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Re: Nicole's Vlog

Post#11 » Sun Nov 01, 2020 6:11 pm

NTS666 wrote:The screen went dark.

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Very well put together NTS666!

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Re: Nicole's Vlog

Post#12 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:45 am

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The girl was laying on the spacious couch, gazing into the camera with a neutral expression. Few things indicated that weeks had to pass since the last video. She obviously got new manicure and pedicure. She was silence for a couple of seconds, calmly blinking a few times.

NTS03 - 02.jpg

“Hi guys, welcome back once again, to my third video. I wonder if there are any real girls watching me, I honestly doubt it. You know, ladies tend to be way more communicative than men. I have linked my v-log to several sites in order to reach as many perv sadists as I could, but seems I chose the wrong places. I thought you would be slightly braver. Seems my expectation were way too high. You may be too shy. Or I’m too ugly to be watched. Or boring. Or all these together.”

She clicked with the mouse in front of her and the camera switched to another one showing her from behind.

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Re: Nicole's Vlog

Post#13 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:49 am

“For those few who actually commented I say thanks. Wulf was kind enough to call me creative, which is now a repeating praise. But why? I do the same like thousands other camwhores all over the Globe; masturbate for the viewers pleasure. Except I do not wait for tips. I wait for kinkiness, your dirty and honest words because you want to hurt me, hurt me bad. I don’t want you to think I’m creative. I want you to think I’m a worthless torture slut, hence my name, who deserves the most horrible fate ever. Still, thanks. Creative. Okay, I guess. Not sexy, slutty, provocative, whorish, crazy, idiotic, nymphomaniac, stupid cunt, but creative. I hope you to be very creative when you kidnapped me and you start to work on my body. That’s the very time when your creativity is needed!”

“Fireboots rejoiced over fiery torments and asked for more. Fire… yes. Fire and heat. Burning, sizzling, roasting, boiling, cooking, charring, scorching, searing, toasting. The most horrible sort of agony. I definitely consider fire themed torments amongst my top! I should definitely dedicate at least one video for it sometimes!”

“Jenna, dear, what ‘wowww’ supposed to mean? You seem to be such an intelligent girl, feel free to elaborate! Migoz, I hope I could really start to anger you a little bit. Anger is a nice element into the cake of hatred I wish from you so much! Yyy 0 two. Put together what? My cunt with my dildo or my collection of torture images? Spunkjunk, believe or not I’m quite clear about how much control I could have after my abduction. None. Of course a real sadist shall be psychopath, too, otherwise how could he enjoy my fatal suffering? Try you? Catch me first!”

“JDR, dear! I love many of your exceptionally sexy artworks! So nice to see you around. I’m so grateful for your efforts and for your lovely fantasies. Fantasies should put into practice. And thank you so much for the link. Another masterpiece of yours. And Arcas’. Mel had an easy death though, but the after image still looks amazingly exciting. I love your brain, darling.” The girl said, her voice was soft yet vibrated with sexual tension.

“Okay, where were we? I’m afraid this video will receive even less attention as this time I jump from visual art to the form what actually requires brain to perceive. I will talk a bit about some of my favourite stories. You know what sort of story. Just the usual. Rape. Torture. Snuff. And everything between. You know, reading stories takes time, you must use your imagination and create the visions yourself. A higher level of entertainment for the smarter audience. And thanks Lucifer, there were and still are plenty of talented writers out there who supplies us with many wicked tales. It would be impossible even to list them, but through a few carefully selected stories I can still give you some idea about what creativity I expect from the killer who will finally take me and torture me. To death, naturally.” She giggled.

The camera switched again showing her as she changed position on the couch. Placed one hand on the mouse, grabbed her cherry red vibrator with other. The toyed got switched on, she placed it against her smooth pussy.

NTS03 - 04.jpg

“You have probably heard about the artist Bleumune. An amazing person with crazy imagination and oldie but goodie style. You can find visual art from him too about crazy Indians and naughty Nazis, he’s a lover of history. But he also wrote stories, boosting up old tales, rebooting them in a two-thousand percent better version. Just as he did with this one. Tortured nudes for the devil’s charnel house.

