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Name: Iago

Comments: Thanks for the info guys. I checked the sites out. They didn't have the movie, sadly (I don't exactly think it ever made classic status; it was wierd but not completely freaky). They did have some other neat stuff, along with some stuff so, uhm, different, that it makes me feel a lot more mellow than has been the case before. If any of the rest of you could keep your eyes out for it, I'd appreciate it. I like films from right near the end of disco through the next few years, because I liked the hot spandex that women wore in nightclubs and in videos at that time. Any suggestions? This, erm, might possibly explain why I always ask Rick to add more types of this costume when posting here...

Monday July 3rd 2000 11:30:25

Name: Muad'dib

Comments: I only saw two ZFX movies and was really amazed by them. I had always been hoping to find a movie like these, but somehow never knew about ZFX until someone mentioned them in a newsgroup. Anyway, I got SOB 3 and Guinea Pigs 2 i think it was...I really hated guinea pigs, I just didn't think any of the women were that great looking. The SOB 3 video was amazing though, Lisa Kinkaid is very beautiful, and the brunette near the end was great too. I'd like it if they had more rape scenes though, and a bit more than that lame rape scene at the beggining of SOB 3
Tuesday July 4th 2000 09:37:25

Name: Iago

Comments: Muad, you might want to check out "Underland." Kim Noble does an amazing pair of scenes strapped to a table where she is first sexually abused and then tortured. Add in that she has a truely dynamite body, and it might be what you were after...
Wednesday July 5th 2000 07:43:35

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: Okay, the forum has been kind of quiet recently so I thought I would start a new thread I will loosely call "In Our Humble Opinions: Laying out the Contours of the Perfect ZFX Movie", or perhps even more simply, "Hey, Rick, When Are You Gonna Make a Movie For Me?". If the thread has been done before, my apologies.

Here's mine: Beautiful young innocent deaf mute coed (dressed appropriately for a coed, i.e. nothing too sexy, e.g. no hot pants, just jeans and tee-shirt and sneakers) at a university for the deaf is attending a celebration where drinking is taking place(hanging out in a bar? graduation party? who cares, doesn't matter). Into her drink is slipped a "Roofie"-like drug which makes her groggy and passive. Two men, strangers, spirit her away with some lame explanation ("My girlfriend has had too much to drink") and drive her to their basement lair. The party is crowded and not everyone knows each other so no one even notices. At the lair, the fun and games begin. The drug has made our heroine not comatose, but passive, so the captors can really slow down their activities. For example, they leave her sitting on a bed, groggily watching while they prepare some chains to chain her in a spread-eagle standing position. Various tortures ensue, mostly of the sexual variety, with some occasional pain for spice.

The key elements are these: That she is bound tightly, i.e. with chains, with not even a hint of a chance of escaping.

That she remains relatively passive and quiet throughout, expressing disagreement with shaking of her head or looks or terror or dismay in her eyes, but not a word of protest.

That the action is enormously slowed down from the usual ZFX pace, i.e. she might be shaking her head from side to side and trying to avoid insertion of a penis gag, and then her captors hold her head tightly in place with their hands and slowly overcome her resistance and slowly insert the gag (so when I run the scene in slow-motion I can savor every millimeter going into her mouth, smile. Believe it or not, a five-minute gag insertion scene would not be too slow for me).

That heavy pain and whipping are not the focus, but rather sexual or discomforting torment is (such as the use of large, long gags; nipple clamps; vibrators strapped into place with tape; long, slow repeated insertions into every orifice).

Finally, something really diabolical where the heroine's only choices leave her between a rock and a hard place (like the scene I often extol (from Evil Man?) where the heroine either kept the weights on the weightlifting bench up in the air or accepted her fate and allowed insertion of the dildo). Or, she thinks she has finally escaped, and then a worse fate befalls her (aliens with tentacles, lots of probing tentacles (smile), capture her, or maybe she flags down a passing car, and gets kidnapped again. As you can probably tell, I like the relentlessness of bondage/capture, the slow, impossible-to-escape the tentacle/the captor/the gag/the dildo/the physical or mental condition, the psychological torment aspect of it. I know these elements are not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Some of you have already posted before favorably about yelling and screaming. I hate that - I prefer complete muteness, my favorite bondage scene of all time being Constance Money & Jamie Gillis in Barbara Broadcast, where she doesn't say a word, even though not gagged. To each their own. And I sometimes think Rick fails to meet my wavelength. The flicks are great, they are works of art, but too often the action is too harried, too hurried, too "let's quickly inflict pain" for my taste. Probably largely a function of the difficult logistics of making a movie, which I respect, but still... Anyone want to have a go at laying out the contours of their ideal fantasy ZFX movie? What movie should Rick make for you? zee-ef-ex

Thursday July 6th 2000 08:33:32

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Interesting to see posters hoping that gals will come in here and post. I don't know if I really "count" since I'm not really very feminine. I saw some ZFX vids back when I worked at Harmony. Some of the ZFX content that I saw was of interest to me (manhandling/rape sequences). However, the post- production (editing, visual effects etc) turned me off. For me it distracted and detracted from the content. So I haven't seen a ZFX since. The reason I'm in here, though, is the forum seems to be about "extreme" videos, and basically, rape-story vids are considered extreme by most these days.

On to the topics discussed on this page: Should models be tied so securely that they can scarcely struggle...? For me, the ol' Blakemore loops were about right. The gals could struggle fairly violently but still couldn't quite get away from the groping hands etc. If a gal's completely unable to move, I can't see her physical "objections" to the goings-on. In fact it can even be fun if one limb is left untied -- just for the sheer frustration of her realizing that a free limb is absolutely useless to her. I don't understand. If Brigette's plug was in her vaginal canal, why would that keep her from urinating?

"I am very turned on by seeing the fine golden hairs on pretty girls' arms glowing as they catch the light..." --This was an interesting comment to read. For some reason one of the things that most attracted me to Catalina L'Amour was the soft golden down on her arms.

"I love seeing beautiful girls get stalked before being captured..." -- I saw Dorothy editing her future rape-dream video recently and it had a lot of fun stalking-through-the-woods footage at the beginning. It was fun to watch. I haven't seen much else of the project though.

"Beautiful young innocent deaf mute coed..." -- I can relate to that idea! I'm fond of the idea of a captive being blind (or even better, temporarily blinded, which would make her less resourceful than a real blind gal).

"Anyone want to have a go at laying out the contours of their ideal fantasy ZFX movie?" -- My ideal fantasy vid (ZFX or otherwise) would be a compilation vid of all manhandle/penetration/rape segments, without the violence (skip the violence; get to the sex, sex, sex!). If it were ZFX footage I'd want to see it without any post-production alterations or effects.

Friday July 7th 2000 01:08:01

Name: BBFan

Comments: I would like to add my 2 cents to the discussion of my ideal bondage vid. Mine would start like this: In some roman style setting, two women fight as kind of gladiators, and one of the women is clearly outclassed and very sexy - she loses handily to the other. But instead of being killed, she is tied up for some intense torture at the hands of the winner - maybe she becomes a permanent sex slave. As many of you know, I wouldn't mind seeing her tits tied and tormented throughout the whole movie, but I would also like much vaginal torment, dildos and plugs fastened in place, etc. An audience as spectators would be hard for Rick to set up, but I for one would certainly volunteer, or it could be simulated or none at all, but I do like the idea of the loser suffering the humilation of not just losing, but being subjected to sexual torment, all in front an audience of spectators.

Well, that's what I would love to see. I'm interested in what others think. GOOD THREAD!

