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Cards of Pain DUO

Post#1 » Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:47 am


A long awaited film with the two most beautiful and loved EP subs of the last years, struggling with the most brutal game we have seen for now.

Lyen, with her bravery and strength and who is probably the girl who can last more and receive the greatest number of whiplashes of all the girls in the actual roster, but always crying in wonderful reactions of pain and suffering like few others. And Zazie… well, she is Zazie: cute, sweet, innocent looking, perfect body on a blonde babe face, all characteristics that make her one of the most beautiful porn actresses in the world (she was in my top 5 even before she started to film EP movies) and that make her the absolutely perfect “girl in merciless peril” BDSM fantasy archetype.
Even the initial part with the rules description, the number of strokes decision ecc is probably the best one of the COP series as now. Because we see the interaction between the two girls. Even if the girls didn’t know each other they immediately find a perfect chemistry.

But the most important thing, for me, is the difference of behavior. Lyen looks from the beginning as the leader of the duo, with a strong personality, with a lot of determination and it seems her to advise and probably influence Zazie. On the other side Zazie looks like the innocent and submissive one, she seems to accept all the decisions taken by Lyen, even if we know it didn’t happen and that they decided in perfect harmony, but this is the impression given by the scene. Even the height gap – Zazie is almost 15 centimeters (6 inches) shorter than Lyen – contributes to the impression, because Zazie is forced to look at Lyen from bottom to up, almost in respectful look, with an innocent little doe expression while Lyen has a harsh and determined expression. Most of all, Zazie has those pigtails that accentuate all of it. Zazie has always pigtails or braids… Pedro is it your decision, in this case, you’re a damn genius, or is it Zazie’s one and this would mean that she knows very well how to be loved from us? In this case, if you’re reading and if you will ever come back to EP: please Zazie, keep it up. Even with your sweet and apparent submissive behavior, because all that makes you the most appreciated girl in EP history.

Anyway, less talks and start the game.

Round 1
Lyen, Pussy whipping, 10 lashes, lucky card +5 (so 15 total)

We know that Lyen can take 100 or few more lashes on her back, we know that she can win a harsh WOP duel against anyone, we have seen her taking strokes in all her body in almost ten movies (9, if I well remember), and we saw that she could even win a COP with an X2 card picked as the first one, if only… yes, the only time she lost a game was her COP movie. Cause a harsh pussy whipping, the one she fears most and causes the evil domina Tatjana. And now, again, here a pussy whipping with Tatjana. Lyen’s pussy whippings in her movies are always among the best punishments of all. She starts crying from the beginning but is the 8th belt-strap lash that nearly breaks her.

From that stroke, the last 8 are pure pain and suffering, with Lyen that close her trembling legs, gasps and starts count with a broken voice. And Zazie… she cries in despair, suffering herself for the punishment of her game partner, as it happened in Save Your Friend. Making all the scene more and more interesting than a simple harsh pussy whipping. Tatjana notices all and while she tries to scare Zazie, she hits Lyen’s pussy with extreme precision and harshness. At the end of the round, Lyen confesses that she never thought she’d wanted Ariel back, while Zazie has her cheeks tearstained and cry trying to comfort Lyen, like if it was her the girl who had taken the punishment.


Round 2
Zazie, Tits whipping, 15 lashes, lucky card “keep position”

One of the worst crimes in EP history was when Zazie’s white and perfect breasts weren’t whipped in her WOP game, even if she spun a 50 full body whipping (a “bug” in Amanda’s way of life). They are made to be whipped, seeing Zazie’s back full striped after WOP and SYF but with her white tits untouched is equivalent to see an incomplete artwork that makes you think “damn, it takes very little to make it a real masterpiece!”. Yes, we saw a breast whipping in her first appearance in the duel, and it was the most desirable letter of introduction for her. And it was a 40 lash whipping, now only 15 but… but this time it was better, even if we had less then half strokes. In Duel, and in WOP too, Zazie was trying to keep suffering inside, to hide the pain with bravery. But now she looks like if she doesn’t care and she explodes in suffering. So much the better.

Tatjana strikes harsh and she nearly (or fully) hit Zazie’s nips for three times (2 on her right, one on her left). During the 4th, 5th, 14th, and last 15th strokes we see real pain and suffering, we maybe never saw Zazie in that situation if not on her last strokes (but they were over the 100th) in her Duel and in SYF. All her body trembles, she gasps and breath hard, tears drop along her face and she clenches her teeth in pain. The final cry and hard breathing after the last stroke are fantastic, she even confesses that or a second she had thought to leave. A really good round. BUT there is a big but. Pedro, why for five times (so for 1/3 of the strokes) did you frame on Tatjana’s face and then on Zazie’s back??? Damn it, it’s a breast whipping, on Zazie’s breast most of all, we are interested in her face and in her tits! We lost at least 3 very important moments of real suffering (3rd, 12th, and 13th lash) and I think it’s was a really big error.


Round 3
Lyen, Feet whipping, 15 lashes, lucky card “domina’s choice” (so it becomes 15 pussy whipping)

Ok, the “soles curse” continues to affect we poor bastinado lovers. But in some cases it’s not a pity. This is one of them. Tatjana chooses (perfect decision) to hit the already sore Lyen’s pussy after the Dom’s Choice card. Lyen’s resigned face is a joy, but not as the little scared doe face during the arguing between the other two women. She nearly cry when Tatjana shouts to Lyen and she almost hide on the wall in fear when Tatjana walks forward her.

