The Twins

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The Twins

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My first GIMP fiction story. Inspired by some work of Gary Roberts from Fansadox, by Pedro's games in Elitpain and by a couple of twins...


Chapter 1. Spoils of War

The men led the two hooded and handcuffed girls downstairs, carefully driving them step by step to keep them from falling down. Finally they reached the ground and pushed the girls more roughly against a wall.
The seven men stayed a while looking at them with a satisfied smile, giggling while the girls’ legs trembled showily. They looked identical: same clothes – a tight white t-shirt, a pair of large kaki tracksuit pants and a pair of former white and now dirty ankle socks, no shoes – same teenage slim figure, same light tanned skin color, same 5.2/5.3 height. When the hoods were removed from their head, it was clear that their faces were identical too. In fact, they were twins. A couple of cute faces was revealed, adorned with beautiful gold blonde hairs and embellished by two noses whit a turned-up and a little fleshy tip that gave them a further touch of sexiness. Maybe the most beautiful part of their face was their mouth, with sexy full lower lips that gave them a hot pouty expression, but the girls were ball gagged and lot of saliva and drool dropped from it hiding that particular hot element. The girls looked very young, they didn't show a month more than their 18 years. As soon as they were unhooded, they stared terrified at their kidnappers, weeping profusely from their brown doe eyes and dripping their mascara along the cheeks. They immediately get closer to each other, incapable of hugging because of their hand cuffed behind their back. They tried to get strength from the mutual physical contact and then started to emit a series of whimpers and moans under their gag. But their only effect was to make the men laugh more. And to get them even more excited.
The men were a squad of ex American special forces soldiers that years before had started to work for Mossad to escape from law. They had done horrible crimes during their military missions. Especially against females, of all ages. But their cruelty made them damn good in their job, so the Mossad hired them, cleaned their criminal record and started to cover-up their collateral hobbies.
This time they had to lead a terroristic attack against a hotel in Stuttgart. They didn't know why, they never asked for any reasons of their mission. When they entered the hotel, they started to kill everyone in the hall and started a roundup of the rooms. Until Mascot, the youngest of the squad who knew all new starlets of tv, music and cinema, recognized Lisa and Lena, two barely 18 years old German twins who had become web stars thanks to their videos on tiktok, among the people who were running away in terror. Mascot had read on socials that the twins should have a teen show in that city. Grizzled, the oldest one and leader of the squad, observed the two beautiful blonde girls, looked at their young tight body and immediately sentenced: “let’s take the as spoils of war”.
A cloud of lachrymatory invested the runaways, the squad killed everyone except for the two girls who were hooded and handcuffed. So the two poor prisoners couldn't have the time to understand what was happening to them and could see their kidnappers now for the first time.
The men were seven. All muscled and bad looking. The oldest one, Grizzled, looked like the classical old bad sergeant from the military movies, he resembled a bit the bad Miles Quaritch from Avatar movie. Mascot, the youngest, looked like a 20 years old stupid jarhead. Guile was a blonde muscle mountain of 6.2 and 260 pounds in military singlet that highlighted his wrestler body. Machete was an horrible black bearded and muscled Latino with a perennial killer expression in his face. Ratface, the ugliest of all, had a face eaten by acne and two enormous teeth that covered his lower lips, but his sadist and cruel expression made forget any funny comment towards him. Maybe only Scar, the oldest after Grizzled, could compete his sadism with his horrible scarface. Rod, the black colossus with red hair and a crazy face, closed the squad.
Grizzled moved towards the girls, materializing a buzzing stun gun in his hand. Lisa and Lena opened wide their eyes in terror, they try to get closer to each other and leaned against the wall as they would hide into it, moaning even louder than before under the ball gag.
“So, Lisa and Lena. Tell me, who is Lisa and who is Lena?”
Only cries and whispers got out from their gagged mouth.
“Ok, it's time to learn basic rules, young ladies. If I ask a question, you must answer. Here a little reminder”
He put the stun gun against Lisa's thigh and triggered. An excruciating pain ran all over her leg and she felt her thigh muscle contracting like it was trying to implode bringing all the leg with it. She screamed loudly and she fell heavily on the ground. Lena stared in terror looking at her sister and she was surprised by the stun gun shock on her belly. She felt the most terrible pain in her life and she tried to scream like her sister but the muscle contraction on her abdomen strangled her cry in her throat. The pain ran all over her body like thousands of needles and she crouched on the floor.
“Well. Again. Who is Lisa and who is Lena?”
Crying on the floor and trying to articulate sounds under the gag, the two girls started to moan.
“What? Do you think I can understand you if you talk like this?”
Sadistically, Grizzle used again the stun gun against them. This time on Lena's leg and Lisa's belly. He observed with satisfaction Lisa crumpling in pain and Lena stretching in agony, enjoying every scream and every cry of suffering.
When he saw the two girls recovering from the electric shock, he brutally pulled Lisa's hairs and lifted her painfully until she put herself on her knees. She cried hysterically and when she saw the stun gun buzzing again she gasped and her nose begun to run.
“So, Lisa or Lena?”
“LLSSHH!!” she screamed in panic. “LLSSH!”
“Lisa, are you Lisa?”
She nodded hysterically with a terrified face. Grizzled turned towards Lena and he grabbed her from the arm, putting her on in kneeling position.
“LLNNHH, LLNNHH!” she moaned.
“Lena, well nice to meet you honey”
But he already knew it. He had already visited their social pages, sneering at every photo in which they showed their tight body: in bikini, in costume, in shorts, in party dress, barefoot in jeans, in light shirts. And every time his perverted mind laughed because these two young teens who played to do the lolita starlets were now in his sadistic hands. So he well knew that Lena was maybe an inch taller and with a little bit more graceful face features, while Lisa had a very small birthmark on her nose. But he anyway wanted to do that cruel game.
“Mascot, remove the cuffs from the little Lena, please”.
Mascot did as his boss ordered. As soon she had her hands free, she massaged her sore wrists and then tried to remove the ball gag from her mouth. But as she touched it, Grizzled threw an heavy punch on her stomach.
Breath ran away from her lungs and she kneeled crumpling in pain and bringing her hands on her sore stomach. Lisa cried and screamed for what was happening to her sister.
“Another lesson, my child. Do ALWAYS what we order, but do ONLY what we order. No one told you to remove your gag. Now, stand up dear”
She slowly resumed her breathing, then she looked at him with an imploring expression, her eyes totally wet and full of tears. But she panicked when Grizzled made his stun gun buzz again, so she came back on her feet, still sore on her stomach and for the electric shocks.
“Well sweetheart, I think it's time to strip”
She opened wide her eyes and looked at him like she had not understood.
“Strip baby. Remove your clothes. Now!”
She throw herself against the wall, covering herself with her arms and shaking hysterically her head saying “NNNNN”.
Grizzled frowned.
“So, the lessons are not yet clear. Mascot, keep her still. Ratface, prepare Lisa for the bastinado”.
Lisa started to turn her gaze towards the men who started to move, trying to understand what it was happening, while Mascot took Lena from the arms and kept her still.
Guile and Rod came back with a long sturdy metal pipe, while Ratface brought a rope. Machete forced a screaming Lisa back to the ground. Ratface removed her socks, revealing two beautiful, perfect, tiny teen feet. Lisa tried to desperately kick her legs, but Ratface easily blocked them and started to tie tightly her ankles one beside the other to the pipe. Guile and Rod, who were keeping the ends of the pipe, moved so that Lisa, stuck back to the ground by Machete, found herself knee to the chest and bare soles to the air. In that position she couldn’t see Scar moving towards her with a hard leather riding crop on his hand.
“20 for now” sentenced Grizzled.
Scar raised his arm and then hit hard the soles with the crop screaming “ONE!”.
