Queensnake - Tracy Wooden Horse

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Queensnake - Tracy Wooden Horse

Post#1 » Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:11 am

I have a particular thing for seeing a woman forced to sit astride a wooden horse - a particularly cruel punishment in my opinion. Just finished watching a Queensnake movie which pushed a lot of my buttons so I thought I'd offer a review.

Tracy Wooden Horse features a woman (presumably Tracy?) being dominated by another woman. This appeals straight away as I like female on female scenarios.
Tracy is a slim blonde with small breasts - her tormentor is also blonde and wears a short pvc skirt, pvc crop top and fishnets. Tracy is led in and made to climb up and straddle the wooden horse. Her pussy is shaved presumably to emphasise the effect on her crotch and we get a nice close up of the wooden horse bisecting her pussy. Her wrists are suspended and black tape applied to her hands to prevent her from gripping the chains. A steel bar is attached to her ankles, spreading her legs and increasing the punishment of her pussy.
The dom starts a 15 minute countdown and Tracey's ordeal begins. From the start her tormentor is set on maximising her suffering. Weights are fixed to her ankles and the dom places some padding and then climbs up onto the wooden horse to face her victim. Tracy gasps and groans with pain but she's shown no mercy - her tormentor clearly enjoys her suffering and frequently grins with pleasure - she also uses a small vibrator too pleasure herself throughout Tracey's ordeal. She uses her feet to press down on the spreader bar increasing the pressure on Tracey's crotch causing her to groan louder with the pain. She later repositions herself under the wooden horse and puts her whole weight on the spreader bar - she also rocks back and forth increasing the torment.
Tracy is clearly in great pain - she tries to alleviate the punishment of her crotch by leaning backwards but the dom repeatedly pushes her forward while pressing down on the bar. Tracy tries to grip the chains to get relief but she prevents her. After 15 minutes Tracy is let down from the horse. The dom releases one wrist and cuts the tape off her hand, Tracy immediately pushes down on the horse, desperate to get relief from the torture! Once off the horse we're treated to a close up of Tracey's extremely sore pussy.
Her ordeal is far from over - she's soon back on the wooden horse again only this time an inverted metal angle has been added which increases her agony. Another 10 minutes of punishment takes place and by the end poor Tracy is sobbing with pain her body literally trembling from the ordeal. Throughout the other woman smirks with pleasure.
Right at the end there's a short section in which some pins have been added to the horse. Finally there's another close up of a very sore crotch!

Overall an excellent film - pushes a lot of buttons for me such as female/female domination and the wooden horse. I give it an A-

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