Friday July 7th 2000 10:10:45

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: The great, the famous, the intelligent, the beautiful Lorelei/Kristine Imboch, upon whose visage and lovely form I have gazed many a time in awe and gratitude, posting here? We are blessed with riches in this forum. You will find that we ZFX-fans are no more crazy than your "forced fantasy" friends, Lorelei. (Yes, I have been to your web site). Welcome, and honor us please by posting often.
Saturday July 8th 2000 09:54:58

Name: Iago

Comments: Keeping with the thread...Hmm, what movie could Rick make for me? Realistically, the best bet would probably be the "mad scientist out for revenge" that I posted way back when we were inventing movies in the early part of the year. The scientist who was snubbed by the hotties in high school or college, has now come up with a device or drug or slimy beast that has the ability to make them feel erotic as hell. So, our depraved (and deprived) professor goes back to the gals that embarassed him in school for his guinea pigs. It's not exactly a consensual arrangement after the (fill in the blank for the device) takes effect. The girls are allowed to suffer, feeling the urges becoming imperatives, then blind necessity. The prof maybe takes one or two of them, but, now satisfied, torutures the others with sexual devices, but won't quite let them get off, which just adds to their torment. I see it kind of like "Doc Bondage," where none of the gals voluntarily took the drug, and where they were tortured, played with and taunted while waiting for it to take effect, then used after it did. Hmph. Or a nice slimy monster move like his "FIS" 3-D art, though that seems much less likely, for the obvious reason. No good slimy, rapin' worms available any more, now that Corman's got old and tame.
Tuesday July 11th 2000 05:59:49

Name: Muad'dib

Comments: I'm curious, what movie did you see, or event happened that made you realize that you liked ZFX type movies in the first place? For me, it was a lame B movie called Stryker that had a really good rape scene where a woman gets molested by 3 or 4 guys. I was so annoyed when they'd cut from her to the "hero" so they wouldn't show her as much as I wanted them to. That's probably when I first realized hmm, I kind of liked that scene. Am I weird?? what's wrong with me?? it wasn't till much later that I found they had movies that focused on rape and torture! Its sure been fun since!
Wednesday July 12th 2000 08:27:41

Name: Squishy The Squid

Comments: Haven't been back in a while...two bitty things:

(1) Okay, it's official; I'm not a big fan of Dreambook, where every message appears in full. I prefer message boards that list subjects, and corresponding replies, in groups. See my other haunts (, "Galaxy of Terror" at, and Yahoo! Clubs) for samples.

(2) HEY! "Viral Load" got reviewed in the latest "Taboo" magazine--4 "whacks" out of 4. 'Bout freaking time.

Thursday July 13th 2000 09:26:26

Name: Muad'dib

Comments: Hey guys, I got warpigs 4 in the mail. i'm a bit annoyed because it looks like its a pirated copy, and the quality is not so great either!! argh!!!

Anyway, on the plus side, warpigs 4 looks pretty cool :) I especially liked the first scene where the college gal had her wrists up in chains way above her head. Wow that girl sure can extend herself! i liked seeing Lisa Kincaid sexually molest her, the tit licking was pretty good...definitely a turn on. the middle girl was ok, i didn't like her so much during the electric shocks...i'd have preferred to see her suspended...i guess i prefer the arms above her head look. Still overall, very nice! I haven't seen the last scenes yet with Lisa being on the receiving end. I really like Lisa, she seems like she'd be really nice in person for some reason... perhaps a bit too nice for her role in the beginning though!

Friday July 14th 2000 11:43:13

Name: BBFan

Comments: Hey Muad'dib: Let us know where you got that vid from so we can know who to avoid and Rick can check to see if they are pirates or not, OK?
Friday July 14th 2000 01:19:36

Name: Way Cool Jr

Comments: Someone please tell me where Chandra Sweet has gone to? I have all her videos but I don't know why she hasn't been in any new releases. As a newcomer to ZFX I immediately snatched up all her work, but now I am waiting for more....can someone fill me in?
Friday July 14th 2000 05:45:45

Name: Ralphus

Comments: Muad'dib: Yes, by all means, let us know where you got the pirated ZFX vid. There are lots of legitimate sources for ZFX videos; we need to alert others of the bootleggers out there. You got cheated, and so did Rick.

Re: Stryker: I don't think I saw that one. Was the raped girl tied up at all? I have seen lots of rape scenes, but I usually only remember the ones where the abused girl gets bound first. As far as you feeling weird for liking that type of scene, hey, welcome to the club! We are all pervos here! Looks like you will fit right in! :o)

Good to hear about the review of Viral Load. I have 2 more of the new ones to check out, and that one has lots of potential because Penelope Pace stars in it. If I ever get any free time, I will let you know my opinion in my next review.

Re: Chandra Sweet: Your best bet with her is to buy up all the old ZFX titles she appeared in, because it's pretty unlikely she will ever be back. I'm sure Rick could tell you more, but she was been AWOL for probably at least a couple of years now, and the last report we heard, he didn't know where she went. Come back Chandra, we miss you! Chandra? (echoing in the distance)

Friday July 14th 2000 08:12:38

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Forgive me if I'm bringing up something that was already discussed, but has anyone else seen that music video where the woman is chased and chased and chased by the camera through the whole song? Gradually her clothes are more torn and dirty and she keeps running and looking back at the camera, frightened. At the very end the music video "wimps out" and shows the "actress" after the take. The funny thing is, this whole sequence doesn't show her caught or anything, yet I find the whole thing very sexy because all you have to do is imagine that a rapist is chasing her and is going to catch her. (So what song is the vid from? I dunno.)
Saturday July 15th 2000 12:10:58

Name: AvF

Comments: Way Cool Jr. Welcome you RATT you (my apologies if your name is reference to something other than the "Sex, Drugs, and Rock&Roll" lifestyle which if you ARE part of, I'm sure you can guess where the Hollywood Vampire comes from).

As noted in Ralphus post it is sad to say that Chandra, who is also one of my favorites, has indeed been gone awile now (has it really been about two years now already?).

On recent thread...not necessarily on perfect movie, or even perfect scene for that matter...more like mood for the day. A young lady returns to her place of residence to find a couple of strangers sitting laxidazically on her couch. Startled and before she can turn around and leave, a third intruder shuts the door behind her. These are three professionals sent to extract information. "Hey, no reason we can't have a little fun first" as she's overpowered, clothes ripped off, and forced to service the three intruders, who each finish with a oral climax (facial...Remember, this is my day dream). Oh by the way...I picture this in the same house as the "Forced Entry" video. Now the torture starts and progresses until the finale, in which a last ditch effort to get the info they're after is made, she's stung up, upside down and spread eagle (totally shoes)at the staircase. The torture continues leading to a transparent plastic bag taped over her head. I picture someone with the look of ... say Amy van Allen or Barbara Bayer (now that Amy's flown the coop).

A couple of questions for Rick. Having just mentioned Amy, and from the actress poll that went around awile ago. I was kinda surprized by the results and the comment that Amy's vids didn't sell that well. Even though she didn't fare as the favorite on anyone's response (except mine), she did seem to get mention as being in most's top three or five.

First question, is the fact that Amy is no longer filming due to her moving on or was it due to a perception of not selling well. You probably don't want to answer so how 'bout this one instead....Have any actresses looking to do some vids been turned away and if so was it due to bottom line considerations. Just curious.

The other question you keep facts and figures on top sellers and if so what is the number one seller that you have produced?

Well that's it time out.


Saturday July 15th 2000 09:51:41

Name: AvF

Comments: gotta make some kinda allowances for me. Dislectsic, demanted, and can't type as fast as I can think. But you all know what I mean> (I hope). Later
Saturday July 15th 2000 10:01:23

Name: Squishy The Squid

Comments: I neglected to mention earlier--this is why I prefer forums with "threads" to keep subjects together--that "Viral Load" is (unless I missed one) the first ZFX/Shockwave video to be reviewed in "Taboo" or any other Flynt publication. (I've read an article or two in "Hustler" snickering at hentai-tentacle anime, so "Load" getting a 4-out-of-4 review was a good sign.)
Sunday July 16th 2000 06:28:45

Name: Iago

Comments: AvF, Rick once posted, some time back, that he -thought- Guinea Pigs was his biggest-selling movie. I'm not sure if he meant the first movie or the series, though. He mentioned "Subject 9" parts one and two as the same movie several times.

Lorelei, just an idea, what if there were actually a pack of rapists after the girl in the video, but only one was full-speed chasing her at a time? When he got tired, another would speed up to take his place at the head, and they would, wolf-pack-like, run the victim into the ground. By the time they caught her(meaning wait until she collapsed from exhaustion and andrenaline burnout), she'd be too exhausted to do anything more than scream or flail weakly. But it wouldn't mean she was any more willing. How would that work from a "force" perspective for you?