Lisa felt an intense pain through all her soles and screamed loudly widening her eyes.
The second lash caused even more pain, and she cried more loudly closing her eyes now totally full of tears.
Every lash was worst and more painful than the previous one. The particularly sensitive nerves under the soles skin spread the pain all over the feet, that became more sensitive at every strike and then causing more and more pain each time.
“Sttpp… plsshh” cried Lena, trying to escape from Mascot. But he tightened his grip and held her.
“It’s only your fault, baby” he whispered at her ear, sniffing her golden hairs and holding her firmly.
Meanwhile, Scar had administrated the tenth lash on Lisa’s feet, who was now convulsing and breathing hard.
“Remove the gag, let’s hear her scream” ordered Grizzled. Machete obeyed, and Lisa started to cough and cry as soon as her mouth was free.
The loud scream of pain pervaded the room, pleasing the seven sadistic men and making Lena crying more desperately.
The painful punishment continued and Lisa’s head was filled only with the increasing terrible pain on her soles. At every strike she curled her sore feet and ugly purple bruises started to appear on her soles. Lena lost the strength on her legs and only Mascot’s grip kept her from falling. She tried to turn her head not to see her twin’s suffering but the cruel soldier pulled her hairs and forced her to look at her.
The last lashes were a rhythmic succession of hit, loud scream, and then desperate cries with gasps.
“AGHYAAAAAA! pant pant… sniff… gasp!”
“AYEEEEE! Coff coff… gghhh!”
“AAAAAAARGHH!… sniff… gasp!”
Grizzled turned towards Lena.
“Have you seen what have you done to your sister? Will you obey, now?”
Lena nodded in tears. Ratface untied Lisa’s ankles.
“Now standup, bitch” he said. “I love to see girls walking after a hard bastinado”
Machete forced the girl to stand up but she nearly fell when she tried to put her feet on the ground. The pain spread again when the bruised and sore soles touched the ground.
“I… I… I can’t stand” cried the little girl in a whisper.
“You have to” replied Machete and pulled her holding her shoulder to keep her from falling. Lisa was forced to walk, every step caused an intense pain on her soles and she crying limped walking on toes.
“It’s your turn Lena. Strip for us”
Trembling Lena started to slowly remove her socks, always keeping her gag in the mouth. When the second was removed, Machete said “face to the wall, bend and stick your ass out for us”
Tears become to drip from the girl’s eyes, when she faced the wall and started to bend.
“More, bend more. 90 degrees cutie” screamed the men.
She slowly bended more and put the hands on the wall to keep balance.
“Stick your ass out!”
“Ass up!”
She obeyed. The pants she wore where large under the thighs but were very tight on her buttocks. She knew it, she and Lisa used to wear them for that reasons.
“Pants away!” shouted the men.
Trying to remain in the position, Lena lowered the pants. A round and tight ass covered by a thong was revealed to the exalted crowd.
“The shirt now!”
She obeyed removing her shirt, remaining in bra and thongs. She tried to cover herself with the arms, crying in shame. Lisa, with her eyes red in tears, observed sobbing the horrible scene, always forced to stand on her toes.
“Boobs! Boobs! Boobs” shouted the men. Trembling and crying, Lena started to unfasten her bra. Finally she removed it, but she succeeded in covering her breasts with her arms.
“Get naked, baby” ordered Grizzled buzzing the stun gun.
Terrified and gasping, Lena used only one hand – the other was still covering the breasts – to lower her thong. She tried to keep jointed her legs. At the end, she was totally naked, with one hand over her pussy and the other arm covering her boobs.
“Hands behind the neck, legs spread, cutie” ordered Grizzled, always buzzing his device.
She tried to sob convulsively, but she obeyed, spreading her legs and putting her hands behind the neck. A beautiful teen tight naked body was revealed to the aroused crowd. The light tanned body was perfect, with pale and firm B-cup boobs with soft pink nipples. And a tight pink pussy, surrounded by some golden hairs, was exposed with shame to the shouting crowd.
“Yeah!” shouted the men.
“Now, remove the clothes from your sister” ordered Grizzled.
The girls started to cry more.
“Please, leave us” moaned Lisa.
“No way!” laughed the man.
Lena approached the sister, looking at her with a desperate apologizing look.
With trembling hands, she lowered her pants, while Lisa was trying to keep balance on her toes, moaning in pain every time she touched the ground again with her feet. Then lifted her shirt, but couldn’t remove it cause of the cuffed hands. Machete throw a big military knife on her feet.
“Use it to cut shirt and bra. From now, every second is a whip lash so… hurry up”
Lena in terror picked up the knife and tried to cut the clothes but terror, trembling hands and fear to wound her twin slowed the procedure. Finally she succeeded, after some minutes. Then she removed her sister’s thong, revealing the same beautiful young body.
“You should receive 250 whip lashes but I don’t think you could survive. But we can find an arrangement… back to the ground!” ordered the man in charge.
Lena obeyed.
“Hands behind the neck!”. Again, Lena obeyed.
“Spread your legs!”.
This time Lena moaned something like “plsssshhhh… nnnnn…” with an imploring look. Suddenly the cruel man was over her and cruelly pushed the stun gun on her pussy, painful thrusting the electrodes in the softest part of the labia. Then he triggered.
The excruciating burning pain was like her pussy and inner parts were about to tear apart her groin. She arched in pain opening her eyes wide. It lasted only 2 seconds, but it let her shocked and near fainted on the ground. After few seconds, Grizzled repeated the order. This time, Lena put her hands behind the neck and spread her legs.
Suddenly, Machete pushed Lisa from the neck forcing her to kneel.
“Lick your sister’s cunt, bitch”
“W… w… what?”
“Now, or I’ll fry her” said Grizzled buzzing the electrode.
Lisa cried but turned towards her twin.
“S… ss… Sorry Lena… f… forgive me”
Machete cruelly pushed her neck bringing her face in front of Lena’s pussy.
“Ass up, face down, bitch!”
Lisa was now kneeling, hands cuffed behind the back, ass raised up and started to lick her sister’s pussy. The men started to scream of joy, encouraging the girls and enjoying the show, while the two sisters cried plentifully.
“Ok, let’s put some bonus. Guile, hold Lena’s arms firm”
Scar put himself behind Lisa, enjoying the view of her beautiful ass moving and of her exposed feet. He took a hard leather paddle. When the impact came, Lisa wasn’t prepared.
Pain and surprise stopped Lisa’s work on her sister’s pussy but Machete suddenly pushed her head again in position.
Lisa’s tears fell more and more, but she again put her tongue inside Lena’s pussy, licking with shame and disgust.
This time she didn’t raised her head and hold the position.
“MMMHH!!” moaned in pain with her face immersed in Lena’s pussy.
Scar continued to spank her buttocks with the paddle, causing a stingy pain while red splotch started to appear on the white buttocks. In the meantime, Ratface had brought three steel clamps. Lena looked at him in terror, forgetting the tongue of her sister licking her pussy and the torment towards her twin, while he opened one clamp with great difficulty. Those clamps seemed to be very hard… And when he put it on her nipple, closing it with a click, she felt like an intense bite that made her scream loud.
Guile held her arms while Rod and Mascot kept her legs that had started to kick.
Ratface put the second clamp.
Then Ratface started to whip her tits with the riding crop.
Every lash left a red mark on the white flesh of the boobs, causing an intense stinging pain that was a combination of the whip crack and of the clamps that at every strike seemed to bit harsher the soft nipples. The pain became almost unbearable when Grizzled put the third clamp. He pinched Lena’s clitoris with thumb and index, squeezed it to make it jut out and then clenched it with the clamp.
Then she nearly fainted when a whip lash pulled off the clamp from her right nipple, nearly ripping it off and leaving a purple bruise on it.
The torment lasted several minutes, alternating a paddle strike on Lisa’s ass and a whip lash on Lena’s tits. Lisa had mouth and nose totally immersed in Lena’s pussy, suffocating her pain screams inside her sister’s crotch, now wet with her sister’s tears, feeling her buttocks burning.
“Ok, that’s all for this stage” said Grizzled.
Ratface removed the clamps from the clitoris and the left nipple of Lena, causing an even more intense pain due to the sudden blood rushing back to the skin surface.
Scar stopped to spank Lisa’s ass and the girl finally slumped down, crying and sobbing. The two girls had some seconds of rest and Lena hugged the handcuffed Lisa. But Grizzled made them know that it was just the beginning.
“Ok, that’s enough with preliminaries. Let’s start for real”

