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August 2000
Name: Rick
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Comments: Hello to one and all! Ok, just want to make a couple comments observations etc.

Lorelei: This is a free forum. NYCdom is free to speak his or her mind. So are you. So am I. I think NYCdom comments were very over harsh, but he(or she?) is entitled to their opine, even if it is presented quite rudely. Doesn't mean others agree with it and an opinion dont make it necessarily so. Anyhow, when your in the adult business you got to develop a thick skin. Don't take negative comments personally. When people are paying good money for fantasy material, they want what they want. We as producers need to know that you cant please all the people all the time and accept it, but we have to do our best to try as well. Anyway, hopefully your a big enough person to shrug off personal attacks when they come. There will always be those who will take shots at you or your product. I enjoyed your contribution and welcome you to continue whenever you like.

NYC dom: Lighten up d00d! Face lift and a boob job huh?....laff! In my experience, most plastic surgery makes people look worse, not better. I've never seen a big boob job(small implants dont seem to have this problem) that didnt start to go bad after a while. I prefer the hand of nature when it comes to mams but there are those who like a set enormous implants to fondle. To each their own.

Scribbler: Yes the name Barbara Bayer is a subtle tip of the hat so to speak to Ms Behr. Heres a little backgroud info on the Hitchiker.The movie the Hitchhiker was shot with just Penny and I. This generally happens when the actor actress who was supposed to be the Top does a no show (sigh). Anyway, it limits the shots alot, but I think it's still a decent movie, but your mark of c- is pretty accurate. The Ben Gay woulda been a nice touch! Or some kind of irritant like chili sauce, vicks etc. Interesting side note, we shot the Hitching scene at about 5am on a public street. Even with the minimal traffic on a side street at that hour, I had to do the pickup scene 3 times( which was shot POV) due to the fact that Penny standing on the side of the road dressed in shorts and a neon green tube top with her thumb in the air was causing cars to stop! Anyway, thanks for your time spent on the review.

Iago: Does a man feel powerful when beating or otherwise dominating a woman? Well, lets just start out by saying that anyone who abuses another in R/L is a weenie, simple as that. This is not to condemn lifestyle guys and gals who may wish to be abused for there own pleasure, however, but that is a whole nother matter. Anyway, I dont think thats really the issue. I think its more about what turns people on. When we start getting into power and control issues I start to get this feeling I'm watching the house psychologist on Sally Jeese Raphaels oozing sore-of-a-show telling us why all men are such bastards! The who, what, where and why and how they feel are too individualized to pigeon hole when it comes to human behavior. As far as plot goes, I think you what are talking about is a more cooperative, if terrified victim who is more threatened into cooperation through fear in stead of actual physical force. Mind games to heighten the tension. I agree that its not a bad thing when done right, but you need both a villain and victim who can pull it off. Its not bad as a change from the extremely violent take downs, but I personally prefer the latter. I'm not in disagreement about the psychological aspects of control, but thats just one way to play it and I think its more difficult to portray realistically.

Damien: I think slo mo is ok but to much of anything is never good. Socks and shoes.....I kinda like em! BTW you will probably be seeing more of Ms Mckay in the future. Brigette Bayonne.......hmmm....don't agree.....shes a hottie but hey, everyone has there own taste. I'm actually very surprised by your and NYC dom dislike of In Their Nature, I really like the piece but again, to each their own. If you dont like the girl,
its hard to like the movie....

HOM: Someone (RR....zeeefex?)mentioned I should study HOMs loops. WTF you think I been doing hehe! Seriously, still look at these pieces, they were very well done, and are practically a lighting and position text book to making good bondage flix. Film has a very appealing look that people like, mainly due to the much higher resolution of even 8mm film which has about 3000-4000dpi as opposed to a far lower count for video, better contrast and color reproduction, a different frame rate and other differences that just make it look better. Too expensive though. Anyway I have pretty much every HOM tape ever made(no I cant lend any to you), and I have learned alot from them. They are still very much a measuring stick to be compared with in this genre. This is back in the day before tattoos and tit jobs were impossible to avoid and girls still had a bush, ok maybe a little TOO much bush but..... Speaking of which, for the love of your freedom to look at porno on the internet, if not for your love of freedom, get registered to vote and DONT VOTE REPUBLICAN! I hate the tobacco suing, Waco burning, gun controling ways of the Democrats, but I'd rather have all that than the religious right controling us again. I'd vote Liberarian but it's likely to wasted vote, so I guess I will vote Demoscum....sigh. This is probably the most crucial election of our lives and I gotta tell you, my faith in the American people to make the right choice between 2 shitty ones is not high. Get out and vote. Just please do it.:) Ok, thats it for now, thanks to all who read here, watch the movies and contribute! A special thanks to Mad Dog for his tireless mental domination of the site;)! Regards, Rick

Tuesday August 1st 2000 06:26:19

Name: RR

Comments: Rick: Glad to see another post by ya! Actually, it was Damien who wanted you to emulate the old HOM loops. I wish you could capture some of the great lighting styles they used. The lighting in ZFX is one of my biggest technical gripes and I'm not sure whether I'm arguing against a personal taste for setting mood. I've always been disappointed how much of the color got muted when the HOM loops got transferred to video. One of my favorites was "Rude Revenge" which starts with a gal standing with her arms tied overhead, quickly gagged with a sponge, gets moved to a vice which is clamped on a breast, and later spread on a pool table. Ignoring the action, the colors were so sumptuous and everything was so beautifully lit even though it took place in a similar dark setting as a number of ZFX vids.

Hey, what HOM loops were you watching that had a lot of bush? It was a very rare loop where the panties came off. These things were made in the 70s where most companies, including Playboy were reluctant to test those waters till late in the decade (when Playboy did it, it was a printing accident where something covering the hair fell off). Much as I love the HOM stuff, you've occasionally matched and exceeded them for purely erotic content. That's in spite of the fact that I'm a fringe ZFX fan.

My fantasies fixate on rape instead of torture and the focus of ZFX videos is on torture. I favor the rougher takedowns over mind games. One of the things that I preferred about older ZFX videos is that the abductions were harsher and the manhandling was more physical. There were a lot of takedowns that used to look real where you had your weight forced on the actress so that you could tie her up with minimal resistance. Too often now, it looks like the model is presenting a minimal level of resistance so that she can be easily bound and gagged. "Forced Entry" should have been my favorite ZFX video because it focused on the stuff I like, but the actresses were manhandled in too gingerly a fashion.

I prefer scenes like Holly Weston's in "Guinea Pigs 5"(or 4? where she's played with on the floor) and the one you did with Penelope in "Guilty" where the victim is treated like a rag doll and groped mercilessly while almost being tossed about. I'm sure that a lot of this is to safeguard actresses, especially if they're new. There's a lot of times where I'd rather see your energy devoted to longer rehearsals with actors and actresses playing captor and captive to make more realistic scenes than playing around with special effects crap on a budget too small to be done well. I'd like Brigette Bayonne better if she'd put in a more energetic performance. She was too subdued in "In Their Nature". Out of the recent quartet of new ZFX films, I liked "South of the Border" over the rest. I'll have to rent them again to give a better review.

I'm not sure that a Democratic administration is going to be more tolerant of porn on the net. The current administration introduced a number of internet censorship acts that the Supreme Court had to overturn. It is interesting that both parties seem to be avoiding the issue. Maybe we've finally hit a point where porn is accepted enough on the net, even if it's at a quiet underground level, that there are more votes to be lost in the general public than will be gained by appealing to a conservative minority.

Tuesday August 1st 2000 08:29:08

Name: the Scribbler

Comments: RR: Actually, it was me who wanted zfx or any producer to emulate HOM loops. Yeah, the lighting is top notch, be it in their films, videos and magazine photos. I've heard of people getting pretty close at emulating the film look with high end DV camcorders (like the Canon XL1). But what I was really wanting to get at was the duplication of the action from start to finish, only enhanced with sound, more length, and penetration. If zfx has done this, I haven't seen it. 'Rude Revenge' is one of my favorites too. Would like to see it redone with a longer pussy whipping and other things.

"Hey, what HOM loops were you watching that had a lot of bush? It was a very rare loop where the panties came off."

Actually, it's not that rare. HOM loops with panties removed include Kidnapped, Forced Entry, Abducted, Rude Revenge, Outdoor Bondage Doublecross, Punished, Assault, Bound and Delivered, 110 Volts, Bound and Impaled, Red Hot Captive, Trouble for Suzie, Nina Never Knew, Turned Tables, Bondage by Presciption, Sign, Bound in the Woods, Barnyard Bondage, Escape to the Widerness, Breast Bondage, Slave to his Pleasure, The Traitor, Suspended Revenge and others.

"Much as I love the HOM stuff, you've occasionally matched and exceeded them for purely erotic content."

Really. Which titles? Along with the tougher takedowns, I like the gun holding assailant that makes the girl handcuff herself. And later when she refuses to remove her own panties, he whips her with rope or whatever until she does.

Wednesday August 2nd 2000 12:35:50

Name: Mad Dog

Comments: O.K. So much is going on lately where do I start. Let me just touch on a couple quick subject that have been discussed before.

Slow Motion -my vote is for none at all. I dont even like it in mainstreem hollywood movie. The only time I like it is when I can slow down a tape on my VCR to relive a scene or to catch something I missed.

Masturbation-I have sounded off on this before but I will just touch on it. I love to watch a woman masturbate. But as many of the guys have pointed out before in this forum, if they wanted to see that they could rent a regular "vanilla tape" of women masturbating. So I dont think it normally fits into a bondage flick. Although there are probally three that come to mind of when it does. The first was (and I cant remember who brought it up) when the female was cleaning a house and found the bondage equipment and masturbated to a fantasy of bondage. I also liked the scene in The necklace after it takes control of her and she masturbates. Lastly the scene with Lisa Kinkaid (again I cant remember which one) she is a reporter and she is intervioewing rick in prison and she starts to masturbate as she is talking to him.

Lorelei-Let me give you an official welcome and add my two sense to the whole "superior rapist" thread. I agree very much on the whole mind thing being most of the aspect. I am very much into the "control factor" than the overall brute strength. But that is a very tricky thing to show whether its photos or film. I think you would agree with me. You can show the act but you cant show that the woman is being controlled and is doing it against her free will. O.K. you can but it is tough. Well that is it for now. Everybody feel free to e-mail me.

BTW Damien, nice to see you back. I did have Yahoo Instant Messenger but I had to get rid of it to free up hard drive space.

Peace All
Mad Dog
Wednesday August 2nd 2000 01:24:50

Name: RR

Comments: re: Scribbler Sorry about the confusion. As far as which ZFX videos I thought matched and beat the HOM loops, let me first caution you that we're talking about my tastes. Although the subject of plots versus fetish content has been debated a few times, I still believe that our favorite bondage videos are the ones that tickle our particular fetishes. If there happens to be an interesting plot and great action, all the better. The best plot in the world isn't going to save a video that doesn't deliver the content that we want. Even though this guestbook has a fairly narrow focus, ZFX films, everybody's coming in here with varying tastes. When I recommend a film, I'm telling you what hits my buttons. Your mileage will differ depending how close your tastes are to mine.

Having said all that, my all-time ZFX favorites are the first two ďNight ProwlersĒ (the first being better than the second) and ďHighway to HellĒ. If you need a plot, you won't like these because they have a series of vignettes of women being grabbed, bound and gagged, and raped. If you're looking for torture, it's fairly minimal in these--which is fine by me because I'm not into torture. There's lots of nice rough manhandling and breast squeezing and that's the type of stuff I love to see. Of more recent vintage, the first half hour of "Guilty" was great and "Underland" was another one I liked a lot. "Forced Entry" was a close call, but the manhandling was kind of soft.

Our tastes are different based on your posts, so these may not appeal to you as much. Pain doesn't play much of a part in my fantasies. We both liked "Rude Revenge" a lot, but for different reasons. I'd rather have seen more manhandling in it. I really loved the model in this one and the lighting showed her sensuous body off so well. Whipping does nothing for me. You said that you like to see the woman forced by gun to put handcuffs on. I'd rather see the villain wrestle the handcuffs on her. You like it when she's made to pull off her panties by being whipped when she's not compliant. To me, if you want the panties off, rip them off. Forcing her to take them off herself gets back to mind control and I'm not into it. I'm not trying to put you down by pointing out these differences. I can't get into your fantasy any more than you can get into mine.

When I see the villain trying to control his bound and gagged victim, I get bored and impatient. She's helpless. The bad guy can do whatever he wants. Waiting for her to comply only wastes time. Since a large part of my fantasies is the manhandling foreplay and struggling before the inevitable rape, efforts to make the captive compliant are 180 degrees out of sync with my fantasy. Bending her will makes her struggle less because she'll be punished if she doesn't obey. What can I say, my fantasies aren't very subtle. We've got different mindsets with some areas of commonality and others that are very divergent.

An example of one of the odder mindsets in an HOM loop was "Hard Hat Trouble" with Georgia VanHelsing. She sasses a construction worker and gets bound and gagged, stripped, manhandled, suspended, whipped, and was probably even raped even though it wasn't shown. The coupe de grace ending for the film is the construction worker giving Georgia the finger while she's still in an inverted suspension. I saw that and it was, "What the...?" Georgia's character has already been terribly abused. Giving the finger seems so anticlimactic. It's normally a gesture of defiance performed at a safe distance. With the construction worker completely in charge of the situation, what's the point? The only thing I can guess is that it's a way of saying, "Look what you made me do," as if to absolve himself of doing something horrible. Anyway, time to let somebody else talk...

Wednesday August 2nd 2000 08:03:12

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: I think the lesson you can learn, Rick, from all these different posts is that you have a varied audience. Some of us like hard physical takedowns, some of us like slow cool menacing mind games. One of the things I've respected about your talents over the years, Rick, is that you can do both types of scenes well. You're the creator of both vids like that Alison Parish one where she is doing self-bondage and fantasizing and masturbating, as well as the creator of all those whipping and bloody face scenes. You do nasty slow scenes like in Evil Man with the weight bench dildo, and fast paced other scenes. The fact that one of your fans can post here and say out of the most recent 4 vids, he liked SOTB best, and I can post here and say I thought SOTB sucked but I loved Ballista 2, shows how varied we all are out here.

You, Rick, seem from your comments to fall more into the RR physical takedown camp. I think you need to guard against doing (too much) what pleases you when you do a vid, and think of your audience which has varied tastes. At the risk of sounding negative (cuz when a person does a critique like this that's what comes out), and with the caveat that I wouldn't be posting here and watching the flix if I didn't think overall they are an outstanding series, I will say this - Sometimes, the flix seem almost rote. Girl is overpowered, her arms held behind her back while she is groped. Then she is gagged, then cuffed, then dragged away.

Next scene: She's in a lair, is tied up in whipping position, her clothes are cut away, she is whipped. Next, she's in a different bondage position, usually with tighter bondage, and the torture is different and usually more intense, i.e. clothespins or electric shock. Then, she overpowers her captor and starts doing some of the same to her. I know this is a vast oversimplification, but it is how I see the flix sometimes, like there is a formula that is repeated again and again and again.