Sunday July 16th 2000 09:02:58

Name: AvF

Comments: Thanks Iago. Rick I guess never mind. I told you guys I have no memory didn't I.
Sunday July 16th 2000 10:32:55

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: Just watched Toolbox Abductions 2 - Tortureshop again for the first time in a while. Wow. I have always liked this one but for some reason it really hooked me this time. Chandra looked great, and I loved her tight bondage on the bed frame complete with sensory deprivation (blindfolded gagged, AND with earphones over her ears)! And tight, tight bondage - nice. But what really surprised me was the scene with Lisa Kincaid (tied sitting), who in the past didn't really turn my crank, only in more recent flicks. Her facial expressions really got me this time. If anyone has this video, check out the scene where the penis gag is popped out of her mouth (too quickly for my taste, but that's another topic). I just love the look she gives her captor at that moment, a combination of pleading, fear, gratitude (at his having removed the gag), and numerous other emotions. IMHO, she excells as an ACTRESS in this scene, conveying rich feeling. Anyone else dig this one?
Sunday July 16th 2000 09:35:15

Name: Ralphus

Comments: zee-ef-ex: Yeah, I have to agree with you on this one. To me, Lisa was the highlight of Toolbox Abductions 2. Rick really put her through the ringer in that one. I took a look at that scene you mentioned again. It also contains the classic line "Look at me when I'm licking your nipple, Bitch!" :o)

Lisa has always come across as an expressive performer, and her acting chops combined with her gorgeous looks is an unbeatable combination. Those pleading eyes just get to me! The recent revelation that she is pure vanilla IRL is all the more a testament to her skills as a performer. BTW, anyone interested in ordering older ZFX would be hard- pressed to find a better tape to start with than Toolbox 2. It is full of good scenes from start to finish.

Monday July 17th 2000 11:53:12

Name: Mad Dog

Comments: Sorry guys, I seem to have been missing in action lately. I have been real busy. I know you guys dont want to hear it so I wont go any farther. The idea has been brought to my attention about advertising this board on other discussions groups. Hopefully we can then bring in some new blood and fresh ideas. But I have to admit I dont know where to start. So my mission for all of you guys is to let me know of places that we could drop a message. Feel free to take it upon yourselves to drop an invite. If you dont feel comftorable doing that drop me a line with the address of the site and I will go their and do it. I am counting on you guys to do your parts in order for us to win this war. Sorry, got going on another tangent.
Peace All
Mad Dog

P.S. There was a problem with one of the Gimp's check. That is why I do not have the may entries archived. As soon as the check clears I will get right on it. Just kidding.
Tuesday July 18th 2000 11:34:31

Name: hope

E-mail address:

Comments: hey guys this is Hope. I am a very old and dear friend of Chandra Sweet's. if anyone knows how i can get a hold of her please e-mail me. thanks.
Tuesday July 18th 2000 01:00:24

Name: Ralphus

Comments:Mad Dog: The most obvious place I would start with would be the various bondage-related newsgroups. When I post my reviews, it is has always been on alt.sadistic and more recently, alt.torture. I always include this site's URL at the bottom of my review, but I think a separate announcement like "ZFX DISCUSSION BOARD" might bring in some new readers. We have a nice little group here now, but the more, the merrier. It's always nice to hear from new posters.
Tuesday July 18th 2000 07:49:29

Name: RR

Comments: Lorelei: What a pleasant suprise having you peek into here! I've seen the music video that you mentioned and have it on tape somewhere. I'll have to try to dig it up to find the name.

Another interesting one that's easier to find is Tori Amos' "Spark" because it's available in stores in a collection of her music videos. Tori spends the entire video with her hands bound behind her back and blindfolded, having escaped from a car crash where she was obviously the victim of a failed abduction. She stumbles through the woods trying to escape her abductor and falls into a lake where the video ends.

Another great chase scene would be Marilyn Burns' frantic efforts to flee a chainsaw killer in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (she survives, though nobody else does). I agree with you wholeheartedly about a bound woman not being tied to the point of being absolutely immobile. That's why my favorite bondage positions are fairly simple without the gal tied to any objects. I still prefer to see tight ropes circling the body and love the way ropes bite into the skin.

It would be nice for ZFX to put out a compilation of rape scenes. There's certainly enough in the videos to readily fill a two-hour tape. There's the occasional tape, like "Forced Entry", "Highway to Hell", and the first "Prowler" video that focused a little more on rape than torture. In the end, ZFX tapes are more about torture than rape, so the sexual elements tends to take a second seat. Even when rape is used, it's more often as an extension of torture and humiliation than out of a rampant sexual desire on the part of the abductor.

I wonder if it's possible to film an effective video that focuses on rape. The ones I've liked best have used short segments like "The Prowler" with more than one actress. The HOM Classics with Blakemore videos are short because they were old 8mm loops limited to the 10-15 minutes that would fit on a standard spool. I would think that it's possible to sustain a full video with a rape and manhandling premise. To do so almost requires that the rape be withheld as a climax. Portraying it too soon leaves too much time to other activities like torture--there's a need to top the rape for the end of the video. I think it can be done. While it's not the typical ZFX type of fare, this is about the only company that's got the guts to do it. The only missing ingredient is the desire.

Tuesday July 18th 2000 09:15:17

Name: milo

Comments: Hi-ho, long time no post. Just wanted to crow about my recent acquisitions, to wit: Got SOB 4, plus backtracked and got SOB1 & 2. I've got the entire series, all 4. Might stop there, though, as I feel 4 was definitely a notch below 3. A downward trend? Has the franchise run out? Best I've seen of Lisa Kinkaid, though. Wasn't all that thrilled about 1 either, it seemed like a bondage prelude to 2. As if 1 was dedicated to bondage, 2 to torture.

As far as torture goes, though, there might not be too many tapes that can compete w/ SOB2. (As you can tell, I'm not much into plot, etc. Just want realistic brutal, sexual torture of lovely women). Great scenes of 2 of my favorite victims, Monica Moore & Penelope Pace. One of the best scenes EVER as far as I'm concerned is the one minute plus stretch where Monica is frontally whipped W/O a GAG! She has to beg moan and scream, and she sells it. 60 seconds later, her mouth is taped up again. More open mouth whippings, please. These gags can be such a damper. More no-gag scenes! Freedom of screech!

Also got Guilty 1, w/c is only so-so. Got Violation of Vicky Fixx, w/c is another excellent all out torture-fest, possibly the best I've ever seen. One drawback in SOB2 and Vikki Fix - Chandra Sweet is hard to take a dom, because when she laughs, she sounds like Fran Drescher. And she laughs a lot.

Wednesday July 19th 2000 08:55:04

Name: Per

Comments: RR, good of you to mention Tori Amos' music video for "Spark". If anyone is interested to see the extremely talanted Tori in bondage, the entire video can be viewed on-line at her own site And it's a good song too!
Thursday July 20th 2000 11:28:31

Name: SkullChaser

Comments: Hey, been awhile since I've been on this board and after scanning this month's posts (very quickly) a couple of quick things I want to respond to:

1) Someone mentioned advertising this site on various newsgroups. I found this board thru a link from one of Ralphus' ZFX movie reviews on alt.sadistic, so including a link in a message certainly works!

2) Of the most recent batch of ZFX movies to be released, Ballista 2 seems to be the best. I enjoy watching Barbara Bayer suspended by her wrists and whipped (my favorite style), then bound to the ladder AOH (Arms Over Head) and tortured a bit with the string, and then Barbara Bayer tied to the frame and shocked with a prod. She's a good performer, really convincing. Her slender body is a good contrast to Lisa's more curvaceous figure. If only Barbara didn't have that tattoo on her hip...

3) Check out some of the adult boards at, like FIT (Females in Trouble), FIT2 (a bit more hardcore) and whippedwomen (some good references for mainstream whipping scenes).

4) When oh when will we get a good medieval-style torture movie from ZFX? Rack, rope, red-hot pincers, whip, dunking, clips and clamps....what's not to like? :)

5) Anyone ever since the film "Bad Girls" with Pia Snow (aka Michelle Bauer) from the 1980's? Or maybe "Dark Prince: the Marquis de Sade" with Charlotte Nielsen? There's a series of vidcaps on egroups' whippedwomen forum that looks interesting and moviesunlimited carries them, but does anyone know if the whipping scene (or any other bondage scene) is worth the price of the movies?

6) I think the first time I got turned on by thoughts of a bound woman being tortured wasn't in a film, but in a book: "Conan and the Sword of Skelos" and of course the "Gor" novels by John Norman, readily available at my local bookstore when I was a teenager. So, I guess that's why I prefer "period" bondage. It all kind of ties into my teenage fantasies.

Friday July 21st 2000 06:09:42

Name: Skullchaser

Comments: AvF wrote: "A couple of questions for Rick. Having just mentioned Amy, and from the actress poll that went around awile ago. I was kinda surprized by the results and the comment that Amy's vids didn't sell that well. Even though she didn't fare as the favorite on anyone's response (except mine), she did seem to get mention as being in most's top three or five. First question, is the fact that Amy is no longer filming due to her moving on or was it due to a perception of not selling well. You probably don't want to answer so how 'bout this one instead....Have any actresses looking to do some vids been turned away and if so was it due to bottom line considerations. Just curious.