Chapter 2. Welcome in Hell

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, Catch a baby by the toe…”
Grizzled started the counting rhyme alternating his finger over Lisa and Lena, who waited their destiny in terror.
“out.. goes… you” the finger now indicated Lena.
“It’s your turn for the fuck fiesta Lena”
She started to shake the head and shout under the gag.
“But let’s warm up Lisa too. To the frier!”
Guile and Rod took Lisa and dragged her towards an iron stretcher, while she kicked crying and screaming.
“Noooo, leave meeeee, noooo!!!”
They removed the handcuffs and put her on the stretcher and firmly tied her back down, while Ratface brought an electric controller with four electrodes. He clamped the electrodes one to her left nipple, one on her clitoris, one on her right toe and another on her left little finger.
Then he programmed the timer.
“Five seconds shock every 20 seconds on the first circuit, the tit-toe one. And a longer ten seconds shock every 2 minutes, on the second circuit, the finger-pussy one. I think you’ll enjoy it. Count every second dear”
In the meantime Grizzled had cuffed Lena again behind the back, tied her elbows together and removed the gag.
“Coff coff, spit, sniff… please, leave me, don’t hurt me…”
“Hahaha, I’ll hurt you in ways you couldn’t imagine”
He spread her legs and put two fingers on her pussy, making her scream in pain.
“So, your 18 years old pussy is not virgin. Little pig… let’s see there instead”
He turned her and spread her buttocks.
“Yeah, your asshole is still untouched. For now…”
He launched her on a mattress on the floor, he undressed revealing a big hard cock at which Lena stared in terror and surprise, then he grabbed the hair of her neck and pushed her face down, forcing her belly down.
“Nooo, please…”
Then he pushed his cock on her asshole, trying to find its way not without difficulty. He pushed hard enjoying the resistance of the sphincter that aroused him more and making him crueler.
“Nooo… no… don’t” moaned Lena. Then he pushed more and more until he felt the sphincter surrendering and the asshole flesh clenching around his hard glans that was now inside.
Lena screamed feeling her ass tearing and ripping. But Grizzled pushed harder and harder to penetrate her ass more and more, inch by inch all his 7,5 cock.
“Let’s make it the more painful possible” said cruelly.
With accurate cruelty, Grizzled started to fuck her ass with violent rhythmical pushes of hips, changing angle of penetration so that every new penetration could hurt her more and more. Every push caused an unbearable pain in her ass.
Every inch, every millimeter of cock that entered in caused a ripping pain. She felt a constant tearing pain in the asshole, with rhythmical excruciating and more intense pain every time Grizzled pushed his cock inside her. And every time the man spanked cruelly her buttocks.
Her screams started to be more animal-like, and despite his arousal, despite the screams of the girl that excited him more and more Grizzled had a great resistance, so the ass rape lasted more than 20 minutes. 20 minutes of uninterrupted excruciating and burning pain that Lena lived screaming in agony until her throat was sore and her screams become croaking.
Meanwhile Lisa suffered a not less cruel ordeal.
Every 20 seconds, the timer actioned the electrical circuit that connected her nipple to her toe. And for 5 seconds an excruciating pain, more intense on her nipple, stretched her and made her totally loose the control of her muscles.
Lisa’s body stretched and stiffened, she arched in agony, curling feet and hands and trembling for all the length of the shock.
Then 15 seconds of hard breathing and hyperventilation. Then…
Every two minutes the second circuit was actioned, and an even more intense pain ran all over her body and an extreme burning pain rankled her pussy. And this lasted for 10 seconds, her back arched to its limit while fingers of the hands and of the feet curled trembling in pain.
She was blind for the tears and even pissed herself when she lost control of her bladder.
70 shocks of the first circuit and 10 of the second had nearly teared her body when Grizzled finally came on her sister’s ass.
“OOWWWCHH!” screamed Lena when Grizzled pumped his load in her ass with his last violent pushes. When he finally put his cock off, giving a last spank on her red buttocks, she started to cry like a child, feeling her stretched hole still sore and burning.
“Round two baby. Mascot, you made us discover these beauties. It’s your turn”
Lena was still belly down, with the right leg outstretched and the left bent, cum dripping from the sore red asshole.
“Booohooo, boohoo” she cried. Every movement caused her a pain in the ass. Mascot was over her and lifted up her ass.
“I dream of raping you since I saw you for the first time on tiktok” he said.
“Nooo, please, boohoohoo” moaned Lena in a whisper.
Mascot insered his thumb inside her sore and red asshole and started to move it inside her.
“OOUCHH! No, please!” cried her.
Then he pushed his cock against her pussy. It was very dry so he had to force the cock with cruel strength to win the labia resistance.
Now she felt teared in ass and pussy too. The cock was smaller than Grizzled’s one, but he entered forcing the dryness of her vagina and was painful as the previous one. Expecially when Mascot inserted the other thumb in the ass and started gaping the sore hole, painfully stretching the sphincter.
Meanwhile Ratface had unplugged Lisa, but Scar had approached her with his belt on his right hand. Without saying anything, he started to hit her pussy with the belt.
She convulsed in pain feeling the soft and sensitive flesh of her pussy being beaten in that violent way.
Soon her pussy became swollen and purple and every strike became more and more painful over the sore pussy.
Scar tried to be the most violent possible in his belt strokes.