That's why it's the variations that stick out in my mind and remain my favorite scenes, the themes that aren't repeated often, i.e. the Evil man weight bench scene; the Alison Parish self-bondage scene; the Oriental gal (I just can't remember the name of this one right now)who bumps her head and passes out and is groped while unconscious scene. I like it when you break the pattern, Rick, and the pattern can be whittled down to GRAB-GROPE-TIE-MOVE-TIE-WHIP-TIE MORE-TORTURE MORE- END. Just my two cents.

It is interesting to see the different posts here. RR loves the grab and grope. I hate that. It always looks so phony to me, like what the fuck is he wasting his time holding her arms with his hands and groping her when he should be tieing her up? And, come on, he's been holding her for three minutues now and is finally fishing in his pocket for a gag of some type, and she hasn't made a sound, she'd be screaming her ass off in real life. And, she's barely fighting back, hell, she's facilitating his tieing her up, how phony is that? But here is RR, getting turned on by the fact that she is grabbed and must try to fight back, while I'm sitting there watching the same scene and saying, man, get on with it already, this is stupid, tie her up already and start playing head games on her, go slow so she doesn't know what is coming, and when.

So again, Rick, I know you're probably going to say, what the fuck do you think I'm doing, some people say they love tentacles, some hate them, so I do a little of both, of course I know my audience isn't homogenous, you stupid fuck! Yeah, well, I still think the movies lean more toward the Rick/RR taste, and don't break out of the pattern enough. Just think about it. Anyone else agree?


Wednesday August 2nd 2000 08:31:51

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: RR: Yep. On the same topic, I also loved Highway to Hell, it's one of my favorites that I watch again and again, but not for the reasons you like it. I know the groping you are talking about, I think, esp. the scenes where the chick(s) are standing and being groped, but those are the parts I fast forward through (smile).

I love that type for the Courtney Bishop spread-eaged in chains on the bed scene. It's got elements I like - chains, sexuality (vibrator stuffed into panties), mind games (which, in this scene, manifest themselves by the fact that she is tightly bound (chained no less) and helpless and the villain is shocking her and she's not sure when the next one is coming and when it comes, there's nothing she can do about it. Add to that the pace of this scene is slower than usual, I think, and the fact that Bishop works the gag almost out of her mouth and then it slowly works its way back in - and or me, you have a winner of a scene. The rest of the movie is fine, too - I like just about anything Alison Parish is in, she was great - but that Courtney Bishop chained spread eagle scene does it for me. I bet you prefer the scene just prior, where she is kicking at the villian and he is trying to secure her to the bed. To me, that part is merely okay.

Wednesday August 2nd 2000 08:44:51

Name: RR

Comments: Re: zee-ef-ex above messages: Actually, my preference is to see the actress bound and gagged as quickly as possible so that she's rendered helpless immediately. Then the manhandling can start. The helpless captive can buck and writhe around to avoid her captor's unwanted attentions, but her condition makes those eforts innefectual. Our tastes are clearly different, but we're in agreement that the groping scenes prior to the gal being tied up are weak. It works when it's done the way Alison Parish's scene was in "Highway to Hell", when she's being accosted by the trucker that picked her up. She tries to push him away when he starts touching her inappropriately, but he overpowers her, ties her up, and plays with her some more. I've never cared for the scenes you descibed where the actress quietly lets the bad guy grope her with minimal efforts to stop what's happening and making no attempt to vocally protest. If she's going to be that compliant, there's not much need to bind and gag her.

My favorite part in "Highway to Hell" was with Vicki because I love voluptuous women and there was some nice breast grabbing. The other scenes with Allison and Courtney were also great. And, yes, my favorite scenes with Courtney were in the beginning when she's dragged into the hotel room, thrown on the bed, and tries to fight her attacker until he ties her more securely to the bed. Fantasies are so very personal that we'll never see eye-to-eye, but it's funny how this one video is a favorite of ours even though we're focusing on different elements.

Your lumping my tastes together with Rick's might be kind of insulting to him because we're fairly far apart in tastes. If you look at what I'm calling my favorite videos, they're mostly in the early years of ZFX's existence and many dozens of videos have come out since then that I'm not especially enamored with. Presumably, Rick is constantly trying to better his last video, so I'm sure he considers those early efforts as inferior to things he's done since. ZFX videos are primarily about torture. My fantasies are primarily about rape. There's the occasional video that focuses on a sexual assault, but most of them don't. I'll catch a ZFX video any time I can because there's usually a few moments I'll like, but it's usually only a few minutes long and the remaining hour of the video doesn't do much for me.

Right now, ZFX is the only company out there that will provide me those precious few moments other than some of the Japanese videos whose quality is extremely unpredicatable (due to the nature of companies releasing video series directed by a variety of filmmakers and are sometimes strictly a repackaged mainstream video). Till there's more competition in this area, I'll stick with ZFX.

Thursday August 3rd 2000 04:24:01

Name: Fred

Comments: Rick, any plans to release on DVD? I swear guys, it's so much better than VHS...
Friday August 4th 2000 12:43:04

Name: Howie

Comments: I'll second that, bring on the DVD!
Friday August 4th 2000 01:23:36

Name: Fred

Comments: I have to agree with a number of posters - the whipping and torture stuff is definitely NOT what I buy a ZFX film for. I tend to fast forward through the old tie-em-up-and-flail-em with the fake whip scenes. Ditto for the simulated electrical play, punching, and blood scenes. I just don't care for them.

Things I do enjoy: I like it when Rick lets the camera leer at the actress's bodies, as he did in Forced Entry. Nice tight shots of T&A in revealing /slutty clothes. Besides letting us enjoy nice bods, it creates some nice tension and anticipation of what is to come. I like the takedown sequences, and I enjoy seeing the actress stripped, the slower the better. It's sort of like opening a present! I also like seeing the girls stripped by unseen assailants, as in Chamber of Horrors, Dance Macabre, and Fair Warning.

I enjoy bondage, and control over the victim. One thing I miss about the old films is the inventive ways of immobilizing the victim, often using everyday items and situations. I also miss the tight breast bondage we used to see, for example, with Victoria Vixxen. Humiliation is fine too, especially if it makes sense with the plot of the film, a la bitch from hell getting her comeuppance. Nose bondage, anyone?

Spanking is great, because there is a sensual aspect of spanking missing with the typical whipping scene. Female on female spanking is the most interesting to me. Above all, I like the sexual scenes, groping, dildos, rape, and especially forced oral. In fact, my favorite all-time scene is Kerri Downs receiving the monster facial in Gangland (1 or 2?). My second favorite is Penelope Pace, injected with a love drug and begging for the bone in Subject 9 (part 2). I would love to see more of these themes, although I will admit that Penelope's scene required some acting skills that many of the girls don't have. The monster facial would work great with the sci-fi, tentacle or Robopimp-type themes.

While I'm ranting, I also agree with Iago - Ballista's costume should be tighter, shinier, and sluttier. I haven't yet seen Ballista II, but my biggest problem with her costume is that it stays in one piece! C'mon Rick, invest in some copies of that costume, and let Ballista's enemies rip it right off of Lisa's extra-fine body. Finally, I wish Rick would take a page from the old HOM and TAO stuff and let the girls wear cooler, sluttier lingerie. Didn't those panties look great on Lisa in Vacum?

Friday August 4th 2000 01:43:16


Comments: Sorry I haven't seen any of your most recent videos from 1998 - 1999, but I have seen most of your earlier stuff from 1991 through 1995. However I hope to correct this situation soon and catch up on "reviewing" your most recent works.

Question: In "Dance Macabre" I remember there was some excellent art work discovered in the abandoned storage locker. Any chance of Mr. Master's posting any of it on his web site for further review???

Overall I think ZFX-Shockwave has the best videos containing beautiful women in dangerous situations combining bondage, torture, and other yummy nasty treats. I think Mr. Master's is a real visionary, getting the greatest bang from the buck he invests compared to what else is out there. Is there any chance Mr. Master's will adapt his tales to computer interactive software in the future, (be it video based or 3D computer graphic???). If anybody could make this work with the best end results, it could only be Mr. Rick Masters!!!

In conclusion, keep up the great work and I will continue to eat it up.

Best Regards,

Friday August 4th 2000 04:48:06

Name: AvF

Comments: Whoa...Skip awhile and there's a flurry of activities. Where to begin?

HOM. In addition to all the comments concerning what made HOM so appealing in the early days I think it was a sense of realism. What I mean here (And w/Damien's comment on comfort and footwear...but not necessisarily meaning only) is that the implements of their bondage is what one would imagine would actually be used. The comfort of the victims is not formost in the minds of the attackers. When a HOM victim is suspended by her wrists or ankles, for example, it's usually (at least from what I've seen) done with rope. No straps used for confort make the sceen more realistic. I think an actress should be able to endure a little discomfort knowing what kind of movie this is all about.

Mind over matter....Nah, then you'd be getting into the realm of the lame master/slave pony girl garbage. Siskel (from his grave) gives it a big thumbs down. The only exception to this maybe would be psychologcal torture. Such as tying the victim w/hands behind the back, ankles tied (maybe), having her balance herself on a barrel turned on it's side and then putting her head in a noose. Knowing that when she tires or looses balance she'll hang. Only to find out later, when this finally occurs is that the other end of the noose was never tied. Passiveness from certain actresses/sceens. I haven't really seen all the vid's (includiing the one's that were mentioned) but this is something that I've commented on before. You're tied up, you're gonna be raped, you may even be murdered (Strangling sceen from forced entry really comes to mind here). So what are you gonna do? You're gonna fight but not that much? No, I don't think so! You're gonna fight with every thing you have in you. You're gonna do things that are pull against nylon zip ties until you're arms and ankles bleed (especially in a strangling sceen). An animal caught in a trap will chew it's leg off to get free. When panic sets in you're gonna do bizzare things. No I don't mean to that extreme. No one would. No I don't want to see blood or for anyone to hurt themselves for that matter either, but I think you know what I'm getting at. A balance between too passive and good preformance.

The Hitchhiker. Haven't seen it so am not passing judgement. But just to use it as an example ( since Rick mentioned it). Rick, Have you ever thought about doing any remakes? For whatever reason. Mainstream or vids that you were not particularly happy with. Maybe an actress you have now would fit in the role of an earlier flick, or beacuse your knowledge about filmaking has increased since the early days (if only I knew then what I know now...). The Hitchiker as the example. Maybe Hitchker 2000 or something to that effect. Maybe with Barbara as the new lead.

The chase. The chase or capture is in many cases one of the best parts of the movie. In fact I'd like to see more within the same movie. Maybe have a victim hogtied with her assailant untying her ankles preparing to rape her. Have the victim struggle and place a well aimed kick to the groing of the assailant. He becomes incapacitated but is still able to reach and grab an ankle as she tries to run. She however is able to break the grasp leaving the attacker doubled over and unable to get up. She now flees still tied w/hands behind her and gagged through wooded area or the streets of an industrial area (whatever the case maybe)only to stuble on to the camp or hang out of some biker gang. "Hey, look what we got here", " Looks like the entertainment has arrived". Free!...oops.

Liking shoes. If you like your woman to shower in eight inch pumps and think the only way to get her pregnant is to shoot sperm in her might be addicted to porn.

Friday August 4th 2000 07:57:16

Name: BBFan

Comments: Fred: Hear, hear!!! I can't agree with you more that Victoria Vixxen in breast bondage was some of the best work Rick's done. I also tend to FF through the fake whipping scenes, not so much because I don't like whipping, but because that is a weak point in ZFX production. It just has never seemed real to me. I also like the panning over of that hot body that is about to be tormented.

Regarding innovative ways to immobolizing the victim: One thing I really enjoy anout those old Behr/Whitman flicks is how they would tie two women together in such a way that if one adjusted to aleviate the discomfort, it made things worse for the other (check our Bittersweet Revenge with Renee Baker and Georgia van Helsing)! I love diabolical setups like that, especially if the two women are best friends (for the purpose of the plot). I also like to see sexuality - I LOVE the simulated dildo insertions - that's where ZFX really stands our. I'm not much for the dildo stuffed in the mouth, but I do like the inflatable gags Rick used in the early flicks.

Also, regarding breast bondage, Rick has mentioned that it's hard to find large natural breasts on models that you can tie up tight enough to be appealing. Rick, the scene from "Xtractor" with Margo Feller is probably my favorite ZFX breast bondage scene of all time, and Margo was not your hottest or bustiest model, but that scene was HOT!!! They don't have to be huge, in fact, medium sized tits tie up even nicer, because they turn color faster. I enjoyed Underland 2 with Kelly - would you consider doing more breast bondage with her? Would she? How about Lisa (like in Drifters), but I know it's not easy tying firmer tits like hers.

Friday August 4th 2000 10:31:10

Name: Fred

Comments: BBFan, I liked Bittersweet Revenge, although my favorite scene was the one where the assailant hoisted Georgia's left leg in the air. The sequence featured whipping, but I liked it in that context. It was realistic, and it wasn't just about pain - it was just as much about control, sexuality, and humiliation. I like dildo insertions of all kinds, but I think you hit on something when you use the word "simulated". The oral insertions are not simulated and maybe that's why I like them. On a related note, thanks for bringing up the inflatable gags, I wish Rick would use them more often. In fact, I'm having trouble thinking of a ZFX film that uses such a gag - maybe one of the last Ganglands?

Re breast bondage - to do it well, I think the actress not only has to have suitable unaltered breasts, but also has to be at least somewhat into it. I doubt someone collecting a paycheck would be willing to put up with it. Now if only Rick could find a latter day Annie Owens...

Saturday August 5th 2000 12:43:31

Name: BBFan

Comments: Fred, One video that I am sure an inlatable gag is used is Night Prowler 1. Victoria Vixxen is Gagged with a inflatable gag AND suffers her boobs tied up. It was a good one. Annie Owens was indeed a rare find. But to my experience, Rick is the only American producer to really do breast bondage since the golden days, and I think Vicki Vixxen could have been considered the new Annie, if only she had stuck with it. *sigh*
Sunday August 6th 2000 09:32:49

Name: Lorelei
Homepage URL:

Comments: Re -- "...the whole 'superior rapist' thread. I am very much into the 'control factor' than the overall brute strength. But that is a very tricky thing to show... I think you would agree with me..."
True. RR here mentioned that if I'm excited by psychological power and control, how come the photo-sets I'm making for the Force Fantasies site don't show much of that? 'Cuz it would really be hard to portray it effectively -- especially in sets of only 100 pics (or fewer). I think RR is missing what I mean about the psychological power -- I'm not talking about getting a woman to submit like a love-slave. I'm talking about the captor being able to deliberately inflict effects on her mind -- not just controlling where her limbs go... A good example of course is humiliation. It's one thing to strip a captive naked (physical control). It's another thing to strip her naked and then step back and talk about her parts and tell her you can see everything and she can't stop you and make her even more self-conscious and humiliated etc etc -- thus having an effect on her emotions and her mind. (That humiliation can be taken instead in a different direction, if the captor strips her and then ignores her for the next hour while she dangles there and he watches TV.)

Another example comes to mind. At one recent shoot, Dorothy was shown entering a medical exam room, getting into a patient's robe, and waiting for the doctor. She was shown looking at the instruments on the table, and being unnerved by the look of the instruments. Mental effect. The set leads into the doctor and a surgeon ganging up on her (simulated fellatio, cunnilingus, intercourse, etc etc). Afterward, the doctor hands her a bandaid for her ankle. Handing her a bandaid messes with her mind; it belittles and demeans her -- it's a mind-control act.