Her screen’s shared version appeared in the video with a massive wall of letters. Her voice could be heard again.

“No worries, I won’t read out entire stories, that would take an eternity. Just some juicy parts. Hahaha. Listen carefully, it’s fun and definitely got some great ideas you should learn from!” She commented the began to read out loud the sentences.

NTS03 - 05.jpg

“This is fucking crazy!” the girl’s voice whispered, low humming in the background indicated her vibrator was working. “The real sadist does not just fasten the victim and do his homework! A real sick bastard force her to be part of her own agony! Give her enough space to fight! To be an active participant in the living hell on Earth! This is so wonderfully wicked!” the girl moaned as the next page appeared. Though her voice was slightly trembling but she continued reading.

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Re: Nicole's Vlog

Post#14 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:51 am

The last words were read out more like whispers. The camera jumped back on her again and stayed there for a long minute or so, while the reader beauty closed her eyes and let waves of pleasure rock her body. It wasn’t an orgasm just a short pleasure filled intermezzo for her, and seemingly it took quite hard determination to stop and regain focus again.

NTS03 - 07.jpg

“Fuck, got a bit carried away! Huhh… It’s okay. Let’s go on. Still a lot to teach you today!” she gasped. Once again letters appeared and she kept on reading, obviously a new segment, sometimes stopping to suck enough air into her lungs.

NTS03 - 08.jpg

“Mother and daughter tortured together, forced into an unholy highly sexual position, hanged by their thumbs! Can you fucking imagine this scene? The terror of it, the humiliation, the desecration of love between mom and babydoll! And the pain of being hanged by your thumbs? I want this! When my time comes and you take me, hang me like this for sure!” the girl commented and jumped to the next screen.

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Re: Nicole's Vlog

Post#15 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:53 am

Once again the girl’s figure appeared on the screen. She was fanatically masturbated herself with that vibrating head of her red toy, the muscles tightened all over her body. She did spoke the screaming in the story out in a rather authentic way, indeed screaming and groaning, using her pleasure to imitate the sounds of inhuman agony. Then she tried to speak her sentences fragmented, as she had to squeeze every word out of her mouth.

“Two sluts burns… together… kicking with their slutty feet… not to get burned but no escape… they torture… each other too… feel each other’s suffering… blisters grow on their toes and feet… skin charring… and mommy begs for having her girl killed… ahhhh…. Fucking imagine that level… aooohhh… desperation and pain… ohohohoo… when a mother reaches this…”

NTS03 - 10.jpg

With superhuman strength she somehow managed to drop her toy before the waves of a mad orgasm would hit her. Her legs in the air kept on trembling for another 10 seconds but finally she could drop her feet to the ground too.

“Not fucking yet! More stories I need to show! Like… Have you ever heard about a writer called Woodburn? If you say no you are probably in the wrong place and should leave. Yes. The mighty Woodburn. Writer of dozens if not hundreds of tales and even novels. The man whose stories are so densely filled with brutal sadism and misogynism that it’s a miracle his life work wasn’t purged from the web by the modern hashtag metoo crazy feminist lobby. Talented. Prolific. Knows no limit. An amazing specimen who is the worthy successor of Marquis de Sade’s legacy. But read him carefully, since he does not limit himself with lower thresholds about his characters’ maturity. I chose his story Black X Slaughter, but many others could have been cited here.”

Once again letters appeared and the girl’s clear voice began to read them out.

NTS03 - 11.jpg

“There are rooms with girls inside for killing, and this is just the next one. Among God knows how many! A torture conveyor. A death factory. The pits of hell, lining up one after the another. Tidy little separate torture chambers dedicated to one unfortunate soul. Oh this poor blonde. The suffering she could experience until this very scene! I guess she does not sense her urine and shit anymore, her own stench is always with here. How fucking dehumanizing! Wires around her ankles! How deep those had to cut when her legs were decorated by needles or when pins were inserted under her toenails! Not to mention when her knee got broken…” the girl said once again with increasing pace of breathing as she obviously got extremely excited once again.

