Classic GIMP Scene Review: Halloween II (Pamela Susan Shoop)

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Classic GIMP Scene Review: Halloween II (Pamela Susan Shoop)

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Shoop sheds her towel showing her perfect body and gets in a hospital hot tub with guy. Baddie Michael turns up water temp, guy goes to adjust it and is killed by Michael, unknown to Shoop. Shoop thinks Michael is guy until he suddenly grips her by her hair and shoves her head and torso into the now scalding water. He holds her under for a few seconds, then yanks up, screaming, and then violently slams her into the water again. Repeat. Repeat again until she is unresponsive and her face is thoroughly scalded, then dunk her another time or two for good measure. Pull her up for final time, her towel now at her waist, her arm flailing from the rough pull-up, her full breasts on display, then let go of her and let her lifeless and topless form plops on the floor.
Pros: Shoop’s body looks like artist Arcas created her. Totally and scorching hot. She also acts well and portrays the extreme discomfort associated with her demise. Production values of scene are good. Her dunking/scalding/drowning is intense and brutal. Details such as the violent manner of the dunking, the makeup for the scalding, and her body and arm flailing from the force of dunking after she is unconscious all make the scene more exciting.
Cons: Too brief, but typically so for a mainstream movie. Lighting is a little dark. We don’t get to see as much of Shoop in this scene as we’d like (in more ways than one).

More photos and video clip of the dunking scene available at ... shoop.html
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Re: Classic GIMP Scene Review: Halloween II (Pamela Susan Shoop)

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Never seen that scene before; I assumed the Halloween movies were pretty much zeroes as far as true GIMPage. I agree, too short, but still a nice little segment.
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