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10th Kingdom, The (2000)
Ultimately nothing but a tease, but worthwhile because the victim here (Kimberly Williams) is so darn cute. In this tongue-in cheek fantasy TV miniseries, Kimberly plays a waitress who is captured by trolls and secured to a wooden chair. One of them heats up a pair of metal shoes in the fireplace, with the intention of having her wear them in order to dance for them. As the red-hot shoes are removed from the fireplace, the trolls are distracted by a box flying in through the window. She is then unfortunately rescued before any harm can come to her. Very lightweight and jokey, but about what you would expect from a family audience fairy tale. And did I mention how cute Kimberly is? VIDEO LINK


Adult Version of Jekyll & Hide, The (1972)
A naked, curly haired hooker played by Linda York is whipped unconscious (see the Whipping Scenes in Movies DB) by a naked and really ugly guy played by star thespian Jack Buddliner. After tying furry-bushed Linda to a bed, naked Jack asks naked Linda if she wants to make love. Linda says "Let me go... you must be balmy!" – as in "crazy", not "warm". Naked Jack grabs a poker which has been conveniently heating up in the fireplace and shoves the business end about two feet into Linda's lady-parts. Linda dies. Sure, it's a bit of a downer, but I dare you not to laugh while watching this. VIDEO LINK
Affair of the Necklace, The (2001)
Near the end of this historical drama, Jeanne (Hillary Swank) is whipped out on the public square. When she sees the executioner reach for a fiery brand, she panics, breaks free of the rope that's binding her to the post and tries to escape. But others grab her and drag her back to the square, where the executioner forcefully jabs the hot iron into her chest, burning a V (the sign of a thief) onto her skin. The scene is marred by a musical track that deliberately mutes out the screaming and burning sounds and makes it more like a Masterpiece Theatre production. Some nice visuals, however. VIDEO LINK
Águila Roja "Episode 2:3" (2010)
This episode of the Spanish language adventure series features 2 branding scenes. In the first, a number of girls have been captured to be sold as slaves. One is being branded as the scene begins while another already displays the branding mark on her skin. The next girl is selected, and they remove her manacles, bend her over a table and she's noisily branded on her buttock. Later on in the episode, the beautiful Margarita (played by series star Inma Cuesta) is kidnapped and brought to the same location, where she is also branded the same way. There's a nice, albeit brief, shot of the smoking red burn mark on her skin. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2
Alias "Echoes" (2005)
Nadia (played by the beautiful Mia Maestro) is kidnapped and tied to a chair with heavy rope by the villainous Anna. Anna tells Nadia that she's going to give her a gift, as she casually heats up a brand over a gas burner until the brand is glowing red hot and smoking. She pulls back her hair and with a loud sizzle, she jabs the brand into the back of Nadia's neck. Nadia lets out a painful scream as the scene ends. We get a look at her branded skin later on in the show. Although not exceptionally graphic as a torture scene, this one scores high for me based on the attractiveness of the victim. VIDEO LINK
American Crime, An (2007)
This heartbreaking movie tells the true story of Sylvia Likens, who was imprisoned, tortured and eventually killed by Gertrude Baniszewski along with several neighborhood children. Sylvia is played by Juno's Ellen Page. Near the end of the film is a scene where Baniszewski and one of the neighbor boys take a heated needle and carve "I'm a prostitute and proud of it!" onto Sylvia's stomach. Definitely not a fun scene to watch, and thankfully it ends early before all the branding is done. The Likens case was later fictionalized as The Girl Next Door which featured a similar scene. VIDEO LINK
Angelique and the Sultan (1968)
At the conclusion of one of the greatest whipping mainstream scenes in history, Angelique (Michele Mercier) is hanging limply in her bonds after being savagely whipped. Some metal tongs are removed from the fire and it's implied they are used on her, although the only thing we see is Angelique's screaming face as the scene ends. Surprisingly non-explicit after the thrashing she just experienced, and indeed, she's told by the sultan afterward that she wasn't really burned after all. It doesn't take away the impact of the scene that preceded it, though. VIDEO LINK


BeastMaster "Double Edged" (2002)
This adventure TV series features an episode where Bianna (Kristy Wright) is tied to an X-frame and threatened for information by the bad guy. He thrusts a red hot iron in front of her and leers, "Shame to scar such a lovely face." After a bit of menacing, she gives up the information so he puts the iron away, only to torture her by stretching immediately afterward. You'll have to go to the Torture Rack Database to find out what becomes of her. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2
Black Sunday (1960)
This one doesn't make you wait for the good stuff. In the very first minute of this 1960 horror classic, there is a shot of a flaming brazier, followed by the executioner stirring the blaze with a branding iron as two other executioners watch on with their arms folded. The first executioner carries the branding iron over to a clearing in an eerie wood, where a raven-haired woman in a white dress is tied to a stake, facing it with her back exposed. The "Brand of Satan" is pressed into her back - accompanied with a hellish scream and the delightful sizzle of searing flesh. She turns her head to reveal herself to the camera for the first is the unforgettable face of Barbara Steele. I'm thoroughly convinced the reason this film is considered a classic is because of the opening scene. VIDEO LINK
Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69 (2008)
An attempted reboot of the Nazi exploitation films of the mid 1970‘s. What’s not to like? In a word, everything. Somehow the creators of this mess managed to squander a bevy of hot actresses, make extreme violence boring, and otherwise obliterated what could have been a great concept. Amidst the wreckage is a sad hot iron scene which is included here only because it exists. A pair of fat actors who flunked out of the Colonel Schultz Acting Academy interrogate a stacked Russian redhead (Tatyana Kot) by stretching her on a rack. When waving a turkey drumstick in her face fails to get results, a glowing iron swastika is used to “warm her sole”. We see far too much of the idiot Nazis and almost nothing of lovely Tatyana. Truly exasperating stuff. VIDEO LINK
Blood and Black Lace (1964)
In this film from horror master Mario Bava (who also directed Black Sunday), Peggy (Mary Arden) has a struggle with a masked killer over a diary with incriminating information in it. She ends up blindfolded and tied to a chair next to a stove. The killer removes her blindfold and when she insists that she burned the diary, he decides to torture her. He forces her hand onto the red-hot stove until smoke starts to pour off it, then pushes her entire face into it, killing her. The actress confirms that additional footage was filmed of her face being pulled off the stove, ruined and smoking, which was cut from the film because it was too strong for 1960s audiences. VIDEO LINK
Blood Castle (1970)
(aka Altar of Blood, Scream of the Demon Lover, Ivanna) This horror film features 2 short scenes where a naked woman (played by Erna Schurer) is bound to a torture rack and threatened with a hot poker. In the first sequence, the bad man brings it close to her face, but the poker isn't glowing or smoking, and it's also hard to see. However, when he puts it out in what appears to be a container of water, there's a sizzling sound and an inordinate amount of smoke, some of which drifts past her face. The second scene is even more of a tease, just some groping of her naked body followed by some smoke that implies the presence of the hot poker again. Overall not too good, although the nudity helps. VIDEO LINK
Bloody Judge, The (1970)
Margaret Lee plays an innocent woman accused of witchcraft in 17th century England. Eager to have her confess, torture-master Howard Vernon (dressed in what looks like a wet suit and thigh-high boots) has the already bloodied girl stretched on a rack, where further agonies await her. Among them is a well done but too short hot-iron punishment during which a large W is branded into the victim’s considerable cleavage. Margaret suffers convincingly, but her carefully shredded clothing conceals just enough to keep this scene disappointingly tame. VIDEO LINK
Bonanza "Dark Star" (1960)
In this episode from the first season of this classic TV Western, Tirza, a beautiful gypsy girl (Susan Harrison) is accused of being a witch by the rest of her clan. They stake her out spreadeagled on the ground and prepare to brand her with a red hot horseshoe. A glass vial sitting in the fire explodes right before the horseshoe can burn her skin, which distracts the clan members long enough for Little Joe to rescue her. Still a pretty racy episode for 1960. VIDEO LINK
Bunny Game, The (2010)
In this artsy-fartsy piece of garbage, actress Rodleen Getsic is branded twice by her captor, once while tied to a chair and ballgagged, and the other later while chained AOH inside a truck. Like everything else in this movie, the 2 branding scenes have no erotic value whatsoever. There's no smoke, no sizzle, just zip and it's over. Couple that with the fact that it's in black and white, filmed in shadow, the camerawork is so shaky it makes you nauseous, the editing is atrocious and what else? Oh yeah, the victim has her HEAD SHAVED. This one's a complete loser. Supposedly the actress actually got branded in real life in the movie, but who cares? She's still bald.
Burial of the Rats (1995)
This campy horror film based on Bram Stoker’s story has an extremely brief hot iron scene with a couple of women as a few men give Mr. Stoker a tour of the dungeon. One woman is given a hot iron to the shoulder as the scene begins (about 2 seconds, tops), then as the men walk past, we see an executioner branding another woman who is tied to a post. We only see her from behind, however, along with a plume of smoke rising from her body. Nice eye candy, just way too short. VIDEO LINK
Bushwhacker, The (1968)
After shooting down (!) a light plane, the titular character stalks the pilot and his three usually topless, female passengers. The bushwhacker’s first victim is an uncredited, curvaceous brunette who is tied up, marched through the wilderness, whipped and otherwise tortured. Once she is unconscious or dead (it’s unclear which), she is repeatedly branded on the breasts and thigh with the heated blade of her captor’s knife. The next time we see the girl, her mortality is no longer in doubt, though this doesn't stop one of her girlfriends from making love to her corpse. VIDEO LINK


