The last Witch of Bamberg

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The last Witch of Bamberg (epilogue)

Post#11 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 6:03 am

The Last Witch of Bamberg


My story "The Last Witch of Bamberg" has come to an end. It's certainly not a typical "GIMP" story because it’s not entirely a fantasy. And yet it's a story of an authentic girl in truly merciless peril ... I hope you enjoyed this story.

The main character and tragic heroine of the story, Eva Maria Bachlin, is historically documented as an unmarried daughter of Michael Bach. Further historical facts are the date of her conviction (December 17, 1630), her sentence (grip twice with red-hot pliers, then burn), the writing of her last will on December 18. (content is unknown), the date and place of her execution (December 20th, 1630 in Zell near Bamberg).

Herrenberger’ as the heroine’s cruel opponent was one of at least four witch commissioners in Bamberg who were documented in the city archive in 1628/30 (there as ‘Dr. Herrenberger’, i.e. with the academic degree of a doctorate).

All other characters in the story are pure fiction, as are all the details of the plot described here. I am assuming that the two antagonists named here, after almost 400 years, have no direct, living descendants today who feel offended in any way by my descriptions - In any case, this was not my intention!

I tried to write this story as realistically as possible; but I have also taken the artistic freedom to deviate from the presumed reality here and there...

Finally, I tried to translate my draft texts, which I had written in German, into acceptable English (Google helps, but you have to check each sentence carefully). Of course, I haven't always found the right terms and phrases. Please excuse this.

Thank you for your interest!
The witch at the stake, my final lithography from the 19th century.

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