“I imagine losing nipples or have her face and pussy beaten, or pins into her cunt and udders was just another fun time to survive. Speaking of her silicone tits. Mine are natural. Are them okay or would you prefer torture plastic stuffed breasts?” she asked cheekily and for a few seconds the text was replaced by the live close up show of her remarkable mammaries as she was squeezing them together.

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Re: Nicole's Vlog

Post#16 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:54 am

Soon enough new wall of text appeared and she continued reading.

NTS03 - 13.jpg

The next time she appeared on the screen she wasn’t on the couch anymore but squatting in front of it, her vibrator forever against her clitoris above her frothing cunt. Her eyes grew large as she squeezed the last sentences out of her herself, obviously needed great effort to read all out.

“Four fucking freaking days of torment so far…” she gasped, her body shook from time to time as her toy kept on stimulating her clit. “That’s my sadist, my dear Trevor, who plans and hopes his victim would last long! That’s so beautifully sick! His very intention and wish of causing the most extreme agony while keeping the victim alive. Do you get the beauty of this? The cruelty of this? The sickening terror of this?”

She was masturbating herself on the very tip of her toes, veins bulged on her feet and her toes moved here and there to find balance.

“The stupid torture victims may lose their ability to speak. He tortures them so horribly that they sank back into a primal state of mind, where only the pain and terror exist. Into a zombie like state from what only agony can bring them back… but only to become a whining toy for the amusement of their torturer.”

The girl had to stop speaking for a while as she moaned and panted and even more whitish discharge appeared at the entrance of her vagina.

“Pity she can’t comprehend anymore the crazy insults and complete humiliation what Trevor’s words imply. There should be another stupid cunt in less advanced state to learn something about how these guys see us. This insane level of misogyny could be such a perfect motivation for my wannabe torturer too!”

The girl temporary had to keep the toy away from her cunt as she was gasping for air and was trying to regain her breath to speak. She was seemingly crazy horny.

“I like when they put their mark on us! And best way to do it is using something hot, not ink or pens for sure! She can still scream. There is definitely on more hellish day for her in Trevor’s heaven! Fuck… Woodburn… ohhh…”

NTS03 - 14.jpg

“They haven’t finished with her. Let’s see how our heroes deal with our blondie heroine!”

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Re: Nicole's Vlog

Post#17 » Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:55 am

“Seems our girl is having a hot day today, quite a few heated objects to date with! I wonder what can be more agonizing, having my cheeks branded or my cunt cooked? Promise me we will test this when my time comes! Taking I will still be able to speak and tell you my first-hand experience! ” the girl giggled what sounded rather kinky, since she was also panting all the time. “Oh, I so much hope you will make me thousands times regret I was asking for this, won’t you? Fuck. Let’s read further. And remember. When you fuck with a glowing iron imagine it be your cock!”

NTS03 - 16.jpg

“Fucking fuck… ohh my Goood! Fuck! Trevor, I love you so fucking much!” the girl’s overly excited voice cursed again and again. “Trevor knows the most important thing! Patience and self-mastery! You cannot let your evil instincts take control and kill prematurely! Do not waste good meat, do not snuff a whore still able to suffer! You must plan your next steps, the next device and method to be used while considering her… my… physical condition. You don’t want to kill yet! You want to torture and enjoy every second of it! Forget the knife! Use the red hot glowing rod to fuck her disgusting cunt and roast it from inside. As slowly as possible! Savour the moment. Feed on her… my suffering. Play with your victim. Trevor… Woodburn… I love you, guys!” the girl screamed.

The camera showed her once again as she screamed with wide open mouth experiencing a rocking orgasm. She sank two fingers deep into her cunt, her other hand was holding her toy against her clit. Clear liquid sprayed from her cunt in a form of a strong jet, spraying around her fingers.

NTS03 - 17.jpg

It lasted for multiple times ten seconds, and even after the squirt was over her body was still shaking. Only then the girl collapsed onto the floor in front of the couch, panting, moaning. She reached out with trembling fingers for the mouse on the sofa and clicked on it.

The screen went dark.

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