Chain Gang Girls (2007)
In this Japanese women's prison movie, there's a standout scene near the end where Azuza (played by the actress Sawaco) is chained spreadeagled and whipped by a female prison guard. She gets a bucket of water dumped on her and is then approached by a rival female prisoner, whom she had a fight with earlier in the film. The prisoner, sporting an evil grin, produces a blowtorch and a crowbar. Revenge time! She heats up the crowbar until it's red hot, while the guard cuts away Azuza's undershorts. She bends down and positions the heated iron between Azuza's spread legs and slowly shoves it upward toward her pussy. There's a sizzling sound and the camera cuts away to the sound of a blood-curdling scream. The only negative aspect of the scene is that there's no smoke and the action is all implied, but it's quite a memorable scene nonetheless. VIDEO LINK
Cheat, The (1915)
This silent masterpiece by director Cecil B. DeMille holds the record for the earliest known branding scene in film history. A woman (Fannie Ward) accepts a loan from a wealthy Burmese ivory king, played by legendary actor Sessue Hayakawa, in exchange for her virtue. When she tries to back out of the agreement the next day, he subdues her and brands her on the back of the shoulder with the seal with which he marks all of his property. Not an especially erotic scene, but beautifully shot and for historical purposes it is a real find. VIDEO LINK
Chinese Torture Chamber 2 (1998)
This film features an ingenious variation on hot iron torture. A naked woman (already covered in whip marks) is tied with her arms over her head and off to the sides. Her legs are spread and she is forced to straddle an iron kettle device that is heated from a fire down below. The device has a crank on the side that when turned, forces a giant metal phallus up higher and higher before reaching the sensitive area between her legs. There is obvious steam rising from the phallus as it inches closer to her pussy, eventually killing her in a very nasty way. This is one of my favorites. VIDEO LINK
Chosen One: Legend of the Raven, The (1998)
Two words: CRAP-OLA. This low budget cheapie from the folks at Troma (do they make anything else?) features the luscious Carmen Electra as the victim. That's the good news. The bad news is everything else. Carmen is tied standing with her hands in front of her. A brand is taken from the fire and supposedly burned into her back, but it's totally simulated, shot only from the front with no close ups of the brand, no smoke, and Carmen's reaction is more of annoyance than pain. And afterward, we're shown her brand mark, which looks more like a tattoo. Waste of a good babe. VIDEO LINK
City Homicide "Thai Take Away" (2009)
In this Australian TV series, a lady journalist (Peta Brady) is abducted and finds herself stripped down to her bra and panties and tied to a chair in the lair of 2 Asian villains, a woman and a man. They question her to find out the location of some missing documents, then decide to get really rough. The woman heats up an electric brand and demonstrates what it can do on a hog carcass. She hands it off to the man, who delivers a nasty burn onto the side of the reporter's bare midriff. When they still don't get the answer they want, she gets burned a second time before officers arrive to rescue her and spoil all our fun. Overall a very good scene, marred only by cutting away to unrelated other segments of the show, which we edited out here. VIDEO LINK
Code of Hunting (1983)
Near the end of this German home invasion film, there's a particularly nasty scene where a group of baddies break into the home of Adela (Assumpta Serna). After terrorizing the family, one of the bad guys strips Adela and rapes her on the floor. Halfway through, he takes a break and discovers a way to "warm her up". He pours a bottle of wine over her crotch and then sticks a burning log from the fireplace and sets her pussy on fire! You can actually see it ignite for a few seconds. Obviously not a traditional "hot iron" scene but too good to leave out. DOWNLOAD LINK
Criminal Minds "Lauren" (2011)
Emily (Paget Brewster) is captured and finds herself tied to a chair, her hands cuffed behind her. The bad guy comes up behind her and opens up her top to expose her bra. He tells her he's going to give her a gift, a tattoo of a 4-leafed clover to go along with her other 2 tattoos. When she says she doesn't need any more ink, he explains he's going to brand her instead. He applies a soldering iron above her bosom and we hear her scream and see smoke rise, but then the shot cuts away. When we see her again, he's buttoning her top back off, so we never even get to see the burned tattoo on her skin. As usual, this show gives us a promising buildup and very little payoff, although Paget makes a very sexy victim. VIDEO LINK
Criminal Minds "In the Blood" (2013)
An attractive blonde mother (Sarah Jane Morris) and her young daughter are captured by a modern-day witch hunter and seated on a dirt floor with their wrists tied in front of them. The man takes a branding poker out of the fireplace and orders her to confess to witchcraft, thrusting the glowing poker toward her face. But she quickly makes up a false confession and stops him before he can burn her. A trip to the stake awaits her afterward, but that, too, get thwarted. Ultimately just a big tease.
Cry of the Banshee (1969)
A number of 16th century beauties receive the GIMP treatment in this film, but comely kitchen-maid Margaret Donald (Pamela Fairbrother) seems to get the worst of it. In the very first scene, she is found guilty of heresy (by Vincent Price no less) and has an H burned between her tits. Though Pamela and her female co-stars are not shy about flashing their talents throughout the rest of the film, the nudity one might expect during this otherwise well done hot-iron scene is sadly MIA. VIDEO LINK
Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer (2010)
In this horror film supposedly based on a true story, the unfortunate Vicky (Anne Leighton) is grabbed by the aforementioned serial killer Cyrus and strapped down to a workbench in his barn. He lights up a fire and heats up a branding iron til it's glowing red, then lays the brand across the side of her face. But that's not all that happens to her, as he next cuts off her tongue before disposing of her with an axe. Hey, this is what serial killers do. Leighton is quite an attractive victim but the scene's a bit too dimly lit. VIDEO LINK


Day of Wrath (2006)
This Christopher Lambert action film is set in the 16th century Inquisition period. There's one scene where a woman (Dorka Gryllus) is tied to a rack, where she's tortured with a red hot poker in a very realistic-looking burning sequence. The Inquisitor is about to apply the poker to her face when's he's interrupted by Lambert. He stops the burning but can't stop the Inquisitor as he signals for the racking to continue and she's quickly killed. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of build-up and the scene is over much too quickly, but what's there is very nice. VIDEO LINK
Deep in the Woods (2010)
How strange is this one...a consensual hot iron scene! This French film set in the 19th century is about a mysterious drifter (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart) who hypnotizes a beautiful young woman named Josephine in order to take advantage of her. She is played by the frequently nude Isild Le Besco. During one scene, he takes her out amongst a huge gathering of people, and, still under his spell, she steps out of the crowd as he approaches with a glowing poker from the fire. She unbuttons her top to expose her shoulder and willingly allows him to burn her there. Impressive burning effects, but it's not a real "fun" scene as she makes no reaction and feels no pain. That is, not until the next day, after he's already had sex with her out on the woods. An odd scene but worth checking out. VIDEO LINK
Demons, The (1973)
Director Jess Franco has a penchant for tying naked women to St. Andrew’s crosses, and he does so again in this inquisition film by stretching luscious Anne Libert on an X frame. While a chubby aristocrat tries unsuccessfully to get her to admit to witchcraft, a crimson-hooded goon pulls a variety of metal tools from a flaming brazier and applies them to various parts of Anne's anatomy. A giant pair of heated tongs are clamped around her leg. What looks like an iron hedge trimmer is used to slice at her nipples. And finally a searing spiked ball is rolled all over her body. In several translations of this film the dubbing is terrible (in some it sounds like Anne is getting off on her torture), and the victim sports a distractingly unkempt bush, but it's a worthwhile scene nonetheless. VIDEO LINK
Desert Warrior (1957)
This rare Italian film starring Ricardo Montalban features a very good rack scene with Franca Bettoia tortured by her interrogator, which culminates when he orders his henchman to burn her with a hot iron. It's simulated as the camera moves closer on her face as smoke rises from below, and she looks to be very much in pain. Very nice. BTW, this film was originally shot in color but has sadly faded to the sickly shade of green you see now...a good argument for film preservation. VIDEO LINK
Devil in a Blue Dress (1995)
Near the end of this thriller, Daphne (Jennifer Beals) is taken away by bad men and Denzel Washington goes to find her. As he peers in the window of a house out in the woods, we see her being worked over by the men. One of them reaches into the fireplace, pulls out a hot poker and approaches her as she screams, "No! No! No!" repeatedly. Denzel stops things by breaking a window and shooting at them before they can burn her. Unfortunately, this is all shot from outside the window, so there's no close ups and Beals is barely seen at all.
Devil's Lover, The (1972)
Toward the end of this Italian horror film, Magda (Maria Teresa Pingitore) is tied to an X-frame by Helga (Rosalba Neri) and her lover. Once she's secured, he opens up Magda's top to expose her breasts, then hands off a hot branding iron to Helga, telling her, "You have to start the party". She plunges the iron in between Magda's tits, producing a lot of a smoke and but sort of a phony-looking burn scar. Not a bad scene, and certainly the highlight of the movie. VIDEO LINK
Django Unchained (2012)
In this Quentin Tarantino western, there's a blink and you missed it scene with slavegirl Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). She's shown in stocks getting doused with a bucket of water and immediately afterward receiving a facial branding with a red hot iron. Don't go out of your way just for the branding scene; it literally lasts just 3 seconds and it's over.
Doomsday (2008)
In this sci-fi action film, Cally (MyAnna Buring) is captured and tied with her arms overhead. Her own father (played by legendary actor Malcolm McDowell) tells her, "You brought impurity into our world. You must be cleansed". And he advises his henchman to "do it". Ignoring Cally's anguished pleading to her father, he rips open the back of her dress, pulls a glowing poker out of the fire and rubs it across her exposed back, blackening the skin everywhere it touches. A great scene with a beautiful screaming victim. VIDEO LINK
Downstream (2010)
(aka World's End) This futuristic action movie, made in the US yet strangely unavailable in this country, features a pretty lousy branding scene, thanks to inept direction (3 different directors are credited). Sara (played by the attractive Elizabeth Roberts) is seen tied leaning over a barrel in home movie footage that bad guy shot. There's a quick 1 second shot of a hot brand being burned into her skin, with no buildup or anticipation whatsoever. It's also badly filmed with a shaky camera and fast MTV-style editing that makes the whole thing too quick to be enjoyed. Afterward, there's a shot of Sara sitting outside by the fire where we see a close-up of her branded skin. VIDEO LINK


El diabolico (1977)
A really nasty Western, made in Mexico, in which a diabolical desperado who wears a magic medallion around his neck that gives him supernatural powers. He robs a bank and kills everyone in it and also kidnaps the banker's beautiful daughter, Helen (Flor Trujillo). He lays her out along the ground beside a roaring fire while he heats up his instrument of torture. He rapes her and then finishes up by burning his satanic mark between her tits. Then he dumps her back in town, where her father finds her dead on the ground with the mark from the medallion burned into her body.

