Stupid western tourists tortured by corrupted dictatorships.

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Stupid western tourists tortured by corrupted dictatorships.

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I always wander where the brains of some American's tourists, who not only traveling some dangerous places, but often doing this alone. And then, to their surprise - some of them get killed. But this is for Darwin awards. Much more interesting fantasies, and not, when those tourists get arrested and tortured by some very evil regimes.

One I saw - not so old, milf age blonde lady. Attractive. Often wearing white tank top, showing her big tits. She traveled some middle-eastern and ex USSR countries. Alone, on her bike. Knowing only English. I always wander, watching her video, when she will met some very nasty guys. Who will probably rape her, rob, and then will kill her.

Another couple is interesting. Kara and Nate. Just found them accidentally, watching night train reviews. Kara is not beautiful in direct means, she has very interesting face. But she is super-sexy with her fit body. And she always showing her legs, wearing mostly leggins or shorts.

Watch her body in bikini and listen how she screaming! When I showed this moment to one Mistress, she told that this bitch is hot, and she want to her the same screams from her. But from pain. (From 8:00)

They traveled by train to many places. Some of them makes them worry:

Like in this one, they traveled from Georgia to Azerbaijan. Ruler there is tyrant Aliev. Who openly torturing his opponents in jails. And recent invasion in Karabah and local war. So border there is not so welcoming place for naive American tourists. She was very worry about her passport, and even joked if she would be arrested. This gave me so interesting idea! What if she will accidentally tells to border guard, that Karabah is belongs to Armenia? She would be immediately arrested.

At first, when I share this idea with my wife, she was jealous and angry. "You horny at some ugly American bitch, who love to show her ass to the camera? And forgetting that you have beautiful wife to torture?" But then I told her that this is only idea, and she could be the star of this show. So we fucked couple of times on this fantasy. And my pain slut gave some great ideas, what to do with her or this poor American girl. And also, of course - little cuckoldiness in this situation will be only sweet.

Imagine, that after this mistake, border guards become very grim. And will ask her to follow them "for further investigation". Kara, (or my wife), become very nervous. She will start too laugh and make excuses: "Sorry, I didn't meant to! Yes, I was in Armenia, but only as a tourist! I don't know really whose this land is!" And this will makes things only worse. She will be cuffed, and escorted from the train. But husband - will wait inside. Guards will told him just to wait, and don't make any stupid moves or noises!

After one hour of sweating, worrying, painting horrible pictures in his head - he will see his wife. Two guards, with very rough smiles, will push his wife into the cabin. "Everything is ok, you can go!" Officer, before leaving the cabin laughed, and told: "I will check you on the return trip!" And after this - train will start to move. When Nate will check on his sexy wife, he will see that even if she dressed as before - her clothes are mess. Her makeup completely messed up, and she obvious cried. It looks like her face was wet, and then quickly dried with some dirty rags. And she is horny like hell!

She lock cabin door, turn to her husband and demand: "Fuck me! Now! Those morons didn't!" When she ripped off her dirty clothes in a hurry to get naked - Nate saw that her body is covered with red whip marks. Everywhere! Even her tits, belly and pussy. "I will explain you later, just get naked!" When he did, she also asked him to tie her hands behind her back. And then, she sat on top, and slowly, with moan of pleasure, pushed his cock into her super hot and wet pussy.
"Do you want to know what they did with your wife all this hour? Do you!" And she start slowly dance on his cock, and tell the story.
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