The young Mascott lasted less than 5 minutes, leaving Lena dripping cum, crying and with a dark purple gaped asshole. Scar, who had given nearly 40 belt strokes on Lisa’s pussy, that had now swelled twice its normal size, purple and bleeding, turned towards Lena. Machete came with him.
“Our turn, little girl”
Scar put Lena astride on him and started to fuck her. She had lost all her strength, she felt the pain in her sore pussy but she couldn’t cry. She emitted only moan of pain. Until Scar cruelly clenched his teeth around her nipple and started to bite her tits.
He also had pincers on his hands, and started to pinch, torment, and wring her nipples and her tits with cruel attention.
When she thought that more pain could not be possible, Machete started to rape her ass. His cock was even bigger that Grizzled’s one, but she hadn’t his freedom of movement cause of the double penetration.
A painful bite on a nipple, a twist with pincers to the others, a hit of Machete that pushed his big cock inside her teared ass, Scar that raped her sore pussy, Machete that pulled her hair… every instant was a painful hell.
Ratface in the meantime had come back to Lisa with the stun gun and a powerful cattle prod. He started to torment the tied girl with the prod in every inch of her body: inner thighs, belly, tits, arms, feet. Every usage of the prod caused a stinging pain in the electrified body part, as hundreds of wasp stings concentrated in one point.
Then he started to alternate the prod with the stun gun, that was much more painful, like all the electrified muscles were about to tear. Lisa nearly fainted when Ratface used it in her pussy. He carefully positioned the electrodes in the inner labia and the clitoris, causing an unbearable pain in the poor girl.
Even the feet caused her an excruciating pain. They were already sore by the bastinado, but when the stun gun hit the soles, the feet curled unnaturally and nearly broke the joints of fingers and metacarpus.
After 15 minutes finally Machete came with a painful tug of Lena’s hair that nearly broke her neck. Scar, freer to move, pushed Lena back to the ground and started to push more violently, while with the pincers he started to pinch and twist the girl’s clitoris.
“Don’t hope this, I know very well how to make my victims survive for days and days!”
He continued raping her and torturing her clitoris, and she was now a screaming and crying mess.
He finally came all over her tits, leaving her wet of cum, while Ratface finished his turn on Lisa with a longer shock inside her pussy that made her piss herself again in agony.
Lena was crying like a child when Guile and Rod went over her.
“Booohooohoo… please… sniff sob… please boohoohoo”
The two guys showed their giant cocks. Rod’s one was over 8-inch-long, with a girth of 7. Guile’s one was a little shorter but had a giant girth. Rod take her from the hips and started raping her violently in doggy style.
“Yippee Ki Yay” shouted the crazy black man, pushing with cruel cure his cock inside the teen’s pussy.”
Lena cried and screamed again, feeling her pussy teared by the big cock.
“I arrive baby, I can feel it, I arrive… Here I am”
With a more violent push of hips, he fucked her violently until his cock hit hard the cervix of Lena’s vagina. An incredible pain ran all over her, diffusing inside her as something was trying to rip her from inside and go out her stomach.
She clenched her eyelids and screamed in agony. The rape lasted one or two minutes, every push hit her cervix making her scream, living her brain empty except for the pain. But it was not finished. Guile approached her and with experienced movements they fit so the could double penetrate her pussy.
She felt like her pussy was splitting, she felt her flesh tearing and blood starting flowing from it. And the two man added more torment, spanking her buttocks, pinching her nipples and inserting fingers, even three at time, in her asshole. After 5 minutes, she was nearly passed out.
But it was the new turn of torment of Lisa, too. Scar had started to insert 3,5-inch iron needles in her tits. He had started from the right nipple, pinching it with index and thumb and pulling it.
“Noooo, it hurts, please”
Then he pinched with the needle.
“AUCHH!! No no no…”
The needle entered the flesh with an horrible sound of holed skin.
He pushed the needle until it deformed the nipple skin, bringing it to limit while Lisa was agonizing. Finally the needle broke the skin coming out from the other part.
He continued tormenting her, needling her nips more and more, needling her boobs, he even inserted a needle perpendicularly in a nipple, running it inside over almost all its length. In that moment, Lisa launched an agonizing scream, arching her back in unbearable pain. But it was not over. He started to put needles inside her perineum and under her nails. She was like a puppet without control, animated only by the pain that made her scream, arch, stretch. It was hard even to breath for her, she only inspired roughly and arrhythmically in pain between a scream and another. And lasted all the 15 minutes in which Rod and Guile ravaged Lena. The two guys jazzed all over her face, leaving her almost unconscious and with her pretty face full of cum.
Ratface, the only one who hadn’t raped her, approached with his cock in the hand. It was normal sized but when he raped her it was painful anyway, especially when he started to squeeze and bite her boobs, already wounded by Scar’s bites. But she only moaned, staying like a dead corpse, without strength and almost unconscious.
Grizzled took care of Lisa.
“After an ass rape I need a pussy. And I think it would be nice to rape yours. So swollen it should give the right resistance to my cock. And it should be very painful for you, as it has to be”
He was over her, who was still agonizing for the needle play. When he started to rape her, the swollen flesh of her pussy was stretched to the limit and started to bleed, making her agonizing more and more. But as Lena, Lisa was strengthless and agonized moaning but on the verge of fainting.