But that's not all the hot iron action in this one. Another man rescues a tied-up mute Indian woman (Ana Verdugo) from being molested by 3 bad men. But as he's about to untie her, the power of the medallion inspires him to rape her instead! Then when he's done, he heats up a branding iron and likewise burns her across the chest. But since she can't speak, she can't really scream, either, so it's not as much fun. Still a nice surprise to have a second hot iron scene in the film. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2

Eleni (1985)
This drama, set in Greece, is about a mother (played by Kate Nelligan) and her family caught up in Greece's civil war in the late 1940s. At one point in the story, Nelligan is forced to burn her oldest daughter Olga (Lisa Rose) with a hot poker on her ankle to temporarily cripple her, so she won't be conscripted into the army. She does a lot of agonizing and crying about it afterward, mourning that she was forced to torture her own child to save her from being taken away. VIDEO LINK
Emanuelle in America (1977)
Laura Gemser as Emanuelle spies on a degenerate senator and his mistress making out while watching some disturbingly realistic super-8 snuff footage. We see only grainy fragments of what’s on the film, but among the sundry cruelties inflicted on the female prisoners in some third-world dictatorship is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hot-iron scene: a sweaty torturer bearing a glowing brand sears a cryptic symbol into the ass of a girl being held down by a balding assistant. Like all the GIMP action in this movie, the scene aims more to shock than titillate, and it is far too short and disjointed to be of much interest. VIDEO LINK
Embodiment of Evil (2008)
There are many tortures shown in this bizarre Brazilian horror film from the legendary Coffin Joe (José Mojica Marins). Among them is a very good sequence where a naked woman is tied AOH and has a hot iron pressed into her back by Coffin Joe himself. The skin itself actually starts catching on fire for a few seconds, which is really cool. The only drawback is that scene itself is way too brief, only 11 seconds long from start to finish. The film itself is full of visual imagery and naked women suffering all kinds of imaginative torments, so it's worth checking out anyway. VIDEO LINK (Begins at 1:08)
Exterminator, The (1980)
The most memorable scene in this action trash classic is when an attractive Times Square hooker (Vonnabelle Rooke) unwittingly gets involved in a sadistic "chicken house" where one of the pervert clients wants to use her for his sadistic games. She gets tied down to a bed and her top opened up, while the john is allowed to go get his "toy". The toy is a soldering iron, which he sticks into a container of vaseline and melts it to show how hot it is. He approaches his bound victim and there's a sizzling sound followed by a scream as the scene fades out. But later we see her with her chest scorched with ugly burns. An excellent performance by Rooke, in her one and only movie appearance. DOWNLOAD LINK


Flesh Merchant, The (1993)
This low budget film about the white slave trade is filled with bondage and features a surprisingly decent branding scene. Kidnapped girls Karen and Jenny (Twila Wolfe and Elizabeth Chambers) are left alone in a room, tied sitting back to back, cleave-gagged with their hands cuffed in front to a pipe. One of the bad guys enters carry a bucket filled with hot coals and a branding iron. He then proceeds to "mark" their newly acquired merchandise. Karen is branded on the arm, and the scene cuts away before we see Jenny get hers. Lots of smoke and good reactions by the 2 victims. VIDEO LINK
Following, The "A Hostile Witness" (Episode 3.5) (2015)
In this crime TV series starring Kevin Bacon, a lady attorney (played by Anna Wood) is pursued by the killer and finds herself duct taped to a chair. There's some nice suspense as he threatens to burn her with a steam iron, firing the steam toward her face, but ultimately there's no payoff as the scene cuts away before the actual burning. When we see her next, the entire left side of her face has been badly burned and she's already dead, strangled with a cord. DOWNLOAD LINK
Four Musketeers: Milady's Revenge, The (1974)
In this sequel to the 1973 swashbuckler, there's a flashback scene where Milady de Winter (Faye Dunaway) is briefly seen up on a scaffold, tied to a frame. The executioner takes an iron from the flaming coals and brands the mark of a thief onto her shoulder. There's the sizzle of burning flesh followed by a scream as she collapses in her bonds. It's a brief sequence, much too short. VIDEO LINK
Freddy's Nightmares "Funhouse" (1990)
In the first half of the episode, a gentleman handcuffs a blonde's arms to each side of a fireplace mantle. He then proceeds to brand an "A" on her chest. Haven't been able to track this one down.
Frightmare (1974)
In this entertaining horror film from director Pete Walker, Delia (Pamela Fairbrother) comes to the home of Dorothy Yates (Sheila Keith) for a tarot card reading. But things go awry and she finds herself locked inside and the nutty old lady grabs a flaming poker from the fireplace and stabs her in the stomach with it. It's not explicitly shown, but there's a shot of her with an ugly burn scar afterward. Here's some trivia for you: as far as I can tell, Pamela Fairbrother is the only the second actress (along with Maria Montez) to be in the receiving end of two different hot irons in 2 different movies, having also received the treatment in Cry of the Banshee. Well, if you have to be famous for something, I can think of a whole lot worse. VIDEO LINK
Frustration (1971)
(aka The Chambermaid's Dream) This French film from director José Bénazéraf about a sexually frustrated woman with violent sexual fantasies features 2 really good scenes. In the first, the woman imagines that an attractive blonde houseguest is chained up naked to a post with her arms over her head. A man approaches with a burning log, which he silently threatens her with, moving it all over her nude body. She whimpers in fear and struggles in the chains, then lets out a painful scream. Nothing is shown but it's obvious she has just been burned.

In the second scene, another one of the woman's fantasies involves a woman (Elizabeth Teissier) who is chained to a torture rack wearing only dungeon rags. While there's no stretching involved, she is tortured by having hot irons burned onto her body several times. It's never explicitly shown, but there's lots of screaming as well as several shots of burn marks upon her skin. The impact of the scene is a bit muted when an orgy breaks out right in the middle of the dungeon and they cut back and forth between that and the victim suffering on the rack. VIDEO LINK 1 and 2


Giordano Bruno (1973)
This Italian film is based on the true story of 16th Century philosopher Giordano Bruno (yeah, I never heard of him, either). Midway through the film, he is being interrogated by the Roman Inquisition and has a flashback to a scene where a middle-aged woman is grabbed by a mob and taken outside to a stake. One of the men bares her breast and is about to plunge a hot iron into it when the scene cuts away to the sound of her screaming. Would have been a better scene had the victim been more attractive. I guess Sophia Loren was unavailable.
Girl Boss: Crazy Ball Game (1974)
A great torture scene with the coolest prelude to a burning that I've ever seen. Yuko Kano is attacked by a lady gang of toughs, who tie her with her arms over head and approach her with a red hot poker. The main bad chick proceeds to grab locks of Yuko's hair and burn them sections of them right off her, then she tosses the burned-off hair right at her before plunging the poker along the side of her body. Painful screaming and lots of smoke follow. The Japanese always do things right. DOWNLOAD LINK
Girl Boss Revenge: Sukeban (1973)
In this entertaining and torture-filled Japanese "pinky violence" production, there's a scene where a female prisoner has tried to escape from the Yakusa, only to be captured again. They decide to make an example of her by punishing her in front of the other prisoners. They force her to lay across a table and hold her down, her underwear is removed and her legs are spread. The sadistic female leader of the Yakusa heats up an iron until it's glowing red, then shoves it up between the prisoner's legs. With a loud sizzle and lots of screaming, heavy smoke pours up from between her legs. Simply outstanding. VIDEO LINK
Girl Next Door, The (2007)
The most memorable scene of this chilling movie based on Jack Ketchum's novel is surprisingly non-explicit, save for a few shots of horror. Young Meg (Blythe Auffarth) is tied down by a sadistic woman (Blanche Baker) and a group full of children and tortured in the basement. After allowing one of the boys to rape her, she decides that they should mark her so that everyone will know she's a whore. She heats up a hairpin over a cigarette lighter and burns words onto her bare chest, spelling out "I FUCK, FUCK ME". And to finish her off, she takes a blowtorch and burns off her clitoris, too (again, only implied). It's the dialogue, and the painful reactions of the victim, that give this film its strength.
Girls in the Tiger Cage (1976)
Early on in this hard-to-find Korean women's prison movie, a couple of the prisoners are shown branded after the commander announces, "Let me leave some marks for your memory." In both cases, you can see the brand smoking as its applied to their skin. Besides the branding, there's also some other lovely tortures the ladies are put through, including 2 of them later burned at the stake. Unfortunately, I've never really found a sharp copy of this movie anywhere. It's a movie worth seeking out if you can find it. VIDEO LINK
Gor (1987)
This film based on John Norman's Gor novels features a great branding scene, one that plays up the drama and gives us plenty of close ups of the red hot branding iron, smoking and ready to do its work. Sarm (Oliver Reed) introduces Cabot to the "Ceremony of Possession" in which he will learn how to experience the delight of giving pain. He demonstrates by branding a particularly cute slave girl, who receives a smoking red hot brand to her leg. Then hands the iron to the reluctant Cabot, who is now forced to brand his friend Talena (played by Playboy Playmate Rebecca Ferratti). There's a lot of suspense as he draws the iron close to her leg, but he attacks Sarm with it instead. Aw, bummer. VIDEO LINK
Gore Gore Girls, The (1972)
With one of the very few hot iron scenes featuring a steam iron, this film has little else to recommend it other than low-budget desperation. It’s also a comedy. I think. Even the most devoted hot iron fan will cry uncle long before getting to the subject of interest – and then, the quest is hardly worth the effort. H.G. Lewis masochists will know what they're in for, but normal mortals should take a pass. A rather plain-looking brunette is quickly offed with a throat-slash and has her face burnt to a crisp post-mortem with the Proctor Silex she was using to press her clothes. Yawn. Along the way, the killer rips open the girl’s shirt to briefly expose a healthy pair of nubile breasts, but even that can't salvage this dismal scene. VIDEO LINK
Great Race, The (1965)
In this classic action comedy, there's a very brief scene where Natalie Wood is held down while one of the bad guys pulls a red hot iron out of the coals and thrusts it near her face. But unfortunately, he's just preparing to use it on a tied-up man near her. She breaks loose and puts herself between the man and the iron. Not much there, but hey, it's still Natalie Wood.


