COP 6 Ariel

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COP 6 Ariel

Post#1 » Fri Jul 31, 2020 9:17 am

Cards of Pain 6 - Ariel

This time Pedro pulled a bad joke to Amanda and Ariel. The classical offer you can’t back out: play as sub in a COP game to win the exorbitant sum of 15.000 $.
Either Amanda or Ariel had always said that they never would come back as sub but… well, 15.000 dollars… But they have to decide in one minute. If they both accept, they have to play a duel. If only one accept, the other one will be the dom.
Ariel accept, Amanda not. It was quite obvious. Amanda hate to be a sub, she played a WOP but she proved she in not comfortable at all on the wrong side of the whip and she has a short pain threshold. In the contrary Ariel played as a sub in a WOP, in a harsh WOP duel against Lyen and in two MP movies, succeeding in an acted fainting that demonstrate how she can control herself even in extreme suffering. So she always proved to be, other than a cruel and efficient domina, a strong sub who can receive lots of lashes with determination. This make her one of the best players in EP roster. Her sadistic laugh when she whips have put her in our hearts as domina, but the way she withstands the whip, with beautiful reactions to pain make her a really good and loved sub. And, let’s say that, she is a stunning beauty with a perfect slim and tight body that make her the dream of all us bastard perverted who love to see cute and beautiful babes whipped. And the dream get nastier when the beautiful girl is an harsh domina who is forced to be punished with the punishment she sadistically administer. Yes, it’s a sort of fetish, I know.
But let’s start the game. She divide the 100 strokes in the five body parts and then she bravely (or presumptuously) decide not to discard any card from the game. She is confident she can win, she wants to prove that she can endure anything.
Then the host order her to undress. Wow, she deliberately transforms what should be an humiliating scene in a hot striptease (damn that hot panties…) so much that an annoyed Amanda tell her “you don’t need to striptease just strip naked”. Ariel smiles back in a defiant, and definitively hot way.

Ariel sexy strip

1 Round
20 on tits, card “count backwards”

We already said, Ariel is a stunning beauty and I think she is the most beautiful body of the roster. And her tits are just perfect. So her breast whipping become a joy. She has to count backwards. After 4 lashes, Amanda establishes she miscounted, saying “15” instead of “16”. Ariel denies, but domina decides. I can’t understand Hungarian so I cannot say who was correct, but it’s better to have 4 extra whip lashes on her beautiful tits. From the restart, it’s a constant fight to hold back tears and suffering. But her beautiful face expressions don’t lie, she is in extreme pain. A very good round, the cross tying is always a good extra and we see suffering and the struggle of a strong lady ho doesn’t want to yeld. Ariel wants to demonstrate that she is a domina even when she is whipped.


Round 2
25 on ass, but card transforms it in 25 full body

Amanda had this problem that when the player picked a “full body whipping”, she only whipped her back. Fortunately, this time she didn’t do it. Instead, she only gave 10 of the 25 strokes on Ariel’s back, knowing that that part could be whipped again, and concentrate more on Ariel’s already sore and striped (beautiful and perfect) tits and on her belly. Ariel try again to hold back tears, but now pain starts to be too much and we can see her beautiful pain faces.


But she continues with her defiant behaviour, insulting Amanda who gets mad and strike harsh. But Ariel strength is the same of the most resistant subs. At the end we see an exhaust and hanged Ariel, with her stunning body striped in red, weeping and crying, but still determined.