The other question you keep facts and figures on top sellers and if so what is the number one seller that you have produced?"

That's a good question. Is there a correllation between performers and sales? I usually base my purchasing on two things: 1) performers and 2) tortures. An ugly performer will ruin a good scene and its a shame if an attractive performer doesn't get "used and abused" in a good layout. So maybe Amy just got stuck with bad scenes? And just curious, too - has any performer been turned away? Just how _is_ talent recruited for ZFX films? I know Lisa Kinkaid was referred by a mutual friend. What about some of the others?

Friday July 21st 2000 06:31:40

Name: Rick

Comments: Hello One and All! Been taking a bit of a break after getting out the last releases, but I1m back hard at work on the next ZFX movie, South of the Border 5. Now to address some of the comments and questions.

Lorelie: I would just like to say welcome aboard! Great to have another female contributor to the site, and someone who has experienced! I think it does us all good to know that maybe there are some ladies out there that are just as kinky as us fellas! You had mentioned the glass tube slid into Bridgette Bayonnes vagina in Ballista 2. It was actually a test tube stopper(with a thin glass tube attached) slid up her urethra, then taped inplace to act as a makeshift catheter. I was curious if you ever saw the ZFX movie Forced Entry, and if so, your thoughts on it? There is kind of a stalking feel and is done fairly straight up, without the sci fi or fx of many other shows. If you haven1t seen anything recent, you might be pleasantly surprised! Any way, I have not seen either of the Mainstream music videos mentioned(yes, I live under a rock), though it sounds interesting. The chase is part of the excitement. The building of the suspense. The sounds a woman(or man for that matter) makes when shes running and afraid, physically exerting, are very much like the sounds she might make during sex, heavy breathing, grunting from the effort. Speaking of running through the woods, I saw the Blair Witch Project the other nite and though it was quite good. The acting was superb. It also used alot of chase shots to build tension. To bad they did not add a Evil Dead woods type scene for poor Heather;) Iago mentioned the wolf pack running down of a victim, one movie which does this scenario (and alot of other things really well) is I Spit on Your Grave. I know EVERYONE has seen this, if you haven1t ,you should. Another, not really running down but a pack mentality is in The Accused. Again all have seen it, but if not, check it out! Even though its R rated and Jody Foster deserves much kudos for doing such a graphic scene.

Skullchaser:You mentioned Amy VanAllen as not being shot because of lack of commercial viability. Not true, and I dont think I ever said that. She was really gorgeous. I would have shot her more, but if a model doesnt ever call me back, and I cant reach them at the number they last had, its really out of my hands! As I1ve said before, not many models wants to make a career out of this. They want immediate monetary gratification! Amy did 2 or 3 shoots I believe. Her movies have sold quite well btw, so her mass appeal is not the issue. Best selling.....just a guess, dont really know for sure...Guinea Pigs2. It might have been surpassed by South of the Border or Warpigs. Have I ever turned away a girl cause she was too ugly? Yep, only a couple times, but I felt really bad about it. I1m just glad I don1t depend on MY looks to make a living or I1d be SOL.....*sigh*.

Hope: Hi! Thanks for stopping in! My understanding through the grapevine is Chandra is alive and well. I dont have a contact address for her however:(

Maddog: Fresh Blood eh? So now we are cloistered bondage snobs masturbating our psychological cocks and clitorises thru this glory hole in the internet eh? Hehe how true! Seriously, I really have been promoting the site by answering email with links here. Newsgroups are always good method as well. You might want to make sure you have a meta tag on the site, probably does already, but if not.....

Squishy: mentioned the Taboo review of Viral Load, they have reviewed a couple others as well. If you did not know this, the guy that runs Taboo is Ernest Greene. Hes a very nice guy BTW and the magazine is really good stuff.

Ok, thats it for now. Thanks to all who read watch and post, and especially to Maddog for his tireless administration of the site which provides us this excellent outlet

Friday July 21st 2000 07:52:30

Name: WaycoolJr

Comments: Has anyone ever asked why there are no mpegs or avi's on the ZFX website? I think that would present a better picture of a movie without having to list 100's of pictures....
Tuesday July 25th 2000 05:01:38

Name: Lorelei

Comments: I'm gonna try using html again, I hope it works.

Iago - Your idea still wouldn't work for me personally... what I've noticed is that I'm particularly into the idea of a really superior rapist. Some guy who dominates just by being dumb and strong doesn't impress me. He's gotta be intelligent, able to control the woman by his wits and skill, not just by muscle. So any conquest that can be accomplished by dumb apes, has little appeal to me... sure, a group of guys can run down a gal. What fascinates me personally is how one man can establish control over one woman, both body and mind.

Mad Dog, I'll try to remember to plug this discussion board at my site's links.

Rick, I don't think I've ever seen Forced Entry.

Tuesday July 25th 2000 11:15:57

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Dorothy's rape video is done - oh goody! I've read the script she wrote, and seen chunks of it while she was editing it, so here's a description.

Dorothy plays a woman who's having a recurring rape dream. The dream starts exciting her so she masturbates. This worries her so she goes to a psychologist (me). She describes the dream in such detail that I get all excited and I masturbate. The rape sequence is split up over the different nights as Dorothy dreams it. She's in the woods and the camera is following and stalking her. Then she sees you (the camera) and she is chased. This part I really liked, she's running and looking back at the camera and stuff. The rapist gets hold of her and threatens her with a knife and cuts off her clothes. The angles are shot so that you are looking at her but you don't see his face; it makes it easier for a guy viewer to imagine himself in the role of the rapist. The rape itself, they couldn't (legally) show the penetration so you can't see it. As for the scene where I masturbate, Dorothy was really patient and she kept on filming until I was able to relax, so this is the only video where I'm seen masturbating by hand to an actual orgasm. (Other vids of me having orgasms were all with big vibrators.) Anyway there are some free pics of this vid at her site at

This vid is not ZFX style; it's a straight forward rape fantasy vid, but I figure there's probably some people here who are interested anyway...

Tuesday July 25th 2000 11:20:52

Name: Iago

Comments: Lorelei- "A superior rapist." Is it just me, or does that sound like "A most beautiful collection of oozing sores?" Bleah.

I do agree with you about the mental aspects of domination, though I never bothered saying so. After all, if the rape is a fantasy from the start, the whole thing is a mental game from beginning to end. You're either into it, or you're just a meat puppet, enduring for your partner. I think the trouble with fantasies like that is that couples rarely both like this stuff enough to be really into acting it out. The one partner ends up doing all the real work; the story, or setup, or acting-out, while the other, in an attempt to distance themselves from the strangeness of the whole thing gives an exaggeratedly bad performance.

My ZFX recommendation to you would be the original Alien Probe. I think it might be the best job Rick has done of mental torture, as Holly Weston is slowly ground down and broken, as much by the verbal punishment inflicted by her tormenter as by any physical punishment. Forced Entry is a straightforward break-in-and-rape-the-girls flick, with the girls having dubious resistance to the whole process, though Jaclyn LaCross may be one of the hottest models Rick has used. Another one might be Fair Warning. There are a number of off-the-wall rape "fantasies" that the women in the movie have inflicted on them. The movie itself is very long, maybe Rick's longest vid, and is scene after scene after scene, with really very little filler. For mental domination, though, I think Alien probe would be the one. Guys, feel free to pipe in here with any other suggestions, since I haven't seen every ZFX video.

Wednesday July 26th 2000 08:20:40

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: Okay, I have seen Ballista 2 and SOTB-4 Atrocities. SOTB did little for me, altho Lisa gets better all the time. Ballista 2 was almost perfect, however. To each their own, but I could have done without the Bridgette Bayonne scene. Bloody punching, and pissing, don't do it for me. Barbara Bayer, what a babe. Roll over Chandra, you now have competition for best ZFX babe of all time. Does anyone know if Ms. Bayer is in any other ZFX flicks?

Rick, here's an idea (to which I give up all legal rights, use it as you see fit, smile). The tied-to-a-door scene in SOTB-4 could be expanded on. Imagine some lovely like Lisa or Ms. Bayer tied to a door through which the villains pass and ocasionally tweak her, but largely just ignore her as though she is part of the door. Suitable torments such as clothespins, gags to be in effect, of course. How humiliating a scene that would be for the young lovely.

Geez, Rick, the lawyers have got you going, huh? I couldn't believe all the disclaimers at the beginning of these flicks. More Barbara Bayer!