When Ratface had finished raping Lena and Grizzled had finished raping Lisa, the two girls were let fainted where they were for a couple of hours. As Scar had said, they didn’t want to kill them, so they agony could last more and more. After two hours, they untied the two girls and gave them an injection of a chemical solution. It was used in military environment, it was a miraculous drug that made the soldier recover faster. So, after half a day, Lisa and Lena found themselves recovered. But still soring. Lena for the gang rape and Lisa for the torments suffered. Their pussy were still swollen and purple, as Lena’s asshole. They were kneeled and handcuffed behind their back. Totally naked.
They were forced to lick and suck cock of each one of the seven men. In turn, in the same order of Lena’s rape, the men put the cock in front of their face, forcing them to lick and suck together. But in the end, each one of the men went cumming in a dog bowl filled with some small meat pieces. When Ratface had cum in the bowl, Lisa and Lena watched terrified him positioning the bowl in the ground in front of them. A slop of cum and meat was inside it.
“Lunch time. And don’t leave a drop, if you don’t want to be fried all night”
Horrified and ashamed, the girls started to eat like dogs, kneeled and without the help of their hands. They cried a lot, they were on the verge of sickness many times. Meanwhile, Scar and Machete started to spank their rising butt with a leather paddle.
“Move up, bitches!”
They ate all. And forced in the end to lick all the bowl from the remaining cum.
“You’re dirty. Lick the com from each other face and mouth” ordered Grizzled.
Totally in submission, Lisa started to lick the dirty cum dripping from Lena’s mouth and face, and so did her sister.
Finally, they were left in a dark cell, naked but at least untied and without cuffs. They could lay on a mattress and cover with a thermic military blanket.
“Rest, babies. Tomorrow we’ll go to level 2” laughed Grizzled.
Lisa and Lena fell asleep one embraced to the other, trying to support each other. But they knew they were in hell. And their sleep was full of nightmares.

Chapter 3. Twin couple play

“Let’s play a game”
Lisa and Lena where naked, shaking and trembling in front of their kidnappers.
“Tie Lena on the wooden horse” he ordered.
Machete, Scar and Ratface took a crying and screaming Lena and tied her tightly to a wooden horse. It was a triangular wooden device with one end of the triangle extremely sharp and pointing upward, mounted on a saw-horse like support. She was forced to straddle on the sharped triangle, her ankles were tied behind her buttocks, always to the wooden triangle, while her wrists were tied up to the ceiling so that the arms were straight up.
Lena screamed and tried to fight but it was hopeless. When her pussy was forced on the wooden horse, she felt like the sharpen edge was sawing her flesh, her labia and her clit. She screamed in pain, but to make it even more painful, Scar inserted a giant plug of about 8 inch length and 4 girth in her anus.
In the meantime, Lisa was tied to a very high metal chair without seat. Her ankles were tied to the chair legs so that they were lifted a foot over the floor. And with extreme horror, she saw that three candles were placed over a strange lifting device. One under the inexistent seat, just under her pussy, and the other two under her soles.
“No… no… what are you going to do?” she asked in a whimp.
“That’s not all, baby” said Ratface. Smiling he put two electrodes on her pussy lips.
“Here the rules. Ten questions to Lisa. Five seconds to answer. For every wrong answer the candles will rise of some inch. In the end, Lena will receive ten whip lashes for every wrong answer. Oh, I almost forgot: Ratface, light up the device.
Ratface pressed a button and an intense hot and stinging pain spread from the electrodes. It was absolutely not like the electrocution of the day before, it was much less intense, but the current flowing on her vagina skin caused her a sharp and continuous pain.
“EEEEKK!!! Please, turn it off… PLEASE!”
“First question”
It was a three-digit multiplication. Not very difficult but with the electric pain, the fear and the too few time it was impossible to concentrate.
“Ok, first error! Rise the candles”
The candles were lifted. Lisa started to feel the heat under the soles and the pussy. Meanwhile, Ratface enjoyed himself turning up and down the intensity of the voltage. Lisa started to tremble like she was freezing, other questions were made to her but she nearly succeeded in understanding them. The candles were lifted again, and again, and again. She heard Lena moaning in pain “Please, Lisa, try to concentrate” but it was impossible. Lena was in extreme pain on the horse. Her weight pushed her pussy more and more over the sharpen edge and the sawing like pain started to be unbearable. Plus, her asshole were painfully stretched to the limit by the plug and her shoulders started to hurt ‘cause of the hanging.
About the 8th question – none of the previous seven was correctly answered – the candles fire had already touched the flesh.
She couldn’t even hear the questions. She curled and wagged her feet trying to turn them away the fire, she arched her back trying to lift up her vagina but it was hopeless.
The last two questions were only a horrible show of torment. Lena, stared crying to her sister who was now screaming like an animal. The white part of the flame had reached the soles and the pussy of Lisa. Her face was a mask of pain, her screams were loud and high. She felt her skin burning, her pussy was in fire, black smoke came out from the flesh, even the electricity was forgot because of the new terrible pain. In the end, like it was not enough, Ratface extinguished the candles directly on her flesh. The most terrible was the pussy’s one: Scar cruelly put apart the labia so that Ratface could insert the candle directly inside the vagina, extinguishing the fire inside it and burning the soft flesh of the intern part.
Then she fainted.
After few seconds, a cold-water jet made her recover.
“Time to see what you’ve caused to your sister, bad girl. So, 10 errors are 100 lashes. Guile, Rod, administrate them”
The two muscled guys approached the wooden horse with a long single tailed whip.
“no no no no please” whimped in terror Lena, forgetting for a second the pain in the ass and in the pussy.
When the first lash stroke her back, she simply prayed to die. A burning, intense and extremely stinging pain made the girl scream.
And it was only the first one. Rod continued to whip her cruelly and without mercy. He carefully analyzed her back before each lash, thinking where to hit to cause more pain. He alternatively hit among her shoulders, on the base of the back, in the middle. After 6 strokes he started to aim her boobs. Lena, in tears, watched him spinning the whip over his head, laughing with sadism. When he hit, her boob was shaken and shocked. The soft flesh was ripped by the whip and that sensitive and delicate part exploded in pain.
He administered other 3 lashes on her boobs, marking them whit red stripes and making her crying like a mad.
Then he left the whip to Guile. The man found extremely pleasant to make the whip wrapping around her body so that every lash could hit more skin possible, even the most hidden part of the body. A wrapped lash hit her armpit, leaving her in terrible pain. Another one hit her neck, leaving her almost fainted. After 10 lashes, Rod took the whip again. They had decided to alternate 10 lashes each one, so that they could take a rest and the lashes couldn’t lose strength. It was a calculated sadism. This time Rod tried to hit the wound that were starting to appear in Lena’s back skin. Pain was added to pain, the black colossus was very precise hitting the wounds and intersecting the lashes so that new wounds opened in her skin. But over the lashes, there was the wooden horse. Every lash made her shake and move, and every movement mad her pussy slither over the sharpened edge, causing a real sawing effect. And the plug didn’t stop to hurt her ass.
She cried and screamed louder and louder, as if screaming more could lower the pain. Rod aimed again her boobs. But this time he hit with killer precision her nipple. It was like if simultaneously she had received a bite, a burning and a whip lash. She screamed louder than ever.
Rod span the whip for three times, take carefully aim and hit.
Nipple, again. When he hit again and succeeded once more in hitting the nipple, Lena coughed and nearly vomited for the pain. Her nipple was nearly ripped off for the lash and red drops started to flow from the terrible wound on her boob, that was either striped in red or purple for the strokes.
In the second half of the ordeal, even the shoulders started to hurt in an unbearable way, as she felt them nearly dislocated.
The last 20 strokes were a pitiful sight. Lena was practically hanged by the wrists, strengthless, panting with heavy breath, eyes rolling and her screams were now groans of moaning.
When Guile administrated the 100th lash, Lena fainted.