Haunting of Morella, The (1990)
The first few minutes of the horror film based on the writing of Edgar Allan Poe feature lovely Morella (played by Nicole Eggert) nailed to an X-shaped cross and put to death as a witch. Her executioner does the deed with a hot iron into her eyes. It's a disappointingly non-explicit scene, however. It's filmed at such an angle that you never actually see the poker burn the skin, and there's no rising smoke. Afterward, the resulting burns aren't particularly believable either...she simply has her eyes closed with a bit a dark makeup and some blood down her cheeks. Too bad, because with casting like this, it had the potential to be great. VIDEO LINK
Hell Penitentiary (1984)
This standard-issue WIP film has not one, not two, but three separate hot iron scenes. Unfortunately, they all are pretty much the same. Rita Silva plays the resident evil warden who never tires of using her trusty brazier-heated iron to extract information from the troublesome inmates. In the first scene, a topless blonde is branded across the abdomen until she confesses to a murder she didn't commit. In the second and best sequence, Ajita Wilson is beaten and strung up AOH before Warden Rita opens the prisoner’s shirt and plants the scorching bar between her exposed breasts. Finally, Linda Jones is tied down on her back, shirt open to reveal an admirable rack, and after refusing to cough up any information she too gets the glowing iron thrust against her midsection. The film is badly framed due to a haphazard VHS transfer, but all three scenes are worth a look. The iron glows menacingly, and there is lots of sizzle and smoke when it contacts the women’s flesh. Director Sergio Garrone went the extra mile and clearly enjoys hot-iron GIMPery himself. VIDEO LINK 1, 2 and 3
Hex "Ella Burns" (2005)
This supernatural TV series was intended to be Britain's answer to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". One of the main characters, Ella (Laura Pyper) is being examined by a psychiatrist as she keeps having flashbacks to a time where she is accused of being a witch, tortured and ultimately sent to burn at the stake. In one of the scenes, she is tied standing with her arms manacled over her head. The bad man brandishes a glowing red iron that he's taken out of the fire and tells her to confess to witchcraft. She's very frightened but will not say anything, so he plunges the iron into her back, sizzling into her skin with heavy smoke, punctuated by an ear-shattering scream. There's even a quick look at the blackened brand mark afterward. Outstanding. VIDEO LINK
Hispania, la leyenda "Episode 1:2" (2010)
An awesome scene where Neria (played by the beautiful Ana de Armas) is tied with her wrists in front of her in a prison cell. The worried look on her pretty face as she sees the iron being heated up over an open fire is priceless. And of course the scene has a payoff as the brand is smokily burned into her back. Lots of screaming and crying. This might be my favorite branding scene of all time. VIDEO LINK
House of Terror, The (1928)
According to the IMDB, this silent serial is now a "lost" film, likely never to be seen again. What a shame. Sadly, all that remains is this title card, indicating that star Dorothy Tallcot faced some branding iron action.


Image, The (1975)
Near the end of this S&M masterpiece, Anne (Mary Mendum) is strung up naked with her wrists locked in iron manacles to a black candelabrum in the ceiling. After gagging her with a black bit gag, her mistress heats up a sharp cheese pick over a burner and then sticks the heated pick onto several places on Anne's bare skin. Anne does a lot of delicious wailing through her gag; it goes on for several minutes. Compared to most of the branding scenes in this database, this would be considered relatively tame since there's no burn marks or smoke, and the only indication the pick is hot is we saw it heated up beforehand. On the other hand, her reactions are quite intense and more sustained than those other scenes, too, so that counts in its favor. VIDEO LINK
Imprint (2006)
This is from the "Masters of Horror" anthology series. This is one of the few on the list that's not technically a hot iron scene but I'm including it because it's similar. In this horror tale by famed Japanese director Takashi Miike, Komomo (played by actress Michie Ito) is working in a brothel where she is framed for stealing a ring belonging to the matron. Komono is tied AOH and gagged with a cleave, where the sadistic matron lights up several bamboo sticks and uses them to burn her armpits several times. There's also some rather nasty needle torture that follows, although not they're not heated. Quite a gory scene overall. VIDEO LINK
Inquisition (1976)
Paul Naschy stars in this classic of the dungeon genre. Women are tortured until they confess of witchcraft. One particular scene opens with a hot coal brought out of a fire and applied directly to the upper chest of an unfortunate victim. She lets out a scream and her sweating, unclothed body writhes in pain. Rather than confess, she continues to renounce the inquisitors until they proceed to rip off one of her nipples with a pincher, and soon after she dies under the duress of the torture. The coal is applied onscreen, but the actual branding scene is very brief. VIDEO LINK
Inquisitor, The (1975)
(aka El inquisidor) This Argentine-Peruvian co-production is full of nudity, bondage, rack scenes and burnings at the stake. Amazingly with all the torture in the film, there is one 30-second long hot iron scene that someone felt the need to cut from some prints, including the widely-seen subtitled print from Video Search of Miami. But if you can get hold of the right version, the iron torture scene is well worth checking out. The naked victim is bound to a rack and while we don't see the iron actually touch her skin, heavy plumes of smoke and agonizing screams leave little doubt about what occurs. Very nice. VIDEO LINK
Invasion Force (1990)
Near the beginning of this low-budget action flick, there's a scene where we find the fluffy-haired star (Renee Cline) tied AOH to a post inside a tent. She's wearing a camouflage bikini-type outfit, so she shows off lots of skin. A bad guy interrogates her for information and she refuses, so he takes a fireplace poker out of a bucket of coals and menacingly approaches her. But just when they're getting to the good stuff, an explosion outside the tent distracts him and ruins our fun. Not a bad little scene, though. VIDEO LINK
Invitation to Ruin (1968)
A highlight of one of the more extreme "roughies" from the 1960's is the extended torture of lovely blonde Karen (Julia Blackburn) at the hands of obese female sadist Mama Lupo ("Bertha Bigg"). Obviously game for anything, Ms. Blackburn is strung up naked by her wrists before receiving an intense whipping which covers her body with bloody welts. The mute Mama Lupo consummates her victim’s ordeal by drawing a smoking bamboo stalk from the dungeon brazier and plunging the business end deep inside the poor girl's pussy. The action is implied rather than explicitly shown (even today, that would be all but impossible), but whoa... that’s something you don't see every day. Purists might argue that this is more a smoldering-wooden-torch scene than something involving hot irons, but it's close enough for me. Julia Blackburn is a gorgeous GIMP and really gives it her all. Too bad there isn't a better quality source available for this extraordinary scene. VIDEO LINK

BTW, it's come to my attention that the DVD print currently being distributed by Something Weird Video has been edited. When I viewed the film on VHS years ago, the print was much more scratchy and worn, but it includes a crucial shot of the burning torch being inserted into her vagina, which makes the scene much more impactful. Here's the uncensored version; compare and contrast: VIDEO LINK


Jolanda, the Daughter of the Black Corsair (1954)
This is an Italian swashbuckler with subtle lesbian overtones, a sadistic whipping scene and a semi-nude bondage scene. Jolanda (played by May Britt) is the heroine and daughter of a pirate and is out to protect a princess. The princess thinks she's a man and falls in love with short-haired Jolanda. At the end, Jolanda gets grabbed by the evil Marquis. She's tied to a post in the basement with her wrists tied in front. Then she's whipped. When the Marquis wants to brand her and tears down her blouse, then he notices that she's a female. This one apears to be out of print; I can't find it anywhere.
Joy of Torture, The (1968)
(aka Punishment of the Tokugawa Women) This classic film about the histories of torture in 17th Century Japan features tortures-a-plenty, including a tale of a Buddhist priestess named Yoshi (Miki Obana), who unfortunately has her head shaved. She has fallen in love with a young priest, so the jealous "mother superior" decides to punish Yoshi when he won't pay attention to her. With the priest forced to watch, a tied-up and naked Yoshi has her legs pulled apart by ropes and a hot poker is shoved between her legs. She lets out a blood-curdling scream and heavy smoke is seen pouring from her nether regions. Unlike most hot iron scenes, it is implied that the burn she receives is fatal. VIDEO LINK
Julia X (2011)
This horror-thriller was made in South Korea but with an American cast, as we follow the plight of Julia (Valerie Azlynn), who is trying to escape from her Internet Date from Hell, played by Kevin Sorbo. He corners her in an underground garage and ties her up in the bed of a flatbed truck. She screams in panic as she sees him fire up a blowtorch and heat an X-shaped brand until it's red hot. Then she screams even louder as he jabs it into her right ass cheek, finally knocking her unconscious. He examines the red brand burned onto her butt, then pulls her shirt back down, and you can clearly see the mark through her clothing. An excellent mainstream scene made even better by the attractiveness of the lovely victim, and by Sorbo's darkly comedic performance as the psychotic killer. VIDEO LINK
Justine de Sade (1972)
In this French film directed by Claude Pierson (not be mistaken for the similarly titled film from Jess Franco), Justine (Alice Arno) is punished for refusing sex by being branded on her back. I have to say I really love this branding scene, even though logically, it doesn't quite ring true. For instance, the end of the branding iron goes from black to glowing red in about 10 seconds! (Maybe they had a branding iron microwave back then.) Then there's almost a ridiculous amount of smoke that comes off Alice Arno's back during the scene, almost like opening up a barbeque grill. It doesn't matter, it's a lot of fun, Arno is hot, and there's even plumes of smoke coming off her burned skin even after the iron is removed. What's not to love? VIDEO LINK