Tomorrow I'm shooting luscious Artemis Antone with a guy of her choosing. They'll be acting out one or two rape fantasy scenarios and I'm really looking forward to it because she's physically ideal. Very curvy and beautiful thick hair and real D-cup breasts.

Sunday August 6th 2000 11:29:01

Name: Riverboat

Comments: Hi All, I don't generally post but I read all your comments at least once a week. Guess I'm part of the "Silent Majority" of this board. Anyway, after reading the comments over the past couple of weeks, it's amazing to me just how successful Rick is at his craft! Just look at all the disagreements on preferences that have been discussed: Smart vs dim rapists (wouldn't the militant feminists have fun with that topic!), torture vs. rape vs bondage, model vs model, and so on. Yet we're all ZFX fans. Rick's managed to cover all of our bases frequently enough that we're hooked. You know Rick, I've criticized you many times while watching your vids, but the fact that you're still making videos and selling them after all these years speaks for itself. You must be doing more than one thing right.

As for the ZFX vs. HOM comparison, I think the major similarity is imagination. One of the things I hate about the other bondage video producers is that they are so predictable. It's generally bind the girl, 6 minutes of struggle, remove ONE article of clothing, rebind the girl, and so on for 60 minutes. With both HOM and ZFX, you're never quite sure what's going to happen next. The fact that they both push the limits of acceptability for their time just adds to the possibilities of what you didn't expect. Both Rick and HOM also come up with interesting contraptions/positions/torments from time to time. I too admire the "tightness" of the shorter HOM films. To this day, one of my favorite ZFX videos is HardBound Television. Wish you'd do more like that Rick with multiple shorter stories. By the way Rick, didn't I catch a glimpse of a Lasse Braun film in one of the videos?

As for the slow motion, Rick, one of your greatest drawbacks is that you get a new "toy" and you wear it out in a hurry. I mean there was the "echo chamber" effect, the battery charger, the computer animation, the film in reverse trick, the plants, etc. It's got to be tough to resist including something new in each video, but please resist a little harder or come up with more than one thing at a time. I've got my own slow motion and freeze on my vcr.

I too would like to see some clothing ripped or cut from the victims from time to time. Still, Rick has gotten better about at least using different clothes. There was one bikini that I think made it into 3 of his earliest vids. At least it's not like some of the other producers where the kidnapped girl, out in the middle of nowhere, suddenly ends up wearing completely different clothing or panties half way through the bondage sequences.

My two cents on the "smart vs dim" rapist: I enjoy watching the struggle but wish the girls would put up more realistic resistance (Maybe Rick is getting a little too old to win all the time if they do). I wouldn't mind seeing a "smart rapist" trick his victim into bondage or some sort of helpless state and then using force. OK, now that I've thrown more fuel onto various fires, I'll shut up and go back to reading for awhile. Take care all.

Monday August 7th 2000 02:57:21

Name: RR

Comments: Re: Lorelei & control fantasies I was wondering where Lorelei was going with mind control in her fantasies. I already knew from postings in her own guestbooks that she's not into master-slave relationships, but I wasn't sure to what degree these psychological aspects fit into her fantasies. There's still a dramatic conflict in her examples--something usually lost in a cooperative master-slave situation. She's talking more about mind games than control fantasies. Control fantasies are more about forcing a person to do what you want. It's telling the woman to take her clothes off instead of ripping them off. It's demanding that she put the handcuffs on instead of wrestling them on. To a degree, I think it's an illusion of power. If a gun or some kind of serious threat is used to force the woman to comply, it's not really power in my book. The gun is in control, not the person holding it. Give the gun to the woman and suddenly she's calling the shots. Control and power plays are a lot more interesting in real life than in fantasies because we all live and work within environments where we both have control and give up control.

Lorelei's photoshoot in a doctor's office is a great example of a place where we absolutely give up control. I don't know if I've ever met a doctor who I thought was smarter than me. I can acknowledge that the doctor has a more specialized knowledge base in the area of medicine than I do, but that doesn't make him any more intelligent. Yet, I grant this person a control over my body that gets very uncomfortable. Things don't get much more humiliating than letting a doctor stick a finger up your ass and play you like Kermit the Frog. We act like children around a doctor, granting him complete control over us because we don't know what else to do. At work, we all have bosses, unless a person is fortunate enough to work for themselves. Bosses have bosses. Even somebody who owns a business has to some degree listen to customers and not necessarily have their way all the time. The workplace is the one place where we truly see power playing in real action. Thereís times when we have to deal with the boss from hell that goes out of their way to exert their power because they get their kicks intimidating people. Iíve been fairly lucky to not have to work for that kind of jerk. That would be an unpleasant experience for both sides because Iím stubborn enough to fight for what I think is a right principal. Iíve also had run-ins with bosses that are otherwise fairly decent, but it gets down to my wanting to do what I believe is right, but the boss wants to pull rank and force his way when sometimes it doesnít even matter. Thereís more mind control going on in the workplace than anyplace else that I can think of because thereís so many different levels of management and wanna-be management. We all have to put up with a certain amount of trouble simply because we want to keep our jobs. Iíve found that I have little interest in being a manager. I donít want to manage other people. I donít want to control other people. It limits my career because the next tier of money just about requires being a manager. It doesnít matter to me because I make enough to get by comfortably. Thatís why mind control fantasies donít matter to me. Theyíre not something that I aspire to in the real world and theyíre not something that feed my fantasies.

Iíve always been surprised that so many people are into control as part of their fantasies. I wonder if people who fantasize about mental control are compensating for a lack of control in their lives, either at home or at work or both. Itís unusual that a ZFX audience would have a fascination for mind control because the audience is already being treated to the roughest fantasies in the marketplace. The ZFX villains can and will do anything they want to their helpless captive. It would seem that a love bondager would be more into mental control because it avoids treating the gal harshly. Instead of being roughly placed in bondage, sheís coerced into it. This is a much softer approach. Somebody into ZFX films doesn't seem to be the kind of audience that would want to ease up on the violence. These differences get around to the simple reality that fantasies are very personal and there are no universal truths; just personal ones. If Rick Masters is taking notes, I don't know how he can use what he sees here. There's not a thought that's been expressed where there isn't somebody with a contrary opinion (except for maybe the slow motion stuff which I have to agree blows).

Part of the difference between my fantasies and others more into the control element might be that of duration. My fantasies are mostly about sating a lust gone wild. Once the woman's been abducted, her captor can't wait to grab her, tearing at her clothes off, holding her body tight to his as he fondles her while she tries to resist as well as she can. He cannot keep his hands off her. This physical manhandling continues and builds up to the point until he finally takes her. That's basically the end of my fantasy. I'm not looking at future consequences or what happens next. I don't care. My focus is on the physical sexual craving. Within the confined context of that fantasy, there's no room for mind control. The woman's attacker is acting more like an animal. There's no civility or intellectual exercise going on. It's all uncontrolled passion. If somebody's fantasy goes beyond that stage, I can begin understanding how other things can start creeping in.

A longer fantasy requires a different look and different dynamics. There's more time for the distressed damsel to try to escape her bondage. In my fantasy, escape's not an issue because she's constantly being groped and there are no opportunities to attempt to get free. Even if it were possible to work her hands free, her captor would simply overpower her and tie her even more securely. On the examples Lorelei provided, I could get into the bad guy talking about the gal's body as he's stripping her, making an uncomfortable situation even more distressing. It still falls into that category where I donít think itís necessary. The womanís been kidnapped, bound and gagged, stripped against her will, and is being intimately touched in ways that sicken her, and she's helpless to stop these violations of her body. I canít think of a lot of reasons to up the discomfort level. Leaving a bound and gagged female alone to watch TV÷ my thought is that it might be better to kidnap somebody on a day when "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" isn't on. Actually, with a abduction for ransom plot, it could be acceptable. The primary purpose is not an assault. Thatís still not an element in my fantasies. In mine, the womanís been taken purely for sexual purposes.

I remain curious as to what Lorelei would like to see in a ZFX video. Iíd assume that she would want a change in tone that would make the video more female friendly or at least more alluring. She's made it clear on her sites that she's no longer interested in directing videos. Photography is her passion. That should make this a much easier exercise because she doesnít have to worry about giving away story ideas that she might want to use

Tuesday August 8th 2000 05:25:24

Name: Mad Dog

Comments: Its good to see that we have so many new faces and post here. It gives us a chance to share different viewpoints and to make us think about some of our likes and dislikes. I think the whole mind control issue of a rapist thread is about played out. But since I am the webmaster around here I get the last word.

"RR" I think you summed up the whole thread in your post pretty well and you came close to defining it....but it boils down to the two different types of personality's and sometimes not being able to see the other side. Not, that I think, any of you are like that, but a lot of times we get caught up in what we think is right, instead of saying, the other person could be right as well, but not for you but them. Does that make sense or am I confusing you guys and gals? "RR" also mention in his post (he must have been tired after typing it) that he was not interested in becoming a manager. Which for him is totally cool, but some of us just have that personality where management or leadership finds us. I am not trying to be an egotistacal moron. But I do have that type of personality. Although thankfully I am not fully that way but most of the time I do have to be in charge. That is just the way I am. Example- I am an assistant manager down at work. I was approached after only three months of working there about taking the job.(even though some of the other guys have been there over a year) Mainly because I was the only one who could handle it. Its not tough, but you have to be on time and know how to handle office politics all the while deal with morons, and getting the job done while keeping your cool. I accepted it because it worked out better with school, better & more hours as well as more pay. but there are some times I wish I could just go back to my old job and just worry about myself and getting my job done. I try not to be an over controlling assistant but when the job calls for me to step up and handle the rough shit or to be diplomatic I do not back down. But not everybody could do that.

I am rambling again arent I? Yep, thought so, sorry. The point I am trying to make is that some of us have that authoratative type of personality, and most of the time we need to either be in control, or feel that we are. That is where the mind thing comes into play. Sometimes (not all the time) for us the ability to be in control is more important the the act. ie letting the woman squirm vs the straight discipline. I think Lorelei was trying to bring up the fact of having the person so much under your control that if you told them to kneel while you slept that they would, even though they would not be chained or locked down in any way. Total control

O.K. Here is a new thread for everybody, guy or girl-If you could have been in any ZFX movie which one would it be and why? It does not matter if your exposure to ZFX is limited. There has to be one that you like. Well I have taken up enough of your time for now. Any questions or comments, just e-mail me. P.S. I am in the process of updating the web site but I have hit some snags. I will let you all know.

Peace All
Mad Dog
Tuesday August 8th 2000 06:15:13

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: If Maddog will allow one more post on the subject...

RR: I am "into" ZFX films and I'd love to see an easing up on the violence. What I like about ZFX flix is: beautiful women; insertions, or "simulated" insertions (hard to find in any other bondage flicks) some semblance of drama, psychodrama, or plot (as opposed to the type of bondage flick where the female mistress says "Welcome to my chamber, so, I hear you have a bondage fantasy, let's get you tied up then" and there are interchangeable tied up scenes with no story) mostly men dominating women (not women on women domination) fantasy, i.e. sci-fi or tentacles getting off on the willingness of the ACTRESS to endure all that she endures (rape and violence don't really turn my crank - willing submission is the thing that does it for me, and as I have posted before, I watch the flicks on two levels, observing or fantasizing about (

a) what the victim is doing or enduring, and

(b) what the real person, the actress, is feeling) all of the rough endurances she endures (i.e. multiple clothespins, gags, tight bondage. Bondage or domination can be "rough", i.e. severe, without being "violent") sexual themes (such as Alison Parish using self-bondage, masturbating and getting off at the thought of the real thing; many other examples) and occasional flashes of brilliance in situations or in mind control (control of an unconscious victim; the physical manifestation of control slowed down and made more potent as a result; watching while the victim/actress deals with and makes decisions about the inevitability of her dilemma) ZFX has had a lot of the above over the years, and it is what I watch for. The whippings, bloody faces, pissing scenes, punches in the stomach, groping - it's all background noise to me.

To emphasize Maddog's point if I understood it correctly, it is interesting not just that we watch for different reasons or different things, but that we don't even see what the other person is watching for. If a viewer truly feels that ZFX films reflect violent, rape themes or whatever and the viewer doesn't see the above elements that I am pointing to, then the viewer is only watching half the movie, IMHO. But I'm sure I succumb to that, too - I only see the half that I dig. zee-ef-ex

Tuesday August 8th 2000 09:54:00

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: Maddog: Great thread idea re the ZFX flick we'd like to be in. I'm tempted to decide based on the beauty of the actress, but I will resist that temptation. I can't remember the name. but I think it has to be the one with the Oriental actress who hits her head on the bottom of the desk and passes out. She's a cute girl with a delectable body. I like how the beginning scenes set up the rest of the movie, and it would be fun to play out the dichotomies I see there. For example, before she hit her head she was looking at bondage drawings and a ZFX flick. Did she dream the sequence where her unconscious body is dragged away and bound, affected as she was by what she was looking at before her concussion? Or was it real? Also, there's something really seductive about the idea of such total control over your "victim" that you can tie her however you see fit, and then watch as she comes back to consciousness and has to deal with that. I had a girlfriend once whose fantasy was to be asleep and to wake up being made love to. The trouble was, she was such a light sleeper that it could never actually be done. I'd start pulling down the covers and she'd immediately wake up. I never had the chance to act out what would have been a sexy fantasy for me, too. zee-ef-ex
Tuesday August 8th 2000 10:12:43


Comments: Hi there.there is a realy hot woman i think her name is KIM NOBLE or KELLY MCRAY.well anyway,she is hot!!! she is a brunette. she has very big tits,realy good for ELECTRO-SHOCK TORTURE!!!! plus her forearms are very hairy!!! that is right her arms are hairy,HAIRY ARMS!!! i love that on a,why not torture her HAIRY ARMS with ELECTRO-SHOCK TORTURE? i think it would go very well. Rick would you please let me know what you think? please
Tuesday August 8th 2000 10:29:43

Name: MadDog

Comments: Dr Sadista: The woman you are talking about is Kelly Mckay. You are right she is a very beautiful woman.
Peace All
Mad Dog

Wednesday August 9th 2000 08:48:46

Name: Damien

Comments: Rick: As you can see, there are more fans of Ms. Mckay. Mad Dog, you lucky @#$%^&* to have had the honor of working with her!!! It would be nice to have her visit this forum one day. HOM: There are several titles and ladies mentioned here, but one name sure shouldn't be forgotten: Sharon Montgomerey. Anyone who saw Tourist Trap II, and Master Control knows what I'm talking about. One of the very first (maybe even THE first) SM-tapes I ever saw, when I first discovered these things actually exsisted, wya, waaaay back in the 80's was TT2. And Sharon got me 'hooked' for years to come. So as a tribute to Ms. Montgomery: Thanks, Sharon! Damien
Wednesday August 9th 2000 01:30:08