Thursday July 27th 2000 11:03:52

Name: boom

Comments: Hello, is there anyone who has seen 'the hitchhiker'? I was browsing trough the videos and saw it only figured Penelope Pace (and Rick). Being a big Penelope-fan that intrigued me. I would like to know wheter it's a good movie or not, maybe a plot description. Please
Friday July 28th 2000 04:59:24

Name: Ralphus

Comments: Boom: "The Hitchhiker" is a pretty good one. It's a little more restrained as far as your average ZFX vid goes, but it does have one scene that really stood out for me, when Rick binds Penelope standing up, top to bottom in duct tape, including several passes around her head for the gag. He later rapes her on the floor while she's tied in this position, and that was a unique touch. If you're a fan of Penelope, this is a good vehicle for her.
Friday July 28th 2000 07:40:44

Name: NycDom28

Comments: Hello all been awhile I know! I do recommened Lorelei's ForcedFantasies site. There are some good pics there and the women are H-O-T! That is one thing about ZFX, the women are not the best, most are good, but some are just average. It's ashame that videos made by Lorelei and AES do not make "rape" videos because they have some hot models.

Can anyone tell me which of the 5 new videos have good rape scenes in them? I was really disappointed with the last batch of releases and have not purchased any ZFX tapes in awhile. Forced Entry remains the last one I liked and is easily one of the best all time, at least for me. Someone mentioned Fair Warning, a very good video! I also like Guiena Pigs III as Kimber Allen really gets it in on in once scene. Also, she is a hot body, one of the best models Rick has used in the looks department. Viral Load looked interesting to me. I don't care if it's man or machine doing the raping (one reason I liked Rage against the Machine and Cold Metal, a very good series actually!) so let me know if that has any good scenes in it! Don't mention "In there Nature" to me. Bayonne is barely average looking. I am sure there are some good scenes there, but if she has the face of a horse then I will pass thank you very much!

I checked out the video Lorelie plugged on this site. Same complaint as above. Dorothy needs a face lift, needs to tone up and get a boob job. 40 bucks? Please. I will go back and watch Night Prowler II (another classic!) before I pay to see Dorothy. Hey, thats just my taste.
Okay, see ya all later, let me know about the new vids.

Friday July 28th 2000 09:33:23

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Gee, earlier posts suggested you guys would like more women coming here to read and post, but then a post like the above comes along, assuring that I can't invite Dorothy to come here and check out this page and dialogue with everybody. :(

But then I acknowledge the point of this page is mainly to talk about vids, not so much to interact with real women who are into rape fantasies...

Friday July 28th 2000 09:50:02

Name: Iago

Comments: NYCDom-Hey, Long time, no see. Which vids are you talking about that you want to hear about? I think the new ones have all been run down a few times in the last month.

Lorelei, I don't think I'd take any comments about your vid or model personally. It's a commercial vid, you plugged it here, and got feedback. Critics are a part of life for any commercial (and even a lot of free) artist or entertainer. Them's the breaks. It's got nothing to do with gender bias in the sense you indicate, so far as I can tell. If Rick took everything personally that has been listed here about his vids and his timing (you still here, Damien?) he'd have gone "Toolbox" on us months ago, for sure. I typically wouldn't care one way or the other, honestly, but I hate seeing us get blamed (as a group, no less) for "non-interactive" behavior, when, really, that's exactly what NYCDom did. Interact and give an opinion. Alight, someone else can use the soapbox now. I'm done.

Friday July 28th 2000 10:31:47

Name: RR

Comments: I'm also confused by Lorelei's "superior rapist". It starts creeping into a master-slave area even though that's something that she's not interested based on comments made at her sites. I think the statement starts getting into some of the gender specific differences between how men and women view bondage and rape fantasies. The more discussions I read by women about force fantasies, the more that I'm convinced that women see them as the fantasy equivalent of an unusual relationship. The attacker is handsome. Contrast that description against the male leads in ZFX videos--ain't too many pretty boys in that stable. None of the attackers at Loreleiís FF site wear a mask (something that is thankfully done in a lot of ZFX videos, but sadly not all). From what Lorelei said about wanting a ďsuperior rapistĒ, sheís not just fantasizing about a good looking dumb brute, but somebody thatís also intellectually able to best her, not simply overpower her. I donít wholly understand this. Rape, for the most part, is about force. From what Iíve seen on FF, the physical force is what is being portrayed. The gals are being tied up and having sex thrust on them. Theyíre not being tricked into it, so Iím left wondering where the wits and skills of the rapist figure into her fantasy. I can only guess that this is a fantasy that has not been played out on her site yet.

For my own fantasies, the attacker's looks aren't very important. I'm more interested in how he's groping his helpless captive. Thereís nothing remotely intellectual about how the rapist takes his victim. Itís strictly an unconstrained lust. Thereís not be a lot of thought behind the actions. Iím not into the motives behind the attack. Itís not as if thereís any justifiable rationale to rape a woman. The kind of person who would do that in real life isnít running on all four cylinders. Iím turned on by the images, but Iím not looking for any kind of justification as if to say that the woman deserves her fate. Besides, thereís something more potent about the fantasy when it happens to an innocent. It makes the rape that much more frighteningĖand it keeps my sympathies focused on the gal, not on the rapist.

As far as recommending a ZFX movie that Lorelei would like, ďForced EntryĒ is about as close as I could come to something she might find erotic, but itís not a strong match based on her comments. The first two ďNight ProwlersĒ and ďHighway to HellĒ have a lot of rape content, but itís by brutes, not romantic figures. I liked ďForced EntryĒ, but Iíve got to agree with Iago that the struggling wasnít as good as it could be. The manhandling was also light. It lacked the energy and roughness of the aforementioned films. I still enjoyed it because it was more to my tastes than most ZFX fare. Iím not complaining. ZFX is what it is and the company has made certain inroads into the video market by presenting material that nobody else is. I like elements of ZFX videos, but I know that my tastes arenít reflective of the audience that is buying these videos in droves. I donít think that Lorelei would be a great fan of ďAlien ProbeĒ because her earlier message here stated that she wasnít into the alien and fantasy side of ZFX fare. I liked moments from it and Holly Weston is one of my favorite ZFX actresses, but Iím not into mind control.

In the end, ZFX videos are made by men for men. They donít have a lot of elements that would appeal to a typical female. Thereís no romance. Women are completely victimized in the videos. The ďBallistaĒ series was one of the few where a woman triumphs in the end. Even fan fave Lisa Kinkaid, who seems to be in about half of all ZFX tapes (which is fine by me because she usually turns in a good performance and is real easy on the eyes), isnít personally interested in watching the types of videos that she acts in. I was surprised at this revelation because sheís been prolific enough for the company that I couldnít help but think that she was doing work that she found erotic. The fact that ZFX videos are not being targeted for women would explain why so few have dropped into this forum. These arenít the types of videos that would appeal to a large faction of women.

It would be interesting for Lorelei to throw out a plot of the type of video she would like to see made. I donít know if there would be any interest by Rick to try to direct that kind of movie, but maybe elements can be tossed into a video to make at least part of them more palatable to a female audience while not alienating the core ZFX fans.

Friday July 28th 2000 10:56:14

Name: the Scribbler

Comments: Barbara Bayer? Barbara Bayer? That name's kind of familiar. Ah, yes, Barbara Behr, editor of HOM's unsurpassed BD mags of the 70s and 80s. I really miss her work, and Blakemore's, etc.

'The Hitchhiker' plot: Starts off well enough with Pene hitchhiking at night, miniskirt, she looks average to good, a bit heavy (sorry Pene, but you look better now). Rick's character, a dimwit, picks her up in a van, they talk in van for a couple minutes, she wants a ride home, he takes her to a large empty warehouse or garage (establishing shot has a motel sign), there's a little bit of a struggle as she tries to leave.

Cut to empty warehouse, Pene's brought in by dimwit, her hands tied behind her, his hand over her mouth. He gags her, ties her already tied hands to a rope hanging from above, pulls down her top, her huge breasts pop out, he gropes her some, pulls down mini skirt, his hand gropes pussy. The action overall is ok, though it feels fairly slow, but I guess he's kind of a slow dimwit. Contributing to it's slowness is the really bad scifi UFO synth tone music track (this music track is a good reason to watch with the volume way down or off!)

Rick then walks off camera (so director Rick can reposition camera from a long shot to med shot). Medium shot. Rick walks back into shot, gropes Pene, turns her around, pulls panties down, back only, spanks her a few times, not hard, licks her, turns her to front side again, pinches pussy a little, pulls panties down, pinches pussy some more, Pene's reactions are pretty good, RIck asks her to kiss him, he hugs her, gropes her, kisses her on cheek, swats her, sticks two fingers in mouth forcing gag back so she chokes.

