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Justine Review

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The Reviews Section is now open!!

Here's a quote from a review of Jac Avila's take on De Sade's JUSTINE.
Those who have followed the terrible duo of Jac Avila and Amy Hesketh through the years will probably readily agree that it was only a question of time until they'd try their hands on Marquis De Sade's Justine - and now that they do, they certainly don't disappoint, as they deliver a wild and violent, perverted and also grossly erotic film ... that though falls short of being just a sleazefest for the torture porn crowd, thanks to a very elegant directorial effort, an original narrative approach, and even some black humour. Now "elegant directorial effort" does not mean Jac Avila hides anything from the audience, as he's known for the exact opposite and doesn't disappoint in that respect - but his pictures of torture are well-composed tableaux rather than purely functional pictures, which is also mirrored in the film's art direction. As for narrative approach, Justine and Juliette break down the fourth wall more than once to comment on things happening on screen or push the story forward, which works to great dramatic effect. And regarding black humour, the probably funniest scene is perhaps Rodin sitting down in his tableau of torture with an out-of-age bottle of beer as if watching a TV show after work, being slightly bemused by the naked women being strapped to all kinds of torture devices. And now you add to that a strong cast, and you've got a film ... that's certainly not easy for everybody to stomach, but if you can open your mind to what's going on on screen you'll certainly be rewarded!
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