Name: Damien

Comments: Mad Dog: You devil,you....! :-)"If you could be in any ZFX movie....". Yeah, sure.....not all of us are as lucky as you. BTW: If YOU
could have YOUR pick, besides the ones you starred so excellently in......... Hmmmm...let's see: I have a slight preference for the 1- girl-slowly- broken-mentally-by-physical-torture-thing. And forcing to give information or confess. So it would be "Witch hunt". Sure, there are more possibilities, like "The suffering of SR", but the whiping and torture in that one is rather "pointless" (or maybe I didn't get the point????). Same goes for "Cheerleadrs of Perilous U". Maybe the best ZFX so far, but information or confession wanted. So "Witch hunt" it would be....with a close 2nd to "The Reporter". Why I prefer WH??? Because the theme has a certain appeal to me. And you didn't ask, so I wont tell who my "Witch" would be...Take a guess....:-) Damien
Wednesday August 9th 2000 01:44:54

Name: Lorelei
Homepage URL:

Comments: Re "I remain curious as to what Lorelei would like to see in a ZFX video." -- The main thing I want to see in any ol' video is bondage plus genital penetration. That's really shaky legal ground for anything produced in the U.S., so there's no point in my discussing it at length. I certainly don't want any companies taking legal risks.
Wednesday August 9th 2000 02:00:14

Name: areides

Comments: I've heard people reference HOM movies. I've never seen one, where can you get those? Are they like ZFX movies??? how do they compare?
Wednesday August 9th 2000 10:30:04

Name: Per

Comments: The HOM Bondage Classics are really... well: classics! Well worth watching despite the lack of sound (they are from old 8mm films). Some really interesting and very stringent bondage positions can be studied here! When video with sound was introduced there were some videos with a similar "feel" made by HOM and California Star: Bittersweet Revenge, Curiosity Excited the Cat, Tourist Trap I & II, Betrayed, The Escape and some others I don't remember the name of now. Sharon Montgomery (in Curiosity.., Tourist Trap and The Escape, among others) were mentioned and she is a legendary performer in these films, good looking and very convincing in her roles. Another favourite of mine from that time is Renee Baker, her eyes could really convey fear when she looked into the camera. There are some other series with old 8mm compilations I can recommend: "Bondage Video" and "Punished" from California Star, some of them contains clips from the films mentioned above as well. I don't think all of these are available from the publishers anymore, but keep looking!
Thursday August 10th 2000 12:53:10

Name: AvF

Comments: Speaking of HOM. I have not given them a second look for many years now since their change in format (consentual bondage/master -slave crap). After many years I just received a flyer in the mail consisting of their current releases (mags/movies). They also have a special going on for some of the older videos for $19.00 ea. I was wondering if anyone knows if any of the following are any good or contain any good scenes? Captured in South America Dr. Ruthless Maid for Tears Mistress Mainia To Ride a Tiger Bondage Behind Bars Bondage Boot Camp Slaves of Desire Special Request The Audition The Captives The Experience Top Control I know more than likely not but maybe a choice scene or two. Anything with a barefoot inverted suspension w/hands behind back or spread eagle is a plus. I think I also remember of a self bondage scene gone bad in "Special Request". If anyone can recomend any of these and if so a brief scene description and who's in it (no Desi DeAngelo offense but not everybody is apealing to everyone). And on the subject of specials...How about a special or two for your loyal fans Rick? An old vid discounted or maybe an out- takes vid devoted exclusively to a certain actress (like maybe one of Lisa
(I can hear Damien drooling already), Penelope as another favorite...or Amy for myself). No story, just something to add to the collections of die hard fans. Ahhhh....which vid would I most liked to have been in....Liza Cord. Just for Amy of course. And maybe for a side thresd on how I would have changed any of the scenes....I would have given her a breathing tube and let the water compleatly submerge her. The squeeze or obstruct the other end of the tube from time to time.
Thursday August 10th 2000 06:58:34

Name: BBFan

Comments: A special! What a great idea, AvF!!! Rick, how about it? I'm sure the older titles sell a little slower than the new releases. How about a half-price special? I'm sure a ton of people would jump on that. About the old bondage loops, other that HOM Bondage Classics, I don't know of a source for original classic flicks. Cal Star has stopped selling their old intense stuff. One title I have always wanted to see and can't find is "Pain Suite" by Cal Star. Has anyone seen that?
Friday August 11th 2000 11:14:28

Name: NYCdom28

Comments: Hello again Been away, my desktop crashed on me so I got a laptop. Being off the net for over a week I broke down and went out and bought Ms. Balista II. Now I have to tell you that my expectations were pretty low going in. After watching this flick though, I have to give it a thumbs up. It has an abduction scene which was erotic, and the new blonde is good looking to boot. There is actually a story in this vid too, so don't fast forward. Some force scenes are in there too. Overall I was satisfied. You said one thing in an earlier post Rick that was dead on. We pay hard cash for these vids. This one cost me 37 bucks! So your damn right I am only going to buy vids that satisfy my tastes. I have to tell you that I don't like all this blood stuff. The bloody lip I can stomach, but the bloody nipples, no way. I was never a candle wax fan either, but that I can ignor or fast forward. The coming attractions had to much blood for my tastes and I can tell you that I for one won't be buying any of the "new" releases. I tend to like your earlier work better. Ahh the days when ZFX was innocent LOL Lorlie, the girls in your photo shoots are hot. Now if you can make those force fantasy albums of your videos, then I am there, and you can take my money! I am pretty easy to please, give me a good looking big breasted woman, tied up and simulate some sex and here is 40 bucks for you! If I don't complain about the crap that is out there, then how is what I want going to ever get made? That's it for now. Anyone know where I can find Guinuea pigs III for a good price? Yeah, I know my spelling sucks. Later
Friday August 11th 2000 10:59:14

Name: alex powers

Comments: I am enjoying the H.O.M. - Z.F.X. discussions. Also, am I the only one who has this obvious thought;......LORELEI, being kidnapped, tortured and raped in a Z.F.X movie!!!! The mind is totally staggered at the thought. Come on Lorelei and Rick, why don't you two get together. You both do the best work in the buisness. If you put your ideas together, you can really establish a work of ART, that no one has ever seen before, in the industry. Lorelei can also put her "smart rapist/ dumb rapist theory to practice. also, maybe she can bring a friend or two with her...a.k.a. Darla, Whitney, Star, etc. etc. etc.
Friday August 11th 2000 11:03:09

Name: alex powers

Comments: just another thought from a very large pervert, who loves Lorelei. I know that you have alwaysbeen a big fan of the "Kidnapped Real Estate Lady". Once again, let me state that it would be just groovy to see you in this role, in a Z.F.X. video.
Friday August 11th 2000 11:06:58

Name: alex powers

Comments: P.S. ...I'll chip in for the plane fare, for the ladies. (how much could some rope, duct tape and a steamer trunk cost)??
Friday August 11th 2000 11:10:22

Name: Per

Comments: AvF: The only one of the videos you listed that I think I've seen is Special Request, and I was not impressed. I think all of these titles are from after the "classic" HOM era, so they should not be compared with the old stuff. I vaguely remember an inverted suspension scene pictured on the box cover of Bondage Boot Camp, though. Might be worth checking out!
Saturday August 12th 2000 04:49:57

Name: Ralphus
Homepage URL:

Comments: NYCdom28's recent comments regarding blood brings up an interesting topic. There have been some negative comments recently about ZFX's recent efforts that show the girls getting battered and bloody. The Queen of Blood so far appears to be Bridgette Bayonne, who has had her face bloodied in both "Robopimp" and "Ballista 2", as well as her nipple bloodied in "In Their Nature". Lisa also got her face bloodied in "Robopimp", and more recently, Penelope Pace got the same treatment in "Viral Load". All these recent scenes, when the first 100 or so ZFX features had no such scenes at all, or at least, none that I can remember. The question is, has Rick gone too far? Is showing girls with their faces bloodied taken this a step too far in the wrong direction? I know blood is a turn-off for at least some of the viewers, so maybe it may cause some of them not to buy the newer tapes. NYCdom28 said that was his reason. So anyone with an opinion, sound off. I'm sure Rick doesn't want to lose any fans.

Now as for my opinion regarding this blood stuff, I have to say that I like it, if it fits the scene. For instance, in "Robopimp", it was completely justified. The pimp who beat up the girls was a bad man, and they were cheating him out of his money. Bridgette was talking shit to him, and he slapped the hell out of her to show her who was in charge. Maybe the blood was not necessary in "Ballista 2", but again, she had escaped, and he was teaching her a lesson. I thought it accentuated the scene up a notch, although others have written on this board and said they didn't like it. On the other hand, I didn't feel it was especially relevant that they had to bloody her nipple in "In Their Nature". It didn't bother me, but there didn't seem to be a purpose for showing blood other than for decoration. :o) However, the two were psychos who had killed before, so it may not have been out of their nature.

I guess the question is, where do you draw the line? Do some of us not like blood because it spoils the looks of the girl? Is it too "gross" for you? How about bruises? It's very hard to torture someone in real life unless you leave some marks. Who has opinions about this?

Saturday August 12th 2000 10:41:23

Name: RR

Comments: Re: HOM & Other Stuff Per: You're right that all the videos mentioned by AvF are post Blakemore and not at all like the classic stuff he photographed and filmed. I could quibble with you a little on "Special Request" because it had scream queen Michelle Bauer (aka Kim Bittner, Pia Snow) before she messed her breasts up with implants. It's not a great video by any means, but she's so cute. It's also girl-on-girl. The other videos are largely a less polished version of what they sell today, so there's probably not much of interest since nearly all of them are girl-on-girl punishment stuff that's still produced today at Lyndon/HOM.

zee-ef-ex: What can I say, we all have different tastes and different elements of ZFX appeal to us. My tastes are no better than yours or anybody else's. They are what they are. Of course, I'm gonna promote my wants over yours--but, what the hey...I expect you to do the same.

NYCdom28: Sadly, Lorelei will probably never direct another video. It's a shame because I've always been curious what she'd do without any of the restrictions she had at Harmony or Close-Up, but she'd still be stuck by legal restrictions on the penetration and bondage shots that she'd like to see. She did promote a Dorothy Laine rape video recently that you weren't interested in. There's always a chance that Dorothy will direct another forcefantasy style video that might include a model that you'd like more since she's basically working with the same LA talent pool that Lorelei taps for her sites.

As far as a Lorelei/ZFX combo, I kind'a doubt it due to different tastes. A more likely possibility is Rick and company packing up and visiting LA for a couple weeks of shoots using models in the area as he did for a bunch of videos in Minneapolis that MadDog got to participate in last year (Underworld, South of the Border, etc.) Although MadDog has been a little shy with his info, it looks like Rick and company will be back up there for some more shoots in a short while. With the roughness of the average ZFX shoot, I don't know how many of Lorelei's usual models would be interested. Jay Edwards' models would be a better match since they seem to be more into very difficult tight bondage. This would appeal to big breast fans because Jay's models all have a couple quarts of silicone in their breasts. There was supposed to originally be a rape scene with Lorelei and boyfriend Jon in Dorothy's video according to posts months ago in her guestbook, at, but it doesn't appear that the scene, assuming it was shot at all, ever made it into the video.

Lorelei: Regarding what you might want to see in a ZFX video, I guess I was wondering what could be done within legal restrictions. It sounds as if penetration is about the only thing that would make you want to watch a ZFX video or any video for that matter

Saturday August 12th 2000 11:31:04

Name: Per

Comments: RR, after some checking up I find that the video I referred to was "Special Request II". I stand corrected. This video starred Aja, before she also messed her breasts up with silicon. Why do otherwise beautiful girls always do that?? *sigh*
Saturday August 12th 2000 01:09:24

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Alex -- The only person who would be kidnapping, torturing and raping me (vids or otherwise) would be my boyfriend. :) NYCDom - When I left Close-Up to do my website, I stopped directing videos, and really, I've been quite happy. I love taking photos and looking at photos, but I don't enjoy vids too much and don't miss directing them... what hard work and agony it was! I would someday consider directing another vid if I could do it like a film production -- with a full-length script, locations, models who could act, full staff, two weeks to shoot and four weeks to edit. But I won't have the money or time to do that until I retire! :)
Saturday August 12th 2000 01:39:47

Name: RR

Comments: Per: It's my turn to be confused... If Aja's in "Special Request", Michelle Bauer probably isn't and I must be thinking about another movie. The one I'm thinking of had a blonde tormenting Michelle. I couldn't find any info for the movie on the net. I think Julia Parton (aka Rachel Welles, June Bauer) was in "Special Request II" which would elevate any movie to a status of something that I'd want to see because she was so beautiful and had such a wonderful natural body.

Lorelei: For the sake of argument, what if ZFX let your boyfriend be the one to rape and playing with you? Jon's acted in enough videos for me to see that he can play a menacing villain. There's probably not much of a conflict of interest if he's only appearing as an actor.

Saturday August 12th 2000 06:17:27

Name: milo

Comments: Howdy. 'Scuse me while I in.

Ralphus/NYCdom: You could go back to that scene in "Violation of Vikki Fixx" where Penelope Pace gets punched bloody. Low point of an excellent title. That bloody scene in the recent title (Viral Load?) convinced me not to buy it. If we're gonna have blood, why not have it as body make-up instead? One of the reasons why the whippings lack credibility is the lack of welts or cuts. Not copious, gory amounts of fake blood, but just a bit to add realism. One other note, b/c it appears I'm becoming part of the silent majority (or is it minority?). Getting lots of posting from fellows who are not into the torture, more into probbings, takedowns. To each his own -- it would be great if we could all get what we want, ZFX does try to deliver that. But let's not forget that the torture is a large part of what makes this "extreme" fetish. Me, I'm still not going to buy anything that isn't chock full of whippings, burnings and shocks.

Perhaps you're saying "there's enough of that, where's the progress?". What I would really love to see is just more realism. The illusion of real suffering, sweating, screaming (no gags!), struggling, maybe some fake welts. I wish all the models would take their whippings at least as realistically as Penelope or Monica. Just a suggestion on the whippings, Rick. You don't have to pound the victim w/incessant strokes. Look at the good whipping scenes in mainstream movies (e.g., they use about 1/3 of the number of strokes per minute, but more than make up for it w/ suspense and realistic reactions. & again, no gags.

Finally, this is a fantasy forum, and yes, I'd fantasize about doing what the villains do in SOB2 or 3, or Vicki Fixx. W/o meaning to diss my abovementioned favorites, though, in the fantasy scenario, I'd love to put Summer Cummings through the kind of treatment Monica endures. Never gonna happen, of course.

Saturday August 12th 2000 07:32:19

Name: BBFan

Comments: I would like to weigh in on the "bloody" discussion. As long time readers of this forum surely know, I am an avid fan of tit torture! However, blood is taking it too far! Sexual torment is what turns me on, but when you start getting bloody, it turns into real torture. Same goes for seeing a woman getting beat up. To me, it stops being sexual at that point, and becomes brutal. I, for one, would not buy a video if I know that the action involves beatings and/or blood.
Saturday August 12th 2000 10:57:19

Name: Per

Comments: RR, Aja is in "Special Request II". I do not know the cast of the original "Special Request", but I'm sure you are correct. I think there are quite some time between these two videos, so the cast is not the same. I agree about your opinion on June Bauer, she was a great model!!
Sunday August 13th 2000 10:35:26

Name: AvF

Comments: Thanks for the info on the vid's.
Sunday August 13th 2000 12:46:15

Name: Fred

Comments: My $.02 on this blood discussion - I don't like it. I agree with every word BBFan said on the subject. In general, I think ZFX has become much "darker" lately. I miss the less brutal tone of the older movies.
Sunday August 13th 2000 05:46:55

Name: Mad Dog

Comments: Hey everybody, just thought I would post a quick little note to one of RR's posting. as far as being shy on the information, there are three reasons for it.