Rick walks off camera. Camera stays on Pene (with panties covering bottom half of bush), as she struggles some (BTW she pants a lot in the vid). She goes over to where her purse is, tries to get to it, grabs it with her mouth, throws it off camera with her mouth, why? don't know. Frustration maybe! Rick walks back on camera with cat-o-nine tails, yanks panties down to above her knees, he whips her, harder and more convincingly than any of the prior hand swats, switches positions with her camerawise, whips her some more and cut to...

Finally a camera POV change, close up of Pene's face. Pulls back and down to med shot Back to previous med shot. She gives him a convincing you- disgust-me look, he tells her to open her mouth, he sticks end of whip in it pushing hard on gag once, she reacts, he tells her to lick end of whip, she does, there's a lengthy pause as they look at each other as though she's awaiting the next whipping, so he whips her, he tells her to stick her ass out, "farther" , the music track still sucks.

Anyway, maybe too much play-by-play but you can let me know. Other things that happen next: Rick whips her with bullwhip, extreme CU of cunt being played with (for a few seconds, not long enough), ties up her huge breasts, strips panties off and puts it on her head, ties right leg way up to shoulder level so all her weight is on left leg, leading to wide open pussy play, more bullwhipping, attempts at cries for help after Rick leaves.

Cut to Pene ungagged, Rick ties her whole body up with electric tape while she improvs dialog asking for him to let her go (could've done without the "mom and dad" improv). Panties in mouth, taped over. swatting, choking. Sits her down on cement floor, whips her with third whip. Still on floor, Still in electric tape, he rapes her (ok, but obviously fake), Leaves her to struggle in her binds (too long), polaroids of Pene taken.

43 minute mark. Tied spread eagle to wall, ungagged, big flesh colored dildo attached to stand presented to her, stuck in her mouth, "wider", "it's as wide as it'll go"

Pene trying to keep her head, he then gags her, some breast and pussy play, pan down to see she's standing over mirror so she can look down and see her spread (if she wanted), Rick leaves, she struggles to free herself (again this part too long), Rick returns, sticks the big dildo in her (can see that it's fake if you study it close, but it's a good fake job). Rick goes away again, and we're back to Pene struggling this time with dildo inserted.

51 minute mark. Pene untied, made to lie chest down on floor, Rick hogties her, interestingly as he ties her legs, her hands are free but she doesn't try anything, just moans thru gag. He turns her onto her left side, gropes her a little, and leaves her as we watch her struggle (she looks good, but enough with the leaving, do something to her, more groping, what about a crotch rope, rub some bengay between her legs!). Eventually, she sits up, gets her legs free, a few minutes later her hands are free, grabs her clothes and gets away. The end, approximately 59 minutes.

What did I think? Actually liked it somewhat better watching it now while reviewing it than all the previous times (maybe 4) I watched it before. The other times I thought it was pretty slow, and would have been a much better video with tighter editing, especially the last 20 minutes. A 30 minute segment of this, followed by another 30 minute segment with another actress would've been better. Would have preferred the music track killed or changed to something that works!

Would've preferred better lighting, and more camera angles, but pretty good for a one man shoot. Content wise I didn't really care that much for the electric tape bondage, but that's just personal taste. Would have preferred the rape scene with spread legs and not legs tied tightly together with the tape.

On a scale of ABCDF, I give it a C minus. I'd give it a B if it was $15! End of review, on to other things

As a big fan of HOMs output in it's early years, I'd like to see zfx or any production company, study the better HOM film loops, the style, lighting, content (zfx needs more HOM style crotchropes!), pacing, tight editing (yes I know part of the reason for tight editing was the 15 minutes max per reel, but that's not the only reason for good editing). The video could be called 'HOMage' and have four 20 to 40 minute HOM style segments on it. Plus add sound, dialog, music that works, and simulated rape and dildo insertion. And if it's good, it would be one instance where I wouldn't mind sequels! Yeah, I know, it'll never happen.

The Lorelei Hi IQ rapist. Sure why not. I'm also not into the dimwit apelike rapist. I lean toward the average intelligent man, the guy who was a B or C student (or A student in junior college). Someone like me (who would never force myself on someone in RL). But what man into this wouldn't want to find a hot consenting actress type girl to roleplay with. (PS. I've checked out your site and will probably join sometime soon)

Plots? I like plots. My fantasies usually have a back story going on behind the adult content. Like the girl spy or thief going through someone's desk, only to be caught, they want to find out what she knows, only she doesn't know anything. The girl who thought she had the money to pay back a loan shark, but doesn't realize its been stolen before she goes to pay it back, they don't buy her story, so they take her to the back room to do not nice things to her. I've got a few and they can get pretty involved, but they work for me. At the same time, it is the actual sex punishment activities that are the focus. I'm probably writing too much for a first post. later.

Saturday July 29th 2000 12:03:47

Name: RR

Comments: I thought that NycDom28's criticisms were overly harsh. In the end, to each his own. Personally, I think Dorothy is a real cutie and one of Loreleiís better models. I thought her harem girl set for ForceFantasies was wonderful. Dorothyís photographers for her site arenít as talented as Lorelei Dorothy looks stunning when shot by Lorelei, but a lot of stuff shot by other photographers is nowhere near as flattering. Admittedly, the photos being used to advertise the video donít portray Dorothy in her best light. The angles arenít flattering and some of the shots look a bit grainy which is probably what caused the ďfaceliftĒ comment. Dorothy is far from needing a facelift.

As far as Dorothy needing breast implants, natural vs fake breasts have already been debated here a while ago. To me, Dorothyís breasts are about perfect for a gal her size. I donít understand the fascination some guys have about huge fake breasts. Thereís times that I wonder how people with that predilection view real breasts. Do they panic when they see natural breasts jiggle and shift about with a womanís movement?ĖďYikes!ĖTheyíre not big and hard and immobile like Barbieís plastic breasts! Gravity affects them! Itís not normal.Ē When I see a woman lay down, I want to see her breasts follow suit and not stick upwards like a pair of bullets. Thatís unnatural.

Tastes are what they are, so Iím not going to argue with NycDom28 over the matter. Iím just happy that Iím seeing the pendulum turn back towards natural bodies based on the growing percentage of adult actresses and Playboy models with real breasts working today. It appears that naturally endowed gals are getting more jobs and weíre sneaking back up to a 30-50% parity where a half dozen years ago, it was a much smaller percentage.

While I disagree with NycDom28 in some areas, weíre in agreement that ďNight Prowler 2" was a great rape video, though I thought the first one was even better. My gripe about how Dorothyís video was advertised is that the bulk of the photos are on her memberís site. Iíve got no complaint about models wanting to earn extra money by having pay sites. This is a case where sheís trying to sell a video, but is withholding the pix that are most likely to sell it. Itís like trying to sell a big-budget science fiction effort by not showing any of the special effects sequences. This was a strategy that the Ď81 flick, ďDragonslayerĒ, adopted and the movie tanked. I finally saw it on cable and it was pretty good, but not showing the dragon in the commercial ads was a dumb idea. Iíve seen too many monster flicks where there was a good reason to not show the monster in the ads and thatís because viewers seeing the ad would be laughing too hard to waste their money on the movie.

Speaking of old monster movies, one of the gimmicks that I hated in the cheesier ones were the monster-cam views where the camera showed the monsterís phoney rubber hands waving menacingly in front of the camera to attack the heroine. Seeing that same gimmick being used in Dorothyís video (a rape-cam) is one less reason to part with my money. I donít know about everybody else, but my fantasies occur from a third person perspective as if Iím watching a movie, not from the rapistís vantage point. If I can use the photos on Dorothyís site as an indication of what the videoís about, Iíd have to conclude that 2/3rds of the video is devoted to talking and masturbating about rape instead of showing rapes. Iíve never liked it when ZFX throws masturbation scenes in their videos. I can go to straight adult flicks if thatís what I want to see. Iím watching a ZFX video because I want to see the content that ZFX puts out. The 5-10 minutes devoted to a masturbation scene would be better spent on a rape scene or other ZFX specific content. At least when ZFX throws in extraneous scenes, thereís still enough on-target content that Iím generally happy with their videos.

With Dorothyís video, every bit of information Iíve been provided, from her write- up to Loreleiís to the photos, tells me that the actual rape sequences are going to be a fairly small part of the video. Maybe Iím wrong, but somebodyís going to have to give me more info to make up my mind. This was a video that I was really looking forward to seeing when I first heard about it, but it appears that way too much of the video is being devoted to story and far too little to the action that would make me want to purchase it.