Les États-Unis d'Albert (2005)
I have a very low-res video clip of this French action-comedy. A very attractive topless babe is tied sitting to the front of a car when the bad guy tries to burn her with a hot iron but he gets stopped in the nick of time. Looking for a better print, anyone?
Last House on Dead End Street, The (1977)
This ultra low budget 70s grindhouse horror film has for some reason developed a cult following, although I can't imagine why. About midway through the film, a young woman (Suzie Neumeyer) is shown tied to a chair while a group of snuff filmmakers film her ordeal. The top of her dress is pulled down and one of the men sticks a branding iron into her cleavage. The scene is dark, although there is one close-up of the brand touching the skin where the smoke effect looks pretty good. VIDEO LINK
Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (1976)
Susan Hemingway, one of the girls in Jess Franco's stable of enticing victims starlets, plays a young novice who runs afoul of the evil satanists who are managing the local convent. Among the numerous torments endured by our hapless heroine is a rather nasty ordeal in which she is spread-eagled nude on the world’s largest rack and burned by a flaming torch thrust against (into?) her pussy. It's not exactly a hot iron scene, but worthy of mention here nonetheless. Although Ms. Hemingway makes for a convincing victim, her pudenda are no worse for wear after being flame broiled. Still, it must have hurt, as the poor girl quickly confesses her "sins" after Mother Superior does the dirty deed. VIDEO LINK


Mad Love (1935)
The scene from this Peter Lorre classic horror film is one of my real favorites. Lorre is obsessed by Yvonne (played by Frances Drake), who is a performer in a Grand Guignol theatre. Her character is tortured by first being stretched on the rack, then the hot iron is brought out. It is put in front of her frightened face and then lowered onto her body. We don't see it touch her, but heavy plumes of smoke wash over her as she screams and confesses. An excellent performance by a beautiful victim. I wish all hot iron scenes were this good. VIDEO LINK
Maleficarum (2011)
This torture-filled Inquisition film certainly doesn't hold back on the hot iron torment, either. The 2 victims (Amy Hesketh and Mila Joya) between them are burned with irons a total of 8 times. Amy's scene occurs about halfway through the film. She's tied nude in an uncomfortable spread-eagled position in the dungeon. The torturer heats up an iron over an open fire and plunges it several times onto her bare skin, up and down her body. This is accompanied each time by a sizzling sound, some impressive realistic burn marks and some very nice screaming by Amy. The only small criticism is that the director repeatedly cuts away from the action in the midst of the scene.

Mila's scene features her standing nude in the dungeon with her arms tied to a horizontal bar above her head. After flogging her, the same torturer heats up a branding iron in the shape of a cross and smokily burns both her open hands and then between her tits. Mila's reactions to being branded are sufficient but not quite as impressive as Amy's in the previous scene. Nonetheless, this is a must-see film for torture lovers.

Man From U.N.C.L.E, The "The Gazebo in the Maze Affair" (1965)
Bonnie Franklin, later to become the mom on "One Day at a Time", is chained to a wall and threatened with a hot poker by George Sanders. An older lady (Jeanette Nolan) intervenes and tries to show him the proper way to do it. The proceedings get interrupted when Solo confesses and gives them the answer they want. Kind of a light-hearted, tongue in cheek scene. VIDEO LINK
Marion du Faouet (1997)
This French made for television film is the true story of Marion du Faouët (played by actress Carole Richert) who was publicly whipped and then branded for being a thief. After being tied AOH to the whipping post, she is lashed 5 times until her back is striped. If that wasn't intense enough, immediately afterward the branding iron comes out. She is branded on the shoulder with a V (French for "thief") and collapses in pain. Richert really sells the scene with her pained facial expressions. VIDEO LINK
Mark of the Devil (1969)
This often is said to be the nastiest of the slew of historically set witch-finder films released in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. As expected, the obligatory hot iron scene does not disappoint. In the longest of several torture sequences, a nude and bloody Gaby Fuchs is stretched on a rack while being grilled by no less than five inquisitors. One of them uses a flaming brand to burn a cryptic array of letters into the sole of her foot. Gaby reacts with wide-eyed agony and screams her confession before being subjected to further torments. VIDEO LINK
Marquis de Sade (1996)
(aka Dark Prince) This TV adaptation of the Marquis de Sade is quite entertaining and loaded with nude women being tortured, which is probably why Netflix refuses to carry it. My favorite scene is a segment where de Sade describes a series of tortures to be administered over a 2-week period to the comely Juliette, played by Charlotte Nielsen. On Day 13, she is punished by branding. The scene itself is very brief as we see a branding iron being heated over an open fire, and then brought closer and closer to Juliette's nude body. The scene cuts away as we hear her scream, followed by the laughter of her master. Short but sweet. VIDEO LINK
Marquis de Sade's Justine (1969)
Romina (daughter of Tyrone) Power plays the title character in this unusually well-appointed Jess Franco production. In a stand-out hot iron scene, the heroine is captured by two fey, 18th century dandies who tie her to a tree and accuse her of murder. A metal poker conveniently tipped with an M brand is heated in a wood fire, then used to burn the letter into the girl‘s chest – leaving her with a rather large and nasty tattoo as she slumps unconscious in her bonds. Although Romina has no qualms about displaying her pert breasts elsewhere in the film, her open shirt keeps them annoyingly hidden here. Otherwise, this is a near-perfect scene thanks to the gorgeous victim and high production values. VIDEO LINK
Masque of the Red Death, The (1964)
In this horror film based on an Edgar Allen Poe story, Juliana (Hazel Court) goes to an alter and brands herself with a hot iron to her breast, in order to mark herself as one of Satan's handmaidens. I guess she thought that was the best way to become his wife. All I can say it sure isn't nearly as much fun when they do it to themselves.
Mike Hammer, Private Eye "Halloween" (1997)
Hammer's secretary Velda (played by 90's sexpot Shannon Whirry) is captured by a killer stalking Hammer and his friends. When we see her, she's been stripped down to just her bra and skirt and is cleave-gagged and chained to the wall with her arms over her head. Hammer is brought in and also tied up and watches as the killer briefly brings a branding iron close to Velda's forehead. But that's as far as it goes and Hammer escapes and ends up branding the killer instead. Overall a pretty sucky scene, despite the casting of the beautiful Whirry as the victim. VIDEO LINK
Milady & the Musketeers (1952)
In this nearly forgotten Italian version of the 3 Musketeers story, Milady Anne (played by Yvette Lebon) is confronted by the Executioner of Lille, who earlier in the film had branded her brother. He forces her down and, in a bit of quick-thinking ingenuity, grabs a nearby candleholder, heats it up in the fireplace and plunges it into her left shoulder, leaving a nasty mark. There's some nice screaming and an impressive amount of smoke, and the cameraman wisely moves in for a close up of the burn mark on her skin. A rare scene that's worth checking out. VIDEO LINK
Mortal Kombat: Conquest "The Essence" (1998)
This episode begins with a beautiful servant girl (Maria Arcé) tied standing with her arms chained over her head. The interrogator pulls out a flaming brand and threatens her with it, with lots of begging and pleading from the frightened girl, although the flame magically goes out between shots (continuity mistake). Still I give this high points for the AOH bondage and the attractive victim, plus the fact that it's literally fire she's being threatened with, which looks even better than a glowing hot iron. VIDEO LINK
Musketeers of the Sea (1960)
Pier Angeli plays twin sisters. In one scene, one of the twins is chained in a dungeon with arms spread wide and tortured with a red hot iron. This movie appears to be out of print, which is terribly disappointing, since Pier Angeli was really cute.


