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1) adelbert 
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Thursday, 30 April 2015 09:03 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(1) Dubby: No hurry at all for my part. Good things come to those who wait, so they say.

It's interesting to me that you fashion your own torture devices, like that thumbscrew contraption I think might be the pilliwinkes. I will say that I admired very much the authenticity and variety of the tortures you have used in your stories that I've seen.

The one about the young woman named Rebecca Lauer (pic above) is a perfect summation of a witch trial, the dialogue hitting all the points of the beliefs and injustices of those times. It captured the horror of the whole process very well without sacrificing historical accuracy-- and of course I found it very exciting in terms of my own particular GIMP interest.

Another one of your witch-hunt stories is also very high in authenticity, the victim I think is named Kathleen (hmmm, that was the name of the woman in J Franco's Demons. Coincidence? Hmmmm... This woman is blonde though, at least until you shave off all her hair, you devil!). In particular, it shows how tortures were repeated over and over, sometimes in the same session, things like thumbscrews, leg screws, strappado. This was actually the case in many real witch trials, as you obviously know. Also, the sheer amount of torture depicted is amazing (though I think the all-time champion in that category is still Quoom's Inquisition Hell, with almost 1,000 pictures and several animated clips).

And that story (unlike Inquisition Hell) didn't even get finished! Still an amazing piece of work, I also liked the (again, historically accurate) variations on burning, such as rubbing some flammable liquid (brandy?) on the nipples, then setting fire to them, or the use of burning cord (or "slow-match" as they called it then) in very sensitive places.

But as a person who has studied the actual witch trials (due to my, um, "interests") I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for the work you've already done. So, keep at it, by all means, and take your time, we'll wait!
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