Iím also a major fan of the old HOM 8mm flicks. One of the nice things about the short format of those old loops is that exposition and plot were kept to a minimum so that the focus would be on the content in the films. Iíve found that those old loops maintained about a perfect balance. When Blakemore expanded to the longer video format, he started throwing in all sorts of extraneous exposition that kept my finger on the fast forward button till he got back to the content that I wanted. Iím not against having a plot or a backdrop to the action. Thereís a fine line between exposition and content. A certain amount of backdrop is nice and adds to the flavor of the video. At the same time, thereís a point where itís intruding on the action and every additional minute spent on plot is taking a minute away from the action that I spent my money to see. This has got to be frustrating for a director because thereís only so many ways to torment a woman in a ZFX video before the sequences get repetitive to direct. I can sympathize with that, but Iím also into these videos for very specific reasons.

Saturday July 29th 2000 10:27:24

Name: Damien

Comments: Hi all, Dorothy??? Dorothy??? Who the f**k is Dorothy...Oh, well...never mind. Due to some (recurring) technical problems, I haven't been able to read this excellent board for a while, but what a pleasant surprise to see HOM discussed again. If it wasn't for ZFX, HOM would be my all-time favorite. Not only the 15 min. loops, but also some of the full lenght vids are very good. Like Tourist Trap 1 & 2, The Experiment and of course Curiousity Excited the Cat. Back to ZFX again: I hope you guys and galls can give me some answers, opinions and support on the following:

1: I've just been watching some of the more recent tapes, and I must say I'm getting to like Ms. Kelly McKay more and more. As a matter of fact, I would love to see an all-Kelly tape in the tradition of The Van, Innocent Excile or The Reporter. Anybody wanna second this????

2: Those slow motion scenes really start to irritate me more and more. Please, Rick...NO MORE Slow motion.

3: Is it me, or are all the girls keeping their shoes or socks on??? And why is that??? Not to make them more comfertable, I hope.....

4: Speaking of HOM: What could make ZFX even better (is that possible???) are some more close-ups of faces expressing fear and terror. And close-ups if tied hands...oh boy, do I enjoy those in the HOM-tapes.

5: Brigitte B. She has ruined enough otherwise very good tapes. Of ourse a person can improve, but I must say, i haven't seen it yet. Anybody who saw "In their Nature" wants to argue that?? If not, I'd say "curtains" for ms. B. Or maybe a more convincing argument: Think what (for instance) Robopimp COULD have looked like whitout her but with (again: for instance) ms. McKay in stead of her. That's it for now.....Ooops...almost forgot:

Rick: Any chance of a sequell to the "Underland" series???
(Dorothy????...Nope....doesn't ring any bells...)

Saturday July 29th 2000 07:49:58

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: RR: In the different strokes for different folks department... I usually agree with your posts, but I strongly disagree about the masturbation scenes. Rick uses them minimally, effectively, and they add sexual content to tapes in a manner which relieves the monotony of things like the whipping scenes, which 9 times out of ten I fast-forward through. I like sexual dominance and torment - the scenes I could do without are the bloody facial punches and the whippings.

Damien, I agree with you about the slow motion scenes. I have posted here before in favor of Rick slowing down the action, so I should clarify that this doesn't mean accomplishing same by using slow motion! It's such a cheap trick, always looks lousy. I'm sure Rock must have seen somewhere in his travels the bondage scene in Barbara Broadcast with Jamie Gillis and Constance Money. That's probably my all time favorite bondage scene, especially the beginning of the scene. For those who haven't seen it, Gillis stands in the doorway, smoking a cigarette watching Money, who is chained in a sitting position against some pillows at the bottom of a wall, wearing light blue panties, a slave collar, her chains, nipple clamps and nothing else. Gillis comes in, kneels down between her legs, where there is a silver tray with a pair of scissors on it, and slowly begins cutting away her panties, while she watches him with fear.

There is such menace in this scene, and if there is one thing I would point to as often missing from ZFX flicks it is menace. Too often the scenes are fast, rote, seen-it- all-before whipping scenes and the like that move along with a rapid pace exuding fast, surface lightning crackling across your eyeballs intensity but no sense of the psyches involved. That's why I like the masturbtion scenes - usually, the villian is surreptitiously watching, and there is a heavy scent of threat in the air. That's what I mean about slowing down the action - adding huge doses of threat and time for the victim to worry and "see this baby, this is what's coming to you" and drawing all of that out. NOT using some cheap MTV tricks to take a stupid-ass whipping scene and pour some slow motion on that. That's torture on the audience, not on the victim in the scene. Hey, maybe Rick has discovered the ultimate way to extend his torturous ways - make the viewers feel as shitty as the victims in his flicks (grin). I wouldn't put it past his genius. (smile, just kidding about that - and please don't take my criticisms as flame - there is a lot more I like in zfx flix than i don't like, but slo-mo has got to go).

Saturday July 29th 2000 09:13:39

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: Another point occurs to me. I'm not a filmmaker, but if you added more menace, Rick, wouldn't these films be easier for you to make? Think about it. Scene 1, victim is kidnapped and taken to nasty bondage lair. Scene 2, she is on a bed, gagged, fully clothed, her arms tied over her head. Villian is watching her, slowly walks over, begins unlacing her shoes, taking his time, she is his captive and he is in no hurry at all. Takes off one shoe, starts on the other. Tweaks her nipples a little, then slowly starts unbuttoning her jeans. Etc. etc. For one thing, wouldn't this mean the movie would be easier to make? Instead of having to fill 30 minutes of film with a more-difficult to film whipping scene, all of the lead-up to that scene would fill in the time. Also, wouldn't slowing down the action like this mean that when the graphic hardcore action finally did come, the insertions and uncomfortable tied positions and pain inflictions, they would have more punch? Just one fan's opinion.
Saturday July 29th 2000 09:32:48

Name: Boom

Comments: Thank you very much, Scribbler and Ralphus, for the review on the Hitchhiker. What follows is the logical next question: where to buy? Ok, I know fantasyfood is chosen by Rick, but their prices for PAL videos are crazy (the double of NTSC, 45$ being a good price for a video, 90$ really too much) so I'd like to know if there is an other (reliable) video seller who has a more reasonable pricing on PAL (European standard) videos.
Sunday July 30th 2000 01:56:44

Name: iago

Comments: zee-ef-ex, Preach, brother!

I love the menace aspects of it. I see it this way: Almost any man is bigger and much more powerful than almost any woman (fell free to stick in Andy Kaufman jokes here). When a guy goes bad, it usually involves violence, unless he is exceptionally timid, or unless he is very smart, evil, and sinister, in which case much worse things can happen. Violence against women is not hard. I don't really like it in real life, or, for the most part, even in Rick's flicks (but my thoughts on this are old hat, so I won't go over them again now). Real power is in forcing your victim to do and even feel what you want (I keep thinking about Patti Hearst here). How powerful do you feel beating up a girl? If you answer "very," sorry, pal, but you are what we refer to as a "weeny." How much better to break her will, terrify her into submission, maybe even warp her mind. Much more sinister, in my opinion.

Rick can do this stuff. He did it with Alien Probe. He started to do it with the silent villains in Forced entry and...uh,....dammit, the movie with Bayonne, Lisa and the guy in the monkey mask? I hate it when I forget names. But those movies ultimately don't deliver, because the villains lack agendas and motivation. The guy in Forced entry just wanders off. The other guy might have been worse, but that movie just didn't seem to hit on all cylinders (as you can guess from my forgetfulness with the title).

So far as the masturbation debate, I think it's like everything in a Rick Flick: It depends on the quality of the model. Holly Weston didn't do it sensually. Penelope Pace, tho, yowza. Some women are just sexy and exciting by nature. Penelope is one of them. It's why she's probably the best actress Rick has, IMHO. She is superb as the victim with the indominitable (sp?) will, and just as wonderful as the squirming nympho. Lisa is subdued. She is a perfect victim, but not a naturally sensual woman to me. Darby Fox probably could have done a good masturbation scene. Maybe Alison Parrish, but can't say for sure. Maybe Kim Noble or Christina Anderson. Maybe. Really, I can't think of any other model Rick has used that could be convincing enough. That may change if he expands his location base, though, and gets some new girls.