Ninja Fantasy (1986)
A low budget chop-socky Hong Kong martial arts film with a branding torture scene that's a lot of fun. A tied-up woman is branded twice on the stomach, although oddly, it's through her clothes! But who cares, there's lots of smoke, screaming and maniacal dubbed-in evil laughing by the villain and this one is impossible not to like. VIDEO LINK


O Cangaceiro (1953)
I have a very low-res clip of this B&W Brazilian western. A black lady gets an implied brand to the face. Looking for a better print.
Olga's House of Shame (1964)
A busty blonde named Stacy (Brenda Denaut), is tied to a chair and tortured by one of Olga’s henchmen. First her hand is crushed in a vice, then a heated soldering iron is planted against her right breast until smoke fills the screen. There's no nudity in this scene, but Stacy makes for a fetching victim attired in an undersized bra and fishnets. As with the rest of the film, there's no soundtrack other than the dire pronouncements of a narrator accompanied by overwrought classical music. Still, in 1964 this would have been hot in more ways than one. VIDEO LINK
Our Man Flint (1966)
Superspy Derek Flint (James Coburn) burns the lead femme-fatale and former adversary (Gila Golan) on the arm so she can infiltrate her ex-employers’ operation as a "pleasure unit". Underdressed in a red bikini, Gila looks a lot hotter than the electronic gadget used to inflict the damage – and as it’s her idea to be branded, the scene is consensual and about as perilous as an immunization. VIDEO LINK


Pack, The (2010)
(aka La meute) This French horror film includes a scene where sexy bad girl Charlotte (Émilie Dequenne) picks up the wrong hitchhiker, a drifter named Max, and her problems begin. She ends up getting knocked out and locked in a cage. Max's harridan of a mother drags her out while he takes a blowtorch and heats up a branding iron until it's red hot. She holds her down while Max burns the word COLZA onto her back (French for RAPE). The one big debit in this scene is that director Franck Richard needlessly cuts away to a comic scene in the midst of the branding, so we miss the first 4 letters and only see the final letter "A" branded on her back, with Émilie doing some marvelous painful screaming. VIDEO LINK
Peeping Tom, The (1997)
This Hong Kong serial killer thriller features a scene where the killer has Cheng (played by Jade Leung) tied standing bent over with her arms pulled up toward the ceiling in a leather arm binder. He heats up a metal branding iron over a burner, then passes the time by shaving Cheng's legs. When the brand glows a fiery orange, he pulls her up on one leg and brands her left foot with a sizzle and a loud scream by his victim. Unfortunately, Cheng's sister awakens and stops him before he can burn her other foot. VIDEO LINK
Pet, The (2006)
During the opening sequence of this otherwise forgettable movie, a naked redheaded woman (Jane Steele) is seen with her ankles tied and cinched with rope. She is suspended upside down to be weighed. Three men, who sell women in the “global slave market”, are taking care of business by tying her wrists over her head while suspended. One man holds the rope to her wrists while another brands her in the butt with a hot iron. The branding isn't shown in close up, although there's an impressive red mark shown burned on her ass afterward. Overall for branding enthusiasts, this is just a so-so scene. VIDEO LINK
Planet of the Apes (2001)
In Tim Burton's re-imagining of the sci-fi classic, Daena (Estella Warren) is one of the captive humans to be sold to apes. She is hooked round the neck on the end of a capture pole and roughly pulled out of her cage, only to be given a fiery brand to her back. Warren is so totally gorgeous I wish this scene could have been longer, but it's all over much too quickly. She looks lovely suffering nonetheless. Another woman almost gets branded afterward but the iron is kicked away at the last second. VIDEO LINK
Poor Cecily (1974)
In Renaissance-era France, a suspected witch (played by ample-breasted porn starlet Sandy Carey) is interrogated in a dark and dismal dungeon. Stretched naked on a massive rack, she stubbornly refuses to confess and is whipped until she falls unconscious. After the unfortunate victim is revived, a shirtless, eye-patched brute heats up an iron rod in a brazier before thrusting it twice across the girl’s exposed chest, killing her instantly. VIDEO LINK


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
This classic action yarn also features a very good sequence where Marion (Karen Allen) is threatened with a glowing hot iron by a villainous Nazi henchman. It's exceptionally well directed by Steven Spielberg, with a nice suspenseful buildup and a frightened performance from the victim. But with this being a family-friendly PG film, Marion is rescued at the last second by our hero, Indiana Jones. Good defeats Evil once again. Damn it.
Rani "Episode 2: Brigande" (2011)
This French TV miniseries, set in the 18th century, is loaded with GIMP scenes including this episode where female prisoners are marched into court to receive their sentence. Two women, including series star Mylène Jampanoï, are each shown receiving a smoky brand onto their left shoulder. Like most branding scenes, it's over much too quickly, but still very nice, and both women let out delicious screams.VIDEO LINK
Raven, The (1963)
This Roger Corman horror satire features a scene where the daughter of Vincent Price's character (Olive Sturgess) is locked in a pillory and Boris Karloff threatens to burn her with a hot poker if Price won't do what he wants. The victim is awfully pretty but there's just not much there. Quoth the raven, "We want more". Okay, that was bad. DOWNLOAD LINK
Reform School Girls (1986)
In this women's prison flick, the bad girls, led by Wendy O' Williams, decide to attack Lisa (Sherri Stoner), the weakest girl in the joint. There are 2 scenes; the first one gets aborted when one of Lisa's friends interrupts things before the actual branding starts. But later on in the film, Lisa is cornered by the bad girls in the restroom. She gets her clothing torn off and forced face down on the floor. One girl heats up a branding iron with a lighter and burns a ring into Lisa's ass. A very well-done scene with lots of threatening dialogue. VIDEO LINK
Reign of Terror (1949)
Set during the French Revolution, this scene involves a captured woman (Arlene Dahl), who is immediately taken to the dungeon for questioning. She is tied arms overhead, and we see some good acting here of fear mixed with defiance displayed well. She is asked to reveal the location of the black book, a list of those marked for the guillotine. When she refuses, Robespierre rips the back of her shirt open, then pulls a rather ominous glowing iron from the fire and approaches her. Her scream is heard from the stairway as she is branded offscreen. The interrogation is suddenly interrupted at this point by someone who knows "a better way to make her talk." VIDEO LINK
Rent-a-Girl (1965)
Near the end of this black and white roughie, there's a scene where our heroine Karen (Barbara Wood) is introduced to a private club and must take part in the "ceremony". She has a black blindfold put over her eyes and forced to kneel amongst a group of women, then gets beaten with a paddle if she refuses to answer their questions. She is stripped down to her bra and skirt and then one of the women takes a red-hot branding iron and burns her on the inner thigh of her left leg. Karen screams in pain and is so incensed that she pulls off her blindfold in protest. There's an alternate, and much shorter "teaser" version of this scene that begins the film in the opening credits, only lasting about 15 seconds. VIDEO LINK
Return of Halleluja (1972)
This is an Italian western comedy. Fleurette (Agata Flori) is captured by the leader of the thugs. We see her she bound to a chair and threatened to be branded on the face by the thugs, but their boss arrives to stop it. I've never found this movie anywhere.
Return of a Man Called Horse, The (1976)
In this Richard Harris western, there's a quick scene where a trapper is about to brand an Indian woman. He takes the smoking brand out and shows it to her, then they turn her around to prepare to brand her from behind. But Harris smacks the guy with his umbrella, knocking him over and putting an end to the proceedings before they can even begin. VIDEO LINK
Revenge in the Tiger Cage (1976)
An outstanding (and unfortunately hard to find) hot iron torture scene, not to be missed. In this Korean WIP sequel to Girls In The Tiger Cage (above), a prisoner escapes, only to be recaptured. To teach her a lesson, she is forced to watch while another woman is tortured. The unfortunate woman is tied standing with her arms tied apart and off to the sides. She's topless, but camera placement obscures the actual nudity. The bad man first applies the brand to her face, leaving a nasty scar. Then he follows up by burning her on the body. Lots of heavy smoke pours off her, accompanied by painful screaming. VIDEO LINK
Revolt of the Mercenaries (1961)
This Italian sword and sandal epic features an old fashioned dungeon scene with a lovely lass tied facing an X-frame with her arms above and her blouse opened to expose her back. A closer look at her back reveals red marks, obviously from previous whipping. The executioner takes out a brand from the brazier and burns her on the back. We don't see the brand touch the skin but we hear the hiss of the iron along with a very nice anguished scream, and there's a hint of smoke, too. Well worth taking a look. VIDEO LINK
Revolution (Episode 1:07) "The Children's Crusade" (2012)
In this futuristic TV drama series, Charlie (played by beautiful Tracy Spiradakos) is grabbed, then strapped to a table.  The bad guy heats up an iron until it is glowing and orange, taunting her along the way with a bit a threatening dialogue.  Tracy does some nice begging and pleading before the iron is plunged into her right arm, followed by a blood curling scream of pain.  This scene is actually shown twice, with a shortened version of the scene repeated later on in the episode.  My edit combines the best shots of both.  Later, there are a few closeup shots of her branding wound shown after she is untied. DOWNLOAD LINK