1. I unfortunately dont have any information to give out. Yes it is true that Rick might come up here again to shoot, but right now we dont even have any idea of when that might be. As far as right now goes, it is just in the talk stage, and that is all. It is like saying to a buddy of yours "hey we should go 'there' someday." and him saying o.k. dosent mean you guys have plans to do it but it is something that could come about.

2. I do not feel comftorable voluntering any information regarding Rick or his plans to shoot. I know that Rick is a kind of guy that sometimes goes with the flow. He dosent stick to a certain schedule. Therefore he could plan to come up here to shoot and all of a sudden he has three hot babes come up to him down there and want to film some stuff, well chances are good that he is not going to pass up an oppurtunity like that, and would cancel his trip up here. So if I was to jump on this board and say that he is for sure coming up here, some of you guys would expect it and perhaps feel let down if he didnt make it up here. I guess the bottom line here is that although I talk to Rick occasionally and perhaps know some of his plans before you guys, I dont feel comftorable sharing them because I feel if he wanted the info to be public knowledge then he would share them it you. Not that there is a big international ring of spies trying to steal Rick's secrets, but I think you get my drift.

3. Many of the times I just dont know myself. Like I said before Rick and I do talk, but the keyword is occasionally. Also as much as I hate to admit it, even though I live up here with the Kelly, Christina, and Kim, I do not talk to them. Kelly was the only one that I saw after the filming and that was mainly in passing and we said hi and that was it. So the lesson for the day even though it might be fun to be an actor in a zfx flick, beware you just might get kicked to the curb after it is all done. Just kidding, it was fun and given the oppurtunity I will do it again. O.K. I am done know and I will shut up.

Peace All Mad Dog
Tuesday August 15th 2000 10:47:45

Name: Damien

Comments: Mad Dog Believe it or not, but i could live with just ahving done one scene with one of the ladies you mentioned, and then be ignored by them for the rest of my life.....really...I could...:-)) Seriously: I'm really not just sweet-talking here when I say that if it were up to me, you would star in many, many more of Rick's tapes. Maybe with a little more dialogue next time.

And just to make sure Rick here's this...anybody who wants to second this???? Blood.......well....I've nothing against blood. I'm a real horror-fan. BUT NOT IN MY FAVORITE BD-TAPES!!! To me, these tapes are a fantasy, and should have NOTHING to do with reality. In other words: no matter how hard the babes are beaten, whipped or otherwise tortured, at the end of the day, they still should look so sweet, cute, and pretty, that you'd love to tie-em up. I know this is just a personal taste, but hey! isn't this board ment for expressing personal tastes????

HOM/TAO: Thanks to a good friend of mine, i got my hands on a CD-ROM with hundreds of HOM/TAO (style) pics. Some scenes from tapes, some pics from magazines. Anybody who's interested in a copy, please contact me through private email. I'm NOT!!!!! in this to make a profit. I just want my expenses covered (international shipment!) and share my wealth. Damien

Tuesday August 15th 2000 01:20:23

Name: Fred Topel

Comments: I am relatively new to the bondage scene. As a journalist, I met a bondage model at an industry event and that led me to do some interviews and research on the industry for a story I'm trying to put together. Lorelei is actually the one who pointed me in the direction of this board, because I am interested in learning more about ZFX productions. I have only been able to find a few in local video stores with adult sections. The titles I have seen are "Spinerette," "Incubus," "Whipshock" and "Drifters." Judging by scenes shown in coming attractions and the posts on this board, I have seen hardly any of the creative work that ZFX has to offer. What interests me is the way they address the sexual aspects of bondage that most of the sites and movies I've seen (except for Lorelei's Force Fantasies) try to downplay.

I understand people in this group or in the videos themselves may not want publicity. I'm not here to "out" anyone. I just know there is an interesting perspective on the world of bondage here and I want to learn more. Is there any way to find out more about the actresses? Where do they come from? If they're not actually into bondage, how do they feel about the situations they are placed in and why do they keep doing it? Are they aspiring movie actresses? Lisa Kinkaid seems to be in every ZFX film. If she is such a staple, does she ever visit this forum? Would she or any other actres be willing to do an interview? It could be anonymous.

Some technical questions include: what is the difference between real and simulated penetration? I know they aren't using real penises, but the dildos in the ones I saw looked like they were really going in. How do they fake this? What is used to create the sweaty look? Is it simply water?

I'm most interested in the social and creative impact of bondage. The sci-fi aspect of "Spinnerette" and "Incubus" are fascinating, especially if you look at the weak "Hollow Man" released by mainstream Hollywood. The issue of rape fantasy is important as well. If anybody can help me, please contact me by e-mail. You may visit the Herald Tribune website to verify my credentials. I usually cover mainstream Hollywood.

Does anyone know any places in the L.A. area to rent ZFX titles besides "Odyssey Video?" I can't afford to buy them because the paper won't cover it as an expense. Thank you for the insights you've shared in this forum so far. I look forward to learning more from all of you. Fred Topel

Tuesday August 15th 2000 06:04:09

Name: RR

Comments: Re: Fred Topel's msg I took a quick look at the Herald website and there's a Fred Topel listed as being on the staff. There's no link to email addresses from the site, so there's no way to tell with great certainty that you're one and the same, but it's close enough for argument's sake.

I guess I'm curious where you're going with the story. Typically, these types of stories focus on how sick and twisted we all are for having these fantasies and that the world would be a better place if companies like ZFX were outlawed out of existence. Considering that you've found that ZFX is a relatively small part of the industry based on availability of the videos for rent, I'm surprised at the interest here. The bulk of bondage video fantasies available for rent are girl-on-girl punishment affairs or females dominating men.

I can answer a few questions based on reading this guestbook for a while. Unfortunately, a brief interview with Lisa Kinkaid is caught in limbo at the moment because the last couple months haven't been posted in the message archives yet, but have already been removed from the current guestbook. If memory serves me right, ZFX is still located in Orlando, FL, and the acting talent is local. The types of budgets for these films are miniscule enough that actresses aren't being paid to come to the set from any great distance. ZFX made a foray to Minneapolis last year and shot a half dozen videos with local girls there, but otherwise has stayed close to home. Lisa Kinkaid has been in the bulk of ZFX videos for the last few years and is about ready to pass the previous record by Chandra Sweet. She's not into the fantasies that ZFX produces according to the short interview she did here. Lisa's not a regular to this forum and I can only recall a post or two in the year or so I've been reading this forum.

I've got no involvement in the making of ZFX videos, so I cannot provide much insight there. I'd about bet that the sweat in the videos is real and not simulated because set lights can be very hot. As far as simulated penetration, it's often a matter of angle. If you're not seeing a mainstream porno close-up penetration shot, it probably isn't. A hand can be slid down a dildo to present the impression that the dildo is being forced downwards when all it's doing is resting in place.

That's about all the help I can provide. If you go through this page, you'll find the email address of Rick Masters, the writer/director/producer of ZFX videos. Should he agree to help or be interviewed, I'd suggest that he keep any interviews down to 10-15 minutes to keep the interview focused. I've had the benefit of seeing how a 2-hour interview got edited down to a few 30 second sound bites in a news report and made the interviewee look like an idiot. Anybody looking at the original unedited footage wouldn't have gotten that impression. Maybe I'm getting too cynical in my old age, but I'm hard pressed to imagine that a mainstream reporter is going to do an unbiased report on the bondage scene. You're trying to sell papers and sensationalism is what does that. Reporting on a bunch of people with unconventional fantasies who are otherwise fairly representative of the average public just isn't sensational enough to warrant an article.

Tuesday August 15th 2000 08:36:14

Name: Fred Topel

Comments: Thank you for your open skepticism to my intentions. I'd rather address them up front. I know how most journalists are. I share junket interviews with them and I can't stand the way they attack talent to serve their own agendas. As I hope you'll see in my work, I am interested in letting the subjects tell their stories. If you guys really want to look into my work, I will provide some more links below.

I write for many credible websites and papers. I don't think this crowd is sick and twisted at all. Just like Boogie Nights showed the real people behind the porno business, I want to show the real people behind the bondage industry. Frankly, I appreciate the openness and detail you guys are sharing. Pitching the idea to my editors has been difficult, but I am familiar with the standard g/g punishment movies available in most adult rental stores. I personally find that boring. What I saw in ZFX was storytelling, science fiction elements and acknowledgment of sexuality. The bondage movies that ignore sex simply make no sense to me. Where I'm going is to show how normal the people in this scene are and what forces drive the market. That ZFX is so hard to find suggests to me that it an important niche to address. People have sexual fantasies, but only one company is catering to that. The fact that Ms. Kinkaid is not into the fantasies herself is the most fascinating aspect of all. Both the models and photographers I've interviewed all expressed enjoyment if not total lifestyle commitment to the scene.

The penetration issue clarifies something for me. When I read simulated penetration, I thought the poster meant that when we see something enter a woman, that we are seeing a special effect. What I would like is for people to be comfortable with having me reading this forum and absorbing what I can, sometimes asking questions. Ideally, Mr. Masters or some of his models will be willing to talk either by phone or by e- mail. I am located in L.A. and it is not realistic for me to travel for this piece. Don't worry, I will pay the phone bill.

As for other outlets where I am published, you can see celebrity interviews by me regularly in the "Showbiz" section of I have a feature on Troma (where I met Stacy Burke) on page 9 of this week's "Entertainment Today." If you do not live in L.A., you can view ET online at As for viewing copies, some producers have loaned me copies of their tapes to study (I can't deny it's the most fun research I've ever done.) If anyone can tip me off to some L.A. area rental outlets that carry ZFX, I am happy to support the company by paying for rentals.

I understand distrust of reporters. I am one myself and I don't trust other reporters. All I can offer you is my previous work and let that speak for my honor. Thank you. Fred Topel

Wednesday August 16th 2000 12:32:06

Name: Iago

Comments: Fred, I'd suggest you drop a note to This is the ZFX mailing address. So far as I know Rick Masters, who IS ZFX, reads all the mail hitting that address himself. If you want to know about ZFX, best to go to the source, I expect.

I believe you may have made a slight error in your assessment of this site. We are NOT (with the part-time exception of our esteemed host Mad Dog the "people involved in the business." (paraphrased, but hopefully the tone is right.) We are just the folks who watch these films, and buy these films. The end users of the product. We may post our ideas and fantasies here from time to time, but it doesn't seem to really have direct bearing on what Rick does. He does whatever inspires him at the time. I've never noticed (once again, except for Mad Dog and Rick himself) any ZFX performers or crew hanging out here. Lisa has posted a few times, but only at Rick's request, and always in a very reserved manner. I've never seen another model post here. In short, if you want to see a section of some of the people who watch ZFX films, this is a good place. If you want inside the workings of ZFX, best you try that email address above.

I'll be frank, Fred. I don't trust you any more than the other guys here will. I've seen reporters trash everything from D&D when I was a kid to niche fantasies now that I am an adult, generally with only the most cursory of investigation and the broadest strokes of alarmist rhetoric possible. Especially in an election year, with 2 candidates that both have less-than perfect track records when it comes to free speech, I have to find reporters stalking ZFX models to be a little suspicious. If this isn't you, then more power to you. But I trust you'll appreciate the sentiment.
Peace, Iago

Wednesday August 16th 2000 10:12:33

Name: RR

Comments: Re: Fred Topel Well, I've got to admit that you've got me reasonably convinced that you're going to write a fair piece on bondage. I can understand Iagoís sentiments. Itís a shame that the news industry has gone from one that was greatly respected to one that appears to mostly be trying to sell stories that are sensationalistic and only a shade away from the tabloids. That our first reaction is one of great suspicion is an indication of how far things have gone down that road.

I canít provide you any more information than I have on ZFX because I donít have a whole lot of inside information. The moderator of this guestbook, Mad Dog, can provide a little more behind the scenes info, having worked on a few of the videos. Since I canít answer your specific questions, I thought it might be worth tossing some ideas your way, some of my thoughts about bondage that Iíve accumulated over the years, and provide some additional sources of information to help you with your article.

Based on your comments, I almost think that youíre kind of into some of the same fantasies as everybody else who comes here. I agree with you that the bulk of videos on the marketplace that ignore sexuality as part of their bondage fantasies are boring. Iíve long thought that the people who donít like to mix sex with their bondage fantasies are into the bondage as an extension of fetish interests. There are so many people out there whose fantasies are focused on body parts or articles of clothing and bondage is just one more way to decorate the body for them. Iím constantly seeing photos being posted in the newsgroup,, that show a macrame type lattice ropework around the body that serves little functional value beyond decoration. Or, somebody will post photos of women that arenít even tied up, but are adorned in leather and metal outfits as if exotic attire is the same as bondage. For me, Iíd rather see the actresses in bondage movies wearing normal everyday clothes before theyíre taken and whatever ropes are used to bind them are functionally limiting their movement.

One of the things that Iíve always found fascinating is how bondage is so often used to sell movies and TV programs. I canít tell you how many times Iíve tuned into a program because of a hint of a bound and gagged actress featured in a commercial only to find that the duration of that scene isnít much longer than the commercial. What makes this so interesting is that itís done at all. Major TV networks are selling programming with images of bondage. That the image is so fleeting in the actual program is an indication that itís been thrown there primarily so that it can be stuck in the commercial. That tells me that thereís a larger audience out there for bondage material than would traditionally be thought. A major network is not going to show a snippet of bondage in a commercial unless they believe that they can get more people to tune in than they will turn away. A good source of upcoming bondage scenes on TV is the VCR Alerts forum at

There was a time when bondage was used to sell mainstream magazines. In the 30s-50s, pulp magazines frequently featured damsels in various states of distress. That seemed to fade in the 60s to be replaced by menís action magazines that used the favorite villains of the time, Nazis, to torment helpless women on their covers. Those magazines seemed to disappear by the 70s. Detective magazines were the last to feature beautiful helpless women bound and gagged on their covers up to about the early 80s, having been around since the 1900s. The detective magazines are the only ones to essentially survive today. They feature the occasional bondage cover, but nothing as in the 60s and 70s when I could walk to a newsstand and see dozens of covers featuring women in a variety of fretful situations. I donít know exactly what caused the change in their covers. It could have been the Meese commission. It could have been feminism. It could have been a changeover in readership where they were offending more potential readers than they were attracting.

The best source Iíve found for a variety of these magazines is at EBayís category: Books, Movies, Music > Magazines where the majority of sellers have decent sized photos of the covers of the magazines that theyíre selling. Go to that category and do a search of the word, bondage, to bring up a list of matches in that category. Don't do that seach through all of EBay or you'll never see the end of it. A search through the subcategory will net about 100 matches in any typical week.