Round 3
25 on back, but with the terrible “x3 ALL” card

The initial presumptuousness was not payed back. Ariel pick the terrible “x3 ALL”. So in the 3rd round she have to receive 75 whip lashes on her back, and then the remaining 30 on thighs and pussy are transformed in 90 (unless other card modifications). It would be more than 200 lashes… a mission impossible. But she is Ariel, not a normal gimp. And unlike Linda and Lyen who showed very terrified face when they picked such a card, she looks like more annoyed then scared. Like it’s more a bother then a painful punishment.
Amanda starts whipping harsh, and being one of the most precise whippers of the world she succeed also in hitting Ariel’s breasts with terrible lashes that twist the whip around the blondie’s body. Ariel backtalks to Amanda for this and the domina decides for 5 extra strokes. So, they will be 80 at the end of the round. This round is like a descent to hell for Ariel. She can’t hold back more, she cries, screams loud, weens, gasps and seems to lose strength. It’s a wonderful succession of pain faces. And we see the precise moment she totally breaks: the 60th lash (that is the 65th, counting the extra lashes). From now, she can only whisper the numbers, but Amanda is a demon and force her to count as soon she is whipped, accelerating the rhythm and forcing her to extra effort. It’s clear that she can’t hold more and she is on the verge of fainting. But damn it, she is Ariel, not just some unknown wench. So she stand still, she would faint rather then surrender. And she faints. At 73rd (78th total) lash. But Amanda is over the limit of the rage, she is upset because Ariel doesn’t count and she whips Ariel three more times, while she is still unconscious. The game is stopped. Ariel is untied and put on a bench and she can recover. She didn’t count the last lashes, but she received 81 total lashes: they should have been 75, she had to receive 5 extra lashes and in the 1st round she had 4 extra maybe without reason. No doubt she passed this round as a winner, an absolute and total winner, so Pedro decides to leave her continue the game, considering complete the round. But she is a mess, strengthless, weak. But she is Ariel.


Round 4
20x3 thighs whipping, with “dom’s choice” card

Ariel wants to go on. She chose to proceed with the 60 lashes on her thighs, because they are still untouched and she’s sure she can handle it. But there is the luck card: domina’s choice. And Amanda choose the back. Ariel just received 81 lashes there, fainting. And other 10 in the 2nd round. She can’t resist. But we never heard “I surrender” from her, and she want to hold tradition. Her face is just resigned when Amanda tell her decision, again she rolls back eyes like she is annoyed more than scared. She is Ariel, she will go to the end.
Ariel is put in one of the pest whipping position of all. She is kneeled, wrists hung wide, and we have a wonderful vision of all her best parts, either from front or from behind. From the 1st stroke we understand that she could not stand the round. She hyperventilates and get sick around 7th strokes, she can count only whispering and stuttering. And she finally faints, again, at the 10th stroke. The game ends, she lose everything but she never gave up.


So, Ariel lost. But it’s really true? Of course she lost the game and the money, but it’s clear to everyone that she is the moral winner of the game. She can leave with its head held high, it’s the classical scenario in which the defeated one should leave the ground between the thunderous applauses of all public and opponents. She received 140 whip lashes, far over most of a lot of winning and losing girls. And she never wanted to quit: her limit was only physic, her physical body was weaker than her strong will, who remains undefeated. She wanted to demonstrate that she is Ariel the Domina even if when she’s whipped. Well, she succeded. I propose Pedro to invite her for a second chance: if she accepts, she should receive from the beginning a 10% of the total prize, for her behavior in this game. And then she must try to win the whole prize. It would be fair. And she has not to be afraid that these games as a sub could undermine her domina role. On the contrary, I think that these demonstrations of bravery and strength should instill more fear and respect in all other girls, doms and subs. Maybe I prefere Tatjana as dom, surely I prefere Zazie, Lyen and maybe Lucy as subs, but no one can doubt the fact that Ariel is the TOTAL player, maybe she is the backbone of ElitePain itself. I love her.
Final Grade: A


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Re: COP 6 Ariel

Post#2 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 10:39 pm

I just saw this and appreciate how Ariel will sacrifice almost anything for the mighty $$$. However, in this case she was in a no win situation and let her pride defeat her but physically damaged. Yet in The Duel with Parker Ariel gave up her pride and $$ because of her pride. So I guess its good to be proud but pick your choices wisely.

I am an Ariel fan all the way.

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