When she woke up, thanks to an injection of the soldiers’ drug, she found herself tightly tied to a chair. She was forced in kneeling position on the chair seat, arms and chest tied to the backrest and feet lifted up.
“This is one of the best bastinado positions” explained Scar.
“It allows greater precision of aim and much greater strength to be applied to the strokes and it provides the best possible access to the soles of the feet”
Lena understood well and nearly fainted for the fear. She was a mass of pain, she felt every one of the 100 wounds on her back, her boobs and her belly. Her sore pussy was swollen and purple, her shoulders hurt like hell and her asshole was red and bloated.
“Please, no… please, you already whipped me, you nearly killed me, I fell sick!”
“No way. We’ll not kill you. Not now, at least. And it’s all part of the game”
The crop hit the soles, Lena felt a different type of pain due to the nerves under the soles. And differently to the previous whip punishment, she felt that the skin of the soles became more and more sensitive lash after lash. After ten strokes, she believed to go crazy for the pain. But it was only the beginning. Scar changed device, taking a red flicker whip. It was a devilish instrument similar to a cane but with a nylon tassel at the end that doubled the pain. When the flicker hit the already sore and purple soles, Lena believed to die. Her scream died in her throat, leaving her breathless. She couldn’t think possible a similar level to pain, even if she had been gang raped and whipped. Scar hit the soles with the flicker for others ten time. Lena jolted at every lash and started to cry like a child, her voice reduced to a moan. But after the second ten lashes, Scar administrated others ten lashes with the long single tailed whip. It was like an hell, Lena cryed and get crazy.
After the 10th whip lash, the 30th in total, Lena was nearly fainting. Her soles were wounded, bleeding, full of dark blue bruises.
“Untie her” ordered Grizzled.
She was untied but she fell heavily on the ground. When she was back in her mind, she saw a strange obstacle course all around the torture room. And she saw her poor sister tied in a very uncomfortable way: she fas forced in 90 degrees, her legs spread with an iron bar to which her ankles was tied, her wrists were tied to the ceiling but her arms were behind the back like a strappado.
“Time to run, child. One lap all around. Every minutes are 5 flicker whip lash to your sister’s ass. And for every obstacle missed, 5 lashes bonus”
Lena moaned.
“It’s… it’s impossible, I can’t run. I feel sick, my feet are burning…”
“The time starts… NOW!”
Lena tried to get up, but when she stood her feet she fell down.
“Time is running”
She tried again. She started to walk, but every step hurt like a whip lash, bringing the stinging pain directly from the soles to the brain. She started tiptoeing and tried to go forward, but every step was a real pain and she seemed a zombie who slowly walks in a jerky way. And obviously, jumping the obstacles was simply impossible. She missed all the obstacle trying to make the lap in the fastest way so to not cause too much lashes to Lisa. But when she reached the last obstacle, the cruel Machete added a cruel bonus. He lifted her over the obstacle taking her by the armpit and then let her falling down. When she hit the ground whit the soles, she felt an unbearable pain and she fell down. Then she completed the last yards crawling and crying.
“Well, here she is! Well, let’s count: nine minutes, four obstacles missed… it’s 60 lashes, men!”
Rod didn’t wait a second and hit Lisa’s ass whit full strength.
Lisa was already in terrible pain. The shoulders were unnaturally turned up and every movement caused a dislocation-like pain. And her soles was still burned and aching, and that position that forced her to stay feet on ground cause her an intense pain. But the flicker on her ass was something beyond her nightmares. Every lash was a sting that teared her buttocks, and the tassel on the end gave more pain at every hit. And every lash caused a deep purple wound. After some lashes, every part of the buttocks was striped in red, so the flicker started to hit the same wounds leaving Lisa in agony. The skin started to break and the blood to flow. And over this, that position gave additional fun to the torturers. Every time they hit the soft part under the buttocks where the back of the thighs starts, also the burned pussy flesh was hit, causing her an hell pain. After half punishment, Lisa too lost her mind.
During the last lashes, her legs were trembling and shaking and she had lost all her strength. Her ass was a striped bleeding mess. She couldn’t fall only because she was tied, but the shoulders now had to sustain all the body weight and their definitive dislocation was barely avoided.
The black Rod grabbed her hair and pulled strongly, causing her a little pain but at least interrupting the shoulder pain.
“Well, time to fuck baby”
She stared at the giant black cock on front of her face but she was too in pain and too strengthless to do or say anything, so she could only emit a tiny moan when he grabbed her chin, forced her mouth open and pushed his cock in her mouth. It was thick and hard and it forced her to keep jaws wide open, then he started to fuck her face violently. Keeping he head by the hair, he pushed more and more, hitting the soft back part of the throat with the enormous glans. Every time the uvula was hit by the cock, Lisa emitted a strangled cry, feeling a terrible sore throat. Then the black monster started to insert the cock deeper and deeper. She felt it pushing and forcing to enter inside her throat, she felt the thick cock stretching and scratching her esophagus. In the beginning she had a gag reflex, but when the cock entered deeper and deeper scratching even her tongue, she felt choking, like she was drowning, and her lungs started to burn. She opened her eyes wide in extreme fear and tears started to drop more and more as a reaction for the violent deepthroat. Then he started face fucking her even more sadistically and roughly. Then she felt Machete’s cock in her pussy. The brutal latino started to push violently his cock in her dry, sore and burned pussy trying to be the most painful possible. And he succeeded, giving strong and deep push with his hips to go deeper and deeper in her. The spitroast rape lasted for an eternity. Feeling a terrible pain in the pussy – caused by tearing sensation, by the violent hits on her cervix and by the unbearable pain when the thick rugged cock scratched the wounded flesh inside the vagina that had been burned by the candle – and feeling her choking with a giant cock ravaging her throat, she really believed she would die.
The chocking feeling get worst when finally Rod came. Her mind was going black and she was on the verge of fainting for the choke when he threw his load down her throat. She had a seizure and automatically tried to spit it out, but his cock was still stuck in her esophagus so the cum was tossed out her nose with convulsed coughs. After a few seconds, Machete came too with the last violent pushes. She didn’t have time to cry or to take her breath back that she felt her hair pulled with violence from behind.
“Your virgin ass is mine, jailbait bitch!” said Grizzled with cruel voice.
She screamed when his hand slapped her wounded and sore ass, then he grabbed the buttocks and violently forced them to open apart, always seeking to hurt her scratching her wounds. Then he pushed his cock in her asshole, pushing more and more to win the resistance of the tiny and tight sphincter. She cried and screamed like an animal.
She couldn’t believe that so much pain was possible after what she had gone through. She felt her hole stretching, tearing and breaking with an unbearable pain. And every movement of Grizzled was carefully calculated to hurt her. She continued screaming while heavy tears spilled on the ground. Grizzled’s hand continued scratching and spanking her ravaged ass, the other hand pulled her hair with sadistic rage. And he pushed more and more violently, so that with her blocked and tied in that position her shoulder had to endure and suffer much more their capability.
Hearing her launching a scream even more animal like then the previous and seeing her left shoulder nearly out her articulation, he laughed.
“I need a volunteer that could be as counterweight”
Mascot stood in front of her and unsheathed his cock. During one of her screams, he pinched her nose and pushed the cock in her mouth, face fucking her with rage. In this way she was blocked in a new spitroast and the dislocation of her shoulder was prevented. At which cost…