There was a time when adult movies featured a fair amount of bondage and rape scenes in their titles, but that seems to have stopped around the early 80s. In this case, I suspect that it was more an effort to appeal to a larger audience of couples than a result of real or threatened censorship. When videotape sales and rentals started becoming the dominant means of selling their wares, porn publishers likely found it more profitable to target couples instead of the mostly male audience that used to frequent X-rated theaters. A number of straight porn actresses have done bondage films, from PJ Sparxx to Summer Knight.

A few bondage models have done mainstream porn, but less than the number of porn actresses that have gone the other way. Ashley Rene would be a good example of a model whoís made a career doing bondage work (, not really a great site due to a web-nazi, No photos for you!, philosophy that doesnít let visitors view any full-size sample images) and has only been featured in a fairly small percentage of regular porn titles, mostly in non-sex or lesbian scenes.

The Internet Adult Film Database is a good source of info on actresses, though the quantity of bondage videos listed is usually only a fraction of what an actress has performed in,

Iíve heard a variety of reasons for these crossovers. In the case of adult actresses doing bondage, it can be a case of additional work. Often, itís a matter of an actress not getting enough work as she gets older and a bondage producer gets a chance to work with a name porn star at a salary thatís become more affordable. Thereís a lot less bondage models moving into mainstream porn as opposed to the other direction. As youíve found by interviewing a few actresses and photographers, these people are doing bondage work because they enjoy it. Doing a video or a photo shoot is an extension of having fun and getting paid at the same time. We should all be so lucky to have jobs that we look forward to working. If youíve viewed the out-takes on Loreleiís ForceFantasies site, youíve seen that the models are laughing and having a great time during the photoshoot even though their performance shows them looking frightened in the regular sets.

At one point, Darla Crane, on her website at, explained that she only modeled on the side and that her career as a bondage model was something she did for fun and she could afford to be picky about what modeling jobs she took. Sheís amended that section of her fact to say that she now has a full- time job at Close-Up Concepts, a video producer. Thereís still a note at the bottom of her FAQ explaining why she doesnít do mainstream adult modeling.

A lot of the models donít want to have sex with a strange man and that limits their accessibility to most porn jobs. Janine Lindemuller is one of the few mainstream porn actresses that has enjoyed a successful career without having sex with men in her featured videos and mostly does lesbian scenes (as a warning, donít click on her website link if you look her up at IAFD unless you want to close a half dozen pop-up windows that impede your exiting the siteĖ I have no idea if this site is really associated with her and have little desire to go back and find out). In Janineís case, itís a decision sheís made even though she leads a heterosexual lifestyle. A bondage actress doesnít even have to do any kind of sex scene. As youíve noticed the bulk of videos ignore sex altogether and still find an audience.

A few bondage models have had careers in more mainstream B movies. Michelle Bauer was probably the most successful and had a fairly notable career as a scream queen, a title she earned based on the number of horror/slasher films she appeared in. As a bondage model, she was known as Pia Sands and Kim Bittner. Julia Parton (June Bauer/Rachel Welles) and Tammy Parks (Bambi) are about the only other bondage performers Iíve noticed getting any significant roles in B movies. Occasionally, Iíll see a bondage model doing a very minor bit part (Lisa ComshawĖTori Sinclair/Fawna and Kelly Ashton come to mind), but the role is usually a nameless one where theyíre showing off their bodies more than their acting talent in a low-budget film.

You probably already know about the Internet Movie Database at Iíve occasionally seen the newsstand magazine, Femme FatalesĖa softcore mag dedicated to the actresses of fantasy and B-movies, do an interview with one of the above performers. I remember one with Julia Parton where she made no acknowledgment of her bondage career. Lisa Comshaw was more forthcoming. Her interview was a bit sad because she lamented that her work as a performer was getting smaller and smaller as she hit her 30s and was hoping that she could revitalize her career by directing bondage videos. Sadly, that interview is a few years old and Iím not aware that sheís had any success in this endeavor, though she still performs in the occasional video and pops up every now and then as a model.

There are a number of things that have transformed the adult industry. Video has had a major impact. Video has done more to close adult theaters than any efforts by censors. Of course, censors arenít happy that the relatively limited access of porn in theaters has been supplanted by an even greater access to porn via video stores. When Iíve talked to video store clerks, they tell me that they make their greatest profits off of porn titles. It's the smallest segment of the store, but it has the greatest quantity of rentals for overall titles. Regular Hollywood films are hot the first month or so they come out. After that, they only get rented when the latest flicks are all out. Mega-chain Blockbusterís refusal to carry adult titles has helped ensure the success of smaller video stores that carry them. If Blockbuster were to ever take a little shine off their family image and carry adult videos, it will be the death knell for these smaller stores and chains. The availability of adult videos in standard video stores has opened them up to an audience that was afraid to look for adult entertainment fare prior to this point. Availability of those videos at the same store as Hollywood blockbuster movies makes them much easier to rent.

The internet has further opened up the availability of adult fare. One of the questions Iíve had is how successful ZFX is as a company compared to other bondage companies. The limited availability of ZFX videos in stores is as much a limitation of their access to distribution channels as anything else. The net bypasses the traditional distribution process. In a video store, a person can only rent the videos that the middleman distributor delivers to the store. If a video producer cannot enter into an arrangement with a distributor, heís locked out of the majority of those markets. Based on comments here, it seems as if nearly every ZFX video purchase was made through a net store and not a traditional video store. Who knows if ZFX would still be in business if it wasnít for these new markets?

The net has even removed the stigma of renting an adult tape at a regular mom-and-pop video store. Now, people can look at porn in their own homes without any possibility of somebody seeing what theyíre up to. That anonymity has made it much easier to find and view porn. Some of the most profitable ventures on the net are adultv entertainment. The profits at adult sites dwarf those of major e-commerce businesses such as Itís made niche companies that cater to bondage more profitable than ever. You can find out more about the porn industryís bid to get on Wall Street at the US News & World Report site at

I wonder if the success of porn distribution over the net has reached the point where censorship is becoming political suicide. Iíve been surprised that itís not a political issue right now, but both parties have been very quiet about the matter. With more and more people using the net to access porn, cutting off that access will be very difficult and will carry a penalty that might make the staunchest conservative think twice about it.

Thatís a quick summary of some of my thoughts. Hopefully, the links will prove useful in your research. Sorry if I wasnít very trusting up front. I havenít had any personal experience with news reporters. One project I worked on came to media attention and I was astounded at how inaccurate the reporting was, at how many reporters came in with a personal agenda and only sought information to satisfy that agenda to the exclusion of anything that contradicted their preconceived viewpoint, and how little effort was made to confirm facts. Iím talking about news giants, not small local stuff. It was a frightening eye opener to see stories on something that I had inside information about that were outright wrong. It colored my view of what gets reported to the extent that I sometimes wonder if Iím ever reading or seeing anything that remotely matches reality. Good luck on the story. It appears that youíre going for more than the typical sensationalist approach.

Wednesday August 16th 2000 12:14:46

Name: Fred Topel

Comments: I understand everyone's skepticism. I didn't expect anything else. I am always skeptical about the media myself. Especially since I work with other people, I see how agendas work and it disgusts me. But, I'm just a guy sitting at a computer. I can't convey my sincerity in a few posts. I just hope that if I participate in the board for a little while, some may grow to trust my intentions.

I also know that this is not the forum for producers and stars. Since I saw some industry people and Rick himself post sometimes, I was hoping that a message might get to them. I have contacted Rick by e-mail and he requested a written request, but did not provide a fax number, and I could not reach him afterwards. I'm sure he was busy making a movie and probably doesn't need publicity from me.

I would like the opportunity to offer the actresses some positive exposure. It's wonderful to talk to the women who make this their living, but it would be even more profound to talk to some girls who only do it occassionally, for money. How does the situation affect them mentally? What do they think of the fans who enjoy these fantasies? What sort of carreer do they intend to have? Again, it will be up to Rick if he chooses to even extend my contact information to his ladies.

One thing I do hope the fans can help me with is where to rent titles. I simply cannot afford to buy the videos and my situation does not allow me to charge such expenses to the website. There are so many porno rental shops in L.A., somebody must know one that carries ZFX.

RR: Thank you for the long analysis. I am familiar with most of the history through articles on sites like Lorelei's and Ashley Renee's. I actually had the fortune of interviewing Ashley and she had wonderful insight. She also said she knew Rick and was interested in what he was doing these days. Funny you mention Femme Fatales. I actually pitched this story idea to them and they declined...

Okay, bed time for me. Thanks for listening, guys. I can answer any questions about my work too, but I'm not trying to be the focus of this forum. Any more tips would be helpful and any contact information especially useful. Has Rick said where he finds the actresses he uses? Are they just women he meets or is there a talent agency that recruits for this work? Fred

Thursday August 17th 2000 01:32:42

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Re Fred Topel and whether this here's the Real Fred -- I met him some months ago. He came to my studio for a chat, and he asked questions that had insight and, to me, indicated the direction his mind is going with this project. I was satisfied with the philosophies revealed by his line of inquiry. He then viewed some of my bondage vids to get an overview. So I hope everybody's satisfied that this is the real Fred.

Re RR's short history-of-force, regarding the change of video content in the '80s: Don't forget there's a persistent rumor that just before Barbara Behr sold HOM and retired, someone had approached her about her company's content and "encouraged" her to retire. If that rumor is true (versions of it, in fact, were spread by Barbara herself), then it's possible Los Angeles law enforcement or a political rep went around and got some companies to clean themselves up a little. Remember, the Valley out here is THE center of porn production for the U.S., and if any changes were made in the 80s, those changes would've started right here and spread eastward.

Fred, as a man-about-town be sure you continue to refer to people only by their industry names when doing correspondence or dialogues... don't say/use real names of anybody unless the person you're talking to says that name first. RR's cross-industry name-referencing here is the kind of thing that is regarded as rude within adult industry circles.

Thursday August 17th 2000 12:30:20

Name: RR

Comments: Re: Lorelei: Cross-referencing names & disappearing bondage

I didn't use any real names, only the stage names used in the performances of the actresses in movies and videos. All that information is in the databases that I referenced. For some odd reason, some of them used different names in their fetish videos (Tori/Fawna, Rachel/June, Pia/Kim) when they worked for different companies. I wasn't using any unique inside information. Had a real name been given to me in confidence, it would have stayed that way. All the bondage models that became actresses, with the exception of Michelle (who I seem to recall reading has retired from acting), continue to do bondage work and should be fairly familiar to the audience here. Providing their mainstream acting names (which is probably not their real name) might give somebody here a reason to go out and buy or rent some of the B-movies they did. If enough people did that, maybe somebody in the film industry might take notice and hire the actresses more often. I'm still amazed that Julia Parton hasn't done more mainstream work. She's gorgeous, has a great figure, and decent acting abilities.

Regarding the reason that Barbara Behr retired, the only information I have is what Bill Majors provided me when I forwarded him a copy of a John Blakemore bio I did. The story that he provided, as her neighbor, was that Barbara decided to retire and was selling HOM. When the deal didn't go through as fast as she wanted, she started California Star and shortly sold that company and retired for good from the bondage industry. As to which story is right, I don't know. I lean towards Bill's story. If I were in the porn industry and got a visit from the authorities that scared me enough to seriously think about retirement, I don't think I'd close up one shop and immediately start another selling the same kind of material in video format. Again, I don't really know the answer. It's always possible that Barbara was considering retiring around that time and increased censorship might have provided a greater incentive.

A question I've had is whether John Blakemore, who accounted for providing the photographs for over half of HOM's magazine output, had decided to get out of bondage in that timeframe. His output stopped shortly after Barbara left (what continued being published was likely a photo backlog). Bill Majors stated that Blakemore became a reborn Christian and left his bondage photography past behind. If Blakemore had decided to retire before Barbara did, that would have cut a good portion of her magazine output and would have provided another reason to retire. Of course, the other side of the chicken-or-the-egg argument is that Blakemore might have decided to retire if his primary publisher did. He could have looked elsewhere for work, but his aggressive sexual style of bondage could have been out of favor everyplace.

As far as the mainstream porn industry cutting back on rape scenes, I've seen enough interviews with the more successful directors to know they're pitching their videos to couples. Cutting back on force scenes could have become a self-censoring move that was more related to a changing audience. The bondage covers on detective mags disappeared in the same timeframe, though there was still the occasional cover cropping up in the 80s and 90s. Those mags were published in New York, so wouldn't have been hit in the same fashion as the LA companies. The bondage covers they depicted were modest and included no nudity, so I doubt that censors would have targeted them while there was still more explicit places to hit.

We can either believe that the government swept down across the country to stamp out porn in a massive coordinated effort in the late 70s/early 80s (highly unlikely given the inefficiencies in the system) or societal tastes changed enough that companies shifted to account for that change or disappeared. One can look at the dearth of horror movies in the 90s prior to the "Scream" series and wonder if there was a conspiracy to suppress them or question if it was more a problem of finding an audience.

It's funny that Femme Fatale won't publish an article on porn starlets. The mag is just a shade away from being porn (with all the nice semi-nude photos inside) and some of the movies it covers have budgets that are barely larger than what ZFX spends.

Thursday August 17th 2000 07:17:46

Name: NYCdom28

Comments: Hello again

Nice to see people address the "blood" issue. These are Rick's movies of course and if he has a creative vision, he should by all means pruse it. I think, judgeing from the posts here, that blood is not to popular though. Damien said it right. I want to see the girls whipped, raped, slapped around. But, I don't want to see blood, black and blue marks or nasty welts. This is fantasy and I can fill in the blanks for myself. When Travis rapes Holly in NightProwler II you know he is wearing his pants. Yet, the acting of Holly is good enough in the scene to make me believe she is being raped. Travis made that scene good too. Adding real penatration may make it more realistic, just as adding the blood does, but it also takes away from the fantasy aspect.

I still feel, for me anyway, that Rick's best videos were done before he started using Lisa Kincaid so much. That is not a knock on her, I am trying to date the time period with that statement. The bind we are all in is that ZFX is the only producer I know that make videos that depict rape, bondage and other bad stuff.,,,, and the rest all have some good elements, but none do it like ZFX. I always wanted to see ZFX make more videos that have plots similar to roleplaying. How bout student teacher? Evil college professor taking advantage of his students. Or a kidnapper. Or a white slaver. Or a blackmailer. I liked the idea of the NightProwler and Forced Entry, nothing like a simple break in. I liked the hypnosis angle in Jennifer's Nightmares. The evil Dr. in the Guniea Pigs series was great too. That's the thing to me. There are so many good ZFX videos, but they are the older ones. And with each passing year, there are less and less good ones that come down the pipe.

Also the women have not been that attractive lately either. Thats a big part of the video of course. I can't in good conscience lay out 40 bucks for "In Their Nature" to watch Bridget. Sorry, but Allison Parish and Victoria Vixen were babes. Even if their first videos had little rape in them, I much rather watch them then some of these new girls. Well there is not much point to my rant here. I guess I would like to see Rick or somebody make the videos that ZFX was pumping out in the mid 1990s. Any word on new releases yet?

