CruXtreme II is Coming!

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CruXtreme II is Coming!

Post#1 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 10:09 am

CruXtreme II - The Roommate
An imminent release!


CruXtreme II - The Roommate, is going through the last few steps for completion. It should be processed and the assets should be ready for upload during the weekend. I will be making the official announcement of its release on Monday.

Bergie14 I know Dani is acting, but that is clearly one tough lady.

I have to say that Dani shines ... both physically and figuratively, each sequence has incredibly intense moments, where she expresses a great range of emotions and physical pain and even exhaustion after all that torture, before there's more to go through.


In the meantime, the production of CruXtreme III is suffering a bit of a stall and it appears that next week there will be only three days to work. The city government authorities are planning to close down the city again, for four days and they will study the situation to see what more they can do to prevent the increase in cases. There aren't too many, if we compare the situation with other countries. The total number of people infected in the country is a bit over 40,000, for a population of 10 million. The number of people who died of Covid are around 1,200. It is under control in most of the country, most people are following the medical instructions, like wearing masks and social distancing... but there are always those stupid people that don't, thus the need to keep things under control a bit more.

So, next week Dani will only suffer for three days. She and Jac were having an online chat about how Jac was advancing with the final bits of post for CruXtreme II, when they had this little exchange:

Jac: I'm almost done with CXII and very anxious to get into CXIII

Dani: I can't wait for Monday!


Provost: Please assure Dani that she will not suffer in vain....there will be an appreciative audience awaiting her ordeal. Take good care of yourselves in these perilous times: there are real dangers out there. Cheers!

Dani was very happy about the comments when I shared them with her.

In a previous conversation, last weekend, after she had worked on a particularly difficult scene where she sat on those nasty studs, they exchange the following:

Jac: I'm working very hard with the material we did Friday
Dani: Me too!
Jac: You are working very hard with the material?
Dani: I'm working with my ass, it hurts like hell!

That's how Dani looked when Jac said Cut and she got up from her torture nasty studded chair.

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Re: CruXtreme II is Coming!

Post#2 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 8:47 am

Ten tortures coming soon! Where are we now in the count, and how is our lovely subject holding up?

Open to suggestions?

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