Meanwhile, Ratface started to work on Lena.
The girl was crying and screaming desperate praying the rapists to leave her twin sister. Seeing her tortured and raped in that barbarian way was too much. But Ratface approached her.
“It would be a waste to leave you alone while your sister has fun”
He tied her wrists behind her back, then he attached a rope hooked to the ceiling to the wrists. Then he lifted the rope, until a screaming Lena felt her shoulder in fire, when she could touch the ground only with the toes. But it was not enough. Ratface put a metal sheet under her toes, he wired it and connected the wire to a metal dildo. Then, he violently inserted the dildo in her pussy and turned on the electrical control.
She felt the excruciating pain of the current flowing on her body, burning with extreme intensity her inside of the pussy. When she realized the the connection was granted by the metal sheet under her toes, she raised her feet. But in that way, the shoulder had to support all her weight causing the classical strappado torture.
When the shoulder pain was too much, she again touched the floor with the toes. Actioning the current that fried her pussy. And so on.

Lisa’s face was covered with Mascot’s cum. But her mind was more occupied by the pain in the ass for the cruel ravaging of Grizzled. When he finally came, another couple approached the poor girl. Her asshole was still gaped, sore and purple when she felt something monstrous trying to ravage it again. It was the giant cock of Guile, whose girth was more than 10 inch. She screamed like an animal when he forced it inside. The sphincter had already surrended to Grizzled’s cock but that hard club was simply too big. She felt the flesh tearing and little blood started to pour from the scratches. When she was fainting for the pain with a groan, a slapface from Scar awakened her. Then he started to fuckface her.
When the two had finished, she coughed the cum from the mouth convulsively, while her asshole was almost a red blob of swollen flesh pouring cum and some blood.
She was nearly unconscious when Machete put his cock in her mouth and Ratface in her pussy. Her mind was nearly broken and only the pain in the throat and in the pussy kept her conscious.
Meanwhile, Lena was still engaged in the cruel torture that alternated electrocution to strappado.
Lisa’s spitroast rape continued with another nightmare. Her ass had been spared by the previous rape, but now Rod started again to ravage it leaving her in agony. But her screams were strangled by the enormous Guile’s cock. It stretched her throat, nearly popped out her jaws and she was sure that her esophagus would explode or been torn. Maybe it was the worst couple rape she had to suffer. After them, Mascot and Scar succeeded one another to rape her ravaged ass, while Ratface jazzed her face after a face fuck. Finally she was untied and fell on the ground, moaning with croaking groans, her ears whistling and the mind going black. Lena too was set free, crying like a child.
“boohoo, boohhooohooo”
Grizzled approached her.
“Do you think it’s over?”
He slapped her face with a violent backhander, then he pulled her hair, forced her face down and ass up and violently started to ass rape her.
He stomped his heavy shoe on her face to stick her to the ground and started ravage her ass with an incredible rage. Then he punched her hips two, three, four times with the same rage, leaving her breathless and in unbearable pain. He pulled her wrist and the already damaged shoulder finally dislocated with a horrible sound.
Enjoying the terrible pain that was nearly killing the little young girl, he came satisfied in her ass.
He laughed seeing the two girls fainted, tied and lying on the ground.
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Chapter 4: The deepest Circle in the Hell

The night passed. Lisa and Lena had been well feed and a strong dose of military drug was administered to them. Lena’s shoulder was fit again in its natural place by the expert Grizzled, with a loud scream of the tiny girl.
“Spare your scream for tomorrow, little girl”.
The drug made its effect during the night and the little twins found themselves newly in their full strength after the morning. Obviously, still shocked and aching in all their body, especially where they had been whipped and in their ravaged asses and pussies.
When they were brought again in the torture room, they understood that the worst had yet to come.

Lisa had her wrists and elbows tied behind the back. She had a tight rope that clenched her neck and throat, and the rope was hanged to the ceiling. And she was barely in balance tiptoeing over two tins that forced her to have legs spread apart. If she had lost her balance, she would have fallen down making the rope choking her leaving her hanged.
Guile stood in front of her, while Scar in her back. Both had a cat-o-nine flog in their hands. They started to flog her, hitting her ass and her pussy and inner thighs.
Even if the wounds had healed, her ass was still sore and full of bruises. And her pussy had been severely ravaged the day before. So every lash caused a stinging pain. Especially the ones on her pussy and inner thighs, that were particularly sensitive.
After a few lashes, she poorly lost her balance. She found herself hanging and choked by the rope. She kicked desperately to find a foothold while the rope started clenching her throat leaving her totally breathless. Even the terrible face fucking of the day before could not be compared to that kind of horrible choking.
“UUGKK… UK… K.. K…”
The rope strangled her, she ended kicking and her legs and feet started shaking and convulsing. The two men looked satisfied at her toes stretching and moving apart revealing her terrible agony, as her face that was becoming cyanotic and her tongue stretching outside her mouth. When she pissed herself, they finally cut the rope and she fell heavily on the ground, trying to breathe again.
“Lick you piss, little brat” ordered Mascot who had been watching the torture stroking his cock in ecstasy.
She licked her piss and nearly vomited, but soon the three men started ravaging her again. Scar raped her pussy, Mascot deepthroated her and the bad Guile again massacred her ass with his monster cock. It was terrible, she couldn’t get used to that type of cruel rape. Her ass was again stretched, teared, ripped by a hard cock, while her throat and wounded pussy was ravaged.