A fan from the beginning,

Thursday August 17th 2000 10:44:18

Name: BBFan

Comments: Re: HOM Fred, you have genuinely piqued my interest, as you seem to be addressing issues I have wondered about since I was a kid. You see, I started collecting HOM mags around 1986 (I was a 16-year-old lucky enough to have an older brother), and I got a taste of the final years of Behr/Blakemore style bondage. One thing you may not know is that LDL/HOM reprinted some older material in their "Domina Press" mags of 1993, under "Ultracolor Publications", but it was the same company. I don't know what that says about the change in style being a result of some law or enforcement change, since one argument would be that they wouldn't reprint that stricter stuff for fear of prosicution, and another would br that they sent out a feeler under another company name to test the waters. A theory that was given to me by Red Daly (a true bondage mag collector and purveyor) was that the companies got frightened by the legal tone of the day and quit producing the harder bondage not from some regulatory pressure, but rather fear of litigation. They didn't want some rapist or murderer blaming their products for his actions (you will also notice that current HOM/LDL stuff is strictly girl/girl). Do you have any further insight into this?

About ZFX, the reason that I became a fan of ZFX is that, in 1992, I saw their videos in an adult store, and they were the only videos to show women in the kind of sexual torment that you saw in the old HOM and Star mags (especially breast bondage, which seemed to come to an abrupt halt in the mid-80s). He also seems to be most concerned with fans' opinions as reflected by his participation in this forum. While other companies stick strctly with "safe" stuff, Rick has consistently tested the boundries. Like the simulated penetration. We all call it simulated, but from some of the videos I've seen, I am convinced that some of it is real (Bravo to Rick's editing skills if I'm wrong). Other companies just don't seem to care what consumers want. I heard in another forum that the folks at LDL are especially unreceptive to outside ideas.

Friday August 18th 2000 08:56:32

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Re -- "Cutting back on force scenes could have become a self-censoring move that was more related to a changing audience."

That doesn't make sense to me. Most of us are in the biz to shoot what we like. For instance Mr. T has been happy lately to be photographing bondage with penetration. He's not going to stop if a future "changing audience" suggested it -- like almost all photographers, he's shooting what he likes and letting the audience match itself to him. (If we were going to go into porn just for the money, and not to shoot what we like, then we'd go into regular porn, not fetish. There isn't enough money in fetish to stick with it, if you're not enjoying yourself.) No, the only reason I can see that Mr. T (or any other fetish auteur) would stop shooting what they like to shoot, is if a lawyer seriously recommended it, or the police paid a visit, or if AVN ran up a warning flag, etc. And I don't think things were that different in the '80s...

Friday August 18th 2000 10:12:06

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Re cross-referencing names -

RR, I'm correct in saying that this is frowned upon in L.A. You have a name you use at work and a different name you use online here, and you consider them to be separate parts of your life, and you would be pretty pissed if I made posts connecting the two -- either in this forum or in a forum about your daily work. The same goes with the models and photographers, and their multiple names. Mainstream acting work is considered a completely different world than adult modeling. Here in Tinseltown the only time it's appropriate to cross-reference names is if THE MODEL HERSELF has indicated it's okay in an interview or article. I don't want Fred to be misled by your post (which yes, would anger some of the models you listed if they saw it) because if he did that without asking the models first, he could accidentally ruffle some feathers out here... and that would make it harder for him to do research on the industry.

Friday August 18th 2000 10:18:22

Name:Mad Dog

Comments: My turn to put in my two cents worth.

Loreli- I am sorry but I think that you are way off base by insuating that RR did something wrong or inappropriate to your hollywood standards, by listing some names in his earlier post. I went back and re-read it and I think that you should probally do the same. RR did not post anything that wasnt public knowledge. I mean come on, the people he mentioned have their name in their websites. So obviously it isnt anything private. I dont think that he was telling Fred that these guys would awnser all there questions and he should call them at home immediatelly. He was just trying to steer good old fred in a direction that he thought might be helpful. Which is roughly what fred wanted.

I know what it is like to have your lifes very seperate. Do you think my name is MAD Dog in real life? Of course not. Not I am a fairly open guy but you will never find me given out my real name over the web. But I am not going to get offended if my stage name happens to get posted in another newsgroup or if it is passed along to someone else that wants to ask me questions. After all I do, have the right to ignore them, if I so choose. But to put yourself in a position where you are making a product aimed at the general public or surfing the web you have to expect it that your name will come up more than if you just kept to yourself. For example, if I was to meet a woman who was interested in the kind of product that you produce, you would want me to pass on your name to her. Not your real name, but your stage name and your website.

As far as the adult industry being different than mainstreem hollywood is also off base. About the only thing different is that the adult industry is not afraid of their sexuality. Otherwise they are the same. bottom line is that if you cant handle the publicity dont put yourself in that position.

Peace All
Mad Dog
Friday August 18th 2000 01:20:14

Name: RR

Comments: Re: Loreleiís post on Cross-referencing names and force censorship Thanks for coming to my defense, Mad Dog, but Iíll have to defer to Loreleiís knowledge in this matter. All I can say is that I wasnít trying to do anything wrong. Thereís a difference between handing out the private name on somebodyís driverís license versus the stage names that an actress uses. I was only providing the latter. I think the issue is more for Fred than anything because his article will appear in a mainstream publication.

The reason I brought up the names is that one of Fredís original questions was whether or not bondage models have any aspirations to be mainstream actresses. A few have done some mainstream work, though none have broken out. I thought it would be interesting information for the article if he wanted to follow up the few whoíve branched into regular films. Itís less of an issue here because we donít see anything wrong with a bondage model getting regular film work and would actually be proud to see somebody that we kind of consider as one of our own doing well. Itís a shame that there remains a stigma attached to doing porn work that keeps these actresses from doing more mainstream work.

Lorelei and I have hit a point on arguing over why rape scenes disappeared from adult films in the early 80s where neither of us has the time or resources to get the definitive answer. I can better argue about the example she used. ďMost of us are in the biz to shoot what we like.Ē In the case of her example of Mr. T, she's right. Mr. T works for Mr. T and his product is a website that he sells directly to the public. Mr. T can do whatever he wants to because he only has to answer to himself.

Iíd like to use a better of example of somebody working in the bondage industry that has shot both photos and videos that werenít exactly what this person wanted and, even today, runs a personal website that doesnít always represent everything that this person would like to do. The person Iím talking about is Lorelei, herself. Sheís been working in the bondage industry for a decade and, for most of that time, has been doing work under the standards of other companies, not her own. She has a very successful website at and what I believe is, in some ways, an even more personal one at

At BB, the models are always gagged and at FF, theyíre never gagged. She has explained that, at BB, sheís forced by financial considerations to use gags on that site and that she doesnít want gags at FF. She explains in her Formative Forces article ( that sheís had force fantasies since she was a teenager, but itís only been since the beginning of the year that sheís actually been able to express those fantasies publicly in her professional work (even though sheís been working for herself the last couple years). Her work has appeared in over a hundred magazines and nearly a hundred videos that she personally directed and there isnít a single force/rape scene in any of those magazines and videos because it was against the standards of the companies that she produced the work for. Iíll have to let Lorelei speak for herself, but she clearly is shooting more commercial material for her BB site, catering to the audience that she had when she was working at Harmony and Close-up, than she is for FF. The stuff sheís doing at FF is much more exciting and I suspect is a far greater representation of her tastes than her BB material is.

Conditions were very different in the 80s because the internet didnít really become common in households for another decade. The net has done more to bring porn into the home than any other force. Loreleiís Open Mind Media company has been around for many years, but it wasnít a serious moneymaker until she opened up BB. She sold some photosets through that company, but certainly not enough to quit her day job. If she thought she could commercially sell her force fantasies before this year, I'm sure that she would have. There were very few outlets for selling those fantasies prior to the net. ZFX would have been one of the few places, but the tone between what Rick is doing and what Lorlei is doing are different enough that it's a match that wouldn't happen, particularly since Lorelei is more into photography than film/video.

So, Lori, do I win this round :)

Friday August 18th 2000 10:03:52

Name: BBFan

Comments: Re: RR and Lorelei Please, let's not get off-track. I am convinced that Fred really wants to get into the minds of bondage enthusiasts (OK I'm not a speller), and I think it would do much for the industry for us to drive the discussion toward answering his questions.

Fred, if you want to dropme a line, I would be more than willing to give you my particular spin on the appeal of bondage.

Friday August 18th 2000 10:45:49

Name: RR

Comments: Re: BBFan: Actually, if you read Fred's messages again, he's really trying to reach people involved in the making of ZFX films. There's only two people who visit this forum that can do that, Mad Dog and Rick Masters. It sounds as if the focus of the article is on the women of bondage, which is why Fred approached the magazine, Femme Fatale, at one point. As many good points as you bring to this forum, we're not the people that he's interested in talking to--at least for this particular article. If I was trying to drive any point home with my admittedly overly long history, it's that bondage fantasies aren't that uncommon. Any time that you have advertisers appealing to a specific segment of the audience, you've got a significant sized population being targeted. That's interesting because we tend to see ourselves as a small underground group with unconventional fantasies. Yet, there's a much larger audience out there. I can't help but wonder what the long term impact will be as that audience taps into those fantasies over the net. As is, forums like this are helping us talk about subjects that we had nobody to talk to 20 years ago when HOM was the best thing out there.

If Mad Dog has time for a longer post, one question I've always had is how rough is filming a ZFX video on the actresses? It looks rough, but looks are deceiving. They're getting hit with the middle of the whip and not the painful tip when it's being snapped. Punches have always looked fake because there's no easy way to do a convincing one without a lot of practice. The bondage isn't overly tight looking compared to what can be seen elsewhere. The suspension scenes are probably the roughest to film.

Saturday August 19th 2000 01:01:53

Name: Fred
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Comments: RR: Actually, my question was: Do ZFX models have aspirations to do other kinds of acting work? Not that I'm not interested in all bondage models, but most have been forthecoming with their interests, at least as far as my limited investigation has led. I'm trying to find out about ZFX girls, particularly current "it" girl Lisa Kinkaid. Especially if she does not enjoy the fantasies herself, what is in this for her? Maybe it's just the money, but as Lorelei said, most girls do not do this work just for money, certianly not as often as Kinkaid has apparently appears.

As for the history, my education has only been in recent bondage productions, so I can't speak to any decline in frequency. I always thought it was a sex thing and was surprised to find so little sex presented in these stories, until I saw a ZFX video that is. Rape itself has seemed to become a more frequent issue in TV and movies, although even "Hollow Man" (a weak movie all around) avoids any hint of sexuality. For artists to openly address rape in an erotic way is groundbreaking.

Lorelei: Thank you for your kind comments about my professional manner. You were a wonderful interview subject yourself. I'm only sorry that it's months later and I haven't been able to publish this yet. You and all the girls deserve the publicity.

To all: You are correct, I am most interest in reaching the producers and models, which is difficult when people are naturally (and rightfully) skeptical of mainstream media. I could include some insights from fans, and I will contact BBFan off this forum to see if there's something worth pursuing there. But, I am an entertainment writer and the stars and filmmakers would be the main focus. I also need to see more of the videos to understand more of what goes on. The website describes some wild and unique scenes. I'm still waiting for some suggestions on where to rent in L.A. or online. I understand Rick Masters makes his money by selling tapes, but I am not writing for a wealthy enough outlet to buy. Plus, imagine if I had company over and they saw a stack of bondage videos. Do you think they'd believe it's research? :)

In the end it is Masters who will decide if he wants to participate or allow his models to. If he can e-mail me a fax number I'm sure I can write him a proposal that will convince him of my sincere interest. If he is still not interested, I only hope he will offer his models the opportunity for publicity, as they are the ones most misunderstood in Hollywood. Thanks to all for the discussion and interest.

Saturday August 19th 2000 04:54:02

Name: AvF

Comments: Just my two cents on the blood issue: When I was a kid I had access by sneeking a peek every now and then in a magazine called "Seize". Great magazine!, lots of pictures and photo stories...and fairy sizable in content also if I remember correct. There were lots of bondage, abduction, rape and revenge photo stories. Some stories had pictures of 30 women all naked and tied up awaiting their fate. There were also stories centering on women torture/revenge themes, some of which had the loser of a rival being tied, stripped, and as torture, getting her tits bloodied w/a pair of pliers. I remember thinking this is kinda gross but still somehow...erotic. Maybe it was just a reaction to seeing something so taboo while being as young as I was...really don't know.

I do agree with most of the sentiment being posted on the forum that I don't care to see the actresses faces being messed up. The whole fantasie is about pretty women, bondage, abduction, rape, etc. I don't find a bloodied puffed up face appealing If I did then I could just as readily get off by watching boxing (I like boxing but not for sexual admiration or fantasy). What I DO think is sometimes erotic, is when the actresses faces become makeup smeared because of their tears. But then again this would depend on the actress. It would have to be someone who could portray a sence of innocence....someone like Barbara Bayer maybe. But tears comming from a hard or tough, or even a too hot looking actress would not work.

Getting back to the magazine mentioned above. When I became old enough I tried to find it but was not able to. Is anyone familiar w/the mag mentioned and if so can anyone point me in the right direction to be able to find any archives? I'd really love to get my hands on a copy or two....or all that were printed.
Thanks, and Later

Sunday August 20th 2000 02:00:52

Name: RR

Comments: Re: Fred's article

I'm finding my skepticism creeping back in as the focus seems to be mostly on ZFX and ZFX actresses rather than a broader overview of the subject. The general public is barely aware of bondage videos, making it odd to focus on ZFX's small share of the marketplace. The focus on Lisa Kinkaid's lack of interest in the fantasies she stars in almost seems like a desire to look for a more sensationalist story than you've gotten by talking to people like Lorelei and Ashley Rene, who enjoy what they're doing.

ZFX isn't alone in presenting the sexual side of bondage. InSex ( has a similar if not more unusual viewpoint, but doesn't seem to have tried to crack the mainstream video distribution channels as ZFX has done with limited success (and limited distribution). The Japanese have a sizeable bondage video industry. Finding Japanese videos in video stores is about as difficult as finding ZFX. Should you ever find a better LA source for renting ZFX (can't help you there, I'm on the wrong coast), you'll likely also find Japanese videos. Most of the Japanese videos that I've seen in stores are repackaged as a Japanese S&M Special Selection series. They seem to be culled from a variety of sources because the quality and approach of the videos varies drastically from tape to tape, but some of the best material I've seen has come from such tapes.

As far as examining sexuality and bondage, the people who mix the two are in a minority as far as I can tell. Lorelei would be one of the best people to talk to regarding this matter because she maintains a number of websites, but her BedroomBondage is her primary source of income and remains a very mainstream bondage site. Her ForceFantasies site is a lot more interesting to me, but doesn't, as far as I know, have a large cross-over from her BB site. This is in spite of the fact that Lorelei is the primary photographer of both sites and that FF is a better deal in terms of quantities of photographs (500 for $15 at FF vs. roughly 100 for $10/month at BB). That means that the same viewpoint and quality photography are being applied to both sites. The difference is the subject matter. The more sexual approach at FF turns off a number of members that are more comfortable with her BB site's emphasis on prettily posed pictures.

Since Lorelei is aware of all this, I thought it was funny when she posted the question of why anybody would do something in the industry that wasn't what they wanted to do. The answer is that commercial reasons will temper what's done. If adding sex to bondage meant an increase in sales, there would be more companies taking that approach. Those companies may have taken a wait and see approach when ZFX first ventured into the marketplace. Yet, ZFX has been in business for nearly a decade and there are still very few companies trying to compete with their approach to videos. If that's where the money was, that's where the competition would be.

