video doesn't require much beyond some decent acting, require much beyond an attractive actress, some decent acting and passable camerawork. Rather than see money squandered on low-budget special effects, I'd rather see a higher caliber actress being hired (not that I have all that much trouble with a lot of the models ZFX uses).

I know that Rick is doing the best he can with the budget he has in his fantasy films, but reverse filming, cheapo Halloween masks, and digital effects below that of an old videogame don't do much to maintain a dramatic atmosphere. It's hard for me to get into the video when I'm trying to figure out whether the $20 mask is supposed to be a bad guy in a mask or if it's supposed to be a real monster.

Even if Rick had a million dollar budget, I'd still prefer the simpler abduction storyline. My preference is for normal street or business type attire and good ol' sexual manhandling. Rick's more ambitious efforts don't do much for me.

Tuesday February 29th 2000 12:56:18

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