Sadismo (1967)
I've never seen this one, and apparently few people have, since it was released to theaters almost a half century ago and then was never put on tape or DVD. From what I can tell, it was one of those exploitation pseudo documentaries (like Mondo Cane) that provided glimpses into cultural practices around the world with the intention to shock American audiences. And they tied this one in with the Marquis de Sade (a very popular name in 1960s cinema) by featuring staged torture scenes featuring the Iron Maiden, men boiled alive, and at least 2 branding scenes, one of which shows a woman locked in a pillory and having her forehead burned with a smoking hot iron. All that remains at this point is the original theatrical trailer and a lobby card featuring the same scene. VIDEO LINK
Sadistic Baron Von Klaus, The (1962)
Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing to see here. The hot iron scene in this early and atmospheric Jess Franco film – with a surprising amount of nudity and sadism for 1962 – is more implied than shown. After being whipped on a bed, topless Gogó Rojo is chained AOH by a villain who proceeds to burn her with a heated scythe. After the scythe is lifted from a brazier, the camera pans slightly to show Gogó‘s bare legs kick as she endures the unseen tortures inflicted on her. In the next scene, a journalist discovers Ms. Rojo`s strung-up corpse, but it is unclear what killed her. Aside from the off-screen action, the scene is further marred by a soundtrack bereft of anything other than an annoying looped score. VIDEO LINK
Satan's Slave (1976)
(aka Evil Heritage) Though this British horror film is set in modern times, a brief flashback to the days of persecuted witches features sexy, blonde Monika Ringwald (as an ancestor of the main character) being punished for her heathen ways. Chained to a tree by a priest and his two assistants, Monika is stripped nude before being burned twice on the abdomen and thigh with a large, cross-shaped brand. This is followed by a short but nicely done whipping scene and the requisite BATS which befalls most comely witches. Sporting a lush figure, a mod haircut and eye shadow, the victim makes for an unlikely sorceress of yore, but as the whole scene takes place in the mind of a woman in the present day, this doesn't really matter. VIDEO LINK
Savage County (2010)
You don't have to wait in this one...the branding torture happens before the movie is even a minute long. A cute blonde girl (Melissa Carnell) is tied to a chair while some evil hillbillies heat up a branding iron with a blow torch and burn it into her chest. In a unique touch, a hunk of her melted skin sticks to the brand as it's pulled off. The scene is edited with lots of quick cuts and incorporates the shaky handheld video footage of one of the hillbillies who's filming it. Unfortunately, the rapid style editing was to be expected, since the movie was made by MTV Films. Lots of bondage in this one, although this is the most worthwhile scene in the film. VIDEO LINK
Savage Justice (1988)
Captured soldier Sarah (Julia Montgomery) is taken by rebels to headquarters and roughed up. In one way too brief scene, she is awakened and taken outside, where's she's met face to face with a rebel brandishing a smoking hot branding iron. Nice suspense, but then the scene dissolves to another segment so there's no payoff. Oh, what could have been! VIDEO LINK
Savage Weekend (1979)
This 1970s slasher film features a flashback scene where Otis, one of the local yokels (played by William Sanderson of "Larry, Darryl and Darryl" fame) discovers his girlfriend cheating on him with another man out in the woods. He drags her along the ground and into a nearly barn. He ties her to a vertical beam and heats up a branding iron until it's glowing red. Then he rips open her top, exposing her breasts and plunges the heated brand into the middle of her chest, producing the letter T. Then he flips it around and burns her a second time to make the T into the letter H. (The narrator of the flashback explains that Otis meant the H to stand for "Hore". Otis wasn't very bright and didn't know how to spell "whore"). Quite a nice scene that would have worked better with some live sound; since it's a flashback, it's mostly just music as the soundtrack. Beware that many prints of this movie are edited to remove the nudity, which totally ruins this scene. VIDEO LINK
Schoolgirl Hitchhikers (1973)
This hard-to-find film by acclaimed director Jean Rollin is about 2 young women who get mixed up with a gang of thieves and their stolen jewelry and are suspected of theft. They are chloroformed and brought to a house. An older lady removes an iron from a brazier and threatens the blonde woman Jackie (Gilda Arancio), who's tied with her arms over her head. But the scene is poorly directed; it's filmed from the victim's point of view so all you see is the lady walking around and occasionally making halfhearted jabs at her. Then she cuts off part of Jackie's hair and uses a pincer on her nipples, although it's merely implied so there's nothing to see. The French version of this film runs much longer than the 67-minute cut I saw, so it's possible the good stuff was edited out.
Secrets of the Unknown (1988)
This largely forgotten documentary TV series explored unnatural phenomena, such as UFOs, serial killers, dream interpretations, etc. This episode was about a woman having flashbacks to being tortured as a witch. She's brought out in a cart and put in a cage with a number of other people. When she sees others being tortured, she starts berating the torturers, which singles her out to be tortured herself (smart move, honey). She's then tied with her arms above to a giant wheel and the executioner burns her with a glowing red hot poker. Simulated only but a very nice scene. I never would have taped this except I saw a small snippet of a scene on Entertainment Tonight showing her tied to a wheel and threatened with the hot iron. That definitely got my attention! A pretty rare scene...I don't know of anybody else who has this one. VIDEO LINK
She (1982)
Sandahl Bergman is being tied up and whipped, and halfway through, one of the bad guys approaches her with a hot smoking brand. Another woman tied up alongside Bergman screams out "Don't burn her, burn me instead!", to which the cruel woman in charge replies, "Don't worry, child. Your turn will come." Unfortunately, it doesn't. The bad guy brings the smoking brand closer and closer to Bergman's face, and there's some nice suspense before he is sadly ordered to pull it away. VIDEO LINK
Shogun's Sadism (1976)
Those fun-loving Japanese never let me down. Among the myriad of fiery tortures in this film are burning at the stake, spit-roasting and not one but 2 hot iron scenes. In the first, a man removes a hot iron from a brazier of coals, demonstrates how hot it is by burning a hole in a sheet of paper, then plunges it into the chest of a tied-up woman, burning a lovely mark between her breasts. What's impressive is that it's a continuous shot with no breaks in between burning the paper and burning the woman, although we never actually see the iron touch her skin.

A second second scene involves a woman forced to watch her younger sister getting blinded with a hot poker over the eyes. Ouch! Some rather nasty goings-on, to be sure. Both scenes are fairly brief, however. VIDEO LINK

Snowfire (1958)
This is a kids movie, a family western about a girl (12 year old Molly McGowan) who's in love with a horse named Snowfire that she claims talks to her. Her dad's planning on branding Snowfire and tells her it won't hurt the horse. Molly takes her shirt completely off and uses it to hold the branding iron in her hands and point it toward her chest. Her father stops her just in time. There's nothing sexual about it, of course; it's a G-rated family film but at least one of our readers fondly remembers this from his childhood.

Snuff Trap (2003)

This relatively tame remake of Joel Schumacher’s 8MM does feature a few icky bits, including a very brief hot iron scene. A snuff film producer, clearly channeling Sardu, gives heroine Carla Solaro a tour of his torture studio, proudly showing off a number of in-progress shoots. Among the sundry victims, an uncredited brunette, tied to a grate and wearing only a thong, has a glowing metal rod pushed against her ass, leaving a painful burn. It's all shot in close-up and is far too short to be of much interest. VIDEO LINK
Sodom and Gomorrah (1962)
In this Biblical epic, there's a scene where a number of slavegirls are lined up and each receive a fiery branding on their arm. We only see 2 of them receive their marks up close. The first one, with a black slavegirl, is much more impressive, with a nice loud scream and lots of smoke. The second slave, a white woman, is more stoic and doesn't scream at all. You can hear the screams as a couple more slaves are branded afterward, but it's in the background. VIDEO LINK
Son of Sinbad (1955)
This action-adventure film features a scene where Ameer (Sally Forrest), a slave girl with lovely red-gold hair, is dragged into the dungeon and chained to a wall. When she refuses to talk, the guard prepares to torture her with a red-hot poker. He rips off her blouse, revealing a tattoo signifying her to be a member of the Ali Baba's Forty Thieves. Deciding that he has enough problems dealing with Tamerlane without fighting the Thieves too, the caliph orders her released and banished to the desert. A nice little tease in an otherwise family-friendly movie. VIDEO LINK
SS Camp 5: Women's Hell (1977)
Among the more brutal of the Nazi exploitation films, this one delivers a centerpiece scene in which no less than four naked beauties are tortured to death. After watching her three co-conspirators systematically and painfully executed by a bald, bug-eyed brute, a failed concentration camp escapee who resembles a young, quail-breasted Susan Sarandon bravely stands up against her tormentors. Naked and chained to a dungeon wall, she soon suffers the consequences. A hot iron is drawn from a brazier and pressed into the woman’s flesh, though the reverse angle POV makes it impossible to see the exact target. Although there’s lots of smoke and sizzle, the branding is just a warm-up for the grizzly ordeal which leads to the prisoner’s eventual demise. VIDEO LINK
Stockholm Syndrome (2008)
This low budget horror film features a very poor branding scene. Anna (Lisa Marino) gets bent over a table and branded on the butt cheek by one of the one of the bad guys. No sizzling sound, no smoke, and the resulting brand mark looks like it was painted on.
Stop the Bitch Campaign (2009)
The third and final of this Japanese trilogy is a story about a perverted villain, Mr. Kuni, who roams the streets of Japan branding teen prostitutes with the word BITCH on their stomachs. A group of young women, led by Azusa (and played by gorgeous JAV star Rio) team up to take revenge against the guy before he can strike again. Throughout the film, there are several shots of female victims sporting the word BITCH burned on their bodies, but we don't see the actual branding until near the end. Azusa is knocked out and awakens tied AOH by Mr. Kuni. After cutting open her bra and raping her, he gets to work on marking her. He starts off my burning his own arm, and we see he has dozens of burns there already, adding a new one every time he burns a new victim. Then he heats up a small brand until it's red hot and burns her over and over, a little at a time, until the full word is burned on her. Lots of smoke and a great anguished reaction from Rio make this a must-see. VIDEO LINK
Story of O, The (1975)
The classic film by director Just Jaeckin also features the perfect casting of Corrine Clery as O, possibly the most beautiful woman to ever appear in front of a movie camera. The fact that she's frequently shown naked and tied up certainly adds bonus points. The branding scene near the end of the film is consensual but still dramatic as O lets out a huge scream as her ass is burned with a hot iron. The iron is never shown touching her skin, which is somewhat surprising considering the explicitness of the rest of the film. VIDEO LINK
Story of O, the Series (1992)
This ambitious 10-part series fleshes out Pauline Reage's erotic BDSM classic even more than the 1975 version with Corrine Clery. With an extra 8 hours of footage, there is lots of bondage and torture, and while no ones tops the luminescent Clery in my book, Claudia Cepeda is quite beautiful as O in this version. As in the book, it's a consensual scene. She is tied standing with her arms off to the sides as a 2-headed branding iron is heated up over hot coals. Then with one swift poke, it is seared into both her bare buttocks simultaneously, leaving her master's mark on both cheeks. This series is sadly not available on DVD in the US; the video clip came off my old VHS tape. VIDEO LINK
Sudan (1945)
This historical drama stars Maria Montez as Naila, the daughter of the monarch of a small Egyptian city on the Nile who takes over after her father is murdered. She goes on an undercover mission to find the rebel leader who is blamed for the murder. She's captured and branded on the left arm with the "S" mark of a slave (who knew the Ancient Egyptians used the Roman alphabet?). The scene is not explicitly shown, instead giving us a close up of Maria's pained face. There is a shot of the branded skin shown afterward, however. Maria would be the first to join the 2-time Branded Victims Club when she received the treatment in 1950's The Thief of Venice before sadly passing away at the age of 39 a year later. VIDEO LINK


Tenement, The (2003)
Okay, all you budding filmmakers, pop quiz: How do you fuck up a hot iron scene where you have a beautiful topless blonde (Suzi Lorraine) tied to a cross? Give up? Okay, first you have to take a blade with some kind of paralyzing poison on the end, then you stick it in her back so she's unable to scream while she's being tortured! That way you can burn her with a smoking hot brand to her stomach and it's almost like she can't even feel it. Or at least we can't hear her reaction, same difference. And therefore we don't care about the scene at all because it's the victim's reaction that's the reason why we like to watch hot iron scenes in the first place. Don't be fooled by the impressive-looking vidcaps, this scene sucks big time.
Theatre of Death (1967)
This horror film stars Christopher Lee as an egotistical director of a Grand Guignol-like theatre. During a party for his cast, he insists they perform a scene from his newest sketch, concerning the historic burning of the Salem witches. He hypnotizes one of his young performers, Nicole (Jenny Till) to get the performance he wants. She takes a smoking hot poker from the fireplace and slowly approaches Dani (Lelia Goldoni), who is tied to a coat rack. Dani is saved when a worried member of the audience intervenes.