Now AvF and BBFan both have me curious about some magazines that I haven't seen, Seize and Star mags. I'd thought that I'd seen about all that was out there. I know that Eros published a few mags, like Tormented, that detailed abductions and forced sex, but I never saw much of their stuff (the issues were oddly numbered Vol 4/4 as if there were many more out there, but I suspect that they were intentionally numbered high and that the numbers weren't indicative of a long history).

Sunday August 20th 2000 03:48:36

Name: Snow

Comments: I recently have come across ZFX videos and have found them immensely enjoyable for the most part. The first video I bought was Underland 2: Cruel Dominion, it showed Kimberly Nobel on the front, chained up at all four ends with a ball gag in mouth looking like she was in total agony -- talk about fucking horny. She has a nice taut body, nice tits, and is great at pained facial expressions and tearful moans of agony. She is whipped in the video and it easy to imagine the whips are real not fake. Kelly Mckay is also whipped in that video as well as electro shocked. There were other scenes in the video but none caught my interest.

Since then I have purchased Guilty 2: Totemic (where Penelope Pace gets whipped and electro shocked in a most satisfying way - she is such a big titted slut), South of Border 3 (where Kelly, Kimberly, and Christina Anderson get manhandled quite sufficiently - but unfortunately this video had too much talking in it - I have found in a short time that Rick Masters himself is by far the best at degrading the actresses with words alone - the other actors are better when they keep their mouths shut! I have purchased all five of the new releases except Viral Load which I should be getting in the mail shortly. Too soon to comment on the new releases. Maybe with my next message. Later.

Tuesday August 22nd 2000 03:35:09

Name: zee-ef-ex

Comments: Re: "vanilla" bondage or love bondage vids versus ZFX, some of us, like me, enjoy both types. If the actress is attractive it can be quite a thrill to watch while the camera pans slowly over her lovely bound form, her muscles taut against her bonds, her lips stretched and drooling from the ball gag. For those of us who like slow, menacing scenes, rather than the hurry-hurry-hurry pace of so many flix, the "vanilla" vids can be quite intriguing. But so can the creative touches, the harder bondage, and the simulated penetration of ZFX flix. Now if someone could only combine the two aesthetics, slow cool menace combined with hard, penetrating bondage, now that would be something.
Listening, Rick?
Tuesday August 22nd 2000 09:44:08

Name: Lorelei
Homepage URL:

Comments: Hurrah, my second Force Fantasies album is finally done, including those pics of Darla Crane being manhandled. Oh, and Ashley Renee being felt up too, of course. This link is to the freebie pics.
Tuesday August 22nd 2000 11:41:24

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Re RR's "I get the feeling that women are much more comfortable mixing bondage and sex than men. You don't seem to be having too much trouble finding models for FF"... Exactly.

Gals are beating down my door to do the Force shoots. For months now I've been trying to cut back on shoots but the models keep calling and asking me to schedule them for the Force work. (They hear about it through Harmony, FM, other models, and from shoots done by other photogs at my studio.) And when they do the Force sets, the gals always seem more interested and more excited than the boyfriends.

You're also right that proportionally speaking, I'm getting more female members at the Force site than at Bedroom Bondage.

Tuesday August 22nd 2000 11:51:38

Name: RR

Comments: Re: Sex & Bondage Thoughts

AvF: I know that it's hard to believe that there are guys that don't like sex mixed in with their bondage, but that's the case. Look at the messages in Lorelei's guestbook at bin/guestbook/guestbook.html.
Sex is barely mentioned. Most of the people there are more embroiled in fetish fantasies and their primary interest is in what the model is wearing over the bondage that she's in. Some are turned off by nudity, let alone sex. It makes a certain amount of sense to me that women are more into the sexual side of the fantasy than men. With men, bondage can be part of so many other fantasies that have little to do with sex. It can be a part of a fetish. It can be about control. In the case of most ZFX videos, it's usually about torture. Sex may be part of the torture, but the enjoyment by the villain is more in the suffering and humiliation caused by the act than by the actual sex. For women, there has to be a payoff to fantasizing about being placed in a position of subjugation by men. That payoff would be the sexual experience.

Wednesday August 23rd 2000 08:58:25

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Found ZFX's Shockwave Video site for the first time, on Monday night. Had such a great time looking at the 3D art gallery that when my boyfriend showed up for dinner I dragged him straight to the bedroom first. Guess I'll have to get Poser3 and start doing this stuff myself for my own jollies. :)
Thursday August 24th 2000 02:17:46

Name: AvF

Comments: RR, I get what you're saying and I know you are not speaking for yourself, and I guess that's what makes us all different, but to me, it's like whats the point. If sex is not the reason, the bonds just become items of apperal. And although I find many womens (while their wearing them of course) outfits appealing I certainly don't find myself getting off by any of them. Anyway, thanks for the info. I guess my conclusions as to the reasons are not as clearcut as thought.
Thursday August 24th 2000 07:51:22

Name: RR

Comments: Re: Lorelei: Actually, Poser 4 is already out. It's a lot more powerful and expressive than versions 1 and 2. However, it's still a bear to use. There's no collision detection. That means you can accidentally bend a models arm into it's body and may not even know it till you turn it around and look at it from another side. Getting two models to interact together is even more difficult because they're like two ghosts that can meld into each other's bodies. When you get good at it, as Rick has, the results can be very nice. A company, Zygote, makes some of the most realistic figures and sells them separately.
Thursday August 24th 2000 08:29:23

Name: Sardu

Comments: I have Poser 4: great product for the price though the learning curve can be rather steep. The Zygote models are nice. Over the past 2 years I have heard of a competing program called Animation Master from acompany called Hash, Inc. (not a drug reference, sorry all). They had a booth at Macworld Expo in July (there are Windows and Mac versions though). The animations and stills looked pretty cool. Don't know if it has Collision Detection though. Another Poser issue to be aware of is that the developer, Metacreations,sold off all of it's graphics products like Poser, Bryce, Painter, etc, early this year, to a bunch of different companies. Can't recall where Poser wound up though there was talk that the original guy who invented it got hold of the product. Could be a good thing. Anyway, might be a good long while before we see an upgrade.

In the meantime it's kind of cool to have these tools to make the kind of movies ZFX and other companies could/should be making in terms of pushing the envelope.Obviously everyone has their own particular specific fixations... C'est la vie.

Friday August 25th 2000 09:12:11

Name: Fred Topel

Comments: Please explain what a Poser is. It sounds like some sort of computer program. Is that what ZFX uses for its animated effects?
Friday August 25th 2000 11:50:08

Name: Per

Comments: Poser is a software for creating animated characters. The product has recently been taken over by Curious Labs, so you can find more information on Some animations in ZFX tapes might have been created with Poser, like the demon raping Christina Anderson in "666". I'm sure Rick can enlighten us on that. What is obvious, however, is that the animations on the ZFX home page ( are done with Poser.
Saturday August 26th 2000 02:34:16

Name: Baronorca

Comments: As ro the scarcity of ZFZ videos in Adult Video stores, that seems to be the fault of the distributors. Most of them won't carry ZFX for fear of the law (they never say what law). Would be nice if Rick would let the world know what distributors carry his videos. BTW, I manage an Adult video store (in Montana of all places), we used to carry ZFX, but can't find them now. Also BTW, those who want some hasrsh B&D action should check out some of the Euro videos that B&D Pleasures is releasing.
Saturday August 26th 2000 07:12:39

Name: Sardu

Comments: ZFX availability is spotty throughout the country. In Chicago you can find a number of stores that have all the latest releases for both rental and purchase. In New York City and LA proper you will have to search much harder. Also, in both those towns there is a great deal of ZFX piracy going on. I don't know what the deal is in San Francisco...Then there's the Twin Cities--one can only wait for Mad Dog's guide to Minneapolis' porno underground (whatever's left of it after the PC Nazis swept through there in the last 15 years). The situation over demand and availability reminds me of the old "chicken or the egg--which came first?" debate.Obviously there is a demand for ZFX-type material, but if people don't see the tapes in stores (which is where most people _probably_ come across ZFX for the first time) they can't buy them there, or later, via the 'Net. Countless times I've inquired into ZFX tapes and heard many a vid store owner lament, "yeah, alot of people have asked for those, but I can't get them."

Re: the "harsh" Euro S&M tapes that B&D Pleasures/Bill Majors is distributing. The material isn't significantly less vanilla than his own line. Some of the Nipponese tapes they sell, however, will cross a line or two in comparison. Bill Majors seems like a nice guy in my e-mail conversations with him, but I feel he is playing it way too safe. I don't recall if he got busted during the Meese Commission's Reign of Error (the storied bondage porn busts of the 80s seem more apocryphal with advancing years), but the content of his tapes seem to have, with minor exceptions, stayed in a sort of deep freeze for well over the past decade.There are alot of good looking women in the tapes.Hopefully they'll all move to Orlando and work for Rick instead.

Saturday August 26th 2000 10:30:32

Name: Mad Dog

Comments: As far as the ease of getting ZFX flicks here in MN. We have our fair share of bookstores left. We just had one closed down that was open for roughly twenty years. I cant talk too much for our neighboring city of St. Paul because I never really checked out the shops over there. As far as downtown Mpls goes. We have two of the bigger ones left, Sex World and Lickety Split (Where the videos were shot). Sex world has a few of the ZFX titles but Lickety Split has a lot more and some of the older ones. So for me it is fairly easy to get my hands on a ZFX title. The one thing I dont understand though is why do some video places say that they cant get them. I think it would be pretty easy to hook up with ZFX's retailer and get them. But I do realise that some of the cities out there arent as relaxed as mpls. Or it could be the fact that the guy who owns Lickety just dosent give a damm and gets the material in that is going to sell.

Peace All
Mad Dog

Sunday August 27th 2000 09:30:01

Name: Sardu

Comments: Another problem with finding ZFX and "similar" tapes in the USA is the decentralization of the porno retail scene. For example: 42nd Street in NY is essentially gone. Mayor Giuliani has zoned out _new_ porno shops to industrial fringe areas. There are still a number of places on the fringes of 42nd, but I don't expect to see them there in 10 years. Kinematics, which has probably survived because it is well off the beaten path, is still NY's fetish video "megastore". They rarely stock ZFX anymore for reasons unknown.Porno districts as discreet "entities" seem to be vanishing all over the place besides just NY. I wonder if the surviving places either know about ZFX or are afraid to stock it.
Sunday August 27th 2000 08:52:26

Name: Lorelei

Comments: Okay, I'm ordering Poser 4, the program for "drawing" human-like bodies to put into artwork. I also found a company that sells prefab'd 3D porn-body files (women and men with genitalia). I've located 3D files of Darth Vader and his stormtroopers. I'm still looking for a 3D file of a gorilla. (If I have to I'll settle for some kind of 3D hairy monster.) Of course I'll still have to hand-draw genitals onto the gorilla, and torn clothing onto the women, but I'll live...! Okay, now that you've heard what elements I consider essential for this project, you can see why a lot of the time I'm not particularly interested in what's available on video these days. :)

(P.S. Yes, I do have a gorilla suit, and yes, it will show up in one of the Force Fantasies albums eventually.)

Sunday August 27th 2000 11:05:02

Name: AvF

Comments: Lorelei, Just as long as the suit dosen't have a diving helmet on top of the ape suit to pass it along as some space creature (For those who don't reference to some cheesy 50's sfi/fi low buget flick. The producers did not have enough money for a spaceman suit but one had a gorrilla suit and the other had a diving suit so they combined them so they would have something that they attempted to pass off as some space creature.). Now don't get any ideas Rick ;) Just funnin' wit 'cha.
Monday August 28th 2000 05:11:07

Name: RR

Comments: Re: Lorelei & Poser Don't forget to warn your loved ones to steer clear when you start playing with Poser. It's an incredibly frustrating program to use and the end product often winds up being far short of what you envision. A large part of the problem is simply trying to pose something in three dimensions using a two dimensional computer screen. There are apparently a lot of people trying to use Poser for bondage images because Renderosity's Renderotica site has a few free bondage items to download (chains, ropes, dildos, torture devices) after you register for entry into the site.I cannot remember seeing a gorilla figure anywhere. Zygote has a chimp, but I suspect that it would be easier to turn a male Poser figure into a gorilla than to do the same with the chimp (the male figure is more poseable and more capable of expressions).

Hair is a matter of a texture map (a drawing that wraps around the Poser figure--Digital Babes has the best hair tutorial that I've seen at Poser figures are otherwise smooth polygon models. Poser male figures come with genitalia which can be turned on and off by a menu click, so there's no need to buy one. Female figures don't, but there's morphs available for them. Torn clothes can be achieved with transparency maps that make areas of clothing invisible. Some clothing is poseable because they are also 3D models (hint: add clothing after you finish posing the figure--otherwise the figure pokes out of the clothes when it moves; then conform the clothes to link them to the body).

I'm a beginner when it comes to working with Poser, but I just completed my first Poser drawing and uploaded it to the Photos section of Shade Paine's Yahoo club under Reynolds Pix (link at top, but you have to apply for a free Yahoo account to get in). The file is the last one, Tentacle Horror. Everything else is mostly rough pencil sketches.

Monday August 28th 2000 05:18:26

Name: Sardu

Comments: I chanced upon a recent interview with the fellow who runs Curious Labs, the new home of Poser. Looks like big things are in store for the program. He didn't comment on the availability of pre-fab Kristine Imboch Poser figures from Zygote. We'll just have to wait and see.
Tuesday August 29th 2000 10:00:07

Name: Sardu

Comments: Not sure why the link I supplied did not make it onto my previous post, but anyway: Article is called "The Future of Poser"
Wednesday August 30th 2000 07:50:33

Name: Satan

Comments: Has anyone seen any of these asian rape videos such as the high school girl series? Some of these broads look pretty hot. Hail!
Thursday August 31st 2000 12:50:46

Name: Robert

Comments: In case anybody is interested, I just wanted to mention that I received an email from Paige's website,, saying that they will be putting on a live performance tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 1) at 10 p.m. Pacific time. You can learn what time it will be broadcast in your part of the world by visiting her website. According to the email, the broadcast will feature a kidnap/rape theme and will have sound and streaming (or was that screaming?). I have never been a member of her site, but am thinking of joining to watch the show (and get the images :-)).

I sure have enjoyed some excellent live performances at the Insex site (, although Insex's performances lack a storyline. I see that Insex is also having a live performance this weekend scheduled for Saturday night at midnight New York time. Lorelei (it sure is great to have you as a part of this forum), have you considered putting on similar live performances at your Forcefantasies website? I think that would be terrific!

Thursday August 31st 2000 04:04:48

Name: RR

Comments: When I go to a video store, the first thing I look for is ZFX, then Japanese, then anything else where the box catches my fancy. The only problem with Japanese vids is that the box often doesn't reflect what's inside. Some of my favorite videos are Japanese, but a lot have been terrible. There was one where the model's face was digitally covered and another where there was no bondage, no rape, not really anything that deserved being in their S&M series.
Thursday August 31st 2000 07:35:55

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