Coming to the punishment, it is a real masterpiece. Lyen breaks already on the 3rd stroke, from that it’s only unbearable suffering. Each stroke sees her screaming in pain, crying with lots of tears, gasping, and (very) hard breathing. During the last ones, she can only whisper the count numbers and her breath is almost a rattling. And we always see her ass lifting while she tries to close her legs, succeeding only in approximating her knees cause of her tied ankles (I don’t know if it’s my fetish but I love when it happens, especially I loved in her the last Lucy’s WOP). Someone gives Tatjana the Oscar to the best pussy whipper. Again, we are only between 20th and 30th lash but the girl, even if she’s the brave and strong Lyen, is almost on the verge of surrendering in extreme pain. After the punishment, she’s totally broken in tears.


Round 4
Zazie, Ass whipping, 40 lashes, lucky card “halver” (so 20 lashes)

Maybe the less interesting round of the game. That damn halver card reduces the number to 20, too few for an ass whipping. And ass whipping without a previous pussy whipping (Zazie didn’t receive lashes on her pussy) or without a caning (oh, how nostalgic I am of it…) is probably the less interesting punishment. But we have a very nice position that shows us the best and we see Zazie crying like a kid. Maybe too few strokes hit her pussy (maybe only two). Round “meh”, even if the beautiful happy smile of Zazie when she picks the card warms our hearts.

Final Round.
Both Zazie and Lyen, back whipping, 120 lashes. Lucky card -10 (so 110 total)

Tatjana starts strong. She aims Zazie’s ass, maybe because she felt that 20 lashes were not sufficient, and the blonde cutie is in extreme pain and suffering from the beginning. She gasps and cries, after 8 lashes she launches a desperate and imploring look to Lyen (wonderful scene!!!) and after 9 she totally breaks in tears and gives up, switching with Lyen.


The cute brunette, too, suffers from the beginning. Every lash takes to a guttural scream and she cannot count but whisper in little voice. At the 20th stroke, she switches leaving Zazie to Tajana.

Again, the blondie seems to suffer more than in the previous games. The way she moans, gasps, cries with trembling chin, and how she hangs on the chains is wonderful. She lasts for 16 strokes before asking again to switch. Her cry after the 42th lash is pitiful and she looks always on the verge of the collapse. And again, as in her last COP, we see a desperate Lyen who surrenders to the dom’s request to answer in a submissive way. This time, at 49th stroke, it’s directly Zazie, with consoling expression, who asks the switching presenting herself to the whip. And at 50th lash, we see the sign of her break: her left leg and asscheek muscles start to tremble in an uncontrolled way.

57th and 58th strokes are two of the most successful, with Zazie that arch her body and flies her head backward. They switch again at 60. Lyen cries under the whiplashes, while Zazie seems crying and trembling still in shock. This time the 66th stroke is very brutal, but even the 68th leaves Lyen without air. She switches in pain after the 70th. Now Zazie is a shaking puppet at every stoke. The 75th nearly leaves her fainting (she rolls eyes back and for a while, she can’t breathe) but soon recovers. She burst in tears at 80th and lost body control (she starts shaking in a terrible way) at 81th, imploring for the switch. 85th stroke leaves Lyen again without air and in the next one, she screams louder than ever. They switch at 91, and again at 100 when Zazie seems over the edge. Lyen receives the last 10 strokes crying and shouting loud, hung strengthless to the chains.


The last scene after the whipping, with Zazie in tears that lean her forehead to Lyen’s one is pure sweetness (a romantic kiss would have been perfect…).

In summary: this is surely an A movie. The psychological tension is tangible and it’s always a plus in this kind of film. It’s this that makes harsher the game for the girls, not only the harshness of the punishment. The harshness that is present, thanks to Tatjana that is the only domina who brings the subs on the verge of surrender with very few lashes. In this case, we have the contemporary presence of an evil domina and strong subs that are also cute and have a good reaction to the whip. We can say this is the movie that collects the best domina and the two best subs as now.

Why not an A++ as other previous movies? Maybe the format: Lyen is punished only in two body parts, Zazie in three, and if we have both these beautiful models I still prefer movies in which there is only one sub under the attention of the domina. For example, we see that Tatjana was harsher with Lyen for their personal history and this maybe affected all the game. And with two players who receive punishments only in 2 parts + 1 maybe we should have 20 minimum strokes for each part, and only one card discarded instead than two. And Zazie was too lucky with the cards… Even if they went to the end strengthless and in tears, they received less then 100 lashes each (I think 100 is a minimum for an A++ unless particular situations like COP 3) and she was severely whipped only on her back with very few lashes on ass and tits, on the contrary to Lyen who was severely beaten on her pussy. And I think that leaving the possibility to switch during the last round helped too much. I wonder what could happen to the girls without this possibility, seeing how they were broken. Anyway, a great movie with a wonderful cast.

Final Grade: A

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Re: Cards of Pain DUO

Post#2 » Thu Jul 30, 2020 2:19 pm

Thanks Darkseid! with these reviews you always proof that a good film is not only a severe beating until blood flows, but a good film requires interesting, unique personalities, like these three girls. I enjoy reading every words of your reviews!

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