But later in the film, they perform the actual play and once again the scene repeats itself, with Dani, now tied to an X-frame, being threatened with a branding iron shaped like a V. Nicole brings the smoking brand closer and closer to Dani's face and the scene ends as Dani lets out a huge scream, although it's shown afterward that she wasn't burned. Two beautifully-filmed and suspenseful set-pieces, about as good as you can get without an actual payoff. VIDEO LINK

They All Must Die! (1998)
This totally anti-PC underground film, sort of an urban version of I Spit on Your Grave, sat on the shelf for 13 years because the filmmaker couldn't find a distributor. A white woman (Michelle Soto) moves into the ghetto and ends up getting gang-raped by 3 black men in a very long scene. Afterward, one of the men grabs a steam iron and announces, "Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna get her hot," while another shouts, "Yeah, brand that bitch, brand that bitch, yo!" There's some threatening with the iron but it never touches skin, and after a minute, he puts it away. Watch this one for the rape, since the hot iron scene is just a tease. VIDEO LINK
Thief of Venice, The (1950)
A wonderful and very rare scene where Maria Montez is tied to a torture rack and interrogated. The inquisitor signals one of the executioners to burn her with a red hot iron. We see him approaching with the smoking iron but the actual burning is offscreen as we only hear Maria's painful screaming. After passing out, she is hung by her wrists and lowered into a hole down below. I only wish I had a better print of this; it's never been available on either DVD or VHS. Sadly, one of the last films for the lovely star Montez, who was also branded in 1945's Sudan. She suffered a heart attack and drowned in her bathtub less than a year later at the age of 39. VIDEO LINK
Troy (2004)
In this long, long adventure film, based on the epic story by Homer, there's a brief, brief scene where captured Princess Briseis (Rose Byrne) is given to the men for their amusement. They toss her around like she was a toy and then one of them grabs a red-hot iron and prepares to burn her. At the last second, Brad Pitt's character Achilles grabs the iron, burns the man with it and then carries Briseis to safety. What can I say? Just one more reason to hate Brad Pitt.
True Blood "9 Crimes" (2010)
This episode features 2 different scenes, one is a traditional branding and the other is close enough to qualify. In the first, Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) is chained into an off-the-ground frame device and tortured by way of being burned with a silver cane tip. The tip isn't really hot but apparently silver produces burns on vampire's skin so it works just like a hot iron. The bad guy smokily burns a nice red stripe between her tits.

The second scene is part of a ritual ceremony, but even though it's technically consensual, the woman (Brit Morgan) is still held down and does some major screaming while being branded on the back in front of a cheering crowd. A very impressive scene with lots of smoke flowing from the hot brand, and she is clearly in a great deal of pain. VIDEO LINK

True Blood "Almost Home" (2014)
This scene from the kinky vampire television series features beautiful vampire Deborah Ann Woll tied AOH and held captive along with another girl and a couple of guys in a large room by a sexy brunette demon. Deborah is wearing only light pink lacy bra and panties and gagged with a thin cleave gag. Both girls are threatened by the lady demon, but the best part is what she says she's going to do to Deborah's character, producing a glowing red dildo on a stick from the fireplace and bringing it oh so close to the struggling girl's crotch. Unfortunately, it's just a tease, and the demon is shot before any good stuff can actually happen. It's also notable that Woll does get burned from the silver manacles securing her wrists, which produce a blast of steam as she is released after being rescued. Silver does that to vampires, you know. Overall a great scene. VIDEO LINK


Unconquered (1947)
How about some old-fashioned Indian torture? Paulette Goddard plays a white woman captured by Indians in this big budget Cecil B. DeMille adventure film. She is tied between two poles while her captors take spears out of the fire and menace her with them. One of the Indians rubs the hot spear across the bark of the tree she's tied to and makes it flame up very close to her head. Then Indian chief sets fire to a pine cone and tosses it at the bound woman's dress. Finally, another Indian dips a torch in oil from the pot, sets it alight and approaches our fair maiden. But Gary Cooper comes to her rescue before any further harm can come to her. From what I understand, the book the film was based on was much more explicit, but DeMille toned down the torture quite a bit. This one is begging for a remake. VIDEO LINK


Vengeance of Fu Manchu, The (1967)
A scientist’s daughter is tortured in front of him in order to force him to 'work for them." Some effective build up, as the iron is shown heating, and she is bound facing a pillar with arms chained overhead. The torturer spits on the iron before applying it to the damsel's back. She is fully clothed, and branded on her bare back just above her top. A decent scream elicits an immediate response from the father to do their bidding. A little cheesy, but nonetheless a worthy onscreen branding scene for the period. VIDEO LINK


Wild Beer, The (1995)
(aka Divoké pivo) This Czech comedy has a scene near the beginning where a very attractive girl (played by Playboy Playmate Markéta Hrubesová) is dragged into a dungeon, placed on a rack and threatened with a hot poker before she's rescued by a couple of policeman. Pretty much a nothing scene; very short with no real stretching and the hot iron threatening likewise only lasts a few seconds.
Witch Story (1989)
(aka Superstition 2) Early on in this hard-to-find horror film, there's a scene where a gang of townspeople armed with torches descend upon a woman (Deanna Lund, from Land of the Giants) who they think is a witch. They stab her with a pitchfork and then one of them heats up a metal bar over a fire and rolls it across her neck. You see a bit of smoke but the scene is relatively brief. She is left with a very noticeable burn scar on her neck before being tied to a tree and burned at the stake, with her young daughter watching from the window.
Witchfinder General (1968)
(aka Conqueror Worm) At the conclusion of this Vincent Price horror classic, Sara (Hilary Dwyer) is tied down to a stone table as Matthew Hopkins (Price) prepares to brand a cross on her back. Price really sells the torture to her beforehand, telling the sobbing girl what he's going to do to her, saying if she faints or cries out that we can only assume that Satan has intervened to spare her the agony. Then he orders her husband, whose chained to the ceiling, to be brought over so he can watch her suffer. But it all goes awry as he escapes and soldiers arrive to kill Hopkins before the deed can be done. Pity. A great movie anyway. VIDEO LINK
Wizards of the Demon Sword (1991)
This low budget sword & sorcery movie from Troma (that's bad) and director Fred Olen Ray (even worse) does at least feature a brief AOH hot iron scene. Melina (Heidi Paine) and another woman are both tied to dungeon walls facing each other. Lyle Waggoner, in an over-the-top performance, pulls an iron out of a brazier full of coals and menaces Melina with it. The scene cuts away but we hear a scream coming from the dungeon, which implies she has been burned. When it cuts back, the other woman is receiving the sizzling iron across her chest, as Waggoner cackles maniacally. Like the rest of the movie, the scene is played with a tongue in cheek attitude, which makes it too comic to be effectively erotic. VIDEO LINK
Woman Possessed, A (1975)
I haven't seen the entire film, but all reviews basically describe it as a weird, trippy French film with an incomprehensible plot that deals with Satanism. Okay, that works for me. In the scene I have seen, a nude redheaded woman (Lisa Livane) is tied on her hands and knees with a rope around her neck inside a pigpen. A man heats up a branding iron (and proves it's hot by lighting his female friend's cigarette with it) and approaches his wide-eyed, scared victim. He plunges the iron onto her bare ass. We don't see the iron strike initially, we just hear his victim's painful screaming and a see large plume of smoke. But then's a close up of the iron being removed and an impressive burn mark on her skin. Overall a very nice scene, and from a real rare film to boot. VIDEO LINK


Zorro's Fighting Legion "Chapter 6" (1939)
This Republic Pictures serial has a scene where Volita (Sheila Darcy) and her brother are taken to a dungeon and tied to chairs facing each other. The bad guys are trying to get them to reveal Zorro's true identity so one heats up a poker and approaches the brother. When he tells the bad guy, "Burn me! I'll never talk!", the bad guy sneers, "Who's talking about burning you?" and then advances on the lovely senorita instead. With this being a kid-friendly serial, there's only brief threatening and of course, no actual torture. In this case, the threat of burning is merely a plot device to move the action along. Oh well, what else would you expect? VIDEO LINK
Zotz! (1962)
In this rarely seen fantasy/comedy film, 2 women are kidnapped by Russian spies, tied to chairs and detective-gagged with white cloths. The bad guy lights up a Bunsen burner and heats a pair of pliers over the flame until they are smoking hot, then approaches the younger and cuter victim (Zeme North) and prepares to burn her, but is thwarted at the last second by Tom Poston. Boo! The bondage and gags are a bit on the cheesy side, but a nice long scene with good suspense. VIDEO LINK