Lena was suspended by the wrists. Her damaged shoulders started immediately to ache. Her knees and ankles were tightly tied together.
Then, Machete and Rod started to flog her with their cat-o-nine.
The men looked at her shaking and moving suspended and tied trying hopeless to escape from the whip lashes.
There was a pause. Grizzled approached her from behind.
“Do you know, little Lena? You’re my favorite one. You’re mine today. I’ll make you prove the most terrible pain beyond your worst imagination”
“No no no no please… let me go please”
“Don’t be stupid. Do you know why we tied tour knees and ankles so tightly?”
“Because with your legs strictly tied together, your ass will be more tight and will give more resistance to my cock. Do you know what does it means? More pleasure for me, more pain for you”
The cock entered ripping and tearing the flesh, devastating the resistant and tight sphincter. Then he started pumping it deep inside while tears dropped form the girl’s eyes and blood flowed from her buttocks.
Then the flogging started again. While Grizzled ravaged her ass, Machete and Rod flogged her tits and pussy.
After ten minutes she was crying and screaming like a slaughtered pig. Her pussy was swallen, her tits striped in red. Grizzled cut the rope leaving her falling on the floor.
“Gangrape boys!”
He grabbed her by the ankles and lifted her legs leaving her back stuck on the ground, so that Rod and Machete could have cure of her intimate parts. With some expert movements, they fit so that they could double penetrate her sore and swollen ass.
This time she felt really as she was to be torn apart and eviscerated. Grizzled fit over the two man and started to rape her pussy, while Ratface put his cock in her mouth.
After a few minutes, Grizzled added his cock in her ass. It was a triple penetration, too much for her gaped, devasted but still tiny hole. The flesh slit with a horrible sound and with an exploding scream of pain she fainted.

Lisa was bended at 90 degrees over a sort of pommel horse. Her ankles were tied to the legs of the horse while her wrists were tied to a rope fixed to a metal ring in the ground. Scar started to whip her on the back.
Again. And again. She screamed loud in pain and arched her back shaking her body, as the ropes allowed. Then she felt another, terrible pain added to the whip lashes: Guile had started to ass rape her. With a violent thrust he entered in her anus, ripping and loosing flash.
“AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!” she cried like an animal.
Then he started pushing with the most violence and strength possible, going deeper and deeper and nearly destroying the horse legs with the backlash. Lisa felt her ass destroyed, like she was going to be sliced up. And Scar continued to whip her. It was so painful that after a while she could not even scream but only groan. Soon they synchronized themselves so that Guile thrusted with violence in her ass just after the whiplash, when the girl arched and shook her body, clenching her anus in reaction and so giving more resistance to Guile’s cock. In that way it could be more painful. Again, it was calculated sadism. When she was sure no other pain could be possible, Mascot lightened two candles and started to burn her nipples, laughing as a mad criminal. Her flesh started to burn with an horrible smell, but most of all the burning of that delicate flesh made Lisa loose totally the control. She screamed mouth wide open and tongue stick out shaking her head like a mad animal, until she fainted.

Lena awaked lying on her back on a wooden table, wrists and ankles tightly tied on the corners, legs and arms spread. Grizzled was over her.
“I want you to suffer more, my little child. I want to taste all your pain, I want to see the suffering in your eyes, I want to see your body shaking and I want you to scream”
Lena couldn’t say anything. What could that man do more? How could a man be so cruel and sadist towards a little young girl as her?
The ropes on her ankles and wrists had a tug, making her hurt. She soon understood she was not on a table: it was a rack.
“Please… don’t…” she moaned in despair.
The stretching continued, until all her body was tense with pain. She couldn’t scream any more, she only moaned and cried.
“gghhhh… please… It hurts too much… mercy!”
She looked in terror at the soldier and after a few second she was totally stretched, trembling like a leaf in the wind and incapable to emit nothing but moans.
“Ooh, yes” whispered Grizzled. He was always over her, with a diabolical and aroused expression, taking pleasure from her terrified and suffering eyes. He started licking and kissing her neck, her face, her lips, her nipples, while his hand rubbed her pussy, inserting one, two, three fingers.
“gghhh… ghhh… kh… k…”
Eyes wide open, only disjointed sound of suffering could exit from her mouth between a terrible scream and another. Grizzled had started to fuck her, grabbing her boobs with rage, kissing and biting her neck and shoulders. It was a real hell, she was in the worst nightmare she could imagine.
“More, more pain” grunted Grizzled, speeding her fuck. “Stretch her more”
The rack stretched even more.
“To the limit, to the limit!”
The rack stretched Lena’s body to the real limit. Every part of her skin was now stretched like a drum. Her mind was on the limit.
“gghaaaa… gghkk…”
When Ratface twisted cruelly her nipple with the pliers, Lena let out a terrible scream, and in that moment Grizzled finally came inside her, reaching the top of his mad excitement.

Lisa awakened and found herself with wrist and ankles hung spread on the ceiling. And with a spider-gag in her mouth. Suddenly she felt her ass ripping.
Scar had inserted a huge dildo in her anus. She saw Machete approaching her, his big cock hard and red. He put it in her mouth without any ceremony and started to violently face fuck her. Soon his cock reached her uvula, the soft part of her palate and then he pushed it in her throat. She could neither have gag reflex and found herself choked with the cock in her esophagus. Meanwile Scar continued inserting big devices in her ass, and started to fuck her pussy. Lisa felt herself sliced up, nearly eviscerated and drowned. The suffering lasted for several minutes. Machete finally blasted his load down her throat, nearly suffocating her. But he was soon substituted by Mascot. Scar had now gaped her asshole in an unnatural way. He then started to take out every device but suddenly fistfucked her anus with cruelty. The pain now was too much. Again, Lisa fainted, remaining unconscious when Scar and Mascot finished their rape.

Ratface released the tension of the rack and Lena caught her breath, gasping and coughing. But it was only a brief pause. After a few instants, Ratface tightened again the ropes and Lena’s body stretched again in agony.
Grizzled observed her tiny feet trembling and her toes tensing apart, her wet eyes wide open in terrified and agonizing expression. Smiling, he lightened a cigar and gave an order to Scar. The sadist man immediately started to whip her sore pussy with a flogger.
The flogger hit her pussy, belly and tits repeatedly. Lena’s body was a convulsing stretched cord in endless agony. And Grizzled started fucking her again.
“mm… ee… rr… cyy” stuttered her in a whisper. And as answer Grizzled put out his cigar on her clitoris.
Feeling her most delicate and sensitive body part burning, Lena screamed like an animal, with her tongue out of her mouth. She fainted in agony, a few instants before Grizzled came again inside her.

Chapter 5: The twin’s Fate

The photos and videos leaked on the net had shocked the international community. The kidnapping of the tiktok twin celebrities by a group of anonymous terrorists had circulated in all tv and internet news, after some photos and teasing videos of the most brutal tortures and rapes of the two poor girls had suddenly appeared on the net.
It was Grizzled that had leaked the photos. He knew that lots of customers form the dark web would have contacted him. And now he was looking at four customers that had paid a fortune to play what Grizzled had named “the wheel of pain”. Every customer could spin a wheel, in which a long list of tortures was written, and then administrate the torture indicated by the wheel. Every new spin costed double than the previous one. Rape the girl costed even more.
In that moment an old fat man was whipping Lena with 50 lashes all over her body, while an ugly one was putting lots of needles inside Lisa’s clitoris and nipples.
“How much do you think they could survive?” asked Scar.
“Who knows?” answered the man, while the two girls screamed. “Until they are alive, let’s keep them in hell and earn on their tortures”

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Just to say that I really loved this story. I hope we can see more from you!!

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Thx. I'll try ;)

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If someone is asking who are the twins that inspired the story...

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