Last, I do agree that Bridgette is not on top of my list of ZFX models. 'Nuff said about that. Well, guys, I'm off for a while. I'm typing too much lately, and feel like I'm preaching too much (believe it or not, I hate doing that), so I'm taking a break for a few weeks. Ah, if only in the company of Penelope, what a fine rest it would be...(grin) Peace! Iago

Sunday July 30th 2000 07:25:19

Name: Lorelei
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Comments: Thanks for your note, Iago. Actually it isn't 'my' vid and she's not 'my' model. It's her vid, of a fantasy she wrote, starring herself. What I was pointing out is it's one thing for a customer to say "this model isn't my type," it's another thing to say she needs a facelift... that's a personal jab (which incidentally ignores the reality of her fans) and is why I can't, at this point, invite Dorothy to visit this forum... Re "Violence against women is not hard... Real power is in forcing your victim to do and even feel what you want." -- Hear, hear! :)
Monday July 31st 2000 11:56:10

Name: Lorelei

Comments: RR, re your comments:

"Rape, for the most part, is about force." Rape is just as much about mental control as physical force. If it were only about physical control, you could just as well fantasize about the rape of unconscious or dead women. But you fantasize about the rape of conscious women. Which shows that you, too, view it as psychological conquest, not just physical. "I'm convinced that women see them as the fantasy equivalent of an unusual relationship. The attacker is handsome."--- Of course women's fantasy attackers are handsome. I'll bet in most mens' fantasies, the victim is attractive too. That doesn't signal a relationship -- that signals a visually-oriented fantasizer.

"None of the attackers at Loreleiís FF site wear a mask." -- Masks look silly. I do like hoods on rapists. But whenever I asked guys to wear hoods (for the BB site and videos) they sweated and suffered a lot under the lights. The only male models who want to torture themselves by wearing masks or hoods are the ones who have to hide their real identity. (Oh, and my boyfriend, who is simply dedicated to adhering to story necessities such as the Crooked Claw series.)

"I donít know about everybody else, but my fantasies occur from a third person perspective as if Iím watching a movie, not from the rapistís vantage point." -- From what I understand, you're an unusual minority there. I've interrogated my boyfriends about their fantasies since I was a teen, and the only other guy I've known personally who maintained mostly 3rd-person fantasies was Eric.

"[Dorothy's] trying to sell a video, but is withholding the pix that are most likely to sell it." -- Does the public area of her site show explicit nudity? If not, then it would be illogical for her to suddenly change the philosophy of her site just for one page. I have very mixed feelings about displaying victims' crotches to minors (they keep penetrating our sites) so I wouldn't want to presume onto Dorothy's approach...

"Maybe elements can be tossed into a video to make at least part of them more palatable to a female audience while not alienating the core ZFX fans" -- I don't see the point of that. I don't believe that women will be an important part of the video market any time soon. On that topic, I've continually noticed that my female FF customers gush about how I have lots of photos per set (leading slowly up to the rape), but my male FF customers say I should jump to the 'real' action faster, with fewer lead-up pictures. I'll bet this would be the same problem in video -- women want to savor the lead-up and would want more "video foreplay" so to speak, while the men want to "jump to the ending". (I see this, even, in RR's worry about Dorothy's vid that "it appears that way too much of the video is being devoted to story and far too little to the action." --Lorelei :)

Monday July 31st 2000 12:01:48

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: Lorelei: I guess I'm just a lesbian trapped in a man's body, because I like that lead up, that visual foreplay, a lot, too, as does, apparently, Iago. I call it menace ... but in vanilla sex vids I like it there, too. A recent example of a very well done vanilla vid, slow-paced and sensual, with gorgeous actors and actresses, is Hustler's Barely Legal 3, one of the best I've seen in years. IMHO one's taste or distaste for lead-up is a function of the psyche and the degree to which one likes to observe in vids, or to enact in r/l with their lover(s), psychological awakenings in their mate.

Iago, re an Alison Parish masturbation scene, there is a great one in an early ZFX flick where she is housesitting, vacuuming and cleaning couch cushions, and comes across some bondage gear under the couch cushions. She plays with some self-bondage while fantasizing that someone is doing it to her, and manipulates her beautiful body, well, beautifully. A classic ZFX scene, I think.

Monday July 31st 2000 08:51:28

Name: RR

Comments: Re Loreleiís message above:

"Rape is just as much about mental control as physical force.Ē I see that comment echoed in the words of other posters here. I disagree from my perspective. Thatís all it is--my opinion. It probably lies in my taste for strong women. Give me a gal whoíll go toe-to-toe with a man any day of the week over some girly girl who will do everything she can to please her man over her own needs. In my fantasies, the damsel in distress is a victim of somebody who can physically overpower her, but can never control her. Psychological control doesnít enter into my fantasies. Those fantasies are about a man forcing himself on a conscious woman who actively tries to resist his intentions. The struggling is the sexiest part of the fantasy. The most boring thing in the world to watch is a master-slave pain play where the lady passively lets her master whip her or in some other way inflict pain with an occasional grunt to signal that one hurt more than the others. Booooring.

With ZFX videos, many of the actresses are judged by their performances as unwilling victims even more than they are for their physical beauty, so itís safe to say that the average ZFX fan is not interested in the passive acceptance of punishment. Fantasizing about a man forcing himself on a conscious woman isnít about mental control to me. Itís purely about physical control. Iím not even into chloroform or other means of rendering the woman unconscious. Iíd much rather see the man grab the woman, tie her up, and do whatever he wants in spite of her valiant efforts to fight him. The guy is bigger. She can attempt to resist, but she cannot stop him. It remains important in my fantasies to always maintain that level of struggling in spite of its futility.

Iím still not sure what you mean by psychological control. I donít see it in any of your ForceFantasies work. The women are tied up and are being physically taken. Theyíre trying to fight their rapist, but, as in my fantasies, they cannot stop the man from doing what he wants. To me, mental control would be telling the woman to strip and she does. I find it much more exciting to see the man ripping the womanís clothes. Itís visually more powerful. Stripping to someoneís orders is a fairly passive activity. A good director could squeeze some tension out of the situation, but itís much easier filming the rapist tearing off her clothes off and baring her body against her will to achieve a more dramatic effect. Iíll acknowledge that psychological control over a person is in a sense more powerful than physical control, but itís a different fantasy.

My fantasy is about the sexual act of taking the woman, not about trying to mentally dominate her. The thrill I get is by seeing him manhandling her as she tries to get free. Once the woman has been tied up, a physical dominance already exists. If the bad guy wants the woman to look at him, he can grab her hair and force her head into the position he wants. The mental control side is demanding that she look at him and hurting her if she doesnít such that the next time she will obey to avoid the pain. That aspect doesnít appeal to me because Iíd rather see her constantly fighting her captorís intentions than giving in to them. Depending on the degree of psychological control, a fantasy can start moving towards a more passive master-slave relationship.

"I don't believe that women will be an important part of the video market any time soon.Ē Women buy adult videos. The porn industry recognizes that and has changed the tone of many of their videos to make them more friendly to women. Stories have been added, better looking and younger male leads are being used (there was a time where it seemed as if 70% of adult films were using at least one of a small group of a half dozen actors that were still performing in their 40s and older). Rape scenes used to be fairly common in porn movies and theyíve all but disappeared over the years. Itís easier to find rape in mainstream movies than the typical adult flick.

I donít know what percentage of your FF audience is female, but I suspect that itís higher than your BedroomBondage site. The fact that youíre soon going to debut your second FF album is a good indication that thereís an audience, both male and female for these types of fantasies. FF is certainly the product of a woman, but it's equally appealing to both sexes. Iíve thought your build-up to the rape sequences in FF is about right. I find that the struggling and manhandling leading up to the rape is a kind of foreplay thatís often more erotic than the actual rape. I love the long photo sets in FF and it doesnít bother me that it might be 10 photos before the rapist starts groping his prey out of a 100 photo set. If you apply the same percentages to a video where there's 6 minutes of exposition before the action starts in a 60 minute video, Iím happy. Iím not against some story and it actually enhances the video when itís not overdone.

With the Dorothy Laine video you were promoting, it seems as if the rape sequences occupy a much smaller percentage of the tape than the discussion sequences. If thatís not the case, Dorothy will have to clarify whatís in it. She showed one nude pic from the video on her site and Iím pretty sure that Iíve seen nudity in other public sets. You might want to promote the video with a pictorial on the public side of FF. You probably don't need to shield Dorothy if you think she'd be interested in peeking here. Anybody who sees her pix on your site would be hard pressed to agree with a negative comment regarding her appearance. As Iago said, you take your lumps when you advertise here and you've probably seen enough complaints about ZFX videos aired to know that this is a group that doesn't pull its punches regarding opinions

Monday July 31st 2000 09:19:23

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